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Another World Transcript Monday 8/30/04

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[Classical music plays]

Mac: Rachel?

Rachel: Oh, hi, darling.

Mac: Very busy, eh?

Rachel: Swamped.

Mac: I thought these financial projections were all set.

Rachel: Oh, Evan wanted some changes made on this. Wait a minute. I thought you knew.

Mac: No. Where's my appointment book?

Rachel: Uh -- well, I think it was -- I -- I don't know. I guess I moved it?

Mac: Never mind, darling.

Rachel: I needed the space. I'm sorry.

Mac: I just wanted to make sure a reorder was in for next year -- if there is a next year.

Rachel: Darling, don't be worried about the trial.

Mac: That's a little difficult, considering the charges they have against me.

Rachel: But those are going to be meaningless once they prove that Marsten is alive.

Mac: If they prove it.

Rachel: Cass saw him in Atlantic City.

Mac: That could very possibly have been someone who happened to look like Marsten, you know?

Rachel: Mac, he was sure. He's going to find him.

Mac: We can't even find Cass. He hasn't checked in in days.

Rachel: I'm sure there's a reason for that, too. Please don't worry. Amanda called. She was awfully pleased that you spent the day with Alli.

Mac: I loved it. Oh, that reminds me -- what was the quarrel about between you and Donna?

Rachel: Quarrel?

Mac: When I brought Alli in from the park. You said you'd tell me later. You didn't tell me.

Rachel: Oh, it was nothing.

Mac: Rachel, I'm left out of enough as it is. Please, what did you quarrel with Donna about?

Sharlene: So Iím thinking that if Vince agrees that I could also sell cakes and pies to Maryís place as well as the produce. That way, we'd have an income through the winter. What do you think?

Josie: Hmm?

Sharlene: Hey! You're supposed to be listening to me.

Josie: I'm sorry, mama. Were you saying something?

Sharlene: Yeah, I'm saying what are you reading so intently over there?

Josie: Oh, just some pornography.

Sharlene: Some what? That's my new knitting catalog.

Josie: Gotcha! Hi.

Sharlene: Hello.

Man: Ms. Watts?

Sharlene: Yes?

Man: I'm David Lloyd.

Second man: Kenny Reed. We heard you were renting rooms to students.

Sharlene: Yeah, I might.

David: Well, we'd like to rent them.

Sharlene: Well, I have to ask a few questions first, and then my brother has to approve. This is his farm.

Kenny: Matt Cory will vouch for us.

Josie: You know Matthew?

David: We're freshmen together.

Josie: Oh.

Kenny: He told us about the rooms.

Sharlene: Well, that isn't exactly the best recommendation you could have.

Josie: Mama!

Sharlene: Gotcha.

Josie: Oh!

Sharlene: All right, this is David and Kenny, is it? Let's talk.

Lisa: So how is the French toast?

Jamie: Mmm. Tres French.

Lisa: Remember when you first met me? I couldn't even boil an egg.

Jamie: You couldn't make American toast, much less French.

Lisa: I wasn't that bad. And besides, Iím vastly improved.

Jamie: In every sense.

Lisa: I'd like to be making us breakfast every day.

Jamie: So, what's on the agenda today?

Lisa: I thought we could take a drive in the country?

Jamie: Country?

Lisa: It'd be nice. The leaves are just starting to change.

Jamie: Well -- I don't know.

Lisa: It's your day off.

Jamie: I think the hospital might need me today.

Lisa: The hospital or Vicky?

Jamie: She's all alone, Lisa.

Lisa: Yeah, she's all alone with your baby. I'm sorry. I try not to get angry.

Jamie: Honey, I know it's really hard on you.

Lisa: Are you in love with Vicky?

Jamie: I'm in love with you.

Lisa: Then let's get married.

Jamie: Lisa, this just isn't the time right now.

Lisa: Jamie, I want to set a wedding date. Please?

Rachel: You remember the engagement party for Lisa and Jamie?

Mac: Well, of course I remember it. I was arrested for murder during it.

Rachel: I know, Mac. That's just the point -- I don't want to dump anything more on you. You've got enough to deal with.

Mac: I see. So these problems -- do they have anything to do with Jamie and Lisa not getting married that night?

Rachel: Yes. Remember, Jamie and Lisa broke up shortly, and during that period, Jamie took out Vicky a couple of times.

Mac: Ah. So Vicky is mad with Jamie because of his then getting engaged to Lisa?

Rachel: Yeah, Vickyís in love with Jamie.

Mac: Oh, terrific.

Rachel: And she's used every trick in the book to break up Jamie and Lisa.

