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Another World Transcript Thursday 9/23/04

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Jamie: Vicky. Hi.

Vicky: Oh, hi.

Jamie: What's the matter? You look kind of worried about something.

Vicky: Oh, well, I'm here for a checkup. It always makes me a little worried.

Jamie: Why's that?

Vicky: I'm here for a sonogram.

Jamie: Oh, that's nothing to worry about.

Vicky: Yeah, I'm not sure I know exactly what's going to happen.

Jamie: Well, you're going to see an image of your baby, made up of sound waves.

Vicky: Right.

Jamie: And the doctor will tell you things like how much it weighs and when it was conceived and when it's due and how well it's developing and things like that.

Vicky: I know, yeah. Um, you know, I know you have things to do, and I don't want to keep you, so I'll just tell you how it all comes out, ok?

Jamie: You really are worried about this, aren't you?

Vicky: No. No, I'm fine.

Jamie: Listen, I'll tell you what -- I'll go through the test with you, ok?

Vicky: No!

Jamie: Listen, it's no problem. I've got some free time. We can take a look at the baby together. What do you say?

Felicia: All right. All right, it's definite.

Lisa: Finally.

Felicia: These will be my bridal shoes. Or -- or these.

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: Well, it's just that I think maybe this color might be --

Lisa: Ugh! I can't go through this anymore!

Felicia: Ok, ok -- it will be definitely one of these three -- or maybe four.

Lisa: Good! I have to go.

Felicia: To the salon?

Lisa: No, I have to go to work. Jake is editing the footage on the lake area where they found Mikey.

Felicia: Honey, you have to be fitted!

Lisa: I can't do it right now!

Felicia: Lisa, you are my maid of honor.

Lisa: Felicia, I've got to make sure the documentary is just the way Delaney wants it.

Felicia: Oh, please, honey -- please, can't this wait? Nicole has to see you today.

Lisa: Is she going to be there?

Felicia: Yes, of course she's going to -- why?

Lisa: I just feel uncomfortable around her sometimes.

Felicia: Because she's Vicky’s aunt?

Lisa: Yes.

Felicia: Honey, I talked to Nicole about all of that.

Lisa: What did she say?

Felicia: Honey, she wants exactly what I want. She wants all these family differences to be put aside for at least just one day.

Lisa: Is that what Vicky wants?

Felicia: Now, come on. Frankly, I don't even think she's going to be there.

Lisa: Oh. Don't bet on it.

[Lisa sighs]

Cass: I have this sudden, overwhelming urge to kiss you.

Nicole: Mmm.

Cass: Ay! But not until you get those pins out of your mouth.

Nicole: I can’t.

[Nicole mumbles]

Cass: Oh. You're having trouble enunciating, aren't you?


Cass: No, no. Come on, spit it out. Just -- you can tell me. Just spit it out.

Nicole: Don't you have something better to do than stand around teasing me?

Cass: Hey, you're wound up a little tightly today, huh?

Nicole: I'm getting married in a couple of days.

Cass: You are?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: No kidding. Who's the lucky guy? Anybody I know?

Nicole: The most wonderful and annoying man in the world.

Cass: I like the first part better than the second part.

Nicole: Hmm.

Cass: Listen, listen --

Nicole: What?

Cass: Brides are supposed to be nervous.

Nicole: Well, I'd rather be nervous after I'm ready.

Cass: But then you wouldn't have anything to be nervous about. Right?

Donna: Oh, good, good. I'm so glad I caught you.

Cass: Uh, yes. Hi, Donna.

Donna: Oh, hi, Cass.

Nicole: Oh, good, you're right on time.

Donna: For what?

Nicole: Your fitting.

Donna: Oh, well, that'll have to wait.

Nicole: No, no, no. Let's get this out of the way, please?

Donna: Nicole, we need to get something settled first.

Donna: Nicole, honey -- excuse us. You want your wedding to be really special, don't you?

Nicole: Well, of course.

Donna: Well, so do I. So I don't think this double ceremony is such a good idea. I mean, I know Felicia talked you into it.

Cass: Felicia didn't talk us into anything.

Donna: Well, I'm sure Cass asked you to do it.

Nicole: No, he didn’t.

Donna: Well, I know Cass and Felicia are very good friends, and, honey, I think it's very sweet that you --

Nicole: Donna, you're not listening to me. Now, we all decided that this was a wonderful idea.

Donna: But you don't understand. This is tearing our family apart.

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Donna: Victoria!

Nicole: Well, she's been invited.

Donna: I know. But it's so embarrassing to our entire family that Lisa is Felicia’s bridesmaid.

Cass: Wait a second -- Michael, also known as Vicky’s father, is my best man.

Donna: I am aware of that.

Nicole: Well, Michael didn't object to the double ceremony, and he knows that it involves Felicia’s family.

Donna: Well, he's not aware of the entire problem.

Cass: It isn't a problem unless you make it one.

