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Another World Transcript Friday 7/23/04

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Sharlene: Ooh. Well, I don't know what's the matter with me. I slept right through the alarm.

Josie: It's no big deal, mama.

Sharlene: I guess your uncle Jason probably left without any breakfast. And here you are eating cold cereal. With orange juice.

Josie: I like orange juice on my corn flakes.

Sharlene: Your poor stomach probably doesn't know what hit you. Oh. Well, I'm surprised to see you up this early, anyway.

Josie: Why?

Sharlene: You were out pretty late last night. Where'd you go?

Josie: To the mill for a swim. Alone.

Sharlene: But I don't like you swimming alone at night.

Josie: Mom, I thought you'd be happy. I wasn't with Matthew.

Sharlene: You know, you still haven't told me how that date went with him the other night.

Josie: Fun.

Sharlene: Where'd you go?

Josie: To Tops with Jamie and Lisa.

Sharlene: Hmm. I guess maybe you felt a little uncomfortable?

Josie: Why would you say that?

Sharlene: Well, I'm sure Matthew goes there all the time. See, lots of boys just like it when --

Josie: Mama, would you stop?

Sharlene: Josie, I'm just trying to --

Josie: You're trying to protect me? Well, if you were trying to protect me, why didn't you teach me which fork to use or how to say "chateaubriand" or how to order from a menu and not worry about the prices?

Sharlene: You see, you probably wouldn't be talking this way if it weren't for that boy.

Josie: That boy is my friend, mama. He was wonderful to me that night. And he didn't care that I didn't belong!

Sharlene: Did you have an awful time with him that night?

Josie: I wouldn't have if I wasn't such a hick!

Sharlene: Honey, Iím sorry. But don't you see? I'm trying to keep things like that from happening to you.

Josie: How? By keeping me ignorant and stupid?

Sharlene: Why won't you let me take care of you, Josie?

Josie: Like you did in San Francisco? I took care of myself then, didn't I, mama?

Lisa: One more day.

Jamie: Oh, Lisa. Good, you're still here.

Lisa: Did you get your blood test?

Jamie: I can't --

Lisa: What?

Jamie: I checked the surgery schedule, and there's just no way I can get any time off until late Friday afternoon.

Lisa: Oh -- oh, it's your schedule.

Jamie: Well, what else would it be?

Lisa: Oh, I -- I don't know. I'm just anxious.

Jamie: Oh, listen, I know you're disappointed.

Lisa: No -- yeah, I am.

Jamie: But I promise to make an honest woman of you on Friday, ok? You can wait that long, can't you?

Lisa: Yeah, I have to.

Rick: There was a gun.

Lisa: Huh?

Rick: Just because you're running off to get married tomorrow doesn't mean you can sit there and daydream.

Lisa: Don't say that so loud. Nobody knows.

Rick: I'm sorry. Did you hear what I said about the gun?

Lisa: What gun?

Rick: The one I found when I went back to Marstenís suite.

Lisa: You did?

Rick: Yeah. I didn't trust those guys who did the initial search, so I went back. There was a .38 stashed behind the radiator.

Lisa: You're kidding.

Rick: No. Forensics is working on the fingerprints now, and when they get done, I'd like you to --

Lisa: Oh, no --

Rick: See it.

Lisa: I canít.

Rick: What do you mean, you can't?

Lisa: This case is too close to my fiancťís family. I can't do it. I couldn't be objective.

Rick: We're bringing in suspects for questioning. If you could give us some kind of clue, some -- if you sense something.

Lisa: I am not a bloodhound you just put out on a scent. My ability is connected to my emotions, and I can't do it this time.

Rick: Ok.

Lisa: Look, I know you've been working hard on this.

Rick: We have a possible homicide here. And I'm exhausted.

Lisa: Well, you should take a night off.

Rick: I canít.

Lisa: Hey, the dirty dancers are performing tonight at the Pelican. Jamie and I are going.

Rick: Have fun.

Lisa: Why don't you come with us?

Rick: Thanks, but I'll have to pass.

Lisa: Ok. Just take it easy.

Rick: I'll try.

Lisa: See you later.

