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Vicky: Oh, this old man

Amanda: He played three

Vicky: He played knick-knack on my knee with a knick-knack paddy whack

Amanda: Give a dog a bone

Vicky: Oh, this old man came rolling home well, what's next? I -- I don't know anymore. Do you?

Amanda: That's all right. I think three verses is quite enough.

Vicky: I think so. You don't seem too thrilled with that song, now, do you, Alli?

[Alli fusses]

Amanda: Oh, no, she loves to be sung to.

Vicky: Oh, I see. Uh-huh.

Amanda: Come here, cutie. Watch your hands.

Vicky: Thanks. What happens when you get angry at the daddy of your kid? I hope our child is as beautiful as Alli.

Amanda: Oh, don't mind beautiful. Just hope that they sleep a lot at first.

Vicky: What -- I thought they slept all night through after the first few months.

Amanda: The first few months can be a very long time when you're not getting any sleep.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, I get your point. Hmm.

Amanda: Hmm. You know, though, it's true that there isn't a feeling that's more wonderful and more sweet than holding your own baby in your arms.

Vicky: I hope I feel that way.

Amanda: Oh, you will. I know you will. Your baby will be the best thing that could ever happen to you, next to meeting your --

Vicky: Husband. You were going to say "husband," right?

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Vicky: No, Amanda, it's ok. I face the likelihood that Iím not going to have one.

Amanda: You may be wrong.

Vicky: You think so?

Amanda: You know, your baby is going to be Alliís cousin, her first one?

Vicky: Yeah?

Amanda: And she's also going to be my mother's second grandchild. Now, that's got to mean something.

Vicky: Yeah, to you, maybe, but not to your mother.

Amanda: My mother has been known to change her mind. Not very often, I admit, but it could happen.

Vicky: Well, until it does -- if it ever does -- Amanda, I don't want to cause any problems between you and your family, and I think that, under the circumstances, we should end our friendship.

Jake: Well, I'm going to clean these up and then roll out the opening shots of the documentary.

Vince: Uh, you going to be working on that all day?

Jake: Yeah, pretty much. Why?

Vince: Well, I was wondering -- if you and Marley wanted a four-star lunch, I'm thinking maybe you ought to come by Maryís place.

Jake: Oh, not today, Vince.

Vince: Corned beef and cabbage a la McKinnon?

Jake: Oh, I've got to take Marley into the hospital.

Vince: Oh. Something wrong?

Jake: No, she's just having another fertility test.

Vince: Oh.

Jake: She's pretty desperate about having a baby.

Vince: It's not absolutely sure that she can't conceive?

Jake: Well, that's what the doctor says in California, but Marleyís not going to take no for an answer.

Vince: Well -- well, how about you?

Jake: How about me, what?

Vince: Well, maybe it's your fault.

Jake: What are you talking about, my fault?

Vince: Well, I don't mean "fault." I mean, maybe -- maybe it's your problem.

Jake: Wait a minute. Are you trying to say that we might not be able to have a baby because of me?

Vince: Well, it's been known to happen. You know, I mean, they do have tests for men.

Jake: Yeah, I've heard.

Vince: Well, even if it wasn't your problem, wouldn't it make Marley feel better to know that you took a test, too?

Mac: She's working a 14-hour day, Ada.

Ada: I hear her going to bed late.

Mac: And it's hard work, detailed work.

Ada: Well, she's got a lot of energy.

Mac: But she looks tired, extremely tired.

Ada: Rachel can handle it, Mac.

Mac: I should be able to help. I should be able to go into the office a couple of hours a day for her.

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: Forget about it. The board said no, so it's no.

Vivien: I got it!

Ada: Oh! That voice would shatter glass from here to Saskatchewan.

Vivien: Oh, I'm so glad to see you! Dr. Jamie Frame, M.D.

Mac: Thank you, Vivien. Hello, Jamie.

Jamie: Mac, grandma.

Ada: Smile when you say that, doctor.

Jamie: It's not a day for smiles, grandma.

Ada: Sorry about that.

Mac: What is it, Jamie?

Jamie: Lisa gave me back my ring. She doesn't want to see me anymore.

Mac: I'm sorry, Jamie.

Ada: Well, women are funny about engagements, you know? They'll give you the ring back one night and take it back the next day.

Jamie: Can't tell you how much I wish that were true.

Jake: Look, Vince, Marley is the one with the problem, not me.

Vince: Well, you are now a doctor?

Jake: The doctor in California said that Marley will probably never conceive.

Vince: Yeah, but you didn't buy that.

Jake: No, not 100%, I didn't.

Vince: Well, it's only 100% when all the tests are known, including yours.

Jake: Why are you bugging me with this?

Vince: Look, aren't you the guy who said you'd do anything, go anywhere?

Jake: Yes, but --

Vince: Well, so go! Do! Jake, look, listen to me. Pride can be a man's worst enemy. I mean, it can eat away at a marriage if you don't watch out for it.

Jake: And you think I'd let that happen?

