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Ronnie: So the lab uses this form to record the results of the sono test to the doctor, you know, which he can then use in consulting with the parents-to-be.

Vicky: So are all prenatal testings done here?

Ronnie: Yes, they are, and infant care testing as well. You know, I'm really delighted to see that you've chosen to familiarize yourself with this area of the hospital.

Vicky: Oh, well, I love volunteering at Bay City General, but I hope to get past just passing out magazines. And I figure the best way to do that is find out as much as I can about all hospital operations.

Ronnie: That's an excellent idea. So do you have any more questions while we're here?

Vicky: Um -- yeah. Are the pregnancy tests done here also?

Ronnie: Yes, they are. That's right.

Vicky: So what are those exact procedures?

[Sharlene hums]

Sharlene: Josephine! Come on! This place is not going to get done by itself!

Josie: I'll be right down!

Sharlene: Ok. You have 15 seconds!

Sharlene: Ahem. Four, three, two -- you are a very lucky lady.

Josie: Let's get started.

Sharlene: Uh-huh.

Josie: Oh, but first I need some music.

Sharlene: That is music.

[Rock music plays]

Josie: No music, no work.

Sharlene: Oh, oh, oh -- wait just a second here.

Josie: What now?

Sharlene: These are not work clothes. Get up there --

Josie: Oh, Mom!

Sharlene: And change those now!

Josie: Oh!

Sharlene: What did I raise?

Singer: I was overstressed my resistance was weak you were understanding every time that we'd meet

[Sharlene changes station]

Singer: One more night

Sharlene: All right.

Singer: I've been trying ooh, so long to let you know

Matt: Are you sure? You've been on the line an hour and Riviera hasn't called in? Great. No, listen, it's really important that I talk to her. Now, when Riviera calls in, you tell her that Captain Cool is trying to get in touch with her. Yeah. Great. Thanks, wild man. All right. Bye.

[Matt groans]

Matt: Tracy! Hi.

Tracy: The door was open. I just --

Matt: Hey, no problem. How you doing?

Tracy: Fine. Matt?

Matt: Yeah?

Tracy: Who is Riviera?

[Water runs]

[Water shuts off]

Nicole: Morning, handsome.

Cass: Hi. I'm glad you're awake.

Nicole: You are?

Cass: Yeah. After you fell asleep last night, I came up with this incredible tour of the countryside that we can do today.

Nicole: Well, couldn't all that wait?

Cass: Well, we'd miss the best part of the day. I love summer mornings, don't you?

Nicole: Oh, yeah, they're ok. But first, how about spending some time here, alone?

Cass: Nicole, we were -- we were here alone all last night.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, sleeping. I don't understand. We make this big deal about coming back to Haverhill Manor, and then we don't even spend any time here.

Cass: Well, last night, we -- we spent --

Nicole: I -- I know exactly what you mean. I mean, we haven't made love since we got here. We haven't done a lot of things.

Cass: And, what, you're saying it's my fault? I mean, you were kind of standoffish at the Indian caves yesterday, you know.

Nicole: Because I wanted to be with you, not a group of 20 people.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: Cass, you've been acting a little strange ever since we checked in. Why?

Cass: I'm acting the way I always do, Nicole.

Nicole: There's nothing on your mind?

Cass: No.

Nicole: Cass, do you remember how when we first started seeing each other that we had a problem with communication?

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: Well, I'm so happy to see that we've moved past that point and -- and we can talk openly about any problem at hand.

Cass: Me, too.

Nicole: So what's wrong?

Cass: Nothing is -- nothing.

Nicole: You know, you always do this. You either deny that there's a problem or you just change the subject so you don't have to tell me what's going on. Well? What do you have to say to that?

Cass: I'm going to get the bikes.

Nicole: Bikes?

Cass: Mm-hmm, for the trip that I mapped out.

Nicole: Cass, I don't want to ride a bike.

Cass: Sure you do, sure you do. I'll be right back.

[Nicole sighs]

Singer: Just staring at the phone

Josie: Is this better?

Sharlene: Much, much better.

Josie: You didn't think I'd notice, did you?

Sharlene: What? Oh, oh!

[Josie changes station]

Singer: When it comes down

Josie: Now I can work.

Sharlene: Yeah, all right. Help me out over here in this room because I've got these milk cans. Just move them over there.

Josie: This one?

Sharlene: Yeah. Bend your knees.

