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Another World Transcript Monday 9/20/04

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Sam: No, I'm not sure about this. No.

Amanda: Sam, come on, you have to resign. You're going to need the time to get ready for the gallery opening.

Sam: Why did Caroline do this thing so soon?

Amanda: Because she has faith in you. So do I.

Julie Ann: Hey, hey, hey. No open displays of affection in the office, please.

Amanda: We're married. It's ok.

Julie Ann: Very happily married, by the looks of it.

Sam: Yeah, very.

Julie Ann: Well, make me more jealous and tell me about that beautiful baby of yours.

Amanda: Oh, she's wonderful. Her great-grandmother has her today.

Julie Ann: Ada must be in seventh heaven.

Sam: Look, is Rachel in yet?

Julie Ann: No. Funny, she's usually the first one in and the last one to leave.

Sam: She's been working real hard lately, hasn't she?

Julie Ann: She's been running herself ragged ever since she took over for Mac.

Amanda: Well, they are going to reinstate my dad soon, aren't they?

[Phone rings]

Julie Ann: I hope so, for Rachel’s sake. "Brava."

Sam: Did you hear that? Look, I can't leave Rachel now.

Amanda: Daddy's going to be back any day now.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I am not resigning, ok, not now.

Rachel: Matthew? Shouldn't you be in classes?

Matt: I don't feel like it.

Rachel: Honey, you can't keep skipping.

Matt: It's my life.

Rachel: I know you're upset because of what I told you --

Matt: No, no, I don't want to talk about it.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Matt: To Josie’s!

Rachel: Honey, please go to your classes!

Matt: No. I'll do what I want, and you can't tell me what to do ever again.

Mac: What's going on here?

Donna: Please, Chris, would you bring him home? But until you do, you just take really good care of him. Um, yeah, I want you to know that there's a special number that you can call, and you'll be able to get through anytime you try it, so please do call it. It's 555-3434.

Vicky: Every time I hear it, it kills me.

Jake: Yeah, it took a lot of guts.

Vicky: She loves him so much. We've got to find Mikey.

Jake: I know, honey. The police are doing everything they can.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I should be doing something more.

Jake: You're in no condition to --

Vicky: I'm pregnant, not paralyzed.

Jake: Well, I have a feeling they're going to find Mikey very soon.

Vicky: What gives you that feeling?

Jake: The police have some leads, and Lisa and I have been working very closely with them.

Vicky: And?

Jake: We were out all night tracking down clues. We settled up pretty good.

Vicky: Well, you and she seem to be getting along pretty well.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, we're getting along better.

Vicky: Be careful, would you?

Jake: She gave me some ideas for the documentary.

Vicky: Yeah, well, you know, just -- just be careful.

Jake: Why?

Vicky: Because Donna seems to think that the documentary isn't the only idea Lisa’s giving you.

Mac: What are you two arguing about?

Matt: I'm going out.

Rachel: Matthew -- Matthew! Well, now I have to tell you.

Mac: What is it, Rachel?

Rachel: I had to tell Matthew about Janice and Mitch.

Mac: How much did you tell him?

Rachel: How he was conceived.

Mac: Whatever for?

Rachel: Liz blurted it out to him.

Mac: Why would she do a thing like that?

Rachel: I don't know. I'm furious with her.

Mac: She should've had better sense than to resurrect that sordid history!

Rachel: Yes, I agree with you, but he came to me about it, and so I had to tell him.

Mac: Well, wasn't there some way you could put him off?

Rachel: And let him hear it from somebody else?

Mac: Well, you didn't tell him that Mitch and Janice tried to kill me?

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: Oh, Rachel!

Rachel: Mac, he was pushing for answers.

Mac: How could you expect a young boy like that to understand that terrible stuff from years ago, Rachel?

Rachel: I didn't expect him to understand it. He hit me with it suddenly.

Mac: You usually think quicker than anybody else.

Rachel: I'm tired, Mac. I'm tired from work and worrying about you and this family.

Mac: Forgive me, Rachel. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have got angry with you.

Rachel: You're right, I didn't handle it very well. I shouldn't have told him, but he wanted answers, and so I gave them to him, and now I've hurt him.

Mac: Look, darling, we'll talk to him together, all right?

Rachel: He doesn't want a thing to do with me, Mac.

Mac: Well, he will. Just give him a little time, sweetheart.

Rachel: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to complain about work.

