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Cass: It really wasn't my fault.

Nicole: Well, it sure wasn't mine.

Cass: You suggested that we take the back roads.

Nicole: Well, you didn't fill up the tank before we left.

Cass: Well -- this is true. This is true. But at least it was a spectacular night.

Nicole: Spectacular and cozy.

Cass: Bucket seats were --

Nicole: Yeah, cozy, but not perfect.

Cass: Yeah, but at least we made it. And now the perfection begins.

Nicole: I'm so glad we decided to come back to this place.

Cass: Me, too.

Nicole: Do you suppose they still have that room with the canopy bed?

Cass: I can always check.

Nicole: You're sure we don't need reservations?

Cass: Will you stop worrying? Nobody knows about this place. It's never that booked.

Nicole: It's just that I don't want anything else to mess up this night.

Cass: Nothing is going to mess it up. I absolutely can guarantee it. Wait here.

Nicole: Hurry back.

Cass: I will.

Cass: Excuse me --

Man: Yes? What can I do for you?

Cass: I'd like a room for tonight for two, please.

Man: All right, name, please?

Cass: Cass Winthrop. I come here quite often, you know. Robert -- is he still the maitre d' in the dining room?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Well, make sure we get our usual table. Oh, yeah, we want room 14, the one with the canopy bed.

Man: I'm afraid I can't find your reservation, Mr. --

Cass: Winthrop. I didn't make a reservation.

Man: You didn't?

Nicole: See?

Cass: What? I've never had to in the past.

Man: Yes, but this is our high season. I'm sorry, but without a reservation, there's just no way I can give you a room.

Zack: Hi, Donna. What can I do for you?

Donna: Zack -- oh, hi. Um, I -- I think I've done something rather foolish.

Zack: Is it illegal?

Donna: No, no, it's not illegal. I think it's just stupid. Look, you received some money from an anonymous source to help find Mikey's family.

Zack: Yeah, I did. How'd you know about that?

Donna: I'm the anonymous source.

Zack: You? Well, Donna, why didn't you just come --?

Donna: Well, we -- you know, we have temporary custody of Mikey right now.

Zack: Yeah, I know that.

Donna: And Michael is growing fonder and fonder of him every day.

Zack: And you're not?

Donna: I don't know how I feel. I just know that if we want to make any plans for the future that we have to find his parents, and we have to find out why he's not with them.

Zack: I agree. But why did you do it anonymously?

Donna: That's a long story, and I'll tell you later. I really just want to know if anything's been done, if you've had any luck.

Zack: Well, not yet, but I've already hired a private detective with the money you sent.

Donna: Really? Oh, well, that's great. Listen, would you mind if I came down to the office, and you could tell me how you're handling this and what you're going to do, and --

Zack: Well, actually, Donna, I'm due in court in about six minutes.

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see.

Zack: Oh, listen, Scott and I are going to talk with the owner of the Pelican club. I'll be there about 8:00. If you like, you can meet us there.

Donna: At the Pelican club?

Zack: Yeah, it's a jazz club on Chamber Street in Chicago.

Donna: Oh, oh, right. Well, sure, I guess I could meet you there.

Zack: It's supposed to be a nice place, I mean, if you're into jazz.

Donna: All right, 8:00?

Zack: Right.

Donna: Great. Zack?

Zack: Yeah?

Donna: Listen, I -- I thank you for being so nice about all of this. I -- I'm really embarrassed at how I've handled the situation.

Zack: Don't be. You're doing the right thing, no matter what your motives are.

Donna: I just hope Michael thinks so. Thanks, and I'll see you tonight.

Zack: Ok.

Donna: Yeah, bye.

Zack: Bye-bye.

Michael: So?

Donna: Um, Zack.

Michael: Ah. Did you tell him the truth? Did you tell him that it was you that dropped off that money?

Donna: Yes, I did. He -- he thinks I'm doing the right thing. Do you?

Vicky: Mmm.

Jamie: It's good wine.

Vicky: Thank you for bringing it.

Jamie: But it's all gone.

Vicky: I guess it's time to go.

Jamie: Or we could stay right here.

