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Another World Transcript Friday 12/17/04

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Michael: No, absolutely not. Look, check -- I got to go. Jamie, Jamie? Any word?

Jamie: No change. I'm on my way to see her now.

Michael: I thought you were going on rounds.

Jamie: I'm finished.

Michael: Well, for God's sakes, man, get some rest.

Jamie: I don't need rest. I need to be with Vicky.

Michael: No, no, wait a minute -- Donna and Marley are with Vicky right now.

Jamie: Well, I want to be with her, too.

Michael: Jamie, you can't do her any good like this.

Jamie: Yes. Yes, that's what's so frustrating!

Michael: Well, then, get some sleep, man!

Jamie: No! I need to be with Vicky.

Michael: You're not going to do anyone any good if you pass out from exhaustion! Just what are you doing here?

Iris: I heard what happened. I was worried about you.

Michael: What do you want, Iris? What is your angle this time?

Jason: You got to be kidding me.

Sharlene: What?

Jason: Well, I was down here about six hours ago. You were in the very same position.

Sharlene: Did you want something, Jason?

Jason: Yeah, Sharlie, I want you to take a break.

Sharlene: When I'm finished.

Jason: You don't have to do that. You don't have to take one stitch if you don't want.

Sharlene: Look, Ada needs these drapes, I need the money.

Jason: I got the money. The contract is in place. They are transferring it to my account.

Sharlene: The necklace is my responsibility, Jason.

Jason: What are you trying to tell me -- you're not going to use my money?

Sharlene: Yeah, that's right.

Jason: That is stupid. That is dumb. That -- look, you can solve this whole thing in one day. You go to Rachel, you say, "Rachel, I lost it. Here is the money to replace it," and it's a wash!

Sharlene: It's a wash when I pay for it with my own money!

Jason: Yeah? Well, your butt is going to rot on that chair before you finish all those drapes.

Sharlene: Well, it'd rot in a lot less time if you'd leave me alone.

Jason: I'll leave you alone. You drive me crazy. You drive me right up the wall!

Sharlene: You're driving me crazy.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: What brings you out here?

John: Ah, business.

Sharlene: Oh -- oh. How's Vicky?

John: She's still unconscious.

Sharlene: I know. I'm sorry. Josie told us.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Is Jason upstairs?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Good.

Sharlene: John?

John: What --

Sharlene: Wait, please. Do you have a minute to talk?

John: Sure.

Sharlene: Because the last time you were here, we -- we got off on the wrong foot.

John: I'm not so sure about that.

Sharlene: Yes, yes. You misunderstood why I couldn't go to the engagement party.

John: I think I understood perfectly well.

Sharlene: Why are you being like this?

John: I better go find Jason.

Sharlene: I miss talking to you.

John: Sharlene, I -- I don't know what to do other than just easy does it, take it one day at a time, try not to push anything.

Sharlene: Is that what you really want?

John: Isn't that what we both want?

Mary: Ta-dum!

Vince: What the --

Mary: "What the"? Your darling wife is home after who knows how many hours on the road struggling through the cold to get to you, and that's what she gets is "what the"?

Vince: Well, your plane isn't due in for four hours and I -- I was going to pick you up.

Mary: I know, I know. I decided to come home early and surprise you, so are we going to, like, stand around and chat or are we going to get into some serious hugging here?

Vince: Oh. Mary?

Mary: What?

[Vince grumbles]

Mary: What is it? What?

Vince: Oh, Mary Ann.

Mary: What?

Vince: Mary's place burned down.

Mary: Was -- was anyone hurt?

Vince: Well, Sharlene Frame, but not seriously.

Mary: What do you mean? How was she hurt?

Vince: Well, you remember I mentioned that John Hudson had called me and asked if he could have a, you know, dinner for two at the restaurant and have a special evening with Sharlene?

Mary: Mm-hmm. The fire started when they were there?

Vince: Well, it started in the kitchen, but the police think someone set it.

Mary: Well, do they know who?

Vince: They questioned Pilara.

Mary: Why?

Vince: Because I think she took my keys to the restaurant.

Mary: Why would you think that?

Vince: Because she was here the night before and the morning after the fire and she was acting really jumpy.

Mary: No, no, she -- she would not do something like that.

