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Another World Transcript Friday 7/2/04

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Singer: When life is too much roll with it, baby don't stop and lose your touch oh, no, baby

Sam: Oh, yeah.

Amanda: I certainly hope that you're using sun block.

Sam: Hmm -- block that sun! Block that sun!

Amanda: I'm serious.

Sam: Oh. Don't worry, Amanda, Iíve got plenty of this stuff on.

Amanda: Ok, good.

Sam: You're not going swimming in that thing, are you?

Amanda: Oh, no. No.

Sam: Well, what are you going swimming in?

Amanda: In my suit.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Is that the suit that clings and sticks and all that good stuff?

Amanda: No.

Sam: No?

Amanda: It's a new one. You haven't seen it yet.

Sam: Yeah? Well, come on, let me see.

Amanda: Ahem.

Sam: Yeah.

[Sam growls]

Amanda: You like?

Sam: Alexandra Fowler has the most beautiful mom.

Amanda: Hmm.

Sam: Where are you going?

Amanda: This looks great. Let's go in.

Sam: Ah! Wait a second! What about your sun block?

Amanda: Oh, no, I'm just going for a dip. I have to get ready for the christening.

Sam: Oh, we've got time, Amanda.

Amanda: Alli's going to wake up and she's going to want to get bathed and fed.

Sam: Rachel loves to feed Alli!

Amanda: So do I!

Sam: I know. But, Amanda --

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: You know how much I just love sticking this stuff all over your body.

Amanda: I think you need --

Sam: What?

Amanda: To cool off!

Sam: No, no.

Amanda: No?

Sam: Now, you never learn that, do you? You never learn that Iím not the one that goes into the pool that way; you're the one that goes into the pool that way.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: I'm not the pushee, you're the pushee.

Amanda: I don't like to go in like that! I told you, I don't like to go in like that!

Sam: I know you don't like to go in like that, but, Amanda --

Amanda: Sam, no!

Sam: You'd better close your nose up!

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: Because we're going in! Cowabunga!

Amanda: No!

Sam: Off we go!


Singer: Roll with it, baby

Jamie: Thanks for the lift.

Lisa you have to go now?

Jamie: Yeah, that's -- I have patients. That's why you drove me here.

Lisa: All right, all right.

Jamie: And you're going to come back in a couple of hours to pick me up, right?

Lisa: In a couple of hours.

Jamie: And in the meantime, you're going to relax and enjoy yourself, right?

Lisa: I'm relaxed.

Jamie: You could have fooled me.

Lisa: Ok, I'm a little bit nervous.

Jamie: Just a little bit, huh?

Lisa: Jamie, we are about to become godparents. That's forever.

Jamie: That's right.

Lisa: It's a big responsibility.

Jamie: And that's why they chose you, because they know you're a very responsible person.

Lisa: With no experience when it comes to children.

Jamie: Hey, now, wait a minute. I've seen you with kids, and you're terrific. I think you were made to be a mother.

Vicky: Oh, I just think it's something I ate.

Donna: Well, honey, do you have a fever?

Vicky: No, I don't think so.

Donna: Victoria, you haven't even taken your temperature?

Vicky: Well, I just feel a little queasy, that's all.

Donna: No, look, I want you to go get a thermometer and take your temperature right now, and I'll wait.

Vicky: I don't have a thermometer. I think it's food poisoning, though.

Donna: Since when did you become a medical expert?

Vicky: I'm just not going to run to a doctor because of a stomach ache, that's all.

Donna: Look, I don't care. I want you to call the hospital right now, make an appointment, and then get over there.

Vicky: They'll think I'm crazy for going for a stomach--

Donna: Victoria, what do you care what people think? Your health is nothing to fool around with.

Michael: That's what I keep telling you.

Donna: Now, listen to me right now. Are you going to call them, or am I going to have to do it for you?

Vicky: I'll do it. I'll do it.

Donna: Do it now.

Vicky: Now.

Donna: Yes, and I want you to call me the minute you get back and tell me everything that they said. All right, honey? I just want you to feel better because I love you. Ok? Bye-bye. Poor baby, she can't keep any food down.

Michael: You know, personally, I think you ought to take your own advice.

Donna: What are you talking about? I don't need to see a doctor.

