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Jamie: Lisa, I -- I understand your not wanting Vicky in our lives, especially after everything that's happened. But do you see how much I need to have this child a part of my life?

Lisa: Yeah, I do. Ok. We should try to get custody of the baby.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: It's not going to be easy.

Jamie: No. No, it won’t.

Lisa: I promise that the baby will never sense any hostility between me and Vicky. He's the only one who shouldn't suffer in all of this.

Jamie: You're going to make a wonderful mother.

Lisa: I hope so.

Jamie: And we're going to have our own children together.

Lisa: I'm planning on that.

Jamie: Oh, babe.

Lisa: Jamie, we may have to fight her for this.

Jamie: Yeah, I know.

Lisa: No, I mean, we may have to take her to court. Can you handle that?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: Are you sure?

Jamie: Absolutely. I don't want to hurt Vicky. But I'll fight her every step of the way.

Jake: Hey, are you ready?

Marley: Yes. I called Victoria, and she sounds like she needs some company.

Jake: Yeah, well, she hasn't been the same lately.

Marley: No, I suppose not.

Jake: Look, honey, I would -- I'd love to go with you, but I got to get these tapes in the edit room.

Marley: No, sweetheart, I understand. This is important.

Jake: Yeah. Um -- about what we were talking about earlier --

Marley: Oh, you like the idea, don't you?

Jake: Yes. I'm just worried that you're going to wind up being disappointed.

Marley: I will not. I just want to keep trying.

Jake: Can I ask you a question?

Marley: Of course.

Jake: You trust me now, don't you?

Marley: You know I do.

Jake: And you know that -- that I will regret the mistake I made for the rest of my life.

Marley: Jake, I thought we weren't going to dredge up our past again.

Jake: Marley, I am just concerned that the reason you want this baby is you're afraid that I'm going to cheat on you again.

Marley: No, that has nothing to do with it.

Jake: Honey -- I just want you to know that I'll never make that mistake again in my life. I almost lost you once, and I'm never going to take that chance again.

Marley: I told you, I am not worried about that anymore.

Jake: And you don't have to pressure yourself. We have plenty of time.

Marley: I want this child -- your child, Jake.

Jake: But if it can't happen, Marley --

Marley: It can! Now, I accepted what those doctors said. It was difficult for me, but I did it. But those test results are not going to stop me from trying again now.

Jake: We can always adopt.

Marley: I know. Jake, sweetheart, I don't think you know what it's like for me and what I'm going through right now. I need this child. I need to know what it feels like to give life to our children.

Jake: And I need you to know that all I want is you.

Marley: I know.

Matt: Hey!

[Matt chuckles]

Josie: Hi.

Matt: Hi. You know, I know it's the in thing to keep your man waiting, but I started talking to the trees here, Josie.

Josie: I had to work late. I'm sorry.

Matt: Oh. Mom's working you pretty hard, I guess, huh?

Josie: Well, there's a lot to do at Cory Publishing, you know? You just can't put things off till the next day.

Matt: Right. Do you like it?

Josie: Yeah. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Matt: The very best thing?

Josie: Almost.

Matt: I missed you.

Josie: Did you? I don't see how you'd have time. Isn't college taking up all your time?

Matt: Yeah, a lot of it, but I have to save time for you, right?

Josie: It's -- it's really hot out. I'm going to go for that swim. Want to join me?

Matt: Is there something wrong here?

Josie: No, no.

Matt: Then why won't you let me hold you? I've been looking forward to this all day.

Josie: Doubt that.

Matt: What are you talking about?

Josie: Nothing. I'm sorry. I've just -- I've just had a really hectic day, ok, and I'm -- I'm just not used to this kind of pressure.

Matt: All right, I understand. Just don't turn into a workaholic on me --

Josie: I'm very serious about my work, Matt, and I can't afford not to be.

Matt: I know.

Josie: And I don't need you telling me to relax when I'm perfectly fine and relaxed, ok?

Matt: Ok, whatever you say.

Josie: Now, I've got an early morning, so I've got to go home. And I'm going to take that swim. Are you coming?

Matt: Ok!



Sharlene: Good evening. The bartender will be right with you if you want to have a seat.

Man: What do you mean, you can't help me? All I want is a glass of wine.

Sharlene: Well, I think I can handle that. Anything particular? We have a very good house red.