Mac: How can she do that if Jamie is really in love with Lisa?

Rachel: There are ways. Anyway, I went over to talk to Vicky to tell her to leave Jamie alone, and she told her version of the story to Donna, and Donna came over here to talk to me about it, and the rest you know about.

Mac: You know, Michael Hudson has been a terrific help in this takeover business.

Rachel: I know.

Mac: I'd hate to see anything interfere with a fine relationship.

Rachel: I know, Mac. That's one of the reasons I went over to talk to Vicky.

Mac: I appreciate your trying to help, but, Rachel, just yesterday we were talking about letting these kids work things out for themselves.

Rachel: I know, Mac, but Vicky --

Mac: Vicky what?

Rachel: She'll do anything to get Jamie.

Mac: Well, obviously, it's one of those scorned women things. Give her time. She'll get over Jamie.

Rachel: I hope you're right.

Mac: And I do appreciate your wanting to help out, but please don't hide things from me, ok?

Sharlene: So what are you-all majoring in?

David: I'm in premed.

Kenny: I'm prelaw.

Sharlene: And I'm impressed.

Josie: Would you like some lemonade?

Kenny: Great.

David: Thanks.

Josie: Mom?

Sharlene: Thanks. Mmm. Have some cookies, please.

David: Sure. Thank you. Mmm. These are delicious.

Kenny: Apple nut, just like my mom makes them -- better.

Sharlene: Oh, come on. Nobody makes cookies better than your own mother.

Kenny: I guess.

Sharlene: Does somebody sound a little homesick?

Kenny: Me? No.

David: Right. He's only called home every night since we left.

Josie: Do you live far from Bay City?

Kenny: Far enough. You know, I could help you-all out with some stuff, some things if you don't mind.

Sharlene: Well, farm work's pretty hard.

Kenny: I know, I grew up on a farm.

Josie: Oh, lucky you.

Kenny: You know, this farmhouse really reminds me of ours.

Sharlene: You know, if it'd make things easier on you two, I have got a double room you could share. It's got twin beds.

David: Great.

Sharlene: Oh, Jason, I'm glad you're here. I want you to meet David and Kenny.

Josie: They're going to rent a room. Isn't that great?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Jason: No, that is not great. You were only going to rent to girls.

Sharlene: I didn't say that. Come on, let me show you the room.

Jason: Hold it. They don't go anywhere till they pass my inspection.

Lisa: Vicky's not going to get any less pregnant. And as time goes on, you'll --

Jamie: I'll what?

Lisa: You'll get closer and closer to her because she's carrying your child.

Jamie: Lisa, that's only natural.

Lisa: And it's natural for a father to want to be with the mother of his child.

Jamie: Honey, Iím responsible for the both of them.

Lisa: And how far is that responsibility going to go?

Jamie: Lisa, I love you and I want to be with you, always.

Lisa: Then why don't you want to set a wedding date?

Jamie: Please don't push me on that.

Lisa: Jamie, we can solve our problems together as husband and wife.

Jamie: I can't give you an answer now. Come on, let's take that country drive we talked about, ok?

Lisa: Um -- no, I don't really feel like it anymore. Actually, I'd like to be alone.

Jamie: All right, if that's what you want.

Lisa: I just want to be by myself. Please go.

Rachel: Hi.

Felicia: Rachel, hi.

Rachel: I hope Iím not interrupting.

Felicia: No, no. In fact, I was having writer's block. A pleasant diversion would probably do me some good.

Rachel: I'm not so sure this is going to be pleasant.

Felicia: It's not Mac, is it? I mean, he's all right?

Rachel: No, no. Well --

Felicia: Yeah, right.

Rachel: No, it's about Jamie and Lisa.

Felicia: And Vicky. Let us not forget Vicky.

Rachel: What are we going to do about this?

Felicia: I don't know. I really don't. I went to see her the other day, in fact.

Rachel: Yeah, I know. I -- Donna came to see me.

Felicia: Donna? What did she say?

Rachel: Yeah, well, she's upset. She thinks that you and I are interfering in her daughter's life.

Felicia: I really don't know what she expects us to do. I mean, just let Vicky trick Jamie into marrying her?

Rachel: Well, I think that's exactly what's on her mind, I mean, marriage.

Felicia: Well, over my dead body!

Rachel: Don't! Oh, don't say about dead bodies.

Felicia: What? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. I am sorry -- the trial.

Rachel: You know the awfulest thing about this? I can't tell Mac. I mean, with the trial and the takeover, I can't tell him about this mess.

Felicia: I'm sorry. You know, I'm feeling guilty. If I hadn't had the engagement party in the first place --

Rachel: Oh, come on, stop! We can't do anything about what's happened.

