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Another World Transcript Monday 10/18/04

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Bridget: Here we are, dear.

Vicky: Bridget, I told you I didn't want any food.

Bridget: Oh, did you?

Vicky: Yes!

Bridget: Well, I guess I misunderstood, eh?

Vicky: The three times you asked me, I said no.

Bridget: Oh, well. See, now, as long as it's here, you might as well eat it, eh?

Vicky: I'm not hungry.

Bridget: Victoria, you've got to eat, dear.

Vicky: I really don't feel like it, Bridget.

Bridget: You know, you only came out of the hospital the other day.

Vicky: I know. I'm fine, really. I'm just a little tired, that's all.

Bridget: Well, I don't wonder, dear. I mean, you were up and down all night long.

Vicky: I'm sorry if I kept you awake.

Bridget: Oh, now, you mustn't worry about me, dear. What you should be thinking about is yourself and your baby.

Vicky: I do, all the time.

Bridget: Is that what you were thinking about last night?

Vicky: No.

Bridget: Look, would you like me to call Dr. Frame?

Vicky: No.

Bridget: Well, maybe he could help you, dear.

Vicky: No, Bridget, Dr. Peterson is my doctor, ok?

Bridget: But, look, dear, Jamie’s got --

Vicky: He can call if he wants to, Bridget. Nobody's stopping him.

Bridget: Well, maybe he's just busy at the hospital, dear.

Vicky: I don't care. I'm -- I'm just going to go to sleep.

[Knock on door]

Bridget: Oh, well, that's all right. Whoever it is, I'll tell them that you're just resting.

Vicky: No. No, I'm fine. Really, I'm fine.

Michael: Good morning, Bridget!

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Michael.

Michael: Good morning, my beautiful daughter. Ooh --

Vicky: Hi, dad.

Michael: And a good morning it is, too.

Vicky: Oh.

Michael: Isn't anyone going to ask me why I'm in such a good mood?

Vicky: Why are you in such a good mood?

Michael: Good question -- because I've got great news. I've got some news that we've been waiting a long time to hear.

Lisa: So, Jake decided to enlarge the focus of the documentary. We've got the stuff on Mikey's kidnapping, and the rest is going to be a day in the life of the Bay City Police Department.

Courtney: With Delaney’s blessing?

Lisa: Oh, of course. He thinks it'll be great for public relations.

Courtney: This must be a pain for you, though.

Lisa: Well, no. Actually, it's kind of interesting.

Courtney: Well, before I went to California, you were a little uptight about working with Jake?

Lisa: I was at first.

Courtney: You changed your mind about it?

Lisa: Jake has more of a soul than I thought.

Courtney: Hmm.

Lisa: He was very kind when we were looking for Mikey.

Courtney: Oh, Mikey. That poor little boy -- I mean, he's been through so much.

Lisa: I can't believe that both of his parents were killed --

Courtney: Yep.

Lisa: And there are no relatives.

Courtney: No, we did a lot of searching in Los Angeles, but nothing. But at least he has the Hudson’s.

Lisa: Hmm. Well, that's a lot.

Courtney: Yep.

Lisa: Anyway, Delaney wants us to all cooperate with Jake on this documentary, so we better be on our best behavior.

Courtney: Oh, yes, indeed. Oh.

Julie Ann: Special delivery for Courtney Walker.

Courtney: What is this?

Julie Ann: This is a "welcome back from California" gift from Zack.

Courtney: Ha. Now, why didn't he deliver it himself if he missed me so much?

Julie Ann: Oh, well, he was called down to court this morning and, voila, little sister gets talked into being delivery lady.

Lisa: Well, it sounds like someone missed you a lot while you were gone.

Julie Ann: Well, you know what they say -- "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Courtney: Oh, do they really?

Rick: Couldn't have said it better myself. How about having lunch with me?

Sharlene: And I've already told you, Mr. Frame is not in. I'm his sister. Who are -- a collection agency? But -- how much? Well, are you sure? Six months? Yes. Yes, I'll give him the message as soon as he comes in.

Jason: Hi. It is freezing out there.

Sharlene: There's some coffee on the stove.

Jason: Thanks.

Sharlene: So did you get those storm windows put up, Jason?

Jason: Yeah, I did, Sharlie, and do me a great big huge favor -- don't ask me to do any more chores around here. I've got enough things to do now. Oh.

Sharlene: Is Frame Construction in money trouble?

Jason: No, Frame Construction's got more money than I know what to do with.

Sharlene: Then you're ok financially?

Jason: Yeah, fine, fine.

Sharlene: You did use that money from Vicky to get yourself out of debt.

Jason: Do you have something on your mind, Sharlie?

Sharlene: Obviously, this is a mistake.

Jason: What is this?

Sharlene: A collection agency just called. They say you owe them $50,000.

Julie Ann: Don't you think it's kind of late now just to be asking me out for lunch?

Rick: Well, I'm a spontaneous kind of guy.

Julie Ann: Well, you're in luck. I'm in a spontaneous mood today.

Rick: Is that a yes?

Julie Ann: Well, I --

Rick: Oh, there's a great new Italian restaurant, just opened down the street.

Julie Ann: Yes.

Rick: Oh.

Julie Ann: But I have to get back to work right now.

Rick: Well, I'll pick you up later.

