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Another World Transcript Friday 10/22/04

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Iris: You know, Daddy, working with you is great.

Mac: Wonderful for me, too, dear.

Rachel: Mac, I --

Mac: Rachel.

Rachel: Hello, Iris.

Mac: What a nice surprise.

Iris: Yes, I thought you'd be home working in the studio.

Rachel: Oh, they let me out occasionally.

Mac: Did you need me for something, darling?

Rachel: Yes. I had left an awful lot of papers and things here in the office. I came to collect them.

Mac: Oh.

Iris: Oh, I had Julie Ann clean them out. I'm sorry if you need them. I'm sure you can pick them up on your way out.

Rachel: Very efficient, Iris.

Mac: Iris and I were just talking about renovating things here.

Iris: Daddy, I was thinking about more than renovating. I mean, I think we should turn the main lobby into a galleria, and we should have the best shops and a spa and, you know, the whole --

Rachel: Do you think the budget can accommodate that kind of expansion?

Iris: I have great faith in Cory Publishing.

Rachel: So do I.

Mac: Well, not to worry about it now. Just daydreams at the moment.

Iris: Oh, come on, daddy. That's not daydreams. I think if you and I put our heads together, we can accomplish just about anything.

Amanda: So, we didn't get in until late, but it was worth it.

Cass: Oh, I hope the baby slept in this morning.

Amanda: No, no, she was up at 5:00.

Cass: Oh, who got up with her?

Amanda: We both did. Sam made the coffee, and I gave her her bottle. It was wonderful.

Cass: Yeah, I'll bet.

Amanda: All right, well, I guess getting up with a baby on four hours' sleep does not sound wonderful to the uninitiated.

Cass: Oh, actually, it sounds a lot better than waking up alone on a full night's sleep.

Amanda: Nicole still isn't back, huh?

Cass: This Christian St. Jacques guy seems to be crazy about her. Every time she talks about leaving Paris, he comes up with something else he wants her to design.

Amanda: Well, she's going to be very famous.

Cass: Right. Listen, I don't mean to keep you.

Amanda: Oh, no, that's all right. I have to wait to talk to Iris about my next assignment.

Cass: How do you do all of this?

Amanda: I think it's a lot easier to be busy. What are you doing with all those extra hours?

Cass: Oh, little of this, little of that. I manage, you know --

Amanda: Hmm. I see.

Cass: Try not to feel sorry for myself.

Caroline: There you are! Oh, ready for lunch?

Josie: There you are! You know, I thought that I would make my famous noodle casserole tonight. What do you think?

Jason: What?

Josie: My famous noodle casserole? I mean, everyone else is going to be gone, and you and I are the only ones that like it, so --

Jason: Where's your mother going to be?

Josie: Oh, she's helping John with the books for Frame Construction, said she wouldn't be home till late.

Jason: What about those two chow hounds she's got living here?

Josie: Kenny and David?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Josie: They said they're leaving early for Thanksgiving vacation.

Jason: Great. At least that part is good.

Josie: So? Shall I start preparing?

Matt: Hey! Prepare what?

Jason: Hey, Matt.

Josie: Hi!

Matt: Hi.

Josie: Noodle casserole.

Matt: Noodle casserole? I love noodle casserole!

Josie: You do? Well, you want to join us for supper?

Matt: I would go anywhere for noodle casserole.

Jason: Good. You can have my share, too, because I'm going to be out this evening. Excuse me.

Josie: You are?

Jason: Yeah, I've got a very important business meeting. I'll be gone most of the night. You will be all right, won't you?

Matt: Hey, don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of her.

Jason: You two aren't going to get in any kind of trouble, now, are you?

Josie: Uncle Jason, don't be silly. Are you all through with your classes?

Matt: Nope, got to go back. I'm just a little bummed out about classes, though. I can't believe what this creep Collins did.

Jason: Who is Collins?

Matt: My English literature teacher. She made an exam on Wednesday.

Josie: Wednesday? That's the day before vacation.

Matt: Yeah. It's just her little way of letting us know, "don't skip this day," you know?

Josie: Oh.

Jason: I used to cut it all out. It's obvious. You take one look at me, and -- I never was very much high on higher education. Sorry, Matt.

Josie: Uncle Jason?

