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Another World Transcript Friday 9/10/04

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Mac: Whew!

Rachel: Oh, you look like you could take on the world.

Mac: See what a little swim will do for you?

Rachel: You haven't been in that pool all summer long.

Mac: And I haven't felt this great all summer long, either. Oh, wonderful picture of Marsten with a jacket over his head!

Rachel: What does it say about you?

Mac: "Police say --" oh, thank you -- "police say multimillionaire --" I wish they wouldn't put that in print.

Rachel: Go on, go on, go on.

Mac: "Mackenzie Cory, who was indicted in Marstenís disappearance, has been cleared of all charges." Rachel?

Rachel: That's wonderful, darling.

Mac: You look exhausted.

Rachel: I'm all right.

Mac: What time did you get to bed last night?

Rachel: I don't remember. I'm going to have Julie Ann make copies of that and distribute it all over the office.

Mac: You're going in?

Rachel: I'd love to stay and celebrate.

Mac: Darling, you've borne the brunt of this whole mess, but nomore, starting today. Wait right here. Going to change, going to go in with you.

Rachel: No, wait a minute, Mac. You don't have to start right away.

Mac: But I've been cleared of all wrongdoing. There's no reason for the board to say that I shouldn't take over again.

Rachel: Mac --

Mac: What?

Rachel: There may be a problem with this.

Michael: I can't believe it. Cass found Marsten, and now Macís in the clear.

Donna: I know. You know, I think this is a really good omen.

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: Yeah, ever since I heard about Mac, I thought that this means that everything is going to go perfect for us here. I just have feelings like that sometimes.

Michael: Oh, you do, do you?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: You got any other feelings you want to talk over at close range? Hmm?

Donna: Uh-huh. Well, I always do, but this morning we have to get ready for Senator Adams.

Michael: Hmm.

Donna: Why do you always react like that every time I say his name?

Michael: Donna, I have been lobbying senators to get what I wanted for years.

Donna: So?

Michael: It's always been for business.

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see. You're still feeling guilty because you're using your influence to get custody of Mikey?

Michael: No, no, no, it's more than that.

Donna: Well, then, what?

Michael: Donna, this is an election year. The press is snooping around for anything that smells even the slightest bit dirty.

Donna: Michael, we haven't done anything wrong.

Michael: I know, but if the press sees me with Adams, they'll draw their own conclusions. And even an allegation of any kind of scandal will mess this whole thing up, and we could lose Mikey permanently.

Matt: All righty. Two more bite of this scrambled egg and we're out of here, ok?

Josie: You're going about this all wrong, Matt.

Matt: Uh --

Josie: I mean, he's never going to eat it this way.

Matt: And why not?

Josie: Because he's 2, that's why.

Matt: Yeah, well, he's a little sick of the "airplane into the hangar" bit, aren't you?

Josie: I know, I know, but -- excuse me, allow me. Ok, Mikey, don't you eat this egg, ok? Thank you very much.

Matt: How did you figure that out?

Josie: Oh, well, my mom used to do it to me when I was a kid.

Sharlene: Hmm. She wouldn't eat a thing, and then I discovered psychology.

Josie: Mikey, don't you eat this egg. Oh!

Matt: Where -- where -- you little devil! When is Michaelís mother going to be able to take care of this big guy?

Sharlene: Well, I told her to wait until she was feeling better. Besides, I like having a little boy around.

Josie: Oh, me, too.

Matt: Oh, yeah!

Josie: I guess you're all done here. How about we go to the apple orchard? Want to come with us?

Matt: Sure.

Sharlene: Now, listen, don't you let him run too -- too much in the woods out there. All sorts of things could happen to him.

Josie: Oh, mama, don't worry. We'll take great care of him. Right, Mikey? Let's go! Oh, let's take Donald duck! Ok, let's go!

Sharlene: Bye. Bye, Mikey.

Matt: See you later.

Jason: I'm up.

Sharlene: I thought you were sleeping in.

Jason: You figured wrong.

Sharlene: Well, what would you like for breakfast?

Jason: Nothing now. I don't have time. Coffee.

Sharlene: Well, before you reach out, why don't you at least look at the newspaper?

Jason: What?

Sharlene: It's big news.

Drew: I hope you're familiar with unlawful arrest. Because if you're not, you will be very soon.

Rick: Great piece of work.

Cass: Oh, isn't he, though? Unfortunately, he's right about what he says.

Rick: Look, don't antagonize him.

Cass: Oh, why not? It's so much fun.

Rick: Well, I would like to keep him here till we prove something against him.

Cass: A guy like that must have some kind of outstanding warrant.

Rick: I know, but I got to have time to find it.