Rick: Anita, it's Rick. Rush the prints on that gun. I don't care! This takes priority! Right. I need to have a make on those prints immediately.

Amanda: Ok, now, you go to sleep now, ok? Go to sleep when you go to the park so that daddy can read his book.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: Thanks so much for doing this.

Sam: Look, I don't like this.

Amanda: Sam, she'll go to sleep in just a little while, really.

Sam: No, I mean about me not being here.

Amanda: It's just Zack.

Sam: Yeah, but I want to make sure he understands, and I want to make sure you don't say something you don't mean.

Amanda: Now, how can I say something like that if I don't know anything? He's my lawyer. He's on my side.

Sam: I still think I should be here.

Amanda: No. Come on, Iíll feel so much better just knowing that you and Alli are at the park together having fun, ok? Please?

Sam: When do you have to go see the Cobbs?

Amanda: Well, Zack called, and he said it's been put off indefinitely.

Sam: Really? Did he say why?

Amanda: No! No, but it's just him coming over today, so don't worry.

Sam: I still think I should be here.

Amanda: Sam, enough, ok?

Sam: Come on, Alli, let's go for a walk.

Amanda: Oh, Sam, what did you do?

Rachel: Don't use the phone!

Matt: Why?

Rachel: Because Amandaís going to be calling.

Matt: She can't call back?

Rachel: Would you just do as I ask for once, please?

Matt: Mom, it would be a lot easier if I knew what was going on.

Rachel: I know. I'm sorry, darling. I just can't tell you anything until I talk to Amanda.

Matt: What does Amanda have to do with this takeover thing?

Rachel: I wish I could tell you that. I don't really know myself. But please don't discuss this with your friends.

Matt: No, I wonít.

Rachel: And while we're on the subject, how close are you to Josie?

Matt: Oh, she's a really nice girl. I like her a lot.

Rachel: That's all?

Matt: Mom, I don't know yet.

Rachel: Well, just be careful, ok?

Matt: Yeah, I will. I mean, does it bother you that Iím seeing Josie?

Rachel: No. I like Josie a lot. I'm just wary. Amanda got so interested in Sam so quickly, and then she got married and had a baby and has all sorts of adult problems now.

Matt: That won't happen to me.

Rachel: Josie's very beautiful, and she's a lot different from the other young ladies you've dated.

Matt: Well, is that bad?

Rachel: It's good. I like her. I just want you to, you know, take it easy.

Matt: No, don't worry about anything. I can handle it.

Rachel and Ada: Famous last words.

Josie: Mama, it's over.

Sharlene: Maybe you think Iím overprotective now, but if I hadn't stayed in L.A. and let you go off to San Francisco that summer --

Josie: Mama, I wanted to go. Besides, we needed the money.

Sharlene: Not that bad! Nobody needs that bad! Nobody's so poor they have to send their teenage daughter off to work in a strange city.

Josie: It wasn't real work.

Sharlene: Minding somebody else's kids from early in the morning till late at night -- there is no harder work than that. Josie -- I remember that summer. The note on the car was due. The credit card was full. I didn't have anywhere else to turn, Jos.

Josie: Mama, I'm so sorry --

Sharlene: Josie, it was just the two of us. No husband. I had nobody else to count on.

Josie: Please, Mom, please, you've got to calm yourself down. Come on.

Sharlene: But you have no idea what it was like when they called me and told me what had happened to you.

Josie: I know, Mom, but we got through it, didn't we? It's over.

Sharlene: Sometimes I wonder if it ever will be, Josie.

Zack: You look pretty nervous.

Amanda: Well, yeah. I lied to Sam. I hate doing that.

Zack: Thanks.

Amanda: It's hot.

Zack: What did you say?

Amanda: I just said that you were coming over today.

Zack: You didn't tell him that you had to go to the police?

Amanda: I told him that it was postponed.

Zack: Why?

Amanda: I just didn't want to think about him sitting here and worrying. I just want to be able to come home and tell him that it's all over and that everything is ok.

Zack: Look, Amanda, we're going to do our best, ok?

Amanda: That's not what I wanted to hear.

Zack: Amanda, the man fabricated pictures of you and him to make it look like you were intimate and threatened to publish those pictures, and now he's disappeared.