Jason: Yeah?

Josie: Would you mind going out and checking the heater in the brooder? It seemed to be shorting out or something when I was out there feeding the chickens.

Jason: The baby chicks? Why didn't you tell me that sooner, Josie?

Matt: Thank goodness for the brooder.

Josie: I'm glad you stopped by.

Matt: Me, too.

Josie: Sorry about your exam.

Matt: Oh, don't worry about it. I really came to see you.

Josie: Do you really like noodle casserole?

Matt: I love noodle casserole.

Josie: I was thinking maybe I could build a fire and we can eat in here.

Matt: Hey, yeah. Fire, noodle casserole -- perfect.

Josie: It's sort of romantic, isn't it?

Matt: I'm sure it's what Romeo and Juliet did on their one night together.

Josie: You're teasing me.

Matt: You're right, I am teasing you.

Josie: I want it to be romantic. It's -- it's what I've always wanted.

Matt: You're not -- you're not just talking about dinner, are you?

Josie: No. We'll be all alone here tonight.

Matt: Um -- when is your uncle Jason leaving?

Josie: I don't know. Later on this afternoon, I guess.

Matt: Well, I -- I have to go to classes. There's something I have to take care of.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Yeah. Um -- I have a 3:00 bio lab, you know, at 3:00. I can come back after that.

Josie: I'll be waiting.

Matt: All right.

Matt: Josie, I'd never hurt you.

Josie: I know.

Jason: Josie, there was nothing wrong with that heating unit at all.

Josie: I'm sorry. I must've turned it on wrong or something.

Matt: Oh, well, I -- if I'm going to make that lab, I have to go.

Josie: Ok. See you later.

Matt: Bye.

Jason: So, you and Matthew have the house all to yourselves tonight, right?

Josie: Yeah. We'll probably just watch TV or something.

Jason: Well, I hope that's all you do, Josie, or your mom will throw a fit.

[Door closes]

Cass: Caroline and I have a business lunch today.

Amanda: I wasn't aware the two of you had business together.

Cass: I'm doing some legal work for Carolineís gallery.

Caroline: I wouldn't make a move without Cass' approval.

Cass: There are a couple of things that I have to take care of, and -- why don't I meet you here, ok?

Caroline: Certainly.

Cass: Give my best regards to Sam.

Amanda: Yeah, sure, I will.

Cass: Bye.

Amanda: Cass is great.

Caroline: Oh, look, isn't he? And he's not what he appears to be on the surface.

Amanda: No. It's funny, Nicole says that all the time.

Caroline: Nicole certainly has a great many friends who are protecting her interests.

Amanda: I'm one of them.

Caroline: Ok. Don't worry, darling. This really is only a business lunch.

Ada: Hi, honey.

Amanda: Hi, grandma.

Caroline: Oh, Ada, fancy meeting you here.

Ada: Yeah, right.

Caroline: Well, look, do you want to excuse me? I'm just going to have a wander off and see what's keeping Cass.

Amanda: Ok.

Ada: Bye-bye-bye.

Amanda: Do you like her?

Ada: Oh, the jury's still out on that one.

Amanda: Oh. I guess she has been awful nice to Sam.

Ada: How is Sam and the most beautiful baby in the whole world?

Amanda: They're together. Sam took her to the studio with him this morning.

Ada: You look happy.

Amanda: Oh, grandma, we had the most fantastic night last night. Thank you for babysitting.

Ada: My pleasure. You need to spend more time alone with your husband.

Amanda: I'm sorry that we were out so late.

Ada: Well, no problem. Listen, if Sam has the baby, why aren't you home taking a nap or something? What are you doing here?

Amanda: Oh, no, I can't take a nap. I had to come in and talk to Iris.

Ada: Why?

Amanda: Well, she said she has another assignment for me.

Ada: Why?

Amanda: Well, I guess she liked the article that I submitted last week.

Ada: Ah. Well, looks like even Iris can be right about something.

Amanda: You don't like her, either, do you?

Ada: After what she put your mother and Mac through, no.

Amanda: You know, I've heard so many stories, but --

Ada: But what?

Amanda: Oh, I don't know. It just doesn't seem to jibe with the person that I met.

Ada: Well, she can be all sweetness and light, our Iris.

