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Another World Transcript Friday 11/5/04

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Sam: Coffee's ready.

Amanda: Sorry, no time.

Sam: I'll put some ice in it.

Amanda: Where's my scarf?

Sam: Oh, it smells like it's in the toaster.

Amanda: Don't put ice in my coffee. I hate ice coffee.

Sam: It's just to cool it down. I think I saw your scarf by the coats.

Amanda: Why does it smell like burning toast in here?

Sam: Well, I think we're going to have to have English muffins this morning.

Amanda: I can't do that. I don't have enough time. Where's my keys?

Sam: Wait a second!

Amanda: What?

Sam: Time-out!

Amanda: What?

Sam: Time-out!

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: Holding a beautiful woman in my arms and looking into her beautiful eyes.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: "Oh," yeah! Well, we need to spend at least a little time talking in the morning, you know?

Amanda: Hmm. Or kissing.

Sam: Yeah. Hmm, yeah. And we haven't been doing much of either lately.

Amanda: I know. You're right.

Sam: Yeah, well, you came in awfully late last night.

Amanda: It was some party, you know?

Sam: Yeah, well, you were pretty smashed, my dear.

Amanda: I was not!

Sam: Yeah, you were! My good-night kiss tasted like champagne.

Amanda: Well, we were celebrating the end of Bennett Publishing.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Besides, don't worry about me.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: I didn't drive myself home.

Sam: You didn't?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Well, who drove you?

Evan: Hello, Sam. Good morning, Amanda. How are you?

Courtney: Oh, good, you're here.

Zack: Oh, Courtney, hi.

Courtney: Hi. I'm just down the hall, drug case.

Zack: The Delgado case? Were you in on that bust?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm just presenting some evidence.

Zack: Well, good, I hope they hang those guys out to dry.

Courtney: Me, too.

Zack: So, were you looking for me?

Courtney: Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about something.

Zack: Yeah, about what?

Courtney: Well, I was going to say this to you yesterday, but with the adoption and everything, I didn't think it was the right time.

Zack: For what?

Courtney: Do you --

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: How am I going to say this?

Zack: Courtney, what's wrong?

Courtney: How can you stand by and watch Julie Ann make the biggest mistake of her life?

Mac: Good morning, Iris.

Iris: Good morning, daddy. I guess I must have missed you at home.

Mac: Yes.

Iris: You know, I am so excited. I think I've finally made some progress on Feliciaís book.

Mac: Fine.

Iris: And did I tell you about the advertising increase? You know, I think we're going to have to do a special fashion edition of "Brava" this spring. Isn't that exciting?

Mac: Yes.

Iris: Is there something wrong? You know, you're just going to have to get used to me. I'm always thinking of new plans.

Mac: Your plans include disrupting the entire family?

Mac: I can't believe you're awarding the spa contract to Jason Frame.

Iris: But I'm not.

Mac: Rachel says he was at the house. Rachel says he is on the final list.

Iris: Well, I'm sure what Rachel meant to say was that he's only one of the offers I'm considering.

Mac: The man is poison, Iris!

Iris: What Rachel didn't tell you was that I'm considering a whole lot of other builders, as well. I don't know why she would purposefully upset you like this.

Mac: Well, I understand that you're trying to save money for the company.

Iris: Yes, I am. I want to accept the lowest bid to keep the costs down.

Mac: But I don't mind spending extra dollars to keep that man away from this company, and especially from Amanda.

Iris: Oh, I forgot about those photos. Yes, I know they were disgusting.

Mac: Imagine how she'd feel with Jason Frame in and out of the office every day, Iris.

Iris: Daddy, look, I wouldn't hurt you or my little sister for anything.

Mac: Well, all right, then tell Jason Frame to forget it.

Iris: I just thought that you liked John Hudson.

Mac: I can't imagine why he'd partner up with Jason again.

Iris: Well, he did, and they've become very highly recommended.

Mac: Well, I still don't care.

Iris: I thought that you told me that Michael Hudson -- he helped you with the takeover bid.

Mac: Yes, he's been invaluable.

Iris: So I just presumed that if we awarded a contract to that company that perhaps it'd be some way that you could repay the Hudson family.

Mac: There are other ways to repay the Hudson family without putting Jason on the payroll.

Iris: I'm sorry! I just said if.

Mac: There are no "ifs" where Jason is concerned!

[Iris sighs]

Iris: Well, look, maybe you could -- maybe you could talk to Rachel. I know she likes John. And then if -- if we could work with Jason some way --

Mac: We canít. He isn't to come near this company or my family ever!