Felicia: You think they're going to get married? I mean, has Jamie said anything, I mean, his plans?

Rachel: No, he hasn't said anything.

Felicia: Nothing?

Rachel: I know he loves Lisa.

Felicia: I know.

Rachel: But he also has a very strong sense of responsibility.

Felicia: I hate to admit this. I don't think there's anything that you and I can do about it.

Rachel: No, I know you're right. And they say sons are supposed to be easier.

Felicia: Huh. Right.

Rachel: Is Mitch here?

Felicia: No. He's on an assignment.

Rachel: Right. Right. I just wanted to talk to him about this, uh, Josie and Matthew.

Felicia: Rachel, she's a very sweet kid.

Rachel: Yes, she is very sweet. Matt -- I just think Matthew is -- is too young to get involved.

Felicia: Honey, aren't you being a little hard on them? You know, kids when they're this young, they're really so vulnerable.

Rachel: I just don't think Mitch would encourage this.

Felicia: You know, your opposition could drive them closer together, you know that?

Rachel: Yes, I know, I know. I read "Romeo and Juliet."

Felicia: Then you know it didn't have a very happy ending.

Rachel: Look, don't add to my worries.

Felicia: Sorry.

Rachel: I've got to go to work.

Felicia: Listen, you want me to have Mitch call you?

Rachel: Only if he agrees with me about Matthew and Josie.

Felicia: Right. Rachel? Don't wait for the call.

Rachel: I'll see you. Bye.

Felicia: Bye.

Mac: Hi, Liz.

Liz: Oh, Mac, you're here. Mr. McBride from Cleveland? He wants an answer right now.

Mac: Rachel should handle that, Liz. I'm just here to pick up my own mail.

Liz: Damn this trial. Mac, we miss you around here.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Cory Publishing, "Brava" magazine.

Matt: Yes, Aunt Liz, it's Matthew. Is Mac there?

Liz: Oh, yes, hold on. It's Matthew.

Mac: Oh! Hi there, Matthew.

Matt: Oh, dad, listen, just got a call from Amanda saying that she's going to be into the office a little late. She's having trouble finding a babysitter.

Mac: What about Josie?

Matt: Oh, well, she's working on the farm with her mom.

Mac: Would Amanda like me to take care of Alli?

Matt: No, no. I said I would.

Mac: You're going to look after Alli?

Liz: Oh, no.

Matt: Yeah, that's the deal. Amanda has to interview some author or something.

Mac: Ok, now, I find you shouldn't let her get overtired, and if she does get cranky --

Matt: No problem, no problem. I'll handle it, dad.

Mac: I'm sure you will. I hope you enjoy being with her as much as I did.

Matt: Right. Bye-bye.

Mac: Bye-bye.

Liz: Matthew is actually going to take care of Alli?

Mac: Yeah, why shouldn't he?

Liz: Because he's a teenage boy!

Mac: Liz, young people today know a lot more about babies than we did at their age.

Liz: Too much, if you ask me.

Mac: It's very mature of Matthew to offer to help his sister. He'll do fine.

Liz: Well, it's nice to see you optimistic again.

Mac: Since I spent time with Alli yesterday, I'm in a very good mood.

Liz: Well, keep doing it, then.

Mac: I intend to. Just looking at that beautiful little face makes me feel like I can take on the world.

Jason: No alcohol. That includes beer. Drugs -- you get into drugs, you'll be out of here so fast, you won't know what hit you.

Josie: Uncle Jason --

Jason: Thanks, Josie. No girls, no parties.

Sharlene: You can breathe, however.

Jason: These are my rules. They can't hack it? Fine.

Kenny: It's fine, Mr. Frame.

David: No problem.

Sharlene: All right, so if you're through, Jason, Iíll show you fellows to your room.

Jason: Keep your room shipshape.

Josie: You'll have to excuse my uncle. He used to be in the navy.

Jamie: Jason.

Jason: Hey, I thought you were going to spend the day with Lisa.

Jamie: Oh, I had a slight change of plans.

Jason: You guys have a fight?

Jamie: No, I just felt like working in the garden. It relaxes me.

Jason: Yeah. How are things doing?

Jamie: The tomatoes look great.

Jason: I'm not talking about the tomatoes. How's Vicky?

Jamie: I don't know. I haven't seen her for a while.

Jason: She's pregnant with your kid and you have not -- come on.

Jamie: Jason, I -- I've been busy at the hospital.

Jason: She's not good enough, nephew?

Jamie: Jason, don't get on my case today, too, ok?

