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Another World Transcript Wednesday 9/1/04

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Rachel: The problem is I can't come in this morning. I've got all these manuscripts. I haven't even looked at them yet. Tell Evan I will -- I'll get back to him later, ok? Yes. Right, ok. Thanks, Liz. Hi, sweetie.

Jamie: Hi. Hilda told me you were in here.

Rachel: Well, I was trying to find someplace to concentrate.

Jamie: Well, listen, I can come back another time.

Rachel: No, no, no, stay. I've been up since 5:00. I could use a break.

Jamie: Well, I doubt if talking to me will be much of a break.

Rachel: How are you holding up?

Jamie: Well, I got somebody at the hospital to cover for me. I need a day to do nothing but think things over.

Rachel: Oh, I wish I could spend the day with you, but I'm swamped at "Brava."

Jamie: I know you are, and the last thing I want to do is burden you with my problems.

Rachel: I'm a mother. That's what mothers are for, remember? What are you going to do now that Lisa has broken off the engagement?

[Doorbell rings]

Evan: Hi.

Caroline: Good, I caught you just in the nick of time. I was thinking about you this morning. Do you want to hear about it?

Evan: Only if it's pleasant.

Caroline: Oh, it's better than that. But, listen, take this shirt off before it gets wrinkled.

Evan: Well, I'm sorry, I canít.

Caroline: Hey, that's not like you.

Evan: I know, but, see, Iíve scheduled a bunch of appointments this morning.

Caroline: You'll reschedule them.

Evan: Listen, one of us has to be smart, and I don't think it's you, not today.

Caroline: I mean, you're upstairs, and I hear you walking around. It's driving me crazy.

Evan: Well, I tell you what I should do -- maybe I should just tunnel right through.

Caroline: Oh, anytime night or day. I mean that.

Evan: I know. All right, that's enough. Listen, are you going to see Sam today?

Caroline: Well, do you want me to?

Evan: Yeah, I think a word of praise from you about his paintings might make him feel good about it.

Caroline: Well, I could think of a word or two.

Evan: Thanks.

Caroline: Well, not too late, though, because I've got to go and see a local designer. I'm getting my whole autumn wardrobe done.

Evan: What designer?

Caroline: Darling, you've never been interested in my clothes unless Iím taking them off.

Evan: What designer?

Caroline: Nicole Love.

Evan: Oh, that's just who I hoped. That's great.

Caroline: What now?

Evan: Well, see, I want you to find out if she knows where her fiancť is.

Caroline: Who's her fiancť?

Evan: One of Macís lawyers. His name is Cass Winthrop.

Caroline: Ah. Well, more.

Evan: See, he's disappeared, and everybody's starting to get antsy about it.

Caroline: Well, listen, I'll tell you what, I'll do a little bit of sleuthing for you, but only as a favor, ok? I mean, I really want some sort of payment in return.

Evan: Well, you usually do, don't you?

Caroline: Hmm.

Felicia: Hey --

Nicole: What?

Felicia: You know what? Why don't you do your version of Edwardian? You know, with the high neck?

Nicole: Oh, yes, and the small bustle?

Felicia: Well, I don't know about that. But, listen, I do have a favor to ask. I'd like to design my own hat. I sort of have an idea. All right?

Nicole: Of course it's all right!

Felicia: Thank you, thank you.

Nicole: Oh, a wedding at a racetrack. Only you, Felicia.

Felicia: I don't know. It may not happen. You know, Mitch keeps indulging me one moment, and the next minute he says, "Itís the most ridiculous thing I ever heard." I don't know, maybe it is.

Nicole: Why a racetrack?

Felicia: Because Wally would absolutely love it, and I really want to do it for him.

Nicole: Well, Felicia, remember that Ascot scene in "My Fair Lady" --

Felicia: Yeah.

Nicole: With all those black and white dresses by Cecil Beaton?

Felicia: Black and white -- well, it's my favorite color combination.

Nicole: And Ascot is a racetrack, right?

Felicia: By George, I think she's got it. Oh, honey, we're going to look so elegant at this wedding!

Nicole: Oh, you, not me.

Felicia: No, we. Cass hasn't told you?

Nicole: No, I haven't heard from Cass in days.

Felicia: Oh, he hasn't told you.

Nicole: Told me what?

Felicia: Nicole, I only agreed to all of this if we have a double ceremony. You guys are going to get married with us at the track.

Caroline: Look, I really wish you didn't have to dash off.

Evan: But I do, love. See, Iíve left Rachel Cory buried in work, and she's going to wonder why I'm not doing my share.

Caroline: Oh --

Evan: Now, why don't you let go of my tie, and you be a good little carol.

Caroline: Oh, I hate it when you call me that. I mean, you really make me sound like a lap dog.