Amanda: You don't trust her, do you? I know mom doesnít.

Ada: Well, Rachel has good reason not to.

Amanda: You know, it's just that I have to work with her. Daddy seems so anxious for the two of us to get along.

Ada: I know he is.

Amanda: At the same time, I don't want to be disloyal to mom.

Ada: Oh, she would never think that. You have to make up your own mind about how you feel about Iris.

Amanda: Oh. She really made me angry when she forced mom out of the business.

Ada: Yeah, me, too.

Amanda: She said something about -- she did it because it was "the best thing for her"?

Ada: Well, Rachelís having a hard time swallowing that one. So am I.

Amanda: Why?

Ada: It was a lot of years ago, before you were born. Seems that Iris' only goal in life was to break up your mother's marriage to Mac. I don't know if Rachel has ever forgiven her, no matter how much Iris says she's changed.

Rachel: I found this at the desk at home, and I thought maybe you should have it.

Mac: Oh, good. What is it, darling?

Rachel: I was in the middle of a lot of negotiations, and I kept a record of them in that.

Mac: Oh, great.

Iris: Daddy, we'll start those negotiations fresh, now, won't we?

Mac: No.

Rachel: I don't think so. If you do that, you'll be wasting an awful lot of your valuable time, Iris.

Mac: Of course. I'll go over it right away, Rachel. You know, every day I see what a wonderful job you did while I was out. Nobody could have done a better one, Rachel.

Iris: That's for sure.

Rachel: I miss it. I miss the people. It's hard to get in the swing of things back in the studio, coping with all that solitude.

Mac: Hadn't thought of that part of it.

Iris: But, Rachel, you're so gifted. I'm sure once you get over this period of adjustment --

Rachel: I don't need any explanations for it, Iris.

Iris: No, I'm sorry, of course not.

Rachel: I'm sorry. I'll -- I'll get out of your way.

Mac: You're never in my way, Rachel.

Rachel: I'll see you tonight, Mac.

Mac: Right. I'll try to get home early.

Rachel: All right. Goodbye, Iris.

Iris: Oh, Rachel, if Michael Hudsonís attorney calls, could you please ask him to send the check to me care of your address?

Mac: What check is that, Iris?

Iris: Well, you know, the Hudsonís aren't moving till spring now, and that's far too long for me to wait. And they were sweet enough to let me get out of the offer I made on their apartment.

Rachel: You're going to be staying with us?

Iris: Well, I wouldn't dream of inconveniencing you, Rachel. Daddy, do you have some time now?

Mac: I'm going to see Rachel out, I think.

Rachel: No. Um -- I'm going to make a phone call.

Mac: Oh.

Iris: Well, why don't you use my phone? And then I can show daddy what I want to do with the executive offices.

Rachel: All right.

Mac: Thanks for coming, darling.

Rachel: Right.

Mac: I really do appreciate it.

Rachel: Ok.

Iris: Goodbye, Rachel, darling.

Rachel: Oh. Oh, boy. Hello. Do you have Mr. Henry Stevens' residence? You do? Ok. All right, yeah, got it. Thank you. Hello, this is Mrs. Rachel Cory. Is Mrs. Stevens' home? Thank you. Betty, it's Rachel. Yeah, hi. Well, I'll tell you why I was calling. I was wondering if your penthouse is still available. It is? Oh, that's terrific. No, I just think I might have a buyer for you. It's all right. No, it's great. I want this deal to go through just about as fast as it can. Yeah, fast as possible.

[Doorbell rings]

Nicole: Just a minute. Christian.

Christian: Hello, Nicole.

Nicole: Uh -- I didn't think our meeting was for a half an hour.

Christian: It isn't, but I couldn't wait. I had to see you again.

Caroline: Listen, the gallery's going very, very well. I'm so pleased.

Rachel: Good.

Caroline: Sam's last piece is incredible! I can't wait for the opening.

Rachel: I have some invitations I want you to send out.

Caroline: Of course. I wouldn't send one out before I got your list.

Rachel: Ok, good. Uh -- excuse me.

Ada: We meet again.

Caroline: Oh, and I'm still looking for Cass.

Ada: Uh-huh.

Caroline: Excuse me.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Ada: Looking for you.

Rachel: Why?

