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Another World Transcript Tuesday 8/31/04

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Vince: Ok. Ok, all right. Hey, I will take care of it when I get down there. All right? Fine. What a morning.

Mary: The dishwasher -- she does not match?

Vince: [German accent] No. The person who runs it does not match!

Mary: Hey, hey! Slow down, slow down!

Jake: Yeah, slow down, slow down.

Vince: [Normal voice] Hey, I can't slow down. I'm the only one working around here -- you know what I mean?

[Phone rings]

Vince: Answer that -- but I'm not home.

Mary: Stop racing!

Vince: Hmm.

Jake: McKinnon residence. This is Jake. Mr. Simpson. Yeah? Yeah, that's -- that's terrific. Mm-hmm. No, I -- I can make it there no problem. I'll see you at 10:00. Great. Yes!

Mary: What?

Jake: Yes! Yes!

Mary: What? Tell me! What? What?

Jake: You are looking at a director.

Mary: You got it!

Jake: I got it!

Mary: Ah!

Jake: A documentary! I get my first assignment today.

Mary: All right!

Jake: What am I going to do?

Vince: Did somebody win the lottery or something?

Mary: Yeah, this guy!

Jake: Close.

Mary: He got the job at the television station!

Vince: All right! Congratulations, fella!

Jake: Thanks. I got to tell Marley.

Vince: No, no, no. First, you have to tell me on the way downtown.

Jake: You're on.

Vince: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Out front -- that's where the truck is, huh?

Jake: You got it. Oh, I love this! I love this!

Mary: He's got to stop repressing.

Vince: Hey, am I going to see you a little later?

Mary: Yeah, maybe for lunch, huh?

Vince: Yeah.

Mary: Don't speed. Goodbye.

Vince: Yes, Mary.

[Mary laughs]

Mary: Hi, John!

John: Hi.

Mary: I was just -- something's wrong?

John: I got trouble.

Felicia: Good morning.

Lisa: Morning.

Felicia: Did you sleep all right?

Lisa: Hmm, fine.

Felicia: Liar.

Lisa: I look that bad?

Felicia: Here -- drink this.

Lisa: Ooh -- that bad, huh?

Felicia: I really think you ought to try and eat something.

Lisa: Well, I'll get something later at the station.

Felicia: Oh, dear. No, no, I don't think you should go to work today.

Lisa: Of course I'm going to work.

Felicia: No, no. No, no. I don't think you should. It's ridiculous the way you're feeling.

Lisa: Felicia, Iím a working girl. We work. Besides, I need the money.

Felicia: Right. Yes, this is Felicia Gallant. I'm Lisa Gradyís aunt.

Lisa: What are you doing?

Felicia: Yes, Iím afraid she won't be coming in today.

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: She's not feeling very well. Yes. Uh-huh.

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: I appreciate that. Yes, I will tell her that. Yes, I will. Thank you very much. Rick sends his best and says he hopes you're feeling better by tomorrow.

Lisa: Why did you do that?

Felicia: Because I heard you crying all through the night. That's why.

Marley: Victoria, you are eating for two, remember.

Vicky: I know.

Marley: Well, may I get you anything else?

Vicky: No.

Marley: If you don't like eggs, I could make French toast or pancakes --

Vicky: I don't want anything. I'm just not hungry.

Marley: Oh, Vicky, Jake and I want this baby to be so healthy.

Vicky: So do I.

Marley: Jake's going to find out about his job soon and if he gets it, we'll be able to stay here in Bay City.

Vicky: Yeah, you told me.

Marley: And that means I will be able to be here when the baby's born.

Vicky: Great.

Marley: Oh, that means Iíll be able to see it when it's little and see it go through all its phases and hear its first words.

Vicky: Never know -- might have to move back to California.

Marley: Well, not if I have anything to say about it. I want to be here for this baby, Victoria, and I know Jake does, too.

Marley: Hello. I was just telling Vicky that --

Jake: Mrs. McKinnon, say hello to a full-fledged director.

Marley: It happened?

Jake: Yes, it's definite. I start today.

Marley: Oh, Jake, that's terrific!

Jake: Ah, I got off the phone with Mr. Simpson, ah, just a couple of minutes ago.

Marley: Oh, I am so happy for you!

Vicky: Looks like you two have something to celebrate. Congratulations, Jake.

Jake: What a way to start a day.

Vicky: Sure beats morning sickness.

Marley: You know, I was just telling Vicky that if you got the job, that we would be able to stay here in Bay City.

Jake: Well, young lady, you can count on it.

