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Another World Transcript Friday 12/24/04

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Rachel: You really think that that glass wall would work out there?

John: Sure, those support beams will hold it.

Rachel: Yeah, but you didn't seem to think so when we were out there.

John: Well, that was kind of an aesthetic judgment.

Rachel: Oh, yes?

John: Yeah. I thought you wanted the reception area to be private.

Rachel: I do.

John: Well, if the spa's going to be located in the lobby of the Cory complex, why not let everyone know that?

Rachel: I don't think that the clients will enjoy people peering in at them.

John: Well, then how about a compromise--glass doors and solid walls.

Rachel: Good. All right, will that take longer?

John: No.

Rachel: What about the whirlpools?

John: I ordered two extra. I figured you'd change your mind.

Rachel: You're beginning to know me too well.

John: It's about time, don't you think?

Rachel: Well, we haven't had much of a chance.

John: Rachel, I know that you've had reservations about Frame Construction.

Rachel: No, about Jason, not about you.

John: We'll do a good job, I can promise you that.

Rachel: I have been apprehensive.

John: And now?

Rachel: I think it just might work.

Josie: Well?

Sharlene: What?

Josie: How do I look?

Sharlene: You look fine.

Josie: Oh, I got it on sale, Mama. I found the cutest store right by the college.

Sharlene: What did you buy?

Josie: This outfit. I used some of my babysitting money.

Sharlene: Josie, you have plenty of clothes in your closet.

Josie: Not college clothes, Mama.

Sharlene: You look very pretty.

Josie: I'm going to go on over to the campus. I'm going to audit just one class for now.

Sharlene: You know, I'm really very, very pleased that you decided to do that.

Josie: Oh, Mama. Mama, I can't wait. At least now I'll have something to talk about with Matthew’s friends.

Sharlene: Josie, you are every bit as good as any of Matthew’s friends.

Josie: I know, Mama. Hey, what is it? Is something wrong?

Sharlene: I just don't like to hear you putting yourself down.

Josie: I wasn’t. Mama, you've been acting funny for weeks. What is it?

Sharlene: Sweetie, it's nothing.

Josie: Mama, I know something's bothering you. Please, tell me, is it me? Have I done something wrong?

Sharlene: No, it's not you, Josie.

Josie: Mama, please tell me.

Sharlene: Well, I... I suppose you're gonna find out anyway now.

Josie: Find out what?

Sharlene: Josie, this has to do with Rachel’s necklace.

Josie: Did she find out that I lost it?

Sharlene: No, she didn’t.

Josie: Did something happen to it when I dropped it?

Sharlene: Just listen to me. I know that I told you that the caterers had found it, but it wasn't true. Sweetheart, the necklace is gone.

Donna: Oh, baby, I am so glad you're all right.

Vicky: I have to be, I'm carrying some valuable cargo around with me, Mom.

Donna: You know, when I think what could have happened--

Vicky: It didn’t. This kid and I re too tough for that. So where's Jamie, huh?

Donna: Um--he was outside. Do you know that he hardly left your side the entire time you were unconscious?

Vicky: You know what? Jamie told me that he loves me.

Donna: Oh, baby. That's what you've really wanted to hear, isn't it?

Vicky: More than anything.

Donna: Honey, I really think that there's something that we should talk about.

Vicky: Oh, what, the wedding?

Jamie: So you've decided to wake up?

Vicky: Jamie, hi.

Donna: Jamie, hi.

Vicky: I had to wake up, I knew you missed me.

Jamie: I did. How are you feeling?

Vicky: Wonderful. Your future wife and future baby are going to be just fine.

Matt: Hey, Jesse. How's the jaw?

Jesse: It's still a little sore.

Matt: Yeah, well, I bet those guys are more than a little sore this morning.

Jesse: Yeah. Thanks for your help.

Matt: Hey, no problem. They're not bothering you any more, are they?

Jesse: No.

Matt: You look a little down. Forget about them. They're jerks.

Jesse: They're the least of my problems.

Matt: What's wrong?

Jesse: My sister told me last night that my brother's in trouble.

Matt: What happened?

Jesse: He's been charged with robbery and setting fire to some restaurant New Year’s Eve.

