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Mary: Oh. Good.

[Mary gasps]

Mary: Hi, sweetheart.

Vince: I'm sorry, Iím sorry. Take it easy.

Mary: Hi.

Vince: Hi. I just wanted to give you this.

Mary: Flowers? Oh, my goodness. Oh, beautiful. Oh, how beautiful.

Vince: Well, I just thought that, you know, I wanted to give you something that sets you apart from everybody else so that everybody will know what a, you know, V.I.P. you are.

Mary: You are so sweet.

Vince: You know, you should be very proud of yourself. I mean, laying the cornerstone for this hospice is a very important first step.

Mary: Well, I think I'll wait and see if the rest of the building actually gets built before I get too excited.

Vince: It will be, it will be. Tonight is a night to celebrate.

Mary: This afternoon at the ceremony, Michael was there. He was so upset about this thing with -- with Mikey.

Vince: Hmm.

Mary: I just hope if the board doesn't let him and Donna adopt Mikey that it's not going to ruin our friendship.

Vince: Oh, hey, he's too good a guy to pull something like that.

Mary: I hope so.

Vince: Well, he is, so will you calm down, huh?

Mary: Well, I canít. I want everything to be perfect. I want to know I made all the right decisions.

Vince: You did, you did.

Mary: I don't know about that. I guess I'm going to find out tonight one way or the another.

Lisa: Jamie?

Jamie: Huh?

Lisa: I'm standing in front of you with an unzipped dress. Does it give you any ideas?

Jamie: Sorry.

Lisa: Jamie, you disappoint me.

Jamie: Huh?

Lisa: You're supposed to try to get fresh so I can tell you, "not now, we're late, we have to get going."

Jamie: Sorry.

Lisa: You don't seem very happy tonight.

Jamie: I'm just a little preoccupied.

Lisa: You know, you never did answer me about the wedding.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: Jamie, I told you I want to move the date of the wedding up, and you never said anything.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Hello. Yes? You're joking. I don't believe this.

[Music plays]

Jason: Beer? Not champagne?

John: Well, beer for the cornerstone, champagne when we finish it.

Man: Yeah!

Second man: You mean there's more?

Chris: Oh, wait a minute. Didn't anybody tell you? There's going to be a whole building around this cornerstone.

Man: Yeah!

John: Sure, yeah -- doors, windows, and everything. Anybody here ever made a window?

Jason: I hear that's kind of tricky.

John: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

John: Anyway, a toast -- you guys done good.


Jason: That's beautiful, John!

John: I know.

Jason: You better get your act together before the banquet tonight. I'm sure they're going to want you to say more than just a couple of words.

Bert: Well, John only knows a couple of words.


Jason: That's our man John, our man of the people, right out of the earth.

John: Yes.

Jason: I tell you, when he's with those society folks, he's a real Cary Grant, just like his brother.


John: I've never been just like my brother.

Jason: Hey, I will guarantee you you will probably be seated at the table, the head table, right with him.

Chris: Wait a minute. You mean they're going to be there?

John: Of course. You can't have a head table in Bay City without Donna and Michael Hudson being at it. It's against the law.

Vicky: Yeah, that's what I said.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Hey, listen, I've got to go. Someone's at the door. No, no, no, I'll call you back. Fancy meeting you here.

Marley: May I come in?

Vicky: Marley, I'm on my way out. I've got to go to this hospital reception tonight.

Marley: I was here a couple of days ago.

Vicky: I remember.

Marley: I received a call from your doctor. Victoria, I know that you're pregnant.

Vicky: So, you want to throw me a shower?

Marley: Victoria, I do not want to joke around about this.

Vicky: You know, Marley, you have the upper hand in this.

Marley: "Upper hand"?

Vicky: Yeah, it's usually the person who's pregnant that tells the sister that she is, not vice versa.

Marley: You're acting as if I'm the enemy.

Vicky: You're the one that came in here accusing me. I didn't do anything wrong.

Marley: I didn't mean to.

Vicky: You can't tell anyone.

Marley: You should have talked to me.

Vicky: You can't tell anyone about this. Did you hear me?

Marley: You know I wouldn't do that. Did you want to get pregnant?

Vicky: What kind of question is that?

Marley: Well, it's pretty straightforward, don't you think? Did you want to get pregnant?

