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[Phone rings]

Vicky: All right. All right, all right. Hello? Yeah, this is Vicky. Oh, hi, Dr. Peterson. What -- well, no, the due date can't be later. We just -- I already had the sonogram. Well, I don't care about the examination. It's just that the baby couldn't have been conceived after that because the last time Jamie and I made love was --

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Hi. Who's that?

Sharlene: Thank you so much for coming out, Rachel.

Rachel: Well, you sounded concerned, Sharlene. Is there a problem?

Sharlene: Yes -- um -- Rachel, I misplaced -- well, I lost --

Rachel: Lost what?

Sharlene: Your necklace.

Rachel: My necklace?

Sharlene: The one you loaned me.

Rachel: Well, Sharlene, it's -- it's at the jewelers, right?

Sharlene: No, no. Jason made that up to give me time to look for it. Rachel, I am sorry.

Rachel: You're sorry? Sharlene, do you have any idea of how much that necklace cost?

Sharlene: A lot. I'm sure a --

Rachel: Thousands. How do you plan to pay it back?

Sharlene: I canít.

Rachel: What do you mean, you can't?

Sharlene: I -- I canít. Rachel, I would give you everything I have and that wouldn't even come close to covering it.

Rachel: Well, then, Sharlene, I don't have any choice. I'm going to have to turn you over to the police.

Sharlene: The police?

Rachel: Yes. You and your daughter.

Sharlene: No -- no -- no --

Jason: "No, no." What do you mean, "No"?

Sharlene: No --

Jason: Sharlie, what are you talking about, "no"?

Sharlene: Oh, Jason -- Jason, Rachel Cory could ruin me. And it's all my fault.

Vivien: Mr. Evan bates has come to call.

Iris: Oh, Evan.

Evan: Hello, iris.

Vivien: Can I get you folks something?

Iris: No, that'll be all. Thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: I could rustle up a samovar of tea.

Iris: You could just rustle yourself right out of here, thank you.

Vivien: Yes, ma'am.

Iris: Evan?

Evan: Hey, what's going on? You sounded so urgent on the phone.

Iris: Oh, Jason Frame rang me this morning.

Evan: Well, what does that mean?

Iris: Well, he's threatened to disclose me again. He said he'd tell everyone I was the chief.

Evan: I thought you took care of that.

Iris: I thought I did, too. But he's putting the squeeze on me again, and this time he's got the perfect scenario.

Evan: What does he have in mind? What --

Iris: He's going to make his filthy announcement at the engagement party.

Evan: All right, what do you want me to do?

Iris: I want you to deliver this to him.

Evan: What is it?

Iris: It's a contract, the spa contract -- with a generous bonus for Jason, of course. I want you to make sure he signs it.

Evan: What about if he doesn't?

Iris: Well, he will. Money talks and Jason always listens.

Mac: Evan.

Evan: Oh, hello, Mac.

Mac: Did you bring something over for my signature?

Felicia: Ok, why don't you tell me more about this guy?

Lisa: Well, he's a pilot.

Felicia: You're kidding.

Lisa: No, and he's -- he's very charming.

Felicia: Is he?

Lisa: At least he sounded that way on the phone.

Felicia: Ok -- what else?

Lisa: Well, let's see -- we talked a lot on the phone.

Felicia: Did you?

Lisa: Um -- oh, he said he's very together.

Felicia: "Together"?

Lisa: Well, you know, centered.

Felicia: He's centered?

Lisa: It means he has no neuroses.

Felicia: What it means is that he's boring.

Lisa: He's not boring.

Felicia: That was a little joke, honey.

Lisa: It wasn't funny.

Felicia: I'm sorry. Really, I'm sure he's fine, really, fine.

Lisa: I think he's terrific.

Felicia: Then why is he resorting to a video dating service?

Lisa: I'm resorting to a video dating service.

Felicia: You don't have to, though.

Lisa: Why are you being so negative about this?

Felicia: I'm not being negative! I just don't understand what the hurry is. Why don't you give yourself some time to -- to heal?

Lisa: I don't want time. I want to be busy.

Felicia: You have to be busy with a man?

Lisa: Felicia, my apartment is full of memories of Jamie. I can't take it anymore. I need to replace him!

Felicia: Honey, this is not like you're replacing some broken-down sofa!

Lisa: I am sick and tired of sitting around fantasizing about what might have been.

Felicia: Oh, darling, you don't have to sit around. See, you can come over here, we can go to dinner, we can go to the movies.

Lisa: Oh, I'm sure Mitch will love that.