[Josie groans]

Sharlene: Bend your -- bend them, bend them.

Josie: Oh.

Singer: Got to get out

Sharlene: All right.

Singer: First we take Manhattan

Sharlene: Bring it back.

Josie: Ok.

Sharlene: Stretch it out. We got to cover everything.

Josie: Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Sharlene: "Yes, ma'am." Go get that bucket -- you know, the other bucket we have --

Josie: Yeah.

Sharlene: Ok. That's covered up. Start right here.

Singer: The rhythm is gonna get you rhythm is gonna get you

Josie: Don't you touch that dial.

Sharlene: A little --

Josie: No.

Sharlene: All right. Well, then, help me clear these things off of here.

Josie: Oh, boy.

Sharlene: One thing you don't want to do when you doing this is have dust everywhere.

Josie: Where is Uncle Jason?

Sharlene: I'm thirsty. I don't know where he is. You want something to drink?

Josie: Sure.

Sharlene: All right.

Josie: Yep. This place is really starting to shape up.

Sharlene: Uh-huh.

Josie: I think it's going to look pretty good.

Sharlene: Yeah, I do, too.

Josie: This is hardly work at all.

Sharlene: Oh.

[Sharlene chuckles]

Sharlene: Well, then, break is over. Let's get back to work.

Josie: Ok.

Sharlene: Just fill that, ok?

Josie: Yep.

Sharlene: All right.

Josie: You know, I -- I think this place is going to look really good stained.

Sharlene: So do I.

Josie: It's practically going to look brand-new.

Sharlene: Well, I would not go that far.

Josie: No, it's going to! And you did a great job putting out the stain in the wood.

Sharlene: Thank you, Josie. Are you all right?

Josie: I'm fine. Why?

Sharlene: Because you are acting different.

Josie: No, I'm not. I always help you when we move into new places. You know that.

Sharlene: Yes, but this is the first time that you have ever been happy about doing it. What's going on?

Josie: Nothing is going on.

Sharlene: Then why are you so cheerful?

Josie: Do I need a reason?

Sharlene: Yeah, yeah. When we're in the middle of fixing this place up, you do.

Josie: Well, I -- I guess I'm just starting to like it around here, that's all.

Sharlene: What, here? Meaning this -- this house?

Josie: Well, meaning Bay City, but -- yeah, this farm's ok.

Sharlene: Ok. When you start praising this farm, I know there is something going on.

Josie: Now, I wasn't praising it. I said it was ok. And I really like working for Sam and Amanda.

Sharlene: You are not working for them. You are helping them out.

Josie: For money.

Sharlene: Just don't start thinking of yourself as a --

Josie: As a servant. I know, Mom. I know. Oh.

Sharlene: What is really going on with you?

Josie: Remind me never to be in a good mood again!

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: You are lucky for this. Ada.

Ada: Welcome home, Sharlene.

[Door slams]

Ada: Whoops!

Sharlene: Whoa. It's good to see you! Come in! Come -- this is my daughter, Josie watts!

Ada: We met.

Sharlene: You -- you did?

Ada: Yep, at Sam and Amandaís.

Josie: Hi. How are you, Mrs. Hobson?

Ada: Uh-uh, call me Ada, please. Everybody does.

Josie: Ok, ok. How are you, Ada?

Ada: I'm fine. I'm glad to see your mother. Hey --

Sharlene: Hey --

Ada: You guys are working a storm around here!

Sharlene: Oh, yeah.

Ada: I should've called! I came at a bad time.

Sharlene: No, you did not come at a bad time. This is when we needed a break, didn't we, honey? Huh?

Josie: Well, actually, I was going to let you two talk and go feed the chickens.

Sharlene: You feed the chickens?

Josie: I won't kill them, Mother. I promise.

Sharlene: Josie, sweetheart --

Josie: Uncle Jason showed me how to seed them.

Sharlene: I know, but I feel like I'm working you to death.

Josie: Not at all. Now, you two catch up, and I'll be back in a little while, ok?

[Door closes]

Ada: She's a sweet girl.

Sharlene: Yes, a little too sweet this morning.

Ada: Excuse me?

Sharlene: Nothing. Where are my manners? Please, pull up a chair. Can I -- can I get you a cup of coffee?

Ada: Oh, no, thanks. I can't stay. I wanted to welcome you back to town.

Sharlene: With one of your famous cakes? Oh.

Ada: Yeah, well, I know what it's like to move.

