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Another World Transcript Tuesday 10/19/04

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[Classical music plays]

Ada: It's so nice to have you back where you belong

Rachel: What's wrong with this thing?

Ada: Oh, these are the thanks I get for bringing the tea?

Rachel: Thank you.

Ada: "What's wrong with this thing?"

Rachel: Thank you.

Ada: Nice to see you working in here again.

Rachel: I've been here for 3 1/2 hours, and it's a total waste of time.

Ada: I think it's great.

Rachel: It has no heart.

Ada: Right here. Perfect place for a heart. Put it right there.

Rachel: That wasn't funny.

Ada: What are you so uptight about?

Rachel: Damn.

Ada: Hey, what are you doing?

Rachel: It's ugly.

Ada: Oh, come on!

Rachel: It's not about anything and I hate it.

Ada: That's my daughter's work you're breaking up.

Rachel: Look, I know when my work isn't any good.

Ada: And I know when you're not facing what's bothering you. It's not the sculpture, is it?

Rachel: Why do I let iris get to me?

Ada: Aha. She gave you an ultimatum. Wasn't anything you could do.

Rachel: Oh, yes, I could. I could've laughed in her face.

Ada: What good would that do?

Rachel: It would've spared me some dignity.

Ada: Nobody can ever take your dignity away from you.

Rachel: She was so noble, you know? Oh, she wanted to do this nice thing, and I just played right into her hands.

Ada: Is it possible that she really wanted to help Mac?

Rachel: She wants to get rid of me.

Ada: Honey, you're just making it hard on yourself. Stop thinking the worst of Iris.

Rachel: Why shouldn't I? Has she given me one reason not to?

Michael: John. John?

John: Uh -- sorry, Mike, I didn't hear you come aboard. Ahem.

Michael: Vietnam, huh?

[John sighs]

John: Can't seem to lose it, you know?

Michael: Memories.

John: Too many of them. They're with me. They're with me all the time, deep -- deep in my gut.

Mac: On a technicality? You've got to be joking!

Zack: I wish I were.

Mac: You're telling me he's free?

Zack: Drew Marsten was released yesterday.

Mac: I don't believe it! Some kind of legal maneuvering and he's out of jail.

Zack: And out of the country.

Mac: That means he'll never come to trial!

Zack: I'm sorry, Mac. I know this is a blow to you.

Mac: Not just to me, Zack, to everyone. He's not fit to be out on the street. What can we do?

Zack: Nothing. It's already been done. Marsten is long gone.

Mac: But who did it? No, don't tell me -- that Bennett chief. Who is he, Zack?

Zack: We still don't know.

Mac: Find out, will you, please?

Zack: Well, it's easier said than done, Mac. I've gone to every source I have and nobody knows anything.

Mac: Somebody must know, Zack. He's got a name, he's got a face. Somebody knows it. Now, since he's gotten Marsten off, find him. Make him answer to this misery he's put all of us through.

Iris: Daddy? Am I interrupting anything?

Michael: Who's birthday is it?

John: No birthday. Veterans Day.

Michael: I don't recall us giving out presents on Veterans Day.

John: What, do you got a problem with that?

Michael: No. I don't have a problem with that.

John: I'm sorry.

Michael: It's all right. I understand. Who's -- who's it for?

John: For Chris. It's a photograph. A bunch of the guys in my outfit in Nam. Her husband Tonyís in it. Listen, Mike, come with me to the hospital, see Chris.

Michael: No.

John: Come on, Mike.

Michael: No, she kidnapped Mikey.

John: Mike, she was -- she was sick. She still is.

Michael: I know that.

John: Look, she's not going to get any better until she hears you forgive her.

Michael: Hey, I don't really want to talk about this!

John: Mike, come on, everything has worked out for you, hasn't it? You and Donna are going to adopt Mikey! You've got a son!

Michael: She made my family go through hell!

John: And she's been through been through hell that few people can even begin to imagine!

Michael: Wait a minute --

John: She lost a husband and an infant son over there!

Michael: Don't you think I know the horror of war?

John: So does she, Mike. So does she. She hasn't been able to get over it.