Amanda: I didn't have anything to do with that.

Zack: Ok, I know. Calm down. I'm just telling you this from a cop's point of view, ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Zack: Good. Ok, look, I got a few questions. I think the cops have some of the same ones, ok, and I just want you to open up and not hold anything back, ok?

Amanda: Should I tell them about the pictures?

Zack: Ahem. We'll let that go for now, ok? Look, now, why did the cops find your bracelet at Marstenís apartment?

Amanda: I didn't give that to him. He took it.

Zack: From where?

Amanda: From here.

Zack: Marsten was in this apartment? Excuse me -- ahem.

Amanda: Yes.

Zack: Why?

Amanda: He came to see me.

Zack: For what?

Amanda: I don't know.

Zack: Amanda, come on. You must have some idea.

Amanda: Well, he said that he came here to apologize.

Zack: Apologize for what?

Amanda: Well, a couple of days before that, I had gone to see him at his apartment.

Zack: And what happened there?

Amanda: Well, I went to get Samís contract back. He said it was the only way that Sam would get out of it.

Zack: Oh. And what happened when you got there?

Amanda: He attacked me.

Zack: Amanda, was he trying to rape you?

Amanda: This is really difficult.

Zack: I know, but you have to tell me.

Amanda: I don't think he was trying to rape me. He was staging the whole thing for the photographs, but I didn't find that out until later.

Zack: Ok, and he came back here on the pretext of apologizing. That's when he stole the jewelry?

Amanda: Right.

Zack: And that's the last time you saw him? Isn't it?

Amanda: This is why I didn't want Sam here.

Zack: What is?

Amanda: I went back to Marstenís apartment.

Zack: When?

Amanda: The night before he disappeared.

Zack: You did?

Amanda: I couldn't let him take Cory Publishing from my father, not because of something stupid that I had done. I had to try one more time.

Zack: Ok. And what did Marsten do?

Amanda: Well, the same thing as before, only --

Zack: Only he wasn't interested in pictures.

Amanda: Right.

Zack: Amanda, what did you do? Amanda, you must have defended yourself.

Amanda: I hit him. I hit him so hard.

Zack: Oh -- ok, ok. Look, Amanda, you thought he was going to try and rape you. I mean, that changes everything. What did you do after you hit him?

Amanda: I ran! But he was alive. He was alive when I left, I swear to you.

Zack: Ok. Ok.

Josie: Mama, it was an accident.

Sharlene: I couldn't even charge a one-way ticket to come and see you. I couldn't take the time off work. I would talk to you on the phone, and you'd cry. You were so lonely!

Josie: Mama, you know how it is. I was sick and hurt. I wanted my mother.

Sharlene: I will never, never forgive myself.

Josie: You listen to me. I did a lot of thinking when I was in that hospital. I realized how lucky I was to be alive and how short life is.

Sharlene: Well, most kids don't have to think that way, baby.

Josie: Mama, you got to grab life while you can. You might not get another chance.

Sharlene: I don't like the sound of that.

Josie: We've spent so much time worrying about how we're going to make a dollar or whether or not we're going to have a roof over our head. Look at us now. You said so yourself -- "this is our home."

Sharlene: I guess it is.

Josie: Now, come on. We're going to make a new start.

Sharlene: All right. I have been able to put some money away. That's a first, huh?

Josie: That's good, mama.

Sharlene: And I was thinking maybe you'd like to go to business school this fall.

Josie: Business school?

Sharlene: You could earn your degree and have a profession. That is something I never had. And then you could take care of yourself.

Josie: Oh, so you mean I wouldn't have to depend on anyone else?

Sharlene: Well, there are worse things in life, baby.

Josie: Oh, yeah, and then while I was preparing for this career of mine, I wouldn't have any time to see Matthew. Isn't that what these plans are all about?

Sharlene: Josie, I didn't say that. I --

Josie: You didn't have to, mama. You don't care about what I have to say. You don't give a damn about how I feel!

Ada: I didn't mean to interrupt. I'm looking for a vase.

Matt: No, no, no, no, no, that's ok. I was just leaving anyway.

Rachel: You were?

Matt: Yes.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Matt: Swimming. I'll see you later.