Julie Ann: Well, the restaurant's nearby. I'll stop by here. Ok, noonish?

Rick: Great.

Julie Ann: Ok.

Rick: See you then.

Courtney: Oh, Julie Ann, can I talk to you for a second?

Julie Ann: Yeah, sure.

Courtney: Do you know when Zack gets out of court today?

Julie Ann: I think he'll be there all morning.

Courtney: I'll get in touch with him later.

Julie Ann: Ok.

Courtney: Thanks for bringing these things by.

Julie Ann: Anything to help the course of true love.

Lisa: Yes, sir. Rick, Delaney wants to talk to you.

Rick: Well, even that prospect can't ruin my day now.

Courtney: I thought you were uncomfortable with people who work for Mac Cory.

Rick: Well, for a beautiful lady like Julie Ann, I'll make an exception. Excuse me.

[Rick whistles]

Lisa: I didn't know he was interested in Julie Ann.

Courtney: Neither did I.

Lisa: Well --

[Phone rings]

Lisa: Lisa Grady.

Jamie: Is this the beautiful, captivating, and oh-so-creative Lisa Grady that I love so much?

Lisa: I certainly hope so. Hi.

Jamie: Hi. Listen, are we still on for dinner tonight with Matthew and Josie?

Lisa: Yes, we are, and I talked to Josie this morning, and they'll be at my place at 7:00.

Jamie: Ok, good. Listen, I'm going to drop by Vicky’s after I get off duty.

Lisa: Ok.

Jamie: And I just want to check in and see how she's doing.

Lisa: Fine.

Jamie: And I thought you should know that upfront.

Lisa: Jamie, I told you, you just do what you think is best.

Jamie: You know, she hasn't been taking very good care of herself and --

Lisa: Yeah, I understand. I'll see you later.

Jamie: I love you.

Lisa: I love you, too.

Jamie: Bye.

Courtney: How's Jamie?

Lisa: Oh, he's fine.

Courtney: I thought you two would be married when I got back.

Lisa: Why don't I go over these files with you, see if we can get this straight --

Rick: Oh. Why did he have to pick today of all days?

Courtney: What happened?

Rick: Delaney wants me to cover the sergeant's desk during lunch.

Lisa: Oh. There goes your lunch with Julie Ann.

Rick: What am I going to do? I just made it with her. Now I got to break it. I --

Courtney: I guess you can always order a pizza in.

Rick: That's a great idea.

Courtney: I was just joking.

Rick: What's the number of that pizza place?

Courtney: You ought to have memorized this by now.

Rick: Here it is.

Courtney: You are a class act, Rick.

Rick: Hey, it's better than no lunch at all, right? Hey, Lisa, one of these days you're going to smile and I'm not going to recognize you.

Vicky: The child welfare board has decided to give you custody? Oh, congratulations!

Bridget: Oh, isn't that wonderful!

Vicky: Oh, I'm so happy for you!

Bridget: Oh, my, Miss Donna must be so relieved.

Michael: Well, "relieved" is not the exact word I'd use.

Vicky: "Berserk."

Michael: "Berserk" -- that's the word I'd use. I think she's calling colleges right now for Mikey.

Bridget: Oh.

Vicky: Oh, tell us what happened.

Michael: Well, you know how the police was looking for Mikey’s real parents?

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Bridget: Right.

Michael: They found that Mikey’s parents had been killed in an automobile accident.

Vicky: Oh, God.

Bridget: Oh, my, the poor wee dear laddie.

Vicky: What about relatives?

Michael: As near as they can determine, he doesn't have any.

Vicky: He's really your son.

Michael: Yeah.

Vicky: Oh, dad, this is great. I mean, the whole Hudson family's starting new again.

Michael: Yes. The Hudson family's starting new. We're going to have a new house with lots of room, lots of room.

Vicky: Dad.

Michael: Now, I told you, if Jamie Frame will not support you, your family will.

Vicky: I know. Thanks.

Michael: So, you thought about Majorca?

Vicky: Yes. And I think I want to go.

Michael: Oh.

Bridget: What's this about Majorca?

Michael: Bridget, how would you like to go to the sun spot of Europe?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Spain?

Michael: Absolutely. I know a nice little place over there.

Vicky: "Little place"? I saw pictures of this little place. It has a long, sandy private beach, beautiful courtyard --

Bridget: Oh.

Vicky: Wonderful flowers.

Bridget: Oh, it sounds wonderful, it sounds wonderful.

Michael: You want to go?

Vicky: I want to go. I want to go as soon as possible.

Bridget: Oh.

Michael: Well, I tell you what -- you call up my travel agent and you can be in Majorca by tomorrow morning.

Vicky: Oh.

Bridget: Oh, my, better start packing right away.

Michael: Ah, but, remember --

Bridget: Yes, yes?

Michael: Bring the bathing suit, that little tiny one that you wear.

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Michael, now, come on, now stop it.

Michael: Ok.

Vicky: Well, I only have one little piece of business to take care of.

Michael: What's that?

Vicky: Jason Frame.

Michael: I will handle Jason Frame. I do not want you going near him.

Sharlene: It's a lumber bill for $50,000.

Jason: So?

Sharlene: Do you owe that money?

Jason: Would you forget the money?