Jason: All right, Iím sorry. You're right. Absolutely right. No right to try to tell you how to run your life, do I?

Jamie: That's right.

Jason: I apologize.

Jamie: It's ok.

Jason: Good.

Jamie: But maybe you should. Tell me, what would you do?

Jason: You're asking me for my advice?

Jamie: Just asking.

Jason: You might not like it.

Jamie: Probably not, but let's hear it anyway.

Jason: Every cloud has a silver lining, and you can love a rich girl just as easy as you can love a poor girl. Hmm.

Jamie: Are you saying that I should marry Vicky for her money?

Jason: I didn't say that at all. She's got money and she happens to love you a lot, but she happens to be very exciting and beautiful, sexy.

Jamie: Complicated. Very complicated.

Jason: You'd never have a boring day with her. If Lisa had half that --

Jamie: Hey! Nothing critical about Lisa.

Jason: You asked me for my opinion.

Jamie: Yes, I did, didn't I? Well, I got it, Jason, and thank you.

Jason: You're welcome.

Jamie: I'll see you. I'm going to be working in the garden.

Jason: Hey, you could learn something from your old man about this, you know.

Jamie: Say what?

Jason: You have to take responsibility for your kid. Your dad did when he found out you were his.

Felicia: "Her heart leapt." That's good. "She drank in the lean, hard muscles of his."

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Oh, drat. Every time I get on a roll, that doorbell rings.

Matt: Surprise!

Felicia: Oh, well! Hello there! You adorable little thing! How are you?

Matt: Oh, thank you. Alli wanted to see her uncle Mitch.

Felicia: Did you? Is that why you're here?

Matt: Yes.

Felicia: Well, you know what? Your uncle Mitch is out of town on an assignment.

Matt: Oh, well, I'll take Alli to the park. You're working.

Felicia: No, no. Please, don't let appearances fool you. Come on in.

Matt: Ok.

[Matt imitates a race car]

Felicia: Let me see her. Come here, angel. Come here. Turn around here. Let me see. Come here. Come here.

Matt: Wait, she has a seat belt.

Felicia: Oh, she does? Oh, there. Hi! Hi! How are you? Here, let's turn this off. Come on. There we go. Oh, no, don't read that. You're much too innocent.

Matt: She likes you.

Felicia: I like her, too. Come on. Let's sit down, ok?

[Alli coos]

Felicia: What are you doing babysitting?

Matt: Well, Josie couldn't make it. You know, you would make a great mother someday.

Felicia: You know, speaking of mothers, yours was here earlier today.

Matt: She was? She was?

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Matt: Did you talk to her about Josie and I?

Felicia: Well, actually, she did most of the talking.

Matt: She still doesn't want me to see Josie, does she?

Felicia: Well, honey, she thinks that you're both too young.

Matt: To get romantically involved like that. I've heard it before.

Felicia: You can't blame her for worrying about you.

Matt: You know, just because --

Felicia: Yes! Yes!

Matt: Jamie is screwing up his love life doesn't mean I will.

Felicia: No, it doesn't. You're absolutely right. But, you know, you are both very young.

Matt: I thought you'd agree with me. You do write romance novels.

Felicia: Oh, honey, life, unfortunately, is not a romance novel, is it?

Matt: I can't believe you're siding with her.

Felicia: I'm not siding with anybody.

Matt: Come on, can't you get my father to just talk to her?

Felicia: Honey, Mitch is really walking a very fine line with your mother, at best, and you know it. I don't think -- Matthew.

Matt: Well, come on, i'm not a baby anymore. I can handle relation--

Felicia: You know, speaking of babies --

Matt: Oh, she --

Felicia: Yes. Very much so.

Matt: Oh. Whoa!

Jason: Thought you were supposed to be hauling weeds with Jamie or something.

Sharlene: Well, I was, but he decided to go back into town.

Jason: Hmm.

Sharlene: I'm worried about him.

Jason: Why?

Sharlene: Well, he just seems so restless lately.

Jason: Well, he's got women problems. All us Frames seem to be afflicted with that.

Sharlene: That isn't anything Iíd brag about.

Jason: I'm just trying to help him straighten his life out, that's all.

Sharlene: Oh, so that's what his problem is.

Jason: Sharlie, I happen to have a little bit of knowledge into women, ok?

Sharlene: And none of it good. You're the last person Jamie should be talking to.

Jason: Oh, with your track record, I wouldn't recommend you at all.

Sharlene: Are we through sniping at one another? Hmm?

Jason: Yeah, I got my two cents in.

Sharlene: I havenít.

Jason: Just like a woman.

