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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/29/04

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Donna: Vicky we need to talk about the baby and Jake.

Vicky: Jake and the baby? What are you talking about?

Donna: I was hoping you could tell me.

Vicky: Tell you what?

Donna: Victoria, I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you.

Vicky: Oh, Mama, I know that.

Donna: Good, good. Because I would never want you to think that you -- oh. Oh, honey. Isn't there something you want to tell me?

[Reggae plays]

Ada: Ok, we need that much? All right. Well, two d-o-m p-e-r-i-g-n-o-n. That a boy.

Marley: Excuse me. Hi.

Ada: Marley, hi. How you doing?

Marley: Hi, Ada. I'm doing great. I wanted to talk to you about Vicky’s -- Vicky’s shower. Is it a bad time?

Ada: Oh, it's perfect. I just finished the menu.

Marley: Oh, terrific. You know, I really want to thank you. I know you usually don't cater in people's homes, and --

Ada: Oh, not to worry. Take your coat off. I'll go get my notes.

Marley: Ok, great.

Ada: Ok?

Marley: Thank you.

Singer: We'll share the same room


Marley: Oh, my!

[Dr. Jansen chuckles]

Marley: Oh! Here, let me help you with this.

Dr. Jansen: I'm afraid this lemon meringue pie will never be the same.

Marley: Oh, no!

Dr. Jansen: Mrs. McKinnon.

Marley: Dr. Jansen.

Singer: That I'm feeling?

Nicole: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Stefan: I agree.

[Gallery buzzes]

Reuben: No --

Judge: Silence!

Reuben: What?

Judge: Unless I can hear a pencil drop in about five seconds, I will clear this room!

Man: He's lying, your honor. I didn't set no fire. I'm here because of my daughter.

Mary: His daughter?

Cass: You are here because you were subpoenaed.

Judge: The question is, why was that subpoena issued? And how do you support your claim that this man is responsible for the fire at Mary’s place?

Mr. Reese: The people would like to hear that, too, your honor.

Cass: There's a very simple connection, your honor. Isn't there, Pilara?

Reuben: Get him out of here, man!

Cass: Hey, look, listen!

Judge: Silence, I said!

Reuben: Get him out of here!

Judge: Quiet down or I will clear this room!

Mary: Look at her. She's terrified.

Vince: Yeah. I've never seen her look like that before.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop? This had better not be more of your courtroom pyrotechnics.

Cass: It isn't, your honor.

Judge: Who is this man?

Cass: Pilara?

Pilara: He's my father.

Cass: And I'm prepared to prove what I've said.

Reuben: What'd you bring him here for, man?

Cass: Just trust me.

Reuben: You're really pushing it, you know that?

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, what is the significance of this witness? Are you saying that he and not Reuben Lawrence set the fire?

Mr. Sanchez: That's a lie. I didn't set nothing.

Judge: I was addressing my remarks to Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Your honor, if it pleases the court, I would like to request a five-minute recess.

Judge: And then what?

Cass: And then I would like to question Mr. Sanchez. I think it will become very clear why he's here.

Judge: It had better. We're in a five-minute recess.

Cass: Thank you, sir.

Zack: Listen, I got a line of questioning for you. Meet me out in the hall and we'll talk.

Cass: Ok. Thanks, coach.

Zack: Yeah.

Reuben: This better be good, man.

Cass: You just sit tight and stay cool, will you?

Felicia: Honey.

Cass: Hey!

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: How did you get in here?

Felicia: Well, I told somebody I was the judge's sister. Well, it worked. Besides, I get to see you in action.

Cass: Could you tell I was nervous?

Felicia: No!

Cass: Good, because I haven't handled a criminal case in such a long time, I'm kind of vamping on this one a little.

Felicia: Honey, I couldn't tell, really.

Cass: Did you see Nicole out in the hall?

Felicia: No. Is she supposed to be here?

Cass: I thought she was coming right over from the airport. I guess she couldn't make it.

Felicia: Who is he, really?

Cass: That piece of work has been tormenting his daughter since she was about 4 years old. Listen, I've got to go outside and talk to Zack. I only have about three more minutes, ok?

Felicia: Right. Ok, honey?

Cass: Yeah?

Felicia: Win this one, ok?

Cass: I'll do my best.

[Reggae plays]

Marley: Oh, yeah -- well, you must be a big eater because this looks like enough food for a week.

Dr. Jansen: Well, I come in here, grab a few things, and take them home, put them in the freezer, then I pop them into the microwave. They come out so hot, I can scarcely pick them up.

Marley: And that's how you live?

Dr. Jansen: Oh, this place is a godsend. My apartment is just around the corner. I have my secretary call in my order and I pick it up on the way.

