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Another World Transcript Friday 10/29/04

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[Doorbell rings]

Evan: What is it?

Caroline: Special delivery.

Evan: What? Special delivery? Oh.

Caroline: I see you've been expecting me.

Evan: Well, would I be getting dressed if I were?

Caroline: Not if I had any say in the matter, and I usually do.

Evan: Oh, Caroline, don't tempt me.

Caroline: It'd be a first if I couldn't.

Evan: Well, see, I've got a business meeting today.

Caroline: It's after 5:00, and it's Thanksgiving Eve.

Evan: Well, I know that, but I have to go meet Sam Fowler.

Caroline: Now?

Evan: Yes. Yeah, I have some, you know, business I have to finish up with "Brava," end-of-the-month report.

Caroline: It can wait.

Evan: Well, I thought you Australians, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Caroline: When in Rome -- anyway, I want to give you something to be truly thankful for.

Evan: Like what?

[Caroline chuckles]

Caroline: A proposition.

Evan: Oh, really?

Caroline: Hmm.

Evan: Like -- well, let me hear it.

Amanda: Oh, no. Oh. It is cold out there.

Sam: Amanda, what are you doing here?

Amanda: Well, thanks a lot. How do you like that, Alli, huh? We struggled through all this cold to bring your daddy a nice, warm dinner, and this is the response we get. Hmm.

Sam: Sorry.

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Hi, you. How you doing?

Amanda: How's the work going?

Sam: Well, I don't know. I don't know how I'm going to get finished in time for the show.

Amanda: Oh, you will.

Sam: Uh -- Amanda -- look, I'm not really that hungry right now.

Amanda: Oh, this is light. I don't want to spoil you for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Sam: Well, no. Actually, Amanda, I -- I'd kind of like to finish the painting.

Amanda: You know what? Thanksgiving! This is Alli's first Thanksgiving!

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Did you get the film?

Sam: Film -- no, I didn't. I didn't have time.

Amanda: That's all right. We'll get it later, before the stores close. Sit down.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I'm really under the gun here.

Amanda: Sam, you can take time-out to have dinner with your family. Can't you?

Rick: Ooh, it's a plot.

Lisa: What?

Rick: Every holiday weekend without fail, just when I'm trying to get out of here, something always comes up.

Lisa: Rough day?

Rick: "Rough" would be easy. Fortunately, it is almost over.

Lisa: You sound like you need to relax.

Rick: Yeah, well, you can say that again.

Lisa: I was thinking of going to a movie tonight.

Rick: Oh, yeah? Which one?

Lisa: There's a revival of "Brief Encounter" at the Criterion.

Rick: Gee, I wonder if Julie Ann would want to see that. We got a date tonight.

Lisa: Oh. What about you, Courtney? You want to go to the movies?

Courtney: Oh, I'm sorry. I've got plans. But doesn't Jamie want to see it?

Lisa: I don't know.

Courtney: Oh, he's on duty tonight, right? What are you winking at me for?

Lisa: Jamie and I broke up.

Courtney: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Lisa: Oh -- excuse me. I've got something coming in.

Courtney: I am so sorry, Lisa. I didn't know --

Rick: Courtney?

Courtney: Yeah.

Rick: You look like you need some coffee.

Courtney: I do?

Rick: Yes.

Courtney: Oh. Right, yeah. I do need coffee.

Lisa: Damn you, Jamie!

Lisa: Oh. Hi.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Lisa: I was just looking in this drawer and I found this picture. I'm so tired of feeling bad.

Felicia: Honey, you and Jamie just broke up.

Lisa: I keep telling myself I shouldn't act this way, you know, and I think about never being with him again.

Felicia: You know, you can't just put him out of your mind in an instant. You've been together a long time. Don't forget that.

Lisa: You know, I was remembering last Thanksgiving. We were so happy.

Felicia: Well, you know what? I thought you might be, so I would like you to spend Thanksgiving with Mitch and me, ok?

Lisa: You're going to the Cory's.

Felicia: No, no. No, we're not. It would be just you and me and Mitch and we'd spend a nice, quiet day together.

Lisa: No, I don't want you to change your plans because of me.

Felicia: Honey, we want you to be with us.

Lisa: No.

Felicia: Lisa, now, listen to me. I don't want you to be alone.

Lisa: I won't be. I'm -- I volunteered to work.

Felicia: Here? You're going to work on Thanksgiving?

Lisa: Yeah. There are a lot of people here who have families and they should be with them.

Felicia: Lisa, you have a family, too.

Lisa: Felicia, I know. I -- listen, you mean so much to me, but I -- I just am not feeling like I'm in a holiday mood, you know.