Matt: You're kidding? New Year’s Eve?

Jesse: Obviously the whole thing is a mistake.

Matt: That's funny because--

Jesse: No, I assure you, there's nothing funny about it.

Matt: No, I mean, the place my Grandma owns--half owns with Vince McKinnon--it was burned down new year's eve-- Mary’s place.

Jesse: That's it.

Matt: Your brother set fire to it?

Jesse: He's been accused of it, but Ruben would never do something like that.

Matt: Why is he being charged then?

Jesse: I don't know. I mean, he's been in trouble before but--

Matt: Like this?

Jesse: No, just petty stuff. I mean--I bet I know what happened, too. The police were probably questioning him and he tried to be a wise guy as usual--

Matt: Is he in jail?

Jesse: No, he's out on bail. There's a preliminary hearing on Friday. Matthew, I know he didn't do it.

Matt: It means a lot to you, huh?

Jesse: He's my brother, man. And it's like, he always told me how smart I was and that I'd go to college and make something of myself someday.

Matt: Hey, here you are, right?

Jesse: My brother's just as smart as I am, but he just never got the breaks.

Matt: Yeah, that's rough.

Jesse: I'm going to show everybody what the Lawrence’s are all about.

Matt: Hey, if anybody can do it, you can, right? Listen; if you want me to I can go to that hearing with you, no problem.

Jesse: You'd do that?

Matt: Sure.

Jesse: Thanks, man, really.

Matt: No problem.

Jesse: I've got to get to class.

Matt: Ok, all right. Catch you later.

Jesse: Ok.

Josie: But Mama, I thought that they brought the necklace back the night of the ball.

Sharlene: The necklace that they brought back was not Rachel’s necklace.

Josie: Why didn't you tell me?

Sharlene: I wanted to tell you, I just didn't want to get you upset. And I hoped that they'd find the necklace.

Josie: Oh, Mama, this is all my fault. How could I have lost that necklace?

Sharlene: It was an accident.

Josie: And Mrs. Cory doesn't even know yet?

Sharlene: No. She thinks that it's at the jeweler's, that the clasp is broken.

Josie: Mama, what are we gonna do?

Sharlene: Josie, I have been trying to come up with the money, but that's just not possible, at least not right away.

Josie: I wonder how much this necklace must be worth.

Sharlene: I'm gonna have to tell Rachel.

Josie: No, no, Mama. This is my fault, I'm gonna tell her.

Sharlene: Josie, I'm taking care of it.

Josie: Oh, boy, oh, boy, is she going to hate me.

Sharlene: I'm not gonna tell her what happened.

Josie: Mama, you're not gonna take the blame.

Sharlene: Josie, the necklace was lent to me, it's my responsibility.

Josie: And I lost it.

Sharlene: Please, stop worrying. I'm gonna straighten this thing out.

Josie: Mama, when are you planning on telling Mrs. Cory?

Sharlene: Today.

Josie: Do you have to tell her right away? I mean, couldn't we try and find it first?

Sharlene: It's been too long, Josie.

Josie: Mama, what are we gonna do?

Sharlene: Replace it.

Josie: I'll help pay for it.

Sharlene: No, Josie.

Josie: Mom, I have some babysitting money saved and I don't have to take that class--

Sharlene: If I wanted your help I would ask for it, believe me. But right now what I want you to do, I want you to go and register for that class.

Josie: Mama, I wish I could come up with some way to make some money.

Sharlene: Stop worrying.

Josie: But Mrs. Cory--

Sharlene: She will understand, believe me. Now go work.

Josie: Mama, I'm so sorry.

Sharlene: Josie, don't think twice, please. Go. $8,000.

Vicky: Jamie, the baby's ok, isn't it?

Jamie: Absolutely perfect.

Vicky: Oh, good. This little guy's been through so much.

Jamie: Well, only two trips to the hospital.

Vicky: And a trip to Majorca. Hang in there, kid, life gets much better.

Jamie: We'll have to tell him what this was all about someday.

Vicky: Or her.

Jamie: You know, we must pick a name that reflects his colorful past. Something like Alexander.

Vicky: As in the great?

Jamie: What else?

