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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/20/04

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Felicia: Yes, that's right, Felipe. I want the most unique, the most fabulous, the most spectacular cake the world has ever seen. Yes. Well, actually, no. Yes, it's for my favorite niece, Lisa. Right. Oh, come on, Felipe. We'll talk about mine when the time comes, all right? Yes. Well, I don't know. Um -- well, how do you feel maybe about some real lovebirds on the top of the cake? Oh. Yeah, I see what you mean. Right. Ok. Ok, I won't mention it again, I promise. Yes, yes. She's marrying her son, Jamie Frame. She has? Well, no, I don't want you listen to her. Well, I'm the mother of the bride, or, so to speak, and what's going to happen is what I want to happen. Yes. Gee, I thought Rachel had bigger ideas than that. Oh, nothing, honey. Nothing. Yes, I want you to spare no expense at all. Yes, I want this to be the most perfect cake ever and the most perfect engagement party. Right. Yes. Yes, I love her very much. Yes, she's very special to me. She's the daughter that I never had.

[Key turns in lock]

Lisa: Hi!

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: I'm so happy to see you.

Jamie: Well, I'm happy to see you, too.

Lisa: I missed you. Can't you tell?

Jamie: Yeah, I'm beginning to get the idea.

Lisa: Jamie, I want us to be together.

Jamie: So do I.

Lisa: Do you love me?

Jamie: No.

Lisa: Jamie.

Jamie: Of course I love you.

Lisa: Then let's get married.

Jamie: Are you feeling all right?

Lisa: I'm feeling great. Why?

Jamie: Didn't we already get engaged?

Lisa: Yes.

Jamie: Did I miss something?

Lisa: Jamie, how much do you want to marry me?

Jamie: Oh, about this much.

Lisa: Good. How about tonight?

Jamie: You want to get married tonight?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. Right now. What do you think?

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Drew? Drew? Mac? Mac? Mac. Mac, darling! Mac! Who did this to you? Mac! Oh, sweetheart. What happened? Answer. Hello? This is an emergency. My husband has been hurt.

Amanda: Sam, what is it? Did something happen?

Sam: No, nothing's wrong, Amanda.

Amanda: Ok, you look upset. Did Mitch call about Alli?

Sam: Yeah. He's bringing her over in a bit.

Amanda: Good. I hope you can handle her. She's been really cranky for the past couple of days.

Sam: Yeah, I'm sure she's fine.

Amanda: Are you ok?

Sam: Yeah, it's -- it's the heat. You know, I need to take a shower.

Amanda: Yeah, I know what you mean. Just one of those days where the heat just kind of makes people go crazy.

Sam: Yeah. So, where you been?

Amanda: I told you before I went to the movies with Julie Ann.

Sam: Yeah. Well, I thought the movie would've been over a long time ago.

Amanda: No, it was one of those really long ones.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: Yeah, right. You know, it's way too hot. Would you mind if I got a shower first?

Sam: No, go ahead.

Amanda: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Hello? Hi, Julie Ann. No, she's in the shower. She just got home a couple of minutes ago. What? Wait, wait a -- errands? What -- did she say where she was going? I don't believe this. No, Julie Ann, look -- Julie Ann, look, Iíll tell her -- I'll tell her you called. Right. Yes, Iíll ask her. Right. Bye.

Rachel: Mac, wake up. Mac, it's Rachel. Oh --

Mac: Rachel.

Rachel: What happened?

Mac: I -- Iím not sure.

Rachel: Did Marsten do this to you?

Mac: I don't know.

Rachel: Did you fight?

Mac: No.

Rachel: There you go. Are you ok?

Mac: I think so. Hey, we got to get out of here.

Rachel: No, Mac, you can't move. You might have a concussion.

Mac: Rachel, we've got to leave.

Rachel: I've called the police, darling. They're sending an ambulance.

Mac: No!

Rachel: Mac, we have to report this.

Mac: We -- we can't be here when the police get here, Rachel!

