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Another World Transcript Tuesday 12/21/04

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Rachel: Hi.

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: How are you?

Jamie: I'm fine.

Rachel: The nurses said you've been in here all night with her.

Jamie: Well, I -- I guess I have.

Rachel: There's no change?

Jamie: No.

Rachel: Well, I think you need some rest.

Jamie: No, I'm ok.

Rachel: Darling, I'll stay here with her. If there's any change at all, I'll call you immediately, I promise.

Jamie: This -- this isn't right.

Rachel: What isn't?

Jamie: It was just a simple fall. She couldn't have hit her head that hard. I saw it.

Rachel: But, darling, last night, you said that it didn't have to be a heavy blow.

Jamie: No, it didn't -- not to lose consciousness.

Rachel: It's taking too long?

Jamie: It's been over 36 hours.

Rachel: What do the other doctors say?

Jamie: I have to talk to them.

Michael: So, ultimately, there's just no change.

Mac: I'm sorry. I know how hard this is for you and Donna.

Michael: Oh, well, Donna and I will be fine. I just wish we'd get some word on Vicky.

Mac: Anything I can do to help you?

Michael: No, but thanks for asking. If there is, you'll be the first to know.

Mac: Won't you and Donna at least come downstairs, have some breakfast?

Michael: Actually, Felicia came by at 6:00 and took us to breakfast. She's been a real pillar of strength.

Mac: Well, if I can do anything to help, please let me know.

Michael: Thanks, Mac.

Mac: I guess we just have to give her time to recover.

Michael: Right. Right.

Felicia: She's going to have a baby.

Michael: What?

Felicia: You know, she -- she's never been able to be happy about this. I -- we should be sitting here. We should be happy?

Mac: Felicia?

Felicia: It shouldn't be like this. This is wrong. No, Mac.

Jake: I don't believe this.

Marley: Oh, come on, honey, be patient.

Jake: No! This guy is late again!

Marley: Well, it's because he has other patients. We're not --

Jake: I know that, but he knows how crazed we've been to get these test results back.

Marley: All right!

Jake: I mean, this is taking too long!

Marley: Sweetie, if he's not here in five minutes, we'll page him, all right?

Jake: Great.

[Marley hums]

Jake: I don't believe it. This is it.

Marley: What?

Jake: This is your file.

Marley: Jake McKinnon, don't you dare.

Jake: I'm -- I'm sure he would show us this file himself if he wasn't so damn late.

Marley: Well, it wouldn't be as if we were snooping, right?

Jake: Oh, it's our --

Both: It's our file.

Marley: Yes, it is.

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: Well -- well? What, Jake? What does it say?

Jake: We're going to have a baby.

Marley: We're going --

Jake: We're going to be pregnant.

Marley: We're going to be pregnant! We're going to have a baby! Oh, Jake! Oh.

Jamie: There's nothing more we can do?

Doctor: We are running tests on a regular basis. She's stable and so is the baby.

Jamie: But she's still unconscious, doctor.

Doctor: And as I said, that concerns me. But as you know, the recovery process from a concussion doesn't always follow classic patterns.

Jamie: Especially if the patient's pregnant.

Doctor: Exactly. We can't give her drugs to help bring her out of it, because we can't risk harming the fetus.

Jamie: Yes, and -- and if she doesn't come out of it soon on her own, doctor, the baby is still in danger anyway.

Doctor: It's a delicate balance.

Jamie: All right. Her blood pressure is stable still, correct?

Doctor: It's elevated, but it's stable, yes.

Jamie: Now, how high can it go before the pregnancy --?

Doctor: Jamie, we can't speculate. There are too many variables. I know you're frightened for her. But you can't keep trying to control everything. All we can do now is wait and give her body a chance.

Jamie: Thank you, doctor, for everything you've done. I appreciate this.

Doctor: Try not to worry. We'll talk again.

Lisa: Hi.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: They say Vicky’s still the same?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: I'm sorry, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, we all are.

