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Nicole: "Nicole -- the French use flowers to say many things, but today these flowers say 'I'm sorry.' Friendship, Stefan."

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: Hi. Where have you been?

Cass: You're not mad?

Nicole: Does this look like mad to you?

Cass: No, it doesn’t. So what's the story?

Nicole: I'm thrilled to have you back, that's all.

Cass: Honey, I've been at the police station a very, very long time.

Nicole: Well, you had work to do and I had work to do, and sometimes things happen that we don't have control over.

Cass: Oh. Well, I'm glad you feel that way.

Nicole: You are?

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: You're getting mysterious again.

Cass: Well, actually, there is something that I have to tell you.

Nicole: There is?

Cass: And I'm not sure you're going to like it.

Sam: Thank you for coming by the gallery to help me out.

Amanda: I feel like I could sleep for two days.

Sam: Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd still be there tonight if you hadn't come by.

Amanda: I like working by your side. It kind of reminds me of the old days.

Sam: Yeah, except now all you do is order me around.

Amanda: Somebody's got to.

Sam: Yeah. Hey, Amanda?

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Listen, if we don't get ready for this engagement party, We’re never going to make it

Amanda: I'm so happy for them. Everything's finally working out for the both of them. And their baby.

Jamie: There's a possible concussion. Vital signs are stable. Pupils are equal and reactive to light. Set up for a CAT scan stat. Shield the fetus, and ultrasound for the baby.

Nurse: That's Vicky Hudson.

Jamie: Yes, yes. Set up an I.V. and get Dr. Peterson, ok? Good.

Nurse: She's gone for the day.

Jamie: Well, find her, and get Hassad in here in case we have to go into surgery.

Michael: Jamie, her head injury last year -- I mean, is this related in any way?

Jamie: Michael, I won't know anything until we run these tests.

Donna: But what about the baby? Is the baby ok?

Jamie: First, I want to know if there's any internal bleeding.

Nurse: Don't worry, doctor.

Jamie: Just hang in there, honey. Just hang in there. I'll be with you the whole time. Just hang in there.

Orderly: They're ready for her, doctor.

Jamie: All right, let's go. Come on.

Donna: Victoria!

Michael: It's all right. Jamie will take care of her.

Rachel: I can't believe this has happened, Mac.

Mac: Jamie's in charge. He's going to make sure everything possible is done for Vicky.

Rachel: Yes, but if she's unconscious, what does that mean for the baby?

Lisa: I didn't mean for this to happen.

Felicia: Honey, you've got to stop blaming yourself. Vicky slipped and fell. No one caused that to happen.

Lisa: But she was trying to get away from me. That's why she fell.

Felicia: Sit down. You got to stop rehashing this whole thing. What's done is done.

Lisa: If anything happens to that baby, I'll never forgive myself.

Matt: Look at Lisa.

Josie: Everything happened so fast, I mean, no one knew what to do for a minute.

Matt: Josie, she's blaming herself.

Josie: I wonder what was going on between her and Vicky anyway.

Matt: Look, excuse me. I'm going to have to talk to her. Felicia? Can I talk to Lisa?

Felicia: Of course. Just be careful with her, ok?

Matt: How you doing?

Lisa: I don't know.

Matt: Lisa, Vicky is going to be fine.

Lisa: What if she isn't?

Matt: This is a good hospital. They'll take care of her.

Lisa: I don't know what to do.

Nicole: What did you do this time?

Cass: Oh, your usual vote of confidence.

Nicole: Well, I'm the one who made us Miss Vicky’s engagement party. What could be worse than that?

Cass: I posted bail for Reuben Lawrence?

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: "Oh"? I mean, that's it -- "oh"?

Nicole: What did you expect? "Oh, no"?

Cass: I don't know. Maybe. Um -- don't you want to know how much it was?

Nicole: I'm not worried about money anymore.

Cass: Oh, good. I'm glad you're not.

Nicole: Why did you do this?

Cass: Because this kid is a special case.

Nicole: Apparently.