Donna: Cass, if you don't mind, this is between Nicole and me.

Cass: She's nervous enough without you making her more so.

Donna: Nicole, please, I just can't let you do this. I mean, you don't understand how overly sensitive Victoria is about all this, and rather than see her miserable, I'll just stay at home with her.

Nicole: No -- Donna, no, you can't do that!

Donna: Well, I am not going to be part of a ceremony, standing up there next to Lisa Grady, who is ruining my daughter's life! Excuse me.

Nicole: Donna! You're my matron of honor!

Donna: I am sorry, but not anymore!

Cass: "I am sorry, but not anymore"?

Vivien: Where should I put these? Oh, oh, oh!

Amanda: Oh. Oh, jeez. No, no, no, don't, don't, don't, don't -- Vivien, no --

Vivien: What?

Sam: Vivien -- don't move, ok?

Amanda: Lift your leg.

Vivien: Which leg?

Sam: The leg that has its foot on my painting.

Vivien: Oh!

Sam: Yes.

Vivien: Oh, did I hurt anything?

Sam: It's the one I stretched last night.

Vivien: Can I put my leg down?

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Yes.

Vivien: I ruined it, didn't I?

Sam: No, Vivien, it's fine, ok?

Amanda: But I think from now on, Sam should bring his own canvases in, ok?

Vivien: Well, they're all done now. I'll go and make us all something cold to drink.

Amanda: Oh, that would be great, Vivien.

Sam: Yeah, Vivien thanks for all the help.

Vivien: This is my job. Modern art.

[Amanda giggles]

Sam: Ok! Ha! And thank you.

Amanda: Oh, I wanted to help.

Sam: Well, it's not everybody's wife who takes off time from work to come help her husband lug supplies. What? What? Well, what is it?

Amanda: Oh, I was just thinking that I grew up watching my mother sculpt in this room, and now Alli’s going to be watching her father at the easel.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Ada: Ok. Sorry about that. Alli's in the nursery, and she's all tucked in for her nap.

Amanda: Oh, great. Thanks, grandma.

Ada: Sam, are you all set up?

Sam: Well, my stuff's here, at least.

Ada: Welcome to your new home.

Amanda: So to speak.

Ada: So to speak. Oh, your mother used to love to work in this room.

Sam: With this light, who wouldn't?

Ada: Such a great room. Oh, Matthew, hi. Matthew? I'm talking to you. Matthew, where do you think you're going?

Jamie: Now, we may not get a perfectly clear picture. Sometimes it takes a little bit of experience to make out what's up on the screen.

Vicky: Yeah, Jamie, I know you're busy. I don't want to keep you from what you're doing.

Jamie: No, no, that's no problem, ok? Doctor, would you try to get your patient to relax, please?

Doctor: Now, Vicky, I've told you this is a perfectly safe procedure.

Vicky: All right.

Jamie: I mean, she's just going to bounce some sound waves around in there, that's all. It's kind of like sonar for people. No x-rays or anything like that.

Vicky: Yeah, Dr. Peterson said -- explained the whole thing.

Jamie: Then why the nerves?

Dr. Peterson: Here we go!

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Just relax.

Vicky: Oh, it's cold!

Dr. Peterson: Sorry!

Jamie: Concentrate on the screen.

Vicky: Ok. Uh-huh.

Jamie: Oh, Vicky, wait -- well, there's the head. You see it? It's moving, right over there. You see it?

Vicky: Oh, look!

Jamie: And there's an arm. Yes, it's moving to the side there.

Vicky: Oh, how can you tell that that's an arm?

Jamie: I've seen sonograms before.

Vicky: Oh. Jamie, what is she doing?

Jamie: She's taking measurements of the exact size of the head, the arms, and the legs.

Vicky: Oh. And what about all those other things?

Jamie: You mean like when it's due?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Well, you see the number on the bottom of the screen there?

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Jamie: That's the date of conception. Let's see, if you take that -- 30 days per month into that number -- that's about five months ago.

Vicky: May -- May.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, right, but --

Vicky: Late May.

Jamie: That's right, yeah, but the important thing is what you want to do is count forward.

Vicky: Late May.

Jamie: That would put it -- the due date right around late to mid February.

Vicky: Late May.

Jamie: Yeah. Does that line up with your data, Virginia?

Virginia: Yes.

Jamie: Yeah?

Virginia: Everything looks very good, Vicky. Absolutely normal.

Jamie: Ok, now, how about a side view?

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Oh, would you check that out? Look at that.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie. It's all curled up.

Jamie: But -- uh --

Vicky: It's unbelievable! Jamie, this is -- this is just amazing. It's --

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: It's like we could just reach out -- reach out and touch our baby.

Amanda: I'm just going to stay until Alli wakes up.

Sam: I wish you could stay all day.

Amanda: Yeah, I know you do, but Julie Ann’s coming for dinner tonight, remember?