Felicia: Oh, honey. I feel so bad for you. I just don't know what to do for you.

Lisa: I'll be all right.

Felicia: You're right. Of course, you will. That is if Jamie will just give you a chance.

Lisa: What does that mean?

Felicia: Oh, I don't know. It's just all this stuff with Vicky, I --

Lisa: He was trying to do the right thing.

Felicia: Yeah, but for whom?

Lisa: Felicia, Jamie's hurting as much as I am. We love each other. We just decided with all of the pressure -- Jamie and I had something very beautiful, and we decided we'd rather end it than see it die.

Felicia: Is that really what happened?

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Oh. Hey, come on. Are you positive you can't have Thanksgiving with me and Mitch?

Lisa: I can't.

Felicia: Ok.

Lisa: There's something you could do for me, though.

Felicia: Name it.

Lisa: You could go to the movies with me tonight -- I can't face my apartment yet -- if you and Mitch don't have any plans.

Felicia: It's ok. I can change whatever plans I have.

Lisa: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Felicia: Oh, no.

Lisa: Forget it, forget it!

Felicia: Honey, I will change them.

Lisa: Felicia, it's ok. No, you don't have to do that. I'm fine.

Felicia: And what will you do?

Lisa: I'll go to the movies.

Felicia: Alone?

Lisa: Yeah. I'm going to have to get used to it, right?

Caroline: Yeah, I mean, do you have to see Sam Fowler tonight?

Evan: I told you that it cannot wait.

Caroline: Don't you even want to hear my proposition?

Evan: Yes and no.

Caroline: Please explain.

Evan: Ok. Yes, because all your propositions are irresistible, and no for the same reason.

Caroline: Well, you're certainly not going to be able to resist this.

Evan: Bet?

Caroline: Bet.

Evan: Ok.

Caroline: Wager.

Evan: All right. Let's see --I'll try to make you pay me.

Caroline: Oh. Ok. You want to hear the proposition?

Evan: Yeah.

Caroline: Ok.

Evan: Make it fast.

Caroline: Right. New York hotel --

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: To see the Thanksgiving parade, ok?

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: Lovely and quaint --

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: And you and I sitting up in bed watching the parade.

Evan: With that big Mickey Mouse peering in the window? Nah, I don't think so.

Caroline: We'll shut the blinds for four days and four nights.

Evan: Well, that sounds kind of wonderful. but I think I happen to have to work all weekend. Sorry.

Caroline: Agh.

Sam: Sure. I have time to have dinner with you guys, yeah. So is it ready yet?

Amanda: Well, yeah. It's just cold cuts, and I brought some nice, warm soup. Which do you want first? Sam?

Sam: Hmm? What?

Amanda: Sorry.

Sam: For what?

Amanda: You really want to work, don't you?

Sam: No, hey, come on. I wouldn't be doing anything else right now.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. You know what? Your daddy's nose is going to grow. Yes, it is. Look at it. Look.

Sam: Ok. So I'm pressed for time and I'm behind and I've finally gotten to this painting.

Amanda: It's all right, it's all right.

Sam: They give me trouble and --

Amanda: I understand.

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: One request?

Sam: Anything.

Amanda: The loft has been really lonely without you. Is it all right if Alli and I kind of hang out here for a while?

Sam: Oh -- an

[As Alli] Yes, please.

Sam: Ok. I want you here, too.

Amanda: [Normal voice] Ok. Alli, come on. We are going to be very good and we are going to be very quiet. Daddy has got to work. Ok?

Sam: Hi, Alli. Amanda, is it my imagination or is she staring at me?

Amanda: She's watching you paint.

Sam: She's watching me --. Alright, kiddo. Do you want to watch your daddy paint? Yeah. I guess you do. Well, then, come here. Can I get rid of this?

Amanda: Yeah. Go ahead.

Sam: Come here, Alli. Come watch your daddy paint -- whoop.

Amanda: We got it.

Sam: There you go.

Amanda:  I thought you were busy, huh?

Sam: Well, the kid -- you know, she's interested.

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Sam: Uh-huh. Look, so you want to paint? Here. Put your little hand around this. Put your -- come here. Give me your hand. Ok? Put your little hand around this. There you go. Now go to it. No one's going to notice the difference.

Amanda: Sam, don't let her ruin your painting.

Sam: Oh, are you kidding? It looks better already.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: We got a little Rembrandt in the making here.

Amanda: Well, she takes after her daddy.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm lucky to have her. I'll get that off.

Amanda: Is it clean?

Sam: Yeah, it's clean enough.

