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Another World Transcript Thursday 6/24/04

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Nicole: Oh, it's so good to be home again.

Cass: Isn't it, though?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: I'll tell you what --

Nicole: What?

Cass: How about a "welcome back home" kiss for good luck?

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: I never heard of such a thing.

Cass: That's because I just made it up.

Nicole: Oh.

[Nicole gasps]

Cass: Nicole, just relax, ok?

Nicole: Cass, it's starting all over.

Cass: No, no, no. I left the door open. Come on, it's -- it's nothing. Nicole, Max and Nora are together now. There are no ghosts here, no strange forces. It's just the two of us again.

Felicia: Ok, now, wait a minute. Let's try this again. If we have 30 guests and we do it buffet-style, that would mean 63 pounds of prime rib? No. That can't be right. All right, wait a minute. Maybe I should stick with the chicken. All right, chicken for 30 people. Let me see -- 60 chickens? Uh-uh. I'm doing something wrong here.

Mitch: Well, you take the amount of chicken and you take the number of ribs, and then you add them together.

Felicia: You know, you shouldn't make fun of all this. I mean, it takes a lot of work to plan an engagement party for Lisa and Jamie. It takes a lot of planning.

Mitch: Yes, and a lot of creativity.

Felicia: And a lot of algebra.

Mitch: Algebra -- there's nothing to it. That's easy.

Felicia: Darling, math is not my strong suit. Wally always took care of all of that for me. I like the creative aspects of these affairs.

Mitch: Well, I'll tell you what -- Matthew had a very good year in algebra, and if you're real nice, maybe I can be persuaded to help you solve your problems per serving.

Felicia: Yeah? In return for what?

Mitch: Oh, I don't know.

Felicia: No, no, no, no. Don't forget our cover. We should be scribbling this all over your face.

Mitch: Well, then, maybe we could just save that for later, you know?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: Yes. Felicia: I don't -- no --

[Phone rings]

Felicia: No. Excuse me. Tops. Oh, hi, honey. Sure. Just one second. You'll have to save your kisses for this. It's your brother.

Mitch: I've been trying to reach you. What's going on?

Sam: Yeah, Mitch, Iíve been trying to reach you, too. Look, I need to see you right now.

Mitch: What's this about?

Sam: About a guy named Drew Marsten.

Mitch: Ok, I'm on my way over.

Mac: Damn Marsten!

Rachel: What? What is it?

Mac: He's got an article in the paper about that wretched magazine he's supposedly starting up.

Rachel: Oh. Sam's name is mentioned. Oh, no!

Mac: Yes. Obviously, Marsten enjoys rubbing our noses in this latest trick of his.

Rachel: Well, we've just got to get Zack to get Sam out of that contract, that's all.

Mac: Not quite all. When Marsten first met with me, he said this takeover was strictly a business decision. But when I see him trying to split up our family, I know it's time to stop playing by the rules. I'm going to call his hand on this. I'm going to call it today.

Rachel: Mac, what are you planning to do?

Mac: I just think it's time Mr. Marsten and I had a little chat.

Rachel: Mac, you said you were going to fight this takeover financially, not get involved in some personal dispute.

Mac: That was before Marsten made it a personal fight.

Rachel: I realize that.

Mac: I am not going to sit by and let him attack my family to get at me. I keep seeing the expression on Amandaís face when she realized what Drew had done to Sam.

Rachel: Are you angry at Sam for what's happened?

Mac: No, of course not. It's not his fault. He doesn't stand a chance against a longtime hustler like Marsten. No, if anyone in this family is to blame for this, I am.

Rachel: Mac, that's ridiculous.

Mac: Well, I should've kept the family better informed about the whole detail of the takeover.

Rachel: But even if everybody had known -- I mean, how were we supposed to know Drew Marsten would turn into somebody like this? I mean, when we met him, he seemed strong and determined, but he didn't seem like he was going to do something this sleazy.

Mac: Well, that's true. He came on like a gentleman, but as soon as he pulled those stunts in Europe, I should've realized that both he and that mysterious chief of his would do anything to get their hands on our company.

Rachel: What can you do now, though?

