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Another World Transcript Monday 12/27/04

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Auntie Rose: Here is your check, the first of many.

Jake: This is it.

Auntie Rose: Isn't it disgraceful what Uncle Sam grabs out of you?

Jake: I don't believe this.

Auntie Rose: Well, it's exactly to the penny. I wouldn't try to cheat you.

Jake: I know that, I know that.

Auntie Rose: But what is it, honey?

Jake: I have a lot of bills, you know?

Auntie Rose: Things are that tight, huh?

Jake: Yes, they are. You have a nice evening. Good night.

Auntie Rose: Good night.

Lisa: Jake. What are you doing here?

Rachel: So, what do you say?

Matt: You're offering me a job at the spa?

Rachel: Yeah, your own hours. I don't want to interfere with your schoolwork.

Matt: Well, I have been looking for part-time work.

Rachel: Well, this way you could make your own schedule, you know.

Matt: It might be a little erratic.

Rachel: Well, as long as you can work on the weekends, that's when we'll be busiest.

Matt: Sounds too good to be true.

Rachel: Well, we're looking for very bright, educated, very attractive young people and I thought maybe you'd fit the bill.

Matt: You wouldn't be just a little bit prejudiced, would you?

Rachel: I'm allowed. What do you say?

Matt: How's the pay?

Rachel: For you? Minimum wage.

Matt: Minimum? Unmentionable. Throw in a hundred free mudpacks and I'm your man.

Rachel: Ok, it's a deal.

Matt: When do I start?

Rachel: Bad news. It's not even built yet. But it'll be built in a couple of months, honest.

Matt: Well, this may be just what I need.

Rachel: It'll be a great opportunity for you to meet a lot of interesting people.

Matt: What do you mean by that?

Rachel: Well, we should have a lot of interesting clients.

Matt: No, I mean, "meeting people." Why do I have to meet people when I have Josie?

Rachel: Why are you getting so defensive?

Matt: Sometimes I would just like to know how you really feel about Josie.

Rachel: Sometimes I wonder how much you really know Josie.

Sam: Just a second, Alli. Come on. Hold on, hon, I'm getting the milk... I'm getting the milk, darling. Please be patient with your father. He's not doing the best today, o--ugh! When is this kid gonna learn how to drink out of a cup? Just a second, Alli. Just a second.

[Knock on door] The babysitter, just in time. Hold on.

Caroline: Ready?

Sam: Caroline, do I look ready?

Caroline: Sam, this is an important buyer, we can't keep him waiting.

Sam: I'm sorry, we're gonna have to. Look, I'm out of diapers. The baby spit up on my good shirt. Then she started crying, so I tried to fill the thing full of milk but it spilled all over the floor. Plus the fact that I don't know how to get a nipple on and the babysitter isn't here. So I'm running a little late! So just a second. Coming, Alli. Hold on.

Evan: Right on time.

Iris: Well, I'm on a busy schedule.

Evan: Well, then why did you want to meet here?

Iris: Because it's on my way to where I'm going.

Evan: I think it's convenient.

Iris: Well, exactly. Besides what I want to discuss with you is too personal to discuss in the office.

Evan: Well, good. I just happen to have some champagne on ice in the bedroom.

Iris: Uh-uh, I don't have time.

Evan: For the champagne or the bedroom?

Iris: Neither. I want to discuss some specifics with you.

Evan: Of what?

Iris: Of our plan. I want to know exactly how you're going to help me destroy Amanda Cory.

Matt: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Rachel: How close are you and Josie?

Matt: You want to know if we sleep…

Rachel: Oh, Matthew.

Matt: Oh, well, come on. Don't you?

Rachel: No, of course not. That's private. That's between you and Josie.

Matt: Ok. Well, then what do you want to know?

Rachel: Well, who are her friends and what are her interests and what are her goals in life?

Matt: Why?

Rachel: What do you mean why? Because.

Matt: Because why, what?

Rachel: Because any young lady you are interested in, I'm gonna be interested in.