Vince: Well, maybe she wouldnít. Well, what about her boyfriend? I don't know him.

Mary: Reuben.

Vince: Yeah. Now, he won't admit anything except that he was in the restaurant and he swears that Pilara had nothing to do with it, but that still doesn't explain the keys. Welcome home.

Iris: Can't you at least be civil to me?

Michael: I wish I knew what you wanted, Iris.

Iris: I just want to be your friend. Is that so --?

Michael: We were never friends. We were --

Iris: We were much more.

Michael: Well, that's not what I was going to say.

Iris: Michael, you were there when I needed you.

Michael: That was a long time ago.

Iris: I just thought that I'd -- I'd like to be here now for you.

Michael: I don't want your help.

Iris: Why? What are you afraid of?

Michael: Iris, you cannot be a part of my life anymore.

Iris: Oh, so I just ignore you and pretend you don't exist?

Michael: Yes.

Iris: Michael, you just -- you don't seem to understand. I -- I remember what it was like. I needed someone when my son -- son was so ill and I just -- I just thought that maybe I -- maybe I could comfort you.

Michael: Iris, if I want comfort, I will get it from my wife and from my friends. All right?

Iris: That's -- that's so -- that's cruel.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry.

Iris: No, you're not. You don't care about my feelings. You obviously never did.

Michael: Iris, please.

Iris: It was just a lie, wasn't it, Michael? It was just one great, big lie.

Sharlene: Here you go.

John: Thanks. Is Jason still on the phone?

Sharlene: Yeah. He's -- I think he's talking long-distance.

John: I really need to go over those blueprints.

Sharlene: Well, I'm sure that he's going to be down in just a few minutes. Hey, are you all right?

John: Yeah, yeah.

John: No.

Sharlene: Can I help?

John: No -- you canít.

Sharlene: Is it the dreams?

John: They're not -- they're not dreams. Nightmares, memories.

Sharlene: Well, Vince tells me that -- that Maryís coming home today, so I guess you'll be starting up your sessions again.

John: Yeah, she's really not going to want to come back to that mess, is she?

Sharlene: Well, I mean, her whole life was -- was in that restaurant. I can't imagine what she's going to feel seeing it all burned up.


Sharlene: She and Vince, they're a strong team. If anybody can -- can handle something like that, I know they can do it.


[Helicopter flies]

John: Yeah. I have to go.

Sharlene: Where?

John: I can't stay --

Sharlene: Why? John, please don't go.

John: I just have to.

Sharlene: Just stay and talk for -- John.

Jason: Where's John?

Sharlene: He left.

Jason: I thought he came to work.

Sharlene: Well, something more important came up.

Jason: Oh. More important, huh? Sharlie, you guys have a fight?

Sharlene: No. No, we didnít.

Jason: Well, good. That's the last thing I need is an unhappy partner on the first day of a new contract.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I've got to get back to work.

Jason: No, you donít. You don't have to lift a -- you don't have to do one more stitch if you don't want.

Sharlene: Jason, please don't start.

Jason: Hey, do you think I enjoy seeing my sister slaving her fingers to the bone, working 20 hours a day?

Sharlene: I said drop it, please.

Jason: Hey, what am I working for? So I can take care of my family and I can pay the bills.

Josie: Oh, you're in here -- good. There's someone here to see you. They're in here!

Sharlene: John?

Josie: Is that who went tearing down the driveway?

Jason: Iris. What brings you out here?

Michael: Look, I'll talk to you later. Jamie, did you see her?

Jamie: Donna and Marley are still with her.

Michael: Is there any change?

Jamie: She slips in and out of consciousness but doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Michael: And what about you, man?

Jamie: Me?

Michael: Yeah, how are you?

Jamie: I'll be fine when I know she's ok and -- and the baby.

Michael: Ok, look, I'm going to go see her now.

Jamie: Ok.

Michael: Thanks.

Jake: Hey, Jamie. How is she?

Jamie: She's stable.

Jake: What's that -- no change, what?

Jamie: No, none.

Jake: You look like hell, man.

Jamie: Thanks.

Jake: Well, you should probably try to get some sleep or something.

Jamie: Listen, I will get some sleep when I feel like getting sleep. I just wish everybody would leave me alone!