Mac: Oh, Rachel. You've handled an intolerable situation magnificently, and I am so proud of you. And it won't be for much longer, darling, I promise you it won’t.

Rachel: I just want everything back to normal.

Mac: Would you like me to try to talk to Matthew?

Rachel: Would you? I know it's difficult.

Mac: Look, we got through our part in all that, didn't we? All we got to do now is help Matthew get through his part. All right?

Amanda: Sam, you have got to step down as art director.

Sam: Amanda, it's not the right time.

Amanda: Caroline Stafford, a very important gallery owner, has just offered you a one-man show.

Sam: So I'll finish the work for her.

Amanda: You can't do that and work here full-time, Sam.

Sam: Amanda, I'll make the time, ok?

Amanda: You can't let a chance like this pass you by.

Sam: Amanda, what about Rachel? What is she going to do for an art director?

Amanda: She'll find another one.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, she's in the middle of this new advertising campaign, there's this takeover attempt going on.

Amanda: Look, there was one time that I distinctly remember you put your art before everything else, including "Brava."

Sam: Things are different now, Amanda.

Amanda: Because of Alli and me?

Sam: I have a responsibility to you two.

Amanda: Which is doing your best at what you love best, which is painting.

Sam: Amanda, what if I don't sell a single painting?

Amanda: What if you sell tons of them and you're very successful?

Sam: Right. Ok, if I do --

Amanda: When you do.

Sam: When I do, I'll have you to thank for it.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: Yeah, I love you, too.

Julie Ann: May I interrupt?

Sam: If you must, yeah.

Julie Ann: Memo from Rachel. She needs your signature.

Sam: This is wrong.

Amanda: What is it?

Sam: It's the new advertiser. This campaign is very important -- oh, Rachel’s got this all wrong. Amanda, this is what I'm talking about. I cannot leave Rachel right now. She needs me.

Amanda: Daddy will be back very soon.

Sam: In the meantime, how can I justify leaving Rachel?

Amanda: By painting. She's an artist. She knows better than anybody that art comes first.

Jake: Donna thinks something's going on with Lisa and me?

Vicky: Well, she hinted the sly little Donna hint, you know.

Jake: Did she hint the sly little Donna hint to Marley?

Vicky: I wouldn't put it past her.

Jake: I cannot believe that woman is still trying to break up my marriage!

Vicky: Hey, behind all her hysteria, she does have some common sense.

Jake: I have a working relationship with Lisa. That is it.

Vicky: Well, does that go both ways?

Jake: Vicky, Lisa is still crazy about Jamie. You know that.

Vicky: Yes, but she blames me for splitting up their marriage, and she may want to split up yours to get even with me.

Jake: I don't look at Lisa like that.

Vicky: Well, you have been spending a lot of time with her lately.

Jake: Vicky, we are working on a documentary! We're trying to find Mikey!

Vicky: Well, things can happen.

Jake: You're the one that came up with this great idea to keep her busy so she wouldn't have time for Jamie!

Vicky: I know I did.

Jake: If Donna’s going to give me grief about this, then I'm just going to have to make sure, Vicky, that Lisa and I don't work together.

Vicky: No! No, don't do anything of the sort. No, actually, things are working out nicely. Jamie's even coming around a little bit more lately.

Jake: Well, I'm glad for you, but I don't need this aggravation right now, especially not from Donna.

Vicky: All right, well, I'll try to calm her down. Jake, did you go have that appointment with the fertility specialist at the hospital?

Jake: No, I didn’t.

Vicky: Are you going to?

Jake: No -- yes, as soon as I know that Mikey’s safe, I will.

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah. You know, I appreciate everything everyone's been doing for him -- even Lisa, which I hate to admit, but I do.

Jake: Yeah. Look, I'm going to get back to the police station, all right?

Vicky: Ok, just call me if you hear anything, all right?

Jake: You know I will.

Vicky: Ok.

Jake: All right.

Vicky: Bye.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Dr. Frame.

Vicky: Jamie, I'm glad I caught you.

Jamie: Vicky, hi. Any word on Mikey?

Vicky: No, no, not yet, but I do have a great plan. I'm meeting with an advertising rep and we're going to launch a media campaign for Mikey. We're going to have bulletins plastered all over the city --

Jamie: Whoa, Vicky, slow down now.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Vicky, it's not good for you to be rushing around in your condition.

Vicky: I'm fine. In fact, the guy's coming here to meet me. I just wanted to check with you to make sure you could get me the medical records for Mikey. Do you have them?

