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Another World Transcript Tuesday 11/2/04

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Vicky: Ooh, what should I put here?

Jamie: Where?

Vicky: "Marital status."

Jamie: Just the truth.

Vicky: Yeah, well, it makes me feel a little funny.

Jamie: Here.

Vicky: Thanks.

Jamie: Vicky, this is 1988. There's no stigma to being a single mom.

Vicky: I know. I've got the perfect idea. I'll just tell them that my husband is an archaeologist and he can't be at the birth because he's at some dig in some exotic place --

Jamie: Vicky --

Vicky: Mozambique! That'll impress them. What do you think?

Jamie: Just fill out the form, will you? I'm late for work.

Vicky: You really want me to tell them that you're the father?

Jamie: Of course I do.

Vicky: Well, then all your friends are going to know that you're the father.

Jamie: I want them to know.

Vicky: Ok. "Frame." All right, "marital status," "date of birth," "medical history" -- ok, here you go. I think it's all finished.

Jamie: Good. I'll drop this off at the registrar's office.

Vicky: All right, thanks.

Jamie: You bet.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah?

Vicky: I had a nice Thanksgiving.

Jamie: So did I.

Amanda: Jamie!

Jamie: Hi, Amanda. Ahem.

Vicky: Hi.

Amanda: Oh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Jamie: Bye, Amanda.

Amanda: My brother's always so thrilled to see me.

Jamie: I'll call you later, Vicky.

Vicky: Yeah, see you. Hello.

Amanda: Ahem. Well, well, well.

Vicky: "Well, well, well," what?

Amanda: Very interesting.

Vicky: How was your Thanksgiving, Amanda?

Amanda: Change the subject.

Vicky: There wasn't one.

Amanda: Go on. You and Jamie here together --

Vicky: He brought me by some hospital forms, that's all.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. Likely story.

Vicky: Why are you looking at me like that?

Amanda: I saw Jamie’s car outside late last night. Did he spend the night here?

Iris: And we don't publish a thing for children, daddy. There's an enormous market there.

Mac: Yes, and I've always wanted to tap into it. But we don't have any children's authors. Never have had.

Iris: I'll get onto it immediately. Now, what's next?

Mac: Oh, the movie deal for our sci-fi trilogy.

Iris: It's totally unacceptable.

Mac: Yes, I'll have Cass call.

Iris: No, no, let me call. I used to know Stuart Lombard when he worked in the mailroom for William Morris.

[Mac laughs]

Iris: I'll tell him what I think of his offer.

Mac: Good.

Zack: Big news, Mac. Sorry for the interruption, Iris.

Iris: That's all right, I love interruptions when it's big news.

Mac: What's up, Zack?

Zack: We finally got a break, and it's major one.

Iris: A break in what?

Zack: The investigation into Bennett Publishing.

Caroline: Of course we have snow!

Cass: No, no, no, you don’t.

Caroline: Well, it's not like here. I mean, it's in the mountains.

Cass: Dingoes, duck-billed platypus, and wallabies, and roos -- that's what you got.

Caroline: Listen, yank --

Cass: Yeah?

Caroline: Count your lucky stars you were stuck out there with an Aussie Sheila.

Cass: An Aussie Sheila? I was stuck out there with an Aussie Caroline.

Caroline: Sheila -- a female.

Cass: Oh --

Caroline: Australian thing.

Cass: Oh. Well, before I thank my lucky stars, may I ask you why I should thank them?

Caroline: I've roughed it in the outback.

Cass: Well, bully for you.

[Caroline laughs]

Caroline: Though I must say, it doesn't compare to roughing it in one of your diners.

Cass: Well, would you have preferred starving to death on the roadside?

Caroline: Well, it would have spared me eating that turkey.

Cass: Hey, hey -- turkey is traditional here in this country on Thanksgiving, so watch it.

Caroline: Well, I think that turkey has been there since last Thanksgiving.

Cass: I think you're right. We sure were lucky the diner was full of truckers with tow ropes, weren't we?

Caroline: Yeah. What was that funny line, that C.B. -- What was that they were --

Cass: The C.B. Handle they gave you?

Caroline: Yeah. What was it again? What was it? Was it --?

Cass: Pumpkin pie.

Caroline: Yeah. Oh, God, I think I like that.

Cass: Yeah, I like it, too.

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: All things considered, it could have been a whole lot worse.

Caroline: Actually, it really was a lot of fun.

Cass: Memorable, let's put it that way. A night to remember.

Caroline: Yeah.

Nicole: Really? I'd like to hear all about it.

