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Sharlene: Is that everything?

John: Yep. I think so.

Sharlene: I hate this, John. I -- I hate seeing the construction company break up like this.

John: Sharlene, I want to thank you. I know it was real hard for you to get Jason to tell me the truth.

Sharlene: You deserved to know why you lost that hospice job.

John: Still, it wasn't an easy thing for you to do.

Sharlene: I love my brother.

John: Yeah, I know you do.

Sharlene: But I can't pretend that I'm blind to when he's doing something wrong.

John: You are one tough lady, you know that?

Josie: John, I thought --

John: What's the matter, Josie?

Josie: Well, it's just that Uncle Jason -- mama, didn't you tell him?

John: Tell me what?

Josie: Well, Uncle Jason said if he ever saw you in the house again, he was going to take your head off.

Lisa: Hi.

Felicia: Hi, darling.

Lisa: Welcome back!

Felicia: Oh, thank you.

Lisa: How was the honeymoon, Mrs. Blake?

Felicia: Oh, please. The honeymoon was wonderful. In fact, Crete has sort of a magical thing to it.

Lisa: Oh, well, I'm sorry it's such a mess in here.

Felicia: No, no, it's all right. I should've called first. I just was so anxious to show you this.

Lisa: Wow, Felicia. These colors are great for you.

Felicia: No, no, it's not for me. It's for you!

Lisa: Me?

Felicia: Yes. I passed a little shop, and it sort of was sitting there, and it just sang out your name.

Lisa: Oh! Well, thank you, it's beautiful.

Felicia: I just thought, "Boy, if Jamie could see her in this."

Lisa: Uh-huh.

Felicia: Oh, I'm sitting on -- oh, a robe.

Lisa: Oh -- I'll take that.

Felicia: Hmm. Well, I'm certainly glad I got you something a little more feminine. That's -- that's rather big for you, isn't it?

Lisa: It's --

Felicia: What? You can't tell me? Come on, that isn't your robe, is it?

Lisa: No.

Felicia: Jamie's?

Lisa: Yes.

Felicia: Really? Last night?

Lisa: Yes.

Felicia: Oh!

Lisa: And probably for a lot more nights to come.

Nicole: Hi, Liz. How's it going?

Liz: You're broke.

Nicole: I beg your pardon?

Liz: You needed money in this account as of yesterday.

Nicole: Well, things are a little tight right now, but --

Liz: "A little tight"? They're terrible!

Nicole: Still?

Liz: I'm going to invest more money in this company.

Nicole: No, I can't let you do that.

Liz: It is my money!

Nicole: Well, you've already invested much more than you should.

Liz: Nicole, listen to me. You are a talented designer, an extremely talented designer --

Nicole: I know what you're going to say --

Liz: But you and Cass started this business with dreams and very little money.

Nicole: Listen, things will pick up during the holiday.

Liz: Are we speaking the same language? You're going to go under before Christmas!

Nicole: Cass and I will find a way to cut expenses.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Cass Winthrop cut expenses? You -- well, hold on. We are not finished yet.

Nicole: Oh --

Liz: Good morning, Nicole Love's salon. Oh, hold on, please. For you.

Nicole: Thanks. Hello?

Man: Mademoiselle Love? This is Christian St. Jacques in Paris.

Nicole: St. Jacques?

Liz: Who is it?

Nicole: Shh.

Christian: We have never met, but I saw the designs you did for the Baroness Von Corber last spring.

Nicole: Oh, yes, the baroness.

Christian: I was terribly impressed.

Nicole: Oh, well, thank you. I've always been an admirer of your work, monsieur St. Jacques.

Liz: Christian St. Jacques, the fashion --

Christian: Christian, please. I could go on, but I know you are, of course, very busy.

Nicole: Oh, yes. We're swamped with orders right now.

Christian: Oui. It is the same for us also. Why I've called is to ask if you would be willing to design for me.

Nicole: I beg your pardon?

Christian: I would like to set up a special line of your fashions within the house of St. Jacques, if you would allow us to market your designs.

Nicole: Oh, allow you?

Christian: Oui. But now, the difficulty comes.

Nicole: What's that?

Christian: My people tell me that I must do this at once. The tax year is ending and the lawyers are all here picking at me.

Nicole: Oh.

Christian: It's difficult, no?

Nicole: Oh, yes, yes. I know exactly what you mean.

Christian: Would it be possible for you to fly to Paris to meet with me so we may, how you say, iron on the wrinkles?

Nicole: Oh, gosh. This is -- this is so sudden. When?

Christian: It would be best if we could meet very soon -- a day --

Nicole: Oh --

Christian: Or perhaps two days.

Nicole: Uh --

Christian: I would pay all expenses, of course. My secretary could book you a flight on the Concorde later today.

Nicole: Oh. Today? Um -- I don't know.

Christian: Mademoiselle Love, do not say no.

Nicole: Yes, but -- but leaving so soon --

Christian: Oh, please. I need what only you can create! Money is no object.