Felicia: He wouldn't mind.

Lisa: I would mind. I don't want to be a supporting player in everybody else's life.

Felicia: Oh, you're such a brat! Are you really that determined to do this?

Lisa: Yes, I am. I'm going out on a date, I'm going to have dinner, I'm going dancing!

Felicia: And there's nothing I can do to stop you?

Lisa: No, there isn't, so just smile and wish me luck.

Felicia: I wish you luck. I'm not going to smile until you get home and you phone me. I want to know everything that happens.

[Knock on door]

Felicia: God forbid, he should maul you in any way.

Lisa: I'll get that!

Felicia: I mean it, Lisa.

[Lisa sighs]

Felicia: I mean it.

Lisa: Donna.

Donna: Lisa. Nice to see you.

Lisa: Thanks.

Donna: You have a nice new year's?

Lisa: Oh, not really. Thanks for the talk.

Felicia: Yeah, a lot of good it did me.

Lisa: I love you!

Felicia: I love you, too. Call me.

Lisa: Bye.

Donna: Sorry.

Lisa: Excuse me.

Donna: Oh, she didn't leave on my account, did she?

Felicia: It's all right, Donna. What do you want?

Donna: I know that Ada spoke to you.

Felicia: Yes, she did.

Donna: Felicia, I know that there have been some bad feelings between us lately, but -- but we were friends once. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need your help.

Evan: It's a company memo. It's minor paperwork. It's really nothing for you to bother about, sir.

Mac: You sure?

Evan: Well, that's right. It's --

Iris: Oh, yeah, that's right. Oh, are we going to have a wonderful time at this party tonight?

Evan: Well, why don't I just get going, I'll let you two get ready?

Mac: Oh, Evan, I just realized I haven't congratulated you yet.

Evan: About what?

Mac: "About what?" Your financial coup, that's what.

Iris: The yen, Evan, the yen. The whole $10 million worth.

[Evan speaks Japanese]

Mac: You're far too modest, Evan.

Evan: Thank you.

Iris: Yes, my friends on Wall Street rang me immediately. They were very impressed.

Mac: We've put out feelers to the Japanese before, never with any success.

Evan: Well, I think you just need the right approach.

Mac: What you did was so unorthodox, I'd hardly call it an approach.

Iris: Well, it worked.

Mac: Brilliantly. Cory stands to make a handsome profit. Thank you, Evan.

Evan: Thank you.

Iris: And you stand to make a handsome bonus, Evan.

Mac: Absolutely.

Evan: Well, that's good for you. You know, money never was the consideration, never is.

Mac: Well, what was?

Evan: The game -- outthinking the other guy, taking a chance, putting myself on the line.

Iris: Well, it looks like you just saved yourself a big bonus, Daddy.

[Mac laughs]

Evan: Wait, wait, let's not get too hasty here.

Iris: Well, I'm on my way out, too. I'll walk you out.

Evan: Thank you.

Iris: I'll see you at the party tonight, Daddy?

Mac: All right. See you.

Iris: Bye.

Evan: See you, Mac.

Mac: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Oh, there you are! I've been calling all over for you!

Mac: I love that dress!

Rachel: Oh, do you? I don't know. I haven't decided --

Mac: You look beautiful, darling.

Rachel: Oh, rats.

Mac: Here, I'll get it.

Rachel: Oh, what's the matter with these earrings?

Mac: Rachel --

Rachel: They make these clasps so small, you know?

Mac: Rachel --

Rachel: Maybe it's my earlobe.

Mac: Tonight we're going to have fun, darling.

Rachel: "Fun"?

Mac: Engagement parties are usually great fun, yes.

Rachel: Unless they're total disasters!

Mac: Darling, please.

Rachel: "Please" what?

Mac: Please, just try to be a little more calm.

Rachel: Calm? My son is about to ruin his life, and you want me to be calm?

Vicky: Um -- yeah, I -- I understand. Ok, well, I don't really feel like talking about this right now, so I'll call you back, all right?

Jamie: So, who was that?

Vicky: Um -- Marley. All she thinks about is having a baby.

Jamie: I know. I think about it, too.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: So tonight's the big night, huh?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Are you excited?

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Jamie: You don't look it.

Vicky: Well -- uh -- there's been a problem.

Jamie: Oh, yeah? What?

Vicky: Uh -- Cafe Paradise can't have a party.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Yeah. Ada called my mom today and said that the chef quit this morning.

Jamie: Tonight's the party!

Vicky: I know, but don't worry about it because my mom called all the guests and -- and told them that the party would be at Tops.