Evan: I don't want you to be sulky, ok? Hmm?

Caroline: You -- you don't even know the reason why Iíve come up here yet.

Evan: All right, you've got 30 seconds.

Caroline: Do I really have to sell Sam Fowler's work?

Evan: What, you think you can't?

Caroline: It's going to be an uphill battle.

Evan: The kid is Rachel Coryís son-in-law. That alone ought to sell his paintings.

Caroline: Yeah, all right, I'll call a few more dealers this morning, ok?

Evan: That's great. Now, see, if that doesn't pan out, Iíll take a couple of them off your hands. I just want that guy to have more income than he makes at "Brava."

Caroline: Oh, yes. You're really concerned about somebody else not earning enough income.

Evan: Well, I have a good reason, baby, believe me. I got to go. Now, you call me when you find out something about Winthrop.

Jamie: Well, I'm not taking up with Vicky, if that's what you're thinking.

Rachel: Have you talked to Lisa?

Jamie: Listen, mom, I used to be a writer. Let me take some of these manuscripts off your hands.

Rachel: Hey, hey, hey --

Jamie: I know to write a reader's report.

Rachel: Don't change the subject.

Jamie: Mom, you've made your opinion of Vicky only too clear.

Rachel: I just know how somebody like that might operate under these circumstances. I don't want you to be taken in by her.

Jamie: Look, I'll read these today and get them back to you tomorrow, ok?

Rachel: Jamie --

Jamie: Mom, I love you, and I respect what you say.

Rachel: But you're not going to take my advice.

Jamie: I might. I'll talk to you later.

Rachel: Ok.

Jamie: Bye.

Mac: I saw Jamie going out, looking as if his world had just blown up.

Rachel: Well, it has, in a way.

Mac: What do you mean?

Rachel: Lisa's broken off the engagement.

Mac: Oh, no.

Rachel: He's pretty shaken up about it.

Mac: Why would she do that? They're so much in love.

Rachel: I haven't had the time to talk to her about it.

Mac: I heard you get up at 5:00 this morning.

Rachel: It's the only time I can get anything done. When Iím at the office, the phones don't stop. I don't know how you've done it all these years.

Mac: Well, I'm not doing it anymore. I'll go talk to Lisa.

Rachel: Mac, I wish you wouldn't.

Mac: Why not? Darling, we get along very well. I'm not going to make things worse.

Rachel: No, I know that. I didn't mean that.

Mac: We can't just abandon the girl because she had an argument with Jamie.

Rachel: Mac, it's more than that.

Mac: You know something?

Rachel: Uh -- we don't know where Lisa is. She didn't go to work, and she's not at her apartment.

[Phone rings]

Mac: If she's that upset, she's probably at Feliciaís. Mitch is covering the campaign.


Mac: You going to get that?

Rachel: Yes, sorry. Yes? Yes, Liz --

Mac: Is it for me?

Rachel: No. Yeah. No.

Mac: See you later.

Rachel: Wait a minute, Liz. Mac! Mac! What?

Felicia: I can't believe that Cass didn't tell you about the double wedding.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, well, there are lots of things Cass doesn't tell me.

Felicia: Yeah.

Nicole: He gets a kick out of surprising me.

Michael: Uh, Nicole --

Nicole: Michael, hi.

Michael: Hi. Hello, Felicia.

Felicia: Hello, Michael. Listen, honey, Iíve got to really run along. You've got many things to work out, many plans to make.

Nicole: No, no, no, wait a minute! You can't leave yet, Felicia.

Michael: Felicia, don't go on my account, all right?

Nicole: Why don't you want to talk to Michael?

Felicia: Michael -- look, I just didn't want to make this a personal thing. You know Lisa is like the daughter I never had.

Nicole: What's Michael done to Lisa?

Felicia: No, Michael hasn't done anything.

Michael: It's just that I have a daughter named Vicky.

Nicole: Oh. Uh, I have to go over some things with Sophie. Why don't I just get out of here?

Michael: Ok, Felicia --

Felicia: Michael, come on. You can't blame me for protecting Lisa.

Michael: No, but you can't blame Donna for wanting to protect Victoria.

Felicia: I know.

Michael: Felicia, I have a feeling that if you were to stop interfering -- and Rachel -- that Donna would back down.

Felicia: I can't speak for Rachel. You know that.

Michael: Fine, then speak for yourself.

Felicia: I don't think I can do that, either, at least not yet.

Caroline: Hello. Are you Nicole Love?

Felicia: No, I'm not. I'm afraid she's in the show room.

Michael: But she will be down soon.

Caroline: You're Michael Hudson.

Michael: Yes, Iím sorry. Have we met?

Caroline: No, but I've seen your picture in all the magazines. Hello, Iím Caroline Stafford. I'm new to Bay City.