Ada: Helen told me that you were over here.

Rachel: Don't you have anything better to do than to follow me around?

Ada: No, I donít.

Rachel: If you tell me I have to be back in the studio office, I'll scream.

Ada: Never entered my mind.

Rachel: Good. You want to carry something for me?

Ada: Ugh.

Rachel: Iris saw fit to clean out my desk for me.

Ada: Well, that was helpful of her.

Rachel: She's up to something, I know it.

Ada: She's not the only one.

Rachel: What does that mean?

Ada: You and Ms. Down under. Every time I turn around, you two have your heads together.

Rachel: She's a gallery owner, I'm an artist. We talk.

Ada: Good, because I'd hate to think that her interest in Samís career was being financed by you.

Rachel: Her interest in Samís career is based on the fact that she thinks he's very talented --

Ada: Good.

Rachel: And I'm financing it.

Ada: I thought so.

Rachel: It wasn't my idea. And besides, she does think Samís very good. She likes his work just as much as I do.

Ada: Sam isn't going to like it very much when he realizes that his big break is being arranged by somebody, no matter how well-intentioned you may be.

Rachel: All right, well, then we'll just have to make sure he doesn't find out. And so far he doesn't know, so we're fine.

Ada: So far.

Cass: Excuse me. I thought Mac was here.

Iris: Oh, he stepped out for a minute. Can I help you?

Cass: Oh, I'm afraid not. You see, I require a C.E.O.'s signature on this contract.

Iris: Oh, just let me get a pen.

Cass: No, I don't think you understand. C.E.O. -- That's as in "chief executive officer"?

Iris: I know what it means. I've just had it engraved on my cards.

Cass: Oops. That makes you --

Iris: Iris Wheeler.

Cass: Yes.

Iris: I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: You know who I am?

Iris: I make it my business to know the faces of everyone who works at Cory.

Cass: I apologize for appearing condescending there. It's just that you're -- well, I -- I think of lady executives as wearing sneakers and dress-for-success clothing.

Iris: Well, I might be in the business world, Mr. Winthrop, but I never forget that I'm a woman.

Cass: I'll bet nobody else ever forgets that, either.

Mac: Hello, Cass. I see you two have met.

Cass: Hey, Mac.

Iris: Yes. Mr. Winthrop, if you'd like to give me that contract, I'll read it and get it back to you this afternoon.

Cass: Thank you very much. And you may call me Cass. It's nice to meet you. See you later, Mac.

Mac: Good to see you.

Cass: Amanda.

Amanda: Bye.

Mac: I ran into Amanda in the corridor. She says you've given her another assignment.

Iris: Oh, daddy, darling, I'm so sorry I forgot to mention it to you. Yes, you know, I think that seeing "Brava" is published in Bay City, we should do a profile on one of the noteworthy citizens here.

Mac: Great. Who's that?

Iris: What about Michael Hudson? You know, he's handsome, he's good-looking, he's rich, and he's news.

Mac: Great idea. He's a press agent's dream. You know he had his first million by the time he was in his 20s, and he made the fortune from nothing?

Iris: Well, that's the sort of thing that the public will want to hear about.

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Iris: And I think Amandaís just the person to do it.

Amanda: Me?

Iris: Well, you're Amanda, aren't you?

Amanda: Well, I'll get started on it right away.

Iris: Great. We need it straightaway. Oh, but make sure that you leave yourself enough time to work with Evan.

Amanda: Evan?

Iris: Yeah, I think it's very important that you continue to learn about Cory Publishing. You're a Cory. You should know this business inside out.

Mac: Right. Rachel and I wanted to make sure she had time to find a life of her own.

Iris: Well, Cory Publishing is a part of that life. And I think it's what Amanda wants, too, isn't it?

[Phone rings]

Iris: Excuse me. Hello, Iris Wheeler. What do you want?

Amanda: Oh, I can't believe it -- a big-time magazine profile.

Iris: Look, I'm sorry, I'm -- I'm too busy. I've got a lot to do. I --

Mac: Looks like you're being groomed for the future now.

Iris: I'm on my way. Oh, I'm sorry, daddy. I've -- I've got to slip out for a minute. I'll catch up with you later.

Mac: Something wrong, Iris?