Lisa: I hope everything will be ok.

Jamie: I know you do.

Lisa: Please don't be angry with me.

Jamie: Lisa, it was an accident.

Lisa: Some people think it was my fault.

Jamie: Well, that was just -- that's just total nonsense.

Lisa: I resented that baby so much. And look what happened.

Jamie: Lisa, you had nothing to do with that. This is not your fault. Come on now, don't cry. It's ok.

Vicky: Ooh, baby -- oh, baby --

Rachel: Vicky? Vicky, can you hear me? I wish there was something I could do to bring you back. I know we've never been friends. But Jamie loves you. He really does. Mac says you're like me. I argued the point with him. But I do see a lot of myself in you. You're just as headstrong and willful as I was. Willing to take risks. Vicky, Jamie really wants this baby. I'm sure you do, too. Please hang in there. Who knows? Maybe -- maybe we could become friends. Anyone who loves my son as much as you do has to have a good head on her shoulders. So please, Vicky -- please, we're pulling for you. Please come back to us.

Felicia: Huh. I didn't mean to make such a fool out of myself.

Michael: Hey, come on, you didn’t.

Felicia: Oh, I did. It's just that I'm always so emotional. You know that. At least the doctors are still optimistic.

Michael: To tell you the truth, I'm not so sure whether the doctors are optimistic or just being noncommittal.

Felicia: Amanda, hello.

Amanda: Hi.

Michael: The word on Vicky is no change.

Amanda: I know, I just saw the nurse in the hall.

Felicia: Honey, are you all right?

Amanda: I'm fine.

Felicia: Why do you seem angry?

Amanda: Can't you do anything about Lisa?

Felicia: Pardon me?

Amanda: I just saw her now in the hall, crying, making Jamie put his arms around her.

Michael: Amanda, look, you may be Victoria’s best friend, but this is no time to be getting defensive for her.

Amanda: Right, I know. I'm upset.

Michael: We all are upset.

Amanda: But I also know that you want Jamie and Vicky to break up as much as Lisa does. And you don't even seem to care that there's a baby involved.

Marley: We're going to be pregnant!

Jake: Thank you, thank you.

Marley: Doctor -- oh, thank you so much! Thank you.

Dr. Jansen: Yes, yes. Well, I hope you understand -- I don't want to mislead you. There are no guarantees.

Marley: No, but -- but the surgery was successful?

Jake: Yeah?

Dr. Jansen: Yes, we were able to successfully clear out the scar tissue, and the fallopian tubes won't be posing you a problem any longer.

Marley: Oh, that's wonderful!

Dr. Jansen: I'm not sure I'm getting my point across.

Marley: I'm sorry.

Jake: I think my wife and myself both know that this is not going to be easy.

Marley: Of course.

Dr. Jansen: What I was able to correct may not be the answer to the entire problem.

Jake: You mean my problem?

Dr. Jansen: No, I mean Marley’s.

Marley: I don't understand that, then.

Dr. Jansen: I was afraid of that. Why don't you sit down?

Marley: Ok.

Dr. Jansen: Infertility is very complex. There are many factors contributing.

Marley: This isn't over?

Dr. Jansen: We don't know.

Jake: Well, how the hell do we find out?

Marley: Sweetie -- ok.

Dr. Jansen: Time and attempts. Once you begin sexual activity, we'll see what happens.

Jake: Well, I think that we can make it work, huh?

Marley: Oh. After the surgery, I'm sure we can handle anything.

Dr. Jansen: I hope so. Solving fertility problems may prove to be one of the most frustrating challenges you'll ever have to face. I hope you two are ready for what's ahead of you.

Julie Ann: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Rachel: Jamie is blaming himself.

Mac: What?

Rachel: He feels it's his fault.

Mac: That's absurd.

Rachel: I know it is, but if anything happens to Vicky or the baby --

Mac: But he's not responsible.

Rachel: I know that. Try telling him that. He feels it's his fault that he hurt Lisa and his fault that Vicky and Lisa got into that argument.