Sharlene: I didn't tell him because it doesn't matter. This is my house, too, and you are welcome here.

Josie: But, mama, he was so mad.

John: Josie, I'll be out of here in a little while. Thanks for the warning, though.

Josie: What about the greenhouse?

John: What about it?

Josie: Well, if you and my uncle aren't working together anymore, how is it going to get built?

Sharlene: Jason claims he's going to finish it when -- when he finds the time.

John: Don't worry about it.

Sharlene: I've already made commitments for my winter produce. Without that greenhouse --

John: Sharlene, I'll finish it for you.

Josie: But Uncle Jason won't like that.

John: Well, I'll take care of him, and I'll call you as soon as I get my schedule put together, all right?

Sharlene: Ok.

John: Thanks for everything.

Sharlene: Yeah. I'll miss --

John: Hmm?

Sharlene: We're all -- we're going to miss having you around.

John: Listen, Sharlene, what's going on between Jason and me -- well, it's got nothing to do with us.

Sharlene: I hope not.

Josie: You won't forget about the greenhouse, will you?

Sharlene: Josie.

John: I won't forget about the greenhouse. See you later.

Josie: Bye.

Sharlene: So long.

Josie: I can't believe he's not going to be coming around anymore. I really like John.

Sharlene: Yeah, me, too.

Felicia: So what exactly are you saying? Are you and Jamie back together again? Oh, honey, that's wonderful.

Lisa: Well, of course, he still has his own place and I have my own place.

Felicia: But he -- he's staying here?

Lisa: Most of the time.

Felicia: Are you happy?

Lisa: Yes.

Felicia: Ok. Then I'm happy. Well, do I dare ask -- how about Vicky?

Lisa: Vicky is still Vicky.

Felicia: And what, you think you can handle it now?

Lisa: Mostly by not talking about it.

Felicia: Are you talking about marriage?

Lisa: Well, we're not really thinking about marriage right now.

Felicia: I mean, you have a lot of things you have to work out first.

Lisa: Well, with Vicky being pregnant --

Felicia: I mean, you're not in any kind of hurry. You don't have to rush anything. It's not like you're pregnant -- I -- I am -- I'm sorry, honey.

Lisa: No. It's ok.

Felicia: No, it's not ok. I don't know what made me say that. It was really stupid.

Lisa: No -- Felicia, don't worry about it.

Felicia: I probably have eaten too many stuffed grape leaves or something.

Lisa: Hey, is that what's on your mind now?

Felicia: What?

Lisa: Children.

Felicia: Lisa, why don't you just tell me more about Jamie?

Nicole: But it's such short notice. I just don't know.

Christian: Perhaps I could call you back in a few hours. I mean, the lawyers are creating such headaches about the paperwork.

Nicole: Yes, well, I'll need to clear my schedule and talk to my partners. We'll talk in a few hours, then.

Christian: Very good. Thank you. I am looking forward to it. Au revoir.

Nicole: Au revoir.

Liz: Was that Christian St. Jacques?

Nicole: Well, how many St. Jacques are there?

Liz: What did he want?

Nicole: Oh, nothing much -- just for me to design an entire line for him!

Liz: I don't believe you!

Nicole: Yes, and he'll market it under my name with the St. Jacques label!

Liz: You're kidding!

Nicole: Oh, would I kid about a thing like that?

Liz: Oh, that's wonderful!

Nicole: I don't know.

Liz: Oh, yes, you do know!

Nicole: Oh, he needs me to be in Paris as soon as possible.

Liz: Well, go! You'll save the salon. Nicole, you're going, aren't you?

Nicole: Oh, I don't know. I need to talk to Cass first. This is all happening so fast, Liz.

Cass: So talk -- I'm a fast listener.

Nicole: Oh --

Cass: Hi.

Liz: Christian St. Jacques called Nicole. He wants her to design an entire line for him. He is going to market it under the St. Jacques label! The only difficulty is that she has to leave for Paris immediately or else the deal might fall through!

Cass: Well, do you have anything to add to this, Nicole?

Nicole: No, that about sums it up.

Cass: What do you think about it?

Liz: Well, she's worried.

Cass: I'd like Nicole to tell me, Liz.

Nicole: You don't want me to go, do you?

Cass: I want you to do whatever you want to do.

Liz: It could save our business!

Cass: Ahem. Liz.

Liz: Sorry.

Nicole: It could save our business.

Cass: Yes, but is it what you want?

Nicole: Yes. I think it could be the break I need.

Cass: Then go for it.

Nicole: You won't be upset if I leave?

Cass: Why should I be upset? Liz and I can handle things around here.

Nicole: But it's such short notice.

Cass: So what? Liz will help you pack, right, Liz?

Liz: Right now! Come on, mademoiselle -- up these stairs!

Cass: And I'll do some quick research to figure out what kind of fees one great designer gives another great designer for this kind of work.

Nicole: Well, he said there would be lawyers there.