Iris: All right, I'll take him off the list.

Mac: Thank you.

Iris: I'll do it today, straightaway.

Mac: Good.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Come!

Julie Ann: Mr. Cory?

Mac: Yes?

Julie Ann: Mr. Wilmington's waiting for you in the boardroom, and Michael Hudson called.

Mac: Did he say what he wanted?

Julie Ann: No, he just said that he wanted to see you and he'd stop by and talk to you.

Mac: Thank you. I'll talk to you later, Iris.

Iris: Yes, daddy.

[Door closes]

Iris: Oh, Vivien let me speak to Mrs. Cory, please. Yes, Vivien, it is important. Thank you. Rachel? Hello, it's Iris. Look, daddy has just come in here screaming about getting rid of Frame Construction. Yes, I -- look, I told you that I would help you with Matthew, but I can't do it on my own. Well, it's obvious you haven't said a word to him. Rachel, how do you expect Matthew to forgive you if you can't forgive the Frames? Well, I would do more than think about it. Everything depends on it. Everything.

Evan: Sam, I didn't realize you'd be here.

Sam: I live here, remember?

Evan: No, I meant I thought you'd probably be at the studio.

Amanda: Evan's going to be giving me a lift to work.

Sam: You didn't mention that.

Evan: So how's the nerves?

Sam: What?

Evan: Well, with the show. It's opening up, when, next week?

Sam: Yeah.

Evan: Amanda tells me you're working like mad.

Sam: Oh, I am.

Amanda: All right, Alliís with grandma for the day, so that's taken care of. I'll just pick her up tonight, ok?

Sam: Gotcha. Evan thanks for bringing Amanda home the other evening.

Evan: It was my pleasure.

Amanda: I knew that you needed a car this morning, so I just asked him for one more favor.

Evan: It was no problem because your place is right on the way.

Sam: It's convenient, isn't it?

Amanda: Hmm. Shall we go?

Evan: I think so.

Amanda: Ok, got everything. Bye.

Sam: Bye.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Hi.

Caroline: Good morning!

Sam: Caroline, hi. I've got a watercolor we need to discuss.

Caroline: Oh, yes, but, love, I've got some news that you probably really should hear personally. We have got a chance to -- oh, good morning.

Evan: Caroline, how are you?

Caroline: How are you? I'm fine, thanks.

Evan: Couldn't be better.

Amanda: Evan's just giving me a lift to work.

Caroline: Oh, did he now? How thoughtful of him.

Zack: Well, what kind of mistake is Julie Ann making?

Courtney: Don't you think it's a mistake?

Zack: Well, maybe I would if I knew what you were talking about.

Courtney: Who she's dating.

Zack: Ok, I'll bite. Who is she dating?

Courtney: Rick.

Zack: Rick. Graham, from your office?

Courtney: Right.

Zack: And what?

Courtney: You don't care?

Zack: Look, I don't care about the -- oh, the Marsten case. What can I say? Well, Rickís young, he's impulsive, easily to be led.

Courtney: What?

Zack: Look, the D.A. put pressure on him and it was his first big case.

Courtney: That's not my point.

Zack: Come on, Courtney, why don't you give the guy a break? There are far worse things than being too dedicated.

Courtney: Obviously, we're on different wavelengths here. That's not what I'm talking about at all.

Zack: Ok, what are you talking about?

Courtney: I can't believe I have to explain it.

Zack: Explain what? Rick and Julie Ann -- ah. It's all there in black and white.

Courtney: That's one way of putting it.

Zack: Is that how you'd put it?

Courtney: Pretty close. What is so funny?

Zack: You know, I can't believe that we're talking about this. I mean, this is 1988.

Courtney: I know. That is my point.

Zack: What is?

Courtney: We have a long way to go in this country. You know what I mean.

Zack: Yeah.

Courtney: And what Julie Ann is doing -- I mean, you don't approve of this, do you?

Zack: Of her dating a white man?

Courtney: Yeah, in so many words.

Zack: You know, I never would've believed it.

Courtney: What?

Zack: I never would've believed that you'd be prejudiced.

Pilara: Smells as bad as it looks.

Mary: Good morning! I come bearing doughnuts! I know that what you have there is a lot more nutritious, but I guarantee you this is going to taste a lot better.

Pilara: You brought that for me?

Mary: Well, I have to tell you the truth -- I will take any excuse to go out and buy doughnuts. There's this great shop about a block away.

