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Another World Transcript Tuesday 1/3/06

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[Bell ringing]

Josie: You hate my career. You would love for me to have to go to Lucas and tell him I cannot model anymore because I am pregnant.

Matt: I do not give a damn what Lucas thinks, not if he is encouraging you to do this.

Josie: Oh, this is not getting anywhere.

Matt: Listen, Josie, you have to think about yourself, what you're doing, and forget about Lucas.

Josie: Matthew, Matthew I have thought this through.

Matt: Josie, once it is done, it is done. Do you know anything about the surgery?

Josie: The doctor's explained everything to me. Really, it is a very simple procedure.

Matt: Well... ok, so you're not going to change your mind?

Josie: No.

[Matt sighs] And I am having surgery tomorrow.

Ronnie: Sharlene, I was just looking for you. We are ready to start the tests.

Sharlene: What?

Ronnie: I said we are ready.

Sharlene: Well, ready or not, you can forget this whole dumb bit.

Ronnie: Sharlene, John ordered these tests. I cannot just cancel them.

Sharlene: Well, I can.

Ronnie: Sharlene, what--

Sharlene: What are you doing? What do you think you are doing? Get your hands off me.

Ronnie: I am sorry. I just--

Sharlene: Don't you ever touch me. Don't touch--

John: Hey, hey, hey! What is going on?

[Classical music playing]

Olivia: It is not right yet.

Sam: I had no idea you were so into this.

Olivia: Oh, boy. Sam, you surprised me.

Sam: I am sorry. I did not mean to break your concentration.

Olivia: I am glad to see you.

Sam: Yeah, Amanda is back. She came home.

Olivia: Oh, that is wonderful. You must be relieved.

Sam: Yeah, I am. I thought you should know. And I also wanted to thank you for helping me through this.

Olivia: Well, is everything all right?

Sam: It is better than all right. I think we are back together for good.

Evan: Say, you ok?

Amanda: Have you taken a look at these?

Evan: No, I haven't had a chance yet.

Amanda: There are so many corrections. It is going to cost us a fortune to redo them.

Evan: Well, did you approve them?

Amanda: Yes, but this is the last time. We really need a new copy editor.

Evan: Well, then hire one.

Amanda: I intend to. What are you doing here?

Evan: Well, I came by to get the layouts. I need to approve the charges.

Amanda: Couldn't you have waited until I sent them to you?

Evan: Amanda--

Amanda: Look, didn't I tell you that I wanted to see as little of you as possible?

Evan: Look, I know what you said.

Amanda: Well, then why don't you respect that?

Evan: Because what you say and what you mean are usually two different things.

Amanda: That is not true. Not anymore.

Evan: I tell you what, you can fool Sam by giving me the cold shoulder. You may even fool yourself.

Amanda: Why don't you take these... and go.

Evan: All right. One more question for you. When you and Sam were having that little tender reunion in bed, who were you really thinking about?

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Would you get that for me?

Cass: Yeah, sure.

Felicia: Great.

Frankie: Hi--

Cass: Frankie?

Frankie: Winthrop, what are you doing here?

Cass: I was invited here.

Frankie: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: Well, so was I.

Cass: You were?

Frankie: Yes, I was.

Felicia: Hi, Frankie. Come on in.

Cass: I do not believe this. My best friend?

Frankie: I'm leaving.

Cass: Of all the stupid--

Felicia: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Cass: You have to hold the door for me.

Felicia: Hold it! Now, just one minute. Sit down, both of you. We're going to have a little chat.

Cass: Oh, we are, huh?

Felicia: Yes, we are. What you both need is a mediator, and I am Judge Wapner.

Olivia: Well, I am happy that everything worked out.

Sam: Yeah, so am I.

Olivia: So, where was she? Why didn't she call and talk to you?

Sam: Basically, we got our signals crossed.

Olivia: How?

Sam: Well, she was doing the first issue of "Sophisticate," and I was in New York getting ready for the show, and it seemed to the both of us that neither one of us cared.

Olivia: Is that what Amanda said?

