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Another World Transcript Friday 10/15/04

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Donna: "And then the three bears went into the bedroom.í Someone has been lying in my bed,' said the great, big bear in his great, big voice.í Someone has been lying in my bed,' said the middle-sized bear in her middle-sized voice.í Someone has been lying in my bed, and here she is,' said the teeny-weeny bear in a teeny-weeny, little voice. And the voices woke Goldilocks up, and when she saw the three bears looking down at her, she quickly jumped out of bed and ran out the window. And then she ran home as fast as her little legs could carry her." My goodness, they scared her, didn't they? Look, look at that little mousey down there. Isn't he cute?

Mikey: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: And next to the mousey is a little bunny!

Donna: Oh, no!

Michael: It's Mr. Bunny! Hello, Mikey, how are you? I'm fine, thank you, how are you? Oh, I'm real good. Ok, you be good today now, ok?

Donna: Oh, come on, he's always good. You know that.

Michael: Oh, I know. Well, I was talking to you, too.

Donna: Oh, all right. Will you try to come home early tonight?

Michael: I will, definitely.

Donna: Good, good.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Oh --

Michael: Ok? Tell you what, I'll just get that on my way out.

Donna: All right, all right.

Michael: Goodbye.

Donna: Bye-bye!

Mikey: Bye!

Michael: Bye!

Donna: See you later!

Michael: Ok!

Mikey: See you later!

Michael: Oh, bye!

[Donna and Michael laugh]

Mikey: Bye!

Mary: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Mary: Good morning. You remember Courtney, don't you?

Michael: Sure.

Courtney: Hello.

Michael: Well, come on in.

Mary: I'm sorry to be here so early, but I wanted to catch you before you went to the office.

Donna: Mary!

Mary: Hi.

Donna: Hi.

Michael: I think Maryís here to talk to us.

Donna: About what?

Mary: Well, would there be somebody that could take care of my little friend here?

Donna: Yes, of course, of course. Why?

Mary: Because this is about him.

Donna: Right, right. I know -- why don't we go in the kitchen and see if the cook has got some juice for you, ok?

Michael: Please, come in.

Mary: Thanks. He's getting so big.

Michael: Yes, isn't he, though?

Mary: I know that you guys have been really nervous about the adoption.

Michael: Yeah.

Courtney: My department got a lead, and I've been following up on it, so I called Mary this morning.

Mary: And I thought we should talk to you right away.

Michael: Well, what have you found out?

Courtney: We found out where Mikey came from.

Rachel: Hi. I know it's early.

Mitch: No, that's all right. Come on in. What's up?

Rachel: Thanks. I don't want to bother Felicia.

Mitch: She's on the phone in the other room. Something up?

Rachel: Matthew.

Mitch: What about him?

Rachel: Have you seen him?

Mitch: Yeah, a couple of times.

Rachel: Well, he doesn't talk to me. So the only way I can find out about him is to talk to Jamie.

Mitch: Well, when I said that I've seen him, that's what I meant. I've only seen him. I really haven't spoken with him.

Rachel: Oh, brother. I thought we were farther along than this.

Mitch: Yeah, I know. I keep hoping the same, but --

Rachel: The childcare books don't tell you about this, do they? How long will it take an adolescent to recover from the shock of finding out that you killed somebody?

Mitch: Rachel --

Rachel: Well, that's what we're dealing with, you know.

Mitch: Well --

Felicia: Rachel, hi.

Rachel: Hi. I'm sorry --

Felicia: I thought I heard somebody. Oh, no, no, don't be. How are you? I'm really glad it's you.

Rachel: Why?

Felicia: Well, I just got the most bizarre call from Julie Ann, and then I read this paper and I realized it wasn't that bizarre at all.

Mitch: What are you talking about?

Felicia: The changes at Cory Publishing.

Mitch: What changes?

Rachel: I'm not going to be working at Cory anymore.

Mitch: Why not? I thought that was working out.

Rachel: Well, I just have too much to do, you know, with everything happening.

Felicia: Rachel, who's taking your place anyway? Wait a minute, I think it says here. Oh, yes, here it is -- Iris Wheeler. That isn't the Iris, is it?

Caroline: Do you want to look at the financial pages again?

Evan: Why do you say that?

Caroline: Well, that article on Cory Publishing turned you into a tiger.

Evan: Well, I'd love to stay here all day, but unfortunately duty calls, and I just hope that you left me some hot water.

Caroline: I suggest a cold shower. Ah. Iris Wheeler. Wonderful.

[Doorbell rings]

Caroline: Evan, are you expecting someone?

Caroline: Hello?

Iris: Hello. Who are you? And what are you doing in Mr. Bates' suite?

Donna: So, what did they find out?

Michael: Will you please tell us where he's from?