Oliver's voice: Let's see how you feel, hmm? Felicia? Felicia?

Felicia's voice: My name's Fannie.

Oliver's voice: Uh-huh, yes, Fannie. Can you hear me well, Fannie?

Felicia's voice: Mm-hmm.

Oliver's voice: Uh-huh. And you may open your eyes now, even though you are still asleep. How are you feeling?

Felicia's voice: Never mind how I'm feeling. Where the hell am I? I said, where the hell am I?

Oliver's voice: Well, why don't you tell me, Fannie?

Felicia's voice: Balloons. You know what? This is a party!

Oliver's voice: Uh-huh, yes. A birthday party?

Felicia's voice: No, a funeral party. Of course it's a birthday party, dummy! In fact, you know what? This is -- this is my birthday!

Oliver's voice: Ah! That's wonderful. And how old are you today?

Felicia's voice: 13.

Oliver's voice: And how's the party?

Felicia: 13. That was me.

Oliver’s voice: Ah, so you are getting lots of presents, eh?

Felicia's voice: Uh-huh. Everybody has to give me one, or you they can't come to your party. So I invited the whole neighborhood.

Oliver's voice: Ah, very smart, eh?

Felicia's voice: Wait. Who's this from, mama? Oh, mama, nylons.

Oliver's voice: So, you got your first pair of nylons, eh? Fannie, what's wrong?

Felicia's voice: Pastor.

Oliver's voice: Pastor? Who -- who are you talking about?

Felicia's voice: Pastor, what's wrong? Pastor, what's wrong?

[Turns off cassette player]

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Lisa. I'm so glad to see you, honey.

Lisa: Oh, I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Felicia: Oh, you don't have to call. Don't be silly. There's nothing more important than spending time with you.

Lisa: What a welcome. Oh, were you working? I'm sorry.

Felicia: No. No, actually, I wasn’t. I was just sitting here. I was thinking.

Lisa: About what?

Felicia: About you. I was about ready to call you. How was Thanksgiving?

Lisa: Oh. Well, I'm just glad it's over.

Felicia: Here, give me your coat. You should have come with us. I should have insisted on it.

Lisa: Felicia, if I wanted to be with you, I would have accepted your offer. I really needed time alone. Really.

Felicia: So tell me, did you work all day?

Lisa: It was pretty quiet at the station. I did a lot of thinking.

Felicia: About Jamie?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. I was trying to figure out why I stayed with him so long.

Felicia: Because you loved him so much.

Lisa: No, but he -- he was always looking for something else. Maybe -- maybe that's what attracted me to him in the first place.

Felicia: What do you mean?

Lisa: I mean, maybe I'm one of those people who -- who doesn't have enough self-respect to be with someone who really loves them.

Felicia: Oh, honey, don't say that.

Lisa: Well, Felicia, look what I've put myself through. I was in a no-win situation, and I stayed. I was -- I was completely humiliated, and I stayed.

Felicia: But you were hoping it would work out.

Lisa: But why? Why did I want it to work out? I mean, why did I want it to work out with someone who I knew I couldn't count on?

Felicia: But you thought Jamie would change. Remember that.

Lisa: Felicia, don't -- you're making excuses for me.

Felicia: No. Now, there is nothing wrong with giving someone another chance.

Lisa: Felicia, a chance is a chance, but Jamie -- Jamie slept with another woman and he made her pregnant! I mean, where was my pride, for heaven's sakes?

Felicia: All right, now listen to me. Listen to me. You know, self-respect and pride are wonderful things, and they're important. But when you love somebody -- really, truly love them -- and you give your heart to them, you lose a little bit of yourself in all of that. You know, you're not the only who was ever in a relationship that didn't work out.

Lisa: But, Felicia, it's not that it just -- it's not only that it wasn't working out, you know. It didn't -- it didn't exist.

Felicia: Of course it existed. Don't be silly. You two had wonderful times together. Don't forget that. Jamie loved you, honey.

Lisa: Not enough. And the sad thing is, is that I knew it wasn't enough.

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no.

Lisa: And I accepted it.

Felicia: No, no. No, no. I am not going to let you blame yourself for this. I'm just not!

Lisa: I'm not, I'm not! I just wonder -- I wonder if it's ever going to work out for me.

Felicia: Of course it will. You're young and bright, and you're so beautiful. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Lisa: "Whole life ahead of me" -- I know. Alone.

Felicia: Well, you're not going to be alone long, believe me.

Lisa: I was thinking about mom and dad.

Felicia: Oh, honey. I really don't want you to compare yourself to them.