Ada: Bye. Tough day?

Rachel: Not the greatest.

Ada: Anything I can do?

Rachel: Have you heard from Amanda?

Ada: Nope.

Rachel: Sometimes I wish Mac was a plumber or carpenter or something.

Ada: Why?

Rachel: Because then we wouldn't have these problems.

Ada: No. You'd have other problems.

Rachel: Amanda's more involved in this takeover than I thought. I don't have enough time for Matthew. Do you think he's falling in love with Josie?

Ada: Is that what I interrupted?

Rachel: Yeah. What should I do?

Ada: You really want to know?

Rachel: Yes.

Ada: Don't try to take the whole world on your shoulders.

Rachel: Well, what am I supposed to do, just let things happen?

Ada: Mac needs you a lot right now, and Amanda, too. You have your hands full trying to take care of them.

Rachel: Jamie and Lisa are eloping.

Ada: Perfect!

Rachel: Yeah, well, it would be perfect except that Felicia found out about it and she wants to give them some sort of a surprise party. I don't want her to give them a surprise party. I don't want a party. I don't feel like a party. I just want them to elope. What do I do about Matthew?

Ada: Is it so bad that he's seeing Josie?

Rachel: No. I like Josie. I just don't want Josie to look at Matthew as a way out of her problems.

Ada: Well, he's still a kid!

Rachel: Try telling him that.

Ada: Oh, come on, honey, he has some sense. He can take care of himself.

Rachel: I hope so. I have enough problems right now. I don't want to take on the Frames.

Reporter: Do you have anything to say about --

Zack: No comment, ok?

Amanda: Mrs. Fowler, please.

Reporter: Are you a suspect?

Zack: I said no comment! Would you please get out of our way?

Reporter: What does your father know about all of this? What does your father know about all of this?

Zack: You could have at least gotten rid of the reporters. She's got rights, too!

Rick: I'm sure you'll see to it that they're protected.

Lisa: You didn't tell me Amanda was your suspect.

Rick: Courtney and I can handle things from here.

Lisa: Amanda, I'll be right here if you need me.

Rick: Did you hear me, Lisa?

Jamie: What are all these reporters doing in here? Amanda, what --

Amanda: Jamie.

Jamie: What's going on here?

Rick: I called Amanda in for questioning.

Amanda: It's ok, Jamie.

Jamie: Why didn't I know about this?

Amanda: Because I didn't want anybody to know. Now with all the reporters out there --

Rick: Jamie, I think you and Lisa should go.

Jamie: What is this, a police -- if my sister needs me, I'll stay right here!

Amanda: It's ok, Jamie. Zack's here. Just go, please, and don't tell anybody.

Jamie: But why are you doing this by yourself?

Amanda: Because there's nothing to be afraid of.

Jamie: Can I do something? What about the baby? Who's looking after the baby?

Amanda: She's with Sam right now. They're at the park, and once he comes back, Vicky is going to take over.

Jamie: Amanda, I can't just leave you here by yourself.

Lisa: Jamie, I think we just better do what Amanda wants.

Jamie: All right, but call me, ok?

[Reporters talk]

Courtney: Amanda, would you like to sit down?

Amanda: Yes. Thank you.

Courtney: How about a glass of water or some coffee or something?

Amanda: No, thank you.

Zack: Listen, I told Amanda that she's not being charged with any crime.

Rick: Correct.

Zack: Ok, and I told her the questioning is going to be efficient and over as quickly as possible.

Rick: That's what we all want, counselor. Now, Amanda -- may I call you Amanda?

Amanda: Yes.

Rick: I want you to tell me everything you know about Drew Marsten.

Rick: Ok, let's go over the last time you went to see Marsten again.

Zack: Oh --

Amanda: What do you want to know?

Rick: How did you feel when you went to see him that night?

Amanda: Angry.

Rick: About what he had done to your father and your husband?

Amanda: Yes.

Rick: You had been angry about this for a while. Why did you go that night?

Amanda: I found out that my father had been protecting me. He was going to let Marsten take over Cory Publishing.

Rick: What did you want to say to Marsten?