Vince: Oh, no, no. You're too smart. It's guys like me who have to learn the hard way. Hey.

Jake: Vince, you and Mary have a super marriage.

Vince: Now. But years ago, when things weren't going well for me, pride kept me from facing up to things that were too tough to look at. So I drank.

Jake: That's not going to happen to me.

Vince: Oh, I didn't think it'd happen to me, either, but it did. And I lost Mary.

Jake: You're saying I'm going to lose Marley?

Vince: Are you willing to risk it?

Jake: Man, you sure are making me feel great today, aren't you?

Vince: Oh, hey, hey, you're right, don't listen to me. I mean, you're going to do the right thing.

Jake: Ok, Vince, Iíll talk to Mary today and I'll have her make an appointment at the hospital for me.

Vince: You probably would've done that without me saying anything.

Amanda: You really think that I would stop being your friend?

Vicky: The thought crossed my mind.

Amanda: Vicky, no. I'll always be here for you.

Vicky: Amanda, do you know how much your mother resents our friendship?

Amanda: Well, I can work that out with her.

Vicky: Can you really?

Amanda: We've already agreed to disagree on your baby.

Vicky: And what about Jamie?

Amanda: He avoids the subject altogether.

Vicky: He doesn't talk about it at all with you?

Amanda: No, not anymore.

Vicky: Oh, wow. I thought everyone was talking about me and my baby.

Amanda: Most people, I guess, have their own problems.

Vicky: Well, my problem has become other people's problem. Lisa breaks off the engagement, Jamieís miserable, your mother's hostile towards me, and Felicia --

Amanda: Wait a minute. What did my mother say?

Vicky: She told me that Jamieís not the father of my child.

Amanda: Oh, that is not fair. Vicky, Iím so sorry.

Vicky: No, it's all right. It's all right, Amanda. It's just a mother trying to protect her son.

Amanda: Well, she shouldn't have to. Jamie is a grown man. He can protect himself.

Vicky: I wish I could figure out a way that he would protect me.

Amanda: Just give it time.

Vicky: I don't have that much time, Amanda.

Amanda: Well, just a couple of days, a week --

Vicky: Yeah, and then what?

Amanda: Then tell him how you feel. Tell him what you need. Just be honest with him.

Vicky: And then what if he still avoids me?

Amanda: Give him more time. But, look, don't pressure him. Because he and I are just like our mom. We don't budge under pressure.

Vicky: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Amanda: What's wrong?

Vicky: Amanda --

Amanda: What is it?

Vicky: I have a feeling --

Amanda: That nausea?

Vicky: Yeah.

Amanda: Do you want a couple crackers?

Vicky: No, it doesn't work for me. I'm going to have to get my doctor to think of a new idea. I'm going to see her today. Oh, man.

Amanda: Ok, how about lying down?

Vicky: Yeah, good idea.

Amanda: Here, put your feet up.

Vicky: Oh -- yeah --

Amanda: Ok, there.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Amanda: Better?

Vicky: Yeah, thanks.

Amanda: Comfy?

Vicky: Oh --

Amanda: Oh, this -- this feeling will pass in a couple of months.

Vicky: I certainly hope so.

Amanda: And then you'll feel terrific.

Vicky: If I can stop being afraid.

Amanda: Afraid of what?

Vicky: Amanda, I'm -- Iím always afraid that something is wrong with my baby.

Amanda: Oh. Don't you hate that?

Vicky: What, you know the feeling?

Amanda: Oh, Vicky, Iím sure 90% of pregnant women have gone through that. That feeling can eat you up if you let it.

Vicky: I just wish I knew.

Amanda: Look, just concentrate on that beautiful baby that you are going to have. It'll make it all worthwhile.

Mac: The day Amanda was born was one of the happiest days in my life. Remember, Ada?

Ada: I thought we were going to have to lock him up.

Mac: It made everything else in life seem trivial.

Jamie: You know, I've heard the same thing from other guys.

Ada: Did they tell you about the responsibility that goes with it?

Mac: And that's true, too.

Ada: This is a tiny, little, helpless life we're talking about.

Jamie: Grandma, I am a doctor. I have seen newborn babies.

Ada: Did you take one home with you?

Jamie: No, not yet.

Ada: Do you really want to get involved in raising a child?

Jamie: Well, it's not that simple, grandma.

Ada: You know, I remember when Steve found out that you were his son. That was it. He'd do anything for you.

Jamie: Yes, I remember.

Ada: He made Rachelís life impossible, but he did that because he loved her.

Jamie: I remember that, too.

Ada: Steve always said that the most frustrating thing was part-time parenting. You think you can handle that?

Jamie: I'm willing to try.

Ada: What if Vicky marries somebody?

Jamie: Well, I don't want another man raising my child, if that's what you're thinking.

Ada: Well, I think that you had better start working something out with Vicky.

Vivien: Mail call! You got some pretty exotic stamps here, Mr. Cory. If you don't keep them, can I have them?