[Classical music plays]

Ada: Does Mac know?

Rachel: What? That Iris is manipulative and destructive?

Ada: No. Does he know how you feel about her?

Rachel: Well, I think he knows we're not close, but I don't think he understands that I despise her.

Ada: Oh, good, and we're not going to tell him, are we -- not until you get some proof that Iris what you think she is.

Rachel: She detests me, Mom.

Ada: You can handle Iris.

Rachel: I don't want to handle her! I want her out of my life!

Ada: And I want to be 22 and gorgeous again, but it doesn't work that way.

Rachel: Don't lecture me.

Ada: It's not a lecture. I'm just trying to protect the innocent clay.

Rachel: So you think I should just drop everything, huh, not tell Mac, and welcome Iris in a welcoming embrace, my lovely little loving stepdaughter.

Ada: Now, I didn't say anything about embracing Iris.

Rachel: I can take her to lunch and the ballet. Oh, no, I know -- we'll go out shopping and we'll buy lovely little mother-daughter outfits.

Ada: All you have to do is think it through. Be your cool, dignified self, and wait. When the time is right, you give Iris enough rope --

Rachel: And she'll hang herself.

Ada: It's timing, sweetheart. It's all in the timing.

Rachel: You know, that could work.

Ada: Finally.

Rachel: Yeah, but I've got to be careful about it because if it backfires, she'd just try to turn Mac against me.

Ada: Bingo.

Rachel: Just like that time, remember, when she accused me of throwing her into the pond?

Ada: What?

Rachel: Remember? It was -- I don't know, it was years ago. I guess it must have been Fourth of July and we were watching the kids, and she and I were standing next to each other next to the koi pond and all of a sudden she gave out a shriek and threw herself in.

Ada: Oh, yeah! I remember. Then she ran crying into the house to Mac.

Rachel: The terrible thing is he believed her. He said he didn't, but you looked into his eyes and you saw it. He thought she'd gotten me into such a state that I would do something like that, that I would be that jealous of her.

Ada: That was a long time ago.

Rachel: Iris hasn't changed. The hard thing is Mac hasn't, either.

Ada: Mac is not going to let Iris hurt you.

Rachel: I was so hoping this time he would just keep her at arm's length just for a little bit. It took her exactly 15 minutes and he was believing that she was totally reformed.

Ada: Rachel, I hate it when you whine.

Rachel: I can't help it! She makes me do this!

Ada: You're a beautiful, strong, warm woman. You've been a wonderful wife to Mac and he loves you more than anything else in the world.

Rachel: More than his daughter?

Ada: What is this, a competition?

Rachel: I don't want it to be.

Ada: You don't have to compete with anybody for Macís love.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Would you get that?

Ada: The phone?

Rachel: Yeah. It's over there on the table with all the junk on it.

Ada: I see it. Hello?


Ada: Hello?

Rachel: Oh, pull up the antenna and punch the little button on and off.

Ada: This one?


Rachel: I don't know. Whatever it says on the little one.

Ada: Uh-huh. Hello?

Julie Ann: Ada, it's Julie Ann.

Ada: Hi, honey, how are you?

Julie Ann: Is Rachel there? Mr. Cory asked me to call her.

Ada: Yeah, she's right here. Julie Ann.

Rachel: Hi, Julie Ann.

Julie Ann: Mr. Cory's very busy, but he wanted me to call you and tell you that he misses you.

Rachel: Oh, well, tell him I miss him, too.

Julie Ann: And that he'll try and get home early tonight.

Rachel: It's all right, everything's fine here. He doesn't need to worry.

Julie Ann: Ok. Anything else?

Rachel: No. Wait a minute. Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Yes?

Rachel: Tell Mac I'd like to talk to him. No, wait a minute. That's all right. I'll see him tonight. Yeah, ok, thanks. It's not going to work, you know. I mean, how can I say to him that everything's fine when it isn't?

Ada: Rachel --

Rachel: It's a lie. How can my work be honest if I'm not?

Iris: I'm just checking in. Are you busy?

Mac: Iris, this is one of my attorneys, Zack Edwards. Zack, this is my daughter, Iris Wheeler.

