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Another World Transcript Tuesday 8/24/04

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Sharlene: Ok, once we get these dishes all done up, I want you to go up and change all the beds because I got some calls to make.

Josie: Mama.

Sharlene: What?

Josie: You're making that copy machine at Cory Publishing look real good about now.

Sharlene: Poor baby. I am taking care of you. You're not going to regret quitting that job.

Josie: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Sharlene: Hmm.

Josie: Maybe that's Matthew. Hello, Frame residence.

Drew: Yes, may I speak to Jason Frame, please?

Josie: Just a minute, please. Mom, it's for Uncle Jason. Is he up yet?

Sharlene: I heard him in the shower. Ask if you can take a message.

Josie: Ok. He can't come to the phone right now. Can I take a message?

Drew: No. No message. Wait -- tell him Iíll call him later.

Josie: Well, who should I say called?

Jake: Hey, you're dressed already, huh?

Marley: Good morning. Yes, I am going to head over to Vickyís.

Jake: And why is that?

Marley: Because -- oh, thank you, sweetheart -- I called her all night last night, and her line has been busy.

Jake: Well, Vicky has a tendency to go on, depending on who she's talking to.

Marley: No, I think it's something different. I think her -- I don't know, her phone is off the hook or something.

Jake: Why would she do that?

Marley: Well, because she has been very depressed lately.

Jake: She has every right to be.

Marley: Yeah, well, I am going to go over and make sure she's all right.

Jake: Marley, I'll go with you.

Marley: Oh, I was hoping you would say so. Come on.

Jake: What a surprise, huh?

Marley: Let's go.

Vince: Hey, where are you two headed?

Jake: We will tell you later, Vince, ok? Bye.

Marley: Bye, Vince.

[Vince whistles]

[Phone rings]

Vince: Hello?

Sharlene: Vince, this is Sharlene Watts, Jasonís sister. Do you remember?

Vince: Oh, of course I remember you. What can I do for you?

Sharlene: Well, actually, I was hoping I could do something for you.

Vince: I'm sorry, I -- I don't get it.

Sharlene: Well, if you've got a little time this morning, I have a business proposition for you.

Vince: Well, ok. I can stop by the farm before I go to the restaurant.

Sharlene: Oh, no, no, I couldn't put you out like that. Listen, why -- besides, the walls have ears around here. Why don't I stop by your place in an hour or so, unless you have to be at the restaurant? Ok. Ok, thanks. Don't you have beds to change?

Josie: Seems like everyone in this household except me has some serious dealings on the telephone.

[Knock on door]

Donna: Victoria!

Vicky: Oh, give up.

Donna: Victoria, I know you're in there, and I am not leaving until you answer this door!

Donna: I mean it, Victoria! I'm not leaving, and Iíll just keep yelling until all the neighbors are out here!

Vicky: She would, too.

Donna: And then you won't believe the stories they'll spread about you. Well, finally!

Vicky: Why don't you come in?

Donna: You know, I am really surprised this is in one piece, the way you slammed it down on me last night.

Vicky: Are you waiting for an apology?

Donna: Oh, never mind. I forgive you, hmm? So, I just wanted to come over to see how you were feeling.

Vicky: Should I issue a daily bulletin?

Donna: Honey, why do you find it so difficult to confide in me?

Vicky: Because every time I start to try to confide in you, you bombard me with your suggestions.

Donna: Well, it's just that you seem to need suggestions.

Vicky: About what?

Donna: Well, for instance, I mean, look at you. You are not taking care of yourself. You're just letting yourself go. Your hair is a mess. I mean, this place has been a mess. What if someone comes over to see you?

Vicky: Someone already has, or don't you include yourself in "someoneís"?

Donna: You know who I mean. I'm talking about --

Vicky: I know who you're talking about!

Donna: Good. Then can we talk about Jamie?

Vicky: No!

Donna: But, Victoria, you need --

Vicky: I don't want to think about Jamie. I don't want to think about anything. I just want to think about getting some rest and getting something in my body.

Donna: All right, when was the last time you ate?

Vicky: I don't remember.

Donna: Well, then maybe I should fix you something. How about some poached eggs on toast or something. Hmm? Wait, wait, where are you going?

Vicky: I'm going to get changed.

Donna: Well, good, good! That should make you feel better.

Vicky: No, I'm going to get out of here before you drive me up these walls.

Donna: I really make you that uncomfortable?

Vicky: You don't understand that the last thing I need right now is to be told what to do.

Donna: All right, Iím sorry. I just thought I was trying to help you through a difficult time.

Vicky: Well, you're not helping.

Donna: Fine. Fine. I will just go.