Sam: Well, when I came back to Bay City to surprise her, she was trying to find me in New York, and it--she did not. It was like a Marx Brothers movie.

Olivia: Except not that funny.

Sam: No, not funny at all. She got depressed, and that is why she took off.

Olivia: So, then you came back here and found out she was gone.

Sam: Yeah, that is basically it. You know, she was not thinking too clearly, either. She had been working for two days straight.

Olivia: Well, yes, I am sure that was it.

Sam: Yeah. So, she came back and we've hashed all that out. It is better.

Olivia: Good. So, this story has a happy ending then?

Sam: Yeah, I hope so. We--that is what we both want.

Olivia: Well, I am happy that you came by to tell me. I have been wondering how you have been.

Griffen: Is this how you rehearse?

Olivia: I'm sorry, Griffen. I was just talking to Sam.

Griffen: This is not a singles' bar. It is a dance studio.

Olivia: Yes, I realize that. I am sorry.

Griffen: Now, listen, little girl.

Sam: Hey, watch how you talk to her.

Griffen: This is my studio.

Sam: So what?

Griffen: Get rid of him.

Olivia: Ok.

Sam: Not until you apologize to her, you got that?

Amanda: What happened last night is between Sam and me.

Evan: See, that is why you keep shutting me out, because you feel guilty.

Amanda: Of course I feel guilty. I love my husband.

Evan: See, and that is why you keep pushing me away. The best way to deal with it is to blame me.

Amanda: I am not blaming you, Evan. It is my fault.

Evan: It's nobody's fault.

Amanda: It is over, Evan.

Evan: Oh, just by saying words, you can end it? Words are not going to change anything.

Amanda: Well, they're going to have to. My marriage vows are words.

Evan: Yeah, but that did not stop you from falling in love with me.

Amanda: I am not in love with you. I had the momentary hots for you.

Evan: That is a bunch of bull.

Amanda: I made my decision, Evan.

Iris: Something wrong, Vicky?

Vicky: No, I was supposed to give these to Amanda, but she is talking to Evan in there.

Iris: This is business hours.

Amanda: Iris.

Iris: Well, well, well. We are delighted that you decided to come back to us, Amanda. We all missed you. Didn't we, Evan?

John: Will you calm down?

Sharlene: I am fine.

John: You are not fine. You practically tore Ronnie's head off.

Sharlene: Look, I do not have time for these tests right now. I have to--I will explain later, ok?

John: No, no. You will explain right now.

Sharlene: I have to find Josie, John.

John: Why?

Sharlene: I heard her talking to Matt. She is pregnant, John.

John: What?

Sharlene: I heard her. She was going on about being afraid to tell Lucas. Lucas!

John: Is that why she was here today?

Sharlene: She's going to have an abortion. It is all arranged. Matt was begging her to think it over. She never even came to me. Not to me. What if Lucas is the father?

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: No, John, I have to find her. She was acting so casual. She was--

John: Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Some things that are starting to make sense now.

Sharlene: What things?

John: Is she still in the hospital?

Sharlene: I think so.

John: All right. I am going to go and find her. I will get her to talk to me.

Sharlene: Oh, all right. I'm going with you.

John: No, you are not.

Sharlene: I'm going--

John: You're going to stay here and have these tests. Doctor's orders.

Sharlene: Please, John.

John: No, I am not going to let you put this off. Now, you stay here and I will go and find Josie, I will bring her back, and the two of you can talk.

Sharlene: You promise?

John: Sit down. I do not want any more arguments.

Sharlene: All right. No arguments.

John: Now, I am going to send Ronnie in here. You owe her an apology.

Sharlene: I will take care of it. Hurry back. Ha!

Amanda: I am sorry I was gone so long, Iris. I never planned on it--

Iris: Oh, we know you must have had very good reasons or you would never have abandoned us.

Amanda: Yes, you're right.

Iris: The most important thing is that you're back now.

Amanda: I was planning on calling you, actually. I have a few questions about the second issue.

Vicky: I have to redo all these.

Amanda: Evan, can you please take those down to production?