Jamie: The police have the files. Let me check and see if we have a duplicate, ok?

Vicky: Great. That'd be great.

Jamie: All right, don't worry. And trust me, they're going to find Mikey, I promise.

Vicky: Yeah. Bye. Well, ok.

Amanda: Look, isn't that just adorable?

Julie Ann: She is so precious in that pink outfit.

Amanda: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Moments later, the bath.

Julie Ann: She is so sweet.

Amanda: Oh, well, I guess I'm one of those mothers that just doesn't seem to be able to put the pictures away.

Julie Ann: Well, you have reason to. She is adorable.

Amanda: We've got work to do.

Julie Ann: Um, did Rick talk to you?

Amanda: About what?

Julie Ann: He wanted to apologize for his behavior in the Marsten investigation.

Amanda: Right. Yeah, he tried.

Julie Ann: Amanda, he knows he was out of line during the investigation.

Amanda: Yes, he was. He was arrogant, rude, self-righteous --

Julie Ann: He was under a lot of pressure from the D.A. and the press to solve the case.

Amanda: My father was under a lot of pressure, too, most of it coming from detective Rick Graham.

Jamie: Amanda, he was only doing his job.

Amanda: Why are you standing up for him?

Julie Ann: He's making an effort to apologize.

Amanda: He's crude and a boor.

Julie Ann: No. Once you get to know him, he's a lot nicer than you think.

Singer: Hold on to the night hold on to the memories I wish that I could give you something more that I could be yours

Singer: How do we explain something that took us by surprise? Promises in vain love that is real but in disguise what happens now? Do we break another rule? Let our lovers play the fool? I don't know how to stop feeling this way hold on to the night hold on to the memories if only I could give you more well, I think that I've been true to everybody else but me and the way I feel about you makes my heart long to be free every time I look into your eyes I'm helplessly aware that the someone I've been searching for is right there

Singer: Hold on to the night hold on to the memories I wish that I could give you more

Jake: Hello.

Lisa: Hi. Oh, I have an idea for your documentary, if you don't mind a suggestion.

Jake: Well, all your suggestions have been pretty good so far. Give it a shot.

Lisa: Well, having a missing child has got to be a parent's worst nightmare, right?

Jake: Yeah, I would think so.

Lisa: Well, what if you included information about how the police help find a missing child?

Jake: What do you mean, hotline information, stuff like that?

Lisa: Yeah, it could be a real public-service type of thing.

Jake: And it would also show the department in a good light.

Lisa: Well, I am in charge of public relations.

Jake: Yes. You've done a very good job of it, too.

Lisa: It's really hard to stay objective through all of this.

Jake: I know. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Lisa: Well, you came up with that fishing gear tip.

Jake: Hey, did anything come out of that?

Lisa: Oh, a lot of crank calls.

Jake: Well, there's a lot of weird people out there, young lady.

Lisa: Well, at least now the police have some ideas. They think maybe Chris took Mikey fishing somewhere. They're searching all the waterways, and John Hudson took his boat out, too.

Jake: Great, I'd love to get some footage of that.

[Phone rings]

Lisa: Lisa Grady. Hi, John. Anything new? No, there's nothing here, either. Oh, yeah, hold on.

Jake: John, Jake. What's going on? Yeah, I'd like to come out on your boat later and join in on the search, get some more taping done. Great, great. I'll see you then. Bye. You know, it's funny, a guy as smart as John not being able to see right through Chris.

Lisa: Well, some women are good at covering their motives.

Jake: Yeah.

Lisa: I have to get down and check the hotline monitors.

Jake: I'll go with you, all right?

Vicky: All right, I want flyers distributed, spot radio announcements.

Man: Saturate the market, right.

Vicky: Yes, and I want my mother's plea on every TV station in Bay City, all right?

Man: We're talking big bucks here.

Vicky: I don't care about the bucks. Just -- let's find Mikey, ok?

Man: I'll get my copywriters on it, pronto.

Vicky: All right, and I want this picture of Mikey in all of the flyers.

Man: Cute kid. Got the negative?

Vicky: No.

Man: It's tough to get a good reprint without the negative.

Vicky: With the money I pay you, you can get a great negative, all right?

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Excuse me. Jamie. You're so quick. Did you get everything?

Jamie: Yeah, right here.

Vicky: Great. This is Mr. Taggert from Jacobson & Messer advertising agency.

