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Another World Transcript Monday 5/24/04

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[Alli cries]

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: Come on, it's your turn to sit up with the baby. Come on, Amanda.

Amanda: Baby, baby.

Amanda: Alli? Alli, honey? Oh, my, what's -- what's the matter? It's not time for your feeding yet. Alli, come on. Calm down. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep.

[Crying stops]

Amanda: You're really going back to sleep. She's asleep. You know, Sam --

Singer: I wish they all could be California girls wish they all could be California I wish they all could be

[Music stops]

Josie: Mom, you're up. I made some coffee.

Sharlene: Yeah, how can I not be up with that music blaring? I'm surprised you didn't wake your uncle Jason.

Josie: Well, I had to turn it up loud to drown out all those turkey noises outside.

Sharlene: Honey, those are chickens.

Josie: Well, like I should know. I mean, I've hardly ever even been on a farm. A farm, Mom?

Sharlene: Josephine, you are going to love it here!

Josie: Whether I want to or not. It's boring here!

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Josie: And Bay City is nothing like L.A. And we're not even in Bay City. We're out in the sticks!

Sharlene: You know what? I'm glad we left L.A. You know how hard it was for me living there, knowing your father was in town and didn't want to have anything to do with us? Now, it took me this long to get the money together to come back here! And besides, we're only a couple of minutes from town.

Josie: By car. And I don't have one, remember? I can't go to a movie or to the mall or anything.

Sharlene: Honey, I know that settling in here is going to be difficult, but you are just going to have to --

Sharlene and Josie: Give it some time!

Sharlene: We are not moving again. I mean that. And in time you will come to love this farm. I had some wonderful memories growing up here.

Josie: Yeah?

Sharlene: Yeah. Yeah. You'll see. Things are going to be getting a lot easier for us. And now, before it gets too hot outside, I am going to go outside and do a little gardening. Would you care to join me?

Josie: Maybe later. You go ahead. I'll start breakfast.

Sharlene: Ok. Josie?

Josie: I know, Mom. I know. I'm going to love it here. I'll try.  I'll try, I will.

Josie: Hi, party phone?

Jason: Log that call before you make it.

Josie: Uncle Jason!

Jason: You and I are going to establish some house rules right now.

[Jamie chuckles]

Lisa: Good morning.

Jamie: Good morning. What was that?

Lisa: It's a present -- your very own toothbrush.

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: Thank you.

Lisa: I'm glad you stayed here last night.

Jamie: Me, too.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Oh, I was just thinking how I don't want anything to go wrong with us this time.

Lisa: I can think of only one thing that might make it go wrong -- Vicky.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: It's not over with her, is it?

Jamie: Lisa, I don't think we should be talking about that.

Lisa: No, you're wrong, Jamie. We do have to talk about it.

Jamie: But we have a good thing going here, and I -- I don't want to spoil it.

Lisa: I don't want to spoil it, either. I want it to grow, and that's why we have to talk. We have to be honest with each other, ok?

Jamie: Ok. No, it -- it isn't over with Vicky.

Lisa: I see.

Jamie: Let me explain.

Lisa: Go ahead.

Jamie: I can't deny I have feelings for Vicky. I won't deny it. Part of the reason we had so much trouble before is because I lied to myself when I said I wasn't interested in her.

Lisa: And how interested are you?

Jamie: I'm attracted to her.

Lisa: Why?

Jamie: "Why" what?

Lisa: What makes her attractive to you?

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: Jamie, I've thought about this a lot.

Jamie: That can be pretty dangerous.

Lisa: Oh, it can be helpful, too. See, before her accident, you and Vicky -- well, she was nothing more than a passing acquaintance, and then she became your patient and you saved her life.

Jamie: Look, Lisa, if you think this is a patient-doctor attraction, come on. You know I wouldn't fall for that trap.

Lisa: Why not? Jamie, you have the ability to empathize with people, to care and to help people a lot.

Jamie: Thank you.

Lisa: Well, those very qualities leave you wide open to become the protector.

Jamie: But Vicky is not only someone for me to protect. She's also the -- I see a side to her, a kind, loving, and sweet side that you don't see, that most people don't see.