Cass: Ok, ok, I'll try to keep my mouth shut.

Drew: How about that call? Do I get one phone call?

Cass: Sure. Anybody we know?

Drew: Yeah, maybe. Jason Frame?

Mac: There's no problem with my going back to Cory Publishing.

Rachel: I'm afraid there might be.

Mac: I've been cleared of all charges, Rachel.

Rachel: I know, but the board has to reinstate you, Mac, before you can take over again.

Mac: Mere formality.

Rachel: Probably, but I think we ought to proceed cautiously until we're sure that this takeover has fizzled out.

Mac: Of course it's fizzled. It did that when Marsten was arrested.

Rachel: Probably. And we'll know that for sure in a couple of days.

Mac: So in the meantime, I'm persona non grata in my own company?

Rachel: We can't run roughshod over the wishes of the board, Mac.

Mac: My going back to work is running roughshod?

Rachel: Please calm down, ok?

Mac: Well, I hate this! I hate you working yourself sick and me doing nothing.

Rachel: Let's just make sure that Bennett has backed off, and then you can go back to your company, I can go back to the studio, and everybody will be happy.

Mac: You -- you won't miss running a big corporation?

Rachel: Are you kidding? I'm an artist. I'm not a powerbroker.

Mac: I miss you.

Rachel: I miss you.

Mac: You know, one thing that we powerbrokers -- we do occasionally?

Rachel: What's that?

Mac: We work at home. Then we can arrange our own schedules to do it any way we like.

Rachel: Oh, well, that's very clever.

Mac: And I don't think the board would mind because Iím only going to sit quietly beside you and watch you work. I'm not going to touch a thing.

Rachel: You're not going to touch anything?

Mac: Call the office!

Rachel: I can't, darling. I can't, really.

Mac: Why not?

Rachel: If you saw my desk, you'd understand why not. I've got tons of meetings all day long.

Mac: But --

Rachel: Darling, Iím very, very grateful that the charges have been dropped.

Mac: When are you coming home?

Rachel: I don't know. I'll call you.

Cass: Jason frame, huh?

Drew: Well? Do I get that phone call?

Cass: I knew you had to have somebody in Bay City --

Rick: Winthrop!

Cass: What?

Rick: Outside!

Cass: What?

Rick: Knock it off!

Cass: I wish you were as worried about him as you are about me!

Rick: This is a police matter!

Cass: Yeah, well, you guys have done a real swell job so far.

Rick: Hey, don't worry. We'll nail him without you.

Cass: Without me? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even have the guy!

Rick: Don't rub it in, all right?

Cass: And you had Mac Cory brought up on a phony murder rap?

Rick: Nobody knows that better than I do. Now, that clown made me look like a prize idiot -- with some help from me.

Cass: All right, so, what are you going to do?

Rick: First I'm going to let him talk to Jason Frame.

Cass: Well, if I know Jason Frame, he'd turn in his own mother to save his neck.

Rick: Well, maybe he'll give us something to hold Marsten with.

Cass: And what do you want me to do?

Rick: Get out of here.

Cass: Oh, thanks a lot.

Rick: I'm serious. You've been out of town for weeks. Go visit your girlfriend.

Cass: I'm going to go talk to Mac Cory.

Sharlene: Well, the chickens are working overtime. What are you doing?

Jason: I got to go out of town for a few days.

Sharlene: It's kind of sudden, isn't it?

Jason: A little emergency, all right?

Sharlene: You've been having a lot of those lately.

Jason: Excuse me.

[Phone rings

Sharlene: Frame residence. Yes, he's here. It's for you. I'm going to go out there and I'm going to collect the rest of those eggs. But when I get back, I want a better explanation about why you're leaving town.

Jason: Yeah?

Drew: It's me. Guess where I am.

Jason: I'm not good at guessing games and I don't like them.

Drew: I'm at the police station.

Jason: Oh.

Drew: Well, I won't be here long. I'm on my way over to your place.

Jason: You can't come over here.

Drew: Would you like for me to have a little chat with my new friend the sergeant?

Jason: No.

Drew: Then you make yourself available to me. I'll be there soon.

Jason: I don't like this.

Drew: You're not being very friendly, Frame.

Jason: What do you want from me?

Drew: I'll tell you in person. I don't like telephones in police stations.

Jason: Fine, I'll see you here.

Drew: Yes, you will.

Jason: Don't say anything. I got to go.

Sharlene: Jason, something's wrong, and it's been wrong for a long time. I just want to help you.

Jason: Yeah, it's wrong, but it's a little late. Much too late.

Nicole: Oh. Do you think Caroline Stafford will like it, Soph?