Marley: Oh, well, don't you sit down and cook at home or --

Dr. Jansen: I really don't have a lot of time.

Marley: Well, what about now?

Dr. Jansen: What?

Marley: Would you like to sit down and have a bite to eat?

Dr. Jansen: Now, why would I do that?

Marley: Well, because there's someone here to sit with you and I won't talk about fallopian tubes or sperm counts or --

Dr. Jansen: What a concept.

Marley: Well, let's --

Dr. Jansen: No, no --

Marley: Let's sit down --

Dr. Jansen: Maybe I can --

Ada: Honey -- excuse me. I'm sorry, but I'm all hung up in the kitchen. I'll be with you in a little while, ok?

Marley: Well, you know what? That's ok. If you'd just show us to a table for two and bring this man an evening special, it would be great.

Ada: Oh. Is that all right with you, doctor?

Dr. Jansen: Uh, sure. Why not?

Ada: Ok, why don't you --

Dr. Jansen: Thank you.

Ada: Let me take care of this stuff. Give me that little one. And there's a table right over there.

Marley: Oh, great.

Ada: And, boy, that lemon meringue pie must be a mess. Ok, sit right down.

Dr. Jansen: Thanks.

Marley: Thank you. Oh. See, now? Doesn't this look great?

Dr. Jansen: I can't remember the last time I ate in a restaurant.

Marley: You really eat takeout every night?

Dr. Jansen: Yeah, while I catch up on my reading.

Marley: And your practice takes up the rest of your time?

Dr. Jansen: Mm-hmm, office hours, consultations, surgery. Yeah, I guess it does.

Marley: Do you like it that way?

Dr. Jansen: Well, it's been so long since I had any free time, I really don't know what I'd do with it.

Singer: Oh, yes, I know yes, I know yes, I know now

Marley: Hmm. You know, I'm the exact opposite.

Dr. Jansen: That sounds like him.

Marley: Yes.

Ada: Here you go, doctor. Why don't you start with this --?

Marley: Oh.

Ada: Stuffed mushrooms.

Dr. Jansen: Ooh.

Ada: Marley, can I get you anything?

Marley: No, thank you. Unfortunately, I've already eaten.

Ada: All right. If you want anything, just holler.

Marley: Thank you.

Dr. Jansen: Thank you.

Ada: Enjoy yourselves.

Dr. Jansen: Looks wonderful. Listen, if you're going to be joining me for dinner, I'd like to ask you to do one thing.

Marley: Oh -- what's that?

Dr. Jansen: Drop the "Dr. Jansen." My name is Eric.

Singer: We'll share the shelter

Vicky: I'm in trouble, right?

Donna: No!

Vicky: That's what this is all about.

Donna: No, it's not that at all.

Vicky: Jake has been complaining that I am being insensitive to he and Marley.

Donna: That's what you thought I meant?

Vicky: Well, yeah. I mean, I had my accident and then I was thinking about me and the baby and I wasn't thinking about anybody else. Well, what else could you be talking about?

Donna: Nothing, nothing. Um -- well, are you still worried about the baby?

Vicky: No. Everything's fine.

Donna: Oh -- oh, good. Then you've talked to Dr. Peterson?

Vicky: Yes. Have you?

Donna: Well, no, not exactly. I did overhear her say something and that's why I was concerned, but -- but now that you and the baby have been given a clean bill of health --

Vicky: Well, what did you hear?

Donna: I -- I heard her talking to the internist.

Vicky: Dr. Hassad.

Donna: Yes, and they both seemed a little concerned that the baby was smaller than it should be at this stage of your pregnancy. Unless, of course, you were mistaken about the date it was conceived.

Vicky: Did Jamie hear her say that?

Donna: Does that matter?

Vicky: No. No, of course not. I mean, it's just that Jamie’s been worried about me all the time and if he hears anything about the baby --

Donna: No, no, honey, I -- I didn't want you to think that the baby was in any danger.

Vicky: Well, no. Of course it's not.

Donna: Well, then I think that's why you should really think about this and let Dr. Peterson know.

Vicky: Mother, I know the last time Jamie and I slept together.

Donna: I know you do.

Vicky: Well, then what is this all about?

Donna: I just think for the baby's sake and yours, we should know.

Vicky: Know what?

Donna: Are you absolutely sure that this is Jamie’s baby?

Vicky: Well, of course I'm sure.

Donna: Victoria --

Vicky: Oh, I can't believe this. My mother actually bought the legend -- "Victoria Hudson, the tramp? She doesn't even know who her own baby's father is."

Donna: No, honey, I never wanted you to think that. I have never thought that you were promiscuous.

Vicky: Then what are you talking about?

Donna: You are getting married next week. I just want to make sure that you're doing the right thing.