Vicky: I think we should check out a little baby name book before we make any decisions.

Jamie: We'll do that and everything else people do when they're waiting for their first baby.

Vicky: Happily waiting.

Jamie: I do like the idea of naming him after my father, Steven.

Vicky: Or it could be Stephanie.

Jamie: Whatever we decide, it's going to be one very special baby.

Vicky: It has to be. It has one very special father.

Dr. Hassad: I'd say we definitely have a problem here.

Dr. Peterson: The fetus seems to be smaller than normal development would allow.

Dr. Hassad: Are you sure of her data?

Dr. Peterson: I'm not sure of anything now.

Dr. Hassad: It's going to be a touchy situation.

Dr. Peterson: Definitely be a problem if an emergency arose.

Donna: Hi, hi. Honey, I'm right here. I'm right here, sweetheart.

Vicky: Jake. Oh, Jake. Why do I get the feeling we're gonna spoil this kid rotten?

Jamie: Why not? He deserves the best.

Jake: Man, I cannot believe these people are making us wait.

Marley: Well, honey, Dr. Hassad said only two visitors at a time.

Jake: Vicky is ok, though, isn't she?

Marley: The baby's fine, the mother's fine, all according to the doctor.

Jake: I was just relieved when Jamie called, you know?

Marley: Oh, me, too.

Jake: Vicky is my oldest friend. She's a pain sometimes, but I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her.

Marley: Well, nothing did. Vicky's fine, the baby's fine.

Jake: Yeah?

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jake: She and Jamie are together now?

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Well, good. I think we should stop worrying about everybody else and see if we can make a little baby of our own.

Marley: Oh, I like that idea.

Jake: Yeah?

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Well, why don't we start right now?

Marley: Right here? Jake, we can't start here.

Jake: I've got us a room over there--

Marley: No...


John: That should take care of the changes.

Rachel: When does construction start?

John: Scheduled for the week after next.

Rachel: How long will it take?

John: Uh--under 90 days.

Rachel: That sounds optimistic.

John: Well, we could make that longer if you'd like?

Rachel: No, I don't want it to take any longer, I just want it to come in on schedule.

John: Well, it will, barring any unforeseen problems.

Rachel: Like what?

John: Well, I don't know.

Rachel: John, I don't want anything to go wrong with this project.

John: Are you still worried about Jason?

Rachel: No, I'm just worried period.

John: Is there a problem with the plans?

Rachel: No, no problems.

John: Do you want to run them by Mac?

Rachel: I can make this decision without running it by Mac, thank you.

John: I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out like that.

Rachel: No, I'm sorry. This is just an important project for me.

John: And you're doing great.

Rachel: You know, when Mac put me in charge of everything during the takeover.

John: Of course, you did a fantastic job.

Rachel: I made mistakes.

John: Who wouldn't under those circumstances?

Rachel: Iris wouldn’t. She came in and turned everything around overnight.

John: Iris has great timing.

Rachel: She also had great capital. Anyway, she is trying to keep me out of any involvement at all with anything that has to do with Cory.

John: I would think that Mac would have something to say about that.

Rachel: I don't want to be involved with anything that has to do with Cory just because I'm Mac’s wife.

John: All right. Well, in that case I suggest we not make any mistakes so Iris won't have anything to complain about. All right?

Rachel: All right. Thanks.

John: You're welcome.

Donna: So you haven't seen Victoria yet?

Marley: Oh, no. Jamie was in there and Jake seemed so anxious to see her that I didn't want to gang up on her.

Donna: I know, I know, he's been so concerned about her.

Marley: Well, of course he'd be. They've been good friends for a long time.

Donna: Yeah, I know that. But I have to say, you two certainly seemed happy when I saw you earlier.

Marley: Well, of course we are. I told you what Dr. Jansen said.

Donna: I know, I know.

Marley: We'll finally be able to have a chance to have a baby.

Donna: Honey, it's wonderful.

Marley: It will take some trying, but after all we've been through I'm so excited to even have a chance.

Donna: Um--what about Jake?

Marley: What about him?

Donna: Well, I know the surgery was supposed to help your problem but--you know, Jake--

Marley: Oh, Donna, he did have a low sperm count, but he's taking medication for that.