Sharlene: Don't you mess things up between Jamie and Lisa. She is a nice girl.

Jason: Yeah, she's a nice girl. That kind of girl wants to wrap you and tie you up forever.

Sharlene: You still trying to convince him to take up with Vicky Hudson?

Jason: What is wrong with Vicky Hudson?

Sharlene: I don't trust her.

Jason: You don't know her well enough not to trust her.

Sharlene: Jason, I know the type.

Jason: Oh --

Sharlene: I'll tell you something, she's not going to stop till she gets her hooks into Jamie.

Jason: She loves the guy. Doesn't she have a right to fight for him?

Sharlene: I knew you wouldn't understand. It doesn't matter.

Jason: Yeah.

Sharlene: Doesn't matter. Anyway, I have decided to let the room to those two boys, Kevin and David. Kenny, Kenny.

Jason: Well, as long as they go by my rules. All right? Fine.

Sharlene: Oh, but they seem like nice boys, and I want to thank you for letting me take in some boarders. It'll help with the expenses.

Jason: I told you you didn't have to worry about the money. I got plenty.

Sharlene: And you still haven't told me where it's coming from.

Jason: Yeah, because it's none of your business, that's why.

Sharlene: You sure you don't want to tell me something, Jason?

Jason: Get off your high horse, Sharlene! Just drop it, would you? Forget it!

Josie: The guys want to know when they can rent the room.

Sharlene: Anytime. Anytime.

Kenny: I'll go get our gear.

Sharlene: All right.

Jason: Hold up. Just one last small, little detail. You touch this one, I'll grind you into sausage meat.

Josie: Uncle Jason!

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi. I -- can I come in?

Vicky: Oh, I was just taking a nap.

Jamie: Oh, well, I can come back some other time.

Vicky: You're here now.

Jamie: Well, I just came by to see how you're getting along.

Vicky: Oh, well, how kind of you to fit me into your busy schedule.

Jamie: I'm sorry I haven't been by.

Vicky: Oh, well, don't worry about me. Hey, Vicky can take care of herself, right?

Jamie: Listen, I don't want you to think that --

Vicky: And I don't want you coming over here only to ease your guilty conscience, Jamie.

Jamie: I came over here because I care about you.

Vicky: Oh, right!

[Vicky sighs]

Jamie: Remember the other day when you fainted and Donna called me?

Vicky: I never forget a faint, Jamie.

Jamie: And we listened to the baby's heartbeat?

Vicky: Well, we shared that.

Jamie: That was the first time for me that the baby seemed real.

Vicky: Yeah, well, try morning sickness. You'll know it's real.

Jamie: Listen, I know I haven't been as supportive as I should be, but that's going to change.

Vicky: Well, you do what you have to do.

Jamie: I do care about our baby.

Vicky: I'm relieved to hear it, Jamie.

Jamie: You taking care of yourself? Are you eating right, getting exercise?

Vicky: Trying.

Jamie: Well, it's very important for the baby's health, you know. What does your O.B. say?

Vicky: Well, he says Iím fine, avoid stress.

Jamie: Well, he's right, that's important.

Vicky: Yeah, but it hasn't been easy lately.

Jamie: Why? What's going on?

Vicky: Lisa's relatives have been ganging up on me.

Jamie: What are you talking about?

Vicky: Aunt Felicia stopped by the other day to give me a little lecture.

Jamie: Aunt Felicia? What is she stopping by for?

Vicky: Yeah, the celebrated Felicia Gallant played out one of her romance novels right to the hilt.

Jamie: Yeah, well, it's natural for her to be anxious about Lisa.

Vicky: Yeah, and your mother, too.

Jamie: My mother? What does my -- what are you talking about?

Vicky: Well, she dropped by to pay me a little visit, too. The same day, as a matter of fact.

Jamie: What did she want?

Vicky: I'm sorry, Jamie, let's --

Jamie: No, tell me. What did she say?

Vicky: Well, she said a lot of things. But most of all, she accused me of sleeping around, made it very clear that she doubts this baby is yours at all.

Jamie: She what?

Vicky: Yeah, she thinks it could be just about anybodyís.

Jamie: Vicky, Iím sorry. She had no right to do that.

Vicky: No, I'm sorry, Jamie. I didn't say that to cause trouble between you two.

Jamie: No, but still --

[Phone rings]

Jamie: She had no right to do that.

Vicky: Yeah?

Lisa: Vicky, this is Lisa. Can I come over and talk to you?

Vicky: Lisa, I don't know if I could deal with a visit from you today.

Jamie: Let me see that. Lisa?

Lisa: Jamie?

Rachel: I can't believe you're saying that to me.