Cass: Great. Then you'll walk in with a briefcase full of facts.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: What's the matter?

Nicole: Well, it's all so fast. I -- suddenly, I'm very scared.

Cass: Don't be. You've worked very, very hard for this day.

Nicole: I'm just going to Paris for a meeting.

Cass: No, no, no, no. I can feel it, too. You're on your way. A year from now, you're going to look back at this salon. It's going to seem so far away.

Nicole: It will not. What are you talking about? We're in this together, Cass.

Cass: I think you'd better get up there and keep Liz on a tight leash because she's going to pack up everything that we own.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: Go ahead.

Nicole: Ok.

Lisa: Ok, I'll talk to you soon.

Felicia: You better. I want to know every detail --

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Every day.

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Ok? Ada! Hello.

Lisa: Hi, Ada.

Ada: Hi. When did you get back?

Felicia: Last night.

Ada: Welcome home.

Felicia: Thank you, thank you.

Lisa: Well, come in.

Ada: Thanks.

Lisa: Uh, that's --

Ada: I know whose it is. I gave it to him for Christmas.

Lisa: Oh.

Ada: I suppose you both saw the paper last night.

Lisa: Oh, the pictures.

Felicia: Yeah, I thought that kind of reporting went out with William Randolph Hearst.

Ada: I keep telling Amanda that it doesn't mean anything, you know, but every time I run into somebody I know, I feel like I have to explain those pictures.

Felicia: How is Amanda doing?

Ada: Well, she's being very brave. I'm proud of her.

Felicia: Yeah, she's a terrific lady.

Ada: Yes, she is. She's more worried about her mother and father than she is about herself.

Lisa: And what about Sam?

Ada: Sam is very angry. Baby and they are staying with Mac and Rachel for a couple of days. Reporters are crawling all over their loft.

Lisa: I can imagine. Can I get you something?

Ada: No. Thanks, honey. I didn't come here to talk about those pictures anyway.

Lisa: Ok.

Ada: I -- I wanted to see how you were doing. I miss you.

Lisa: Ada, I miss you, too.

Ada: Looks like we're going to be seeing a little more of each other.

Lisa: Well, maybe.

Ada: Well, I wanted to invite you to dinner at Maryís place. Tonight, ok?

Lisa: Ada, you're so sweet!

Ada: Vince and Mary have been asking about you and the food's never been better. Sharlene brings us all these fresh vegetables in from the farm.

Lisa: I'd love to come.

Ada: Good.

Lisa: Hmm.

Felicia: Let me ask you -- Sharlene does her own baking, too, doesn't she?

Ada: Yeah, sure, like a dream.

Felicia: Huh. Look, you two talk. I've got a terrific idea. Well, I'll talk to you later.

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Bye, Ada.

Ada: Bye.

Felicia: See you in a while.

Ada: Ok?

Lisa: Ok.

Ada: Ok.

Mary: Hi. I thought it was you.

Donna: Oh, Mary, hi!

Mary: I haven't seen you in a long time.

Donna: Oh, I know, I know. We have been so busy with all the new plans, the house. Actually, I'm meeting John here. We're going to try to find and decide on an architect.

Mary: Oh, great.

Donna: Well --

Mary: All right. Well, how's everything else? How's Mikey?

Donna: Oh, he is just fine. Actually, you know, I'd love to talk to you. I am so worried about Marley.

Mary: What's the matter?

Donna: Well, you know.

Mary: Oh, you mean the fertility problem?

Donna: Yes! She is so preoccupied with it.

Mary: Well, Donna, it's a problem that she and Jake have to work out for themselves.

Donna: I know, but she just sits around and broods about it all the time. And with Victoria being pregnant, I know this is just torture for her.

Mary: And it's not easy on her mother to have to sit by and watch her go through it.

Donna: Oh, well, I am not going to sit by and watch her go through it. I think she needs to find something to take her mind off of it.

Mary: Donna, I'm not sure that's the answer.

Donna: Well, of course it is.

Mary: I think that Marley is a very insightful young woman and I believe that she will figure out what's right for her.

Donna: Well, I already know what's right for her.

Mary: Of course you do.

Donna: Now, wait just a minute. I -- I'm not interfering here. I mean, Mary, I don't want you or anybody else to think that I'm interfering because I'm not. I'm just trying to be helpful.

Mary: Right, Donna.

Donna: I Ė

Caroline: That was a wonderful lunch.

Evan: Yes, and we'll have to do it again sometime.

Caroline: They're not here.

Evan: No, I guess they're upstairs. Still want to take me up on my offer?

Caroline: What offer? Hmm?

Evan: Do it again.

Caroline: I thought the offer was for lunch.

Evan: No, no.

Caroline: Well, tonight's still on, hmm?

Evan: My suite or yours?

Cass: And then you take a plane to New York --

Liz: And two hours later, you're there.

Cass: Liz, would you let me handle this, please? And two hours later, you're there. And then, the Concorde whisks you away to Paris in five hours. What could be simpler?