Zack: It's my pleasure, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Iris, please. Do you need me for anything?

Mac: No, it's all right, I'll handle this, dear.

Iris: Good. Well, I've got a lot of reading to catch up on, so I'll see you later.

Mac: Good.

Iris: Nice to meet you, Mr. Edwards.

Zack: You, too.

Iris: Bye.

Mac: I don't want her involved in this. In fact, I don't want any member of my family even to think about Bennett or that chief person ever again.

Zack: Yeah, I can understand that.

Mac: So you say you've checked all your contacts?

Zack: All my business contacts and my government people.

Mac: What about looking the other way -- street people, you know, informants?

Zack: Why would they know anything about a guy who's involved in corporate takeovers?

Mac: Well, judging by the dirty tricks this guy has pulled, he must have dealings with that kind of person.

Zack: I'll check it out.

Mac: Thank you.

Evan: Excuse me. You wanted to see me, Mr. Cory?

Mac: Yes, please come in, Evan. And for Peteís sake, you've been here for months now. You're our V.P. I think you can start calling me Mac.

Evan: Yes, sir.

Mac: Let me know when you find anything.

Zack: If I do.

Evan: Take care, Zack.

Zack: Evan.

Mac: Please sit down, Evan. We have a problem.

Evan: Is it something I've done?

Mac: Oh, no, no, nothing to do with you. It's Marsten again.

Evan: What about him?

Mac: He's out.

Evan: Out?

Mac: Of jail.

Evan: What?

Mac: Don't ask me how, but somehow he got sprung and he's out of the country.

Evan: But they had him dead to rights. I mean, it was an open-and-shut case.

Mac: Obviously, this chief person has bought off somebody with judicial clout.

Evan: That is really hard to believe.

Mac: Well, considering all the things he's done to us before now, it's too easy to believe.

Evan: Now, you say Marsten left the country?

Mac: Yes, but the chief is still with us, and maybe he's getting even closer.

Evan: What do you mean?

Mac: Zack thinks that with Marsten gone, he's probably going to buy out somebody in the company, or maybe already has.

Evan: No, no, you have an incredibly loyal staff, sir.

Mac: I agree, but it would be naive to think that no one can be corrupted.

Evan: Ok, so what do you want to do?

Mac: Well, I want you to keep an eye on this situation, that's what.

Evan: You want me to handle that?

Mac: Yes, I do.

Evan: Well, I appreciate the faith in me, sir. I know I made some mistakes during the takeover.

Mac: Report directly to me. The records should be carefully examined, personnel files, things like that, especially on employees who've recently been hired.

Evan: Oh, I'll get right on it.

Mac: Good. And if you find anything unusual, anything at all, please bring the information directly to me.

Evan: Yes, sir, I will.

Mac: Thank you.

Amanda: Let it show that I beat the deadline by exactly -- 32 seconds.

Mac: What deadline is that, darling?

Amanda: Thank you, Evan. Oh, the article on Mitch and Feliciaís wedding. I'm sorry to interrupt, Evan, but mom always yells about me missing deadlines.

Evan: Yeah, I remember.

Mac: I hope it's a hard-hitting, realistic, no-holds-barred article.

Amanda: Well, a couple of holds unbarred.

Mac: Iris is going to love it.

Amanda: Iris?

Mac: Oh, we're short-handed in editing. She volunteered to help out. You can leave it on my desk, dear.

Amanda: All right. Has Iris ever read one of my articles?

Mac: Darling, don't worry about it. She'll love it. It was a fabulous wedding. Oh. Oh, no.

Amanda: What?

Mac: Well, I have a meeting with Felicia this morning. If she calls, tell her I'm on my way over.

Evan: Yes, sir. What's wrong?

Amanda: Nothing.

Evan: Well, I mean, it must be tough on you. You've never been edited by anyone but your parents.

Amanda: I have a job on this magazine because I can write. Nobody's going to take that away from me, not even the famous Iris.

Felicia: You want to know what the worst part of all this is?

Mitch: The worst part is that she was right.

Felicia: How do you know that?

Mitch: Because that's the third time that you've said that.