Vicky: Of course I didn't.

Marley: There is no "of course nots" about it. You have been at this long enough, Victoria. You know how to avoid this.

Vicky: It was an accident.

Marley: Was it? Or was this part of your grand plan to trap Jamie Frame?

Vicky: How dare you.

Marley: He is the father, isn't he? Isn't he?

Lisa: That must have been some phone call.

Jamie: Huh?

Lisa: Well, before the call, you were sitting there, not even hearing what I said, and you've been sitting there ever since you hung up.

Jamie: Oh, sorry.

Lisa: You never said who it was.

Jamie: I know.

Lisa: Well -- oh, I hate these earrings.

Jamie: Lisa, I swore I wouldn't tell a soul -- not even you.

Lisa: Not even me?

Jamie: It was Mary.

Lisa: Mary?

Jamie: She told me I've been named the director of the hospice.

[Lisa gasps]

Lisa: Jamie!

[Jamie laughs]

Lisa: That's great! Congratulations!

Jamie: Now, listen. Now, listen, sit down. This is very important. When you get there tonight --

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Don't act like you know you're the fiancťe of the director. Act like you just wish you were the fiancťe of the director.

Lisa: You're very excited about this, aren't you?

Jamie: I know I can do a good job at this.

Lisa: Oh, me, too. I'm so proud of you.

Jamie: I know I was acting a little weird over there waiting for the phone to ring. Are you ok, Lisa?

Lisa: Me?

Jamie: Yeah. You seem like you've been on edge for a couple of days now.

Lisa: Well, aren't brides supposed to be nervous?

Jamie: Yes, nervous and happy.

Lisa: I'm happy. Oh, I'm very happy. I didn't know I was snagging a director. I'll have to be on my best behavior tonight.

Jamie: Now, you would tell me if something was bothering you, wouldn't you?

Lisa: Yes. I'm fine. I'm just, you know, nervous, I mean, moving the date up and everything.

Jamie: Well, don't move the date if it's going to drive you crazy.

Lisa: No, it won't. I can handle it.

Jamie: Ok. Well -- ahem -- are you about ready to go, Mrs. Director?

Lisa: Just about. Who's going to be there?

Jamie: Gee, about everybody who gave money, the hospital staff. Nothing to worry about. You'll know everyone.

Lisa: Will Vicky be there?

Jamie: Probably. Vicky's no longer a part of our lives, though. So it doesn't matter if she's there or not.

Lisa: Right.

[Doorbell rings]

Lisa: Ooh. Think it's the "times"? They want to get a scoop?

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Now, remember, we don't let on to a thing, ok? Hi, grandma!

Ada: Hi! What happened?

Jamie: Huh?

Ada: You're all excited. What happened?

Jamie: You are spooky. You know, you are one spooky grandma.

Ada: I'll find out. Lisa, you look gorgeous!

Lisa: Thank you. Where's Mac and Rachel?

Ada: Well, they had a business dinner that they couldn't get out of.

Jamie: Nuts!

Ada: You want them there because you're going to find out what it is tonight, right?

Jamie: Grandma, it's a surprise.

Ada: It's a surprise? It's a surprise. Aw, it's a surprise.

[Ada chuckles]

Lisa: Let's hope it's the only one.

[All talk at once]

John: Listen, from now on, you guys get off your butts and get your own, all right?


Jason: Oh!

Chris: Such a lavish spread.

John: Listen, I had to give those guys something. They'll starve before we get to Tops.

Man: Hey, did I tell you OíConnell started a catering business?

John: OíConnell -- Cinders OíConnell?

Man: In Oakland. He sent me his card.

John: Oh, he's got a card now?

Man: And dig this -- there's a little chef's hat on the o in OíConnell?


John: This guy, Cinders OíConnell -- we used to send him out on search-and-retrieve missions. Remember this? I don't know how he ever did it. We thought he had something on some supply officer or something, but he used to come out in the field with inch-, inch-and-a-half-thick steaks, and then he would incinerate them, and he'd put on this special sauce that he made up, and we were convinced that he made it out of ketchup and dirt.


John: He was worst cook ever. The worst! Bert, do you think we'll ever be able to sit down at a table and drink beer without talking about him?

Bert: Impossible. But we're here and we're working -- even if it is for a jerk of a foreman.


John: You're a real whip, Bert, a real whip.