Vicky: Oh, this is my mother? The woman who now has doubts is the same woman who almost bought a shotgun to force Jamie into marrying me?

Donna: I don't want to see you hurt.

Vicky: Oh, "hurt" -- how am I going to be hurt, huh?

Donna: Victoria, I don't mean to be making any accusations. It's just that if you --

Vicky: If I pass off somebody else's baby as Jamie’s, I'm going to really regret it, right? Oh, Mother, I want him and I love him. But I would never, never lie to him about something this important.

Donna: I know. I'm -- I'm sorry. It's just that I love you so very much and Marley.

Vicky: Now, what does Marley have to do with all of this?

Donna: Victoria, when you were unconscious, you said Jake’s name.

Vicky: Well, so what? I was out of it.

Donna: Could this be his child?

Vicky: Jake's?

Donna: Yes.

Vicky: Oh! This is what you were -- oh. Oh. This is ridiculous.

Donna: Is it? Is it really?

Vicky: Well, you know, he can't even --

Donna: What?

Vicky: No, this is not --

Donna: No -- no, what were you going to say?

Vicky: I'm tired, you know? I -- I got home from the hospital today. Remember that? And I really would like to stop this inquisition now --

Donna: All right.

Vicky: So I can go rest.

Donna: Ok, all right. You're right. Honey, I love you. Look at me. No matter what --

Vicky: Mother, there's no problem, ok?

Donna: Good. Good, that's what I wanted to hear. Ok, well, I'll -- I'll let you get some rest and I'll call you later, all right?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. Bye.

[Door closes]

Nicole: What are you doing here, Stefan?

Stefan: The door downstairs was open, I saw the light in your room, and I persuaded Sophie to --

Nicole: I mean here in Bay City.

Stefan: I've come to see you, of course.

Nicole: I just left you this morning in Paris.

Stefan: Yes, and then Christian orders me to take the next flight out.

Nicole: Why?

Stefan: The reviews of your designs -- the European reviews. You have seen them?

Nicole: I've seen them.

Stefan: These reviews should be enough to make you change your policy.

Nicole: Yes, they were very good.

Stefan: Good enough that Christian wants you to come back to Paris immediately to start work on your new designs.

Nicole: Oh. We've gone over this before, Stefan. You know how I feel.

Stefan: I know how you say you feel. I also know what I see when you're in Paris.

Nicole: What is that supposed to mean?

Stefan: When you looked in the mirror just now, what were you thinking?

Nicole: That this dress turned out better than I expected.

Stefan: We created it together.

Nicole: I know that.

Stefan: Working together like that -- it was wonderful.

Nicole: I know that, too.

Stefan: It could be like that always.

Nicole: Oh -- no, wait a minute --

Stefan: Always.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Mr. Sanchez: I do.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Judge: As soon as Mr. Lawrence's counsel returns, we will begin.

Jesse: It's been more than five minutes.

Matt: Don't worry about Cass.

Jesse: Some of his tactics just seem pretty weird.

Matt: Listen, he's done work for my stepfather before. He's always done a good job.

Jesse: Oh, yeah, but this is different. This isn't some fancy corporate litigation. This is my brother, man.

Matt: He's not going to let your brother down. Now, if my father had had a good lawyer like Cass --

Jesse: I thought you said Winthrop was his lawyer.

Matt: My stepfather. I'm talking about my real father, Mitch Blake.

Jesse: Well, what did he need a lawyer for?

Matt: He had a little trouble when I was a kid.

Jesse: But he got off, though, huh?

Matt: He went to jail.

Jesse: You're kidding me.

Matt: He's been out for quite a while and everything's ok, but --

Jesse: But he'll never be the same.

Judge: Ah, Mr. Winthrop. I do hope you're ready to begin.

Cass: I am, your honor, and I apologize for the delay. Has Mr. Sanchez been sworn in?

Judge: He has. That's one of the things we did while we were waiting for you.

Cass: Thank you, sir. Would you state your name, please?

Mr. Sanchez: Hector Sanchez.

Cass: Mr. Sanchez, are you married?

Hector: I was.

Cass: And your wife -- where is she now?

Hector: Hmm. I don't know.

Cass: Any children?

Hector: Yes.

Cass: How many?

Hector: Six.

Cass: All residing with you?

Hector: Yes.

Cass: That's a -- that's a lot of kids.

Mr. Reese: Your honor, could Mr. Winthrop please relate his line of questioning to the case at hand?

Cass: I'm getting there, your honor.

Judge: I hope so.

Cass: What line of work are you in, Mr. Sanchez?

Hector: I'm an electrician.

Cass: Licensed?

Hector: No.

Cass: You must have to work awfully hard to support six kids.