Felicia: Well, you see there, there. I'm starting to repeat myself.

Mitch: So?

Felicia: So I'm probably repeating myself in the novel.

Mitch: Would you stop it?

Felicia: All right, I'm going to show you. Look here, right on page one. Latidia says, "I need more out of my life."

Mitch: Something that a character would say.

Felicia: On page three, she says, "I need more excitement in my life."

Mitch: It's not the same exact words.

Felicia: Oh, Mitch, it's pretty darn close.

Mitch: So people, characters repeat themselves.

Felicia: Do you think Flaubert has Emma Bovary repeating herself five times? Do you think he actually has her saying, "I need more excitement in my life"? Hardly.

Mitch: What are you doing comparing yourself to Flaubert?

Felicia: Well, otherwise, why would I even bother? I mean, if I'm going to be nothing more than just this hack writer, why am I putting myself through it? Why am I putting Cory Publishing through it? Why am I putting my readers through it? Why?

Mitch: What exactly did Iris Wheeler say to you that's got you so upset?

Felicia: She told me the truth. My book is trite. I didn't write it from my heart. Iris knew that. I don't know this lady very well, but if she is this witch, she's a very insightful witch.

[Doorbell rings]

Mitch: You're a writer. You're a good writer.

Felicia: That's Mac.

Mitch: And I don't like the idea of somebody telling you that you're not.

Felicia: Mac.

Mac: My favorite author and friend. Sorry I'm late.

Felicia: You're not late. Come on in.

Mac: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Mitch: No, not at all. I was just leaving. The book works. It's a page-turner.

Felicia: My biggest fan.

Mac: I'm a tremendous fan of yours, too. I hope you know that.

Felicia: Yes, I know that. You're wonderful. Come on, sit down.

Mac: I have enormous respect for your talent.

Felicia: Guess you're feeling a little guilty about Iris' reaction, huh?

Mac: Well, I did hear that she was pretty hard on you, Felicia.

Felicia: What's the matter, you don't think I can take it?

Mac: I just hope you don't jump to conclusions about it too quickly.

Felicia: In the first place, I like jumping to conclusions. It's about the only exercise I get.

Mac: She can be very opinionated.

Felicia: Now, wait a minute. You didn't let me say "second of all." Second of all, the only conclusion I jumped to was that she's a very smart lady.

Mac: You really think so?

Felicia: Mm-hmm. Well, everything she said about my book is true.

Mac: Well, she could sure use a few lessons in tact, I would say.

Felicia: Oh, come on, I don't need tact. I get tact and flattery and phony baloney, "oh, darling, your book is just so marvelous. Why don't we do lunch?" Believe me, I'm up to my ears in tact. What I needed was a good kick in the you-know-what, and that's exactly what iris gave me.

Mac: I do admire you for seeing it that way, though.

Felicia: Let's face it, Mac; she probably hit on something that you and I have been pussyfooting around for a while now.

Mac: What do you mean?

Felicia: I think it might be time for me to try and push ahead as a writer.

Mac: I think you could do anything you set your mind to.

Felicia: I'll tell you this, I am going to write another bestseller, I promise you that.

Mac: I believe you. But not a romance novel?

Felicia: Of course a romance novel. I mean, remember, that is what I do.

Mac: Why continue? You've already conquered the romance field.

Felicia: What are you saying?

Mac: What I'm saying is I think that your talent could easily encompass a far broader spectrum of writing.

Felicia: You have something specific in mind, don't you?

Mac: Indeed, I do.

Felicia: Well, come on, tell me, what is it? Don't keep it a mystery.

Mac: What every fine writer should write -- autobiography. I want to publish your memoirs, Felicia.

Felicia: My memoirs?

Mac: And that's the book everybody else wants from you, too.

Felicia: No, Mac.

Mac: Felicia, you're a fascinating woman. With your wisdom, panache, savoir-faire --

Felicia: I can't believe you want me to do this.

Mac: Well, I just think it's nice for you to move on.

Felicia: I don't care what you think, Mac, no! I won't do it. No, my personal life is nobody's business.