Nicole: And you know how I hate planes, and that's two planes in one day!

Cass: Calling the Concorde a plane is like calling the Queen Mary a --

Liz: A rowboat.

Cass: A dinghy.

Liz: Oh, hello, Caroline.

Caroline: Hello.

Cass: Oh, hi, Caroline.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: Nicole is really swamped today, Caroline.

Caroline: Well, actually, I'm here to see you if you have a minute.

Cass: Oh. She's here to see me.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Do I have a minute?

Nicole: Sure.

Cass: Ah. Ok.

Caroline: It's confidential.

Cass: Let's go in the office.

Liz: Oh, but I don't think --

Nicole: No, no, that's all right, Liz.

Liz: No! But --

Nicole: We wouldn't want to interfere with the man's privacy, now, would we?

Caroline: I always seem to be interrupting.

Cass: Yes. You do seem to have that knack, don't you? How can I help you?

Caroline: Well, the bid on the old mansion fell through, but in the meantime, I've found a new place near the center of town and it's adjacent to the Cory complex.

Cass: I think I know that building. It used to be a furniture warehouse, right?

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: All right. Well, I'll take a chance -- I'll take a look at it the first chance I get.

Caroline: Listen, an engineer has already gone through and he says it's sound.

Cass: I'm sure, but you're using Rachelís money, so I'd like to take a look at it for myself.

Caroline: Well, please do. I don't want to risk offending her on anything else.

Cass: You really didn't know anything about Frame Construction?

Caroline: No, and I hope she's not offended that I've involved Jason Frame at all.

Cass: Well, don't worry about it. Jason's a jerk, but we're going to have to find some way to work with him since he's John Hudsonís partner.

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: Is there anything else?

Caroline: Not for today.

Cass: All right. Well, then I will tell you what I think as soon as I get a chance to look at the building.

Caroline: Great. I really appreciate it. Bye-bye.

Cass: So long. Yeah, I'm calling about my car insurance claim.

Sharlene: John left his pen.

Josie: How do you know it's his?

Sharlene: This is the one he always uses.

Josie: You know a lot about John, don't you, Mom?

Sharlene: What's that supposed to mean?

Josie: I don't know. I just think maybe you like him a lot more than you let on.

Sharlene: We're friends.

Josie: Whatever you say, mama.

Felicia: Hi.

Sharlene: Hey, a little sunshine. Come in.

Felicia: Hi, darling. How are you? Hi, Josie.

Josie: Hi, Mrs. Blake.

Felicia: Oh! "Mrs. Blake."

Josie: How are you?

Felicia: Ooh -- I blink every time someone calls me that.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, you're still answering to it, so I trust everything's all right?

Felicia: Ah, yes, I'd say so.

Josie: Ah. Your wedding was so romantic.

Felicia: It was, wasn't it?

Josie: Yeah.

Felicia: I sort of liked it myself.

[Sharlene chuckles]

Felicia: I'm sorry you weren't there.

Sharlene: Me, too.

Felicia: I'm thrilled that you and Matthew came, though.

Josie: Thanks.

Sharlene: Let me get you something to eat.

Felicia: No, no. I really can't stay that long. I just came by because I have an idea I want to tell you about.

Sharlene: Ok.

Felicia: You know that outrageous fudge cake you make for Tops?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Felicia: And the praline peach pie?

Josie: Oh, that's my favorite. I just look at it and I gain weight.

Felicia: Well, you and all my customers. In fact, they would do almost anything if I would give them those recipes.

Sharlene: No. I canít. I never give those recipes out.

Felicia: No, I understand.

Sharlene: No, you see, they came from my sister Emma, and she got them from my mother, and it's like all we have of her and --

Felicia: No, no, no. I really do understand. I didn't come by because I want you to write them out for me.

Sharlene: Well, then what do you want?

Felicia: I have this wonderful idea of a special cooking segment on my television show, "breakfast with Felicia."

Josie: You want her to be on TV?

Felicia: Yes.

Josie: Oh, mama!

Felicia: I would set up a whole kitchen for you. You could give little tips on how to bake a pie or a cake and how to prepare for canning, just like you're doing now at home.

Sharlene: No. No, I'm sorry, no.

Felicia: Sharlene, you probably don't understand what I'm saying. You wouldn't have to ever give out a recipe.

Sharlene: I -- no. I would be awful.

Josie: Mom, you'll be fine!

Felicia: Honey, you wouldn't!

Sharlene: No --

Felicia: And the people would love it, I know they would.

Sharlene: I would be a nervous wreck. I'd be a complete idiot.

Josie: Oh, no, you wouldnít.

Sharlene: Yes, I would!

Felicia: We would tape the segments. You would never have to do them live.

Josie: It wouldn't be like you had a big old audience out in front.

Felicia: No, exactly. I mean, if you felt you made a mistake or something didn't turn out right or the cake fell, we would just throw it away and start all over again.