Courtney: I've been following some tips that we got several weeks ago, and --

Michael: Wait, wait -- weeks ago? What do you mean, weeks ago? You've known about this for weeks?

Courtney: Yes.

Donna: And you didn't tell us?

Courtney: Well, there have been so many false leads, I didn't want to keep you waiting and come up with nothing.

Mary: And I agreed with her because I know how hard that is on you.

Donna: You mean every time we asked you if there had been any progress, you just said no?

Mary: Because there hadn't been, and now there has.

Michael: Well, tell us.

Courtney: I made a positive identification. Mikey's fingerprints and footprints match those of a baby born 2 1/2 years ago in a clinic in Encino, California.

Donna: California?

Michael: Did you talk to his parents?

Courtney: I couldnít.

Michael: Look, we have to talk to his parents.

Courtney: His parents were killed in an automobile accident.

Donna: When?

Courtney: Right before he showed up in Bay City.

Donna: They were -- they were killed?

Michael: Look, are there any relatives at all? An aunt, an uncle, anything?

Courtney: Well, we haven't managed to turn up anybody.

Donna: Well, this is so strange.

Courtney: But it does also explain why he was never reported missing.

Donna: All this time, he's -- he's been all alone.

Courtney: Look, I know you were anxious to find out where things stand, but I have to go back to the station house.

Donna: Oh, I'll see you out.

Courtney: Thank you.

Mary: Thank you.

Donna: Thank you for everything that you were able to find out.

Courtney: You're welcome.

Michael: Boy. I just wonder how the child welfare board is going to react to this.

Mary: Well, as far as I'm concerned, one obstacle is now out of the way.

Michael: What are the others?

Mary: Well --

Michael: Mary, come on.

Mary: We have to re-evaluate your fitness as parents.

Michael: Mary.

Mary: Michael, you didn't exactly make friends when you went over the heads of the board to see the senator.

Michael: Meeting Senator Adams does not make me an unfit parent.

Mary: And then there's the little problem of Chris.

Michael: Wait a minute! Hiring Chris -- I made a mistake, ok? That doesn't make me an unfit parent!

Mary: No, it doesnít. I'm just trying to give you an idea of what the objections might be.

Michael: Well, when is the board meeting?

Mary: This afternoon, late. That's why I wanted to see you, because I wanted to assure you that I am going to present your case from my point of view as carefully as possible.

Michael: Mary, I want to be there.

Mary: Michael, just please this time let me do this by myself, ok? I think I'd better go right now.

Donna: I -- I can't believe -- this is really incredible news.

Mary: Yes, I know, and I knew you'd want to know right away.

Donna: Well, do you think this means we'll be able to --

Mary: I don't know anything. I don't know anything. I just -- I'll tell you as soon as I know something. I'll call you later. Bye.

[Door closes]

Donna: Michael, what did she say exactly when I left?

Michael: Donna, she said that the child welfare board is meeting this afternoon.

Donna: It is?

Michael: Wait a minute, don't get excited now. Come on.

Donna: No, no, no, no --

Michael: Now, stay calm.

Donna: Why can't I get excited? I mean, Michael, this could mean by the end of the day, Mikey will be our son.

Caroline: I'm Caroline Stafford. I'm an associate of Evan Bates.

Iris: Where is Mr. Bates?

Caroline: In the shower.

Iris: Oh. I'll wait.

Caroline: I don't believe we've met.

Iris: No, we havenít.

Caroline: I don't normally have an appointment with him this early, but, you know, he's been terribly busy.

Iris: And how are you associated with Mr. Bates? You don't work with Cory Publications.

Caroline: Oh, we work together on a freelance basis.

Iris: Oh. I can imagine.

Caroline: Evan, you have company!

Evan: Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: I'm sorry. I didn't realize your associate would be here when I arrived.

Evan: Did we have a meeting this morning? It just -- I'm sorry, it just must have slipped my mind.

Iris: Obviously.

Evan: Oh, Mrs. Wheeler, I would like for you to meet Caroline Stafford.

Iris: I already know her name. She tells me you're working together on some project not associated with Cory Publications.

Evan: Oh, Caroline is opening up an art gallery here in Bay City, and what I'm doing is just advising her until she gets started.

Caroline: And he's been so helpful.

Iris: Oh, I'm sure. I didn't realize you were a patron of the arts.

Evan: Well, you know me -- it's just all business. Caroline, I would like you to meet Macís daughter. This is Iris Wheeler.

Caroline: Oh, what a pleasure. I didn't know Mac had a daughter so mature.

Evan: Caroline, I was just thinki-

Caroline: You were?

Evan: Yes. Why don't I call you at the gallery later?

Caroline: The gallery?

Evan: Yes. I think that I could probably give you a better estimate for your financing --

Caroline: I see.

Evan: If I could actually just see the space.