Lisa: How nice for Vicky.

Jamie: We shouldn't be talking about this.

Lisa: No, no, I wanted to know how you felt, and now I do. Look, Jamie, I don't see Vicky the way you do. I never will. But since you are attracted to her --

Jamie: But I love you.

Lisa: Since you love me, but are attracted to her, you're going to have to make a decision.

Jamie: Oh, Lisa --

Lisa: And to do that, you probably have to spend some time with her, huh?

Jamie: Yeah, I know.

Lisa: Then do it.

Mary: I have an idea. Maybe we could use a little of that money to try something other than the usual newspapers, magazines, flyers route.

Scott: Such as?

Mary: Well, what I was thinking was the party phone. Maybe we could buy a little time on that, get the kids interested in spreading the word, and that way we would reach kids and their families and everyone they know all over this town.

Scott: Somebody might know something. I mean, it's a good idea. It's worth a try.

Mary: Great.

Scott: Anyways, I have another idea, too.

Mary: What?

Scott: Lisa Grady.

Mary: What about her?

Scott: Well, I've been doing some research on lost children, right? And I found out that psychics have been very successful in locating them.

Mary: Well, Lisa has already tried to help.

Scott: Well, we're going to try a different way. I understand there's been some excellent results in hypnotizing psychics.

Mary: Well, yes. It helps them to get a little more in touch with their powers. Sometimes you get better results that way.

Scott: I also know that you've had training in hypnosis.

Mary: You want to hire Lisa and have me hypnotize her?

Scott: Yeah.

Mary: It's a very good idea. She won't do it.

Scott: How do you know that?

Mary: Because I've already talked to her about hypnosis. She's not interested.

Scott: Mom, you can talk to her again, though, right?

Mary: What's the smile?

Scott: Well, I happen to be possessing firsthand knowledge of your persuasive abilities when you want something, and I know that if anyone can persuade Lisa to change her mind, it's you.

Mary: Thank you, I think, for the compliment, I think. Yes, I will talk to her.

Scott: Good.

Mary: I will talk to her. I just can't promise anything.

Scott: Thanks, Mom. The longer we drag this thing out, the harder it's going to be to find Mikey's real parents.

Matt: Thanks for coming over on such quick notice!

Tracy: Matt, what's going on? You sounded so excited on the phone.

Matt: You know Terry Mills, right?

Tracy: Oh, yeah, yeah. He's the redheaded guy. I know, the friend of yours and Kevinís from Winston, yeah.

Matt: Right! Well, I just called him, and guess what.

Tracy: What?

Matt: He and Rick Myers and a bunch of kids from school -- they're all going over to Europe to bum around the whole summer, and they want me to go along.

Tracy: Europe?

Matt: Yeah! It's going to be great! I mean, traveling with those guys is going to be like one big party.

Tracy: And I guess that you'll be able to go see your parents then, right?

Matt: Oh, I doubt it. We're not going to be staying at the same places as them.

Tracy: Well, where are you going to be staying?

Matt: Our sleeping bags -- sleeping bags.

Tracy: Ooh. Sounds wild.

Matt: It's going to be wild, it's going to be wild, and we're buying bikes. I mean, picture me cruising down the autobahn at 90 miles an hour -- bwaa, bwaa!

Tracy: When are you going to Europe, matt?

Matt: Probably next week.

[Matt chuckles]

Ada: Forget about it. It'll never happen.

Matt: Grandma, how long have you been standing there?

Ada: Long enough to know that adventures on the autobahn are out.

Matt: You probably don't understand that --

Ada: I understand, Matthew. You're planning a crazy, unsupervised trip to Europe with your friends. No way.

Matt: But Terry Mills and --

Ada: I don't care what Terry Mills or any of the rest of your Winston academy chums are doing. You're not going with them.

Matt: If I want to go, I'll go!

Ada: In your dreams, maybe.

Matt: You can't tell me what to do.

Ada: Watch your mouth, or you're grounded.

Matt: You can't ground me!

Ada: You're grounded.

Matt: Grandma!