Evan: Yeah, I will do that, and we will finish what we were discussing.

Iris: Oh, Vicky, I wonder if you would mind leaving Amanda and--

Vicky: Oh, yeah, no.

Iris: Alone for just a--thank you. Great.

Vicky: Well, we both got put on hold, didn't we?

Evan: Maybe you did. But like I said, I will be back.

Amanda: So, that is it, Iris? You're not going to give me the third degree?

Iris: Oh, I have a pretty good idea why you left and I am not interested in the gory details.

Amanda: Funny, doesn't sound like you.

Iris: But I would like to know what you're going to do next.

Amanda: Actually, I just have a few projects to finish for the second--

Iris: I am talking about your marriage, Amanda. Is it on or off?

Amanda: I see. So I am going to have to defend myself after all.

Iris: Well, this is not the first time that you've let your love life take precedence over your duties here at Cory, is it?

Amanda: Would you make your point, Iris?

Iris: Look, "Sophisticate" happens to be the most important thing in my life. And when I was watching you work on that first issue, I thought, well, maybe, just maybe you were beginning to feel the same way. You did quite a good job.

Amanda: I did a damn good job and you know it.

Iris: Well, at least you got some idea of the dedication that is needed here.

Amanda: Let's call it a learning experience.

Iris: Running this magazine is not going to get any easier. And let's face it, you have already got some problems in your marriage.

Amanda: Sam and I will handle it.

Iris: I did not think anyone could handle the pressure here and then go home and take more.

Amanda: Well, I'm going to have to learn how.

Iris: But is that what you want? I mean, do you really think you can do both and make anyone happy? Especially yourself.

Olivia: Sam, please do not make a big deal out of this. Griffen was not picking on me.

Sam: What do you call it?

Olivia: You do not understand. His rehearsals are always closed.

Griffen: That is right. No visitors.

Sam: Why do you have to take that?

Olivia: He is hard on everybody. It is only because he wants us to be the best.

Sam: Oh, come on, Olivia. Can't you tell when somebody is power tripping?

Griffen: Olivia, get rid of him or I will have to reconsider bringing you into the company.

Olivia: The company?

Griffen: You heard me.

Olivia: Me? Sam, I think you should go.

Sam: Are you sure?

Olivia: Yes. I have to get to work. See, he just asked me to join the company.

Sam: All right, well, do not let this guy push you around, ok?

Olivia: Ok, but I want to dance "the firebird" at the gala and this could be my chance.

Sam: I hope so.

Olivia: Thanks for everything.

Sam: Listen, I will always care about you.

Olivia: Me, too. About you, I mean. Well, Griffen is waiting.

Sam: I will see you.

Olivia: Right. Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Griffen: Olivia, you must be serious if you want to dance in my company.

Olivia: Yes, I know. Do not worry. Dancing is all I have.

Griffen: Fine, let's do the variation.

Josie: This is what I'm going to look like. What do you think?

Lucas: It is very nice.

Josie: You're not just saying that? You really like it?

Lucas: I like how dedicated you are.

Matt: I guess I am the only one who does not.

Lucas: It's a minor change, Matt.

Matt: I think Josie's nose is perfect.

Lucas: So do I.

Matt: Then why does she have to have the change?

Josie: Please, Matthew.

Lucas: Because she wants to. It is her choice.

Matt: And obviously, you think it is a good one.

Lucas: Well, if she wants to go on with her career. Do high fashion.

Josie: It is not like it is a big, radical change. You will hardly notice the difference. See? Look.

Matt: Then why bother?

Josie: Because, it will make my face easier to photograph. I will have better angles. I will be more--more symmetrical.

Lucas: She is right.

Matt: I think you are taking a big risk for nothing. You have a cute nose.

Josie: Cute is not what I am after, Matthew.

Matt: There's another factor-- the cost. Cosmetic surgery is very expensive. Who is going to pay for the bills, Josie?

Lucas: "Sophisticate" will take care of the bills.

Josie: John. How long have you been standing there?

John: Long enough. Josie, I would like to talk to you alone.

