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Another World Transcript Thursday 5/20/04

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Vicky: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Home from Florida? How can I make you feel good? Would you like some dangling earrings? Some dazzling earrings? Hmm -- some colorful earrings? Ugh -- these are boring. Ok. Can you come over? We could have fun. You can nibble at my earrings. Ok. Oh, a little too boring. Let's see. I like those.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Who is it?

Jake: It's me, Vicky. Open up.

Vicky: Jake! Come on in.

Jake: This has gone on long enough and it's not right. I need your help.

Vicky: Ok --

Jake: I'm not going to sit around on the sidelines, Vicky. I want you to tell me where Marley is.

Vicky: Jake, I can't --

Jake: I said tell me where Marley is!

Woman: There! I'm off the phone.

Jason: What is going on here?

Woman: Real excited to see your own flesh and blood, aren't you?

Jason: Josie, you threw me for a curve, that's all.

Josie: Well, this wasn't my idea.

Jason: Come here. You have grown up and fast.

Josie: Hmm. It just seems that way because you haven't seen me in so long.

Jason: Is all that stuff outside yours?

Josie: Yep.

Jason: That's an awful lot of stuff just for a short little visit.

Josie: This isn't a visit. It's permanent.

Sam: I know she's trying to help, but this place is crowded enough without her here playing nanny.

Amanda: I know. I keep thinking she's going to get tired and go home.

Sam: It could be worse.

Amanda: Yeah -- your mother could be here, too.

Rachel: I'm back!

Rachel: Where should I put them?

Sam: Wherever you can find the space. I think there's a couple of inches in the kitchen.

Amanda: Sam --

Rachel: You think I'm being extravagant, don't you?

Amanda: No, mom, really. It's just that it's a very small apartment and it looks like a lot more than it is.

Sam: Yeah, and we were planning on having a crib for every day of the week for the baby. It worked out pretty good, didn't it?

Rachel: I have raised enough children so that I know that the things that I've gotten for you are going to be of great use to you.

Amanda: I'm sure they will.

Sam: Look, Rachel, we are very grateful, ok? And so is Alli.

Rachel: All I'm trying to do is make things very easy for you. Because no matter how hard you think it's going to get, it's never going to be that easy.

Amanda: We'll manage.

Sam: It's going to be a breeze.

[Rachel chuckles]

[Alli cries]

Rachel: Oh, sweetie. Sweetie, it's ok. You don't have to worry. I'm right here. What do you want? What do you want?

Sam: At this rate, her first words are going to be "credit card."

[Alli stops crying]

[Rachel laughs]

Rachel: Yes, yes, you are. That's right. You can talk to me. You can talk to me. You sweet thing.

Vicky: Jake, I don't respond well to commands.

Jake: I'm sorry, Vicky, but this thing with Marley is just driving me crazy. I mean, I give her space and time to figure things out, but it is time now to just sit down and work this thing out together.

Vicky: Well, obviously, Marley doesn't think so.

Jake: Vicky, you cannot work marriage problems out all by yourself, unless -- unless Marley just doesn't want to work it out.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Jake. Marley wants to reconcile this as much as you do. She's just going about it in a different way, ok? Which do you like better?

Jake: I don't care. Look, Vicky, can you try to imagine what it would be like if you cannot see the person that you loved?

Vicky: Jake, I'd deal with it.

Jake: Oh, Vicky, I know you! You'd -- you'd fly off the handle!

Vicky: Well, for your information, he has been away all weekend. You know, time away can do a couple good.

Jake: Right.

Vicky: Hasn't seemed to hurt us much.

Jake: What if it did? What if there was a problem with this guy? I know you, Vicky. You would do everything in your power to get him back, and that is exactly what Iím doing. I'll do anything to keep my marriage with Marley together, but I have to find her first.

Vicky: Oh, no. First, you have to stop cheating on her. And then you can --

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Someone's at the door.

Jake: Right.

Man: Hi.

Vicky: Hi.

Man: Delivery for Victoria Hudson?

Vicky: Yeah, that's me! My C.D. Player! Ha! I didn't think you were going to deliver it so soon. You guys are quick.

Man: Where should I put it?

Vicky: Right on the coffee table would be great.

Man: You want me to hook it up?

Vicky: No, I've got my own electrician, thanks.