Mac: Mitch is Matthewís father. He has a perfect right to talk with him about anything he chooses, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm not disputing that, Mac. I'm just saying that he has no right to encourage a relationship between Matthew and Josie when he knows how I feel about it.

Mac: How do you know that he's encouraging it?

Rachel: Well, he's not discouraging it.

Mac: Well, they've only had a few dates, for goodness sake.

Rachel: They're together all the time, Mac.

Mac: Ah. I can remember when we were like that.

Rachel: Now, don't you divert me. Just look at it from my point of view.

Mac: I am, darling. You love your children and you don't want them hurt.

Rachel: Besides, we weren't teens.

Mac: No, but I sure felt as if I were.

Rachel: Exactly.

Mac: Rachel, do you remember that big maple that used to stand in the garden?

Rachel: Hmm. I feel an analogy coming on.

Mac: You were adamant that Matthew should not climb trees. Do you remember? If you told him once, you must have told him a hundred times.

Rachel: And he climbed the tree and he fell out of it and broke his arm, so I was right.

Mac: So you were right, but he learned to be careful. And furthermore, you did not keep him from climbing trees, now, did you?

Rachel: You can't make a comparison between tree-climbing and two people falling in love!

Mac: Oh, Rachel, you worry too much about Jamie and Matthew.

Rachel: I don't want them to make mistakes, Mac, mistakes that could ruin their lives.

Mac: And I don't want you to alienate yourself from them, Rachel.

Rachel: By caring what happens to them?

Mac: No, by holding on too tight. Darling, we've taught them the difference between right and wrong. Now, please, now trust them to make the right choice, will you? I made the right choice.

Jamie: Hi.

Sharlene: Well, hello. You're back.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, I -- I just can't seem to stay away.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Jamie: Now, you're always up to something like this.

Sharlene: Well, keeps me out of trouble.

Jamie: Oh, yeah? Maybe I should try it.

Sharlene: So you changed your mind?

Jamie: About what?

Sharlene: About working in that garden.

Jamie: Yeah. Maybe. I don't know. Is Jason around?

Sharlene: He went on over to the hospice site.

Jamie: Oh.

Sharlene: Listen, Jamie, Jasonís my brother and I love him --

Jamie: Right.

Sharlene: But I would take any advice he gives you with a large grain of salt.

Jamie: Oh, believe me, I do. I just like to talk things out sometimes.

Sharlene: Why don't you try talking to me?

Jamie: Well, you got enough to do.

Sharlene: Believe it or not, I can peel potatoes and listen at the same time.

Jamie: I just came back from seeing Vicky.

Sharlene: Oh?

Jamie: You know, it's got to be rough on her going through this alone.

Sharlene: I'd guess that Vickyís a lot tougher than you think.

Jamie: Oh, well, that's just a front she hides behind.

Sharlene: You sound like you know her pretty well.

Jamie: Well, we -- we used to be pretty good friends.

Sharlene: And Lisa?

Jamie: Lisa means everything to me.

Sharlene: Well, then I guess you're kind of caught between the two, huh?

Jamie: Yep, and it's my own fault. I wanted Lisaís love and I wanted Vickyís friendship. I can't believe I was that stupid.

Sharlene: There's no point in blaming yourself.

Jamie: I just don't want to hurt anyone any more than I already have, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Then be honest with your feelings, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, I'm trying to be.

Sharlene: Don't dwell on the past.

Jamie: I don't --

Sharlene: Concentrate on the future.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I don't know what my future is.

Sharlene: I tell you, if you're true to your feelings and you choose the person you truly love, it'll work itself out.

Jamie: I know, I know, but does that mean I have to forget about the fact that Vicky is carrying my child?

Sharlene: Of course not. But remember, good intentions don't make good marriages. Your father made that mistake.

Jamie: Well, he ended up doing the right thing.

Sharlene: No. No. He married your mother when he was still very much in love with someone else, and all three of them were miserable. You are so much like him. I don't want to see you make the same mistake.

Felicia: Cheat.

Lisa: Cheat!

Vicky: Oh!

Rachel: Cheat. You got pregnant to trap Jamie.

Vicky: No!

Rachel: He will never marry you. You'll raise that baby alone.

Vicky: No!

Lisa: Tramp.

Vicky: Oh!

Rachel: Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!

Felicia: Tramp! You thought you could trick Jamie into marrying you. You're nothing but a selfish, deceitful cheat, and Iím going to see to it that you get exactly what's coming to you. Liar.

Rachel: Liar!

Lisa: Liar!

Rachel: Liar!

Lisa: That baby's not Jamieís, it's Jakeís, and I'm going to make sure everyone knows about it.