Josie: Yeah.

Sharlene: No, no, no, no, no. I would be too nervous.

Felicia: It's very, very informal. You would get used to it in no time, I promise you. And I would give you a very big fee.

Josie: Mama, you have to do it.

Sharlene: I -- I canít.

Josie: Mama, yes, you can. I mean, come on, we could use the money. Think about it. Come on.

Donna: You should've gotten rid of Jason months ago.

John: Well, it's over with now.

Donna: I know and isn't it wonderful?

John: I'm not sure how wonderful it is.

Donna: Yes, of course it is. You'll be able to get so many more jobs now than you ever could before.

John: Donna, one step at a time. I still have a lot of organizing to do.

Donna: Well, I know, and speaking of which, have you been able to find an architect for us yet, one that you like?

John: No, not really, but I do have some appointments set up for tomorrow.

Donna: Oh, where? I don't want to miss any appointments this time.

John: Well, I'm going to have to be using my boat as an office for a while.

Donna: Your boat?

John: Do you mind coming out to the boat?

Donna: No, no, of course I donít. I'm -- I'm anxious to get started on these plans.

John: You do want the best man for the job, don't you?

Donna: Yes, of course I do.

John: Well, then that may take some time.

Donna: I'm sure it will.

John: Oh.

Donna: Oh.

John: Hello, Miss Stafford.

Caroline: Oh, it's "Caroline," please.

John: Oh, Caroline. Donna Hudson, Caroline Stafford.

Caroline: Are you John's wife?

Donna: No! No, john is -- is my brother-in-law.

Caroline: Oh. Excuse me.

John: I'm not married.

Caroline: Pardon me. Very nice to meet you.

Donna: Yes, nice to meet you, too.

Caroline: John -- excuse me -- well, you're eating -- but the original plans on having the gallery in the house have fallen through, but I found a new space and it's perfect. I've got my architect working on it already. Any chance of you having a look in the near future?

John: Well, Miss Stafford, I've got some news for you. Jason and I are no longer associated, so I'm afraid your contract with Frame Construction is worthless.

Caroline: But you're the one who redesigned Nicoleís salon, aren't you?

John: Yes.

Caroline: And are you still in the construction business?

John: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, then, all I'll do is get my lawyer to redesign the contract saying that you're the contractor, if you don't mind.

Donna: See? You've got a job already.

John: Sounds good to me. That'd be fine.

Caroline: Oh. Well, frankly, that really suits me because that Mr. Frame is a bit of an odd bloke, if you know what I mean.

John: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Donna: Ahem.

Caroline: Well, everything seems to be moving along. All I need is to find somebody to help me open the gallery and then --

Donna: What, you need someone to help you?

Caroline: Yes, but I need a local because I'm not from here.

Donna: Uh -- well, excuse me, but you're not going to believe this. I think I have someone for you.

Caroline: You do? Who?

Donna: Marley. She's my daughter.

Caroline: Yeah.

Donna: Yes.

Caroline: Oh.

Liz: Well, of course you're taking your designs to Paris with you.

Nicole: Yes, but he's already said that he wants me, Liz. It's not as though I have to bring him my portfolio.

Liz: But when you're talking to Christian -- oh, how I love to say that name -- Christian, Christian, Christian.

Nicole: Liz --

Liz: When you are talking percentage, wouldn't it be better if he knew that there were other people in Paris ready to see your work?

Nicole: Oh. Sometimes, you think just like Cass.

Liz: Oh. I hope you mean it as a compliment.

Nicole: Well, what else would it be?

Liz: He's changed a lot, thanks to you.

Nicole: No, he's always been sweet underneath.

Liz: Well, you know, you saw it first.

Nicole: He's so supportive of my career. He doesn't -- he didn't hesitate for a minute when I told him about Paris.

Liz: You are saving the company from bankruptcy.

Nicole: Yes, but I worry sometimes about leaving him here, even for a day or two.

Liz: Well, I'll keep an eye on him, try and make sure he behaves himself.

Nicole: No, no, no, it's not that. We're partners, Liz. We've always worked together. I'd feel a lot better if he were there.

Liz: Ask him to go with you.

Nicole: No, I can't ask him to do that. He's got too much crucial work to do for Mac.

Liz: Call him every day but try to put it on their phone bill.

Nicole: What really worries me is, what if working for Christian St. Jacques means that I have to be in Paris a lot?

Liz: Nicole, my dear, you are a very talented designer. You have your own career --

Nicole: I know, but --

Liz: And Cass has to adjust to that. Years ago, when men were the breadwinner, women had to do it all the time.

Cass: Ok! You're booked into the George v hotel in Paris. You have the flight to Kennedy and then the Concorde to Paris.

Liz: What day?

Cass: Liz, please.

Liz: Sorry.

Cass: It'll be the day after tomorrow. I also took the liberty of talking to monsieur St. Jacques' lawyer in French -- aren't we all impressed?