Mac: Well, for starters, I'm going to give Drew a little taste of his own medicine -- personally.

Rachel: Mac, don't you do anything you're going to regret.

Mac: Regret? Going after that lying hypocrite makes me happier than I've been in weeks.

Nicole: Oh, well. These flowers have seen better days anyway. I'll just have to find something else to put in this vase.

Cass: Are you all right?

Nicole: Of course. I was just fond of these flowers, that's all.

Cass: I think there's something else bothering you.

Nicole: Well, Cass, you have to admit that that vase falling over was a little strange. And after being around so many weird things lately, I feel a little odd.

Cass: But all of that is over. I told you, now that Nora and Max are reunited and their souls are at peace, we can all rest.

Nicole: I know that's what you said.

Cass: Aha, but you don't believe me.

Nicole: Right now I don't know what to believe.

Cass: Nicole, you were there with me. You saw.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, Cass, I -- I saw the two of us piece together a mystery. I saw Max. I saw Sister Teresa, but not Nora.

Cass: I told you why her ghost wouldn't appear to you.

Nicole: Yes, because Iím a nonbeliever. I guess that's just one more thing that separates the two of us.

Cass: You didn't have to see Nora to learn the truth about what was happening. We have other proof. We know that a woman named Nora Diamond existed, that Max loved her, and that he thought that she left him because she didn't love him.

Nicole: When, actually, she accidentally died. I know that.

Cass: How would we have learned any of this if -- if Noraís ghost wasn't there pushing us to discover the truth?

Nicole: Maybe.

Cass: "Maybe"? It absolutely amazes me, it dumbfounds me that you still don't believe I saw a ghost!

Nicole: Well, I don't know, Cass. All I know is that I believe this much -- that Max finally learned the truth about Nora and he died a happy man. I hope that he and Nora are together somewhere.

Cass: That's right. I guess that's what's really important -- that and the fact that now we can get on with living our own lives again.

Nicole: You know, I've been thinking about that myself. With all the excitement about Max and Nora, I -- I kind of lost sight of the real reason we'd gone to Haverhill manor in the first place. How about you? Cass?

Cass: Hmm?

Nicole: Haven't you been listening?

Cass: You know what I have to do?

Nicole: What?

Cass: I have to call Felicia.

Nicole: Felicia?

Cass: Yeah, she wanted to know all about this. Besides, she's a great listener, and I -- I have to think some things through.

Nicole: Well, good. I mean, keep on thinking. I wouldn't want you not to think.

Cass: Good. Ok, excuse me. I'm going to make that call.

Nicole: Sure, go right ahead. I don't care. Why would I care?

Rachel: So then Mac just left.

Felicia: Well, you don't think he's going to do something crazy, do you?

Rachel: I don't know what he's going to do. He's very upset with what Drew has done to Sam.

Felicia: Well, then, there's only one solution -- Sam will just have to quit. I mean, Drew Marsten can't make him work for him if he doesn't want to.

Rachel: It's not that simple, Felicia.

Felicia: Why?

Rachel: Sam signed a contract and the contract has a non-competition clause. If Sam quits, Drew can keep him from getting any other work in his field.

Felicia: I see.

Rachel: Not to mention the fact that Sam and Amanda need the money. They're not going to let us help them.

Felicia: No. Sam is much too proud to go to you for any money.

Rachel: Right.

Felicia: You know what?

Rachel: Hmm?

Felicia: It'll all work out. It always does.

Rachel: I just don't want anything to interfere with the christening next week.

Felicia: I know.

Rachel: I think maybe I'll call Mac and find out if he's calmed down.

Felicia: Ok. Lisa.

Lisa: Felicia.

Felicia: Hi, honey. Oh, you look so adorable.

Lisa: Oh, thanks.

Felicia: I like your hair like this.

Lisa: Thanks. You know what?

Felicia: What?

Lisa: I'm thinking of doing something like this for the wedding. You know, with maybe --

Felicia: Oh, you think? The wedding, really? I -- I don't know. I think maybe something different. I think this could be wrong for the wedding.

Lisa: Really?