Donna: Oh, medication.

Marley: Uh-huh.

Donna: Well, then that would mean that he wouldn't be able to father a child without the medication?

Marley: I'm not sure.

Donna: But it would seem highly unlikely.

Marley: What difference does it make? The point is that we have a chance to have a child.

Donna: It doesn't make any difference, I was just wondering.

Marley: Well, I'm sick of wondering and speculating. You know, Dr. Jansen has given Jake and me a chance to have a baby. That's all I want to think about. Excuse me, I need a spoon.

Jake: Lying in bed, I swear it.

Jamie: The whole hospital's talking about it.

Vicky: Would you stop it?

Jake: Yeah, they figure that you're here so much, the staffs got together, they're going to dedicate a room in your name.

Jamie: It's true.

Vicky: Where are they going to do it, in the psycho ward?

Jake: Well, that'd be appropriate--the Vicky Hudson memorial padded cell.


Vicky: Would you stop it--oh!

Jamie: What, what is it?

Vicky: Ok, the baby kicked. Here--right there.

Jamie: Oh, that's so amazing.

Vicky: It's been kicking up a storm this morning.

Jamie: Jake, have you ever felt this before?

Jake: No.

Jamie: It's so incredible. I mean, there's a whole little person right in here. You might get used to it, you know?

Jake: What?

Jamie: Well, with Marley. You'll be going through this with Marley pretty soon.

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: Um--oh, here goes. Feel that? Right there. Press.

[Vicky laughs]

Jamie: What do you think? Is it ok if Jake...

Vicky: Um...yeah.

Jamie: Come on.

Vicky: Um...

Jamie: It is so incredible, two people creating another human being.

Vicky: Oh.

Jake: Look, I'm going to get going. Marley's waiting for her turn.

Vicky: Right.

Jake: See you guys.

Vicky: See you. Here, sweetie.

Jamie: Oh, that must be an elbow.

Vicky: Well, what if it's--

Jamie: A knee?

Vicky: Maybe a knee.

Josie: [Whispering] Matthew, Matthew.

Matt: Josie.

>> I remember I was kissed love is fresh and new I fell in love with you stole my heart and took away what you did to me can't explain

Josie: Hey. What, Matthew, what is it?

Donna: I can imagine.

Marley: And I can't believe they don't have enough silverware here.

Donna: Well, you know.

Marley: I really don't mind eating with my fingers.

Donna: I know you don't, sweetheart.

Jake: Hey, guys, sorry it took so long.

Marley: No, how did Vicky look?

Jake: She looked great.

Marley: Really?

Jake: I felt the baby kick.

Marley: Wow, I'm excited to go see her. Excuse me.

Donna: Yes, yes of course, sweetheart.

Marley: I'll see you later.

Jake: Ok, hon. Well...

Donna: Oh, no, no, Jake, please stay.

Jake: Donna...

Donna: No, really, we haven't had much of an opportunity to talk lately. Join me?

Jake: Ok.

Donna: Good. So how does Victoria seem to you?

Jake: She seems fine. I was a little worried before, but she seems like she's getting around to her old self.

Donna: Right. Right. It's such a relief that she's going to be all right. And... and the baby.

Jake: Right.

Donna: You know, I really do appreciate all the time that you and Marley have spent here.

Jake: Where else would we be, you know?

Donna: Well I know Victoria considers you a very good friend.

Jake: I think the same about her.

Donna: You know, I remember that you two got very close again when Jamie broke up with her.

Jake: We were both sorting out some problems.

Donna: I know. I know, that seems so hard to believe. I mean, you and Marley are so happy now.

Jake: Yes, we are.

Donna: It just seems so long ago.

Jake: Well, it wasn't really that long ago. I mean, it was June and July. I remember that because every time Vicky and I would have a problem she would light a sparkler early for July 4.

Donna: July 4, huh?

Jake: I'm going to go get something to eat. Would you like a doughnut or anything?

Donna: Oh, no. No, thank you. July.

Sharlene: Rachel?

Rachel: Sharlene.

Sharlene: Vivien told me you were here.

Rachel: Oh, you went by the house?

Sharlene: Yeah, I did. I need to talk to you.