Vicky: She finally gets the message.

Donna: But would you please call me if you need me, hmm? Oh!

Marley: Oh, good. Victoria, you're all right.

Vicky: Of course I'm all right.

Marley: Well, you don't look all right, but that's ok because Donna, Jake, and I will take care of you.

Josie: What's that?

Sharlene: It's nothing.

Josie: What are you up to, mama?

Sharlene: Never mind. Did you get those beds changed?

Josie: Yes. Oh, Uncle Jason said he'd be down in just a minute.

Sharlene: All right. Did you tell him about that phone call?

Josie: Yep.

Sharlene: Use a glass like a civilized human being, if you don't mind. What did he say about that call?

Josie: He said he'd wait for his friend to call back.

Sharlene: He said it was a friend?

Josie: Well, no. I mean, I just assumed.

Sharlene: Jason never had many friends, even when he was a boy.

Josie: You think he's up to something, don't you, mama?

Sharlene: I didn't say that.

Josie: Don't you wonder where he got all that money to buy me those clothes at Nicole Loves?

Sharlene: You're taking those back, you know.

Josie: I am not!

Sharlene: Josie Watts, you --

Josie: Mama, uncle Jason said I could keep them whether I had a job or not.

Sharlene: I do not want him bribing you with presents like that.

Josie: What makes you think it's a bribe anyway?

Sharlene: Well, he must want something pretty bad to take an interest in your clothes.

Josie: Why do you always think the worst of Uncle Jason?

Sharlene: Honey, I love Jason. But when he wants something badly enough, he'll cut corners to get it, just like Willis and Janice.

Josie: Sounds like your brothers and sisters are a bad lot.

Sharlene: Maybe I just expected more than them from other folks.

Josie: Well, how come you turned out so good?

Sharlene: I've done things I regret.

Josie: Mama, I find that hard to believe.

Sharlene: Believe it.

Josie: Well, what made you change?

Sharlene: You. Having a beautiful baby made me think about something else besides myself.

Josie: Oh, mama, that's so sweet.

Sharlene: I love you.

Josie: Aw.

Jason: Oh, it's nice to see you guys snapping at each other already this morning.

Sharlene: Good morning, Jason.

Jason: Good morning. Oh, another pretty day, another good day for the crew.

Sharlene: Yeah, did Josie tell you about that phone call?

Josie: Mama, I told you I told him.

Sharlene: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Jason: Guess you did.

Sharlene: It beats me why someone wouldn't leave their name.

Jason: What's for breakfast?

Sharlene: Whatever you can talk Josie into fixing for you.

Jason: Why? Where are you going?

Sharlene: I'm going out to see about a horse, or maybe a chicken. You two be good, and don't you mess up my kitchen too much, you hear?

[Sharlene whistles]

Lisa: You have to go in so soon?

Jamie: Oh. Well, I have a couple of patients I want to see in my office before I start rounds today.

Lisa: You don't usually make appointments this early.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I'm covering for Vogel so he can have a long weekend.

Lisa: You're working too hard.

Jamie: That's not unusual for doctors.

Lisa: You tossed and turned all night.

Jamie: I'm sorry. Did I keep you awake?

Lisa: No, it's not that. I just wish this whole thing were over.

Jamie: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Lisa: I was thinking last night -- if you had found out about Vickyís pregnancy just a few hours later, we would have been married and she would have had to deal with that.

Jamie: Yeah, but that's not what happened.

Lisa: It should have. And then our lives would have been settled. The way it is now, everything is worse for everybody.

Jamie: Sorry. I'm sorry that it's worse for you.

Lisa: Jamie, we love each other. Nothing's changed between us, so why don't we get married? Then we would deal with Vicky together.

Jamie: We can't get married right now.

Lisa: Because of Vicky?

Jamie: Because of mom and Mac. Mac is -- he's still under indictment for murder, and mom is running that company all by herself.

Lisa: Our getting married isn't going to change any of that.

Jamie: Mac doesn't even know Vickyís pregnant. I can't spring that on him right now.

Lisa: I'm not suggesting you do.

Jamie: And I can't worry mom with another wedding.

Lisa: Jamie, we were planning an elopement. Besides, it might be nice for them to have something happy to think about. Unless you don't think it's a happy occasion.

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: I don't mean to pressure you.

Jamie: Lisa, I can't burden my family with anything more right now, ok?

Lisa: Is that all?

Jamie: I have to go to work.

Lisa: Jamie --

Jamie: I'll call you tonight.

Donna: Victoria doesn't want any company, not even family.

Vicky: Good, Donna. Why don't you make an issue out of it?

Jake: You ok, Vic?