Bert: Now, yesterday, I was above this high beam. It was about 99 degrees.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Bert: I was trying to position this 300 pounds of steel.

Jason: Yeah.

Bert: He calls up to me to tell me that my shirt is untucked.


John: Hey, neatness counts.

Bert: Oh! Oh!

Chris: Well, even working for him -- it's better than being cut up on a wait-a-minute vine or walking --

John: I thought you were never in Nam.

Chris: I wasn't.

John: Well, a "wait-a-minute vine" is not exactly a common term.

Jason: What are we talking about here?

John: It's just that Iíve never heard anyone use the term "wait-a-minute vine" that wasn't there.

Chris: Well, my brother wrote me. He got cut up on them once.

John: And you remember that term after all this time?

Chris: What is this, a cross-examination? Lord!

[Car approaches, tires screech]

Man: Look at that car!

Second man: Look at that -- that's my new car.

Third man: Look at that car!

First man: And catch what's walking out!

Second man: Oh, my God. Hey, give me a call!

Third man: Whoo!

[Man whistles]

Jason: Must be my date.

John: Thought you were going alone.

Jason: Well, I was, but the more I thought about that, the more I sure just didn't like it at all. Hi.

Woman: Hi, Jase. I hope Iím not late.

Jason: Oh, no, no. Everybody, this is Sheila.

Man: Hey, Sheila!

Second man: Whoo!

Third man: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

John: A Maserati?

Jason: I told her that the Bentley was just a little bit pretentious.


Jason: Want some beer?

Sheila: Yeah.

Jason: Come with me.

Michael: Look, we got a big night ahead of us. You want to go?

Donna: Well, first of all, I want to know how the hospice center is going. How's it coming along?

Michael: Oh, it's going terrific. At the cornerstone laying today, they said we were right on time and right on budget.

Donna: That's wonderful.

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: And I know you must be very proud.

Michael: I am really proud. And I'm really proud of John. He's done a great job.

Donna: Good.

Michael: So, let's go.

Donna: Michael --

Michael: What?

Donna: Bridget is upstairs giving Mikey his bath.

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: Would you mind terribly much if I stayed and tucked him in, huh?

Michael: Ok, ma.

[Donna chuckles]

Michael: Sure. I'll work on my script here, my --

Donna: All right. I promise I won't be very long.

Michael: Ok. I'm a little nervous about this speech tonight.

Donna: Well, don't be. You'll be wonderful. I'll see you there.

Michael: Ok. Would you kiss Mikey good night for me?

Donna: I will, I will.

Michael: Ok, ok.

Donna: Good luck.

Michael: Thank you very much.

Donna: Don't be nervous.

Michael: No, no, no. Me, nervous? Are you kidding? I'm a -- Iím a rock. Whew.

Donna: I'll be there.

Michael: Good.

John: Ok, you guys --

Man: Hey, thanks a lot, man. It was a great party.

Chris: It'll be fun tonight.

John: We'll see you later. All right.

Man: Ok. I'll bring her.

John: All right, bring her.

Man: John, buddy, thanks for everything. You look lovely.

Chris: Bye-bye.

Jason: You ready to hit the road, Jack?

John: The food's going to be great.

Sheila: Want me to drive?

Jason: Hey, you know I just love to be driven around. Oh, thanks.

Chris: What a bimbo.

John: They don't make them like that anymore -- ahem.

Bert: Ahem. We're heading out, John.

John: Ok, man.

Bert: We'll see you later.

John: All right.

Chris: See you at the party.

Bert: Looking good, Chris.

Chris: Oh, thanks, darling.

John: You ready to go?

Chris: You're parked all the way down the driveway, aren't you?

John: Yeah, way down there. Why?

Chris: Well, I wondered, could I ask you to be chivalrous and pull the car up here? You see, I don't want to head through all that gravel in these high heels.

John: Well, Sheila made it.

Chris: She--

John: I'll be chivalrous. I'll be right back.

Chris: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Donna: Hello.

Chris: Hello, Mrs. Hudson? This is Ms. Hall from the child welfare services. I'd like to come by your house tonight.

Donna: Tonight?

Chris: Yes, you see, we have a program where we would like to see how the child is living at all hours of the day.

Donna: Oh. Well, I was just going out to meet with my husband. But the housekeeper's here.