Sharlene: What if this collection agency calls again?

Jason: You tell them that it is in the mail, all right?

Sharlene: I will not lie for you, Jason, not again.

Jason: Well, then don't say anything to them.

Sharlene: What are you going to do about this bill?

Jason: They cannot get blood out of a stone, now, can they?

Sharlene: You don't have the money.

Jason: Will you just stay out of my business, please?

Sharlene: What happened to all that money you borrowed from Vicky Hudson? You told her you were using it to pay bills, Jason.

Jason: Drop it, Sharlie.

Sharlene: Oh, boy. What is it this time, huh? Is it some angle, just like that dirty business with Drew Marsten?

Jason: Oh. Miss straight-and-narrow is going to give me a lecture now?

Sharlene: Yeah -- oh, God. Jason, haven't you learned by now that you don't get anywhere by cheating and hurting people?

Jason: You take care of your own life. Leave mine alone.

Sharlene: At least I am trying to change my life.

Jason: Oh, yeah, a great life you got. You start working way before daylight and you're working way after dark. That's nice.

Sharlene: So, I'm happy, Jason.

Jason: No, you're not. You're just afraid. You're afraid to do anything. You're afraid to go out and get anything. I'm going out in the world and I'm going to get what I want.

Sharlene: And keep getting beaten up by people you've hurt.

Jason: Butt out!

Sharlene: I know it was Sam Fowler, Jason, and I know why he did it.

Jason: You believe whatever you want, all right? That's fine.

Sharlene: What are you doing?

Jason: I am doing the quarterly reports for Frame Construction, all right?

Sharlene: The company had more income than that.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Sharlene: I saw the invoices, Jason.

Jason: Well, you saw the wrong ones. You're mistaken, ok?

Sharlene: You're lying on your taxes.

Jason: I am not lying. I'm maneuvering. Now, you tell me how people like Mac Cory ever got anywhere in life without a little maneuvering.

Sharlene: I can't speak for Mac Cory!

Jason: Hey! Look, they all do it, all right? I'm sure he bent a lot of rules getting his fortune.

Sharlene: You just can't -- you cannot believe, imagine that anybody could get rich by working hard!

Jason: Look, the man has got an office filled with C.P.A.S, attorneys, tax experts, lawyers. I don't have anybody. I'm me. You see anybody else here? It is just me.

Sharlene: If the tax people --

Jason: I want to save on my taxes, I got to do it!

Sharlene: I don't care! If the tax people catch you, it'll hurt John, too.

Jason: Well, that's fine, because he walks off, he leaves me the mess, he leaves me all the bills!

Sharlene: Sometimes I am so ashamed to be your sister.

Jason: Well, why don't you jump ship, too, just like anybody else. Why should you be any different? Here! Take it.

Michael: So you take off tonight? Oh, I see -- no, you go to New York this afternoon and -- then you take off. Well, you'll be in Majorca by morning. That's wonderful. Ok, I'll talk to you. Bye.

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: How's Mikey?

Donna: Oh, fine. Have you ever tried to read "the pokey little puppy" four times?

Michael: No. I think three is my record.

Donna: Right. I don't know why they make these stories so long with so many words. Anyway, who's going to Majorca?

Michael: Vicky.

Donna: When?

Michael: Tonight.

Donna: Well, Michael, she didn't tell me anything about that.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry. She just decided.

Donna: Well, what in the world would make her go to Majorca?

Michael: I did.

Donna: You? Why?

Michael: Because I thought she needed some time away from Jamie.

Donna: Oh, great. What's he done now?

Michael: Nothing. That's the point, Donna.

Donna: But when Victoria was in the hospital, he was wonderful to her.

Michael: Honey, he cared about her health, he cared about the baby, but that was about it.

Donna: Well, maybe so, but why does she have to go so far away?

Michael: Well, she seems to feel that putting some distance between she and Jamie would be good right now.

Donna: You know, listen, I just wish I could strangle him sometimes for all the hurt that he's caused her. But, God, I guess I better go with her.

Michael: No, Donna.

Donna: But, Michael, she can't travel alone in her condition.

Michael: Bridget is going with her.

Donna: Well, I'm her mother.

Michael: Well, you're Mikey’s mother now, too.

Donna: Well, fine. I'll just take Mikey with me.

Michael: You're going to take Mikey out of my life?

Donna: You're right. I'm sorry.

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Ok, so how long is she going to be gone?

Michael: Well, a few weeks. I don't know.

Donna: A few weeks? Come on. I mean, she's already five months pregnant.

Michael: Donna, look, I talked to Dr. Peterson. She said it was perfectly ok. It's not going to hurt Vicky at all.

Donna: I don't care. She shouldn't go out of the country.

Michael: Donna, come on. Victoria has been under a lot of pressure and a lot of strain for a while now. I think it would do her a lot of good to get out of town. Please, Donna. Let her go.

Jason: Oh, you are acting like family. You walk in here like you own the place.

Vicky: I figure for $250,000 I do own it, Jason.

Jason: Look, Vicky, I told you the other day --

Vicky: You spent all my money on bills.

Jason: That's right. You remember -- good. I did.

Vicky: Well, I'm ready to see the receipts.

Jason: You didn't tell me you were coming down now. Besides, in the construction business, you have to realize a lot of payments get made right under the table.