Rachel: Darling, Iíve already given them my name.

Mac: No.

Rachel: Why did you come here?

Mac: I had to.

Rachel: Mac, we agreed --

Mac: I had to get him!

Rachel: Oh, Mac, no.

Mac: I just couldn't stand it any longer, Rachel. I had to do something.

Rachel: Oh, my gosh.

Mac: He had to pay for it.

Rachel: Mac --

Rick: Police! Don't move.

Courtney: It's ok, it's ok.

Jamie: Yeah, it sounds very romantic. But we just can't run off and get married tonight.

Lisa: Well, I know, but how about as soon as we can?

Jamie: You are really serious about this, aren't you?

Lisa: Yes, I am.

Jamie: What about all the plans?

Lisa: Nothing's definite yet, and plans can be changed.

Jamie: The big wedding, everyone we know, the gowns --

Lisa: Jamie, none of that matters.

Jamie: Well, I know that, but you --

Lisa: I know I said that I wanted the works, but I'm getting impatient.

Jamie: You are?

Lisa: Yeah, well, we were calling florists and caterers and the band, and all of that seemed so wasteful. All I want is to be your wife, and I don't need all of that other stuff. It's not my style.

Jamie: But you said that you wanted this --

Lisa: Can't a girl change her mind?

Jamie: Yes, of course. Are you sure there's not something else going on? I mean, this seems kind of sudden to me.

Lisa: I don't like waking up alone.

Jamie: Well, you don't always.

Lisa: Jamie, I want it to be real. I don't want to wait anymore.

Jamie: You're sure?

Lisa: I love you.

Jamie: I love you, too. I want to make you happy.

Lisa: Is that a yes?

Jamie: As usual, I'm putty in your hands.

Lisa: Oh, Jamie, come here. It's going to be great, I promise.

Vicky's voice: Lisa, Jamie wanted me. I'm pregnant. I've got the one thing you don't -- Jamieís baby.

Jamie: Hey. What's wrong?

Marley: Do you always buy things like this?

Vicky: Hey, I get cravings at strange hours.

Marley: Yes, but pickled tomatoes with capers and hot jalapeno peppers?

Vicky: Well, I know it's gross, but actually, pregnancy is a gross thing. I'm trying to look at it as my awkward phase when I was 15 -- it was lousy, but I got through it.

Marley: Yeah, well, at least you know this phase only lasts nine months.

Vicky: Only? Ha.

Marley: Are you sure you want to eat this stuff?

Vicky: If not, we can always dump it on the neighbors.

Marley: Like who?

Vicky: Sam and Amanda.

Marley: Oh.

Vicky: They stop in a lot.

Marley: Oh, I didn't know that.

Vicky: Here, catch. Girl, you got bad reflexes.

Marley: Victoria, I wanted to talk to you about something. I'm so sorry I got on you about Jake. I didn't mean to assume that anything was going on with the two of you. I think I just got a little paranoid when I heard Donna talking and you talking, and then when I found out you were pregnant --

Vicky: Come on, Marley, you're my sister. I know you're not accusing me. It's only a little natural that you would be suspicious, especially if you're still interested in Jake.

Marley: Vicky.

Vicky: Well, you are, aren't you?

Marley: I don't know. But I do know that I am so happy for you. You are going to make a wonderful mother.

Vicky: Well, so are you.

Marley: No.

Vicky: Are you sure? You know, doctors can be wrong.

Marley: It is not possible, Victoria.

Vicky: Why can't I ever do things in order?

Marley: What do you mean?

Vicky: Well, I mean, I never planned to have this baby, but now that I have it, I want it more than anything in the world. I just wish it could be raised with both its mother and its father.

Marley: Well, maybe you would feel better if you told Jamie that he's the father.

Vicky: No, I'm not ready for that.

Marley: Well, how long can you wait?

Vicky: I don't know.

Marley: Victoria, he deserves to know the truth.