Caroline: Oh, yes.

Evan: So why don't I call you after Ms. Wheeler and I have concluded our meeting, huh?

Caroline: Well, look, whatever. Lovely to meet you. Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Likewise.

Evan: I'll see you later. Thank you. Well, you ready for some coffee?

Iris: I want some answers. Do you usually do business in your robe?

Evan: Well, it depends on the business.

Iris: I hope I didn't interrupt a merger between you and Miss what's-her-name.

Evan: Oh, no, she just stopped by to ask me some questions.

Iris: Mm-hmm, about the art gallery?

Evan: Well, did you say cream in your coffee?

Iris: Right. If she's an art dealer, she would've recognized that this painting is not the usual hotel standard.

Evan: Oh, you know, as a matter of fact, she sold that very painting to me.

Iris: Mm-hmm. And did you tell her that my money bought it for you, along with the expensive furniture and the handmade suits?

Evan: No, I didn't tell her a thing.

Iris: Why not? Didn't you want Miss Stafford to think that she was associated with someone who -- oh, what is that expression?

Evan: No, no. See, I didn't tell her anything because it's really none of her business. You provide me with the things I need to do to do my job.

Evan: Not a chance.

Iris: Good, because I wouldn't want Miss Stafford to distract you from the more important things in life.

Evan: As I said, not a chance.

Felicia: So, this is the famous Iris. I -- I didn't know she had become a Wheeler now. You know, Mac -- Mac never, so - well, after what you just said I can understand why.

Rachel: I never thought we'd have to deal with her again.

Felicia: It sounds like from this article that she plans to stay here.

Rachel: She does. Mac is very anxious that we get along.

Mitch: Speaking of which, I need to get moving. Sorry

Felicia: See you later.

Mitch: If I hear anything from Matthew, Iíll let you know.

Rachel: Ok, thanks. Well, now at least I'll have more time to worry about Matthew.

Felicia: So, she's going to be spending a lot of time at the complex?

Rachel: So it would seem.

Felicia: She doesn't sound like the type. She sounds like somebody who would be more inclined to do fundraisers -- coffee?

Rachel: Thanks.

Felicia: Instead of running an enormous publishing company.

Rachel: She has enormous self-confidence.

Felicia: Yeah. I gathered that. You know, Julie Ann called me because she's setting up an appointment with her.

Rachel: For you and Iris?

Felicia: Yeah. Get this -- this lady actually wants to go over the first draft of my book.

Rachel: Ugh. Iris would.

Felicia: Well, I got to tell you, I'm not looking forward to it. I have my own reservations about this book, and I certainly don't need somebody else's scrutiny, especially -- especially if she's an amateur.

Rachel: Treat her like an amateur.

Felicia: What?

Rachel: Let her know who's boss. Don't take any prisoners. That's all she understands.

Felicia: Mm-hmm. You don't sound like you're too thrilled about any of this.

Rachel: I'm not.

Felicia: Well, how do you feel about her being at Cory Publishing?

Rachel: I knew this takeover would have a lot of ramifications. I never dreamed the extent of them.

Felicia: Takeover? What does that mean?

Rachel: Of course I don't know why I'm surprised.

Felicia: Surprised about what? Rachel, come on, what are you talking about?

Rachel: I didn't willingly leave Cory Publishing. I got forced out by Iris. Itís just she's not going to try and force me out of Macís life altogether.

Iris: I want the notes on Miss Gallant's book typed today. Then I want a copy of her contract on my desk before my meeting with her. I would like a complete list of all the authors we've published in the last fiscal year, what each book netted, and what the paperback rights were sold for. Then I would like an entire resume on the editorial staff --

Julie Ann: Excuse me Mrs. Wheeler?

Iris: Yes?

Julie Ann: The financial information you want -- that's classified. I'm not supposed to give it out without Mr. Cory's consent.

Iris: Julie Ann, I will be working very closely with my father on this. Now, I cannot do my job if I get bogged down with a whole lot of bureaucracy Mrs. Wheeler.

Julie Ann: Iris, itís Mrs. Hudson. Sheíd like to see you.

Donna: Thank you. Ah!

Iris: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hello.

Iris: How lovely to see you.

Donna: Thank you. I know you are so busy, but I saw the article in the paper and I had to come by and congratulate you in person.

Iris: Well, thank you. How nice.

Donna: And also, Michael and I would like to know if you could have dinner with us one night this week.

Iris: Oh, that would be lovely. Now, just let me have a look in my -- in my schedule. Gee, I'm booked up every night this week except tonight.

Donna: Tonight?

Iris: Oh, that's too short a notice.

Donna: No, it's just that Michael and I might be celebrating something, and --

Iris: Well, you wouldn't want me hanging around.

Donna: Oh, no! No, that's not it at all. Well --

Iris: Well, maybe -- why don't we leave it for a couple of weeks?