Iris: No, I -- I just forgot a stupid luncheon date.

Mac: Oh.

Iris: Silly of me not to write it down. I'll talk to you later.

Amanda: Thank you for the assignment. Yeah, I'm calling about my car insurance claim.

Nicole: Christian, you make me very nervous.

Christian: Do I?

Nicole: Yes, you know you do.

Christian: I do not know why.

Nicole: Well, because you say things like, "I couldn't wait to see you again," that's why, and it makes me feel like things aren't like they are.

Christian: And how are they?

Nicole: Well, you're a very famous fashion designer that I respect and admire the work of. I didn't say that right.

Christian: No, you said it very beautifully.

Nicole: No, my grammar goes when I'm nervous.

Christian: You are very honest.

Nicole: Cass always tells me that. He puts it a little differently, though. He says, "Nicole, you have a big mouth."

Christian: You speak often of this Cass.

Nicole: Well, yes, he's my fiancť. I love him.

Christian: Oh, good. A designer creates more beautifully when motivated by love.

Nicole: And I do love Cass.

Christian: I know. I know. I'm very pleased for you, really.

Nicole: Thank you, Christian. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm expecting a call from him, and I'd really like to get done in the shower.

Christian: He is calling soon?

Nicole: Uh -- no, not for an hour. In fact, we'll be able to go over the designs I finished last night.

Christian: Good.

Nicole: You can take a look at them. They're right there on the table.

Cass: I really am sorry I made you wait like that.

Caroline: Don't even mention it. It's been worth it.

Cass: Oh, boy, I'm running a little behind schedule.

Caroline: And I probably should have had Dover sole. I mean, yours looks wonderful.

Cass: It tastes absolutely divine. Would you like a bite?

Caroline: Thought you'd never ask. Delicious. Well, I guess there will always be another time. Am I boring you?

Cass: I'm sorry. I do keep looking at my watch, don't I? No, I had prearranged a phone call with Nicole -- well, in about two minutes, so --

Caroline: Oh, and you're stuck here with poor little me.

Cass: No, I didn't mean it like that.

Caroline: It's all right. Ahem. Waiter? Mr. Winthrop would like a telephone. Can it be arranged?

Waiter: But of course.

Caroline: Thank you. And as soon as she answers, I'll go and powder my nose.

Cass: Oh, you don't have to do that.

Caroline: Darling, it's all right. I understand.

Cass: Thank you. Ahem. Yes, operator, I would like to make a collect call. This is to Paris, the George V hotel, and it's suite 1102 and my name is Cass. Je m'appelle Cass. C-a-s-s, honey. C-a-s-s.

[Phone rings]

Christian: Oui. Certainly.

Cass: Who -- who is this?

Christian: This is Christian St. Jacques.

Cass: Oh. Really? Mr. St. Jacques, is Nicole there?

Christian: Uh -- she is -- how you say -- indisposed at the moment.

Cass: Yes, that's exactly how you say. Um -- well, this is curious since we had arranged to talk by telephone at this hour. Um -- if she should become disposed and would like to talk to me, you can tell her that I'm in the United States, and can you take this number down? It's area code 312-555-7122. That's 312-555-7122. Oh, she'll know who it is, believe me. Au revoir.

Caroline: Did Nicole give you Christian St. Jacques' office number?

Cass: No. He's at her suite.

Caroline: I see.

Cass: They -- they are working long hours lately together, I guess.

Caroline: Don't you think it's wonderful that Nicole has a chance to work with such a fabulous designer?

Cass: Oh, it's all right, I suppose, if you like that sort of stuff.

Caroline: Oh, I think he's wonderful. I mean, it's so obvious from his work that he has an absolute passion for women.

Amanda: And I hope that Mitch is available because I want himÖ

Mac: Well, then you should call the art department right away. Mitch is our most popular staff photographer.

Amanda: I know. I will. And, daddy, thank you.

Mac: I didn't do anything. Thank Iris.

Amanda: You know, I was so scared when I handed in my article to her last week, but I guess if she wanted to take a potshot at me, she could've done it then.

Mac: For one thing, it was a wonderful article. For another, Iris has no reason to want to hurt you, sweetheart.

Amanda: I think I'm starting to believe you. Bye.

Mac: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Oh, hi, honey.

