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Sam: That's it? You're not even going to think about it?

Amanda: I did think about it. It's out of the question.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: Somebody in our home, organizing our lives, taking care of our baby?

Sam: Boy, doesn't that sound terrible?

Amanda: A beautiful, smart somebody with terrific legs.

Sam: You're jealous.

Amanda: No, I'm not. I'm uncomfortable.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: This is a loft, Sam. We'd be together all the time, just the 4 of us.

Sam: Amanda, she's an art student. It'd be a big help to me.

Amanda: How is she going to be an art student and work for us full-time?

Sam: Well, obviously she doesn't have to worry about that because you're not going to hire her.

Amanda: It's too expensive. Besides, I like our life the way it is.

Sam: Do you?

Amanda: Don't you?

Sam: I'm not so sure anymore.

[Dog barks]

[Phone rings]

Felicia: It's all right, honey. I'm getting it. It's just the phone. Hello? Hi, honey. It's you. I was hoping it was. No, no, it's all right. I was in the shower. Right. Is there any word on when you're coming home? No? Right.

[Dog barks] You hear Daisy? Yes, I think she misses you almost you almost as much as I do. You know, actually you're lucky you're not here. Jason started the renovations. Yeah. There's plaster dust everywhere. No. No, he's not being a problem. In fact, he's being nice for Jason. Listen, honey, are you at the hotel? You think I could call you back there? Yeah, I'm standing here dripping on the floor. Right. Let me take my shower. Great. I love you, too. Bye, darling. Daisy, I'm coming. Stop making so much racket.

[Knock on door]

[Dog barks]

Ruben: I don't know why I had to show up for this.

Cass: Because I asked you to.

Ruben: For what, man? You don't need me to talk to that McKinnon lady.

Cass: No, I don't, but Mary is the D.A.'s chief witness in this.

Ruben: Bet they didn't have to ask her twice.

Cass: I'm hoping that she'll get to know you and realize that there may be just a hint of a decent human being behind this obnoxious exterior that you've so carefully honed over the years.

Ruben: Man, you can use all the big words you want to, all right, but you're dreaming.

Cass: Look, I've got to prove to a judge and a jury that you didn't want to start that fire or else you're going to jail.

Ruben: And you think that Mrs. McKinnon is going to help you do that?

Cass: I sure hope so.

Ruben: Fat chance, man. She don't want to find out nothing good about me. She don't even want to try.

Mary: Cass?

Cass: Mary, hi. Excuse me.

Mary: You didn't tell me that he was going to be with you.

Ruben: See what I mean?

Cass: Mary--

Ruben: Yo, lady, I didn't have no choice, all right? I don't want to be nowhere near you. I know what you think.

Mary: I think I know what you did to the restaurant as well as to Pilara.

Ruben: Wait a minute.

Cass: Everybody wait a minute. Please. Is there someplace else that we can go to talk about this?

Mary: I can't leave here, Cass.

Cass: I meant someplace like your office or the cafeteria.

Mary: Why?

Cass: I want to ask you some questions about the day of the fire.

Mary: Well, I don't have a lot of time.

Ruben: See, it's just a big waste of--

Cass: Ruben, shut up.

Mary: But if you would like to wait for me in the cafeteria, I will try to meet you there in about half an hour.

Cass: Terrific. Thank you, Mary.

Mary: Sure.

Ruben: That lady got me all measured up for a suit with numbers on the back.

Cass: She doesn't like you.

Ruben: Oh, is that a fact?

Cass: Can you give me a single reason why she should?

Ruben: Why don't we just drop the whole thing, ok? Just ship me off to jail and just forget the whole thing.

Cass: Because you're not guilty.

Ruben: Well, you and I are the only ones who think so, and really I ain't too sure about you.

Cass: Ruben, could you stop this garbage?

Ruben: What?

Cass: For once in your life, could you stop trying to alienate everybody you meet?

Felicia: Jason!

Jason: I would have said something. I didn't want to startle you.

Felicia: How did you get in here?

Jason: I knocked on the door.

Felicia: I was taking a shower.

Jason: Well, I used my key, you know, the one you gave me for renovating or emergencies. And I'd say I just got here right in the nick of time.

Felicia: This is not an emergency. If you don't stop looking at me like that, this just might turn into one, though.

Jason: Hey, I am--I am here to work.

Felicia: Then why don't you do it.

Jason: I'm just as anxious to get the job done as you are.

Felicia: You couldn't possibly be as anxious as I am.

Amanda: What do you mean? You don't like our life anymore?