Vicky: Why don't you have some coffee, Jake?

Jake: Actually, no. I -- I have an appointment for my first assignment with my producer.

Vicky: Oh.

Marley: Well, I will get you one quick cup.

Jake: Half a cup, all right?

Vicky: I'm glad the job came through for you, Jake.

Jake: Yeah, well, that definitely solves a lot of problems for us.

Vicky: Yeah, but it creates some for me.

Jake: Well, I was talking to Vince and Mary earlier today and I was just --

Vicky: Jake, I've got to talk to you about Marley.

Jake: Ok. Go ahead.

Vicky: Later.

Marley: Here you are -- hot coffee. Victoria, honestly, every time I go into the kitchen, I'm reminded of how cramped you are in this space.

Vicky: I know, I know. The place is too small.

Marley: And it will be even smaller once all the furniture comes for the baby -- cribs and bassinets?

Vicky: I'm not making any changes, Marley. Moving is too much of a hassle right now, ok?

Marley: Well, Jake and I would help you move, wouldn't we, sweetheart?

Jake: Yeah, with the new job, I get a van. Sure.

Marley: I was actually looking at apartment listings this morning when you were still asleep.

Vicky: Did you?

Marley: Yes. Of course I didn't find anything. I think a small house would be sort of appropriate for you. Then you would have a room for the baby and also a room for the nanny and a backyard and even a room for me because I am not going to be an aunt that stops by every once in a while. I want to be close.

Jake: Yeah, look, I would love to chat with you girls, but I don't want to be late for my first day.

Marley: Oh. Oh, that is -- oh, I am so proud of you.

Jake: Thanks. You, young lady, take care of yourself.

Vicky: You, too, Mr. Director.

Jake: Bye.

Marley: Oh, don't worry about those! I can get those in a minute.

Vicky: You can't do everything for me, Marley.

Marley: The more I think about it, the better a little house sounds. I haven't even looked at this section of the paper yet. Maybe there's something that we could look at today.

Mary: I don't -- I don't think I really understand the problem.

John: Well, it's complicated.

Mary: You fired Chris?

John: That's right, and Jason rehired her.

Mary: He did?

John: Yes. I told him that I'd quit our partnership if he didn't back down.

Mary: I hope he listened. That's all you guys need is to come in behind schedule because he wants to play who's the boss around here.

John: He backed down.

Mary: Good, because you know the hospital has some pretty stiff penalties if you guys don't finish on time.

John: I know, I know, and that's all we need, that along with the lawsuit that Chris has filed against us.

Mary: What?

John: Chris filed a complaint against Jason and me for sexual harassment on the job.

Mary: Really? Was there sexual harassment?

John: No, there wasn't any sexual harassment! All there was, was frustration on my part. Well, it -- Chris and I, a few times, made it as far as the bed, but there was never any, you know, follow-through, if you know what I mean.

Mary: She led you on?

John: Yes! Yes, and then she would freak out at the last minute.

Mary: So you fired her?

John: No, no. I just -- no, I -- I told her that I didn't think that we ought to see each other, well, you know, on a personal basis any longer.

Mary: And she couldn't accept that?

John: No. No. She's unstable, Mary.

Mary: How so?

John: All right, well, I'll give you an example. She told me that she had a brother who was in Vietnam. The guy's name was Tony Marchand. Well, it turns out that I knew him -- he was in my outfit in Vietnam. When I started to question her about some of her facts, she said, well, no, he wasn't really her brother. He was her half brother.

Mary: That's not so unusual, a half brother being considered a brother.

John: No, no, no, that's really -- it's not the point. I checked it out. It wasn't her brother or her half brother -- it was her husband. She needs help, Mary. She really does.

Mary: Do you want me to get involved because you want me to help her or help you?

John: Both. I mean, I can't very well take her back on the job with things the way they are, and before all of this started, I -- I really cared about her. I guess I still care.

Mary: I -- ahem. This puts me in a little bit of an awkward position, professionally speaking.

John: Well, do you think that you could talk to her?

Mary: Would you want me to see her in my office?

John: Yeah, if possible. If not, I can arrange some kind of meeting, some way I can get the two of you together. If I can do that, will you at least give it a shot?

Felicia: You know something? Now that Mitch is off shooting pictures of the election campaign, that leaves us free to go anywhere we want.

Lisa: What about your novel?

Felicia: Oh, the heck with the novel. It's not cooperating anyway and so who needs it? Listen, why don't we get a hat and coat on and go find a nice little travel agent and find some nifty place we can go and relax in?