Cass: I mean, he comes on all tough and street smart, but --

Nicole: But underneath, there's a gentle soul, right?

Cass: Yes. How did you know?

Nicole: I know the type.

Cass: You do?

Nicole: Ok. Give.

Cass: Give what?

Nicole: There is more to this story than you're telling me. I can feel it.

Cass: Oh, well, you know, there were some conditions involved in his release.

Nicole: Really? Like what? Like he has to stay with us or something? Oh.

Cass: What? What?

Nicole: Oh, Cass, you can't be serious!

Cass: Well, he doesn't have to stay with us exactly.

Nicole: Oh? Well, then exactly what does he have to do?

Cass: I sort of assumed responsibility for the kid.

Nicole: Meaning?

Cass: That he checks in with me.

Nicole: So now you're moonlighting as a parole officer?

Cass: That's one way of looking at it, yeah.

Nicole: Oh, so some criminal is going to be stopping by here to say hello every day?

Cass: Alleged criminal. He's innocent until proven -- da-da, da-da, da-da.

Nicole: I know. I know that.

Cass: Look, I couldn't let the kid go to jail. They'd kill him in there! And he has no money.

Nicole: Is this standard procedure?

Cass: Sure, sometimes.

Nicole: No, it's not.

Cass: I need to deal with this kid one-on-one until the trial, ok? He didn't do what they say.

Nicole: You sure about this?

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: He isn't dangerous, is he?

Cass: No, not at all.

[Knock on door]

Nicole: We're closed.


Cass: Uh, that's him now.


Nicole: What?

Cass: Well, first check-in is tonight. Did I forget to mention that?

Nicole: I don't believe you!


Cass: Do you want to answer it or shall I?


Sam: Boy, I tell you, I'm going to be really glad when this video match piece is in the bag.

Amanda: Sam, can I ask you a question?

Sam: No! Tim Davis cannot come have dinner with us. Uh-uh, no.

Amanda: I'm serious.

Sam: Sorry. What?

Amanda: Does it really bother you that I'm doing this story?

Sam: No.

Amanda: Let me guess -- you've been taking public speaking lessons from your brother.

Sam: No, I haven’t. Look, all I said is I'll be glad when it's over with. Look, I know how important this is to you.

Amanda: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Sam: You, my dear, are going to win that award for journalistic excellence. I'm going to be the new Keith Herring. And Alli -- she is going to be the heiress to all our brilliance.

Amanda: Ah, that sounds perfect to me.

Sam: Well, yeah, it will be. Come here.

Amanda: Did you get the mail?

Sam: Wait -- wait a second.

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: Let me get this straight. I kiss you, and you think of the mailman?

Amanda: Well, I just remembered that Caroline said you've been getting a lot of fan mail, and she made me promise that you would take care of it. I would see to it.

Sam: Whoa, the idea of you two taking care of me is very frightening.

Amanda: It's my wifely duty.

Sam: Ooh!

Amanda: Besides, I like to be involved in your success.

Sam: Fine, right. I'll go get the mail, you call Ada, tell her we're going to be just a little bit late with the baby, and -- look, are you sure this party is still going on?

Amanda: My family?

Sam: Yeah, I figured.

Amanda: Go get the mail.

Sam: I'm going, I'm going. Oh -- keys, keys?

Amanda: Keys.

Sam: See you.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello? Mom. Oh, I'm so sorry we're late. Something happened at the gallery. I had to help Sam out. What? Why are you there? Oh, my God!

Rachel: All right, darling, we'll see you soon. Sam and Amanda are on their way over. She sounds pretty upset.

Mac: Well, she and Vicky have become very good friends.

Rachel: I never understood that.

Mac: We don't know much about Vicky, Rachel, not really.

Rachel: I always think of her as the enemy because of what she did to Lisa and Jamie. But, Mac, seeing her on the gurney like that -- what if she doesn't make it?

Mac: She pulled through before. There's no reason to think that she won't this time.

Rachel: I hope so.

Mac: She's strong, like her future mother-in-law. Come here.