Iris: Why don't you call Vicky in and let's get on with it?

Amanda: Fine. Elaine? Yes, could you send Vicky back in, please? Thanks.

Iris: Amanda, what about Sam and Alli? How will they manage? This is a job you do have to take home with you.

Amanda: Not if I can help it.

Iris: I know by experience it is not easy.

Amanda: Well, you and I are very different.

Iris: We'll see. Oh, I am sorry to keep you both waiting. Evan, I would like you to brief Amanda on what went on in her absence.

Iris: And, Vicky, I am sure you'll be pleased to get rid of those--

Vicky: Thank you very much. Amanda, I have arranged these in order of importance. The first--

Amanda: Oh, you have decided what's important?

Vicky: All right, listen--

Evan: Amanda, Vicky was here when you were not, so she took a lot of heat off of you. So if I were you, I would listen to what she has to say.

Amanda: Fine. Fill me in.

[Telephone rings]

Vicky: Oh, how convenient for you.

Amanda: Excuse me.

Iris: Evan, I would like to see you for a moment.

Amanda: Yes?

Sam: I told them to put me right through to you.

Amanda: Is everything ok?

Sam: I made us dinner reservations at Tops.

Amanda: You did?

Sam: We deserve a celebration, right?

Amanda: Right.

Sam: I should warn you, it is going to be very romantic.

Amanda: Sam, I--

Sam: It is all taken care of. I will see you there at 6 sharp.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, but--

Sam: Hilda's going to watch Alli. I have already ordered dinner and your favorite champagne, and I am not taking no for an answer.

Felicia: Now, I know the two of you are not thrilled by this, but you have gotten completely derailed, and somebody has to get you back on track.

Cass: And that is why you engineered this?

Felicia: Just think of me as Casey Jones.

Frankie: We have been railroaded.

Felicia: I know that you care about each other, and so what is the problem?

Frankie: You want to know what the real problem is?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: This should be rich.

Frankie: It's Cass.

Cass: Oh, what a surprise.

Frankie: He cannot be honest. It is totally beyond him.

Cass: That is not true.

Frankie: First, he pretended to care about me.

Cass: I did care, deeply.

Frankie: Oh, yeah, right. We were a regular Tristan and Isolde. That is why you played games with me and Caroline.

Cass: I was confused.

Frankie: Oh, which is why you dropped me like a hot potato as soon as Cecile buttered you up.

Cass: I explained to her about Cecile.

Frankie: No, you lied about Cecile. Then you proceeded to mock my deepest beliefs by setting me up with this phony psychic.

Cass: I couldn't find a legitimate one, what with the holidays and all.

Frankie: You pretended to be a window washer so you could sneak into my apartment and spy on me. You followed me into the steam room at the spa. This is not a straightforward approach.

Felicia: She is right about that.

Cass: Hey, whose side are you on?

Frankie: And as if all of that were not enough, he is now determined to poison my mind against Griffen just because he is jealous.

Cass: Jealous? I happen to have taken pity on you.

Frankie: Pity?!

Cass: One spin around the dance floor, and you cannot see what this guy is really all about.

Frankie: Oh, and you can?

Felicia: Hold it! Now, this is a discussion about the two of you. Griffen Sanders is completely off limits.

Cass: She thinks I cannot handle the truth. Well, neither can she.

Felicia: All right, let's talk about the truth, all right? I will go first since I was in on both of your little scams.

Cass: Scam? What scam?

Felicia: Christmas eve, your little dinner at Tops.

Cass: Oh, that scam.

Frankie: Well, I knew more than just the dinner was fishy.

Felicia: All right, I helped him trap you. But then I also helped you set up that phony date with Trevor the night of the bar association dinner. Now, I only did that because, well, it seemed fair.

Cass: You did that? You mean that guy was not on the level? You did not fool me for a second, you know that, Frankie? Not for a second.

Frankie: Thanks a lot.

Felicia: I am only trying to point out that the two of you are playing the same stupid game.

Frankie: Well, he has been playing it a lot longer.

Cass: What choice did I have? You have been so busy throwing yourself at the nutcracker I could not get near you.

