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Another World Transcript Monday 6/14/04

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Boy: So the sound system is just the pits. $20,000 car, and the speakers sounded like a couple of tin cans with strings.

Second boy: Aw, dude. How heavy for you. You must have just died.

First boy: No, I simply told them to replace it. But I don't have a car for the weekend.

Second boy: Look, I have to get off the line. I'm all choked up.

First boy: So, listen, since I知 stuck here, if anybody wants to come over --

Second boy: Gee, I壇 love to, but I have to reorganize my stamp collection.

[Boy laughs]

First boy: Listen, I know you think I知 a jerk and everything.

Second boy: Whatever gave you that idea?

First boy: But I got some great stuff -- real strong.

Josie: Oh, now I know you're a jerk.

Boy: Sorry to waste your time.

Matt: Wait, wait -- Road Warrior?

Josie: Captain?

Road warrior: What is it?

Matt: Don't hang up, ok? Just don't hang up until we talk.

Singer: Her loving is so powerful

Felicia: Mitch, I know you were only pretending to be mad. I just still don't think you should've said it.

Mitch: Look, if we're supposed to be giving the impression that we're splitting up, then sometimes things are said. I say things that I might not really mean.

Felicia: But if you didn't feel them, then you would never have thought of them in the first place. Isn't that right?

Mitch: I don't believe this.

Felicia: I would never say anything like that to you.

Mitch: You would never say anything like that to me? In a roomful of people, you said that I was rude, that I was insensitive, that I had no sense of color.

Felicia: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Mitch, I didn't mean that!

Mitch: Do you like these pants?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: Does this shirt go with these pants?

Felicia: Of course it does. Not as well as the shirt that I got you in Paris, but --

Mitch: See? You don't think that I have a sense of color.

Felicia: It's just not developed, that's all. Doesn't mean that you're rude and insensitive!

Mitch: Look, I was trying to make a point. I was trying to make a point that sometimes things are said that might not be meant to be said, all in an attempt to make this stupid plan of yours work.

Felicia: Stupid? Oh, oh! So my plan now is stupid? Is that what you're saying?

Mitch: Not only that, it's getting out of hand.

Felicia: Maybe we're finally getting to the truth here. Did you ever think of that? Maybe you're enjoying the opportunity to say what you really feel about me! Is that it?

Mitch: We don't exactly have to pry insults out of you, now, do we?

[Felicia gasps]

Felicia: How dare you!

Lisa: Hi, guys! Isn't it a beautiful day?

Mitch: Yes, especially the colors.

Lisa: Yeah. Well, I知 here on business.

Felicia: What is it, Lisa?

Lisa: I want to reserve your best table tonight for six for this evening.

Felicia: Ok, fine.

Lisa: And you and Mitch will be the guests. 9:00 ok?

Mitch: Lisa, there is one --

Felicia: Lisa -- ahem -- there's a problem.

Lisa: Felicia, now, I知 not going to take no for an answer.

Felicia: Everything is booked tonight. I don't have a table in the place.

Jamie: Ah, Mac, there you are, finally off the phone.

Mac: Well, for now, but I致e got another conference call in just five minutes.

Jamie: Mac, this will only take a minute.

Mac: Oh, Rachel, did you see my briefcase anywhere?

Rachel: It's out in the hallway. I almost tripped over it.

Mac: Well, for heaven's sakes, why didn't you bring it in?

Rachel: it's your briefcase.

Jamie: Mac, you are coming back, aren't you? Jeez.

Mac: Honestly. Oh -- was there something you wanted, Jamie?

Jamie: Yes. Now, what I wanted to say was that --

Rachel: Darn it!

Mac: What?

Jamie: What's wrong?

Rachel: This really doesn't follow.

Mac: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, I致e lost a --

Jamie: If I may have just one minute!

Mac: That was --

Rachel: No, it isn't.

Jamie: One minute! One minute.

Mac: Yeah?

Jamie: First of all, welcome back.

Mac: Oh, thank you, Jamie.

Rachel: Thank you.

Mac: That's real nice of you.

Jamie: And secondly, what I壇 like to --

Mac: Are you sure?

Rachel: It's not here.

Jamie: I壇 like to request the presence of you two tonight at Tops, 8:00, my treat.

Rachel: Oh, darling --

Jamie: You can even have hors d'oeuvres if you want.

Rachel: Thank you, that sounds just lovely. It's just that I have mountains to go over and I知 going to have to catch up.