Mary: I've been trained in hypnosis, and the first thing I have to tell you is that you're not going to do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't do normally.

Lisa: I trust you.

Mary: Yeah? Why do you look so worried?

Lisa: Well, I'm a little worried. I mean, a hypnotized psychic? Who knows what could happen?

Mary: Lisa, you don't have to do this if you don't want to.

Lisa: No, no, I want to do it. If we can help Mikey, I'm willing.

Mary: Well, if you want to take a little more time to think about it, that's ok. We'll just do it later.

Lisa: No, I think I'd rather keep busy tonight.

Mary: Ok, great. All right, what we're going to do -- we're going to do this just like in the movies. I want you to take a few deep breaths. Just relax. Now, keep your eyes right here on the pendulum. Just watch that as it goes back and forth. Relax. And if at any point along the way here you start to feel a little bit sleepy, it's ok to close your eyes. You'll be all right, Lisa. You'll be all right.

Mary: Lisa, can you hear me? Why don't you raise your hand if you can hear me? Good girl. You can put it down now. You feel comfortable and relaxed?

Lisa: Yes.

Mary: Good. Now, the reason that I suggested hypnosis is because I thought maybe you could put yourself, with your special abilities, into Mikey's place and understand how he thinks, maybe give us some information about him or about his parents that we don't have because he can't say.

Lisa: Yes.

Mary: You understand that?

Lisa: Yes. No one takes care of me anymore.

Mary: Who used to take care of you?

Lisa: It's all right, Lisa, I'll take care of you.

Mary: Lisa, honey, let's think about Mikey. Let's think about the first time that any of us saw Mikey, and that was when Sam had the accident. Mikey was alone. He was on a very busy street.

Lisa: Street. Mommy.

Mary: Is his mother with him?

Lisa: She doesn't want me anymore.

Mary: It's late, so he's maybe a little bit sleepy. Maybe he's scared.

Lisa: Scared.

Mary: And then he sees the man in the car --

Lisa: No!

Mary: What is it? What do you see?

Lisa: Leave me alone.

Mary: Who's with him, Lisa?

Lisa: Why do you want me?

Mary: Does he know this person? Is it someone he knows? Is it a man or a woman?

Lisa: I'm not like her!

Mary: Not like who?

Lisa: You're hurting me.

Mary: Lisa, are we talking about Mikey?

Lisa: What do you want? What did I do?

Mary: Lisa, you're all right.

Lisa: No, it's not my fault! It's not my fault! It's not my fault!

Vicky: Uh-uh-uh, not on the first date.

Jamie: First date?

Vicky: I know, I know. But what we've done before hasn't been exactly dating.

Jamie: True. Yes, true.

Vicky: And you're the one that said that you wanted to play this traditionally and see how it ended up.

Jamie: Did I say that?

Vicky: You did.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Not that I don't want the same thing. I do.

Jamie: Well, good, good. Then why don't we just fast-forward through the first month and get on with the second.

Vicky: No. This time I want to play it by the book.

Jamie: The book? What book?

Vicky: The book that says you have to call me up and ask me on a date, and I decide whether I'm free or not. But I don't think you'll have a problem in that area.

Jamie: Yeah, what else?

Vicky: What else? Um -- flowers, kisses good night at the front door.

Jamie: Ooh, that sounds so romantic.

Vicky: It is. I don't know about you, but romance hasn't been the biggest point of my life lately.

Jamie: If that's what you want.

Vicky: It is. And besides, I thought you groped Lisa Grady after one glass of wine.

Jamie: I don't want to talk about Lisa.

Vicky: Ok. But I do know she's still a part of your life, and that's ok.

Jamie: You mean that?

Vicky: As long as it doesn't become a good girl-bad girl contest. Got it?

Jamie: Got it. Shall we?

Vicky: We shall.

Jamie: Or was that being too familiar on the first date?

Vicky: Oh, no, this is fine. I get a kick out of this romantic stuff.

Jamie: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Ahem. You know, a true romantic would let the phone ring to show the gentleman there's nothing that you'd rather do than be with him.

Vicky: I'm still learning.


Jamie: Oh.