Matt: Oh, come on. Not like this.

Rachel: What do you mean not like this? I'm just asking you some questions.

Matt: Yeah, but it's the way you're asking the questions.

Rachel: Well, what way?

Matt: Like something's wrong.

Rachel: Maybe nothing is wrong.

Matt: I know you better than that, Mom.

Rachel: Well, if you know me so well then you know I'm asking you these questions just because I want to know about Josie.

Matt: You are upset.

Rachel: Yes, you're right about that, but not about Josie.

Matt: Then why? Would you just tell me?

Rachel: Sharlene is angry with me again.

Matt: No. I thought you two were finally getting along.

Rachel: We were as of yesterday.

Matt: And what happened?

Rachel: She lost the necklace I gave her.

Matt: The one you lent her for the ball? And she's mad at you?

Rachel: She didn't know it was a copy.

Matt: She didn't?

Rachel: She thought it was an original and so she was really upset. She didn't know how she was going to repay me for it. And then when I told her it was a copy she got even angrier. And then it was as though I had--

Matt: Didn't you explain that to her?

Rachel: Yes, of course I did, but she was so upset she didn't listen to me. Anyway, it's not important.

Matt: Yes, it is important if you had a fight about it.

Rachel: It'll blow over.

Matt: Mom, I don't want anything to go wrong with Josie’s family. The two of us are having enough problems as it is.

Sharlene: But I dropped the photograph off, the gentleman took it--no, I don't need to talk to the--I don't really-- please, don't put me on hold. The necklace wasn't real?

Rachel: Mac had a copy made so I could wear it without worrying.

Sharlene: Rachel, why didn't you tell me you that the jewelry was fake when you loaned it to me?

Rachel: Well, honey, I never dreamed that you would imagine that I would loan you the original.

Sharlene: You never dreamed? Do you have any idea what I have been going through since I lost it?

Rachel: Oh, Sharlene, I'm so sorry you've been upset.

Rachel: Upset? I have been going--I've been going out of my mind. I thought I was going have to spend the rest of my life paying for that necklace. I have been--I've been taking in extra work. I've been snapping at Josie and for what, a bunch of rhinestones? All right. I want this done to the exact specifications and if you have any problems I want you to call me. I mean any problems. Thank you.

Jason: Problems about what?

Sharlene: Having a copy of Rachel’s necklace made.

Jason: What? How long do you think it'll be before she sees that she's got a fake?

Sharlene: About 5 seconds.

Jason: Well, then I don't understand what your doing.

Sharlene: The necklace Josie lost was a fake.

Jason: What?

Sharlene: Yeah. It was--what do you call it--it was a paste.

Jason: Wait a minute, get this straight with me. What are you trying to tell me?

Sharlene: Rachel loaned me a phony necklace.

Jason: How do you know that?

Sharlene: Because she told me. She wouldn't dream of lending out real jewelry to be worn at a public gathering. Jason, nobody who's anybody would do such a thing. It's foolish.

Jason: She put you through the last--and me to--through the last month over a fake!

Sharlene: It was the conversation we had that bothered me the most.

Jason: What--what did she say?

Sharlene: She just made me feel like a big fool.

Jason: How?

Sharlene: Just the way she talked to me with this condescending air.

Jason: She's got experience; she's real good at that.

Sharlene: John told me to just forget about it, just let it go. But I tell you, Jason, I woke up this morning and I got just mad all over again.

Jason: You've got every right to be.

Sharlene: Did she just assume--she just assumed that I would know it was imitation. How awful that I had to worry so much. How awful that I didn't know the difference between real jewelry and fake.

Jason: Is that how she said it?

Sharlene: No, but it's what she thought.

Jason: Rachel's some piece of change, isn't she?

Sharlene: Jason, I hate feeling the way I felt yesterday.

Jason: Well, now you know what I've been saying all along is true. There is no way the Frames and the Cory's can get along together--ever.

Evan: You know, it's baffling to me why you hate Amanda so much.