Frankie: You had your chance.

Felicia: Time-out! Do either one of you realize why you act so crazy? It is because you care about each other--a lot. But you are just too proud and too scared to even admit it. Now, why can't you just talk to each other the way you talk to me? So, I am going to leave you alone.

Cass: Do not do that. Where are you going?

Felicia: I am going out for a couple of hours.

Frankie: But you said you were going to referee.

Felicia: I did my part. Now, the two of you start talking.

Cass: Talk to Frankie? Ha ha.

Felicia: Yes. And for a change of pace, let's try to be honest.

Josie: Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of Matthew and Lucas. It is all right with me.

John: It is not all right with me.

Josie: Fine, but you're not going to change my mind. This surgery is what I want.

John: When did you decide this?

Lucas: You do not know about this?

John: This is the first I've heard about it.

Lucas: Josie, I assumed you had talked to John and your mother about this. I mean, I really think you should have.

Josie: Why? I mean, they are not going to understand.

John: Try us, Josie. We may surprise you.

Lucas: So, why don't you two talk about this alone? Oh, and for the record, John, Josie came to me with this idea.

John: And you just loved it, didn't you?

Lucas: She got no pressure from me. Matt, why don't we go down to the cafeteria?

Matt: Yeah, sure. Maybe you can talk her out of this, huh? I think it's dumb.

John: Your mother is worried about you.

Josie: So, what else is new?

John: She's here in the hospital.

Josie: Now?

John: She overheard something that you said, and she thought that you were pregnant.

Josie: Oh, I do not believe this. Matthew thought the same thing.

John: Look, I will straighten her out.

Josie: Are you going to tell her about my surgery?

John: I am not going to lie to her.

Josie: John, please. Just wait until tomorrow. Once it is done and she sees how good it looks, then she--

John: Josie, believe me. It is not going to look that great tomorrow, so why don't we go and talk to your--

Josie: I'm sorry, John. It is my decision, and I have made it. I'm not going to change my mind.

John: She is bound to have some questions, Josie. Hell, I have got questions.

Josie: Hey, look, John, I cannot spend the rest of my life trying to reassure you and my mother. I am an adult now. I'm supporting myself. And if you two cannot learn to accept that then I will just have to leave Bay City and go someplace else.

John: You would do that to your mother?

Josie: If I had to. I hope you will not force me to do that.

Ronnie: Ok, we're finished with the first part. Just keep your arm up.

Sharlene: Like this?

Ronnie: Yes. I am going to give you something to drink, and we'll do this all over again--

Sharlene: How long is this going to take?

Ronnie: About another hour. I did not know you smoked.

Sharlene: I do not. Oh. Only every once in a while, Ronnie. When I am nervous.

Ronnie: This thing really shook you up, didn't it?

Sharlene: It is hospitals.

Ronnie: Well, I know people feel--a lot of people feel that way. But, look, we do not allow smoking in here.

Sharlene: I did not realize.

Ronnie: Look, why don't you just lie down, ok? Try to get some rest. I will be a few minutes.

Sharlene: Where is she? Did you find her?

John: Yes, yes. I found her. Sit down. You are supposed to be taking it easy.

Sharlene: No, you promised to bring her back here.

John: She would not come, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Why not?

John: Will you just sit down? She was keeping something from us--

Sharlene: Ok.

John: ...But it is not as bad as we thought. She is not pregnant.

Sharlene: Then what was the conversation I overheard? What is the whole deal about not telling Lucas?

John: I do not know. I do not know. You must have misunderstood.

Sharlene: I did not.

John: She is here to have some surgery.

Sharlene: What is wrong?

John: Nothing is wrong. It is cosmetic surgery. To change the shape of her nose.

Sharlene: Josie is having a nose job?

John: We were not supposed to know. She did not want me to tell you. She thought that I... she said that it will help her in her career.

Sharlene: Maybe she is right.

John: It is good you are not angry.

Sharlene: Well, John, maybe this will give her some kind of extra confidence or some--what are you looking--don't--what are you looking at me like that for?