Michael: Hey, there's nothing more valuable than your health, remember? Hmm?

Donna: Michael, there's nothing wrong with me.

Michael: Well, there's going to be, Donna, if you don't start getting some sleep soon.

Donna: I've been sleeping!

Michael: Sure, you've been sleeping, in between getting up, getting down, turning on the light, turning off the light, picking up the book, putting --

Donna: Sounds to me like you've had a few sleepless nights yourself, huh?

Michael: Well, I wouldn't miss a good show for anything.

Donna: I've been driving you crazy, huh?

Michael: Let's just say there's been a moment or two when I wanted to help you turn the lights out, Donna.

Donna: Oh, Michael, honey, Iím sorry. I didn't mean to keep you up.

Michael: No, no, no -- come on, it's you Iím worried about.

Donna: Well, I will be just fine. I -- I will get over all of this, I promise you.

Michael: Ok, well, I tell you what -- why don't you help yourself get over it a little bit sooner by calling Jamie Frame?

Donna: Jamie?

Michael: Sure.

Donna: Oh, wait a minute. You know, I don't know that that's such a good idea -- I mean, after everything that Victoriaís been through with him.

Michael: Donna, come on. Those two are adults, it's their problem, and that's no reason for you not to take care of your health.

Donna: Well, maybe you're right about them being adults and their problem, but, I mean -- all right, I will call him, I promise.

Michael: Today?

Donna: Today, yes.

Michael: Good, good, good. Ok, call me at my office. I should be there in -- oh, about three hours, ok?

Donna: Well, wait a minute. Where are you going now?

Michael: I have a big -- Cory Publishing.

Donna: Well, you have to be there?

Michael: Yeah, I've been in on this takeover thing since the beginning, and it's getting a little sticky. Somebody forged my name.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Donna, I have no idea. But I'm getting drawn in the middle of something here I don't understand, and I don't like it one bit. I'll see you later.

Donna: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Sam: Ah! Whoo!

Amanda: You are very lucky that I love you.

Sam: Ok, so the water was a little cold.

Amanda: A little? I swear, if I didn't --

Sam: Amanda, Amanda, how was I supposed to know they turned the heater off? Now, how was I supposed to know that?

Amanda: I'll get revenge.

Sam: You? You're not the type.

Amanda: Give me time. I'll think of something.

Sam: Wait, just -- ooh. Just remember -- come here, come here. Remember that you love me, ok?

Amanda: You are one very lucky dude.

Sam: Speaking of loving someone, have I told you lately how crazy I am about you?

Amanda: Yeah, right -- change the subject.

Sam: Well, not only are you intelligent, sexy, nice, fun to talk to --

Amanda: Ok, ok, ok. You can change the subject.

Sam: But you're also back to your old self. It's about time.

Amanda: Like I said, I've been kind of a drag lately, huh?

Sam: Well, not exactly a drag, but preoccupied. You know Iíve been worried about you, don't you?

Amanda: That's silly.

Sam: What, it's silly to worry about my wife?

Amanda: No, I just mean it's silly because I think you're overreacting. It was nothing.

Sam: Amanda, you know that you've been acting strangely the last couple of days. Come on.

Amanda: Sam, look, you're overreacting. It was nothing. Let's not make a big deal about this, ok? Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Drew: How bad do you want it, huh? How bad do you want your husband's contract?

Amanda: No! Oh! Help me! Somebody help me!

Sam: Amanda? See, there you go again.

Amanda: Ok, so I guess Iíve been a little down. I'm sorry.

Sam: It's nothing to be sorry about. It just needs to be talked about.

Amanda: Look, Sam, Iím -- I'm fine. I'm fine, really. I'm back to my old self again.

Sam: Ok. What's going on? What's the problem?

Amanda: It was nothing, really. It just -- it just had to do with a friend of mine. Look, it's girl talk. I can't really -- I shouldn't talk about it.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: Anyway, can you believe that we're actually christening our daughter today?

Sam: Yeah, it's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Amanda: Just think -- a year ago we were still parking cars.

Sam: Yeah. Little did we know, huh?

Singer: I'm forever yours

Sam: Do me a favor --

Amanda: Mm-hmm?

Sam: Get my back.