Amanda: Ahem.

Sam: All right. Well, anyway, she looks sleepy.

Amanda: You know, if I gave her a bottle, she'd probably go right to sleep.

Sam: Well, great. Let's set her down here. Let's just put you right down there, put you right down there like that.

Amanda: Blanket.

Sam: Yeah, do you have that? It got cold in here all of a sudden.

Amanda: It's in the bag.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: There you go, Alli.

Amanda: Here.

Sam: Put that with it?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Sam: There we go.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: All right. So you might see your first snowfall, huh?

Amanda: And it's her first Thanksgiving.

Sam: Yeah. The holidays are going to be so much fun with her.

Amanda: Well, they're made for kids, anyway. 

Sam: Yeah. Besides that fact, every day with this one is a holiday. Look at that face. Oh.

Amanda: All right, get back to work.

Sam: What? Ok. Right.

Amanda: Can I look?

Sam: Uh -- sure. Sure, why not? It's not done yet.

Amanda: I know.

Sam: I'm going to change the background a little bit. It might lighten it up.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[Alli fusses]

Sam: Well?

Amanda: Alli likes it

Sam: Well, I mean, right ye-- yeah, and your biased so-

Amanda: You asked me.

Sam: Well, let's hope Caroline likes it.

Amanda: I think that Caroline would count her lucky stars with you as a client.

Sam: And I know that I thank my lucky stars every time I look at my wife.

Felicia: Now, look, if you change your mind and you feel like spending Thanksgiving with Mitch and me, you call. You will?

Lisa: I will

Felicia: Ok.

Julie Ann: Hi, Felicia.

Lisa: Hi, Julie Ann.

Felicia: Hi.

Julie Ann: I haven't seen you in a while.

Felicia: How are you, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Terrific.

Lisa: You're in a good mood.

Julie Ann: Well, why not with a four-day holiday in front of me.

Lisa: And your date with Rick?

Julie Ann: Yeah. So what are you and Jamie doing?

Lisa: Uh --

Julie Ann: Did I say something wrong?

Lisa: Jamie and I broke up.

Julie Ann: Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry. When?

Lisa: That's ok.

Felicia: Listen, you think you could walk me to my car?

Lisa: Sure, sure.

Felicia: Ok, great. Julie Ann It's nice to see you.

Julie Ann: Happy Thanksgiving.

Felicia: Come on, honey.

Rick: Oh, you're here. Look, it's been crazy here, but I'll be ready in a second and we can go. Have you seen Lisa?

Julie Ann: Yeah. She walked Felicia to her car. Why didn't you tell me that she and Jamie broke up?

Rick: Well, I just found out myself.

Julie Ann: I feel terrible. I asked them what they were doing for Thanksgiving.

Rick: Oh, yeah. Well, Courtney did the same thing. I guess a lot of people will for a while.

Julie Ann: Poor Lisa. I like Jamie, but, I mean, he's put her through so much in the last couple of months.

Rick: Yeah, I know what you mean, you ready?

Julie Ann: What are we doing?

Rick: How about the movies?

Julie Ann: Love them.

Rick: "Brief encounter"?

Julie Ann: Trevor Howard -- oh -- and Celia Johnson?

Rick: Good girl.

Julie Ann: Oh. And afterwards, we'll go for sushi.

Rick: You must have read my mind.

Julie Ann: Oh, I try, you know?

Rick: Yeah? Well, it's a good sign if you really are.

Courtney: Um -- Delaney wants to see you.

Rick: Now?

Courtney: On the double.

Rick: I don't believe that guy. I really got to see him.

Julie Ann: Should I wait?

Rick: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It will only take a second. I'll be right back, ok?

Julie Ann: Don't tell me you have to work late.

Courtney: So, you and Rick have another date?

Julie Ann: Yep.

Courtney: You two have been seeing a lot of each other.

Julie Ann: Well, we've just gone out a couple of times.

Courtney: Just be careful.

Julie Ann: We're friends, Courtney, good friends.


Nicole: Excuse me.

Attendant: Can I help you?

Nicole: Yes. Are we going to be landing on time?

Attendant: We should. There's some snowfall in the area, but we should get in ahead of it.

Nicole: Oh, good. I'm anxious to get home.

Attendant: Planning a big dinner tomorrow?

Nicole: Nope -- turkey for two with my fiancé.

Attendant: Sounds nice.

Nicole: He doesn't know I'm coming in tonight.

Attendant: Surprising him, are you?

Nicole: Yes.

Attendant: Well, have a glass of champagne and relax.

Nicole: Ok. Thank you.

Attendant: Ok.