Mac: Maybe I should try to talk to him.

Rachel: Darling, he's always been like this. He always takes responsibility for things he shouldn’t. Nobody's ever been able to talk him out of it.

Mac: Well, he doesn't deserve this kind of luck.

Rachel: Nobody does.

Mac: One thing seems obvious. He deeply cares about Vicky.

Rachel: His relationship has seemed doomed from the very beginning.

Mac: Well, there's still plenty of reason to hope. She's strong, she's very determined. I hope that means -- well, I'm just sure she's going to make it.

Rachel: Me, too.

Mac: I wish I didn't have to go back to the complex. Would you walk me to the car?

Rachel: Yeah.

Jamie: It was an accident.

Lisa: But if we hadn't been arguing --

Jamie: In no way was it your fault. Stop this, Lisa.

Lisa: She just turned and -- and fell.

Jamie: We both can't keep blaming ourselves.

Lisa: You had nothing to do with it.

Jamie: Oh, didn't I? Who were you arguing about? And I should have been able to help her.

Lisa: Jamie, you can't hold yourself responsible.

Jamie: And neither can you.

Lisa: The baby's still ok?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: But you're worried?

Jamie: Of course I'm worried. I can't imagine living without that baby.

Lisa: And Vicky?

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Bruce, telephone, please... telephone, please.

Lisa: Um -- I know things have changed for us. I once said that I hoped you were miserable with her. I don't feel that way anymore. I hope you'll be happy.

Jamie: Thank you.

Lisa: And now maybe you have a chance -- with Vicky and the baby. I'll be thinking about you. And I'm praying for you. Both of you.

Felicia's voice: This is so wonderful. Life inside me? And just think -- pretty soon, I'll have a baby all my own. I've never had anything all my own before. No, pastor, I am happy. I'm not too young to care for a baby. I'll love it. I'll give it all the love in the world. Pastor, please!

Please, let me keep my baby! Please! Pastor, please! Please, let me keep the baby! Please, please!

[Felicia gasps]

Lisa: Felicia? Felicia?

Felicia: Lisa --

Lisa: What's wrong?

Marley: Oh -- Michael -- that's my dad, ok?

Jake: Ok, I will run these into Vicky.

Marley: Ok, I'll see you.

Jake: Mmm.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Bruce, telephone, please. Dr. Bruce, telephone, please.

Marley: Love you.

Jake: I love you. Pretty soon, we're going to have a little Marley jr. Running around.

Marley: Jake! Go see Vicky.

Jake: All right.

Michael: Hey -- hi!

Marley: Hi.

Michael: How are you?

Marley: Hi. No change yet, right?

Michael: No, no. How about you? What did the doctor say? Anything?

Marley: Uh -- well, the surgery went fine, and they accomplished everything they wanted to.

Michael: Oh! That's wonderful!

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Hey, why aren't you smiling?

Marley: Oh, I'm happy. I just --

Michael: No, no, wait -- you know what? I get this feeling that because your sister's had an accident, you don't think something good is supposed to happen to you.

Marley: Well, I think of her sitting in there --

Michael: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah --

Marley: And not being --

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. Look, you be happy. You have every reason to be happy. Victoria would be the first one to be happy for you.

Marley: Oh, I just wish I could tell her.

Michael: Well, you will be able to.

Marley: You know, I walk into the room, and I -- I start crying, Dad.

Michael: I know. Tell you what you do. We've had good news today, right? One piece.

Marley: Yes.

Michael: Ok. Then why don't you just consider that we are on a roll here?

Marley: Well, I hope so.

Michael: Just imagine that at this time next year, not only does Victoria have her child, but you'll be on your way to having your very own.

Marley: Oh.

Michael: Ok?

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Davis, telephone, please.

Jake: Hey, Jamie, I guess -- I guess Vicky’s still playing rip van winkle for us, huh?

Jamie: It looks like.

Jake: The doctor say anything?

Jamie: They just ran a new series of tests. We should have the results soon.