Mary: I'm sorry for the interruption, but, actually, that call was -- Chris? That phone call that I just took -- that was actually about you.

Chris: Oh.

Mary: What's the matter? Did you just read something in the paper that upset you?

Chris: I had no idea so much time had gone by.

Mary: Since when?

Chris: Look.

Mary: Veterans day. Banks are closed, post office is closed.

Chris: Veterans day.

Mary: Veterans day. A day for remembering. What are you remembering today, Chris?

Chris: Holding my baby. How he felt in my arms. The lightness of him.

Mary: Anything else?

Chris: His skin. The way he smelled. That sweet baby smell. I loved the smell of his neck. And he smiled at me, that silly, toothless smile.

Mary: You must have loved him a lot.

Chris: I'm going to take care of him. I'm going to make him happy. I want to -- I want to make sure he doesn't die, and -- you can do that. Somebody -- somebody could give him back to me. Somebody could let me take care of him.

Mary: You can't do that.

Chris: It's too late.

Mary: Yes.

Chris: I let him die. And now nobody will give me another chance.

Mary: No, you did not let him die.

Chris: I'm his mother.

Mary: That doesn't mean you're responsible for his death.

Chris: I'm the one. Oh, they should have killed me.

Mary: It doesn't work that way.

Chris: I wish it did.

Mary: I think you were a wonderful mother.

Chris: Then why did my baby die? Why didn't they kill me instead of him? Why?

[Knock on door]

Zack: Just a second. Oh, boy. You're early. Oh. Ronnie. Hi.

Ronnie: Early for what?

Zack: Uh -- nothing. What can I do for you?

Ronnie: You can ask me in, for a start.

Zack: In?

Ronnie: There.

Zack: Oh! Oh, oh, sure. The place is a mess.

Ronnie: Well, that's good. It means you're busy.

Zack: Oh, busy? You don't know the half of it. We are talking busy here.

Ronnie: What are you working on?

Zack: Oh, I just got a whole lot of cases lined up. I've got to get a new filing cabinet. I could use a partner, at least an assistant.

Ronnie: You could use a break.

Zack: That, too, but I can't think of that today.

Ronnie: Sure you can.

Zack: Uh-uh. No way.

Ronnie: Just take one.

Zack: And let all this work slide?

Ronnie: All work and no play make Zack a dull counselor at law. Come on, you have to eat.

Zack: No, I donít. I gave up on eating -- during the day. Food does me no good before dark.

Ronnie: Well, this will do something for you. It's from that new gourmet shop on third.

Courtney: Hey, Zack. Listen, I was on my way to the restaurant and I passed by this new gourmet place, and I thought, "why do I always let Zack take me to lunch? Why don't I take lunch to --" Ronnie.

[Zack whistles]

Mary: I want to thank you.

Chris: For what?

Mary: For telling me about your baby, what he was like. It made me feel that you trust me.

Chris: I do.

Mary: Oh, I'm so glad.

Chris: Who was the call from?

Mary: Uh-huh. You were listening.

Chris: You said it -- it concerned me?

Mary: Mm-hmm. It was John. He wanted to know if you felt up to visitors today.

Chris: Him?

Mary: And Michael.

Chris: No.

Mary: He really wants to talk to you.

Chris: Oh, no, I couldnít.

Mary: If you could, what do you think you might want to say to him?

Chris: That I know what it feels like to lose your baby. And I'm sorry.

Mary: And if you said that to him, how do you think you would feel?

Chris: Oh. If he -- if he could forgive me, I'd be so relieved.

Mary: And if he couldn't?

Chris: I'd understand. He hates me. And he has every right to.

Mary: No. No, he does not hate you.

Chris: How do you know?

Mary: Because I know Michael. He's a good man and he doesn't have room for hate. So, would you see him?

Chris: I'm scared.

Mary: Even if I said I think you could really help him?

Chris: Me help him?

Mary: Mm-hmm. I believe so. And you said you trusted me.

Chris: Well -- ok. But please don't leave me.

Mary: I wonít. I'll be here every minute.

Chris: Ok.

Mary: I just want to go now and see if they've gotten here yet.

