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Another World Transcript Friday 7/16/04

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[Music plays]

Sam: Hey, Amanda --

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: What's going on? She's been in there for quite a while.

Amanda: I know. Are you ok? Josie?

Josie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take so long.

Amanda: You've changed.

Sam: Wow!

Josie: Is it ok?

Amanda: It's better than ok.

Sam: Yeah, much better.

Amanda: Oh! Your date is tonight, isn't it?

Josie: Did you make plans? Because if you did, I can sit for Alli.

Amanda: No, no, we don't have plans.

Sam: No, the only plans we have is to catch up on some sleep we've been missing.

Amanda: You've been babysitting all day. Why don't you go out and have some fun?

Josie: I told Matthew he could pick me up here. I hope that's all right.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Of course it is.

Sam: Josie, you do -- you look smashing.

Josie: Oh, you're just saying that because you know how nervous I am.

Sam: No, I'm not.

Amanda: I don't know why you're so nervous. It's just going to be a fun evening.

Sam: Yeah, so where are you going?

Josie: Tops -- with Jamie and Lisa.

Sam: That's a good group.

Amanda: I love Tops. They have great food.

Josie: Oh -- I've got too many butterflies to eat.

Amanda: I don't know why you're so nervous. It's not like you're going out with Tom Cruise or anything. It's just my brother.

Josie: But I -- it's this dress. It's all wrong. And my makeup --

Amanda: You look great.

Sam: Way too good for Matt, I tell you that.

Amanda: The dress is perfect. But you know what? If you're not happy with your makeup, just take it all off and start from scratch. That's what I do.

Josie: Start from scratch? That's good. That's what I'm going to do, ok.

Amanda: Yeah, if you want to use some of my makeup, it's in the bottom cabinet.

Josie: Oh, thanks.

Sam: Were you this nervous with me when we were first going out? Oh, I bet you were. I bet you changed yourself every time.

Amanda: You know what?

Sam: What?

Amanda: I was. I was so nervous I shook, I had butterflies, and I did my makeup over umpteen times. Happy?

Sam: Very. Never happier.

Amanda: Me, too.

Sam: Mmm.

[Knock on door]

Matt: Alli? Alli, it's your uncle Matthew, your uncle Jamie, and oh -- almost your aunt Lisa. You have a spare babysitter there?

Sam: Ugh, and Prince Charming is here.

Amanda: Hmm.

Mac: I still blame myself, you know! Letting Marsten get this far!

Rachel: How could you stop him, Mac? It's not your fault that he took pictures of Amanda.

Mac: He knew just how to get to me.

Rachel: He's common, but he's smart.

Mac: How can I stop him?

Rachel: What?

Mac: Nothing. It's just so frustrating to be in this position.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Yes. Oh, hello.

Cass: Liz said I could come right in.

Rachel: Hello, Cass.

Mac: Sure, Cass. Glad to see you. Please sit down.

Cass: No, thank you. I'm only staying a minute.

Mac: What can I do for you?

Cass: Explain to me what's going on.

Mac: About what, exactly?

Cass: Why have you given in to the takeover? What happened?

Nicole: Oh.

Drew: Sexy.

Nicole: Drew.

Mac: What's going on?

Cass: With the takeover. Why did you agree to sell the company?

Mac: I had no choice, Cass.

Cass: When is the deadline?

Mac: Tomorrow.

Cass: Tomorrow?

Mac: After which Cory Publishing will be no more. I'm turning my shares over to Bennett Publishing.

Cass: To the chief's proxy?

Rachel: Drew Marsten.

Cass: Oh, I can't believe this!

Rachel: Well, we're having trouble accepting it ourselves, Cass.

Mac: Yes, we are.

Cass: Mac, how could you let the takeover get to this point?

Mac: There is no one simple answer, Cass.

Cass: Just last week you said you were going to fight it! Hell, you were going to war!

Rachel: He has been fighting it, Cass.

Cass: But not the way Mac Cory can fight, and I know what Iím talking about. I've been on the other end of it. Mac, you didn't even take your gloves off with these guys!

Mac: Things happened, Cass. It just got away from me.

Cass: I don't mean to come down on you. I know this has to be eating away at you.

Rachel: He hasn't slept in days, Cass.

Cass: I'm sorry, Mac.

Mac: Oh, I'll survive.

Cass: Of course you will. No one could ever doubt that.