Donna: No! No, that would be much too long. Tonight will be just fine. In fact, if we're celebrating something, then you can just join in with us.

Iris: Are you sure?

Donna: Oh, yes, yes! Please feel free to bring someone if you'd like.

Iris: Oh, thanks, but I don't know very many people anymore in Bay City.

Donna: Well, then just come by yourself.

Iris: Ok, thank you. Oh, hang on -- there is someone. I could bring my -- my right-hand man at Cory Publishing. He's very nice. Evan Bates is his name. I think you'd like him very much.

Donna: Actually, we've already met, so I think tonight will be a lovely evening. I'll see you then.

Caroline: How were the croissants?

Evan: Flaky. And how are you?

Caroline: Amused.

Evan: About what?

Caroline: Oh, the thought of you juggling myself and Mrs. Wheeler without even missing a beat. I was most impressed.

Evan: I wasn't.

Caroline: What was it, then?

Evan: Protecting my private life.

Caroline: Oh. What, stuffing that woman full of my croissants? I think your private life is going to undergo some alterations -- or should I hers?

Evan: Caroline.

Caroline: I didn't think you liked them quite so worldly.

Evan: Caroline.

Caroline: What?

Evan: Well, as you know, we haven't exactly been telling everyone about us.

Caroline: I understand why now.

Evan: Iris Wheeler is Mac Coryís daughter. So I don't want her or anyone else at Cory knowing that you're the special woman in my life.

Caroline: Why not?

Evan: Because it's none of their damn business! I just want our time together -- I want it to be long, uninterrupted, sweet.

Caroline: Yeah, well, listen, I've got another theory about that.

Evan: What's that?

Caroline: I read this paper that put you in such a wonderful mood. Iris Wheeler is going to be very important at Cory publishing.

Evan: She already is.

Caroline: You know, you're such an ambitious fellow, you probably don't want her to think she has any competition.

Evan: Look, would I lead a lady on like that?

Caroline: Darling. That's what I love about you.

Evan: So it doesn't bother you?

Caroline: Oh, I'm still here.

Evan: So I noticed.

Iris: I believe you're in the wrong office.

Matt: Oh, I don't think so. I'm looking for Mac or my mother.

Iris: You must be Matthew. I've been looking forward to meeting you.

Matt: You have?

Iris: Mm-hmm. I'm Iris Wheeler.

Matt: Oh. Oh! Oh! You don't look anything like your pictures that I've seen.

Iris: Well, they were taken a long time ago.

Matt: Yeah -- the paper says that you're working here now.

Iris: That's right.

Matt: Oh. Is everything all right?

Iris: Yeah. I think for the first time in ages, Cory Publishing is safe again. We've stopped the takeover.

Matt: Great, that's good to hear. Ok, I won't bother you any longer.

Iris: Come on, come on, do you have to go?

Matt: Well, don't you want me to?

Iris: Well, no. I've been looking forward to meeting you. You never seem to be at home.

Matt: Yeah, well, I'm out on my own. Jamie and I -- you know Jamie? Jamie --

Iris: Yeah, I've known Jamie since he was a little boy.

Matt: Yeah, we have an apartment together.

Iris: Oh. Well, your mother mustn't be too happy about that.

Matt: Well, that -- that doesn't really matter.

Iris: Hmm. You know, I think I know what you've been going through.

Matt: You do?

Iris: Yep. You were only a tiny baby when I left Bay City. But I heard a lot about the circumstances of your birth.

Matt: You and everyone else except me.

Iris: Yeah. I know what it's like to be lied to from birth, and then find out through default you're not what you think you are.

Matt: Yeah, but Mac would never do anything like that.

Iris: Mac did. Mac did it to me.

Matt: You're kidding.

Iris: No. Oh, he -- I suppose he thought he was doing what was best at the time. But when I found out he lied to me, a wall went up. And, you know, I worshiped him.

Matt: Well, I know what you mean about that wall.

Iris: Yeah, well, the thing is we're reconciled now.

Matt: You have? Why? What happened?

Iris: It doesn't matter what happened. What's important is that we're close again. And you know what? I learned something about that.

Matt: What?

Iris: Well, I learned that those years when -- when we were apart for so long -- they can never come back.

Matt: Are you sorry?

Iris: I'm sorrier than I've ever been about anything in my whole life. Wo

Rachel: Liz, Vivien said that you called while I was out.

Liz: Well, I had to. I read about what was happening at Cory Publishing. I miss all of you so much.

Rachel: Well, it was nice of you to call, Liz.

Liz: I didn't know Iris was back.

Rachel: Yeah, she's back, all right.

Liz: Oh, I never see you and Mac. I -- we never speak. Rachel, when I think of what I did --

Rachel: You hurt a lot of people, Liz, and especially Matthew.