Michael: Well, welcome, Ms. Stafford. I hope you enjoy your time in Bay City. Um -- friend?

Felicia: Friend.

Michael: Ok, friend, would you tell Nicole that Iíll call her later?

Felicia: Yes, of course I will.

Michael: Good. It was a pleasure.

Felicia: Oh, Michael?

Michael: Yes.

Felicia: Give my best to Donna.

Michael: I certainly will.

Caroline: God, he's so good-looking in real life. I mean, is he as charming as he looks?

Felicia: Michael is a very special man in every way.

Caroline: Friends, I gather.

Felicia: Yes, I hope so.

Nicole: Felicia.

Felicia: Hey, Nicole?

Nicole: Did Michael leave?

Felicia: Yes. He said he would call you later.

Caroline: Nicole Love. I'm Caroline Stafford.

Nicole: Oh, Caroline, nice to meet you. Why don't you just go on upstairs and see Sophie. First door on the right. She's our seamstress.

Caroline: Oh, of course.

Nicole: She'll take care of you, all right?

Felicia: Bye-bye. Why don't we just finish talking about our wedding plans, all right?

Nicole: Are you sure Cass agreed to this?

Felicia: Yes, of course he did. Would I say he did if he didn't?

Nicole: Well, it could be one of his little jokes.

Felicia: Well, we'll ask him when he gets back.

Nicole: If he ever does.

Felicia: Honey, he'll be back. You know that.

Nicole: I'm worried, Felicia. Why doesn't he call?

Felicia: Well, you know Cass. He sort of lets things slip his mind.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I get the sinking feeling that something is very wrong.

Felicia: Oh, don't be silly. He's fine. He'll be back, and then we'll go ahead with our wedding plans, all right?

Nicole: All right.

Caroline: The seamstress sent me back to you.

Nicole: Oh, all right. Well, we have several ensembles that will look marvelous on you.

Caroline: Well, my friends in Chicago said you would have.

Nicole: Oh. Oh -- oh, Ms. Stafford, I'm sorry. I'm forgetting my manners.

Caroline: Caroline, please.

Nicole: Caroline. Ok. Well, I'd like to introduce you. This is Felicia Gallant. Felicia, Caroline Stafford.

Felicia: Hello. We did talk after Michael left, and we were not introduced. Hello.

Nicole: Well, excuse me for a moment while I get the sketches I put aside for you.

Caroline: You're familiar. I've read all of your books.

Felicia: Have you?

Caroline: Look, they're my favorite beach reading.

Felicia: Ouch.

Caroline: Oh, Michael Hudson and Felicia Gallant, both in the same room. Bay City is going to be more interesting than I thought.

Josie: Hi. I thought you'd be at work.

Jason: I'm waiting for an important call.

Josie: You reading that again?

Jason: What?

Josie: That paper. You were reading it last night.

Jason: It's a bid -- you handle the dishes. I'll take care of my paperwork, all right?

Josie: Sorry.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah. What? The rooms are rented! I'm sorry!

Josie: Uncle Jason, we still have another room to rent, you know.

Jason: Two noisy college kids around here are quite enough for me, thank you.

Josie: Well, mama could use the money.

Jason: If she needs more money, she has to ask me, that's all. Real simple.

Jason: What are you doing?

Josie: I was just going to call Matthew before he went to his classes.

Jason: Josie, I just got somebody off the phone so I could get my call. Do me a favor, don't use it until it comes in!

Josie: Must be really important.

Jason: It is.

Josie: Does it have something to do with that construction bid for Cory Publishing?

Jason: In a way, yeah.

Josie: Either it is or it isnít.

Jason: Wash the dishes, all right?

Felicia: Would you stop worrying so much about Cass?

Nicole: That's easy for you to say.

Felicia: No, no, it's not, actually. I've just learned through the years that no matter what kind of trouble he gets into, he always lands on his feet.

Nicole: Ugh -- that's what he always tells me, too.

Felicia: Honey, if you just keep the reins loose, he will come home down the stretch. Did you hear that?

Nicole: Yeah.

Felicia: I'm starting to sound like a racetrack announcer.

Nicole: That's what happens when you plan a wedding like yours.

Felicia: I guess so. I'm going home.

Nicole: All right.

Felicia: Listen, I will call you the moment he calls me, if he does.

Nicole: Oh, would you, please?

Felicia: Yes, yes. Cross my heart.

Nicole: All right.

Felicia: See you later. All right, bye-bye.

Nicole: Well, how do you like what you've seen so far?

Caroline: Very nice. Very nice, indeed. But I presume these are originals?

Nicole: Actually, not exactly.

Caroline: Oh, look, I can't be seen in something already seen on somebody else.

Nicole: Oh, well, I could work with you on a few things if you'd like.