Jamie: Well, can't it wait?

Mac: Jamie, we'll have the welcome-home party, but later, ok? We're really under the gun with all this paperwork.

Rachel: Wait a minute; I know where I left that. That's probably that piece of paper that was upstairs, Mac.

[Phone rings]

Mac: Oh, Hilda! Hilda, will you take this? Tell them that -- hold on and I値l be with them in just a minute! Excuse me.


Jamie: Well, how do you like that? "No, I知 fine, thanks. No, I致e kept very busy. Nice of you to ask, though, really."

Cass: Are you trying to make me crazy, Nora? First you say you will, and then you won't, and then you say you do, and then you don't. You're undecided now and you're making me nuts! It's hard enough to convince Nicole that I知 not hallucinating without you pulling stunts like this. Nora, I don't appreciate this. We need to talk. Nicole's asleep. She's taking a nap. Nora, I知 waiting for you. Come on!

Cass: Nora, I know you don't like to materialize when Nicole is around, but she's a very heavy sleeper. I promise you, she won't hear us. Are you going to make me beg? You want me to grovel?

Cass: it's about time.

Nora: I knew -- I knew you'd be waiting for me.

Cass: And I knew you'd come.

Nora: You haven't changed -- except the mustache.

Cass: What?

Nora: I always loved your mustache.

Cass: No.

Nora: And the sound of your voice.

Cass: Nora, no.

Nora: Max, you haven't changed. Why haven't you changed?

Cass: Nora, I知 not who you think I am.

Nora: Don't tease me, Max, not now.

Cass: I知 not Max.

Nora: You're Max. You're my Max.

Cass: I don't mean to upset you, but I知 someone else.

Nora: Of course you are. And the sun doesn't come up in the morning and Calvin Coolidge isn't president.

Cass: Nora, you have to listen to me!

Nora: Oh, Max. That's what got me in trouble in the first place -- listening to you.

Cass: I知 not Max! This isn't 1928!

Nora: You always tease me, and I don't know why.

Cass: I知 telling you the truth.

Nora: Sometimes I think you just like to see me cry.

Cass: My name is Cass Winthrop. I'm alive. The year is 1988.

Nora: Don't say things like that.

Cass: I知 not who you're looking for.

Nora: It isn't funny, Max. It makes me feel so cold inside.

Cass: I知 trying to help you.

Nora: No. No.

Cass: I知 just not who you're looking for.

Nora: Alone. I feel so alone.

Cass: I知 sorry, Nora.

Nora: Cold. So cold. Max, help me.

Cass: I知 not Max.

Nora: I can't reach you. Max, please, help me. I don't want to be alone, not now, not when -- I知 not ready! Please!

Cass: I can't help you.

Nora: Please.

Cass: I知 not Max!

Nora: No!

Cass: Nora? Nora?

Nicole: Cass? What's wrong?

Cass: Didn't you hear?

Nicole: I heard you call for Nora.

Cass: You didn't hear her? It couldn't have been a dream. It couldn't have!

Nicole: Oh, Cass, listen --

Cass: She was here!

Matt: Look, you can't get high every time something goes wrong.

Road Warrior: Just say no, huh?

Matt: Listen, if you got problems --

Road Warrior: Who's got problems? I don't have any problems.

Matt: We all have problems.

Road Warrior: Listen, Ann Landers, I just called to listen to some losers pretend they're hot stuff.

Matt: Look, everybody needs friends, now, and you don't get friends by telling everybody how much money you have.

Road Warrior: I got plenty of friends and money, and I don't need advice from a geek like you.

Matt: I知 just trying to talk to you.

Road Warrior: Well, I got something better to do.

Matt: Wait --

Road Warrior: Give Nancy Reagan my best.

Matt: Road Warrior, don't -- damn.

Josie: What a jerk.

Matt: Riviera?

Josie: Yeah. Captain Cool, you were great.

Matt: Yeah, well, thanks a lot, everyone, for all your help! I appreciate it!

Josie: What?

Matt: I mean, you put the guy down, he says he wants to get high, and then you shut up. You don't say anything. That's good.

Josie: You can't talk to a guy like that.

Matt: You could've tried, Riviera. You're rich. He might have listened to you.

Josie: You're right. I'm sorry. You were really great with him. I just don't know if it's going to do any good.

Matt: Look, it's just if the guy is lonely, you know --

Boy: That's what the phone line is for -- right. Sorry.