Liz: I'd do anything to make it up to him and to you.

Rachel: I know you never meant to harm any of us.

Liz: If there's anything I can do --


Rachel: Liz, I've got -- I've got to go. Why don't you come over later and we'll talk, all right? All right. Yeah, I'll tell Mac that you called. Fine, ok. Hi, Mary. How are you?

Mary: Sorry. Hilda said come on up. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.

Rachel: No, you didn't at all. Come on in.

Mary: You must be awfully busy right now.

Rachel: I think I'm going to be finding some free time.

Mary: Oh, good. Well, I'm here for a reason.

Rachel: Uh-huh?

Mary: I wondered if you had heard that John Hudson has totally severed his partnership with Jason.

Rachel: I had heard that.

Mary: Oh, good. Because he is getting his own company started, and since you're on the board of the hospice --

Rachel: I already told John. I would be happy to recommend to the board that they give him the contract, as long as he has no more relationship with Jason.

Mary: You did?

Rachel: I did, and I will. I'd be happy to talk to the board.

Mary: Well -- well, that was easy.

[Rachel laughs]

Rachel: Is there anything else?

Mary: No, not a thing. Except I would love to ask you a question that has absolutely nothing to do with the hospital.

Rachel: What's that?

Mary: Is Cory Publishing really going to be all right?

Rachel: It would seem so.

Mary: Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Rachel: I'm happy for Mac.

Mary: Who is this new woman, this Iris Wheeler?

Rachel: That is Macís daughter.

Mary: Mac's -- I didn't even know Mac had a daughter except for Amanda.

Rachel: Well, they just haven't been close for the last few years.

Mary: Oh. Yeah, well, I've never even heard him mention her. Well, how do you feel about all that?

Rachel: Mac was prepared to lose his company. That would've broken his heart. I'm very glad that the company's been saved.

Mary: Even if it means that she's there and you're not?

Rachel: Would you like some tea?

Mary: That was a really bad question, wasn't it?

Rachel: I just don't know. Everybody is wondering, I expect, what Iris is going to do now that she's at Cory.

Mary: What do you think?

Rachel: I don't know how to answer that. I have absolutely no idea of the extent of Iris' plans.

Julie Ann: And here's this research information that you wanted.

Iris: Thank you.

Julie Ann: I think that's it.

Iris: And, Julie Ann, you can hold all calls.

Julie Ann: Sure.

Iris: Thank you.

Evan: Hi, Julie Ann.

Julie Ann: Mr. Bates.

Iris: You're late.

Evan: Yeah, I got to get this watch of mine fixed.

Iris: If that's a hint for me to buy a new watch, forget it.

Evan: I don't hint, not when I want something.

Iris: Oh. And is your problem with little Miss -- what's her name?

Evan: Stafford.

Iris: Stafford -- solved?

Evan: I think so.

Iris: Good. Now, let's get to work. What does my father think of Miss Felicia Gallant?

Evan: He's crazy about her. He was very excited when he found out she was going to write another book since she hasn't written one in a while.

Iris: It shows.

Evan: Really?

Iris: Have you read the first draft?

Evan: No, all I read around here are profit and loss sheets.

Iris: Well, it's not up to standard. It's the first book she's written in a long time and there's going to be a lot of attention to it and we don't want the reviews to be disappointing.

Evan: Well, neither do I. We could use a bestseller.

Iris: Yes. I've decided I'm not going to treat her like a star. I'm going to be direct with her and ask to make these adjustments.

Evan: She's not going to like that. She's not used to anything like that.

Iris: We'll see.

Evan: So the only reason you brought me down here is to discuss Felicia Gallant?

Iris: Yes.

Evan: Ok.

Iris: Evan?

Evan: Yes?

Iris: Have you any plans for this evening?

Evan: Well, that depends. What'd you have in mind?

Iris: Dinner with the Hudsonís?

Evan: Oh, what, a chance to chat with one of the richest guys in town? Yeah, I'll be there.

Iris: I thought you would.

Evan: Is there a chance we could fool around under the table?

Iris: Don't be vulgar.

Evan: Sorry. What time?

Iris: I'll pick you up at 7:00. Oh, and this time, don't be late.

Evan: Oh, not a chance. You look good behind that desk, Iris, even though I can't really see your legs. See you at 7:00.

Liz: You cannot return an original.

Caroline: I am not paying good money for a dress that bunches up at the hips.

Liz: Nicole Love designs do not bunch up!

Caroline: They may not have on the mannequin.

Liz: It didn't on you, either! Sophie fits things perfectly!

Caroline: I'm going to have to speak to Nicole. Is she here?

Liz: Nicole is still in Paris.

Caroline: Oh, then I'm going to have to speak to Mr. Winthrop, then.