Felicia: Yeah. You know, I think it should be very dramatic -- I mean, not that this isnít. This is wonderful for everyday, but I think your wedding is sort of -- well, you know, it's a spectacle. Come on, let's sit down.

Lisa: Well, Felicia, I never really thought of my wedding as a spectacle.

Felicia: Well, you want it to be special, don't you?

Lisa: Well, of course I do, but, you know, I just --

Felicia: I think you should wear it down and loose, very sexy.

Lisa: But, you know, I had something --

Felicia: You know what? We're getting way ahead of ourselves here. I'm going to go get the bride books and I'm going to show you all the ideas that I have for the wedding, all right? I'll be right back.

Lisa: Ok.

Rachel: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Rachel. How are you?

Rachel: Oh, better now that Iím seeing you and we can talk about something relaxing. I always like your hair like that.

Lisa: Oh, thanks. Felicia was just telling me, though, that I should wear it differently for the wedding.

Rachel: Oh, I agree with her.

Lisa: You do?

Rachel: Oh, yes. For your one and only wedding, it should be very dignified. There's only one answer.

Lisa: What's that?

Rachel: Wear it up.

Lisa: Oh.

Felicia: Hey. Ladies, here we are. I love planning weddings, don't you?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. Well, I thought we could just bat around a few general ideas today because we have plenty of time, you know?

Felicia: Honey, you're getting married in September. I mean, time has a way of getting away from you. No, no, no. I think we get started right away.

Rachel: Absolutely.

Lisa: Oh.

Felicia: Absolutely. Now --

Lisa: Ok, well, let me tell you what I was thinking about, then.

Felicia: Now, here's something I think you could carry off very well.

Rachel: Oh.

Felicia: Not exactly this particular dress -- I mean, something a little different. For instance, like the long train here?

Lisa: Yeah?

Felicia: Well, I -- I think it should be even longer. And lace -- lots and lots and lots, gobs of lace. What do you think? Good?

Rachel: Are you serious about this dress?

Felicia: Yes, of course Iím serious. I think Lisa would make a very dramatic entrance.

Rachel: Well, right. It's really dramatic. I -- I -- you know, maybe it's just a tad excessive.

Lisa: Well, you know, I was thinking of something else, a different kind of dress --

Felicia: Why don't you like this dress? I don't understand.

Rachel: Well, it's not that I don't like it. I -- um -- Belgian lace maybe would be nice on it.

Felicia: Really? I don't know, I -- I sort of thought French lace would be nicer.

Rachel: Just maybe, just a little lace.

Lisa: That's a good --

Rachel: Not so much.

Lisa: That's a good point, you know. I -- I had an idea that maybe --

Felicia: Rachel, this dress has to be something that will create memories, you know, for a lifetime.

Rachel: Right. Right. But, you know, the church is so simple, and maybe it would be nice to have a very simple dress and more appropriate, maybe.

Lisa: Um, that's interesting. I thought --

Felicia: But that's not Lisa.

Rachel: I guess I don't think this is.

Felicia: Really?

Lisa: Ugh.

Singer: Time on the line only tomorrow knows how you decide which way to go but time is only the mystery of love the future's only a chance we take we can't be frightened of through the darkest night remember your heart

Singers: Remember

Singer: Through the ragged times

Singers: Remember your heart

Singer: It's hard to believe things can become so cold it's hard to remember the things we've been told could I begin to see you like you see me? Could I still carry the fire for you wherever you may be? Through the darkest night

Singers: Remember

Singer: Remember your heart

Singers: Remember

Singer: Through the ragged times

Singers: Remember your heart

Singer: I won't change your mind or beg you to stay you know that these wishes apply so maybe someday you'll remember me

Singer: Oh could I begin to see you like you see me? And could I still carry the fire for you wherever you may be? Through the darkest night remember your heart through the ragged times

Singers: Remember

Singer: Remember your heart

Singers: Remember

Singer: Through the longest day

Singers: Remember your heart

Singer: As you walk away

Singers: Remember

Singer: Remember your heart

Singers: Remember

Singer: Through the darkest night

Singers: Remember your heart

Singer: Through the raging times

Singers: Remember

Singer: Remember your heart

Singers: Remember

Singer: Through the longest day

Waiter: Excuse me? Miss Gallant, there's a phone call for you.