Mac: It's the people that have depended on me for so long that Iím worried about.

Rachel: Some people have been here for 30 years, you know.

Mac: What's going to become of them? Greed, the big buck, never mind people. Their lives don't count.

Cass: Well, if there's anything I can do --

Mac: I just wish there were, Cass.

Rachel: We appreciate it.

Cass: I'm on my way to the airport.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Cass: The Persian Gulf.

Mac: Michael told me.

Cass: Yes, Iím going to liquidate his holdings there.

Mac: It's his only move, I'm afraid. When's your flight?

Cass: 8:00. I'm going to swing by the salon and say goodbye to Nicole.

Mac: Have a safe journey.

Cass: Thank you.

Rachel: Good luck. Tell Nicole we'll call her and have her over to dinner while you're gone.

Cass: I will. And good luck to you two.

Mac: Thank you, Cass.

Cass: I'll talk to you when I get back.

Mac: Thanks for everything.

Rachel: It's ending, Mac.

Mac: I don't ever want to go through this again.

Rachel: Well, at least once it's over we can begin the process of trying to forget all about this.

Mac: I will never forget what Marsten has done to my family and my company! Never!

[Piano plays]

Ronnie: He's a winner that's good. Stop. Thanks.

Jake: You getting tired, kid?

Ronnie: Yeah. I could do with a break.

Jake: Well, you're the boss. I just like your letting me do this.

Ronnie: Sure.

Jake: Is this the way the lights are going to be when you're working?

Ronnie: No. It's going to be a lot hotter.

Jake: That's all right, I'll adjust.

Ronnie: Ok.

Jake: I am going to be so quiet you're not even going to know I'm here.

Ronnie: Yeah, I'll bet.

Jake: Excuse me a minute. Marley!

Marley: I got the wrong time.

Jake: What do you mean?

Marley: Well, I was supposed to come and see you work, but I guess I'm early.

Jake: I'm just glad you're here.

Marley: Well, I'm taking Vickyís place. She's not feeling that well.

Jake: Well, what's wrong with Vicky?

Marley: The flu or something, I suppose. So Ronnie won't be singing until later?

Jake: No. We're just in the middle of a rehearsal, so --

Marley: Oh, well, please continue. I don't want to interrupt.

Jake: Well, we're on a break now. I mean -- you look incredible, young lady.

Marley: I better come back for the show.

Jake: No, just stay, all right?

Ronnie: Jake -- Jake, listen. I've been thinking this over and -- look, we're going to have to forget it.

Matt: I got us the best table in the house right next to the dance floor.

Sam: Oh, so I take it that Matt took care of everything. Is that it?

Jamie: Oh, well, he took care to ask Lisa if she would persuade her aunt Felicia to give her the number one table.

Matt: Yeah.

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Lisa: Well, I just told her it was for Matt, and it was carte blanche. She thinks he's cute.

Matt: Mais, oui -- carte blanche.

Lisa: Why don't you guys come with us?

Sam: No. Uh-uh.

Amanda: No.

Matt: Come on. Mom would love to baby-sit.

Jamie: It'll be fun.

Amanda: No, I really don't think that you'd want an old married couple hanging around.

Jamie: We sure do.

Sam: Jamie, we already have plans.

Amanda: Yeah. Bed.

Matt: Bed?

Amanda: I mean -- well, sleep. I'm --


Jamie: Never mind. We don't want a dull married couple anyway.

Matt: Well, there she is!

Josie: Oh, sorry. I got something in my eye. Amanda, could you help me?

Amanda: Sure, yeah. Why don't you guys go and bring the car around.

Matt: Oh, it's right out front and ready to go.

Lisa: We'll meet you downstairs.

Sam: Ah, guys, I'll tell you what. How about I go with you? We'll get some air.

Matt: Air?

Sam: Air.

Matt: Air, air.

Amanda: So what'd you get in your eye?

Josie: Mascara! The one went into my eye. Oh!

Lisa: Just give me this. All right, look up, look up.

Josie: Ok.

Lisa: Ok, is that better? There, there.

Josie: Oh, much, much. Thanks.

Amanda: Let me see the rest of your makeup.

Josie: Oh, it's just awful!

Lisa: Josie, you look great. You look like a high-fashion model.

Josie: Oh, I feel like a phony.

Amanda: Why?

