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[Slow jazz plays]

Jake: So, how much did you lend Jason?

Vicky: Not that much.

Jake: Is that why you were so happy that he got his face bashed in?

Vicky: Do you want to dance?

Jake: No, I want an answer. How much?

Vicky: Oh, look at Rick and Julie Ann. Think they're going to be a new hot item, huh?

[Vicky whistles]

Jake: How much, Vicky?

Julie Ann: Where did you learn to move like that?

Rick: Well, they teach it at the police academy.

Julie Ann: What police academy -- the one in the movies?

Jake: $250,000?

Vicky: Keep your voice down.

Jake: You loaned Jason Frame $250,000 just because he was your uncle's partner?

Vicky: No, not just because.

Jake: Then why?

Vicky: I did it for the company but mainly because uncle John was involved.

Jake: Then he wasn't?

Vicky: No, they split up.

Jake: Oh, great. John gets smart, he gets out, and Jason -- he forgets to mention it!

Vicky: Oh, you should've seen him with his little hat pleading for money for the company.

Jake: $250,000?

Vicky: I really have a way of getting walked over by the Frames, don't I?

Jake: Maybe it runs in their genes.

Vicky: Oh, Jason uses me, Jamie uses me. Think I've lost my touch?

Jamie: Hi, Vicky, it's Jamie. I just wanted to let you know that Jasonís ok. I guess we just missed each other at the farm. I wanted to see if you were ok, too. So give me a call if you get a chance. Thanks.

Jamie: I just left a message on Vickyís machine.

Lisa: I heard.

Jamie: Is something wrong?

Lisa: No matter how hard I try it, it still puts my stomach into knots to hear you talk to her.

Jamie: I have to stay in touch with her, Lisa.

Lisa: I know. That's why we have to figure out what we're going to do.

Jamie: Figure out what?

Lisa: How we're going to handle Vicky now that we're back together.

Rachel: You've really put together enough money to buy the Cory stock?

Iris: Enough to stop the takeover, yes.

Rachel: But there's a condition.

Iris: Before I invest any money in this company, I want you to resign.

Rachel: What?

Iris: You can no longer be associated with daddy's company. Is that clear?

Rachel: I don't think you know what we've been through in these last few months, Iris.

Iris: But I do.

Rachel: When Mac was asked to step aside to pacify the board, I went to work.

Iris: I know that.

Rachel: And with Evanís help, I kept this place going.

Iris: Yes, but it really doesn't matter.

Rachel: What do you mean, it doesn't matter?

Iris: Oh, Rachel, please don't misunderstand me. I know how terribly hard you've worked.

Rachel: To put it mildly.

Iris: And I know you've had a difficult time of it.

Rachel: I did the job, Iris.

Iris: Absolutely. But I know in your heart you've never -- you've always -- you've never wanted to be a businesswoman.

Rachel: You don't know what I want. You don't know anything about me.

Iris: Rachel, you're a fantastic mother, you're a fantastic wife, and you're one of the finest artists I've ever met.

Rachel: What does this have to do with the takeover?

Iris: Well, I know you must have missed dedicating yourself in those areas of your life.

Rachel: Iris, you don't know what I want. Now, what are you up to?

Iris: I'm trying to explain.

Rachel: Your bleeding heart for my welfare?

Iris: All right, you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth.

Rachel: Please.

Iris: When I was told I wasn't daddy's real daughter, I was absolutely devastated.

Rachel: I know that. I remember.

Iris: Oh, you can't imagine how much that hurt.

Rachel: Iris, that's not the truth anymore. You know the truth -- you are his real daughter.

Iris: It was too late. I'd completely cut myself off from my father.

Rachel: Iris, what does this have to do with pushing me out of the company?

Iris: I always felt that I really belonged to him and when I pulled away, it was a very painful experience.

Rachel: Can we get back to business?

Iris: Don't you see? I need to be part of his life again.

Rachel: Iris, he welcomed you back with open arms.

Iris: Yes, but now he needs me. I can help him. Rachel, please let me help him.

Rachel: If you really are so anxious to help him, why the condition? Why are you pushing me out?

Iris: Can we be honest with each other?

Rachel: Yes, I think so.

Iris: We don't get on. The presence of us both in the company would cause antagonism, and neither of us want that, do we?

Rachel: We certainly donít. I certainly donít.

Iris: And I want you to resume your rightful place in daddy's private life.

Rachel: I see.

Iris: I thought you would.

Rachel: Of course.