Chris: Excuse me. Is this child being raised by housekeepers?

Donna: No, no, of course not. It's just that tonight is a very important night for my husband and -- well, could you possibly come some other evening?

Chris: No, no, no. You don't seem to understand --

[Car horn honks]

Chris: You need to make a decision right now. What is more important to you, your social schedule or little Mikeyís welfare?


Marley: Victoria, do not close up on me like this.

Vicky: I'm not. I just have to go to this stupid reception.

Marley: What happened with Jamie?

Vicky: What happened is that I fell in love with him. I didn't trap him into going out with me and I didn't trap him into sleeping with me.

Marley: Well, how did you get pregnant?

Vicky: Take a wild guess, hmm?

Marley: Didn't you use anything?

Vicky: Yes.

Marley: Well, then, how could this happen?

Vicky: It was a mechanical failure, Marley. I don't know.

Marley: I don't believe this.

Vicky: Neither did I. When I started feeling nauseous, I thought it was food poisoning.

Marley: So the doctor that called is your gynecologist?

Vicky: No. Dr. Kim is an internist. He's going to recommend an ob-gyn.

Marley: Well, how do you feel?

Vicky: Better. I'm not getting sick to my stomach anymore.

Marley: I mean about the baby.

Vicky: Here's something weird -- I'm going to have a baby, and the father is engaged to another woman, and I'm happy. I have got so much to give this child. I realized that when I was taking care of Mikey. I've got so much love. I got a lot of money.

Marley: So, you are definitely going to have this child?

Vicky: Definitely.

Marley: Even if you do have to raise it alone?

Vicky: Maybe I wonít.

Marley: What does that mean?

Vicky: I've -- I've really got to go.

Marley: Victoria, does Jamie know that you are pregnant?

Vicky: Not yet.

Marley: Well, what is he going to do when he finds out?

Vicky: I don't know.

Marley: And what about Lisa Grady?

Vicky: Would you calm down? I am not trying to ruin anyone's life. I just want to have this baby. I want someone that I can love.

Marley: I understand.

Vicky: Do you?

Marley: If I was in your position, I would probably do the same thing.

Vicky: It's good to have someone to talk to. But you can't tell anyone.

Marley: I will not say a word.

Vicky: I really got to go.

Marley: Victoria, if you need to talk or if you need anything at all, please call me.

Vicky: You mean it?

Marley: You are my sister.

[Music plays]

Man: Hold it, folks. Thanks.

Ada: What's this all about?

Jamie: Beats me.

Ada: This is it, isn't it? This is why that Cheshire-cat grin on your face at your apartment.

Jamie: Grandma, I really can't say anything. It's supposed to be a secret.

Ada: From me?

Jamie: From everybody.

Mary: Well, if it isn't our new director of hospice services.

Jamie: You told me I couldn't tell anybody!

Ada: The what?

Mary: I knew already.

Vince: You got a promotion and you didn't tell anybody?

Jamie: She told me not to.

Vince: And you listened?

Lisa: Well, he told me.

[Vince chuckles]

Ada: I'm the only one that was hit by this big news blackout?

Jamie: Is that the only thing you have to say, grandma?

Ada: No, my grandson, the director. I'm very proud of you!

Lisa: Isn't it wonderful?

Ada: Oh. Your mother and Mac will be furious that they couldn't be here.

Vince: They can't make it?

Ada: Well, they were at a business dinner that they couldn't get out of.

Vince: Well, you know, that is why I've always avoided being a powerbroker. You miss all the good parties.

Michael: Not all the good ones, huh?

Vince: How are you?

Mary: Hi, Michael.

Michael: How are you? Hi. Jamie, congratulations on your appointment.

Ada: Everybody knew but me!

Lisa: Ada, he's on the board of directors.

Jamie: That's right. Thank you, Michael, thank you.

Michael: Well, don't thank me. You did a really good job on that proposal. Your work was first-rate.

Jamie: Well, I can't wait to put it into action.

Ada: Where's Donna?

Michael: Donna's home with Mikey, tucking him in.

Ada: Oh, that's nice.

Mary: Hmm.

Michael: Yeah, well, we both love that kid an awful lot.

Ada: I hear you're adopting him.

Michael: Well -- possibly. Would you excuse us for a moment? Mary, would you talk to me, please?