Sharlene: Thanks. It's good to know I still have friends here. I never thought that I would see the inside of this place again, let alone be fixing it up.

Ada: Why did you come back?

Sharlene: Well, when I heard that Jason had returned and bought the place, something clicked inside me, and I -- I realized I had been missing home for some time.

Ada: How does it feel?

Sharlene: Hmm. How does -- it feels great. No, this was the right decision. I know it. This is a -- a much better environment than L.A. For Josie and for me.

Ada: Good.

Sharlene: I bet you never thought I'd come back here to live.

Ada: No, I didnít.

Sharlene: After I left Russ, neither did I.

Ada: I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Russ.

Sharlene: Oh, that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. I am really looking forward to getting my life going here again.

Ada: Well, that's pretty gutsy.

Sharlene: Well, that's one thing I've always had plenty of.

Ada: And you got yourself into some trouble, too, sometimes.

Sharlene: Yeah, but nothing I couldn't get myself out of, one way or another. But there is one person in this town who is not going to be too thrilled to hear that I am back.

Ada: Liz.

Sharlene: Liz.

Ada: Yeah.

Sharlene: Ooh.

Ada: I take it she hasn't stopped by.

Sharlene: Oh, no, no, no, but knowing Liz, I know that a visit from her is not too far off in the future.

Ada: Uh-huh.

Sharlene: Hmm, and I am not looking forward to the experience. What are you doing? You are going to get yourself filthy. You don't have to do this.

Ada: Hey, listen, I don't strip for just anybody, you know?

Sharlene: Well, whoo, whoo, whoo!

[Sharlene chuckles]

Ada: Now, look, don't let Liz bother you, ok?

Sharlene: Oh, I'll try not to. I'll try not to. But she is not one who's likely to forget the past. But you know something? I guess the point is that what happened with Russ is the past. I cannot change that.

Ada: Well, maybe you're wiser because of it.

Sharlene: I'm a lot older. I know that. I am a lot older. Josie is proof of that.

Ada: You know, it is hard to believe that you have a nearly grown-up daughter.

Sharlene: Yeah, and the "nearly" part is what worries me.

[Sharlene sighs]

Ronnie: And then each test is rechecked by the other lab assistant on duty. If we find that the results are positive, well, we review the results a third time.

Vicky: It's incredible you're so thorough.

[Ronnie chuckles]

Ronnie: Well, when you're dealing with something as important as a woman's pregnancy, it's vital that we keep our facts straight.

Vicky: Hmm. So you never make any mistakes?

Ronnie: Since I've been here, no. But if there is a question about a particular result, any doctor on the staff can order a new test.

Vicky: I'm impressed. Are all other clinics like Bay City General?

Ronnie: Oh, no, no, no. Bay city General is definitely one of the best. You know, most places simply don't have the money for cross-checking like we do.

Vicky: Really?

Ronnie: Yeah. Well, for instance, the Riley clinic in Ogden.

Vicky: Ogden? That's not too far away from here, is it?

Ronnie: No, no, no. It's very near, as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, that place is so small that they really don't have the money to cross-check, you know, the way that we do.

Vicky: Hmm.

Ronnie: There's only one lab technician on duty, and he's overworked as it is.

Vicky: I see.

Ronnie: But I really don't think many mistakes are made. But even if there is, you know, even if you tell one woman who wants a baby that she's pregnant only to find out later that she isn't, well, it can be devastating.

Vicky: Oh, I can imagine.

[Phone rings]

Ronnie: Excuse me.


Vicky's voice: The first time Jamie and I --

Ronnie: Yes, I see. Right away. Excuse me, Vicky. There's an emergency upstairs.

Vicky: Oh, hey, no problem. Thank you so much for all your help.

Ronnie: Glad to do it. Look, there's information on the desk if you want to take a look.

Vicky: Thank you.

Sharlene: All right.

Ada: Oh. A nice cup of tea would be nice right about now.

Sharlene: Oh, would it really? All right. You got that coming right up. Cream, sugar?

Ada: No, no, just plain tea. Thank you. Whew. Well, Josie doesn't seem to be a problem.

Sharlene: She's a teenager, Ada.

Ada: Enough said. But she seemed nice enough a couple of minutes ago.

Sharlene: I know, I know. That's what worries me. It means I am being set up.

Ada: "Set up"?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Ada: For what?