Jake: Good. Hey, you know something? You may not be the only prospective father in this room.

Jamie: What?

Jake: Yeah, I'm serious.

Jamie: Marley's pregnant?

Jake: No. No, but Dr. Jansen has told us that everything is full steam ahead from now on out.

Jamie: Congratulations.

Jake: Thank you. I just wish I could tell Vicky, you know?

Jamie: Yes. I'm sure she'll be very --

Jake: The doctors. She going to be all right?

Doctor: We need to confirm some of these test results.

Jamie: But what's wrong? What do the tests show?

Doctor: This -- this doesn't concern her current condition.

Second doctor: It's just some anomalies that have cropped up in the data.

Jamie: Tell me what's wrong!

Doctor: Jamie, calm down. This has nothing to do with her current physical condition.

Donna: What --

Jake: Hi, Donna.

Donna: What -- has something happened?

Doctor: No, there is still no change, Mrs. Hudson. We just need to confirm some test results.

Jake: Yeah -- look --

Donna: Oh.

Jake: Jamie, what do you say we take a walk, huh, buddy?

Jamie: Yeah, right.

Donna: Jamie, are you sure nothing's wrong?

Jamie: No, I'm -- I'm not, but I -- I'm too involved, and I need to back out of this thing and -- come on, Jake.

Jake: All right. It'll be ok, Donna. It'll be all right.

Donna: Excuse me. May I?

Doctor: Yes, of course.

Donna: Thank you.

Doctor: Yes, but that was the day she had the accident.

Second doctor: I'd say we definitely have a problem here.

First doctor: The fetus seems to be smaller than normal development would allow.

Second doctor: Are you sure of your data?

First doctor: I'm not sure of anything now.

Second doctor: This might be a touchy situation.

First doctor: It'd definitely be a problem if an emergency arose.

Vicky: My baby --

Donna: Hi! Hi! Honey, I'm right here. I'm right here, sweetheart.

Vicky: Jake -- oh, Jake -- Jake –

Julie Ann: Yes. Ok, I'll make sure Mr. Cory gets the message. Thank you, bye-bye.

Rick: Are you going to be getting a break soon?

Julie Ann: I don't think so. The receptionist is out with the flu.

Rick: Well, then when can we talk?

Julie Ann: All right, thank you. We are talking.

Rick: I mean alone.

Julie Ann: Rick, the flowers were beautiful, but that doesn't --

Rick: Oh, look, I brought a backup just in case it didn't work.

[Phone rings]

Julie Ann: Excuse me. Mr. Cory's office. Oh, yes. Oh, sure, I'll send them down as soon as he gives his ok. Ok, bye-bye.

Rick: You're not allergic to chocolate or anything, are you?

Julie Ann: Rick, we didn't just have a lovers' quarrel. Flowers and candy aren't going to change what happened.

Rick: Well, I'd still like another chance!

[Phone rings]

Julie Ann: Excuse me. Mr. Cory's office. Yes, Mr. Whino. Oh, I'm sorry. He's booked up the entire afternoon. Tomorrow? Ok, how about 4:00? Sure, bye-bye.

Rick: You know, I feel like I have to talk real fast, or I'll get interrupted by the phone again.

Julie Ann: Well, you just may.

Rick: You know, when you came by the office the other day, I thought we -- well, I thought there was a chance.

Julie Ann: Rick, listen, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Rick: Well, so have I.

Julie Ann: It's like Courtney says -- you know, we have so many strikes against us, why go looking for trouble?

[Phone rings]

Rick: What? Cory Publishing, please hold. Courtney said that?

Julie Ann: Yes.

Rick: Well, where does she get off giving us advice?

Julie Ann: Well, why shouldn't she?

Rick: Well, I mean, she -- she can, sure, but when did she get involved in all this?

Julie Ann: We talked.

[Phone rings]

Rick: Look, don't you think that you and I should maybe make our own decisions?