Matt: Maybe you should call your mom.

Josie: I don't have to check with her yet.

Matt: Listen, I'll take you home as soon as I can.

Josie: Matthew, I'll call my mom. I'm going to stay with you.

Matt: What, you don't mind?

Josie: Of course I don't mind.

Matt: Thank you. Come on. Is there anything I can do?

Mac: I don't think there's anything anyone can do except just wait.

Matt: Well, have you heard anything?

Rachel: All we know is that Vicky is unconscious.

Josie: I feel so terrible for her.

Rachel: There's nothing worse than when something goes wrong with one of your children.

Mac: Anyway, it was very nice of you to go over to Lisa before. I think she's having a rough time getting through this.

Matt: Well, I think we should call Amanda.

Rachel: I just did. They're on their way over.

Sam: Is that all your mother said?

Amanda: She's unconscious. They think it could be a concussion.

Sam: Well, ok. Did you call Ada?

Amanda: Yeah, she's expecting us. You know, Vicky was in that car accident last year.

Sam take it easy.

Amanda: She was in a coma then. What if this turns out to be --?

Sam: Amanda, listen, ok? Let's wait till we hear some concrete facts. Don't jump to conclusions.

Amanda: This poor baby -- you're sleeping. You must think we're crazy.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: Are you ok?

Amanda: I just want to get to the hospital.

Sam: All right, I'll get her bag. Relax.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Got it. Come here. Come on.

Evan: Hi.

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: We're in trouble. That ad campaign for the fanny Grady story? Well, it's in shambles. Iris wants us in "Brava," like, yesterday. Is Sam here to watch the baby?

Amanda: Oh --

Evan: What is it?

Amanda: Vicky Hudson has just been hurt. She's unconscious, and we were just on our way to the hospital.

Evan: How's your brother taking this?

Amanda: I don't know.

Sam: Hey, Evan.

Evan: I'm really sorry. I came over here on business. I had no idea what was going on.

Sam: That's ok. We got to get going. Come to daddy, Alli, all right?

Amanda: I have to take Alli over to my grandmother’s. I'm sorry, Evan, I can't go to the office now.

Evan: Of course not, of course not. Listen, why don't I drive you. Come on, I'll take you. Take your car, let's go.

Sam: Ok, let's go, let's go. Come on.

Nicole: It's nice to meet you, Reuben.

Cass: Nicole is my fiancée.

Reuben: This your place?

Nicole: Yes.

Reuben: It's not bad.

Nicole: Thank you.

Reuben: So, you live here, too?

Cass: Yes, Reuben, I live here, too. We live upstairs, and this is the main floor for the business, Nicole’s business.

Reuben: Oh, yeah? Looks like business is doing pretty good.

Nicole: This isn't a store. We don't have money here.

Reuben: None? Oh, man, and I was going to rip you off, too. Man.

Cass: Reuben, Reuben --

Reuben: No, she's the one who's acting like I got a gun in my pocket.

Nicole: No, I'm not.

Reuben: You know, I get the feeling that you ain't used to seeing too many brothers around your house.

Nicole: No.

Reuben: You know, I can be friendly when I try.

Cass: Ok, that's enough. Come on.

Reuben: Yo, man, you asked me to come here and I'm here. What's the problem?

Cass: We have a lot to talk about.

Reuben: Ok, let's talk.

Cass: Want to see the rest of the place first?

Nicole: Cass.

Reuben: Yo, lady, you think I'm going to case the joint?

Cass: You know, Reuben, sometimes I think you don't know the extent of the trouble you're in.

Reuben: I know all about it. Let's see -- there's breaking and entering, and there's possible arson. Let me tell you something, lady, all right? I didn't steal nothing from nobody, ok?

Nicole: Hey --

Reuben: Yo, will you chill out? What do you feed this woman?

Nicole: Cass, do you think this --

Reuben: I could get used to this place.

Cass: Knock it off, Reuben!

Reuben: You know, if you didn't want me to smoke, all you have to do is say, "Reuben, don't smoke."