Man: You know, you ought to think about tending bar full-time. Bartenders make great tips.

Sharlene: I'm afraid it's not my speed.

Man: Well, somehow I doubt that.

Sharlene: House red?

Man: I tell you what -- I got this suite on the penthouse floor? It's awfully empty. Why don't you grab a couple bottles of that stuff and join me?

John: This thing bothering you, miss?

Man: Who the hell are you?

John: Don't ask. Just leave. I don't like broken glass.

Man: I'll call security.

John: Save your quarter, pal. I am security.

Man: Oh, this place stinks.

John: Yeah, I know, but we still call it home. Pleasant guy.

Sharlene: Thank you.

John: Huh. Think nothing of it. How are you?

Sharlene: Better now.

John: Seen Chris?

Sharlene: No, I haven’t.

John: Oh, well, I'm a little early.

Sharlene: How are things with you two?

John: Still don't like the fact that she was so unpleasant to you yesterday at the farm.

Sharlene: John, she saw us laughing together. I just -- I think she jumped the gun a little.

John: No, no, it's more than that. I mean, why would she tell you that she's an only child? She and I have been talking about her brother Tony ever since we found out that we served together in Nam.

Sharlene: Well, I guess you two have a few things to discuss.

John: Yeah. But I'm not sure that I can help her.

Sharlene: I'm sorry to hear that. You two looked pretty happy together for a while.

John: Well, thank you for listening. It's meant a lot to me.

Sharlene: I owed it to you. I owed you one, and now, after you chased that guy away, it looks like I'm in debt to you again.

John: Forget about it.

Sharlene: I do hope you work things out with Chris.

Michael: Good evening.

Sharlene: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Hey, John.

John: I didn't know you were here.

Michael: Donna and I are just having dinner.

John: Listen, Mike, can we talk for a minute?

Sharlene: I'll see both of you later.

Michael: Bye, Sharlene. John, I wanted to talk to you, too. It's just -- things have been very crazy.

John: Yeah, yeah, I know the feeling.

Michael: Look, all this confusion about Chris --

John: Mike, listen --

Michael: No, I -- I think that somehow the message got really --

John: I know that you didn't make a pass at her.

Michael: You do?

John: None of this has made any sense to me right from the start. I was just concerned that she was going to get hurt.

Michael: John, look, Chris may be a very nice person. I know she's certainly been good for Mikey. But --

John: I know you better than I know her, and I know you love Donna. So I've made a date with Chris. I'm supposed to meet her here tonight. Maybe I can get some answers.

Michael: Great. Look, I hope things work out for you and Chris if that's what you really want.

Vicky: Ok --

[Knock on door]

Vicky: You're not Marley.

Jamie: Can we come in? We want to talk to you, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, I didn't think you came over to play bingo.

Lisa: Can we just cut the games and talk about what's important?

Vicky: Oh, that's funny, Lisa, because I recall you came over a few days ago and told me something about giving Jamie some space, letting him make his own decisions?

Jamie: You were here?

Vicky: Oh, Lisa, Jamie doesn't like people that keep secrets. Believe me, I know.

Jamie: Why did you go to see Vicky?

Lisa: I came to tell her to stop pressuring you, give you time to think.

Vicky: Yes, but meanwhile, you were pressuring him all along, right? I mean, I kept my end of the bargain, Lisa. What's your excuse?

Jamie: Ok, stop it!

Lisa: Jamie --

Jamie: I'm sorry. Sniping at each other is not going to do us any good, ok?

Vicky: Ok. You two look like you have some mar concocted and you want me to hear it, so why don't you just go ahead and spit it out?

Jamie: Well, Lisa I - I think we've come up with a solution to our problem.

Vicky: Our baby, Jamie, is not a "problem."

Lisa: He didn't mean that.

Vicky: Look, if this baby is such a burden for you two, then why don't you just leave us alone? I told you before, I can raise this baby on my own without you.

Jamie: No, that's not what I want.

Vicky: Well, then what do you want?

Jamie: We want to legally adopt the baby as soon as it's born.

Marley: I couldn't help but overhear.

Vicky: Oh -- it's a good thing you did because I don't think anybody would believe what I just heard if I didn't have a witness. Jamie, you are so blind to what is going on around you, you can't even see that you're being conned.

Marley: Victoria, calm down.