Iris: Well, that's none of your business.

Evan: No, I'm part of this, Iris, and I think it should be clear what your reasons are.

Iris: Well, it's not all that complex, Evan. I think even you might be able to grasp it.

Evan: Well, I hope so.

Iris: Well, Amanda was--Amanda is my rival. >From the moment I heard Rachel was pregnant; I knew there was trouble ahead.

Evan: So it goes back that far?

Iris: Oh, yes. It goes back to the day she was born.

Evan: Why? I mean, did you feel excluded or--

Iris: Excluded? When that little bundle of joy bounced into the world that was when I was told.

Evan: What? What?

Iris: I was told I was adopted, that I wasn't daddy's real daughter; I was something less, nothing.

Evan: What--who told you that?

Iris: Daddy.

Evan: Really? That doesn't sound like him.

Iris: He didn't mean to, it's just that he was so full of joy that it just blurted out.

Evan: Hey, I guess I see how you feel.

Iris: And from that minute the center of the Cory household was our little Amanda.

Evan: So you really feel that Mac rejected you.

Iris: You know what he said to me? The minute he heard she was born he said, "I've always wanted a daughter." What was I?

Evan: I don't know, I find that really hard to believe that he could be that insensitive.

Iris: Well, he got his daughter, his little heiress, and I lost my father.

Evan: But you got him back. And you're the heir to the fortune now.

Iris: Oh, Evan, that's doesn't matter. It's not money that matters, it's love that matters and Amanda can't love him as much as I do. Don't you understand that? We've been through so much together. Now I've got to get him back.

Evan: Now you're stronger than ever.

Iris: Not yet. But I will be when Amanda’s out of the picture. And then he'll turn to me and then--and then I'll have my rightful place.

Evan: All right. Now, say that our plan works.

Iris: Evan, our plan has to work. That's why I need the specifics--

Evan: No, listen to me, what I'm saying. Now Mac is a forgiving guy. I mean, isn't it possible that he would forgive Amanda and take her back?

Iris: Oh, no, there are some things that even daddy--he wouldn't forgive.

Evan: Ok, then it's straight ahead with our plan.

Iris: Yes, Evan. You have to--you have to seduce Amanda and you have to break up her marriage. And you have to make it obvious to daddy that that's--that's the reason--that her infidelity is the cause of the breakup.

Evan: I know my role.

Iris: But you've got to tell me when you're going to do it. When are you going to start?

Evan: I'm going to do it soon.

Iris: Soon, Evan, that's not enough. You been saying that long enough.

Evan: Look, I've made some inroads.

Iris: You're ineffectual. I want results, I want details, I want specifics.

Evan: Ok, ok, ok. No more slip-ups.

Iris: It has to be perfect, Evan.

Evan: Perfect takes time, Iris.

Iris: You've already had months.

Evan: Yes, but we're almost there. You see, I'm close--closer than I've ever been. And it's almost over. And when we're finished, Amanda will be broken.

Jake: Me?

Lisa: Yeah.

Jake: What am I doing here?

Lisa: Yeah.

Jake: I work here.

Lisa: Oh, really?

Jake: Yeah.

Lisa: Since when?

Jake: Just recently. Uh--what are you doing here?

Lisa: I'm a client.

Jake: Great, that's just great.

Lisa: We'll see.

Auntie Rose: We will indeed as soon as you make your selection of tape, Lisa.

Lisa: Right, that's why I'm here.

Jake: That's the way it works.

Lisa: I know.

Auntie Rose: Why don't you come on in the back and we can start sifting through the possibilities.

Lisa: I'd like to talk to Jake alone.

Auntie Rose: Well, I think we ought to get right to it, honey.

Lisa: I'll just be a minute.

Auntie Rose: Very well. I'll just go on back and see if I can separate some of the wheat from the chaff.

Lisa: So, you work here now?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it's like a moonlighting job to pick up a little extra cash, you know?

Lisa: Well, we could all use it.