Cass: Thank you! Hey, it's all set!

Liz: What is?

Cass: I'm going!

Liz: Where?

Cass: Paris!

Liz: When?

Cass: Tonight! Isn't that great?

Liz: Oh, Nicole must be so thrilled.

Cass: Well, she doesn't know. I'm going to surprise her.

Liz: Well, when did you decide to fly to Paris?

Cass: 20 minutes ago.

Liz: Oh, you are such a nut!

Cass: Thank you.

Liz: No wonder Nicole loves you so much.

Cass: Got to pack!

Liz: Oh!

Cass: Whoo! Whoo!

Liz: Wonderful!

Caroline: Hello.

Liz: Oh, Ms. Stafford.

Caroline: Yes, Mrs. Matthews. Is Cass around?

Liz: He's upstairs.

Caroline: Well, I'd like to see him.

Liz: I'm afraid he won't have the time. He's flying to Paris.

Caroline: Tonight?

Liz: Yes. He wanted to surprise Nicole. That's the way things go when you're very much in love, you know?

Caroline: I suppose.

Cass: Liz, call me a cab!

Cass: You're a comedian. Thank you very much.

Caroline: Oh.

Cass: Hi. What are you doing here?

Caroline: Well, I've got a letter from the zoning commission for my gallery.

Cass: Oh, no. Can it wait? I'm on my way to Paris.

Caroline: Of course.

Cass: Good.

Caroline: I can drive you there.

Cass: Oh, thank you. I'm going to take a cab. How's that cab going, Liz?

Caroline: No cabs for 45 minutes.

Cass: 45 minutes? My flight is leaving in 45 minutes.

Caroline: Must be the snow.

Cass: It's snowing?

Caroline: It just started.

Cass: I got to get out there fast.

Caroline: Well, my offer's still open.

Cass: Caroline, I have to get straight to the airport.

Caroline: And where else would I be taking you?

Cass: Well, what choice do I have? Ok. Just let me get my bags.

Caroline: Oh.

Courtney: So, where's Rick taking you?

Julie Ann: A movie. Do you have something against movies?

Courtney: No.

Julie Ann: I told you, Courtney, we're just friends.

Courtney: So you keep saying.

Julie Ann: Because it's true.

Courtney: Oh, come on, Julie Ann. You don't believe that any more than I do.

Julie Ann: Ok, ok. So maybe we're more than friends. So what?

Courtney: So, you are black and he is white.

Julie Ann: And?

Courtney: And this could be a very big problem.

Julie Ann: Oh, come on, Courtney. People don't care about those things anymore.

Courtney: You have -- you are really kidding yourself if you believe that.

Julie Ann: I don't care what people think.

Courtney: Well, have you and Rick at least talked about it?

Julie Ann: No.

Courtney: You should.

Julie Ann: Why? It's not an issue between the two of us.

Courtney: It will be.

Julie Ann: Maybe I have -- I'm a little more optimistic about people than you are.

Courtney: Julie Ann, I just don't want to see you getting hurt.

Julie Ann: This conversation, this is hurting me.

John: Sorry.

Courtney: Oh, come on in, John.

John: Hi, Julie ann. Courtney, I hope I'm not too late. Zack sent me over. He said he might be able to help me.

Courtney: How can I help you?

John: I need a traffic permit to block off some space in front of the art gallery I'm renovating.

Courtney: Oh, sure. All you have to do is, like, fill out a form.

John: Fine.

Lisa: Hi, john.

John: Hi, Lisa.

Julie Ann: Oh, excuse me.

Lisa: It's ok. I'm just getting ready to leave.

Julie Ann: Lisa, listen, I'm really sorry about what I said.

Lisa: Oh, it's ok --

Julie Ann: I didn't know that you and Jamie --

Lisa: It's ok, Julie Ann, really.

Rick: Sorry that took so long, but I'm free to go. You ready?

Julie Ann: Um -- yeah.

Rick: Huh? Oh, say, Lisa -- you want to come to the movie with us? I mean, really.

Lisa: No, no --

Rick: Come on with us. It'll be fun.

Lisa: No, thanks, really.

Julie Ann: It'll be fun, really.

Lisa: It's ok, you guys. Go on your date.

Julie Ann: Ok.

Rick: Ok. Happy Thanksgiving.

Julie Ann: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Rick: Hey, have a good one.

John: So long.

Courtney: So I'm going to just file this and you'll be all set.

John: Great.

Courtney: Ok?

John: Thanks a lot.

Courtney: Sure.

John: Well, the old holidays are on us again, aren't they?

Lisa: Yeah, right -- the old holidays.