Sam: Oh, boy, are you good at that.

Amanda: I feel so lucky to have you and Alli.

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Well, guess what --

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: I just might have a surprise for you.

Amanda: What?

Sam: No, no. It's about my future. But, you know, you might be happy with it. You just might.

Amanda: Well, what is it?

Sam: No, I'm going to tell you, not till after the christening. I refuse to think about anything else except our daughter. Deal?

Amanda: "Our daughter." I feel so blessed.

Sam: Me, too.

Amanda: I hope everything turns out ok. You know, Mom is a nervous wreck.

Sam: Yeah, well, she doesn't have to worry about anybody getting in this place. I have never seen the security so tight.

Amanda: It has to be.

Sam: Well, it's not like the way I grew up.

Amanda: You were lucky.

Sam: You know, my mom would've loved having the press poke their noses into our lives. She would've loved the attention.

Amanda: Not like this.

Sam: Are you kidding? She would've loved this! Except, unfortunately, no one was even the least bit interested.

Amanda: I just wish they would leave us alone.

Sam: Hey, Amanda, Amanda --

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: They will. I promise. Don't worry, Iíll take care of that, ok?

Amanda: I'm going to go get ready.

Sam: Ok. Hey -- I love you.

Amanda: See you later.

Singer: Forever and ever oh

[Knock on door]

Mac: Come in.

Zack: Mac, sorry Iím late. I got here as fast I could. I had to postpone my flight until later on. Sounds important.

Cass: Yeah, this sounded like it was really urgent.

Mac: Very urgent and very important.

Zack: That's bad?

Mac: Well, it's not good.

Cass: Great -- urgent and not good.

Zack: It's about the takeover?

Cass: What happened, Mac? Do you think that there's another move in the offing?

Mac: I'm certain that things are heating up.

Cass: And that's all you're going to tell us?

Mac: Oh, I'm just waiting until Michael Hudson gets here.

Zack: What, he has something to do with this?

Mac: Yes, but we're all involved. I think it's better to hold the discussion until Michael arrives.

Cass: You're keeping an eye on the time, aren't you, Mac? Alli's christening is only a couple hours away.

Mac: Yeah, nothing's going to keep me away from that, but this just couldn't be postponed.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Come in, Michael.

Michael: Am I late?

Mac: No. Never mind.

Cass: We just got here ourselves. Don't worry about it.

Michael: Great. Let's just started.

Zack: Well, Mac says something happened with the takeover.

Michael: I know. But the question is what?

Mac: That's right. But until we know, we're not going to just sit around and wait. Up until now, we've been on the defensive. We've just been reacting to whatever the position did.

Zack: Well, there's not much else we could do, Mac.

Mac: Maybe, but now we're going to change our strategy.

Cass: How?

Mac: We'll going to draw up a really good battle plan. We have just got to go on the offensive, gentlemen.

Vicky: Well. Fancy meeting you here, Jamie.

Jamie: I work here.

Vicky: So you do.

Jamie: Why are you here?

Vicky: I've got an appointment.

Jamie: Are you ill?

Vicky: Do I look it?

Jamie: A little pale.

Vicky: Oh, well, I'll have to fix that.

Jamie: So, what's -- what's wrong with you?

Vicky: Oh, I think I have some food poisoning. Never going to order that steak tartare again, especially from a Chinese restaurant. That was a joke.

Jamie: Well, I hope you feel better.

Vicky: Jamie? I've been meaning to tell you that Iím sorry for everything that happened.

Jamie: It's over now, Vicky. There's no need to apologize.

Vicky: Well, I feel the need. I really care about your and Lisaís happiness.

Jamie: I appreciate that.

Vicky: Also, I don't know if you've heard, but I am going to the christening this afternoon.

Jamie: That's fine with me.

Vicky: Are you sure?

Jamie: It's Amandaís choice. You have every right to be there.

Vicky: Well, not if it's going to make you uncomfortable.

Jamie: It won't.

Vicky: Good. Jamie, I did a lot of thinking while I was away. And after everything that you and Lisa have been through, I realize that you're really right for each other. I -- I hope that you two have a happy future together.

Jamie: I wish you all the happiness, too.

Vicky: Thank you. That's very sweet.