Jake: Right. Look, Lisa, Marley doesn't know anything about this.

Lisa: Oh?

Jake: Yeah, and I would appreciate if she doesn't find out.

Lisa: I won't tell her.

Jake: I mean, after the operation and the fertility tests the hospital gets very expensive.

Lisa: Oh, I can imagine.

Jake: I mean, you're in the hole like that, you know?

Lisa: Well, you and Marley are doing fine now, though. That's what Felicia said.

Jake: Yeah, we are. It's just--it looks good, we just have to wait and see.

Lisa: I hope you'll be happy, Jake.

Auntie Rose: Well, I have put the wheat on top of the VCR and I think we have some very interesting possibilities.

Lisa: You know, Rose, there is something I've never found out.

Auntie Rose: Well, what is that?

Lisa: How did video match get a tape of me in the first place?

Auntie Rose: Well, we may never know.

Lisa: Well, I've stopped being bothered by it, but I'm curious.

Jake: I don't blame you.

Auntie Rose: Well, those tapes are waiting for you, honey.

Jake: Yeah, look, I'll get going, all right? See you guys later.

Auntie Rose: Jake, wait just a second. Honey, why don't you go on back and I'll just be back in a flash, ok?

Lisa: See you, Jake.

Jake: You didn't tell her I made the tape.

Auntie Rose: And I never will.

Jake: Thanks.

Auntie Rose: That's not what I wanted to talk to you about.

Jake: Ok, what's up?

Auntie Rose: Lisa is an extremely attractive woman.

Jake: She's a knockout.

Auntie Rose: Now there are some women who are not that attractive.

Jake: Yeah?

Auntie Rose: Nevertheless, they are women who enjoy dating, so much so that they would be willing to pay for the opportunity to date.

Jake: Oh.

Auntie Rose: Some of these women are acquaintances--past clients.

Jake: Clients.

Auntie Rose: And I always like to keep my eye out for young men who might be interested in picking up a little extra money.

Jake: As an escort.

Auntie Rose: Perhaps you'd be interested.

Jake: Why is it that I get the feeling that there's more going on here or that I'd have to do more than just be an escort?

Auntie Rose: Well, you said you were inundated with bills.

Jake: Well, I'll figure out some other way to pay.

Auntie Rose: I hope you do, Jake. But if things get tough, you let me know, huh?

[Jake clears throat] Do you think there's really women out there that would pay... pay money to go out with me?

Auntie Rose: Big.

Sharlene: Josie, it wasn't what you thought.

Josie: Mama, I have to go. Can I use the keys to the car?

Sharlene: We didn't mean anything about Matthew.

Josie: Mama, I'm late. Can I use the keys?

Sharlene: Yeah, they're in my purse. Where are you going?

Josie: I have to meet to Mrs. Wheeler about my job at the spa. I'll see you later. Hey. What, Matthew? What is it?

Sharlene: But Jason, she heard what we said.

Jason: I would say she did.

Sharlene: Then why didn't she yell like she usually does?

Jason: Well, she's growing up, she's coming to some sense.

Sharlene: No I think--maybe she had a fight with Matthew.

Jason: Well, if the two of them broke up that wouldn't be bad. No tragedy in that at all.

Sharlene: It would hurt Josie a lot. She's still gonna be involved with the Cory’s if she's gonna be working at that spa.

Jason: Well, that's Iris. I don't worry about something like that.

Sharlene: Oh no?

Jason: Iris Cory is a whole nother breed of Cory. I wouldn't worry about that.

Sam: Now you want your bottle? Here.

Caroline: We really hate to keep you waiting. Sam's very anxious to meet you. Oh, that's terrific, no kidding? He said he has a baby, too.

Sam: Really? Can he recommend a sitter?

Caroline: Sam wonders if you have a good sitter. That's not a bad idea. He says you should bring Alli to the gallery.

Sam: Why? So she can spit up on him, too? Yeah, you'd do that, wouldn't you?