Amanda: Hi, mom.

Mac: Rachel, I didn't know you were still here.

Rachel: Well, don't tell Iris or she'll have me escorted from the building.

Amanda: Oh, mom. I'll talk to you two later.

Rachel: Bye, sweetie.

Mac: All right. Iris just gave Amanda another assignment.

Rachel: She's no dummy.

Mac: No. I guess she recognizes talent when she sees it.

Rachel: That's not what I meant.

Mac: What brings you back, sweetheart?

Rachel: Well, actually, I never left. I ran into Gordon Ellis and a few others and they took me to lunch.

Mac: Great.

Rachel: He said they miss me.

Mac: Everybody misses you, especially me.

Rachel: I hope so.

Mac: Hey, I've got an idea. Let's go out tonight, someplace fancy.

Rachel: Great.

Mac: And let's stay out too late and let's not talk about the children -- well, not all evening anyway.

Rachel: I thought I'd hear from Jamie this morning.

Mac: He'll be all right, Rachel.

Rachel: I can't believe it. After everything that Vicky has done, he goes traipsing off after her to Majorca?

Mac: Well, maybe they'll get everything settled now, darling.

Rachel: Or maybe he'll get in over his head. I can't believe I'm still worrying about him in this kind of a situation. I mean, if it was Matthew --

Mac: Matthew just needs time.

Rachel: Time to spend with Josie, time to spend with the Frames. He's not even talking to me.

Mac: Well, he will, sweetheart.

Rachel: Yes, I'm sure he will, but after he gets into how much more trouble?

Pharmacist: May I help you?

Matt: No, no! No. Um -- actually, I would like to speak to a pharmacist.

Pharmacist: You've got her.

Matt: Her? Her, yes, yes. Uh -- could you help me pick out a good multivitamin?

Pharmacist: Well, sure, if that's why you really came.

Matt: It is, it is. It is.

Pharmacist: I saw you looking at the condoms. Having these out on the wall is supposed to make it a little less awkward.

Matt: You mean, it used to be more awkward?

Pharmacist: Yeah. A guy used to come in here and take one look at me and just turn around and walk out the door, but that was before aids. Now girls come in here and buy them and they're very glad to see me.

Matt: Oh. Uh -- well, is there any -- any one better or worse or --

Pharmacist: Well, they're all about 80% effective against pregnancy, and they're the only known preventative of sexually transmitted diseases, except for abstinence. That's 100%.

Matt: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I'll take these.

Pharmacist: Ok, no problem. Uh -- anything else?

Matt: No, no, that's it. That's --

Kenny: Hey, Matt. What's happening? Well, I guess I know.

Singer: Workin' in this factory for nigh on 15 years all this time I watched my woman drownin' in a pool of tears and I've seen a lot of good folk die and had a lot of bills to pay I'd give the shirt right off of my back if I had the guts to say take this job and shove it I ain't workin' here no more my woman done left and took all the reasons

Jason: Hi.

Singer: I was workin' for

Iris: Well, couldn't you have picked a better restaurant than this one?

Jason: I didn't think you'd want to meet at Tops, would you?

Iris: Who are you?

Jason: You don't know what my face looks like? I'm Jason Frame.

Iris: Well, I hope you've got a very good reason for dragging me to this dump.

Jason: I thought it was about time that we met face to face, chief.

Jason: You sure I can't treat you to a drink?

Iris: Very sure.

Jason: You should consider yourself lucky that I'm offering since you left me holding the bag.

Iris: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jason: I did Drew Marstenís dirty work.

Iris: Look, could we get to the point?

Jason: I want you to do for me what you did for Drew.

Iris: How can I when I don't know what you're talking about?

Jason: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Iris: Look, if you're so valuable to this Mr. -- Marsten, is it? Why don't you get him to help you?

Jason: Oh, you're so cute. You're just playing such a pretty little game, aren't you? I'm down but I am not stupid. Now, how do you think Mac Cory would feel if he found out his precious, beautiful little daughter was the very same person who was trying to destroy him?

Iris: Would you shut up!

Jason: Hey, the ice queen's alive. Gee, I didn't know.

Iris: Why did you -- why did you call me? Why didn't you talk to my father?

Jason: What would I have gotten from him?

