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Another World Transcript Thursday 8/26/04

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John: Anything you want to tell me?

Jason: Yeah, no more overtime. The overtime is what is killing us, John.

John: I'll blow the whistle at 5:00 sharp.

Jason: Great. And thanks a heap for the stuff you dumped in my lap.

John: Hey, listen, somebody's got to do that stuff, or we're not even going to have a whistle to blow.

Jason: I am no genius with numbers.

John: You're no genius, period. See you later.

Jason: You want me to break your cane?

John: Yeah, go ahead on. See you later, Jason.

Jason: Yeah.

Chris: Good morning, Jason.

Jason: Hi, Chris.

Chris: Looks like you could use some help.

Jason: No, I got my trusty calculator here.

Chris: Well, just make sure you punch the right buttons.

Jason: What brings you around here to the boondocks?

Chris: I love the boondocks. I love the smell of farms, fresh-cut hay. But that's not why I came out here.

Jason: Then why did you come out here?

Chris: I have a proposition for you, Jason.

Liz: Oh, someone's in a hurry --

Nicole: Hi, Liz.

Liz: Someone I haven't seen in quite a while.

Nicole: Is Mac in?

Liz: Slow down and say hello.

Nicole: Oh, I did, didn't I? I'm sorry.

Liz: Nicole, dear, I'm only joking.

Nicole: Oh. Well, I'm afraid I lost my sense of humor somewhere.

Liz: In Atlantic City.

Nicole: Yeah.

Liz: You left it there with Cass.

Nicole: I haven't heard from him, Liz, and Iím worried.

Liz: Well, Cass makes a lot of people worry.

Nicole: That's why Iím here. I have to know what he's up to.

Liz: Well, I don't think anyone around here knows.

Nicole: Well, from what you told me the other day, Mac must know.

Liz: Oh, well --

Nicole: I have to see him, Liz.

Liz: Well, that isn't a good idea.

Nicole: I can't wait! He's not in.

Liz: That's right.

Nicole: Well, when will he be back?

Liz: I don't know.

Nicole: Come on, Liz.

Liz: No, I donít. I expected him this morning, and he didn't arrive. I have no idea where he is.

Mac: Ah --

Ada: That's a nice wall. I've always liked that wall.

Mac: Hi, Ada.

Ada: It's the most interesting wall in the room. It has a lot of character.

Mac: Ada, did you want me for something?

Ada: Hilda told me that you left orders not to be disturbed.

Mac: So you're disturbing.

Ada: I'm an old disturber from way back. You got any plans for today?

Mac: Nothing special.

Ada: You just going to sit around here and throw things at the walls, huh?

Mac: Well, I was thinking of going over to the office, finish up some odds and ends there.

Ada: Then go.

Mac: Well, it just doesn't seem to be worth the effort.

Ada: Why not?

Mac: Ada, you know, legally speaking, I have no real authority to do anything there anymore. No say anymore. I just get in the way of the people who do.

Ada: Oh, sure. The staff wouldn't be glad to see you or anything like that. It would be a waste of time.

Mac: Right. So Iím just going to stay right where I am, relax.

Ada: Oh, no, you're not. I'm not going to let you do that anymore.

Ada: Mac, you've got to keep busy.

Mac: Doing what, Ada? I've already read the newspaper. I've done the crossword puzzle. So what do you suggest that I do? I mean, a fast game of solitaire? Go fly a kite?

Ada: You could be with your family.

Mac: I am always with my family.

Ada: How long since you've had lunch with Jamie?

Mac: Well, we speak all the time.

Ada: On the telephone. It's not the same thing. And what about Amanda and Alli? I mean, what about spending an afternoon with them? And you could take Matthew to a baseball game.

Mac: Ada, nobody's got time for baseball games and lunches.

Ada: You could ask.

Mac: I mean, they have jobs, school. Everybody's too busy.

Ada: They would drop everything in a second to spend some time with you, especially now.

Mac: Ada, I don't want to ask for that kind of favor. I don't want people pitying me.

Ada: Who's talking about pity? They love your company.

Mac: I'm lousy company, and you know it.

Ada: I'm trying to change that.

Mac: Well, you got your work cut out for you.

Ada: Oh, Mac. You've always said that you wanted time to spend with your family. Now you've got time to get sick of them.

Mac: I could never do that.

Ada: Mac, don't get down on yourself. Your whole family revolves around you. If you're down, they're down. Go on, tell them you love them.

Mac: I will, Ada. Thank you.

Ada: What would you do without me all these years?

Mac: I shudder to think.

Ada: Well, don't think. Go be a husband and a father and a grandfather.

Mac: That should keep me busy for a while, right?

Ada: You might even skip one of these crossword puzzles.

