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Another World Transcript Monday 8/16/04

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Matt: How you holding up, dad?

Mac: Well, it's just that I never expected it to go this far.

Ada: How can they indict him on something they can't even prove happened?

Zack: They'll use circumstantial evidence, Ada -- like the fact that Mac was in Drew’s apartment, that he publicly threatened him previously, and that he clearly had a motive.

Ada: Drew Marsten has a lot of enemies in this town. You know that?

Rachel: That still doesn't explain why the D.A. can pin a murder charge on Mac when the police haven't found a body.

Zack: It's been done in this jurisdiction before, Rachel, successfully, but I agree with you that they don't have a corpse, so it's going to be much more difficult for them to prove the case.

Sam: Yeah, and that's good for Mac.

Zack: Exactly.

Rachel: Yeah, but this is still a defensive strategy. I don't think it's a good idea for Mac to sit around and just deny the D.A.'s charges.

Amanda: What else can we do?

Rachel: Obviously, the police have decided that they have found their man. Then it's up to us to investigate and find out who really did kill Drew Marsten.

Cass: Boy, this is funny.

Nicole: Yeah. Do you really think she's just putting everyone on now?

Cass: Well, I don't know. A stunt like this would be vintage Felicia, wouldn't it, Mitch?

Oliver: Perhaps if I could -- you were asking about a cigarette.

Felicia: Yeah.

Oliver: Perhaps you see one floating here in the air? Here -- no -- ah, here.

[Crowd gasps]

Felicia: Thanks!

Oliver: Can I light it for you?

Felicia: Please. This has been ages.

Oliver: Oh -- a match -- oh, wait -- oh!

Woman: Oh!

Oliver: Up here. I'll -- ahem -- hmm -- hmm? Hmm?

Felicia: Oh!

Oliver: Now --

Felicia: This is great.

Oliver: Yeah, now, fanny --

Felicia: Yeah?

Oliver: Do you like to do anything besides smoking here?

Felicia: Things.

Oliver: Such as --


Felicia: Hmm, dance, sing.

Oliver: And sing, too?

Felicia: Yeah.

Oliver: Do you know some songs?

Felicia: Yeah, of course I do.

Oliver: Perhaps you would grace us with a song?

Felicia: No.

Oliver: No?

Felicia: No, I can’t.

Oliver: Oh.

Felicia: My father doesn't allow me to sing.

Oliver: Oh, see, and who is your father?

Felicia: Reverend Grady. Reverend Joshua Grady.

Oliver: Ah, and he does not like singing?

Felicia: You know he doesn’t.

Oliver: Well, now, how would I know?

Felicia: Don't be dumb.


Felicia: He -- he has to approve all the shows that come to the Ralston county show. You know that.

Oliver: But I don't think we are at the Ralston county show.

Felicia: You're kidding? I don't believe it. I finally made it. Oh, thank you! This is great!

Oliver: It is the -- tell us -- tell us where we are.

Felicia: The Ohio state fair!

Oliver: Yes.

Felicia: Oh!

Oliver: And as we are at the Ohio state fair, do you see anyone in the crowd that you know?

Felicia: No. It's a damn good -- oh, sorry.


Felicia: I just don't want the cigarette, you know, to get back to my father. He --

Oliver: Perhaps we should eliminate the cigarette.

Felicia: Oh. Ok.

Oliver: Yeah. Oh -- could you open your handkerchief for me, please? Hmm? May I borrow? Mm-hmm. Hmm, hmm. Oh -- I'm so nervous. It's not a good handkerchief, I hope.


Oliver: Ho! Whoa, ha. There.

Felicia: Oh.

Oliver: And now, Fanny, you're at the fair. Do you see anyone that you recognize at that table?

Felicia: No.

Oliver: No?

Felicia: They're a little old for me.

Oliver: Look very carefully.

Felicia: He's kind of cute, isn't he?

Oliver: He? Oh.

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: Hello.

Felicia: I'm Fanny. What's your name?

Vicky: I guess I could be better.