Vicky: No lectures, ok?

Marley: Ok. It is so good to be with you like this.

Vicky: Thanks.

Marley: You know, we have been through so much. I think we could get through anything. My legs have that soft, smooth just-shaved feeling.

Rachel: We ought to get him to a hospital and take x-rays.

Paramedic: You're sure you're not dizzy?

Mac: No, no. My head just hurts, that's all.

Paramedic: All right. As long as you don't experience any of the symptoms listed on this chart, you should be all right. But get to a hospital immediately if you do.

Mac: I will.

Rick: Are you ready to talk about this now?

Courtney: Rick, Mr. Cory is trying to be cooperative.

Rachel: Can't this wait? He's been through an ordeal.

Rick: No, I'm afraid not, Mrs. Cory, and I have some questions I'd like to ask you, too.

Mac: Leave her out of it. She knows nothing, no idea about what happened.

Rick: So something did happen?

Mac: No, the room's always kept like this.

Courtney: Um, why don't you tell us what you remember?

Mac: I came here to see Marsten.

Courtney: Did the front desk buzz you in?

Mac: I've been here before. I know the room number.

Courtney: No one stopped you?

Mac: We had business to settle.

Courtney: Go on.

Mac: When I got to the door, it was half-open. I came in and I saw what had been done to the room.

Rick: What, so you're saying that the room was like this before you got here?

Mac: Yes. I looked around, calling Marsten. I didn't see that blood on the floor, though. I don't know when that could've got there.

Courtney: Did you see anyone at all?

Mac: No, Marsten was not here. I didn't see anyone else. Next thing I remember, I'm stumbling around in this room and I saw my wife.

Rick: Why were you here, Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Um -- I had a feeling that my husband was heading over here to see Marsten, and I wanted to be with him.

Rick: Why?

Rachel: I just did, that's all. Mac was upset. Uh -- so I just came over here because I wanted to be with him when he talked to Marsten.

Rick: So you didn't see anyone, either?

Rachel: No, that's when I called you.

Courtney: What did you come here for, Mr. Cory?

Rachel: Couldn't we save this for another time? He doesn't look well. I'd like to get him home.

Courtney: Ok, you can leave.

Rachel: Thank you.

Rick: Just don't leave town soon.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Rick: We're going to need to speak to both of you again, that's all.

Courtney: It's standard procedure, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Well, you know where to reach us.

Courtney: Ok. Rick, you better call forensics in. We're going to need to check all this out.

Rick: Right. We'll be in touch.

Amanda: Shower's free.

Sam: Thanks.

Amanda: You know, you really will feel a whole lot better once you --

Sam: Amanda, I'll take a shower when I feel like it, ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap.

Amanda: It's ok. I guess it's the heat.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Are you hungry? I can make you -- I can make you a sandwich Sam: Amanda, Amanda -- we need to talk.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Our marriage is very important to me.

Amanda: Me, too.

Sam: I thought what we had was different from most people -- ahem.

Amanda: "What we had"?

Sam: Do you remember, we used to tell each other everything? Do you remember when we first fell in love that we couldn't get enough of each other? I've never wanted to get to know someone as much as I wanted to know you.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Look, I trusted you more than I trusted anybody else. That means a lot to me, you know, to --

Amanda: Sam, what is going --?

Sam: And here I thought I was lucky because I found somebody who believed in me, who loved just me for who I was. And I thought that somebody would -- she'd tell me anything, no matter what it was.

Amanda: Sam, why are you talking like this? Nothing's changed.

Sam: Why are you lying to me?

Amanda: I'm not!

Sam: How did you get my contract back?

Amanda: What?

Sam: How did you get my contract back?

Amanda: I told you, a messenger came when --

Sam: Amanda, will you stop lying to me! Haven't you been listening to what I've been saying? Lying doesn't work! See, I know. I know what Drew Marsten did to you. I know what happened!