Liz: I called Mac at home. Hilda wouldn't put me through.

Nicole: Well, where's Rachel?

Liz: She's in conference. She can't take any calls, and Amanda says she hasn't talked to her father in days.

Nicole: Well, I know that Cass just met with Mac last week, right before he disappeared. Now, did Mac mention anything about that? Anything at all, Liz -- can't you think?

Evan: Liz, are there any messages for me?

Liz: Oh, not on the executive phone. Oh, you two haven't met.

Nicole: I don't think so.

Evan: Well, I certainly would have remembered.

Liz: Nicole Love, Evan bates. Nicole is engaged to marry Cass Winthrop.

Evan: He's a lucky man.

Liz: Oh, I just remembered you were there.

Evan: Where?

Liz: At the meeting.

Evan: Which meeting is this?

Liz: With Cass and Mac.

Nicole: You were there?

Liz: Cass seems to have disappeared.

Nicole: No, he doesn't seem to, Liz. He has disappeared.

Liz: Was there anything said about Cass going anywhere?

Evan: I don't recall.

Nicole: What was that meeting about?

Evan: I'm sorry, I can't divulge company matters.

Nicole: Well, Cass came back from Atlantic City just for that meeting.

Evan: He told you that?

Nicole: No. No, he wouldn't tell me where he was going.

Liz: Did it have anything to do with the takeover?

Evan: I'm sorry, Mac is the only one that can answer that.

Nicole: Well, Liz says Mac can't see me, when I thought that I might find him here.

Evan: Mac is at home.

Liz: Are you sure?

Evan: Well, yes, I talked to him earlier this morning.

Liz: Hilda put you through?

Evan: No problem. Listen, these are the financial printouts I've been waiting for. They need to be distributed before lunch. Thank you. It was nice to meet you, Ms. Love. I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help. Get that done, please.

Liz: Before lunch?

Nicole: He just went into Macís office, Liz.

Liz: Well, yes, Rachel allows it when she's in conference. I don't think it's right, but she makes the decisions, you know.

Nicole: Well, I'm going to see Mac.

Liz: I'm going with you.

Jason: What kind of proposition?

Chris: Actually, it's a business proposition.

Jason: Go on.

Chris: Well, it seems you might need a little help. You never were too quick with this clerical work.

Jason: I'm not too quick and I'm not too good, but until we get a replacement for you, I'm it.

Chris: Don't you think that's a little silly, Jason?

Jason: What is this, a comment on my ability?

Chris: Oh, I'm serious. Why don't you save yourself the mistakes, the heartache? Let me do it.

Jason: Still want your job back?

Chris: You're damn right I do. I'm good at it. I'm better than good.

Jason: There was never any argument on that count.

Chris: This little thing with John is going to blow over. These things always do, and you know, until it does, we could become better friends. After all, you're the boss. You are the senior partner, aren't you?

Jason: I'm the older partner, but we are equal partners. I'm kind of sorry I gave you your job back. I mean, I went to bat for you. John convinced me I was wrong. This time he's going to have to hire you back, not me.

Chris: You could talk him into it if you really wanted to.

Jason: I don't think so, not now. He's got his mind set, and once that happens, it's, like, chiseled in stone.

Chris: Yeah, I know what you mean. He's got a real mean streak.

Jason: John and I got differences, but I would never say that about him.

Chris: Oh, certainly. You men really stick together.

Jason: What is with --?

Sharlene: Taking a ride, so I made some iced tea instead. Hello, Chris.

Jason: Sharlene, iced tea sounds good about right now. Thanks.

Sharlene: Is something wrong?

Chris: You can ask that after what you did?

Sharlene: What did I do?

Chris: You turned your brother against me just like you turned John against me.

Sharlene: Me? Chris --

Chris: You're not going to railroad me out of a job.

Jason: Wait a minute, lady. Watch how you talk to my sister.

Chris: This country has laws, laws that protect workers from unfair employers. And as soon as I get some legal advice, Frame construction is going to hear from me.

Sharlene: She scares me when she gets mad.

Jason: I have no idea what set her off.

Sharlene: She's disturbed, Jason.

Jason: She lost her job.

Sharlene: No, it's more than that.

Jason: Well, maybe when she gets another job, she'll be fine.

Sharlene: It's more than losing her job. The woman is not right somehow.

Jason: I hope she gets a job someplace else and she can let her steam off there, ok?

Sharlene: Gee, that's a cynical way of looking at it.

Jason: Look, I don't have time to think about Chris Macaleer. I got paperwork, I got numbers that are driving me crazy.

Sharlene: Ok, I'll let you alone. Besides, I got to look at my chickens.

Jason: Thanks for the tea.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Josie: Uncle Jason, where's mama?

Jason: Went up to check her chickens.