Lisa: No, Felicia, you know, I didn't grow up watching a healthy relationship.

Felicia: I know that.

Lisa: There was no affection, there was no communication. It's no wonder I'm like this.

Felicia: Oh, honey. You're not like anybody or anything. Oh, Lisa, my little girl. You are so wonderful.

Lisa: No.

Felicia: Don't you know that? You have so much to give to somebody.

Lisa: And no one to give it to.

Felicia: Oh, but that's going to change. Jamie's not the only guy that you're ever going to care about.

Lisa: Felicia, maybe -- maybe this is a pattern with me.

Felicia: Oh --

Lisa: No, now, listen. Maybe -- maybe I want to be rejected because I'm afraid.

Felicia: Lisa --

Lisa: I swore when I was a little girl that I was never going to get married. I said that I'd rather be alone than be --

Felicia: Lisa --

Lisa: Be with someone I hated.

Felicia: Now, listen, I can't let you feel like this. Now, you know, when your dad and I were kids and we were growing up, we lived under very difficult circumstances.

Lisa: I know. I know.

Felicia: Now, I don't know if I told you this ever, but my mother was very sweet. She was very loving. But she was also -- well, she was very weak, and she -- oh, this is ridiculous. I don't know why I'm bringing this up.

Lisa: What? What? Tell me, I want to know.

Felicia: No, no, no, it is in the past, and it's just not important, believe me.

Lisa: It is to me.

Felicia: No, it shouldn't be to you. That's what I'm saying. You see, you mustn't ever dwell in the past. You know what happens when you dwell in the past? You start to say things like "what if" or you blame people. You say "he did this" or "he did that." It's just no good.

Lisa: Felicia, what is it? What are you talking about?

Felicia: I want you to think about the progress you've made. You know, you were able to deal with the fact that you lost both your parents, right? And what about Dr. Glacier? That was a terrible ordeal, and you got through that.

Lisa: I thought I did. Because of Jamie.

Felicia: No. You did that for yourself! Don't you see that? You put that behind you.

You got over that. You must -- you must put all of that behind you. Put it out of your mind. You must never look back. You know what it's like? It's like you -- you have to start all over. You have to get rid of all those rotten memories. You have to -- you have to have a new life, or a new beginning. Lisa, please, you must never look back.

Vicky: Amanda.

Amanda: I'm curious.

Vicky: "Nosy" is the word.

Amanda: Did he spend the night here?

Vicky: No, he did not.

Amanda: How late did he stay?

Vicky: Not very.

Amanda: Did he say anything?

Vicky: He said some things.

Amanda: Well, was he in a good mood?

Vicky: Would you stop!

Amanda: I just want to know how it was.

Vicky: It was nice.

Amanda: Nice?

Vicky: Sweet.

Amanda: Ok, now we're getting somewhere.

Vicky: Amanda, we were together.

Amanda: Any talk about plans?

Vicky: No, there was no talk of the future.

Amanda: You're kidding.

Vicky: It never came up.

Amanda: That's got to be on his mind.

Vicky: Why?

Amanda: Mom told me that Jamie and Lisa have broken up for good.

Vicky: So?

Amanda: So that means --

Vicky: That means that Jamie and Lisa broke up! That's all.

Amanda: You really think that's all?

Vicky: Look, I am not going to be with Jamie just because Lisa’s out of the picture.

Amanda: Lisa is out of the picture for a reason.

Vicky: Yes, because I'm pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

Amanda: No, it's more than that.

Vicky: I don't think so.

Amanda: I know my brother. Your pregnancy wouldn't be enough of a reason for him to break it off with Lisa.

Vicky: Well, then what would be?

Amanda: I think Jamie’s fallen in love with you.

Iris: I'm sorry, Zack, I'm a latecomer to all this. You'll have to fill me in.

Zack: Well, almost immediately after we first heard of the takeover that Bennett was planning, Mac started his investigation.

Mac: The best defense is a good offense. Zack headed it up.

Zack: But it was like running into a stone wall. Even my contacts wouldn't talk about it.

Mac: Obviously, they must have been bought off.

Iris: By Bennett?

Mac: By this chief who's behind the entire operation.

Zack: Well, before lunch today, one of my sources finally came through.

Iris: Well, how?

Zack: Well, he gave me a tip-off on rumblings in the stock market -- a sell off.

Mac: By Bennett?

Zack: Unloading all their assets to anybody who will take them.

Iris: Why?

Zack: Well, apparently, after their fight in trying to take us over, it got out of hand.

Mac: They spent millions on the fight. I knew there had to be some limit on their resources.