Sharlene: Who knows? Oh, Josieís always working some angle. She's growing up fast, Ada -- too fast.

Ada: Well, our children are doing that these days.

Sharlene: Oh, no, no. I don't think Josieís like other kids. I blame myself for that, mainly.

Ada: We always blame ourselves for their problems. A fat lot of good it does. They are who they are.

Sharlene: Well, I know that, but we moved around so much when she was a little girl. She never had a chance to put down roots, to make any long-term friends. That is one reason that I wanted to come back here -- to give her a sense of security. But she is already 17. It may be too late.

Ada: Well, from what I saw of her at Sam and Amandaís, she seemed very together. Maybe you're worrying about nothing.

Sharlene: Am I? Whenever I look at her, I see myself when I was 17, and I made plenty of mistakes.

Ada: Mistakes are a part of growing up.

Sharlene: Oh, no, no. I'm not so sure about at. I'm not sure that the school of hard knocks is always necessary. I don't want her to go through the things that I had to handle.

Ada: No mother ever does.

Sharlene: I want more for Josie than giving her the tools to just get through life. I want her to be someone, a success. You know what I mean.

Ada: Yeah, I do.

Sharlene: Well, you don't sound like it's too great of an idea.

Ada: Oh, I think it's a great idea.

Sharlene: Oh?

Ada: It is -- if it's what Josie wants, too.

Sharlene: At her age, she doesn't know what she wants.

Ada: Well, let her find that out for herself. You can't live her life for her.

Sharlene: I know, but I can keep her from blowing the whole thing. I mean, look at you. You were strict with Rachel. I remember --

[Ada chuckles]

Ada: Rachel and I, when I look back on it, spent a lot of time arguing when we could've been laughing. Anyway, she ended up doing half the things I told her not to do.

Sharlene: Yeah. You say that now, but if you hadn't been there for her, I know Rachel wouldn't have turned out so well, so secure in herself, so successful. That is all I want for Josie. The last thing she needs right now is to find trouble.

[Video game plays]

Matt: Nice shot.

[Tracy giggles]

Tracy: You know, Matt, you still haven't answered me.

Matt: About what?

Tracy: Who is Riviera?

Matt: Ah, she's just this girl.

Tracy: On the party phone?

Matt: Right. That's her code name.

Tracy: That's the one you're checking out for Kevin, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Tracy: Then why are you so interested in her?

Matt: Tracy, we already talked about it. Now, I just want to fix Kevin up, that's all.

Tracy: Yeah, but you're going to an awful lot of trouble for Kevin.

Matt: He's my best friend.

Tracy: Yeah, but there's only so much you can do. I mean, sooner or later, Kevin has got to talk to this girl instead of you.

Matt: He will as soon as I'm positive she is the right girl for him. Now, I'll talk to her a few more times on the phone, and that's it.

Tracy: Matt, a few more times? The party is on Friday. I mean, Kevinís probably going to see her there.

Matt: So?

Tracy: "So?" So I think it's time that Kevin talked to Riviera instead of you.

Woman: This is nice.

Man: Good morning. It's a lovely day. Enjoy it. Bernice, let me handle this. Just let me handle it. Good morning, sir.

Cass: Good morning.

Man: How are you on this fine summer day?

Cass: Lousy.

Bernice: You didn't sleep well?

Cass: No, I slept fine. I -- I came here about the ring.

Man: The ring?

Cass: Yes, the engagement ring that I lost in my room yesterday. Has anybody found it yet?

Man: No, I'm afraid not. Perhaps you left it at home.

Cass: I had the ring with me when I entered the room. Then later, suddenly, it was gone.

Man: Maybe -- maybe it'll just pop up.

Bernice: Oh, dear.

Cass: What? What's wrong?

Man: Nothing, nothing.

Cass: No, no, no, no. There's something going on -- it's -- it's the maid, isn't it? She's a klepto?

Man: Oh, no, no, no, never. Our staff is beyond reproach.

Cass: Is that true?

Bernice: Yes. We've never had any trouble here -- except in the Rose room.

Man: Bernice.

Cass: What are you talking about?

Man: Nothing, nothing.

Cass: I don't buy that! Look, you two didn't want us to check in in the first place. Why not?

Bernice: You see, strange things have happened --

Man: Bernice, not another word.

Cass: Chet, let Bernice talk, will you?

Chet: Sir, do you want to check out?

Cass: No.

Chet: Well, then, you -- there's nothing we can do. There's just nothing we can do. I'm sorry.