Man: Right --

Vicky: Here, great. Thanks! Have a great day.

Man: Yeah, you, too. Enjoy the system.

Vicky: I will thank you. Bye-bye.

Man: Bye.

Vicky: I have been dying to have one of these. Whoo! Listen -- oh, the sound on these things are so good. I love it, I love it

Jake: Tell me, what's it like to just have anything you want?

Vicky: You don't think I deserve it? Jake, you, of all people, know how much Iíve been through to get this.

Jake: Yeah, and it definitely seems to have paid off for you.

Vicky: A lot has changed for both of us since we've been away from Lassiter.

Jake: No, you just seem to have your life in a better order than I do.

Vicky: The inheritance seemed to help. And I got my own apartment. Mikey's with my mom and dad in a good home.

Jake: And another guy.

Vicky: Yeah. Things are starting to go my way.

Jamie: Thank you.

Attendant: You're welcome.

Lisa: Thank you.

Lisa: Champagne and first class? This is the way to fly.

Jamie: Yes, well, I figured you deserved a treat.

Lisa: Thank you. Not too many people working at the police station get to travel in style. To you.

Jamie: No, to us.

Lisa: Palm Beach was awfully nice.

Jamie: Yes. Yes, it was -- it was very nice. We'll have to go back someday and -- and see what lies beyond the hotel room.

Lisa: And the elevator?

[Lisa and Sam chuckle]

Lisa: I'm not looking forward to going back to Bay City and all of its problems.

Jamie: Hey, now. That is a wrong attitude. We're going to go back home and solve all those problems.

Lisa: Jamie, are you coming back to my apartment?

Jason: Josie, you tell me exactly what's coming down here.

Josie: Hey, you know, I did not want to come here. I loved California. This was all momsí idea.

Jason: Yeah, where is she?

Josie: I don't know. She's around here somewhere, checking out the new nest, deciding how she's going to fix it up.

Jason: Sounds like she hasn't changed much.

Josie: Nope, and she couldn't be happier about all this.

Jason: I haven't seen her in a long time.

Josie: She always talks about how much she misses you.

Jason: She does, huh? You are very much like the frame side of the family.

Josie: So Iíve heard. It's usually when I do something wrong.

Jason: Yeah, well, we are going to have a little talk when I see your mom about your telephone business here.

Sharlene: Ahem. A talk about what? Jason Frame, you're not going to turn away your own family, are you?

Jason: Don't drink that. Hey!

Sharlene: Oh!

Jason: I knew it was you.

Sharlene: Ooh!

Jason: It's so good to see you.

Mary: All I meant was we didn't have to come straight here from the airport. We could have gone home first.

Vince: You did your work all week. Now I got to catch up with mine, ok?

[Music plays]

Mary: Gee, it looks like the place actually did not fall apart while you were gone.

Vince: Oh, yeah? No singles? How about the fact -- no coffee?

Mary: Vince, the earth will continue to turn.

Vince: That is one wonderful attitude. Especially since the place's name is "Maryís."

Mary: Vince, I care. I do care. But in this instance, I think maybe you're just getting --

Cheryl: You're back! Welcome back, guys!

Mary: Hi, baby.

Cheryl: So, did you have a good time?

Mary: Oh --

Cheryl: Where's your tan? I thought you guys were going to get tanned.

Vince: Hey, Cheryl, stop the chitchat. Just hold it for later. We got customers.

Cheryl: What's with him?

Mary: I don't know.

Vince: She thinks the place is empty, the way she's moping around. What would she do if the place was really busy?

Mary: Would you please stop behaving like this and tell me what's bothering you?

Vince: Hey, hey, didn't you get to play psychologist enough at the convention? Don't start on me.

Rachel: There you are. Night-nights. Night-night, Alli.

[Alli coos]

Rachel: Ooh --

[Knock on door]

[Alli cries]

Rachel: Get it, get it, she's almost asleep.

Amanda: Matt --

Matt: Congratulations, Mother Fowler!

Amanda: Shh!

Sam: Hey, Matt, how you doing?

Matt: I thought since you guys were home, I'd come out and let Alli meet her uncle Matthew.

Rachel: All right, but do it quietly.

Matt: Ooh --

Sam: Rachel?

Rachel: Quietly.