Lisa: Felicia, I have to work.

Felicia: Hey, you know, I could probably pull some strings, get you some time off.

Lisa: What strings?

Felicia: The police commissioner. Comes into Tops every Tuesday. I'm sure he'd do me a little favor.

Lisa: No.

Felicia: Why not?

Lisa: Because it's not right.

Felicia: What you're saying is because you don't want to go?

Lisa: I just think Iíd be better off here.

Felicia: Well, you're not doing so hot here, you know?

Lisa: Yeah, well, if Iím going to be miserable, I'll just -- Iíll just be where I belong.

Felicia: Honey, I know that you love Jamie.

Lisa: He's in a terrible situation, Felicia. He loves me.

Felicia: I know that.

Lisa: Vicky's carrying his child and it reminds him of when he was little.

Felicia: Did he tell you that?

Lisa: Of course he told me that. He doesn't want his baby to be hurt the way he was, and I don't blame him.

Felicia: I know. I know. Hey, I have an idea -- you know, the weather's not going to stay nice that much longer, so why don't we go out to the country and have a picnic.

Lisa: A picnic?

Felicia: Sure, a picnic. We can look at the sky and the leaves and let the wind blow in our hair. We can talk, girl talk, about whatever we want to talk about and we don't have to listen to the phone ring and we don't have to answer the door for people who just drop by. What do you say?

Lisa: You're taking over my life.

Felicia: Only one day, one day. Ok?

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Ok. Ok.

Ada: Hey, Vince?

Vince: Hmm?

Ada: Did we change distributors, or what?

Vince: Does it taste like we changed distributors?

Ada: It tastes different. It tastes real.

Vince: Sharlene is going to supply us with the canned fruits and vegetables from her farm.

Ada: Since when?

Vince: Since I agreed to test it out last week.

Ada: Well, you better order a couple of dozen jars of this. The customers are going to walk out with it.

Vince: I already told her to drop off as much as she puts up.

Ada: Good for Sharlene. I'm glad she stopped working at Tops.

Vince: Yeah, so is she. You know, she's more of a down-home woman, you know what I mean?

Ada: No. Why don't you spell it out for me?

Vince: Well, you know, when I was little, my father said, "you see those women over there?" Ada? Ada!

Ada: What?

Vince: What's wrong?

Ada: Did I say anything was wrong?

Vince: No, you're not the kind who would.

Ada: Something's wrong. Lisa and Jamie split up.

Vince: You're kidding. The wedding is off?

Ada: I'm sick about it.

Vince: Oh, well, they seemed so right for each other. You know what I mean?

Ada: Lisa is the best thing that ever happened to Jamie.

Vince: Well, then why are they breaking up? No, no, that's none of my business. Forget it -- don't answer it. I'm --

Mary: Hello.

Ada: Hello.

Vince: Oh, hey, hey! You're early!

Mary: Ah, yes, I wanted to come back and tell you I can't have lunch with you today.

Vince: Stood up again.

Mary: Well, I promised somebody Iíd hold that time.

Vince: Patient?

Mary: Well, um -- a problem that has to do with the hospice.

Vince: Hmm. All right, I understand. Business before pleasure. Hmm.

Mary: Thank you. You're so gracious. Are you a tad more relaxed than you were this morning?

[Phone rings]

Vince: You know, when I come here --

Ada: Mary's place.

Vince: I always calm down.

Mary: Yeah, right, Vince. Sure.

Ada: Yeah, hang on.

Mary: Sure. Right. Yeah.

Ada: Mary?

Mary: Yes?

Ada: For you.

Mary: Oh, thanks. Hello.

John: Mary, hi. It's John.

Mary: Oh, hi. What's the plan?

John: Can you come over to the boat right away?

Mary: Right now?

John: Yeah, yeah, if that's possible. It's about that problem I had spoke with you about.

Mary: Sure, sure. I'll be right there. Ok, bye.

John: Chris, hi. Come on in. How are you?

Chris: Fine, most days.

John: Good.

Chris: When I talked to you on the phone, it sounded like you wanted to start things up again.

John: Well, we'll -- we'll see. Here, let me take your jacket.

Chris: Thanks. Sounded like maybe Iíve got my old job back, huh?

John: Well, I thought we could talk about that, especially now since we've both had a chance to think things through.

Chris: Well, I'm always willing to talk.

John: Yeah. Well, you're obviously willing to do more than that.

Chris: Oh, that.

John: Well, that is a summons grace.

Chris: Yeah, but if we work things out --

John: You'll drop the complaint?