Pilara: You went out?

Mary: Yep. So what do you want? I got your glazed here, I got your cinnamon. You got another glazed, you got your jelly roll, you got your choc-- no, I ate the chocolate. What's the matter?

Pilara: Go away, will you?

Mary: Hey. I thought you were glad to see me walk in just now.

Pilara: Look, I don't need you to do me any favors, ok?

Mary: So you keep telling me.

Pilara: You're always coming around to see me.

Mary: I know, people are beginning to talk.

Pilara: What people? What are you talking about?

Mary: No, no, no, it's all right.

Pilara: I already told you, I'm not saying another word!

Mary: Honey, it was just a joke, ok?

Pilara: Hmm.

Mary: You didn't make our last session.

Pilara: You tracked me down.

Mary: How come you didn't get there?

Pilara: Because I didn't feel like it.

Mary: Ok.

Pilara: Look, I don't want to answer a lot of stupid questions. I told you everything, ok? So if you want to -- you want to go out and buy some doughnuts to bribe me with, then you just wasted your money.

Mary: I'm not trying to bribe you, Pilara.

Pilara: Then why don't you leave?

Mary: I just thought maybe you'd like to talk to me before the police get here.

Pilara: What?

Mary: Detective Graham will be by to see you a little later.

Pilara: Cops. I told them everything already!

Mary: I wish that were true.

Pilara: Oh, I see. Now I'm a liar, huh?

Mary: Pilara, honey, please just tell us how you got hurt.

Pilara: I ran into a brick wall.

Mary: The only brick wall around here is the one I run into every time I try to help you.

Pilara: Well, maybe I don't want your help. Maybe I don't want you hanging around this room, hanging out like my mother or something!

Mary: Well, maybe I don't like being lied to, so I guess we're even.

Pilara: Look, I can get along just fine without you. I've been getting along fine, and I'll get along fine after you leave!

Mary: Really? How, by getting your other arm broken?

Pilara: Get off my back!

Mary: Or maybe just a nice, little, tiny skull fracture just to go with it?

Pilara: I'll be ok.

Mary: You're very lucky that you didn't wind up in the morgue, Pilara.

Pilara: Come on.

Mary: A lot of women do. A lot of battered women do if they don't get help!

Nurse: Ok, Sanchez. They want you down in x-ray.

Pilara: What?

Nurse: I'm in kind of a rush.

Pilara: What do I got to take an x-ray for? I took one last week.

Nurse: It's routine.

Mary: Just a kind of a last checkup.

Pilara: What do you mean?

Mary: You're going to be leaving here tomorrow. What's the matter, you scared?

Pilara: No. No, I'm not scared. What, we're just going to take a couple of x-rays. Come on. Let's do it.

Michael: Mary. Mary?

Mary: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Mary: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, I have a board meeting.

Mary: Oh. How's Mikey?

Michael: Mikey's fine. He's actually very tired after the party yesterday.

Mary: Yeah, it was a great party.

Michael: It was a wonderful day, and it was a wonderful day because of you, Mary.

Mary: Well, I'm very glad everything worked out.

Michael: I got to tell you, Donnaís walking on air, I've been walking on air, every -- are you all right? Is everything ok?

Mary: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm worried about a patient, that's all.

Michael: Oh. Well, then I won't keep you, but I want to thank you again.

Mary: I should really thank you. Not all my cases work out as well as yours did. But I got to go.

Michael: Ok, bye.

Mary: Bye. See you.

Michael: See you soon.

Michael: Well, you seem to have dropped this.

Iris: Thank you.

Michael: It's not exactly the proverbial dropped handkerchief, but it'll do for starters.

Iris: Well, I didn't drop it on purpose.

Michael: It's just a joke.

Iris: I'm sorry. My sense of humor seems to have lapsed lately.

Michael: Well, maybe you need to get away.

Iris: I am away.

Michael: No, I mean a little further. We have my boat out there.

Iris: No, thank you.

Michael: Are you married?

Iris: No, not anymore. I'm widowed.

Michael: I'm sorry. Is that recent?

Iris: No, not really.

Michael: Well, good. I'll -- I'll keep that in mind, then.

Iris: What?

Michael: Well, while we're out on my boat. I'll be the perfect gentleman.

Michael: Nurse? Nurse? You -- you dropped this.

Nurse: Oh. Thank you.

Evan: I think Amanda and I should be going.

Amanda: No, wait, I want to hear what information Caroline has. Go ahead.