Donna: Well, what exactly is the problem?

Vicky: I think I have the flu.

Donna: Aha. Again?

Vicky: Yeah. They've been talking about it a lot at the hospital, how resilient this virus is.

Donna: Really?

Vicky: Yeah. So, really, what I need is a lot of rest, if you don't mind.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Excuse me.

Jake: Vicky, we have to have a serious talk -- Donna.

Donna: Jake. What are you doing here?

Jake: I came to see Vicky.

Donna: Really? Why?

Jake: Excuse me?

Donna: Well, I'm just a little surprised. I thought you would be with Marley. Oh, I hope something hasn't happened?

Vicky: Jake and I have a business meeting tonight.

Donna: Well, you're just going to have to cancel it. Jake, Victoria’s not feeling well.

Vicky: No, actually, I'm feeling much better.

Donna: Oh?

Vicky: Yeah, so, why don't you come back in a little while and you and I will go get a bite to eat?

Donna: Well, how long is this meeting going to take?

Vicky: Not long, I don't think.

Donna: Good, then go ahead.

Vicky: It's private.

Donna: Well, where do you expect me to go while I wait?

Jake: I can think of a couple of places that you can go, Donna.

Vicky: Jake. Could you go get me some ginger ale?

Donna: Why?

Vicky: I'm having a craving.

Donna: A craving?

Vicky: Well, actually, it makes my stomach feel much better.

Donna: All right. Fine, fine. I'll come back in half an hour or so. Jake, since you'll be gone by the time I get back, I'll just say goodbye now.

Jake: You know, your mother is --

Vicky: I know! Drop it.

Jake: All right, so what's all this business about you being sick?

Vicky: I don't feel well.

Jake: Don't lie to me, Vicky!

Vicky: Jake, I have the flu!

Jake: The flu has nothing to do with it! You're pregnant!

Felicia: So, are you going to tell me who you are?

Cass: I'm the man of your dreams.

Felicia: I guess I'm going to have to get a full night's sleep from now on. Who is she?

Cass: She's my date.

Felicia: Oh. Too bad. Think we can lose her?

Cass: Oh, I don't know. I think that would be kind of rude.

Felicia: Hmm, I know. Who cares?

Mitch: Can you stop this?

Oliver: "Stop it"? Oh, you're joking? You see, she's the best subject I --

Mitch: No, no, no, no. Just stop it now.

Oliver: Yes. Fanny, hmm?

Felicia: Yes.

Oliver: You can hear me? When I count to three, you will revert to your normal age, you will no longer be 16, you will be again Felicia Gallant, and you will have no memory of anything that we have done now. You will be Felicia Gallant, ok? One, two, three.

[Oliver snaps fingers]

Felicia: Oh. What am I doing down here? Cass, did you do this?

Cass: No, I didn't do this.

Felicia: Did he do this?

Nicole: No.

Felicia: Have you been drinking?

Cass: No, I haven't been drinking.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: That was great.

Oliver: I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I would like also to thank the two ladies, Felicia and Fanny, for making the evening so very amusing and –

Singer: I wasn't lookin'

Lisa: I didn't know you were going to drop by.

Jamie: Well, I -- I had the early morning shift at the hospital. I found myself driving here instead of home. I'm sorry about the other day.

Lisa: So am I. I shouldn't have asked you to leave.

Jamie: No, I understand. I mean, you were upset with that talk with Vicky. I should never have put you through that.

Lisa: Well, you didn't know how it was going to turn out.

Jamie: Well, thanks for understanding. But I guess that's why I came over here.

Lisa: Right.

Jamie: Well, I don't want to keep you from your exercise.

Lisa: Oh. You're not keeping me from anything. I'm glad you're here.

Singer: Inside you that keeps me from runnin' but just keep it comin' how'd you learn to do the things you do? And nobody does it better makes me feel sad for the rest

Jamie: Lisa, I'm not going to give up on us. Ok?

Singer: Half as good as you baby, baby darlin', you're the best

Vicky: Pregnant? Jake, don't be stupid.