Sam: Shh. You'll wake the baby.

Amanda: I want to know what you mean.

Sam: Ok. This is what I mean. We spend all of our time making schedules. We're either working or sleeping or taking care of the baby. There's never an extra minute.

Amanda: I don't even have an extra minute now. I have to start packing for Chicago and I wanted to go back to the office before I go to Feliciaís.

Sam: Wait a second; I thought you had to get to Chicago.

Amanda: I do, but I managed to put it off long enough so that I can get the interview in if I hurry.

Sam: See?

Amanda: I am dreading talking to Felicia today. After what I said to her yesterday at the hospital, how can I interview her?

Sam: Amanda, you're under an awful lot of pressure.

Amanda: That's no need for a housekeeper. I'll have Mrs. Martin come on a regular basis. A couple of hours a couple of days a week.

Sam: I don't think that's enough.

Amanda: I don't like the idea of somebody taking over with Alli.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: How are we going to know that she treats her like we do? How are we going to know what she's going to tell her?

Sam: We supervise her. We tell her the way we want things done.

Amanda: How can I do that? I'm the one that goes out to work every day. It would just be you and Justine. And baby makes 3.

Sam: You are jealous.

Amanda: I am... not. How would you like it if I brought Rob Lowe in and said, "here, Sam, here's mother's new helper"?

Sam: I can't believe how shallow you think I am.

Amanda: So Rob and me would just be hanging out here all day long together.

Sam: Fine. I wouldn't care.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. You were real blasť when you punched Tim out at the skating rink.

Sam: Ok, I overreacted.

Amanda: You sure did.

Sam: Just like you're overreacting now. Do you honestly think that I would throw you over for a babysitter?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Yeah. And don't you agree that this would give us a lot more time for ourselves and each other?

Amanda: Maybe.

Sam: No maybes about it, Amanda. We're two very, very busy people. Hey, we need a wife.

Amanda: What?

Sam: In the old-fashioned sense. We need somebody who's going to stay home and take care of the baby and keep things running.

Amanda: I don't like to admit that I need that much help with Alli.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: It makes me feel guilty.

Sam: For having a career and a baby? Amanda, maybe you have to deal with that. Maybe we both do.

Amanda: I just don't want her to forget that I'm her mommy.

Sam: She wonít. But every day she is going to have someone who is devoted to her, the same person, not your grandmother, not Mrs. Martin, not whoever else we can find at the last minute, somebody who is going to keep her routine, whose job it is to keep her routine the same every day.

Amanda: Well, Grandma is busy with the restaurant now. And Vicky--I know she's going to get better--

Sam: Amanda, admit it, it's a good idea.

Amanda: Maybe you're right.

Sam: She'll be with someone who isn't cranky, who's not trying to meet a deadline or paint a canvas.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Ok? We can hire Justine?

Amanda: No, you can hire somebody but not Justine.

Sam: No Justine?

Amanda: No. I'll screen these people myself.

Sam: Oh, great. Thick ankles and a hairnet, huh?

Amanda: Now you're talking.

Sam: Wait a second. Don't you have to go to the office?

Amanda: There are some responsibilities in this household that will always be mine.

Sam: Oh, great, come here.

Matt: Hi.

Sam: Shh, you'll wake Alli.

Matt: I can leave--

Sam: No, no, no, that's ok. Come on in. I'm glad to see you.

Matt: You are?

Sam: Yeah, Alliís sleeping and I was trying to get some painting done, but things were not happening,

Matt: I know the feeling.

Sam: So, are you in school yet?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Amanda's not here?

Sam: Oh, unfortunately not. She's at work.

Matt: You two don't spend enough time together.

Sam: Not to my way of thinking, no.

Matt: You really like her, don't you?

Sam: I hope so--

Matt: No, I mean, I know you love her, you know, but it seems to me like you really like spending time with her.

Sam: Well, yeah.

Matt: That's great.

Sam: You want something to eat maybe or--

Matt: No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Sam: Ok, look, I'm going to finish cleaning these brushes, all right?

Matt: Sure, go ahead.

Matt: When you two got married, the way you got married--you ever wish it was different?

Sam: Meaning Amanda was pregnant when she got married.

Matt: Yeah. If it's a personal question, you don't have to answer.

Sam: No, that's ok. Look, I love Alli. I can't imagine life without her.

Matt: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah, sometimes I do wish that we had more time for it to be just the two of us.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but as far as the marriage--

Sam: Matthew, your sister's the only one for me. Always has been. Why all these questions?