Vicky: Oh, I'm on top of the world. Or is the world on top of me?

Jake: You want us to leave?

Vicky: Yeah. Well, Marley could stay.

Marley: Sure.

Jake: Come on, Donna.

Donna: I know my way out, Jake. I will call you later.

Vicky: Bye.

Jake: Listen, hon, I have some errands to run, and I will pick up some groceries for Vicky and I'll come back here later, all right?

Marley: Ok. I love you.

Jake: I love you. You take care of yourself, kid.

Donna: Marley, would you please see that she eats something? And I mean it. I am going to call later. Thank you. Goodbye.

Marley: Bye.

Vicky: Oh, I know I hurt mom's feelings.

Marley: Oh, she'll get over it. Now, why was your phone off the hook?

Vicky: Please, not you, too.

Marley: Well, I was worried about you.

Vicky: Yeah, well, you sound like mom.

Marley: Victoria, we love you, and part of loving is worrying.

Vicky: Yeah, well, Mom thinks it's the whole thing. You know, she comes barging in here and tries to take over things and doesn't ask me about it. I just can't cope with it. I haven't been able to cope with anything lately.

Marley: Well, perhaps you're trying too hard.

Vicky: No. I just wish I could just curl up into a little ball until this baby is born.

Marley: Well, most women that are pregnant have their husbands to help them through this time.

Vicky: Yeah, wouldn't you know Iíd be the one to be the trendsetter.

Marley: You know what? I think that you need somebody here to take care of all the routine things.

Vicky: Oh, right. Have any suggestions?

Marley: Yes. Me.

Vicky: No.

Marley: Now, I would do all the cooking and cleaning, and I would do the grocery shopping for you.

Vicky: Yeah, everything that a wife is supposed to do for a husband.

Marley: What do you mean?

Vicky: I mean that you should be doing that for Jake, Marley. I mean, you guys just got back together.

Marley: Jake will understand, Victoria. He is as concerned about you as I am.

Vicky: Oh, you didn't even tell him about this little plan of yours yet?

Marley: No. I wanted to see if you would agree first.

Vicky: You know, I have always prided myself on doing things for myself, taking care of things for myself.

Marley: But why? You see, you don't have to anymore because Iím here. Now, Vicky, I understand you better than anyone else, I think even better than you understand yourself. Now, what do you say? Please let me get you through this time.

Vince: So, what's this business proposition about?

Sharlene: Well, my garden did real well this year.

Vince: Oh. Well, that -- that's good.

Sharlene: Well, what Iím saying is that I got more than me and Josie and Jason could ever eat, and so Iíve been thinking of ways to use up the extras.

Vince: Oh, well -- yeah, well, that sounds sensible.

Sharlene: So what I'm thinking of is of starting a roadside stand.

Vince: Oh, well, that takes a lot of work, doesn't it?

Sharlene: Well, yeah, but Josie will help me now that she's quit her job in town.

Vince: Oh. Well, how -- how do I fit into this picture?

Sharlene: Well, I'd feel a whole lot better about this thing if I knew I had a few regular customers. You know, for squash and apples and corn and canned stuff, you know.

Vince: Uh-huh, and you were hoping that maybe Maryís place would be one of those customers.

Sharlene: Yeah, you think you could do it?

Vince: Well, I have to have suppliers I can count on.

Sharlene: All right. You use Bay City produce, right?

Vince: Yeah. How'd you find that out?

Sharlene: Well, I did my homework, and I want you to know that I know what stuff they're passing off as fresh produce.

Vince: Well, every once in a while they try and, you know, pass things by, but Mary and I -- we catch them at it.

Sharlene: Yeah, but, Vince, you shouldn't have to worry about that. You shouldn't have to think that way. People who like to farm don't try to pass off bad produce to unsuspecting customers.

Vince: Well, it's not like they really just try and pass things off. It's more like --

Sharlene: Tell you what, we got these free-range eggs, too.

Vince: What are they?

Sharlene: These are eggs from chickens who are raised to feed in the yard. They're not stuck in brooders all their days. And I tell you, omelets from these babies -- they're the best.

Vince: Huh. And you could -- you could supply those, too, huh?

Sharlene: Sure could. To that, along with the produce you buy from us.

Vince: What about deliveries?

Sharlene: Well, our half-ton will have it to your place before daylight.

Vince: No shorting?

Sharlene: Well, if they're shorted, then you can deduct it from your next bill.

Vince: Oh. When are you starting up?

Sharlene: Soon as I get a few good customers.

Vince: Ok. You got one.

Sharlene: I am thankful to you.

Vince: Well, if people can't help each other out, what good are they, huh?