Vicky: Hello?

Jake: Vicky, it's me. Can you talk?

Cass: Let me talk to the owner, please. What's his name? -- Charlie something or other.

Man: Chester.

Cass: No, no, no, no. No, it's not Chester. I would remember a stupid name like Chester.

Man: No, take my name for it. His name is Chester.

Cass: Are you sure?

Man: Yeah. I'm Chester.

Cass: Chester. Right, Chester! Nice to see you again, bud. You look terrific.

Chester: Well, thanks. Thanks an awful lot.

Cass: Yeah.

Chester: I still don't have a room.

Cass: Oh, come on, those reservations aren't all carved in stone, are they?

Nicole: Pretty close, Cass. That's why people call and make reservations.

Cass: Uh, just a second, Chet.

Chester: Sure.

Cass: Would you step into my office for a second? You're not making this any easier, you know?

Nicole: Well, so far you haven't gotten us out of the lobby.

Cass: Well -- well, if you'd just give me a couple more minutes, o, ye of little faith, I'll schmooze this guy and we'll have the bridal suite at half price.

Nicole: Well, why don't you just slip him some money.

Cass: Nicole, please. Leave this to me.

Chester: I'm sorry, I don't have a single vacancy for tonight. Bye-bye. Uh, Mr. Winthrop, would you like to have dinner before you head back? I might be able to squeeze you into the dining room, but --

Cass: Look, Chet --

Chester: Yeah?

Cass: I don't personally care where I stay tonight. You know, it's no big deal to me, but the little lady -- you know how sentimental they can get? She's really counting on --

Nicole: The little lady also has 100 bucks.

Cass: Nicole!

Nicole: You get us that room with the canopy bed, and this is yours.

Cass: Nicole, you shock me. This is tantamount to bribery.

Chester: Yes, and room 14 is taken.

Woman: But the rose room isnít.

Chester: Bernice.

Bernice: Well, it isnít.

Chester: Well, yes, I know, but I thought we said -- we don't rent that room out anymore.

Nicole: Why not?

Chester: Well, because the last person who had it --

Bernice: Complained because it's a five-floor walkup, but it has a private terrace and its own fireplace.

Chester: Bernice, you know what we agreed.

Bernice: Agreements were meant to be broken.

Nicole: Well, now, if there's something wrong with that room --

Cass: Nicole. We'll take it.

[Cass rings bell]

Donna: Michael, you never answered my question. Do you think I'm doing the right thing?

Michael: Donna, I think that everything should be done to find Mikey's rightful parents.

Donna: But?

Michael: If we're going to do something, I think we should do it together.

Donna: Well, yes, of course, but it's just that Mikey is here, and -- and he is becoming a part of our family.

Michael: Really?

Donna: Well, Michael, I mean, I didn't ask for that to happen, but that is what's happening.

Michael: I know.

Donna: Look, I want you to know that I'm not angry about it. It's just that I'm still so confused. I mean, I've done so many things wrong. I've made so many mistakes.

Michael: Donna, Donna -- look, the important thing is that we don't let this come between us.

Donna: No. No, I don't want that to happen.

Michael: Look, this is an emotional minefield here, but I know how hard it is for you.

Donna: And I know what it means to you.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: What?

Michael: The Pelican club?

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Hmm?

Donna: Oh, yes, right. I'm into these hot, jazzy clubs, you know, nowadays.

Michael: Well, I tell you what, I'll go find my dark glasses and a beret and some old clothes, and I'll go with you. We'll snap our fingers and --

Donna: Wait, wait, wait a minute -- that was the Beatniks, 1950s. No, no, no.

Michael: Oh. Oh, well, I guess I must have spent too much time in the oil fields. I missed a chunk. I tell you what, why don't you take me with you and educate me, ok?

Donna: Well, I would love to, but I don't know that that's such a great idea. I mean, you've got to wait here for Macís call, and I have a couple of errands I need to run.

Michael: Yeah, so?

Donna: So I think we should do this another time.

Michael: Ok. Look, I know that this is difficult, and I want you to know I'm not going to push you.