John: I just did not expect this kind of a reaction from you.

Sharlene: She is not pregnant, John. She is not pregnant. That could have ruined everything for the poor kid.

John: I found out who her surgeon is.

Sharlene: Yeah?

John: He is very good.

Sharlene: Oh, good. That is great. That is great. Yes, it is.


John: I guess it is great that you're not going to argue with her about this.

John: Come on, we all got to take some chances in this life. Heaven knows I have not touched a bunch of them myself. John, the most important thing for her right now is to be beautiful.

John: Yeah, it sure sounds that way.

Sharlene: Now, how is she going to pay for this? Is this--insurance does not cover that kind of thing, does it? That kind of an operation, it doesn't--

John: No, it doesn't.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: It has been taken care of.

Sharlene: How?

John: Lucas is picking up the tab.

Griffen: And hold. Good. That is it for today. You're dismissed.

Olivia: I would like to apologize for Sam. He really does not understand how we work.

Griffen: Well, the rules apply to you, not to him. Now, I want you here tomorrow morning at 8 sharp and be prepared to work very hard.

Olivia: 8?

Griffen: Unless you do not want to dance "the firebird."

Olivia: I am going to dance "the firebird" at the gala?

Griffen: Yes.

Olivia: Griffen, thank you.

Griffen: Well, one thing your argumentative friend was right about--you do have the intensity and the passion. Now let's see if you can master the steps.

Olivia: I will work until I drop. I swear it.

Griffen: I expect no less.

Olivia: I know. I will not disappoint you. I promise.

Griffen: Well, we will see about that.

Olivia: Yeah, I guess we will. Thank you.

Griffen: Uh-huh.

Olivia: See you tomorrow.

Griffen: Yes, good night.

[Telephone rings]

Griffen: Griffen Sanders.

Lucas: What is going on?

Griffen: Lucas, you got my message.

Lucas: What is so urgent?

Griffen: Our friends are losing their patience. What is your plan for Michael Hudson?

Lucas: Here's the plan. I am not doing it.

Griffen: This is not a matter of choice.

Lucas: You sound nervous, Griffen. What's the problem?

Griffen: We found a leak.

Lucas: Are you sure?

Griffen: Very sure. And it is Frankie Frame.

Lucas: That is impossible. She does not know enough.

Griffen: She knows plenty, and she has been feeding it to the club.

Lucas: You're wrong.

Griffen: No, I have been right all along, Lucas. You have been snowed.

Lucas: You thought that about Catherine, too. You are paranoid, Griffen. The girl's a snoop. But the club--it is out of her class.

Griffen: It does not matter, Lucas. Frankie Frame is history.

Cass: Felicia must--

[Both laugh]

Frankie: This is really ridiculous. I feel like I'm being kept after school.

Cass: You mean Mary Frances, the class brain, actually had to go to detention? What did you do, steal somebody's slide rule?

Frankie: Actually, some kid put an alarm clock in my locker and it went off during exams. I was set up.

Cass: I guess you were pretty gullible always, huh?

Frankie: Hmm. I did not even rat on the kid who did it either.

Cass: Oh, loyal and gullible. That is a very dangerous combination.

Frankie: You think so?

Cass: Oh, definitely. You can get into some real trouble that way, you know? Which reminds me of your problem with Griffen.

Frankie: No, Cass. Griffen is not a problem. He is a closed subject.

Cass: I--fine. I will keep my mouth shut, although it is against my better judgment. After all, the guy is a thug.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: Nice hair, though. I love the ponytail. Very, very hip.

Frankie: Why don't you tell me why you were kept after school?

Cass: No, we do not need to get into that. You know enough about my secrets. I do have a plan, though. We could try to start over again.

Frankie: As in from the beginning?

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: You think that it is possible?

Cass: There would have to be some serious ground rules.

Frankie: Like what?

Cass: Well, no angry recriminations. No--no zingers. No--

Frankie: Ha. That would be hard.

Cass: Suppose I were to ask you out on a date.

Frankie: Suppose you were.