Jake: Look, man, I'm sorry. I didn't --

Jamie: No, I'm sorry. That was -- I'm just --

Jake: No reason to explain. Anyway, the reason I'm here is I came to see if I could take Marley home and I know she's worried about Vicky and all, but she should get some rest, too, huh? Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah.

Jake: You want to talk?

Jamie: I did it to her, Jake.

Jake: What?

Jamie: What happened to Vicky -- it's because of me.

Vince: Nothing but charred wood, broken glass, and busted-up brick.

Mary: Oh. The first time I saw you after all those years was there.

[Vince grumbles]

Vince: When I think of all the parties, Kathleenís wake, the memories --

Mary: I can't -- I just canít.

Vince: All the hard work trying to make sure that this would be a go. Ha! We should know whether it would or not.

Mary: Well, you did it.

Vince: Yeah, we did, but now it's gone forever. You know, I feel as though somebody I know just died.

Mary: Oh, well, now, well, now. It -- yeah. It may take a little while, but we're -- we're going to get over this.

Vince: I don't think I will, Mary. This has been too much of me, too much of us in here.

Mary: We still have us. Here we are. We're together. We have -- we have our wonderful family. I would say, you know, on balance, if you look at everything, we're actually -- we're very fortunate people.

Vince: Why don't you tell me about M.J.?

Mary: Oh, M.J. M.J. is -- M.J. is terrific. She misses you a lot.

Vince: Yeah, I got to call her. I got to tell her about the place. I hope she's not too upset.

Mary: No. She's not going to be. She knows you. She loves you and -- and I'm sure that she will believe that you're going to come out of this stronger than before.

Vince: But you can only do that so many times, Mary. I'm tired!

Mary: I know.

Vince: These are supposed to be the happiest days of our life.

Mary: Well, for me, in spite of everything, they are.

Vince: [Irish accent] You're a great woman, Mary McKinnon.

Mary: Ain't it the truth. You know what I'm going to do?

Vince: Hmm?

Mary: I'm going to call my office and cancel my appointments.

Vince: [Normal voice] Uh, the hospital called.

Mary: What?

Vince: They would like to see you as soon as you get home.

Mary: Oh, great. Ok, all right, fine. I'll go in. I'll just --

Vince: Yeah.

Mary: Come back as quickly as I can.

Vince: Yeah, well, you know, you take -- take your time because you got patients and, you know, we need the money. You know what I mean?

Mary: I'll be back soon.

Vince: Hey, you do -- you take as much time as you need and don't -- don't bother about me.

Mary: I happen to like bothering about you.

Vince: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. You got people counting on you.

Mary: I'll be back as quickly as I can.

Jake: Jamie, listen to me. Nobody has known Vicky longer than me, right?

Jamie: Right.

Jake: And maybe your relationship hasn't been a bed of roses, but she likes it. She loves you, she loves that baby. That means more to her than anything in the entire world.

Jamie: Even this?

Jake: Jamie, Vicky is going to make it and that baby is going to make it. They are going to come through with flying colors.

Jamie: Say, who is the doctor around here anyway?

Jake: Like I said, I've known Vicky a long time. She doesn't give up. She's going to have that baby. The kid is going to grow up to be as hardheaded as Vicky is.

Jamie: Oh, great. Two of them in the same household -- now I know I'm in big trouble.

Jake: You're going to be a terrific father, man. I envy you.

Iris: I'm looking for someone who's bright, who's energetic, who's willing to work hard. I need a new personal assistant.

Jason: Oh, Iris, thanks a lot. I already got a job.

Iris: Hmm. I'm so glad, Jason. Actually, I had Josie in mind.

Josie: Me? You want me to be your personal assistant?

Iris: Yes. I need you as a receptionist at the spa, the one that your uncle's building.

Sharlene: But you hardly know Josie.

Iris: Well, maybe not, but I think she's got the qualities that I need.

Jason: For a receptionist?

Iris: Well, that's how she'd start, yes. It would be on-the-job training, but in the long range, I need a loyal personal assistant. What do you think, Josie?

Josie: Yes! Yes! I say "yes"! Mom, isn't this incredible?

Sharlene: I wonder if I could talk to Iris alone for a minute.

Josie: What for?

Sharlene: I just have a -- I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

Iris: Of course.

Josie: Mama?