Nicole: Oh. Sounds like you're trying to get rid of me.

Cass: Listen, you, I'm going to be counting the hours while you're gone. If you happen to stay away too long, I just may have to come after you, you know. Ok, I promise.

Felicia: This wouldn't be every day.

Josie: Yeah, mom. It would be once a week.

Sharlene: I have heard all that.

Felicia: Look, you would be doing exactly what you're doing right now at home with Josie when you teach her how to bake and cook and can things.

Josie: And, mama, come on, you can do that with your eyes closed!

Sharlene: No, it is very different. I would be a nervous wreck, the -- the TV cameras and the --

Felicia: Honey, you would get used to them, I promise you.

Sharlene: Maybe you would.

Felicia: Sharlene, I can't believe you. I've seen you face up to some pretty tough challenges. Why are you letting this bother you?

Josie: And, mama, think about the money.

Sharlene: I would feel funny.

Josie: Oh, you'll be fine.

Sharlene: And I would feel funny and -- and I'll tell you, what if I said something dumb?

Josie: You wouldnít.

Sharlene: I'd say something -- yes, and I'd look awful --

Josie: No, you --

Felicia: Come on!

Sharlene: Because I am no beauty queen, Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, honey, come on! That's just not true!

Sharlene: I don't need any sweet talk.

Felicia: Your mother is so difficult. All right. There are makeup people. They will help you with your makeup just like they help me.

Josie: Look how beautiful she is.

Sharlene: Oh, look how beautiful she -- no, no -- no, no! I am telling you no! I am not the TV type and I'm -- I'm just not going to do it and I would look awful and thank you very much for asking but that is -- let's just forget it.

Josie: Mama!

Sharlene: I said forget it.

Josie: Oh!

Ada: I invited Lisa for dinner here tonight on the house.

Mary: Oh, great. I haven't seen her in forever, not since --

Ada: Not since she and Jamie broke their engagement.

Mary: Yeah. I hear she's having kind of a rough time lately.

Ada: Well, she is not alone.

Mary: This newspaper has always been a rag. Vince uses it to wrap the garbage. How's Amanda doing?

Ada: She says it doesn't bother her. She didn't do anything.

Mary: She's right.

Ada: She's also Rachelís daughter. They always say that when something really does bother them.

Mary: And Sam?

Ada: Sam is so mad, he doesn't know who to punch first.

Mary: Sometimes getting angry is easier. I would guess Amandaís sense of dignity has been violated.

Ada: I know that way down deep, she is humiliated.

Mary: I know how that feels. When all that stuff about Reginald first hit the papers about what he had done, I felt so humiliated, so betrayed, and so embarrassed.

Ada: Well, putting up a brave front doesn't end it.

Mary: No, it doesnít. Maybe you should talk to Amanda.

Ada: I tried to, last night.

Mary: Talk to her again, and try to say something to her about how when a -- in a situation like this, when this happens, that you are going to feel a lack of self-esteem. It's normal.

Ada: I will, Mary. Thank you. You're a good friend.

Mary: I think Amandaís going to find that she has a lot of friends.

Ada: I hope so. I really do hope so.

Liz: Don't worry about a thing. Cass and I are going to handle everything.

Nicole: Yeah, but what if I have to go back and forth a lot?

Liz: We will handle it.

Cass: Honey, honey, honey?

Nicole: What?

Cass: You may be getting all worked up over absolutely nothing at all.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Cass: I mean, monsieur St. Jacques could be talking to another dozen designers for all we know.

Nicole: Well, yeah, but he said that --

Cass: He said he wants you in Paris. He said he wants to work a deal with you. He only implied the move.

Nicole: But he said his lawyers were working --

Cass: If he wants to go with somebody else, lawyers have this tricky way of making negotiations break down, end of deal.

Nicole: Well, it sounds like you're hoping it'll fall through.

Cass: No, no, no, no. I just don't want you to get your hopes too built up.

Nicole: I guess you're right.

Cass: We will have a swell life without monsieur St. Jacques.

Nicole: Has Liz talked to you about our checkbooks, how bad they look lately?

Cass: Have I ever worried about a checkbook?

Nicole: No.

Cass: Besides, I'm talking you and I.  We will have a good life.

Nicole: Oh, of course we will.

Cass: And it'll be even better once we get married.

Nicole: Do you think maybe all this was fate?

Cass: All what?

Nicole: This -- the day, and the fact that we called off our wedding and -- I wouldn't have even been here to get that phone call if we had gotten married, you know.

Cass: I know. We would've been on our honeymoon.

Nicole: So what do you think? Was it fate?

Cass: I don't care what it was. We're going to be fine. Now, read my lips. Read them very, very carefully. You understand me?

Nicole: Understand.

Cass: Good. I got to go to work.

Nicole: Oh. Here you go.

Cass: And when I get back, you and I are going to go out for a great celebration dinner. How's that?

Nicole: Can we afford it?

Cass: Well, why do you think God created plastic?