Josie: I just -- I am. I can't go to a restaurant like that.

Lisa: Josie, you're not making any sense.

Josie: I don't know how to act in those kind of places.

Amanda: Just be yourself.

Josie: Oh, right. Myself is someone who goes to a fast-food restaurant and ends up with ketchup all over her chin.

Amanda: I'm a mustard person myself.

Josie: Oh, but you know what I mean. I mean, you have to use the right spoon, and those -- they give you finger bowls.

Lisa: Josie, you'll be great. And if you have any doubts, just look at me, ok?

Josie: Ok. But I'm going to stare at you the whole night.

Amanda: Look, really, I don't know why you're getting so upset. It's just going to be a fun date.

Lisa: Which we're going to be late for if we don't get going.

Josie: Ok.

Amanda: Ok, come on, give me a hug.

Josie: All right.

Amanda: You look great.

Josie: Thanks.

Amanda: You're very sweet. Everybody likes you. Now go and have fun.

Josie: Ok.

Amanda: Ok. And call me tomorrow and let me know what happens.

Josie: I will.

Amanda: And smile!

Drew: The idea of serving drinks in a fashion salon is very clever.

Nicole: What can I do for you, aside from allowing you to scare me half to death?

Drew: I'm sorry about that. I was only commenting on the devastating design you had.

Nicole: Well, I'm glad you liked it.

Drew: I'd like to see it on -- what little there is of it.

Nicole: Drew, I think there's something that I have to tell you.

Drew: Do you know, I read in the newspaper where you and Cass were engaged. Is that true?

Nicole: Yes, it is.

Drew: Why am I having trouble with that?

Nicole: I don't know.

Drew: I thought something like that you might want to tell me in person.

Nicole: Well, to be honest with you, I did think about it. But I just --

Drew: Never mind. It's not important. Look, I didn't want to come over here and play the rejected suitor. I want to wish you well.

Nicole: Oh. Now I feel terrible.

Drew: Donít. I want you to be happy.

Nicole: Well, I am.

Drew: Then I am, too.

Nicole: Drew, I do love him, you know.

Drew: I would be hurt if you didnít. Can't imagine you being with anyone for anything less than love.

Nicole: Yeah. Well --

Drew: I mean, that's why we were so good together.

Nicole: Why?

Drew: Our love was intense. It was very passionate.

Nicole: And it was a long time ago.

Drew: Not that long ago, not for me.

Nicole: Drew, I have -- I have nice memories of it.

Drew: I hope you have memories of this.

Nicole: And what does that mean?

Drew: When you and Cass are a memory.

Nicole: Well, that's not going to happen.

Drew: Oh, come on. You're not going to pull this "till death do us part" thing with me, are you?

Nicole: Hey, I am not pulling anything.

Drew: Yeah, well, we both know what this is, don't we?

Nicole: And what is it?

Drew: A fling, an infatuation.

Nicole: That is not true.

Drew: Oh, look, it doesn't get any better than what we had.

Nicole: Drew, we were so young.

Drew: We know what we had. We can have it again. We can get it back.

Nicole: Drew --

Drew: Just say it. Just say the word.

Nicole: Don't -- don't do this.

Drew: You remember how it was? Come on, I do. It couldn't get any better.

Ronnie: I know I agreed to do this. I changed my mind. I'm sorry.

Jake: Nobody is going to see what's on that tape but you and me. It's a -- it's a work copy, Ronnie.

Ronnie: It's not that, Jake.

Jake: What, then?

Ronnie: I'm -- look, I'm too nervous. It'll be lousy.

Jake: When this place fills up and you get up there, you're not going to be nervous. You're a pro, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Look, I just -- it's no good, ok?

Jake: Excuse me. Is -- is there something else? Is everything ok at the hospital?

Ronnie: I'm just not good enough.

Jake: For what?

Ronnie: Anything.

Jake: Is there something at the hospital? Ronnie, you want to tell me about it?

Ronnie: I wanted to head up the nursing staff at the new hospice. They chose someone else, said I didn't have enough experience.

Jake: Well, I don't know anything about nursing or hospice or whatever, but I do know about performers. They don't come any better than you, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Then why haven't I played Carnegie hall?

Jake: I'm working on that. I really am.

Ronnie: Jake, you're wasting your time.

Jake: On the contrary, I've never done anything better with my time in my life. I believe in you.