Caroline: Well, I have sent some slides of your work to a reviewer at the national art.

Sam: What?

Caroline: Yes, and I'm waiting to hear from him.

Sam: Caroline, you sent slides? He can't review from slides! He'll crucify me!

Caroline: We need a pre-opening review to hype up the interest.

Sam: Would you slow down?

Amanda: Sam, that's exciting!

Sam: Look, what if he hates my work, Caroline?

Caroline: I can assure you there's no chance of that.

Amanda: That won't happen. He'll love it.

Sam: I hate hype! It's driving me nuts!

Caroline: Sam, you promised to help with the publicity.

Sam: Yes, I know that, and I will, I promised, but I'd like to have known about this one, ok?

Amanda: Sam, the review is going to be a rave. I know it.

Sam: How can you be so sure of that?

Amanda: Because you don't see how people react when they first see your work. I remember when I first met you --

Caroline: Oh, and by the way, I've also got to set up a photo session.

Sam: What photo session?

Caroline: I want the brooding good looks of yours on the cover of my brochure. Also, I'd really like some black-and-whites of you at work. That'd be wonderful in the window.

Sam: Oh, I just love this. This is turning into a toothpaste commercial.

Evan: If you don't mind me butting in here, I think Carolineís right.

Amanda: So do I. I mean, I kind of like those brooding good looks myself.

Evan: You see, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Caroline: Maybe an open shirt. I mean, listen, a little bit of sex sells thousands of newspapers, huh?

Sam: God.

Amanda: Right. Even when you don't want it to.

Caroline: Look, I'm really sorry. I mean, I was just talking to you as a person in publishing, not those bloody awful pictures --

Amanda: It's all right.

Caroline: I'm sorry.

Amanda: I said it's all right.

Sam: Amanda, Caroline didn't mean to upset you.

Amanda: I'm not.

Sam: Are you sure?

Amanda: Positive. I think we should be going.

Evan: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Amanda: I'll call you later, Sam.

Sam: Amanda, wait a second. You sure you're ok?

Amanda: Sure I'm sure. Forget it.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: Bye.

Caroline: Bye-bye.

Evan: So long.

Caroline: Bye, Evan. So, now are you ready to begin the making of Sam Fowler?

Courtney: What did you say?

Zack: Come off your high horse, Courtney. You're not unique. I mean, being prejudiced is --

Courtney: I am not prejudiced.

Zack: Then what would you call it?

Courtney: I am a realist.

Zack: A realist?

Courtney: Oh, you are stepping on thin ice, mister.

Zack: What is all this?

Courtney: Look, I have worked too long and too hard and --

Zack: We all have, but what does this have to do with my sister and Rick?

Courtney: I don't know, maybe it has something to do with -- look, I just don't want to see Julie Ann get hurt.

Zack: You know, I think there's more than just Julie Annís feelings involved here.

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: I never told you that my father was involved in the civil rights movement. He worked very closely with Dr. King.

Zack: I never knew that.

Courtney: I was in Memphis when he was shot.

Zack: You were?

Courtney: Yeah, I was a little girl, about 5 or 6. My father was one of his top aides.

Zack: You remember being there?

Courtney: Not too many details. I remember the crowds. I was always on somebody's shoulders when he was speaking.

Zack: Yeah, that man could speak.

Courtney: Oh. There was so much excitement.

Zack: And he had a message.

Courtney: People were hungry for it. I remember when it happened, when he died. People crying and the riots and --

Zack: Yeah, those were the days of rage.

Courtney: Tell me about it. Look, I am not trying to tell you this to impress you.

Zack: I know that, Courtney, and it explains your anger.

Courtney: I am not angry. I -- I am a realist. Look, for example, me being in this department, where I am one of two black female officers.

Zack: Don't you think I know what that's like?

Courtney: After 20 years, Zack, is that how far we've come?

Zack: Changing people's attitudes takes time. We both know that.

Courtney: Do we ever.

Zack: You know, I don't think we're having an argument here.

Courtney: All right, then let's get back to Julie Ann.

Zack: Look, her and Rick -- come on, Courtney, things have changed.

Courtney: Oh, yeah?

Zack: Love, friendship -- I mean, these things are colorblind.

Courtney: Yeah. Ahem.

Zack: Look, I'm serious.

Courtney: If you don't think they're in for a hard time of it, you are in for a rude awakening, my friend. Talk about dreaming.