[Alli fusses]

Rachel: All right, this isn't going to work. We're going to have turn her around.

Matt: Aw -- yeah --

Rachel: There's your little bear.

Sam: There you go.

Rachel: Quiet.

Sam: Come here, Rachel.

Rachel: What? What?

Sam: Look, I'd like to talk to you about something.

Rachel: Yeah. What?

Sam: Look, like I said earlier, we really appreciate all the -- stuff.

Rachel: Oh, it's my pleasure.

Sam: Yeah. Look --

[Alli cries]

Rachel: Listen, wait a minute. Listen, you don't have to be worried. Between grandma and me, you'll get all the help you need. And besides, we can even teach Matthew how to baby-sit.

Sam: That's what I wanted to talk to you about, ok? Look, Amandaís kind of looking forward to doing this parenting thing -- alone, you know?

Rachel: Oh.

Sam: Oh, Rachel, come on. You're great at this stuff, we all know that. You're a natural.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Sam: But Amandaís feeling left out.

Rachel: Well, you would like me to back off a little bit?

Sam: For Amanda?

Matt: That is one beautiful baby right there.

Sam: Thanks.

Rachel: Oh, she is.

Matt: You know, actually, I think she looks a lot like me.


Amanda: Matthew, you know what you could do for me?

Matt: Any -- wait a minute. No diapering.

Amanda: No, no.

Matt: No -- no, no, no.

Amanda: No, I want you and Sam to try and put together the stroller. It takes two people, and I can't do anything like that, so, what do you say?

Matt: Well, ok. You talked me into it. Where are they at?

Amanda: Take your pick. There's three of them right here.

Matt: Mm-hmm. Maybe you should have had triplets there.

Sam: Bite your tongue, bite your tongue.

[Matt chuckles]

Sam: Let's get this one. We'll take these two over there.

Rachel: Look at Matthew. Doesn't he look sweet? This is the first time in his life he hasn't been the baby.

Amanda: He's going to be a great uncle.

Rachel: Oh, wait a minute. They're doing the wrong one. They should be doing --

Amanda: It's ok, Mom, just let them -- let them play with it for a while. Can I ask you something?

Rachel: Sure.

Amanda: I don't want you to take this the wrong way. I mean -- well, you know how proud Sam is, how independent.

Rachel: Yes.

Amanda: Well, you really have been a great help to us. I mean, I don't know what I would do without you.

[Alli cries]

Amanda: But Sam is feeling a little left out, and --

Rachel: You would like me to be a little less helpful?

Amanda: For Sam?


Rachel: Oh, guys --

Matt: Nice going --

Rachel: Oh, the baby -- baby! Baby, it's all right! It's all right. It's all right!

[Music plays]

Mary: I was not playing psychologist. I was there working, and you knew that. Is that what this is about?

Vince: Well, I'm here working. So if you don't mind --

Mary: Don't you turn your back on me. You come right back over here and tell me what's wrong.

Vince: Isn't it obvious? It wasn't the honeymoon I was planning on. My wife and her career were otherwise occupied.

Mary: Of course we were otherwise occupied. It was a medical convention. I was there to work. You knew that before you ever invited yourself along.

Vince: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you saying that you would have preferred if I stayed at home?

Mary: No.

Vince: Well, that is exactly what Iím beginning to think I should have done. I should have stayed at home!

Mary: Sweetheart, sweetheart, I'm very, very sorry that you couldn't be the center of my attention --

Vince: Oh -- don't patronize me. I would have settled for just being your husband.

Mary: I don't even understand what that means.

Vince: Those academic snobs -- all they could talk about was their cars, their homes, their malpractice insurance.

Mary: Oh, sweetie --

Vince: I was the third wheel all week.

Mary: No, no, you don't ever have to feel insecure around those people.

Vince: I'm not talking insecurity. I'm talking bored to tears!

[Mary sighs]

Vince: It just -- it wasn't what I expected. I shouldn't have interfered with your career.

Mary: Oh, you didn't interfere. It wasn't what I expected, either. I wish it could have been more of a vacation. But I'm so new at this job, and it's so flattering. It's so terrific that they're giving me all of this serious responsibility, and -- oh, I should have known that it would have been awfully dull for you.

Vince: Oh, look, I don't want to get in your way. You get to be an important person, you know?