Jamie: Hello.

Mr. Taggert: Nice to meet you.

Vicky: Dr. Frame.

Mr. Taggert: Those the medical records?

Jamie: Yeah, right here, and his fingerprints. I hope they help.

Mr. Taggert: Can't hurt. I'll get back to you later in the day, Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: Terrific. Please hurry as quick as you can.

Mr. Taggert: So long.

Vicky: Bye-bye. You would not believe all that I'm doing -- I mean, TV, radio, flyers, posters --

Jamie: You look tired.

Vicky: I am. I guess I just haven't been able to get too much sleep since Mikey’s been missing, you know?

Jamie: All this emotional stress is not good for the baby.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: I know, Jamie. I can't sit around here. Excuse me. Hello?

Donna: Hi. It's me.

Vicky: Mom, have you heard anything?

Donna: No. I just wanted to talk to you. I mean, I'm just so worried about Mikey.

Vicky: I really can't talk to you about your concerns with Lisa and Jake right now, ok? Bye. All right, now what were we talking about? I'm sorry, Mikey was --

Jamie: What about -- what about Jake and Lisa?

Vicky: What?

Jamie: I heard you say something to Donna about her suspicions or something.

Vicky: Oh, oh. No, no, she doesn't know what she's talking about. She's just caught up in the whole --

Jamie: And what about Jake and Lisa?

Vicky: Really, Jamie, she really can't think straight. She's got so much emotion going with Mikey --

Jamie: What does this have to do with Jake and Lisa?

Vicky: Well, this -- you know that Jake and Lisa are working on the documentary together.

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Well, my mother has some crazy idea that there's something else going on between them. That's so ridiculous, isn't it?

(Orchestra music playing)

Mac: Oh, hi, Jamie. I thought you were at the hospital.

Jamie: Hi, Mac. I took a half day. Are you going out?

Mac: Well, I thought I'd check in at the office for an hour or two.

Jamie: How's that going?

Mac: I'm still waiting for the board to reinstate me as C.E.O.

Jamie: Well, they will, won't they?

Mac: Well, I try to stay optimistic. Thank goodness I have Rachel by my side.

Jamie: I can't imagine the two of you not together.

Mac: Neither can I. Still, there have been times, as you well know.

Jamie: But you got through it.

Mac: Yes, we did.

Jamie: How?

Mac: A lot of hard labor and an even greater measure of love. Jamie, I'm so sorry that Lisa broke off your engagement. You two seemed so happy together.

Jamie: Yes, we were. Suppose you know that Vicky is pregnant with my child?

Mac: Yes, I do know that.

Jamie: And you never said anything to me?

Mac: You're a grown man, Jamie. If you wanted my advice, I'm sure you'd ask for it.

Jamie: You must think I'm pretty irresponsible to get myself in this kind of mess.

Mac: How are you feeling now? What do you really want to happen?

Jamie: I want to help raise my child.

Mac: Lisa has a problem with that?

Jamie: Well, it's very hard for her, Mac. She can't deal with the fact of Vicky being a part of our lives.

Mac: Yes, I understand that. But on the other hand, the child must be considered.

Jamie: Mac, I want to do the right thing.

Mac: And I'm certain you will.

Jamie: Thanks. Appreciate that.

Mac: Maybe just one word of advice, bitterly learned from my failure with Iris -- always be honest with your child, always be there for them when they need you, and always, always let them know they're loved, no matter what.

Marley: All right. Here we go. Let's drink some nice, hot tea so you can relax.

Donna: No, please, I can’t. Why don't they call and tell us something?

Marley: Everyone is out searching for him. I know they're going to find Mikey.

Donna: I just -- I just keep seeing his little face. He's so sweet and innocent. I mean, if she's done anything to harm him --

Marley: She will not. She's always been loving towards Mikey.

Donna: Marley, she is psychotic!

Marley: She seems ok.

Donna: When -- why do you always refuse to believe what everyone really is?

Marley: Sorry. I was just trying to make you feel better.

Donna: It's all right, it's all right. I know, and I really appreciate it. It's just, I mean, why don't you just go on home to Jake?

Marley: Because he's working on a documentary.

Donna: Well, I'm sure he could tear himself away from Lisa to come home to his wife.

Marley: Well, he actually thinks that Lisa and he will be working all night.

Donna: Oh, didn't they do that last night?

Marley: They're helping in the search for Mikey.