Ada: While your mother and Mac are away, I'm in charge.

Matt: You're not my mother. You can't make these life-and-death decisions for me.

Ada: Matthew, you're not going to Europe. You're not even going across the street.

Matt: But --

Ada: What you should be doing is thinking about how you're going to earn your keep around here for the summer.

Matt: What?

Ada: Employment, Matthew. A job. Work, Matthew.

Matt: A job? You're kidding.

Ada: We'll talk about it later.

Matt: But --

Ada: Later, Matthew. Tracy.

Matt: Who died and made her boss?

Tracy: Matt, she's just worried about you.

Matt: I'm almost 18 years old. I can take care of myself.

Tracy: Yeah, I know.

Matt: And what's all this jazz about getting a job? You know, I can be responsible without getting a job.

Tracy: Sure, you can.

Matt: And she has no right just to come in here and tell --

Tracy: Matt, listen to yourself! I mean, you sound like some spoiled rich kid.

Matt: Hey, I --

Tracy: Yeah, that's what she's concerned about, you know.

Matt: Oh, so you're taking her side.

Tracy: I am not taking sides. I am an outsider commenting on what I see.

Matt: And what you see is that she's right and I'm wrong?

Tracy: Kind of sums it up.

Matt: Ah, who needs Europe anyway? I don't need Europe. Huh.

Tracy: Huh. Really?

Matt: Yeah. In fact, why don't you and Kevin come over tonight for an early evening swim?

Tracy: Ok.

Matt: I mean, Bay City might be a little boring, but I figure between the three of us we can liven it up this summer.

Tracy: Yeah. You bet. Hmm. You bet we can.

Amanda: Well, Alli has had her breakfast and she's conked out again.

Sam: Good. It'll help me work out these bills.

Amanda: How's it going?

Sam: Well, we got gas, electric, medical, car payment. Adds up to be quite a bit.

Amanda: And our bank account?

Sam: It could be better, much better.

Amanda: Well, we could always sell some excess baby furniture.

Sam: Yeah. And actually I have to get back to work.

Amanda: Well, you have Feliciaís commission.

Sam: I know, but she's out of town and I'm not going to get any checks till she gets back into town. Besides, I really haven't had that much time to work on it, hon.

Amanda: Well, you've been sick, and we've both been a little busy lately.  Well, I've decided that I'm going back to work -- at least part-time, as soon as I can.

Sam: Come on, Amanda. You need to be here.

Amanda: I can be here. I can work out of home.

Sam: Do you really think that she'll let you get much work done at home?

Amanda: You know, remember mom was talking about this babysitter business through the employment agency and all that?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: I really don't think that we need to take her up on it.

Sam: No, I don't think so, either. I mean, if we get ourselves organized, we won't need a babysitter.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I can watch her while you paint and you can watch her while I work.

Sam: Yeah, fine. Absolutely. If we get ourselves organized, everything's going to be fine.

Amanda: I mean, after all, how much trouble can one little baby be?

[Alli screams and cries]

Sam and Amanda: We need a sitter.

[Alli screams]

Jamie: You're being awfully cool about this whole thing.

Lisa: Well, Jamie, I've learned a lot since we've been apart. I can't hold on to you if you don't want to be here.

Jamie: Lisa, I don't want to leave you.

Lisa: I believe you. But you have feelings for Vicky.

Jamie: And you can accept that?

Lisa: I don't like it. But I can't do anything to change it. That's your responsibility. I almost lost you by being insecure about Vicky. I won't do that again.

Jamie: It may be some time before I know how I feel.

Lisa: I realize that.

Jamie: And even then, I'm -- there may not be any guarantees.

Lisa: I know.

Jamie: Boy, you are -- you are so together about this whole thing. I have to wonder if you really care about the outcome.

Lisa: Oh. Well, that's not true. I love you, and I want to be with you, but only if you want to be with me and not with Vicky. And if you decide you didn't, I'd be hurt, but I'd get over it and I'd be fine. And if you decided you did want to be with me, well, I'd know that it would all be perfect this time because you'd have no doubts.