Caroline: Oh, thanks a lot. But I presume from your conversation with Ms. Gallant that you're just about to get married.

Nicole: Yes. Well, I just found that out myself.

Caroline: I don't understand.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry. To understand that, you would have to know my fiancť.

Caroline: Is this him here?

Nicole: Yes. Cass is my business partner.

Caroline: I'd like to meet him.

Nicole: He's out of town at the moment.

Caroline: Oh, on business for you?

Nicole: Not really. At the moment, he's doing work for Cory Publishing.

Caroline: Oh, really? I have a friend who's working there. Look, when your Cass gets back into town, we must do dinner.

Nicole: Well, don't make any plans until I hear from him.

Caroline: Well, just call me when he gets back.

Nicole: Who's your friend at Cory?

Caroline: Evan Bates. He's new there.

Nicole: I've met him.

Caroline: Really?

Nicole: In fact, Mac told me that Evan might know where --

Caroline: Go on.

Nicole: Oh, no, never mind. Has he mentioned Cass to you?

Caroline: No, not that I recall, but I'm sure they'd get on like a house on fire. Look, we must do dinner.

Nicole: Well, I'll certainly keep it in mind.

Caroline: Look, just call me as soon as he gets back from -- where did you say he was?

Nicole: Well, I didn't say. I mean, well, he's on the move a lot, and Iím never quite sure where he is until I hear from him, you know.

Caroline: This is not a very conventional courtship, is it?

Nicole: Well, there's nothing conventional about Cass.

Caroline: Well, he looks quite fascinating.

Nicole: Uh, yes. Well, let's get to work on your evening wardrobe, or are you limited to daytime?

Caroline: Oh, no. Look, we're not limited to anything. If I had the money and the time, I'd get you to do the entire wardrobe. You see, Iím opening a new art gallery, and I want some fabulous clothes. So, you know, whatever you like.

Nicole: Well, great. I'll do my best.

Caroline: Ok.

Nicole: Let me get my sketchpad.

Caroline: I'm sure you will.

[Phone rings]

Matt: I got it, Hilda. Cory residence.

Josie: Just the Cory I was hoping for.

Matt: Hi! What are you doing today?

Josie: Oh, just trying to get out of the house.

Matt: Well, my morning classes are canceled. Why don't I pick you up?

Josie: That'd be great. Could you make it as soon as possible?

Matt: Yeah, I'm on my way.

Josie: I have to talk to you about something, and I -- I can't do it over the phone.

Matt: Right. I'll see you soon.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Hmm. Hmm. Oh!

Woman: Oh! Whoa, they changed this room all over. I liked it better before.

Matt: Excuse me?

Woman: The gardener outside said that there weren't any Cory's around, but I could come in and wait for Mr. Cory if I wanted to, and I said I wanted to.

Matt: Oh.

Woman: Who are you?

Matt: Did Hilda let you come up here?

Woman: I let myself in. I always used to in the old days.

Matt: The old days?

Woman: You look an awful lot like Jamie used to in those old times. Did you know that?

Matt: What old times?

Woman: Oh, before you were born, from the looks of you.

Matt: I'm Matthew. Matthew Cory.

Woman: No!

Matt: Yes.

Woman: I don't believe this! You were just a baby! Oh!

Matt: Uh -- uh -- uh -- I don't know where Mac is right now, but I can call -- Hilda! -- And she can get you some coffee, or --

Woman: No, no. I'm just going to look around.

Matt: Ok. Ok. I got to run.

Woman: Oh!

Matt: Yeah.

Woman: Well, don't worry about me.

Matt: Right. Bye.

Woman: No. I'll see you.

[Hilda screams]

Hilda: Who are you? Who are you?

Woman: You must be Hilda.

Hilda: What are you doing in here?

Woman: Um -- I'm just passing through. I'm waiting for Mr. Cory.

Hilda: But -- who are you?

Woman: I'm Mr. Cory's daughter's former personal maid.

Hilda: Mrs. Bancroft?

Woman: Mrs. Wheeler now.

Josie: I thought my uncle would never leave.

Matt: What is with him?

Josie: Oh, he's expecting another one of those weird phone calls.

Matt: Thank you. Did he get it?

Josie: No. I mean, he couldn't wait any longer. You know, he left me with three pages of information on how to get in touch with him in case the call does come?

Matt: Must be really important then, huh?

Josie: Yeah. He's really nervous about it, too.

Matt: You think he's in some kind of trouble?

Josie: I know my mom is really worried about it, and he'd kill me if he knew I was talking to you about it.

Matt: Why?

Josie: Because it has something to do with Cory Publishing.

Matt: Yeah, yeah -- the contract construction bid he's been working on, or something.

Josie: Did you get a chance to talk to either of your parents about it?

Matt: Well, I mentioned it to Mac.

Josie: What did he say?