Sam: Oh, that's right. Look, Amanda, I might be a little late for that.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Well, I got to get my stuff set up tonight so I can start with the morning light tomorrow.

Amanda: Why is it painters always want the morning light?

Sam: Because it's cleaner and whiter light.

Amanda: I'm really glad that you're painting full-time now. That's how it should be.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Ada: Out isn't an answer. Where are you going?

Matt: Campus!

Ada: That's better. I want to talk to you.

Matt: About what?

Ada: What is it with the hostility? It's the grandma here!

Matt: Ok, I'm sorry.

Ada: Well, I mean, forget about sorry. I'd like a straight answer.

Matt: All right, about what?

Ada: Rachel tells me you're not going to Mitch’s wedding.

Matt: That's right. She's got it right.

Ada: Why not?

Matt: Because I don't want to go. That's all.

Ada: Well, what about the reception? It's going to be a lot of great food.

Matt: No, I'm not going to go to that, either.

Ada: What is it with you?

Matt: How can Mac have Mitch in his home, let alone give a reception for him?

Ada: What are you being so down on Mitch for all of a sudden?

Matt: Ok, can we just drop it, please?

Ada: Well, you got to have a reason.

Matt: I have got plenty of reasons.

Ada: Ok, what are they?

Matt: Look, everybody is pushing me, and --

Ada: That's what happens when you live with people.

Matt: Yeah, well, that's going to change.

Ada: Oh. How is it going to change?

Matt: I'm moving into a room on campus.

Ada: And whose idea was that?

Matt: It was mine, so just please do not try to talk me out of it --

Ada: Matthew, why are you trying to hurt everybody who loves you?

Matt: I'm not trying to hurt anybody. They're hurting me. Can't you understand that?

Cass: Fine, fine. Deliver them whenever you want. Why should I care? Oh, man. Oh -- oh, hi, Sophie. What do you need?

Sophie: The invoices. I wait until I do not hear arguing anymore.

Cass: It took a while, didn't it? The invoices are right over there.

Sophie: Monsieur Winthrop, is there something I can do, anything for you and Nicole?

Cass: You got any bridesmaids up your sleeve?

Sophie: "Up the sleeve"?

Cass: It seems we've lost Nicole’s sister as matron of honor.

Sophie: She is sick, Madame Hudson?

Cass: No, no, Madame Hudson backed out because Madame Hudson couldn't get things done her way.

Sophie: C'est dommage!

Cass: Yeah, well, it's more than that. We have to find a replacement, like, tout de suite.

Sophie: Oh.

Liz: Hello, Cass. Good morning, Sophie.

Sophie: Bonjour, Madame.

Cass: Hi.

Liz: Is Nicole in?

Cass: No, she had to go out.

Liz: Oh. Do you know when she'll be back?

Cass: There's no way of knowing that, Liz, especially on a day like this. Maybe you could come back later in the afternoon?

Liz: Well, I just wanted to let her know I've resigned my job at Cory Publishing.

Cass: You have?

Liz: Yes, and I'm ready to start here, full-time, right away.

Vicky: And it wasn't just lines on the screen, it was -- it was our baby, Jamie!

Jamie: And it gets more exciting from now on.

Vicky: Oh! Wow. I do want an honest answer about something, though, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, sure. What?

Vicky: Was there something wrong with our baby?

Jamie: Of course not. Why do you ask?

Vicky: Well, because you pointed at the screen and you were about to say something, and I didn't know --

Jamie: Oh. Oh, oh, that.

Vicky: Yes, that. What?

Jamie: Um -- well, let's just put it this way. Um -- would you like to know if our baby was going to be a boy or a girl?

Vicky: You could tell?

Jamie: Yes, I could tell.

Vicky: Well, Dr. Peterson never said anything to me.

Jamie: That's because I asked her not to. I wanted to be the one to tell you, if you want to know.

Vicky: Oh. Oh, wow. Um --

Jamie: You know, some mothers, they prefer not to know until after the baby's born.

Vicky: I'm with them.

Jamie: You sure?

Vicky: Yes, I'm positive! I want it to be a mystery and a surprise!

Jamie: Ok, then my lips are sealed.

Vicky: Jamie, I really appreciated you being there today.

Jamie: Good. Because I got the feeling at first that you wanted to get rid of me.

Vicky: No! No, I want you to share everything about this baby.

Jamie: And I want to share every step of its life.

Vicky: Oh, good. That's great.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Listen, I have to get back to the hospital.

Vicky: Ok --

Nicole: Oh, good, you're here.

Vicky: Oh, hi, Nicole.

Nicole: I really need to -- hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, Nicole. Goodbye. I have to go.

Vicky: Bye. Thank you, Jamie.

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Uh -- Aunt Nicole, is something wrong?

Nicole: Yeah. To use one word, yes.

Vicky: Well, what? What is it? What's the matter?

Nicole: Well, Donna doesn't want to be part of the wedding party because it includes Felicia’s family.

Vicky: She just told you that?