Felicia: Right. Excuse me.

Rachel: Now, listen, I --

Felicia: Yes, hello?

Cass: Felicia, it's Cass.

Felicia: Hi, honey. You're back.

Cass: Yeah, I am, and I need to talk to you right away.

Felicia: Oh, uh -- honey, not -- not right now. I'm sort of busy, all right?

Cass: Honey, please. My future depends on it.

Felicia: Oh. Uh -- all right. Uh -- all right. Then Iíll be right over. But, listen, there is something here I have to nip in the bud. I'll tell you when I see you. Yes. All right, right away. Bye-bye. Ahem.

Rachel: Now, you see the simple lines here? So then the dress doesn't become the feature. You do.

Lisa: Hmm. That's a lovely dress, Rachel, but --

Felicia: You know what?

Lisa: You know --

Felicia: I think that Lisa should have the wedding that she wants. Whatever you want, sweetheart, that's what we want, right?

Rachel: Oh, of course. I didn't mean to imply --

Felicia: Oh, good. I'm glad that's all settled. Now, I have an emergency. I've got to run, all right?

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: But, really, anything you want for your wedding, I'm behind you 100%.

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Excuse us. Listen, I'll talk to you later. I want to show you the ideas I have for the bouquet. They're fabulous. Have fun.

Rachel: How about this one? Do you think this one is more to your liking?

Sam: Mitch thanks for coming over. Look, I need your help.

Mitch: With Drew Marsten?

Sam: Yeah. Uh -- I don't know, I guess I'd better start from the beginning.

Mitch: Shoot.

Sam: I want you to understand why I'm involving you in this, ok?

Mitch: Good.

Sam: All right. I know that you know Drew Marsten, right?

Mitch: Sort of.

Sam: Ok. I don't know how well you know this guy, but let me tell you something -- this guy's bad.

Mitch: I know that.

Sam: Yeah. Look, he's the guy who gave me that job at the magazine, all right? And I thought it was the answer to all my prayers, ok, because the money was great, right?

Mitch: Right.

Sam: Except it turns out that this guy Marsten is in charge of this takeover attempt.

Mitch: I know that.

Sam: Yeah -- I didn't know that. So Amanda and I -- we invited him over to dinner at the Cory's.

Mitch: You what?

Sam: Yeah. So it was quite the scene, ok? Mac was furious. Rachel was amazed. And Amanda -- well, let's just say she looked like she was going to cry. It was a disaster. Look, what Iím trying to say is Iím working for the guy who's trying to take over Cory Publishing.

Mitch: I knew that.

Sam: What?

Mitch: I knew that. I tried to get in touch with you. I couldn't reach you.

Sam: Well -- wait a second. Who told you I was working for Drew Marsten?

Mitch: Nobody. I just read your contract the --

Sam: You read my contract? When?

Mitch: Let me go back to the beginning.

Drew: Look, Cory Publishing is a far more resourceful company than either one of us thought. Other tactics? I don't think that's necessary, at least not yet. Look, the pressure I have been applying should be sufficient. I'm sorry you feel that way. Look, you hired me for my opinion. I think we should continue --

Mac: Don't bother. I'm going in anyway.

Drew: Hold on a second -- Mac Cory just got here. I'll call you. I'll call you right back. Where's my secretary?

Mac: I told her to take a lunch break.

Drew: That's very interesting. What are you doing here, Mac?

Mac: Keep away from my family.

Rachel: So, once you pick your pattern, we can register them. Thank you.

Lisa: Right.

Rachel: I'll help you do that. It's such fun to have more time to plan this wedding. When Amanda and Sam got married, we didn't have any time at all, so this is much better.

Lisa: Yeah, that's great.

Rachel: And I think we've covered a lot of ground today.

Lisa: Rachel, I'm not sure we have.

Rachel: Well, we've covered a lot of topics.

Lisa: Well, you have and Felicia has, and -- Rachel, it's really important to me and Jamie to do this wedding our way.

Rachel: I've been taking over.

Lisa: Maybe a little bit.