Mac: Of course, Vivien. Thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: There's one from Ghana, there's one from Singapore, and there's two from Romania.

Mac: Thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: It's ok.

Ada: Vivien, I've got some lunch warming up in the oven.

Vivien: Mmm. Is that what smells so good?

Ada: Yeah, it's for Rachel, and I have to baby-sit for Amanda. Would you take it out of the oven in 15 minutes?

Vivien: 15 minutes.

Ada: Yep. And take it to "Brava"?

Vivien: "Brava"?

Ada: Yeah. That's where Rachel works, in Macís office.

Vivien: Is that at the Cory complex?

Ada: That's right.

Vivien: That place is enormous.

Ada: That's why they call it a complex.

Vivien: I always get lost in places like that.

Mac: Come with me, Vivien. I'll get you a map of the complex. Then you can't possibly get lost.

Vivien: It's a deal.

Ada: Want to come to Amandaís with me?

Jamie: Amanda's?

Ada: Vicky lives across the hall.

Jamie: Ahem.

Ada: You could stop in and say hello.

Marley: Oh, I hate all this waiting around time.

Jake: Me, too.

Marley: Let's leave, then.

Jake: Oh. Marley, we are going to find out how come we can't have a baby.

Marley: Well, we could do it another time -- say, a year or two.

Jake: Marley --

Marley: I'm serious, Jake. We have plenty of time. We're still young.

Jake: What are you afraid of?

Marley: The doctors here will say the same thing as the doctor in California, Jake. I'm never going to be able to have a child.

Jake: There is no such thing as "never" anymore. If you have a problem -- even if I have a problem -- there is still a way for us to conceive.

Marley: What do you mean, if you have a problem?

Jake: I'm getting tested today.

Marley: What for, sweetheart?

Jake: Infertility. Isn't that what we're here for?

Marley: Well, why should you go through something like that? You don't have anything wrong with you.

Jake: Honey, listen to me. We are going to go through this together.

Marley: Right. Ok.

Mary: Hi.

Marley: Mary. Thank you so much for setting up these appointments for us.

Jake: Yeah, we really appreciate it.

Mary: I'm glad I could help.

Marley: Well, do we start the tests right away?

Mary: Not right away. First they have to do all that boring stuff about getting your history and your family's history and all of that.

Jake: Right. How long will that take?

Mary: I don't know. But if it doesn't take too long, they might start on the tests today. There are so many tests these days, and so many possible treatments if there's a problem.

Marley: Well, I hope none of them will be necessary.

Mary: I do, too. And that is, of course, another possibility. But isn't a comfort to know if you do need it, it's there?

Jake: Yeah. You're right.

Mary: Ok. I'm going to walk you down to Dr. Walsteder's office. But before we go, would you like to talk to me or discuss anything or ask anything?

Marley: Uh-uh, I can't think of anything. Can you?

Jake: Nothing off the top of my head.

Marley: Ok.

Mary: Well, fine. Then after you have the tests, and after you've discussed the medical aspect with your doctor, if you want to, we could sit and discuss the problem -- if there is a problem -- and how it might emotionally affect your lives.

Marley: Well, I -- I hope that won't be necessary.

Mary: I do, too. Ok. You guys ready?

Marley: Ready.

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: Ok.

Mary: Let's go.

Lisa: I can't find it.

Rick: No, wait --

Captain: Ok, listen up.

Lisa: Oh, good morning, Captain.

Captain: I said listen up. Now, Iím going to say this one time.

Rick: We're listening, Captain.

Captain: Am I looking at you?

Rick: Sorry.

Captain: Now, this is for you, Grady. You're the public relations chief, right?

Lisa: Right.

Captain: Good. So prepare for action right now. There's a documentary crew descending on us.

Lisa: Documentary?

Captain: You heard me. Now, you're going to be the liaison between the director and the force. Understood?

Lisa: What are they going to be shooting?

Captain: They haven't told me yet. But it's your job to see that they don't make dopes out of us or something worse!

Lisa: Well, how do I do that?

Captain: By sitting on top of it. You get advance approval of the shooting script, the rough cut, the final cut!

Lisa: Captain, I don't know anything about documentaries.

Captain: Get a book from the library, then! Nobody here is going to teach you!

Rick: Ooh. Well, I think you better take a long lunch hour today, Grady. It's going to be the only break you get for months.

Lisa: I don't need a break. This is great.

Rick: Oh, come on.

Lisa: You bet! Now I have something to fill up my days.

Ada: Surprise!

Amanda: Hi!

Ada: Look who's here.

Amanda: Jamie.

Jamie: She doesn't look too happy to see us, grandma.

Amanda: No, I am. Of course I am.

Ada: Well, I didn't come to see her anyway. I came to see my pal here, my beautiful little Alli! She doesn't talk back yet. Do you, sweetheart?

[Amanda laughs]

[Alli fusses]

Ada: Oh! Look at this. She's grown an inch.

Amanda: Grandma, you just saw her yesterday.