Cass: Listen, smart guy, I'm trying to keep your life from going down the toilet! But that doesn't mean I'm going to put up with your arrogance and your big mouth! You got that?

Nicole: I have some more packing to do for my trip to Paris. Cass, I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Cass: Are you ready to talk to me like an adult now?

Reuben: I didn't mean nothing by that, man.

Cass: You can't act like that around people and expect them to think you're not a criminal!

Reuben: Yo, I didn't ask you to put up that money for me, ok?

Cass: Just don't mention that, please. Let's just think about getting you acquitted first.

Reuben: What's up with you, huh? Do you work for free or something?

Cass: No, I don't work for free.

Reuben: Then who's paying you to be my lawyer?

Cass: And I said don't worry about that.

Reuben: No, I want to worry about that. What's your angle, man?

Cass: You don't trust anybody, do you?

Reuben: Let me tell you something, all right? Where I'm from, trust will you get you laying up in the gutter without no money and shoes on your feet. You hear what I'm saying?

Cass: You're really going to make a lot of friends and influence a lot of people with that chip on your shoulder.

Reuben: Look, I just don't want to owe nobody nothing, all right?

Cass: Ok. All right. You can pay your way if you want.

Reuben: How?

Cass: Well, to start with, there's a few things I could have you do around here.

Reuben: What things? I mean, I ain't going to look too good as a model.

Cass: No, but you'd look pretty good on the end of a broom.

Reuben: You got the wrong man for that, man.

Cass: Why? What's wrong with that?

Reuben: Let me tell you something. My father, my old man -- he cleaned up for people like you, man, all of his life. All it got him was a stroke by the time he was 40.

Cass: I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

Reuben: Yeah, don't let your liberal heart bleed too much, ok, because he was a loser. He was broke.

Cass: Look, just because he didn't have any money doesn't mean he was a loser.

Reuben: What would you know about that, Winthrop?

Cass: More than you think.

[Phone rings]

Reuben: Your old lady -- she don't like me too much, does she?

Cass: I don't like you too much either, but I'm willing to give you a shot.

[Phone stops ringing]

Reuben: I'm real touched, man.

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: What?

Nicole: That was Donna. Vicky fell and she's unconscious. They're all at the hospital.

Cass: I'll take you.

Nicole: Donna sounded terrible. We have to hurry.

Cass: Ok. Uh, we'll be back as soon as we can. Make sure you clean up the place by the time we're back. And if you leave, just pull the door shut. It locks on its own, ok?

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: Just try not to worry.

Donna: Oh, what is taking Jamie so long?

Michael: Honey, it hasn't been that long.

Donna: No, no, but if Victoria were all right, he would've come out already. He would've told us something.

Michael: Honey, he's got to run tests on her. Now, tests take time.

Donna: I don't care, I don't care. Why doesn't he tell us something, anything?

Michael: Because probably he's staying by her side. He doesn't want to leave her. Honey, I don't know about you, but that gives me a lot of encouragement.

Donna: Do you really think he's taking good care of her?

Michael: He's a terrific doctor. You, of all people, ought to know that.

Donna: Michael, when I lost the baby --

Michael: No, Victoria is not going to lose her baby.

Donna: But I remember how I felt.

Michael: Honey, you've got to stay strong for Victoria.

Donna: Right. Right.

Felicia: Any word?

Michael: No, nothing yet. Excuse me.

Felicia: This is a terrible time for them.

Lisa: I know. It's my fault.

Amanda: Mom.

Mac: Darling.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: How is she?

Mac: We haven't heard anything since she was brought in. Jamie won't leave her side.

Sam: Well, what in the world happened?

Rachel: We were all at the party. Vicky and Lisa started arguing.

Amanda: Lisa? What was she doing there?

Mac: She didn't know that the party had been changed to Tops, darling.

Rachel: Vicky was trying to leave, and she tripped on the stairs and hit her head.

Mac: Evan.

Evan: Yes, I was with Sam and Amanda when they heard, and I drove them here.