Zack: Well, it happened a couple of days ago. That's when this all started.

Mac: So they're really hurting?

Zack: It's better than that, Mac. My sources tell me they're devastated. Bennett is now in the middle of dissolving itself.

Mac: Oh!

Iris: Oh, that's great news!

Mac: It's incredible news!

Julie Ann: Does that mean Cory Publishing is saved?

Zack: Well, there's going to be a confirmation by the end of the day. There's supposed to be an official word.

Iris: Daddy, you have won!

Mac: If I have, it's because of you. But, Zack, can it really be over?

Zack: Well, we'll know in a few hours.

Mac: After all these months, to have it end not with a bang, but a whimper?

Iris: Hey, this calls for a celebration!

Mac: You're right! You're absolutely right! We'll plan a big bash.

Iris: Why plan anything? Let's be daring. Let's send off for champagne!

Zack: Uh, why don't we hold off on the celebration until the official word comes down? There's still an outside chance that there's another maneuver by this chief.

Mac: Zack is right about that. We've been burned before by false information.

Iris: Well, can we feel a little bit optimistic?

Zack: Well, I got a smile on my face.

Mac: But I will wait until definite word comes down.

Julie Ann: Well, should I call the caterer, just in case?

Iris: Julie Ann, why don't you just do that? I've got a feeling there's going to be dancing in the corridors.

Mac: Zack, keep a close eye on this. As soon as any news comes down, I want to hear it.

Zack: Right. Excuse me.

Iris: Yes. Oh, daddy, you have won!

Mac: Well, we'll see.

Iris: Oh, don't be overly cautious. It's over.

Mac: No. Even if Bennett goes under, it is not over until I find out who that blasted chief is.

Cass: I'm so glad you're here.

Nicole: I wanted to surprise you.

Cass: I wanted to surprise you.

Nicole: By driving to a diner?

Cass: By flying to Paris.

Nicole: You didn't make your flight?

Cass: I was snowbound on my way to the airport.

Nicole: With Caroline.

Cass: She offered to take me there, yeah.

Nicole: Hmm. I'll bet that's not all she offered.

Cass: Nicole.

Nicole: Cass, you were gone for a long time.

Cass: We skidded into a ditch. That's the whole story.

Nicole: Oh. Well, you must have gotten to know old Caroline pretty well.

Cass: We certainly couldn't separate in the middle of a blizzard.

Nicole: No, no, you needed the body heat.

Cass: Hey, it was a major American holiday here. It was a little difficult getting a tow truck. What are you doing here, anyway?

Nicole: Interrupting.

Cass: No, come on, Nicole. Why did you come home?

Nicole: I flew back to be with you. I wanted to spend the holiday together.

Cass: Well, I wish you had let me know.

Nicole: I wanted to surprise you. And then when you weren't here, I ended up spending the day alone.

Cass: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Liz told me that you flew off to Paris, so I called my hotel. I called every hotel I could think of, but no one had heard of you. I -- I didn't know what to do. I was sick with worry.

Cass: Well, it wasn't exactly a picnic for me, either. I was off on some back secondary road. I don't know how far away we were from civilization. The car was stuck in a ditch, covered with snow. We had a chocolate bar and a stick of gum for Thanksgiving dinner, and the temperature had to be zero.

Caroline: Fortunately, we had a blanket. It was quite an escapade, I can tell you.

Nicole: Oh, so I gather.

Caroline: Yeah. Did he tell you how we passed the time?

Nicole: No, he didn't get to that part yet.

Caroline: The first thing we had to do was to find a way to keep warm.

Nicole: Oh, I'll bet you came up with something.

Caroline: Yeah, a blanket.

Nicole: Oh. That did the trick?

Caroline: We're here.

Cass: We sang songs and played word games, that's all.

Caroline: Oh, he has such a big vocabulary.

Nicole: You must be dying to freshen up, Caroline.

Caroline: I just did.

Nicole: Really?

Caroline: Yeah. Well, I'm dying to change these clothes. I feel like I was born in them.

Nicole: Well, it's such a shame that we just have nothing in your size.

Caroline: Darling, I wouldn't dream of wearing one of your designs if I hadn't paid for it.

Cass: Well, you be careful driving home, Caroline. The roads are still very slick.

Caroline: Don't worry, darling. I'll be fine. I'll talk to you soon.

Cass: It's been real. Ciao. Ugh.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: Some Thanksgiving, huh?

Nicole: Yeah. I've had better.

Cass: I kept imagining you at Tour D'Argent.

Nicole: If only you'd called me and told me that you were planning to come to Paris.