Iris: Ah. So it's money you want.

Jason: I could get money from either one of you -- there's something else. I know exactly how you feel about his wife.

Iris: What have you got against Rachel?

Jason: My name is Frame.

Iris: Steven's brother?

Jason: And Janiceís brother. Do I have to say any more?

Iris: I suppose not.

Jason: Then what are you and I going to work out?

Iris: I just want you to know something. What Drew Marsten did to my father, what you undoubtedly helped him with, I had absolutely no knowledge of it!

Jason: You were just going to take his business away, is that all? Strip him of the business, of everything, and then walk back in the door like Joan of arc? Forget what Drew Marsten did. You think how he would -- how he would feel about his daughter, what you did to him without Drew Marsten alone.

Iris: How much do you want?

Jason: I don't want to set a price this early in the game, baby.

Iris: Now, you listen to me!

Jason: Hmm?

Iris: I will pay and I will pay well, but only once! After that, I don't want to see your face in Bay City ever again! Is that clear?

Singer: You know I've heard it said there's beauty in distortion

Kenny: Hey, don't worry, man, I won't say

Matt: Look, Kenny, I --

Kenny: What Josie and you do is your own business.

Matt: Ok, I -- I care about her, I respect her. I don't want you to think that --

Kenny: Hey. I understand.

Matt: Ok, well, I just don't want to talk about this right now.

Kenny: Looks like I walked in at the wrong minute, huh?

Matt: Yeah.

Kenny: Ok, I'm out of here.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey -- this is private.

Kenny: I know.

Matt: If anything hurt Josie --

Kenny: Hey, don't worry about it. If I don't see you, have a nice Thanksgiving.

Matt: Yeah.

Pharmacist: That'll be $3.

Matt: $3, $3, all right.

Pharmacist: It's not all moonlight and roses, is it?

Matt: Oh, you can say that again. Two, three.

Pharmacist: That's the thing about sex -- it's not moonlight and roses. It's a responsibility, a big one.

Matt: Yeah, but if you really care about the person, it's worth it, right?

Pharmacist: You have to be the judge of that. Take care.

Matt: Thanks.

Caroline: Anyway, I turn around and said to my nana, "I'm not eating any bloody tea."

Cass: How old were you?

Caroline: 5 years old. My nana nearly had a stroke, and my father was informed that his precious daughter was no longer going bush.

Cass: Uh -- I beg your pardon -- "going bush"?

Caroline: Outback, outback, yeah.

Cass: Oh, outback. Oh, I see. He had a lot of land there, did he?

Caroline: Oh, yeah, we had thousands of acres, and I used to love to go riding with dad. But my mother was determined to make a lady out of me.

Cass: Did she succeed?

Caroline: What do you reckon? Oh. Oh, well, I still haven't lost my touch.

Cass: At what?

Caroline: Well, making you laugh.

Cass: That's a Herculean task lately, isn't it?

Caroline: Well, it's a shame because it's such a release.

Cass: This is true, it definitely is.

Caroline: It's like sex. It's great.

Cass: Well, I think I'd better be going.

Caroline: I'm not scaring you off, am I?

Cass: I don't scare off that easily.

Caroline: Oh.

Cass: It's just time to leave. Shall I walk you out to your car?

Caroline: Oh, no, actually. I'm just going to sit here and nurse my coffee for a while.

Cass: Well, I'll see you later. Thank you for a nice lunch.

Caroline: Cass, thank you. It was lovely. Thanks for everything.

Cass: Ok.

Waiter: The gentleman -- he is coming back?

Caroline: No.

Waiter: There is a phone call, a Miss Love.

Caroline: Oh, yes, yes, yes. Now, look, would you mind telling Miss Love that Mr. Winthrop left with Miss Stafford.

Waiter: But I --

Caroline: Ah -- please.

Waiter: As you wish.

Nicole: But he said he'd be at this number. Are you sure that he left already? Oh. I see. Thank you very much.

Christian: Not there?

Nicole: No.

Christian: Well, he said he would be.

Nicole: Well, he'll call me back. I know it. It's just a mix-up. I know it.

Iris: Hello, it's Mrs. Wheeler. I'm back and I don't want to be disturbed. Ok, thank you.

Ada: This won't take long.