Iris: So you do understand?

Rachel: Yes, of course.

Iris: We both want what's right for daddy, don't we?

Rachel: Yes, we do. And I'm what's right for your father and I'm not leaving.

Iris: I'm afraid you'll have to.

Rachel: Sorry, Iris. Cory Publishing is a package. I'm part of the package. I am Macís wife.

Iris: Rachel, this conversation is not finished yet!

Vince: Hmm, hmm.

[Mary gasps]

Mary: Peach cobbler?

Vince: Especially for you, huh?

Mary: I can't believe this -- that incredible dinner and now a romantic surprise -- late dessert?

Vince: Mm-hmm.

Mary: Are you trying to take advantage of me, or what?

Vince: Wait, a good Irish boy like me, served mass every Sunday? What kind of question is that? Although, I am a little sleepy.

Mary: You keep doing this to me, I'm going to get fat.

Vince: Will not.

Mary: Will, too.

Vince: Uh-uh.

Mary: Uh-huh. Did you call Marley?

Vince: No. She's upstairs with all those art books.

Mary: Well, maybe she'd like to have a little dessert.

Vince: So, I figured that I'd like to spend some quality time alone with you.

Mary: I rest my case.

Vince: I figured if I could get you alone, it was quiet, maybe --

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Vince: You'd tell me what's the matter.

[Mary scoffs]

Mary: Nothing's the matter. We've had a wonderful evening. We've laughed and we've giggled and we've --

Vince: Hey, hey, you can avoid telling me or you can tell me. Tell me now, tell me later -- you know what I mean?

Mary: How did you know something was wrong?

Vince: In your eyes.

Mary: Get out of town.

Vince: No, no, no, I'm serious, I'm serious. It's easy to tell. You get this kind of far-off look in your eye, you know? Actually, it's kind of sexy in the candlelight. Uh, uh -- but that's beside the point. What happened today?

Mary: I was given a new client.

Vince: Man or woman?

Mary: Woman, young, very. Spanish-speaking. Laura Sanchez.

Vince: What's the matter with her?

Mary: She barely dragged herself into emergency. Someone had beaten her rather horribly.

Vince: Ooh. Is she going to make it?

Mary: Yeah.

Vince: Who did it to her?

Mary: Nobody knows. She won't say anything except her name, and she's really scared.

Vince: Well, maybe -- maybe she's an illegal.

Mary: Maybe. Maybe, yes.

Vince: Hey --

Mary: She's awfully young.

Vince: Hey, you all right?

Mary: She needed someone to help, and I couldnít.

Vince: Hey, wait a minute -- you just met her. There is time.

Mary: Yeah, I know.

Vince: All right. Then what -- what is -- what's the real problem?

Mary: The real problem is she needed someone to be there for her and I couldn't come through.

Vince: That's not your fault.

Mary: Yes, it is. And all it did was make me remember all the times I wasn't there for my children -- or my husband.

Jake: Couldn't you have at least run a credit check on the guy?

Vicky: I didn't think I needed to go that far.

Jake: It would have taken your dad one phone call.

Vicky: Well, I didn't want it to get back to my uncle.

Jake: Then you tell Michael, "Dad, look, I don't want uncle John to find out but --" I just have one question for you.

Vicky: What?

Jake: I understand a loan, but how did he talk you out of $250,000?

Vicky: Oh, he didn't exactly name a figure.

Jake: What?

Vicky: I know, I'm dumb, but I didn't really think, because I had an ulterior motive.

Jake: No, Vick, not you -- an ulterior motive?

Vicky: Oh -- no smart remarks, ok?

Jake: What was it?

Vicky: Well, I did want to help the company out, but I also wanted to invest in the company that carried the Frame name.

Jake: So your kid would get it when he grew up.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Jake: And that would put both the baby and yourself even closer to Jamie.

Vicky: Right.

Jake: This woman -- she's no dummy.

Vicky: Besides, the money was all Reginaldís.

Jake: I forgot -- all that dirty money --

Vicky: Well, it was.

Jake: Vicky, it's green. It spends just like everybody elseís.

Vicky: Well, no matter what the color, a lump of it was invested in a bad investment.

Jake: Let me ask you a question -- did you -- did you discuss this with Jamie?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jake: And he knows you're willing to risk a bundle so that his kid could have a nice, secure future?

Vicky: Yeah, but it all turned out for nothing and now I don't know what I'm going to do.

Jake: I know what you're going to do. You're going to get your money back from Jason Frame and fast.