Nicole: Would you believe just a little while ago?

Vicky: Aunt Nicole, she is really choosing sides.

Nicole: Now I've got to find somebody else to take her place.

Vicky: Um -- how about Marley?

Nicole: No, I already tried Marley. She's having minor surgery that morning, and she might not even make it to the wedding.

Vicky: Oh, the fertility treatments, right.

Nicole: Yeah, apparently, if it's not that morning, then it'll be a delay of several weeks.

Vicky: Oh, I really wanted her to be there, too.

Nicole: Oh, Vicky -- I'm really in a bind. Marley -- Marley told me that you might still be planning to come to the wedding.

Vicky: Well, I wouldn't miss it for the world! Aunt Nicole, I would love to be your maid of honor if you want me to.

Nicole: Oh -- would you really?

Vicky: I would love it! Are you kidding? I would love to be!

Nicole: Well, you -- it doesn't bother you that Lisa is Felicia’s maid of honor?

Vicky: No, no! Of course not. It doesn't bother me.

Nicole: Well, it bothers your mother.

Vicky: Yeah, well, you know, she overreacts about so much, anyway.

Nicole: But, Vicky, what about Lisa?

Vicky: Lisa doesn't give me any problems. I shouldn't give her any.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Vicky: I'm positive!

Nicole: Oh, Vicky, thank you.

Vicky: No, thank you!

Nicole: I'm so grateful.

Vicky: I'm the grateful one, Aunt Nicole. Oh, um -- you know, I've been a hermit in here for so long. I would love to get out and spend more time with you and the family.

Nicole: Oh, good. Oh, well, I'll go back and tell Sophie to start letting out the waistline on the dress.

Vicky: All right. Oh, um, I'll come by for a fitting later on, ok?

Nicole: Terrific. Thank you. Oh --

Vicky: Thank you!

Nicole: Boy, this day has just been like a roller coaster. Thanks again.

Vicky: Bye.

Caroline: This is a marvelous studio.

Sam: Yeah, I really lucked out.

Caroline: And this is where Rachel Davis did most of her artwork, which are collectors items now. Now, that should bring you some luck.

Sam: Yeah, well, like I said, I'm already pretty lucky.

Caroline: Now, listen -- we can all do with a little bit of luck, but I really want to go over the layout for your catalog. And seeing you're a graphic artist, I guess you're going to have a few opinions to make.

Sam: Actually, this is quite good.

Caroline: Well, you see here, these blank spaces here, this is where the paintings are going to go once we've decided on them.

Sam: Now, do you want to do that tonight?

Caroline: Well, it's the second reason I'm here.

Sam: Ok, well, this one here is my latest.

Caroline: Ooh, I like the color in that and the balance. But you know what, there's more emotion hidden in this one.

Sam: Most people don't notice that.

Caroline: Yeah, well, listen, paintings are my life, Sam. I mean, I live and breathe art. But, you know, I guess you'll get to know that when you get to know me better.

Jamie: Grandma, hi.

Ada: Oh.

Jamie: They told me you were waiting for me.

Ada: Yeah, hi. You look chipper. Where you been?

Jamie: Well, I just took Vicky home. We -- she had a sonogram today.

Ada: That's where you see the baby, isn't it?

Jamie: Yeah, it's an image made of sound waves.

Ada: Wow. The first picture I ever had of your mother, I took with a brownie.

Jamie: Oh, I saw that one. She was very cute.

Ada: Well, so were you. Oh, but I'm not here to talk about baby pictures.

Jamie: I didn't think so.

Ada: Matthew needs your help.

Jamie: What's wrong with Matthew?

Ada: He's shutting his father out. He won't go to Mitch’s wedding.

Jamie: Did he tell you why?

Ada: Yes, but I think you should hear it from him.

Jamie: Well, do you think he'll tell me?

Ada: He's always looked up to you. Talk to him, ok?

Jamie: What's going on?

Ada: He's mad at everybody. Mostly Rachel and Mitch, but Mac and I are getting caught in the crossfire.

Jamie: And you want me to get in the middle also, right?

Ada: He needs somebody that he can talk to, who he trusts. And that, Dr. Frame, is you.

Jamie: Ok, all right. I'll talk to Matthew. But I won't make any promises.

Ada: Who's asking for promises?

Jamie: Where is he?

Ada: Well, he spends a lot of his time out at the Frame farm.

Jamie: Ok, I'll tell him to come on over here.

Ada: Make it soon, ok?

Jamie: I'll try to make it today.

Ada: Oh, good.

Jamie: Ok?

Ada: Thank you, honey, and listen --

Jamie: Sure.

Ada: Don't tell him I asked you. He'll think we're all ganging up on him. This is a very tough time for him. He needs you, whether he knows it or not. Thanks.

Jamie: All right.

Cass: And Vicky volunteered?

Nicole: Yeah, and she's looking forward to it.

Cass: That shows you how much Donna knows about her daughter's feelings.