Sam: Yeah, there's no change.

Evan: Well, why don't we just wait?

Amanda: How could this happen?

Rachel: It was an accident, darling.

Mac: Lisa feels awful about it.

Amanda: She should.

Mac: Darling, Vicky slipped. No one could've prevented it. We just have to pray God both of them are all right.

Donna: I -- I talked to Nicole. She's on her way over here.

Michael: Great.

Donna: Oh, and I called Bridget, too.

Michael: Oh. Well, I'm glad you did. I completely forgot about --

Donna: Michael, why doesn't someone tell us something? Just tell us –

Reuben: So what do you think of this place, huh?

Pilara: Wow. It's -- it's fancy. But how messy can you get?

Reuben: Yeah, I know. I got to clean up.

Pilara: You? You're cleaning this?

Reuben: Yeah, I know.

[Reuben grunts]

Reuben: I owe Winthrop a favor.

Pilara: Listen, I was -- I was really worried sick about you.

Reuben: Everything's fine.

Pilara: Yeah, for me, but what about you?

Reuben: I'm fine, too, ok?

Pilara: You told them that I had nothing to do with what happened at Mary’s place.

Reuben: And you didn't, and you got to keep telling yourself that until you believe it.

Pilara: I know. It's just that nobody ever done anything like that for me before.

Reuben: Pilara, I told you I was going to take care of you, didn't I?

Pilara: Well, what happens to you now?

Reuben: Well, Winthrop got me out on bail.

Pilara: You mean he paid it?

Reuben: Yeah. Can you believe that?

Pilara: No, not really.

Reuben: Yeah, he says he wants to help me out or something.

Pilara: Well, do you trust him?

Reuben: Maybe.

Pilara: Well, tell me everything that he told you! I mean, what's going to happen next?

Reuben: Well, first he's going to try to get the charges dropped. And if that doesn't work, then we go to trial.

Pilara: Oh, Reuben.

Reuben: Look, it's ok, all right? I didn't set the fire. Winthrop's going to get me out of it.

Pilara: How?

Reuben: He's my lawyer.

Pilara: Yeah, but --

Reuben: Look, I don't want to talk about it no more, all right? I'm really glad to see you.

Pilara: I'm happy to see you, too.

Reuben: You know, this place is nice. I could get used to this. My place. I love this.

Pilara: You wish.

Reuben: No. I got to stay out here now. That's part of the agreement with the bail. From now on, I got to hang out with Winthrop and check in.

Pilara: You know, I was wondering if Mrs. McKinnon might be back from her trip yet.

Reuben: She might be. Why don't you check it out?

Pilara: I can’t.

Reuben: Why not?

Pilara: Mr. McKinnon keeps looking at me funny. He knows we did it.

Reuben: He doesn't know nothing. We left the money, Pilara, remember?

Pilara: Yeah, but the fire --

Reuben: I didn't set it, and you know it.

Pilara: Yeah.

Reuben: Well, don't you just love this place? I love this. This is fresh.

Pilara: Everything is just so -- so beautiful.

Reuben: You know, you'd look really good in something like that.

Pilara: Check it out -- "success dress, by Nicole Love." Wow. This is like -- this is something, isn't it?

Reuben: Someday, I promise.

Jamie: She's stabilized.

Donna: Is she conscious?

Jamie: Not yet. We did an ultrasound, and the baby appears to be fine.

Donna: Oh --

Jamie: We're still waiting for the results of the CAT scan, but we're reasonably sure that that will turn out to be ok, too.

Michael: Well, what about Victoria?

Jamie: Well, her blood pressure is high, but that's to be expected. She has a tendency toward that.

Donna: But the baby's all right?

Jamie: As far as we can tell, yes.

Michael: What about Victoria, though? How long before she regains consciousness?

Jamie: I have no idea.

Donna: Jamie, she could lose the baby, though?

Jamie: Donna, it's too early to tell. So far her system is supporting the baby.

Donna: Well, it just has to! I mean, this baby means everything to her!