Sophie: Anyone would love it! It is tres chic, your best work so far.

Nicole: No -- do you really think so?

Sophie: I have worked with the best.

Nicole: I love you, Soph. I just hope we make a go of it.

Sophie: We will, when monsieur Winthrop comes back --

Cass: He's back.

Sophie: Oh.

Cass: I forgot how you pretty you look when you're working.

Sophie: Monsieur Winthrop, we have missed you so much!

Cass: Oh, Sophie. Oh, well, I'll have to make it up to you, Sophie. I'm going to have to have to make it up to both of you.

Sophie: Oh. Oh, I have work to do. You come back just in time.

Cass: Are you talking to me?

Nicole: While you were gone, I just -- I sort of went numb. And here you are back, and it's all I wanted, and -- oh, Cass, I'm still numb.

Cass: I'm so sorry about all of this.

Nicole: I couldn't imagine what happened to you. Until you called me, I --

Cass: I couldn't risk Marsten having somebody following you. If I told you what I was doing, I was afraid he'd go after you.

Nicole: I thought you didn't trust me anymore.

Cass: Are you kidding? You're my sweetheart. Everything is going to be different now, I promise.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah. Mac is off the hook.

Nicole: And how long before you decide to play gumshoe for somebody else, huh?

Cass: Oh, for at least an hour, anyway. Got anything planned?

Nicole: Well, I just might change my schedule.

Cass: What a relief that'll be.

Nicole: Sophie?

Cass: Sophie?

Sophie: Oui?

Nicole: Cass and I need to catch up on a few things.

Sophie: Oh.

Nicole: Do you think that you could manage down here for a while?

Sophie: But of course.

Nicole: Thanks.

Cass: Thanks, Sophie.

Sophie: There is some champagne in the fridge. It goes well with "catching up."

Cass: You're ok, Sophie. She's all right, you know that?

Nicole: Yes.

Sophie: Oh, bonjour. Can I be of assistance?

Liz: Is Nicole here?

Sophie: Oh, oui, but she is engage for a while.

Liz: Oh, I don't understand. What does that mean, exactly?

Sophie: It means that monsieur Winthrop is back!

Liz: Oh. Well, you've answered my question. I just wanted to make sure she was all right.

Sophie: Madame Matthews, oui?

Liz: Yes, yes.

Sophie: The one who often call to be a partner here?

Liz: I beg your pardon?

Sophie: Oh, Nicole -- she tell me everything.

Liz: Oh, I see. Well, yes, I -- I was interested in investing in the salon in the summer, but Nicole turned me down.

Sophie: Oh, such a mistake.

Liz: Sophie, what do you mean by that?

Sophie: Oh, forgive me. I say too much.

Liz: No. No, you didn't. I'm very, very fond of Nicole. If she is in any sort of trouble, you have to tell me.

Sophie: Oh, she is very proud! If she find out I tell you --

Liz: No, she won't find out. Now, believe me, she won't. What is it? Please tell me.

Sophie: The salon has big money problem. If Nicole does not get money soon, she will be -- en anglais -- bankrupt.

Sharlene: What's happening, Jason?

Jason: You don't want to know.

Sharlene: You're probably right, but you're going to tell me.

Jason: Back off, Sharly!

Sharlene: Oh, boy. This one's really bad, isn't it?

Jason: Yeah, it's bad.

[Car approaches]

Jason: Wanted to be out of here before -- you held me up. Do me a favor, don't make it any worse.

Sharlene: What do you mean, "make it --"

Jason: Just leave now!

Sharlene: Jason --

Jason: Go out and get some more eggs -- upstairs and sew -- something! Just move!

Jason: Come on in. Let's make it short, shall we?

Drew: We have some things to work out.

Jason: What things, Drew?

Drew: We've got to manage how we're going to get out of this spot we've worked ourselves into.

Jason: You just come from the police station, I will probably go there next, and you think we're in some good management position?

Drew: They've told me that Iím going to be charged with obstruction of justice, and they think that I'm the one who framed Mac Cory for murder.

Jason: Gee, the guys in blue finally got it right for a change, huh?

Drew: We can beat this if we stick together.

Jason: "We"?

Drew: Look, I don't like this any more than you do.

Jason: What have you got in mind?

Drew: I'm going to say that I got a phone call from Atlantic City on business, and I had to take off in a hurry, so whatever happened to Mac Cory had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Jason: All right, how do I fit into it?

Drew: You back me up. You say that you were with me when I got the phone call. You took me to the airport, and you made sure that I got on a private plane.

Jason: One slight problem. Why wouldn't I try to bail Mac out when I found out you were really alive?

Drew: That's easy.

Jason: What?