Vicky: You are going under, Jason, if you don't pay me back my money.

Jason: I will pay you back your money.

Vicky: When?

Jason: Well, I could do it in payments like a bank. Vicky Hudson national bank -- that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Vicky: I'm not laughing, Jason.

Jason: Well, you should. It's good for your health. And in your condition, I'd say that that would help --

Vicky: I want my money.

Jason: You have some financial disaster that I don't know about?

Vicky: You cheated, you lied, and you used me, Jason!

Jason: I did not, and I have told you, I don't have it to give it back to you.

Vicky: I heard Cass talk to you.

Jason: And I can't believe you hired that sleaze to represent you.

Vicky: Well, I'm going to be going away for a few days --

Jason: Fine.

Vicky: So by the time I get back, I expect that you will have paid him.

Jason: I'm not going to pay Cass. I would prefer to make payments to you, only you.

Vicky: Well, not that I think that you would, but just in case, you can send them in care of casa Miranda, Majorca.

Jason: Spain?

Vicky: Hmm.

Jason: What are you doing? Going to play hard to get?

Vicky: What?

Jason: Well, this is obviously some ploy to land Jamie, isn't it?

Vicky: It is no ploy. He doesn't even know where I'm going. Now, I will expect a payment very soon.

Jason: Well, you'll get it very soon. I'll send it with interest. I'll let Jamie know where you are.

Sharlene: You've got to start being straight with people, Jason, especially yourself.

Jason: I know. I know, I know. If John doesn't want to be my partner, that's fine. I'll get somebody else, somebody better.

Sharlene: They don't come better than John.

Jason: You're not listening to what I'm saying. I don't want him here.

Sharlene: What?

Jason: I don't want him on this property.

Sharlene: He is building my greenhouse.

Jason: No, he's not. I will build it.

Sharlene: No. If John wants to come out here, he is welcome. You cannot stop him.

Jason: He sets one foot on this property, he's got to be ready for me.

Sharlene: Let's just forget about the Cory's, ok?

Jason: How can I forget about the Cory’s? Every time I turn around, there's a Cory trying to do something to a Frame. I got one in the house right now, my own home.

Sharlene: What are you talking about?

Jason: Matthew. Who knows what he's trying to tell Josie?

Sharlene: Matthew Cory is a very nice young man.

Jason: Yeah? He's a Cory and he can't be trusted and I don't want him having anything more to do with Josie, all right?

Sharlene: You have no right to tell Josie --

Jason: This is my home!

Sharlene: Fine. Then Josie and I are moving out of it.

John: Hi, Sharlene. I've come by to do a little work on the greenhouse.

Sharlene: Hey, John. Ahem.

John: What's the matter?

Sharlene: Nothing.

John: Oh. You know, you and I have an awful lot in common.

Sharlene: What?

John: Well, whenever there's nothing going on with me, I usually cry about it, too.

Sharlene: Three guesses.

John: What'd Jason do this time?

Sharlene: Hmm. You won't believe it.

John: What?

Sharlene: I caught him cheating on last quarter's taxes for Frame Construction.

John: No, I'd believe it. Wait a minute, wait a minute. My name is on the company for that quarter.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I pointed that out to him, but it just didn't seem to matter.

John: No, nothing has ever mattered to Jason except Jason.

Sharlene: I'm beginning to think that he would -- would even use me to get what he wants.

John: If he ever hurt you, I'd -- I'll have a talk with him, ok?

Sharlene: I don't think it'd do much good, John.

John: No, I'm not interested in his immortal soul. I just don't want to go to jail for tax evasion.

Sharlene: I wouldn't let that happen to you. I'd tell.

John: I'm sorry this has hurt you so much.

Sharlene: He really resented growing up poor, John. It's like somebody did something to him personally. He wanted to be somebody so much.

John: He just didn't want to work for it?

Sharlene: He didn't have the patience to work for it. He was hurting inside.

John: Sharlene, you grew up in the same house, in the same way he did, but you don't do the things he does.

Sharlene: I ain't perfect, John.

John: No, you ain't, but you're real close.

Josie: Mama.

Julie Ann: We're not having lunch?

Rick: No.

Julie Ann: Well, thanks. Rick, I came all the way down here --

Rick: We're having lunch. We're just not going out.

Julie Ann: Oh?

Rick: Well, I thought maybe you might prefer something a little more intimate, somewhere we can get to know each other better?

Julie Ann: Rick, I want to go to that Italian restaurant.

Rick: Ah, we are.  Ta-da -- la villa Rick. Unfortunately, the strolling accordionist called in sick.

Julie Ann: Oh, what is this? This is --

Courtney: Pizza delivery.

Rick: Aha. Well, you see, Delaney gave me desk duty. I hope you don't mind.

Julie Ann: Hmm, it depends on the pizza.

Rick: Oh, well, I got everything on it. You just toss what you don't like.

Courtney: The man covers his bases.

Julie Ann: He certainly does. Well -- I like pizza with everything on it.

Rick: Right here, my dear. Ha-ha. Mmm.

Courtney: Now, I know you two are going to be so disappointed that I cannot join you, but I'm going to go watch --

Rick: Courtney?

Courtney: Yeah.

Rick: Bye.

Courtney: Ahem. Are you sure you're not asking for trouble?