Cass: Well, what about the ring?

Chet: Well, we have a safe for valuables. We can't be responsible for articles left in the room.

Cass: Is this what they call service with a smile?

Bernice: I am sorry, sir.

Cass: I don't get this. Weird things have been happening ever since we checked in.

Chet: Such as?

Bernice: What?

Cass: Well, such as my watch stopped. Well, not that that in and of itself is so very strange, but it popped off the nightstand all by itself. And then the brooch that I bought Nicole -- the brooch. Excuse me.

Chet: Bernice, I don't want to hear any more about it.

Bernice: Well, you're going to have to because it's happening. Just as I was afraid it would.

[Birds chirp]

Cass's voice: Close your eyes.

Nicole's voice: At last, the surprise. I thought maybe you'd postpone it.

Cass: No way. Come on.

Nicole: What is it?

Cass: Uh -- you'll find out, but you have to keep them closed.

Nicole: Oh?

Cass: Sit down.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: No peeking.

Nicole: Ah. I promise.

Nicole: Can I open my eyes now?

Cass: No, no, keep them closed very tightly.

Nicole: If -- if I keep them closed much longer, I'm going to fall asleep.

Cass: That's all right, Nicole. That -- you -- that -- that would be fine. I'll wake you up when I'm -- when I'm ready.

Nicole: Cass.

Cass: What? Oh, I'm kidding. I was only kidding.

Nicole: Oh. What are you doing?

Cass: Uh -- nothing -- just keep your eyes closed. I'll be just a couple of more seconds.

Nicole: Cass, what's going on?

Cass: Uh -- are your eyes closed? Huh?

Nicole: Yes, they're closed.

Cass: Ok. Uh --

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Ok, ready? Ready?

Nicole: I'm ready.

Cass: Re they closed?

Nicole: Yes!

Cass: Get set.

Nicole: I -- I'm set.

[Cass moans]

Nicole: That's it? You had me close my eyes for a kiss?

[Birds chirp]

Nicole: Cass? Hi.

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: Well, how do I look?

Cass: Fine.

Nicole: Well, this will be good for our tour?

Cass: Tour?

Nicole: Yeah. Did you rent the bikes?

Cass: Bikes? Oh, the bikes! Oh, well, there's been a change in plans, Nicole.

Nicole: Cass, are you sure you're all right?

Cass: Of course I'm all right. I just need about an hour or so to myself.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: I have to take care of some things. Very, very important.

Nicole: Oh. "Things."

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Oh, well, then, sure. You just take as much time as you need. I'll be right here waiting for you.

Cass: Good.

Nicole: What are you staring at?

Cass: Was I staring? Yes, I -- I was staring, wasn't I?

Nicole: Cass, you're doing it again.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Weirding out.

Cass: Oh, that. You mean --

Nicole: "Oh, that"? Cass, what is going on with you?

Cass: Are you sure you like that brooch?

Nicole: Of course I do.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: I love it.

Cass: Hmm.

Nicole: And I love that you gave it to me.

Cass: I got to go. I'll see you later.

Nicole: Cass!

[Nicole sighs]

Josie: Chickens are all fed.

Ada: Good.


Ada: You can take over for me. You know, that's not as much fun as it looks. Nothing personal. I'll see you soon.

Sharlene: Yeah.

[Sharlene laughs]

Ada: Ok.

Sharlene: Thanks for coming by, Ada. And thanks for the cake and for helping out and -- and all of it. And don't be a stranger.

Ada: I wonít. And you I will see at Sam and Amandaís. They're very happy that you're helping them.

Josie: Well, I'm happy to be there. Alli is so cute.

Ada: Why not? She takes after me.

[Josie chuckles]

Ada: Bye.

Josie: Bye.

Sharlene: Bye, Ada.

Ada: Bye.

Josie: She seems so nice.

Sharlene: Well, she is. Oh, hey, it looks like we are really making a good team here.

Josie: Yep.

Sharlene: Why don't we clean up, huh?

Josie: Ok.

Sharlene: And I will fix us some dinner.

[Sharlene whistles]

Singer: What am I without you?

Josie: Hmm. You're really happy that you saw Ada, aren't you?

Sharlene: Yeah, I am. I had forgotten how many really wonderful people there are in this town. Feels like home again.

Josie: Mom, can I ask you something?

Sharlene: Here it comes.

Josie: What?