Cass: But I didn't plan. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment -- who cares? We're here together. That's all that matters. So we missed spending Thanksgiving with each other. So what?

Nicole: Maybe.

Cass: Maybe what?

Nicole: Don't go away. I'll be back in a little while.

Michael: We came over here because we have something to talk to you about.

Donna: Yes, besides your burgeoning design career.

Michael: You said you were a little too busy yesterday. We all were busy, actually, rushing around.

Marley: All right. So, now, what is it?

Michael: Well, when I was in London, I ran into an old friend of mine.

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Michael: He's a fertility specialist. His name is Dr. Jansen.

Marley: Eric Jansen?

Michael: Mm-hmm. He was in London for a little convention, and -- of course, he's got a private practice in Chicago.

Marley: Well, of course! I know all about him! He's the most well-known fertility specialist in the country. I've been trying to get an appointment with him for months now.

Michael: Oh. Well, isn't that great, because --

Marley: Right.

Michael: You won't have to try any longer.

Marley: What?

Michael: That is, if you can make an appointment tomorrow I set up for you at 5:00. That is, if it's not inconvenient.

Marley: Inconvenient? Oh! Oh, Michael, thank you! Oh!

Jamie: Congratulations, Mac! That is great!

Amanda: Oh, daddy --

Jamie: Does mom know about this?

Mac: I just talked to her and Evan in Chicago.

Jamie: Yeah?

Amanda: What did she say?

Mac: Nothing, she let out a whoop -- or maybe it was shriek. But it was definitely a joyous noise!

Jamie: She was so worried that you were going to lose Cory.

Amanda: We all were.

Mac: Well, praise be to Iris. I can't wait till Rachel gets back. We're going to have a tremendous victory party!

Amanda: Oh, daddy, I can't tell you how great it is to see you like this.

Jamie: You haven't stopped smiling since we got here.

Mac: And I have no intention of stopping. Oh -- Julie Ann wanted to get my ok so she could spread the word around. I'm just going to give her the thumbs-up.

Jamie: Ok. This is great news.

Amanda: He is so happy.

Jamie: Well, he deserves to be.

Amanda: Yeah. He's really been through a lot.

Jamie: Well, he put on a good face for Thanksgiving, but you could tell the tension was starting to get to him.

Amanda: You know, you put on a good face, too.

Jamie: What do you mean?

Amanda: Well, I mean, I know it must have been a hard day for you.

Jamie: Well, having the family around, I mean, made a big difference.

Amanda: And having Vicky around.

Jamie: What?

Amanda: She told me you went over there.

Jamie: Oh. Yeah, I did.

Amanda: So, how did it go?

Jamie: Fine.

Amanda: That's it?

Jamie: I had a nice time.

Amanda: Have you decided what you want yet?

Jamie: Amanda, would you get off my back, please?

Amanda: What do you mean?

Jamie: Well, I mean she's your friend.

Amanda: Yeah, she's my friend. And I want her to be happy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to force her on you.

Jamie: You know, sometimes Vicky can make me so angry.

Amanda: Well, there were times when she wasn't exactly honest with you.

Jamie: You've got that right.

Amanda: What about the other times?

Jamie: What other times?

Amanda: When you're not angry with her?

Jamie: Well, sometimes while we're alone, just the two of us, you know, I -- she's -- I don't know -- like, honest and genuine.

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Jamie: And being with her is nice. It really is.

Jamie: You're such a little devil sometimes.

Amanda: Me?

Jamie: Yes. You ask me these innocent questions, and then you bat those beautiful brown eyes of yours, and I end up telling you everything I really feel.

Amanda: Well, the only question now is, what are you going to do about the way you feel?

Julie Ann: I talked to the caterer and she's going to take care of everything.

Mac: Terrific. Now, look, tell her I don't want a lot of fancy stuff. I want some real down-to-earth food.

Julie Ann: Nix the petit fours and finger sandwiches.

Mac: Right. Oh, yes, and see if you can track down Cass and Michael Hudson. Wouldn't be a real celebration without them.

Julie Ann: What time?

Mac: Festivities start on the first stroke of 5:00, so -- oh, have you met my daughter?

Julie Ann: I've seen her around.

Mac: Isn't she beautiful? Oh, Amanda --

Amanda: Yes?

Mac: How are you? Have you met my executive assistant?

Amanda: Oh, in passing, yes, I think so.

Mac: Isn't she beautiful? And both of you -- isn't this day just beautiful?

Julie Ann: And I'm going to call the beautiful caterer!