Julie Ann: Listen, Rick --


Julie Ann: I just -- I'm swamped with work, ok? Cory Publishing. Yes. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Rick: I'll help you.

Julie Ann: No.

Rick: Look, what needs to be done?

Julie Ann: No, thank you. I -- listen, I just don't have time to explain it.

Rick: Well, I'm a quick study. I'll -- I'll -- look, I don't want to put this off. Please, talk to me.

Julie Ann: Excuse me. Mr. Cory's office. Yes, Mr. Hammerstein? Oh, no, I sent that yesterday. Well, listen, if it's not there by 3:00, you give me a call, we'll put a tracer on it. Ok? Sure, thanks. Bye-bye. Oh, good.

Rick: Julie Ann, I am not going to give up and just go away.

Julie Ann: I've noticed.

Rick: Look, I care too much about you.

Julie Ann: Except for one little thing.

Rick: I know -- you're black and I'm white. But that doesn't have to be a problem.

Julie Ann: I'm not so sure.

Rick: That sounds like Courtney talking again.

Julie Ann: Maybe.

Rick: Look, the way I figure it, the problem we've been having is me. I mean, total commitment isn't exactly my forte.

Julie Ann: I don't know, Rick.

Rick: And you'll never know unless you give me a second chance. What do you say?

[Phone rings]

Julie Ann: Excuse me. Mr. Cory's office. No, I'm sorry, he's in a conference.

Amanda: Look, I know I made a decision to have a career, even with the baby. I just didn't think I'd have to worry about it every day like this.

Mac: You mean, worry about it being the right decision?

Amanda: Yeah. One of my articles was due yesterday.

Mac: Oh, well -- was that the Michael Hudson profile?

Amanda: Yeah.

Mac: Sorry. How is it coming along, anyway?

Amanda: Pretty good. I redid the beginning. Less detail.

Mac: Good. Well, I'll try to look it over later today.

Amanda: Ok.

Mac: Amanda, are you sure you're all right?

Amanda: I'm fine.

Mac: Darling, you were awfully quiet coming in in the car.

Amanda: I said something to Felicia that I shouldn't have.

Mac: Oh? What?

Amanda: I was upset. I thought that Lisa was coming on to Jamie. I don't know -- I've had a lot on my mind lately. And sometimes I say things without thinking about them.

Mac: So what'd you say to Felicia?

Amanda: That she -- she was helping Lisa try to break up Vicky and Jamie.

Mac: Oh, darling, you know that's not true.

Amanda: I know. I know that isn't true. That's just what makes it so awful. I know it's not true. I was supposed to interview her tomorrow, and now --

Mac: Amanda, you know, you've been going through a lot lately.

Amanda: Yeah, tell me about it.

Mac: Well, darling, maybe you should think about taking a little time off.

Amanda: No. I made a commitment and I'm going to stick to it. When I first started to work here, I told you I wanted to produce, and I will.

Mac: Everything all right with Sam?

Amanda: Fine, fine.

Mac: Well, look, if things get too hectic on the job, what with Alexandra and all.

Amanda: No, Dad, I mean it. If I have to sacrifice, I will. If I have to work extra hard, I will. I'm going to do this, Daddy.

Mac: All right. But if things get too tough, you'll tell me?

Amanda: No.

[Mac chuckles]

Mac: I should have known. Anyway, I've got an editorial meeting. Will you hold down the fort for me here, please?

Amanda: You mean, do I think I can handle it? You're talking to a Cory, remember?

Mac: How could I forget it?

Julie Ann: Is this the one you wanted?

Amanda: Yeah, that's it.

Julie Ann: Oh, great.

Amanda: Thanks, great.

Julie Ann: Is there anything else?

Amanda: No, I think that's it.

Julie Ann: Ok. Well, I'll be at my desk.

Amanda: Are you ok?

Julie Ann: It's just Rick’s here.

Amanda: Oh?

Jules Ann: And he wants to try it again.

Amanda: And?

Julie Ann: Oh, I don't know.

Amanda: What's to know? You just follow your feelings, right?