Sharlene: I tell you, you're a rare breed these days.

Vince: Well, some of us are old-fashioned. Now, you better get back to the farm and find some more of these things. Do they hide them, or what?

Sharlene: No. No, Vince. No hidden eggs.

Nicole: Well, I haven't seen you for a while.

Donna: I know. I've been meaning to come by ever since you got back from Atlantic City.

Nicole: Is everything ok? Oh, what is it?

Donna: Oh, Nicole. I didn't really want to do this.

Nicole: Oh, what's wrong, Donna?

Donna: It's Victoria. She -- she's just been in such a foul mood lately, you know, especially with me. And, well, she's not taking care of herself.

Nicole: Is she ill?

Donna: Not exactly. I mean, she's doing fine, you know, as much as can be expected.

Nicole: There's something you're not telling me.

Donna: No, it's -- well, I'm just worried about her mental state, that's all.

Nicole: Well, would you like me to talk to her?

Donna: Oh, would you? Oh, I know you're really busy, but she seems to relate to you so much better.

Nicole: Well, that wasn't true the last time I talked to her.

Donna: Well, she's just under a lot of stress right now.

Nicole: Come on, Donna. You've been hinting about something since you got here. Why don't you just come right out with it?

Donna: Victoria asked me not to tell anyone, but I don't see how she could be any angrier with me than she already is.

Nicole: She asked you not to tell anyone what?

Donna: Nicole, she's pregnant.

Nicole: Oh, no. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.

Donna: And you know, Jamie is being so completely insensitive about everything.

Nicole: Jamie Frame is the father?

Donna: Yes, well, you know she's been in love with him for months.

Nicole: Isn't Jamie still engaged to be married to Lisa Grady?

Donna: Uh -- for the time being, yes.

Nicole: Donna, listen -- now, you just have to be very careful about how you try to help Vicky in this.

Donna: I know, but you see, she's not doing anything to help herself right now.

Nicole: Yes, but it's a very delicate situation for her, so you need to approach this with extreme tact.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: Just a minute. I need to get it.

Donna: It's all right.

Nicole: Nicole Love salon.

Cass: You don't know how good it is to hear your voice again.

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: Who else would say, "You don't know how good it is to hear your voice again"?

Nicole: It is you.

Cass: You still mad at me?

Nicole: Oh, I can't stay mad at you. You know that.

Cass: I love you, Nicole.

Nicole: Do you really? I was beginning to wonder. Are you at the airport?

Cass: How's Felicia? Have you seen much of her since you got back?

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: I told her to keep an eye on you, you know.

Nicole: Nobody has to keep an eye on me.

Cass: Did she tell you I called her?

Nicole: Yes, but Iíd have been happier if I'd have heard from you myself. Now, you haven't answered my question.

Cass: Oh, ask it again. I have a short attention span.

Nicole: Where are you?

Cass: Oh, that was the other reason I called.

Nicole: You're not coming home. Is that it?

Cass: Oh, no, of course I'm coming home. Just not for a week.

Nicole: A week?

Cass: Maybe more.

Nicole: And that's all you're going to tell me? Cass, are you still there?

Cass: Nicole, I'm here.

Nicole: No, you're there. I'm here.

Cass: Listen to me, please.

Nicole: I lie awake half the night hoping you'll call, and when you do, it's the same old fun and games for you.

Cass: No, it's not fun and games for me. This is very important. It would have to be to keep me away from you.

Nicole: You'll have to come up with a new one, Cass. Goodbye. Oh, I don't believe him.

Donna: What? What's wrong?

Nicole: Oh, he's in some kind of trouble in Atlantic City. He can't even leave town, and he won't tell me what it is.

Donna: Well, you didn't tell me this.

Nicole: Well, it's not easy to admit that the man in your life deserts you for gaming tables.

Donna: Well, don't you think he would tell you if it was something else?

Nicole: Do you think it is?

Donna: Well, I know that both Michael and Cass have been doing a lot of secret work for Mac.

Nicole: But what legal business would Mac have in Atlantic City? No, I think that Cass is just getting bored.

Donna: With what?

Nicole: Forget it. Let's get back to --

Donna: No, no, no, no. We're going to stay right here with you. What do you think he's getting bored with?

Nicole: Well, everything. The salon, me, life. He's just used to more exciting things.

Donna: Nicole, you really believe that?

Nicole: Well, he hasn't even called me for days. He gets these mysterious phone calls and he takes off on these sudden trips.

Donna: Well, Michael can be gone for weeks at a time, and that doesn't mean that he's bored with me.

Nicole: Michael's married to you.

Donna: Well, Cass has asked you to marry him.