Liz: Hmm. Didn't you see enough of him yesterday?

Caroline: No, not nearly enough.

Liz: Why don't you put on the dress upstairs? I'll call Sophie, she'll fit it to your satisfaction.

Caroline: That's not what I came for.

Liz: I think I know what you came for.

Caroline: Oh, do you?

Liz: Yes. Nicole is a wonderful woman, but she's a little naive. That's why I became her partner -- to make sure she holds on to what's hers.

Caroline: What are you trying to say to me?

Liz: Does the phrase "back off" have a familiar ring?

Caroline: If Nicole were a more successful businesswoman, she'd know it doesn't get anyone anything to back off.

Michael: Hey!

Donna: Oh.

Michael: I said I'd be home early and here I am.

Donna: Did they call you at the office?

Michael: Who?

Donna: The child welfare people!

Michael: No. Donna, look, that doesn't mean anything's gone wrong. Hey, where's Mikey?

Donna: He's -- he's still taking his nap. Oh, Michael, I just wanted so much to be able to tell him, you know, to pick him up and hold him and --

Michael: I know.

Donna: And tell him that he was our little boy now, that he wouldn't have to worry about ever leaving us again.

Michael: Donna, you'll probably be able to do that tomorrow.

Donna: Oh, "probably" isn't good enough. Look, I've already told Marley and Victoria -- they know everything. They know how happy I am, and I haven't been able to get Mary on the phone. I haven't heard anything from anybody!

Michael: Hey, hey, hey! Look, the waiting is almost over.

Donna: Oh, Michael, what if we lose him?

Michael: We'll deal with that if it happens when it happens. But, Donna, either way, we're going to find out an answer tonight.

Donna: Oh, right -- something else. I invited Iris Wheeler to dinner.

Michael: Iris? Tonight?

Donna: Yes. I couldn't get out of it, Michael. The other thing I've been thinking is what if she's here and we find out we're losing him?

Michael: Uh -- look, why don't -- why don't you take a bath, huh? Relax before --

Donna: Oh, please, I can't do that.

Michael: Yes, you can because we're not going to lose Mikey.

Donna: Oh, how do you know that?

Michael: I know that because, Donna, no matter what the board decides, I am going to make sure that we do not lose that boy.

Donna: Oh, Michael. Oh.

Iris: Miss Gallant, I'm delighted to meet you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Iris: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've done for Cory Publishing over the years.

Felicia: Well, I thank you again.

Iris: Oh, would you like to take a seat?

Felicia: Thank you. Yes, I would.

Iris: You know, we think of you as one of our leading authors here at Cory Publishing. That's why I really looked forward to reading the first draft of your book.

Felicia: Well, you must be a quick reader since I only submitted it three days ago.

Iris: It's wonderful. And I think with a few adjustments, it could be a bestseller.

Felicia: Adjustments?

Iris: Yes. I've outlined them here.

Felicia: All of these?

Iris: Well, I might have been a bit picky. I've probably gone overboard, but --

Felicia: Exactly. Listen, I think that we should discuss why I'm here.

Iris: Well, I think if you just make those adjustments, then the notes will take care of themselves.

Felicia: Darling, what kind of adjustments are you talking about?

Iris: The thing I've always admired most about your writing is your dialogue. I mean, you have a wonderful ear for it. You really let those characters live.

Felicia: No, darling, you see, what I am trying to do in this book is to tell the story through one character's point of view.

Iris: Oh, I realize that, and it's most effective. But narrators should allow us to see the characters more fully.

Felicia: Do you not believe that this woman sees other people honestly?

Iris: Well, yeah. That's why she's so wonderful.

Felicia: So, then you do like her?

Iris: Of course I do. This was obviously written straight from your heart.

Felicia: Why do I feel there's a "but" at the end of that statement?

Iris: Look, can I be frank with you?

Felicia: Please.

Iris: I love your writing because the characters are so full of emotional life.

Felicia: And?

Iris: And in this case, I think you've designed these characters that they come from the intellect, not from your soul.

Felicia: I see.

Iris: I hope you don't resent me saying this.

Felicia: Actually, I expected to.

Iris: I love your writing, and I'm only here to help you do what you do best.

Felicia: I will think about what you've said. I really will.

Matt: Liz.

Liz: Oh, Matthew. I'm here to visit your mother.

Matt: Yeah, I just came by to pick up my mail.

Liz: Matthew? Everything that's happened is because I opened my big mouth.

Matt: Well, I'm glad you did. No one else would've said anything.

Liz: No! You'd be better off.

Matt: I would've found out sometime.

Liz: Maybe in the right way?

Matt: There is no right way to explain what they did, Liz.

Liz: Matthew, look at what I've done to you.

Matt: It's not what you've done. It's what they've done.

Liz: Oh, it was all so long ago.