Matt: No reason.

Sam: Matthew?

Matt: No, I--I wish I was as sure as you are.

Sam: What, about Josie?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah. You know I've been putting off, you know... I just want to make sure I'm in love with her first. And she is so sure, and I am--I think I am. It's a big commitment, right?

Sam: I understand, man. I understand.

Matt: I feel like a jerk sometimes, though. I'm the only guy my age who isn't dying to score, and it's not because I'm not interested.

Sam: Come on, Matt.

Matt: Listen, I got to get to class.

Sam: Wait a second. Wait a second, Matthew. You're doing the right thing.

Matt: Well, it's not easy.

Sam: No, it's not, but it's your life. Don't make a decision that could change it forever.

Matt: Thanks.

Cass: I want you to tell Mary that Pilara was with you the night of the fire.

Ruben: You can forget about that, man.

Cass: It would make a difference to her.

Ruben: You don't know what you're talking about.

Cass: Why won't you?

Ruben: Because Pilara would be in more trouble with her old man than she is now.

Cass: Yeah, what?

Ruben: Nothing.

Cass: Mary thinks you beat Pilara. She's wrong, isn't she?

Ruben: Doc knew everything.

Cass: I don't believe that, and neither do you. Are you going to cooperate with me or not?

Vince: Hey, Cass.

Cass: Vince.

Vince: Mary says she's meeting with you, and I'll be there.

Cass: Ok, that's fine. Great. Vince McKinnon, I'd like you to meet Ruben Lawrence.

Vince: Hi.

Ruben: Hi.

Vince: May I talk to you for a minute?

Cass: Stay here. I'll be right back.

Vince: What is he doing here?

Cass: Look, you know him as a suspect. He knows what Mary thinks about him. I thought if you got together as people--

Vince: Are you crazy?

Cass: I wouldn't ask if I didn't know you and Mary, if I didn't know the kind of people you are.

Vince: You're really going to go through with this?

Cass: Representing Ruben? I told you I was.

Vince: Now, look, that punk took away my livelihood. He changed my life. How can you expect me to talk to him?

Cass: Vince, if you'd talk to him, maybe you'll see some of the qualities in him that I see and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Vince: Don't you understand what you're doing to me, to my family? If I stay here another minute, I may kill that kid and wipe this joint up with you.

Cass: Vince, I'm not trying to hurt you or Mary. I'm just trying to do a job. I wish you could understand that.

Zack: Ruben?

Ruben: Oh, great. Just what I need, supernegro.

Ronnie: Oh, knock it off, Ruben.

Cass: I didn't know you two knew each other.

Zack: About as well as we want to.

Ruben: Man, what you doing with him, anyway?

Cass: I told you I wanted you to meet my partner. This is him.

Jason: You need a molding all around the ceiling in this entire room to go with this kind of gold--

Felicia: How much would it cost?

Jason: I don't have any idea. I just thought about it. I mean, I'd have to get the materials, time, labor--

Felicia: Well, why don't you do that, give me an estimate, and I will make a decision, all right?

Jason: I'd run it on through the kitchen, too.

Felicia: Kitchen?

Jason: That's the room over here with a stove.

Felicia: Jason, we've never discussed the kitchen.

Jason: Yeah, but what you got in that kitchen--Sharlene would laugh her head off in there.

Felicia: I don't care about the kitchen. I don't give a damn if you brick the thing up. All right? Good.

Jason: Fine, it's your place. Whatever you like.

Felicia: That's right, it is. Besides, it would be too expensive.

Jason: What? Oh, come on, now. You may not know how a stove works, but you can't tell me you got financial problems.

Felicia: My financial situation is really none of your business, is it?

Jason: I guess not, but, I mean, these novels you put out-- you got to be making a fortune on them. Josie has an entire shelf full. I read one this weekend.

Felicia: You read.

Jason: That's funny. But I'll tell you, what's in your books is not funny. That's hot stuff. You're a lot more than meets the eye.

Felicia: Are you finished?

Jason: Yeah, could be. Sure.

Felicia: Good. Because Amanda Cory is coming over here and I'd like you to be gone when I'm talking to her.

Jason: Yeah, yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Jason: I'll get it. Amanda. Hi, Amanda. Come on in. So

Felicia: Jason was just leaving, Amanda.

Amanda: Look, I know I'm early.

Felicia: Weren't you, Jason?

Jason: I could take lunch, I guess.

Felicia: Why don't you do that, a nice long one, now? Jason get hint.