Mary: No, no. Being Mrs. McKinnon is what makes me an important person.

Vince: Oh. Well, I don't think the McKinnonís are going to try any more stabs at combining business and pleasure.

Lisa: I go away for one day and all the bills come in. You'd think the postman works for my creditors.

Jamie: Where do you want the bag?

Lisa: Just put it on the bed. Thank you.

Jamie: This bag is on my side of the bed.

Lisa: Your side of the bed misses you.

Jamie: It's a very good mattress. Oh, yes. I can see how it feels so right to be here.

Lisa: Yes, it does. Makes me happy.

Jamie: So many memories in this room. I could easily come back here.

Lisa: We had special times here, Jamie.

Jamie: We could have more of those times. We don't have to settle for the memories we already have. We can create new ones.

Lisa: That would be nice.

Jamie: I mean, just look what we've managed so far.

Lisa: You still haven't answered my question. Are you coming back here?

Jamie: I say it's too soon. I don't want to blow it now. It's -- you're too important to me.

Lisa: Thank you, Jamie. I'm glad you care about us so much.

Jamie: I care very much about us. I want all of that extraneous stuff out of our lives. Next time we live together, it's going to be for keeps.

Jake: I can't stop worrying about her.

Vicky: Jake, you sound like she's been kept hostage or something. She'll be ok, I promise.

Jake: She's not like you, Vicky. I mean, she's not used to being alone.

Vicky: You know, I think that a couple of weeks in the -- it will do her good.

Jake: Why is that good for her? How can it be good for her to excommunicate herself from her husband? I want her back, Vicky. I need her.

Vicky: I believe you, Jake.

Jake: You must think that I am the biggest jerk in the entire world, considering what we used to be to each other.

Vicky: Hey, it's ok. I'm over you.

Jake: There's no one else who would understand, Vicky. You know me better than anyone else.

Vicky: That I do.

Jake: That's why I have to keep asking you. Vicky, I don't want to beg. But I will, if it'll make you give me some answers.

Vicky: Jake, I can't give you any answers.

Jake: She's your sister. You must know what she's thinking.

Vicky: No, I don't!

Jake: Have you been in touch with her?

Vicky: No.

Jake: Oh, come on, Vicky. She must call you or something!

Vicky: She hasn't called me, Jake!

Jake: Well, if she doesn't talk to me, she should be talking to you or Donna or Michael --

Vicky: Why don't you just calm down, ok?

Jake: Why hasn't she been in touch with anybody, Vicky? Did Marley just decide -- did she just decide that it's over?

Rachel: Ooh, that's a girl. That's a girl. Ooh, that's better. Little Alexandra has to go to sleep. Ok?

[Alli coos]

Rachel: You're going to go to sleep now. You're going to be fine. Yes you will. Ooh.

Sam: Your mom isn't too good at taking hints, is she?

Rachel: Very good. But you have to -- you have to go to sleep now. You just rock it back and forth, ok? And then with any luck at all, if you do it long enough, she'll go to sleep.

[Alli cries]

Rachel: Now, remember that piece of wisdom because this is the last time I'm going to do this.

Amanda: It is?

Rachel: Uh-huh. Grandmothers aren't supposed to do this. We're supposed to have all the fun, and you guys are supposed to do all the work.

Amanda: We won't mind.

Rachel: Just remember you said that in about six months.

Sam: Well, then, we'll know who to ask if we have any questions.

Rachel: You can ask your grandmother because I won't be here.

Amanda: What?

Rachel: I'm going back to Europe to be with your father.

[Alli cries]

Sam: Oh, shh.

Amanda: Is everything going all right for him there?

Rachel: Well, he's meeting with the European subsidiaries, and I think he could use my support.

Sam: Well, I thought Cass went with him.

Rachel: Well, there was a change in plans. Anyway, I think I can help.

Amanda: Oh, I'm sure you can. I've heard those European businessmen just love American women.

Sam: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. How do you know that?

Rachel: Oh, wouldn't you like to know.

Matt: Yeah, that's right, you charge that to my home phone. Yeah, operator, hook me up to the phone -- party phone. Yeah, code name's Captain Cool.

Sam: We'll miss you here.

Rachel: Oh, don't be silly. You'll be swamped. You won't even know I'm gone.

Amanda: We'll manage.