Mac: Oh, it is really a wonderful day for us, Amanda.

Amanda: Well, you earned it, daddy.

Mac: Well, so did you. Drew Marsten put you through so much.

Amanda: Oh, I'm fine.

Mac: Are you?

Amanda: Sure. I mean, when you made them print the retraction in the newspaper, that made me feel better.

Mac: Well, we take care of each other. You and your mother -- I don't know what I would have done without you two.

Amanda: I love you, daddy.

Mac: Oh, I love you. I love you, my darling daughter.

Mitch: Felicia? I'm home!

[Turns on cassette player]

Oliver's voice: Did you need something?

Felicia's voice: What?

Oliver's voice: From your purse?

Felicia's voice: Oh. Oh, no, no, I'm fine. Oh, by the way, what about your opening night?

Oliver's voice: Yes?

Felicia: I didn't know you were home, honey. You said you --

Felicia’s voice: Bring 'em on, whatever --

Felicia: What the hell do you think you're doing?

[Vicky hums]

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Yeah, just a sec! Oh. Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: We can't talk now. It's not a good time.

Lisa: It's the last time.

Vicky: No.

Lisa: Yes. You and I are going to have one final talk about Jamie.

Vicky: Please go.

Lisa: What are you afraid of?

Vicky: I just don't see the point.

Lisa: You will.

Vicky: I have listened to you so much.

Lisa: Well, then, one last time won't hurt.

Vicky: Ok.

Lisa: First, let me make sure you've heard -- about the breakup.

Vicky: Yeah, I've heard.

Lisa: And I can assure you that it's final.

Vicky: I assumed that.

Lisa: Well, so you can be sure there will be no reconciliation. Jamie and I are -- are finished. History.

Vicky: But you still love him.

Lisa: That's irrelevant.

Vicky: Not to him.

Lisa: Well, whether I love Jamie or not doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that I finally realized that I can't be with him. It won't work. And, of course, Jamie realizes this, too. So the way is clear for you now. No more obstacles, no more Lisa.

Vicky: Why are you telling me this?

Lisa: Aren't you interested? Well, it's what you've been waiting for, isn't it?

Vicky: I never meant to hurt you, Lisa.

Lisa: What you meant to do doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is that now it's all resolved. So, I just -- I wanted to tell you to be good to him. I -- I know him very well, and he gets confused sometimes. He might start to feel guilty about me, and I want you to make sure that he gets through that. Just make sure he knows I'm all right and that I don't blame him for anything that happened, and I just want him to be happy.

Vicky: I'll make him happy.

Lisa: You'd better.

Vicky: I love Jamie very much. I would never do anything to hurt him.

Lisa: You see that you don’t. I mean it, Vicky.

Mitch: What's the matter with you?

Felicia: You could have asked me!

Mitch: What, if I could listen to your tape?

Felicia: Yes, it would have been the polite thing for you to do. I don't go around listening to your tapes, do I?

Mitch: I don't have any tapes.

Felicia: That's not the point.

Mitch: Then what's the point? I mean, what is the big deal? You act as though I've never listened to a research tape before.

Felicia: Research tape -- right.

Mitch: It sounded like an interview.

Felicia: Yes, it -- it was an interview. It was a rotten interview. I was -- I was embarrassed. I mean, I asked all the wrong questions.

Mitch: So who was it?

Felicia: What?

Mitch: The interview -- who was it?

Felicia: Oh. It was a guy that I was going to have on the talk show. Believe it or not, he was a turtle freak, and -- well, he was just a real bore.

Mitch: Uh-huh.

Felicia: There. Where were we?

Mitch: Are you upset about something?

Felicia: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I am a little upset. Lisa was here earlier, and she's so miserable, and I just don't know what I can do o help her.

Mitch: Felicia --

Felicia: What?

Mitch: Is that all that was on the tape?

Felicia: Yes. Well, there was a little piece about this silly research on hypnosis. I was going to sort of combine it with the -- with the interview with the guy -- the turtle freak. It's a stupid idea. I mean, I decided my angle was totally absurd. It was really a total waste of time, in fact. Unlike yourself. Oh, honey -- you know I cherish every minute with you, don't you?

Cass: Nicole? Nicole?

Nicole: Cass.

Cass: You're back.

Nicole: Yeah, 10 minutes ago. I thought you were staying here to wait for me.

Cass: I couldn’t.

Nicole: Why not?

Cass: I had to get something.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Close your eyes.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: Well, just stop asking so many questions and do it. Don't open them. Ta-da!

Nicole: Does that mean I'm supposed to open my eyes now?