Ada: Well, an inch a day. Hey!

Amanda: Do you want a cup of coffee or soda or something?

Jamie: No. No, actually, I came by to see if Vicky was here. Do you know if she's home?

Amanda: She just went out.

Ada: Oop-ee! I picked you up without asking mommy.

Amanda: That's all right.

Ada: Oh, it's all right.

Jamie: So -- so, where is she?

Amanda: She just went to the doctorís.

Jamie: Is -- is something wrong?

Amanda: No, no. It's just routine.

Jamie: She's ok, right?

Amanda: Other than the usual anxieties.

Jamie: Well, like what?

Amanda: Oh, she's worrying if the baby's going to be all right, will everything go smoothly --

Jamie: Oh, that's ridiculous. She's young and healthy.

Amanda: And alone.

Jamie: Now, Amanda, don't start in on me, ok?

Amanda: I just think you should spend more time with her, that's all.

Jamie: And you should stay out of it!

Amanda: She's my friend!

Ada: Hey, guys, knock it off. You're scaring the baby.

Jamie: Listen, I am only concerned about the baby. If I could help it, I'd never talk to the mother again.

Amanda: What'd I do?

Ada: Well, whatever it was, you don't win the diplomacy award of the year.

Amanda: Well, thank you. I feel much better now.

Ada: You know how your brother is when he's under pressure -- just like your mother. Hey -- hey --

Amanda: You know, I gave that exact advice to Vicky this morning? Maybe I should've listened to it.

Ada: You want some of my advice?

Amanda: I think I'm going to get it anyway.

Ada: If you try to influence Jamieís decision, you're only going to make things worse. Yeah? Right? Right? When you suffer

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Yes?

Evan: How's it going?

Rachel: I hope those aren't for me.

Evan: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Rachel: Oh, Evan, come on! I haven't even made a dent in what you gave me last night!

Evan: Well, I had assumed that you would've taken those home.

Rachel: I did take them home. I couldn't get through all of that last night.

Evan: Oh, really?

Rachel: Evan, there is such a thing as a family life, you know -- or you would if you had one.

Evan: Well, that may be true, but, you know, running this company -- you have to read and evaluate these reports.

Rachel: I know that, Evan.

Evan: If it would make you happy, I would be glad to take some of this off your hands.

Rachel: It would make me very happy.

Evan: But might I remind you that I don't have the authority to make decisions based upon my evaluations.

Rachel: Are you asking for the authority, Evan?

Evan: No. What's the point? It's not my company.

Rachel: You're right, it isn't. I don't know how Mac coped with all of this all these years.

Evan: He's a very special man.

Rachel: Yeah, well, I'm just beginning to realize just how special. Isn't there some way we can work it out so he can at least make decisions around here?

Evan: Well, the board was very clear about that.

Rachel: All right, all right.

Evan: He's to stay out of Cory business until the charges are dropped.

Rachel: Right. More stock transfers. Look at this.

Evan: Are you certain these aren't duplicate records from other reports? I mean, it happens quite often. Come on, there's no way around it. Everything has to be read.

Rachel: Yeah, terrific.

Evan: Come on, Mrs. Cory. You can do it. You just have to allocate a large block of time.

Rachel: Get out of here!

[Evan laughs]

Rachel: Get out --

Evan: Come on, you can do it. I'll see you later, all right?

Rachel: Ok.

Rachel: It's Mrs. Cory. I'm going to be out of the office for a while. I'll let you know when I get back. Don't go away!

Marley: Well, now, that wasn't so bad, huh? What is the next step?

Mary: Well, I guess it all depends.

Marley: Mary, I'm serious. What happens if I cannot conceive?

Mary: Oh, honey, Iím sure the doctor will explain all of that in detail to you.

Marley: I know, but can't you give me the slightest hint?

Mary: Well, gosh, I only know what Iíve read. I know that there -- there is artificial insemination. There are fertility drugs. There's in vitro fertilization. There are really incredible things going on these days.

Marley: All right, now, what happens if all of those fail?

Mary: Can we have a slightly positive attitude here?

Marley: Please, Mary. What happens if all of those procedures fail?

Mary: Well, I guess the bottom line is there is always adoption. But why are we even talking about this now? Let's -- let's not get into making plans or decisions until we know what your options are.

Marley: Ok. Thank you so much for helping us through this time.

Mary: I really am glad to be able to do it.

Marley: I guess it's just been extremely difficult for us.

Mary: I understand that. But think how lucky you are to have in Jake a husband who is willing to put aside the very well-known McKinnon macho to help make it easier for you.

Marley: Well, your nephew is one wonderful man.

Mary: I think a lot of what's good in him comes from knowing you. And I really, really believe that with the love that you have for each other, and a positive attitude -- if you want children, there will be children in your future.

Amanda: Hi, mom.

Rachel: Hi, honey. Is she awake?

Amanda: Oh, great. I don't even get a "Hi, honey, you look wonderful, I love your new jeans."