Vicky: Lisa, this is quite a scheme you concocted here. I really didn't think you had it in you.

Jamie: Vicky, it was my idea.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: I'm going to be a part of my child's life. And if I am, then my wife is, too.

Chris: Well, I'm glad to see you talking with Michael again.

John: Are you?

Chris: Of course. Why would you ask a thing like that?

John: Listen, there's a few things we need to iron out.

Chris: Oh. Is that why you asked me here?

John: Yes.

Chris: Huh. Foolish me. I thought perhaps you wanted to take me out --

John: Chris --

Chris: Wine me, dine me.

John: Listen, why did you tell Sharlene that you were an only child?

Chris: What?

John: And if you are, how do you know Tony Marsha?

Chris: Sharlene misunderstood.

John: No, she didn’t.

Chris: Yes, she did, John. When I told her that, I was referring to the fact that Tony is my half brother. We had different fathers. We grew up in different -- my mother thought I was an only child.

[John sighs]

John: What about Mike?

Chris: I told you about that, and I thought we'd agreed to forget it. It was just an unfortunate mistake. It doest add. None of it makes any sense.

Chris: John, you know how I feel about you. I've confided in you. You know everything there is to know about me.

John:  Well, I know my brother. And I know that he wouldn't make a pass at a woman that I was seeing. He loves his wife too much.

Chris: You know, I think you're afraid to see the truth.

John: And what's that?

Chris: Ever since you told me that you were in love with Donna once, I've been putting things together.

John: I don't follow.

Chris: You're afraid to believe that Michael’s attracted to me because you still feel guilty of being in love with his wife.

John: You don't know anything about that.

Chris: How could you believe that I would initiate something -- sexual with Michael or with anyone after what I've confided in you? I told you about the problem I have with intimacy.

John: That's what I'm trying to figure out, Chris. Nothing that you or Michael has told me makes any sense at all!

Chris: Oh, you're teasing me!

John: No, I'm not.

Chris: Yes, you are. You're making fun of me because I won't go to bed with you!

John: Chris –

Jamie: Vicky, I know how much this baby means to you.

Vicky: How can you say that in the same breath that you're asking me to give up my baby to you and her?

Lisa: You can't ask us not to be part of the baby's future.

Vicky: Oh, I can sure as hell make sure you never lay a hand on him!

Jamie: Vicky, if Lisa and I are married, our child is going to know her, too.

Vicky: Over my dead body.

Marley: Vicky, please don't say something that you'll regret.

Vicky: No, the only thing I regret is ever laying an eye on either one of you.

Jamie: Please, Vicky, listen to me for a second, ok?

Vicky: Why? Why is it that you get to me every time, Jamie?

Jamie: Vicky, all I'm trying to say is that I don't want to fight with you for the rest of our lives. I would like to be able to consult with you about our child. I would like him to know that -- that even though we're not together, it doesn't mean that we love him any less. Don't you see? It's the best gift we can give our child.

Vicky: And a stepmother to put him to sleep every night, right?

Lisa: I would care for your child as if it were my own because it's Jamie’s.

Vicky: You know, there's one thing that I haven't quite cleared up yet, Lisa. When did you decide that you could raise a child that I conceived with your fiancé?

Lisa: I want Jamie to be happy.

Vicky: No wonder you go running back to her all the time. Only thing you see in her is a self-sacrificing, pious saint, right?

Jamie: Vicky, Lisa is not going to shut you out of the child's life.

Vicky: Oh, can I have that in writing?

Lisa: Vicky, you're not the one with anything to lose here. When are you going to see that?

Vicky: Oh, no? Then who is, Lisa?

Lisa: The innocent child you're carrying, that's who! For once in your life, Vicky, do the right thing. Do it for the baby!

[Josie coughs]

Matt: What the heck were you trying to prove out there?

Josie: Nothing!

Matt: What do you mean, nothing? It's pitch-black out there. You swam off too far. I thought you were afraid of swimming too far from shore.

Josie: I would have been fine if you hadn't scared me to death by saying I was going to drown!

Matt: Look at you. You're shivering, you're shaking. Now, wait a minute -- what was this stuff you were saying about racing me. What was that all about?

Josie: I love good competition as much as the next person.

Matt: Oh, come on. No, you don't!

Josie: Yes, I do!

Matt: But why do you need to turn this whole night into some competition?