Zack: I said that it wasn't going to be easy. I just said that things have changed. Wasn't that what Dr. King's dream was about?

Courtney: I know what his dream was about. What? So what? What?

Zack: It was about people, black and white, together hand in hand.

Courtney: He was talking about as a people and as a nation.

Zack: Well, a nation starts with its people.

Courtney: And he was talking about a dream and the future.

Zack: That was 20 years ago. Maybe the future's now.

Courtney: And if it's not, you want your sister to be caught in the crossfire?

Caroline: Let's face it, Sam, art's a business like anything else.

Sam: Oh, great. So I'm only as good as my price per square foot, is that it?

Caroline: I didn't say that. But art is a product, and there are many ways of selling it.

Sam: Yeah, sure there are! Hey, I can walk down Main Street buck-naked. That'd drum up a lot of business, wouldn't it?

Caroline: If you'd stop being cynical for a minute, and then maybe just let me explain how this publicity's going to help you.

Sam: Caroline, you don't need to explain how publicity helps. I know it does. I just hate it, ok?

Caroline: You artists are amazing. You have one foot in reality and another in a world of your own. It's my job to make sure both your feet are planted firmly in the ground when the customer comes along with his check.

Sam: Oh, lord, how I hate the idea of selling myself.

Caroline: I don't see it as selling the artist. I see the creating of the artist.

Sam: I don't follow that.

Caroline: Look, an artist is a person as well as a creator. I want them to know the man as well as his art. I mean, isn't that what it's all about? Hmm?

Sam: You do know your stuff, I'll give you that.

Caroline: Well, finally, finally you agree to that, because you've got to sign a contract.

Sam: Caroline, a -- my word is as good as any piece of paper, Caroline.

Caroline: Look, I know that you artists are terrified of documents, but I'm afraid contracts hold businesses together.

Sam: That's right, that's right, that's right. I knew that. That's right.

Caroline: But on the other hand, if you really do see what's in the contract, you're probably not going to want to sign it.

Sam: Oh, yeah?

Caroline: But if you do, there's no turning back. Art is going to come before anything else. I want 110% of your time. Are you prepared to give me that?

Rick: Hi.

Julie Ann: Hi. What are you doing here?

Rick: Well, I came to see you.

Julie Ann: Oh?

Rick: How would you like to try that new Chinese place tonight, the one on Fairmont?

Julie Ann: We went out last night. You didn't mention anything about tonight.

Rick: Well, I know, but then I started to miss you, so -- I guess you're getting to be a habit with me.

Julie Ann: Habits can be hard to break.

Rick: I know. So what do you say?

Julie Ann: Sounds like fun.

Rick: That's great, great.

Julie Ann: So what time?

Rick: Oh, let's say around 6:00?

Julie Ann: Ok.

Rick: Ok. Look, I got to go. I'll see you tonight.

Julie Ann: You don't sound too happy about it.

Rick: Oh, no, that's not it. I'm on my way to the hospital. I have to question this girl who got all beat up.

Julie Ann: She going to be all right?

Rick: Well, I guess so, until the next time.

Julie Ann: What, she knows who did it and she's not going to tell you?

Rick: Nope. She's got this real big chip on her shoulder. She thinks everybody's out to get her, especially the cops.

Julie Ann: Good luck.

Rick: Thanks. See you.

Julie Ann: Bye.

Zack: Hi.

Julie Ann: Morning!

Zack: I thought you were going to become a nun.

Julie Ann: What?

Zack: Well, after you and Larry McWhatever-his-name-was broke up; you said you were destined to be a nun.

Julie Ann: I guess you saw me with Rick.

Zack: Big brothers see everything. Every kiss is duly noted and recorded.

Julie Ann: Zack, he's just a friend.

Zack: Mm-hmm. And that was a friend kiss?

Julie Ann: So, how are those two girlfriends of yours?

Zack: I don't have two girlfriends.

Julie Ann: Oh, what are they?

Zack: They're just two women who are both friends.

Julie Ann: Just remember that when you give me one of those brotherly lectures about Rick, will you?

Zack: Ok. Look, I just want to make sure that you're happy. You know that.

Julie Ann: Yeah, I know.

Caroline: If I'm going to make your career --

Sam: Sign the dotted line.

Caroline: Actually, that's not right. I'm going to help you make your own career with a lot of long, hard work.

Sam: Oh, you make it sound like so much fun.

Caroline: I'm going to be your exclusive agent for five years, with an option --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Caroline, five years is a long time.