Jamie: Tops?

Vicky: Yeah. You have a problem with that?

Jamie: Why Tops?

Vicky: Well, because it's the only place that could handle a party this big on such short notice.

Jamie: Nonsense. There are plenty of restaurants besides tops.

Vicky: Is all this because you and Lisa announced your engagement at Tops?

Jamie: Oh, Vicky, please don't start, ok?

Vicky: Well, it is, isn't it?

Jamie: All right, yeah. It makes me uncomfortable. Is that hard to understand? Does it make me into a bad guy or something?

Vicky: Can't -- can't you just put it out of your mind for one night?

Jamie: What does Felicia think about this?

Vicky: I don't know!

Jamie: There's got to be another restaurant.

Vicky: All right, how about the rubble of Maryís place? That would be fitting, wouldn't it -- a ruin, a perfect place to celebrate our engagement, huh?

Jamie: Skip the sarcasm.

Vicky: You know, I've been doing all of this, Jamie! I've put up with my mother and all her plans and you haven't given a damn, and all of the sudden you walk in the door and you start telling me that I've done everything wrong?

Jamie: This could have been postponed!

Vicky: Well, why don't we postpone the whole damn thing, all right?

Jamie: Fine! I'm getting out of here! Call me when you're reasonable!

Michael: Honey, what happened?

Sharlene: Ada -- Ada, I am real good with a needle and thread, you know that, and I'm a lot cheaper.

Jason: Yeah --

Sharlene: No -- Ada, I understand. They're floor-to-ceiling drapes, right? I can handle that. I'd have them ready in plenty of time for your reopening. The -- Ada, that is really good of you. Oh, all right, all right, I'll be by later on and pick them up later. All right, thank you so much. Ada, thank you so much. Bye.

Jason: [Irish accent] Thank you, Ada. Oh, bless you, Ada. You are a saint, Ada.

Sharlene: What's your problem, Jason?

Jason: [Normal voice] I hate to hear my sister groveling to a Cory!

Sharlene: Look, the Cafe Paradise needs drapes, I need the money. What's the problem?

Jason: You didn't have to beg her for it.

Sharlene: Don't start, ok? Please.

Jason: You should've heard yourself.

Sharlene: Jason, Rachelís necklace is lost. I have done everything I know to find it! I've retraced Josieís steps. I have called everyone I know. I need all the money I can get my hands on.

Jason: You would have to sew miles and miles of drapes to pay for it. I told you -- I got a deal in the fire.

Sharlene: Jason, I should never have borrowed it. It was stupid to borrow something that expensive. Some society lady --

Jason: You're not listening to me!

Sharlene: What, what?

Jason: I got a deal. If it goes through, I can take care of it for you.

Sharlene: None of your deals, I'm not interested.

Jason: This is on the up and up.

Sharlene: I want no part of it.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Hey, John! Come in.

John: Hey, Jason. I just came by to check on the patient.

Sharlene: Patient's -- the patient is doing just fine.

Donna: Well, you know, it's very important to grow and change every day.

Felicia: Right.

Donna: Otherwise, you just stagnate and keep making the same old mistakes over and over again, fall into the same traps. I mean, you don't want to live your life like that, do you?

Felicia: Right.

Donna: Right, right. So we just have to open our eyes a little bit wider and not make those same mistakes, and become more tolerant of people and love each other more, and -- and have the faith in the ability that we could help each other through our problems.

Felicia: Donna, what do you want?

Donna: I want to have Jamie and Victoriaís engagement party at Tops.

Felicia: No.

Donna: Just "no"?

Felicia: No, not "just no. No. ď

Donna: But, Felicia, I don't think you understand here. We're not talking about a big celebration. It would be the families, and -- and it's an important effort here to -- to make peace with one another.

Felicia: Well, you know, that sounds so noble, and maybe I'm just a little confused because, you see, I don't remember you trying to make peace, that -- that it'd be one of your major priorities.

Donna: Look, I -- I'm very sorry about everything that's happened with Lisa, truly. But we can't do anything about that now. We have to concentrate and think about Jamie and Victoria.

Felicia: "We"?

Donna: Look -- look, they have an opportunity at a life together with their baby. Please, can't you just help me out here just this one time? I mean, just think about an innocent child here, if nothing else -- and also the fact that Victoria does own Love Tower. So you'll -- you'll do it?

Felicia: You're something, Donna. Well, since you put it that way --

[Knock on door]

Felicia: I'm sure that the Love Tower and Tops will be available to you tonight.