Rachel: Sure, sit down. What's up, something the matter?

Sharlene: Yeah, there is something the matter. And I'd just like to say up front that I would've told you weeks ago except that I--quite frankly, I wasn't sure how you would react, but I was also hoping that they would find it and they didn't find it--

Rachel: Find what?

Sharlene: Rachel, I lost your necklace.

Rachel: My necklace?

Sharlene: The necklace, the one that you loaned me for the ball. I lost it that night.

Rachel: Sharlene, you told me that you had taken it to the jewelers to have the clasp--

Sharlene: No, no, Jason told you that, he was stalling to give me time. I know I should have told you that day, but--

Rachel: Oh, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, no, Rachel, just please let me finish. I know you must be furious and I don't blame you. It was completely irresponsible of me not to tell you sooner, but--

Rachel: Sharlene--

Sharlene: No--just please. I think that I have come up with a way to handle this whole situation. I have found an exact duplicate of your necklace. Now, it costs $8,000. I do not have that kind of money but I could work out a situation if you would buy the necklace then I could pay you back on a monthly basis over the next two years. Now I can give you $450 right now as a down payment.

Rachel: Sharlene, this is completely unnecessary.

Sharlene: Oh, it is not unnecessary. Rachel, I lost your necklace, your valuable necklace.

Rachel: Sharlene, that necklace was only worth a few hundred dollars.

Sharlene: But the jeweler told me--

Rachel: Yes, the jeweler is right. The original necklace is about $8,000, but the necklace I loaned to you was not the original.

Sharlene: I don't understand.

Rachel: The necklace I loaned to you was the copy.

Sharlene: The necklace wasn't real?

Rachel: No. So you see, you have nothing to worry about.

Sharlene: Matthew told me. He said that Mac gave you that necklace.

Rachel: Yes, that's true. But the original is kept in a safe. Mac had a copy made so I could wear it without worrying.

Sharlene: Rachel, why didn't you tell me that the jewelry was fake when you loaned it to me?

Rach: Well, I never dreamed that you would imagine that I would loan you the original.

Sharlene: You never dreamed? Do you have any idea what I have been going through since I lost it?

Rachel: Sharlene, I'm so sorry you've been upset.

Sharlene: Upset? I have been going--I've been going out of my mind. I thought I was gonna have to spend the rest of my life paying for that necklace. I have been--I've been taking in extra work. I have been snapping at Josie and for what, a bunch of rhinestones?

Rachel: Honey, see, now you don't have anything to worry about.

Sharlene: I feel so stupid.

Rachel: Why? You didn't know.

Sharlene: Oh, sure. What would Sharlene know about jewelry?

Rachel: Sharlene, I just meant that they make paste very--they make it very well these days. All the ladies at the ball were wearing it.

Sharlene: Were you?

Rachel: Yes, of course.

Sharlene: Of course, of course.

Rachel: Sharlene, I guess I don't understand why you're angry with me.

Sharlene: No, you don't understand, do you? You can't understand how I feel, can you? It has been so long since you've had to borrow anything from anybody.

Rachel: Sharlene, I remember what it was like.

Sharlene: To be poor?

Rachel: There doesn't seem to be anything I can say to you that's right.

Sharlene: No, you just can't help pointing out how much better you've done that I have.

Rachel: I don't do that.

Sharlene: You don't even hear yourself.

Rachel: Sharlene, look, I'm sorry you've been upset. I don't know what I can do about it, but no harm has been done, so let's just drop it, all right?

Sharlene: Rachel, I will have a copy--I will have another copy of the necklace made.

Rachel: Sharlene, no.

Sharlene: I don't want to owe you anything.

Rachel: Sharlene, I don't care about the necklace. I care about our friendship.

Sharlene: Rachel, as far as I know that was fake, too.

Marley: I can't believe Jamie actually left your side.

Vicky: Yeah, I know.

Marley: He's so devoted to you.

Vicky: I'm still in shock.

Marley: Something's happened.

Vicky: Marley, I never thought in my wildest dreams--maybe in my wildest dreams--that I'd tell you this. Jamie loves me. He told me.

Marley: Oh, Vicky, that's wonderful.