Jamie: You know, I hope I wasn't too hard on you before. I'm sorry if I was. I guess I didn't handle the situation too brilliantly myself.

Vicky: Well, it probably could have been handled better by both of us.

Jamie: Sometimes things work out for the best somehow.

Vicky: You think so?

Jamie: Yeah. You'll learn that in time.

Donna: I'm just sorry to see you still so unhappy.

Vicky: Mom, I am so mixed-up inside, I don't know what I'm feeling. I'm glad I did what I did, but I love Jamie a lot, and it's just hard for me to accept that he and Lisa are going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Donna: I know. I know, honey. But you know what? I think this shows me that you're really growing up, that you're learning to accept other people's choices and you're beginning to make your own.

Vicky: Sometimes I don't know if Iíll ever accept other people's happiness -- that feeling like I missed out, I lost.

Donna: No. No, honey, give yourself some time. You know, when you start wanting the best for others, then the best is going to come your way.

Nurse: Ms. Hudson? The doctor will see you now.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: I'll get it, Bridget! Hi -- Chris.

Chris: Hi. I know I should've called first, but I was driving by and I started thinking about Mikey.

Donna: Oh, well, please, come on in. Actually, Mikeyís taking a nap right now. He hasn't been sleeping lately.

Chris: Oh, poor little kid.

Donna: Right. Please, please come on in and sit down.

Chris: Well, thank you.

Donna: Can I get you some tea or coffee or anything?

Chris: No, no, I can only stay a minute.

Donna: Actually, this is great. You know, I've been meaning to call you.

Chris: About what?

Donna: Well, I wanted to see how you were feeling.

Chris: Oh, you know, I'm still a little rocky. I've -- I've felt real vulnerable since the break-in. I just wish they'd catch the guy.

Donna: Yes, well, Michael has his people working on it, and he's doubled up security.

Chris: Oh, I know. Three men stopped me. Luckily, one of them recognized me.

Donna: Wait a minute.

Chris: What is it?

Donna: No, no, it's nothing. I thought I heard Mikey, but --

Chris: Oh.

Donna: He would've let me know in no uncertain terms, believe me.

Chris: He's such a good kid.

Donna: Yes, he is.

Chris: You know, it's bizarre how much he looks like Michael.

Donna: Well, Michael really adores him.

Chris: And who wouldn't?

Donna: Well, actually, I didn't when he first came here.

Chris: Oh.

Donna: But, no, now he's -- he's won me over completely.

Chris: Sure. God, he'd steal anybody's heart.

Donna: Yeah. It's just that, you know, I don't know that it's such a good idea to have him here right now with all the danger. But yet, on the other hand, I couldn't think of him being away from me.

Chris: The police, I guess, haven't come up with anything yet?

Donna: No, no. They say they're trying, of course.

Chris: I'll bet Michaelís real thrilled with that.

Donna: You know, he really is a very patient man, but the other day when he was on the phone with the police, I heard him calling them every name in the book.

Chris: Well, Michael is certainly patient. I suppose he told you what happened at the restaurant.

Donna: At the restaurant?

Chris: Well, when we had lunch together.

Donna: Oh, oh, yes, yes.

Chris: I didn't mean to make a pass at him. I mean, it's just the way he took it. I was so embarrassed.

Donna: You made a pass at my husband?

Mac: Anything and everything. No idea is too far-fetched.

Cass: Oh, I don't think there will be any shortage of ideas from this group.

Mac: As long as it puts pressure on them. What we have to do is find ways to squeeze them, to cut them off.

Zack: Mac, I think I know what you want. But what Iím not sure of is, why is this thing heating up like this?

Cass: Yeah, I thought this whole thing was in limbo, a stalemate.

Mac: Michael?

Michael: My name has been used. It's been forged.

Cass: It has?

Michael: Yeah. Our enemy's defenses are definitely heating up.

Mac: Drew Marstenís ploy in hiring Sam was just a diversion. Before long, they're really going to start blasting away again.

Michael: All right, Mac, look, there are law firms whose specialty is defending against hostile takeovers.

Mac: Then we've got to get in touch with one.

Zack: Mac, let me handle that. I can contact a few people.

Mac: Thank you, Zack. I appreciate that. Now, what other ideas?