Drew: The last time you saw me, I was getting on a plane. So there was plenty of time that I could've gotten bumped off and you didn't know about it.

Jason: Hogwash.

Drew: Why not?

Jason: Because I got Sharly to be my alibi that night. I was supposed to be with her. That's what I told the cops.

Drew: You tell her to change her story because if I go to jail, you go to jail. And the chief is not going to like that, not one bit.

Jason: So, what do I have to do? I have to change my story and back you up, is that it?

Drew: Jason, it's not like you're lying. You were with me.

Jason: Yeah, I was. That is true.

Drew: Besides, Iíd hate to be the one to tell Mac Cory that you set him up for murder and that you're the one who took those nice little pictures of his little daughter in Drew Marstenís arms.

Jason: You'd do that, wouldn't you?

Drew: You know I would, if I had to. I'm going to make a statement when my attorneys get back from New York. I'll give you a call and make sure that your story jibes with mine.

Jason: Fine.

Drew: The chief is going to love that the plans are still in place.

Jason: This just makes my day.

Nicole: You won't be gone too long, will you?

Cass: I'll be back right after seeing Mac, I promise. It's just something I have to take care of.

Nicole: Good. We have more catching up to do.

Cass: Oh, boy. In that case, I'm going to be -- I'm going to hurry real fast.

Nicole: Oh, good. I love you.

Cass: I love you. You know that, don't you?

Nicole: I do now.

Cass: Good. I'll see you real soon, real fast.

Nicole: All right. Liz.

Liz: Uh, Nicole --

Nicole: What are you doing here?

Liz: I'm going over your books. Ahem. Thank heavens I'm an expert at double entry bookkeeping.

Nicole: You're going over my books?

Liz: I understand Cass is back.

Nicole: He just left to see Mac.

Liz --

Liz: Nicole --

Nicole: Why are you going over my books?

Liz: Because it should have been done a long time ago.

Nicole: Well, I fired the accountant, and with Cass gone, I just didn't even think about the books.

Liz: You're in very serious financial trouble.

Nicole: Did Sophie talk to you?

Liz: I don't understand why you didn't accept my offer last summer.

Nicole: Well, Drew was supposed to help me out.

Liz: Why Drew Marsten and not me?

Nicole: Liz, the fashion business is very risky. I couldn't take your money.

Liz: Why not? I'm not Michael Hudson, but I'm very comfortable, and I could've used a tax shelter.

Nicole: Well, I don't know how much of a shelter this place is.

Liz: Nicole, dear, you have been badly underfinanced since the very beginning. It's clear right there.

Nicole: Yeah. I've had to turn away orders because I don't have the cash to process them.

Liz: Don't do that. Don't let pride stand in the way of your talent. Let me help.

Nicole: What if I can't pay you back?

Liz: We'd form a partnership.

Nicole: What?

Liz: I'll invest in your future and Iíll share your profits.

Nicole: You really believe in me that much?

Liz: I wouldn't make the offer if I didnít. I happen to be quite good in many phases of business. And Cass is going to be terribly busy trying to help Mac.

Nicole: Why would you do this for me?

Liz: Oh, why? Oh, because you're young, you're talented, you're in love, you're full of hope, and I remember that feeling from so long ago. And I don't want to see you fail because you can't handle your own finances.

Nicole: Well, then this must be my lucky day. Cass coming back and now you?

Liz: You'll do it?

Nicole: I should've done it when you first offered it. Thank you, Liz.

Liz: Thank you, my dear. Ey!

Sharlene: You looking for this?

Jason: Yeah. Where was it?

Sharlene: I moved it so Josie wouldn't ask questions.

Jason: Thanks. That was a good idea.

Sharlene: You're in trouble.

Jason: Big trouble. That make you happy?

Sharlene: You're my brother and I love you. Your troubles are mine.

Jason: Do you know who was just here?

Sharlene: I couldn't even begin to guess.

Jason: Drew Marsten.

Sharlene: Why?

Jason: I got $50,000 from him to help save Frame Construction. Now, with that money came a few strings.

Sharlene: What strings?

Jason: I was his errand boy to do the kind of things that he didn't want to get his hands dirty with.

Sharlene: Like what, Jason?

Jason: Like faking a murder so that Mac Cory could be accused of it.

Sharlene: Oh, Jason.

Jason: And now he's got an alibi that he wants me to back him up on.

Sharlene: I don't -- I don't believe this. I don't believe this.

Jason: I wanted that money so bad to save Steveís company that I just reached out and grabbed it.

Sharlene: Well, what are you going to do?

Jason: There's quite a bit of that left. It'll take care of you and Josie, and when the partnership starts doing well, then you have my share --

Sharlene: Jason, I am talking about you!