Ronnie: Well, that makes one of us.

Jake: Everybody who comes in here and listens to you believes in you. You have got it, whatever it is, Ronnie -- I know, it sounds corny, but you have got it.

Ronnie: I used to think so.

Jake: Why don't you let me put you on tape, and you'll see. You'll see what all these people see, you will feel what they feel. When you sing something from here comes across. You go to another place, Ronnie, and you take us with you.

Ronnie: Did you plan that?

Jake: I meant every single word.

Ronnie: Ok. I'll give it a try.

Jake: And I'll make you a deal.

Ronnie: What?

Jake: If you don't like what I put on that tape, I'll burn it.

Ronnie: I'll bring the matches.

Jake: Whew.

Marley: You were just incredible. You made her feel so special.

Jake: She is special. And believe me, I know special when I see it.

Rachel: Oh, Mac. You've been in that spot since Cass left.

Mac: It's a fine city, Rachel. It's been very good to me. I can remember when it was half this size.

Rachel: You're one of the reasons it's grown.

Mac: I hope so. I hope it stays prosperous. But with vultures like Marsten and friends pillaging companies, who knows?

Rachel: Who would have thought it would have come to this?

Mac: Well, not quite over yet.

Rachel: What do you mean?

Mac: It's a long shot, but it might work.

Rachel: Mackenzie Cory, you haven't given up.

Mac: I've been in touch with a major European firm. Their C.E.O. has virtually agreed to bail us out.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, when do we found out for sure?

Mac: I'm waiting for a phone call any minute. If the answer is just yes, then Marsten and company are in for a big surprise tomorrow.

Rachel: Please ring.

[Phone rings]

Mac: Mac Cory. Yes, Helmuth. Very well, but anxious. Did your board meet? I see. I see. No, I'm afraid that's the end. I thank you very much for trying for me. Right. Goodbye. Well, that's that.

Rachel: Did he give any reason?

Mac: His board vetoed the bailout. Somebody got to them. Someone pressured them.

Rachel: Bennett Publishing.

Mac: I underestimated how powerful, how ruthless they are.

Rachel: Mac, there's got to be some other foreign company that can help you out.

Mac: Where's my personal phone book? I must have overlooked someone.

[Music plays]

Jamie: I've made up my mind.

Lisa: What are you having?

Jamie: You order first.

Lisa: Why?

Jamie: Is everybody ready?

Matt: I need a few more seconds here.

Waiter: Take your time.

Lisa: Whoa -- wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Why should I order first?

Jamie: Because every time I tell you what I'm having, you get the same thing.

Lisa: I do not!

Jamie: Yes, you do.

Lisa: Well, you have good taste.

Jamie: Josie, have you decided?

Josie: Uh -- not yet. Everything looks so delicious.

Lisa: Hmm.

Matt: What was that first special again, please?

Waiter: Ah. The cotelette du veau avec les pommes du terre frites.

Jamie: Hmm.

Lisa: Well, I haven't had veal in so long. I think I'll have that. That sounds great, herb, and I will have a salad with Roquefort.

Herb: Good.

Lisa: Thank you.

Matt: Oh, Josie, how do you like the Chateau Briand?

Josie: Uh -- that sounds good. That's great.

Matt: Ah, that settles it. A Chateau Briand pour deux, s'il vous plait.

Herb: Good. Excellent.

Matt: Yes.

Josie: Well, then, perfect. I'll have one of those, too. It's -- it's one of my favorite dishes.

Herb: The gentleman just ordered that for you.

Josie: Oh -- oh, I didn't realize.

Matt: Chateau Briand for two. Pour deux.

Josie: Oh, oh -- I heard you. I mean, I just didn't hear what you said.

Herb: And how would you like that cooked?

Josie: Uh -- well, any old way is fine. Can you fry it?

Matt: I --

[Matthew chuckles]

Matt: I think he meant well done, rare.

Josie: Oh, of course, right. Uh --

Matt: I like mine medium. How does that strike you, Josie?

Josie: Fine, perfect, whatever.

Lisa: Jamie's turn.

Jamie: I'll have the Coquille Saint-Jacques, please, with ratatouille to start.

Herb: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Oh, honey, I hate ratatouille.

Jamie: Oh, good, all the more for me.

Lisa: Honey, you won't get any of mine, then.

Jamie: Well, have some warm bread here. Anybody?