Nicole: Sure. And he's been on one job after another ever since.

Donna: You just have to try to be more understanding, that's all.

Nicole: Oh, I am tired of being understanding. I'm beginning to think that Cass has no intention of spending his life with me.

Marley: Hello, sweetheart.

Jake: Hi. How's it going?

Vicky: Hi, Jake.

Marley: What did you buy?

Jake: Treats for the mummy's tummy.

Vicky: Cute.

Jake: Yeah, I got everything in here that I crave when I have a hangover.

Vicky: Oh, that's about how I feel.

Jake: We've got vanilla ice cream, white bread, mayonnaise, bologna, soda --

Vicky: Diet soda?

Jake: No diet for you. You're roosting on the nest.

Marley: But we have popcorn and green grapes -- oh, and a video.

Jake: That goes with the popcorn.

Marley: Good idea. You know, I know what we're going to have for dinner tonight -- my specialty, pasta primavera.

Vicky: Don't fuss, Marley.

Marley: No, it's easy to fix, and we'll have a short little dinner and then watch a movie, ok?

Jake: Where are you going?

Marley: I have to go get what I need to make the pasta with, ok?

Jake: Hurry back. So, what's bugging you?

Vicky: Nothing.

Jake: Come on, Vicky.

Vicky: I guess I didn't have such a great day yesterday.

Jake: Why not?

Vicky: Because mom came by and then Felicia came by and then Jamieís mother came by. It was like a gathering of the witches.

Jake: Well, there's a movie title in there, right? Sorry. Well, I can understand why Donna came by, but what did Felicia and Rachel want?

Vicky: Oh, I'll give you three guesses.

Jake: They wanted you to back off from Jamie.

Vicky: Yeah. I'm sure Lisa sent them. You know, sweet little Lisa can play just as dirty as everyone else.

Jake: Honey, you have to admit, your baby has definitely thrown a curveball in her future.

Vicky: Yeah, but that doesn't give her a right to lie.

Jake: What did they say?

Vicky: They said that Iím trying to trap Jamie.

Jake: What? Why?

Vicky: Because nobody trusts me in this town and they blame me for everything, so what's new?

Jason: Hi.

Josie: I thought you went out to the site.

Jason: I decided to wait on that.

Josie: Waiting for your phone call?

[Phone rings]

Jason: I got it. Thanks. Jason Frame.

Drew: It's me.

Jason: Yeah.

Drew: I want you to do something for me.

Jason: If I can, sure.

Drew: Well, you better. I'm still in Atlantic City. So is Cass Winthrop.

Jason: You're kidding.

Drew: Mm-hmm. He's been dogging me for a couple of days. I want to know what he's up to.

Jason: Well, how would I find that out?

Drew: Well, you know his fiancťe, right?

Jason: She doesn't like to give me the time of day.

Drew: Mm-hmm. Well, work on it. I want to know what he's up to next. I know he works for Cory.

Jason: What does she know about Cory Publishing?

Drew: I don't know. If she doesn't, you better find out somebody who does. That's what you get paid for.

Jason: All right.

Drew: I want to know what Winthrop is up to, or this gig is up and so is your number, if you know what I mean.

Jason: What are you staring at?

Josie: Who was that on the phone?

Jason: A guy I know.

Josie: Same guy who called this morning?

Jason: You know what I'm thinking?

Josie: No, what?

Jason: I got you all those clothes, but I didn't get you a winter coat to go with them.

Josie: It's ok, Uncle Jason.

Jason: No, it's not ok. You moved here from California. I bet you don't even own a winter coat, do you?

Josie: No, I donít.

Jason: All right, fine. We'll go there, we'll get a nice one.

Josie: I'm not going to Nicoleís for a coat. I can go to the mall.

Jason: Hey, hey. Matt is going to take you to a lot of nice places and meet a lot of nice people. I don't want you wearing some discount coat.

Josie: But mama said I had to take --

Jason: "Mama said, mama said." Are you going to stand there holding this laundry all day, or are you coming with me so I can buy you the nicest coat they have?

Josie: Well, ok.

Jason: All right.

Josie: All right.

Nicole: Sophie just cut the silk this morning. It drapes beautifully.

Woman: May I see it?

Sophie: Oh, it is just pieces of cloth right now.

Nicole: No, no, that's ok, Sophie. If you'd like to see the way it drapes, that's fine.

Woman: I really would.

Nicole: All right.

Sophie: If you would come with me.

Nicole: Thank you.

Josie: I should have changed before we came. I look a total slob.

Jason: You do not. You look like an all-American girl instead of some stuck-up snob. Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: Jason. Hello, Josie.