Cass: Yes, open them. Ta-da!

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: What?

Nicole: Those are raw Cornish game --

Cass: Game hens, right. Do you always scream at the sight of raw Cornish game hens? Did you have a bad experience with one or something? Nicole, what's the matter? Ah!

Nicole: You took my surprise!

Cass: How many surprises have we ruined for each other in the last couple of days?

Nicole: Did you get stuffing?

Cass: No, they ran out.

Nicole: No, my deli, too.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: Veggies?

Cass: Zucchini. Uh -- I got it at the -- the Vecchio Napoli.

Nicole: Oh. Refried beans. I got them from Juanita’s bodega.

Cass: Oh. Well, wait a second. Cranberry sauce.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

Nicole: You could never get a feast like this at Tour D'Argent.

Cass: Nah. You're a feast.

Nicole: Now I know why I flew 4,000 miles.

Donna: Oh, Michael and I are so relieved.

Iris: Cory’s never give up. Daddy and I would rather die. Well, that sounds wonderfully dramatic, doesn't it?

Donna: Well, it just sounds like you mean it.

Iris: Well, thank God, it didn't come to that. Where is Michael?

Donna: Oh -- oh, he saw some old business cronies out in the lobby. He'll be in in a moment.

Iris: Won't it be fun when we're neighbors?

Donna: Neighbors?

Iris: Well, didn't I tell you? I bought the penthouse upstairs.

Donna: The -- the penthouse? I didn't know it was for sale.

Iris: Well, I got some inside information, and as soon as it came on the market I snapped it up.

Donna: Oh! Well, my goodness, it certainly is an exquisite place.

Iris: Yes, well, you know, once I fix it up, do a bit of decorating, it'll be -- it'll be comfortable.

Donna: Oh.

Iris: The main thing is I'll have you as my neighbors, at least until you move into the new house.

Donna: Oh, that's true.

Cass: Hey, look at this place. Hey, Donna.

Donna: Oh, Nicole! You're back!

Nicole: Donna!

Donna: Why didn't you call me?

Nicole: Oh --

Donna: Hi, Cass.

Nicole: Well, I was sort of preoccupied.

Donna: Oh. Had a rather romantic Thanksgiving, hmm?

Cass: Finally, yes. Hello, Iris.

Iris: Hello, Cass. Welcome to the victory party.

Nicole: Hi.

Iris: I'm Iris Wheeler.

Nicole: Nicole Love.

Cass: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you hadn't met.

Nicole: No. I have heard so much about you, though.

Iris: And I've been really looking forward to meeting the designer of those fabulous clothes.

Nicole: Oh, well --

Donna: Oh -- oh, yes, Iris, you really should work with Nicole. Oh, she's just come back from Paris.

Iris: Oh, I'm impressed.

Donna: Yeah, she's been working with Christian St. Jacques. You know, the Christian St. Jacques.

Iris: Really? How long are you staying in Bay City?

Nicole: Oh, as long as I can.

Mac: Hey, look at this! Welcome, everybody!

Michael: Hey, Zack!

Mac: Whoo! Time check, Julie Ann.

Julie Ann: One minute and 20 seconds to zero hours.

Mac: Champagne check.

Julie Ann: All iced and ready to go.

Mac: Well, let's pop them and fill these people's glasses.

Julie Ann: Ok!

Michael: Well, this looks like one heck of a party.

Donna: I know, I know. I mean, would you look at Mac? I haven't seen him this happy in months.

Man: Keep them coming, keep them coming.

Cass: All right.

Donna: Yes, yes, we need our share. Oh, thank you.

[Champagne cork pops]

Donna: Shall I give it to you?

Woman: We need some more here.

Man: Don't let it stop now.

Woman: Oh, yes. How's that champagne? Thank you.

Mac: There you are.

Woman: Here we go. Two more back here.

Mac: There's that other one.

Zack: Here we go.

Mac: Ha, ha -- wonderful!

Marley: Come on now.

[Dishwasher starts]

Marley: Oh. Finally, you started for me. Ok.

[Knock on door]

Marley: Oh. Well, hi, Lisa. Ooh.

Lisa: Hi.

Marley: Come on in.

Lisa: Hi, Marley. Is Jake here?

Marley: No, he's not, but I expect him any minute.

Lisa: Oh, well, he just left this at the police station.

Marley: Oh. Thank you. Whoa. Thanks.

Lisa: Well, tell him I was here.

Marley: Lisa, how are you?

Lisa: Not great.

Marley: Is there anything I could do?

Lisa: No. Thanks. I'd better be going.