Donna: Do you always believe everything he tells you?

Marley: Yes, I do.

Donna: Well, considering Jake’s track record and considering Lisa’s grudge against this family, I suggest you start asking some questions.

Marley: I trust Jake!

Donna: Oh, right, right, just like you think Chris is ok.

Marley: No, that's why you're bringing all of this up, because you're worried about Mikey. I underst--

Donna: No! Jake is a womanizer, and he will go after anything that any girl offers him. And from what I saw at that police station, it looks like Lisa is more than willing.

Rachel's voice: I didn't know where Mac was. Mitch did. I used Mitch to find Mac.

Jamie: Don't take it out on the pillow, Matthew. What's the matter?

Matt: Nothing.

Jamie: Aren't you supposed to be in school?

Matt: Don't start on me, ok?

Jamie: You're not going to learn much sitting here.

Matt: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Jamie: Ok. So what's going on between you and mom?

Matt: You've got your own problems Jamie, all right?

Jamie: What's the matter, you don't trust my advice anymore?

Matt: Did you know Mitch helped Janice Frame try to kill Mac?

Jamie: Where did you hear that?

Matt: Mom. Did you know?

Jamie: Yes.

Matt: Why didn't you tell me?

Jamie: Well, in the first place, it happened a long time ago.

Matt: Oh, come on, you sound like Mitch and mom now. Do you know what he did to her?

Jamie: Matthew, I think you've really got to work this out between mom and Mitch.

Matt: I can't talk to either of them, especially Mitch.

Jamie: Well, Mac might be able to explain things to you.

Matt: Mac? How's Mac going to explain forgiving Mitch for trying to kill him?

Jamie: Ask him.

Matt: Why should he care? He's not even my real dad.

Jamie: Matthew, how can you say that? He has always been there for both of us, more than our own fathers.

Matt: Yeah, but --

Jamie: Matthew, do yourself a favor -- talk to Mac.

Amanda: Mom.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: You fell asleep on your desk.

Rachel: No, I didn’t.

Amanda: Yes, you did.

Rachel: No, I didn’t.

Amanda: You're exhausted.

Rachel: I'm fine.

Amanda: All right, this is it. I want daddy to take over for you right now. I don't care what the corporate rules are.

Rachel: Don't you dare tell him I fell asleep.

Amanda: Mom, you can't keep on working like this.

Rachel: Yes, I can, only for a little while longer, and then everything will get back to normal. Unless, of course, I've messed up everything over here at Cory.

Amanda: You've been doing a great job. Everyone says so.

Rachel: Thank you for saying that. If I have, it's because everybody around here works so well.

Amanda: Mom?

Rachel: What?

Amanda: Go home.

Rachel: I have too much to do.

Amanda: You look like you haven't slept in days.

Rachel: Well, I've got a lot on my mind.

Amanda: Don't worry about the company.

Rachel: It's not just the company that's keeping me awake.

Amanda: I thought that talking to Vicky would've helped ease your mind a little bit.

Rachel: Honey, it's not just Vicky. It's Matthew, too.

Amanda: Well, then tell him to just go out with Josie and the whole thing will blow over.

Rachel: Honey, it's a lot more complicated than that.

[Intercom buzzes]

Rachel: Yes, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Sam's here to see you.

Rachel: Send him in. At least I can count on Sam. Hi, Sam.

Sam: Rachel, I --

Amanda: Uh, Sam, Mom is really tired right now.

Rachel: Nonsense. What can I do for you?

Sam: Well, I, um --

Rachel: What did you want to see me about, Sam?

Sam: Nothing. It can wait.

Amanda: Well, I guess we'd better be going, huh?

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What's going on with you two?

Amanda: Nothing.

Rachel: Sam?

Sam: Ok. Rachel, I want to talk to you about resigning.

Rachel: You're not happy at "Brava"?

Sam: No, I love it here. I've got to get ready for this one-man show.

Rachel: Of course you do.

Sam: Rachel, I feel like a traitor.

Rachel: Don't be silly.

Sam: Look, there's so much work to be done, you know --

Rachel: Your work right now is to paint. That's the most important thing for you.

Amanda: I knew you'd understand.

Sam: Look, if there was a way I could do both, Rachel, I would.

Rachel: You can't do both. Caroline Stafford has given you a wonderful opportunity and you should take advantage of it.

Amanda: Well, I've decided that I'm going to write full-time. Of course, I'll still be working with Evan in the financial area.