Michael: I got to talk about the break-in at my apartment.

Cass: You think that's related to this?

Michael: My gut feeling is that it is.

Mac: The police haven't gotten anywhere?

Michael: Ah, come on, the police are working locally, and I think this should be focused out of the country.

Zack: Where?

Michael: The Persian Gulf. Drew Marsten has shown some activity in the Persian Gulf.

Cass: How?

Michael: Look, I've got some business holdings there, and there have been deposits made in my name into a Swiss bank account from the Persian Gulf.

Cass: I don't know, Michael. That -- that sounds like you're really reaching for it a little.

Mac: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Michael: I'm going to go to the Persian Gulf. I'm going to go today. I think Marsten bought one of my men, and I don't like it. I don't like it at all.

Vicky: So, am I going to live?

Doctor: Oh, very definitely.

Vicky: That's a relief.

Doctor: But I would like to run some more tests.

Vicky: I thought you said I was ok.

Doctor: I said I didn't think it was anything serious.

Vicky: Oh, so, what is it? Flu?

Doctor: Without a fever or respiratory problems, very unlikely.

Vicky: Food poisoning?

Doctor: There has been a lot of salmonella this summer.

Vicky: Oh, well, then Iím sure that's what it is.

Doctor: Well, I'm not. And that's why I want to do a workup. I'll send the nurse in to get some blood from you.

Vicky: Oh, I can hardly wait.

Doctor: Oh, it won't take long.

Vicky: Well, you're not going to find anything.

Chris: Donna, it was nothing, really. I said something, he misinterpreted it, and -- well, you had to be there.

Donna: Maybe I should've been.

Chris: You are a lucky woman. Your husband is so wonderful. When he finally realized what I really meant, he put me right at ease and he helped me get over my embarrassment.

Donna: Well, Michael is like that. And you're right -- I am a very lucky woman. You know, he really is wonderful.

Chris: Oh, I know. I wish I could --


Donna: What? Is that -- oh!

Chris: There he is!

Donna: Oh, there he is!

Chris: Oh, you sweetheart!

Donna: Hi, hon! Did you have a good nap, huh?

Mikey: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah?

Mikey: Yeah.

Chris: Oh, he looks a little sleepy. I know how he feels.

Donna: You still sleepy? I tell you what, why don't we go over here. Look at this -- I have your airplane down here. Why don't you sit down right here and play with that for a little while, ok?

Mikey: Ok.

Donna: Yeah, all right. You know, he really loves that plane. He plays with it for hours. Michael thinks he's going to be a pilot someday.

Chris: I'll bet you have your hands full keeping Michael from spoiling him.

Donna: Actually, I do. He adores Mikey, and he loves to play with Mikeyís toys, too. It's hard to get him to go to work these days.

Chris: You got him to go to today, though, right?

Donna: Actually, I didn't have any problem with that today. In fact, I don't even know if he's going to be home tonight.

Chris: He's that busy?

Donna: Well, it's this Cory takeover. It's at a critical point.

Chris: Donna, Michael isn't in any trouble? When we had lunch, he seemed worried.

Donna: Um -- well, no, I don't think -- actually, he doesn't really keep me posted on what's going on with him about everything.

Chris: Well, I'm sure if there's a problem, he can handle it. As far as businessmen go, he's top of the line.

Donna: Yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Excuse me a minute. Let me get that. Bridget, Iíll get it!


Jamie: Hi, I got your message. What's the problem?

Donna: Jamie, I could've come to your office.

Jamie: Oh, well, you know how I like to brag about being the last of the house-callers.

Donna: Right, right. Please, come on in. Jamie, you know Chris.

Jamie: Sure do. Hi. How are you?

Chris: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: And here's my little buddy Mikey. How are you, kiddo?

Donna: He's just gotten up from his nap.

Chris: Well, listen, why don't -- Iím going to take Mikey inside, ok? I'll go in the kitchen and see if Bridgetís there.

Donna: Great.

Chris: Maybe we can find some jam and tarts.

Donna: Oh, that sounds like a great idea. Thank you, Chris.

Chris: Come on, Mikey.

Mikey: Ok.

Jamie: So, what's up?

Donna: Jamie, it's -- it's nothing, really. You know, it's just that Michael insisted that I call you.