Donna: No, no, I know that. I know how you feel. I would -- I would give anything if I could just snap my fingers and everything would be just fine for you and me and Mikey.

Michael: But things seldom work like that, right?

Donna: Yeah. We each have to do what we think is right.

Michael: Ok, Donna. Ok. We will agree to disagree, all right? And next week, the jazz club, hmm?

Donna: Right, daddy-O. Later.

Michael: Later. Daddy-O? Daddy-O.

Bridget: Mr. Michael, was that the door I heard?

Michael: That was Donna leaving.

Bridget: Oh. Oh, my. All right, now, come in. Come in and see who's here to meet you! Come on!

Michael: Hey, buddy. Oh, what a guy! Here we go, Mr. Airplane. Yes -- ooh, how are you? Ok, vroom-vroom, vroom-vroom!

[Imitates fighter plane]

Donna: You're right, Michael. We have to do everything we can to find his parents.

Lisa: Something I did? It's why you want me.

Mary: Lisa, what is it?

Lisa: Well, they say --

Mary: All right, let's stay calm now.

Lisa: They will find out!

Mary: Lisa, you must concentrate on my voice.

Lisa: You knew where to find me.

Mary: Lisa, concentrate on the questions now.

Lisa: You knew all about me.

Mary: Lisa? Lisa?

Lisa: You already looked at me.

Mary: Lisa, please.

Lisa: Jamie knows all about me. That's why he left me.

Mary: Ok, come on, I'm going to bring you out of this.

Lisa: No, leave me alone! Leave me alone.

Mary: Lisa, please listen to my voice.

Lisa: No, please don't!

Mary: One, two --

Lisa: No!

Mary: Three. Lisa, look at me. Look in my eyes.

Vicky: Jake, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Jake: Vicky, you are the only one I can talk to.

Vicky: Marley is my sister.

Jake: I'm not asking you to turn against her. I just want to talk.

Vicky: I'm on my way out the door. I'm going to the Pelican tonight.

Jamie: He's not invited.

Vicky: I've really got to go.

Jake: Vicky, she wrote me a letter.

Vicky: Oh? What did it say?

Jake: I don't know. I can't figure it out.

Vicky: You can't read the writing?

Jake: Yes, I can read the writing. I mean, I just don't know what she means. She didn't kiss me off, so I'm just hoping that everything is ok and she's going to come back or --

Vicky: Jake, what do you want me to do about it?

Jake: Just read it and tell me what she's thinking.

Vicky: I can't do that.

Jake: Vicky, you always know what she means.

Vicky: Even if I did know, Jake, that is Marley and my business. I can't tell you about that.

Jake: What you want me to do, beg? I need your help. I'm asking you. I'm asking you to help me keep my marriage together.

Vicky: Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it?

Jake: Oh, thanks.

Vicky: I'm sorry, that was cruel. It's just that you act like there's something I can do, and there's not. We both know that this is up to Marley.

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: Jake, I really am sorry. Will you call me tomorrow morning and we'll talk about it then?

Jake: Thanks for all your help.

Vicky: Hey, ready to go?

Jamie: Are you?

Vicky: Yeah, I'm sorry. Jake was upset. He needed to talk.

Jamie: Well, why is he calling you?

Vicky: Old friends.

Jamie: Ah, that's what you call it. That's right.

Vicky: Hey, buddy, be nice here. You don't talk like that on first dates.

Jamie: You're right. I'm sorry.

Vicky: He was just in bad shape. That's why I couldn't hang up very quickly.

Jamie: It seemed like more than that. It seemed like you really cared about him.

Vicky: Yes, I do.

Jamie: It's pretty clear that you do.

Vicky: Jamie, does that bother you?

Jamie: Oh, I know you've heard it before, but sometimes you're hard to figure out.

Vicky: No, actually, I've heard that I'm very obvious.

Jamie: I don't know. You come across hard as nails sometimes, but someone like Mikey comes along and then you just melt.

Vicky: Well, Mikeyís a little child. He needed my help.

Jamie: And then this guy calls who you used to be in love with because he's breaking up with your sister, who he married --

Vicky: That's history.

Jamie: And you are just very upset that you can't help him.