Rachel: Where is she? Where is she?

Amanda: She's with grandma.

Rachel: I'm grandma!

Amanda: My grandma.

Rachel: Oh. Oh. Well, I guess I have no excuse. I have to go back to work now.

Amanda: Hello? Spend time with your daughter, maybe? I know Iím not as cute and cuddly as Alli, but --

Rachel: Oh, honey, Iím sorry. I don't mean to ignore you.

Amanda: I know. It's just your work schedule, that's all. But every time you do stop by, Alli does get all of your attention.

Rachel: Well, that'll change. I'm sorry.

Amanda: Oh, don't apologize. I mean, there's no way you could spend time with everybody with that crazy work schedule of yours.

Rachel: I don't know how long Iím going to be able to go on doing it.

Amanda: Well, can't you ease up on yourself a little?

Rachel: And let Cory Publishing down?

Amanda: Well, maybe -- maybe you could use more help.

Rachel: I've got all the help I need. I mean, even Jamie has agreed to do some reading for me.

Amanda: You know, he stopped by this morning.

Rachel: Did he?

Amanda: Mm-hmm. He came by to see Vicky, but she wasn't around.

Rachel: Good.

Amanda: Let's not get into it.

Rachel: I don't understand why he has to get involved with her.

Amanda: She is having his child.

Rachel: Yes, I know. We know that.

Amanda: I don't understand how you can be so callous about this.

Rachel: She's making him miserable!

Amanda: She's not exactly on cloud nine.

Rachel: Well, she brought it on herself.

Amanda: You can't be sure of that, Mom.

Rachel: Boy, she's really gotten you fooled, hasn't she?

Amanda: She's done no such thing.

Rachel: She's using you to get to Jamie.

Amanda: She's not using anybody. All she needs is a friend.

Rachel: She's never needed one before.

Amanda: She happens to be having a very difficult pregnancy. Now, this child is going to be part of our family. If you don't start forgiving Vicky now, you aren't even going to know your own grandchild.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello?

Rick: Mrs. Fowler, this is Rick Graham.

Amanda: Yes, what is it?

Rick: Well, I still have a few questions to ask you about the Marsten case.

Amanda: Look, this isn't a very good time.

Rick: Well, I could come over there if it's more convenient.

Amanda: No, no. I'll come down to the station.

Rick: Now?

Amanda: As soon as I can get there.

Rick: Ok, I'll see you then. I'll try not to take up too much of your time.

Amanda: Yeah, right. Bye.

Rachel: You're going over to the police station?

Amanda: Well, detective Graham has not exactly given me much of a choice.

Rachel: I'll go with you.

Amanda: No, I don't want you to get upset. I'll go alone.

Rachel: Well, then go over and see Zack first, ok? You shouldn't go over there and be questioned without consulting with him first. Do you understand?

Rachel: Eager about Sam? What does that mean?

Evan: Well, Caroline wants to exhibit his work.

Rachel: Oh, that'd be terrific. But you don't need my ok for that.

Evan: Well, her Chicago gallery has no space. She barely has enough room to show the artists that she already handles.

Rachel: Where are you going with this?

Evan: Well, she needs to expand and she has no cash. That's the bottom line.

Rachel: No expansion, no Sam?

Evan: I'd hate for that to happen.

Rachel: Well, so would Sam and Amanda.

Evan: She's very proud of his work.

Rachel: I see where this is going. Money is what is needed here, right? On her behalf?

Evan: A loan at almost any terms would be acceptable.

Rachel: Will you co-sign the loan?

Evan: Me? Of course! I mean, that gallery is going to be a huge success, and so is Sam.

Rachel: Sam's artwork would have to be prominently displayed, not in any back room.

Evan: Well, Caroline might go for a private showing if she knew that all the right people would be there.

Rachel: That could be arranged.

Evan: Then it's a done deal?

Rachel: You'd have to guarantee that no one would know I was involved in this.

Evan: Oh, I understand that completely. And you have my word on it.

Rachel: All right, have the papers drawn up.

Evan: Right away. And I've taken up enough of your time, and I'll let you get right back to work. If you'd like, I could stay here for a little while and we could do some of this work together.

Amanda: I'm afraid I couldn't get a hold of my attorney.

Rick: No problem.

Amanda: Well, I'm not about to answer any questions without him being here.

Rick: Well, these will just be general questions, minor stuff.

Amanda: I know my rights, officer. I don't have to cooperate, and I wonít. So don't bother wasting your time.

Lisa: Rick, Delaneyís on the warpath. He's looking for you. Amanda.

Amanda: Hello, Lisa.

Rick: Well, I'll be back, I hope. Oh -- please don't leave, Mrs. Fowler.

Lisa: I'm sorry you have to go through this, Amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, so am I.

Lisa: Rick's basically a good guy. This is his first big case. He's eager.

Amanda: He's also rude, abrasive, and very, very wrong.

Lisa: I know you don't have anything to do with Marstenís disappearance.