Jamie: Well, if Michael insisted, then there must be something he's concerned about.

Donna: It's just that I haven't been sleeping, you know, since the break-in.

Jamie: Oh, well, that's understandable.

Donna: Well, Jamie, that's really it. I'm just not sleeping, you know, and Michaelís going out of town for a few days and I really need to be at my best, you know, so I can take care of Mikey.

Jamie: Uh-huh. Where's Michael off to?

Donna: Um -- actually, he hasn't told me, but I think I know. I overheard him telling them to get his plane ready.

Jamie: Ah, I see. Well, I think these should help with the sleep.

Donna: Uh, no -- Jamie, no, really. You know, I hate pills.

Jamie: I know you do, but you don't have to rely upon them. If you get upset or anxious about something, it might be better than tossing and turning all night long. It's a very mild dosage.

Donna: All right, I will keep them, but I will only take them if I absolutely need them.

Jamie: Good. Now, call me if you need me, ok?

Donna: Ok.

Jamie: You know, that was a bum deal about the break-in here. The security in this building is incredible. I can attest to that by just trying to get in here today.

Donna: I know, I know. Actually, you know, Chris was the one that was hurt.

Jamie: I heard.

Donna: You know, I wish I could be as strong as she is.

Jamie: Are you kidding? You're as strong as anyone I know. You' just had a tough time of it lately. It'll get better.

Donna: Yeah, I hope so.

Jamie: You take care of yourself.

Donna: All right. Jamie? Will you give Lisa my best, please?

Drew: But I can't rush it. No, no, I won't make a mistake, chief. The best way not to is by being very cautious. Chief, things are going well. Let me handle it, ok? I understand, I understand. All right. I'll see what I can do.

Sam: "And so all the fairies in turn named the gift for which they had brought for Briar Rose." Alli, you're spitting up while Iím telling you the story. Here. Ok, let's -- is that better? You hate when I do that, don't you? Daddy always comes over and messes with your face. You want to move a little bit? Yeah. Ok.

Sam: "The fourth said that whatever the princess put her hand to, she would do with most exquisite grace. The fifth, that she would sing like a nightingale. The sixth, that she should dance as lightly as a fairy. And so on and so on until she had nearly all the virtues and accomplishments that even a king might desire for his daughter."

[Alli coos]

Sam: Aw.

Amanda: Think she understands?

Sam: Yeah, I'm sure she does.

[Alli fusses]

Sam: What's the matter? Is it too fast? There you go, there you go. Yeah, I think she understands. As a matter of fact, it's a piece of cake.

[Alli fusses]

Sam: See? She wants to read "Karamazov brothers." Ok, tacky, I know. Ok, Alli -- "but as yet, the spiteful, old hag had not said a word. At last, she cast an evil glance around. ď

[Disguised voice] 'Have you all finished?' said she.

Amanda: Look at her looking at you.

Sam: 'Hear, then, my wish. On the day she reaches her 15th birthday, the princess shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and shall immediately die.'"

Amanda: What's that?

Sam: [Normal voice] hey --

Amanda: Get out of here! Get out!

Sam: Look, I want you to leave my family alone and get out of here!

Man: Hey, take it easy, pal -- hey! Hey, what are you doing?

Sam: Showing you what I think of your pictures here, bud.

Man: Yeah, right. All I did was take a picture -- hey, what's the matter with you, huh?

Sam: Get out of here! Get out of here! Get out!

[Alli cries]

Sam: Jerk. I'm sorry, Amanda. I'm so sorry.

Amanda: I wonder how he got by the security people.

Sam: I don't know, but I'm going to make sure that never happens again. I want my family left alone.

Drew: Hello, Mac. Glad I caught you in.

Mac: How did you get in here?

Drew: Well, nobody was guarding the inner sanctum.

Mac: Yes, Liz must've left to get ready for the christening, which is what Iím about to do.

Drew: Well, I won't keep you long.

Mac: You won't keep me at all, Marsten. Goodbye.

Drew: There's some things we need to talk about, Cory.

Mac: We are through talking.

Drew: Family things.

Mac: What do you mean?

Drew: You heard me.

Mac: Family? You said "family things."

Drew: The Cory clan is a tight-knit bunch, I'm told.