Jake: Stop pretending with me, Vicky! I don't like to be lied to!

Vicky: Look, I know you're the type of guy to jump to conclusions, but just because I've got the flu doesn't mean that --

Jake: Marley told me.

Vicky: Well, she certainly has a big mouth, now, doesn't she?

Jake: Why didn't you tell me, Vicky?

Vicky: Because it's not something you advertise on a bulletin board for the whole world to read, Jake. I didn't even want Marley to know.

Jake: But she does. You told her. I would have never thought I'd be the last person to know this.

Vicky: Well, you're not. Donna obviously doesn't know about this fabulous news, and neither does Michael.

Jake: Donna and Michael are different, Vicky!

Vicky: They're my parents.

Jake: And what am I? Man, I would have thought I would have been the first person you would have told something like this to.

Vicky: Jake, it's none of your business.

Jake: Oh, it's not?

Vicky: No.

Jake: Vicky, how long have you known you've been pregnant?

Vicky: A while.

Jake: How long exactly, Vick?

Vicky: What are all these questions for?

Jake: You know what all these are for! You know I would be interested! How long have you been pregnant, Vicky?

Ada: The hospital says that Jamie left for the day.

Rachel: Well, maybe we can try him over at Lisa’s.

Mac: Absolutely not. He'll hear about it soon enough. There's no point in ruining his evening. There's nothing he can do here.

Zack: Well, there's something I can do about it, Mac. I'm going back to the office and I'm going to read over that entire indictment, and that'll be my starting point for planning your defense.

Mac: Zack, I don't want you spending all your time on my case.

Ada: Oh, Mac, what are you talking about?

Mac: While I'm out of the office, Zack has got to be available to help Rachel.

Rachel: Don't be silly. Zack needs every spare minute to work on your defense.

Mac: But Cory Publishing --

Rachel: Cory Publishing is fine.

Mac: Rachel --

Rachel: All right, so we're having some problems right now. Bennett Publishing is stepping up the takeover attempt.

[Doorbell rings]

Mac: How are you responding to that?

Rachel: We're doing the best we can, but we can do it without Zack. Mac, I will not jeopardize your future for Cory Publishing, and that's final.

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: Hi, Amanda. Who's your little friend?

Amanda: It's my daughter. What are you doing here?

Evan: Listen, I'm really sorry to interrupt, but --

Amanda: Well, you should be. This is a very traumatic time for my family.

Evan: I know. Listen, I -- I need to see Rachel right away.

Rachel: Evan.

Evan: Mrs. Cory, I'm really sorry to barge in like this, but we need to talk.

Rachel: What about?

Evan: Well, first, I just want to tell you how sorry I am about the indictment, Mr. Cory, but that I feel that in time with Zack's help you're going to beat that ridiculous charge.

Mac: I appreciate that.

Rachel: Sit down.

Evan: Ok, now, this is based upon the best information I could obtain, but now it appears that Bennett Publishing has started this new wave of stock buying.

Rachel: Oh. We knew they'd do that.

Evan: Wait, now, I spent most of the day going over Cory’s finances, and I really think that I've come up with a couple of good strategies for fighting Bennett.

Mac: What are they?

Evan: Well, I think we're in the perfect position for the poison pill, and I also discovered that we own this very valuable rental property on Park Avenue in New York City.

Mac: Yes, that property belongs to Cory Enterprise. It has nothing to do with the publishing end.

Evan: Which is why I'd like to sell it. You see, I took the liberty of contacting Donald Trump this afternoon. We can get 20 million for that. I can have that within your hands within the week. We could take that money and begin the Pac-man defense.

Zack: Oh, so you hit Bennett with the poison pill and then strike again with the Pac-man defense?

Evan: Precisely. Mrs. Cory, what do you say?

Vicky: A little over three months.

Jake: Are you sure?

Vicky: Yes. Come on, Jake. Would you relax? It's Jamie’s baby.

Jake: Have you seen a doctor, Vicky?