Felicia: Honey, I am sorry. Here, let me help you. He was working today. I didn't know it. Otherwise I would have never--

Amanda: That's all right. I should get over it.

Felicia: Why? He took pictures of you during one of the worst moments of your life.

Amanda: But I've been running into him everywhere--the complex, here.

Felicia: Listen, everybody wants to use Frame Construction because of John Hudson. I'm afraid Jason Frame kind of comes in that package. It's a tough situation.

Amanda: You're being awfully nice.

Felicia: About what?

Amanda: Me.

Felicia: Why wouldn't I be?

Amanda: I was very rude to you the other day at the hospital.

Felicia: Yes, actually, you were. But I do understand why.

Amanda: There's no excuse.

Felicia: You're very worried about Vicky. We all are. Amanda, that is the truth.

Amanda: Vicky and Jamie were just beginning, now this.

Felicia: It really isn't Lisaís fault.

Amanda: I know it was an accident and I know Lisa isn't happy about it.

Felicia: Good.

Amanda: I was afraid what I said would keep us from working together.

Felicia: What? No, you and I--we're much more professional than that, aren't we?

Amanda: Right.

Felicia: Right.

Amanda: So, shall we get this interview started?

Felicia: You know, this is certainly no reflection on you, Amanda, but I would like to do almost anything else but do this interview.

Ronnie: Well, that went beautifully.

Zack: Look, I think I better help Cass with this case when your brother's not around.

Ronnie: I'm sorry about his mouth, Zack. He only says those things because he's scared. I mean, I know it doesn't make it right.

Zack: I can't believe that you two came out of the same family.

Ronnie: Ruben is just the typical middle child. He just sort of got lost somewhere.

Zack: Your little brother's doing ok?

Ronnie: The family genius? Are you kidding?

Zack: Smart?

Ronnie: Well, he is starting Bay City University this semester.

Zack: He's only 16.

Ronnie: Yeah. Jesse Lawrence is going to be somebody.

Zack: Just like his big sister.

Ronnie: You know, it really means something to me having you to talk to.

Zack: It means something to me, too.

Ronnie: Can I say something evil?

Zack: You've never needed my permission before.

Ronnie: I wish you weren't seeing Courtney.

Zack: Ronnie--

Ronnie: I know, I know. I'm not being cool, it's just she's trying to send my brother to prison. Every time I think of her and you--

Zack: Listen, don't think about it, ok? Look, I better get back to the office.

Ronnie: And I should go talk to Ruben.

Zack: Well--

Ronnie: Zack?

Zack: Yeah?

Ronnie: I really need you. I've never said that to a man before.

Zack: Well, I could probably hang around. I'll talk to you after you talk to Ruben.

Ronnie: I'd like that.

Zack: All right. Well, I'll just make a couple of calls and then I'll see you on the floor.

Ronnie: Thanks.

Zack: Ok.

Ronnie: Hello.

Ruben: Your boyfriend leave?

Ronnie: Thanks to you.

Cass: You know, this cafeteria coffee is really growing on me. Can I get you some more?

Ronnie: No, thank you.

Cass: Excuse me.

Ruben: So I guess you're really mad at me now, huh?

Ronnie: Oh, Reuben, I just get so tired of it.

Ruben: Tired of what?

Ronnie: You. Pushing people away, running all the time.

Ruben: Is that how you see it, huh?

Ronnie: I know you feel like you're all alone.

Ruben: And you think I'm not?

Ronnie: You're my brother, Ruben. I love you. I just wish you understood that.

Cass: You ok?

Ruben: Hey, man, I'm fine. Forget about it.

Cass: Look, here's Mary. Don't offer anything unless I ask questions, ok?

Ruben: I ain't going to say nothing to nobody.

Mary: I'm sorry, I had to see a patient. It just took longer than I expected.

Cass: That's ok, Mary. Please sit down. Like I told you, I just wanted to go over the day of the fire.

Mary: All right.

Cass: I wish that Vince were here. Anyway, ok, it was New Yearís Eve, right?

Mary: Right.

Cass: Is that a big day for Maryís place?

Mary: No, actually, Vince had closed the restaurant for the night.

Cass: Did he go to the bank that afternoon to make a deposit?

Mary: Yes. He told me that at 4:00 he rang up the register and went to the bank.

Cass: Did he leave money in the cash register?

Mary: Well, he always leaves just enough to... left just enough to make change the next morning. But there wasn't a next morning that time, was there?

Ruben: Oh, come on, lady.

Cass: Ruben.

Ruben: What's the problem, man? You've got insurance.