Jamie: Do you have a problem with me calling Vicky?

Lisa: Not necessarily.

Jamie: But you just said --

Lisa: We still have not gotten everything out in the open.

Jamie: Well, I thought we had. I love you and I want to be with you.

Lisa: I know. I love you, too.

Jamie: Then what's the problem?

Lisa: I need to know why you do some of the things you do.

Jamie: Like calling Vicky just now?

Lisa: Yes, and leaving that kind of message.

Jamie: I was concerned about her condition. She just spent all last week in the hospital.

Lisa: But you sent her home.

Jamie: Well, the agreement was that she stay there and -- and that Bridget would be there.

Lisa: But she went to the farm?

Jamie: Yes, and on top of that, she was there when my uncle Jason came stumbling in all beaten up.

Lisa: And she seems to be Jasonís friend. She must have been pretty upset.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. Well, I -- see, the thing is I don't really know. She wasn't there when I got there and she's not home now and Bridgetís not there.

Lisa: Not worried, are you?

Jamie: I'm just concerned about her condition. If -- if she's upset, it could affect her blood pressure.

Lisa: And that could affect the baby.

Jamie: Right. But then again, maybe she is just fine and she'll get my message, she'll call, and that'll be that.

Lisa: Then in that case, for the first time in my life, I wish Vicky would call.

Jamie: Are you feeling better now?

Lisa: Yes.

Jamie: You know, sometimes I think it might be a lot easier if we just announced to the world --

Lisa: Jamie, we've already talked about that.

Jamie: I know. Getting married right now would be a mistake.

Lisa: Yeah, with Vicky Hudsonís baby on the way.

Jamie: You know, sometimes I feel like you're already my wife.

Lisa: You do, huh?

Jamie: Yeah, you nag like a wife.

[Jamie laughs]

Lisa: Thank you!

Jamie: You know, I -- I still have the ring.

Lisa: You carry it with you?

Jamie: Well, no, no, not always, but I have it with me tonight.

Lisa: It's a beautiful ring.

Jamie: Well, it has to be to go on your beautiful finger. Want to wear it?

Lisa: Jamie --

Jamie: Look, I'm serious. We could be secretly engaged. You could wear it around your neck.

Lisa: We'll be the only ones who know, right?

Jamie: Right.

Lisa: I love you.

Jamie: Me, too. And in four months, the baby will be born and all this will be over with.

Lisa: Will it?

Jamie: Yes. I promise.

Iris: Rachel, I don't want you to take this personally.

Rachel: Why not? It is very personal.

Iris: I'm just trying to help.

Rachel: Would you be willing to let Mac lose this company if I didn't knuckle under?

Iris: It's not a question of knuckling under.

Rachel: Well, you could've fooled me, Iris.

Iris: Rachel, I don't want you to leave the company. Truly I donít.

Rachel: You don't?

Iris: We don't get on, we argue. It just wouldn't work.

Rachel: You're right about that -- it will not work. And this ploy of yours won't work, either. If you really want to help your father, you would help him whether or not I stay or leave.

Iris: How do you think Mac would feel if he knew that he'd lost Cory Publishing because of our antagonism?

Rachel: Just what do you intend to do when you control this company?

Iris: I don't want to control it. I just -- I just want to help my father.

Rachel: Oh, Iris, you're not doing this for your father. You're doing this for yourself. Why won't you be honest with yourself?

Iris: That's not true.

Rachel: You really expect me to think you've changed?

Iris: Well, you could at least try and keep an open mind.

Rachel: Iris, you don't have a very good track record.

Iris: Rachel, I have changed. Oh, you can sneer if you want to, but believe me, I have changed.

Rachel: Oh, and how did that happen -- through faith healing?

Iris: Look, you didn't know Alex Wheeler, but he loved me and he made me accept who I was.

Rachel: Alex changed you?

Iris: Well, his love did. He -- he made me -- he made me see what was -- what was really important. And when I lost him, I --

Rachel: You reverted back to who you were before, the one who would do anything to get what she wants.

Iris: Rachel, why won't you believe me?

Rachel: Because you're a liar, Iris. You always have been and you always will be.

Mac: Rachel.

Rachel: Don't look at me like that. You didn't hear the whole story.

Mac: Well, suppose you fill me in.

Evan: You ok?

Iris: That witch.

Evan: What happened?

Iris: Nothing. Nothing that will ever happen again.

Evan: Rachel -- she got to you?