John: I thought that I was the only scrooge in Bay City.

Lisa: I'm not looking forward to them this year.

John: Why?

Lisa: Jamie and I broke up.

John: Because of my niece?

Lisa: Yeah.

John: I'm sorry, Lisa. I really am.

Lisa: Oh, well, you know the situation. I think it's best for everybody. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

John: Yeah. Well, I better get going. You take care of yourself.

Lisa: John -- do you have any plans for tonight?

John: No.

Lisa: Would you like to go to a movie?

John: Sure.

Lisa: You would?

John: Yeah, yeah -- well, as long as it's not "Miracle on 34th Street."

Lisa: Oh, no way, no way.

John: Or "A Christmas Carol."

Lisa: Oh, no. I promise.

John: Because guys like you and me -- I mean, we don't need that kind of garbage, right?

Lisa: Right.

John: You think "Bambi's" playing anywhere?

Lisa: Maybe.

Attendant: Your seat belt, miss Love?

Nicole: Oh, right. Well, are we landing soon?

Attendant: Very shortly.

Nicole: I was daydreaming.

Attendant: I hope you have a very romantic holiday with your fiancé.

Nicole: Oh, thank you. It won't be long now.

Caroline: It's really coming down.

Cass: Can you drive any faster?

Caroline: Cass, see that white stuff? It's called snow, and it's slippery.

Cass: And I'm going to be late for my flight unless you step on the gas.

Caroline: If there is a flight.

Cass: Why shouldn't there be?

Caroline: They're not going to take off in this weather.

Cass: What are you, an air-traffic controller?

Caroline: You know what I think we should do?

Cass: Drive faster.

Caroline: Turn around.

Cass: No.

Caroline: Look, we could go to my place, light a fire, have a couple of brandies. What's the snow for? Doesn't that sound nice?

Cass: You little devil -- I knew you couldn't be trusted.

[Cass turns on radio and changes stations]

Announcer: As the snow continues to accumulate, holiday travelers are advised that the airport is still open and --

Cass: Drive.

Caroline: Persistent soul, aren't we?

Cass: Me? Lady, you invented the word.

Sam: Evan, look, I finished that layout before I left "Brava."

Evan: Well, unfortunately, the advertisers wanted the changes.

Sam: Well, unfortunately, I don't work there anymore.

[Alli fusses]

Evan: But they specifically asked for you. They said they wanted the best.

Amanda: Well, you have to admit, the man does have good taste.

Evan: We pay top dollar.

[Alli cries]

Sam: Well, look, I couldn't get to it till after the weekend's over.

Evan: That's fine.

Sam: Yeah, I'm kind of swamped with this show coming up.

Evan: Well, is this one of your new?

Sam: Yeah. It's not --

Evan: Oh, this is --

Sam: Yeah, it's got a long way to go.

Evan: No, this is great. I like it.

Sam: Well, thank you. Well, I'll finish it if I work around the clock.

Evan: You'll do it.

Sam: Yeah. Ooh, speaking of which, I've got to go get some clip-on lamps out of the car. I'll be right back. Excuse me.

Evan: Be careful out there. It's icy.

Amanda: Ok? Let's do that. All right. No gloves for you.

[Evan chuckles]

Amanda: There you go. Hey, what are you doing? Wow, it's really starting to snow, huh?

Evan: Yeah, it's really coming down.

Amanda: Sam's work is getting a lot better.

Evan: What? Oh. Yeah, he's got a lot of talent.

Amanda: And this one's one of my favorites. Don't you just love the eyes?

Evan: Yeah, I do.

Amanda: And the light, the way it just kind of seems to come from -- why are you staring at me?

Evan: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

Amanda: Why? What is it? Do I have dirt on my nose or something?

Evan: No, no, not at all. I was just -- I was just thinking about the way you looked the other night.

Amanda: When?

Evan: When you came into "Brava" to fix the article.

Amanda: Oh. Right. Sam and I were going out that night.

Evan: You looked terrific.

Amanda: Well, I guess I look like kind of a slob now, huh?

Evan: No, I'm not talking about the way you're dressed.

Amanda: Look, Evan -- Alli? She's turning blue. Oh, my God, she's choking! Alli! Alli!

Amanda: Alli!

Evan: No, no, no --

Amanda: Alli, oh, my God! Alli!

Evan: Get back.

Amanda: Evan, what are you doing? Evan? Evan, what are you doing to my baby? Evan! Evan! Evan, what are you doing? Is she all right?

[Alli cries]

Evan: Oh! Oh, she's ok now.