Vicky: You're too young to waste time like this, Marley. You should live life a little, loosen up, and don't forget to try on that blue thing that I left on the chair. I know I won't be able to wear it in a few days.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Right on time.

[Vicky hums]

Vicky: Hi. Come on in.

Jake: You know, Vicky, you asked me to come over here. Why are you whispering?

Vicky: Shh. She's never going to come out of the bedroom if she knows you're here. Come on.

Jake: "She," who?

Vicky: Marley.

Jake: Marley's here?

Vicky: Will you be quiet!

Jake: Vicky, she wasn't exactly thrilled to see me the last time I came here. How come you didn't tell me she was going to be here?

Vicky: I wanted to surprise you.

Jake: She's going to think I set this whole thing up.

Vicky: Well, if she does, I'll set her straight.

Jake: Vicky, I don't like this.

Vicky: And besides, I owe you one.

Jake: What do you mean you owe me one?

Vicky: You popped over here twice unannounced with your cop friend Rick. You deserve a taste of your own medicine.

Jake: It's not the same thing.

Vicky: Oh, yeah? Why not?

Jake: Because you -- it's just not.

Vicky: Uh-huh, uh-huh, right.

Jake: Marley and I are married, and now we're separated.

Vicky: Not for long.

Jake: Why, is there something you know that you're not telling me?

Vicky: My lips are sealed.

Jake: No, they're not. You're stuffing that garbage in them.

Vicky: I'm hungry.

Jake: I can see that.

Vicky: Fine, you don't get any. You just wait.

Vicky: Marley, are you ready yet? Get out here! You're going to love this. You're going to love it.

Marley: Vicky, I could never wear this in public.

Jake: You look gorgeous. You're wearing a bikini during your period?

Vicky: Well, now, I'm a regular Henry Higgins, aren't I?

Jake: You look absolutely beautiful.

Marley: Jake, I didn't know that you were here.

Vicky: Man, that fits just perfectly. You're getting to look more and more like me every day.

Marley: Vicky --

Vicky: You know, I got to go buy more ice cream.

Marley: We just bought two quarts.

Vicky: Yeah, I know, but we need more. See you later, have fun, don't fight. Bye.

Jake: I swear I didn't know you were here.

Marley: Oh, I believe you. You know, I wondered why Vicky wanted me to go through her clothing. She used to not let anyone touch her clothes. I should have known that something was up.

Jake: You do look absolutely incredible.

Marley: Well, I feel absolutely ridiculous.

Jake: Well, you shouldnít. You could be a dancer in one of my videos.

Marley: Oh, Jake, really.

Jake: No, I'm serious. I think that Vicky has tapped an unknown source here.

Marley: She is something else.

Jake: Yeah, she's been very supportive of me. Of us.

Marley: I know. I have to change.

Jake: No. You're a -- you're a knockout, all right. But I guess that's old news, huh?

Marley: You know, Jake, I had fun the other night when I was at the Pelican watching you work.

Jake: Well, I'm just glad you were there.

Marley: Well, Ronnie told me that you requested that song that she sang.

Jake: Yeah. Did you like it?

Marley: It meant a great deal to me.

Jake: I'm glad. Marley, I want you back.

Marley: Jake --

Jake: I'm not going to push you. You do what your heart tells you to do, and I will wait until you tell me not to wait anymore.

Felicia: Hi, honey.

Jamie: Felicia, we have to talk.

Felicia: Talk about what?

Jamie: Well, the strangest thing just happened.

Felicia: Like what?

Jamie: I went over to Lisaís after work and she said she doesn't want to have the wedding now.

Felicia: What do you mean she doesn't want to have the wedding?

Jamie: She wants to get married.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Jamie: Without the ceremony.

Felicia: Oh. So what did you say?

Jamie: Well, I said I would do whatever made her happy.

Felicia: So you've agreed to a smaller wedding?

Jamie: Felicia, she doesn't want anything anymore.

Felicia: No. No, honey, I don't believe that.