Caroline: No. Actually, he said it'd probably be a better idea--he could concentrate better without her. We're expecting the babysitter any minute and as soon as she comes we're gonna rush over like mad. I promise we'll make it worth your while. See you soon. And thanks for your patience.

Sam: I am very, very impressed.

Caroline: With what?

Sam: With the way you handled that phone call.

Caroline: I'm impressed with the way you handle her.

Sam: Piece of cake... when she's quiet. When she's crying, it drives you nuts. Isn't that right?

Caroline: You know, this really is another side of you. I'd never have guessed it from your work.

Sam: Never would have guessed what?

Caroline: That you're such a family man.

Sam: Oh, come on. What about the painting "family love?" I'd think that would be a dead giveaway.

Caroline: True, but, I don't know, I always saw a different sort of drive--more single-minded determination.

Sam: Well, that was the old Sam.

Caroline: Tell me about him.

Sam: My mother threw me into an art class when I was 6. From then on it was all over, I was obsessed. I didn't go to little league, I didn't play basketball, all I did was paint.

Caroline: Were you happy?

Sam: Until it became a substitute for things, feelings.

Caroline: Yeah, I know all about that.

Sam: I never really realized how empty my life was--

Caroline: Until you met Amanda.

Sam: Yeah. She taught me about caring and love, also diapers, bottles, and waking up 5 times a night.

Caroline: Yeah, well you don't seem to mind too much.

Sam: I wouldn't change it for the world. Besides, it's made me a better painter.

Caroline: Has it?

Sam: Yeah, I think so. A better person at least.

[Knock on door] There's the sitter, finally.

Lisa: Well, these 3 look like they're the most interesting.

Auntie Rose: I couldn't agree with you more. All 3 are excellent date material.

Lisa: We'll see.

Auntie Rose: You mark Auntie Rose's words, one of these gentleman's gonna be a very lucky man. And I will leave you to pick him. Have fun.

Tommy: Where do I look? Here? Hi, I'm Tommy, and I've got a lot to tell you so hang onto your tam-o'-shanter. Anyway, I'm an outdoors kind of guy, I've been all my life. I love sports, especially the ones that involve contact. Well, when I'm not engaged in contact I like getting out of the house and getting away from it all. I love the mountains, fishing, and glacier lakes. Camping in the snow. But when the snow melts, I strike my tent and come back to earth. That's what I am, a down-to-earth guy. Passionate... but sensitive and adventurous. I don't mind trying a museum or even going to the ballet, but not too often. Once in awhile, and I'd prefer having a good time.

Lisa: Ok, Tommy.

David: Give me a minute. I'm David. Allow me to outline for you what my idea of a good time is. We start off by hopping over to chi-town for the afternoon, lunching at a fabulous little Burmese bistro, which I discovered, and a leisurely browse of the art galleries and antique marts. A glass of wine at an outdoor cafe, then it's back to Bay City to get changed for the opera--black tie and ball gown. I like to do things right. Then we're off for an après theater supper, after which we play it by ear.

Lisa: Ok. Gerard.

Gerard: Let's see. What else should you know? You should probably know that I'm real uncomfortable doing this--talking into a camera hoping that somebody's going to like me. But I haven't had a whole lot of luck in the date department lately. You're probably asking why. A good question. I have my faults, like everybody else. And I'm not about to sit here and try to impress you. I'm an ordinary guy, I guess. Someday I'd like to have a family, kids, house, station wagon, the whole shot. But I'm not ready for that yet. Right now I'm interested in meeting somebody nice, getting to know her, and having some fun. No commitments. I'm getting a signal that this tape is about to end, so bye, and I hope we can get together.

Auntie Rose: Well, have you made a decision?

Lisa: Yeah. I have.

Jason: I'm going out tonight. I don't know how late it'll be, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Sharlene: Well, I'll probably be asleep. I'm gonna turn in early tonight.

Jason: Well, then, I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Sharlene: Ok, bye.

Matt: Hi.

Sharlene: Hello, Matthew.