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: I'll see you later.

Nicole: Bye.

Cass: Bye. Don't worry!

Liz: You mean you haven't received our check? But I took care of it myself last week. That's right -- the check is in the mail. What do you mean, "Thatís the oldest one in the book"? I sent it out. Did you check with your office? It's not, no. I know that I sent it out. No, it was not -- that's the first --

Sophie: Oh, mademoiselle Stafford.

Caroline: Ah, bonjour, Sophie. Is monsieur Cass around?

Sophie: Oh, monsieur Winthrop is out on business.

Caroline: Oh.

Sophie: But mademoiselle Nicole is upstairs. Should I get her for you?

Caroline: No, no, no. I'm here to do business with Cass. Um -- how long will he be?

Sophie: Well, I don't know, but Madame Matthews would know.

Caroline: Oh, ok. If you don't mind, I'll -- you know, I'll wait until she's off the phone.

Sophie: But of course! Oh, here is a newspaper if you wish.

Caroline: Ah. Merci. I haven't had a chance to sit down all day.

Sophie: I have to get something from the upstairs. Excusez-moi.

Liz: I cannot help it if you haven't received our check. Check with your own post office. Check with your own postman.

[Liz slams the phone down]

Liz: Oh.

[Liz sighs]

Caroline: Is this Amanda Fowler?

Liz: What?

Caroline: It's incredible she's involved in a scandal like that. I'm representing her husband. I can assure you it's going to be no good for business.

Liz: You'll have to excuse me.

Caroline: I mean, can't you explain?

Liz: I'm sorry, I can't talk to you. This is an emergency.

Josie: There are enough beets in this house to feed an army. I don't know any army that likes beets, though.

Sharlene: I could never put up this much without your help, honey.

Josie: You keep watching the door.

Sharlene: I do?

Josie: Yeah. Are you expecting Uncle Jason or something?

Sharlene: I hope not.

Josie: Why? Is he mad at you?

Sharlene: I don't want to go into it right now, honey.

Josie: Mama, why won't you tell me what's going on? Did Uncle Jason break up the partnership or did John?

Sharlene: All right, I'll tell you this much, honey, and that's it -- your uncle Jason did some things that weren't right, and John couldn't go along with it and then that was that.

Josie: Well, what? Did -- did he take some money or something?

Sharlene: No, no, but I am not going to go into detail. I love Jason and I will do anything to protect him, but he is making a mess of his life. And I don't want you getting involved.

Josie: Mama, all I want to know is what's going on.

Sharlene: The less you know, the better, honey.

Josie: Mama, I'm not a little kid anymore. I can take care of myself.

Sharlene: Everyone thinks that when they're young.

Josie: But it's true! I can!

Sharlene: Listen to me, Josie. This is serious. This is deadly serious. If things get too bad, we may have to leave Bay City.

Josie: But why?

Sharlene: Never mind. Never mind. You're just going to have to wait and see.

Donna: Oh, Christian St. Jacques? That's just wonderful! When do you go?

Nicole: The day after tomorrow.

Donna: Oh, honey, this is so exciting! I am so happy for you! Oh, why aren't you smiling?

Nicole: I'm happy.

Donna: No, you're not.

Nicole: I know. I -- I'm just worried.

Donna: About what?

Nicole: Something happened this morning when I told Cass.

Donna: What?

Nicole: Well, we were both looking at each other, and it was as though we both could sense that something had changed.

Donna: Well, of course it has! Honey, this could be your big chance!

Nicole: No, I mean it was as if, well, something could change us.

Donna: Well, why should it?

Nicole: Well, I don't know. That's why I keep telling myself not to worry. But then --

Donna: But then again, you still worry.

Nicole: Right.

Donna: You know, you haven't changed a bit.

Nicole: Why do you say that?

Donna: Do you remember what you said to me the first time you went away to school in Switzerland?

Nicole: No. Oh -- I get it. I told you I was worried, right?

Donna: Oh, please, hardly -- nothing so mundane. You told me that within 30 days, there was going to be a nuclear war and this was our final goodbye.

Nicole: I did not!

Donna: Yes, you did!

Nicole: No, I never said that!

Donna: You have given new meaning to the word "worry" and you always have.

Nicole: Did I really say that?

Donna: Mm-hmm. Hey, look, I want you to listen to me. Cass loves you, and you love him, and you two are going to have a wonderful life, both of you together. Now, I want you to stop worrying for the first time in your life and just trust in that. Would you please trust in Cass' love, hmm?

Caroline: Hmm. What a wonderful way to end the day.

Evan: Who said it's over? Hmm?

Caroline: You're incredible!

Evan: I am.

Caroline: Hmm.

Evan: So, I had a really good day.

Caroline: You accomplish a lot, hmm?

Evan: Lots.

Caroline: Hmm? So did I.

Evan: Oh, yeah?

Caroline: Hmm. I found a new site for my art gallery and I got rid of Jason Frame.

Evan: How?