Rachel: Honey, isn't that taking on an awful lot?

Amanda: I'm a Cory, too, Mom. I can handle hard work.

Rachel: Who's going to take care of Alli?

Amanda: Well, I figured I'd be able to leave her with Josie.

Rachel: Not Josie.

Amanda: Why?

Rachel: Bring her over to the house. We have the nursery there. Mom can take care of her, Vivien can help, Hilda.

Amanda: Why are you so against Josie?

Rachel: It's going to save you money bringing her over to the house. Sam could drop her off in the morning, and then you could use my studio in back.

Sam: Your studio?

Rachel: It's a lot more space, Sam.

Sam: No, I can't do that.

Rachel: Why not? I'm not using it.

Amanda: It's a great idea.

Sam: No, thank you. You've been too generous already.

Rachel: It's very convenient.

Sam: No, thanks. I'm going to get back to my office.

Mac: Oh, hi, Sam. Something I said?

Rachel: No, something I said. I offered him use of my studio and he got angry.

Amanda: Maybe you could talk to him, dad.

Mac: Well, if he doesn't want the studio --

Rachel: I think something's wrong. Maybe you can find out what it is.

Mac: All right.

Amanda: Well, you know how Sam is about accepting handouts.

Rachel: It's not a handout.

Amanda: Well, we know that. Let's just hope that he doesn't find out that you financed Caroline’s gallery. That'll really upset him.

Lisa: Oh, the documentary seems to coming along pretty well.

Jake: I just wish Delaney would let me shoot some of the briefing sessions. It'd add a little more realism to this thing.

Lisa: Yeah, might show how difficult police work really is.

Jake: Why'd you choose it, anyway?

Lisa: It sort of chose me. I have this psychic ability, you know --

Jake: I know.

Lisa: And Adam asked me to work on a case, and here I am. Well, you wanted to know how many police are assigned to Mikey’s case, right?

Jake: Right.

Lisa: Let's punch it up on the computer here.

Marley: Jake.

Jake: Marley, hi.

Lisa: Hi, Marley.

Marley: Hi.

[Phone rings]

Marley: May I speak with you?

Lisa: Lisa Grady.

Marley: A moment alone, please?

Jake: Sure, honey.

Marley: Thank you.

Lisa: I got to go talk to Delaney. Be right back.

Jake: What, may I ask, are you doing here?

Marley: Isn't a wife allowed to visit her husband?

Jake: Sure. What's the matter?

Marley: You missed your appointment at the hospital for the testing, Jake.

Jake: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I've just had so much to do with this documentary --

Marley: You don't care if we have a child or not, do you?

Jake: Of course I do! I've just been wrapped up in this disappearance of Mikey.

Marley: Can't you --

Lisa: Jake, Delaney wants to see us. He's going to let you shoot anything you want about the search.

Jake: Great!

Marley: We were just talking!

Jake: Honey, this is very important, all right?

Marley: Well, pardon me.

Jake: Marley!

Lisa: Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.

Jake: Oh, she's just mad I missed my doctor's appointment.

Lisa: Oh, you sick?

Jake: No, I'm fine. Everything's fine with me.

Mac: So you resigned?

Sam: I got an offer for a one-man show at Caroline Stafford’s new gallery.

Mac: Sam, that is terrific.

Sam: Yeah, but I don't think I should be leaving "Brava" right now, Mac.

Mac: Yes, you should. You need all your time to concentrate on the show.

Sam: Yeah, but with this Marsten mess and the takeover attempt --

Mac: Marsten is no longer an issue, and the takeover won't be soon.

Sam: You do understand.

Mac: Sam, I married an artist. I know what's involved. You've absolutely done the right thing.

Sam: Thanks, Mac. I do appreciate your support.

Mac: Rachel offered you her studio.

Sam: Yeah, look, I'd rather work at home.

Mac: You know, there's not a lot of room there.

Sam: Well, look, Mac, I appreciate the offer, but, no, thanks.

Mac: Sam, suppose Amanda wanted to write a novel and she was offered a quiet place to work. Now, wouldn't it be silly for her to turn that down?

Sam: Come on, Mac, that's different.

Mac: How's it different? Women have egos, too.

Sam: Yeah, but I don't want Amanda working so hard just because -- just because I'm painting.

Mac: Then that's what's really bothering you?

Sam: Mac, Amanda has made a lot of sacrifices for me.