Matt: Well, you haven't forgotten.

Liz: I wish I had. I wish you could. I wish you would.

Matt: Why?

Liz: Look at the present! Forget all the things they did those years ago. Look at the love you have in your --

Matt: Liz, I really tried! I did! I just can't, though.

Liz: It's all my fault.

Matt: Oh -- listen, I do not want you to feel so bad about this, ok?

Liz: Matthew, be big enough to undo what I did. Forgive your parents.

[Doorbell rings]

Mitch: Matthew.

Matt: Hi. Uh -- I -- I was just driving by.

Mitch: Well, good, I'm glad. Come on in.

Matt: Well, I don't want to take up your time, actually.

Mitch: You're not taking up my time.

[Dog squeals]

Matt: What is that little thing?

Mitch: Matthew, meet Daisy. It's a wedding gift.

Matt: From whom?

Mitch: From me. If you have any extra newspapers, we could use a few spares.

Matt: Oh. She's a Burmese, isn't she?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Matt: These are great dogs. Yeah, you're a great dog, Daisy.

Mitch: She's very fond of you, I see. Yes.

Matt: You know, I always wanted a dog like this.

Mitch: You want to stay for supper?

Matt: Well, you know, actually, I do have some -- I'm kind of busy tonight.

Mitch: Ok. Well, that's -- that's all right. I understand that. How are classes?

Matt: Good. Missed a few days back when --

Mitch: Good. I'm just -- just want to know.

Matt: You know, I do have an exam tomorrow in physical geography, the most boring subject known to man. Did I tell you I -- I have a chance of making the tennis team?

Mitch: That's terrific. I'm glad to hear that.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. The coach says all I have to do is work on, you know, the old backhand and I might make the cut.

Mitch: Terrific. Look, I'm not much of a tennis player, but if you want to volley some, I can -- I can hit with you.

Matt: Well, you don't have to.

Mitch: I want to, Matthew.

Matt: Thanks. You sure an old man like you can keep up with me?

Mitch: Yeah, I can hang in there. When do we play?

Matt: Ok. How about tomorrow?

Mitch: Tomorrow is -- is good.

Matt: Great.

Iris: So, what are you celebrating?

Donna: Well --

Iris: You mentioned something about celebrating.

Donna: I -- I know, but we just don't know yet.

Michael: So how are things at Cory Publishing?

Evan: Fine now. You remember those rumors you heard last week?

Michael: Yeah.

Evan: They came true.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Evan: Well, see, fortunately, Mrs. Wheeler had the capital to prevent the company from being taken over.

Michael: Well, then, Mrs. Wheeler came along just in the nick of time, didn't she?

Evan: Yes.

Iris: I just love this suite.

Michael: Well, that's -- that's obvious since you didn't quibble about paying full price.

Iris: Well, I was delighted that you were willing to sell it to me.

Michael: Well, we don't need the apartment anymore. We need a house with room for a child -- you know, sandbox, swings, all that.

Iris: Oh, is that what you're celebrating? The adoption?

Donna: We certainly hope so.

Iris: This house must have a lot of happy memories for you.

Donna: Oh, it does. Believe me, Michael and I have had our fair share of problems, but we've been able to put our lives back together right here.

Iris: How lovely. I hope it does the same for me. Is that a view of all of Bay City?

Donna: Oh, well, as much of it as you would like to see, believe me.

Iris: Is that the Cory complex?

Evan: Uh-huh.

Iris: I love it. I can just feel my whole life spread right out in front of me.

Michael's voice: Mary.

Mary's voice: We have to talk.

Michael's voice: Come on in.

Donna's voice: Mary? Mary, is -- is there any more news?

Mary's voice: No, I'm sorry. No.

Michael's voice: What did you need to see us about?

Mary's voice: Well, I've just come from the human services people.

Michael's voice: And?

Mary's voice: And they're very upset about Mikey being taken, naturally.

Michael's voice: They're blaming us?

Mary's voice: Yeah, probably, a little. But more importantly, they got word that you went over their heads to the senator to arrange the adoption.

Michael's voice: Who told them?

Mary's voice: I don't know and it doesn't matter because the damage is done.

Donna's voice: What -- what do you mean? What are you saying?

Mary's voice: Well, Mikeyís family may not want him returned to you.

Donna's voice: No! No! God!

Mary's voice: At least that's the -- that's the indication I'm getting right now. Maybe with a little bit of time --

Michaelís voice: Time? We don't have time! Mikey doesn't have time! Mary, don't these people understand what we're going through?

Donna: Oh. Oh, did anybody -- was anyone at the McCants'? Were you able to reach them?

Michael: No. Donna, come to bed.

Donna: No. No, I canít. Michael, I just know this means that the board's voted against us and Mary just doesn't know how to tell us.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: I can't -- I can't stand this. I really can't stand this!