Jamie: Sartre has nothing on you.

Lisa: Well, there is a little more to it. See, I think I know who you'll end up with.

[Phone rings]

Lisa: Hello.

Mary: Hi, Lisa. It's Mary McKinnon.

Lisa: Hi, Mary.

Mary: I was wondering if you could stop by my office today. There's something I'd like to discuss with you.

Lisa: Well, sure. I could come by before work.

Mary: Great. I'll see you soon. Bye.

Lisa: Ok.

Jamie: Anything important?

Lisa: No. It was just Mary. She needs to speak to me. Well, I have to get going anyway.

Jamie: Yeah, I do, too.

Lisa: One more thing, Jamie -- when you leave, don't forget to take the toothbrush with you.

Jamie: I thought it was for here.

Lisa: Well, until you decide, I think it's best if we don't sleep together.

Jamie: Oh.

Lisa: Oh, this isn't to punish you. I just think I deserve a man who wants to be with only me. If you decide you're that man, just bring it back.

Jason: And be sure and keep the garbage can lids on tight, because if you don't, the wild animals will knock them over and they'll open them up.

Josie: Gross!

Jason: Yeah, well, if they make a mess, you're going to be the one who cleans it up, so you be sure to remember to do it.

Josie: I will.

Jason: And don't go to bed at night until you straighten up everything you mess up.

Josie: Yes, sir.

Jason: Kitchen, dirty dishes -- I don't like to see them --

Josie: I think I've had as many rules as I can remember for now, thank you.

Jason: Well, maybe we can write the rest of them down. Remember that?

Josie: Oh. Get real!

Jason: What?

Josie: Nothing, nothing.

Jason: Josie, in my home, children respect their elders.

Josie: I am not a child. I'm 17.

Jason: Well, then, you should be able to understand what I'm trying to tell you. I want this place run shipshape.

Josie: Oh, please.

Jason: You got a problem with that?

Josie: Yes! Yes, I do! I did not come here to sign up for boot camp!

Sharlene: Is something wrong?

Jason: Yeah, I got a meeting in about exactly four minutes. You're going to have to finish this little disciplinary action I just started.

Sharlene: Yeah. I'll see you later, Jase.

Sharlene: Honey?

Josie: He is a total drag!

Sharlene: What happened?

Josie: Oh, nothing, nothing. He just has a million rules for me to follow, that's all.

Sharlene: Josie, it's his house.

Josie: Oh, I think he thinks it's his ship and I am one of his sailors.

Sharlene: Oh, honey, no. I am sure he didn't mean it that way. Jason is just not used to having a family around.

Josie: No kidding. I think he should have stayed in the navy. I mean, all that military talk -- it's too much. Oh, God.

Sharlene: Your uncle is being very kind by giving us a roof over our heads. That is the bottom line. Now, if we are going to respect his wishes, if we're going to stay here, then we've got to do that. We are going to stay here.

Josie: Mom, are you sure about this?

Sharlene: Yeah, honey, this is home.

Josie: Wow.

Sharlene: Yeah -- wow. First thing we got to do is do something about this kitchen.

Josie: And the rest of the house.

Sharlene: In time.

Josie: Meanwhile, I'm not going to let Uncle Jason get to me.

Sharlene: No?

Josie: I know just how to do it, too.

Sharlene: How?

Josie: I am going to get a job.

Sharlene: Ok.

Josie: You know what Rachel Cory was talking about, her daughter's baby girl? I'm going to go apply for that babysitting job. Can I borrow the keys to the car?

Sharlene: Well, sure, honey, but --

Josie: Mom, don't you want me to get a job?

Sharlene: Yeah, sure, of course I want you to get the job, but it's just -- well, we just got into town. Don't you want to relax a little, have a little bit of fun?

Josie: No. I've never been afraid of working, and you know that, and I think that it's time that Uncle Jason knew it, too.

Lisa: If you think that hypnotizing me will aid in the search, I'll do it, and you don't have to pay me.

Mary: Why, thank you. Are you sure?

Lisa: I'm positive. Why?

Mary: Well, because it's kind of a big switch. Do you mind if I ask you why?