Julie Ann: No, Amanda. It's not that simple.

Amanda: Why not?

Julie Ann: Well, I told you about the snowflake ball when he met my parents.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. And I know he was a little uptight for a while. But he's here now. I mean, that has to show you something.

Julie Ann: I know. It's just hard to explain. You know, when one person's white and the other one's black, it's a fact that's always there. You may not want it to be, but it is.

Amanda: It's not there with us.

Julie Ann: Well, you're a friend.

Amanda: So, what's the difference?

Julie Ann: He wants to be more than a friend. I just don't know if I should take a chance again.

Amanda: You know, you're going to have to take a chance with your feelings, no matter who you go out with.

Julie Ann: I know.

Amanda: I mean, Sam and I barely knew each other. I just knew in my heart that we would be able to work out our problems.

Julie Ann: Well, you were lucky.

Amanda: That's true. I mean, our backgrounds are as different as night and day.

Julie Ann: Is night and day anything like black and white?

Amanda: Maybe. You're just going to have to follow your heart. So, what is your heart saying?

Rick: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, I'll make sure he gets that. Yeah. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.

Julie Ann: You answered the phone.

Rick: Well, I told you I'd help.

Julie Ann: Well, what's the message?

Rick: Well, the president called. And he wants a change-of-address form.

Julie Ann: Oh -- come on. Don't give me this. What's the message?

Rick: Mrs. Andrews confirming 10:00 tomorrow.

Julie Ann: Oh, ok.

Rick: You don't trust me.

Julie Ann: I trust you.

Rick: Enough to give me a second chance?

Julie Ann: Yes.

Rick: Good.

Julie Ann: But no guarantees.

Rick: Well, I can't give you any, either. Except that I'll try.

Julie Ann: Well, then so will I.

Rick: Oh, Julie Ann, I -- I've really missed you.

Julie Ann: Well, I probably shouldn't say this.

Rick: What? Come on. Go ahead, please.

Julie Ann: Well, every time I thought of you, I got mad all over again. But I still hoped that you missed me.

Rick: You -- you know that we're going to have to handle something pretty rough right off the bat.

Julie Ann: What's that?

Rick: Well, it's your turn to meet my parents.

Lisa: You ok?

Felicia: Hmm. I'm fine. I -- oh, I've just been a little emotional lately.

Lisa: Jamie said that Vicky and the baby are doing all right.

Felicia: Yes, I know.

Lisa: That the only problem is that Vicky hasn't woken up as soon as they expected.

Felicia: I know. Well, you know, Jamie’s not crying. I don't know why I should be. Right?

Lisa: Maybe you're crying about something else.

Felicia: I guess. It's nothing. I'm fine. Really, I am.

Lisa: You look pale. Have you eaten lunch?

Felicia: I'm not hungry, thank you.

Lisa: Do you want to be alone?

Felicia: No. No, I really don’t. I -- I think I've had enough memories for one day.

Lisa: What kind of memories?

Felicia: I was looking at that statue.

Lisa: The Madonna? What about it?

Felicia: It reminds me of something that happened to me a long time ago.

Lisa: What?

Felicia: I've never told you this. In fact, I haven't told anyone till a few weeks ago. And then when I said it, I seem to think about it all the time every day.

Lisa: What is it?

Felicia: When I was 16, I got pregnant.

Lisa: You did?

Felicia: I wasn't married. So you can imagine. We wanted to be married. We were very much in love.

Lisa: What happened?

Felicia: My stepfather was a pastor. Your -- your father, I'm sure, told you about him, didn't he?

Lisa: No. No, he didn’t. I -- he didn't talk about -- about those things much.

Felicia: It happened really after your father had gone away, and, God, how I wish I had gone with him. That summer was full of fire and brimstone. You see, I was a sinner. I was trash. I was on my way to hell without a personal savior. I was a total embarrassment to my family and a complete burden. Anyway, I had a premature labor. So they -- they had to rush me to a hospital. And --

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: Oh -- when I woke up, they told me that it didn't live and that I should just go home.