Cass: Well, we could--we could--we could see what happened, you know? We could try it. With no expectations, of course.

Frankie: No lies. No tricks.

Cass: No, no. Nothing like--nothing but the truth.

Frankie: The whole truth and nothing but. That would be part of the ground rules.

Cass: Of course.

Frankie: I might be willing to try that.

Cass: Yeah?

[Both laugh] That is a real breakthrough for us.

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: Well, in that case, why don't we both go to the arts gala together?

Frankie: I cannot. Let's do something else. Let's--

Cass: Well, I would really like to do that.

Frankie: Well, you're out of luck. I already have a date.

Cass: It is with Griffen, isn't it?

Frankie: Yes, it is.

Cass: When did this happen?

Frankie: This morning, after I saw you. I--

Cass: I do not believe you. I told you that the guy is ripping off half the dowagers in Europe, and you go and make a date with him?

Frankie: Cass, he is not a jewel thief.

Cass: So no matter what I do, I am not going to be able to keep you away from that guy, am I?

Frankie: And is that all you're trying to do, keep me away from Griffen?

Cass: No, that is not all. If you're not going to do something about him, though, I will. Excuse me.

Frankie: Cass, I don't--wait-- what the--

Cass: And, you know, if he offers you a token of his admiration, like a big blue sapphire, I would not put it in my navel until I call the Smithsonian to make sure nothing had been stolen.

Evan: Amanda--oh. She is not back yet.

Vicky: And she is not coming back. I figured that out pretty quickly.

Evan: Yeah, well, what's all this?

Vicky: All this, all this. Here, let me show you. These need her signature. These need her approval. These are just for her information. These are interoffice memos. These are checks.

Evan: Ok, ok, ok. I get the picture.

Vicky: You know, she's been gone long enough. You would think she would clear her desk before she went to see Sam. Oh, come on, Evan. That is what she did, and you know it.

Evan: Well, I just wish Iris hadn't let her.

Vicky: Are you kidding? Iris is dying for Amanda to fall on her face. And she is going to do it, too, if she doesn't snap out of this.

Evan: Vicky, I got an idea. Listen, why don't we go out and wrap the day up and have some fun?

Vicky: I do not think so.

Evan: Why not? Come on.

Vicky: Because I am not going to be Amanda's replacement.

Evan: You will not be. Besides, I miss you.

Vicky: You are kidding.

Evan: No.

Vicky: Oh!

Evan: Wait, I'll make you--ah, ah, ah, ah. Hold on. I will make a deal with you. You don't mention her name. I will not bring her up.

Vicky: Ha ha. Deal. Let's go.

Amanda: Hi, I am sorry I am late. I came over as soon as I could.

Sam: You're here. That's the important point part.

Amanda: I just had to stop by the house really quickly and say hello to Alli. She sends this.

Sam: So, it must be crazy at work.

Amanda: They can wait.

Sam: To be honest with you, I thought you would turn me down.

Amanda: You did?

Sam: Yeah, well, I kind of thought you would tell me that you could not take off from work, and--

Amanda: That is exactly what I did.

Sam: I am really glad.

Amanda: You and Alli are the most important things to me. I am going to keep showing you that until you believe it.

Sam: You know, I think I am beginning to believe it.

Amanda: You know?

Sam: What?

Amanda: I am really hungry.

Sam: Hungry, yeah. So am I. Food, ok.

Amanda: Can we get something--

Olivia: Sam.

Sam: Olivia, hi.

Olivia: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Olivia: I am sorry to interrupt, but Sam, you'll never guess what happened.

Sam: What?

Olivia: I got it.

Sam: Got what?

Olivia: "The firebird." I am going to dance "the firebird" at the gala next week.

Sam: You're kidding.

Olivia: I mean, not the whole ballet, just an excerpt. But I really wanted it, and I got it.

Sam: That is great. Congratulations. That's fantastic.

Frankie: Hi.

Felicia: Hi, how did it go?

Frankie: It did not. We tried, we tried. It was a bust.

Felicia: What happened?