Michael: Honey --

[Doorbell rings]

Michael: Don't go away.

Donna: Oh, no.

Michael: Mary, come on in.

Mary: Hi. I'm sorry, I always seem to be showing up here at the worst hour, but I figured you'd want to know what happened.

Donna: Yes, yes, of course! Where have you been? I mean, we've been waiting all day!

Mary: Oh, it was a long meeting. I just got out, but they're going to let you adopt Mikey!

Donna: Yes!

Michael: Oh!

Donna: Oh, that's so wonderful!

Michael: So -- well, what do we do now? What do we do?

Mary: I don't know. I think celebrate --

Donna: Yes!

Michael: Good idea! Good idea, good idea!

Mary: Wait -- don't forget, there are going to be some sort of technicalities that have to be taken care of.

Michael: Well, like what? Like what?

Mary: Like a custody hearing and paperwork.

Michael: But then he's ours, right?

Mary: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Michael: Oh, that's just great!

Donna: I can't believe it! Oh, it's wonderful! Michael, look.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: Oh!

Michael: Oh, we must have awakened you. Come here, buddy.

Donna: Oh, come here, sleepy.

Michael: Oh, just the guy I wanted to see.

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Ooh, look at you --

Donna: Ooh, you know what? We have a surprise for you. You are going to be ours forever and always! You are! Ooh, I love you! Did you know that? You tell Mr. Bunny, too?

Mitch: Now ready for the levitating dog trick.

Matt: Ok. Doggy, come on.

[Matt whistles]

Mitch: Yes, yes, yes -- oh, brilliant.

Matt: Come on, come on!

Mitch: We should name her Einstein!

Matt: Come on.

Mitch: Yes, yes.

Matt: Oh, such a baby dog. Here, here, here. Here, wait a minute -- let me see your arm for a second. Ok. Come here, come here.

Mitch: Oh, no, no, no. Don't do that.

Matt: Yes, you're a good puppy. Get up here.

Mitch: Hey.

Matt: Get up here. Get up here. Come on. Can you stand up?

Felicia: Matthew! Hi.

Mitch: Where have you been?

Felicia: I was at the office at Tops working on my book. Hi.

Mitch: How'd it go?

Felicia: Uh -- good, actually. Better than I thought.

Matt: Oh.

Felicia: Well, I guess you know that I'm thrilled that you're here.

Matt: Yeah. Every time I tried to leave, Daisy here would jump up on me.

[Felicia laughs]

Felicia: She has good taste. Listen, why don't you stay for supper? Can you?

Mitch: Well, unfortunately, he has a -- an exam first thing in the morning, not to mention a tennis match.

Matt: Yeah.

Felicia: What, the two of you? Oh, you guys, that's fabulous. Really, it is.

Mitch: She gets very excited about tennis.

Felicia: Oh, stop.

Mitch: Wimbledon is out, you know.

Matt: Listen, I have to go.

Felicia: Ok.

Matt: I'll see you tomorrow morning, ok?

Mitch: First thing on the courts?

Matt: Great. Uh -- bye, Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, good night, honey.

Matt: Bye, daisy, wherever you are.

Felicia: How long has he been here?

Mitch: All day. He kept saying that he had to leave, but he never left.

Felicia: Oh, honey, that's so fabulous.

Mitch: So, how was your meeting with Iris?

Felicia: Oh. Yes, well -- actually, it was enlightening.

Mitch: You mean because of the changes she suggested about the book?

Felicia: Yeah.

Mitch: Are you going to make them?

Felicia: Yeah. Actually, you're not going to believe this, but it's a lot better. You know, she's -- she's no dummy. I mean, you should've heard her sort of throwing around the terminology.

Mitch: Well, she certainly had upset Rachel and you.

Felicia: There is one thing I would say about the lady.

Mitch: What's that?

Felicia: She's certainly somebody that has to be reckoned with.

Mitch: I have a feeling she's probably saying the very same thing about you.

Felicia: I hope so.

Iris: Thank you, Evan. It's been a very long day.

Evan: Yes, you've been very, very busy. But there was one call that you didn't take.

Iris: Oh?

Evan: It was about Marsten.

Iris: Oh -- Drew Marsten?

Evan: Yeah, it seems somehow that he got sprung from prison and he's left the country.

Iris: Well, let's hope the travel is very broadening for him.

Evan: How'd you do it?

Iris: I have my ways.

Evan: He messed up.

Iris: Disappearing like that and setting daddy up to take the murder -- yes, he certainly did.

Evan: But why would he do that?

Iris: Because he got carried away with his own sense of power. A very bad mistake.

Evan: Hey, I hate to travel.

Iris: Good. Well, don't you get carried away, then. Otherwise, you might have to take a long trip, just like Drew.

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