Josie: Hi.

Nicole: Did you like the things that Jason picked out for you?

Josie: Oh, yeah.

Jason: We liked them so much that we're going to get a nice winter coat to go with them.

Nicole: A coat, huh?

Jason: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, I do have several in my winter collection. They are kind of expensive, though.

Josie: See?

Jason: Don't worry about the money.

Nicole: Well, then, why don't I show you what we have. Why don't you come on upstairs?

Josie: Ok, that sounds great.

Nicole: Can you excuse me just for a minute?

Josie: Sure.

Nicole: Stephanie, what did you think?

Stephanie: You were absolutely right, Nicole. I love it.

Sophie: You see?

Stephanie: So Iíll give you a call next week.

Nicole: That's fine.

Stephanie: Great.

Nicole: Look forward to hearing from you.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Nicole: Ok, why don't we just go upstairs --?

Jason: Nicole, can't Sophie take her and then do that?

Nicole: Well, yeah, she could, but I thought --

Jason: What Iíd like her to do is go back and try one on, come out, and give me a regular little fashion show, ok?

Josie: Ok, I will.

Nicole: Sophie?

Sophie: Oui?

Nicole: Why don't you show Josie the coats in the junior sophisticateís line?

Sophie: Come with me.

Jason: Good. Hope she finds something she likes.

Nicole: Jason?

Jason: Yeah?

Nicole: Did you get rid of them for a reason?

Marley: Well, she's all tucked away, fast asleep.

Jake: Well, that's good. She was pretty keyed up earlier.

Marley: She was. You know, Jake, I'm feeling sorry for Vicky. I'm so lucky to have you.

Jake: No, no, no. I am lucky to have you, believe me.

Marley: Oh. Vicky just hasn't been herself lately. She doesn't have the same edge.

Jake: Well, maybe it's just hormones.

Marley: Oh, no, I think it's more than that.

Jake: We'll just have to take care of her, won't we?

Marley: Well, as a matter of fact, I have a suggestion that might take care of it.

Jake: What?

Marley: Well, if you don't like it -- I mean, if you really hate it, then we don't have to do it, and I'll never to talk about it again.

Jake: Why wouldn't I like it?

Marley: Well, I think that Vicky should have somebody to stay with her here while she's not feeling well.

Jake: Yeah, and don't tell me -- that someone would probably be you, right?

Marley: Right.

Jake: Great. This feeling better process -- you think you could, like, put a time frame around that?

Marley: Two weeks, Tops?

Jake: Can I ask you something?

Marley: Of course.

Jake: I don't know how to put this, so Iíll just say it.

Marley: What?

Jake: You do know this baby is Vickyís and not yours? I'm -- Marley, I'm just saying that because I don't want to see you get hurt.

Marley: Oh, I couldn't be hurt, not if you love me.

Jake: Well, then you could never be hurt.

Marley: Good.

Jake: It's going to be awfully lonely over at Vinceís, though.

Marley: Well, it will be awfully lonely here, but this way I don't have to worry about Vicky anymore or worry about Felicia Gallant or Jamieís mother coming over and bothering her anymore.

Jake: You think you can handle them if they do?

Marley: Oh, I could handle anything for Victoria.

Jake: What about Donna?

Marley: And I've always been able to handle Donna better than Vicky.

Jake: I am starting to think that you could handle just about anything.

Marley: Ah, except you?

Jake: Especially me. Ok, you stay here, you make sure Vicky eats and sleeps.

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jake: And then you come right back to me where you belong, ok?

Marley: Ok.

Jake: Two weeks, got it?

Marley: Got it.

Jake: Going to be a -- going to be a long two weeks.

Jason: You must have gotten your flair for clothes from your mom. Elizabeth was always very stylish.

Nicole: Do you mind if we don't talk about my mother?

Jason: Ok, fine. What do you want to talk about?

Nicole: Silence would be welcome. Do you mind if I work while we wait for Josie and Sophie?

Jason: No. Please go right ahead. I'll say hi to Cass while I'm here.

Nicole: Cass isn't here.

Jason: He's not? Where is he?

Nicole: I really don't know.

Jason: You don't know, or you don't want to tell me where he is?

Nicole: Why should I keep his whereabouts a secret?

Jason: Well, that is what you're doing, isn't it?

Nicole: No, Jason, Iím trying to work. And you're asking questions about things that don't concern you.

Jason: You have the same knack that your mom did for putting people down.

Nicole: I told you I don't want to talk about her.

Jason: Don't judge your mother too harshly. The only big mistake she ever made in her life was marrying the wrong man. That happens to a lot of nice women.

Nicole: So Iíve heard.