Mary: He's absolutely right, isn't he? We do. We have insurance. What we don't have is a restaurant because someone set it on fire.

Ruben: Winthrop, this was a lousy idea. She ain't going to listen to me.

Cass: Wait a minute. Just wait a minute. I told you not to say anything unless I asked you a question. I apologize for Ruben.

Mary: Just go ahead and ask me what you want to ask.

Cass: The money in the cash register--it wasn't a lot?

Mary: I'm sure it wasnít. He never left a lot.

Cass: Ruben, what were you doing in Maryís place that night?

Ruben: I already told the cops, man, I was cold and I just needed a place to get warm.

Mary: So you just happened out of the blue to pick Maryís place?

Ruben: I don't know why I bother talking to you, lady. You don't believe nothing I say to you.

Mary: I think you have a problem with me because I've been telling Pilara she doesn't have to take any more beatings from you.

Ruben: From me? You are so stupid. You know that?

Mary: What?

Ruben: You don't even know what you're talking about.

Cass: What, Ruben? What doesn't she know?

Ruben: You think you got it all figured out, don't you, lady? You don't know nothing about me. You don't know nothing about Pilara, neither.

Mary: But you do?

Ruben: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Mary: What? What is it that you know?

Cass: Ruben, we can check her medical records. We can find out whether her injuries started before or after she met you.

Mary: Maybe we should do that.

Ruben: Yeah, well, maybe you should and get your facts straight.

Mary: Cass, I--I have to go. Is that ok?

Cass: Yes, of course it is. Thank you for coming, Mary.

Mary: I'm sorry.

Cass: She was ready to give you a chance and you had to shoot off your big mouth.

Ruben: Face it, counselor, all right? We lost.

Cass: We didn't lose.

Ruben: What are you talking about, man?

Cass: I saw the look on Maryís face. She was really--she realizes that she and Vince might be mistaken about some things.

Ruben: How come you know them so well?

Cass: Because I was married to their daughter.

Ruben: Oh, man, no wonder she don't like you, man. What, did you skip out on their daughter, you split?

Cass: Mary is upset with me right now because I'm representing you. And I didn't split from her daughter. Kathleen died.

Ruben: I'm sorry, man. I didn't know.

Cass: Being smart is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Now, they're going to be giving us a court date for your case pretty soon, so I'll keep you posted.

Ruben: I'll mark my calendar, ok?

Cass: You be there, you hear me?

Ruben: Yes, sir.

Cass: You have a sport coat?

Ruben: You know, I believe I left that in my summer home.

Cass: I'll give you one, and I'll give you a tie.

Ruben: Do you really think those things are going to help me, man?

Cass: Ruben, what would really help you right now is if you started telling everybody the truth. But you don't seem to be willing to do that. So I'm stuck. But I'm trying to do the best I can. Keep checking in with me.

[Boys yelling]

Matt: There's no place to sit in here.

Olsen: Don't worry, Jesse can take care of that. He's got all the answers, don't you, jess?

Boy: Let's sit down. The girls are leaving.

Second boy: What's it going to be guys, microwave Danish or microwave hotdogs?

Matt: Hotdog.

Olsen: Hotdog.

Boy: Danish. Jesse?

Jesse: Sorry, guys, I don't eat that stuff.

Olsen: Oh, Jesse here is going to explain to us the dubious effects of microwaving on the human body.

Second boy: Well, he can tell us about it when I get back.

Olsen: So, how did you get so smart, your diet?

Matt: Shut up, Olsen.

Olsen: You're 16, right?

Jesse: Right.

Olsen: So, how do you know so much?

Jesse: Let's see. I read.

Boy: That's it?

Jesse: Yeah, that's it.

Matt: Hey, hey, I read, too, but it just does not sink in, especially biology.

Jesse: You think it's hard?

Matt: I got a ďbĒ last quarter, right? It was like a miracle or something. Thank you.

Olsen: You should have seen him with Dr. Kingston here. He was so excited because Jesse was explaining photosynthesis to us. Yeah, he looked so happy.

Second boy: Made us all feel like jerks.

Jesse: Look--

Second boy: Just skip it.

Matt: Guys, cool out a little bit--whoa, Dr. Kingston.

Dr. Kingston: Hello, boys. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas vacation.

Second boy: We sure did. We're glad to be back.

Dr. Kingston: Are you?

Matt: I really enjoy your class, Dr. Kingston.

Dr. Kingston: Welcome to the class, Mr. Lawrence.

Jesse: Thank you.