Jamie: Yeah, she wants to elope.

Felicia: Lisa? My Lisa?

Jamie: Yes. Do you know what's going on?

Felicia: No, I haven't a clue what's going on. She -- she came to Tops a couple of days ago, we talked about having the wedding. She just wanted it moved up to an earlier date, that's all.

Jamie: Are you serious?

Felicia: Yes. She said she wanted everyone in Bay City to know how much the two of you are in love.

Jamie: Felicia, what's going on?

Felicia: I don't know. I really don't know. So, when did she say she wanted to do this?

Jamie: Now.

Felicia: Oh, honey, you know what this is? This is cold feet, that's all.

Jamie: But why?

Felicia: Well, she probably thinks if she doesn't marry you right now, you may change your mind.

Jamie: Oh, that's not going to happen.

Felicia: Of course it's not because then Iíd have to break your legs, wouldn't I?

Jamie: Felicia, I love her.

Felicia: I know you do. Maybe she's just a little bit nervous about everything that happened with Vicky.

Jamie: That's over now.

Felicia: I know it is. So why don't -- why don't I talk to her?

Jamie: You canít.

Felicia: What do you mean I can't?

Jamie: She made me promise not to tell anyone. She wants to do this in secret.

Felicia: I don't believe this. I don't -- I thought she wanted the whole shebang of a wedding.

Jamie: So did I, but I know she's serious about this elopement stuff.

Felicia: You know, someday when she's older, she's going to regret not having the big ceremony. I know she will, believe me.

Jamie: Felicia, I can't talk her out of it. I guess it's better that you -- that I tell you about this so you can cancel the engagement party.

Felicia: Wait a minute!

Jamie: What?

Felicia: I have a great idea.

Rachel: Well, I'm glad we had you checked out at the hospital.

Mac: I'm fine, honey. Don't worry.

Rachel: Mac?

Mac: Hmm?

Rachel: Do you remember what went on in Drew's suite?

Mac: I remember some things.

Rachel: So that stuff you told the police -- that was true?

Mac: Of course, Rachel. You know me better than that.

Rachel: I know you when you're keeping something from me, Mac. It's a good thing that the police don't know you as well as I do.

Mac: Nothing I told them was untrue.

Rachel: Then what did you leave out?

Mac: Well, I didn't want them to know why I went there.

Rachel: Why did you?

Mac: To get these from him.

Rachel: What are those?

Mac: His set of the photos plus the negatives. He won't hurt my family again.

Rachel: Where did you get those?

Mac: In Drewís suite.

Rachel: Mac, you're the one who trashed that place?

Mac: No, Rachel. It was like that when I got there, but he wasn't very careful with them. They were sitting right out on his desk.

Rachel: I can't believe that.

Mac: Neither could I. I thought I was home free.

Rachel: That's when somebody hit you?

Mac: No. I heard a noise in the bedroom. I went in there to see what it was, and that's when I got hit from behind.

Rachel: And whoever hit you didn't -- didn't take that envelope from you?

Mac: Well, I suppose he didn't know I had it on me.

Rachel: Mac, are you telling me the truth?

Mac: Yes, Rachel. Why should I lie to you?

Rachel: I don't know -- to protect me or the family.

Mac: No, Rachel, no. Believe me, I don't know who hit me, but I don't think it was Marsten. That place was totally ransacked. If he was there when that happened, well, no telling what might have happened to him.

Rachel: That man has tried to destroy this family.

Mac: Well, it's over now.

Rachel: How do you know?

Mac: I don't think we're going to be hearing from Marsten anymore.

Rachel: Mac, what are you saying? Is he dead?

Mac: Very possible.

Rachel: Our whole family could be destroyed. If -- if the police had found those photos, the press would've gotten them for sure. And then Sam and Amanda and Alli would've had to live with that for the rest of their lives. Mac, Sam. If Amanda told Sam about those photographs, he would've gone to Marsten. Mac, we've got to let Amanda know about this.