Mary: Sure.

Michael: Excuse us.

Ada: I said the wrong thing.

Jamie: No, no, you didn't, grandma. It's just that Donna and Michael are trying to adopt that little boy.

Vince: And Mary has a feeling that it may not go through.

Lisa: What?

Vince: She's right in the middle of it, too.

Michael: So what we're going to do from now on is, is that if you have to get in touch with me and I am not available, I want you to call Zack. He's going to be handling the negotiations for this adoption from here on out.

Mary: Oh, Michael, I think maybe it's a little early to get a lawyer.

Michael: Mary, come on, I just want to get the ball rolling. I want to do everything we can to make sure that we get Mikey.

Mary: There hasn't been enough time since Mikey was found for anybody to start adoption procedures.

Michael: I know, I know. I just want to make sure that we exhaust every possibility.

Mary: Even going so far as to change the way you live?

Michael: Mary, come on. You're talking like I'm some kind of criminal.

Mary: Oh, no. No, but you are a very, very rich and powerful man, which, unfortunately, sometimes puts your family in jeopardy.

Michael: Well, maybe.

Mary: "Maybe"? "Maybe," Michael? What about what just happened?

Michael: All right, all right, but that's going to stop, Mary. Come on, don't you know how difficult this all is?

Mary: Yes. Yes, I do.

Michael: I mean, Donna walks around the apartment and she's thinking that any moment somebody's going to come in and snatch Mikey away from us.

Mary: I'm so sorry about that.

Michael: Donna -- Donna and I would be such wonderful parents. We could give this boy everything.

Mary: I know. I know. What we have to do now is figure out what is the best place for Mikey.

Ronnie: So, Jamie, I heard about your appointment. Congratulations.

Jamie: Thank you.

Ada: Ronnie, too! But who's counting?

Ronnie: They're going to announce the head nurse soon, too.

Jamie: And I hope we'll be working together.

Ronnie: Oh, boy, so do I. Look, nice to see you again.

Lisa: Nice to see you.

Jamie: Bye-bye.

Ronnie: Bye.

Ada: She's a good nurse.

Jamie: She wrote a memo to the board explaining her ideas about nursing care for the hospice. She deserves that job.

Ada: Why don't you recommend her?

Lisa: Yeah, you're the director.

Ada: Which everybody has known for hours except me.

Jason: Hey, hey.

John: Whoa.

Chris: For heaven's sake, look at this!

John: Here we are. This is wonderful.

Jason: There's your brother.

Chris: You know, it doesn't look like Donnaís here.

John: Donna has probably had enough of this type of fundraiser to last her forever.

Chris: Oh, but this is so important for you and Michael. You'd think a wife would want to be with her husband.

Donna: Yes, Iím trying to reach my husband. He's there at the reception? I'm supposed to be meeting him there. Well, couldn't you at least get a message to him? He's one of the speakers. Great, fine. His name is Michael Hudson, and I need you to tell him that his wife will be delayed, but she will be there. Great. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Oh, oh, good.

[Donna gasps]

Donna: Let's get this over with. Yeah Ė

Marley: Hi.

Donna: Marley!

Marley: Donna, Iím sorry. I forgot my keys.

Donna: Oh, honey, that's -- that's all right. I was just expecting someone else.

Marley: Well, I thought you were going to the reception for the hospice tonight.

Donna: Right. Well, I was hoping to do that. But there has been this Ms. Hall from the child welfare board that's called, and she insists on seeing me tonight.

Marley: Tonight?

Donna: Yeah. She said she wants to see us "at all hours of the day."

Marley: Hmm.

Donna: I mean, I can't believe this. I wish she would hurry up and get here. I could still make the reception. I mean, this is so important to Michael. I would hate to disappoint him.

Marley: Yeah, I know that feeling.

Donna: Well -- hey, are you talking about Jake? I mean, you think you've disappointed Jake?

Marley: I -- Iím sure I have many times.

Donna: Are you having second thoughts about this divorce?

Marley: Oh, Donna, I just get scared sometimes.

Donna: Well, honey, I know you do.

Marley: I'm afraid I may be throwing something away that I could salvage.

Donna: Well, how could you possibly salvage anything if you can't trust Jake?

Marley: I know. I keep reminding myself of that.