Rachel: Well, even if you don't, you don't have to worry.

Sam: Why?

Rachel: Because -- Iíve contacted an employment agency.

Amanda: What for?

Rachel: For a babysitter.

Matt: Yeah, Riviera, are you on the line? Riviera, are you there? It's Captain Cool.

Sam: Rachel, look, we do not need a babysitter.

Rachel: I know that. It's a gift.

Sam: We don't have room for any more gifts.

Rachel: I've only paid for two days a week. You'll appreciate the freedom, believe me. Oh, Sam, come on, don't get so puffed up. Humor me. It's either me or the babysitter.

Matt: Yeah, thanks, operator, I'll call back later.

Jason: Drop that phone. That's enough on somebody else's phone bill.

Josie: I just wanted to make one call.

Jason: Yeah, well, we're going to lay down some house rules. Temporarily, just cut the cord.

Josie: Mom?

Jason: Down.

Sharlene: Josie, listen to your uncle. Look, sometimes I think that phone is attached to her.

Josie: Well, what do you expect? I mean, you tear me away from my home and my friends, just to come stay on this stupid old farm. Couldn't I at least make one call?

Jason: California is not next -- go ahead, call -- collect.

Sharlene: Honey, honey, it is going to take time to make an adjustment to all this. Now, we should be very grateful to your uncle. You'll come to love Bay City. This is where your roots are.

Josie: Who cares about roots? I don't know anyone here.

Sharlene: You will. This is a wonderful place to live. I mean, when Jason and I were your age --

Josie: You had your friends, and I donít.

Sharlene: You have us.

Josie: That's the not same thing!

Jason: Sharlene, you are my favorite sister. This one you can kill.

Sharlene: Jason -- ooh, this is some place, isn't it? Feels mighty good to be back here.

Jason: Well, you ought to go out and explore. I mean, there have been some changes made.

Sharlene: Well, I did earlier. Yeah, it's changed but, oh, it's still beautiful. And, oh, all the really important things have stayed the same like the old swing in the oak tree.

Jason: Yeah.

Sharlene: And the wild strawberry patch.

Josie: Oh, thrilling!

Sharlene: You'll learn to love those things. I know that sounds hard to believe right now.

Josie: Sure does.

Sharlene: Jason, there's a lot of fixing up to do around here.

Jason: You noticed?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Josie and I have our work cut out for us.

Jason: Hey, I was going to call you when I had it finished, I told you, when things were ready for you.

Sharlene: Yeah, but from what Iíve read, things are ready. I mean, you made the papers. Granted, it was a small blurb, but Jason Frame still managed to catch my eye.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Sharlene: That article, about you and your partner John what's his name.

Jason: Oh -- John Hudson.

Sharlene: Yeah, right. Now, it mentioned the construction of a hospital wing, but mostly, it was about your crew of Vietnam vets. Is that really true?

Jason: Yeah, they're a great team.

Sharlene: That is great, Jason. You make me proud.

Jason: Hmm.

Sharlene: I wish you'd called to let me know.

Josie: Ha! It was long-distance!

Jason: I wanted to get the company going and in good shape, finish the house --

Sharlene: It sounds like it is. I mean, I know you've been searching for an opportunity like this.

[Josie sighs]

Josie: Well, I'm going to go for a walk.

Jason: Good.

Josie: Can't wait to get a look at the berry patch.

[Door opens and closes]

Jason: What is it?

Sharlene: Oh, Jason, I had to get her out of L.A.

Jason: Yeah -- why? What's the problem?

Sharlene: She started hanging around with the wrong crowd, didn't apply herself in school. God, it was such a waste. She is really so bright. She could have gotten so much more out of it than just a diploma.

Jason: It's difficult. You do it without a man, somebody to help you and --

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I tell you what -- that's why Iíve been wanting to come back here.

Jason: Well, this is your home, you know that, anytime you want.

Sharlene: Thanks. It'll be good for all of us -- once Josie gets over being furious at me for uprooting her.

Jason: The kid, she'll bounce back. You run over them with a car --

Sharlene: No, no, no, Jason --

Jason: One day and they come back!

Sharlene: Jason, that is just it. Your niece isn't a kid anymore.

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: Oh, my gosh. I remember this shot. This was one crazy day.

Lisa: Which one?

Jamie: Oh, it was when we went sailing with Adam and M.J.