Matt: Yeah. Well, he might call back.

Josie: Shoot!

Matt: What?

Josie: I致e got a date! I've got to get ready!

Matt: Ah.

Josie: It's really important, too.

Matt: Uh, what's so important about it?

Josie: Well, my future. I mean, I壇 like to stay on the line and talk, but I got to do this. Bye.

Boy: You going to stick around, Captain?

Matt: No. Actually, I have a date tonight, also. Listen, whoever is still on the line, tell everyone to go easy on Road Warrior if he calls back, ok?

Boy: Right. Where are you going for your date, Captain Cool?

Matt: To the only event in Bay City worthy of a young, cultured individual like myself.

Boy: The symphony?

Matt: Are you kidding me? No, no, no. They're having a slasher festival down at the drive-in, and Freddy痴 my main man.

Nicole: Oh, Cass. You couldn't have seen her.

Cass: I did! She was right here!

Nicole: I was here the whole time. I would've known if there was a ghost in the room.

Cass: She didn't want you to know that she was here! Don't you understand that? Just me!

Nicole: Just you?

Cass: She thinks I知 Max.

Nicole: Max?

Cass: Her husband. At the end, she was calling out for me, had her arm out to me. She was reaching for me. She was so upset.

Nicole: Oh, you don't think that might have been a dream?

Cass: She was right here, I知 telling you!

Nicole: You don't think that it makes sense that you might have had a dream about a man who wasn't able to save his wife?

Cass: I致e had that dream many, many times. This is different.

Nicole: I知 sorry.

Cass: I知 not crazy. Look, I don't understand any of this, either. But there's investigation about this stuff. There's scientific investigation going on about this stuff.

Nicole: Well, there's a lot of research being done about dreams now, too.

Cass: Someone like Nora -- her life was unfinished. She's still searching for something. She died before her time.

Nicole: You don't listen to a word I say.

Cass: You should've heard her voice. You should've seen her face.

Nicole: Cass, I couldn't. She wasn't there.

Cass: It was tragic. I have to help her.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, there's nothing you can do.

Cass: Sister Teresa -- I have to make her talk to me. I have to.

Felicia: Wonderful, just wonderful. Now this stupid plan has us snapping at Lisa.

Mitch: Stupid plan?

Felicia: Don't be superior, Mitchell -- not now, please. Besides, this is your fault.

Mitch: It's my fault?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: It's my fault?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: I知 not the one that told Lisa that the restaurant was booked tonight.

Felicia: We can't hardly go out to dinner with them as their guests, can we, if we're snapping at each other?

Mitch: If we're snapping at each other?

Felicia: It wouldn't be a good time for many people -- yeah -- oh. Oh, you -- you think maybe we could take the night off?

Mitch: Well, first of all, we're fighting all the time. We're fighting when there's no one even around.

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: I mean, it's not as though, you know, maybe a night off wouldn't hurt, you know, or -- I mean, it might ease the strain a bit.

Felicia: You said "first of all." is there a second?

Mitch: Well, she did say a table for six, you know.

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: Well, you and me and Lisa -- that makes three. That means that there are three other people. I mean, it sounds like it might be a special occasion, like she might have plans to make some sort of announcement or something.

Felicia: Oh, Mitch. Oh.

Mitch: What, dear?

Felicia: Do you think I致e made the biggest mistake of my life as an aunt? What -- what do you think I should do?

Mitch: One second.

Mitch: Looks to me like you just had a cancellation.

Felicia: Right. That's what I値l do. Ok.

Lisa: Let's just face it -- we are the nice ones in our family, and that means people think they can just walk all over us.

Jamie: Well, those days are over.

Lisa: That's right.

Jamie: We're going to take them out to dinner tonight whether they like it or not.

Lisa: That's right.

Jamie: Should we maybe make it another night?

Lisa: Jamie! The ring is being sized right now. It'll be ready tonight.

Jamie: I know.

Lisa: I don't want to wait. I'm just going to have to put my foot down and tell Felicia that -- well, maybe ask Felicia that --

Jamie: No, no, you're right, you're right. It's our night and it's going to go the way we want it to go. It's no more Mr. Nice guy!

Lisa: I値l see you at 9:00. Boy, am I going to give Felicia a piece of my mind.

Jamie: Go for it.

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Lisa. Honey, I want to apologize to you. I am so sorry -- I don't know where my mind was. Of course you can have a table for six, at 9:00 or earlier -- any time you want. Now, listen, would you like roses on the table in a beautiful vase with baby's breath?