Josie: Ok, thanks.

Jason: Josie --

Josie: What's wrong?

Jason: Nothing's wrong. I -- I just want to talk to you, that's all.

Josie: All right.

Jason: You remember that phone call that I had the other day, and I talked about Cory Publishing?

Josie: Yeah, I remember.

Jason: Well, I just want to be sure that you understood right.

Josie: Ok.

Jason: Frame Construction is thinking about possibly building a new warehouse that Cory Publishing may bill.

Josie: Well, I wouldn't know anything about that.

Jason: Well, I just wanted to be sure you understood what went down, that's all.

Josie: Well, you know, it's just I was wondering because -- well, you said that you and Rachel didn't really get along.

Jason: Well, Rachel has great difficulty forgetting the past.

Josie: This goes way back, doesn't it?

Jason: Yeah, she's got it in for the Frames. But I told you before, you can't let what Rachel thinks or feels disturb how you feel about Matt.

Josie: I'll try not to.

Jason: He's a nice kid. Young, and -- well, hey, in a couple of years, he'll be a great catch.

Josie: Well, I -- well, he -- I got to go. I've got to go find mama.

Chris: Officer Walker. Remember me?

Courtney: Uh, Chris --

Chris: Macaleer.

Courtney: Yeah.

Chris: Hi. I have a complaint I would like you to handle for me.

Courtney: Ok. Have a seat, and we'll see what I can do.

Chris: They're not going to get away with this, neither of them. I won't let them.

Courtney: Well, who are you talking about?

Chris: The guys I work for.

Courtney: What have they done?

Chris: Well, what do you call it? Sexual harassment on the job.

Courtney: Hmm. Who are these men?

Chris: John Hudson first, and then his partner, Jason Frame.

Courtney: Ok. What exactly did they do?

Chris: Oh, you want me to spell it out for you?

Courtney: Well, you can't file a complaint unless you do.

Chris: All right, Iím sorry. They tried to get me to sleep with them.

Courtney: And did you?

Chris: Of course not.

Courtney: But they persisted?

Chris: Oh, yes. They came on to me on the job site. Every time I was alone, their hands were all over me.

Courtney: Go on.

Chris: I tried resisting. I mean, I pushed them away. I wanted them to know that I wanted no part of it. They kept going until they realized it was hopeless, and then they fired me.

Courtney: And you're prepared to bring charges against them?

Chris: Charges, yes. That's what I want.

Courtney: All right. But you're in the wrong place.

Chris: This is the police department, isn't it?

Courtney: Yes, but the department of human resources handles these cases.

Chris: Oh, no, you don't understand. I want these men in jail.

Courtney: Nobody can guarantee that, but your start is across the street at D.H.R.

Chris: Human resources? It sounds like welfare.

Courtney: Trust me, they can help you. Listen, but before you go, why don't you just sit here for a few minutes and relax, ok?

Chris: Oh. I'm sorry to make so much of it.

Courtney: Oh, don't worry about that.

Chris: This has been some day. I mean, how awful can it get?

Courtney: It's ok, it's ok. Just sit here and relax. Take it easy.

Chris: You see, the reason I want these men in jail is because they're going to do this to some other woman.

Courtney: If human resources thinks you have a case --

Chris: Thinks? You mean, they might not?

Courtney: Well, it sounds as if you do, but, see, I'm not an authority. But if you do, the department will work very closely with the D.A.'s office.

Chris: Good.

Courtney: And they'll decide whether to go to trial, or --

Chris: Oh, there's got to be a trial.

Courtney: Well, you know, sometimes these things are settled out of court. The company might admit to liability.

Chris: Liability? That'll be the day.

Courtney: Well, they might. Then they have to pay damages or give you your job back.

Chris: They might give me my job back?

Courtney: Yeah, that happens sometimes.

Chris: I could be rehired?

Josie: Oh, mama, that smells so good.

Sharlene: Fresh bread.

Josie: Can I have a slice?

Sharlene: No, you may not. With supper.

Josie: Well, I'm not going to be here for supper.

Sharlene: Where are you going?

Josie: So Iíll just get a slice now. Is the butter in the fridge?

Sharlene: I asked you a question.

Josie: I'm, uh -- Iím going to a movie.

Sharlene: Oh? With who?

Josie: With Tom Cruise.

Sharlene: Who's that?

Josie: Oh, mama.

Sharlene: Is it somebody you met on your job?

Josie: Don't you keep up with anything?

Sharlene: Josephine, I don't know what you're talking about.

Josie: Mama, Tom Cruise is a movie star.

Sharlene: You're teasing me.

Josie: You know, I am going to take you by the hand and drag you to a movie theater. I've got to catch you up on things.

Sharlene: Well, until that happens, I still want to know who you're going to the movie with.