Lisa: Oh, what a disaster.

Jamie: I remember I got totally fried, Adam got seasick, and you guys got us lost. It was a miracle that we made it back to shore.

Lisa: Thank you to the coast guard or we never would have made it.

Jamie: Yeah, look at Adam. He is totally green.

[Jamie chuckles]

Lisa: I hope things work out for Adam and M.J.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm sure they will.

Lisa: Hmm.

Jamie: You're on my side of the bed.

Lisa: No, I'm not.

Jamie: Yes, you are.

Lisa: No, this is my apartment, mine alone, and this is my bed.

Jamie: Well, I get first dibs, don't I?

Lisa: Maybe.

Lisa: What are you staring at?

Jamie: Just the most phenomenal woman in town.

[Lisa giggles]

Lisa: I think that champagne went to your head. I knew we should have eaten something.

Jamie: Ooh. Hungry?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. Shall we go out to dinner?

Jamie: Oh, well, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But now that you mention it --

Lisa: Hmm, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: Listen, why don't we -- I want to drop by the farm real quick --

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: You know, drop my stuff off and then Iíll take you out for a quiet, romantic evening.

Lisa: With candles?

Jamie: Oh, yes, naturally.

Lisa: And we can sit in the corner and hold hands and say mushy things?

Jamie: Hmm, mm-hmm.

Lisa: Perfect.

Jamie: Hmm. Make it a real quick stop at the farm. Ok?

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Now, in the meantime, why don't you get off of my side of the bed?

[Lisa chuckles]

Singer: Oh, I believe in yesterday

Vicky: Jake, your and Marleyís problems are none of my business.

Jake: Yes, they are, Vicky. You're family. I mean, I -- I can't read her like you can. She just clammed up on me a couple of weeks ago. I -- Iím not a mind reader.

Vicky: All right, all right. Even I was a bit surprised that Marley has been gone this long. But, Jake, that doesn't mean she wants to end your marriage.

Jake: No, admit it. You admit her behavior's not normal. Vicky, you have to help me find out where she is before it's too late. Please.

Singers: Now I long for yesterday

Jake: Please, help me so that I don't lose the most important thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.

Singer: Love was such an easy game to play

Vicky: I made a promise to Marley.

Jake: I made a promise to Marley, too, that Iím not going to be able to keep if you don't help me.

Vicky: You know, it's getting a little late. I'm meeting this guy when he comes into town tonight, so Iím in a rush.

Jake: You're going to see a guy that you love. You got to know how I feel!

[Vicky turns music off]

Vicky: Jake, I'm not going to betray Marleyís trust, all right? You're just going to have to go through this and wait it out yourself.

Jake: It's easy for you to say.

Vicky: Maybe it is. But I had to learn that when you're in love, you can't always call the shots.

Matt: Look who's up today!

[Matt coos]

Amanda: Yeah, Alli's been up and down like a yo-yo.

Matt: I don't think she got too much sleep that last time -- too much commotion in here.

Rachel: Yeah, well, that'll go away if we leave.

Matt: Hmm.

Sam: So soon?

Rachel: Well, I've got to get ready for my trip.

Amanda: When are you leaving?

Rachel: Tomorrow. I'll call you before I go.

Amanda: Ok.

Matt: Goodbye, Alli. Goodbye!

[Sam chuckles]

Matt: Goodbye!

Amanda: Say "bye-bye, uncle Matt."

Matt: "Bye-bye."

[Sam and Amanda laugh]

Rachel: "I just want to go to sleep."

Amanda: I wish we had a camera. We could take a picture --

Rachel: Well, I did. I got you a camera, one of those instant jobbies.

Sam: Oh, we haven't had a chance to look in all the boxes yet --

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: So I don't know where it is.

Rachel: Oh, just think of all the surprises you'll find. There it is.

Sam: Surprises?

Matt: There it is.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Oh, my.

Rachel: Here. And it's all loaded, I expect. I told them to -- yep.

Matt: Here, mom, let me take it. Let the old pro take it. You can get into --

Rachel: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is going to be for the Fowler, the Fowler family.

Matt: The Fowler family.

Rachel: Ok.

Sam: Here we go.

Rachel: One, two, three --

Matt: Oh. I can tell, I can tell -- she's going to be a professional model.