Jason: Hey, I am going to do time one way or another, but Iím not going to wait around here for it.

Sharlene: Oh, so you're going to run away? Oh --

Jason: What, you got a better idea?

Sharlene: Yeah, you could tell the truth! Tell them you wanted that money to keep the company going, and that he forced you to do those things in order to earn it!

Jason: Nobody forced me to do anything! I'm a big boy. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Sharlene: Well, you better figure out if you're man enough to tell Mac Cory what you did.

Jason: I'm not going to tell Mac Cory.

Sharlene: It's the only choice you've got.

Jason: What, go beg to Mac for mercy?

Sharlene: Yeah, it's a lot better than running the rest of your life.

Jason: Why would Mac even want to help me in the first place? Why?

Sharlene: Well, I tell you something, we won't know till we try.

Jason: "We"? That mean you'll go with me on this?

Sharlene: I told you before, your troubles are mine. Let's go.

Jason: Sharly --

Josie: Hi. Hey, Uncle Jason.

Jason: Hey, hey --

Josie: Look who's here.

Jason: Hi, guys.

Matt: Hey.

Jason: Who's that big tiger you got there?

Josie: We have seen the entire apple orchard, I'll have you know. Mama, can we take him down to see the pond?

Sharlene: No, you canít.

Josie: Why not?

Sharlene: Because your uncle Jason and I have an errand to run. I need you to stay here by the phone in case I need to get hold of you.

Josie: Why?

Sharlene: Just don't have questions for me right now, please?

Jason: I'll start the car. Bye.

Sharlene: Please, I want you to stay here by the phone. And if anybody calls asking for Jason, you tell them he isn't here. Just -- don't -- no, don't say anything.

Josie: Ok.

Sharlene: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Matt: Something's wrong, isn't it?

Josie: Yeah, I think so.

Matt: Come on, big guy. We're going to have to wait to go to the ducks.

Mikey: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. You ok?

Josie: She just threw those orders at me and wouldn't even tell me what was going on.

Matt: Yeah, she seemed kind of rattled.

Josie: I feel like she doesn't even trust me.

Matt: Look, is there anything I can do to make things better?

Josie: Yeah. Take Mikey to the duck pond. He'll like that. I'll stay here.

Matt: Wait, I don't want to leave you alone.

Josie: That's ok, really. Besides, someone has to have a good time, right, Mikey?

Matt: I really think I should stay here with you.

Josie: Oh, he'll just get bored.

Matt: Yeah, but we won't.

Josie: Matthew --

Matt: Josie, I like being around you.

Josie: Me, too. But we got to think about him.

Matt: Yeah, ok. If that's what she wants, huh?

Josie: Thanks.

Matt: Sure.

Josie: Hey, how about taking some bread to feed the ducks?

Matt: Come on, you want to go see ducks?

[Matt growls]

Josie: He'll like that.

Matt: All right! Grab those, tiger. You're really upset?

Josie: Well, it's just that this is the first real home that my mom and I have ever had. I don't want anything to spoil that. You guys go.

Matt: You want to go?

Josie: Ok?

Matt: Go feed those ducks?

Josie: Go on.

Matt: Come on, let's go feed those ducks.

Donna: Can I get you anything else, senator?

Senator: No, thank you, Donna. That was truly delicious.

Michael: Tom, you must be very happy after seeing the polls this morning.

Tom: Well, yes, I am. I think we're mounting a very effective campaign.

Donna: Oh, I'm certain you're going to be re-elected.

Tom: Well, if I am, it'll be mostly because of the generous support of people like yourselves.

Michael: Well, you've done a very, very good job for the state.

Tom: Oh, I like to think so. But I still couldn't make it without people like you. So if there's anything I can do for you, why --

Michael: As a matter of fact, Tom, there is.

Donna: Uh, yes, this isn't strictly a social brunch.

Tom: They seldom are.

Donna: Well, I've already spoken to one of your assistants.

Tom: Oh, yes, yes. She filled me in, yes. Now, what's the little boy's name?

Donna: Mikey. And we love him very much. It's just that we don't understand why the child welfare board is dragging their feet.

Tom: Well, state agency.

Michael: Yes, we know.

Donna: Right. So, if there is anything that you can do --

Tom: Well, now, that could be a little tricky, Donna.

Donna: Why?

Tom: Well, you folks gave me a very generous contribution. Now, my opponent could claim that I was bribed to help a wealthy constituent adopt a child.

Michael: Tom -- Tom, we're not asking you to force the board to decide in our favor.

Tom: Well, what is it you want?