Hector: I don't mind. I love my kids.

Cass: What kind of father would you say you are?

Hector: I'm a good one.

Cass: Strict, easygoing, a pushover?

Hector: Well, I demand respect, of course.

Cass: And how do you do that?

Hector: Different ways with different kids.

Cass: What about Pilara?

Hector: She's my first. Of course I love her.

Cass: Any special problems with her?

Hector: No.

Cass: None at all?

Hector: No!

Cass: Well, that's funny because, you see, I also subpoenaed her medical records from her clinic in the neighborhood and also from the emergency room at Bay City general. For a kid with no problems, she sure had a lot of injuries.

Hector: Well, she's clumsy, you know.

Cass: Gee, she must be. Let's see here -- cracked rib on right side, second-degree burns on left hand, fractured collar bone, multiple bruises and contusions -- that's all before she was 8 years old.

[Gallery murmurs]

Cass: Do you know anything about those injuries, Mr. Sanchez?

Hector: I told you, she's clumsy. She falls down a lot.

Cass: In the last six months, she's had a fractured forearm and a laceration on her face that took 13 stitches to close. Is she still falling down a lot?

Hector: Why don't you ask him?

Cass: You don't like Reuben Lawrence very much, do you?

Hector: No.

Cass: Why?

Hector: He's a punk is why. He's the one who hits my Pilara.

Reuben: Now, just a second, man! I didn't do nothing!

Zack: Come on, man! Calm down! Sit down.

Cass: Mr. Sanchez, have you ever hit Reuben Lawrence?

Hector: Well, he forced me to.

Cass: How?

Hector: By filling my Pilara’s head with a lot of lies.

Cass: What kind of lies, Mr. Sanchez? Lies about you?

Hector: Listen, I work very hard, sometimes 16, sometimes 18 hours a day. And when I come home, I don't want to have to work anymore. I want dinner on the table and I want quiet.

Cass: And who's in charge of all of that stuff -- Pilara?

Hector: Well, she used to shoulder her responsibilities until she started fooling around with that -- with him.

Cass: And you didn't like that?

Hector: No.

Cass: So, you decided to give Pilara one of your lessons in respect. Isn't that what happened, Mr. Sanchez?

Hector: No.

Cass: Isn't that why you struck Reuben Lawrence? Because he was trying to stop you from beating your daughter?

Hector: No!

Cass: Mr. Sanchez, may I remind you that you are under oath.

Hector: I never laid a hand on her.

Pilara: Papa, for once in your life, tell the truth!

Judge: Young lady, please sit down and restrain yourself. You may restate your question, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Did you ever hit your daughter, Mr. Sanchez?

Hector: Sure. Sure I did. I mean, I'm her father. Sometimes I had to -- to punish her. Besides, what has that got to do with anything? I never set no fire.

Cass: No, you didn’t. You just made two kids afraid to go home.

Hector: Listen, I never done nothing, you hear me? Nothing.

Reuben: He's lying, your honor!

Ronnie: Reuben, sit! Reuben?

Zack: Reuben, come on, now!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Nicole: I told you never to do that again.

Stefan: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Well, you'd better be, buster.

Stefan: It's just that you look so beautiful.

Nicole: You've got lipstick on you.

Stefan: I apologize, Nicole. I had no right.

Nicole: You can't just grab me whenever you want to, Stefan. Now, I talked to you about that before.

Stefan: Yes, you have. And now, I suppose my foolish gesture will keep you from accepting my proposal.

Nicole: I wouldn't have accepted it anyway. I love it here. I love Cass.

Stefan: I have come up with an alternative. What if we stay here and work on your designs together?

Nicole: Here?

Stefan: Oui.

Nicole: You and me?

Stefan: Yes.

Nicole: Christian would agree to that?

Stefan: Confidentially, to keep you, Christian would agree to much more.

Cass: Reuben!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Cass: Knock it off, Reuben!

Judge: I'm not going to silence this room again!

Zack: Sit down!

Reuben: What you looking at, man?

Zack: Sit down.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You are dismissed, Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Reese: Your honor, I fail to see the relevance of Mr. Sanchez's testimony. The charges against Mr. Lawrence have nothing to do with the beatings suffered by Pilara Sanchez.

Cass: I disagree, your honor. The state's case is based largely on Reuben Lawrence’s motive for revenge against Mrs. McKinnon. They're claiming that Reuben was trying to stop Mrs. McKinnon from turning him over to the authorities for beating Pilara. The purpose of Mr. Sanchez's testimony was to establish that Reuben had no reason to fear Mrs. McKinnon or to want revenge. The state has completely failed to establish any motive on arson.

Mr. Reese: There's the question of the money, the money missing from the cash register, a question that still persists despite Mr. Winthrop's little demonstration.