Matt: He said he doesn't know anything about Frame Construction doing business with Cory Publishing, but he's not really involved with the company right now.

Josie: Well, I just want to put my mom's mind at ease.

Matt: Listen, you're definite that he mentioned Cory during the phone call?

Josie: Yes, Iím positive that he did. And afterwards he explained it was some kid of bid or something.

Matt: Ok. Well, I'm going to find out something.

Josie: Thanks, Matt. I just want to tell my mom that there's nothing to worry about.

Jamie: Oh --

Matt: Jamie.

Jamie: Excuse me.

Josie: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: I didn't mean to interrupt.

Matt: Aren't you usually at the hospital by now?

Jamie: I took a day off.

Matt: Oh, yeah. Listen, Mom told me about you and Lisa. I'm sorry.

Josie: I am too, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, thanks. Appreciate that. But it's nice to see at least one romance is working out well.

Josie: Jamie.

Matt: Yes, it is.

Jason: I get my call?

Josie: No, I thought you were at the site.

Jason: John's got things, and so I thought Iíd finish my work here, if I can get some privacy.

Josie: Are you asking us to leave?

Matt: It's ok. We can go over to my house. There's somebody I want you to meet --

Jason: Thanks.

Matt: If she's still there.

Josie: Bye, Uncle Jason.

Jason: Bye.

Josie: Jamie.

Jamie: Bye.

Matt: Bye.

Jamie: Jason, I can work on this upstairs.

Jason: How are things going?

Jamie: I've had better days.

Jason: Yeah, I heard about Lisa. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Seems as if everybody has.

Jason: Well, you can take it as a blessing in disguise. You could marry Vicky now with a very clear, clean conscience.

Jamie: Don't start, Jason, ok?

Jason: She's in love with you. She's carrying your child. She's beautiful, rich. What more do I got to say?

Jamie: You've made your point, Jason. Just don't hammer it home, ok?

Jason: I'm not going to spend the rest of my day waiting for the bloody phone to ring.

Evan: You're late.

Caroline: I'm sorry, darling.

Evan: What kept you?

Caroline: Oh, I had to have them replace some really awful furniture in my apartment.

Evan: Well, you could have called me.

Caroline: Evan, I said I was sorry.

Evan: Ok, never mind, never mind. Now I want to know what you found out about Winthrop. Where is he?

Caroline: She doesn't know anything.

Evan: She doesn't know where her own fiancť is?

Caroline: Listen, she didn't even know she was getting married until somebody else broke the news to her.

Evan: What are you talking about?

Caroline: Look, it's really complicated, but just trust me. She seems to know as little about him as I know about you.

Evan: Well, I'm not really in the mood for criticism today.

Caroline: Yeah, well, listen -- absolute praise is the order of the day, ok?

Evan: Ok. Well, you happen to be in luck because right now I'm in between appointments. How's that?

[Doorbell rings]

Lisa: Oh, Mac.

Mac: Lisa. How are you?

Lisa: Fine. I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see you.

Mac: Am I intruding now?

Lisa: No, of course not.

Mac: May I come in?

Lisa: Yes, please.

Mac: Thank you.

Lisa: It's nice to see you. I think I'm going to miss you and your family as much as I miss Jamie.

Mac: Rachel just this minute told me.

Lisa: I'm sorry, Mac. I didn't mean to hurt any of you.

Mac: Of course you didn't, dear. We're not the issue here. You are. Rachel and I are very worried about you.

Lisa: I had to do what I thought was best.

Mac: I know you did, dear. I didn't come over here to criticize you.

Lisa: I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little defensive.

Mac: It's all right. But please don't be. We just want to know if you're all right. I want to know if there is anything I can do.

Lisa: Thank you, but I don't know if we should be talking about this. Jamie might misunderstand.

Mac: He really loves you.

Lisa: I know.

Mac: And you love him, too. Don't you, Lisa? Well, then, you're going to find a way to work it all out, sweetheart.

Lisa: I don't think so.

Mac: Lisa, every couple that's in love goes through some very bad times. Rachel and I have had many of them. We're still together. We're still in love after all these years, and you and Jamie will be, too. You just wait and see, now.

Lisa: You don't understand, Mac.

Mac: Well, help me. Explain.

Lisa: I know Jamie loves me, and I love him, but I just can't handle it.

Mac: You can't handle what?

Lisa: The baby. I -- it's too much for me.

Mac: Are you pregnant?

Lisa: No -- you don't know.

Mac: Lisa, who is pregnant?

Lisa: Vicky Hudson.

Mac: With Jamieís child? Oh, my dear, Iím so sorry. Oh, I'm so dreadfully sorry.

Matt: All right, you're still here.

Woman: Oh -- sorry.

Matt: Oh, my God.