Vicky: Yes! Jake, the baby was conceived before you and I -- it's Jamie’s baby.

Jake: Ok.

Vicky: Well, do you feel better now that you know? I know I did.

Jake: How have you been feeling?

Vicky: Rotten. I feel sick all the time.

Jake: You have looked better before.

Vicky: Well, at least you and Donna agree on something.

Jake: Oh, come on, Vicky. I was just joking.

Vicky: Are you worried about me, Jake?

Jake: Of course I'm worried about you. Have you -- have you figured out what you're going to do?

Vicky: Well, if I would have had an abortion, I would have had it now, Jake. I'm going to have this baby.

Jake: And after you have this baby, then what? What do you do?

Vicky: I haven't quite figured that one out yet. But I am going to have this baby, Jake, and I'm going to raise it, and I'm going to give this kid more love than two parents could ever give it.

Jamie: Yes, Deborah, go ahead and give him 200 more units, and give me another call if his condition changes. Ok? Thank you, Deborah. That's the problem with being on call. You get all the emergencies.

Lisa: I remember.

Jamie: Things are a little different here than they were a minute ago, aren't they?

Lisa: Oh, well, that's par for the course. We're always getting interrupted by something or somebody.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: I'm sorry. I know your baby's important to you.

Jamie: So are you. I'm going to find a way to make the future work for all three of us.

Lisa: I know you want that.

Jamie: I meant what I said before. I'm not going to give up on the two of us. I love you now more than I ever have. But I need to know how you feel. I need to know if you're going to stand by me.

Oliver: And I have brought with me a few lovely handkerchiefs, and could I have a lovely lady to join them?

Cass: Oh, right here, Oliver.

Oliver: Ah, let's encourage this lady.

Felicia: Go on.

Nicole: Oh -- stop it! No, no, no, I'm sorry.

Cass: Ok, come on, come on. She's all yours, Oliver.

Oliver: Your country has a superfluity of beautiful women, eh? Perhaps you would help me with this. I have really too many here. I promise not to touch you -- unless you invite me to? Humor, humor.

Nicole: Funny.

Oliver: Yes. Now, perhaps you'd like one of these? Do you see a color you like?

Nicole: Well, I like red.

Oliver: Uh-huh, I can see. Go for the pink.


Nicole: Ok.

Oliver: Oh, yes, yes.

Nicole: The pink.

Oliver: Ok.

Nicole: I like the pink, ok.

Oliver: Fine. Now, this is hardly fair, now. I seem to have more than you in a variety of colors, and I have eight corners and you have only four corners, and perhaps we can remedy that in this manner. Ah? Ah.

[Crowd gasps]

Nicole: Oh! Thank you.

Oliver: Thank you. Would you like one of these?

Nicole: No, thank you.

Oliver: No, please, I insist. J'insiste, as we say, because I insist.

Nicole: Oh.


Nicole: Thank you.

Oliver: And thank you, everyone, for making the evening so pleasant and for your attention. Thank you, huh?

Cass: You know, Felicia --

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Even the way you held that cigarette -- you -- it was exactly the way a 16-year-old would.

Felicia: Well, I was that convincing, huh?

Nicole: "Convincing"? When you were coming on to Cass --

Cass: Whoa, whoa.

Nicole: It was hard not to believe everything you were saying. I mean, I thought you were going to pull out of here and drag him on upstairs.

Felicia: Well, you know, I always said I should be an actress, and -- well, you know what? I guess I could be one. I certainly fooled all of you.

Mitch: You did me.

Felicia: Well, I guess, Meryl Streep, watch out.

Nicole: But, Felicia, why did you decide to become yourself at 16?

Felicia: Oh, I don't know. It was just a whim, that's all.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Well, it was a great idea. I haven't had that much fun in months.

Nicole: I tell you, you guys, I have $10 that are just burning a hole in my pocket.

Felicia: Oh!

Cass: Big spender.

Nicole: Yeah, so you want to come along and help me pick out a slot machine, big guy?