Rachel: Oh. I'm really awfully sorry. I just meant to help.

Lisa: Oh, I know, and I really appreciate it. I do.

Rachel: All right. I'll help more by helping less. And it doesn't really matter -- whatever kind of a wedding you have, it's going to be beautiful because you and Jamie are such a wonderful couple.

Lisa: Thank you.

Rachel: If it fits into your plans, I -- I would like to give you something if you don't mind.

Lisa: Oh?

Lisa: Oh, Rachel.

Rachel: It's an early wedding present.

Lisa: Oh, I can't take these. Oh, they're much too expensive.

Rachel: Nothing is too expensive for my family. And you're going to be part of our family pretty soon. And if you don't believe that, just ask Amanda. So, if -- if it's not too much to ask, it would be nice if you would wear them on your wedding day.

Lisa: Oh, of course I will. Oh, I promise. Thank you. I'm so excited to become part of such a wonderful family.

Rachel: Oh, not nearly as excited and grateful as we are. We're just so grateful that you and Jamie are together and going to be married.

Lisa: You worry about Jamie a lot, don't you?

Rachel: Does it show?

Lisa: Oh, no. I just think maybe I have some of the same concerns.

Rachel: Jamie always looks so relaxed, you know, and easygoing. But inside him, there's this little boy who's worried and not always so secure, and that little boy has never had much of a chance to -- to get out. And I guess that's my fault.

Lisa: Why?

Rachel: I didn't give him a very secure environment when he was growing up.

Lisa: Oh, Rachel, I'm sure that's not true.

Rachel: Oh, it is true. We went through a lot of tough times. And then Mac came into our lives and it looked like everything was going to be fine. And then Mac and I had problems and his father died, and I just wish I could erase all of that past for Jamie. I wish -- I wish I could've given him as secure an environment as I was able to do for Amanda and Matthew.

Lisa: Jamie loves you very much.

Rachel: Oh, and I love him so desperately, and I always have. It's just I don't think I gave him a very good example of what a wife and a mother should be like, and I guess I've always worried that he would make the wrong choice in partner. That's why Iím so grateful that he's found you and that he's going to marry you. When he married his first wife, Cecile, it was so clearly the wrong thing, and Iím so glad he hasn't made that same mistake.

Lisa: Jamie's told me about Cecile. But I get the feeling you're not talking so much about the past as you are about the last few months. Are you concerned about Vicky?

Drew: Aren't you being a bit overly dramatic, Mac?

Mac: This must be a new low even for you, Marsten. It's hard to believe you would stoop so far as to try to turn my own son-in-law against me.

Drew: I think you got the facts mixed up.

Mac: Have I?

Drew: Look, I look for good talent. Sam was available, so I hired him.

Mac: Oh, please. Please.

Drew: Too bad you couldn't keep your son-in-law with your company. That's right, I've done my homework. Sam quit on you. Obviously, his talents were being stifled. Look, if you can't keep Sam with your company, don't blame me for taking him on.

Mac: To do what? Is there even going to be a magazine?

Drew: What, are you calling me a liar, Mac?

Mac: I think you hired Sam for this fictitious magazine staff of yours just to hurt me and Cory Publishing with the stockholders, but you also hurt Sam, and he didn't deserve that.

Drew: Believe what you want. I think you're just afraid of the competition.

Mac: This is pathetic.

Drew: Pathetic?

Mac: That you have been so unsuccessful in your takeover attempt. Maybe you just didn't think I'd fight so hard for so long. I imagine that this displeases your chief quite a good deal.

Drew: I think it's time you leave.

Mac: No doubt he's asking himself, "Has wonder boy Marsten finally met his match?" Yes, yes, I think that's it.

Drew: Don't be ridiculous.

Mac: No, I'm right. The fact that your chief refused to show up for that meeting you set up in Europe is a clear indication of how weak your position is in his company.

Drew: You don't know what you're talking about, Mac.

Mac: Marsten, Iíve been in this business a long time. I can smell what's happening. You're slipping, Marsten, badly. If I were you, Iíd move to another position, a less vulnerable position. Maybe accounts payable would have an opening that would be less stressful for you.