Julie Ann: How do you mean?

Courtney: You know --

Julie Ann: That issue hasn't come up, and I don't see why it should.

Courtney: Suit yourself.

Julie Ann: Smells great.

Rick: Mm-hmm. There you are.

Julie Ann: Mmm.

Rick: And here's mine. I really am sorry about this.

Julie Ann: I don't mind, really.

Rick: Well, I really wanted to go out. It's just -- well, this job, you don't exactly get an expense account.

Julie Ann: Being a cop seems kind of like -- it's an odd career for you.

Rick: Why?

Julie Ann: Those jobs, the ones with the expense accounts -- that seems a little bit more like your --

Rick: Now you sound like my mother.

Julie Ann: Is that bad?

Rick: Well, we have our differences. Eat your pizza.

Julie Ann: Why? She didn't want you to be a cop?

Rick: Well, no one in my family wanted that. I suppose that's the main reason I did.

Jason: I am sick and tired of hearing about Vicky’s investment.

Michael: Oh, you're breaking my heart, Jason.

Jason: Hey, your daughter came to me and she offered me a lot more money than I was going to ask her for, and nobody twisted her arm.

Michael: My daughter invested in what she thought was her uncle's company because you left out two very important facts -- one, my brother wouldn't touch you with a 10-foot pole, and, two, there was no company.

Jason: I used the money to get Frame Construction on its feet.

Michael: Fine. Now you can start paying Vicky back.

Jason: I told her I'd do that, once I repair the damage that your brother's done.

Michael: Oh.

[Michael chuckles]

Michael: My brother had a real good reason for dissolving this partnership with you.

Jason: Oh, yeah, nice partnership we had -- he runs out, leaves me with all the bills. I'm holding the bag.

Michael: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What, I thought you used Vicky’s money to pay off your bills.

Jason: I did, I did. I just got a few more.

Michael: Jason, I don't like people messing with my family. You have exploited my daughter. You have used my brother.

Jason: It's the other way around, Hudson.

Michael: And if there's any more funny business out of you, you are going to be in court so fast your head is going to spin.

Jason: Wait, wait -- what are you so upset about? I don't understand. And your wife was all for this little business deal between Vicky and myself.

Michael: What?

Jason: Yeah, she was there the day I signed the contract.

Michael: Donna knew about the loan?

Jason: She knew all about it.

Michael: I don't believe you. God!

Jason: Why don't you ask her and find out? I was supposed to do my little bit to help Vicky and Jamie get together. Oh, you got one clever wife there. Yeah.

Michael: Jason, give Vicky her money back and stay the hell away from my family.

[Knock on door]

Donna: Where's Jamie?

Lisa: He's at the hospital. What do you want?

Donna: I hope you're satisfied.

Lisa: What are you talking about?

Donna: But then again, you probably don't think you've done enough, even putting Victoria in the hospital.

Lisa: What?

Donna: Oh, come on, don't give me that innocent look. This is all your fault. You have done everything you possibly could to drive a wedge between her and Jamie.

Lisa: Donna, I want you to leave.

Donna: You have put so much pressure on her in her condition, no wonder she decided to leave town.

Lisa: She's leaving town?

Donna: Yes. That's what I just said. So are you happy?

Lisa: Where is she going?

Donna: I will tell that to Jamie. Jamie is probably interested since he is the father of her child.

Lisa: Hi. May I speak to Dr. Frame? Thank you.

Jamie: Dr. Frame.

Lisa: Jamie, it's Lisa.

Jamie: Hi. What's the matter?

Lisa: Could you come home right now?

Jamie: Is it important?

Lisa: Yes, I think it's very important, for both of us.

John: Ah, Jason. I understand you've been playing a little hide-and-seek with the tax man.

Jason: Well, Sharlie didn't waste any time, now, did she?

John: Just leave Sharlene out of this.

Jason: She had no right to start butting in.

John: And you got no right dragging me into your tax dodge.

Jason: I didn't do any tax dodge. I was looking at some alternatives, some options I had.

John: Oh, that's what you call it, huh?

Jason: Yeah. I was playing with the numbers. Who doesn't?

John: Me.

Jason: Well, you must be the only person in the entire United States who doesn’t.

John: My name is on the company for that quarter.

Jason: So?

John: So I don't want to have to book passage on a banana boat when you file that work of fiction.

Jason: You wouldn't mind now if the changes I make we can get away with, now, would you?

John: Yes, I would mind. Look, I don't want to screw around with the I.R.S., Ok?

Jason: Then what are you doing here? What do you want anyway, John?

John: File the taxes properly. And remember, I have to sign them before you send them in.

Jason: All I was trying to do was save us a little money. Now, what's wrong with that?

John: Jason, can't you do anything straight?

Jason: Hey, you live by the rules, you're not going to get anywhere, John.

John: Well, how does living the way you do get anyone anywhere? Your whole life is a mess and you've hurt anyone around you.

Jason: Well, what are you hurting about? You walk out, you leave me with every single bill here --

John: Look, I am hurting because I happen to care about you, and God only knows why! You're one of the biggest screwups I've ever run into in my life!

Jason: What did you say? I mean, what are you trying to tell me? I thought you hated my guts.