Lisa: Uh --

Felicia: Or maybe some wildflowers might be lovely, colorful, sweetie.

Lisa: Well, yeah, wildflowers. That'd be nice.

Felicia: Great. Oh, I knew you'd love that. All right, now, I致e got a million things to do to get ready. Until later -- I love you. Sorry, ok? Forgive me?

Lisa: Yeah.

Felicia: Good, good. Ok.

Lisa: Well, I should get tough more often.

Jamie: "Listen, I -- I know you're busy." no, no, that's too soft. "Listen, I don't care whether you're busy or not!" no. No, that's -- they do have a lot on their minds. I did kind of spring this on them. No, no, if they've got time to -- they've got time to visit the baby; they've got time to go out to dinner with me. That's all there is to it. Just got to be tough.

Rachel: Are you still here?

Jamie: Yes, Mom, hi. I'm still here, yeah.

Rachel: Oh. Um -- oh, did you ask us somewhere, to go somewhere later on today?

Jamie: I did, yes.

Rachel: Dinner, right?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Rachel: Oh. I think we're going to be able to do that. Um -- I知 catching up quicker than I thought.

Jamie: But I thought Mac was busy.

Rachel: I think he's going to be ok, too. Wait a minute -- Tops?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Rachel: Right. What time?

Jamie: 9:00.

Rachel: 9:00, good.

Jamie: Tops, if that's ok.

Rachel: Fine.

Jamie: See you. Well, I知 glad I got her straightened out. I just hope Lisa doesn't wimp out.

Felicia: I knew this kid would love wildflowers. It's like her. Ok.

Felicia: Vicky. Can I help you?

Vicky: No. I'm just waiting for a friend, but I don't see her yet. I'll just wait at the bar.

Felicia: What time were you supposed to meet her? I mean, maybe she came here and left already.

Vicky: I don't think so. I'm early.

Felicia: Are you?

Vicky: Yes, I知 supposed to meet her at 9:00. I'll just wait at the bar.

Felicia: Fabulous. Just fabulous.

[Chain saw revs]

Matt: Now, that was disgusting.

Tracy: Oh, I don't know -- I think she had it coming to her.

Kevin: She had it coming?

Tracy: Yeah.

Kevin: That's really sweet. She had total decapitation coming?

Tracy: Wait, if you have three friends who have just been mutilated in the last six hours and then you go outside in your nightie because you hear a sound, you deserve whatever you get.

Josie: Actually, I think she looks better without her head.

Kevin: You're too cruel.

Tracy: No, she's too cool to be cruel.

Kevin: I知 hungry.

Matt: You're hungry?

Kevin: I知 hungry.

Matt: After all that dreepy, goopy, dripping, gloppy blood up on the screen, you're hungry?

Tracy: Hey, through wind, snow, sleet, and hail, Kevin痴 stomach will never fail.

Kevin: Food, food! I want food!

Matt: Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Tracy: Wait a second, wait a second.

Matt: He's starting up the chain saw.

[Chain saw revs]

Josie: Oh!

Tracy: Oh!

Matt: Yeah!

Kevin: Well, does anybody else want anything from the snack stand? Pizza? You want pizza? Pizza with big, coagulated sauce --

Josie: Oh, gross, Kevin.

Tracy: You know, I could -- I could go for an ice cream bar.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. In a minute, in a minute.

Tracy: Matt, you've seen this one three times. Get the ice cream.

[Matt laughs]

[Tracy mimics Matt]

Josie: Matt, I値l go with you. Come on.

Kevin: No, no, it's ok. You girls stay here by yourselves where it's safe.

Josie: No, really, I mean, you don't have to go.

Kevin: No, it's no problem, really. Come on, Matt. Come with me so you can carry everything.

Matt: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. Maybe they'll have some chocolate-covered ants or something.

Kevin: Yeah. Maybe some pickled grasshoppers.

Tracy: so, you're a fan of slasher films, huh?

Josie: Not really. But it's better than a quiet night on the farm.

Tracy: You know, Matt's crazy about these kind of movies. Or did you already know that?

Jamie: Oh, excuse me. Hi, you're here.

Lisa: Did you think I壇 miss it?

Jamie: Well, listen, I laid the law down, and mom and Mac will be here promptly at 9:00.

Lisa: Well, I got Mitch and Felicia all straightened out. So, did you get it?

Jamie: Get what?