Amanda: No one in my family did.

Lisa: I know that.

Amanda: I've got to get going.

Lisa: Rick did ask you to stay.

Amanda: Look, I shouldn't have come down here in the first place. I didn't have to.

Lisa: Look, Amanda, he'll get a court order if you leave. You might as well just stay and get it over with.

Amanda: You know, there is something that's been bothering me, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh? What's that?

Amanda: Why didn't you tell Jamie about Vickyís pregnancy when you first found out?

Lisa: You'd make a great cop, Amanda. That's quite a question.

Amanda: Didn't you think he deserved to know?

Lisa: I didn't know how to break it to him.

Amanda: Well, you made a bad situation worse.

Lisa: I know that, Amanda.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come across being so smug.

Lisa: It's ok. It's over now, so I might as well tell you my side of it. I believe Vicky got pregnant deliberately to take Jamie away from me.

Amanda: I know Vicky pretty well, and I really don't think she's capable of doing that.

Lisa: Well, you may know her pretty well, but I know her very well. Vicky doesn't do anything unless it's to her advantage. And that includes making a friend of you so she'll have an ally in the Cory family.

Vivien: I got here as soon as I could --

[Rachel gasps]

Rachel: You startled me, Vivien.

Vivien: And now it's cold.

Rachel: What's cold?

Vivien: I'm not sure, but when I took it out of the oven it was real hot.

Rachel: Lunch? Mom made me lunch?

Vivien: And she's probably going to blame me because now it's cold.

Rachel: It's not your fault. How long have you been waiting for me?

Vivien: Too long.

Rachel: Great. Anybody come in looking for me?

Vivien: Nary a soul, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Good.

Evan: Excuse me. May I come in?

Rachel: No, not if you're going to give me more papers to read.

Evan: Well, this should only take a couple of hours.

Rachel: Evan, you're drowning me in paperwork!

Evan: I'm sorry, but I thought we agreed not to complain about being overworked.

Rachel: I didn't agree. You might've agreed, I didnít.

Vivien: Hi!

Evan: Hi.

Rachel: Oh, sorry. Evan Bates, Vivien Gorrow.

Evan: Nice to meet you.

Vivien: You look like someone.

Evan: I beg your pardon?

Rachel: Vivien works for us at the house.

Vivien: I wish Iíd remembered my glasses.

Evan: Well, I'll let you get back to --

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler!

Rachel: What?

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler had a friend just like you.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Vivien: That's where I know you from -- New York City.

Evan: You must be mistaken. I -- I don't know any Wheelers.

Vivien: Well, I could be wrong. Lord knows it's happened before.

Rachel: Vivien is nearsighted.

Vivien: That's deeply personal, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Sorry, Vivien.

Evan: Excuse me. I'll let you two get back to what you're doing. I'll talk to you later, Mrs. Cory, and it was nice meeting you, Vivien.

Vivien: Well, I'll let you get back to work.

Rachel: Oh, no, no -- stay, stay. Keep me company while I eat. Oh, thanks. Oh, boy. Well, now you can tell me what's been going on with Iris. 

Caroline: Hello, there.

Ada: Hi.

Caroline: I'm looking for Sam or Amanda Fowler, please.

Ada: Well, they're not here right now. I'm taking care of the baby.

Caroline: Well, can I leave a note, please?

Ada: Sure. Can I get you a pencil and paper?

Caroline: Thanks, I've got some in my bag.

Ada: What are you looking at?

Caroline: Oh, am I disturbing you?

Ada: Oh, no, no. I'm Amandaís grandmother, Ada Hobson.

Caroline: Oh, forgive me! I'm Caroline Stafford. Lovely to meet you.

Ada: Uh-huh. What do you want Amanda and Sam for?

Caroline: Well, actually, I'm interested in exhibiting some of Samís paintings. I've got a Chicago art gallery.

Ada: You are?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Ada: No kidding! What a terrific idea!

Caroline: Well, listen, make sure you tell him I stopped by, ok?

Ada: Oh, sure, I will. Hey, do you have to go so soon? I mean, would you like a cup of tea? I'm having one.

Caroline: Oh, I tell you, I really would like to sit down for a minute.

Ada: Good.

Caroline: Thanks a lot.

Ada: Ok. The baby is finally taking her nap.

Caroline: Oh, I'll be quiet, then.

Ada: Oh, don't worry about it. Alli can sleep through anything.

Caroline: Oh, that's fantastic. It's really great. I mean, look at the composition.

Ada: Yeah, I love that, too.

Caroline: Hmm.

Ada: I've been kind of hinting at it for a birthday present, but --

Caroline: You know, Samís a very talented young man. Here?

Ada: Yeah.

Caroline: Thanks.

Ada: Go ahead. He's also a very nice young man.

Caroline: Ah.

Ada: How do you like your tea?

Caroline: Oh, nice and strong, thanks.

Ada: Just like me. Good.

Caroline: So you really love Samís work, too, Mrs. --

Ada: Hobson, but you can call me Ada.