Matt: Hello. Jason's in a bad mood, huh? Something wrong?

Sharlene: Josie's not here right now, but she should be back pretty soon. So if you want to wait, I've got some things I have to do.

Matt: Ok. Oh, I--I heard about the trouble with the necklace. You know, I'm sorry you had to worry so much. Someone should have told you she keeps all her good stuff in the vault.

Sharlene: Well, thank you for enlightening me, Matthew.

Matt: You're welcome.

Josie: Mm, this was great.

Iris: Would you like another piece?

Josie: No, no, no I better not.

Iris: Oh, come on, we're celebrating. This is the beginning of your career. Uh--excuse me, can we have another piece of chocolate cake, please? Now let's get down to business. You know I think that the gallery, the spa, and this little cafe, they should all have an individual look, don't you think?

Josie: Me? You're asking me?

Iris: Yes, I value your opinion.

Josie: Well, yeah, I think that's a great idea.

Iris: I think they should all have a different approach. Otherwise it would be too predictable. You know, people get bored--at least I do.

Josie: Thank you. So when do you think the spa will be ready?

Iris: Well, I think hopefully in couple of months. And I want it to be a smash, especially those first few days. It's very important when we're establishing new clientele. The selection of the staff's very important, too.

Josie: I hope you've made the right choice with me.

Iris: Well, don't worry, you're going to be the perfect receptionist.

Josie: You know, sometimes I wonder.

Iris: Hey, what do you wonder?

Josie: I wonder why you're so nice to me.

Iris: I like you, Josie. It's that simple.

Rachel: Iris. Josie!

Iris: Oh, hello, Rachel.

Josie: Hi.

Iris: Oh, have we got some exciting news for you.

Rachel: What? What news?

Iris: I'd like to introduce you to the new receptionist at the spa.

Rachel: What?

Iris: Josie's going to be the first person anyone sees when they come in and they will know immediately that they're in the right place. What do you think, Rachel? Aren't we lucky to have her?

Rachel: Yes, lucky.

Josie: Listen, I really should get going. This was wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: It was my pleasure, Josie.

Josie: All right. I'll see you later, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Bye-bye, Josie.

Iris: Well, isn't she marvelous, Rachel?

Rachel: What are you up to, Iris?

Sam: Look, Caroline, I really should be going home.

Caroline: Sam, we're celebrating.

Sam: I know, but I told the sitter that I'd be back.

Caroline: You have been working night and day since Amanda left for Chicago. You deserve this.

Sam: Ok, so maybe you're right.

Caroline: Look, a night on the town. No worries, no responsibilities. Miss, table for two, please.

Waitress: It'll take just a moment.

Sam: Thanks. You were fantastic today.

Caroline: Darling, your paintings were fantastic.

Sam: Yeah, but the way you sold that guy.

Caroline: Listen, I was only honest. There's no magic involved in that.

Sam: Now don't shortchange yourself, you've done a lot to help my career.

Caroline: Look, a little promotion and a spot of advice.

Sam: Yeah, well, I never thought it'd take this soon.

Caroline: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Rachel: Why didn't you consult me before you hired Josie?

Iris: Oh, you want to hire the receptionist now?

Rachel: Iris, when I agreed to work on this--

Iris: Hang on. When you agreed? You sound as if I was asking for your help. I wasn’t. The spa was my idea, I created it, and I intend to run it.

Rachel: All by yourself?

Iris: No, with the help of my handpicked assistants.

Rachel: Just a minute, Iris. I thought we had an agreement. Your father was perfectly happy with the idea of you and I sharing the responsibility here and you agreed to it.

Iris: Rachel, you bullied us into it.

Rachel: I thought I could help with Jason.

Iris: I think I can handle Jason Frame.

Rachel: You don't know him as well as I do.

Iris: No, that's true. I hardly know him at all.

Rachel: Jason has a history with our family. If I work on the project, he will see me there. That will remind him of it and the construction will go a lot easier, don't you think?