Nicole: Yeah. Not much, huh?

Cass: Not much at all. Is she going to come by for a fitting of any kind, or --

Nicole: Yeah, she's -- should be here in a few minutes.

Cass: Well, good. That's good. Oh! Almost forgot.

Nicole: Hmm?

Cass: Great news. Liz came by. She apparently has quit her job at Cory Publishing, and she can start work here any time you give her the ok.

Nicole: Oh, ok.

Cass: What do you mean, "ok"? Liz thinks she's going to work here.

Nicole: Yeah, Cass. That's why she invested heavily in the company. That's why I made her my partner.

Cass: Without checking with your other partner, me, I might add.

Nicole: Oh, please, let's not get into that again.

Cass: The best way to win an argument is to avoid it, is that it?

Nicole: Oh, Cass, please don't be difficult. Liz is just exactly what we need. Now, she's organized and efficient. She's full of energy.

Cass: And nosy and tactless and pushy and loud --

Nicole: Give Liz a chance. She's just like you.

Vicky: Hey! Oh, excuse me, but I am here to be squeezed into my dress.

Nicole: Oh, good. Well, why don't you run -- run this on up to Sophie, and she can -- Sophie?

Sophie: Oui?

Nicole: She can fit you, all right?

Vicky: Ok. Hi.

Nicole: Oh, Victoria’s here for her fitting.

Sophie: Oh, come right upstairs! We will just start the fit.

Vicky: Ok, see you later.

Nicole: Bye.

Cass: And thanks.

Nicole: Yeah, thanks, Vicky.

Vicky: My pleasure!

Cass: She looks absolutely radiant, doesn't she?

Nicole: Yeah, she does.

Cass: You know, it amazes me. A woman gets pregnant, and she takes on this glow. You know what I mean? You know what I'm talking about when I say that?

Nicole: Cass, don't look at me like that.

Cass: Like what?

Nicole: Get that look off your face.

Donna: Um -- hello.

Cass: Hello.

Nicole: Hi, Donna.

Donna: I'm here to apologize. Oh, Nicole, do you think you can ever forgive me? I mean, sometimes I just get so crazy, I don't really know what I'm saying.

Nicole: Oh, Donna.

Donna: No, it wasn't right of me to leave you like that right before your wedding.

Nicole: Well, everybody's nerves are on edge.

Cass: Yeah, maybe after the ceremony is over, we'll all get back to normal, whatever that is.

Donna: Oh, I hope so. I am. I am so sorry.

Nicole: Oh, please, stop apologizing. Besides, everything's working out just fine.

Donna: Well, that's good, that's good. But I know that I should just put my personal feelings aside, and I want to do the right thing. I really do.

Vicky: You will not believe how good -- Nicole, it is so gorgeous!

Nicole: Oh, well, I know it's going to look beautiful on you.

Vicky: Oh!

Donna: Victoria, you -- you're going to do it?

Cass: She agreed to replace you, Donna.

Nicole: You don't mind, do you, Donna?

Donna: No! No, not at all. Of course not.

Vicky: Well, Sophie took out the waist, and she just has to take the seams down or something.

Donna: Oh, honey, that dress is going to look beautiful on you! I -- I mean, this is going to make people wonder why a certain man sees anything in someone else.

Vicky: Mother --

Donna: Oh, come on, come on!

Vicky: What?

Donna: I want to see it on you. Come on, let's go back upstairs.

Vicky: No -- I --

Nicole: Don't forget the hem, Sophie!

Sophie: Oh, non, non.

Donna: Oh, this is working out even better. Oh-oh, this is great!

Cass: Did you see the look on Donna’s face?

Nicole: Yeah, she's really reveling in Vicky’s being in the bridal party.

Cass: Standing right next to Lisa.

Nicole: Pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

Cass: Felicia is not going to like this.

Nicole: Oh, great. Now I've made things worse.

Cass: Can you go over and talk to Felicia?

Nicole: Well -- yeah. I better do that right now.

Cass: Ok. And what am I going to say to them if they come back down?

Nicole: Anything you can think of, except the truth.

Cass: Why is everybody giving me such a hard time today? Listen, I'm asking for something that I think is very simple -- a six-foot horseshoe made of white roses. Can't you provide this for me in just a couple of days, please? Thank you! Oh, man! What a day.

Donna: Uh, hello?

Cass: Oh, hi. Can I help you with something?

Donna: Where's Nicole?

Cass: Nicole?

Donna: Yes, Nicole!

Cass: Oh, Nicole. She's on an errand.

Donna: Oh.

Cass: Hmm.

Donna: Oh. Oh, isn't Victoria just going to look beautiful in that dress?

Cass: Yes, she is.

Donna: Hmm. I just wish it were going to be her wedding day.

Cass: Well, I'm sure it'll be hers soon enough.

Donna: Jamie Frame is so dense.

Cass: Look, Donna, I feel compelled to say something here. Can't you let these people work it out on their own?