John: Oh, Jason, believe me, I entertained that idea an awful lot. You know what really bugs me about you? It's just watching you throw away your life on these half-baked harebrained schemes of yours. You're better than that, man, and you only end up hurting yourself and -- and Sharlene.

Jason: Yeah, I've put Sharlene through a lot.

John: You're damn lucky to have her on your side.

Jason: I'll make it up to Sharlie.

John: You know, I ought to be shot for even thinking of this, but -- oh. If you could get yourself squared away and stay out of trouble, which I think is highly unlikely --

Jason: What?

John: But if you could, maybe we ought to think about being partners again.

Donna: Yes, Dr. Jamie Frame. Well, where is he? I was there a little while ago and he wasn't there then, either. Would you please page him? Well -- what do you mean he's not there? He's a doctor. He can't just disappear into thin air. No, I will call back later. Thank you.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Where you been?

Donna: Well, I was just -- I was just out.

Michael: Hmm.

Donna: Oh, is the architect coming over later?

Michael: Donna, did --

Donna: Listen, is Mikey up? I want to take him over to say goodbye to Victoria.

Michael: Donna?

Donna: What?

Michael: Did you tell Jason Frame that you approved of his loan from Victoria?

Donna: No.

Michael: He says you did.

Donna: Well, he is lying, Michael.

Michael: So you didn't know anything about it?

Donna: No. Actually, I guess I should have figured he was up to something when I saw him in Victoria’s hospital room.

Michael: You didn't tell me you saw him.

Donna: I didn't think it was that important then.

Michael: He didn't mention anything about a loan?

Donna: No, and if he had have, I certainly wouldn't have approved of it. Look, I -- I really do. I want to take Mikey over and see Victoria before I miss her, ok?

Michael: Ok. Look, tell her I'll be there after I get done with john and the architect, ok?

Donna: All right, all right. Listen, I am not lying to you. I mean, you believe that, don't you?

Michael: Sure, I do.

Donna: Ok.

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Thanks for getting here so fast.

Jamie: Well, I have to leave really soon. I'm due to assist in surgery. What's up?

Lisa: I just got some news I know you want to hear.

Jamie: Oh, what is it?

Lisa: Vicky's leaving town. She's given up. She's going.

Jamie: Where?

Lisa: Isn't that -- well, I don't know.

Jamie: Do you know when?

Lisa: No, but --

Jamie: It's just like Vicky to pick up and leave today. I don't believe this.

Lisa: I thought --

Jamie: Maybe I can catch her.

Lisa: Where are you going?

Jamie: Well, I'm going to talk her out of it, of course. Thanks for the warning.

Lisa: Oh -- don't forget about dinner! _

Michael: What's this?

Man: Mikey's room.

John: It's nothing like the original plan.

Man: So all you do is move the walls.

Michael: Huh.

John: Doesn't that get a little messy year after year?

Man: Not at all. They're partitions.

Michael: And they move.

Man: Whenever, wherever you want. As Mikey grows, so does his room.

Michael: That's a great idea.

Man: Mikey struck me as the kind of kid who needs a lot of room.

Michael: Yeah, like Wyoming.

Man: So, this door leads to an enclosed outdoor play area.

Michael: Wow! That's fantastic!

John: It's the kind of a room that every kid dreams of.

Man: I sure did. You know what it's like sharing a room with two older brothers?

Michael: Well, I know what it's like to share a room with one younger brother, and it was like living with pig pen.

John: I won't even respond to that.

Michael: I'm so glad.

John: Mm-hmm.

Man: So, do I have the job, Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Well, I got to tell you, this is original and innovative.

Man: But you've asked around and nobody's ever heard of me?

Michael: No. Actually, your colleagues speak very highly of you.

Man: But it is my first major project.

Michael: One in which I hope my family and I will live for a long time to come.

Man: Mr. Hudson, I know what you want. I know this house. And I know I can do it.

Michael: Well, I believe you do. The job is yours.

Man: Thanks, Mr. Hudson. You won't regret it.

Michael: I know that. Build me a great house, all right? I'll see you later.

Matt: Hello.

Josie: Hey. You look so --

Matt: Debonair? Handsome? Sporty? Charming?

Josie: Yes, yes, yes -- all of the above.

Matt: Oh, thank you very much. You know, it's amazing how I keep that up after three sets.

Josie: You played with your dad, did you?

Matt: Yeah.

Josie: How'd it go?

Matt: Oh, I think my backhand's really improving.

Josie: I'm talking about your dad.

Matt: Fine, fine. It went fine, it went fine.

Josie: Good.

Matt: So when are we going to play tennis?

Josie: Oh. Well, I mean, you know, I'm busy around here with my mom and everything.

Matt: Yeah, you don't know how.

Josie: No.

Matt: Why don't you just tell me you don't know how?

Josie: Because I feel stupid.

Matt: I can teach you.

Josie: I'm terrible at sports.

Matt: No, we'll go to the country club, play a few sets, have lunch.

Josie: The country club?

Matt: Yeah. They have great courts there, and you will be the most beautiful girl on them.

Josie: Oh, right. With my cutoff shorts and my old t-shirt, I can just see it.

Matt: Come on, come on. What are you worrying about these people looking at you for?

Josie: Matthew, you've never had to worry. You grew up with those fancy-schmancy people.