Lisa: Watch it -- I知 tough now.

Jamie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lisa: The ring, Frame. The ring.

Jamie: And here I thought you were going to play hard-to-get. Um -- Miss Grady?

Lisa: Yes?

Jamie: No, wait, wait -- let me finish. Will you marry me?


Jamie: Thank you.

Cass: Why won't you help me?

Nicole: I think I致e been rather patient given the circumstances.

Cass: If you'd give me just a little time, I can prove all of this to you. That's why I want to see Sister Teresa.

Nicole: And what do you think that's going to prove?

Cass: She can tell us about Nora and Max.

Nicole: A sequestered nun? Oh, Cass, think about what you're saying.

Cass: I am! Why are you fighting me on this?

Nicole: You tell me that a woman is appearing to you --

Cass: The ghost of a woman!

Nicole: Oh, Cass, do you see what I mean? Really! I'm supposed to believe that a ghost is appearing to you on a regular basis, sometimes even when I知 in the same room with you, but you're the only one who can see her?

Cass: She thinks I知 her husband.

Nicole: Well, is that supposed to make me feel better?

Cass: I must look like him.

Nicole: How convenient.

Cass: I知 not insane.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, I知 trying to understand this, I really am. But it is getting harder for me to deal with this.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: Look at yourself. You're a mess.

Cass: Can I count on you or not?

Nicole: For what?

Cass: To give me a chance to prove that there is a Nora, that I look like her husband, Max, and that she's trying to resolve some unsettled experience from her past.

Nicole: Ok. What do you want me to do?

Cass: I want you to come to the convent with me so that I can talk to Sister Teresa.

Nicole: Who are you calling?

Cass: The convent. I want to talk to her tonight.

Nicole: I have a feeling that this isn't going to be the best news they've had out there in a while.

Cass: Sure it is. We'll give them something to talk about for the next 60 years. Yes, in the town of Haverhill, I壇 like the number of the convent of the sacred heart, please.

Cass: Hello, my name is Cass Winthrop. I'd like to make an appointment to see Sister Teresa. Yes, I understand that. Yes, I know all of that, but this is of the utmost importance. Please. When? How does tonight grab you?

Jamie: Yeah. You know, Felicia can spot a jewel at 20 paces, so I壇 keep that thing covered if I were you.

Lisa: Oh, don't worry. It'll be a complete surprise. She doesn't have a clue.

Vicky: if anyone comes looking for me, can you just tell them that I致e left, please?

Bartender: Oh, sure thing, Ms. Hudson. Oh, hey, wait a minute -- your change!

[Church bell tolls]

Cass: Man, it's harder to get in to see these people than it is to book a table at the Rainbow room. Hello?

[Cass whistles]

Nicole: Cass, they're an order of sequestered nuns. Your schedule is not the first item on their list of priorities.

Cass: You know, maybe you should've stayed at home after all.

Nicole: No, I shouldn't have stayed at home after all. Who would've read the map for you, huh?

Cass: Oh, you won't be so smugly superior when I solve this little mystery.

Nicole: Why don't you face the fact that there isn't anything to solve?

Nun: Mr. Winthrop, Ms. Love. Thank you for waiting.

Cass: Yeah, well --

Nicole: Thank you very much for seeing us, Reverend mother.

Reverend mother: Our visiting hours are limited. I hope you understand.

Cass: If I could just talk to Sister Teresa.

Reverend mother: I thought you realized that there was no point in seeing Sister Teresa.

Cass: Yes, but this is very, very important to me. I had to give it a try.

Reverend mother: Well, I really believe that it's a waste of your time and Sister Teresa's. The good sister has taken a personal vow of silence, which is beyond the demand of her vocation.

Cass: Why?

Reverend mother: It is not for me to ask.

Cass: Well, could you tell me how long she's been silent?

Reverend mother: Since she joined the order -- 60 years at least. So you see --

Cass: You see? 60 years -- she knows something!

Nicole: Cass, she's taken a vow of silence.

Cass: Reverend mother, I知 not Catholic and I certainly am not trying to tell you how to run your business. But I think I can help Sister Teresa.

Reverend mother: Help? How?

Cass: When she took this vow 60 years ago, she saw something or she heard something that -- that she didn't want to know about. I think she's afraid.

Reverend mother: I -- I have seen that in her.

Cass: If you could just let me try to talk to her, I think I can put her mind at rest.