Donna: Oh, good. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Felicia: Don't, donít.

Donna: Right. Uh -- you better get that.

Felicia: Well, now. Wouldn't you know it? So, you decided to bring reinforcements?

Iris: Uh-oh. I see you've consented to the engagement party.

Donna: Yes, yes! Felicia is being very generous.

Iris: I'm sure Felicia has too much class to say no.

Felicia: And if I don't have enough class, you are here to make sure it happened, right?

Iris: Look, I came on a business matter.

Felicia: Right. So, Donna, I assume you want to talk about the menu, don't you?

Donna: Oh. Well, that's -- that won't be necessary. I -- I've already spoken to the chef.

Felicia: Yeah, of course you have.

Donna: Yeah, well, Felicia, I knew that you would help me out here.

Felicia: Right.

Donna: You have such a good heart.

Felicia: Of course.

Donna: And I -- I'd better be going now. Thank you, again, for everything.

Iris: Donna, why don't you just go home and don't worry? Just look after Vicky, ok?

Donna: Well, I think that's really a wonderful idea. I know that Victoriaís nervous right now.

Iris: Yeah, I'm sure. Hey, why don't you send Michael down to Tops? I'm sure he and I will get the party together.

Mac: What we have to do is start fresh.

Rachel: With Vicky?

Mac: We have to look at her good points, Rachel.

Rachel: That won't take very long.

Mac: Rachel, she obviously loves Jamie very much.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, I can't get by the idea that she probably did this to use him.

Mac: She could hardly have gotten pregnant by herself, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm not convinced this is Jamieís baby!

Mac: Oh, Rachel --

Rachel: Mac, it happens!

Mac: It is Jamieís child. He has admitted responsibility. He has accepted it. He has made his choice, now we must stand by it.

Rachel: Of course we're going to stand by him. He heeds us more than ever now.

Mac: And I think with a little faith and a lot of love, everything's going to turn out all right, sweetheart.

Vivien: Excuse me?

Rachel: Yes, Vivien?

Vivien: Just wanted to make sure you got your message.

Rachel: What message?

Vivien: You didn't?

Mac: Well, we won't know if we did or we didn't until we know what the message is, Vivien.

Vivien: Oh. It's about the engagement party. Mrs. Hudson called. She said it's going to be held at Tops, not the Cafe Paradise.

Rachel: Wait a minute, are you sure?

Vivien: That's what she said this morning.

Mac: Tops? Vicky is holding her engagement party at Feliciaís restaurant?

Rachel: What is happening now?

Jason: John, wind kicking up out there?

John: Yeah, yeah, it is a little.

Jason: I should probably check the barn and see if everything's battened down.

John: Good idea.

Jason: Yeah.

John: You running a little late?

Sharlene: For what?

John: Engagement party.

Sharlene: Oh, I -- I'm not going.

John: Why not?

Sharlene: I -- I just can't get away. I --

John: Oh, come on, Sharlene. You really think that a couple of extra hours of fun are going to mess things up that badly?

Sharlene: Yes, I'm afraid so. Tonight, yes. I'm -- I'm sorry. I took on a little extra work and I just -- I can't get away.

John: Sharlene, does it ever occur to you that maybe you take on all this extra work to avoid having fun?

Sharlene: That doesn't make sense, John.

John: Well, maybe I'm missing the point here.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

John: I don't know. What, are you trying to avoid me?

Sharlene: John, I'm -- I have --

John: Because if that is it, I -- I mean, if that is the reason, I -- I sure wish you'd tell me.

Evan: Hello, Jason.

Jason: You always like to sneak up on a guy like that?

Evan: Well, do you always eavesdrop on your own family?

Jason: I'm not eavesdropping. I got molding strips that are leaking cold air.

Evan: Oh, yeah, it looks really good. You do really professional work.

Jason: Hey -- contractor, you know? I do very good work. Come on, I got some other molding stuff to check out.

Evan: Well, I think all these things can wait.

Jason: What do you want?

Evan: Well, I'd like to talk to you.

Jason: About what? Talk. Don't beat around the bush. What is it?

Evan: Something for you.

Jason: A contract.

Evan: It is. It's signed by Iris.

Jason: The chief? Well, let's see how much she really values her old man's love.

Iris: Well, here it is.

Felicia: I don't really like that picture. Do you?

Iris: Oh, why? I think it's wonderful. "Beginning next month, a sobering look at a brave and fascinating woman. Felicia Gallant -- wife, author, talk-show host, restaurateur. Read this remarkable woman's inspiring rags-to-riches story in next month's issue of 'Brava.'" Well, you like it?