Josie: I should have known I could never keep up with you.

Matt: Keep up with me?

Josie: I saw you on campus yesterday. I don't know why you invited me here tonight. It looked like there were a thousand other girls that would love to come swimming with you tonight.

Matt: Josie, I am with you because I want to be.

Josie: I don't want your pity.

Matt: Pity?

Josie: Matthew, if this -- if you're tired of me -- if this summer thing is over now that you've met your new friends, I would like to know.

Matt: You know how I feel about you.

Josie: Do you know how out of place I felt at your school yesterday? I don't fit in!

Matt: Oh, would you come on? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Josie: Is it?

Matt: Oh, come on. You know it is.

Josie: Well, that's how I felt. I can't keep up with those girls. They're smarter, they're prettier. We both know they're richer.

Matt: How many times do I have to say this to you? I don't care about any of that. And they are not smarter and prettier than you.

Josie: Matt. I didn't travel in the Cory circle, and I never will. Even if I wanted to, our parents would put a stop to it.

Matt: Look, our parents are against us because they don't realize how good we are for each other. They'll see that in time, I promise you. Come on.

Josie: It's not that easy.

Matt: What -- Josie -- I'm with you because I like you, and I don't want you to change a thing.

Josie: You don't know anything about me.

Matt: How can you say that?

Josie: I have something I have to tell you. You're not going to like it at all.

John: Come on, you've got it all wrong.

Chris: Do you have a tissue?

John: I think it's used.

Chris: I don't care.

John: Listen, I wasn't teasing you before.

Chris: What do you call it?

John: I'm just -- I'm trying to understand.

Chris: If you don't want to see me anymore, I wish you'd just tell me!

John: If I didn't want to see you anymore, would I lend you a tissue huh? Come on.

Chris: I'm not laughing.

John: Chris, we're going to continue to see each other. I just -- I need to understand what's going on.

Chris: I told you how difficult it is for me to trust men -- including you.

John: And I promised you that I wouldn't pressure you again. I'm willing to wait until you're ready.

Chris: Sure. That's why I hate crying in front of men. They say the nicest things you’d expect you to believe them.

Chris: Oh, John. Oh -- you know what I want?

John: What?

John: I'll get your drink.

Chris: Thanks.

John: You stay here and blow your nose a few more times.

Sharlene: Chris?

Chris: Sharlene! Oh, I didn't know you were working tonight. I'm sorry I snapped at you the other day.

Sharlene: Oh, forget it. I wanted to make sure you were ok. I saw you run out here before.

Chris: Oh, I hate having people see me cry.

Sharlene: Is something wrong?

Chris: No. Everything's perfect.

Sharlene: Then why are you crying?

Chris: Well, it's just -- John asked me to marry him tonight.

Sharlene: He -- what?

Chris: Isn't that wonderful?

Sharlene: Yes, it -- it's just --

Chris: Well, I know it's out of the blue, but you know John -- he's so unpredictable.

Sharlene: I guess so.

Chris: He's a great guy, though. I'm so happy. I've -- I've wanted to get married for so long. I -- I planned my wedding. I -- I even know the dress I'll wear.

Sharlene: You picked out your wedding dress?

Chris: Oh. It's all lace, of course. High collar, long sleeves. It's very simple, but so elegant.

Sharlene: Sounds lovely.

Chris: I'm sorry that I jumped to the wrong conclusion at the farmhouse about you and John. I guess I just love him so much that I'm a little possessive of him. You understand, don't you?

Chris: I know this is going to be a perfect day. I can't wait.

Jamie: No one is suggesting that.

Vicky: You want me to just hand it over to you and Lisa and forget that the nine months I had it ever happened!

Jamie: Haven't you heard a word I've said?

Vicky: Unfortunately, yes.

Jamie: Vicky --

Vicky: I can't believe you're suggesting this, Jamie.

Jamie: Vicky, I grew up not really even knowing my own father, and I will not have that for my child!

Vicky: Oh, but it's ok if it doesn't know its natural mother, right?

Jamie: Vicky, would you listen to what I'm saying?

Vicky: I think it's time for you to go.

Lisa: It's not going to work, Jamie.

Jamie: Yes, it will!

Vicky: Jamie, I will fight you on this. Don't you underestimate me.

Jamie: I have just as good a case as you do.