[Amanda chuckles]

Rachel: Ok, let's go, Matthew. Here. Here you go.

Sam: Oh, thanks a lot, guys.

Rachel: Ok?

Sam: Have a good time.

Rachel: Talk to you.

Matt: We're going, we're leaving.

Sam: Yep.

Matt: Bye.

Rachel: Bye-bye, sweetie.

Amanda: Bye.

[Sam sighs]

[Alli cries]

Singer: I can hear your voice and I have no choice 'cause the pain is too deep inside and the hurt of a love that is lost has no cure but the love of another heart and your friends try and say it will all get better they say that they know how you feel but your heart isn't sure 'cause it knows what it heard

Cheryl: Oh, mom, you don't have to do that.

Mary: I don't mind doing a little hard work every once in a while.

Cheryl: What's wrong with pops, huh? He seems so grouchy. He practically chased me out of the kitchen.

Mary: It was a rough week. I had to go from one seminar to another and he felt a little left out.

Cheryl: Well, I know that he's proud of you. We all are.

Mary: Thank you, sweetie. That's real nice to hear.

Cheryl: Now, I don't want -- I don't want this going to your head, Mom, but you really inspire me.

Mary: I do?

Cheryl: You do, you -- I just think it's great how you can involve yourself in so many different things, in so many different projects.

Mary: Oh, well, I -- I just like to keep busy.

Cheryl: I mean, you've got the hospice, you've got the party phone line, you've got your patients, and then you've got the restaurant.

Mary: And I've got my family. Oh, I think I'm very tired.

[Cheryl chuckles]

Cheryl: Just all those things make you so interesting. I wish I could be like that.

Mary: Cheryl.

Cheryl: I mean, the only different things I do are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mary: Cheryl --

Cheryl: Anyway, maybe if Iím lucky, Iíll be just like you when I get older.

Mary: Cheryl, do you want something?

Cheryl: No! Believe it or not, Iím just being sincere.

Mary: Aw. Well, in that case, what a terrific kid you are.

Cheryl: Aw, thank you.

Mary: Oh.

Jake: Hey, Uncle Vince.

Vince: Hiya!

Jake: Back to work already, huh?

Vince: Yeah. How you doing?

Jake: You want the truth?

Vince: Marley? I don't get that girl. Considering the fact that you were willing to forgive her, I don't know what's taking her so long to come around.

Jake: Forgive her for what?

Vince: Hey, Iím not a rocket scientist, but I can read, you know, between the lines. You didn't make it that difficult, huh? Look, I'm here for you, pal. You know that. Marley will realize what a good deal she's got when she really sits down and thinks about it, you know?

Jake: Oh, Vince, what are you talking about?

Vince: Marley's -- indiscretion.

Jake: No, no --

Vince: I mean, wait a minute. You know --

Jake: Wait --

Vince: Since you're big enough to rise above it, I think she ought to, you know --

Jake: No, wait. She -- Marley is not the one who had the affair.

Vince: She isn't? Oh. Oh, Jake!

Jake: One time, Vince. Just one time.

Vince: That's all it takes, you -- ugh. Oh, kid.

Jake: I'm willing to spend the rest of my life to be faithful to her, to make it up to her. I -- I never realized how much I love her.

Vince: I know you know.

Jake: Now she's run off and nobody will tell me where she's at. I mean, how could I patch things up if I can't even talk to her?

Vince: You love her. That is the bottom line. Now, as soon as you find out where she is, as soon as she lets you know, what you got to do is fight like hell for her.

Sharlene: Hi, sweetheart. You have a nice walk?

Josie: Oh, it was ok.

Sharlene: Yeah?

Josie: See those apple trees down past the barn?

Sharlene: Sure I knew. I used to climb those with my brothers. Yeah, the best apples are always on top. You'll see in a month when they start getting ripe.

Josie: Mom, Iím a little old to be climbing trees.

Sharlene: Speak for yourself.

Jason: Well, the luggage is all taken care of -- whew -- and I got bunks assigned. You're in the front room and you're at the top of the stairs to the left.

Sharlene: Ah -- Josie, that is a gorgeous room. Thank you, Jason. At least it used to be. Whew! Things sure have run down over the years. But I'll fix all that, starting with this kitchen.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Ahem -- you're supposed to fix food in here, not grow it. You need a woman's touch.