Mac: You want me to phone her?

Rachel: No, I will. I -- I just have to figure out how to tell her.

Sam: Amanda, are you going to talk to me about this?

Amanda: There's nothing to tell.

Sam: Come on, why can't you be honest with me about this?

Amanda: How did you find out?

Sam: Josie told me. Is that how you wanted me to find this out?

Amanda: No. I didn't tell her anything.

Sam: You told her enough. I mean, it didn't take a computer to figure out the rest.

Amanda: I was afraid for you.

Sam: For me?

Amanda: I knew that you were going to lose your temper just like you did now.

Sam: Amanda, wait a minute. What did you expect me to do?

Amanda: I just didn't want you to do anything crazy.

Sam: You shouldn't have kept this from me, Amanda.

Amanda: I had to!

Sam: Is there something you're not telling me?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Something about Drew Marsten?

Amanda: No!

Sam: If there is, I want to know it and I want to know it now. I can handle that guy Marsten.

Amanda: Don't talk like that. Don't -- don't you understand? That's exactly why I couldn't tell you. I was afraid of what you might do. I thought -- I was scared to death that you were going to go over there and try to see him.

Sam: I already did.

Amanda: What?

[Phone rings]

Sam: You want to get that?


Amanda: Hello?

Rachel: Amanda, it's mom.

Amanda: Mom, look, I really can't talk right now.

Rachel: Honey, I have something I have to tell you.

Amanda: Mom, please.

Rachel: Honey, the negatives? You don't have to worry about them anymore. We have them.

Amanda: How?

Rachel: It's a long story.

Amanda: Tell me.

Rachel: Your father went over to see Drew.

Amanda: And he gave them to him?

Rachel: Drew wasn't there, and someone had trashed the apartment.

Amanda: No.

Rachel: We had to call the police for help. Marsten is missing.

Amanda: Mom --

Rachel: Your father thinks it may be homicide.

Amanda: Homicide?

(Electronic beat playing)

Marley: When you told me that you loved me, I always believed you. I still do.

Jake: Marley --

Marley: But I am not ready to be with you again.

Jake: Well, at least we're not fighting. Vicky would be happy.

Marley: Yes, she would. I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Jake: You have?

Marley: Jake, we had a lot of problems.

Jake: One problem, Marley, and it was my fault.

Marley: No, I am not totally blameless, and the two of us have to learn to face that.

Jake: You can't blame yourself for something that I did.

Marley: I wasn't always a good wife to you, was I?

Jake: Are you kidding?

Marley: Well, those last few months when we went to bed --

Jake: What are you trying to say?

Marley: You wanted to make love, Jake, and I didn't.

Jake: I didn't even think about that. This was not your fault, Marley. You cannot blame yourself for what happened.

Marley: Yes, well, maybe you wouldn't have seen another person if --

Jake: That is enough of that. The problem was not whether or not we made love. The problem was that I became obsessed with work and I neglected you and I made a big mistake.

Marley: Oh. Oh, we have a lot to talk about, don't we?

Jake: Oh, honey, Iím just glad you want to talk.

Marley: I was just too angry before.

Jake: I know. You would not believe how much I miss you in bed next to me at night.

Marley: Oh, we used to be so close.

Jake: I am remembering so many things right now. But if I don't stop, Iím going to get myself into trouble.

Marley: You don't have to go.

Jake: Marley, I -- I think it would be better. Goodbye.

Marley: Goodbye, Jake.

Jake: I love you.

Jamie: Felicia, are you going to tell me what this great scheme of yours is or what?

Felicia: Yes, I am. One second. I'm sorry, honey, I just want to get everything done before I forget it. It's such a perfect plan. You're going to love it --

Jamie: Felicia.

Felicia: And Lisaís going to love it.

Jamie: Felicia, what is it? What is it?

Felicia: All right, now, darling, today I ordered the most perfect cake for the engagement party.

Jamie: Can you cancel it?