Marley: Ok.


Marley: Oh, no! Oh, no!

Lisa: What was that?

Marley: The dishwasher. Oh, no!

Lisa: What happened? What did you do?

Marley: Um -- I don't know. I'm not mechanical.

Lisa: Well, turn it off.

Marley: Uh, I --

Lisa: Here, here. Yeah, ok.

Marley: Ok --

[Marley and Lisa scream]

[Marley laughs]

Lisa: Well, you certainly are the happy homemaker.

Marley: I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry -- um -- for everything.

Lisa: Thank you. You wouldn't happen to have a towel or something, would you?

[Marley laughs]

Marley: Yes, I -- I would. Here we go. Here.

Lisa: Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Jeez.

Vicky: Jamie. I thought you were on duty.

Jamie: I -- I got off early.

Vicky: Oh.

Jamie: Is this a bad time?

Vicky: No, no. Come in.

Jamie: You can still smell the turkey.

Vicky: Yeah, I was warming some up.

Jamie: Last night was a lot of fun.

Vicky: I love Thanksgiving.

Jamie: The kids at the hospital are still talking about what you did there.

Vicky: Oh, yeah? Good or bad reviews?

Jamie: You got great reviews.

Vicky: Oh, no!

Jamie: The nurses said they were laughing so hard.

Vicky: I was being so serious.

Jamie: Ahem. Vicky --

Vicky: Yeah?

Jamie: You know, last week was --

Vicky: Was what?

Jamie: Strange.

Vicky: Yeah?

Jamie: I kept thinking about our -- our trip to Majorca.

Vicky: Oh, yeah. I would love to go back there someday.

Jamie: Oh, boy, so would I, hopefully for more than 48 hours.

Vicky: Yeah. Oh, that time difference is a killer. Do you still have any jet lag?

Jamie: Oh, I feel great.

Vicky: Oh, good, I'm glad.

Jamie: And I -- listen, last night when -- when I felt the baby kicking, I realized how much I want to be a part of his life -- not that I didn't already know that. But all of a sudden, I realized that my kid was sitting right next to me. And so were you.

Vicky: Yeah? Yeah, I was there, too.

Jamie: Vicky, I think if we raise this child together, we could --

Vicky: What?

Jamie: We could be good for each other.

Vicky: Good for each other?

Jamie: I want to ask you a question.

Felicia: You know something? I could -- I could get used to this.

Mitch: Used to what?

Felicia: Being married to you. What else?

Mitch: What do you mean, "get used to" it?

Felicia: Well, you know, if I wasn't married to you and I was sending you off to work right now, I would be wondering, "gee, I wonder if I'm going to see him later tonight."

Mitch: Hmm.

Felicia: Or, "I wonder if he liked me --"

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: "Or if maybe I came on a little too strong."

Mitch: You always come on strong.

Felicia: Yes, but, you see, the difference now is I wouldn't worry about it because I know that's what you adore about me.

Mitch: One of the things that I adore about you.

Felicia: Otherwise you wouldn't have married me.

Mitch: True. Yeah -- whoo.

Felicia: What? You know, that does make me feel very secure.

Mitch: Well, don't get too secure. I would hate to come home and see you with curlers in your hair and eating a lot of chocolates.

Felicia: Yeah, right. I look like the type that would wear a lot of curlers, Mr. Observant.

Mitch: You know what I mean.

Felicia: No, darling, I never know what you mean. That's why it's so exciting. Well, I don't want to make you any later.

Mitch: Bye.

Julie Ann: Four, three, two, one!


Mac: Friends, family, and fellow workers, I love my beautiful wife, and all of you know how much she did to save this company.


Mac: And I love my lovely daughters! And all of you know how much they did to save this company. And all of us love all of you, and you are the company! God bless you, each and every one, for your enormous efforts to keep Cory from going down the drain. I'm terribly proud of being associated with all of you.

Woman: Yes, hear, hear.

Second woman: Cheers.

Zack: We love you, Mac.

[Glasses clink]

[All talking]

[Singing in French]

Mac: That's all behind us now. We have survived! And with your continued effort, we will flourish! To new beginnings!

All: Hear, hear!

Cass: To new beginnings!

[All talking]

Woman: To a new job!

Second woman: A new promotion!

Vicky: So, what do you want to ask me?

Jamie: Vicky, I feel -- I feel close to you.

Vicky: "Close"?

Jamie: And I know the baby will bring us even closer.

Vicky: What do you want to ask me, Jamie?

Jamie: Will you marry me?

Vicky: No. I can't marry you, Jamie.

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