Vicky: Get out. Take Lisa with you.

Jamie: Think about this.

Vicky: There is nothing to think about. Like you I want what's best for you, even if it means depriving your child, the one person you say you really love, from a home, a happy home with two parents who love him.

Jamie: All right. I'll wait for you in the car.

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Let's get one thing straight here. Don't presume to know what I feel or why I feel it.

Vicky: Who are you? The only reason you agreed to this ridiculous idea is because you know it's the only way you can hold on to Jamie.

Lisa: You're very wrong.

Vicky: Well, you better think harder. What Jamie wants is a home with two parents.

Lisa: He wants his baby and he wants me.

Vicky: You're kidding yourself. Let's just wait and see how long it is until Jamie comes back to me now that he knows how much he loves his child.

Lisa: You're crazy.

Vicky: Let's just watch.

Marley: Vicky, I think it's time that Lisa leaves.

Vicky: I think you're right. You've got a lot of work to do.

Lisa: You know, even if you keep this baby, it's not going to change the fact that Jamie and I are getting married. You can bank on that.

Marley: Are you all right?

Vicky: I can't believe that he's going to marry her.

Marley: What are you going to do?

Vicky: What if -- what if they're right?

Marley: No, Victoria. Your baby does not belong with them.

Vicky: Well, how can I be so sure? I can't give this baby anything less than everything it deserves.

Marley: Victoria --

Vicky: What if I'm not what this baby needs?

Donna: Little more?

Michael: Do you understand now, Donna, why I've been so upset?

Donna: Michael, you did the right thing! Sometimes you just have to take these matters into your own hands.

Michael: Yes, but you have to do it carefully.

Donna: All right, I agree. So, what's next?

Michael: Well, I'm going to go to Washington, D.C., and see a congressman friend of mine. I think maybe he can help us adopt Mikey legally.

Donna: Great. And I'm coming with you.

Michael: No. No, no, no, no.

Donna: Why not?

Michael: Donna, Washington can get very tricky, and I don't think you should be involved in something you don't quite understand.

Donna: I do understand.

Michael: Understand this, then. You'll be an accomplice. Donna, I don't want you involved any more than you are. That's why I didn't tell you anything about this in the first place.

Donna: I am in this fight, too, and I am going with you.

Michael: Donna, are you sure you want to do this?

Donna: Michael, we won't lose Mikey. And I will do anything that I have to to see that that doesn't happen.

Marley: Of course your child needs you.

Vicky: I don't know if I can do this alone.

Marley: You don't have to.

Vicky: Marley, don't start that with me again, all right?

Marley: The best place for your child to be is with Jake and me.

Vicky: Marley --

Marley: We wouldn't shut you out, and we would involve you in everything. You wouldn't have the problem that you have with Lisa. Oh, Vicky, you see that now, don't you?

Vicky: No, what I see is three people that seem to think that I'm incapable of raising my own child.

Marley: No, that is not it at all.

Vicky: You want my baby. Jamie wants my baby. Lisa even wants my baby now. Doesn't anyone care what I want?

Marley: I know you want what is best for this child.

Vicky: Well, why does everyone else seem to think that they've got the right answers for me?

Marley: You know Jake and I would be wonderful parents, don't you?

Vicky: This is my baby.

Marley: Yes, but you said yourself that you don't know if you can even do it alone.

Vicky: How can you be so selfish?

Marley: I am just trying to give you another option.

Vicky: Well, I'm sick of options!

Marley: I think it's time you start facing the facts, Vicky.

Vicky: What do you think I've been doing?

Marley: You've been thinking short-term. Now, you're worried. You're asking yourself, "is Jamie going to come back? Are Jamie and I going to get back together again?"

Vicky: I never said that to you.

Marley: You don't have to. Vicky, I see how much you love him. I could see it today.

Vicky: Well, that's why I want him to come back to me, so we can all three live together.

Marley: That's a pipe dream, and you know it.

Vicky: Oh, well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Marley.

Marley: I just think you should start facing the facts. Jamie is in love with Lisa. Now, Vicky, just let them go off and be married. And once they have their own children, he won't remember about yours.

Vicky: He will so.

Marley: Once Jamie has a child with the woman he loves, he'll forget all about yours.

Vicky: I don't think I like you very much today, Marley.

Marley: Please think about what I said. I have to get home.