Josie: Who do you think?

Sharlene: Matt Cory.

Josie: And we're going out to dinner afterwards.

Sharlene: Oh, no, you're not.

Josie: Yes, I am!

Sharlene: No, you're going to have dinner right here at the farm.

Josie: No! Ouch.

Sharlene: Well, I like the way you just say no. You don't say "no, thank you," "no, I don't think so," just "no"?

Josie: Ok. No, thank you. No, I don't think so. Thank you very much, but no, thanks. How's that?

Sharlene: Why can't you eat here at the farm?

Josie: Because, mama, it's so boring.

Sharlene: Well, that makes me glad I asked.

Josie: I'm sorry, mama, but, you know, you did say you're going to give Matthew a chance.

Sharlene: What time are you going to come home?

Josie: Early.

Sharlene: What time?

Josie: I don't know.

Sharlene: Oh, so I just sit up waiting for you, watching the clock. Is that it?

Josie: You know, mama, you wouldn't have to stay up waiting for me if you had something else to do.

Sharlene: I have plenty to do, but I will still be watching that clock.

Josie: Mama, you know, you should go out, too.

Sharlene: You want me to go to the movies with you?

Josie: No. I mean with a man.

Sharlene: Well, I'll just look in the yellow pages under "men." I'll dial a few numbers and see who's free tonight.

Josie: Mama, I'm serious. You know, you could have so many dates if you wanted them.

Sharlene: Who says I even want one?

Josie: Why is that?

Sharlene: Because I am busy fixing up this farm, setting up a produce stand. I'm trying to get a brood of hens to give me some eggs to sell. I have no time for dates.

Josie: Well, I think you should make the time.

Sharlene: Josie, my dating days are over.

Josie: You know, you still are young. You should get more out of life.

Sharlene: I have my family.

Josie: It's not enough, mama.

Sharlene: Josie, you're sweet, but you're also young and naive.

Josie: Ugh -- here we go with the young-and-naive bit again.

Sharlene: I was that way once, too, you know.

Josie: That's hard to believe.

Sharlene: I'm sure it is, but you should have seen me. I was full of life, expectations, looking ahead to the next dance, the next drive-in movie, double feature. But then life caught up with me.

Josie: How do you mean, mama?

Sharlene: Never mind, you. It's just why I worry sometimes that it could catch up with you, too.

Josie: Sometimes I just don't know what you're talking about, mama.

Sharlene: Josephine, all I want is work to keep my hands busy and my daughter to keep my heart warm.

[Car horn honks]

Josie: That's Matthew! I'll be right back.


Josie: Maybe we should get going. I mean, there could be a line at the movies.

Matt: Oh, I doubt that. That movie has been running a little while.

Josie: Oh, ok. Well, I'll just go get my purse.

Matt: Great.

Sharlene: Hello, Matthew.

Matt: How are you, Mrs. Watts?

Sharlene: I guess you two are out on the town tonight, huh?

Matt: Oh, yeah. There's this new 1950s cafe that opened up near the Cineplex, and we thought we'd try it out.

Sharlene: Well, you don't have to rush out right this minute, do you?

Josie: Well, actually, we do, mama. We got to get going.

Sharlene: Well, I was asking Matthew.

Matt: Well, we have some time.

Sharlene: Well, then, good. You won't mind if Josie helps me with something upstairs, would you?

Josie: Now?

Sharlene: It won't take long.

Matt: Can I help?

Sharlene: No, thank you, Matthew. That's not necessary. But I'll meet you upstairs in five minutes, ok, sweetheart?

Josie: Oh, I hate when she does that!

Matt: I don't mind waiting.

Josie: Well, now we're going to miss the movie. That's just great.

Matt: We'll see the next show.

Josie: Thanks, Matt.

Matt: For what?

Josie: Being so understanding.

Matt: I'm just glad your mom smiled at me.

Josie: Did she?

Matt: Yeah, didn't you notice? It was a little smile. It was after I offered to help, you know.

Josie: Oh.

Matt: Pretty exciting.

Josie: Yeah, I wish Iíd noticed.

Matt: Josie, everything is going to work out great with us. Your mom is going to think that Iím the perfect young man. And my mom is going to thank her lucky stars that her boy has found a beautiful young girlfriend like you.

Josie: Right, I can really picture that.

Matt: It's going to happen, I swear.

Josie: Uh -- I should get upstairs.

Matt: Ok. I'll wait out on the porch.

Josie: Oh, did you talk to your mom about my uncle Jason, about the construction bidding for Cory Publishing?

Matt: Oh, no, no. I didn't bring it up yet. She was so busy, I didn't want to bother her.

Josie: Well, don't worry about it.

Matt: How come?