Woman: I didn't hear you come in. Hello, ma'am.

Josie: "Ma'am"?

Matt: This is my friend Josie. Josie -- Iím sorry, you didn't tell me your name.

Woman: Vivien.

Matt: Vivien.

Vivien: I'm Vivien Gorrow, formerly personal maid to Mr. Cory's daughter in another time before you were born.

Josie: I -- I didn't know Mr. Cory had another daughter.

Vivien: Iris Cory Carrington Delaney Bancroft Wheeler. Iris Cory Carrington Delaney Bancroft Wheeler -- I don't think I've left anyone out.

Matt: Right. My folks hardly ever mention her.

Vivien: She and your mom weren't the best of friends. In fact, they weren't any kind of friends.

Matt: But you work for Iris.

Vivien: Not anymore.

Matt: Oh, you quit.

Vivien: She fired me. After all those years, she wouldn't even give me a reference.

Matt: I'm sorry.

Vivien: I didn't have anywhere else to go. Mr. Cory has always been so nice, so here I am.

Matt: Well, I'm -- you know, I'm sorry you had to wait all this time for nothing. I'm --

Vivien: It's ok.

Matt: You know, I thought he'd be home by now.

Vivien: Um -- I'm going to go to a rooming house, and then Iíll be back.

Matt: Ok.

Vivien: It was nice to meet you, ma'am.

Josie: Gee, no one's ever called me "ma'am" before.

Felicia: Lisa? Honey, Iím home. Lisa! Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Felicia: What happened, honey? What's the matter?

Lisa: Mac was here.

Felicia: Did he upset you?

Lisa: No. I upset him.

Felicia: How?

Lisa: He didn't know about Vickyís baby. I was trying to explain why Jamie and I had broken up, and -- Felicia, Iím making everyone miserable!

Felicia: No, darling, you're not. You're not. It's just that Rachel was trying to protect Mac by keeping it from him.

Lisa: Do you think -- is he going to get angry with her?

Felicia: No, no, I'm sure he's not.

Lisa: I don't want to cause trouble between them.

Felicia: No, you wonít. Listen, why don't I call Rachel, all right? Let me call her.

Lisa: Felicia?

Felicia: What, honey?

Lisa: I keep having this dream.

Felicia: What dream?

Lisa: I'm looking through a window, and I see a little boy and he's out on the street, and, I don't know, he's about 2 years old. And he's alone and he's scared, and he's calling, "daddy."

Felicia: Honey --

Lisa: Jamie was raised without his father. He knows what it feels like. He doesn't want to be apart from his child, and I can't -- I can't get between them.

Felicia: Darling, you don't have to.

Lisa: Yeah, but I could accept the child, but I can't deal with having Vicky in my life.

Felicia: I know. What do you plan to do? Huh?

Lisa: Jamie's been trying to reach me. He left about a dozen messages on my machine. I'm going to go see him.

Felicia: Good. I think that's good.

Lisa: I'm going to bring his things back that he left at my apartment.

Felicia: Honey, I don't think you have to do that right now, do you?

Lisa: Felicia, I have to make a clean break. I can't have his stuff around.

Felicia: Honey, look, you don't have to go and see him. Why don't you call him? I mean, if you really want to make a clean break, why don't you do that?

Lisa: That wouldn't be right. I have to do it in person.

Felicia: Ok, ok.

Lisa: I called the hospital. He has the day off, so he's probably out at the farm.

Felicia: You -- you plan to go out there?

Lisa: Do you think I shouldn't?

Felicia: No, no. I think that -- I think you have to do what you really need to do.

Lisa: That's exactly what I intend.

Michael: Well, thank you, Hilda. Mac, how are you?

Mac: Michael. Hilda, would you make sure we're not disturbed, please?

Hilda: Of course, Mr. Cory.

Mac: Thank you for coming so quickly. Please sit down.

Michael: My pleasure. My secretary said that it was urgent?

Mac: Yes, it is.

Michael: Is it about the takeover?

Mac: No, this is personal, I'm afraid. Michael, I just heard something terribly disturbing. Is it true that Vicky is pregnant with Jamieís child?

Michael: Yeah. I just found out about it myself.

Mac: Why didn't you call me?

Michael: Well, I was going to, Mac. It's just I've been very, very busy. Mac, look, we've been friends a long time, and I love my daughter very, very much, so Iíd appreciate it if you wouldn't criticize her.

Mac: But why on earth should I criticize Victoria?

Michael: Well, I don't know if you feel the same way as your wife, but Rachel has criticized her strongly.

Mac: Are you sure about that?

Michael: Yes. She's visited Vicky and Donna and made it clear that she doubts that the baby is even Jamieís.

Mac: Why on earth would she say a thing like that?

Michael: Mac, I don't know, but I know that Victoria is very hurt and Donna is very upset.