Vicky: You know how long I waited to hear that? Well, of course, you know, because that's all I've talked about for the past few months.

Marley: I'm so happy for you.

Vicky: I can't believe my life is finally coming together like this.

Marley: You deserve it, you know?

Vicky: Yeah, I do, don't I?

Marley: Now, you see what a child can do for you?

Vicky: What do you mean?

Marley: Well, your baby brought you and Jamie together.

Vicky: Marley, Jamie loves me as much as he loves the baby.

Marley: Vicky, I know that, but this child just made him realize that, that's all. Now there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Vicky: No, of course not.

Josie: Matthew, what is it?

Matt: Nothing, nothing.

Josie: You kind of have a funny look on your face.

Matt: Oh, no. No, I was just surprised when you came in. What are you doing here?

Josie: Oh, well I'm gonna register for that class I'm going to audit.

Matt: Oh, right, right, right.

Josie: Matthew, hey, are you sure that there's nothing wrong? Because after the other day I just started wondering that maybe there might be--

Matt: No.

Jesse: Matthew. They're posting up the scores--

Matt: All right, let's go check 'em out.

Jesse: Well, I already did that.

Matt: You aced it, right?

Jesse: Well...

Matt: Come on, it's ok. I better go see how bad I did. Oh, oh, oh, Josie, Jesse, Jesse, Josie.

Jesse: How you doing?

Josie: How are you?

Jesse: Are you Matthew’s girlfriend?

Josie: I think so.

Jesse: Boy, he's told me a lot about you.

Josie: Yeah?

Jesse: Yeah.

Josie: How do you know Matthew?

Jesse: Well, he's in my biology class.

Jesse: You go to school here?

Jesse: Yeah.

Josie: Oh, because--well, you kind of look...

Jesse: Young, I know. I'm 16.

Josie: You're 16 years old and you're already in college?

Jesse: Well, I was in an honors program in high school.

Josie: Aw, now I am worried.

Jesse: About what?

Josie: Well, I just signed up for this class I'm gonna audit and I haven't studied in I don't know how long.

Jesse: What's the class in?

Josie: Oh, um--business, economics.

Jesse: Oh, man, I'm great at that. Listen, I'll help you--that is if you want.

Josie: You'd do that?

Jesse: Sure.

Josie: That would be great.

Jesse: Listen, any friend of Matthew’s is a friend of mine.

Matt: Hey, hey, an 88--what are you doing, Josie?

Josie: What do you mean what am I doing?

Matt: Dressing like that.

Josie: Dressing like what? This is the style, Matthew.

Matt: Josie, I don't care if it's the style--

Jesse: Matthew, I think it looks pretty nice.

Josie: I just--I thought you'd like it.

Matt: I do like it, it's just--just forget it. Listen, we better get to class. You know, we're late.

Jesse: Ok. It was nice meeting you.

Josie: Matthew.

Matt: Listen, we're late. I'll give you a call later, ok?

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Yo, hold on.

>> I don't want to find somebody new I don't want to live without your love

Marley: Oh, hi, sweetie. Vicky looked so wonderful. Things in her life are really coming together.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Marley: Jamie said that he loves her.

Jake: Great.

Marley: I'm so glad that she decided to dye her hair green.

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: Jake, you're not listening to me. You're not listening.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Marley: Honey, what is it?

Jake: Nothing.

Marley: You know, ever since you've come out of Vicky’s room this afternoon you've been so quiet. Is there something wrong? Are you not telling me something?

Jake: Actually I'm afraid it will sound stupid.

Marley: Oh, no, I doubt that.

Jake: When I went into the room with Jamie and Vicky just a minute ago I felt the baby kick.

Marley: It must be so wonderful.

Jake: You should have seen the look on Jamie’s face, he was so excited. It was the first time I uh--

Marley: You what, sweetie?

Jake: The first time I felt jealous. You know, like I was missing something.

Marley: That's not stupid. I've felt that way for such a long time.

Jake: Marley, for the longest time I've been making this idea of having a baby seem like it was yours.

Marley: Oh, no you haven’t. Not really.

Jake: I just want you to know that I want to have a baby more than anything in the world.

Marley: Well, Dr. Jansen says that we can.