Felicia: Well, I think it's a little bit much.

Iris: Why?

Felicia: Well, "remarkable" and "inspiring" and "brave"? I sound a little like mother Teresa.

Iris: Listen, your public absolutely adore you, and we want to get as much publicity out of this story as we possibly can.

Felicia: Oh, now, I don't want to do any interviews, Iris. I donít.

Iris: You won't? Oh, well, you have got to do interviews, but you don't have to run all over the place. What we're going to do is we're going to have a huge, multimedia press reception on your birthday in February. I mean, this is a milestone year for you, isn't it?

Felicia: How did you know that?

Iris: Well, Daddy told me the little secret. Of course, if you worry about it, we will not mention your age.

Felicia: Oh, if you don't mention it, I certainly will -- I'm 40. I'm very proud of that.

[Door opens]

Donna: Oh -- oh, hi! Listen --

Michael: Shh, shh, shh, shh!

Donna: Everything is all set at Tops -- what?

Michael: Look.

Donna: What, she's asleep?

Michael: Out like a light.

Donna: Michael, this isn't like Victoria.

Michael: Well, I know --

Donna: I mean, when she's excited, she -- you can't even make her sit still.

Michael: She and Jamie had a little fight.

Donna: They had a fight? About what?

Michael: I don't know. She wouldn't tell me.

Donna: If he's out to ruin this party, if he thinks --

Michael: No, Donna, come on, calm down. They're just getting a little nervous, that's all.

Donna: Oh, I'm -- I'm sure you're right. I'm sure that's exactly what it is. Oh, it's just that my poor baby -- I mean, Michael, she's been through so much.

Michael: Honey, our "baby" is about to have a baby of her own.

Donna: I know. I just hope she's ready for it.

Michael: Well, we'll be here for her.

Donna: Well, Jamie had better be here for her, too.

Michael: Now, now, now, now, now. People fight, ok, that's life.

Donna: Right.

Michael: Now, are you going to stay and help her get ready?

Donna: Oh, oh, yes. And, listen, I just want to say thank you for taking care of the party at Tops. I really want this to be a perfect evening for her.

Michael: Well, I'm -- I'm sure that it will be.

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: Felicia was really nice to agree to all this.

Donna: Yes -- uh -- yes, she was. Oh, listen, the florist will be there any moment, and I want to make sure that there are fresh-cut flowers, you know, for when the cake is presented, that they're around the cake. The chef knows about all of that, he'll show you that. Iris has already got the seating chart arranged.

Michael: Wait a minute, you got all this done since you talked to Felicia?

Donna: Well, I actually did a little bit before. I --

Michael: Donna, I --

Donna: Michael --

Michael: Donna --

Donna: Desperate times, desperate measures. Now, come on! Don't do this to me.

Michael: I'll see you there.

Donna: All right. Thank you.

Michael: Bye.

Donna: I love you. Oh. Oh, my daughter deserves nothing but the very, very best.

["Our house" plays]

[Baby cries]

Vicky: Oh. Oh, baby, please don't cry. All I have to do is -- is wash your diapers and -- and warm your bottle and do the laundry and set the table and -- and make some dinner and -- and vacuum and -- oh --

[Baby cries]

Vicky: Oh, sweetie. Sweetie, please don't cry. It's ok, please don't cry. I -- I'm just busy.

Please, baby. Oh -- ok, we're going to get right back --

Jamie: Hello, darling.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie.

Oh, Jamie, hold me please.

Jamie: What's wrong, honey?

Vicky: Oh, I'm so tired.

[Baby cries]

Jamie: Oh, listen, maybe you need some sleep.

Vicky: I can't, not with all this crying.

Jamie: Oh, you'll get used to it.

Vicky: Oh.

Jamie: I have to go. I do, I'm sorry.

Vicky: Where?

Jamie: I have to go to work.

Vicky: But you just got back from work, Jamie!

Jamie: That was my doctor job. Now I have to go to my police job --

Vicky: Your what?

Jamie: With Lisa, yes.

[Baby cries]

Lisa: Are you ready, Jamie?

Vicky: Lisa.

Lisa: Vicky, you look so bad.

Vicky: Well, I'm tired!

Lisa: Well, you should get right into bed and get some sleep.

Vicky: Well, I can't, not without your help, Jamie. Jamie, please, please stay here tonight?

Jamie: I'm sorry. This is important. Right, Lisa?

Lisa: It's urgent.

Vicky: Well, what about me and the baby, Jamie?