Dr. Kingston: We could work out a more advanced course of study.

Jesse: Sure.

Dr. Kingston: Good. Boys.

Matt: Dr. Kingston. All right!

Jesse: Aced the class.

Boy: "Sure, Dr. Kingston."

Olsen: "I'll suck up whenever you say."

Matt: Hey, hey, hey. What is he supposed to do, putt around here with the rest of us?

Olsen: Oh, no. That's not Jesseís style. No, no. He likes to stand out from the crowd. Isn't that right, Jesse?

Felicia: All right, here we go.

Amanda: Felicia, I just wanted to thank you for letting me go ahead with the article.

Felicia: It's all right.

Amanda: I know you're not exactly comfortable with it.

Felicia: Well, Amanda, nobody likes a magnifying glass held up to their whole life.

Amanda: You saw my face when I saw Jason at the door.

Felicia: So then you do understand how I feel.

Amanda: You have nothing in your life like those pictures.

Felicia: So, listen, why don't we get started.

Amanda: One more thing. This is really a big opportunity for me personally.

Felicia: Is it?

Amanda: It gives me a chance to prove something to my father. Thank you. Ok. I thought that we would start today by talking about your childhood.

Felicia: So, you want to talk about that.

Amanda: Well, I think the transition from Fannie Grady to Felicia Gallant is just what is so fascinating about you.

Felicia: All right. I had an older brother. We didn't have much money, so we went to a public school. I guess that's about it.

Amanda: It is?

Felicia: I had really a very ordinary childhood.

Amanda: Well, did you read a lot?

Felicia: Yes, constantly.

Amanda: What did you read?

Felicia: Oh, Nancy Drew, Edna Ferber's books, you know, things like that. What I really loved to do was go to the movies. I would save my pennies so every Saturday afternoon I could go see Rock and Doris.

Amanda: What about writing? When did you start that?

Felicia: Oh, no, I didn't start that until I was an adult. The only thing I wrote when I was a kid was a--

Amanda: What?

Felicia: It was nothing. A diary.

Amanda: Could I see it?

Felicia: No.

Amanda: I'm sorry, I just thought maybe it would--

Felicia: Honey, I want you to understand something. I don't want to expose my whole life here. I don't want you to know my personal feelings about things just because we're doing an article.

Amanda: Maybe this isn't the day that we should be talking about this.

Felicia: Right, maybe it isnít. I want you to know I'm not trying to sabotage you. I'm not.

Amanda: I know I'm ambitious, but I don't want to exploit you. So I'll give you a call when I get back from Chicago.

Felicia: Chicago?

Amanda: Yes, Iris is sending a photographer and me to go look at the house that you grew up in. It's on Gold Street, right?

Felicia: Why--why would you have to go there?

Amanda: You mean I don't?

Felicia: No, I can tell you everything about that house.

Amanda: You just didn't seem like you wanted to.

Felicia: No, I really didn't mean that. It's just that I had a very simple childhood. Nothing very exciting happened. Listen, why don't you turn your tape recorder back on and we'll talk.

Amanda: All right. Thanks.

Felicia: Then when I was 8, my father had another heart attack. Only this time he died.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Felicia: It was terrible. I loved him very much.

Amanda: So then your mother raised your brother and you by herself?

Felicia: Yes, until she remarried.

Amanda: Who did she remarry?

Felicia: It was a minister. Name was Noah Grady.

Amanda: So your name wasn't Grady when you were born?

Felicia: No, no, no. He adopted my brother and me.

Amanda: Is he still living?

Felicia: Yes.

Amanda: Do you talk to him?

Felicia: No, I donít.

Amanda: What about your mother?

Felicia: She--she died when I was 15.

Amanda: So you lost both of your parents before you were 15.

Felicia: Right.

Amanda: That must have been awful for you.

Felicia: It's something that I don't like to dwell on.

Amanda: How about your friends? Did you have a lot of friends when you were young?

Felicia: I don't know, I suppose the normal amount.

Amanda: I would love to talk to them.

Felicia: Gee, you know, I really--I haven't kept in touch with not a single one of them.

Amanda: That's all right. If you could give me names, I can find them.

Felicia: You know, that's funny, now I can't think of one. There was someone named Linda. I'm sure she married. I can't even think of what her maiden name might be.

Amanda: Ok. One last question. Your unique personality is part of what makes your novels so successful. So do you think that Felicia Gallant is an adult version of Fannie Grady or--

Felicia: Or is Felicia Gallant a creation of Fannie Grady?

Amanda: That's an interesting way of putting it.