Sharlene: Josie, please, don't worry about it. I just have a few things to ask.

Jason: Josie, why -- why don't we go out to the kitchen? I'm hungry, ok? Excuse us. Come on. A sandwich.

Sharlene: Well, let's get something straight.

Iris: You can ask whatever you like.

Sharlene: What do you want from my daughter?

Josie: Her personal assistant!

Jason: Just don't get too excited about it, all right?

Josie: Why not?

Jason: Just donít.

Josie: Uncle Jason, this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me -- except for meeting Matthew, of course.

Jason: That's what I'm talking about -- that is just it.

Josie: What's "just it"?

Jason: There is too much Cory in this house.

Josie: Hmm --

Jason: That's --

Josie: What is it with you and Mama anyway? I mean, you'd think "Cory" was a bad word or something.

Jason: It's worse than that.

Josie: Well, not to me. The Coryís have been nothing but great to me since the first day I got here.

Jason: Well, they'll be great, they'll be nice, you'll love it. And then they'll cut you dead.

Josie: I don't believe that for a second.

Jason: Just wait and watch.

Josie: No, you watch. This is the start of something wonderful for me and don't you spoil it. Hmm!

John: Mike?

Michael: Hey, John. How you doing? I was just going to call you. Look, I was wondering if you could go over and check up on Mikey for me later.

John: Yeah, sure, yeah, I'll stop by tonight.

Michael: Great. Yeah, Bridget called, said he's very confused with all the excitement going on over at the house.

John: Yeah, I can understand that. How's Vicky doing?

Michael: Well, she's about the same as when you saw her this morning.

John: Oh.

Michael: Did you come back to see her again?

John: No, actually, I -- I came to see Mary McKinnon. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was about the fire.

Michael: Well, you're in luck. I just saw her a little while ago. She's here.

John: How's she doing?

Michael: She didn't want to talk about it, really.

John: I can understand. That place meant so much to them.

Michael: Hey, man, nobody was hurt thanks to you, huh? Thank God everybody was safe.

John: Except Sharlene.

Michael: Well, not seriously. Hey, man, you got her out of there in time.

John: Not -- not soon enough, Mike.

Michael: What do you mean?

John: Mike, I -- I froze. When I saw those flames, I just -- I stood there and I stared. Damn Vietnam! Again and again and again!

Michael: It's all right.

John: When is it ever going to go away?

Michael: Is that another reason why you came to see Mary?

John: I really hate dredging all this stuff up again.

Michael: Well, maybe it's about time you made peace with it, John.

John: How long does that take, Mike? How long does it take to make peace with yourself?

[Knock on door]

Mary: Yes?

John: You busy?

Mary: Hi. No. Come on in.

John: I wanted to stop by and tell you how sorry I am about the fire. I know how much that place means to you and Vince.

Mary: Thanks. We'll -- we'll be ok.

John: You know, if there's anything I can do --

Mary: Thank you, John.

John: Well, we'll talk.

Mary: Well, why not now?

John: Well, it's not a very good time.

Mary: For you or for me?

John: It's all right for me, but I just thought --

Mary: Yeah, well, you thought wrong. Come on. Sit down.

John: Ah. Well, there's not really much to talk about. Uh -- you're not buying that, are you? Did Vince tell you what happened? Sharlene and the fire?

Mary: Mm-hmm, yeah. He said she had only minor injuries.

John: Yeah, but injuries nonetheless, thanks to me.

Mary: What do you mean?

John: I mean that she would have gotten out of there a lot sooner if she would have -- gotten out of there without any injuries at all if it hadn't been for the fact she kept calling my name and I -- I wouldn't move.

Mary: Why not?

John: I don't know. But it was like I had been in that fire before.

Mary: You mean, in Vietnam?

John: Yeah -- uh -- maybe. I -- I kept seeing this building. It was caving in. And all I heard were the voices of Vietnamese children.

Mary: What were they doing?

John: Crying. Screaming. Sharlene said that I just kept walking towards the fire.

Mary: But you got her out of there.

John: Yeah, yeah. Something fell. I guess it snapped me out of it, and I turned around. I saw Sharlene lying on the floor. She had been trapped by a beam that had fallen. All because she waited, trying to get my attention. But I got the beam off of her. But by then, the door was blocked with debris, so I broke a window and carried her out. But she -- she could have been killed while I stood there and stared at the fire.