Reverend mother: No, I -- I told her about your last visit here. It upset her too much. I couldn't let you talk to her.

Cass: I understand and appreciate your concern. I don't want to disturb her. I want to help her.

Reverend mother: And yourself.

Cass: Yes, that's true. I think we can help each other.

Reverend mother: You seem very sure.

Cass: I壇 lay odds on it.

Reverend mother: All right, Mr. Winthrop. If Sister Teresa agrees to speak with you, I値l permit it.

Nicole: You will?

Reverend mother: I have always had a soft spot in my heart for a gambling man.

Cass: Ahem.

Nicole: Oh, really?

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: You're proud of conning a sequestered nun?

Cass: Well, that's the beauty of it -- I was on the level.

Tracy: I just thought Matt may have told you how much he loves these kind of movies.

Josie: I thought it was Kevin.

Tracy: I bet.

Josie: What's that supposed to mean?

Tracy: Nothing. By the way, whose idea was it for us to go on a double date anyway, huh?

Josie: You don't like me much, do you?

[Tracy scoffs]

Josie: What is it, you're afraid I知 going to hurt your little brother?

Tracy: Oh, no. Kevin can take care of himself just fine.

Josie: Oh, but you're afraid I知 going to -- he's going to have to take care of himself with me. I'm not some terrible monster, you know.

Tracy: You know, if I just close my eyes, I could just see your face in that film.

[Matt yells]

Tracy: Oh, Matt, stop! Look, it's all over --

Kevin: I told him not to do that.

[Matt laughs]

Tracy: Oh, be careful!

Matt: Anyone see my nail clipper?

Josie: Got anything to drink? I'm thirsty.

Tracy: You know what, Matt? That was really dumb because now there's popcorn all over the car and you have to clean it up.

Matt: Ugh.

Josie: I guess some people scare a little easier than others, no matter how tough they try and sound.

[Music plays]

Rachel: Darling, have you noticed that Lisa is dancing with her hand in Jamie痴 pocket?

Mitch: Oh, Mac, Mac. For you, guest of honor.

Mac: Well, thank you very much, and it is nice to be home.

Mitch: Well, I知 glad to hear that.

Felicia: I知 so excited.

Rachel: Are you?

Felicia: Aren't you?

Rachel: I -- um -- Jamie and Lisa are dancing very close.

Felicia: What?

Rachel: Well, I didn't know they were dating -- You don't mean --

Felicia: Yes, yes!

[Music stops]

Felicia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. The music has ended, so --

Rachel: Will they come over here?

Felicia: Yeah.

Rachel: Mac!

Mac: What?

Rachel: Nothing.

Jamie: Well, hello, everybody.

Felicia: Hello.

Jamie: I see you're all here --

Felicia: Yes, we are.

Jamie: And the champagne has arrived.

Rachel: Yes.

Felicia: Yes, it has.

Mac: I would like to say how much it means to us to be welcomed home like this.

Rachel: Darling, I think Jamie has something to say to us.

Mac: Does he?

Jamie: Um -- I do, yes. Lisa and I -- well, we've -- go ahead.

Lisa: Did you ever see anything so beautiful?

Felicia: Oh!

[Women scream]

Felicia: You did it, honey! Oh, my God!

Mac: Terrific!

Rachel: Oh, that's such good news!

Mitch: A toast?

Rachel: How awesome!

Mitch: Toast?

Rachel: Oh, sweetheart, that's so good!

Mitch: A toast?

Mac: A toast, yes.

Felicia: A toast, a toast!

Jamie: Oh, yes, a toast.

Felicia: Oh, yes. Ok.

Mitch: Jamie and Lisa, may the two of you be as happy always as you've been tonight. Yeah, yeah!

Rachel: I can't believe it!

Mac: You two weren't even dating when we went to Europe.

Lisa: Well, we finally got some time to talk.

Jamie: And then we realized that what we wanted was to be together.

Lisa: Always.

Felicia: Oh, come on, give me another hug! Come here. And then I知 going to really strangle the both of you for not letting me in on it.

[Jamie laughs]

Lisa: I thought you liked surprises.

Felicia: Not from you, I don't. Let me see this ring. Oh, honey, it's beautiful.

Rachel: Jamie, it's your father's, isn't it?

Jamie: Yes.

Mac: Well, pretty wonderful, isn't it?

Mitch: Wes, it is. It's good to see them work it out.

Felicia: Sweetie --

Mac: So, what do you think of Alexandra?