Michael: What we'd like you to do is just indicate to them that they're -- they're beating around the bush. Tom, the longer we have Mikey, the more attached he becomes to us and the more attached we become to him. If this drags on forever, and then he's taken from us, I'm just afraid it'll -- it'll damage him badly.

Donna: Not to mention us.

Tom: Look, I appreciate what you're saying. But you must understand that I have to be extremely careful.

Donna: Senator, I lost a baby last spring.

Tom: I'm sorry. I didn't know that.

Donna: My doctors have told me that it doesn't look likely that Iíll be able to have any more children. So before Mikey came to us, I was really lost and so was he. But, you know, every night when I go in and check on him and see him asleep there and holding his teddy bear, I know he's really safe. And so am I. If I thought that I would lose him -- Iím sorry.

Tom: Oh, please, please, don't apologize. I understand. I know what Tom Jr. And Ellen mean to me.

Michael: Will you help us, Tom?

Tom: I'll certainly do my best. Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to talk to one of my aides before I get back to you.

Michael: Thank you very much.

Tom: Well, don't thank me yet, Michael. I'll be in touch. And it's good to see you both again.

Donna: Yes, thank you for everything.

Tom: I'll see myself out.

Michael: Thanks, Tom.

Donna: So? What do you think?

Michael: I don't know, Donna. I just don't know.

Mac: Thank you for coming home, darling.

Rachel: Well, I wanted to hear what Cass had to say.

Cass: I'm afraid it's not much more than you already know at this point.

Mac: Please, sit down.

Cass: Thank you.

Mac: When you left Marsten at the police station, he still hadn't admitted anything?

Cass: No. But there was one thing. That's why I came over.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: Oh, don't worry about that. Somebody will get it. What is it?

Cass: There was one other phone call that Marsten made after the one to his attorney. It was to Jason Frame.

Rachel: Jason?

Mac: But what does Jason have to do with Marsten?

Jason: I think I can answer that for you, Mac.

Hilda: I'm sorry, Mr. Cory. I tried to announce --

Sharlene: But I was afraid that you wouldn't see us.

Mac: It's all right, Hilda. That'll be all.

Hilda: Yes, Mr. Cory.

Mac: What's this all about, Jason?

Jason: Can we talk to you in private?

Mac: I'd rather not. Cass is my attorney. I have no secrets from Rachel.

Cass: You came over here to tell us what's going on?

Jason: In a way, yeah.

Sharlene: He did, yes.

Cass: Look, Jason, I was at the police station when Marsten asked to call you.

Jason: Well, he came over and he saw me after that call.

Mac: Why did he want you?

Sharlene: Tell him, Jason.

Jason: Because I was working for him.

Rachel: You worked for him?

Jason: He came through with the money I needed to save Frame Construction. Now, for that, I did some things for him.

Mac: Could you be a little more specific about what things?

Jason: The night he disapp-- what am I telling him this for?

Sharlene: Because it's the truth, Jason.

Jason: The night he disappeared, I was the one who trashed his room.

Cass: So it looked like something happened to him?

Jason: Yeah, you were the last person I expected to come by, Mac.

Mac: You were there when I came in?

Jason: I ducked into the bedroom.

Mac: Then you're the one that knocked me out!

Jason: I didn't -- I couldn't allow any witnesses to what I had done, Mac.

Cass: And while Mac was unconscious, you put his fingerprints on that gun you stashed?

Jason: Yeah.

Rachel: How could you do such a thing?

Mac: You were acting on specific orders from Marsten?

Sharlene: That's right, he was.

Mac: Please, Sharlene. I want to hear his answers to my questions.

Jason: Drew had gotten some blood that morning. He had me spill it on the carpet, as well.

Rachel: And Marstenís jacket and the wallet that was found in the lake?

Jason: Yes, I did that, too.

Cass: And then you just walked away?

Rachel: And let my husband be charged for murder!

Sharlene: He never would have let you go to jail, Mac. I know that. Please do the same for him. I'm begging you. Please?

Mac: You're not saying much, Jason. Are you asking for mercy, too?

Donna: You know, while I was packing, Mikey came running in and he saw the suitcase and he said, "Where going?" And I told him that I was going away with you for a few days, and so he asked me, "Mikey going?" And I told him no, that he was going to be staying with your mother. And I told him, though, that we would miss him very much and that we'd come back for him. I promised him, Michael, that we would always come back for him.

Michael: We will, Donna. We will.

Donna: I just have to be sure of that. Oh --

Michael: What? What is it? What's wrong?

Donna: Um -- I -- I feel like something terrible has happened.

Michael: Oh, come on, you're just working yourself up.

Donna: No! No, Michael, I know that something is wrong!

Michael: Donna, it's been a really tough day.