Josie: Well, he mentioned it to me again, and he said that it was something about a warehouse or something like that. So that clears it up, right?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Josie: Ok. Be back in a minute.

Sharlene: Josie, come on.

Josie: Ok, mama, I'm coming.

Courtney: You remember Chris Macaleer, don't you, Zack?

Zack: Very well.

Chris: Hello, Mr. Edwards.

Zack: And how are you, Ms. Macaleer?

Chris: Oh, fine. Officer, I want to thank you very much. You've been a wonderful help.

Courtney: Let me know what happens.

Chris: Thank you. I will. Excuse me.

Zack: What was all that about?

Courtney: You know that is privileged information, counselor.

Zack: And I am privileged to have you as a friend, Courtney.

Courtney: Chris is filing a complaint against the owners of Frame Construction.

Zack: John and Jason?

Courtney: If they own it, they're going to have a complaint slapped on them.

Zack: Chris -- she's the one john was asking me advice about.

Courtney: Well, she's claiming sexual harassment.

Zack: Well, she can claim anything she'd like, but there's no way she's going to win.

Courtney: Are you representing Frame Construction?

Zack: Not officially.

Courtney: Well, if you do become official, you're going to have a fight on your hands. Chris makes a very convincing case.

Zack: Human services is right on this, right?

Courtney: I'm out of it. That's for sure.

Zack: Good, because this could get ugly, and I'd hate to see us on opposite sides again.

Courtney: I wouldn't like that, either. But did you come down here because of Chris?

Zack: I had no idea she'd be here.

Courtney: The Marsten case.

Zack: Well, I was wondering if there were any new developments.

Courtney: And here I am hoping that you were going to take me out to dinner like you promised a couple weeks ago.

Zack: Uh, well --

Courtney: And it just so happens I am free tonight.

Zack: Great.

Courtney: I get off at 6:00, so, 7:00?

Zack: 7:00 it is. Now, about the Marsten case --

Courtney: I cannot talk about him on an empty stomach. I will see you tonight, counselor.

Ada: There's somebody waiting to talk to you.

Mac: Who?

Ada: Mitch Blake, but I told him you couldn't see him.

Mac: Ada, why would you say that?

Ada: Well, you told Hilda you didn't want to be disturbed.

Mac: Mitch is Matthewís father, Ada.

Ada: I know who everybody's related to around here.

Mac: Well, he probably wants to talk to me about Matthew.

Ada: Oh. I'll tell him to come in.

Mac: Hello, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi, Mac. Thanks for seeing me.

Mac: Please, sit down. Is there a problem about Matthew?

Mitch: Well, I'm afraid he thinks so. I'm not so sure.

Mac: What is it?

Mitch: Well, it has to do with Josie.

Mac: Oh, yes. Well, I gather he's pretty sweet on her now.

Mitch: Well, and from what I can understand, Rachel is very much opposed to their seeing each other.

Mac: I think she has some minor objections.

Mitch: Minor? Minor? She's dead-set against them seeing each other. What bothers me is that Matthew is reaching an age in which he's ready to defy us as his parents.

Mac: You really think it's that serious?

Mitch: Well, I think it might be that serious if Rachel keeps opposing them. Can you talk to her?

Mac: I can. Of course I can. You know, there's just been so much going on around here lately.

Mitch: I know, and I know it's been a difficult time for you and I don't mean to add to your problems.

Mac: No, you were absolutely right to bring this up to me.

Mitch: Well, it's just a situation I don't really see any real reason for.

Mac: I'll talk to Rachel. You understand, of course, I might not change her mind, but maybe I can persuade her to go a little easier on him.

Mitch: Well, that would be good. And thank you, from Matthew and me.

Mac: I'm glad you came over here.

Mitch: So am I.

Sharlene: Hope you fellas are working up an appetite. There's fresh bread for supper.

John: I haven't had fresh bread since I was a kid.

Sharlene: You can't eat it all. We've got to save some for the week.

Jason: As it gets older, it just gets crustier, like most of us.

Sharlene: Speak for yourself. I don't feel a day older than when Emma taught me how to bake bread.

Jason: That was 100 years ago.

John: All right, let's see. You got the specs on the solarium?

Jason: Yeah. You know, Chris Macaleer was back again. Still wants her job. She made a few threats and then she took off.

John: She is one complicated lady.

Jason: Yeah, it's hard to know how to deal with that one.

John: You know, Jason, I think we ought to be prepared.

Jason: Prepared for what?

John: She really might try something.

Jason: I don't think so. I'd say she's history.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Yeah?

Man: Jason Frame or John Hudson?

Jason: Yeah, come in. I'm Frame.

Man: This is a summons.

John: A what?

Man: You must respond to it within 10 days.

Jason: Summons for what?