Drew: Don't make me ask you again. Get out of my office before I call security.

Mac: I'm giving you fair warning -- Iím not giving up my company. I'm not going to let you hurt my family. You get that into your head before you lose it, man.

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: And when Max realized that Nora hadn't left him and run off to India -- that she had accidentally, as she was rushing to meet him, fallen to her death --

Felicia: Oh, oh. Oh.

Cass: A complete peace came over this man. He was able to die and join his Nora. And now they can rest.

Felicia: Well, that is just the most beautiful story. I mean, with the roses and the letter and the nun and the vows of silence and the --

Cass: I know. It is touching, isn't it?

Felicia: Oh, it is. It really is. There is just one little thing.

Cass: What?

Felicia: I want the rights --

[Cass laughs]

Felicia: For my next book. You promise?

Cass: You got them.

Felicia: That's very generous of you.

Cass: Oh.

Felicia: Oh. Listen, you know what?

Cass: What?

Felicia: You should be very proud of yourself. I mean, you're the one who helped bring Max and Nora together again, finally.

Cass: Well, I am proud, I guess. I know that I'm very happy for them.

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Cass: But to be honest, I -- when I solved this mystery, I -- I did it for myself as much as for them.

Felicia: What do you mean, for yourself?

Cass: Well, helping Max and Nora made me realize that I had a lot of unresolved feelings, you know, about Nicole and Kathleen.

Felicia: You know, honey, I know that you were going to propose to Nicole, you know, before all this -- well, this ghost stuff started. How do you feel about that now?

Cass: For a while there, Nicole thought that I was imagining all of this Nora business because of Kathleen. I think she still does. I didn't. I mean, Noraís ghost did appear to me, but in a way, Nicole is right. Underneath my love for her, I was still grieving at the loss of Kathleen. I didn't even realize it myself, but I still wasn't willing to let go of her.

Felicia: Why -- why do you think that is?

Cass: Well, I think partly because I loved Kathleen so much.

Felicia: I know. She was a terrific lady.

Cass: Yes, she was, but there's more to it than that. As long as I held on to Kathleen, I didn't have to commit myself to Nicole, at least not completely. You see, I was afraid that I would lose Nicole somehow --

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: The way I lost Kathleen -- no -- and that I would be alone again, and that would hurt too much.

Felicia: So, do you think that you're willing to take that risk again?

Cass: If I learned anything from Max and Nora, it's that you can't wait and sit around and -- and just let love pass you by. I mean, Max lost his wife and so did I, but he spent the rest of his life -- I mean, 60 years -- in this shadow of depression, you know? He almost wasn't able to accept Noraís love for him at the end. I guess what Iím trying to say is that there are no guarantees when it comes to love.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: But I have a second chance to be with a wonderful, beautiful woman, and I want it. I want to take it. And I know that Kathleen, wherever she is, wants that for me, as well.

Felicia: She does. So, have you made up your mind?

Cass: I'm going to ask Nicole to marry me.

Felicia: Oh, honey, that's great! Oh, that's really great.

Rachel: Yes, I think I am concerned about Vicky.

Lisa: I don't consider her a threat any longer.

Rachel: Good, I'm glad to hear that. Lisa, Jamie never talked to me about what was going on with the three of you. Then we went off to Europe, and when we came back you guys were together. I hope you and Jamie are as happy and looking forward to this marriage as the rest of us are.

Lisa: Oh, Rachel, we are. Vicky's interference was a tremendous test, to say the least. But now I'm confident of Jamieís love for me and of mine for him.

Rachel: I didn't know you had doubts.

Lisa: Well, I've had some problems with serious relationships. I think it's mostly because of my family and of Alan Glaser. For a while, I thought that I couldn't love Jamie, but it was because I didn't really love myself. But I'm past that now. I'm happy to be me, and I feel strongly about making a commitment to Jamie.

Rachel: Oh, good. That's good news.

Lisa: I think it's good, too. Actually, I probably owe something to Vicky. If she hadn't tried to take Jamie from me, I wouldn't have had to face up to all of these problems.

Rachel: Vicky's left town?

Lisa: Yeah, but I think she'll be back.