Mitch: Well, I think she's wonderful and beautiful.

Mac: That perfect, little, round face -- you know, Matthew looked a lot like her when he was born.

Mitch: And now Rachel痴 son is marrying Felicia痴 niece.

Mac: Hmm. Well, looks like no matter what we do, we get more and more related, Mitch.

Lisa: Well, I think we're ready for another bottle of champagne.

Felicia: Oh.

Jamie: Why don't you let me get that for you, dear?

Lisa: Oh, thank you, darling.

Felicia: Oh.

Rachel: Jamie and Lisa together.

Felicia: You know, Vicky was here earlier.

Rachel: Yes, I saw her. She was leaving. What happened, do you think?

Felicia: I don't know. And, I知 sorry to say, I don't much care.

Rachel: That doesn't sound like you.

Felicia: I know it doesn't. I really don't wish her any harm. I want her to have a happy life.

Rachel: Far away from Jamie and Lisa.

Felicia: Amen, yeah. You know, for a dinner party that almost didn't happen, I壇 say everything is turning out pretty well.

Lisa: Well, sometimes you just have to lay down the law.

Jamie: That's right.

Lisa: It's going to be a busy summer.

Rachel: Busy?

Lisa: Well, we've got two weddings to plan.

Rachel: That's right! I haven't received your invitation.

Felicia: Uh, it's -- we just --

Mac: Well, look, can I make my toast now?

Felicia: Yes! Oh, yes, why don't you?

Mac: Right. To Jamie and Lisa, together at last.

Felicia: Yes.

Mac: Thank heavens.


Vicky: Tough day?

Bridget: Yes, well, you know that saying about the terrible 2s?

Vicky: Yeah?

Bridget: Well, it's no lie.

Vicky: Oh, Bridget. Well, why don't you take a rest? I'll go take care of him.

Bridget: Oh, I don't know, dear.

Vicky: I would love to. I've -- I致e had kind of a crummy day. I know a visit with Mikey would make me feel better.

Bridget: Well, he's in there with all his toys.

Vicky: Great. Go take a nap or something, all right?

Bridget: Are you sure you want to?

Vicky: Yes, Bridget. I -- I just -- I can handle him. I've been terrible my whole life.

Bridget: Well, you know, dear -- you see, he should go right to sleep because he didn't have a nap this afternoon and he must be sleepy. But, look, why don't we do this? Why don't we sit down and why don't we have a wee cup of tea and a nice chat, hmm?

Vicky: Oh, Bridget, thank you. I'm fine, really. I just need some time to think, ok? Go, go take a nap, get some rest.

Bridget: All right.

Vicky: There's my boyfriend! Hello. Mikey, you still love me if no one else does, don't you?

Mikey: This.

Vicky: Can I help you with your puzzle?

Mikey: I do that!

Cass: After you.

Nicole: Oh. I guess people find peace here. I sure couldn't live like this.

Cass: Well, I bet you could if you were scared to death.

[Bell rings]

Cass: Sister Teresa? Uh -- thank you for letting me talk to you. My name is Cass Winthrop and this is Nicole Love. Some things have been happening to me, strange things. I think you're probably the only person in the world who might understand. I've been seeing her. I saw her today. I saw Nora. I know this sounds crazy. Believe me, I know it. And I couldn't figure out why this was happening, why she chose me. I mean, I知 not -- I知 not the kind of person who has considered himself to -- to have close encounters with spirits and ghosts. But I have been seeing her. And I saw her today. And I think I致e figured it out. She looks the same. She has beautiful red hair, a wonderful smile, but she's all confused and disturbed. She doesn't know that she's not dead. She doesn't know that it's not 1928, and most of all, she doesn't know that I知 not somebody named Max. You know who Max is, don't you? Sister, you've got to help me figure all of this out. Something happened 60 years ago, something terrible. And you saw it. And this something has made you take a vow of silence, and now it's making Nora look for somebody named max. It's time to let her spirit rest. It's time for you to stop being afraid and for me to get on with my life. Help us, sister. Please help us all.

Cass: "Murdered"? Nora was murdered.

[Tracy laughs]

Matt: Tracy, you can't be scared!

Tracy: No, I am, Matt! I'm really scared!

Matt: This is the ad for the snack bar, Tracy.

Tracy: Oh.

Kevin: I forgot to tell you -- she's terrified of dancing hotdogs.

Josie: She's got weenie phobia!