Caroline: Oh.

Ada: Oh, I sure do love Samís work. So does my daughter, Rachel. She's an artist, too.

Caroline: You're Rachel Davis' mother. Of course.

Ada: You know who she is?

Caroline: I admire her work, too. I just saw her the other day at "Brava."

Ada: That's my girl.

Caroline: You must be really proud of her.

Ada: Well, I'm very proud of all of my family. Especially my beautiful granddaughter --

Caroline: Ah.

Ada: Who just walked in the door?

Caroline: Ah.

Amanda: Caroline. I wasn't expecting you.

Caroline: Just a spur-of-the-moment, darling.

Amanda: Well, I'm sorry I wasn't here.

Caroline: Oh, look, I'm not -- Iím not fussed at all. I met your lovely grandmother.

Amanda: Oh.

Ada: Well, the compliments are flying.

Caroline: Now, look, I've really got to go now.

Amanda: Well, when could we be hearing from you?

Caroline: Well, I tell you what -- if I really am interested in representing him, I'll call you in a couple of days, ok?

Amanda: And what if you're not?

Caroline: Look, you're going to hear from me either way, ok? Look, bye-bye. I've got to run. And sorry about the tea, but I've really got to make it.

Ada: Oh, it's my pleasure. Another time, Caroline.

Caroline: See you later, Amanda.

Amanda: Bye. Thank you.

Caroline: Bye-bye, now.

Amanda: Isn't she great?

Ada: Yeah, she's ok.

Amanda: Well, you were all smiles.

Ada: Well, I was being P.R. for Sam. I mean, I hope she buys a lot of his pictures.

Amanda: I know. So do I. I'm hoping for a lot of things.

Ada: How'd it go at the police station?

Amanda: Well, I couldn't get a hold of Zack, so Rick postponed the questioning for a while.

Ada: Honey, that Marsten case is going to fall apart. I mean, what kind of case have they got? They haven't even got a body.

Amanda: That's just the point. I don't understand.

Ada: What don't you understand?

Amanda: I think there's more to this than what they're telling.

Rachel: What was it about Evan that reminded you of Iris?

Vivien: Well, she had a lot of young men in her social circle -- in her inner-inner social circle, if you know what I mean.

Rachel: Oh, got the picture.

Vivien: I guess you two still aren't close.

Rachel: Delicately put, Vivien.

Vivien: Thank you.

Rachel: You think Evan really knows Iris?

Vivien: I'm not sure. There were so many men that were coming in and out of that house. There were tall men, there were short men --

Rachel: You think Evan was one of them?

Vivien: He may not be the guy.

Rachel: Oh. What guy?

Vivien: Well, Mrs. Wheeler was closer to some men than she was to other men.

Rachel: How close?

Vivien: Mrs. Cory --

Rachel: This could be very important to me, Vivien.

Vivien: That close, ok?

Rachel: Got it. Evan reminded you of one of those?

Vivien: Yeah, but you know how I am. Sometimes I mix things up.

Rachel: Yeah, that's right, you do.

Vivien: Anyhow, Mrs. Wheeler tried to keep that part of her life private from me, but I'm nobody's fool.

Rachel: No, you're a quick one.

Vivien: And I pride myself on knowing everything that's going on in a house. Oh, don't worry, Mrs. Cory. I wouldn't be nosing in your beeswax. Besides, you're not anything at all like Mrs. Wheeler.

Rachel: You're right, I'm not.

Vivien: Oh! Holy smokes! I have to get back because I promised Hilda Iíd spell her this afternoon.

Rachel: Ok. Bye.

Vivien: This might be dessert.

Mac: I'm glad I found you. I wanted to have a little talk.

Vivien: You're going to let me go because I'm clumsy and because I put my feet in my mouth.

Mac: Hold it, Viv. Nobody thinks that about you.

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler frequently does.

Mac: Relax, Viv. Take a deep breath. Now, come and sit down.

Vivien: Are you sure this is all right?

Mac: Why shouldn't it be?

Vivien: Well, Mrs. Wheeler --

Mac: Vivien, you don't work for Iris anymore, remember? Now, come on, sit down. Tell me all about her. How is Iris?

Vivien: Well, she doesn't change much.

Mac: Does she ever, ever mention me?

Vivien: Oh, no!

Mac: Would it be all that tragic if she did?

Vivien: Your name is forbidden in the house.

Mac: Ah, yes. I was afraid of that. Still --

Vivien: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

Mac: It's all right. She's probably never forgiven me -- even after all these years -- for not telling her she was adopted.

Vivien: She does hold a grudge, sir.

Mac: Yeah, well, it's a pity. It's a real pity.

Vivien: She's become a different woman, though. Really, she has.

Mac: Really? In what way?

Vivien: Well, ever since she got to know who her real mother was, she's become, I think, a better person.

Mac: But from what you've said, she doesn't sound all that different to me.

Vivien: Well, I think I tend to provoke her more than most people.