Amanda: My baby. Alli? Alli? Oh. Alli, are you all right now?

Evan: She's fine. It just looks like she was choking on this.

Amanda: She couldn't breathe! Why did I leave her alone? Oh, Alli! I'm sorry.

Evan: She's ok now.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Evan: She's ok.

Amanda: What did you do? How did you help her?

Evan: I used the infant Heimlich maneuver.

Amanda: A button?

Evan: Yeah.

Amanda: She swallowed a whole button. How did --

Evan: Who knows?

Amanda: How could she even get a hold of this?

Evan: I don't know. It looks like it came from the sofa. Shh.

Amanda: Oh, Alli. Oh, Alli.

[Alli cries]

Evan: Hey, it's over now.

Amanda: She couldn't breathe. I mean --

Evan: It's over now. It's ok.

Amanda: If you hadn't been here --

Evan: Hey, it's all right. Relax! It's ok.

Amanda: Shh, shh.

Evan: Aw.

Amanda: It's ok. It's ok.


Sam: Hey, what's going on?

Amanda: Sam, the baby --

Sam: Well, what happened? What happened? What's the matter, honey?

Amanda: She almost just choked to death. Evan saved her life.

Sam: Shh. Shh, shh.

Lisa: Oh, boy. It's really coming down out there now.

John: Oh, it's great.

Lisa: Ooh, it's just like Christmas.

John: Ugh.

Lisa: Sorry.

John: Come on. Let's get in and get some seats.

Lisa: I'll get the popcorn, ok?

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. Here, I got --

Lisa: No, no, no, no. It's on me. You got the tickets. I'll get the popcorn.

John: Oh, is that how it works?

Lisa: That's how it works. Small, medium, or large?

John: Better make it a small.

Lisa: What are you, un-American? Large with extra butter?

John: Oh, come on! Extra butter -- I'll have cholesterol in my cholesterol.

Lisa: Oh, I know, I know, I know! It's great, it's great.

John: Where do you want to sit -- left, right, center?

Lisa: Center.

John: In the middle.

Lisa: Right.

John: Yeah.

Lisa: Hi. I'll have two large popcorns with extra butter. Oh.

Lisa: Jamie. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone I used to know. Thank you.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

John: Lisa?

Lisa: I know -- ok, ok.

John: It's starting. Hey, what's wrong?

Lisa: Nothing. No. Let's go. I don't want to miss the previews.

John: Ok.

Oliver's voice: Thank you.

Felicia's voice: Oh, by the way, the balloons are really fabulous.

Oliver's voice: Oh, yes. Ok, well, let's not think about the balloons now, eh?

Felicia's voice: Oh, right. I'm sorry. I'm going to concentrate. You know, I really do want this to work.

Oliver's voice: Yeah.

Felicia's voice: You see, the last time you hypnotized me, I went -- well, I went into my past.

Oliver's voice: Yes, I remember. You drifted back into your childhood. It was quite entertaining.

Felicia's voice: Yeah, so I'm told.

Felicia: Not yet. Not yet.

Nicole: Hi, Liz.

Liz: Hi, Nicole. Nicole!

Nicole: Surprise.

Liz: Nicole, what in the world --

Nicole: Shh, shh, shh.

Liz: Why aren't you in Paris?

Nicole: I wanted to surprise Cass.

Liz: Cass!

Nicole: I'm just lucky my plane was able to land in this weather. It's awful out there. Where is he?

Liz: Oh, no.

Nicole: He's gone out?

Liz: I can't believe this. I just can't believe this!

Nicole: What's wrong?

Liz: Cass!

Nicole: Well, something's happened to him?

Liz: No.

Nicole: Well, what is it? Tell me.

Liz: He's on his way to Paris.

Nicole: What?

Liz: He wanted to surprise you!

Nicole: What? What a stupid idea!

Liz: You missed him by one hour.

Nicole: Maybe I can call the airport.

Liz: No, his flight was scheduled for 6:30.

Nicole: Oh, I don't believe it! I come all this way and he's --

Felicia: Liz, hi. Listen, have you seen Cass? I -- Nicole. Ok, what -- why aren't you in Paris?

Nicole: I ought to be.

Liz: She flew in to surprise Cass.

Felicia: Oh, how romantic. Where is he?

Nicole: He flew out to surprise me.

Felicia: You missed each other that much?

Nicole: I can't believe it.

Liz: Oh, if only you'd called.

Nicole: Oh, please, Liz.

Felicia: You know what this is like? This is like my novel, "Transatlantic Turmoil." You remember it, Liz?

Nicole: Oh, why did he do it? Why did I do it?