Cass: I have one more witness who could clear that up.

Judge: Call your witness.

Cass: Reuben Lawrence.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Lawrence, please take the witness chair.

Ronnie: Is he going to blow this case?

Zack: I hope not.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Reuben: I do.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Judge: State your name.

Reuben: Reuben Lawrence.

Cass: Where are you now residing, Mr. Lawrence?

Reuben: That's a good question.

Cass: You have no place to live.

Reuben: I'll be all right.

Judge: Your well-being is not the issue, Mr. Lawrence. Answer the question.

Reuben: I had a room on Cooper Street, but the landlord raised my rent.

Cass: So you're out?

Reuben: Yeah, I'm out.

Cass: You have no place to live?

Reuben: I said I'll be ok, all right?

Cass: What about your family's home, with your mother or your sister and your younger brother?

Reuben: No, I ain't going back there, man.

Cass: Why not?

Reuben: Look, do I have to answer this question?

Judge: I think it's in your best interest, Mr. Lawrence.

Reuben: Because they already got enough mouths to feed, all right?

Cass: Have they asked you to come back?

Reuben: That don't matter.

Cass: Have they asked you to come back?

Reuben: Yeah, they did, but I ain't going.

Cass: Why not?

Reuben: Because I already done enough to them, ok, man? Are you happy now?

Cass: Because you've gotten into trouble.

Reuben: Right.

Cass: And when did this trouble start? Wasn't it just after your father died?

Reuben: That don't matter.

Cass: Haven't you stayed away from your family to avoid causing any further problems for them or embarrassment?

Reuben: Look, I stay away because it's about time that I take care of myself, ok?

Cass: Ok. And Pilara?

Reuben: Yeah, well, I guess I didn't do such a great job of taking care of her, now, did I?

Cass: Didn't you maintain that room so that Pilara would have someplace to go, someplace where her father couldn't find her?

Reuben: Yeah, maybe.

Cass: And when you faced the prospect of losing that room, isn't that when you considered stealing money from the McKinnon’s?

Reuben: I didn't steal nothing, man. I told you that. Ok, all right. We went there to do it -- but, Pilara, she changed my mind. Mr. And Mrs. McKinnon -- they were being so good to her, man. I couldn't take their money.

Cass: And what happened then?

Reuben: Some white couple came in.

Cass: John Hudson and Sharlene Watts?

Reuben: I don't know who they were.

Cass: What did you do?

Reuben: Well, I went to the back door in the kitchen but the door was jammed.

Cass: What did you do then?

Reuben: Well, I tried to open it. What else was I supposed to do? But I couldn't get it open.

Cass: And you couldn't go out the front door. Were you smoking a cigarette when you were working on the door?

Reuben: Yeah, but then I opened the door. Look, man, we didn't know nothing was wrong. I didn't know anything was wrong until the next day.

Cass: Thank you, Reuben. I don't have any more questions.

Reuben: No, Winthrop, we didn't know.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Lawrence.

Cass: Your honor, neither Mr. Lawrence nor I are trying to negate what happened or minimize the loss, severe loss that was suffered by Vince and Mary McKinnon. But I believe it would be an even greater loss if a guilty verdict was turned in against Reuben Lawrence in his trial, a verdict that would possibly send him to prison and would definitely leave Pilara without protection. Mr. Lawrence has told you the truth. There was no robbery. There was no motive for revenge.

If Reuben Lawrence set the fire that destroyed Mary’s place, it was done unintentionally. He doesn't deserve to be found guilty.

Judge: Have you any further remarks, Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: No, your honor.

Judge: Good. I'd like to have a private conference with you and Mr. Reese. I've come to a decision. Take a five-minute adjournment.

[Judge pounds gavel]

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Marley.

Marley: Vicky, hi. I just finished going over most of the details for the shower with Ada. Something wrong?

Vicky: I'm fine.

Marley: You just look a little distracted.

Vicky: Getting married next week, right?

Marley: Oh. Vicky, I was such a mess before my wedding. I knew I loved Jake, but I didn't know if I was doing the right thing. Don't you worry because you're going to be just as happy as I am.

Vicky: Oh, of course.

Marley: Jake and I have some good news.

Vicky: Really? Yeah -- dad told me.

Marley: But I don't want to talk about me, really. You should just hear all that Ada has to do. Oh, she's thinking about food and plans.

Vicky: Tell me about the news.

Marley: Ok. I finally got a chance to talk with Dr. Jansen. Jake and I are going to be able to be pregnant.

Vicky: What?

Marley: Well, my surgery was a success.

Vicky: But --

Marley: I know it will take some trying and everything, but at least we have a chance now.

Vicky: Uh, are -- are you going to be inseminated or something?