Iris: Oh, she's the most vicious woman I have ever met.

Evan: Ok. Is she going to resign?

Iris: She's fighting it, but she's going to lose. Daddy and I are going to run this company.

Evan: She's not going to like that.

Iris: Too bad. Oh, I'm going to make daddy so proud of me.

Evan: Shh, shh. Listen, that's great, but you know, we've still got one loose end that we need to take care of.

Iris: Don't worry about the stock. When I get rid of Rachel, I'll look after that.

Evan: Look, I'm not talking about the stock -- I'm talking about Marsten.

Iris: I told you, let him rot.

Evan: He could talk.

Iris: Or he can stay in jail and do some thinking. When he pulled that stupid stunt about faking a murder --

Evan: Yes, well, that's a valid suggestion. I think the accounting department could use some -- some upgrading like that. I -- I feel that it would -- listen, he's going to be a problem. He can talk and tell everyone that you were behind this whole takeover deal.

Iris: He didn't follow my instructions. He should have. He nearly ruined daddy.

Evan: Look, I agree with you -- you're right, he screwed up. But he is not going to stay in jail much longer.

Iris: Don't worry about him!

Evan: Well, somebody has to. The guy is a time bomb.

Iris: Relax. I'll look after Drew Marsten.

Matt: All right. How many more of these things do we have?

Josie: That's what we're here to find out. Why? Are you bored?

Matt: Well, I can think of more interesting things to do.

Josie: You can?

Matt: Mm-hmm. Your hair smells great.

Josie: You know your arms are so strong, I couldn't break away from them if I tried.

Matt: Do you want to?

Josie: No.

Matt: Good.

Josie: Hmm.

Sharlene: All right, Jason, I'll be back up to check you later. How are you two doing? You almost finished?

Matt: Almost. Right there.

Josie: How's Uncle Jason doing?

Sharlene: Uncle Jason is cranky about having to stay in bed, but he's ok.

Matt: Still won't tell anybody who beat him up, huh?

Sharlene: He says he didn't see who it was.

Josie: Well, mama, he told me he thought someone was trying to break into the house.

Sharlene: Right. Steal a couple of jars of applesauce.

Matt: You know, he must have seen somebody. It was broad daylight outside.

Josie: Nobody's going to break into the house in the middle of the day when people are going in and out all day. I mean, that's stupid.

Matt: You know, from what I understand, he didn't surprise anyone, either.

Josie: What do you mean?

Matt: I mean he was pretty beat up. I mean, it sounds like someone stuck around and really did a number on him.

Josie: Yeah, but who would do that?

Matt: Well, somebody has it in for your uncle Jason.

Josie: You know, uncle Jasonís probably lying. He probably is not telling who it is. Don't you think so, mama?

Sharlene: Don't worry about Jason. Hurry and get this stuff counted so that I know what I have to order tomorrow.

Josie: Well, wait a minute. Where are you going?

Sharlene: I have to see someone about something.

Rick: Well, I finally made -- what's all this?

Julie Ann: Two waiters saw me waving my hand and figured we needed drinks, and they turned out to be friends of mine. What could I do?

Rick: Now we have six.

Julie Ann: Well, at least there's no booze in them. Then we can still drive home.

Rick: Well, that's what I like about you -- you're always positive.

Julie Ann: Well, not always. You should've seen me last week when I didn't think I was going to get that new job.

Rick: To the new job.

Julie Ann: We have to do a lot of toasting.

Rick: Well, I'll say one thing -- you'll be a terrific improvement over that other lady.

Julie Ann: Liz is nice.

Rick: To you, maybe.

Julie Ann: No, she -- she's just very loyal to the Cory's, and they were going through a rough time.

Rick: Don't remind me.

Julie Ann: No, you don't know her. Her bark is worse than her bite.

Waiter: You have a phone call, Julie Ann.

Julie Ann: Oh, thank you.

Waiter: Oh, you're welcome. You two sure are thirsty, aren't you?

Julie Ann: Hello?

Evan: Hello, Julie Ann? This is Evan Bates. Do you mind keeping that down, please?

Julie Ann: Oh, hi.

Evan: Listen, we need you back at the complex right away for an emergency meeting.

Julie Ann: Tonight?

Evan: Of course tonight. In 10 minutes.

Rick: That was short and sweet.

Julie Ann: I don't believe this.

Rick: What?

Julie Ann: I have to go back to the complex.

Rick: Now?

Julie Ann: 10 minutes, he said.

Rick: Who said?