Felicia: No. Honey, I don't need to now.

Jamie: But why?

Felicia: Because we're going to see to it that Lisa gets her cake --

Jamie: And eats it, too?

Felicia: Exactly.

Jamie: Felicia, I still don't know what you're talking about.

Felicia: Now, when exactly did she say she wanted to do this?

Jamie: I think now would do it.

Felicia: All right. Now, Jamie --

Jamie: Yes?

Felicia: You're going to have to stall her.

Jamie: For how long?

Felicia: Until Friday.

Jamie: Till Friday? But she wants to get the blood test tomorrow --

Felicia: Right.

Jamie: And once we get our license, we can -- we can get married on Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know if I can stall her that long.

Felicia: I'll help you do this, honey.

Jamie: But why Friday?

Felicia: Because that's when we'll have the engagement party.

Jamie: Oh, I don't know, Felicia.

Felicia: Honey, why not?

Jamie: Well, Lisa was hell-bent on doing this as soon as possible.

Felicia: But don't you understand how perfect this could be? She could have a big party with all of her friends, something she could remember forever. And she wouldn't have to go through any of the hassles of planning a wedding.

Jamie: That's true.

Felicia: Plus -- plus --

Jamie: What?

Felicia: She can have this wonderful, romantic elopement thing. I really don't know how she came up with that idea all by herself.

Jamie: Oh, I like this.

Felicia: I mean, "Elopement." You know, when you first said it to me, I really hated the idea, I have to tell you. But now that I think about it, I think this could be the perfect thing.

Jamie: I think she might go for this.

Felicia: No, no, you mustn't tell her. I mean, let's try and make this a surprise, all right?

Jamie: Yeah, well, how am I going to put this off for a while?

Felicia: Um, let's think. I know, I know -- tell her you have surgery, that it can't wait. She'll buy that, believe me.

Jamie: She might, yeah.

Felicia: Yes, she will. All right.

Jamie: And I could tell Mac about this and ask him if his jet's available.

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Jamie: We can fly off right after the party.

Felicia: Oh, that's a wonderful idea.

Jamie: Felicia, I love you! I knew I could count on you!

Felicia: Yes. I'm very excited, too! I really am. There's so much to do before Friday.

Jamie: Oh, yes.

Felicia: Now, I hope I didn't book Tops for another party.

Jamie: Well, if you did, break it.

Felicia: Right. See you.

Jamie: Bye.

Doctor's voice: I can't be all that accurate about your due date right now, Vicky.

Vicky's voice: Well, when is it? Sometime January/February?

Doctor's voice: Let's see -- it's August now. Oh, no, it won't be that soon.

Vicky's voice: Soon? That's six months from now.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie.

Doctor's voice: But you're only about two months along.

Vicky: Oh, isn't he perfect?

Doctor's voice: You won't be due until late March, early April probably.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie.

[Key turns in lock]

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi. I've been waiting for you.

Jamie: Oh, good.

Lisa: I'm all packed.

Jamie: Oh, hmm.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Now, you know, it's -- we can't really do anything about eloping tonight.

Lisa: Well, I thought you just went to clear your schedule at the hospital.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I said Iíd look into it, but it's not that easy for me to just take off.

Lisa: Oh, well, I know. I guess I was just hoping.

Jamie: You really are anxious about this, aren't you?

Lisa: No, no, I just thought it would be exciting to leave town tonight and fly off to Las Vegas or somewhere where they don't need blood tests.

Jamie: Well, it sounds like a great idea to me. But you don't really want to get married in one of those tacky, casino-type chapels, do you?

Lisa: Well --

Jamie: Come on.

Lisa: Well, I suppose it would be nicer to have a sweet, little country justice of the peace.

Jamie: Yeah, there you go. Now, after the tests and after the marriage license and --

Lisa: Yeah, and I suppose I could ask for a few days off at work.

Jamie: Now, there's the sensible girl that I remember.

Lisa: Ok. You're right.