Cass: Oh, I don't know if I can stand the excitement, but I'll give it a try. See you later, Mitch.

Nicole: All right, we'll see you later. Bye.

Mitch: Have fun. Win big.

Nicole: I'll try.

Felicia: Do you know, I'm so hungry suddenly. You want to go get something to eat?

Mitch: Sure.

Felicia: I mean, what do you think?

Mitch: Just a minute.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: What happened when you were onstage?

Lisa: Jamie, I want to make a life with you more than anything.

Jamie: And we will.

Lisa: I know we can, but it's going to take more than just wanting it.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: We can't go on the way we have since you found out about Vicky’s baby.

Jamie: What do you mean, because of postponement of the wedding?

Lisa: No, it's not just that. We'll be really close, and then you start thinking about the baby, and you pull away from me. And I close off and we're isolated. And then we get back together, we get close again, like we are now, and it starts all over again. I can't keep starting and stopping with you, Jamie. I just can't do it.

Jamie: You won't have to.

Singer: My mistress has nothing like the sun the hunger for her explains everything I've done to howl at the moon the whole night through and I really don't care if I do

Vicky: What Jamie wants is a home with two parents. That's all he wants.

Lisa: He wants his baby, and he wants me.

Vicky's voice: You're kidding yourself. You're kidding yourself. You're kidding yourself.

Jake: Here you go.

Jake: What does Jamie say about the baby?

Vicky: I don't really feel like talking about Jamie right now.

Jake: He does know, Vicky, doesn't he?

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, he knows.

Jake: And?

Vicky: And he's concerned about the baby.

Jake: You -- you don't sound like you believe him.

Vicky: Well, I don't know what to think, Jake. You know, sometimes I think Jamie’s really concerned about this child and about me. And when it really gets down to it, I think the real thing that Jamie’s concerned about is how this baby is going to affect his life with wonderful Lisa.

Jake: Lisa knows about the kid?

Vicky: Yeah. I guess you could say it ruined her summer plans.

Jake: Are they still engaged?

Vicky: I guess. I mean, she says that she will stick by his side no matter what.

Jake: That upsets you, right?

Vicky: Yeah, but not in the way that you think.

Jake: Well, why don't you tell me what I think?

Vicky: You think that I'm angry because this baby didn't bring Jamie back to me.

Jake: And you're not?

Vicky: Maybe. But, look, that is not the whole story. I don't want Jamie and Lisa to be really tight right now because --

Jake: Because of what, Vick? Because of what?

Vicky: Because they're trying to take my baby away from me!

Jake: What?

Vicky: Oh, yeah, they were here yesterday giving me some whole speech about how wonderful they would be to my child and what great parents they would be! Don't believe it? Why don't you ask Marley, because Marley was here to witness the entire thing!

Jake: What did you say, Vicky? What --

Vicky: I said, "Forget about it." I'm not going to let anybody take my baby away from me -- especially not Lisa Grady. You know, Jake, I am sick and tired of giving things away, and I am not going to do it anymore.

[Vicky sighs]

Jake: Vicky, are you sure you want to have a baby?

Vicky: Oh, Jake --

Jake: You sure you're ready?

Vicky: I think I have been ready for this a long time.

Jake: How do you know that?

Vicky: I know because I've never really had anything of my own. When I was growing up, I had Bridget and -- oh, I love Bridget, I still love Bridget, but she was never my own, she wasn't my mother. And then there was you, and I lost you to Marley.

Jake: Vicky, that is not fair.

Vicky: No -- now -- I understand. I've accepted that you were never really mine to have. But then there was Jamie, and Jamie didn't even want me.

Jake: Honey --

Vicky: But now there's a baby. And, Jake, this is my baby. It's my baby and I love it, and I know it loves me back.

Jake: Honey, a baby is not an obsession. I mean, you --

Vicky: I'm going to be the best mother and the best father that this child could ever have! She doesn't think I'm capable. She doesn't think I have it in me to be a good mother, but I do, Jake. I've got it!