Donna: Well, I think you're doing the right thing. And I am just so very grateful that there's not a child involved.

Marley: A child?

Donna: I know that sounds very harsh, but that's what I believe. Honey, a child needs a mother and a father who trust each other completely.

Mary: And so Iím delighted to introduce to you at this point a man who has given endlessly of his time and energy -- not to mention his money --


Mary: To help make this hospice program a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Michael Hudson.

Michael: Thank you, Mary. Good evening. The word "hospice" actually has two meanings. The first is for the program that provides humane and supportive care for the terminally ill and their families. The second is for the facility that takes care of the terminally ill when they have reached the point where they can no longer be taken care of at home. We are here tonight to celebrate the fact that a facility and care like this has finally arrived in Bay City.

Michael: Now, I believe that the support and the care that his facility and its staff will provide exemplifies the spirit of this community. There is nothing more devastating or demeaning on a family than to deal with the death of a family member. And sometimes in the confusion of an extended hospital stay, the emotional needs of the patient are often neglected. Now, we shall attempt to fill this void with the utmost care and to help each member of the family deal with the inevitable with courage and dignity and hope. I would urge all of you here tonight to support this facility in any way that you can, preferably with large sums of money.


Michael: And after this facility is completed to continue your support with volunteer work so that you might have the opportunity to continue the humanity, self-sacrifice, and dedication that you've shown by being here tonight. Thank you very much.

Mary: Thank you, Michael. Now to end the terrible, terrible suspense under which we've all lived the past few weeks. I would like to present to you the two people who have been chosen to head up the hospice program here. As head nurse who will set the standards for the daily care, the hospital board has chosen Mrs. Betty Sevilla. Betty, stand. Yes, please.

Mary: And as director of hospice services, the board has chosen a dedicated and caring and very innovative young professional, our very own Dr. James Frame. Jamie, come say a few words.

Jamie: Ahem. I'd like to --

Mary: The black part -- pull the black --

Jamie: Thank you. I'd like to -- it's fine.

[Mary laughs]

Jamie: I want to thank the members of the board for giving me the opportunity to do something that I care very deeply about. I pledge that this hospice center will do its absolute best to provide physical, emotional, social, and spiritual comfort to the terminally ill patients that we care for and its families. This is a great honor for me, and I'd like to thank the people that have been my support system all the way along. My family -- Iíd like to thank my family for believing in me when I wasn't sure if I believed in myself. And I'd like to thank Lisa. Her understanding, her patience, and her love have guided me through the roughest times. I feel very fortunate to have all this support and to be given this opportunity. Thank you very much.

Man: Vicky, right?

Vicky: Yes. You're one of the new interns.

Man: Yeah. I see you around the hospital all the time.

Vicky: Yeah. Excuse me. I need to talk to someone --

Man: Can I get you a drink?

Vicky: I would like -- I'm sorry, I can't.

Man: That's ok. Look, why don't we get out of here?

Vicky: It's very nice of you to offer. I just can't.

Man: We can go for a sundae if that's what you're into.

Vicky: Thank you. I'm sorry. I canít. I just canít.

Chris: Hello.

Michael: Oh, hi, Chris. How are you?

Chris: Oh, Michael, I just wanted to tell you that was a wonderful speech you gave.

Michael: Well, thanks. It was short and to the point.

Chris: Too bad that Donna couldn't hear it. Is she sick or something?

Michael: No. You here with John?

Chris: Uh-huh.

Michael: Well, we're all very proud of John.

Chris: Well, so am I. I hope you won't be embarrassed if I tell you something.

Michael: What?

Chris: This hospice center -- it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. You're the real hero behind this today.

Mary: I know how badly you must feel.

Ronnie: I'm -- Iím ok. Excuse me.

Mary: Ronnie, wait. Let me just tell you that everyone on the board read your memo and thought your suggestions were wonderful.

Ronnie: Then why didn't they give me the job?

Mary: Betty Sevilla's a very good nurse.

Ronnie: Mary, she doesn't know anything about hospice care!

Mary: Maybe, but she has seniority, and that was important.

Ronnie: Oh. Politics, huh?

Mary: Maybe a little bit.

Ronnie: Well, I know all about politics. Excuse me.

Vince: Well, you really handled yourself quite well up there.

Mary: Yeah? I did, really? Really?