Felicia: Honey, now, listen, I know it's terribly ironic, but just think about it, just for a moment. Two lovers, separated by an ocean, yearning to see one another, yearning and burning?

Nicole: Don't remind me about burning and yearning.

Felicia: Each desperately needing to see each other --

Liz: Both deciding to fly to the other.

Felicia: Planes passing in the night.

Liz: Cass there, Nicole here.

Felicia: Right.

Nicole: Yearning and burning. Oh, damn him. Why can't he tell me when he's going to surprise me?

Caroline: I told you they were going to cancel your flight.

Cass: Say that again, Caroline.

Caroline: What?

Cass: Tell me that you told me that they were going to cancel my flight.

Caroline: Why?

Cass: Because if you tell me that one more time, I will be perfectly within my rights to slug you.

Caroline: God, getting a bit nasty, aren't we?

Cass: Oh, but you make it so easy. Will you look out!

Caroline: Ah --

Cass: Are you blind? You almost hit the divider!

Caroline: It's not easy to see in this snow.

Cass: We drive on the right side of the road in this country. I should have gone last night. I knew I should have gone last night! Look, there's a sign for a diner, I think, out front. Let's -- let's pull off until this lets up, ok?

Caroline: Oh, I don't think it's going to let up.

Cass: Will you just pull off, please?

Caroline: The side roads are going to be worse.

Cass: Are all Australian women this stubborn, or did I just get stuck with the only one?

Caroline: Right. You want to turn off? Fine, we'll turn off. Where?

Cass: There. You know, Caroline, I think the diner is to the right.

Caroline: That's not a road!

Cass: Will you just do what I say, please? Will you please turn to the right, please?

Caroline: I can't --

Cass: What happened?

Caroline: I did what you said. Seems like your diner turned into a ditch.

Cass: Just stick it in reverse, would you, please?

[Tires turn]

Caroline: Any more bright ideas?

Cass: Oh. Uh.

Julie Ann: Oh, that was wonderful.

Rick: Oh, yeah. They don't make movies like that anymore. Ah.

Julie Ann: I'm surprised you liked it.

Rick: Why?

Julie Ann: I don't know. Most guys -- you know, they don't go in for that mushy, romantic stuff.

Rick: Well, I guess underneath my macho, tough-guy exterior there lies a mushy, romantic heart.

Julie Ann: It's beautiful.

Rick: You're not afraid of a little snow, are you?

Julie Ann: Well, let's go.

Julie Ann: I'm sorry.

Rick: It's all right. Forget about it.

Julie Ann: I just can't stop crying.

Rick: Well, I would have cried, too, but you hogged all the tissues.

Julie Ann: Well, it was just so sad, you know? They loved each other so much.

John: Why don't we just sit down over here for a few minutes until you get yourself together.

Lisa: Ok.

John: Ok?

John: Well, it is really snowing out there.

Lisa: Oh, I'm sorry.

John: Well, you didn't make it snow.

Lisa: Well, actually -- I mean, for all the crying and everybody was staring at us and --

John: Well, a movie about two people breaking up, we might have chosen something better.

Lisa: Yeah, I guess I should stick to cartoons.

John: Yeah, I told you -- me, too. We should have gone to see "Bambi." Lisa, I -- I really am sorry about you and Jamie.

Lisa: Oh, thanks.

John: I -- I haven't been too hot in the romance department myself.

Lisa: I don't understand why. I mean, you're a reasonably good-looking guy.

John: Well, thank you.

Lisa: And you're very polite.

John: Oh, well, don't get carried away.

Lisa: Oh, I can't imagine that I'll be getting involved with anyone for a very long time. It's too complicated.

John: Yeah, I thought so, too, until I met --

Lisa: Who? Tell me.

John: Oh. Well, there's -- there's somebody that I am interested in -- well, you know, it's so risky, especially after Chris --

Lisa: Yeah, I know. I can't see myself with anyone besides Jamie.

John: That snow is really starting to come down now.

Lisa: Yeah. It sure is.

John: Lisa, did you ever make an angel in the snow?

Lisa: You mean, like when you fall backwards and you move your arms --

John: Yeah.

Lisa: And legs up and down?

John: Yeah, like that.

Lisa: Yeah, I haven't done anything that silly in a long time.

John: Nah, me, either.

Sam: The pediatrician said that she doesn't need to see her tonight, but we should bring her in tomorrow morning.

Amanda: Ok. I think she's all right now.

[Alli mumbles]

Sam: We should have checked that couch.

Amanda: I was the one that left her there on the couch alone.

Sam: Hey, nothing --

Amanda: When I think about what could have happened, I mean --

Evan: Nothing happened.