Vicky: Now, I don't want to talk about this. You don't talk like this on first dates. Come on!

Jamie: All right. All right, no more talking.

Vicky: Good idea. Oh, very good idea.

Jamie: What else am I going to find out about you?

Cass: The door was open.

Nicole: Oh, how lovely.

Cass: This is wonderful.

Nicole: What's that smell?

Cass: Mmm.

Nicole: Roses -- how lovely!

Cass: This is much more special than room 14.

Nicole: Wow, I wonder why they wouldn't rent it.

Cass: They did rent it after you slipped them a c-note.

Nicole: I love it when you say things like c-note. It's so Damon Runyon.

Cass: Isn't it, though?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: You can put the bags down over there, please. It's really rather inconvenient if you leave them out here in the hallway.

Man: This is the end of the line.

Cass: Excuse me, is Bela Lugosi in here somewhere?

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: Hmm?

Nicole: The drapes are all wet at the bottom. You know, you really should keep the terrace doors closed.

Man: We try. Look, you two enjoy your stay. If you have any problems, you ask for bill.

Cass: Oh, thanks, bill. We'll do that.

Man: I'm Marty. Bill just started. He doesn't know any better.

Cass: Well, don't you -- don't you want a tip, Marty? Hey! Well, that's odd. At last, [As bela lugosi] We're here alone.

Nicole: Oh, but you have no reflection in the mirror. Oh, oh, oh!

Cass: Ooh, you have the most delightful little jugular here, my dear.

Nicole: Oh, and you've got a cute set of incisors yourself.

Cass: [Normal voice] So, nobody wants to come into this room, right?

Nicole: That's what the man said.

Cass: So we might end up staying here the whole time with absolutely no interruptions?

Nicole: Oh, wouldn't that be horrible?

Cass: Awful!

Nicole: And then, later on tonight --

Cass: Oh, tell me about later on tonight.

Nicole: Later on, I will show you my laboratory.


Cass: Oh!

Man: Relax and enjoy yourselves.

Second man: All right.

First man: All right, all right. Look, what'll you have, what'll you have?

Zack: Nothing, but thanks.

Man: Huh?

Zack: Oh, I'm fine.

Man: What about you? What's your poison?

Scott: Just some water. Perrier's fine.

Man: What? What? What is this water? This is a jazz club. I'd lose my license if I sell only water.

Scott: We're working here.

Man: I know you're working -- on my lease. You know, so order something so I can put it on the house.

Zack: All right. I'll have a lobster dinner and a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Scott: Ok, me, too, all right?

Man: Oh, they're funny. I got funny lawyers. This is terrific. But we don't have lobster, but Dom Perignon we got. You heard the gentlemen.

Zack: No, I was just -- I was just --

Man: Hey, maybe those bubbles will clear your head and you can find the loopholes in this lease.

Scott: Well, Harry, let me tell you, this lease is pretty airtight.

Harry: Well, you tell that to my wife and my four little kids.

Zack: You have four kids? I didn't know that.

Harry: Well, I do if it'd help to keep from being evicted. Oh, great, great, great, look at that. Look at all these people.

Scott: Wait a minute; I thought it was good for a club to have a lot of people coming in.

Harry: Good? It's great! Story of my life. The place is taking off and I'm getting kicked out.

Zack: Well, I've heard from all sorts of people about the talent night here.

Harry: They're not talking about talent night. They're talking about her. Just show up, sing one song, knock their socks off, and then split!

Scott: Tiffany Simone.

Harry: They ain't coming here for the watered-down scotch.

Scott: Well, why don't you get her to play here every night, then?

Harry: You should go into the business. I've got people lined up around the block. It never dawned on me to ask her to sing!

Scott: Ok, Harry, you tried already?

Harry: Yes, yes, yes, I tried. I got what every club owner dreams of. But when Dinah Washington comes into my club, she don't want a career. She just wants to sing every now and again, not every night.

Zack: Tell me something -- is she really as good as Dinah Washington?

Harry: You ever heard her sing?

Zack: No.