Jamie: You can wait till Friday, can't you?

Lisa: I suppose.

Jamie: Now, don't give me that look. You know it drives me crazy. Come here.

Vicky: Hello? Where's Jake?

Marley: He just left.

Vicky: Well, how did it go?

Marley: Ok, I guess.

Vicky: You sure? You look a little weird.

Marley: No, no. I have just been thinking.

Vicky: Me, too.

Marley: You have?

Vicky: Yes. I don't want to ruin anyone's lives. The baby is the only thing that matters now, and I want to do what's best for it.

Marley: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that.

Vicky: Well, it's about time.

Marley: Because I have an idea that might make your decision easier.

Vicky: What?

Marley: Why don't you come to California with Jake and me and have the baby there?

Vicky: What?

Marley: Now, just listen before you say yes or no.

Vicky: Does Jake know about this?

Marley: No.

Vicky: Ok. Now, you want me to come with you and Jake to California. Did you guys get back together today?

Marley: No, not yet.

Vicky: Then what are you talking about?

Marley: Well, we could leave Bay City before you would even start to show that you're pregnant.

Vicky: Why?

Marley: Because I know you're wondering whether you should tell Jamie or not, and I know I told you earlier that he has a right to know, but maybe he should never know. And then you could live your life and Jamie could live his life and nobody would be hurt.

Vicky: Now, where do you and Jake fit into all of this?

Marley: Well, Jake and I could raise the baby as our own. Oh, Victoria, we would give it such a happy home and a wonderful mother and father.

Vicky: Wait a minute, Marley.

Marley: Please just tell me you'll think about it.

Vicky: So you want me to give you my baby? What is Jake going to think about all of this?

Marley: Jake wants me back, and he wants a child. And you know he would do anything for you.

Vicky: I don't believe this.

Marley: Promise me you'll think about it.

Vicky: Oh, oh, I'll think about it, all right.

Marley: Good. Oh, it'll be perfect, I know it.

Rachel: Amanda sounded very upset.

Mac: Well, she's been through so much.

Rachel: She didn't want to talk. It sounded as though she and Sam were arguing.

Mac: Do you -- do you think she's told Sam about the photos?

Rachel: I don't know. Mac, do you really think Marsten is dead?

Mac: Yes, I do.

Rachel: If that's the case, then the police will be wanting to ask you a lot of questions.

Mac: Zack will be with me. I'll be ready for them.

Rachel: They're going to try to connect you with this, Mac. It's common knowledge how you felt about Marsten.

Mac: They have no proof, Rachel. Don't worry.

Rachel: Who do you think was responsible? Marsten had to have had a lot of enemies. Mac, you do know something else.

Mac: I'm afraid I do.

Rachel: What?

Mac: There is one thing I didn't tell the police.

Rachel: Mac.

Mac: When I got up to Marstenís floor, I saw someone running down the corridor and I think I know who it was. It might be someone that wants Marsten dead.

Sam: Tell me what you and your mom were talking about.

Amanda: We weren't trying to deceive you. We were just trying to protect you.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Ok. The night that Marsten attacked me, he took photographs.

Sam: What kind of photographs?

Amanda: I didn't even know that he was taking them. He used them to blackmail my father.

Sam: Oh, man.

Amanda: That's why daddy agreed to a friendly takeover. Marsten had agreed that he would destroy the negatives if my father would hand him the company.

Sam: Oh, that miserable --

Amanda: Look, Sam, it doesn't matter. Marsten's disappeared. The police think it may have been murder.

Sam: The pig got what he deserved!

Courtney: We're about finished here. Why don't we call it a night?

Rick: Yeah, letís.

Officer: Detective Walker?

Courtney: Yes?

Officer: I found this on the floor right here. I guess the guys missed it.

Rick: Great. Look at this. It's engraved.

Courtney: What does it say?

Rick: "Amanda." Any ideas?

Courtney: That's Mac Coryís daughter's name.

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