Chris: Sure. I'd look pretty stupid complaining about being fired if Iím working for you again, right?

John: Right. Would you like some coffee?

Chris: No. Why don't we wait until we settle all this, huh?

John: Aren't you kind of rushing that?

Chris: Well, after I have my job, then we can patch things up again?

John: Listen, I don't want you to think of me as the enemy.

Chris: Anyone ever told you how soothing your voice is? When you talk, it sounds like everything is going to be all right. Papa John will fix all.

John: Right now, Papa John is going to fix some coffee. Maybe you'll change your mind about having some.

Chris: Sure. I guess I will, thanks.

John: Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.

Vince: Thank you very much.

Ada: So it's not videos anymore -- it's movies, huh?

Jake: Documentaries.

Ada: Well, do you -- do you do it regularly or -- or is it something you do on your own?

Vince: What she's trying to say is, do you get a steady paycheck?

Jake: Yes, Vince, I'll get a steady paycheck.

Ada: Oh, good, because art without a paycheck doesn't work out too well.

Jake: No, the station that Iím working for has already got a couple of projects lined up for me. I'm excited, I really am.

Ada: Look at that. He's excited!

Jake: Yeah.

Vince: Are you going to have to travel?

Jake: I hope not. I -- I don't want to leave Marley alone, especially not now.

Vince: Hey, you know, I miss her. She kind of moved in and --

[Vince whistles]

Vince: Gone. She was out already!

Jake: Well, maybe with this extra paycheck, I'll be able to get us a place of our own.

Vince: Don't rush out to spend your money on a place of your -- we got lots of room.

Jake: Just a thought, just a thought.

Vince: Besides, Marley feeling that she needs to be with Vicky -- well, then now that, you know, Jamie and Lisa have broke up, maybe -- maybe things will be better for Vicky.

Jake: Wait a minute, wait a minute. They broke up?

Vince: Yeah. That's what Ada just told me.

Jake: When?

Vince: When what?

Jake: When did they break up, Vince?

Vince: I don't know. Couldn't have been too long ago. I just heard about it.

Jake: I wonder if Vicky knows this.

Vince: Well, why don't you call her?

Jake: Yeah, I'll do that. I just got to break some news to Ronnie.

Vince: Oh.

Jake: Ahem. Whoo!

[Phone rings]

Ronnie: Hello?

Jake: Hey!

Ronnie: Hi, Jake. I was hoping to hear from you.

Jake: Yeah, I was wondering if you could -- if you could meet me at Maryís, Iíd buy you lunch.

Ronnie: Oh, well, great. You're on.

Jake: Great. I'll see you there. Bye.

Ronnie: Ok, bye.

(Electronic beat playing)

Zack: Chris had more personal contact with John than with you.

Jason: I would call it personal contact, yeah. I'm not saying that they went to bed together or anything.

Zack: But you think they might have.

Jason: That was my impression, yeah.

Zack: But you never slept with her?

Jason: No, and I would not fire her because she wouldn't come across or something. That's not my style.

Zack: All right. Ok. This is what I want you to do.

Jason: All right.

Zack: I want you to write down as best as you can everything you remember about your dealings with Chris Macaleer.

Jason: Everything? Write it all down?

Zack: Try to be chronological. Don't leave anything out. We need everything we can get for a pretrial hearing.

Jason: We shouldn't even be involved in this sham.

Zack: Yeah, well, you are.

Jason: Yeah, but that's my big question of the day -- why?

Zack: You saw the document.

Jason: Somebody has put her up to this.

Zack: Yeah, I doubt anybody did.

Jason: Somebody wants to destroy Frame construction. They're just using Chris Macaleer to prove it.

Zack: Ok, well, who would do such a thing?

Jason: Rachel Cory. Rachel would do anything to stop me from making Steveís old company a success. It's Rachel!

Zack: Oh, wait a minute.

Jason: No, no, no, no! You put the pieces together. Find the connection between Rachel and Chris and we got it.

Zack: I can't do that.

Jason: Why not?

Zack: Because Rachel and Mac are my clients and I'm not going to get myself involved in your paranoiac ideas.

Jason: Well, I see where you stand.

Zack: Let's drop it. Shall we?

Jason: All right, you're the attorney. Whatever you say, all right, it goes, ok? Yeah.

Ada: Ok, that's two chef salads. Be right back.

Ronnie: Ok.

Jake: Thanks.