Jake: Of course you do. Who cares about Lisa? Why do you --

Vicky: Well, you know what else Lisa says? Lisa says that I'm having this baby because I want to take Jamie away from her and get him back for myself. And I admit, honestly admit that in the beginning I really thought that I might get Jamie back. But not anymore, Jake, because Jamie is not the most important thing anymore. This baby is. And I'm not going to let Jamie take it or Lisa take it or anybody else take my baby away from me!

Jake: I have never been -- look at me -- I have never been more proud of you in my entire life.

Vicky: You understand, don't you?

Jake: Of course I do. You have a little baby that you love inside you. You want to keep it.

Vicky: You're really on my side?

Jake: Yes, I am. And I will do anything I can to help you. You can count on me.

Donna: Oh, you're not going to believe I had to go to three different stores before I could find -- what is going on?

Vicky: Um --

Jake: Ahem.

Vicky: Jake and I were talking.

Donna: I thought this was a business meeting.

Jake: Oh, don't start, Donna!

Donna: Isn't Marley waiting for you?

Jake: Come here. You'll be ok?

Vicky: Yeah, I'm going to be fine, thank you, thanks.

Jake: Ok. Talk to you later.

Vicky: Ok.

Jake: All right?

Vicky: Yeah.

Donna: Victoria --

Vicky: Don't start with me. I do not want to have a fight about Jake. Nothing was going on.

Donna: I believe you. Now, would you care to go get something to eat?

Vicky: No, thank you. I'm -- I'm really not in the mood to go eat.

Donna: This illness of yours -- it's a lot more complicated than the flu, isn't it?

Evan: Now, I know you're familiar with the poison pill. But in the bylaws of Cory Publishing's corporate charter, the board of directors can pass a resolution letting our stockholders buy shares equal to the amounts of their current holdings at an extremely reduced rate.

Rachel: So Bennett would have to buy even more shares in order to take over the company.

Evan: And it's going to cost them big bucks, I mean, maybe twice as much as they're paying right now, making Cory Publishing difficult to swallow.

Mac: You'll need board of directors' authorization.

Evan: I can have that for you within 24 hours. I found a loophole in notice requirements.

Mac: Zack?

Zack: I'm beginning to enjoy this conversation more and more.

Rachel: Well, what about the Pac-man tactic?

Evan: Pac-man? That's the more aggressive defense. You see, we take the money from the sale to Trump, and we use it to buy off Bennett, because if you can successfully buy out the very competition that's trying to take you over, they don't own your company. You own theirs.

Matt: It's like the game. You know, the little guys you chase turn around, eat you.

Evan: See, Matthew, that's it. You summed it up. That's great. See, I think it's going to hold us -- these strategies -- for the time being. You know, we may even beat Bennett. So, what do you say?

Rachel: Mac?

Mac: He's your man, Rachel. You're chairman of the board. But on the evidence thus far, I will say, Mr. Bates, you're the sharpest money man that we've ever taken on at Cory Publishing.

Evan: Thank you, sir.

Mac: Rachel, would you like to welcome him Cory style?

Rachel: Yes. Let's go get the champagne and glasses.

Ada: I'll help.

Rachel: Ok.

Evan: Well, if you'll excuse me for a minute, I just want to look over something.

Amanda: Congratulations.

Evan: About what?

Amanda: Your presentation. It takes quite a bit to impress my father.

Evan: Or you.

Amanda: Or me. But I must admit, you do seem to know the business world.

Evan: I guess coming from you I'll take that as a compliment.

Amanda: You should.

Evan: I will. You know, you have a very beautiful baby.

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: You must have been a child bride.

Amanda: Yeah, something like that.

Sam: Like what?

Evan: I was just telling Amanda how beautiful a baby you two have.

Sam: Thanks. Cory can use a sharp player like you, Evan. You've made Mac happy on a day that I thought no one could.

Evan: Oh, what I came up with wasn't all that difficult.

Sam: I don't know. From what I heard, it sounded pretty complex.