Mary: But she wasnít. She's all right because you carried her out of there.

John: Yeah. Yeah, you know, you're right. You're right, Mary, I -- this is over with. I -- I really need to just forget about this.

Mary: Well, that hasn't worked up until now, has it? John, if you can really look at these dreams -- these visions -- it will help you to control them.

John: You know, it's only been in this past -- past year or so that these nightmares and memories keep coming back. Why? Why now?

Mary: Maybe because now you're ready to deal with it.

John: But I'm not ready to deal with it, Mary. I don't know how to -- I don't know how.

Mary: Well, I guess that's why you came to see me.

Iris: I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean.

Sharlene: You want something from my daughter. What is it?

Iris: As I said, I want her energy and I want her talent.

Sharlene: Nothing more?

Iris: Look, I like Josie. I think she deserves a chance.

Sharlene: Does Rachel know about this?

Iris: Why would Rachel know?

Sharlene: Because she would have something to say about you bringing yet another Frame into the fold.

Iris: Oh, no. Rachel has nothing to do with the spa.

Sharlene: If you say so.

Iris: I say so. The spa is my baby.

Sharlene: Well, I'm not sure I want my baby working for your baby.

Iris: Don't you want what's best for her? Don't you want Josie to achieve something in her life?

Sharlene: Yes.

Iris: Then let her take this position. If it works out, well, the sky could be the limit for her.

Sharlene: If it works out.

Iris: Well, why wouldn't it work out?

Sharlene: Iris, I have a feeling that there is a power struggle going on between you and Rachel. And I don't want my daughter caught in the middle of it.

Iris: That won't happen. I give you my word.

Sharlene: If you break it -- if she's hurt in any way, you'll have me to answer to.

Iris: Fair enough.

Sharlene: Don't underestimate me, Iris.

Sharlene: Where's Josie?

Jason: Upstairs.

Josie: I'm right here, Mama. What happened?

Sharlene: Jason, would you please go in and talk to Iris for a moment?

Jason: Why? She wants to talk to me?

Sharlene: No, but I would like to talk to Josie alone for just a minute.

Josie: Mama, what happened?

Sharlene: Please, Jason?

Jason: I don't know how long I can last with that lady. All right, at least make it quick, then, ok?

Josie: You -- you didn't tell her no, did you?

Sharlene: Josie, I wanted to find out what her intentions were.

Josie: She's offering me a job.

Sharlene: I know.

Josie: An opportunity that could change my life, Mama.

Sharlene: As a receptionist.

Josie: That's just to start with.

Sharlene: I don't trust her.

Josie: Every Frame is supposed to hate every Cory, right?

Sharlene: I am not saying that.

Josie: Well, I don't see why I have to suffer just because our families had some crazy fight years ago!

Sharlene: It wasn't crazy, Josie.

Josie: It is when you try to keep it going for no reason.

Sharlene: I'm not trying to do that. I just think that when someone like Iris offers us something, we should -- we should be careful.

Josie: Why? Because she's a Cory?

Sharlene: No, Josie --

Josie: Matthew's a Cory. Has he ever tried to hurt me?

Sharlene: No.

Josie: Mr. Cory? They have been nothing but kind and good to me!

Sharlene: I know that.

Josie: And now Mrs. Wheeler's trying to be kind to me, and you won't let her.

Sharlene: I will. Josie, I will.

Josie: You will?

Sharlene: If you want that job, take it.

Josie: Oh, Mama, I want it.

Sharlene: Maybe Iris is right. Maybe this could be a big break for you.

Josie: It is, I know it is!

Sharlene: And, lord knows, you deserve a break. You're a good girl -- young woman. And I'm very proud of you.

Josie: Are you?

Sharlene: Oh, honey, I want so much for you. I want you to have all the good things that life has to offer. Things that have passed me by, but they're not going to pass you by. Not you.

Josie: Oh -- when do I start? Did she tell you a day? I mean, I have to get something to wear.

Sharlene: No, no -- now, you listen to me. You have a good opportunity here, but what you do with it is up to you. You have to succeed all on your own.

Josie: Oh, Mama, I am going to work so hard. I'm going to be a big success. And not just for me, Mama. For you.