Amanda: That I wouldn't let my father lose Cory Publishing to protect me. I didn't care what Marsten did to me. Cory Publishing is too important to my family.

Rick: How did he react to that?

Amanda: He started to come after me.

Rick: What do you think he wanted?

Zack: She told you what he wanted!

Rick: I want to hear it again.

Amanda: He wanted to rape me!

Rick: What did you do?

Amanda: Well, I tried to get away from him, but he was too fast. He started trying to kiss me and tearing my clothes.

Rick: How did you feel when he was doing this?

Amanda: How do you think I felt?

Rick: Like you wanted to kill him?

Zack: Oh, come on, now! This is out of line!

Courtney: All right, everyone. Amanda, did you feel at that moment you would be raped if you didn't do something?

Amanda: Yes.

Courtney: Did you do something?

Zack: Go ahead.

Amanda: Well, he was all over me. And the desk was close by, so I just grabbed for something, anything. I didn't even know what it was that I had.

Rick: What did you grab for?

Amanda: It -- it was a paperweight.

Rick: What did you do with it?

Amanda: I hit him.

Rick: How hard?

Amanda: Hard enough to get him away from me. And then I ran. But he was alive. I mean, he didn't even fall down when I hit him. He was alive when I left.

Zack: Look, I know what you're thinking, detective, and you're wrong. You're dead wrong! Any evidence that you think you have on my client is purely circumstantial, ok?

Rick: There was blood, Zack.

Zack: Look, what -- look, she was being attacked!

Rick: Well, I wish I had some medical evidence to corroborate it.

Zack: Oh, wait a minute. What is this?

Amanda: Zack, that's Sam. He's here!

Rick: He's going to have to wait.

Amanda: I want to talk to him.

Josie: I'm so glad you called.

Matt: Yeah, I tried calling before, but my mom wouldn't let me use the phone.

Josie: How come?

Matt: Well, she was waiting for a call. Listen, can you go out tonight?

Josie: Oh, I don't know.

Matt: The dirty dancers are going to be at the Pelican.

Josie: Oh, wow, that sounds great!

Matt: Good. What time should I pick you up?

Josie: Oh -- you canít.

Matt: But I thought you just --

Josie: My mother and I had one of our famous fights this morning.

Matt: Oh. Hmm. Yeah, I had a little discussion with mine, too.

Josie: You did?

Matt: Yeah. Well, I don't care. Listen, whatever happened between our families has nothing to do with us.

Josie: You had a fight with your mother because of me?

Matt: Oh, no. Listen, just try to get out tonight, ok? I'll be waiting for you at the Pelican.

Josie: I don't know, Matt.

Matt: Josie, we're not going to hurt anybody. Please, just try to be there tonight, ok?

Josie: I'll try.

Jason: Hi.

Josie: Hi. Time for dinner?

Jason: Yeah. Hungry?

Josie: Hmm -- not really.

Jason: There's some of that great meatloaf in here from last night.

Josie: Ooh -- it's too fattening.

Jason: You got to eat. You're going to get sick.

Josie: Oh, now you sound like mama.

Jason: Never knew your grandma, did you?

Josie: No. She died before I was born.

Jason: I used to drive the poor lady crazy.

Josie: You did?

Jason: Yeah. I was convinced there was this magnificent big world out there and it was just waiting for me, and she was just around to kind of drag me down, keep me from going out.

Josie: Who'd you think was right?

Jason: I enjoyed seeing the world, but I tell you, there were a lot of times that I wish I had listened to her a little more.

Josie: Uncle Jason, I know -- I know how much you love mama.

Jason: She's my baby sister.

Josie: Sometimes I just think she's wrong about things.

Jason: About Matt Cory? I'll talk to her for you.

Josie: I don't know if it's worth it.

Jason: Why? Why not?

Josie: I don't know. I just kind of -- I feel out of place with him.

Jason: Why should you feel that way?

Josie: Because I've never been anywhere or done anything.

Jason: Well, you're young. You're a kid. You got a lot of time ahead of you. Besides, who cares?

Josie: I do.

Jason: You're as good as a Cory. You're better than any Cory that ever lived.

Josie: Tell mama that. You know, she thinks that the only reason I want to see Matthew is so I can get my hooks into him and have an easy ride.