Felicia: So what are you asking me, if I wore shoulder pads when I was in the second grade?

Amanda: Did you want to?

Felicia: Maybe. You know, on a report card that you get when you're a kid, there's a section that says "conduct." Mine said, "Daydreams, does not listen." It always said that.

Amanda: So you were a dreamer.

Felicia: Yes, definitely. When my life was dreary or painful, I would--I would go to another place. Someplace beautiful where I could escape. Anyway, I'm sure that most children do that, don't you?

Amanda: But most children don't grow up to be very successful romance novelists. So those fantasies must have been pretty clear.

Felicia: Yes, they were, very clear. Remember, I told you I loved to go to the movies. I mean, I had Frank Capra fantasies and John Huston fantasies--directorial styles, you understand.

Amanda: Do you still do it?

Felicia: What, fantasize? Just when I'm doing a novel. My own life is so good that I don't need to anymore.

Amanda: Why did you need to then?

Felicia: Oh, I suppose it was because I made some mistakes when I was a kid.

Amanda: Well, I know all about that.

Felicia: You do?

Amanda: For my own life.

Felicia: Right. Anyway, I do love to go to the movies.

Amanda: Great.

Felicia: We're all through here?

Amanda: Well, for now. I have to go and start packing for Chicago.

Felicia: You're still planning to go to Chicago?

Amanda: Oh, yeah.

Felicia: But I thought I answered all your questions.

Amanda: Well, I still think it would be good for me to see the house for myself, and we do need some photographs for the article. So I'll just give you a call whenever I get back from Chicago.

Felicia: Fine.

Amanda: Take care.

Felicia: Yes, you, too.

Ronnie: I don't know what's going to happen with Ruben.

Zack: Cass and I will do our best.

Ronnie: I almost told-- mentioned it to Mama and Jesse last night.

Zack: What, they don't know?

Ronnie: Ruben asked me not to mention it to her. She'd only worry anyway, and Jesseís got enough on his mind.

Zack: Must be hard, I mean, him being so smart and the youngest one in his class.

Ronnie: Well, if anybody can handle that, Jesse can.

Zack: Yeah, I guess you don't have to worry about him.

Ronnie: No, not Jesse. He's got a real way with people.

Jesse: You know, Paul, you're really starting to get on my nerves.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm scared.

Matt: Hey, Jesse, just ignore him.

Paul: Stay out of this, Cory. This is between me and wonder boy.

Matt: We just wanted to get something to eat here.

Paul: No, not wonder boy here. No, no, he brought his own.

Boy: What is it, brain food?

Jesse: You want to try a piece? Looks like you can use all the help you can get.

Ronnie: He's got this gift, you know? I mean, he can talk to people and really reach them.

Jesse: You know, I'm sorry if I threaten you.

Paul: What do you mean by threaten?

Jesse: It's got to be something besides my intelligence, though.

Paul: Huh?

Jesse: When it comes to intelligence, you probably feel inferior to most of the world, right?

Paul: I've had just about enough of you.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey, knock it off, guys.

Paul: The wonder boy can fight, as well.

Jesse: Yeah. Where I come from, you learn that real early.

Ronnie: He doesn't have a violent bone in his whole body.

Zack: Coming from where we both did, that's amazing.

Ronnie: It sure is. I mean, you know the neighborhood we came from.

Zack: I sure do.

Ronnie: You know, maybe it's because he is smart, he understands. You know, he doesn't want to be just another homeboy.

Zack: It's too bad Ruben doesn't know what he knows.

Ronnie: Yeah, well... Jesse--he's going to make it. And he's going to do it because he's smart, because he uses his brains and not his fists.

[Girl screams]


Jesse: Get up! Get up! What happened to all the talk? What happened to all the talk?

Matt: Hey!

Jesse: Come on!

Matt: Get out!

(Orchestra music playing)

Matt: Yes, thank you. Come on, we're going to have to wait for my brother to get back from something.

Jesse: I don't need a doctor.

Matt: You don't need a doctor? Look at your jaw, it's all swelling up and everything. I'm going to get him to x-ray it for you.

Jesse: Look, nothing is broken. I can still move it and I can still talk. I bet you wished that wasn't true, huh?

Matt: No, no, you're all right. It's Olsen who has the big mouth.

Jesse: You see that last shot I got in?

Matt: Yeah. He deserved it.

Jesse: Let me ask you a question. Why does it bother him that I know a lot?

Matt: Why does it bother him that my family has a lot of money?

Jesse: You get it, too?