Iris: That's all right, Ada. Come on in. You know, we're going to have to put you on salary you're here so often.

Ada: I've been hanging around waiting for you.

Iris: Well, I'm delighted that you did.

Ada: Come on, Iris. You don't like me any more than I like you. Cut the nonsense.

Iris: But things have changed, Ada.

Ada: That's what you'd like Mac to think.

Iris: It's the truth.

Ada: When you discovered that you were really Macís daughter, it made all the difference, right?

Iris: No, I changed before I knew the truth about that.

Ada: And you found that out from Sylvie?

Iris: Yes.

Ada: I'm having a problem with that. I knew Sylvie and I liked her. One of the things I liked best about her was her honesty.

Iris: She was very much like you in that.

Ada: Why didn't she tell Mac that he was your father after all those years? What did she have to lose?

Iris: Ada, if you want to talk about this, I'm --

Ada: I came here to tell you that I don't believe that anything has changed. You used Sylvieís death as a one-way ticket to get back into Macís life, and now that you're there, you want what you always wanted -- to come between Mac and Rachel.

Iris: I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Ada: I'm not. Somebody has to feel that way.

Iris: Look, I was -- I was hoping that you might help me patch things up with Rachel.

Ada: You're good. You are really good. But I'm on to you, pussycat, so watch your step.

Iris: Evan? Evan, I need to talk to you right away. It's about a man named Jason Frame.

Singer: The lights are low and we're alone the fire's glow it keeps us warm and I reach out to touch your face the moon lights up our first embrace but please don't hesitate hold my hand don't be afraid of the feelings in your heart just close your eyes no one will mind if we're to fall in love this first time

Singers: Don't be afraid of love don't be afraid of love don't be afraid of love

singer: It's the first time the first time for love there could be so many worlds and mountains we could climb together the two of us the two of us we're quite a pair these lonely nights we both can share so don't be shy 'cause it's ok I understand feeling that way but please don't hesitate hold my hand don't be afraid of the feelings in your heart

Singers: Just close your eyes no one will mind

singer: If we're to fall in love this first time the first time the first time for love there could be so many worlds and mountains we could climb together the two of us tonight yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you don't have to say a word just tell me with your eyes baby, if it's right for you then it's right for me you don't have to say a word

Amanda: Mom.

Rachel: Hi, honey.

Amanda: You look great!

Rachel: Thank you. Is your father in his office?

Amanda: No. No, he's gone.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: Why? Were you supposed to pick him up?

Rachel: I just assumed that he'd still -- well, I don't know. Maybe I was supposed to meet him at the restaurant.

Amanda: Oh. Well, have fun.

Rachel: Ok. What are you doing here so late?

Amanda: Well, I just had to do a few things on my article. Sam said Alli was ok, so I stayed for a while.

Rachel: The article that Iris gave you?

Amanda: Yeah, the one on Michael Hudson. I can't believe she trusted me with it.

Rachel: Well, I'm glad she did. You've worked very hard.

Amanda: Oh, I'm really excited. Well, I really got to get going now. Otherwise, Alli will be asleep by the time I get home.

Rachel: Ok, sweetie.

Amanda: Have fun.

Rachel: Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Bartender: Another one?

Jason: Yeah, sure.

[Phone rings]

Jason: That may be for me.

Bartender: Your broker, right?

Jason: Yeah, how'd you guess?


Bartender: Tavern. Yeah, he's here.

Jason: Is it for me?

Bartender: What do you know, a celebrity?

Jason: Thanks. Jason Frame.

Iris: I want you to know that I'm taking care of that little business arrangement we talked about earlier.

Jason: Well, that's being very smart.

Iris: I just want to make sure that you intend to keep up to your end of the bargain and that you will leave town.

Jason: I always live up to my end of the bargain. Of course, that doesn't mean I may not see you around town again. Hey, drinks are on me. Set them up.

Singer: We all see the fear in our eyes

Man: Yeah.

Singer: Close your eyes no one will mind if we're to fall in love this first time the first time the first time for love there could be so many worlds and mountains we could climb together the two of us tonight yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you don't have to say a word just tell me with your eyes baby, if it's right for you then it's right for me you don't have to say a word just tell me here tonight and if it's good for you maybe it's good for me

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