Marley: No. Why would I?

Vicky: Well, I thought Jake couldn't --

Marley: But he's taking medication now.

Vicky: Oh. So that will relieve his problem?

Marley: So now we have hope. Oh, wow! Vicky, this is gorgeous. Who is it from? Oh, it's from Nicole. It's from Paris.

Vicky: Yeah.

Marley: Vicky, are you sure you're all right?

Vicky: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just fine.

Nicole: Maybe we can design the whole line in time to show it in the spring.

Stefan: Then you are agreed? It would be good for me to stay here and work with you?

Donna: Nicole? Nicole, you're -- the door was open to -- oh.

Nicole: Donna. This is Stefan Dubois. Stefan, my sister, Donna Hudson.

Donna: Oh.

Stefan: I would have known immediately. It is the eyes. Enchante.

Donna: Oh! Well, thank you. So, this is the Mr. Dubois that you've been working with.

Nicole: Right.

Donna: Yes, very closely, I see. Oh, well, I'm delighted to meet you.

Stefan: The deligh mutual.

Donna: Hmm.

Stefan: I must leave you now, and call in the morning?

Nicole: Great.

Stefan: Good. Pardon.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Well, he's very warm.

Nicole: Nothing is happening, Donna.

Donna: Mm-hmm. Then why do you look so guilty?

Nicole: There is nothing to be guilty about. Now, he's working with me on my next line. We had a lot to talk about.

Donna: Oh, yes, I could tell.

Nicole: Oh. I'll tell you something, Donna -- Stefan is excited about what I'm doing.

Donna: Well, that's very nice, but what you have with Cass is even nicer.

Nicole: I'm not interested in Stefan.

Donna: Nicole, look, Cass is very involved with his job right now and I'm sure Stefan is being, well, very attentive and --

Nicole: I like working with Stefan. I love Cass.

Donna: Good, I --

Nicole: Oh -- the reviews came in on my collection. I'm a smash!

Donna: Really?

Nicole: Yeah.

Donna: Oh, honey -- oh, that's wonderful!

Nicole: I was just on my way to the courthouse. I want to tell Cass.

Donna: Oh. Yes, of course.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you have something you wanted to talk to me about?

Donna: Oh, no, no, no. That -- that can wait. You go ahead.

Nicole: You know, I saw Jamie tonight. He is so excited about the wedding.

Donna: Yes, he seems to be.

Nicole: Aren't you relieved that everything turned out ok?

Donna: Oh, yes, yes. Everything is just fine. Couldn't be better.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, I'm persuaded by testimony and your argument that the fire at Mary’s place was accidental and that the charge of arson is unwarranted.

Cass: That's great, your honor.

Judge: But the charge of breaking and entering remains a problem.

Cass: Yes, sir.

Mr. Reese: All right. I'm ready to cut a deal.

Cass: What kind of deal?

Mr. Reese: I'm willing to drop the arson charge right now if Lawrence will plead to breaking and entering.

Cass: Your honor, isn't -- it isn't going to do anybody any good if this kid goes to jail.

Judge: I think I can come up with something a little more productive than jail.

Cass: All right, fine. Thank you, your honor.

Judge: You've never appeared before me, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Not until now, sir.

Judge: Next time, cut the theatrics.

Cass: Yes, sir.

Judge: You don't need them. You're a good lawyer.

Cass: Thank you, sir.

Judge: Call them back in.

Bailiff: The judge has reached his decision.

Reuben: What'd he say, man?

Cass: Shut up and listen.

Judge: The arson charges against Mr. Lawrence will be withdrawn.

Reuben: Yeah! Whoo! Thanks, man.

Pilara: Oh, Reuben!

Jesse: You knew that guy was good, man.

Matt: Cass is the best.

Ronnie: Oh. All right. You saved his life.

Cass: No, the law did that.

Judge: Order.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: However, as regards the charge of breaking and entering, which the defendant has changed his plea --

Reuben: I did?

Cass: Yeah, you did.

Judge: I am issuing a suspended sentence.

Ronnie: Oh. Thank goodness.

Judge: As condition for the suspended sentence, the defendant will be required to perform 200 hours of public work.

Reuben: Doing what?

Judge: I thought you might work in counsel's law office --

Cass: What?

Zack: What?

Reuben: What?

Judge: On pro bono cases.

Reuben: "Pro bono"? What the hell is a "pro bono," man?

Cass: I'm afraid it means that we're going to be seeing a lot of each other.

Singer: I'm sitting here praying that you weren't just saying leaving tomorrow was what you had planned no point

Ada: The soup all right?

Singer: I know that it's ending

Ada: Donna?

Donna: Oh! Oh, Ada. Hello.

Ada: Hi. You didn't touch your soup.