Julie Ann: Evan Bates, the financial officer.

Rick: Yeah, I met him once. Isn't this a little strange, I mean, even for an executive assistant?

Julie Ann: Oh, yeah. I mean, sometimes they have people stay late, but I've never been called back like this before.

Rick: Well, I'll drive you.

Julie Ann: This has to do probably with the takeover. I hope it's not bad news.

Mac: But if Iris said her marriage changed her life, that is no reason for you to call her a liar.

Rachel: It's not the whole story, Mac.

Mac: I have heard you say that your marriage changed you.

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: Iris is just bending over backwards to try to make up for all the problems she caused us.

Rachel: You're not listening to me.

Mac: And you refuse to listen to Iris.

Rachel: You'll never see her the way I see her.

Mac: Rachel, all those years that Iris didn't speak to me, I never stopped thinking about her.

Rachel: I know that.

Mac: Now she's back, she wants to make amends. I just wish my wife and my daughter would try, at least try, to get along with each other.

Rachel: I know that's what you want.

Mac: What brought all this up anyway?

Rachel: Iris has managed to put together enough money to stop the takeover.

Mac: Iris said that to you?

Rachel: And I believe her.

Mac: She's willing to do all that?

Rachel: There's one condition.

Mac: What is it?

Rachel: That I resign.

Mac: Well, forget it. That's nonsense.

Rachel: Effective immediately.

Mac: You're sure you understood what she was getting at?

Rachel: Oh, believe me, I understood her.

Mac: Well, why would she -- well, it doesn't matter. We simply refuse her offer, that's all.

Rachel: I don't think so.

Mac: Rachel, I am not going to live with that kind of condition.

Rachel: Think about it, Mac. She's probably right -- I ought to leave.

Mac: You have worked yourself to the bone to keep this company going and you're going to leave?

Rachel: That doesn't matter. What matters is she's got enough money to stop this takeover.

Mac: Well, that doesn't give her the right to have some kind of dictatorial power.

Rachel: Think about it, Mac. Iris and I are always at odds. If I stay here, it's just going to spilt the company up into two separate camps.

Mac: No, no, I don't agree, not necessarily.

Rachel: Oh, you know that'll be the way it is. If I leave, the company will be safe and it can be run smoothly.

Mac: That's still making a business decision based on a personal --

Rachel: Mac, I love you! I don't want to see you lose this company. This company is going to make it! We are going to make it!

Mac: Yes, we're going to make it.

Rachel: And if I wasn't so angry right now, I'd just break out the champagne.

Mac: You're angry with Iris?

Rachel: I just hope she doesn't have any more surprises in store for us.

[Slow jazz plays]

Vicky: What?

Jake: Nothing.

Vicky: What are you looking at?

Jake: You.

Vicky: I know -- I'm big as a cow.

Jake: Oh, will you stop it? I think you look terrific.

Vicky: What?

Jake: I think motherhood agrees with you. You happen to be the most beautiful mom I have ever seen.

Vicky: Wow.

Jake: What's the matter?

Vicky: No, it's just -- it's the first nice thing somebody has said about the way I look since I got pregnant.

Jake: Jamie never --

Vicky: No, Jamie never --

Jake: I'm sorry.

Vicky: Remember to say nice things to Marley when she gets pregnant, ok?

Jake: Yeah, if she ever does.

Vicky: Well, you haven't done all the tests yet, right?

Jake: No.

Vicky: Well, then don't get discouraged.

Jake: I was just remembering when I thought that that little baby was mine.

Vicky: Hey, we discussed that, remember?

Jake: I know!

Vicky: It was just one night --

Jake: I know.

Vicky: We were lonely and a little drunk.

Jake: Listen, don't get crazy. I just was going to tell you that the -- I thought it was kind of exciting.

Vicky: It was?

Jake: Of course, it would've ruined both of our lives, but the thought of a baby --

Vicky: No, but it's not. I mean, it couldn't be.

Jake: I know. It's just kind of upsetting that Jamie acts like it's no big deal, you know?

Vicky: Yeah, well, maybe it's because somebody doesn't want him to show how he really feels.

Jake: What do you say we get something to eat, kid? Hmm?

Vicky: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Jake: Ok, and maybe we'll call Marley and see if she wants to go out for pizza or something.

Vicky: No, you need to drop me off someplace.

Jake: Where?

Vicky: Come on, let's go.

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Vicky: Excuse us.

Jake: Lady with a baby.

Rachel: Hi. Am I too late?