Mac: Do you have something to tell me about my family?

Drew: Yes, yes. And I think you'll be interested to hear what I have to say.

Lisa: There you are.

Jamie: Sorry, I went to see Donna.

Lisa: Oh, is she sick?

Jamie: Just a little uptight about that break-in, but she'll be fine. Have you been waiting long?

Lisa: Days and days.

Jamie: You poor baby.

Lisa: I couldn't stand it at home anymore. I was getting antsy.

Jamie: If you're this nervous before a christening --

Lisa: Jamie, we are about to become godparents.

Jamie: Imagine how nervous you're going to be before our wedding.

Lisa: Oh, worse, much worse.

Jamie: I've never seen this side of you before.

Lisa: How can you say that? Don't you remember the last time I tried to cook something?

Jamie: Oh, that's true, very true. Your hands were cold and clammy then, just like they are now.

Lisa: Yeah, the dinner was cold and clammy, too.

Jamie: Yeah. Well, listen, I got an idea.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Why don't we buy a house without a kitchen?

Lisa: Well, that would take the pressure off.

Jamie: Or better yet, we'll build our own house, and instead of putting the kitchen in, we'll have them build a takeout room.

Lisa: A takeout room?

Jamie: Ah, you know, a room with just a desk and a phone and a drawer full of takeout menus.

Lisa: Perfect!

Jamie: Everything is going to be perfect as long as we stay together.

Lisa: It better be.

Jamie: Why don't we go become godparents now? What do you say?

Lisa: I'm ready.

Jamie: Ok, come on. Oh, listen, I've just got to leave some instructions about a patient, ok? Don't go away. I'll be right back.

Lisa: Ok, hurry up.

Jamie: I'll be right -- oh, there's one other thing. You should know that Vickyís going to be there.

Lisa: How do you know that?

Jamie: Well, I ran into her here earlier today, and she was actually very nice -- worried that you'd be uncomfortable.

Lisa: I'm touched.

Jamie: We're going to have to learn to live with it.

Lisa: I can if you can.

Jamie: I'll be right back.

Vicky: Lisa.

Lisa: Well, what a coincidence.

Vicky: How do you mean?

Lisa: Jamie and I were just talking about you.

Vicky: Really?

Lisa: I understand you'll be at Alli's christening?

Vicky: Oh, yeah, I adore the baby. I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Lisa: I know what you mean.

Vicky: So, how have you been?

Lisa: Great. Jamie and I have been house hunting. It's been very exciting.

Vicky: I'll bet.

Lisa: So, what brings you to the hospital?

Vicky: Oh, no big deal, really. I just kind of feel sick to my stomach.

Lisa: Oh?

Vicky: Yeah, the doctor thinks it might be salmonella poisoning. I'm just waiting for the test results.

Lisa: Well, I hope it's nothing serious.

Vicky: Thanks. I'm just going to go check and see if he got them back yet. See you at the christening.

Lisa: Yes. You will, indeed.

Michael: Boy am I sorry I have to go.

Donna: Not any more sorry than I am.

Michael: Ooh, you. I have this feeling that if my theory is correct, by taking this little trip to the Persian Gulf, Iím going to find out who's behind the takeover, who's behind all of my problems, and maybe who is behind the break-in this apartment.

Donna: I know. I know all that.

Michael: And I promise you, I'll only be gone a couple of days -- three at the very most.

Donna: All right. Well, you know, you aren't going to have to worry about me. I will hold down the fort here.

Michael: I know you will. You haven't mentioned talking to Jamie. Did you talk to him?

Donna: Oh -- yes. As a matter of fact, he surprised me. He showed up here.

Michael: And? What?

Donna: And he agreed I need to get some sleep, so he gave me some pills.

Michael: Ugh -- Donna. Well, look, I know you hate pills, and I certainly do, but if it's going to help you sleep, and if you only take them if you need them --

Donna: That's -- the only time Iíll take them is if I need them, I promise.

Michael: I know, I know.

Donna: Listen, you know, Chris stopped by.

Michael: She did?

Donna: Yes. She wanted to see Mikey. Actually, it was quite nice. She stayed for a while and we had a long talk.

Michael: She came by to see Mikey?