Jake: Maybe.

Marley: Don't think maybe, think that we can.

Jake: I just hope things work out.

Marley: Besides, it won't be that bad trying all the time.

Jake: What if it doesn't work?

Marley: Then it doesn’t.

Jake: You've been desperate to have a baby.

Marley: I know that. But I've been thinking lately, and if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I'm not going to die.

Jake: Well, that's a big change of heart, I think.

Marley: Well, Vicky helped me.

Jake: Oh, how did she help?

Marley: Well, that's our secret. The only important thing is that I'm in love with you and you love me.

Jake: And I always will. Forever and ever and ever.

Vicky: Open wide.

Jamie: Mm.

Vicky: And then we're gonna put a lot, a lot of ice cream in the kitchen.

Jamie: Ok. What about polka dots in the bathroom?

Vicky: Polka dots, are you crazy?

Rachel: Mind if I come in?

Jamie: Mom, of course, come on in. How are you?

Rachel: Fine. How are you feeling?

Vicky: Spoiled. Jamie hasn't stopped feeding me since I got up.

Rachel: Well, he was very worried about you. We all were.

Jamie: Well, Mom, grab a seat. We were talking about the house just now and I'm sure you have some ideas.

Rachel: Actually, I'd like to talk to Vicky alone if that's all right.

Vicky: Yeah, it would be a good idea.

Jamie: Well, I'll just take off and come back in a few minutes.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Ok?

Rachel: Well, Mac and I were very relieved that you and the baby are going to be all right.

Vicky: You were?

Rachel: Vicky, let's try not to be so defensive with each other.

Vicky: What does that mean?

Rachel: You're going to marry my son and have his child.

Vicky: Our child.

Rachel: Yes. And I want you to feel welcome in our family.

Vicky: At the risk of sounding crude, which you think I am anyway, why are you all of the sudden being so nice to me?

Rachel: Vicky, I thought you were railroading Jamie into doing something he didn't want to do.

Vicky: Now you don't think that anymore, huh?

Rachel: He's made it very clear he cares very much for you.

Vicky: He loves me, Rachel. He told me that.

Rachel: And I'm very happy for both of you.

Vicky: Yeah, but you're still not thrilled about the idea of us getting married, are you?

Rachel: Jamie is very precious to me, Vicky. He was my first. He didn't have a very easy life, we were very poor. My father hadn't been around, his father wasn't around very much. He's had some relationships that were troublesome, too. I don't want to see him hurt anymore.

Vicky: I won't hurt him. You know, I grew up, I was poor. My dad wasn't around.

Rachel: I know that.

Vicky: And I know what it's like not to have a family and our baby is never going to know that.

Rachel: I don't want him to either.

Vicky: Let's be friends.

Rachel: Good.

Vicky: That doesn't mean I am going to agree with you all the time.

Rachel: No, I know that.

Vicky: I guess we could be--

Rachel: Related adversaries.

Vicky: Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Rachel: To me, too.

John: Well, you look great.

Josie: I was just--

John: Admiring yourself? Hey, I do it all the time.

Josie: Did you really mean that, that I look ok, honestly?

John: Yeah, of course I did.

Josie: Oh.

John: Why?

Josie: I was just wondering. I mean, I thought I did too, but--

John: But what?

Josie: I don't know. You men are so...

John: What?

Josie: Ugh--confusing! I mean, one minute you think everything's ok, the next minute you think it's awful. I don't know what you want.

John: It sounds to me like you might have had a fight with Matt.

Josie: I don't know, maybe.

John: Maybe? What, you don't know?

Josie: If we did have a fight, I don't know what it was about.

John: Did you ask him?

Josie: No, I couldn’t.

John: Why not?

Josie: Well, what was I supposed to say? How come you got so uptight about my outfit?

John: Oh, did he?

Josie: One minute he did and the next minute--I don't know. This has been happening a lot lately, John.

John: Have you talked to him about it?

Josie: I don't know how to talk to Matthew when he gets like that.

John: Well, you might start by just telling him that.

Josie: Yeah, I might, but--

John: Has this been happening a lot lately?

Josie: Yes, it has.