Lisa: I want to help Mikey.

Mary: You've always wanted to help Mikey.

Lisa: True. Ok. There is more to this decision. When we talked about hypnosis before, I was afraid.

Mary: I know.

Lisa: I was afraid of letting go, of losing control. I thought there might be something inside me that I didn't want to see.

Mary: And now?

Lisa: And now I think that I can face whatever comes up. I have a gift, and I want to use it to help people and myself.

Mary: That's wonderful.

Lisa: Good. So when do we start?

Mary: Yeah, the sooner the better. I just -- I have to find us a time where we're not going to be interrupted, which is a little rough during the day. Do you think that you could maybe do it tonight?

Lisa: Tonight's fine.

Vicky: Hello, mama!

Amanda: Vicky! Hey. What is that?

Vicky: A watermelon. I thought you might want to eat some now that you're not carrying one in your stomach.

Amanda: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Vicky: So where is Sam and where's Alli?

Amanda: Oh, Sam took Alli over to the super to ask them to fix our leaky faucet.

Vicky: Oh.

Amanda: He's kind of hoping that her little angelic face will melt his heart and we'll get the job done soon.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I'm sure it will. She's a beautiful baby, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, I know. I kind of think that she takes after me.

Vicky: Oh, absolutely.

Amanda: So you go to the hospital today?

Vicky: No, actually.

Amanda: Mmm.

Vicky: I'm going to be spending a lot less time there.

Amanda: But I thought you loved it.

Vicky: Well, I do -- I did.

Amanda: What's wrong?

Vicky: Never mind -- oh, nothing.

Amanda: Vicky?

Vicky: Nothing, really! Here. Have some of this. You know, Amanda, you have got so much baby furniture in this place --

Amanda: Vicky, come on!

Vicky: It's amazing.

Amanda: Vicky, you've listened to me plenty of times. Why don't you just let me listen to you?

Vicky: All right. When Lisa went away, Jamie and I got closer.

Amanda: Oh.

Vicky: And last night I saw Jamie and Lisa, and they're back together.

Amanda: I guess that must have really hurt you.

Vicky: No, not -- not really.

Amanda: Vicky.

Vicky: I was angry more than hurt.

Amanda: Angry at Jamie?

Vicky: No! No. Jamie's just -- I was more angry at Lisa.

Amanda: It must have been really hard for you watching her come back into his life.

Vicky: Oh, you should have seen the way she did it. She plays so unfair, it's unbelievable. She went to Palm Beach and she did -- I don't know. No matter what I say, it's not going to change Jamieís mind, so it doesn't matter.

Amanda: I feel so bad for you.

Vicky: I'm sorry. I really shouldn't be telling you this. With all the time that Lisa and Jamie will be spending together now, you're going to see a lot of her, and I know you like her.

Amanda: I did. But that was before this whole Adam business.

Vicky: Oh.

Amanda: I really don't know what to think of her anymore. I love Jamie. He's my brother, and I love him. And you are a very special friend. You saved Samís life. I will be forever grateful for that, so if there's ever anything that you want to talk about, just come on over, ok?

Vicky: Thanks. Oh, hey, I've got to get going, Amanda.

Amanda: Vicky, you know, if you want, I can just have Sam watch Alli for a little bit longer.

Vicky: No, no, that's ok. I've got tons of stuff to do. Thank you.

Amanda: Well, will you give me a call if you want to talk?

Vicky: Sure.

Amanda: Ok.

Vicky: Enjoy that watermelon, all right, and, you -- please give me a call if you need anything.

Amanda: Sure.

Vicky: Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Singer: And now you've given me given me nothing but shattered dreams shattered dreams feel like I could run away run away from this empty heart you said you'd die for me woke up to reality and found the future not so bright I dreamt the impossible that maybe things could work out right I thought it was you who would do me no wrong and now you've given me given me nothing but shattered dreams shattered dreams feel like I could run away run away from this empty heart you've given me given me nothing but shattered dreams shattered dreams feel like I could run away run away from this empty heart

[Music stops]

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi. Can I come in?

Vicky: Sure.