Matt: Yeah, but it doesn't mean I don't get nervous sometimes, too.

Josie: You get nervous?

Matt: Sure, I do. But I just remember one thing that my grandmother taught me.

Josie: And what's that?

Matt: Whenever somebody makes you nervous, you picture them --

Both: In their underwear.

Matt: That's right. You try it, it'll work. It works.

Josie: Ok, ok, ok. I'll try.

Matt: Ok, come on, first lesson.

Josie: Now?

Matt: Yes.

Josie: Oh, Matthew.

Matt: Good a time as any, right? Ok, now, let's see. You hold the racket there.

Josie: Yeah?

Matt: Bend the knees.

Josie: Bend the knees.

Matt: All right, get my -- ok, don't play with your hair.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Ok. Now, you're left-handed, so we're going to swing back here.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: And you swing back -- that's called the back swing.

Josie: Hmm, that's original.

Matt: Yeah, like this -- see that?

Josie: Like that?

Matt: There, like that.

Josie: Like --

Matt: Go ahead, go ahead.

Josie: That.

Matt: Good. Very good. No, not that rushed. Just take it easy.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Swing through. Let your body do the work.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Go ahead.

Josie: Ok, ok.

Matt: Go ahead.

Josie: All right. Ok.

Matt: Follow-through?

Josie: All right.

Matt: Go ahead. Just freely -- go.

Josie: Ok, "freely"?

Matt: Go.

Josie: Ok, like that?

Matt: Oh! Ow!

Josie: Oh, Matthew, I'm so sorry!

Matt: Not bad there. That little swing is -- oh --

Josie: I -- I think I need more lessons.

Matt: Ok -- ok. Let's see. Now, just take it easy.

Josie: Yeah?

Matt: Swing it back like that --

Josie: Yeah?

Matt: And through. You see that? Isn't that better?

Josie: Much.

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Josie: I think I'm going to like tennis.

Matt: Oh, yeah?

Josie: Yeah.

Matt: Hmm.

Vicky: Hey, I'm going to miss you so much!

Bridget: There we go.

Vicky: Are you going to miss me? Are you going to miss me?

Donna: Victoria, honey?

Vicky: What?

Donna: Are you sure you're all right to travel?

Vicky: For the hundredth time, yes, Mother.

Donna: Oh, well, maybe I should go with you after all.

Vicky: No, I'm going to relax on this trip.

Donna: Oh, what, you're saying you can't relax without me?

Vicky: Oh, well, do you want the truth or --

Bridget: Victoria -- Victoria, I don't know what I've done with my passport.

Vicky: It's in your purse, Bridget!

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Oh!

Vicky: Oh, we've got to go!

Donna: Oh, there's the cab.

Vicky: Oh, back to mommy, you. Bye, and I love you.

Donna: Yes, I love you, too.

Vicky: I love you. Have fun in your new house.

Donna: Oh, I'm sorry you missed Michael, though.

Vicky: Well, tell him I love him and --

Donna: All right, all right. You be careful.

Vicky: Thank you.

Donna: Have a good time.

Bridget: Goodbye, Mikey.

Vicky: Bye!

Donna: Bye-bye!

Vicky: Love you, bye-bye!

Donna: Say bye-bye!

Bridget: Bye, miss Donna!

Donna: Say bye-bye! Yes, we do! All right! Oh, my goodness!

Yeah. Well, I guess we can go now, too. Tell you what -- I'm going to put your jacket back on, though, because it's cold outside. Isn't Victoria lucky that she gets to go to Spain, huh?

Mikey: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah. She sure is. Turn around here.

[Knock on door]

Donna: Let me help this on -- oh, well, wait a minute. Let's answer that first. Who could that be? Come on. Here we go. Oh -- Jamie.

Jamie: Where's Vicky?

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see. You're concerned about her now, huh?

Jamie: Where is she, Donna?

Donna: Well, she's already left.

Jamie: Where is she going?

Donna: You know, this is all your fault. If you hadn't been so mean --

Jamie: Just tell me where she's going.

Donna: Fine, fine. If you really want to know where she's going, I'll tell you.

Michael: Hey, what's going on here? Where's Vicky?

Donna: Well, you just missed her. She's already gone to the airport.

Jamie: Where is she going, Michael?

Michael: She needs some time alone, Jamie.

Jamie: I have to talk to her.

Michael: Well, you'll leave her alone.

Jamie: Then I'll find her myself.

Michael: Jamie --

Donna: Michael, why didn't you want me to tell him where she was going?

Michael: She needs some rest now, Donna, not Jamie Frame.

Jason: Hi.

Sharlene: Hello.

Jason: Smells great.

Sharlene: Vegetable soup.

Jason: My favorite.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, it tastes good on a cold day like today. What'd you want to say?

Jason: Sharlie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sharlene: So am I.

Jason: I had no right to act the way I did. I --

Sharlene: And I didn't mean what I said, either.

Jason: What, about not being my sister anymore? You used to tell me that all the time when we were kids.

Sharlene: I did?

Jason: Boy, every single time you got mad at me.

Sharlene: Which was all the time.

Jason: [As Sharlene] "Jason, that -- I am no longer your sister."

Sharlene: Stop it.

Jason: [Normal voice] Yeah, well --

Sharlene: I remember now.