Iris: The other reason I came out here was because there was some cryptic message left at the office.

Jason: Well, I mean, was it really that cryptic?

Iris: Let's get something straight, Jason.

Jason: Well, this sounds good. Hit me with it. What? What? Tell me.

Iris: The cryptic messages and the threats will stop. That's why I signed the contract.

Jason: No, you signed the contract because you want me to build your spa, remember?

Iris: Oh, please, don't get cute with me.

Jason: It's the furthest thing from my mind.

Iris: You got your contract, you got your money.

Jason: Well, you're going to get your spa.

Iris: And I want your silence. In fact, I demand your silence.

Jason: Well, you can demand whatever you want, but you cross me, lady --

Iris: Oh, Jason, I won't cross you. I mean, I -- well, I tried to prove my sincerity by offering your niece a job, one that will pay very well.

Jason: As your personal assistant?

Iris: Yes, in time. It's a great chance for her, Jason.

Jason: All right. As long as she doesn't get hurt. You so much as bruise her little body, and you will answer to me.

Iris: Hmm. Don't you Frames just love to threaten?

Jason: [As Iris] No, we just love to do whatever we have to do to survive in this world.

Jason: [Normal voice] Remember that.

John: This -- this isn't working.

Mary: What do you mean, working?

John: It's not the answer.

Mary: John, there aren't any answers.

John: Well, it doesn't help.

Mary: Because you're not giving it a chance.

John: Mary, you have problems of your own.

Mary: That has absolutely nothing to do with this.

John: I can handle this myself.

Mary: John, wait. Please stay and talk to me.

John: Mary, I already have. Look, I think I need to work this out for myself. I can do this. I can do it for her.

Mary: "For her"?

John: This isn't all about me anymore. Maybe that's good. When you finally realize how your life affects other people, you don't want to screw it up. You want to make sure that they know how you feel.

Mary: Right. Well Ė

Michael: Jake -- oh, machine. Jake, look, this is Michael. I know you just left here, but I would really appreciate it if you come back and pick up Marley and take her home. And this time, don't take no for an answer, all right? I think she's just really tired. I got to go. Bye.

Jamie: Listen, I'll -- I'll take Marley home if you like.

Michael: No, no, no. I think Jake won't mind coming back to get her.

Jamie: You know, he's been really great.

Michael: He's a good man.

Jamie: Had a little talk with him today and -- well, I saw a side to him that I'd never -- never seen before.

Michael: Well, sounds good.

Jamie: Yeah, Marleyís pretty lucky.

Michael: So's Vicky.

Nurse: Excuse me, Dr. Frame. Dr. Oliver needs to speak to you right away.

Jamie: About Vicky?

Nurse: He told me to come and find you.

Jamie: Well, what is it?

Nurse: I don't know, doctor. He wouldn't say.

Michael: Well, wait a minute. Can I go to? I'm going --

Nurse: I'm sorry, Mr. Hudson, you have to wait.

Josie: You're in here all alone?

Iris: Oh -- I was just on my way out.

Josie: Oh -- well, do you have to go yet?

Iris: I think I've overstayed my welcome.

Josie: I'm sorry about my family. They're -- they're really overprotective.

Iris: No, they're -- they're fine. I understand. I think you and I will get along splendidly.

Josie: Oh, Mrs. Wheeler, I can't thank you enough.

Iris: If you just stay just the way you are, as loyal and as sweet as you are --

Josie: Oh, I am. I'm very loyal.

Iris: I'm sure everything will come to you just as you wish. Goodbye.

Josie: Oh, wait! I have something for you.

Iris: Well, Josie, you don't have to give me anything.

Josie: Oh, it's nothing fancy. It's just -- it's nothing at all, really. I just thought -- well, I thought you might like to have it.

Iris: Well, it's a very pretty Frame. Thank you.

Josie: Oh, well, it's the picture, actually. I wanted to give you the picture. I found it when I was cleaning out some drawers.

Iris: Oh. It's my Dennis.

Josie: With my cousin Jamie.

Iris: Oh, yes!

Josie: They're so young.

Iris: They're about 10 or 11. Oh.

Josie: I didn't even know that your son and my cousin knew each other.

Iris: Oh, they did, yes.

Josie: My mom said they were really --

Iris: They were very close.

Josie: They were?