Donna: It's not that easy!

Cass: I know it's not that easy, but people don't like to be pressured about things.

Donna: I know that, Cass! And I don't like to pressure. It's just that little things happen and I just end up pressuring --

Cass: Pressuring.

Donna: I -- well, anyway, the important thing is, is that Victoria’s going to be a part of your wedding, and I know that's going to make Nicole very happy.

Cass: Well, if Nicole is happy, I'm happy.

Donna: Hmm. And seeing Victoria standing up there next to Nicole -- that is going to make me very happy. Ooh!

Cass: "Ooh!" Ew.

Cass: Ugh.

Jamie: Boy, I really needed this break.

Matt: Working hard, huh?

Jamie: You might say that, yeah.

Matt: So, what'd you want to see me about?

Jamie: Well, I just wanted to catch up with you and see what's happening, that's all.

Matt: Well, you may be sorry.

Jamie: What's going on, Matthew?

Matt: You know, Jamie, I don't really know where to begin.

Jamie: Well, why don't we start with your telling me why you don't want to go to Mitch and Felicia’s wedding?

Matt: Who told you that?

Jamie: It's hardly a secret, Matthew.

Matt: Oh. Yeah, I guess not. It's all over town by now.

Jamie: So you want to tell me why you decided against going?

Matt: Listen, it's personal, ok?

Jamie: Matthew, you can tell your big brother personal things. I won't tell anybody, if that's what you're worried about.

Matt: Promise?

Jamie: Of course I promise.

Matt: It's hard to talk about.

Jamie: You mad at Mitch for what he tried to do to Mac, right?

Matt: It's more than that.

Jamie: What?

Matt: You know when Mitch and mom said all that stuff -- they love me so much, and it's so important that I'm around --

Jamie: Oh, you don't think that's true?

Matt: I don't know what's true.

Jamie: There's something more here than you're telling me, isn't there?

Matt: Do you know how I was born? How mom got pregnant?

Jamie: Matthew, I'm not following you.

Matt: She went to bed with Mitch so Mitch would stop his girlfriend from poisoning Mac.

Jamie: Who told you that?

Matt: Mom and Mitch so don't even try to pretend that's not true.

Jamie: No, I'm not pretending anything.

Matt: Well, you don't act so surprised.

Jamie: Well, I'm not pretending that, either.

Matt: What, do you mean -- you knew about that.

Jamie: Well, I knew some of it, but not the details.

Matt: You knew about that and didn't it even bother you at all?

Jamie: It bothered me at first, of course it did. But, Matthew, what happened between Mitch and mom has nothing to do with how they feel about you.

Matt: No, see, I would never exist if Mitch hadn't --

Jamie: Oh, come on, now, wait a minute, Matthew. Don't dwell on that. I mean, what's important now is what they are now.

Matt: Jamie, they have been lying to me ever since I was born!

Jamie: Matthew, they are not lying to you when they tell you how much they love you. Or when they tell you how much they want you to be happy.

Matt: No, no -- and I've been some sort of accident. They never really wanted me.

Jamie: Now, Matthew, come on. Now, give it some time. Think about what's true today, now. I mean, you weren't there back then. You don't know why some of these things happened.

Matt: Yeah, maybe.

Jamie: Now, come on, now, you got a good life. Keep it that way. Think about -- think about today, ok? I mean, that's what I had to do when I -- I started finding out things about my father I really would rather not have known.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Oh, gosh --

Matt: You got to go.

Jamie: Well, hold -- hold on a second, now.

Matt: No --

Jamie: I just -- I want to ask you something. I got this apartment over on Center Street. I just rent it. It's kind of nice.

Matt: Yeah?

Jamie: I was thinking maybe -- maybe you'd like to share it with me for a while.

Matt: You mean that?

Jamie: Of course I mean it. I wouldn't ask you if I didn’t. I mean, I could use some -- some company, and you certainly could use some space away from home.

Matt: That would be great. That would be great.

Jamie: Yeah?

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: Ok, great. I'll get you a key. You can move in whenever you want to.

Matt: All right. Thanks.

Jamie: You bet. Just let me know when you've packed, ok?

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: I got to go. Bye.

Matt: Thanks a lot, Jamie. Whew.

Felicia: You're really something, you know that, Wally? I'm finally going to marry Mitch, and you knew it all along, when we didn't even know it ourselves. I'm going to get married at the track. You love that, don't you? Yeah, you do. I couldn't possibly think about getting married without you. Yeah. So, what do you say? Think you can make it to my wedding? You know, I finally got Mitch to agree to having it at the track. He knows that I'll feel closer to you there. Hey, you know, you were supposed to give me away. God. I wish you could. You'd make everything right. You'd calm me down and put your arms around me. Wally -- I miss you so much.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Hey, don't go away.

Nicole: Hello, Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, hi.

Nicole: Oh -- hey, are you all right?