Vicky: He loves me!

Lisa's voice: That baby's not Jamieís, it's Jakeís.

Rachel: You'll be all alone, alone, alone, alone.

Felicia: Liar!

Vicky: No!

Lisa: He loves me!

Vicky: Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Oh!

Vicky: Oh, Jamie. Jamie, help me, please.

Rachel: Sharlene? Hi.

Sharlene: Rachel. If you're looking for Matthew, he's not here.

Rachel: Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you. Do you have a minute?

Sharlene: Sure, I've got a minute. Want some iced tea?

Rachel: No, it's all right, I can't stay.

Sharlene: This is about Matthew and Josie?

Rachel: Yeah, well -- I know that neither of us are, uh, really thrilled about this friendship of theirs.

Sharlene: I -- I worry about Josie.

Rachel: Well, they're just kids, and when you tell kids not to do something, it just makes them want to do it even more.

Sharlene: Well, Josieís naive, and I know that she can be easily talked into things.

Rachel: You're not saying that Matthew would ever take advantage of her?

Sharlene: I didn't say that.

Rachel: Well, that's what it sounded like.

Sharlene: Then, all right, I take it back.

Rachel: Ok. All right, we'll start again.

Sharlene: Ok. Please go ahead.

Rachel: Uh -- it's just that Matthewís going to have a lot more important things to deal with once he starts college.

Sharlene: You're saying that Josie isn't important enough?

Rachel: No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Sharlene, just listen to me, ok?

Sharlene: Sorry.

Rachel: Ok. I'm sure we share the same worries.

Sharlene: And what worries are those?

Rachel: Well, as you said, Josieís very young and not very sophisticated.

Sharlene: Not sophisticated?

Rachel: I just mean she has not been as exposed to as much as Matthew.

Sharlene: Josie is very intelligent.

Rachel: I wasn't saying she wasn't intelligent, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Whatever you're saying, you obviously don't think that my daughter is good enough for your son.

Josie: Oh, Mom.

Felicia: Ok.

Matt: There we go. Good as new.

Felicia: Oh. Well, it wasn't so hard, now, was it?

Matt: Next time, it's your turn.

Felicia: Let's hope there's not a next time.

Matt: Believe me, Mother nature will provide. There will be a next time! Right?

Felicia: All right, now, I think -- I think she's a little happier now, no?

Matt: Well, she only cries when she wants something.

Felicia: Oh, well --

Matt: Right?

Felicia: You know something, Alli? I do the same thing. Come here, you.

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Oh, honey, get that, will you?

Matt: Sure. Hello?

Josie: Matthew. I've been calling all over.

Matt: What's the matter?

Josie: Your mother's here.

Matt: Oh, no.

Josie: She's talking to my mom about us.

[Matt sighs]

Matt: Why can't she ever stay out of it?

Josie: Matthew, look, do you think that you could maybe come over right away and we can all sit down and talk?

Matt: Yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe we can straighten this thing out once and for all. I'll be right there. Um, small emergency, Felicia. Can you watch Alli for me?

Felicia: All by myself?

Matt: Yeah. I will be right back.

Felicia: Matthew, what -- what do I do for her?

Matt: Well, tell her a story, one of your romance novels. Bye.

Felicia: Oh, well, we could start with that. Oh. All right. Um, so, do you want to know about how boys and girls get together? I guess not.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: I don't want to talk to you.

Jamie: Come on, let me explain now.

Lisa: Why didn't you tell me you were going over Vickyís?

Jamie: That was a spur-of-the-moment decision, Lisa.

Lisa: I felt like a fool on the phone!

Jamie: I know, I'm sorry. I went over there just to see if she was taking good care of herself.

Lisa: She can take care of herself without you.

Jamie: Come on, Lisa.

Lisa: I know you're worried about the baby, but --

Jamie: Lisa, do you expect me to ignore the situation here?

Lisa: No, I donít. You're too decent for that.

Jamie: Well, then don't make things more difficult.

Lisa: Things are going to get more difficult no matter what we do.

Jamie: We'll work them out.

Lisa: You keep saying that, Jamie, but nothing changes.

Jamie: Come on, now, just -- just hang in there a little bit longer.

Lisa: I don't know if I can, Jamie! One day you're telling me you want to marry me, and the next day you're with Vicky!

Jamie: That was the first time Iíve seen her in weeks!

Lisa: You are going to see her a lot more from now on! And I can't share you with her!

Jamie: Honey, listen, we're together now. I spend almost all of my free time with you. What more -- what more could I possibly do?

Lisa: I'd love it if things were the same as they were before Vicky got pregnant.