Harry: Well, then you stick around and you tell me. Now, listen -- now that I got you guys the most expensive drink in the house, on the house, you find a way to keep the house over my head. Oh, no -- poor little kids. The littlest one needs braces.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jamie: My pleasure.

Harry: Show will be starting in just a minute, folks.

Man: Thank you.

Harry: Doc! Doc, hey!

Jamie: Harry.

Harry: Enjoy the show.

Jamie: Thank you.

Harry: Going to be just fine. How you doing?

Vicky: Hi.

Harry: All right!

Vicky: Well, excuse me, "Doc." I thought you'd never been to this place before.

Jamie: Oh, I never said that. You just assumed it because you think I'm --

[French accent] How do you say -- square?

Vicky: Square? Well, maybe just a little.

Jamie: [Normal voice] Well, don't you think it makes me kind of cool having the owner of nightclub call me by my nickname?

Vicky: Oh, I do. Oh, Doc, I think you are just so cool.

Jamie: Oh, you're just saying that.

Vicky: You know, when I was in Lassiter --

Jamie: Yeah?

Vicky: I never thought I would even own a dime.

Jamie: See how things work out?

Vicky: Yeah, well, more than money, I wanted to be able to just walk into a place, and -- I don't know -- fit in.

Jamie: You do.

Vicky: Well, now that I have money, I can fake it. But you -- it just comes naturally to you.

Jamie: Well, I wasn't exactly the prime child.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, it has nothing to do with money. It's the way you handle yourself. You're just so sure of yourself. It's very attractive.

Jamie: Well, thanks.

Vicky: You can even take a compliment so much different than the guys I used to go out with.

Jamie: Is that right?

Vicky: Yeah. They used to --

Jamie: Show up where they weren't wanted?

Vicky: What?

Mary: You said some interesting things, you know.

Lisa: I don't want to talk about it.

Mary: They weren't about Mikey.

Lisa: I know.

Mary: You told me the other day that you've been having some personal problems.

Lisa: I know, Mary. I --

Mary: You don't have to talk to me about anything you don't want to. I do want to reassure you that if you're afraid of what you might reveal under hypnosis, I absolutely will not put you under again.

Lisa: I trust you, Mary, or I never would have done this.

Mary: Are you worried about Jamie?

Lisa: Well, yes. I don't know if the relationship is going to work out or not.

Mary: Have you felt that way right from the beginning?

Lisa: No. I don't know.

Mary: Would you like to talk to me about some of the things in your life that you were talking about when you were under?

Lisa: I don't know.

Mary: Sometimes when someone is afraid of commitment because of their upbringing, or maybe there was some traumatic experience in their life, they can wind up protecting their fears by not saying, "I'm afraid," but by saying, "there's something wrong with you," the other person.

Lisa: Jamie did not protect my fears by sleeping with Vicky.

Mary: Vicky?

Lisa: She's just like --

Mary: Just like who?

Lisa: Everybody thinks Jamie is perfect, that it's all my fault. Well, it isnít. It's his and Vickyís. It's just happening all over again.

Mary: What is?

Lisa: It's not my fault, Mary. It is not my fault.

Mary: Lisa, honey --

Lisa: And I won't let it happen again.

Michael: Uh, Bridget, I'll just be a minute or two, ok?

Bridget: Oh, yes, good. I'll take him upstairs, shall I, and put his pajamas on.

Michael: Good. Well, bring him back as soon as he's done, ok? Ok? Ok.

Bridget: All right, Mr. Michael.

Michael: Bye.

Bridget: Right away. Come on, laddie. Away we go.

Michael: All right. Honey, you there?

Marley: Yeah.

Michael: Look, I'm sorry. I just wanted Bridget to take Mikey upstairs.

Marley: It's ok.

Michael: I didn't want any distractions while we talked. How you doing?

Marley: Ok, I guess.

Michael: Well, it's one day at a time, right?

Marley: Right.

Michael: Your mom's not here right now.

Marley: No, dad, as a matter of fact, I wanted to talk to you.

Michael: Ok. But remember, your mom only wants what's best for you.

Marley: I know, I know, but she is so much on my side that it doesn't really help to talk to her, and you know how she feels about Jake.