Mac: Then why don't you sacrifice a little of that manly pride and accept Rachel’s offer? Come on, Sam, show Amanda you appreciate her sacrifices by making one of your own.

Jake: I can't believe Delaney agreed to let us shoot anything we want.

Lisa: Well, he said you blarneyed him.

Jake: Hey, what can I say?

Lisa: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi. I'd like to speak to Lisa alone, Jake.

Jake: Sure.

Jamie: Hi. How are you?

Lisa: Fine. Busy.

Jamie: See you're still working with Jake.

Lisa: Yeah, we're working on the search for Mikey.

Jamie: How's that going?

Lisa: Well, the police have a few leads and we were up all night taping them.

Jamie: You must be tired.

Lisa: I should be, but I'm not. It's great to be working on something meaningful.

Jamie: You like working with Jake?

Lisa: He has a lot of energy, and he's making a very good documentary.

Jamie: You mean you do like him?

Lisa: Our relationship is strictly professional. Not that it matters.

Jamie: Of course it matters.

Lisa: Jamie, we're not engaged anymore, remember?

Jamie: I didn't make that decision.

Lisa: No, you didn't, but I --

Jamie: I still care about you, Lisa.

Lisa: Is that what you tell Vicky?

Jamie: I see Vicky only because of the baby.

Lisa: And I see Jake because we work together.

Jamie: Some people think there may be more to it than that.

Lisa: I don't have time for gossip. I'm very busy.

Jamie: Lisa, please. Just be careful.

Jake: Oh, if looks good kill, I'll tell you --

Lisa: Don't you have to meet John Hudson down at the docks?

Jake: Yeah. Damn this cable.

Lisa: I'll get it.

Donna: Well, am I interrupting?

[Music plays]

Singer: I want to run I want to hide I want to tear down --

Mac: Matthew?

[Music stops]

Mac: Thanks. I hoped we could talk.

Matt: Yeah, me, too.

Mac: Whatever's troubling you, I'd like to help.

Matt: Did mom tell you about what she told me?

Mac: Yeah, she did.

Matt: Then you know why I'm upset.

Mac: Can we talk about it?

Matt: It's not easy, Mac.

Mac: I know it isn’t. It doesn't do any good to keep it inside. You're angry with Rachel, aren't you?

Matt: How could she have been with him when she knew he tried to kill you?

Mac: She did that in order to save me, Matthew.

Matt: She lived with him afterwards.

Mac: Afterwards. After you were born, she wanted you to have both your parents with you.

Matt: Didn't that bother you at all?

Mac: Yes, of course it did, very much. But I got over it, and so did your mother.

Matt: I could never forgive anybody who did that to me.

Mac: Oh, yes, you could, if you loved her the way I love your mother.

Matt: What about Mitch?

Mac: Mitch ended up helping to save me.

Matt: Yeah, after he slept with mom.

Mac: Well, something really wonderful came out of that. Matthew, you made all three of us into better people.

Matt: What a way to come into the world.

Mac: Well, we never sorry you came into the world, and neither was Mitch.

Matt: Mitch had nothing to do with me for years!

Mac: That wasn't entirely his choice, you know, Matthew.

Matt: I used to think he was so cool -- freelance photographer, traveling around the world. Sometimes I even wanted to be like him.

Mac: You could do a lot worse. Mitch has turned into a very decent human being and a very decent father to you, Matthew.

Matt: I wish he never existed.

Mac: If he hadn't, you wouldn't have existed, either, and then your mother and I would've missed one of the most fulfilling experiences in our whole lives.

Matt: How can you have anything to do with him after what he did to you and mom?

Mac: It took a long time, Matthew, a long time, but I finally -- I worked through the anger and I worked through the hurt.

Matt: You're friendly with him now. Why?

Mac: Because he's your father. No one has a right to keep a father from a son or a son from his father.

Julie Ann: I'm sorry, Vicky, Mitch isn't in his office.

Vicky: Oh, no. Now what am I supposed to do? Oh, Mrs. Cory. Mrs. Cory, can you help me?

Rachel: What is it?

Vicky: I'm sending out a flyer with Mikey’s picture on it, but if I take it to the commercial lab -- I don't have a negative and they can't make one --

Rachel: Julie Ann, take this photograph down to the lab and have them make it up for her.

Vicky: Thank you.

Rachel: How is the search for Mikey going?

Vicky: Slowly, kind of like a nightmare.

Rachel: Yes, I remember that feeling.