Caroline: True. You'll starve if you don't sell a painting.

Sam: Great, I love it when you're encouraging.

Caroline: Look, what I'm trying to say to you is that you need me, so let's get a few things straight. There's going to be no publicity without your permission.

Sam: Oh, yeah? And what happens if I don't give my permission?

Caroline: You will because you're going to be big. You're going to be in big demand.

Sam: Oh, yeah. When is this going to happen, huh?

Caroline: In five years' time, we're going to have galleries -- we'll be turning them down right and left. They're going to be fighting over who's going to show your work.

Sam: Fame and fortune, huh?

Caroline: Is there anything wrong with being famous all over the world?

Sam: Caroline, I don't know, ok?

Caroline: People asking you for autographs in New York, arriving in a limousine, people caring about what you think, what you want, about the kind of style you have.

Sam: A little respect would be nice.

Caroline: There isn't going to be anything little about this. What do you say?

Sam: There.

[Knock on door]

Caroline: Excuse me.

Sam: That's got to be Ada. She's taking care of the baby.

Caroline: I'll handle it, thank you. Dino.

Dino: This must be the place.

Caroline: Yes! Good, right on time.

Man: Caroline.

Caroline: Hi.

Dino: Ok, we're going to set up right over here, right next to the window.

Caroline: Ciao. Come in.

Man: You want reflectors?

Dino: Yeah, put them right about here.

Cheryl: Is this him?

Caroline: This is he. Where's Maurizio?

Dino: He's putting money in the meter.

Caroline: Good.

Sam: Wait a second, Caroline. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Caroline: Hey!

Sam: Wait! What the hell is going on?

Caroline: This is --

Woman: Stand still, sweetie.

Caroline: Just relax, darling.

Sam: Wait a second! How can I relax? Who are these people?

Caroline: This is a photo session.

Sam: What about the contract? What if I hadn't signed the contract?

Caroline: You did.

Sam: You knew.

Caroline: Of course I knew, darling.

Sam: Great.

Caroline: Maurizio, ciao!

Maurizio: Hi.

Caroline: Darling.

Maurizio: I had to break a dollar. What a pain.

Caroline: Yes, fine. Now, darling, hurry up and get your magic going.

Maurizio: Is this our famous artist?

Caroline: This is he, and he's going to be as quickly as possible.

Maurizio: How about --

Sam: What is this? What?

Maurizio: The tussled look?

Caroline: Perfect. And I would like some paintings in the background. Now, this -- no, actually, the other one, yes.

Caroline: Hold it, hold it. Maurizio, I want a more rebellious look. I mean, no more of this brooding stuff.

Maurizio: Rebellious it is.

Caroline: Sam, you're looking great.

Dino: Right there. Looks good. Great.

Sam: Yeah, is this rebellious enough?

Caroline: Darling, you're looking fabulous. Just concentrate on what Dino has to say.

Dino: Ok, right here. Sam, look right in the lens. Ok, great. Turn a little.

Caroline: Yeah.

Dino: Turn, eyes left, turn --

Sam: Hi.

Dino: Who's she?

Caroline: Amanda! I didn't see you. Sam, hold your position.

Amanda: Hey.

Sam: Ugh! Amanda, this is everyone. Everyone, this is my wife, Amanda.

Amanda: Hey. Well, looks like you're really going all out for this, huh?

Woman: A star is born, darling.

Caroline: Amanda, have you forgotten something?

Amanda: Yeah, just some papers. I'll get them.

Caroline: Yeah.

Amanda: Sam looks great.

Sam: Yeah, well, you should've been here before. Before I was tussled, then I was brooding, and now I'm rebellious. Ugh.

Amanda: Well, I've got these, so I'll just get out of your way and stop bothering you.

Sam: No, honey, look --

Dino: If you're going to keep moving --

Caroline: Actually, why don't we get Amanda in a few pictures?

Amanda: No, no, that's not possible. No, I --

Caroline: Yes, I insist! I mean, I know you're not going to be here long, so why don't we get some photos of you and Sam together?

Sam: Come here! You can deal with this.

Caroline: Now, listen, shoot anything. She's not even going to be mentioned in the publicity, ok?

Dino: Right.

Sam: And the brooding, brooding.

Caroline: Excuse me! Smile for the birdie!

Pilara: I changed my mind. I want to go back to the lounge.

Nurse: All right.

Rick: Hold it, nurse. I need to talk to her.

Nurse: Ok.

Rick: So, how are you, Pilara?

Pilara: Bored by the company.