Man: Read it. Respond to the court clerk. Good day.

John: What is it?

Jason: Chris Macaleer.

[Phone rings]

Zack: Zack Edwards.

John: Zack, this is John Hudson. Listen, I need to talk to you right away.

Zack: What about, John?

John: That disgruntled employee I spoke with you about.

Zack: Uh, yeah. Well, we better get on it right away, then. I got a free hour here, or after 5:00.

John: I'll be over right away.

Zack: Ok.

Jason: John, she really meant this.

John: She can't sue us just because we fired her.

Jason: You can forget that simple little thing. She is suing both of us for sexual harassment.

John: What?

Jason: If this gets out, the press could kill us.

John: No, Zack will get this thrown out.

Jason: Yeah, well, I sure hope so, because if not, Frame Construction can go down the tubes. Good luck, buddy.

Matt: Grandma.

Ada: That's me.

Matt: I don't get it.

Ada: What's not to get?

Matt: What are you doing here?

Ada: None of your business.

Matt: Come on, grandma, I mean it. What's going on?

Ada: Oh, swell. You play hooky and I get the third degree.

Matt: I'm not playing hooky. I am in college.

Ada: Oh, excuse me. You college types call it something else.

Matt: It's called cutting class, which I am not doing. I am done with classes for the day, and Iím taking Josie out to the movies.

Ada: Where is she?

Matt: She's up helping her mom with some chores. Now tell me what you are doing here.

Ada: I came here to talk to Sharlene.

Matt: About what?

Ada: You know what?

Matt: What?

Ada: You take after me, you know that?

Matt: The nosiness, right?

Ada: How's it going with you and Josie?

Matt: How come you can be nosy, but I can't?

Ada: I've been doing it longer.

Matt: Josie and I are fine, if mom would just stop bugging us.

Ada: Oh. Well, it's not easy being a mother, you know? Especially when your children are having romantic involvements.

Matt: Well, did you come down hard on her romantic involvements?

Ada: I was a dragon.

Matt: And how did she deal with it?

Ada: She was a dragonette.

Matt: Ok, how did you finally work it all out?

Ada: Oh, I got smart. I started minding my own business. Your mother will come around. You'll see.

Matt: Yeah, the only question is time.

Ada: Yeah, well, it's not going to be a miracle, you know.

Matt: No, well, I know mom and Mac are having rough times now.

Ada: Yeah, well, then be patient with them, ok?

Matt: I should do more than that. I mean, I should. I should help them out.

Ada: Well, it would be a step in the right direction.

Matt: You know, I could work at "Brava" after classes.

Ada: You take Josie to the movies after classes.

Matt: Well, you know, not every day.

Ada: Well, you have to have some fun.

Matt: Not with mom and Mac hanging by their fingertips. I will start at "Brava" tomorrow.

Ada: That's the spirit, my man!

Matt: Yeah.

Nicole: He's here.

Mac: Hello, ladies.

Liz: Oh, Mac, I have some papers you might want to look at.

Nicole: Not yet, Liz. I want to talk to him first.

Mac: Is there something wrong, Nicole?

Liz: She's worried about Cass.

Nicole: Let me tell him, Liz.

Liz: Oh, I'm sorry.

Nicole: I'm worried about Cass.

Liz: She doesn't know where he is, and she's afraid if she thinks --

Nicole: Liz.

Mac: Let her tell me about it, all right, Liz?

Nicole: Mac, do you have any idea where Cass might be?

Mac: No, I'm sorry, I really don't.

Nicole: Well, can you at least tell me if his disappearance is connected with getting evidence for you?

Mac: What do you mean?

Nicole: Well, does it have anything to do with Drew Marstenís murder?

Mac: Nicole, you see, legally speaking, I shouldn't go into that with you. But if you go over and speak to Evan Bates at the office --

Nicole: Evan?

Liz: Evan Bates?

Mac: He's supposed to be in daily contact with Cass. Maybe he can tell you something.

Jason: Oh.

Matt: Mr. Frame.

Jason: Matt.

Matt: I'm just waiting for Josie to come down.

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: I understand your company is bidding on a project for Cory Publishing.

Jason: Where'd you hear that?

Matt: Well, Josie mentioned it in passing.

Jason: She did, huh?

Matt: What's the project?

Jason: Well, it's not a definite project, it's --

Matt: What is it?

Jason: I think Josie just misunderstood what I was saying, that's all.

Matt: Cory isn't building anything, then?

Jason: It's for something that's along the lines somewhere in the future. I'm right in the middle of some estimates, and when I can talk about the deal, I'll talk to you about it.

Matt: I was just wondering, what would Cory possibly be building or planning to build?

Jason: Matt, I don't talk about deals that are not solid, that are not set. Now, I just feel that it kind of jinxes things.