Ronnie: Ok, now, Iím working on three new songs at the Pelican. You know, just try it out for a few gigs, see how it goes over --

Jake: Listen, Ronnie, I got to tell you something you're not going to like to hear.

Ronnie: Ok, let's hear it.

Jake: I got a job as a director on the documentary unit of one of the TV stations.

Ronnie: Well, congratulations. When do you start?

Jake: Right away.

Ronnie: Oh.

Jake: The music video is going to have to wait.

Ronnie: Well, couldn't you do them both?

Jake: Ronnie, it won't do justice. I need more time.

Ronnie: Couldn't you recommend someone else?

Jake: I don't know anybody in Bay City that works in video.

Ronnie: Sure.

Jake: I'll check around at the station for you, all right?

Ronnie: Sure, fine.

Jake: Listen, I'll make it up to you. Maybe I can use you in one of the films Iím going to do.

Ronnie: No, thanks. I guess my career move just wasn't meant to be, huh?

Ada: With house dressing, there we go. Enjoy yourselves.

Jake: Thank you, Ada.

Ronnie: Look, Jake, I'm not hungry.

Jake: I'm sorry. I really am.

Ronnie: I'm going to go.

Jake: Things are going to work out for you, Ronnie. You got too much talent.

Ronnie: Yeah. Excuse me.

Felicia: All right. I can't sit down. Ok. Oh, Ada, hi. Listen, we'd like to get one of those wonderful apple pies you make to take.

Ada: Oh. Ok, you got it.

Jake: Hi.

Felicia: Jake.

Jake: I just heard -- Lisa, when I got here, that -- I'm just going to come out and ask you. Did you break up with Jamie?

Felicia: That's none of your business.

Lisa: It's all right, Felicia. Yes, Jake, it's true. News travels fast, doesn't it?

Jake: Right. Excuse me.

Lisa: Oh. Felicia, I don't really feel like having a picnic. Can we just go back to your place, please?

Felicia: Yes, of course. Listen, why don't you go there first? I'll meet you there. I have a little errand to run. Ok?

Chris: John, we talked about this the day I first signed up for a job!

John: I know, I know that. Don't get upset. I'm just trying to see things from your point of view, all right?

Chris: I want to work construction.

John: That's what I don't understand, Chris. I mean, you're an intelligent woman, you're attractive. You can talk to people.

Chris: I want construction!

John: Because of Tony? Is that it?

Chris: On a crew, lots of the guys are vets.

John: On my crew, they're all vets.

Chris: Yes, and they're all from 'Nam.

John: Where Tony was, right?

Chris: Where Tony died. I want to work with guys who lived what he lived.

John: Chris, considering everything that's happened, I don't know --

Chris: Oh, look, are you trying to back out of our phone conversation?

John: No! I'm not. I'm just trying to talk. That's what we decided to do. Right?

Chris: Sure. I'm sorry.

John: So working construction to you means being around vets?

Chris: And being around you. I was drawn to you from day one, Hudson.

John: And what about my brother, Mike?

Chris: Yeah. He was in 'Nam, too.

John: Is that why you were interested in him?

Chris: I was not interested in your brother.

John: That's not the way he put it.

Chris: Oh. And you're going to -- you're going to believe that lying, conceited, selfish --

John: Oh, whoa, whoa! Now, wait a minute, Chris. I think you've got him all wrong.

Chris: Sure, stick up for him.

John: Well, I do know him.

Chris: Yeah, well, I'll tell you something -- rich men are the worst. They think women are so much loose change! That's what he thought of me. That's what he thinks about anybody! A little sex and they're on their way, thank you very much.

Mary: Excuse me. John, I thought I would drop off the revised plans you left in my office the other day.

John: Right, yeah. Thanks.

Mary: The board approved them this morning.

Chris: Um -- excuse me. I will be leaving now.

John: Chris? Please, stay. Mary's a friend. Maybe she can help us talk this through.

Vicky: Come on, Marley, I canít. I really can't.

Marley: Well, Vicky, you hardly ate any lunch, and this baby needs all the --

Vicky: I don't care, all right? You're getting worse than mom. Nag, nag, nag, nag. Sorry.

Marley: That's all right.

Vicky: Look, I'm in a rotten mood. I'm going to go lie down, all right?

[Knock on door]

Marley: I'll get it.

Vicky: I'll just be in the other room.

Marley: Hi! How did your meeting go?

Jake: Fine. Went just fine. You're not going to believe this. Vicky!

Vicky: What?

Jake: I heard it from Uncle Vince, and I just talked to Lisa, and she confirmed it. The engagement is off.

Vicky: No.