Mac: I didn't get a chance to call Rachel before I called you.

Michael: Wait a minute, Rachel didn't tell you this?

Mac: No, she didn't. Michael, I called you because I know how painful this situation must be for you. Rachel and I just went through it last year with Amanda.

Michael: Well, I know you did, and that's why I figured you of all people would understand. Mac, this is between Jamie and Victoria.

Mac: Yes, and they're the ones that have to straighten it out. Look, I'll try to get Rachel to keep out of it.

Michael: Thank you. And I'll talk to Donna.

Jason: Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Well, Jason. You're becoming a regular customer here.

Jason: I'm not here to buy something. I got to talk to you.

Nicole: What's the problem? Josie's changed her mind about her dresses?

Jason: No, there's no problem. Actually, I got to talk to Cass.

Nicole: Oh? What about?

Jason: A legal thing about a bid for Cory Publishing.

Nicole: Cass is out of town, Jason.

Jason: Well, if you give me his number, I'll call him and I'll save you any more grief, ok?

Nicole: Why don't you call Zack Edwards? He represents Cory, too.

Jason: I've already talked to Zack. Cass is the only one who can handle this. He and I understand each other.

Nicole: You do?

Jason: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, just the other day, you were warning me about him.

Jason: Well, he would probably warn you about me.

Nicole: Look, Jason, I'm sorry, but Cass is very busy right now. You'll just have to take your problem to someone else.

Jason: You're a big help.

Nicole: Well, I'm under no obligation to help you.

Jason: You can be just as arrogant as your mother could.

Nicole: I don't want to hear your opinion of my mother.

Jason: I loved your mom. She was a great lady. You keep acting like this, you might end up the same way she did.

Nicole: Great.

Evan: I didn't mean to intrude. Liz just told me to come in.

Rachel: It's all right. I want to find out what you're up to.

Evan: Now, Iíve arranged another shareholders' meeting for tomorrow. I think we should keep them up to date with what's been going on.

Rachel: Well, will you handle that for me, please?

Evan: Well, I could, but I just thought it would be better if maybe you --

Rachel: You don't want to.

Evan: Well, things have been pretty shaky since the board asked Mac to step down. I think the members of the board would have more confidence in us if you were to handle the meeting.

Rachel: All right, fine. I'll schedule it in.

Evan: All right, now, Iíve taken the liberty of sending you the information you need to go over beforehand.

Rachel: What information is that?

Evan: You didn't get it? I asked Julie Ann to put it together for you.

Rachel: Evan --

Evan: Well, it's sitting right here.

Rachel: That?

Evan: Sorry.

Rachel: All of that? I've got to go through that by tomorrow?

Evan: Sorry.

Rachel: This is longer than "gone with the wind."

Evan: Look, if you don't want to, I could go over --

Rachel: Oh, my gosh! No, it looks like I have to.

Evan: Ok, now, all it is --

Rachel: So much for going home early.

Evan: Look, it's just financial reports and stock transfers that have piled up long before I was hired.

Rachel: Great, a little light reading.

Evan: Look, Mrs. Cory, I could probably handle that meeting by myself.

Rachel: It's all right, Evan. I'll do it myself.

Evan: I guess you're just probably used to making your own hours.

Rachel: I'm used to hard work, Evan. This is too important to Mac to slough off. I'll do it.

Evan: Right. We must make sure that he doesn't lose this company.

Rachel: We're going to make sure of that, Evan. Thank you very much. I'll talk to you later.

Mac: Vivien!

Vivien: Mr. Cory! Oh!

Mac: I couldn't believe the news when Hilda told me you were here!

Vivien: Mr. Cory, you haven't changed a bit!

Mac: Oh, you need glasses, girl. Come on in. Let's sit down and be comfortable.

Vivien: Oh, Mrs. Wheeler told me I must never sit down while talking to my superiors.

Mac: That sounds like Iris. But since there are no superiors in this house, we both sit down. Now, how are you?

Vivien: I'm just exactly the same as usual.

Mac: And is Iris all right?

Vivien: She's the same, too.

Mac: Vivien, what's the matter?

Vivien: Well, she's fired me.

Mac: Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry. She let you go? When?

Vivien: Last week. And she was so angry that she wouldn't let me get a word in.

Mac: Oh, what did you do, Vivien?

Vivien: Well, I never did find out. And she was so hysterical that she wasn't making any sense.

Mac: You're right. Sounds like Iris is the same.

Vivien: And, also, she wouldn't give me my paycheck. And, also, I called her several times on the telephone and she slammed the receiver down in my ear, just like that.

Mac: All right, now. Don't you get yourself upset here.

Vivien: I can't help it. And, also, she's not going to give me a reference. I don't know how Iím going to get another job without a reference.