Jason: I'd hate to see it happen to you.

Nicole: It won't.

Jason: We never know, do we?

Nicole: All right, Jason, why the sudden concern about me?

Jason: I just hope that Cass Winthrop appreciates what he has in you. I'd hate to see you make the same mistake your mom did.

Josie: How do I look?

Sophie: I tell her the coat look more fabulous with the dress.

Jason: It's more than that.

Nicole: It's beautiful.

Jason: It's absolutely fantastic. Sophie, would you wrap both of them up?

Sophie: Oh!

Josie: Uncle Jason, thank you! You're the best!

Sophie: Come along.

Josie: Ok.

Nicole: Go on, Josie. It's beautiful.

Jason: I'm teaching her to appreciate what she really is, and I don't think that Cass Winthrop is the right person to do that for you.

Donna: Hi, Marley. How is she?

Marley: She's asleep.

Donna: Oh. Do you really think it's so good that she sleeps so much?

Marley: Donna, she is pregnant.

Donna: No kidding. Listen, did she say anything about me after I left?

Marley: No, she really didn't say much of anything.

Donna: Come on, she must have said something.

Marley: Well, Donna, Iím not here to report to you about what Vicky says.

Donna: Well, no, no. I just wanted to make sure she was all right.

Marley: Oh, I'll make sure of that.

Donna: How?

Marley: I am going to be staying with Vicky for a couple of weeks.

Donna: With Jake?

Marley: No, Jake will stay at Vince and Maryís.

Donna: Oh. Oh, well, that's good to hear.

Marley: It was a little difficult to convince Vicky of it, but after what happened yesterday, she thought it was a good idea, too.

Donna: What? What happened?

Marley: I just told you I wasn't going to report to you about --

Donna: Now -- now wait a minute, Marley. If something happened to Victoria, I have a right to know.

Marley: Well, Vicky thinks that Lisa is getting people lined up against her.

Donna: Who? What people?

Marley: No, now, that's all Iím going to say.

Donna: Well, fine, then Iíll just ask Victoria.

Marley: Please don't do that. It would only get her more upset.

Donna: All right. All right, fine.

Marley: Thank you.

Donna: Well, why don't we see what kind of mood she's in when she gets up from her nap? You know, actually, Michaelís dining out tonight, so I could join you for dinner. Is that pasta primavera you're making? That's my favorite. I love it.

Marley: I told Vicky we would have a quiet dinner.

Donna: I see. And that means Iím not invited.

Marley: I am sorry.

Donna: You really intend to be the little doyenne, hmm?

Marley: If you mean that I intend to keep anyone away that would upset Vicky, then, yes, you are right.

Donna: Even me?

Marley: Anyone that might upset Vicky.

Donna: Fine. Fine. I can see that you win, Marley. You know, between the two of you, I don't feel I have a daughter at all.

[Jason hums]

Sharlene: You're awful chipper this afternoon.

Jason: No reason why not to be. Oh, I love your meatloaf.

Sharlene: Jason, you hate my meatloaf. The only reason I made it is because I didn't get to the store today. It's that phone call, isn't it?

Jason: Phone call?

Sharlene: The one Josie took for you before you took her out to buy her a new coat.

Jason: She looks great in that coat, doesn't she?

Sharlene: You know, I couldn't tell. All I could see was this big sign saying "bribe."

Jason: How can you make a statement about your brother like that? About me?

Sharlene: I just want to know why the biggest tightwad in the family is buying my daughter fancy clothes.

Jason: Because her ma can't afford it. I'm sorry. You just goaded me into saying that.

Sharlene: Where are you getting the money, Jason?

Jason: I told you, things are going good.

Sharlene: That's not what John tells me.

Jason: Oh, John is complaining now, is that it?

Sharlene: Well, he keeps me up to date on things.

Jason: Well, maybe he better butt out. And maybe you had, too.

Sharlene: You doing something illegal, Jason?

Jason: Jason Frame doing something illegal? Come on.

Sharlene: Well, I've gone bond for you or bail for you often enough to know.

Jason: That's when I was young and foolish.

Sharlene: Well, we know that you're not so young anymore, but you're just as foolish.

Jason: If you weren't my big sister, I would, I would, I would --

Sharlene: Oh, right here, right here, right here.

Jason: Yeah? Yeah?

Sharlene: Go, go, go!

Jason: No. I'm going to kiss you instead. I'm doing good. I am doing good for the first time in my life. Trust me.

Sharlene: Jason, that is all I ever wanted for you.

Jason: Then fine. Why don't you think about yourself for a change? Forget about me, and would you holler at me when the meatloaf is ready, before it burns?

Lisa: Donna.