Jason: I'll change your mom's mind.

Josie: The Cory's feel the same way.

Jason: What?

Josie: From what Matthew tells me, they don't want me to have any part of him.

Jason: We'll just see about that.

Josie: Uncle Jason --

Jason: You were on the phone with Matthew just now, weren't you?

Josie: Yeah.

Jason: What'd he want?

Josie: He wanted to know if I could go out, but I told him I probably couldnít.

Jason: Yes, you can. You go out.

Josie: Are you kidding?

Jason: I'm not kidding. Take these. I can use the truck.

Josie: Uncle Jason -- thank you! Thanks.

Jason: You're not going like that, are you?

Josie: What -- no!

Jason: Well, then, go get changed, make yourself look good, all right?

Josie: All right. Thanks.

Jason: Sure.

Josie: Thank you.

Jamie: I can't believe they're still questioning Amanda.

Lisa: Do you want to go back to the station?

Jamie: No, no. Sam is there now, as if that jerk you work with ever lets him talk to her.

Ronnie: Hi.

Jamie: Well, hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Jamie: Are you singing tonight?

Ronnie: Yeah, I am.

Jamie: Oh, great.

Lisa: That's great. You'll get all kinds of press because of the dirty dancers being here.

Ronnie: Yeah. Unfortunately, it's not the press I wanted.

Jamie: Ronnie, give me time. That hospice facility isn't completed yet, and when it is, I'm going to get you that job.

Ronnie: Oh, Jamie, nobody wants me to have that job but you.

Lisa: He is the director of the hospice.

Ronnie: Oh, just forget about it. At least everyone here wants me.

Jamie: How come you don't look happy about it?

Ronnie: I'm just a little nervous, that's all.

Jamie: Oh.

Ronnie: Look, you two stick around. I'll do something special for you.

Jamie: Ok.

Lisa: Jamie --

Jamie: Huh?

Lisa: Do you want me to go call the station, find out anything?

Jamie: You are clairvoyant, aren't you?

Lisa: Ok. I'll be right back.

Jamie: Thanks.

Waitress: Good evening. Do you need a table?

Jamie: Yes, for two, please.

Waitress: We have a big night tonight. We have Tiffany Simone and the dancers from the dirty dancing concert tour.

Jamie: Sounds good.

Waitress: Here you are.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Waitress: Have a great time.

Jamie: I'm sure I will. Oh, hi. Anything?

Lisa: No, they wouldn't tell me anything.

Jamie: Terrific.

Lisa: Listen, let's just relax and have a good time.

Jamie: I suppose you're right. This is our last night we'll be single people.

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Here, sit down. Ok.

Lisa: Mm-hmm. Tomorrow at this time I will be Mrs. Jamie Frame.

Jamie: I can't wait.

Zack: Look, sergeant, I can have Amanda back here tomorrow at 9:00, but this has gone on long enough, don't you think?

Amanda: I want to talk to my husband.

Rick: Well, he sure looks anxious to see you.

Amanda: He didn't even know that I was going to be here.

Rick: How did he feel about Marsten?

Zack: Oh, come on, sergeant. Do you expect her to make a statement about her husband's feelings?

Rick: He knew you had been attacked. If you were my wife, I'd be furious.

Amanda: Well, of course. Everybody was furious. Marsten was a pig! After everything that he put my family through -- I mean, that contract for Sam -- just because he wanted to take over my father's company.

Rick: Well, why didn't your father take care of this himself? Why did he -- it was a business thing. Why did he get his whole family involved?

Amanda: My father's family means more to him than anything -- anything!

Rick: So he must have been furious.

Amanda: Of course he was!

Rick: Did your father know what had happened to you that second time at Marstenís?

Amanda: Well, yes. No. What --

Zack: Look, look, that's it, ok? You want any more questions, make an appointment.

Rick: Ok. Just don't leave town.

Amanda: I have a husband and a child here. I won't be leaving town.

Zack: Look, there are more reporters outside. Don't say anything, ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Zack: No comment.

Sam: How come you didn't tell me you were coming here?

Amanda: I didn't want you to worry.

Reporter: Is there anything to worry about?