Donna: Oh.

Ada: Is anything wrong with it?

Donna: No, no. It's -- it's fine. It -- actually, I just ordered the soup so I could have the table. I needed to do some thinking before I went home.

Ada: Is everything ok?

Donna: Oh, sure. It's fine, really.

Ada: Well, you got a lot to think about with the wedding.

Donna: Ooh, yes. Michael's still away on business. I really wish he were here so I could talk to him.

Ada: Could I talk to you about it for a minute?

Donna: Oh, sure. Please sit down.

Ada: Ok, thanks.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Ada: Jamie is my first grandchild. I have a very special kind of love for him.

Donna: I know you do.

Ada: I know him. I know when he's happy and I know when he's trying to act happy.

Donna: Yeah, I -- I'm sure you do.

Ada: He's happy. He's looking forward to this wedding. If he is, I am, too.

Donna: Really? You mean that?

Ada: I was very disturbed when Jamie told me that Vicky was pregnant.

Donna: Yes, well, we all were.

Ada: Sometimes, you know, two people can -- can create a baby but that doesn't mean that they belong together. Jamie seemed to be very happy with Lisa.

Donna: I -- I know.

Ada: But it looks like his and Vicky’s baby have turned that whole thing around.

Donna: I think you're right.

Ada: Jamie is happier than I've seen him for a long, long time. It's because of Vicky and that baby.

Donna: Oh. Oh, that baby.

Ada: That Hudson-Frame baby could own the whole world by the time she's 12.

Donna: Uh -- or he?

[Ada laughs]

Ada: Or he.

Donna: Right.

Ada: That's what I wanted to say.

Donna: Ada? Thank you. 

Ada: I love Jamie. Stay as long as you like.

Singer: If I let you go, girl you'll be gone for good

Zack: Hey, you did great today, buddy.

Cass: Oh, I couldn't have done it without you. Man, I was scared!

Zack: Hey, no one knew it but you.

Cass: Thank you again.

Ronnie: Ow!

Jesse: Reuben.

Reuben: Yo, little brother.

Jesse: Hey, ha! Ah!

Reuben: Oh, man.

Felicia: Well, hey.

Cass: Hey!

Felicia: You did it.

Cass: Yeah, I did, didn't I?

Felicia: Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you.

Cass: Oh, thank you.

Felicia: Really, I am. Now, tell me, what's going to happen to that young girl?

Cass: Well, that's the next step. We have to get her and her brothers and sisters out of that house.

Felicia: Well, you are quite the hero there.

Cass: Stop that.

Felicia: You are.

Cass: Stop.

Felicia: I always thought that that, you know, sleazy exterior was just a cover.

Cass: It means so much to me that you came.

Felicia: I just wish Nicole could've seen you.

Cass: Yeah, me, too.

Matt: Hey. Just wanted to say I'm happy for you, for all you guys.

Jesse: Thanks for coming with me today, man. I don't know anybody else that would've done that.

Matt: Hey, hey, don't mention it.

Jesse: Oh, listen, my family and I are going to celebrate. Do you want to come along?

Matt: No, no, no. You don't want me tagging along with you.

Jesse: Oh, yeah, and besides, you're going to the "beat the winter blues" party, right?

Matt: The -- the what?

Jesse: On campus, the student union? I hate to miss my first official college party, but --

Matt: Oh -- yes, right. Ok, yeah. I'm -- yeah, I'm going. I'll -- I'll give you a first-rate analysis of it tomorrow.

Jesse: Thanks, man, for everything.

Matt: Hey, no problem.

Cass: Hey, you're here.

Nicole: Hey, what happened?

Cass: We won.

Nicole: Oh, that's wonderful.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: All the charges were dropped?

Cass: Well, not all of them were dropped. We had to plead to the breaking and entering, but the arson charge was dropped and the judge said that -- yeah, I guess you had to be there.

Nicole: I'm really sorry.

Cass: Oh, there'll be other cases. Besides, maybe it was a good thing you weren't there.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: Well, that dress -- I don't know if I would've been able to keep my mind on what I was doing.

Nicole: You like it?

Cass: So did the critics.

Nicole: Oh, you read the reviews?

Cass: Well, just "Elle" and Paris "vogue."

Nicole: Well, when did you have the time?

Cass: I bribed the guy over at the newsstand and he ran the magazines over this morning. I'm just really sorry that I wasn't able to be there to see it previewed.

Nicole: I'll have other collections. I was just thinking --

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Maybe we should celebrate our separate victories together -- in private.

Cass: What a great mind.

Nicole: Oh, and you said you only loved me for my body.

Mary: Oh, shoot! Oh, well, it's probably not a good time to talk to him now. I'll just call him tomorrow.