Caroline: Well, John Hudson and Jason Frame -- hmm -- have parted ways.

Evan: Really?

Caroline: Hmm.

Evan: That's terrific.

Caroline: So, now what I'm going to do is deal --

[Caroline giggles]

Caroline: With -- with John Hudson. Hmm.

Evan: Well, that's going to make Rachelís day.

Caroline: You know, that woman can really do with some good news.

Evan: Why? Because of those pictures of Amanda in the paper?

Caroline: Mm-hmm. You've seen them, huh? Oh. No --

Evan: Yeah, that's all anybody was talking about at Cory, all day long.

Caroline: You know, I'm really worried about how this is all going to affect Sam.

Evan: Why? I mean, artists -- they love chaos. They thrive on it.

Caroline: No. That's not so. They work better when their personal lives are in order.

Evan: Well -- here, hold this. Well, I'm sure it's all going to blow over and then he's going to get right back on schedule.

Caroline: I hope so.

Evan: So, tell me -- this is to you. Did you hire an assistant?

Caroline: No, but I -- I met with a really nice lady called Donna Hudson, and she's John's sister-in-law. And she suggested that I meet her daughter.

Evan: Donna Hudson?

Caroline: Yeah. Her daughter's name is Marley, but I have no way of knowing if she's competent or not.

Evan: Well, you didn't turn her away, did you?

Caroline: No. I agreed to meet her. Why?

Evan: Because Marley Hudsonís father is Michael Hudson and he's one of the most powerful men around town, and that means big, big bucks.

Caroline: Hmm, I see. So if it's big bucks, then -- but what does that have to do with Marley?

Evan: Maybe nothing. Just, you hire her even if she's incompetent.

Caroline: What in heaven's sake for, hmm?

Evan: I don't know -- she just may be like a valuable asset to you somewhere down the road.

Caroline: You are always planning ahead.

Evan: Well, I like to be one step ahead.

Caroline: You've always got your mind on business.

Evan: No, I donít.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Evan: Uh-uh.

Caroline: You are insatiable!

Evan: You think so?

Caroline: Hmm. Let's see how insatiable, hmm?

Evan: That's very nice.

Caroline: Hmm.

[Music plays]

Lisa: Thank you, Ada. This was wonderful.

Ada: Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll be back in a minute.

Lisa: Ada?

Ada: Hmm?

Lisa: It's good to be here.

Ada: Good to have you here.

Singer: I wander through the night

Mary: Hi. Service for two -- how's that for subtle?

Lisa: Come on, sit down.

Mary: How are you? I haven't seen you in such a long time?

Lisa: I know.

Mary: Been busy?

Lisa: Well, life's been a little complicated.

Mary: Yeah? Personally or professionally?

Lisa: Both.

Mary: Jake says it's very good to work with you.

Lisa: Really?

Mary: You sound surprised.

Lisa: I am. I tend to criticize his work a lot.

Mary: Well, then, he must respect your opinion.

Lisa: He's talented. He's a little bit impulsive, but he's very talented. But don't tell him I said that.

Mary: Ok. Um -- I suppose probably asking how things are going with Vicky right now would probably --

Lisa: Oh, talking about Vicky would probably ruin my dinner.

Mary: Ah. I wouldn't want to do that. I do want to say if you need anyone to talk to at any time, I'm here.

Lisa: Thank you, Mary.

Liz: I called Mac and Rachel. Hilda said they were at dinner.

Ada: They have to eat, Liz.

Liz: I just have seen the newspaper.

Ada: Been out since last night.

Liz: I had no idea. Look at this -- how could a newspaper publish a picture of Drew Marsten and Amanda?

Ada: I don't want to have to deal with this anymore today, Liz, ok?

Liz: I went to Sam and Amandaís apartment. Where are they?

Ada: Amanda needs some time alone.

Liz: I wanted to tell her how sorry I am.

Ada: I'll tell her.

Liz: No, I should really tell her personally. She must be devastated.

Ada: Liz, will you calm down?

Liz: Well, there's no truth to it. Amanda wasn't having an affair. She wasn't passing on information about Cory Publishing.

Ada: What's the matter with you?

Liz: But when a newspaper publishes this much information -- there must be something it's based on. They have to --

Ada: There's nothing to it!

Liz: But when a newspaper says --

Ada: Would you leave Amanda alone? Drop it! Go home, Liz!

Liz: You don't have to get touchy! All I'm trying to do is help this family through this!

Ada: This family will get through this the way they get through everything else -- together. We don't need any outside help. Now, butt out.

Cass: Sante.

Cass: The flight leaves day after tomorrow.

Nicole: Hmm. But I've decided I'm coming back in two days, no matter what.

Cass: Well, you won't have to.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Because I've decided that even though there wasn't a wedding, that we should honeymoon in Paris.

Nicole: You're coming with me to Paris?

Cass: Shh, shh. Where people go on their honeymoons is supposed to be a secret.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Come here.

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