Sharlene: Nothing, nothing. Sure, honey. What is it? Go ahead.

Josie: Well, there's this guy, Captain Cool.

Sharlene: Oh, who?

Josie: Well, he's on the party phone.

Sharlene: Oh. Well, I hope you are not spending too much time on that thing. You do not know those people.

Josie: That's exactly my point.

Sharlene: What is?

Josie: Well, this guy captain, he calls himself --

Sharlene: Captain? Captain cool?

Josie: Yes, mom. We all have code names. That's a part of it.

Sharlene: And what's your name?

Josie: Mom.

Sharlene: What?

Josie: Can I please finish what I'm saying?

Sharlene: Ok, ok.

Josie: Captain Cool is having a party Friday night, and I'm invited. Can I go?

Sharlene: Absolutely not.

Josie: Why not?

Sharlene: I am not going to discuss this. Absolutely not. I'm sorry.

Josie: Come on, mom.

Sharlene: You heard my final word.

[Door opens]

Jamie: Ahem. Hey!

Vicky: Jamie!

Jamie: Hi.

Vicky: Hi! What are you doing here? I thought you weren't working today.

Jamie: Well, Tom asked me to switch shifts with him, and I've been looking for you anyway.

Vicky: Really?

Jamie: Yeah. I thought maybe we'd go out to dinner tonight and catch a movie or something like that.

Vicky: Not Lisaís night tonight?

Jamie: Say what?

Vicky: Oh, nothing.

Jamie: Well, do you want to go out?

Vicky: Sure, sure. That'd be great, yeah.

Jamie: What's the matter with you?

Vicky: Nothing.

Jamie: What's that?

Vicky: What -- oh, oh!

Jamie: Behind -- behind your back?

Vicky: Nothing, nothing. Jamie, I've really got to go.

Jamie: What is it? Let me see --

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: What is it? Let me see it.

Vicky: Jamie!

Jamie: What is this thing?

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Let's see what you got here. Vicky.

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: Are you pregnant?

Jamie: Vicky?

Vicky: Jamie -- Yes.

Jamie: Oh, I don't believe this. How long have you known?

Vicky: I just found out.

Jamie: You just had the test done here?

Vicky: No, I had the test done at Ogden.

Jamie: Ogden?

Vicky: Yes. I didn't want anybody to know here.

Jamie: Are you ok?

Vicky: Jamie, what am I going to do?

Jamie: No, no -- we'll work it out. We'll be ok.

Vicky: I -- I'm so ashamed about this! You know this happened to my mother, and people already think that I'm a tramp, and then I go and do this?

Jamie: No, no, no, no, no --

Vicky: I can't believe I --

Jamie: Don't -- don't worry about what everybody says, ok? Now -- now, we'll work this out together.

Vicky: Hey. I -- I'm sorry, Jamie. I -- I don't understand. We -- we were being so careful.

Jamie: Now, calm down, calm down.

Vicky: No, I -- I can't! Jamie, don't tell anybody about this, please.

Jamie: No, I wonít. I won't, I won't, I wonít.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jamie: Vicky, now, you should've told me that you -- that you thought you were pregnant. Now, you shouldn't have gone through this by yourself.

Vicky: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't want to burden you with this.

Jamie: No, you're not, you're not, you're not at all. It's -- we're both responsible.

Vicky: Jamie, my feelings are just so mixed up. I -- I know I'm dumping them all on you. Uh -- what are we going to do?

Jamie: Now, just -- just take it easy. Take it easy. It's ok.

Vicky: Jamie -- what do you feel about me being pregnant?

Jamie: I don't know. It hasn't sunk in yet.

Vicky: Yeah, I understand that feeling. Jamie, forget we had this conversation.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: The whole thing -- just forget it.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: I -- I'm going to take care of it myself. I can deal with this on my own, ok?

Jamie: Now, Vicky, I am here for you, ok? Now, we're going to be ok, and I'm going to -- I'll take care of you. Come on. I'll take care of you.

Tracy: How long do you think the party's going to last?

Matt: Jeez. A few hours, I think. I mean, depends on how interesting these people are we invited, you know?

Tracy: You know what I'd like to do, I mean, afterwards?

Matt: What?

Tracy: I'd like us to take our time coming back to the city.

Matt: We could grab Kevin, go up to the lookout.

Tracy: No, I mean -- I mean just us.