Michael: Honey -- honey, it's ok. Jamie, the coma that she had last year -- does that make any difference here? Will that affect this?

Jamie: It shouldn’t. She was in good health all this time.

Rachel: How long before you find out the result of the test?

Jamie: Soon, soon. The lab is backed up right now.

Jamie: I'm sorry. It's just that I'm trying to be objective about this, but it's Vicky and it's our baby. I'm sorry.

Mac: Jamie, do you think you should be handling this?

Jamie: I have to be in there. But they've brought in a specialist and he's very good.

Donna: Good.

Michael: Jamie, can we see her?

Jamie: You and Donna can go in for a few minutes. But don't stay long, and don't disturb her even if it looks like she's beginning to wake up.

Donna: All right.

Michael: Thank you.

Donna: Thank you.

Jamie: She needs all of her strength now.

Michael: She looks so peaceful.

Donna: Baby? It's your mom and your dad. We're right here with you, and so is everyone else that we called. We love you so much.

Rachel: Jamie?

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: I'll just stay for a few minutes, all right?

Jamie: No, it's ok.

Rachel: Nicole and Cass have arrived. Bridget is out there, too.

Jamie: There's a lot of people who love Vicky.

Rachel: Including you?

Jamie: I wonder if she knows that.

Rachel: Darling, if you really feel that way, she'll feel it. Nicole would like to come in for a few minutes.

Jamie: In a little while.

Rachel: All right. I'll go now.

Jamie: Mom? Can you stay with me for a while?

Rachel: Of course.

Jamie: I hate not being able to do anything. I go through it all the time with my patients, but this -- this is -- this is worse.

Rachel: It's the way I feel when anything awful happens to one of you. I wish I could do something.

Jamie: You know, I feel little kicks every now and then.

Rachel: That's good.

Jamie: That makes me feel better.

Rachel: I'm sure it does.

Jamie: I really care about her.

Rachel: Do you really, sweetie?

Jamie: I never knew how much until tonight. I guess that sounds awful, doesn't it?

Rachel: No, it doesn’t. It just sounds honest.

Jamie: Something terrible had to happen. Something terrible had to happen for me to learn how much I love her.

Rachel: Don't -- don't be so hard on yourself. It's not that simple.

Jamie: Everything has been hard for Vicky and me from the very beginning.

Rachel: Darling, your love can help pull her through this. Your love will help both of them.

Jamie: I wish there was more I could do.

Rachel: Love is prayer, Jamie. That's enough. I've been so hard on Vicky because of what she did with you and Lisa. But also, she reminds me of myself before I met Mac. I didn't like the comparison, and then Mac said something to me the other day.

Jamie: What did Mac say?

Rachel: He said she reminded him of me.

Jamie: And what did you say to that?

Rachel: I disagreed, of course.

Jamie: Of course.

Rachel: But no matter what I think about her, if she really loves you even half as much as I do, she's all right.

Jamie: I'm scared, Mom.

Donna: Bridget, I am so glad you're here.

Bridget: How is -- how's Marley taking it?

Michael: Well, actually, we decided not to break it to her until we know something definite.

Michael: Bridget, would you like -- would you like a cup of tea or something?

Bridget: Oh, no, thank you. Do you know, I'm usually the one that does that?

Michael: I know. That's why I asked.

Bridget: Well, I'm fine, really. I just -- I just don't want to be too far away in case Victoria needs me, you know?

Donna: You have always been so good to her, especially when I couldn’t.

Bridget: I hope you won't be offended, Ms. Donna, but, you see, I always think of her as my child, too, you know?

Donna: I don't mind at all because I know it's the truth. And you never stood in my way when she came back to me. I'll never forget that. Come on, let's sit.

Mac: I was just with Matt and Josie in the cafeteria. I tried to talk them into going home, but I couldn’t. Matthew's being very stubborn.

Felicia: Well, I know where he gets that from.

Mac: He's quite worried about you, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh, I'm all right.

Mac: Since I couldn't convince my son to go home and rest, maybe I could talk.

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