Chris: You --

Mary: Well, I asked them to come over and wait here, you know, just in case you might feel like it.

Chris: I guess you're really getting to know me, aren't you?

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Chris: I can't believe you're here.

Michael: How are you feeing?

Chris: Right now? Ashamed. Scared. I didn't mean to hurt you!

Michael: I know, Chris.

Chris: I watched myself take that little boy. I knew it was wrong to take Mikey, but I couldn't --

Michael: Chris --

Chris: I couldn't stop myself.

Michael: You really don't have to say any more.

Chris: What they did to me, taking my baby from me, I almost did it to you, and I'm sorry.

Michael: Look, Mikeyís all right. We're all -- we're all fine.

Chris: I'll never forgive myself.

Michael: You have to, Chris. I forgive you.

Chris: Oh.

Michael: Now you have to forgive yourself.

Iris: Hello, Mitch. It's been a long time.

Mitch: Yes, it has.

Iris: I want you to know I really admire your photographs.

Mitch: Oh, thank you.

Iris: I can really see it.

Mitch: What?

Iris: The resemblance between you and your son. I can really see that Matthew is your son.

Mitch: So I take it you've met him?

Iris: Yes, a couple of days ago. I must congratulate you and Rachel. You've raised a very fine young man.

Mitch: Well, she's done it. It was her good work.

Julie Ann: I'm sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Wheeler, but here are those contracts you wanted.

Iris: Oh, thank you.

Mitch: I will be seeing you later.

Iris: Definitely.

Julie Ann: Amanda's waiting outside. She'd like to know if you've read her article.

Iris: Amanda, come on in. There's no need for you to wait outside. My door is always open to you and all my employees.

Amanda: Well, I just know how busy you must be.

Iris: Well, that's very considerate of you. Now, about your article -- I promise you it is the first thing on my reading list.

Amanda: Well, I'm just anxious to find out what you think of it.

Iris: Well, I'm sure it'll be terrific. Why wouldn't it be? Look who taught you.

Amanda: Yes, we had the same teacher, didn't we?

Iris: That's right.

Evan: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you in the middle of something?

Iris: No. No. Would you two mind excusing me for a minute, please? Why don't you come back in about half an hour and by then I'll have read the article.

Amanda: All right.

Iris: Thank you. Half an hour, then.

Evan: Well, I can tell by the look on your face things went well.

Iris: Better than that. Everything is just about perfect.

Evan: Ok, so what did you want to see me about?

[Iris hums]

Evan: What are you doing?

Iris: I feel like celebrating.

Evan: Well, that's great, but what if somebody comes in the door?

Iris: The door is locked.

Evan: Oh, it is, huh?

Iris: Mm-hmm.

Evan: Ok, well, that's fine. Now, what about if your father just happens to walk in?

Iris: Are you trying to turn me down?

Evan: No, not at all.

Iris: Good.

[Intercom buzzes]

Iris: Hold the thought. Yes, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Mr. Bates has a call from Caroline Stafford. She says it's urgent.

Iris: Oh, what line is she on?

Julie Ann: Four.

Iris: Hello? Ms. Stafford? I'm very sorry, but Mr. Bates is busy. He will be available in about half an hour. Thank you. Now, where were we?

Courtney: Isn't the pate delicious?

Ronnie: Mmm, it's duck, isn't it?

Courtney: Yes.

Ronnie: Oh, I find it a bit gamy. Don't you, Zack?

Zack: Me?

Courtney: Why don't you have more of the spinach salad?

Ronnie: No, thanks. I'm still working on the endives and creamy garlic. It's fantastic.

Zack: Yeah, I'm sure.

Courtney: You know, I thought about getting that, but the idea of walking around with garlic on your breath all day --

Zack: You know, this was really sweet of both of you.

Ronnie: You know, they have a recipe book there with some terrific dishes. I think I'm going to try every one of them.

Courtney: Funny, I can never work from a recipe book. You know, I find it too restricting. I just get in the kitchen and create.

Ronnie: Does it ever turn out the way you thought it would?

Courtney: Ask Zack. He's tasted my food.