Tracy: Oh, that's all right! You guys -- it's all right. You can laugh at me as much as you want. I am having a great time. This was a great idea.

Kevin: Hey, I hope you don't get scared by these movies.

[Dramatic music plays]

Josie: The movies starting! What is this, Matt -- part four or part five?

Matt: I don't know, I kind of lost track. Has anyone gone through the trash compactor yet?

Josie: Not yet.

Matt: Oh, it's part four! This is my favorite one.

Tracy: You know what? Matt, you are so funny. I mean, that is why I am crazy about you.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, wait, wait, wait. The movies starting.

Lisa: So you didn't talk to your parents either?

Jamie: Well, I didn't need to. But I was ready to, you see, and that's the important thing.

Lisa: Just like I was with Felicia.

Jamie: Exactly. And we must remain vigilant. From now on, no more interference.

Lisa: Right.

Jamie: We do things our way.

Lisa: Right!

Jamie: Excuse me.

Lisa: From this moment on.

Mac: It's some things, you know, so --

Rachel: I know. I saw the most beautiful ecru lace in Europe. It would look lovely, something like that, on Lisa.

Felicia: Oh, I think so. We just have to be careful it's not too heavy. You know, she's so petite. I don't want it to overwhelm her.

Rachel: Yeah, it should be delicate.

Mac: Well, you know, if they -- if they get a co-op, they're going to have the maintenance fee. To my way of thinking, that's just money down the drain.

Mitch: Oh, yes, it is, but maybe until they get on their feet. I mean, a house is a big responsibility. I'm sure they want to travel.

Mac: Yeah.

Lisa: We're back!

Felicia: Oh, hi, honey. You know, I was even thinking maybe a t-length dress. What do you think?

Rachel: Oh, that would be lovely. You know what would be lovely would be an evening wedding, wouldn't it?

Felicia: Evening.

Rachel: And our garden looks lovely in September.

Felicia: Your garden?

Rachel: Wouldn't that be nice?

Felicia: What a good idea!

Lisa: Well, I知 so glad we've got them just where we want them.

Jamie: Yes, I just love the feeling of being in charge. Shall we?

Lisa: Yeah.

Mac: Really, they ought to be asked. What do you think?

Vicky: Oh, Mikey, your pictures are so beautiful. You're doing such a great job.

[Mikey babbles]

Vicky: Turquoise bunnies. Well, I壇 love to help you color. Can I -- can I do that? Oh, Mikey. Mikey, don't -- don't do that!

Bridget: Victoria?

Vicky: He just ran out on me.

Bridget: Oh, well, I asked the maid to put his pajamas on and put him to bed. You know, he's been a real villain all day, dear.

Vicky: No, no. It was me, Bridget.

Bridget: What is it, dear? What's the matter? Hmm?

Vicky: I saw Jamie tonight. He gave Lisa a ring.

Bridget: Oh, my dear.

Vicky: I don't know why he wouldn't give her a ring. He certainly wouldn't want to give me a ring.

Bridget: No, you mustn't talk like that.

Vicky: It's true.

Bridget: Now, I don't want you to be so hard on yourself, dear. I mean, after the life that you've led -- oh, my, you do deserve a little happiness.

Vicky: No, no, Bridget. I deserve exactly what I致e gotten -- some dirty money and no one to love.

Bridget: Oh, now, Victoria, that's not true, dear.

Vicky: Yeah, it is. I've got to get out of here. Bridget, just -- just let me go, ok?

Cass: I knew it was something like this. Sister, Nicole and I -- we read that -- that Nora went to India after she was jilted by Max and lived happily ever after. Now, that was a lie, wasn't it? Somebody murdered her, and you were there in the house, weren't you?

Nicole: Ask her if she knows why Nora talks to you.

Cass: She thinks I知 Max. After 60 years of wandering around, I don't understand why she picked me. I just don't know why. I have never been one who put much stock in previous existence or incarnation, but I can't help but wonder. Did Max do this to her 60 years ago? Sister, did Max kill her 60 years ago because he couldn't marry her? Am I Max? Did I kill her? I'm sorry, sister. I'm sorry. I thought maybe if I could get you to communicate with me, that I壇 have all the answers, but nobody can give me the answers to these questions. Maybe we should just go.

Nicole: Whatever you want.

Cass: I知 sorry, sister. I -- I知 sorry I disturbed you.

Nicole: Cass, Cass, look!

Cass: "You are not Max." How do you know?

Cass: Max is alive.

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