Sam: She could have choked to death.

Evan: And she's fine now.

Amanda: Thanks to you.

Sam: What did you do, anyway?

Evan: I used the infant Heimlich maneuver.

Amanda: Like they use on adults?

Evan: Well, it's the same theory, but it's performed a little differently on a baby under a year.

Sam: Well, how do you know it?

Amanda: Maybe you could teach us. I think we ought to know.

Evan: Well, I think it would be better if your doctor showed you. You're going to see her tomorrow, right?

Sam and Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: That's a good idea.

Amanda: I think every parent should learn that. Kids are always putting things in their mouths.

Sam: You didn't tell us how you learned that.

Evan: I think I probably just saw it on a talk show one time. Anyway, I really ought to be going.

Amanda: Oh, wait. We don't know how to thank you.

Evan: Well, don't worry about it.

Amanda: You saved Alli's life. I'll never forget that.

Sam: Yeah, me, either.

Amanda: Say, what are you doing -- what are your plans for tomorrow?

Evan: I have nothing in stone.

Amanda: Well, why don't you come and have Thanksgiving dinner with us?

Sam: Yeah, sure. That's a good idea.

Amanda: We're all going to be over at my parents' house. They have a big gathering with a turkey and trimmings and everything.

Sam: Yeah. Besides that fact, Ada makes the best pumpkin pie you ever tasted.

Evan: Well, no, no, no. I don't think I want to intrude.

Amanda: It's like you're a member of the family now.

Sam: And don't you want to be there in person when Mac Cory thanks you for what you did?

Evan: All right, then. I guess then I'd love to come. Thank you.

Liz: Feeling any better?

Nicole: Oh, no.

Liz: Poor dear. Cass is probably halfway to Paris by now.

Nicole: Don't remind me.

Liz: You want to spend the night at my place?

Nicole: Oh, no, thanks.

Liz: I'd stay here, but, you know, there's my dog J.J.

Nicole: No, no, no. You go on. I'll be fine.

Liz: I hate for you to be all alone.

Nicole: I don't mind, really.

Liz: Any plans for tomorrow?

Nicole: What? Oh -- Thanksgiving. No. I don't feel very thankful at the moment.

Liz: I'm having a few friends in. You're welcome to join us.

Nicole: We'll see. Good night, Liz.

Liz: Good night, dear.

Nicole: Hey, be careful driving in the snow.

Liz: I will. Happy Thanksgiving.

Nicole: Yeah. You, too.

Caroline: Oh. Oh. Whoo. Oh. Ahem. Well, it looks like we're stuck here till the snowplow arrives.

Cass: Why?

Caroline: No snow chains.

Cass: Perfect. Terrific.

Caroline: Well, the radio didn't say it was going to be this heavy.

Cass: Do you always believe everything you don't hear on the radio?

Caroline: You look cold.

Cass: I'm not cold. I'm mad. This is how I look when I'm mad.

Caroline: Well, I did find a blanket. Oh.

Cass: Well, can you wrap it around your radials and get me the hell out of here?

Caroline: Yeah, and even if we did have snow chains --

Cass: Yeah?

Caroline: Do you know how to put them on?

Cass: I could figure out, sure.

[Caroline snickers]

Caroline: Yeah, just like you figured out about the -- the ditch being the diner.

Cass: Well, that was a -- that was a perfectly legitimate mistake.

Caroline: An Australian man could dig us out of here.

Cass: Well, then, why don't you go back to Australia and find one?

Caroline: I can't. An American man has got me stuck in a ditch. Can't take a ribbing, can we?

Cass: Only when I'm warm.

Caroline: Well, here. Is that better? Hmm?

Cass: What do you think you're doing?

Caroline: Exchanging body heat. Oh.

Cass: That's what I thought you were doing. Is this an old Australian custom?

Caroline: Yeah. It is now. By the way, I found this.

Cass: What do you got over there?

Caroline: Oh, God.

Cass: Oh, hey, a mutilated chocolate bar. Wonder-- ooh. With little dust bunnies on it, too. Lovely.

[Caroline chuckles]

Cass: How did I get so lucky? I suppose you found this on the floor.

Caroline: It was in the trunk.

Cass: A stick of gum, too. Great. I could have been eating canard a la Moutarde on the Champs Élysées, a deux!

Caroline: Use your imagination.

Cass: I can't. It's frozen.

Caroline: Well, look, this is going to have to do for Thanksgiving dinner unless a snowplow arrives. Now, come on. We are just going to make the best of it, don't we, huh? Hmm? Oh. Hmm.

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