Michael: Well, I think that's all in the past. I think it's how she felt about Jake. Don't worry about that.

Marley: Well, I'm not so sure. You know, I told her that we had some problems. It didn't even occur to her that it might have been my fault.

Michael: Hey, now, we talked about this. It's rarely one person's fault. I don't think fault is what you should be concentrating on right now.

Marley: Ok. You know I love him.

Michael: Right. And he loves you.

Marley: I sit over here thinking that over and over. Michael, is our love enough?

Michael: Marley, that's all there is.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, I love this place.

Jamie: I do, too.

Vicky: Just like a first date should be.

Jamie: Yeah, right.

Vicky: I guess it's just a little coincidence that Jake showed up.

Jamie: Oh, just a wild one. Yeah, a wild coincidence.

Vicky: Are you really bothered by it?

Jamie: Call me quirky. I prefer that old flames didn't observe first dates.

Vicky: Oh. Well, you just be cool, ok, because you can do whatever you would do if he wasn't here.

Jake: I -- I didn't order another drink.

Bartender: Compliments of a friend.

Woman: We should've told the bartender to tell him it was from us.

Second woman: Oh, we'll get him curious first.

First woman: Oh, look at him. He's just waiting for Jessica Lange or something. Guys like that don't go to bars.

Second woman: Girls like us don't, either. And we're not doing anything wrong. We're just going to start a conversation, that's all.

First woman: That's all.

Second woman: Make sure he's ok. And if he can speak English, doesn't drool, I'll tell him all about my private jet and my condo in Boca Raton.

First woman: I don't know, Laura, it just doesn't seem right somehow.

Laura: You're right. Let's just wait for a guy who looks like that to drop by our craft shop and ask for our hand in marriage.

Woman: Think he's ready for another drink?

Harry: Ladies and gentlemen, have we got a treat for you. Right here in the pelican club, ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Tiffany Simone!


Tiffany: Hey, how you doing out there? Y'all ready to have a good time?


Tiffany: All right, all right!

There's a boy I know he's the one I dream of mm-hmm look into my eyes takes me to the clouds above oh, I lose control can't seem to get enough when I wake from dreaming tell me, is it really love? Ooh, how will I know how will I know how will I know how will I know how will I know if he really loves me? I say a prayer with every heartbeat I fall in love whenever we meet I'm askin' you what you know about these things how will I know if he's thinking of me? I try the phone but I'm too shy I can't speak falling in love just hoping it's he his love is strong why should I feel weak? Oh, wake me yeah, shake me can't seem to get enough uh-uh and there's no mistaking what I feel is really love uh-huh tell me how will I know how will I know how will I know how will I know how will I know if he really loves me? I say a prayer with every heartbeat

[Cheers and whistles]

Zack: She's something!

Harry: Yeah, keep going! All right, all right, let's give it up for one more number -- tiffany Simone! Ok, ok, all right. I guess we don't want to mess up with this. All right, we're going to take a short break. We'll be back with an act that's right here from the neighborhood.

Laura: So I told my friend that I'd be really aggressive, but now I just feel stupid, and I just -- look, I'm sorry I bothered you.

Jake: No, wait. Look, don't -- don't feel stupid.

Laura: That's easy for you to say.

Jake: Yeah, I'm -- I am married, and that's very important.

Laura: Yeah?

Jake: Well, what I wanted to tell you was that I'm not available for anything more than a drink and some conversation, but if that's ok with you --

Laura: Do you mean you're good-looking and nice?

Jake: Now, why should that surprise you? You are, too.

Laura: I'm glad I came over.

Zack: Donna? Donna, you're here.

Donna: Oh.

Zack: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Donna: No, no, I'm sorry. I was just thinking.

Zack: Well, I'm glad you came.

Donna: Right.

Zack: Come on.

Donna: Oh, great, thanks.

Scott: Donna, how you doing?

Donna: Oh, Scott, hi.

Zack: Donna, can I get you anything?

Donna: Oh, no, no, thank you. Really, I just want to know how everything's going. What's the latest?