Iris: Yes.

Josie: They look really happy.

Iris: They were so happy.

Josie: You don't have to keep the frame. It's just one I found around the house.

Iris: Oh, no, I -- I love it. Thank you.

Josie: I'm glad.

Iris: That was very nice of you.

Josie: Well, I'm glad you like it.

Iris: Josie, you are such a lovely young woman. Just please, stay like you are. Never change, no matter what happens.

Sharlene: That's it! That's the necklace. No, that can't be the price.

Jason: What's what?

Sharlene: I have to take care of this now.

Jason: Where are you going?

Sharlene: Don't argue with me, Jason.

Jason: How can I argue with you? I don't even know what you're talking about.

Sharlene: I am going to get that necklace.

Jason: Oh. Are you going to heist a bank on your way over?

Sharlene: No, I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize Josieís future.

Jason: That doesn't answer my question. How are you going to pay for it?

Sharlene: I'll think of something.

Jason: Like what?

Sharlene: I don't know -- I'll put a deposit on it. I'll pay it off on time.

Jason: Hey, why is it so important that you take care of it this very second?

Sharlene: Jason, I want to get this over with!

Jason: Sharlie, you wait till tomorrow morning, I will hand you the cash.

Sharlene: Cory money?

Jason: No, it is my money now.

Sharlene: I won't owe them! And I won't owe you! I'll take care of my daughter and my debts.

Jason: Hey, you are my sister, and I happen to love you. Now, why won't you just let me help me?

Sharlene: Jason, you saw how proud Josie was just now. I can't remember the last time I saw her like that.

Jason: That's true, but what's it have to do with this?

Sharlene: Come on, Jason, don't you see? I want her to see me feeling the same way! I owe her that. I have to make this right myself. I have to do it now.

John: Ah, Sharlene -- I need to talk.

Mary: Vince?

Vince: I'm in here.

Mary: Oh.

Vince: Why are you home so soon?

Mary: Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am so glad I found you again.

Vince: Whoa, where did this come from?

Mary: All day long, I've been thinking about you, and -- and seeing your face and hearing your voice say my name.

Vince: Well, I say it so much because I couldn't say it for so many years.

Mary: Every time you do, it feels like I'm coming home. I also remembered today that you said to me once that you never used to ever feel good enough for me. And I thought, "Boy, it certainly turned out to be the other way around, didn't it?" And -- and I know that it really was me that -- that ruined things for us all by myself. And I also know --

Vince: Hey --

Mary: Wait, wait --

Vince: What are you talking about?

Mary: You have to let me say this. I know that I haven't been exactly what you've needed since I've been back.

Mary: But I realized something very, very important. To guard your feelings -- to keep them close and hide them from the person that you care about the most in this world is really dumb. And it's really a terrible, terrible waste. I don't know if I've ever said this to you. But with everything that I am, and with everything I have to give --

Mary: I love you more than I ever thought I would love anything in this world.

Jason: Come in, John. Come in.

John: Thanks, Jase.

Jason: Well, I guess you don't really need me standing here. I'll disappear.

Sharlene: John, there's something I have to do.

John: Well, can't it wait a while?

Sharlene: No, actually it canít. Maybe we could talk later.

John: Sharlene, I know that I have a real bad habit of just showing up out of the blue, but --

Sharlene: John, I have an errand I have to run.

John: You have to do an errand?

Sharlene: Yes, I do. Actually, it's -- it's -- it's urgent. Maybe we could talk a little later? Could you wait?

John: Uh -- yeah, yeah, I -- I can wait. Sure, go and --

Sharlene: Look, I'm --

John: Do your errand.

Sharlene: I'm sorry.

John: No, it's no problem. You'll be back, right?

Sharlene: Yeah, I'll be back. And I'll try to hurry. I will.

Iris: Michael?

Michael: I thought you were supposed to be angry.

Iris: Well, I was. But I shouldn't have walked away like that.

Michael: Well, why not, Iris? I hurt you, didn't I?

Iris: Yes, you did. But I know you, Michael. I know how you feel, and I know you don't need anyone, or at least you pretend you donít.

Michael: I'm all right.

Iris: No, you're not. I can see into your heart. Remember?

Michael: My heart?

Michael: My heart -- if anything happens to Vicky --

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