Lisa: I'm sorry.

Felicia: I am, too. I found out later it was a -- a little girl. My very own little girl. She would have been about your age.

Lisa: Oh -- I can't believe you kept this to yourself all these years.

Felicia: That's what you did then. People never talked about things like this. And I guess it was just -- well, a habit I kept.

Lisa: Well, I'm glad you told me.

Felicia: I'm glad I told you, too.

Lisa: Now I understand why all this stuff with Vicky and her baby have you so upset.

Felicia: Isn't it odd? It's not even my baby.

Lisa: Well --

Felicia: Don't tell anyone.

Lisa: Oh, no, no, of course not. I wish you'd told me sooner.

Felicia: I should have. I'm sorry.

Lisa: Huh. Every time you see Vicky lying there, it must all come back to you.

Felicia: You know, having a baby is the most precious thing that can happen to a woman. And if something goes wrong with that -- well, it is absolutely the most painful.

Felicia: Well, I am so insensitive. Here I am, I'm blabbing about all of my troubles and --

Lisa: Felicia, I am glad you told me.

Felicia: But you have your own problems right now.

Lisa: Well, they're better. I talked to Jamie this morning. He doesn't blame me for Vicky’s fall.

Felicia: Honey, it was never your fault. When did you talk?

Lisa: Well, just today.

Felicia: Good.

Lisa: I think I finally made my peace with him.

Felicia: That's even better.

Lisa: You know, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been with me through all of this.

Felicia: I love you. I'll always be there for you. Always.

Lisa: My own mother -- well, she had her problems.

Felicia: I know.

Lisa: I don't think I knew what it was like to have a mother. I mean, a loving mother till I came to Bay City.

Felicia: Oh. Well, you certainly know how to make a girl feel better, don't you? Hey, how about I buy you -- buy you lunch at this crummy little cafeteria?

Lisa: Oh -- you're on.

Felicia: Ok. Come on.

Jamie: You hang on, Vicky. You hear me? You hang in there. We're all here. We're all here doing everything we can to get you through this. And I'll be right here always, and that's a promise.

Jamie: I want you to know that I love you. I love you, Vicky.

Michael: How are you feeling?

Jake: I'm scared.

Michael: Scared of what?

Jake: I don't know. You know, before Marley’s surgery when I thought I'd -- I'd never be a father, I said "hey, that's cool. I can handle that. You know, at least I'll have Marley."

Michael: Right. And so now, there's a chance. What are you scared of?

Jake: I don't know. I don't know -- maybe because it's so close, you know? I mean, I want to be a father more than anything in the entire world. But what if that doesn't happen?

Michael: Well, what I do is I take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

Jake: Yeah. One day at a time.

Doctor: Dr. Hassad --

Dr. Hassad: Ah, yes, there you are. Anything on Victoria Hudson?

Doctor: Yes, I went back and got the results of the sonogram we did in September.

Dr. Hassad: Mm-hmm. What did they show?

Doctor: Well, whatever it showed, it wasn't accurate. That's when the equipment first started giving us poor results.

Dr. Hassad: Ah. So the data is wrong?

Doctor: Looks like it just might be.

Dr. Hassad: I've been thinking about that. If her blood pressure keeps rising, we may have to have a caesarean. And that information would be vital.

Doctor: Yes. We've been working on the assumption that the baby was conceived in early June. But the measurements we're getting now don't corroborate that at all.

Dr. Hassad: Of course, we're not sure of the stats. But if they are correct, it would make it much closer to July 1, wouldn't you say?

Doctor: Mm-hmm, which would make the fetus 24 weeks instead of 28 weeks.

Dr. Hassad: Let's get down to another sonogram as soon as possible.

Doctor: Right.

Dr. Hassad: You know, I just thought of something. Since she's unmarried, we won't get caught up in a paternity suit, will we?

Doctor: Let's not worry about that now. That'll be up to Victoria anyway.

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