Zack: Well, we haven't started looking yet, but I do have a detective agency on it, so --

Donna: Good, good. Well, I want you to see this. I had these printed up.

Zack: What is it?

Donna: Well, they're fliers with all the information about Mikey.

Zack: And offering a sizable reward.

Donna: Yes. I wanted to make sure that everyone took this very seriously.

Scott: I'm sure they will.

Zack: So you're intent on settling this?

Donna: Absolutely. I can't imagine anyone abandoning this child.

Zack: Well, let's hope it helps.

Donna: Oh, yes. Let's hope it helps.

Singers: You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by and so become yourself because the past is just a goodbye teach your children well their father's hell did slowly go by and feed them on your dreams the one they picks the one you'll know by don't you ever ask them why if they told you, you would die so just look at them and sigh and know they love you

Donna: Oh, Michael. He is not our child, no matter how much you wish he was.

Cass: Are the stars out tonight? Shoo-wop, shoo-wop I can't tell if it's cloudy or bright shoo-wop, shoo-wop

Nicole: Oh, that breeze feels so nice.

Cass: I only have eyes for you, dear shoo-wop, shoo-wop

Nicole: Cass, look at the view.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Look. Look over there. You can see the river.

Cass: Who wants to look at a stupid river right now, hmm?

Nicole: Oh, and look! Look at that.

Cass: What's wrong?

Nicole: Hmm? Oh. I -- I guess I didn't realize we were up so high. I just got dizzy.

Cass: Are you all right?

Nicole: Yeah. Probably just the nearness of you.

Cass: Oh, you're such a smooth talker.

Nicole: You know what?

Cass: What?

Nicole: I'm hungry.

Cass: Now?

Nicole: Now.

Cass: Nicole, you've got to learn to control your appetite a little. I think that would be good for you.

Nicole: I could say the same thing to you.

Cass: Yes, I think you could. Ok, I'll call room service. What would you like?

Nicole: Whatever's fast.

Cass: Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you so much.

Nicole: Stop.

Cass: Hello, room service? Yes, this is Mr. Winthrop in the famous rose room. We'd like a little late-night supper. "Supper"?

Nicole: Yeah, supper.

Cass: Supper. Easy for me to say. What? You don't?

Nicole: They don't have late-night supper?

Cass: No, they don't deliver to this room. Listen, do I have to remind you that I'm a paying guest? Hello? Hello?

Nicole: Hmm. Well, I have some candies in my purse.

Cass: Swell.

Nicole: Well, we'll just have to think of something to take my mind off the hunger.

Cass: Whatever could we do?

Nicole: I can't think of a thing.

Cass: What was that?

Nicole: I don't know. I heard something fly by, though.

Cass: Look.

Nicole: Cass, did you put your watch in the middle of the floor?

Cass: No, I didn't put my watch in the -- I put it on the nightstand.

Nicole: Well, now it's there.

Cass: The wind might have caught it?

Nicole: No, I shut the windows.

Cass: Maybe I hit the nightstand with my elbow? There's got to be some logical explanation. Oh, no. It stopped.

Nicole: Isn't it shockproof?

Cass: Nicole, what time is it?

Nicole: It just stopped a second ago.

Cass: No, just tell me what time your watch says.

Nicole: 11:30.

Cass: This says 2:17.

[Cass hums "twilight zone" theme]

Lisa: I may not be the perfect girlfriend, but I didn't drive Jamie away.

Mary: Are you saying that none of it was your fault?

Lisa: I don't know.

Mary: Have you ever been close to anyone before?

Lisa: No. I love him, Mary. I'm just afraid.

Mary: Are you afraid of commitment?

Lisa: I'm afraid he won't love me enough.

Mary: Why?

Lisa: Nobody ever has.

Vicky: I don't go all the way on the first date, doc.

Jamie: Well, let's just call the Pelican club the first date and this the second.

Vicky: Good night, Jamie.

Jamie: "Good night, Jamie." Ok. I had a good time.

Vicky: I did, too.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Vicky: Good night, James.

Jamie: All right, we'll have to do this again sometime.

Vicky: I'd like that very much.

Vicky: Please let this work. Please let this work!

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