Jamie: We are the same. I loved you then, and I love you even more now.

Lisa: We can't keep hurting each other like this. It's got to stop. I don't want to see you anymore.

Matt: Came over as soon as I could.

Josie: Your mother left.

Matt: Well, what happened?

Josie: I don't know. My mom won't tell me. Matthew, they're making it worse.

Matt: Why can't they just leave us alone?

Josie: They're never going to let us be together. You know, sometimes I just wish I --

Matt: What do you wish?

Josie: I wish I had my own place all to myself.

Matt: Could I go there with you?

Josie: Of course you could. It's way far out in the country, though, far away from everyone.

Matt: Oh, I like it already. Does it have a pool?

Josie: No, it has a lake.

Matt: Even better. We can go fishing.

Josie: Every morning, just the two of us?

Matt: Yeah. Pan-fried trout for breakfast.

Josie: Mmm. You clean them, of course.

Matt: Oh, yeah, of course.

Josie: We'd have breakfast in the sunroom, flowers and plants and sunlight.

Matt: I like the way you did that.

Josie: Thank you.

Matt: Ok. We're done with breakfast. Now what do we do?

Josie: The dishes.

Matt: Oh, we -- ahem -- have a dishwasher.

Josie: Well, then, we go for a walk.

Matt: And?

Josie: And, um, talk?

Matt: We don't have to talk. We can read each other's thoughts.

Josie: Can you really?

Matt: Sure. Sometimes.

Josie: What am I thinking right now?

Matt: Exactly what Iím thinking.

Felicia: Now, there you go, ok? Did you notice that we're on the same level? It's nice, isn't it? I know. I bet it must be awful having people always talking down to you. Well, ok, so, what'd you think of my romance novel? Did you like my handsome hero and my beautiful heroine? Yeah, I feel that way about it, too.

Well. Wonder where Matthew is, huh? Oh, it's not that I don't love having you here. You're quite wonderful. Really, you are. It's just, you know, Iím not a real pro about this diaper business. I don't want you to worry about that, though. I mean, don't cry or anything or -- or don't feel the need to cough on anything, you know? I'm sure I can handle it, you know? Ok. What? You -- you need changing? Nope. I think you're just fine. So, what would you like to do now, hmm? How about, um -- what, a bottle? Snicker bar? No, huh? All right, well, how about I get you a bottle and Iíll have the snicker bar? I could use one.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Oh, look! It's Matthew! Isn't that great? Ok, come on, honey. Let's go see Matthew. Here we go. We're coming, Matthew! I told you he'd be back.

Yes. Oh, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh, Felicia --

Felicia: Honey, what's the matter? What?

Lisa: I broke up with Jamie.

Felicia: Oh, honey. Tell me what happened. Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know. It's ok. It's ok.

Rachel: Oh, Jamie!

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: I thought you were spending the day with Lisa.

Jamie: Lisa broke off our engagement.

Rachel: Oh, honey. What happened?

Jamie: I don't want to talk about that now.

Rachel: Why not?

Jamie: I want to ask you a question.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Why did you go over and talk to Vicky?

Rachel: How do you know I did?

Jamie: She told me.

Rachel: Have you been seeing Vicky?

Jamie: She's carrying my child, Mom.

Rachel: Of course she is! She's also trying to get you to marry her!

Jamie: Now, stop it, stop it! This is my problem, not yours.

Rachel: Ok, I'm sorry.

Jamie: So why did you go over there and upset her?

Rachel: I didn't go over there to upset her. I went over there to try --

Jamie: To interfere in my life.

Rachel: Honey, don't you see what that woman is doing?

Jamie: No, I know she's hoping that I won't marry Lisa.

Rachel: She's doing more than hoping, Jamie! She's manipulating you!

Jamie: Well, if so, I put her in a position where she could do nothing else!

[Jamie sighs]

Jamie: It's all my fault, anyway.

Rachel: Oh, honey.

Jamie: Maybe it's better Lisa just broke off with me. She's been hurt enough.

Rachel: Oh, sweetie, she loves you. Maybe she'll come back.

Jamie: Yeah, she may be better off without me.

Rachel: Have you thought about coming back here to live?

Jamie: We already went over that, Mom.

Rachel: I know, but you should be here with your family.

Jamie: No, I think I need some privacy right about now.

Rachel: We'll give you privacy.

Jamie: Oh, no, no, you'll be smack in the middle of something you should stay out of.

Rachel: Honey, I can't stay out of your life.

Jamie: Yeah, well, maybe not. Stay away from Vicky, ok? I won't have you making a difficult situation even harder for her.

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