Zack: No comment.

Amanda: Please, just get me out of here.

Sam: Back off, folks! Back off!

Reporter: Does your father know you're here, Mrs. Fowler?

Sam: Back off! Back off!

Matt: You made it. You made it.

Josie: I hope my mom doesn't flip.

Matt: It's all right. You don't worry about your mom. We're just going to have fun -- uh --

Josie: What's wrong?

Matt: Jamie's here, so I just didn't expect to see him here tonight. Hmm.

Josie: Well, good. Let's go say hi.

Matt: Uh -- yeah, ok. I mean, he won't say anything.

Josie: To your family, you mean?

Matt: No, it's ok. Now, let's just go over and say hello --

Josie: They hate me, don't they? They don't want you to have anything to do with me.

Matt: No, no, that's not it, Josie.

Josie: I should never have come.

Matt: No, Josie, I really want you to stay.

Jamie: Matt! Hi! Hello, Josie.

Matt: Jamie.

Josie: Hi.

Jamie: Hi.

Matt: Hello.

Jamie: I didn't expect to see you two tonight.

Matt: Yeah, it was a kind of a last-minute thing.

Jamie: Well, come join us.

Matt: Yeah, we'd love to, wouldn't we?

Josie: I don't know.

Jamie: Oh, please, come on, it's my last time as a bachelor -- although that's top-secret information.

Josie: Well, if you're sure.

Jamie: Absolutely. Come on.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi. Josie, you look so pretty.

Josie: Oh, thank you.

Lisa: You, too, Matthew.

Matt: Hmm. This is going to be my sister-in-law?

Jamie: Amazing, isn't it? You know, I certainly hope that Amandaís all right.

Matt: What's wrong with Amanda?

Jamie: You don't know? She's being questioned by the police right now.

Matt: What?

Jamie: That's right. And I don't like it one bit.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: I'll get it, Hilda.

Jason: Rachel, may I come in?

Rachel: What do you want?

Jason: I just want to know what you have against a defenseless kid like Josie. My legs have that just-shaved feeling,

Jason: Ada.

Ada: Hello, Jason.

Rachel: Just say what you've come to say, Jason.

Jason: Why are you being so rough on Josie and Matthew?

Rachel: Me?

Jason: It's not nice to judge somebody because they don't have a lot of money or their last name is Frame.

Ada: Oh, now, that's tricky. Her son's last name is Frame.

Jason: I'm sure that's something you try to forget as often as you can.

Rachel: I have nothing against Josie, Jason -- who she is or what her name is.

Jason: Then why don't you let them go out together?

Rachel: I haven't forbidden it. I would forbid it for only one reason -- to keep Matthew from being hurt by you or Sharlene.

Jason: Now, you're being a little harsh, don't you think, Rach?

Rachel: Sharlene started this, Jason.

Jason: All right, why don't you and I deal on this one to one? You don't have to bring Sharlene into it.

Rachel: She's the one who came crashing over here yesterday, just as you did tonight.

Jason: She what?

Ada: Oh, you didn't know that?

Rachel: She came over here full of self-righteous indignation and announced that she did not want Matthew and Josie seeing one another.

Jason: Why would she say that?

Rachel: Beats me, but if that's her point of view about it, we're going to have to go along with it, because I don't want Matthew to be put in a situation where he could get hurt.

Jason: Well, I'll talk to Sharlene about this.

Rachel: I don't think that's going to help. She's got a chip on her shoulder bigger than the one on yours.

Jason: Thanks, Rachel. I'll let myself out. And next time I'll check and make sure I have all my facts straight before I come over.

Rachel: Good idea.

Jason: I'm sorry.

[Door opens and closes]

Rachel: That man is incredible.

Ada: Well, that's one way of looking at it.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Ada: He was hitting on you!

Rachel: No, he wasn't!

Ada: He was so, and you knew it.

Zack: Hi.

Ronnie: Hi. You're back.

Zack: Listen, good luck tonight.

Ronnie: Thanks. Really.

Courtney: There you are. What a day. I -- hello, Ronnie.

Ronnie: You better get to your seats. The show's about to start.

Courtney: Is she always like that?