Amanda: Shh, I just put Alli down to sleep. Too late for what?

Rachel: To play with Alli.

Amanda: Oop. Sorry.

Rachel: Oh. It's all right. Well, how are things?

Amanda: What's wrong?

Rachel: Something has to be wrong just because I want to come over and play with my granddaughter?

Amanda: Don't answer a question with a question. What's wrong?

Rachel: Nothing. Actually, good news.

Amanda: Oh? What?

Rachel: Iris has managed to put together enough money to buy out the outstanding Cory stock.

Amanda: She's -- I don't understand.

Rachel: Well, if she buys the stock, Bennett Publishing can't buy it and the takeover is over.

Amanda: Mom, that's great!

Rachel: Isn't it?

Amanda: There's still something wrong.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: That's my question.

Rachel: Oh. We're back to that? No, I told you, nothing's --

Amanda: Mom.

Rachel: Ok, ok. Iris had a condition -- I was to resign or she wouldn't give us the money.

Amanda: You had to resign? That isn't right.

Rachel: Iris doesn't care always about what's right.

Amanda: Who does she think she is?

Rachel: Somebody with enough money to bail us out and she's right.

Amanda: Well, I guess you told her what to do with her offer, didn't you?

Rachel: I convinced your father to take her up on her offer.

Amanda: Mom, you didnít.

Rachel: Of course I did. Your father made this company what it is today. I'm not going to have him lose it.

Amanda: Jamie used to tell me stories about Iris. What --

Rachel: Amanda, she's your half sister.

Amanda: I don't care.

Rachel: Honey, don't you decide about Iris based on my feelings about her.

Amanda: Look what she did. Why should I give her any more of a chance than what she gave you?

Rachel: Because your father loves her very much. You're both his daughters. Don't put him in that position.

[Doorbell rings]

Lisa: It's kind of late.

Jamie: I'll get it.

Lisa: Oh, just a second.

Jamie: You ok?

Vicky: Hi. I hope I'm not too late.

Lisa: Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Lisa, I hope I didn't come at a bad time.

Jamie: You ever think of calling first?

Vicky: Well, I did. I called your place and there was no answer, and then I called the farmhouse and Matthew said you were here.

Lisa: Well, obviously, you've gone through a lot of trouble to find Jamie. Is something wrong?

Jamie: Are you all right?

Vicky: Sure!

Jamie: No -- no dizzy spells, palpitations?

Vicky: Oh, I'm fine. I just need to talk to you.

Jamie: About what?

Vicky: It's private.

Jamie: There are no secrets between Lisa and I.

Vicky: I know, but --

Jamie: Vicky, that's the way it's going to be from now on -- no secrets.

Vicky: I'm not kidding. I need to talk to you.

Jamie: Fine. So what do you want to talk about?

Vicky: It's your uncle Jason.

Rick: So I finally get you out on a date and you get called back.

Julie Ann: Sorry.

Rick: Oh, well, don't be. I mean, I get called back to work all the time.

Julie Ann: Well, I -- I hope you'll consider a rain check?

Rick: Well, it's not my usual way of doing things, but in this case, I --

Evan: Excuse me. So you finally made it. Why don't you grab your shorthand notebook and get Mrs. Wheeler's? She needs you right away in Macís office.

Julie Ann: Yes, sir.

Rick: Is he always this rude or did we just get lucky?

Julie Ann: He's usually very businesslike. Something must be really wrong. But thanks for the evening.

Rick: Look, I'll call you.

Julie Ann: Ok.

Vince: Maybe we'll call M.J. and have us meet her down at D.C. What do you say? What --

Mary: I don't know that she could take the time off at that time.

Vince: We will never know unless we ask. Come on, it'll be fun. We'll drive, we'll stop -- stop along the way, a little motel? You know, what do you think?

Mary: You don't have to do this.

Vince: Do what?

Mary: I'm ok. I had a little bad moment there, but I'm ok.

Vince: I know that. Hey, hey, you missed a spot.

Mary: Everybody's a critic. Would you like to do it?

Vince: I hate it when you tell me that you let the kids down -- or me.

Mary: I did. You know I did.

Vince: All right. Do we not get a letter almost every week from M.J.?

Mary: Yeah.

Vince: Ok. Doesn't Scott call every Sunday?

Mary: Yes, and so does Cheryl.

Vince: Ok. And none of them are stealing cars, nobody's pushing dope, ok? So Ben only writes a little post card now and then, but no problems there, right?