Mac: No, no, you mustn't blame yourself. I shouldn't say it, but Iris was always rather self-centered, huh?

Vivien: Yeah, she still is that in many ways, and she also has a lot of tantrums, but I don't think that she's as stuck up with people who aren't as lucky.

Mac: Well, that's real encouraging, isn't it?

[Phone rings]

Mac and Vivien: I'll get it.

Vivien: Well, ok, I'll go see what Hildaís up to.

Mac: Mac Cory.

Drew: Same old confident voice.

Mac: Who is this?

Drew: A blast from the past, Mac -- the recent past.

Mac: Marsten!

Drew: Bingo. It's not every day you get a telephone call from a dead man, hmm? So, how's it going since I passed on? The Cory family having fun?

Mac: Where are you?

Drew: You don't really think Iím going to tell you?

Mac: Well, get back here and clear these charges against me.

Drew: Mac, your days of giving orders are over.

Mac: You're not going to get away with this, you know.

Drew: Oh, on the contrary, I already have. Everything's working just like it's supposed to.

Mac: I'm calling the police now.

Drew: I think that's a good idea. You tell them that the dead man called you. They'll think you cracked under the strain.

Mac: Now, listen to me, Marsten --

Drew: Oh, yeah, one other thing, Mac. Don't wait for your man Cass to come back to Bay City. You're never going to see that slug again.

Mac: What are you talking about?

Lisa: I have something that belongs to you.

Jamie: I can't take that back.

Lisa: I can't keep it, Jamie.

Jamie: Lisa, I gave you that ring because I love you. I still love you. Lisa, no matter what happens, I -- I can't take back my love. Lisa, you look at that ring every day and remember how much I love you. We're not finished. We're not finished with each other, not until the day I die.

Rick: This is your lucky day, Ms. Public relations.

Lisa: Why?

Rick: I know the guy who's going to be directing this documentary. He's terrific! You're going to love working with him.

Lisa: Well, that's good. Delaney made it sound like a nightmare.

Rick: Oh, no, not with this guy. He's terrific. It'll be a breeze.

Lisa: Well, where is he?

Rick: Well, he's introducing himself to the guys at the desk. I told him you were in here. He's -- yeah, come on in here, buddy! Yeah, there's somebody you got to meet.

Jake: Rick -- we already know each other.

Amanda: What did the doctor say?

Vicky: Oh, I'm fine. So is my baby.

Amanda: See? Told you.

Vicky: Yeah. Her only complaint is that I haven't gained any weight.

Amanda: Oh.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Well, I certainly wouldn't worry about that. I think you look great.

Vicky: Yeah, I wish I felt great.

Jamie: Hi.

Amanda: Hey.

Jamie: Is Vicky around?

Amanda: Yeah, she just got back from the doctor's.

Jamie: Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Hello, Jamie. Nice to see you.

Amanda: I think that it's about time for Alli to have some fresh air. I can use some, too. So, we're just going to go for a little walk. Come here, cutie!

[Alli fusses]

Amanda: Just a little walk around the building. Uh, I guess we'll be back in about a half an hour, so if I get any phone calls -- see you.

Jamie: Ahem. How are you?

Vicky: Physically, I'm fine. So is the baby.

Jamie: Good.

Vicky: Jamie, is there something particular you wanted to see me about?

Jamie: Yes. Yes, there is. I -- we have to work out some kind of arrangement.

Vicky: What do you have in mind?

Jamie: Well, we -- we have to come up with a decision together, if we can.

Vicky: If you can, you mean?

Jamie: No, listen, I will try to put aside any antagonisms I may feel, and I hope you'll do the same.

Vicky: I don't have any antagonisms, Jamie.

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Vicky: You're the one who's always angry.

Jamie: Yes, well, I have good reason. But in spite of that, I will -- I will make every effort to be pleasant from now on.

Vicky: Well, I'm happy to hear it.

Jamie: And I intend to be a part of my child's life before it's born and after.

Vicky: Our child, Jamie.

Jamie: And I've been thinking about names today for some reason for our child, and I want the baby to have my last name. What do you think?

Vicky: Well, I intended on giving it your name. I mean, everybody knows it's your baby anyway, and -- you know, unless you had any objections --

Jamie: No, no objections.

Vicky: Well, good. Then he or she will be a Frame.

Jamie: Now, as far as financial support is concerned --

Vicky: Oh, forget about that.

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: Because I have enough money to take care of me and my baby.

Jamie: Fine. Then that covers it.

Vicky: No, it doesn't. Jamie, is that all you came to say?

Jamie: For now.

Vicky: Well, what --

Jamie: What about what?

Vicky: What about a commitment?

Jamie: I have just given you my commitment.

Vicky: To me, Jamie!

Jamie: No, that is not possible.

Vicky: I love you.

Jamie: I don't think you really do.

Vicky: Don't you think you could learn to love me in time?

Jamie: I don't want to love you.

Vicky: Well, then don't waste my time!

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