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Tracy: I mean, after all, Kevinís going to probably be busy with that Riviera girl and --

Matt: Yeah -- yeah.

Tracy: Well, it -- I mean, it could give us a chance to talk.

Matt: We could talk now if you want.

Tracy: Yeah, I know, but -- no, talking at night --

Matt: I know, it's different than talking during the day, right?

Tracy: It can be.

Matt: Ok, it's a date.

Tracy: Great. I'd like that.

Matt: Me, too.

Tracy: I got to -- I got to go. Got to get to work --

Matt: Tracy --

Tracy: I'll see you -- I'm looking forward to Friday.

Matt: Tracy Ė

[Bell rings]

[Cass rings bell]

Cass: Hello? Anybody here?

Woman: Yes. May I help you?

Cass: Yes. I'm looking for the owner, please.

Woman: I'm the owner.

Cass: You are? Then I must mean your partner.

Woman: I don't have one.

Cass: There was an elderly gentleman here just yesterday, and -- and I had the impression that he was the owner.

Woman: About this high?

Cass: Yes.

Woman: Likes to talk?

Cass: Yes, yes, he does.

Woman: That's my grand-uncle. He wanders in sometimes looking for something to do.

Cass: I see. I need to ask him about something that he sold me.

Woman: He sold you something?

Cass: Yes, he did.

Woman: Oh, dear. Well, he wasn't supposed to do that. Would you like to return it?

Cass: No.

Woman: Well, I haven't noticed anything missing. What -- what was it that you purchased?

Cass: It was -- it was antique brooch with the initial n on it.

Woman: I'm afraid there's been a mistake.

Cass: No, no, there's no mistake. I'm -- I'm sure I bought that here yesterday.

Woman: But I don't have jewelry.

Cass: Well, of course you do. You have a whole --

Woman: Well --

Cass: You had a whole basket of it here yesterday.

Woman: No. I'm sure I didnít. And I know my inventory, Mr. --

Cass: Winthrop. Cass Winthrop. There -- there -- there must be some mistake here.

Woman: Mr. Winthrop, I'm sure I'd --

[Phone rings]

Woman: Excuse me.

Cass: Yes, of course.


Nelson: You've come back. I hoped you would.

Josie: I'm 17. I think I can decide what I think is fun.

Sharlene: No, you can't, honey. Not yet.

Josie: It's just a party! It's the first party I've been invited to since we moved to this dump.

Sharlene: "This dump"? This dump happens to be your home.

Josie: No. No, it isnít. It's your home. I am just a slave here.

Sharlene: That is not true! I just have a bad feeling about this party!

Josie: Why? Don't you trust me?

Sharlene: Yeah, I trust you, but I worry about you, too.

Josie: I can take care of myself.

Sharlene: I don't want you to be in a situation where you have to worry about taking care of yourself.

Josie: It wouldn't happen. These people seem great.

Sharlene: No, sound great.

Josie: I don't get you.

Sharlene: Josie, you have not even met these people. I have not even met these people.

Josie: You don't have to see someone in person to know what they're really like.

Sharlene: Yes, well, I'll tell you something -- I think in this situation, it would be a good idea.

Josie: You're always telling me how wonderful everyone is in Bay City.

Sharlene: I'm sorry, but unfortunately there are a few bad apples.

Josie: Mom, this is really important to me. Please --

Sharlene: I am sorry!

Josie: No, you're not. You're not sorry at all. You're always telling me to give things a chance, but it's only if it's something you want. This is something I want. Why won't you give me a chance?

Sharlene: I am not going to let you go to some party I know nothing about. You understand me?

Josie: Perfectly.

Jamie: Listen, everything is going to be ok, all right?

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Listen, I've got to run.

Vicky: Oh, no, I understand.

Jamie: Stay here. Don't leave. We have a lot more to talk about, ok? Calm down, take it easy. And don't worry. We're going -- it's going to be ok. Ok?

Vicky: Jamie, I -- I'm not going to worry as long as you're here.

Jamie: That's a good girl. Bye.

[Wedding music plays]

Cass: How did you know I'd be back?

Nelson: Because you love the brooch so much. You insisted on having it for your lovely companion. What was her name?

Cass: Nicole.

Nelson: Yes, Nicole. You had to have that brooch for Nicole. So, you see, I knew that by now you'd want to know more -- more about the brooch.

Cass: But what would you know?

Nelson: A great deal.

Cass: But you said you didn't remember anything about the brooch.