Donna: No, that doesn't have anything to do with it!

Michael: Where you going?

Matt: All righty! See, we had a good time with the ducks. Next time we'll take Josie along with us and we can --

Chris: Hello!

Matt: Hey!

Chris: Oh, Mikey --

Matt: Hello.

Chris: It's so good to see you, you little rascal!

Matt: You know Mikey?

Chris: Oh, yes. I've been looking all over for him. I live down the road from Clara Hudson.

Matt: Oh, hi. I -- Iím Matt Cory.

Chris: Yeah. I baby-sit for this guy all the time. How you doing, honey?

Matt: How is Mrs. Hudson?

Chris: She's feeling much better. As a matter of fact, that's why she asked me to come and get Mikey, take him home.

Matt: Oh, good. Did you talk to Mrs. Watts?

Chris: Sharlene? No, I didn't see her.

Matt: Oh, yeah, that's right, she left.

Chris: She must be awful busy these days. John tells me she opened a produce stand.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, she's been kind of busy. Josie and I were taking care of Mikey this morning.

Chris: Clara is so grateful to you. Thanks for taking care of him. Now that she's feeling better, though, she wants him to come back home.

Matt: Yeah, I'm just glad she's feeling all right.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Ok, boy? We're going to have to go see the ducks again, right? A duck? Quack! Ok, we'll take Josie next time, all right?

Chris: Say goodbye, Mikey. We're going to go see Clara.

Mikey: See you later.

Chris: Bye-bye.

Matt: Bye.

Mikey: Bye-bye.

Matt: Bye-bye.

Mac: I should let you rot in prison.

Sharlene: Please, Mac, no.

Mac: But I assume you're the only support for your sister and Josie.

Rachel: Mac!

Cass: Mac, they could throw the book at this guy!

Sharlene: Please, Mr. Cory, don't change your mind.

Mac: And, unfortunately, you are Jamieís uncle. He's got enough on his mind to contend with without knowing that you sold an innocent man down the river without a moment's hesitation.

Sharlene: But he wouldn't do that. He wouldnít. I --

Mac: Have you told me everything honestly now?

Jason: Yes, I have, Mac.

Mac: I won't press charges, but I hope I never lay eyes on you again.

Jason: Can't blame you for feeling that way, Mac.

Mac: And I won't interfere with what the police want to do. They may have plans of their own for you.

Sharlene: Thank you, Mr. Cory. Thank you so much. I'm sorry.

Cass: Wait -- wait a second, Jason. What did Marsten say to you? How does he plan to get out of this?

Jason: I think he's going to try to pin it on me.

Rachel: He's worse than you, but you earned it.

Cass: There may be a way to clear yourself and still make sure that Marsten gets what he deserves.

Sharlene: Well, what is it? He'll do it.

Cass: Testify against Marsten in exchange for immunity.

Mac: There wouldn't be a trial, and Iíve had all the notoriety I want out of this.

Cass: Oh, there'd still be a trial.

Rachel: Yeah, but if Marsten felt that Jasonís testimony was damning, he wouldn't want a jury.

Mac: And he'd decide to plead guilty.

Jason: Maybe I shouldn't go to the cops alone.

Cass: I'll go with you.

Mac: No, Cass, you've done enough, much more than enough for me. Go back to Nicole. I'll go with Jason.

Cass: Ok, but if there's anything you need, Mac --

Mac: I'll call you right away.

Rachel: Cass, we can't thank you enough.

Cass: Don't mention it. I'll talk to you later.

Rachel: Ok.

Sharlene: We should leave.

Rachel: Just a minute. I want to talk to you for a minute. Thank you for thinking of Jamie.

Mac: How could I not think of him? He's our son, not a Frame, ever since he was a boy.

Rachel: That's because you've treated him like a son. It's one of the reasons I love you so much.

Mac: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Rachel: Ok.

Mac: Ok, shall we go?

Rachel: Sharlene will stay with me. You don't need her. You can take care of everything, and Sharlene and I need to talk.

Donna: Oh, it's busy!

Michael: Don't you think she would've called if something was wrong?

Donna: Victoria. Maybe -- maybe it's Victoria.

Donna: Come on, answer!

Michael: Honey --

Donna: Where could she be? I'm --

Michael: Donna, please. It's possible you're a little stressed out after all this. Why don't you lay down for a little while?

Donna: No. That wouldn't do any good.

Michael: I think it might. Honey, we're not going to lose Mikey. We're doing everything we can to keep him. We're not going to lose him. He's part of our family.

Donna: Oh, Michael, you know how much I love you, don't you?

Michael: Yeah, I know that.

Donna: I can't help it. I just can't stop this feeling. I can't help it.