Vince: I guess this is all finally over.

Mary: For us, yeah.

Vince: Hmm. What Cass said was right --

Mary: Hmm.

Vince: What happened to Mary’s place was one accident, one stupid, damn accident.

Mary: Almost makes it harder to accept.

Vince: It is. You know, I'd think I was one unlucky fellow unless I had you. It kind of blows that theory all to hell, doesn't it?

Mary: Yeah.

Zack: Well, I guess that about wraps this up.

Mr. Reese: Yep. And guess what -- I'm happy it worked out this way.

Zack: Me, too. Take care.

Mr. Reese: You, too. Thanks, Zack.

Jesse: Yes! Yes!

Ronnie: Zack? I know how much you helped on this case.

Zack: Ah, just doing my job.

Ronnie: Yeah, but I know how much you've helped me. Thank you.

Zack: You're welcome. Well, do you need a ride home?

Ronnie: No. We're going to go do a little celebrating, so I have to be at the Pelican.

Zack: Oh, you're still singing there, huh?

Ronnie: Well, somebody's got to pay Jesse’s tuition.

Zack: Right. Well, maybe I'll drop by later.

Ronnie: I'll make sure you have the best seat in the house.

Zack: Great.

Jesse: Congratulations, man.

Reuben: Thanks, man.

Ronnie: So, anybody feel like celebrating?

Reuben: Yes! Let's go!

Pilara: Yeah!

Reuben: We were waiting on you. Let's go.

Jesse: Been waiting on you a long time.

Mary: Pilara?

Pilara: Mrs. Mac.

Mary: Um --

Ronnie: Uh -- Jesse, let's wait out front.

Jesse: Ok.

Mary: What I said before, over there --

Pilara: Oh.

Mary: I'm so sorry. I didn't know the whole story.

Pilara: I -- I didn't tell you and I kept Reuben from telling you.

Mary: You must've been terrified.

Pilara: Yeah, but I was wrong. Reuben's gone through a lot because of me.

Reuben: It's all right, babe.

Pilara: No, it isn’t. What happened to your restaurant -- it's my fault, too.

Mary: No, it isn’t. It was an accident. I do know that now.

Pilara: It was your husband's business. I mean -- I mean, what's he going to do now?

Mary: Well, I'm a great believer that everything happens for a good reason, and so I absolutely believe that bigger and better things are in store for Vince.

Pilara: I hope so.

Mary: The restaurant was -- it was a -- a place. But if you had been wrongly convicted, that would've been a tragedy.

Reuben: Hey, I'm just happy that Pillara’s ok now.

Mary: Yeah. Do you guys need a place to stay tonight, either one of you?

Pilara: Thanks. We'll be ok.

Mary: Would you call me tomorrow?

Pilara: About what?

Mary: I have an idea.

Pilara: What kind of an idea?

Mary: I got an idea that just might change your life.

Jesse: Come on, guys! The celebration won't wait forever.

Mary: Go on.

Reuben: All right.

Mary: Go celebrate, go. Just call me tomorrow.

Reuben: Come on.

Mary: Go on, really, go. Celebrate.

Reuben: Bye.

Mary: Bye.

Mary: Yeah.

Marley: Ooh, let's see. Well?

Vicky: Oh, now this -- this is practical.

Marley: Oh, come on. There are tons of uses for something like that.

Vicky: Well, I can't put dried pasta in it.

Marley: No.

Vicky: Too small for diapers.

Marley: Well, you can put all your important papers in it, maybe.

Vicky: Yeah, I guess.

Marley: You know, I have one like that. It's not quite as beautiful, but I -- Jake and I put all of our records in it from the fertility specialist.

Vicky: You know what I think?

Marley: What do you think?

Vicky: It's been too long since we've had a girls' night out.

Marley: Well, now, Vicky, you -- you've just --

Vicky: Well, what? It'll be like a mini bachelorette party.

Marley: Well, if you're up to it, then where would you like to go?

Vicky: Well, let's see -- we could start off at the Pelican club and then we can see what we feel like from there. I mean, who knows? We could just end up at your place.

Nicole: Oh, this is more like it.

Cass: I know. It seems like old times, huh?

Nicole: Hmm. Before you were America’s leading defense attorney.

Cass: Hmm, the toast of Paris. You know something?

Nicole: Hmm?

Cass: I really do love this ess.

Nicole: Thanks.

Cass: But you know what else?

Nicole: What else?

Cass: I'd like to see how it drapes.

Nicole: You mean on a hanger?

Cass: Yeah, or on the back of the chair over there or maybe even see how it falls in a heap on the floor from the bed.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: You know what I mean?

Nicole: I get the picture. I'll be right back.

Cass: Great dress. Great dress.

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