Jamie: What's all this?

Vicky: A present for Mikey.

Jamie: You're doing a good job.

Vicky: Thanks. I've got to keep myself busy.

Jamie: Listen, I -- I came here to talk to you about last night when I introduced Lisa as my girlfriend.

Vicky: Jamie, I would rather you not go on about your ex, ok?

Jamie: Now, now, just give me a minute now, ok? Lisa and I, it's -- it's not what you think.

Vicky: Oh?

Jamie: No, we haven't made a commitment to each other because I'm not ready.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Jamie: I -- I told Lisa that I -- I want to see you.

Vicky: Yeah?

Jamie: Yeah. I have feelings for you. I need to explore them.

Vicky: I see.

Jamie: What I'm trying to say is that I want to spend some time alone with you.

Vicky: Wait, Jamie -- are you saying you want to sleep with me again?

Jamie: No! It's not that! It --

Vicky: You don't want to sleep with me?

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Well, I know it's complicated, ok?

Vicky: No, it's not complicated. It's just that it's so formal -- more like a business deal.

Jamie: Oh. Well, I'm sorry.

Vicky: Jamie, when a guy wants to spend time with a girl, he usually asks her out on a date.

Jamie: Ok. I'm asking you out on a date.

Vicky: Well, I'm sorry. I'm a little busy right now.

Jamie: I'm not talking about right now. Tonight.

Vicky: Oh. You don't have plans with Lisa?

Jamie: I have no plans with anyone but you.

Vicky: See you at 7:00?

Jamie: 7:00.

Vicky: Fine.

Jamie: Fine. Bye.

Vicky: Bye.

Vicky: It ain't over yet, baby! Whoo!

Jason: And where I see the problem is space.

Mary: Yeah? What about it?

Jason: Well, the purpose of the hospice is to make people comfortable while they're dying, right?

Mary: It is.

Jason: Fine. You look at these rooms, you're going to have a maximum capacity for five families. I think you need more than that.

Mary: Yes, we do. I will call the architect immediately.

Jason: Oh, you're welcome. Yeah, I did think it was a very, very helpful idea. Thanks.

Mary: Thank you for pointing it out to me. Hi. Would you get Mark Griffin at Griffin & Bell for me? Thanks.

Jason: Is this going to take long?

Mary: Why? Are you in a hurry?

Jason: I didn't want to keep Sharlene waiting too long at the farm, that's all.

Mary: Sharlene? Who is Sharlene?

Sam: No, thanks a lot, but I don't think you're what we're looking for. Goodbye. Unbelievable.

Amanda: No luck?

Sam: That's the third person I've talked to from this agency and they are all a bunch of losers. I'm beginning to believe that finding a babysitter in Bay City is like looking for the lost gold of the Incas -- people tell you it's there, but you have your doubts.

Amanda: Well, the baby's all dressed.

Sam: Come here, Alli.

Come here.

Hi. How you doing?

Yeah. It's good to see you. Hi.

Amanda: Remember, I never said I was a fashion consultant.

Sam: Amanda, could you do me a favor?

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: Could you take Alli for a walk? I got to get some painting done.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: You'd like to go for a walk, wouldn't you?

Amanda: I was hoping that you could watch her for a little while. I have to go get groceries, and I haven't even got a shower yet today.

Sam: Oh, man. She is soaked.

Amanda: I just got her dressed!

[Knock on door]

Sam: Shoot. Here. I'll get that, I'll get that. Easy on her head. Watch her head. Ok.

[Alli fusses]

Josie: Hi. I'm here about the babysitting job.

Sam: Yeah! Please, come on in.

Josie: Ok. Oh.

Matt: Hey!

Kevin: Hi.

Matt: Come on in. Glad you guys could make it.

Kevin: Well, when you start talking about serious pool time, I start getting seriously inspired in the darkroom, so I finished early and I'm ready to go.

Tracy: And I get inspired when they say I don't have to work at Maryís place tonight, so --

Matt: Well, that's good. I'm going to up and change. I'll be right back. You guys make yourselves at home.

Kevin: Ok, thanks. So, what else happened?