Felicia: Oh, yeah. I was -- I was talking to Wally.

Nicole: Wallingford?

Felicia: Yeah. You know, wedding jitters, all that stuff.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. I know. I know the feeling.

Felicia: Well, I guess we're sort of birds of a feather this week. Sit down.

Nicole: It looks that way.

Felicia: Yeah. So, you're here to talk about the wedding?

Nicole: Yeah, in a way. Um --

Felicia: What?

Nicole: Well, actually, it's about who's in the wedding.

Felicia: Oh, don't tell me. You and Cass had another fight?

Nicole: No, no, no. No.

Felicia: Oh.

Nicole: Uh -- Donna backed out on me, though.

Felicia: Oh. I'm sorry. You know, that doesn't really surprise me. She's -- well, you know, she's never been exactly friendly to my family.

Nicole: Yeah. So, well, anyway, I needed a replacement.

Felicia: Right. Who did you ask?

Nicole: Well, Marley wasn't available, but Vicky was. And before I had a chance to come over and talk to you --

Felicia: Nicole, you didn't!

Nicole: Felicia, I was in a terrible bind.

Felicia: Nicole, you have to tell her she can't be part of the wedding party! Lisa wouldn't be able to get through it! I -- I have to think about her feelings.

Nicole: Well, it might be a little strange --

Felicia: A little strange?

Nicole: All right, all right. Definitely strange. But, Felicia, I already told Vicky it would be ok.

Felicia: I'm sure she just jumped at the opportunity!

Nicole: Well, actually, yeah, she suggested it.

Felicia: Of course she suggested it. It's just another way she can hurt Lisa.

Nicole: No, I don't think that either one of us would have been thinking about --

Felicia: Nicole, you have to tell her that she can't be in this wedding. You have to tell her no.

[Harp plays]

[Bugle call]

Nicole: Felicia.

Felicia: It's over. It's ruined! Forget the rice!

Nicole: What's wrong?

Felicia: "What's wrong?" Pfft! What's wrong? Pfft! Everything! How does that grab you?

Nicole: Why are you talking to me this way?

Felicia: Because this is your fault, Nicole!

Nicole: What is?

Felicia: Your family has ruined what should be the most important day of my life!

Donna: How dare you!

Felicia: You! You and that deceitful little tramp of a daughter!

Nicole: Felicia, please, I've never heard you like this!

Donna: My daughter was used by you and that phony, saccharine-coated niece of yours!

Lisa: Ha! This coming from the most notorious liar in the greater Chicago area!

Nicole: Will somebody please tell me what's going on?

Vicky: Aunt Nicole, I love you dearly, but you have very poor taste in friends!

Lisa: Your lies are going to catch up to you.

Nicole: Stop it! All of you stop it right now!

Felicia: This wedding is off. I won't be needing the dress you designed for me, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, please, someone, please tell me what happened.

Donna: I told you this was a terrible idea. Now, look, all you have to do is drop Cass and we can get back to normal.

Nicole: Donna!

Felicia: Oh, that's great! So Cass is the one that's going to suffer for all of this, when this is really your fault --

Donna: It's your fault!

Felicia: No --

Donna: Because you insist on having your niece in my sister's wedding!

Lisa: Who agreed to a double wedding, anyway? This should be Felicia’s day!

Nicole: Cass! Cass, I need you!

Cass: I'm off to Hong Kong, babe.

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: I can't marry you, doll. I have far more important things to do. After Hong Kong, I'm going to Bangkok for Cory Publishing, and then it's Pamlico for a very important stakes race. So, you see, I have no time for a wedding.

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: This is not the way I want to remember my wedding day, Nicole.

Lisa: And it's all your fault!

Vicky: It's all your fault, Nicole! You have no one to blame except yourself and her!

Felicia: This is your fault, Nicole!

Cass: I have a plane to catch.

Lisa: It's all your fault, Nicole!

Donna: You have ruined everything.

Felicia: This is your fault.

[All talking at once]

Liz: Nicole!

Nicole: Oh, Liz. I'm sorry. I must have been daydreaming. I --

Liz: That's only natural with your wedding just around the corner.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, you're right.

Liz: Nicole, my dear, you and I are going to have to reach an understanding.

Nicole: Huh? About what?

Liz: You must tell me when things are bothering you. Now, for instance. You look as if you'd lost your best friend.

Nicole: I just might have.

Liz: Nicole --

Nicole: What?

Liz: Tell me what happened, please.

Nicole: All right. Donna decided that she couldn't be my matron of honor.

Liz: Oh, I'm sorry.

Nicole: Yeah. So, I got Vicky to take her place.

Liz: Yes.

Nicole: Oh, Liz, I just made things worse. Now Felicia’s threatening to cancel if Vicky’s going to be a part of the wedding party.

Liz: Because of Lisa.

Nicole: Right. I'm beginning to think I lose no matter which way I turn.

Liz: I know from experience that if you don't handle families in exactly the right way at the wedding, it will be a disaster!