Vicky: You do?

Rachel: Matthew was kidnapped.

Vicky: Oh. I didn't know that.

Rachel: It was years ago. But it was horrible. Anyway, everything turned out, and it will in this instance, too. How are Donna and Michael holding up?

Vicky: Oh, they're really upset.

Rachel: They were trying to adopt Mikey, right?

Vicky: Funny, I was just trying to adopt him a little while ago.

Rachel: You were?

Vicky: Yeah, well, I had custody of Mikey for several weeks when they were looking for his real parents.

Rachel: Yes, I remember.

Vicky: And I didn't want him to be put in a foster home, so I kept him.

Rachel: That was very generous.

Vicky: Those were the best weeks of my life. Mikey really needed me.

Rachel: Yes, it can be very rewarding bringing up a child, but it's also very difficult.

Vicky: I will be a good mother, Mrs. Cory. You don't have to worry about that.

Julie Ann: Vicky, the technician said he'd have the negative for you shortly.

Vicky: Oh, great. Thank you. And thank you, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Well, let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you find Mikey.

Vicky: I really appreciate it.

Donna: Well, perhaps you two would rather be alone.

Jake: Knock it off, Donna.

Lisa: Did you want something, Donna?

Donna: That's funny, I was just about to ask you the very same question.

Jake: We don't have to listen to this. Come on, Lisa, let's go.

Donna: How sweet. Where Jake goes, Lisa goes.

Lisa: Donna, you may be very upset about Mikey, but that does not excuse your behavior.

Donna: My behavior?

Lisa: There's nothing going on between me and Jake.

Donna: Oh, but you're working on it, right?

Lisa: Don't be ridiculous.

Donna: You know, you may fool some people, but not me. I know you intend to seduce Marley’s husband just to get back at Victoria.

Lisa: I think that's more Vicky’s style than mine.

Donna: Oh, no, somehow I think it is your style.

Lisa: Has it occurred to you that your accusations could hurt both of your daughters?

Donna: No, you're the one causing the trouble -- you and Jake, because you're both just alike.

Lisa: Donna, you don't know me at all.

Matt: What are you saying? It's some sort of accident who our parents are?

Mac: Nature makes a decision who our parents are, but we have to decide how we're going to accept them.

Matt: I wish sons could pick their own fathers.

Mac: Well, it's too bad, Matthew, but it's just not that simple. Nothing is.

Matt: I wish you were my real father.

Mac: We'd still have our problems, wouldn't we?

Matt: Yeah, but it wouldn't be any worse than it is right now.

Mac: We've had some very lively differences in the past, Matthew, or have you forgotten?

Matt: That's different. You're not my real -- I mean --

Mac: No, you're right. It is different for a father and a son. With me -- with me, it's just, "Well, what does he know? He's not my real father."

Matt: No, no. I don't think that way.

Mac: Well, you have mentioned it on a couple of occasions.

Matt: I'm sorry.

Mac: No. Don't apologize. Because even if you can't admit it to yourself, you do expect your father to understand you better. He's a part of you, Matthew.

Matt: I don't expect anything from Mitch.

Mac: You don't? Is that why you're so angry at him?

Matt: I'm angry at him for what he did to you and mom!

Mac: Are you sure it's not because of what you think he did to you?

Matt: What do you mean?

Mac: Because he didn't live up to those ideal expectations we all have about what our parents should have been for us?

Matt: No.

Mac: Matthew, when you said just now that you wished you could've picked your own father, were you really saying that you wanted someone who never made a mistake, who never disappointed you?

Matt: I don't know what I meant.

Mac: Well, think about it, because, Matthew, there is no such person.

Matt: Mac, you are very close to that person.

Mac: No, I'm not. Not really, Matthew.

Matt: Yes, I think so.

Mac: Well, I'm very grateful for that, and I'm very flattered. But I know better, and in time, you will, too. Matthew, you know, life -- it just has its own logic. There is no way for us to understand it except -- except by faith. We go through some rough times, but we get through them. Your mother and I got through this. You're going to get through this, and you're going to be much stronger because you fought your way through it. Believe me, Matthew.

Matt: I want to believe it.

Mac: Now that's the word -- "believe," Matthew. Trust. And please, son, let us love you.

Matt: This -- I -- I need your help. I don't know how to deal with this.

Mac: I'm going to help you. We're all going to help you, Matthew. But you've got to help, too. You've got to help us to help you.

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