Tracy: That was it, and then he decided he wasn't going to go to Europe.

Kevin: Good. I would have missed him. I mean, without him here, there would be no reason hanging around Bay City.

Tracy: Huh, I knew.

Kevin: You really like him, don't you?

Tracy: Kevin.

[Kevin and Tracy chuckle]

Kevin: Come on. It's no big secret -- at least not to me. Level with me, come on.

Tracy: Yeah, I like him --

Kevin: Ah.

Tracy: A lot. But so what? I mean, he doesn't even notice me.

Kevin: Oh, come on. He kissed you the other night at Tops.

Tracy: So what? That was one night.

Kevin: Yeah.

Tracy: Yeah, it was just one night. I mean, everything was perfect -- the night, the place.

Kevin: And you?

Tracy: I was not perfect. Look, I'm his friend's sister. I wish it were something different, but it's not.

Kevin: Come on, lighten up.

[Matt hums]

Matt: Did someone die here?

Kevin: No. I was just consoling Tracy on the lack of intelligent men on the party phone.

Matt: Hmm, yeah. They can't all be like us, Trace.

Kevin: Yeah. Oh, that reminds me --

Matt: That reminds you --

Kevin: Is there any news on my mystery date or what?

Matt: Oh, not yet, Captain Cool. I'm working on it, ok?

Kevin: Yeah, well, I could be an old man before you get working on it.

Matt: Hey, it takes a little time if you want good results, right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Matt: And speaking of time, we better get down to the pool and start partying, man!

[Tracy laughs]

Ada: "Start partying, man"?

[Alli fusses]

Josie: So I've been babysitting since I was about 12. Oh, shh. And I worked at this daycare center in L.A. And, oh, that was so much fun.

Amanda: Well, how many hours would you be able to work for us?

Josie: Well, pretty much anytime. I mean, I'm new in town and -- oh, I met your mom after a few days after I'd been here.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. Your mom and my mom know each other.

Josie: Yeah, and I don't know all the details to that.

Amanda: I don't know.

Sam: Well, you seem pretty good with Alli.

Josie: Well, I love kids and babies especially.

Sam: I think you're hired.

Amanda: Definitely.

Josie: Well, great. When would you want me to start?

Sam: How about now?

Amanda: It would just be for a little while, just a couple of hours until we get this place organized.

Josie: I would love to. Why don't I take the baby out for an hour and I'll come back then?

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Great. I'm going to go grocery shopping, ok?

Amanda: Ok and I can take a shower.

Sam: Great.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Check you later. Goodbye, Alli. Love you. See you in a bit, guys.

Amanda: Ok. Here. If you need anything, just holler.

Josie: Ok, I think I'll be fine. Oh, could I use the phone?

Amanda: Yeah. It's right there.

Josie: Hi, Mom.

Sharlene: Josie, honey, how did it go?

Josie: I got the job.

Sharlene: Great.

Josie: In fact, I've already started, so I'm not going to be home for a while.

Sharlene: Listen, honey, are you sure you want to do this?

Josie: Yes, Mother. Look, Sam and Amanda are really nice, and I think it's going to be good working for the Corys.

Sharlene: No, now, listen to me. You are not working for the Corys. You're just simply helping them out. You know, you remember that.

Josie: I will. I'll talk to you later, ok?

Sharlene: Ok, honey. Bye.

Josie: Bye.

[Alli fusses]

Josie: Oh, you be quiet. What's going on?

Jason: Sharlene's going to be staying with me now.

Mary: Oh. When did this happen?

Jason: Just did. Actually, she's still getting settled.

Mary: Hmm. Going to be around for a while, huh?

Jason: Well, that depends on how things work out, but I have a hunch, yes.

Mary: Have you known her for long?

Jason: Yeah. Why do you care, Mary?

Mary: Oh. I'm just making conversation.

Jason: I think a woman around my place out there is going to make a world of difference, don't you?

Mary: Oh, I think it depends on the woman.

[Intercom buzzes]

Mary: Yeah. Oh. Ok. Mark's in a meeting.

Jason: Ah.