Matt: Mmm.

Josie: Oh, no, I'm not hungry. I mean, I will be when the food comes, of course.

[Josie sighs]

Lisa: Oh, I love this song. Don't you?

Josie: Yeah, it's nice.

Matt: Yeah, it's nice. Oh -- would you like to dance?

Josie: Oh -- sure, why not? Ah!

Lisa: Oh!

Jamie: Oh.

Josie: Sorry! I can't believe I did that! Oh, I am so sorry!

Lisa: Oh, don't worry about it. It's ok. It's ok.

Josie: You're all wet.

Lisa: No, it's only water, really.

Josie: I feel terrible.

Jamie: Really, no, no, dance. We can get somebody to take care of this. No, go, dance.

Matt: Yeah?

Jamie: It's fine. It's ok.

Lisa: Sure.

Jamie: Really.

Lisa: I am soaked!

Jamie: Do you want to go home and change?

Lisa: No, and make her feel worse?

Jamie: Poor Josie, I can't believe this.

Lisa: Oh, Jamie, we've got to do something to help her.

[Jamie chuckles]

Nicole: Drew, please, don't!

Drew: I love you. I know that you love me.

Nicole: But I donít. I love Cass.

Drew: You -- that's foolish!

Nicole: You're scaring me.

Drew: Mr. Mediocrity? You pick him over me?

Nicole: Yes, I did.

Drew: But he doesn't love you! He never has!

Nicole: Wait. What are you talking about?

Drew: I mean, he's enamored with himself. He's irresponsible! He can't get over this obsession with his late wife!

Nicole: That is not true!

Drew: Yes, it is.

Nicole: You get out of here!

Drew: I won't come back.

Nicole: Oh, good. Well, that's the best news Iíve had all day.

Drew: Nicole --

Nicole: You get out of here now!

Drew: It's a mistake! It should be us!

Nicole: I said get out!

Drew: You're going to regret this someday.

Nicole: Drew -- get out!

Drew: You know, I had hopes for us. But you turned out just like your mother.

Nicole: What?

Drew: It must be in the blood, huh?

Nicole: How dare you talk about my mother.

Drew: Why? Everybody else did. She had it all, and she gave it up for what? A cheap roll in the hay with some farm hand! We all know what --

Nicole: Oh, you lousy -- Drew!

Drew: Ciao, baby. Don't come crawling back to me. I never ask twice. Damn.

[Music plays]

Sam: You know, sometimes I feel very married.

Amanda: Good married or bad married?

Sam: Very, very good married. Mmm -- I definitely don't want to go out as often. Did you cook dinner?

Amanda: No. Why? Are you hungry?

Sam: Well, yeah, I could use a little dinner.

Amanda: Ok. How about my famous veal scaloppini? I think I have some veal in there.

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: And risotto Milanese.

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: Spinach salad.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: Warm garlic bread.

Sam: Great. How long is that going to take?

Amanda: Oh, four or five hours, tops.

Sam: I'm going to be asleep by that time.

Amanda: And Alli will be wide awake.

Sam: Oh, great. Do we have anything in a can?

Amanda: Chili.

Sam: Perfect.

Amanda: Great. I think I have some fresh crusty loaf, too.

Sam: Crusty loaf? Ok. Well, you deal with the crusty loaf, and I'm going to hop in the shower. Oh, yeah -- and if you need any help with a can opener, just let me know, ok?

Amanda: I think I can manage.

Sam: Good.

Amanda: Oh, you know what?

Sam: What?

Amanda: I think we have some -- we do! We have some white rice in here. I'll just zap it in the microwave.

Sam: You went to school for zapping, right? I mean, you're so good at this zapping stuff.

Amanda: What a wit.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Hi.

Man: Is there a Ms. Amanda Fowler here?

Amanda: That's me.

Man: I have a letter for you.

Amanda: Thanks.

Amanda: Oh, my -- oh, no.

Drew's voice: "Dear Amanda, I thought you might be interested in the attached letter. Make sure your father arrives at the meeting tomorrow, or the morning 'sun' will also get a copy."

Amanda: "Since it's so dangerous for us to speak on the phone, I just had to write this to you to let you know how much I miss you. I love you, Drew." Oh, no. "Trust that I think of you constantly and dream about the day we can finally be together"? "Forever yours, Amanda." This isn't my signature. What is he doing?