Jason: Sharlie, I would be a very lonely guy and I'd miss you something terrible if I didn't have you for a sister.

Sharlene: Oh, Jason. If I get mad at you, it's only because I love you and I hate seeing you wasting your life.

Jason: Funny -- John said something kind of like that a little while ago.

Sharlene: John talked to you?

Jason: Yep. Talked about being partners again, too.

Sharlene: He said that?

Jason: Yeah. Well --

Sharlene: That's wonderful, Jason.

Jason: I would have to be like a minister for the rest of my life.

Sharlene: Well, you can't blame him for being a little leery.

Jason: No, you can't, can you?

Sharlene: This is a chance to start over, Jase. I have faith in you.

Jason: You were the only person who ever did.

Sharlene: Boy, you underrate yourself. You do. You are smart and you are caring and you are generous.

Jason: Hey, don't -- hold it right there. Come on, the good guys always finish last.

Sharlene: No, not you, or John.

Jason: Yeah, John's a real good guy. Tell you something else, too -- he's crazy about you.

Sharlene: He is not. Come on, Jase. What's he going to see in an old farm woman like me?

Jason: Now you're underestimating yourself. Sharlie, I know I've been a pain in the butt, and I mean a lot of times, I know that. But if John can give me a second chance, think maybe you could, too?

Sharlene: You're my favorite brother. You bet I would.

Josie: I wonder where Jamie and Lisa are.

Matt: Don't know.

Josie: Matthew, are you sure it's ok for us to be in here?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. The note said to make ourselves at home.

Josie: Ok. Wow, Lisa has a great apartment.

Matt: Yeah.

Josie: She and Jamie make the cutest couple. Don't you think?

Matt: Yeah.

Josie: Oh. I shouldn't have worn this stupid outfit. I was going to wear that blue dress, you know, but wouldn't you know my mom washed it and it wasn't dry and I couldn't iron it, so I ended up having to wear this. You know, it's dressier, the blue one. This one is so boring.

Matt: I like the outfit you have on.

Josie: You do?

Matt: Yes. You look fantastic.

Josie: You really think so?

Matt: I do. You know, you have this instinct when it comes to clothes. Did I ever tell you that?

Josie: No.

Matt: Well, you do.

Josie: Thank you.

Matt: Now, about this tennis game that we're going to get to --

Josie: After one lesson, I don't think so.

Matt: Wait, wait, wait, wait. We can play with a few friends of mine.

Josie: Oh, but, Matthew, I don't even know how to play.

Matt: Wing it.

Josie: I'd be too embarrassed.

Matt: Well, they were all beginners once. You know that.

Josie: Yes, Matthew, when they were 6.

Matt: Well, come on. Come on.

Josie: How about if we just play alone for a while more?

Matt: What, more lessons?

Josie: Yeah, private.

Matt: Private?

Josie: Is that a problem?

Matt: No, no, no, not at all.

Lisa: Hi!

Matt: Hi, Lisa.

Josie: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: I'm sorry I wasn't here. I forgot the cheese for the pasta.

Josie: I can help you with anything?

Lisa: Oh, no, no, no. You relax. Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Josie: Ok.

Lisa: So, where's Jamie? Is he changing?

Matt: No. He's not here yet.

Lisa: He's not?

Matt: No.

Lisa: Did he call?

Matt: Not while we were here.

Josie: Maybe he's in the hospital.

Lisa: Yeah, maybe.

Agent: I'm sorry, sir, but you've been bumped from this flight.

Man: What do you mean bumped? We made these reservations two months ago.

Agent: It was an emergency. It was a medical emergency. We had to bump you. Can you wait outside?

Man: When does the next flight leave?

Agent: In two hours, but we'll --

Man: Two hours?

Vicky: Come on. Can you hurry! Wait, Bridget!

Agent: Please come to this side. Please, there's some people behind you.

Man: No.

Agent: And we have to give --

Vicky: Oh, great!

Agent: I'm sorry, but --

Vicky: Ok.

Man: Excuse me.

Vicky: Here, here! Here are the tickets! I know I'm late.

Man: If you'll come with me, I think I can help you.

Agent: You just made it. Just give this to the stewardess on the plane.

Vicky: Ok! All right!

Bridget: Where do we go?

Agent: This way.

Vicky: Ok, come on, Bridget! Off to Majorca!

Agent: You have to hurry.

Bridget: Oh, we're off to Spain, darling! We're off to Spain!

Jamie: Hi. Can you help me? I'm --

Agent: I'm sorry, sir. I'm off duty.

Jamie: But this is very important. Would you please -- wait? Well, don't go away -- wait. I'm -- I don't believe that. Oh, excuse me, sir. Can you help me?

Man: Yes.

Jamie: It's very important that I find someone before they board a flight. Her name is Vicky Hudson.

Man: What flight is she on?

Jamie: Well, I don't know, but can you look her name up in your computer, please?

Man: I'm sorry, but we can't do that, sir.

Jamie: What do you mean, you can't do that? This is very important.

Man: I'm sorry.

Jamie: Wait, don't –

Josie: Oh, Lisa, that smells wonderful.

Lisa: Thanks.

Matt: Jamie is sure missing a great meal. What --

Lisa: Well, help yourselves.

Matt: Oh, thank you.

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