Mary: So I'll have to call him later.

Jason: Well, I better get running along. I want to see how Sharlie's doing.

Mary: "Sharlie"?

Jason: Yeah, it's a little affectionate nickname I have for her.

Mary: Right.

Jason: See you around.

Mary: Right.

Matt: Why don't you guys go down to the pool? I'll meet you there.

Kevin: Yeah. Let's go, Tracy.

Tracy: Thanks.

Kevin: Thank you.

Ada: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Listen, grandma --

Ada: If it's about Europe --

Matt: It is.

Ada: I already told you.

Matt: Grandma --

Ada: Absolutely not.

Matt: But I'm --

Ada: I don't want to hear about it, Matthew. I'm responsible for you.

Matt: I'm not going.

Ada: While your mother and father are -- what?

Matt: I'm not going.

Ada: No?

Matt: I decided to stay here for the summer in Bay City.

Ada: No kidding?

Matt: No kidding. Maybe I'll even get a job.

Ada: A job? Mr. Preppy?

Matt: Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha. Come on, cut it out. Just one more question --

Ada: What?

Matt: Am I still grounded?

Ada: No.

Matt: No?

Ada: Ok. I'm glad you're going to be around Bay City this summer. We're going to spend some time together.

Matt: I know. I'm glad, too.

Ada: You'll find a lot to do in Bay City.

Matt: I'm counting on that.

Ada: Matthew?

Matt: Yes.

Ada: Don't find too much to do.

Matt: Right.

Matt: Yeah, party phone, this is Captain Cool.

Man: Hello. Mojo here.

Matt: Riviera, are you on the line? Riviera?

Mojo: Sorry, Captain Cool.

Matt: Yeah, thanks, thanks.

Sam: What happened to her?

Amanda: I don't know. Sam, she said that she would be gone for about an hour.

Sam: It hasn't been an hour yet, huh?

Amanda: No. I know what you mean, though -- it seems like it's been forever. I never thought I'd say this a couple of hours ago, but I actually Miss Alli's crying. Everything's going to be fine!

Sam: Right, right, right. You know, I think I'm going to call Jason just to see --

Amanda: No, no, no.

Josie: Here we go. Shh. Hi.

Amanda: Oh, thank goodness you're back.

Josie: Oh, we were hardly gone at all. You know, babies like to go on strolls in the early evening.

Sam: Of course they do. Yeah, we knew that. See, Amanda? I told you -- everything was going to be fine.

Josie: Right? You know, I have taken care of a lot of babies, but this one is special.

Sam: Yeah, she sure is.

Josie: Shh.

[Alli cries]

Josie: Oh, go to your mama.

Sam: Oh, oh.

[Amanda chuckles]

Sam: Oh, oh.

Josie: I feel so lucky that I got this job.

[Alli fusses]

Josie: And, you know, I think I'm beginning to like Bay City.

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: You're tired, aren't you?

Josie: That's a little sweetie. Oh.

[Alli fusses]

Mary: Hi.

Lisa: Hi. I'm sorry. Am I late?

Mary: No, no. Perfect timing. Come in. Why don't you sit down? Just sit down and relax. You know, take a few deep breaths.

Lisa: Ok.

Mary: Relax. It'll be fine. We'll get started.

Vicky: Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah?

Vicky: It's open. Come on in. Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi. You look beautiful.

Vicky: Why, thank you. You look handsome.

Jamie: I bought this for you.

Vicky: What? Well, let's have a glass, shall we?

Jamie: Oh, of course.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jamie: Hmm, yes.

Vicky: You can have the honors.

Jamie: So, where would you like to go after dinner? Or would you care to stay here?

Vicky: No. I think that going out is a wonderful idea.

Jamie: Ok. Where? Tops?

Vicky: I was thinking something maybe a little more lively. Have you ever heard of the Pumpkin?

Jamie: Jazz club.

Vicky: Yes. They're supposed to have wonderful talent tonight.

Jamie: We'll do whatever you want to do.

Vicky: Well, shall we have a toast?

Jamie: Hmm, yes.

Vicky: To the future, whatever it may be.

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