Donna: Mm-hmm. She really is worried about him. She cares a lot about him. You know, I really like her, don't you?

Michael: Well, why shouldn't I, Donna? I --

Donna: Right. Why shouldn't you?

Michael: Look, I'm going to go.

Donna: All right.

Michael: You take care and be safe, all right? And, look, if you go out, the security guards down at the desk know to not let you go anywhere by yourself.

Donna: Michael, look --

Michael: Anywhere you go, you'll have two people with you.

Donna: Michael, please --

Michael: No, they have their orders. Now, you follow yours. And you, I love.

Donna: Oh, I love you. Please be careful. Please?

Michael: I will. And when we get back, I think we should sit down and really talk about finalizing this adoption of Mikey, ok? Ok?

Donna: Ok. Ok.

Mac: I'm waiting, Marsten.

Drew: You're a reasonable man, Mac. We're both reasonable men.

Mac: What about my family?

Drew: Nobody wants to see them get hurt.

Mac: Is that a threat?

Drew: This fight is pointless.

Mac: Are you threatening my family?

Drew: No, no, I'm merely saying that if you keep resisting us that somebody's going to get hurt.

Mac: That is not what you're saying.

Drew: Yes, it is, Mac. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Mac: I think you underestimate me.

Drew: Never.

Mac: You are playing a very dangerous game, Mr. Marsten.

Drew: Mac, I want you to face the reality of the situation.

Mac: I have dealt with your kind of scum before, and now they just aren't around anymore.

Drew: Who's threatening who, Mac?

Mac: I'm merely giving you a fair warning.

Drew: Mac, I can be very reasonable.

Mac: Why don't you cut out the bull, Marsten?

Drew: Oh, that's very colorful language. But it still won't hide the obvious.

Mac: Which is?

Drew: That you're dragging you and your family down. And the more you fight us, the further down you'll go.

Mac: Fight? I haven't begun to fight!

Drew: Don't, Mac. You can't win.

Mac: Now, you go back and you tell your chief just what Iíve said. You tell him to back off before it's too late for him to back off.

Drew: Mac, you haven't heard a word Iím saying.

Mac: And now get out.

Drew: There are going to be some hard feelings on this, Mac. Hot -- very hot -- and very personal.

Sam: I'm not going to stand for this!

Amanda: Sam, calm down. It's not like he hurt us or anything.

Sam: The guy invaded our privacy, Amanda.

Amanda: He's just doing his job.

Sam: Now, what kind of statement is that to make?

Amanda: I mean, he's just doing what he was told to do.

Sam: So you're defending him and what he did?

Amanda: He was assigned to take pictures of us on our christening day.

Sam: Look, I don't really care! I don't care what this guy was assigned to do.

Amanda: I wish you wouldn't get so upset.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I am not going to have my family victimized by him or anybody else. I will do anything to make sure that you and Alli are ok. Do you understand?

Amanda: I guess so.

Sam: Anything.

Mac: Are you going to get out of here, or am I going to put you out?

Drew: Remember what I told you. The chief never takes no for an answer.

Mac: Oh, yes, he does. From now on, he does!

Drew: That's a tragic mistake, Mac.

Mac: Out!

Drew: What's your hurry? Oh, that's right -- you have a christening to go to.

Mac: Now!

Drew: Enjoy this time with your family, while you can.

P.A. Announcer: Paging Mr. Hudson. Mr. Michael Hudson, will you please come to the information desk. Mr. Michael Hudson.

Lisa: Ready?

Jamie: Just about. So, how do I look?

Lisa: Very God fatherly.

Jamie: [As Don Corleone] oh, yeah? Well, then let me make you a little offer you can't refuse.

Lisa: Not that kind of godfather.

Jamie: Oh, that's too bad because that's just the look I was going for.

Vicky: What a handsome couple.

Lisa: Jamie and I are about to become godparents.

Vicky: Lucky Alli.

Jamie: [Normal voice] lucky us.

Lisa: We're very honored that Sam and Amanda chose us.

Vicky: That's some honor.

Jamie: It's a very exciting day. I think we all deserve some happiness.

Vicky: Absolutely.

Doctor: Oh, excuse me. Ms. Hudson, I'm ready to see you now. I have the results of the test.

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