Rachel: That doesn't bother you?

Lisa: No. It honestly doesnít. Jamie's love for me is strong and real, and I know now that I can love without being afraid. And whether Vicky comes back to Bay City or not, there's nothing that she can do to change the way we feel.

Sam: I wonder what his plans are for me.

Mitch: It could be anything, but I know one thing -- I wouldn't sit still where Marsten is concerned.

Sam: And that's why you and Felicia have been fighting, isn't it? To throw him off the scent?

Mitch: I couldn't put her at any greater risk than she already is. Plus, the ruse kind of helped me get into the suite. Unfortunately, the only thing I was able to find was your contract.

Sam: Look, Mitch, Iíve got to help Mac and Rachel beat this guy -- for Amanda, for Alli, and for me. Mitch, he tricked me into hurting my family, and I'm not going to let him get away with that.

Mitch: I know how you feel. I understand what you're saying, but you're not listening to me. Marsten is not just some corporate exec nice guy. You know, he may be a killer.

Sam: But if there's a chance that you and I can get this guy, it's worth the risk. So, come on, let me help you, ok?

Mitch: The only thing that I can think of, the only place that might have any information we might be able to bust Marsten would be in his office. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get in there.

Sam: Well, we can get in. Don't you love commercials where everyone shouts a lot?

Amanda: Just a second. Sorry. Um, excuse -- just a minute. Oh. Uh, excuse me. Help.

Waiter: Oh, you need a little help?

Amanda: Yeah. Um -- just let me get her. Come here, sweetie.

Waiter: Oh, what a beautiful baby.

Amanda: Thank you.

Waiter: Oops.

Amanda: Oh!

Waiter: I got it.

Amanda: Thank you.

Waiter: There we go.

Rachel: There she is -- my darling little baby!

Amanda: Hello.

Rachel: Hi, sweetheart.

Amanda: I can't believe she's still in a good mood.

Rachel: Can you manage that?

Waiter: I got it.

Rachel: Oh, of course she is. She's not going to do anything that's going to disturb everybody or embarrass us.

Amanda: Oh, Mother.

Rachel: Let's sit down and eat. Do you want to put her back in this, sweetie?

Amanda: Yeah. Here, slip that up there for me, ok?

Rachel: All right. Here we go.

Amanda: Thanks.

Rachel: Here, I'll take that.

Waiter: Great.

Rachel: Thank you so much. Honey, you seem a little flustered.

Amanda: Yeah, I am.

[Alli cries]

Rachel: Oh, you wanted that? That's all right.

Amanda: I mean, it's one thing getting yourself ready to go out, but when there's two of us, it makes everything twice as hard. There's so much to remember.

Waiter: There you go.

Rachel: Thank you.

Amanda: I know I forgot everything. I'm trying to be a good mother and a good wife.

Rachel: Well, you are. Look at this baby -- she's absolutely beautiful. And look at you -- you are, too. Darling, when you have babies, it changes your whole life.

Amanda: No kidding.

Rachel: But you're happy, aren't you?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, yeah. I just had a really rough morning and that's why Iím late.

Rachel: Well, there wasn't anything to worry about. I was busy with Felicia and Lisa.

Amanda: And I'm sorry I missed the planning session with Lisa.

Rachel: It's ok. Lisa has everything under control.

Amanda: Good.

Rachel: What's bothering you?

Amanda: Oh -- just before I left, Sam told me to tell you that he's really sorry if he's causing any trouble with this -- taking this job with Drew Marsten.

Rachel: Oh, Mac and I were just discussing that this morning. We know it's not Samís fault.

Amanda: Well, he's upset about it just the same. I wish there was something I could do.

Rachel: I don't think there's anything anyone can do. I mean, the contract is signed, it has that non-competition clause. Sam can't quit. If he does, he can't get another job, and I don't think Drew is going to let him out of the contract.

Amanda: Maybe. You get involved in dad's work, don't you?

Rachel: All the time.

Amanda: Does he mind?

Rachel: Sometimes.

Amanda: But if you knew that you could help him -- really help him -- you would do it, wouldn't you, regardless of what he thought?