Zack: Uh -- you're both wonderful cooks.

Courtney: Oh, by the way, I brought you those pictures you asked for.

Zack: Huh?

Courtney: You know you wanted me to bring photographs back from California. Uh -- that was me at Malibu. I thought my bathing suit was a bit daring, but when I got there, it was like wearing a tent.

Zack: That isn't exactly a tent.

Ronnie: You look so pretty, Courtney.

Courtney: Thank you.

Ronnie: Isn't it awful how the camera adds those extra pounds?

[Phone rings]

Zack: Excuse me! Zack Edwards here. Yeah, that's pretty bad. No. No, I'll be right there. Thanks. Ladies, the lunch was wonderful, but, I'm sorry, it's an emergency. Excuse me. Thank you.

Felicia: Daisy, come. Fetch. That's it! You forgot the bone, honey. Oh, well, never mind. You don't have to fetch. What do you think? Maybe I should just write a book on dog training. I'm doing so well with you. Mm-hmm. Maybe I could just retire and I could raise dogs. Would you like that? A little brother or sister, hmm?

Mitch: I give you one puppy and you want to start a kennel.

Felicia: Hi, honey. You're home early.

Mitch: Mm-hmm, finished up, not to mention the fact that I missed you.

Felicia: You did, really?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Did you hear that?

Mitch: So how's the writing?

Felicia: Why don't you ask me about your sock drawer?

Mitch: Ok. How is my sock drawer?

Felicia: Your socks are in alphabetical order according to color. I sewed the button on your blue shirt, I ironed your running shorts, and I washed your cashmere sweater.

Mitch: You didn't feel like writing, huh?

Felicia: I -- I seem to be dry, yeah. Mac wants me to write a bestseller, and now I can't even put two words together that make any sense at all.

Mitch: Mm-hmm. So what about the revisions?

Felicia: I read them this morning. They stink.

Mitch: Look, just because iris wheeler had a few criticisms --

Felicia: She was right.

Mitch: I'm not so sure. I don't buy that.

Felicia: Mitch --

Mitch: Look, and I don't like the idea of somebody telling you -- anybody telling you that you're not a writer.

Felicia: Honey, you know, people do burn out. They do.

Mitch: Yes, I know that. But that hasn't happened here. You're a writer. You were born to write.

Felicia: What? What? Write what, huh? I've run out of ideas. I've run out of heroes and I've run out of heroines.

Mitch: You want a heroine? I'm looking at one.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: Sure. Why not? Why don't you write about yourself?

Felicia: Have you been talking to Mac?

Mitch: No, why?

Felicia: Never mind. I -- I can't write about myself.

Mitch: Why not? I mean, there's been enough in your life that would make a bestseller, and I'm sure there's a lot more.

Felicia: I am not doing that, Mitch.

Mitch: Why not? Look, you just start with your childhood --

Felicia: I am not writing an autobiography, and I'm not going to talk about it again, either, all right?

Julie Ann: Mrs. Wheeler?

Iris: Oh, I'm sorry. Where was I?

Julie Ann: Authors who might be interested in leaving their publishing company for Cory.

Iris: Right. I want a list of the year's 50 bestsellers and I want to send an expensive gift basket to all the authors, and then I'll follow it up with a call later. You know, if we could just get one of them to jump ship, that would be such a coup.

Julie Ann: You really like this, don't you?

Iris: I love my job. I love publishing. When I made it my career in London, it was my dream to be able to come back here and help work in this company.

Julie Ann: Mr. Cory's very glad you're here, I can tell.

Iris: Well, thank you. Julie Ann? You know, I think he made a mistake. I think he could have used you more effectively.

Julie Ann: Me?

Iris: I can see you have enormous potential. I hope I can help you take advantage of that.

Julie Ann: I'd love to do more.

Amanda: Hi.

Iris: Oh, hello, Amanda. Come on in. Sit down.

Amanda: So what did you think?

Iris: Look, I'm sorry, I just got caught up. I haven't finished your article.

Amanda: That's all right. I understand.

Iris: I just want to say how lucky I am to have two people I can depend on, and I know it's been very awkward for you, Amanda.