Evan: I could teach it to you in 20 minutes.

Sam: I doubt that. I know art, period. Speaking of which, have you seen Rachel’s sculptures?

Evan: She has a collection?

Amanda: She's an artist, too.

Evan: In that case, I think I'd like to take a look.

Sam: Great. Amanda?

Amanda: No, thanks. Go ahead.

Sam: Ok.

Evan: Will you excuse us?

Felicia: Yes. I was under.

Mitch: You were hypnotized?

Felicia: I guess so. I don't really know. One minute I was up there with the magician, and the next minute I was draped over Cass.

Mitch: I'm glad I got him to stop when I did.

Felicia: Yeah, I am, too. I can't tell you, it -- it was just -- it was creepy. I've never had anything like that happen to me before.

Mitch: Well, you know what?

Felicia: What?

Mitch: It's over. It's forgotten.

Felicia: Yeah, ok. You're right. I guess I should.

Mitch: Let's forget it. We've got a lot of days -- or a few days left, and let's enjoy them.

Felicia: Ok.

Oliver: I hope I'm not intruding, Ms. Gallant.

Felicia: No, no, no.

Oliver: I merely want to say that you were absolutely perfect for my show, and you were just remarkable --

Mitch: Listen, I think she understands that.

Oliver: Yes, well, I have never in 16 years, as I believe I said, I have never had anyone quite so remarkable.

Felicia: Thank you.

Oliver: So I want to thank you, and I wanted to give you these. Ooh!

Felicia: What is that?

Oliver: These are free passes for my show, and I hope that anytime you are in Atlantic City and you bring your charming friend, you will come to my performance.

Felicia: That's thoughtful.

Oliver: You were simply sensational!

Felicia: Thank you. Thank you.

Mitch: Thank you.

Felicia: Well, what do you think? We don't need these, do we? Mitch?

Mitch: Mm-hmm?

Felicia: Can I ask you something?

Mitch: Sure.

Felicia: Fanny -- what was she like?

Mitch: Oh, Felicia --

Felicia: Please.

Mitch: She wasn't like you. She's different.

Felicia: Yeah. Different.

Vicky: Look, I am really tired and not in the mood to play weird games with you, so if you would please leave me alone --

Donna: I know you don't have the flu, Victoria.

Vicky: I have the flu.

Donna: I see, I see, and that's why you have a craving for ginger ale.

Vicky: I told you, it makes my stomach feel better.

Donna: I know what your problem is, because I felt the same way when I had you.

Vicky: Oh, come on. When you had me?

Donna: You're pregnant, aren't you? Honey? Victoria? Victoria! Sweetheart! Victoria!

Donna: Victoria -- Victoria, honey! Are you all right? Oh, my God! Oh, God!

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: I'm sorry. Just give me a minute.

Jamie: Hi. It's Dr. Frame. Donna Hudson? Yeah, yeah, tell them I'll be right there. Vicky is sick. It could be the baby. I hope it's not. I -- I've got to go. I'm -- I'm sorry. Listen, I'm sorry. I've got to go.

Lisa: I understand. I understand.

Jamie: Goodbye.

Mac: Earlier today, when I heard I'd been indicted for murder, I never dreamed that I'd be pouring champagne at this time. But my lawyer, my friend, assures me he's going to mount a vigorous defense, and the newest member of Cory Publishing is dangling before us the proposition that he will beat the opposition as ruthlessly as they've tried to beat us. And then the best family a man ever had has given me all the love and encouragement and support in the world, so it's really all of you who have made this particular toast possible. I give you Alexandra Fowler. May her generation be the third in this family to proudly and ethically carry the banner of Cory Enterprises.

Rachel: Hear, hear.

Sam: Hear, hear.

Zack: Cheers.

Ada: Yes!

Drew: Yeah, chief? It's me, Drew. What's happened? First-degree murder? Well, that's better than we thought. Well, I guess it's time to start the second half of our plan and watch Mac Cory twist ever so slowly in the wind.

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