Vince: Are you kidding? You're the lady who got this whole thing going.

Mary: Well, yeah.

Lisa: Vicky.

Vicky: Hi.

Lisa: Hi. We need to talk. Can we go outside?

Vicky: Ok.

Ronnie: Oh, hi. Jake? Ronnie. Hi. Look, the reason Iím calling you is you can videotape me singing tomorrow night at the Pelican if you're still interested. No, no, it's ok. If they don't want me as a nurse, that's just fine with me.

Jamie: Ronnie?

Ronnie: Congratulations, Jamie.

Jamie: Ronnie, I am going to do everything I possibly can to change this.

Ronnie: Look, thanks, but don't bother. >From now on I'm going to get what I want all by myself.

Michael: Isn't John looking for you, huh?

Chris: Oh, no. He's so busy being congratulated he probably doesn't even know Iím here.

Michael: Ah.

Man: Excuse me. Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Yeah.

Man: Thank you. And thank you, Mrs. Hudson.

Michael: Oh, she's not -- excuse me.

Donna: Oh.

Marley: No answer.

Donna: If there's no one at the office -- I mean, why would they insist on coming over tonight?

Marley: Well, how long has it been?

Donna: Oh, over an hour, you know. I just really wanted to make that reception.

Marley: Well, I wish I had known what the problem was. I could have told Victoria to give Michael a message.

Donna: You saw Victoria tonight?

Marley: Yes, right before I came over here.

Donna: Oh. Well, how are things going with you two?

Marley: Better.

Donna: Well, I know things haven't been the same since you and Jake --

Marley: But we're not anymore.

Donna: You know, I have to tell you that -- well, when you and Jake were having problems, I thought Victoria was behind it.

Marley: Well, Victoria and Jake are still friends.

Donna: Yeah, I know. I know.

Marley: And only Jake and I are responsible for our marriage.

Donna: Well, I guess Victoria knows how to handle him.

Marley: Donna, Jake doesn't need handling. If we're having problems, it's not because of that.

Donna: It's not over yet, is it?

Marley: What do you mean?

Donna: You still love him, don't you?

Marley: I don't want to talk about Jake and me.

Donna: Well, honey, your attitude seems to have changed since the last time we talked.

Marley: Please, let's not talk about it, ok?

Donna: All right. All right. This woman -- I just wish she would get here. I mean, does she think that I'm going to wait around for her all night? Oh, Marley. I don't want to lose Mikey.

Marley: What is happening with all of this?

Donna: Well, I don't know right now -- I mean, since this person has been making all of these threats.

Marley: But that's not the way you always live your life. Michael can handle this.

Donna: Well, I know that, and he's been trying to convince the board and Mary McKinnon of that.

Marley: I wish there was something that I could do.

Donna: Well, there's not, honey. I have to handle this. I can't give in to the pressure.

Marley: You know, why don't you go to this reception --

Donna: Oh --

Marley: And I will stay here.

Donna: No, Marley.

Marley: Yes, I am a part of this family, and if Ms. Hall decides to come, I will take care of it.

Donna: You know, you could handle this, couldn't you?

Marley: Yes. I will use my most proper private-school manners.

Donna: I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. All right, I promise I will be back as quickly as I can, and listen, if she does come while I'm gone, if she says anything --

Marley: If she says anything, I will tell her that being a good wife is part of being a good mother.

Donna: That's perfect. Oh, thank you, sweetheart. I'll be back soon.

Marley: Have fun.

Donna: All right.

Jason: Congratulations on the appointment.

Jamie: Well, thank you very much.

Jason: Dad would be very proud of you.

Jamie: I hope so. I think he'd be proud of you, too, Jason.

Jason: Thanks. I'll get you those specs first thing in the morning.

Jamie: Ok. Good.

Jamie: Hi.

Ada: What did Jason say?

Jamie: Jason, he -- he said that my father would be very proud of me.

Ada: Steven would be as proud of you as I am.

Jamie: I love you, grandma.

Ada: I love you, too.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Ada: Hey, where's Lisa? How could she take her eyes off you?

Jamie: I've been looking for her when I ran into Jason. I don't know. I haven't seen her for a while.

Ada: Well --

Jamie: I'm going to find her.

Lisa: I want to apologize for getting so crazy when you told me.

Vicky: Well, I didn't expect you to be jumping up and down.