Michael: Donna, what is it?

Rachel: I wish there were an easier way for us to talk, Sharlene, but Jason has made that impossible.

Sharlene: I'm sorry to say you're right.

Rachel: When you came here and accused me of not being fair to you and your family, I thought about that a lot. I thought about all of you -- you and Steven and Willis and Janice -- and how our lives have touched over the years -- sometimes pleasantly, more often not.

Sharlene: Well, I've been thinking about that ever since Matthew and Josie became friends.

Rachel: But Jamie wanted to get to know all of you. And what happened that was unpleasant happened many years ago, and I have had absolutely nothing against Josie. She seems like a very nice girl. I was trying to be fair.

Sharlene: I know how you must feel.

Rachel: But you obviously don't know how it is to look at the husband you adore and wonder how either of you is going to survive if he gets sent to prison for a murder he didn't commit!

Sharlene: Jason never would've let that happen, Rachel.

Rachel: Jason never would've said anything if he hadn't wanted to save his own skin!

Sharlene: Look, I know this is no excuse, but when you come from nothing --

Rachel: I came from nothing! My mother worked her fingers to the bone to put food on our table and clothes on my back, so don't use your deprived childhood as an excuse, not to me!

Sharlene: Look, I am not just talking about money, Rachel. I'm talking about wanting to feel like someone special. Now, Ada gave you that.

Rachel: Does Jason feel special now, Sharlene?

Sharlene: No, he feels like dirt! He's always felt that way! Just like I did, even when I was Mrs. Russ Matthews.

Rachel: That wasn't Russ' fault. Don't you see that? Jason's problems aren't Macís fault! You people amaze me! You can cause others unspeakable pain, and then you find a way to let yourself off the hook!

Sharlene: Well, maybe that's because you're so good at keeping us on the hook.

Rachel: I'm not interested in keeping you anywhere but away from my family.

Sharlene: Meaning what?

Rachel: I suggest that Jamie move out of your house, Sharlene.

Sharlene: He's happy there, and we love him.

Rachel: Is he going to be happy there once I tell him what Jason has just done?

Sharlene: You'd do that?

Rachel: You bet I would, if I have to.

Sharlene: Well, Jamieís his own man. He may decide to stay with us.

Rachel: And I will have to live with that. Jamie is a grown man. Matthew, on the other hand, is not.

Sharlene: You wouldn't.

Rachel: Oh, yes, I would. I will do anything I have to to keep you people away from my family. This kind of criminal behavior has gone on and on and on with you and your family, Sharlene. I don't want Matthew to have anything to do with any of you, and that includes Josie!

Matt: Hi.

Josie: Hi. Where's Mikey?

Matt: Who?

Josie: Mikey.

Matt: Oh, I -- I knew I forgot something.

Josie: Matthew, where is he?

Matt: I'm only kidding. A neighbor of Mrs. Hudson's stopped us on the way back from the pond and said Mrs. Hudson was feeling great and that she wanted Mikey back.

Josie: Why'd you have to scare me like that?

Matt: Sorry. It did get you over here, though, didn't it?

Josie: Matthew, who was the neighbor?

Matt: Uh -- well, she didn't mention her name. She looked familiar, though -- dark hair, kind of pretty. She had the southern accent. You know, she sat for Mikey a lot of times, she said. Mikey seemed to like her.

Josie: I guess it's ok, then.

Matt: Yeah.

Josie: I'm going to miss him, though.

Matt: Oh, yeah. Me, too. He's a good kid. Even though he did want to go swimming with those ducks.

Josie: You didn't let him, did you?

Matt: Josie, Iím only kidding. It's a joke. Come on, lighten up. We've got our whole lives ahead of us.

Michael: Ok, Tom, yeah, I will -- I'll tell her. Thank you. Bye.

Donna: Well? What?

Michael: Tom is setting up a meeting with Louise Brown.

Donna: Who's she?

Michael: Louise Brown is the state official in charge of all of the child welfare boards.

Donna: Oh, Michael!

Michael: And she's going to be in Washington next week to apply for federal funding.

Donna: Oh, this is terrific. Well, did he say he thought it was going to be good? It was going to go well?

Michael: Well, the words that he used -- let me quote him exactly now -- he said she would be "extremely sympathetic to our case."

Donna: We did it! Mikey is going to be a part of our family! We did it! We won! Oh, we won!

Chris: Oh, you sweetheart. We're going to go for a ride --

Mikey: Yeah.

Chris: And everything is going to be just the way it used to be.

Mikey: No.

Chris: Oh, yes, it will.

Mikey: No.

Chris: Oh, yes, it will.

Mikey: No.

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