Jake: Jamie and Lisa have broken up.

Marley: Well, this happened once before, didn't it?

Jake: Honey, I know that, but I just talked to Lisa and she acted like it's final.

Vicky: Jake, that is news! This -- aha!

Jake: Not bad for a slow Monday, huh?

Vicky: I'm -- Iím going to call Jamie! I've got to -- oh -- I've got to talk to him!

Marley: No, Victoria, wait. I think Jamie will be as hurt as Lisa is.

Vicky: Ok, right. You're right. I'll slow down.

Marley: Just give him some time alone.

Vicky: Fine. Fine. I'll try. I never thought Lisa was going to give him up!

Jake: I got an idea. Why don't I take the two of you beautiful women out to dinner to celebrate your news and my new job?

Vicky: Great idea.

Marley: No, I don't think it's such a good idea if you go out, Vicky.

Vicky: Come on, Marley, why not? I have been in this place for weeks.

Jake: It'd be good for her!

Marley: No, it most certainly would not. Victoria, you cannot drink alcohol, and you've hardly eaten any food today. That restaurant food is so rich, I don't think you would be able to keep it down.

Vicky: All right, forget it. Fine. I'll go lay down.

Jake: Hope you feel better.

Vicky: Yeah. Great news -- she won't even let me celebrate.

[Vicky mumbles]

Marley: Oh, I think she'll be all right.

Jake: She'll be fine. Listen, I got to run. I'll talk to you later, ok?

Marley: Ok.

Jake: Ok?

Marley: Ok, come on, come on.

Jake: Bye-bye, baby.

Marley: See you.

Marley: Lullaby and good night la-la-la-la la-la-la la-la-la-la la-la-la la-la-la-la-la la-la

Jason: Mary McKinnon, please. She's not? All right, fine. Thank you very much. She's not there. Appointment outside, somewhere.

Vince: Oh, so what's new? Good luck.

Jason: Yeah. Thanks. Ada.

Ada: How come you're not working?

Jason: I have to see one of Macís attorneys about something.

Ada: Which one?

Vince: How many does he have?

Ada: Well, Zack Edwards does a lot of work for him, and Cass Winthrop usually does his business deals.

Jason: Cass?

Ada: And then there is the legal department of Cory Publishing. What are you seeing one of Macís lawyers for?

Jason: Well, Zack is handling a thing for Frame Construction, but maybe I should see Cass, too.

Ada: I don't think he's back.

Jason: Back from where?

Ada: He and Nicole, Felicia, and Mitch went to Atlantic City.

Jason: Well, I just saw Felicia and Nicole the other day, so they're back.

Ada: Well, maybe Cass stayed.

Jason: Great. Well, I got to get going. Take it easy.

Ada: Easier said than done.

Jason: Vinnie.

Vince: Hmm.

[Door closes]

Vince: He's a strange guy.

Ada: Hmm. What's a nice guy like John Hudson doing with a con artist like Jason?

Felicia: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Hello, Felicia.

Felicia: I'm sure that Jake has beaten me to this in telling you that Jamie and Lisaís engagement is broken.

Vicky: Yes, and you came rushing right over here to blame it all on me, right?

Felicia: I'm sure you're very proud of yourself.

Vicky: I didn't do anything.

Felicia: Let me just pass on a little warning to you, darling.

Vicky: Oh, thank you, officer. Only a warning today?

Felicia: I wouldn't count on Jamie marrying you.

Vicky: Let me worry about that.

Felicia: Well, I think you should think about something. You see, if he really loved you, it wouldn't have been Jake that had come over here to tell you that the engagement was broken, would it?

Vicky: Oh! Visiting hours are over today.

Felicia: Just think about it.

Vicky: Goodbye, Felicia.

Marley: Vicky, I could not help but overhear. Are you all right?

Vicky: She's right. Why hasn't Jamie called me?

Marley: That's not important. The only important thing is this child.

Vicky: No, it's not!

Marley: If you stay healthy, then this child will bring us years of happiness.

Vicky: I want to marry Jamie.

Marley: I know that, but if that doesn't work out, then Jake and I will be here for you to help you raise this child.

Vicky: Look, Marley, could you get me a cup of tea or something?

Marley: Well, of course. Of course. You stay right here, and I will be right back, ok?

Vicky: Jake, it's Vicky. I can't talk long, just listen. I don't care what you're doing, would you just drop it and get over here now?

Zack: Oh. This is the first good thing Iíve had happen to me all day long.

Ronnie: That's nice to know Iím good for something.