Iris: Oh, yes, I should have thought of that myself.

Rachel: Besides, we worked so well together on the snowflake ball.

Iris: Well, we did, yes, but I'm not used to having a partner, I'm used to calling the shots, but I guess we can give it a try.

Rachel: See, I knew we could talk it out.

Evan: Well, it looks like the cafe is attracting all the right people.

Rachel: Hello, Evan.

Iris: Hi, Evan. I have to go and make a call, excuse me.

Evan: Well, you don't look too happy. You don't care too much for Iris, do you?

Rachel: I don't think it's appropriate for me to discuss Iris with you, she's your superior.

Evan: Not for long, I hope.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Evan: Well, I heard this rumor that you might be coming back. I hope it's true.

Rachel: Thank you, Evan.

Matt: Cold weather we're having out there, huh? Phew. I'll tell you, it's freezing. Oh...freezing. Not much better in here, either. Josie, you're here! Fantastic. Great! Not great? What is wrong? What, is your whole family mad at me?

Josie: I can't speak for anyone else.

Matt: What is wrong, Josie?

Josie: You tell me.

Matt: How can I tell you anything, I don't know what you're talking about?

Josie: Matthew, at the student union today you acted like you couldn't stand me.

Matt: I did?

Josie: You've been so distant. You keep pulling away.

Matt: I'm sorry if you feel that way.

Josie: Well, how am I supposed to feel? You've put a wall between us, Matthew, and there's only one reason why you'd do that.

Matt: And what's that?

Josie: You want to break up.

[Knock on door]

Lisa: Hi.

Tommy: Wow. I mean, I'm Tommy.

Lisa: I know. I saw your tape.

Tommy: Right. And I saw your tape. But it doesn't do you justice.

Lisa: Come in.

Tommy: Thanks. Nice place. Oh, these are for you.

Lisa: Oh, thank you. They're beautiful, Tommy. I'll just put them in water. Would you like a drink?

Tommy: If you'll join me.

Lisa: Sure. Why don't you pour?

Tommy: Ok. You know, you really have a nice place.

Lisa: Thank you.

Tommy: Real comfortable. And you're real beautiful. What's wrong?

Lisa: Wrong?

Tommy: With you. I mean, you're smart, sensational looking, sexy, and unattached. I don't get it, there's got to be some kind of catch. Do you have a social disease?

Lisa: Would you hold these?

Tommy: Sure.

[Knock on door]

Lisa: David.

David: Lisa. There was a splendid little film made about us.

Lisa: Really?

David: "David and Lisa." Janet Margolin played you.

Lisa: Who played you?

David: Keir Dullea. It was a cult film, sweet and very sad. I love old films, I'm a real buff.

Lisa: Come in.

David: You know, when I saw your tape I was sure that I'd seen you somewhere before.

Lisa: Really?

David: But where.

Lisa: I wouldn't know.

David: The newspaper. Yes, the society page. You were going to marry that doctor--Frame. Yes, Frame--

Lisa: Would you like a drink?

David: Now I see that Frame is marrying another beauty--a blonde. I saw a picture.

Lisa: Why don't we talk about something else?

David: Oh, it's ok. I understand. I was jilted, too. Left at the altar. "David and Lisa"--it's us all right. Sweet and sad, so sad. You had to tell your family and friends that there will be no wedding. Having to send back the presents. Walking into an empty reception hall alone, musicians playing happy love songs.

[Knock on door]

Gerard: Hi, Lisa, I'm Gerard. Aren't you going to ask me in?

Matt: I want to break up?

Josie: You heard me.

Matt: I heard what you said, but I can't believe it. I want to break up--

Josie: Yes, yes.

Matt: Well, you're wrong.

Josie: Then why are you being like this?

Matt: Being like what? I'm not doing anything.

Josie: You sure have been acting different, Matt.

Matt: Josie, that's because things are different.

Josie: That's right, that's what I'm trying to tell you. Things are different between us.