Rick: I just wanted to talk to you.

Pilara: Too bad I can't say the same.

Rick: You can't? But, you know, I think you and I are going to be great buddies. We're going to be spending a lot of time together.

Pilara: No way.

Rick: 24 hours a day if we have to.

Pilara: Go home.

Rick: You see, I've decided I am going to get to the bottom of this so-called accident.

Pilara: If I say it was an accident, then that's what it was.

Rick: But do you think the doctors are stupid? I mean, do you think they can't tell how a person really got hurt?

Pilara: Buzz off.

Rick: Those are very pretty. Your boyfriend send those?

Pilara: I said buzz off!

Rick: All I asked was who sent the flowers?

Pilara: It's none of your business.

Rick: Well, if he's involved in this case, he's my business.

Pilara: Look, you're never going to catch the guy, so why don't you just give up?

Rick: Why don't you think I'm going to catch him?

Pilara: Because you're too dumb.

Rick: Look, Pilara, I want to know who beat you up. Who are you protecting, your pimp?

Pilara: Oh, that's right; I got a Spanish name, so I must be some whore.

Rick: Well, who was it then, your boyfriend? Is he into dope, huh? Are you into drugs? I mean, come on, tell me his name.

Mary: Rick, what do you think you're doing?

Rick: My job.

Mary: Could I talk to you for a minute?

Rick: Yeah, sure.

Mary: You want to tell me what that was all about, talking to her like that?

Rick: Well, what am I supposed to do, handle her with kid gloves?

Mary: I think the things you were saying were totally unacceptable.

Rick: Well, Mary, she's not exactly a debutante.

Mary: She's also not a criminal. She happens to be a victim.

Rick: Yes, and she's going to stay a victim until she starts being straight with somebody.

Mary: Oh, I see. You just figure she's more likely to be straight with someone who talks to her like that?

Rick: Look, Mary, I care, too, but I know these street kids. I deal with them every day.

Mary: I realize that, Rick, but sometimes it is necessary to have a little bit of compassion.

Rick: You do it your way, I'll do it my way. The best thing I can do for her is to get her to come up with the name of the dirt who beat her up. Now, your job is --

Mary: I know what my job is. My only problem is I may not have time to do it. She's probably leaving here tomorrow.

Dino: Thank you, Sam. Bye-bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Take it easy.

Caroline: Great.

Sam: Good luck, guys. Have a good one. Thank you. Take it easy.

Amanda: That was some session, huh?

Sam: Well, I hope they got what they wanted.

Amanda: Well, they all look happy. I really don't think you should use any pictures with you and I, though.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: Oh, I don't know, I just don't think that having a wife and a baby would be all that great for your image, right?

Sam: Oh, man, I forgot. I wonder if Carolineís got a hold of her reviewer friend.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: Honey, honey, honey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Amanda: It's all right, it's not important. You know what I think she sees when she looks at me, hmm?

Sam: What?

Amanda: I think she sees a girl whose face was plastered all over the newspapers, who's only going to hurt the sales of your paintings.

Sam: No, that's not true.

Amanda: Well, what has she said about me?

Sam: Nothing.

Caroline: I've got some news!

Sam: What, what, what, what? Did you get a hold of him?

Caroline: Yes, and they said the review is going to be a rave!

Sam: Yes, yes, yes!

Caroline: I told you!

Sam: Yes! What did he say? Is he going to be at the opening?

Caroline: Whoa! Slow down, slow down!

Sam: Well, come on, you can't leave me hanging like this! What did he say? Tell me exactly what he said!

Caroline: Would you slow down?

Sam: No! Tell me what he said, Caroline! Come on!

Caroline: Just let --

Sam: Come on, come on, get it out! What did he say? Is he going to be at the opening?

Michael: So if you want, you can say that I made my fortune by being in the right place at the right time.

Amanda: And a lot of hard work.

Michael: Well, hard work was all I wanted to do all those years.

Amanda: Well, tell me something -- over that period of years, were there any compromises that you wish you wouldn't have made?

Michael: Is this a profile or an expose?

Amanda: You don't have to answer the question if you don't want to.

Michael: Well, I --

Iris: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I have to attend to a few things.

Michael: What was the -- what was the question again?

Amanda: I was just wondering if you had any regrets, people that you may have had to leave behind and didn't want to or anything like that.

Michael: No. I had some tough decisions to make, but no regrets.

Amanda: All right. Well, I guess that's how it should be. Once you start moving ahead, there's no looking back, right?