Rachel: Well, sometimes you can help people without them knowing you're helping.

Amanda: Exactly.

Rachel: Honey, you're talking about Sam and Drew. Don't you get involved in that.

Amanda: Sam wants to handle it all on his own.

Rachel: I'm sure he has. He's a proud man, Amanda. He's not going to appreciate it if you interfere. But I do agree with you -- he does need help. If he would go to Mac, between the two of them, I think they could clear up this mess. The important thing is that he gets out of that contract.

[Alli fusses]

Amanda: Come here, cutie.

Rachel: Oh.

Amanda: You know, I couldn't agree with you more.

Nicole: Ugh. These don't look right at all.

Cass: Nicole?

Cass: Here you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I've been around -- working.

Cass: I have something important to talk to you about. Would you put that down, please?

Nicole: I'm afraid I really need to finish this design. Oh, now just how much silk is this thing going to take?

Cass: Nicole, I had a major breakthrough today. Well?

Nicole: Good.

Cass: "Good"? Is that all you're going to say -- "good"?

Nicole: Well, will it cure cancer?

Cass: I'm talking about a personal breakthrough.

Nicole: Would you hand me that bow? It's right behind you.

Cass: Yeah, sure. My conversation with Felicia, you know? We -- well, it cleared up some things for me, and I want to talk to you about them.

Nicole: I donít.

Cass: You don't -- well, why not?

Nicole: Well, I've had quite a day already -- quite a week, as a matter of fact. I'm not up for any more from you.

Cass: But this is good news.

Nicole: I don't think I can handle your type of good news.

Cass: If you'd just listen to me --

Nicole: No! No, I've been listening to you for weeks, and to be honest, I'm not -- I'm not hearing what I need to hear from you. I -- I just can't listen anymore, Cass! I -- it just hurts too much.

Cass: I understand how you must feel.

Nicole: Well, maybe you don't understand what I'm trying to say to you. Cass, I don't think we should see each other for a while.

Sam: Amanda can't know about this, all right?

Mitch: I know that.

Sam: Ok. Hi.

Amanda: Well, hi. Hi, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: What are you two up to?

Mitch: Just catching up on some old news. Having done that, I guess I'll be on my way.

Sam: Yeah, look, I'll walk you out.

Amanda: Wait, I left the carriage downstairs. Can you bring it up?

Sam: Sure, no problem.

Amanda: Thanks.

Sam: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: I'll get it.

Sam: You sure?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Ok.


Amanda: Hello?

Drew: Yes, Amanda, this is Drew.

Amanda: Oh, hello.

Sam: I'll be back in a minute.

Drew: Is it a good time to talk?

Amanda: Actually, I do have a minute now.

Drew: Oh, good. I want to let you know that the paperwork is proceeding on schedule, and I thought maybe you could drop my suite on Friday, say, late afternoon --

[Alli fusses]

Drew: Pick up Samís contract?

Amanda: Fine. That sounds fantastic.

Drew: You know, I hate to lose a talented employee like Sam, but I understand by letting him go, it's the best thing for the two of you. Maybe you can celebrate by toasting marshmallows over the contract, over the burning pages, huh?

Amanda: Oh, you never know. Maybe we will. Look, Drew, I just want to tell you, I think this is really decent of you. I know Samís going to be really surprised.

Drew: Yes. Goodbye, Amanda.

Amanda: Goodbye.

Drew: Ah, yes, Amanda. He will be surprised.

Cass: Not see each other?

Nicole: Cass, I need some time alone. I think we both do.

Cass: No, we don't. I don't, anyway. I know how I feel about you.

Nicole: Do you? When I broke it off with Drew months ago, I thought I knew how you felt about me.

Cass: Look, I know Iíve put you through a lot lately. But I can prove my feelings for you. I'll plan something special for us for tomorrow.

Nicole: Oh. It's always tomorrow with us, isn't it?

Cass: Please, just don't make any decision about us until then at least, anyway. Please.

Nicole: All right. I wonít.

Cass: I love you very much. You'll see.

Nicole: If only I could believe him. If only I knew that he really loves me.

Nicole: Oh. Roses. Nora.

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