Zack: Now, what kind of way is that to talk?

Ronnie: Why is it nothing ever goes right for me?

Zack: What happened now?

Ronnie: I counted on being named head nurse for the hospice, remember?

Zack: Yes, and you should have gotten it.

Ronnie: Yeah, except I didn't. And then Jake -- Jake was going to do a music video with me.

Zack: He -- changed his mind?

Ronnie: He got a job with a TV station. He won't have time.

Zack: Oh. Oh, honey, Iím sorry.

Ronnie: Do you know the things Iíve done without to get this far? To go to nursing school, to study music, voice --

Zack: Yeah, and it's paid off.

Ronnie: Oh, Zack, I'm going nowhere.

Zack: Well, you're somewhere now. You're here with me.

Ronnie: Don't -- don't try to cheer me up, ok?

Zack: Ok, why else would you come here to see me?

Ronnie: Because I -- I don't have anyone else.

Zack: Ok. I'll settle for that.

Mary: How old were you when your parents died?

Chris: 7. After that, it was mostly foster homes. There were a couple of aunts who felt sorry for me, but nothing permanent.

Mary: How'd you meet your husband?

Chris: Tony ran into me in a department store, knocked me flat.

Mary: Really?

Chris: Yeah. Then he picked me up and said, "Youíre the prettiest girl Iíve knocked down all day. Why don't you come to the movies with me?" So I took his hand, and I never let go. Even when he went to 'Nam, I managed to get a job as a secretary in a civilian outfit in Danang, and that's where I had our baby.

Jason: Hey, John. What's going on here?

Chris: Hi, Jason.

Jason: What is she doing here?

John: I invited her here, but I don't recall having invited you.

Jason: Oh, you had to throw private luncheons for people who are trying to destroy our business?

John: Look, I asked Chris here because I needed to talk to her.

Jason: She came on to both of us for a very specific reason.

Chris: If you're going to talk about me, why don't you just talk to me?

Jason: Fine. I think you're trying to destroy our business, and I don't like it.

John: Oh, shut up, Jason.

Jason: I am not stupid.

Mary: You're sure giving good evidence.

Jason: I think she has also been put up to this by somebody else.

John: Come on!

Jason: No, somebody is paying her to pull this little sexual harassment stunt.

Mary: What are you talking about?

Jason: Rachel Cory. That name ring a bell? I think Rachel is paying her to do this.

Chris: I hardly even know her.

Jason: I will get to the bottom of it if I have to go straight to Rachel Cory, myself.

Chris: I don't believe this man.

Mary: Jason, I think right now, Rachel and Mac are having a bad enough time without you bringing them more trouble.

Jason: Trouble? Rachel wants trouble, I'll give it to her, believe me.

John: Look, Jason, would you just cool down?

Jason: Why should I?

John: Just for one day!

Jason: Hey, I can do this with or without you, and right now, I think I can probably do it better and more efficiently without you.

John: Thanks a lot.

Jason: We wouldn't be in this jam if you hadn't gotten the hots for Ms. Frigidaire, there.

Lisa: Hi.

Felicia: Hi.

Lisa: Did you get your errand done?

Felicia: Yes. Mission accomplished. Did you get any sleep?

Lisa: No.

Felicia: No?

Lisa: Not really.

Felicia: Listen, honey, I know this sounds a little trite, but things will get better.

Lisa: Oh, sure. When Iím 84, Iíll look back and laugh, right?

Felicia: Lisa, I'm serious.

Lisa: Oh, so am I. You know, I figured out my problem.

Felicia: Really? Tell me.

Lisa: I don't want to stop loving Jamie.

Felicia: I know that.

Lisa: What I do want is a change.

Felicia: Change? Are you talking about of scenery or are you thinking about leaving Bay City?

Lisa: No. I'm just talking about my job at the police station. Hasn't been the same since Adam left.

Felicia: Honey. I can't believe you're thinking about really giving that up.

[Phone rings]

Lisa: Well, maybe. I don't know.

Felicia: We'll talk about it. Just a minute, ok? Let me get the phone. Hello? Hi, Mitch. Yeah. Where are you? The airport? Well -- right, right. Ok -- I know, I know. Well, do you want me to bring you something? Do you need anything? Right? You what? You love me? Oh, honey. I love you, too. Yes. That's very sweet of you. Ok, yes, I know you're in a hurry, ok. Right. All right, Iíll see you then. Right, have a good trip. Bye! Huh. Mitch. He -- he's at the airport. You know, going off to somewhere.