Lisa: "What about me and the baby?" "What about me and the baby?" It isn't even his baby! Why should he stay with you?

[Baby cries]

Vicky: No, Jamie, no! No! No!

Donna: Honey, what --

Vicky: No, it's not --

Donna: What is it?

Vicky: It's not true! It's not true. Oh, Mom, it's not true!

Donna: What, baby?

Donna: Honey, what -- what is it? Are you all right? What --

Vicky: I had a dream. And there was Jamie and -- and the baby. And Lisa, she's -- she's --

Donna: What? What did she say?

Vicky: I don't want to talk about -- I don't want to talk about this.

Donna: Well, honey -- honey, you know, sometimes it might make you feel better if you talk about it.

Vicky: Uh-uh. Nothing can make me feel better.

Donna: This is supposed to be a happy time for you. You have your engagement party tonight.

Vicky: It's all a farce!

Donna: What?

Vicky: The celebration, the engagement party -- it's all -- it's too much. It's just too much.

Donna: Honey, what are you talking about?

Vicky: What is there to celebrate, Mom?

Donna: Well, I'll tell you what there is to celebrate! My daughter is getting married, and I am so proud of her!

Vicky: Proud? You're proud that your daughter got knocked up by Jamie, and now she's got to marry him, huh?

Donna: Don't -- don't talk like that, please.

Vicky: I'm telling the truth. Why should I parade myself around, pretending that everything's just wonderful and perfect?

Donna: So are you just saying you -- you want to cancel the party?

Vicky: I don't know how I can show my face.

Donna: Because you are a fighter, and a fighter shows up there and shows their face. Running and hiding is only going to make people think that you have something to be ashamed of.

Vicky: Well, maybe I do.

Donna: You do not! You are so much better than any of those people that are going to show up there tonight.

Vicky: I certainly don't feel like it.

Donna: You listen to me. You are going to have a wonderful time at that party. This is your night, and nothing is going to take that away from you. You're going to walk into that room with your head held high, and you're going to look at everybody right in the eye and let them know how proud you are. How proud you are to be Victoria Hudson, and you are going to show them that Jamie is the luckiest man in the world to have you.

Vicky: Is he?

Donna: Yes! Yes, of course he is because you are beautiful and you're alive and exciting and you are so loving. And I dare them to find anybody who could possibly love Jamie Frame as much as you.

Vicky: I love him so much. I can take care of everything --

Donna: Yes.

Vicky: Everything.

Donna: What -- what is it, honey? Are you all right?

Vicky: Um -- I'm fine. Uh -- are Jake and Marley going to be there tonight?

Donna: Oh, well, I spoke to Marley earlier. Honey, she really does want to be there, but the doctor rather advised her against it. It's just too soon.

Vicky: Oh, no, I understand. She's gone through so much to get pregnant.

Donna: Well, you know what? Both of my daughters are going to have the happiness that they deserve.

Vicky: Thanks. Thanks, Mom.

Donna: For what?

Vicky: For helping me feel better.

Donna: Oh, did -- oh, well, I -- I hear that that's what mothers are supposed to do.

Vicky: Oh, really?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Oh, well, I'll have to remember that.

Donna: Well, listen, honey, you better get dressed!

Vicky: Oh, yeah.

Donna: I want you to look gorgeous tonight!

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: And, Victoria, I just want you to remember that, you know, your father and I, we will always be by your side.

Vicky: Thanks.

Donna: Go get dressed, now.

Vicky: Oh -- gone. Bye.

[Piano plays]

Jamie: So -- so, great-Grandma is -- she's working like crazy, huh?

Rachel: Oh, you know mom -- she wants to do everything herself.

Mac: And what she doesn't do, she supervises.

Jamie: Yeah, she's something else, isn't she? Well, listen, I'm -- I'm sorry I brought you here so early.

Rachel: Oh --

Mac: You know me -- I hate being late.

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: Well -- um -- it's always a beautiful view when you come to Tops.

Mac: Yeah, spectacular.

Jamie: Oh, now, we're not going to start talking about the view now, are we?

Rachel: I guess we shouldn't, huh?

Jamie: We talked about everything else -- the weather, the -- the inauguration, what the weather's going to be like at the inauguration.

Rachel: Sorry.

Jamie: It's -- no, it's not your fault, Mom. It's just -- just the way things are right now, that's all.

Mac: What do you mean, Jamie?

Jamie: They're tense, Mac. Everybody's tense.

Rachel: Everybody?

Jamie: Vicky and I are, that's for sure.

Mac: It'll pass.