Nicole: Well, this one's headed there pretty quickly.

Liz: What you need is someone who is neutral who'll be acceptable to everybody concerned.

Nicole: So I tell Vicky thanks, but no thanks?

Liz: Oh, she -- she has to understand.

Nicole: Well, yeah, but then who do I get to take her place?

Liz: Well, let's think a minute. Uh --

Nicole: Hmm.

Liz: Should we -- oh, you let out the waist for Vicky --

Nicole: Yeah.

Liz: With no problem at all?

Nicole: Well, no. It's -- it's designed for any kind of alterations.

Liz: I hate to have to ask you this, but could you release the shoulders a little and perhaps the hips and lengthen it a bit?

Nicole: Well, sure. Why?

Liz: I don't think anyone would object to me.

Nicole: Oh, Liz. Would you really? Oh, thank you!

Lisa: Well, let me drop out. Rachel can take my place.

Felicia: No, honey! No, that is a terrible idea!

Lisa: I can't believe this. Vicky ruins everything!

Felicia: Oh, Lisa, now, Lisa -- I want you to stop thinking about Vicky, all right? Now, look, I have an errand to run. I want you to stay here and answer the phone.

Lisa: Why?

Felicia: So, when somebody calls and tells you that Vicky is no longer in this wedding, you can tell them how thrilled that makes me.

[Doorbell rings]

Jamie: Hi, Felicia.

Felicia: Jamie.

Jamie: I was just wondering if Lisa was here.

Felicia: Yes. Listen --

Lisa: Hi, Jamie.

Felicia: I've got an errand to run, all right? Talk to you later.

Jamie: I just heard that Vicky is going to be Nicole’s maid of honor.

Lisa: Yep. Felicia just told me.

Jamie: Would that be a problem for you?

Lisa: Felicia is going to cancel the wedding unless Nicole gets someone else.

Jamie: Oh, brother. Some things really do get twisted around, don't they?

Lisa: Yeah. Things don't always work out the way we like.

Jamie: They sure don’t.

Lisa: You're looking well.

Jamie: So are you. How are you?

Lisa: I'm depressed.

Jamie: About what?

Lisa: About us being such a problem for this wedding.

Jamie: I'm sorry about that.

Lisa: Nicole should be able to enjoy every minute of her day, and so should Felicia.

Jamie: Vicky should back out.

Lisa: Yeah, you think she would?

Jamie: If the right person talked to her, maybe.

Lisa: No, I don't think anybody could get her to. She's getting what she wants. She -- I'm sorry.

Jamie: I think she might listen to me.

Lisa: Really?

Jamie: She's come to trust me more.

Lisa: Oh, why is that?

Jamie: Well, I was with her today while she had a sonogram. We saw the baby.

Lisa: Thank you, Jamie. You just made my day.

Vicky: You're withdrawing the offer?

Nicole: Vicky, I'm really sorry.

Vicky: Well, I don't get it. I don't understand.

Nicole: Well, it's just that it's -- it's just not going to work out.

Vicky: Well, the dress fit!

Nicole: Yes, yes, it did, but it's not -- it's not the dress.

Vicky: It's Lisa, isn't it?

Nicole: No. No, actually, it's Felicia. When I told her that you were going to be my maid of honor, she got very upset.

Vicky: Oh, I'm not surprised!

Nicole: No, she just felt that since this is a family occasion --

Vicky: She's still fighting Lisa’s battles for her, isn't she?

Nicole: Well, I should have realized myself before we even made the decision. I'm sorry.

Vicky: No, it's not your fault, really. Don't worry about it.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Vicky: Yeah. I understand.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Besides, it's -- it's your day, right? So, who are you going to get to stand in for you?

Nicole: Liz Matthews.

Vicky: Liz Matthews --

Donna: Hi, wait till you see --

Vicky: Hi.

Nicole: Hi, Donna.

Donna: Well, hello. Wait -- what was this about Liz Matthews?

Vicky: She's going to stand in for Nicole instead of me.

Donna: What? She's not even family!

Nicole: Donna, I had no choice.

Vicky: And besides, it's her wedding, not ours.

Donna: Well, I -- I know that, but -- wait, this was Felicia’s doing, wasn't it?

Nicole: Look, I'm sorry, I don't have time to talk about it.

Donna: Oh, no.

Nicole: I have to get Liz fitted for the dress.

Donna: No, Felicia doesn't want her precious Lisa standing next to Victoria.

Nicole: Donna, I just want my wedding to go without any trouble.

Donna: Well, I want that, too!

Nicole: Well, good. I'm sorry. I've really got to go.

Vicky: Bye. Good luck. See you at the racetrack. Hmm.

Donna: Uh, Victoria, you -- you are still going, aren't you?

Vicky: Yeah. I never intended not to go.

Donna: Good. Good, because there is no one that's going to keep you away from Nicole’s wedding. Or Jamie.

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