Sam: Ah. So who was that?

Amanda: Nobody.

Sam: Well, I thought I heard someone at the door.

Amanda: No. It must have been the microwave or the refrigerator door. I've been slamming them.

Sam: Oh, ok.

Amanda: I've got to go get something.

Sam: Well, where you going? What are you getting?

Amanda: Wine. We don't have any.

Sam: Wine -- yeah. Well, what's a bowl of chili without some wine? Yeah.

Amanda: Right. I'll be right back.

Sam: Amanda, I was joking. Come on, Amanda, we don't need wine with chili. Amanda?

Cass: Nicole? Hey.

Nicole: Hi, sweetheart.

Cass: What's the matter?

Nicole: Nothing.

Cass: You're crying.

Nicole: No, I'm not. Well, I stubbed my toe.

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: Cass, you're flying off to the Persian Gulf against the recommendations of most travel agents. I think I'm allowed a couple of tears.

Cass: Nothing's going to happen.

Nicole: Oh -- please tell me you won't take chances.

Cass: I never take chances.

Nicole: Tell me that you'll come back to me.

Cass: Of course.

Nicole: Well, say it.

Cass: Say what?

Nicole: That you'll come back.

Cass: What's this all about?

Nicole: You love adventure, don't you?

Cass: Nicole, please tell me what's going on. Has something happened?

Nicole: Drew was here.

Cass: What did he want? As if I didn't know.

Nicole: He wasn't like this when I knew him before.

Cass: Like what?

Nicole: He was angry, cruel.

Cass: What happened? Did he do anything to you?

Nicole: No, no, but I was afraid he was going to. No, I made him stop. But that just made him angrier. He said some horrible things. Where are you going? Cass!

Ronnie: It's only me Iíve come to see you and I know what you've been through I will be your friend lean on me for now got to get you back somehow and I'll have no more of this moping around Iím tired of you puttin' yourself down 'cause in spite of all you've been through I still believe hmm there's a winner in you sometimes you can see it on the tip of your mind but can't focus it on time let the wind change it to another before you discover there's a winner there's a hero there's a lover somewhere there's a winner in you and I Iíll have no more of this moping around Iím tired of you putting yourself down 'cause in spite of all you've been through I still believe there's a winner in you oh there's a winner and there's a hero but there's a lover somewhere there's a winner in you and I, I, I there's a winner, yeah there's a hero there's a lover somewhere there's a winner in you

[Jake whistles]

Marley: Oh, Jake, that song was so beautiful.

Jake: I just hope she knows it.

Marley: Oh. I'm sure she will with you around reminding her. You can be very persuasive when you want to be.

Jake: I want to be.

Ronnie: Well?

Marley: Oh, Ronnie, Jake was right. It doesn't come any better than you.

Ronnie: Thanks, Marley. You know, Jake requested that song.

Marley: You did?

Jake: Yeah. I got some dynamite stuff. If you want, I can get more in the next set.

Ronnie: We'll see. Look, I have to change. I'll see you later, ok? Bye.

Marley: She did such a fabulous job.

Jake: Yeah, she does get into it, doesn't she?

Marley: Jake, I am so impressed.

Jake: What for?

Marley: You.

Jake: Why?

Marley: Jake, you've changed.

Jake: How? What are you talking about?

Marley: Well, I think you're so much calmer, in such a good way.

[Music plays]

Jamie: She'll get over it.

Lisa: She's in agony.

Jamie: It's perfectly normal, Lisa.

Lisa: Is it normal to stammer and blush and knock things over?

Jamie: Lisa, she is a kid. She likes Matthew, and she wants to make a good impression.

Lisa: No, I think it's more than that, Jamie. I think she obviously doesn't think she measures up.

Jamie: So what do you want to do about it?

Lisa: How can you be so callous?

Jamie: "Callous"? I'm not being callous. I'm being realistic. People have to get over those kinds of insecurities by themselves. They do.

Lisa: I just want her to have a good time.

Jamie: Look at that. She's having a terrific time. Just look.

Josie: Poor Lisa.

Matt: Well, don't worry about it. She's a good sport.

Josie: Yeah, a wet sport. Oh, I guess this just isn't my night.

Matt: Well, we have all evening to fix that.

Josie: I hope I didn't embarrass you.

Matt: No, you can never do that.

Josie: French just was not my subject.