Jamie: I'm sort of hoping this dinner would be mercifully short, but knowing Donna --

Rachel: Well, we're going to have to grin and bear it.

Mac: Oh, it won't be so bad.

Lisa: Yeah, well, we finally got some time to talk.

Jamie: And then we realized that what we wanted was to be together.

Lisa: Always.

Jamie: Yeah, not so bad.

John: Was it the fire at Maryís place? Was that it?

Sharlene: What are you talking about?

John: Is that when you realized what you were getting into?

Sharlene: John, you saved my life.

John: I froze, Sharlene. I couldn't move. Hardly confidence-inspiring, was it?

Sharlene: You saved my life.

John: I wouldn't have had to if I could've moved sooner.

Sharlene: John, the fire was not your fault. Just like whatever happened in Vietnam wasn't your fault.

John: Thousands of other guys were there, Sharlene. They got over it.

Sharlene: No, no, don't do this to yourself, not because of me. Whatever has happened tonight, it has nothing to do with you.

John: I feel stuck. I -- I feel confused and I feel ashamed.

Sharlene: John Hudson, you're a fine man, and everyone thinks so. Now, I care for you, and you are darn wrong if you think I donít. So tonight, the way I am, I told you it has nothing to do with you.

John: Maybe we just started out a little too fast, Sharlene. Maybe we should just cool it, be more cautious, take it one step at a time. Maybe that's what we should do. I'll talk to you.

Sharlene: But I don't think you understand. John -- John --

Jason: Let him go, let him go.

Sharlene: Not this --

Jason: Hey, a deal has come through. Wait till you hear it. It will solve everything, Sharlie.

Sharlene: John Ė

[Piano plays]

Iris: Pretty card.

Michael: You're wearing the ring I gave you.

Iris: Yes.

Michael: Doesn't make much sense.

Iris: Women I love never make much sense.

Michael: You do not love me.

Iris: Don't I?

Michael: Iris, you have nothing but contempt for me. Why the charade?

Iris: Oh, that's sad, Michael, that's so sad.

Michael: What is sad, Iris?

Iris: You used to know me so well.

Michael: "Used to," yes, but maybe not so well.

Iris: We were as close as a man and woman could be.

Michael: I'm getting really sick and tired of this, Iris.

Iris: So you're going to tell Donna about us?

Michael: Oh, yes, I am.

Iris: When?

Michael: Tonight, right after this party.

Man: Excuse me.

Rachel: Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, hi, honey. How's it going here?

Rachel: Oh, yeah, well --

Felicia: What? What's wrong?

Rachel: Nothing. Oh -- oh, it's nothing. Listen, we couldn't have done this without your help.

Felicia: Could've called it off.

Rachel: It's a thought.

Felicia: Huh.

Rachel: I don't think we'll be able to, though.

Felicia: Yeah.

Rachel: I think it's going through.

Felicia: I figured that much.

Rachel: I keep wishing that Lisa would come through those elevator doors with her hair and --

Felicia: And Jamie would see her and drop Vicky like a hot potato.

Rachel: It's not going to happen.

Felicia: No, it's not. Lisa's not going to come off that elevator tonight. In fact, you know, she's out on a date.

Rachel: Is she really?

Felicia: Yeah, yeah.

Rachel: Good for her!

Felicia: Yeah, she wants to take charge of her life. She says she's not going to change her mind about that.

Michael: You're going to --

Mac: Iris, excuse me. I wonder if you'd mind if I borrowed Michael for a moment.

Iris: Oh, I don't know. Is it men-talk?

Mac: Prospective father-in-law talk. I do consider Jamie my son.

Michael: That you do, Mac.

Iris: Well, we were just talking about how close we're getting -- the Hudsonís and the Cory's.

Michael: Mac, would you like to go sit at the bar and talk?

Mac: Sure. Right --

Iris: Oh, no, no. I'll leave you. I'll just disappear.

Mac: Thank you. Well, I just wanted to say I -- I think this marriage is going to work, that I want it very much to work.

Michael: Thank you, Mac. Me, too.

Mac: Jamie's going to make her a very fine husband, I have no doubt of that.

Michael: Well, Jamie is -- he's a good man.

Mac: And Vicky is a very special young woman, spirited.

Michael: Ha! To say the least, yes.

Mac: She reminds me very much of my daughter.

Michael: Well, I think probably that's why Amanda and Vicky have become such good friends.

Mac: Oh, no, I -- I meant Iris.

Michael: Oh.

Mac: She has that same fiery spirit, and she also has a side of herself that no one sees, a side that's very easily hurt.