Donna: I'm sure you were expecting someone else. May I come in?

Lisa: I have a lot of work to do right now.

Donna: Oh, I'm sure you'll find this a lot more interesting than work.

Lisa: What do you want, Donna?

Donna: If you're expecting Jamie, maybe we should wait for him.

Lisa: I don't think he'd appreciate that.

Donna: Oh, then again, he might be very interested in hearing what I have to say to you.

Lisa: Donna, I don't understand why you're being so hostile.

Donna: Oh, don't you?

Lisa: No, I really don't.

Donna: Victoria is pregnant!

Lisa: Well, it's hardly my fault. I told you, I have a lot of work to do right now.

Donna: For your information, Victoria has taken to her bed and is refusing to eat or see anyone because of what happened yesterday.

Lisa: What happened yesterday?

Donna: Are you denying sending over people to harass her?

Lisa: Are you talking about Rachel and Felicia?

Donna: Great. No, wait a minute -- that means that you did know about it.

Lisa: I know they talked to her.

Donna: Oh, come on! I would hardly call it talk!

Lisa: What are you driving at, Donna?

Donna: You sent them over there out of spite, and I am warning you, don't do it again.

Lisa: I had nothing to do with it.

Donna: You know, if you, your friends, or your relatives continue to endanger my daughter's health, I will just take legal action.

Lisa: You've got to be joking.

Donna: I don't joke about my children's health or their happiness. And something else -- I will see to it that this town knows exactly how you and Jamie have been treating Victoria while she is carrying his child. And I don't make idle threats, Lisa.

Sharlene: Hi.

Jamie: Hi.

Sharlene: We missed you last night.

Jamie: I stayed at Lisaís.

Sharlene: I wish you'd bring her around more often. I like her.

Jamie: Thanks, but we're not into socializing all that much these days.

Sharlene: Because of Vicky Hudson?

Jamie: Yeah.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I wish I could help.

Jamie: I'm afraid nobody can help.

Sharlene: Want a piece of advice?

Jamie: Sure.

Sharlene: Follow your heart and not your head. Thinking and feeling aren't always in sync when you're in love.

Jamie: Hmm.

Jason: Hey, you ought to write those little cards you can buy down at the drugstore. Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Hello, Jason.

Jason: She giving you advice from her many, many years of wisdom?

Sharlene: I'm just trying to make things easier.

Jason: Hey, he can make his own decisions. He can handle his life. He's like his dad. He's practical.

Sharlene: Maybe we should both stop giving him advice.

Jason: Why do you say that?

Sharlene: Because he's already done more with his life than either one of us. I think you'll do just great, honey.

Vicky: Jake leave?

Marley: Yes. He left a few minutes ago.

Vicky: I guess I should have said goodbye.

Marley: No, he understands.

Vicky: Sure he doesn't mind you staying here the next couple of weeks?

Marley: Well, he said he didnít.

Vicky: It's going to be strange having you here for the next couple of weeks.

Marley: Strange? Why?

Vicky: Well, as much as we look alike, I think we act really different.

Marley: Well, maybe not.

Vicky: No, I would never leave a man I love to take care of somebody else.

Marley: Well, I think you would if it would concern your child. Oh, Vicky, I didn't mean to upset you.

Vicky: It's not you. I get upset over card tricks now. You'll just have to get used to it.

Marley: Well, it's good to let go of things.

Vicky: Well, if I really let go, I think you would be scraping me off of the ceilings.

Marley: Vicky, you are going to be ok.

Vicky: I'm scared, Marley.

Marley: It's going to be all right.

Vicky: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I -- I wonder how I'm going to handle it. How much pain is there going to be? I'm sick every day. Now, how am I going to handle labor pains? How can I take care of a baby, Marley? I'm so scared.

Marley: Well, every woman is scared when she's pregnant.

Vicky: But how am I going to know what to do? What if I hurt it? I -- I wouldn't want to hurt it, but I couldn't bear it if I ever hurt my baby.

Marley: Vicky, follow your instincts. You're a good person, and you will be a good mother.

Vicky: No, I'm not. I'm selfish and I'm spiteful. And I've tricked people and I've told lies.

Marley: Well, that is all in the past.

Vicky: I knew it would happen.

Marley: What would?

Vicky: Life would get me back.

Marley: Now, Vicky, you cannot think that way.

Vicky: And if it doesn't get me back, what about my baby? What if my baby gets hurt? I couldn't bear it.

Marley: Nothing will hurt you or your baby. Vicky, I promise I will take care of everything.

Marley: Peace my child and God attend thee all through the night guardian angels God will send thee all through the night

[Marley hums]

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