Matt: Oh. I barely passed it myself, as I recall. I mean, I don't understand why they just can't have the menus in English. That is the official language, last I heard.

Josie: It sure would make things easier, wouldn't it?

Matt: I know. Why can't they just say we got the steak and we got the veggies? No, they got to say

[French accent] the chateaubriand for -- pour deux. Legumes -- ze fancy, smancy, hoitzy, toitzy.

[Normal voice] I mean, that's pretentious, right?

Josie: Oh, I can't believe -- did I actually say to the waiter to fry steak? Did I?

Matt: I thought it was a reasonable request. A little heavy on the cholesterol, maybe, but, you know --

Josie: Thanks, Matt.

Matt: For what?

Josie: Making me feel better.

Matt: Well, you always make me feel better. I'm just returning the favor.

Jamie: You see? And you were so worried.

Lisa: I just know how she feels.

Jamie: Did I ever make you that nervous?

Lisa: Of course.

Jamie: Yeah?

Lisa: You still do.

Jamie: Oh, yeah?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. All you have to do is say my name and I blush.

Jamie: Well, let me try that.

Lisa: Ok.

Jamie: Lisa. Nothing's happening.

Lisa: Are you sure?

Jamie: Well, let me try again.

Lisa. Nothing.

Lisa: Uh-oh.

Jamie: Does that mean --

Lisa: Could be.

Jamie: Oh, no.

Lisa: What a shame.

Jamie: The romance is over, huh?

Lisa: The magic is gone.

Jamie: I should never have asked you to marry me.

Lisa: A big mistake.

Jamie: I should have known it would change things.

Lisa: It always does.

Jamie: I'm obviously not the inscrutable, excitable, unobtainable mystery man who used to make you blush.

Lisa: No. I hate to blush.

Jamie: You do?

Lisa: Yes. I'd much rather be secure and confident and loved and engaged to be married, and when do you want to do it?

Jamie: "Do it"?

Lisa: When do you want to get married? It's about time we set the new date.

Jamie: Right now?

Lisa: Well, Jamie, you agreed that we could move it up.

Jamie: Well, I thought maybe we'd get a dance in first. What do you say? You want to dance? Come on.

Jamie: Hey. Is something wrong?

Lisa: No, nothing's wrong. I just love you so much.

Lisa: I'm so lucky to have you.

Jamie: It's not luck. You deserve me.

Lisa: I'll take that as a compliment.

Jamie: You know, I didn't mean to put you off before. About the wedding plans, I mean.

Lisa: Well, I didn't mean to sound anxious.

Jamie: Are you kidding? You'd better be anxious.

Lisa: But not desperate.

Jamie: You didn't seem desperate.

Lisa: I hope not. Oh, sometimes -- sometimes everything feels so temporary.

Jamie: What does?

Lisa: Us. Our happiness. The future.

Jamie: It doesn't feel that way to me.

Lisa: Good.

Jamie: I wish it wouldn't for you.

Lisa: I wish it wouldn't, too.

Jamie: Well, what can I do to help?

Lisa: Just love me.

Matt: Hey, you want to sit this one out?

Josie: What for? I'm better at this than I am at ordering dinner.

Matt: Stop putting yourself down. You were doing fine.

Josie: Well, will you do me a big favor? Order dessert for me, because I don't think I can go through that again.

Matt: Ok. How about crŤme brulee a la fraises au chocolat?

Josie: What's that?

Matt: Chocolate-covered chicken limbs. No, I'm only kidding. I just made it up.

Josie: Well, it sounds fattening, anyway.

Woman: Matt Cory? As I live and breathe.

Matthew: Suzie.

Suzie: We keep running into each other. This is my date, Peter Hovey. Peter, this is Matt Cory. And --

Matt: Oh, Josie watts.

Suzie: Oh, Josie, I remember you. You were the girl at the party at the mill that night.

Josie: Right.

Suzie: You had on this really little pinafore.

Josie: I don't have a pinafore.

Suzie: Oh, I remember. It was so cute. It's kind of like the one you're wearing now.

Josie: I don't remember what I was wearing.

Suzie: Oh, but I bet you remember that scene with your mother. That must have been so humiliating. I felt sorry for you. You looked like you were about to die.

Matt: Uh -- Suzie, look, I don't think we should talk about that.

Suzie: Oh, let me tell you about my vacation. It was incredible. We went to Lucerne.