Michael: Well, maybe that's a side that only fathers see, Mac.

Mac: Perhaps. Anyway, they know how to take care of themselves. They don't let those hurtful things stop them.

Jamie: I was just calling you.

Vicky: Oh -- thank you -- well, I'm here.

Jamie: Yeah, I can see that.

Donna: Um -- listen, I have to check on some things in the kitchen. I'll be right back.

Vicky: Bye.

Jamie: Vicky, you look -- you look beautiful.

Vicky: You look beautiful, too, Jamie.

Jamie: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Vicky: I'm sorry.

Jamie: No, really, really, I -- it was my fault.

Vicky: No, it wasnít.

Jamie: I acted like a jerk.

Vicky: You didnít. Really, I did, and --

Jamie: Hey, hey, hey -- isn't this how that argument started?

Vicky: Yeah, sort of.

Jamie: Look, I don't want to fight.

Vicky: I hate it.

Jamie: So we won't anymore, ok?

Vicky: Never again.

Jamie: Maybe just an occasional spat?

Vicky: But nothing more than that?

Jamie: Spat's the limit.

Vicky: Jamie, I really need you.

Jamie: I am right here.

Jason: I don't understand -- I don't understand you.

Sharlene: You never do, Jason.

Jason: What is the problem with that?

Sharlene: It's too much money.

Jason: How do you figure that?

Sharlene: This is the contract for the spa at the complex, right?

Jason: Right.

Sharlene: Right. I heard you and John discussing the bid. The number was nowhere near this amount.

Jason: You just don't understand it.

Sharlene: No, you're right, I don't understand.

Jason: There is a bonus figure that is worked into that amount.

Sharlene: What have you done to deserve a bonus?

Jason: Then that's the wrong word. I --

Sharlene: All right, well, tell me, what is the right word, Jason? I want to know.

Jason: "Overage," "overrun," "override" -- look, a bid comes in low normally, and normally at the same time it costs more to actually build it than the bid was for.

Sharlene: So they gave you overrun money upfront?

Jason: Right. What's wrong with that?

Sharlene: Nothing --

Jason: Ok.

Sharlene: Except I don't buy it.

Jason: Well, I am not going to waste any more time trying to explain it to you. This will solve everything.

Sharlene: No one thing solves everything.

Jason: Well, it'll sure solve your little necklace problem of Rachelís, won't it --

Sharlene: Jason --

Jason: And give you money left over, and besides --

Sharlene: Jason, I don't want to --

Jason: Sharlie, Sharlie, look. You'll be able to stare any Cory right in the face and not blink twice. No Frame will owe Cory any money at all.

Sharlene: Shh --

Evan: I don't mean to be -- to interrupt or be rude here, but if you're discussing the contract, there's one thing I should point out -- that it's binding and it begins immediately. There's no further negotiations. This is our final offer.

Jason: No further negotiating? Well, that'll be just fine.

Evan: Yes, and I'll be monitoring your work closely. Frame Construction will not exceed anything that is not on that document.

Jason: Well, Sharlie, it's a final deal. I'll sign. You got it. I accept.

[Piano plays]

[All talking at once]

Michael: Yeah, six or seven years, sweetheart.

Donna: Cheers?

Iris: Cheers, Donna.

Jamie: Cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Jason: The second the permits are in place, we'll start.

Evan: Yes, and I'll visit the site at least twice a day.

Jason: Well, any time, you're welcome.

Evan: And I want a report of all the accounting.

Jason: You got it, sir.

Evan: So how am I doing?

Jason: I think great. I think she swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

Evan: It's -- it's all going so smoothly.

Jason: I told you it would.

Evan: You know, you called it.

Jason: Iris is playing right into our hands.

Vicky: Hey.


Vicky: Things are that simple?

[All talking at once]

Jamie: Ahem. All right, everybody -- excuse me, everybody -- excuse me? Would everybody -- everybody here lift their glasses, please?

Vicky and Donna: Oh!

Donna: All right.

Jamie: Thank you very much. No, no, no. Actually, this -- this toast is for you.

Vicky: Oh. Well.

Jamie: I have to make this very good because we have the toastmaster general sitting right here.

Donna: Oh!

Mac: Oh.

Jamie: Yeah. On second thought, forget good. I'll just tell you how I really feel. I'm a very happy man tonight, and a very lucky one to have this woman in my life. To Vicky.

Vicky: Wow!

Donna: To Victoria!

Michael: Hear, hear!

Vicky: Thank you, everyone!

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