Mary: Right, right.

Vince: No. They went through problems and now they're ok. Right? They might even -- hey, who knows? Maybe they're a little happy, right?

Mary: That's all because of you. You did that all by yourself.

Vince: And if I felt you let me down, would we still be married?

Mary: Probably. You're a little dumb, Vince.

[Vince snores]

Vince: [As an ogre] Now you're really steaming me.

[Vince grunts]

Mary: Ah! Ah!

Vince: [Normal voice] Oh.

Vince: Hey. You feeling better?

Mary: You always make me feel better.

Vince: I'm your husband. It's a nasty job, but --

[As an ogre] Somebody's got to do it.

[Vince chuckles]

Mary: I don't know. It was just that poor girl and speaking Spanish and all those memories that came flooding back.

Vince: [Normal voice] From now on, would you not be so hard on yourself?

Mary: I'll try.

Jake: Sorry.

Mary: Hmm. Ah, it's ok.

Jake: No.

Mary: No, it's ok. No, it's ok. We were just having dessert. Would you like some?

Vince: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Sit.

Jake: Hey, Uncle Vinceís apple turnover -- my favorite!

Vince: Peach cobbler.

Jake: Uncle Vinceís peach cobbler -- my favorite.

Vince: So -- eat, eat.

Jake: Where's Marley?

Mary: She's been upstairs all evening.

Vince: She's still hitting the books about art.

Jake: Yeah. If she learns anything more about art, she can open her own gallery.

Vince: Oh. You know what? Maybe Mary and I will be going to Washington, D.C., for Thanksgiving and maybe Adam and M.J. will come join us, and Scott and Cheryl will be there. We'll carve up a turkey and maybe, maybe we'll all get together and call Ben.

Jake: Sounds great, you guys.

Vince: Hmm. Oh, listen --

Jake: Hmm?

Vince: You're going to go to Michael and Donnaís, right?

Jake: Get of here! Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Mary: This is all just in the planning stages. Your uncle gets carried away a bit.

Vince: Yeah, well, I am calling M.J. in the morning.

Mary: Right.

Jake: The whole family's getting together -- that sounds nice.

Vince: Yeah, well, that's what it's all about.

Jake: Sometimes I wish that -- I don't know. Maybe Marley and I can have it like that sometime.

Julie Ann: I'll get those lists for you right away, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Thank you.

Mac: And, Julie Ann, thank you very much for coming back on such short notice.

Julie Ann: It's ok. Excuse me.

Mac: Iris, are you absolutely certain that you want to do this?

Iris: I think everybody in this family should be fighting to stop this takeover.

Mac: But buying that much stock -- it's going to take a great deal of your capital.

Iris: Yes, I -- I know that. But I want to do it. Well, you do approve, don't you?

Mac: Darling, we wouldn't have had a chance without you. You were a godsend.

Iris: Oh. I'd do anything in the world for you, daddy.

Mac: I don't know how I'm ever going to thank you for all this, though.

Iris: Your love is thanks enough. Oh, you've been so upset, too.

Mac: Well, you've fixed that. The only problem now is this business about Rachel.

Iris: Yes. Daddy, I know that puts you in a compromising position. I'm sorry, but in the end, I'm sure she understood.

Mac: You've got to realize that she worked very, very hard to keep this company going.

Iris: Oh, I do and I'm very grateful. She was a lifesaver.

Mac: Maybe if you two could work together, things would get better between you.

Iris: Well, maybe someday we will.

Mac: I just want you to get along. I want everybody to get along.

Iris: Yeah. I have missed being a part of this family again.

Mac: Well, we are going to find a way to make up for that lost time.

Iris: I just want it to be the way it was when I was your only little girl.

Mac: Sweetheart, when you love somebody, you know, you've got to love them enough to let somebody else enter into their lives, too.

Iris: Well, I will. I want you to be proud of me.

Mac: I have always been proud of my daughter.

Iris: Not always.

Mac: Well, that's over. Iris, I know you did the things you did because you loved me and you couldn't believe that I loved you, but, darling, I was not thinking of you then as what you were doing. I was seeing the you that was hiding deep inside of you. I was seeing the goodness, the goodness we all hide away someplace, it seems. Don't ever doubt my love again, Iris.

Evan: Oh, Mr. Cory, good.

Mac: Hello, Evan. Have you heard the news?

Evan: Yes, I did. Rachel told me. Looks like the good guys finally won.

Mac: That's the good guy that finally won for us.