John: Listen, why don't you just relax, try to look at the problem rationally, and figure out what the next step is. Sort of like the way your mother does.

Sharlene: I have never been so angry.

John: See what I mean?

Sharlene: If you could have heard how patronizing she was to me.

John: I take it you spoke to Rachel about the necklace.

Sharlene: The necklace? The necklace--and to think that I worried myself half to death over that thing. All the jewelry was fake only, "oh, Sharlene, you wouldn't know that."

Josie: It was fake?

Sharlene: Just because I am not an expert on that sort of thing--

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa just slow down here. What do you mean the necklace was fake?

Sharlene: The necklace, the one that Rachel so graciously loaned me, it was a fake.

Josie: You mean it wasn't worth what we thought it was worth?

Sharlene: It was worth a few hundred dollars.

John: Well, that's great!

Josie: Mama, that's great, that's wonderful.

Sharlene: A fake! Can you imagine? Only I was too dumb to realize that.

John: Josie, can I speak to your mother alone for a moment, please?

Josie: Uh--sure.

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: John, she made me feel like a complete fool. I walked in there begging to work out an installment plan.

John: Sharlene, I think that--

Sharlene: She just let me keep blathering on like an idiot.

John: Sharlene--what are you going on about?

Sharlene: Haven't you heard what I just said? She made me feel like a complete fool, john.

John: How? What'd she say?

Sharlene: Nothing. She didn't say--it was just that the necklace was a fake.

John: Oh, oh, she shouldn't have said that, huh?

Sharlene: It's not that she shouldn't, it's just that she made me feel like a complete fool. It was the way she said it.

John: You know, I'll bet that Rachel doesn't know the difference between a Rhode Island Red and a rooster. Does that make her dumb?

Sharlene: These are chickens-- that's chickens, this is jewels.

John: Sharlene, for weeks now you've been awfully concerned about paying thousands of dollars. Now you don't owe it. You ought to be grateful and having a celebration, not getting an ulcer over Rachel.

Sharlene: But John--

John: But nothing. You're free and clear, that's terrific.

Sharlene: It is sort of a relief.

John: Sort of?

Sharlene: It's a... it's a big relief.

John: Right.

Sharlene: I'm lucky, aren't I?

John: Yeah, you don't owe that money anymore.

Sharlene: No. I'm lucky for having you around.

John: Oh, pshaw.

Sharlene: Oh, pshaw. Thank you.

Jamie: Is everything ok? Hey, you. Is everything ok? My mom give you a hard time?

Vicky: Oh, no, she couldn't have been nicer.

Jamie: Good, I'm glad to hear that.

Vicky: Now I'm worried I'm getting boring.

Jamie: Boring?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: You? Ha ha ha! No way. Sorry.

Vicky: Because people only like people who do the right things and don't cause any waves.

Jamie: People like you because you're fun, you're loyal--

Vicky: Oh, come on, face it, Jamie. Everyone in Bay City thinks I'm the town tramp.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: It's true. I mean, it's not true, but people think that it's true. They used to think that in Lassiter, too. Jake was the only one that liked me for me.

Jamie: Were you in love with Jake?

Vicky: I used to think I was. But to tell you the truth, Jamie, I never, ever knew what love was until I met you. I never want anybody but you.

Jamie: I love you, too.

Rachel: Donna.

Donna: Oh, Rachel, hello.

Rachel: I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes.

Donna: Oh, I was just going in to see Victoria.

Rachel: Well, Jamie’s in with her. Could we talk for just a minute?

Donna: Of course, about what?

Rachel: Oh, about some things I've said.

Donna: About Victoria?

Rachel: I'd like to clear the air. You know, I wasn't very happy when I found out that she was pregnant.

Donna: Well, none of us were.

Rachel: Yes, but you took her word that the baby was Jamie’s and I didn’t.

Donna: She is my daughter.

Rachel: Jamie's my son and we're very protective of our children.

Donna: Yes, well, that's only natural, I think.

Rachel: Yes, well, I said some things that I know hurt you and Vicky and I would like to start again.

Donna: Oh, well--

Rachel: Jamie is convinced the baby is his, that's good enough for me.

Donna: Good.

Marley: Oh, Donna.

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