Amanda: Well --

Iris: Well, it has been. I understand. Just try and think of it like I do -- that we're two sisters and we're very lucky to be working in this, one of the greatest companies with one of the -- no, the greatest man.

Amanda: Yeah, there's no one like dad.

Iris: No, there certainly isnít. Well, I'm going to shoo you two off because I've got a "Brava" article begging to be read.

Amanda: Thank you.

Iris: I'll catch up with you later.

Julie Ann: Do you feel any better about her?

Amanda: Well, she sure seems like she wants me to.

Julie Ann: I like her. I think she has great ideas. In fact, I think if there's any time to work at Cory, it's now.

Chris: Thank you, John, for bringing Michael.

Michael: Chris, I'm glad I came.

John: I -- I brought this for you.

Chris: It's not my birthday.

John: Maybe it is in a way. You're starting over.

Chris: Oh. Oh, it's Tony. That's my Tony.

Mary: What a lovely present.

Chris: No. Starting over? It's too late.

John: Why?

Chris: I'll never feel that way again. I'll never feel the way I felt about him again.

Mary: You don't have to talk about this now, Chris.

Chris: No, I've got to. John, it's not too late for you. You've still got a heart you can share. You can love somebody. Don't hide your heart, John. It's not too late. Love.

Mac: Ah, a sight for sore eyes.

Rachel: Oh, Mac. I've been trying to reach you all day.

Mac: Well, I've been running all around like mad.

Rachel: I'm glad you're back.

Mac: Well, I told you I was coming home early.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Mac: I had this irresistible urge to watch you creating beautiful things again in this beautiful studio where you belong.

Rachel: Mac, we have to talk.

Mac: Darling, the office was madness today. You would have hated it. I kept picturing you here, away from all the chaos, serene, peaceful, creating masterpiece after masterpiece.

Rachel: Mac, this is very important.

Mac: What is?

Rachel: Haven't you heard what I said? I wanted to talk with you.

Mac: Oh, I'm sorry, darling. What is it?

Rachel: I don't want you to be upset.

Mac: Oh, no.

Rachel: What?

Mac: The message you gave Julie Ann to give to me, that you were all right here. You're not, are you?

Rachel: No.

Mac: Sweetheart, it's just because of the big adjustment you're having to make. The sculpture's going to come, right? You're a born artist, Rachel.

Rachel: No, Mac, I don't care about that.

Mac: You don't care about your work?

Rachel: No, that's not what I meant.

Mac: Well, what is it? What's upset you?

Rachel: Iris.

Mac: Has she done something?

Rachel: No. Darling, she's up to something. I know it. I -- we have to find out what she's up to.

Iris: I told you it would be like this.

Evan: Yes, you did.

Iris: Daddy has gone for the day, along with Julie Ann.

Evan: This executive power trip has kind of made you very --

Iris: Aggressive?

Evan: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry.

Iris: Come on in, Amanda. Mr. Evans was just leaving.

Evan: No, it's Bates.

Iris: Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Bates was just leaving.

Evan: And, yes, thank you for that suggestion, Mrs. Wheeler. I'll heed to that and I'll get right on it.

Iris: Mm-hmm. Oh, and, Mr. Bates? You could get rid of the tie. It's a little conservative. We want something more daring here at Cory.

Evan: Yes, ma'am.

Iris: I hate being called "ma'am." I bet nobody calls you "ma'am."

Amanda: Um -- no.

Iris: You know, you're going to shoot me. I had the article in my hand, then the phone started ringing and ringing and ringing, and it hasn't stopped.

Amanda: It's ok. I'm overanxious. It's silly.

Iris: You couldn't be silly. You're Mac Coryís daughter. You know, I'm really looking forward to meeting my little niece. I hear she's the perfect baby.

Amanda: Well, I don't know if you could say that. We love her very much.

Iris: I'm sure Macís mad about her.

Amanda: They have a special bond between the two of them.

Iris: Hmm. I remember Mac and Dennis. Amanda, do you have a minute?

Amanda: I guess so.

Iris: Well, why don't you come and sit down. I'd love to hear about you and all your lovely family.

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