Matt: That doesn't mean things are bad.

Josie: Well, I sure don't feel good.

Matt: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad.

Josie: Tell me what's going on. What's happened?

Matt: It's not you, it's me.

Josie: Come on, talk to me.

Matt: I think too much.

Josie: About what?

Matt: The past, what has happened before, what could happen again.

Josie: Matthew, I don't understand.

Matt: My parents, Josie. My mom and Mitch, they never really loved each other.

Josie: Well, that happens. People fall out of love all the time.

Matt: No, no, no, not ever. When they made love--when I was conceived, it wasn't love, Josie. For Mitch it was lust or something and for mom it was a way to help out Mac, but it wasn't what it was supposed to be. It wasn't love.

Josie: I don't know what that has to do with us.

Matt: And then I look at what happened with Jamie and Lisa.

Josie: Jamie seems pretty happy.

Matt: It was a disaster, Josie. I don't want history to repeat itself.

Josie: So you're saying that you think that--that we could be a disaster?

Matt: I'm saying that I don't want us to make a big mistake.

Rachel: Caroline, Sam.

Sam: Rachel, hi.

Caroline: Please, tell her the good news.

Rachel: What? What good news?

Sam: I just got back from the gallery. I sold another painting.

Caroline: And it's the easiest sale ever made.

Rachel: Oh, congratulations. Does Amanda know?

Sam: No, I talked to her this morning, though.

Rachel: Well, she's coming back tonight, right?

Sam: Uh--no.

Rachel: No. Why not?

Sam: She's gonna have to stay in Chicago for an extra day.

Jake: Hi.

Waitress: Hi, can I get you a table?

Jake: No, actually, I'm here for business. Is Ada around anywhere?

Waitress: She's on her dinner break. Can I help you?

Jake: I don't think so. I'm looking for a job. I'll just wait for Ada.

Waitress: Good luck. I hope I get a chance to work with you.

Caroline: So, Amanda’s abandoned you then.

Sam: Only for one night.

Caroline: Look on the bright side.

Sam: Oh, is there one?

Caroline: No distractions.

Sam: I'm not so sure about that.

Caroline: Sam, you're going to be able to really concentrate on your work. Now if I can help you in any way--

Sam: I'll let you know, promise.

Caroline: We're on a roll, Sam. I don't want anything interfering with your work.

Sam: Yeah, well, tell that to my daughter. Speaking of which I've got to call--

Caroline: First a toast. To our latest success, may it only be the beginning of an extremely rewarding partnership.

Lisa: Come in.

Gerard: Thanks. This is a nice place you have here.

Lisa: I'll get my coat and we can go.

Gerard: We don't have to go yet.

Lisa: Why not?

Gerard: We could talk, get to know each other.

Lisa: I'm ready. Let's go.

Gerard: Maybe I should warn you.

Lisa: Warn me?

Gerard: This date is not gonna be anything heavy duty. I just want to have--

Lisa: Have a good time. Well, we're going to do it even if it kills us. Shall we?

Josie: But Matthew, it's a completely different situation.

Matt: Josie, I have never known anyone like you. I've never felt this way towards anybody. You're all I think about, you're all I want. My feelings--I'm not saying this right.

Josie: No, I think I understand.

Matt: Josie, I'm not able to just turn off my feelings. Sometimes they just go out of control and all I can do is--

Josie: Is push me away.

Matt: Because the thought of us being together is so exciting. But as I said before, I don't want a mistake and I don't want to hurt you.

Jason: How did it go?

Evan: Jason, don't do that. Everything's going fine, I've got Rachel right where I want her and Iris.

Jason: What about Amanda?

Evan: Soon Jason, soon.

Jason: We're right on schedule.

Evan: Yeah, everything's going just the way it should be.

Jason: One thing I want you to keep in mind.

Evan: What's that?

Jason: Where your true loyalty lies.

Evan: I know where it lies.

Jason: Prove it.

Evan: Oh, I will. I'll prove it to you, you'll see.

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