Michael: No, there's not. Look, I have to get going. Uh --

Amanda: Oh, yes, thank you. I'm sure I have plenty of information here to start with.

Michael: Good. Thank you. I hope I've been of some help to you.

Amanda: Oh, definitely. Thank you very much.

Michael: Bye-bye.

Amanda: And I'll call you about the next interview, ok?

Michael: Great. Iris.

Iris: Goodbye.

Michael: Mac!

Mac: Oh, Mr. Hudson! Good to see you.

Michael: Good to see you.

Mac: We sure kept you late here, didn't we?

Michael: Well, I don't mind being given the third degree.

Mac: Especially not by such a talented reporter.

Michael: Thanks again. Bye-bye.

Amanda: Thanks.

Mac: Good to see you. Is anybody hungry at all?

Amanda: I'm starving.

Mac: Ta-da!

Iris: Oh! Wonderful!

Amanda: Whoa!

Iris: I'm absolutely famished.

Mac: Well, I thought my two talented daughters should have something special for working so late.

Amanda: I had no idea!

Mac: Oh, Iris didn't tell you?

Amanda: Thank you.

Iris: Oh, my goodness, I'm sorry. I forgot all about it.

Amanda: Oh! Mmm.

Mac: So, Amanda, how is Sam doing? It seems I hardly ever see him anymore.

Amanda: Well, neither do I.

Mac: He must be very excited about his show, hmm?

Iris: Oh, yes, I should imagine.

Mac: Plenty of hard work to keep him busy.

Amanda: Right. You know, daddy, I've been thinking.

Mac: Yeah?

Amanda: I really -- I really think that I should be doing more here.

Mac: Thank you, Mike.

Mike: You're welcome.

Mac: Oh, darling, I don't know. You know, with that sweet baby to take care of --

Amanda: Oh, I'll still see plenty of her. I just -- I don't see what the point is in me only doing one article at a time. I want more projects.

Mac: No, I think it's better to let things sort of develop naturally, right?

Amanda: Well, what does that mean?

Mac: Well, you'll find out. When you're ready, things just sort of happen of themselves, don't they, Iris?

Amanda: So I'm not ready is what you're saying?

Mac: No, no, I didn't say that, darling, and that's not what I meant. I just mean at first, I think it's better if we go more slowly. I mean, you're young. You've got lots of time.

Amanda: Right. Little Amanda. If you'll excuse me, I really am not as hungry as I thought I was.

Mac: Amanda, I thought --

Amanda: I'll talk to you tomorrow, dad.

Mac: Amanda, I didn't mean that you're not doing very good work, darling.

Iris: Daddy, she'll be all right.

Mac: I upset her so.

Iris: Well, she's just had a difficult day. She'll get over it. Looks like it'll just be a little, quiet dinner, just the two of us.

Evan: Hey, hey, hey. You're a little early.

Caroline: You're late.

Evan: Well, that's one way of looking at it. How you doing? You know, I just want to tell you what a great job you've been doing with Sam, the way you've got him eating out of your hand.

Caroline: I aim to please.

Evan: Well, that's not too hard with a hand as pretty as this.

Caroline: You're -- you're getting along pretty well with Amanda, I see.

Evan: Let's forget about her.

Evan: Ok, I'm going to go take a shower. Then I'm going to come right back.

Caroline: Well, I'll be waiting.

Evan: That's what I wanted to hear. Get something to drink if you want something, ok?

Caroline: Yeah.

Caroline: Hello? Yes. Yes, I'm calling from overseas. Yeah. For Mrs. Stafford. Stafford. Mom! It's -- it's Caroline! Yes! Yeah, you, too. I just wanted to hear your voice. Yeah, don't worry. I don't want you worrying about me. Everything's going to be fine. I promise. I love you.

Sam: Hi. You're home late.

Amanda: I had a lot of work to do.

Sam: Alli's asleep. You should be, too.

Amanda: I'm exhausted.

Sam: Yeah. I got a lot of work to do tomorrow, too.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Hmm?

Amanda: Do you think I'm talented?

Sam: Of course.

Amanda: Daddy wants me to take baby steps. Guess there isn't going to be a race to fame for me.

Sam: I'm sorry, what?

Amanda: Never mind.

Sam: Oh, I can't believe how much work I have to do tomorrow. Caroline wants me at the gallery first thing.

Amanda: Know what I want to do tomorrow?

Sam: Sleep in, right?

Amanda: Right.

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