Nelson: Did I?

Cass: Yes, that you didn't even recall it being in the shop.

Nelson: At my age, things -- well, they come and go.

Cass: So now you remember the history of the brooch. Is that what you're telling me?

Nelson: Oh, yes. But history's such an impersonal word, don't you think, for such a personal piece of jewelry? Besides, it only had one owner. It was Noraís -- Nora Diamonds.

Cass: Well, that explains the n, the initial N.

Nelson: It was given to her on her 20th birthday. Nora was so exquisite. They called her the beauty of Haverhill Manor.

Cass: That's where she lived?

Nelson: It's her family home.

Cass: We're staying there.

Nelson: I guess it's a small world.

Cass: What else can you tell me about her, please?

Nelson: Nora -- she was the life of every party, by far the most popular girl in her class. Always in rows, with her red hair blowing.

Cass: Red hair, just like Kathleenís.

Nelson: What?

Cass: Nothing. Go on.

Nelson: Every young man in the area was in love with her. They couldn't help but love her. But poor Nora -- she chose foolishly. It was on one of her outings out by the rocks on the lake that she met him.

Cass: Who?

Nelson: Max. They say he was a scoundrel, that one. Fast talker. Oh, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but no good. Not from the word go. Still, she loved him, and he said he felt the same.

[Door opens and bell rings]

Cass: Nicole, what are you doing here?

Nicole: Cass. I got worried.

Cass: About what?

Nicole: About you. The way you looked at this brooch when you left earlier -- it was so funny, so I thought I might stop by here and find out more about it. What are you doing here?

Cass: The same thing. I'm learning about Nora.

Nicole: Who's Nora?

Cass: He'll tell you.

Jamie: Oh, hi, Ronnie. Have you seen Vicky?

Ronnie: Not since earlier. Why?

Jamie: I just need to talk to her about something.

Ronnie: Can I help?

Jamie: Maybe -- maybe you can. Do you know the name of the clinic in Ogden?

Ronnie: Yeah, the Riley clinic.

Jamie: Riley clinic.

Ronnie: You know, it's funny you should mention that.

Jamie: Why?

Ronnie: I just mentioned the Riley clinic to Vicky this morning. Look, I've got to go. I'm sure you'll find her.

Sharlene: Honey, I am sorry about the party, but trust me, staying home is for the best. Hey, why don't we do something fun Friday night?

Josie: What, play bingo?

Sharlene: Why don't we put together some of those new outfits you've been wanting to, huh? What do you say?

Josie: All right.

Sharlene: Great. Well, I'm going to go outside and get some vegetables for dinner. Can you clean this place up for me?

Josie: Sure.

Sharlene: Honey, don't worry, ok? In time, you will come to meet a bunch of kids your age, and you will have fun, and you will be glad you waited. You'll see.

Josie: Hi, party phone? Is Captain Cool there?

Matt: I'm here. Riviera?

Josie: That's right.

Matt: How are you?

Josie: Fine. I can't stay on long. I was just calling to find out about the party Friday.

Matt: Well, you'll be there, won't you?

Josie: Oh, I'll be there. You'd better bet I'll be there.

Cass: He's gone.

Nicole: Who?

Cass: The old man who sold us this antique. He was here just a second ago. Excuse me, your grand-uncle, is he back there with you?

Woman: Oh, no. He hasn't been here all day.

Cass: Oh, that's not true at all. He was here just -- he must have gone out the side door.

Woman no, he --

[Phone rings]

Woman: Sorry.

Nicole: Cass, what happened?

Cass: The man who sold us this was here just now. I swear he was. He was telling me all about the original owner of this.

Nicole: I thought he didn't know anything.

Cass: Well, he does. He knows plenty. It was owned by a woman named Nora Diamond. She was extremely beautiful. She had long, red hair. She must have died very young. It sounds like an incredible story.

Nicole: Are you sure that's not all it is?

Cass: Nicole, why would he lie to me about that?

Nicole: I didn't mean he was lying. Maybe just rambling. You know, we were in here the other day, and he seemed a little confused. Are you sure he's playing with a full deck?

Cass: You're right. I'm getting a little carried away here. I'm sorry. Maybe we should just forget the whole thing. Here.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: What?

Nicole: Look, it popped open. There's a compartment.

Cass: Is there anything in there?

Nicole: Yeah, it's a picture. A picture of a woman.

Cass: It's her.

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