Zack: No. Sometimes you should see her when she really gets nasty. Let's get our seats. Come on.

Courtney: Ok.


Man: Thank you. Thank you. I'm Rick Shemans from Power 95 in New York City. Thank you very much. Tonight's a very proud night for the Pelican club. Not only do we have the fabulous Tiffany Simone --


Rick: But we also have the dirty dancers from the dirty dancing concert tour.


Rick: Ok, now, I know you didn't come here to listen to me. You came to see them perform, so here they are, Tiffany Simone and the dirty dancers.


[Music plays]

Ronnie: All right, all right.

Trolling around I just can't hear a sound except my own wheels turning whoa wasting a day Iím just running away from my heart that's burning but I can't run forever yes we're gonna fall in love and it feels so right yes we're gonna make love it's gonna be tonight and I can just see magic hugging and teasing and loving and squeezing all night I made up my mind he is gonna be mine and I'm so glad I waited why should I try to figure out why everything can't be anticipated? I can't wait to tell him yes we're gonna fall in love and it feels so right yes we're gonna make love it's gonna be tonight yeah I can just see magic hugging and teasing and loving and squeezing all night oh, yeah oh, yeah yeah ooh, yeah oh

Ronnie: Ooh I can just see magic hugging and teasing and loving and squeezing all night oh, yeah we're gonna fall in love and it feels so right yeah we're gonna make love it's gonna be tonight yeah we're gonna fall in love and it feels so right yeah we're gonna make love it's gonna be tonight

Yeah yeah



Ronnie: Whoo!

Sam: So what kind of questions did they ask?

Amanda: Don't -- that hurts.

Sam: I'm sorry. You're awfully tense.

Amanda: They asked me a lot of questions -- about you.

Sam: Me?

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Huh?

Amanda: I know I should have asked you this a long time ago, but I couldn't.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Did you have anything to do with Marstenís disappearance?

Sharlene: You mean you went over and talked to Rachel Cory about Josie and you didn't even tell me?

Jason: Yeah, I went over there, and I find out that you'd already been there.

Sharlene: Jason, this is none of your business!

Jason: You begged me to help you out with Josie. Now, where do you get off saying she can't date Matt?

Sharlene: Because I don't want her to end up like me.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Sharlene: I married Russ Matthews, and Rachelís never forgotten it, no matter what she says. I won't have Josie make the same mistake.

Jason: Josie is a kid. She's not going to marry Matt.

Sharlene: I'm going to make sure of that.

Jason: Even if she did, it's not going to mean the same thing's going to happen to her.

Sharlene: Why? Because she's not a hooker?

Jason: I didn't say that.

Sharlene: No, I did, because I never forget it, Jason! They never let you forget it!

Jason: Hey. There's something else eating at you, isn't there? Isn't there?

Sharlene: She's bringing up the whole San Francisco thing again.

Jason: She is, huh?

Sharlene: Yeah. So what do I do if she wants to know the whole truth? Hmm? Haven't got an answer to that one, do you, big brother?

Singer: When your baby leaves you all alone and nobody calls you on the phone oh, don't you feel like crying? Don't you feel like crying? Well, here I am, honey come on you call me when you're all alone in a lonely room and there's nothing

Lisa: So, it's your last night as a bachelor.

Jamie: How about that?

Lisa: Jamie?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: Are you happy?

Jamie: Are you --

Lisa: I mean, about tomorrow?

Jamie: Oh, you know Iím happy.

Lisa: So am I. I've never been so happy. Nothing's going to stop us.

Jamie: The world would have to fall apart first.

Singer: Oh, can you say so in a glass of wine? I don't know loneliness, loneliness such a waste of time oh, yes you don't ever have to walk on home but you see but come on take my hand and be there won't you walk with me? Oh, yeah when you're waiting for boys to come in the night but there's no one don't you feel like a-crying?

Singers: Cry to me

Singer: Don't you feel like crying?

Singers: Cry to me

Singer: Oh, don't you feel like cry, cry, cry, cry?

Singers: Cry to me

Singer: Cry, cry, cry, cry cry, crying?

Singers: Cry to me

Singer: Don't you feel like cry, cry, cry, crying?

Singers: Cry to me

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