Matt: All right.

Josie: All set?

Matt: Yeah.

Jason: Is it that late already? I got to get down to the site. Josie, Iíll see you later.

Josie: Ok.

Jason: Matt.

Josie: Bye, Uncle Jason.

Jason: Yeah.

Josie: Matthew, what is it?

Matt: Oh, nothing, nothing. Just --

Josie: You weren't talking to my uncle about you and me dating, were you?

Matt: No, no. We were talking about him bidding on this Cory project.

Josie: Oh, I am so glad that's all cleared up. Aren't you?

Matt: Yeah. Listen, Josie, do you mind if I drop you off at the mall and then meet you in time for the movie?

Josie: Well, no, I guess not.

Matt: Well, there's something I have to take care of. Thanks.

Zack: Ok.

John: You can get these charges thrown out, right?

Zack: Well, that shouldn't be any problem. All you have to do is tell the court exactly what happened.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. I hear you.

Zack: Don't turn away from me like that, man. It makes me think you haven't been straight with me.

John: It's not that, Zack. It's just that things have -- well, they're a little more complicated than when we talked last.

Zack: Tell me, and I mean everything.

John: Chris and I had more than just an employee-and-employer type relationship.

Zack: John, did you go to bed with her?

John: No. No, I didn't.

Zack: Ok, are any of these charges true? I mean, did you demand sexual favors from her?

John: Come on, Zack, "demand"? That's not exactly my style.

Zack: Ok, you said you had a relationship. What ended it?

John: I broke it off when I saw how unstable she is.

Zack: Do you think this is the result of you breaking it off with her?

John: No, no, Zack. It's a lot deeper than that. She's got some real emotional problems.

Zack: We'll have to prove that. I mean, it doesn't mean a damn thing in court unless we can.

John: I know. Zack, she lies. She's lied to me about most everything. She even told me that this guy that I knew in 'Nam -- I served with him. His name was Tony Marchand, and she told me that that was her half brother. It wasn't her half brother, it was her husband!

Zack: Any other lies?

John: Yeah, she told Jasonís sister that we were getting married. Believe me, we never got that far in this relationship.

Zack: You know, this changes things. We'll have to explore all our possibilities.

John: Such as?

Zack: Ok, if we can get her to drop all the charges, would you consider hiring her back?

John: Absolutely not.

Nicole: I just have to find Cass.

Liz: Well, you will, but we've got to get your mind off the subject.

Nicole: Someone must know where he is, Liz.

Liz: Do you like Gilbert and Sullivan?

Nicole: You know, Evan Bates knows more than he's letting on.

Liz: The local operetta troupe is going to do "the Mikado." Do you want to go with me tonight?

Nicole: Where?

Liz: To the auditions for "the Mikado."

Nicole: Oh, Liz.

Liz: I don't think we'd be considered for the same part.

Nicole: I can't think of anything but Cass right now.

Liz: You're going to get ill if you don't relax.

Nicole: All right, Iíll go wherever you want. Just don't bug me anymore.

Liz: Good, then we'll go!

Nicole: Liz, on second thought --

Liz: No, no, no, I'm going to take these down to the mailroom, and then we're going to be on our way. Don't you go.

Nicole: Oh.

Evan: You looking for me?

Nicole: Oh, Mr. Bates.

Evan: No, Evan.

Nicole: Evan. Um, I was looking for you, yes. I just wanted to apologize for the way I behaved earlier.

Evan: Well, you just wiped it from my mind.

Nicole: Well, that's good because I need your help.

Evan: Is there something wrong?

Nicole: Mac told me you could tell me where Cass is.

Evan: Well, that's -- well, I'm sorry, that's highly confidential information.

Nicole: Well, Mac didn't say it was.

Evan: Well, he must have forgotten. There are many other things on his mind.

Nicole: So you won't help me, then?

Evan: Nicole, I'm sorry. I just don't have the --

Nicole: Oh, that's just great! You're sorry. You and everyone else. Everyone is sorry, and no one can tell me where my fiancť is.

Evan: I don't understand here. You haven't heard from him?

Nicole: Well, no. He called me once but it was very brief, and he wouldn't tell me anything.

Evan: That's odd.

Nicole: What is?

Evan: That he hasn't kept in touch with you.

Nicole: You're saying that he doesn't care enough to trust me.

Evan: No, I'm not saying that at all.

Nicole: Well, that's what you implied.

Evan: That wasn't my intention. So don't get upset. I'm sure Cass has his reasons for whatever he's doing.

Nicole: Will you stop patronizing me?

Evan: I'm not doing that, either. Really. Ok, I'm sorry.

Nicole: No, I'm sorry. I'm just upset, that's all.

Evan: Nicole, I am just trying to help you, that's all.