Lisa: What you have is so wonderful.

Felicia: Oh, baby girl. You're going to find the same thing. You'll see.

Lisa: Yeah, maybe someday.

Felicia: You will.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Ugh. Ever get the feeling this is like Grand Central station? Keep smiling.

Jason: Hi.

Felicia: Jason.

Jason: Sorry, I was looking for Nicole --

Felicia: Come in.

Jason: Oh, hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Jason.

Jason: She's in Chicago -- fashions --

Felicia: Um -- yes. What did you want to see Nicole about?

Jason: Actually, I'm looking for Cass.

Felicia: Ok.

Jason: Zack's handled some legal stuff for Frame Construction, but I may have to talk to Cass, as well. Do you know where I can find him?

Felicia: No. I'm afraid I really can't help you. I haven't talked to him for over a week, myself.

Jason: Ah. Well, thanks. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Felicia: Yeah.

Jason: Thanks.

Felicia: That guy is such a puzzle to me. You?

Lisa: One not worth figuring out, if you ask me.

Felicia: I wonder what he really wants to talk to Cass about.

Vicky: Marley's out looking at one of the other apartments she saw in the paper.

Jake: You made it sound like life and death on the phone.

Vicky: Jake, I can't take Marley living here with me anymore! You've got to take her home with you, please!

Jake: That's not going to be easy to do, Vicky. She thinks she's needed here.

Vicky: Well, then convince her that you need her at home, all right?

Jake: I do.

Vicky: Good, because I've already packed her things.

Marley: Oh, you would hardly believe the apartment I just saw. It -- sweetheart, I didn't know you were coming back.

Jake: Something came up.

Marley: Victoria, this place is enormous. Three bedrooms.

Vicky: I'm going to stay here until this baby is born, Marley.

Marley: Well, don't you think you should at least see it first?

Vicky: Didn't you hear me? I am going to stay right here.

Marley: Well, all right.

Vicky: Look, I've appreciated everything you've done for me, Marley, and I want you to visit as much as you want to, but Jakeís here to take you home.

Marley: No.

Jake: Honey, Vickyís well enough to be here by herself.

Marley: But I thought that --

Vicky: I'll be fine. You know, Jake needs you, too!

Jake: She's right, sweetheart. I mean, especially with the new job. I need to know that I can come home to you at the end of the day.

Vicky: Hey, shouldn't leave a good-looking husband like that alone for too long, Marley.

Marley: Well, Jake understands, don't you, sweetheart?

Jake: Vicky needs her privacy, honey. She's packed your bag.

Vicky: All right. Um -- I'll see you tomorrow or the next day, ok? Look, I'll be fine. I'm just going to take a little rest, all right?

Marley: Right. Well, I don't think she's all right at all.

Jake: She'll be fine. Marley -- let's go home together, the way it should be, all right? Come on, let's go.

Chris: Hmm. Tony was always smiling. I don't think I have a photograph he isn't smiling in.

Mary: You must have been devastated when he was killed.

Chris: No, I was numb. I couldn't afford to be devastated, because I had to take care of our baby.

Mary: How did you feel later?

Chris: What difference does it make?

Mary: It's really not good to keep those kind of feelings locked up inside.

Chris: You want to know how I felt? I was angry, ok? I was angry. You know how Tony died?

Mary: No.

Chris: He stepped on a mine. How's that for goodbye? No movie music, no fond farewell from your wife. No word of warning. Just a click.

Mary: But you had your baby.

Chris: Yeah. For two more weeks.

Mary: What happened?

Chris: The V.C. opened up with mortar fire on Danang. The baby was in a little carriage out on the street with a Vietnamese nurse. I just went back in the house for a second. Then I heard it. Incoming. I froze just for a second, and then I ran, screaming.

[Speaking Vietnamese]

Chris: I lost the last thing that was holding my life together.

Mary: It's ok. It's ok to cry.

Chris: There wasn't any point crying then, and there's even less now. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be here.

Mary: Would you like me to drive you home?

Chris: I never should have told you. Oh!

John: Chris -- Chris. Chris!

Mary: No, John, John -- let her go. She needs time.

John: I can't stand seeing her in so much pain.

Mary: She may be better now. She is stronger than you think.

John: Mary, every time I take a step, I'm reminded of Vietnam. What happened to me is like a bad day in the heat compared to what happened to a lot of other guys. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. Maybe Tony was lucky, too. I mean, one click, it was over. For Chris, it's never going to be over.

Mary: She'll survive.

John: Well, I'm not going to abandon her. Never.

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