Lisa: No. But I know this isn't easy for you, either.

Vicky: Lisa, what else did you want to say?

Lisa: If you tell Jamie about the baby, he'll probably do the right thing. That's the way he is.

Vicky: "The right thing" -- that's what you call it?

Lisa: Vicky?

Vicky: What?

Lisa: If you tell him, I'll lose him, and then Iíll be miserable, but he will be miserable, too. You heard him -- he loves me. He loves me as much as I love him. And I suppose you can take us away from each other, but I am asking you not to try.

Vicky: What is it that you would like me to do, huh?

Lisa: Don't tell Jamie yet.

Vicky: Well, when would you like me to spring it on him, maybe on his son's 18th birthday?

Lisa: Just wait for a while. Don't ruin what we have. Don't tell Jamie you're pregnant.

Chris: So Iíll see you later.

Michael: Yeah, sure.

Chris: Hi.

John: Hi. I see you were having a nice conversation with my brother, Mike.

Chris: Yes. You know who we were talking about?

John: Who?

Chris: You.

John: Ooh. Sorry I missed that conversation.

Chris: You would have like it.

John: Yeah?

Chris: Yeah, and you know what I told him? I said, "Michael, John is the real hero of this hospice center."

John: Oh, I don't know about that.

Chris: Well, I do.

John: You do, huh?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Just think about it, Vicky. Maybe there will be someone else.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Lisa. Jamie's the one who's the father of my --

Jamie: There you are. Hi!

Lisa: Hi.

Jamie: Well, I'm glad to see you two talking.

Vicky: You are?

Jamie: Yes. Maybe we can --

Dr. Kim: Vicky?

Jamie: Get past all of our --

Vicky: Oh.

Dr. Kim: How are you?

Vicky: Hi, Dr. Kim.

Jamie: How do you know Vicky?

Dr. Kim: Well --

Vicky: Oh, my magazine carts and I travel a long way. I go down in the annals of volunteerism. Let's see what they have to offer at the bar.

Jamie: Are you happy?

Lisa: The only thing that would make me happy is to be your wife as soon as possible.

Jamie: I think we can arrange that.

Dr. Kim: You know you can't have a drink.

Vicky: I know that. I'm just feeling a lot better, and sometimes I forget.

Dr. Kim: Then the nausea has subsided. You can eat again?

Vicky: Yeah. It's still a little disgusting, but --

Dr. Kim: Well, good. Maybe the rest of the pregnancy will be uneventful.

Vicky: I doubt it.

Donna: Excuse me. Michael.

Michael: Donna. Hey.

Donna: Hi.

Michael: Hi. Donna, where you been?

Donna: You didn't get my message?

Michael: No.

Donna: Oh. Well, someone from the child welfare board called and insisted on coming by and seeing us tonight.

Michael: You're kidding. Well, what happened?

Donna: Well, nothing. She never showed up. Marley finally came home, so I left.

Mary: Donna, excuse me. I just heard what you said. Nobody was scheduled to come to your house tonight. I certainly would have known about it.

Donna: Well, someone did call.

Mary: Could you have misunderstood?

Donna: Mary, I didn't imagine the call. Honey, Iím sorry I missed everything.

Michael: No, that's really ok.

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: But I'm sure you didn't imagine the call, and I really don't like this phone-call business at all. Would you mind? I'd like to go home.

Donna: Well, no. That's fine.

Michael: Good.

Donna: We'll go.

Mary: Let me know.

Donna: I will. Thank you.

Mary: Bye.

Michael: Good night.

Vince: Good night.

Donna: Oh --

Chris: Hi!

Donna: Hi.

John: Donna, you missed dinner.

Chris: And a great speech.

Donna: Well, I certainly didn't plan on that. Things just got mixed up.

Chris: Well, now that you're finally here, why don't the four of us go out and have a cup of coffee?

Michael: Well, that's a nice idea, but we really have to get home to Mikey.

Donna: Right. Maybe some other time, though, all right? I'm sorry.

Michael: Ok.

John: Sure, yeah -- Mike?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Listen, thanks for the kind words.

Michael: I meant every word I said, John.

Chris: Give my love to Mikey.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Mike really loves that kid.

Chris: Yeah, I know, and I think he realized tonight that the only place Donna wants to be is at home with Mikey.

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