Nicole: I know you are. But I feel way beyond help at the moment.

Evan: Well, don't give up. It'll work out. Because Winthrop would be crazy if he didn't make it work out with you.

Nicole: Well, thank you for that, anyway.

Evan: Nicole, wait. How would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

Nicole: What?

Evan: Just to prove there's no bad feelings between us. And perhaps I could make you realize that your fears are groundless. What do you say?

Nicole: Sure. Why not?

Evan: Well, just -- just give me a couple minutes to clear up a few things, and I'll be free for the night. I'll be right back.

Nicole: All right.

Liz: Nicole, everything's set. We're out for a night on the town.

Nicole: Liz, no, no.

Liz: I beg your pardon?

Nicole: I can't go with you tonight. I made dinner plans --

Liz: But you said you'd go --

Nicole: With Evan Bates.

Liz: You are having dinner with Evan Bates?

Nicole: Yeah, not because I want to, but to see if I can get some more information out of him.

Liz: Nicole, I don't think --

Nicole: No, he knows more than he's letting on, Liz.

Liz: That is not anything that you --

Nicole: Shh.

Evan: You ready?

Nicole: I'm ready.

Evan: Let's go. Good night, Liz.

Mac: Hey, Matthew.

Matt: Hey, dad. You busy?

Mac: I'm bored, which means Iím even more delighted than usual to see you.

Matt: How you feeling?

Mac: Happy, now that you're here.

Matt: All right. Are there any latest developments? Are things getting better with the case, or what?

Mac: I tell you, I'd rather talk about you. Come on, tell me how school is going. How do you like your courses?

Matt: Well, you know, it's a little early to really tell, but things are going ok. Actually, I do have a lot of spare time on some days.

Mac: Well, that's great. Enjoy it, enjoy it.

Matt: Well, you know, actually, I was thinking I could work at "Brava." Now, I know mother and this new guy have pretty much things under control.

Mac: Yeah, they do, but that's very generous of you to offer that, Matthew. That really pleases me a lot, son. Still, I think you ought to concentrate on your studies.

Matt: And don't mess up your magazine, right?

Mac: You have your mother's sense of humor, you know that?

Matt: Well, nobody's perfect.

Mac: So, come on, tell me what you're up to.

Matt: Well, actually, I came over to ask you a question.

Mac: Shoot.

Matt: Does Frame Construction have a bid in on some construction deal for Cory Publishing?

Mac: Well, I have no idea if they do. Where did that come from?

Matt: Well, it's just something I heard, didn't seem quite right.

Mac: I really have no idea what you're talking about, son.

Matt: Well, you know, Jason does have a history with our family.

Mac: Yes. Indeed he does. He has his differences with your mother, but not with me.

Matt: Yeah. Do you think he could be at all involved in this takeover business?

Mac: I don't see how.

Matt: Hmm.

Mac: I mean, the people involved in the takeover, they're way out of his league, you know?

Matt: Yeah.

Mac: What exactly did you hear, Matthew?

Matt: Well, he told Josie that he was bidding on some construction deal for your company. Now, when I asked him about it, he said she misunderstood him.

Mac: Well. Hmm. Well --

Matt: Well, you know --

Mac: Maybe she did, huh? Anyway, I don't want you worrying about business. Matthew, let's talk about you and Josie.

Matt: Well, we are going to the movies this afternoon.

Mac: Great. I understand that you and your mother have some little problems about Josie.

Matt: Yeah.

Mac: I'm going to talk to Rachel.

Matt: Would you? That would be great. Appreciate it.

Mac: Consider it done.

Matt: Great.

Mac: Ok, take your gal to the movies.

Matt: All right.

Mac: Have a good time.

Matt: I'm gone. Thanks. Take care.

Mac: Liz, it's me. I want you to get me all the information you can on Jason Frame. Yes. And, Liz, listen -- be quiet about this. No one else is to know.

Sharlene: Oh, good. I was looking for you, John. I want to talk to you about Jason. John?

John: What?

Sharlene: Well, you look awful. What's wrong?

Sharlene: Well, you're going to fight this, I hope.

John: Zack says it could be down and dirty. It's my own damned fault.

Sharlene: How is that?

John: I was looking for somebody to fill a void in my life, Sharlene. I thought Chris would fulfill that need.

Sharlene: Come on, how could you know she'd have so many problems? None of the rest of us knew it.

John: Sharlene, I worked with her every day. There must have been signs. I just didn't see them.

Sharlene: Well, I wish you'd stop beating up on yourself, would you? There is nothing wrong with reaching out for love. I'll tell you something, it takes a strong person to do that.

John: Or a fool.

Sharlene: John Hudson, you're a good man. You deserve happiness, and someday you're going to find it.

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