Mac: You don't worry about it. We'll get you a job. Let's -- you met Hilda, didn't you?

Vivien: Mm-hmm.

Mac: Well, do you know that she was just saying to me the other day she needed some help right here?

Vivien: Oh, Mr. Cory!

Mac: How about it?

Vivien: Oh!

Rachel: Vivien.

Vivien: Oh, Mrs. Cory!

Rachel: Vivien! Vivien: I'm so happy to be here! You're not going to regret this, not even for a minute!

Rachel: She's still the same cyclone, isn't she?

Mac: Oh, can you believe it?

Rachel: Just what am I not going to regret, Mac?

Mac: I hired her to help Hilda.

Rachel: Oh, Mac. Do you think we can take that kind of hectic around here?

Mac: Well, you know, Iris fired her, and she's distraught. She has no place to go.

Rachel: Mac. Just remember, we have a household budget, you old softie.

Mac: Rachel --

Rachel: Yes?

Mac: Lisa told me about Vickyís pregnancy.

Rachel: Mac, I didn't know how to tell you.

Mac: How long have you known?

Rachel: I didn't want you to worry anymore, Mac. You've got so much on your mind.

Mac: It's bad enough my board of directors shuts me out from my professional life, now my wife shuts me out from my family life!

Michael: Nicole, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I had to talk to Mac about something.

Nicole: No, it's ok.

Michael: Well, you sounded so upset on the phone.

Nicole: Oh, I don't know who else to turn to, Michael.

Michael: Well, what's wrong?

Nicole: Well, I'm worried about Cass. I haven't -- I haven't talked to him or heard from him since I left him in Atlantic City, and that was, like, two weeks ago.

Michael: Well, has anyone else heard from him?

Nicole: Well, not that I know of. Felicia's worried, too. We're beginning to think that something has happened to him.

Michael: All right, all right. Look, don't panic, ok? Now --

Nicole: All right.

Michael: Do you know why Cass would go to Atlantic City and not come home?

Nicole: Well, I think it has something to do with Mac Cory.

Michael: Now, did Cass tell you that?

Nicole: Well, no, but he left, you know, to come back to Bay City to talk to Mac while we were still in Atlantic City.

Michael: Did he tell you why he did that?

Nicole: Well, he mentioned something about the takeover.

Michael: Oh, well, Nicole, if this has anything to do with the takeover at all, no wonder he's being secretive.

Nicole: No, I think it's more than that, Michael.

Michael: And why do you think that?

Nicole: Because people keep asking about him.

Michael: Who?

Nicole: Jason Frame. He was here today. He wanted to know how he could reach Cass.

Michael: You didn't tell him, did you?

Nicole: Of course not. I don't know. But if I did, I wouldn't tell Jason.

Michael: Now, what could Jason possibly want with Cass?

Nicole: Something about a bid at Cory Publishing that needs approval.

Michael: Well, Cass doesn't have anything to do with that with Mac.

Nicole: I know that, and that's why Iím scared.

Michael: All right. Look, John would know if they have any bids going on with Cory Publishing.

Nicole: And if they haven't?

Michael: If they haven't, I'll hire a private detective and I'll make sure that Cass is all right, and the private detective will find out what is going on here. Is that all right?

Nicole: All right.

Michael: I don't want my favorite sister-in-law worried for no reason.

Nicole: Thanks.

Jason: You look like you've been in a coal mine.

Jamie: Thanks a lot.

Jason: What have you been up to?

Jamie: Working in the garden.

Jason: You really like it out there, don't you?

Jamie: Yeah, I enjoy it.

Jason: Well, it takes all kinds.

Jamie: You know, Jason, I would think that you would like it yourself, being as you grew up in a farm.

Jason: I do sometimes. But when I went in the navy, I swore I would never do regular chores around here again.

Jamie: Yeah? Well, then why did you buy this place, Jason?

Jason: It was Steveís place. I wasn't going to let somebody else live here. Frames need a home.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Jamie. May I come in?

Jamie: Of course. Come on in. I've been trying to get a hold of you.

Lisa: I know.

Jason: I'll go upstairs, all right?

Jamie: How are you?

Lisa: Ok.

Jamie: You look beautiful. But then, you always look beautiful.

Lisa: I have something that belongs to you.

Jamie: No, Lisa. No, no. No, no, no. No, I can't take that back.

Lisa: I can't keep it, Jamie.

Jamie: Lisa -- Lisa, I gave you that ring because I love you. I still love you. Lisa, no matter what happens, I can't take back my love. I can't take back that ring.

Lisa: You're making this very hard for me.

Jamie: Well, I'm sorry I am. Lisa, you keep that ring. Lisa, you look at that ring every day and remember how much I love you and how much you love me. Lisa, we're not finished. We're not finished with each other. Not until the day I die.

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