Evan: Oh, by the way, legal has some questions about stock transfers.

Mac: All right, I'll go right down. Would you excuse me, darling? We'll talk again later. Thank you, Evan.

Evan: Certainly, sir.

Evan: In like Flynn. What's the matter? He didn't say something that hurt you, did he?

Iris: No. He would never hurt me. Not now.

Evan: Good. That's good, because, you see, when you're happy, it makes me very happy.

Amanda: This is kind of a surprise this late at night.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I would've called except that it just hit me what must have happened.

Amanda: I'm sorry -- what?

Sharlene: Jason was beaten up pretty bad, and he won't tell anybody who did it.

Amanda: Oh.

Sharlene: It was Sam, wasn't it?

Amanda: He was so angry.

Sharlene: I know, I saw him.

Amanda: I know Sam has a really bad temper.

Sharlene: I don't blame him for being angry, Amanda. I know about the pictures in the newspaper.

Amanda: You mean the ones that make it look like Drew Marsten and I --

Sharlene: And I'm so sorry, Amanda. I didn't even know till a few days ago that Jason took those pictures.

Amanda: Well, it's not your fault.

Sharlene: Yeah, and I didn't hear it from him. I -- I overheard your father confronting him.

Amanda: Well, I'm still sorry that Sam hurt Jason, no matter what he did.

Sharlene: I understand it. Sam probably decided that he was going to punish Jason because he knew that nobody else would.

Amanda: Still, it isn't right.

Sharlene: Amanda, I don't know what to say. I -- I can't apologize enough for my brother's behavior. It's inexcusable.

Amanda: I hope he isn't hurt too badly.

Sharlene: No, no. He will be fine. I just wish that I could do something to make up for the things he's done to you and Sam. Those pictures must have --

Amanda: I think the best thing for all of us to do is just to forget about them.

Sharlene: Right. You're right. I won't tell anyone about this.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sharlene: My brother's done enough damage to your family as it is.

Amanda: Oh, well, maybe it's all over now. Maybe things will just get better.

Sharlene: Amanda, tell him something for me, will you? Tell him he is not going to get anywhere by stooping to Jasonís level.

Amanda: I already told him that.

Sharlene: You're a sweet girl. You really are. Tell Sam that -- tell him I am sorry.

Jamie: What I don't understand is why you didn't check with a lawyer --

Vicky: I know.

Jamie: Or your father or somebody before you lent all that money to Jason.

Vicky: Well, Jamie, I guess I thought of it as more of a personal thing.

Lisa: Because of Jamie?

Vicky: No, because of uncle John. You can imagine how I felt when I realized he wasn't a part of the company. I don't even know if there is a Frame Construction anymore.

Jamie: Oh, great!

Lisa: Oh.

Vicky: I'm sorry to come over here and dump this all on you.

Lisa: Oh, it's all right, Vicky. Three heads are better than one.

Vicky: Well, I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if you just wanted to throw me out and tell me to go take care of my own problems.

Lisa: Well, we can't do that now.

Vicky: Oh, why not?

Lisa: We just canít.

Vicky: I see.

Lisa: For now, anyway.

Jamie: You think this has anything to do with why Jason got beat up?

Vicky: What do you mean?

Jamie: Well, he has known to be associated with some shady characters.

Vicky: Oh.

Lisa: Gambling debts?

Jamie: Yes, maybe.

Lisa: We've got to figure out what happened.

Vicky: Oh, that's ok, Lisa. I think Jamie and I can handle it.

Jamie: We can handle it?

Vicky: Well, yeah. I mean, I just mean it's my money and he's your uncle. Can't you think of a way to get him to give me back my money?

Mac: Hey, you're back.

Rachel: Yeah, I -- I went over to Amandaís to tell her the good news.

Mac: Good. I love that shot.

Rachel: Me, too.

Mac: Ready to go?

Rachel: Yes. Are you finally finished?

Mac: Completely finished.

Rachel: Well, I am, too.

Mac: Everything's going to work out for the best, Rachel. Just trust.

Rachel: It's hard for me to do that right now.

Mac: Well, at least we don't have to worry about the takeover anymore.

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: So let's go home and celebrate, then, huh?

Rachel: Just the two of us?

Mac: Just the two of us.

Rachel: With champagne?

Mac: And caviar.

Rachel: In bed?

Mac: Wherever you want it.

Rachel: Ok. Oh, I forget --

Mac: Oh, yeah, don't forget the picture. They tell you who you love and who loves you.

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