Matt: Hmm.

Suzie: Two whole weeks, the whole family stayed in a fabulous chateau right on the lake.

Matt: Oh.

Suzie: Do you know Switzerland, Josie?

Josie: No, but I've been to the matter horn.

Suzie: Oh.

Josie: In Disneyland.

[Matt guffaws]

Suzie: Really?

Matt: Come on, why don't we go dance, Josie?

Josie: Ok.

Suzie: Enjoy your evening.

Matt: Yep.

Josie: Can we -- can we please leave?

Matt: What? Why?

Josie: I just want to go home, ok?

Matt: No, no, no, it's not ok. No, see, when I take someone out to dinner, we don't go home until we've had dinner and dessert, a lot of dancing, and a lot of fun. Ok?

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Let's start with the dinner part, ok?

Josie: Ok.

Amanda: I'm back.

Sam: Oh, that didn't take long.

Amanda: So is Alli still asleep?

Sam: Yeah, and not a peep out of her.

Amanda: Oh, great. So are you hungry?

Sam: Yeah. Aren't I always?

Amanda: Good, great, because we've got lots of food. I have three cans.

Sam: Well, I'll open the wine.

Amanda: Wine?

Sam: Yeah. Where is it?

Amanda: There is none.

Sam: Amanda, you went to get the wine.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, right.

Sam: Yeah. Well, where is it? Amanda, what's going on?

Cass: Open the door, Marsten! I hear you in there! Come on, Marsten! Or do you just like to bully women? Oh, Marsten, if you don't open this door, I'm going to break it down. Come on, Marsten! Open it up! Hey! My legs have that just-shaved feeling.

Mac: Well, that's the end of them.

Rachel: You would have thought one of them would have offered something.

Mac: Moral support. Most of them offered moral support. But the word is out -- let Cory swing in the breeze.

Rachel: But, darling, you've helped them. That electronics firm, that automotive company -- you helped him. You got him American financing.

Mac: They're all afraid, Rachel. The whole corporate world is fearful. Plants have been sabotaged -- entire plants. Executives have been kidnapped. Who can blame them?

Rachel: I can. What's happened to loyalty?

Mac: They'd say "if you're dead, you can't be loyal."

Rachel: Oh, it's indefensible.

Mac: Well, the times have changed in the business world, that's all. Greenmail. Now blackmail. Even terrorism is creeping into the business world. I don't know what it would take to stop it.

Rachel: More people like you, for starters.

Mac: Well, I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything anymore. All I know is the company I started from scratch is being stolen out from under me. Tomorrow -- tomorrow I have to sign it over.

Sam: Where's the wine, Amanda?

Amanda: I didn't get it.

Sam: Is this some kind of joke or something?

Amanda: No, it's not a joke. I forgot.

Sam: Wait a minute! You went all the way to the store to get the wine, and then you forgot the wine?

Amanda: Oh, you know me.

Sam: Well, what'd you get, then?

Amanda: Nothing.

Sam: Come on, Amanda.

Amanda: I didn't have any money.

Sam: Well, then why didn't you tell me that?

Amanda: I was embarrassed.

Sam: In front of me?

Amanda: I forgot my wallet. You know, I'm standing there. I looked like such an idiot.

Sam: Amanda, a lot of people forget their wallets. It's something else, isn't it?

Amanda: Why? What would it be?

Sam: I don't know, but you're upset. At least admit that. Is it a money problem?

Amanda: Sam, no.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I know the money that Drew Marsten gave me is gone, but the checks from "Brava" are going to be coming in next week.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: Well, yeah. Amanda, I love you, too. No matter what the problem is, I love you.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: Nicole Love.

Cass: Hiya.

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: I miss you already.

Nicole: Where are you?

Cass: I'm at the airport.

Nicole: I was so worried about you.

Cass: Why?

Nicole: Well, you went out of here like -- I don't know. You just were so angry.

Cass: Well, I'm fine now.

Nicole: Well, are you sure?

Cass: I'm positive. I love you very much. Listen, I got to get going. They're calling my flight.

Nicole: Call me as soon as you get there.

Cass: Of course, you know I will. And by the way, you don't have to worry about Marsten. He's not going to be bothering you anymore.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Cass: I really got to go. I love you. Bye.

Nicole: Wait, Cass --

[Phone hangs up]

Nicoleís voice: I love you.

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