Matt: I used to. Not anymore.

Jesse: How come?

Matt: Well, I know what to keep quiet about now.

Jesse: I guess maybe I donít.

Matt: You'll learn.

Jesse: You sure?

Matt: A smart guy like you?

Jesse: Ah, that hurts, man.

Ronnie: Jesse? Jesse. What happened to your face? It looks like somebody hit you.

Jesse: Only after I hit him first.

Zack: So, this is the peaceful one in the family, huh?

Sam: Hey, you're back.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: How did the meeting go?

Amanda: Ok, I guess. Where's Alli?

Sam: Alli's at Mrs. Martinís. I told her I'd pick her up after you left.

Amanda: I'm not even going to get to say good-bye to her?

Sam: You can stop by on your way to Chicago.

Amanda: I guess I should finish packing.

Sam: Boy, do you sound thrilled.

Amanda: I shouldn't be leaving. At least not until we get this housekeeper business taken care of.

Sam: We can still hire Justine.

Amanda: Don't start.

[Sam laughs]

[Phone rings]

Sam: Go ahead.

Amanda: I win. Hello. Jamie. Hey, how's Vicky? That's great!

Sam: What happened, what happened?

Amanda: Hold on, I have to tell Sam. Vicky's regained consciousness. She's going to be ok.

Sam: That's great.

Amanda: Jamie, that's great. Give her my love. Thanks. Bye. He sounds so happy.

Sam: So do you.

Amanda: I feel so much better.

Sam: Good, let's celebrate.

Amanda: Do you think we have time?

Sam: Yeah, we got lots of time. Lots and lots and--kiss me.

Felicia: Honey, hi. Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

Cass: It was a big day, I'll tell you that much. I am sort of wired.

Felicia: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Cass: I didn't want to go over to the salon because Nicole is gone and all.

Felicia: Oh, guess what.

Cass: What?

Felicia: I called the hospital. Vicky has regained consciousness.

Cass: Oh, that's great news.

Felicia: Yeah, everybody's really relieved. Anyway, come on in, sit down, and tell me about your day.

Cass: Oh, I don't want to be a pig. Why don't you go first?

Felicia: We'll do that later. You talk.

Cass: Ok, if you insist. Remember Clemson?

Felicia: The cop killer?

Cass: The free man.

Felicia: You're kidding. You did it? Congratulations.

Cass: Yes, I did it. Thank you, thank you. I knew that the cops didn't have a case on this guy, but the problem was he had had a fight with his wife and he went off driving by himself at the time that the crime was committed.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: The car that he was in matched exactly the car that the shots were fired from.

Felicia: The ones that actually killed the cop.

Cass: Right. As luck would have it, Clemson has a rap sheet the length of my arm, including an arrest--

Felicia: What? What?

Cass: I'm talking too much.

Felicia: How would you like to have dinner with me?

Cass: Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

Felicia: Mitch is out of town and Nicoleís out of town and I'm feeling a little edgy and you and I, we haven't been together in a while.

Cass: I know. I miss you.

Felicia: I'll tell you what. You stay here. I'll go up to Tops. I'll pick us out two beautiful lobsters and a bottle of wine, and then I'll come back and you'll tell me how smart you are.

Cass: And you can tell me why you're so edgy.

Felicia: You and Mitch--you're the two who really do understand me. I'll be back.

Cass: Ok.

Jason: I thought I recognized your voice.

Cass: What are you doing here?

Jason: Painting the bedroom.

Cass: Felicia hired you?

Jason: Cass, she's got a lot of renovation going on here, and she figured that I could handle it. Ok?

Cass: Well, good.

Jason: Good.

Cass: You can pay Vicky the money you owe her. She regained consciousness, you know.

Jason: That's great.

Cass: I can see how relieved you are.

Jason: I will pay Vicky when I got the bread, all right?

Cass: You will pay Vicky something within the next 30 days or you're going to have a fat lawsuit on your hands.

Jason: Don't get touchy just because I kind of interrupted your plans with Felicia, all right?

Cass: What are you implying?

Jason: Blake may be blind, I'm not. This friendship thing you've got going, I don't buy it.

Cass: You're a real pig.

Jason: I wasn't sure myself till I get here today and she greets me in this very nice, flimsy robe.

Cass: You listen to me. You go spin your twisted little fantasy somewhere else. If you do anything to hurt her--

Jason: What, I'm going to meet you in court, counselor?

Cass: No, I've got something a lot more specific and a lot more direct in mind for you.

Jason: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah!

Jason: Show me.

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