Vicky: Everyone wants me to think. I don't have to think! I know what I want!

Marley: No, you don’t. Now, you have to make up your mind.

Marley: Victoria, I'll speak with you tomorrow.

Vicky: What are we going to do?

Chris: Can we go someplace a little less formal?

John: Not tonight.

Chris: But, John, I thought you wanted to work things out.

John: I do.

Chris: Well, then let's go to your place.

John: I think we need some time apart.

Chris: John, you just said --

John: I know -- I know what I said, but I think it would be best, at least for now. I'll call you, ok?

Chris: You sure about this?

John: Yeah.

Chris: You're not mad at me?

John: Oh, come on, Chris.

Chris: You're pulling away.

John: No, how could you say that, after everything --

Chris: Oh, well, forget it. Just forget it.

Sharlene: Is everything all right?

John: I don't think so.

Sharlene: Did you two just have a fight?

John: We're definitely not communicating. I mean, every now and then she gets real close, and it -- it's weird. One minute she's withdrawn and helpless, the next minute she's coming on to me, and I know she doesn't mean it. It's just --

Sharlene: John, there is something that I think I should tell –

Donna: Oh, I'm -- hi.

Michael: Hi. We're going to shove off here.

Donna: Right. Sharlene, I just wanted to thank you again for offering to take care of Mikey.

Sharlene: Oh, it's my pleasure. He's a beautiful little boy.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: I hope everything worked out fine with Chris, John.

John: Well, I --

Donna: Listen, I have to tell you -- I think Chris is great, and I think you two make a wonderful couple. Really!

Matt: Would you just tell me what it is I don't know about you?

Josie: Matthew, please, this is really hard for me.

Matt: I know. I can tell. I mean, you've been pacing forever.

Josie: Does the name Riviera mean anything to you?

Matt: Yes, it does.

Josie: I'm Riviera. I know how you hate people who lie. That's why I never could bring myself to tell you. I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it and I didn't know how to get out of it.

Matt: So why did you do it?

Josie: Because I didn't think I was good enough. You know, Josie the farm girl. That's what they all said here that night at the party. I heard them.

Matt: I remember.

Josie: I know you probably hate me, and I don't blame you. I'd hate me, too, if I were you. It was a lousy way for me to try and get to know someone. And then before I knew it, we were seeing each other, and, well, you liked me for me, and I didn't have to pretend to be some rich girl living in a mansion. I mean, none of that seemed to matter anymore. You --

Matt: You talk to much, just like Riviera.

Josie: Aren't you going to throw me into the lake?

Matt: I knew you were Riviera.

Josie: You did?

Matt: Not at first, but, you know, after we started seeing each other, I figured it out.

Josie: How come you never called me on it?

Matt: Well, I knew you'd tell me eventually.

Josie: You did?

Matt: Uh-huh, and I was right.

Josie: So, what do we do now?

Matt: Well, first thing you do is get it through your thick skull that I care about you, and meeting new people at school is not going to change that.

Josie: And then?

Matt: And then you let me take care of you and be with you, and we promise never to lie to each other again.

Josie: Ok. Anything else?

Matt: Just this.

Chris: It won't be long now, darling. We'll be together soon.

Jamie: We'll find a way to do this, Lisa.

Lisa: How can you say that, Jamie? You heard what she said. She's going to do everything she can to keep me away from that baby, and she thinks by doing that she can get you back.

Jamie: Honey, that's not true.

Lisa: I'm scared, Jamie.

Jamie: I'll take care of you. Come on, you know that I want to be with you. Come on.

Lisa: I can't deal with this!

Jamie: What is it? What's wrong?

Lisa: She's always going to be there, Jamie. She's always going to be a part of our lives, and we can't do anything about it. No.

Jake: Hey, Marley. What's wrong?

Marley: Nothing. Nothing, Jake.

Jake: Whoa --

Marley: I'm sorry I'm late.

Jake: Talk to me. What happened? Did you and Vicky have an argument?

Marley: You could say that, yes.

Jake: Mm-hmm? About what?

Marley: About how incredibly insensitive she can be sometimes.

Jake: Now, what did she say? Hmm?

Marley: Victoria's pregnant, Jake.

Vicky: Jake, we shouldn't have done this.

Jake: You can't be with the one you want, so --

Vicky: We're pathetic.

Marley: Now you know.

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