Frankie: I really do not feel like reliving it.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Frankie: Look, Cass and I are never going to get together, so you might as well give up. I have. But thank you for trying, ok? Take care.

Felicia: Yeah.

Griffen: It is not as simple as that. I am telling you, I--

Lucas: Have you completely lost your mind?

Griffen: I have to go.

Lucas: Stay away from Frankie Frame.

Griffen: She has been spying on you for months.

Lucas: She tried that. It did not pan out. She's no threat to you or the cartel or me--

Griffen: She has been investigating the Catherine March murder.

Lucas: Oh, how do you know?

Griffen: I found a file in her apartment.

Lucas: Oh, now I get it. You are afraid she might be on to you, huh?

Griffen: I also found a map that charted all my foreign city performances and the art thefts that took place in those cities while we were performing. I am not taking any more chances, Lucas. She is going to disappear.

Lucas: You cannot risk another murder.

Griffen: I am not taking orders from you anymore.

Lucas: Since when?

Griffen: Since you are sitting on the fence about what to do about Michael Hudson. That delay has cost you.

Lucas: We'll see.

Griffen: I know you think you can get out, but I know better. And I am not putting my neck on the line for you or some red- headed bimbo.

Lucas: You are digging your own grave. Don't you--

Griffen: Drop it, Lucas! Drop it! I am not listening to you.

Olivia: Well, I will let you get back to your dinner. It is just that Sam has been so supportive of my dancing, I just had to tell him my news.

Amanda: I understand. Best of luck to you.

Sam: Yeah, congratulations.

Olivia: Thanks. See? Your stopping by the studio did not hurt anything. Amanda, I am very glad you are back. Sam was worried. Well, I should run. I want to go and tell aunt Liz something good for a change.

Sam: See you.

Olivia: Bye.

Amanda: So, you stop by her rehearsals?

Sam: Yes, I had also to tell her that you and I were back together.

Amanda: And did she think that was good news?

Sam: It does not matter what she thinks, Amanda. I know how she feels. There's nothing I can do to change that. As a matter of fact, it helped me understand the way you feel about Evan.

Amanda: Oh? Good.

Sam: Just because you are attracted to someone does not mean you are going to be unfaithful.

Josie: I did not think you were coming back.

Matt: Yeah, well, I had a little time to think about it.

Josie: And?

Matt: And I still do not like it. But if it's what you want, I am not going to let you go through it alone.

Josie: Oh, Matt.

Matt: Mmm. I will be here for you. I want you to know that, ok?

Josie: I knew I could count on you.

Matt: Did you tell your mother?

Josie: No, no. She will think I am vain. You know, you're the one I really care about. I just--I really wish you could understand.

Matt: I am trying to.

Josie: This is my chance, Matt. Lucas has launched my career, and I have to do everything I can to make the most of it. I am trying to be objective about myself. Looking at my flaws.

Matt: Ah, that is my problem. I do not think you have any.

Josie: Well, the people that hire me do not see me the same way you do.

Matt: They better not.

Josie: You know what I'm saying is true.

Nurse: We have a room for you now, Ms. Watts.

Josie: Should I come with you now?

Nurse: Yes, please.

Josie: Well, I guess this is it.

Matt: Do you want me to come with you and stay by your side?

Josie: No.

Matt: No?

Josie: I'll be fine.

Matt: Ok.

Josie: Just give me a hug.

Matt: Well, you've got that. Surgery is in the morning, huh? Well, I will be here. And I love you.

Nurse: Ms. Watts?

Josie: All right. I better go. Next time we see each other, I will be the new me.

Matt: Yeah. Ha ha. Be careful.

Sharlene: Am I finished yet?

Ronnie: Yes, but you have to rest before you leave.

Sharlene: [Groans] I'm ok, you know that? I really am.

Ronnie: Sharlene, one of the reasons you're here is because you have been fainting. So will you just try to relax? Now, John will be here any minute.

Sharlene: [Chuckles] [Sighs] [Groans] [Muted scream] [Muted screams] Oh! Oh, John. Oh, John. I just want to get out of here. I just want to get out of here now.

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