Josie: I think I hear someone pulling up.

Jason: Oh, that's Jamie. That's your cousin. He must be back from the convention.

Josie: He's a doctor, right, Mom?

Sharlene: That's right. I haven't seen him in years.

Jason: Yeah, we're going to have a full house.

Josie: He lives here, too?

Jamie: What --

Jason: Surprise!

Jamie: Sharlene! Ah!

Sharlene: Yeah, it's me!

Jamie: Well, hello! What are you doing here?

Sharlene: Oh!

Jamie: This -- this can't be little Josie.

Sharlene: Sure is.

Jamie: Well, hello, honey.

Josie: How are you?

Jamie: How are you?

Josie: Fine.

Jamie: Hey, are you staying long?

Sharlene: Yeah, well, we're not sure yet. You know, for a while.

Jamie: Well, it's great to have you. I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. Lisa Grady?

Lisa: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi, Lisa.

Jamie: This is my Aunt Sharlene and my cousin Josie.

Josie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Bianca: Well, that's --

[Music plays]

Jake: I don't plan to give up on Marley, Vince. I just got to -- I have to make sure she doesn't give up on me. I mean, I can't stand the fact that she's calling all the shots.

Vince: Well, she's entitled to at this point. You know, maybe, maybe you ought to wait a while before you try and win her over, huh?

Jake: Well, that sounds like a long process, you know?

Vince: You both love each other -- that counts for a heck of a lot. Maybe, maybe it'd be easier than you think.

Jake: Maybe so.

Cheryl: Hey, pops?

Vince: Huh?

Cheryl: Is it safe to come in here?

[Cheryl chuckles]

Cheryl: Hi, Jake. I didn't know you were here.

Jake: Hi.

Cheryl: This is the mail that came while you were gone. I think it's just junk and bills and stuff.

Vince: Mm-hmm.

Cheryl: Well, see you later.

Vince: Cheryl? Come here. I'm sorry about snapping at you before. It was -- it was a rough flight, hmm?

Cheryl: It's ok, pops. It's good to have you home.

Singer: On my own

Vince: Ah, Jake, you want to take a look at that mail, see if there's anything important? My hands are all messed up.

Jake: Yeah. I'm sure Cherylís going to be right, though. It's all going to be junk and bills and --

Vince: As usual.

Jake: This is for me.

Singer: Never to be spoken

Jake: It's from Marley.

Singer: Now I know what loving you cost now we're up to talking divorce

[Sam sighs]

Amanda: I told mama that we needed some space.

Sam: You did?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[Alli coos]

Sam: That's funny, so did I.

[Alli fusses]

Amanda: Well, whatever we did, I guess it must have worked. I don't want to exclude her. I just want her to realize that it's the first time that we've --

Sam: Amanda, Amanda, she understands.

Amanda: I hope so. It's ok, baby. It's ok. It's ok.

Sam: What are we going to do with all this stuff? And a babysitter -- Amanda, we don't need a babysitter.

Amanda: Let's not worry about it right now, ok?

Sam: Yeah. You're right. All I need to do now is just concentrate on my wife and our beautiful daughter.

Amanda: She is beautiful, isn't she?

Sam: Yeah, she is.

Amanda: We made a perfect little person.

[Alli cries]

Amanda: What's the matter?

Sam: Oh, hon. A mess. She's a mess.

Amanda: Yeah, she is.

Sam: Ok, I'll find the diapers. By the way, where are the diapers?

Amanda: Oh, they were -- they were right -- look over there.

Sam: I got it. We got to get -- ow!

Amanda: Ok, sweetie. Sam, hurry up.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: She's miserable. It's ok. Daddy's coming.

Sam: It's ok, Daddy's in pain. Here you go.

[Alli coos]

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: Hi.


Vicky: Welcome home, Jamie.

Jamie: I'd like you to meet my friend Vicky Hudson. This is my Aunt Sharlene --

Vicky: Hi.

Jamie: My cousin Josie.

Sharlene: Nice to meet you.

Vicky: Very glad to meet you. Hi.

Josie: Hi.

Jason: How was the trip?

Jamie: Great. Great trip.

Lisa: It was beautiful. Oh, the weather was great. Do you know I got the last seat on the plane going down there? And then when we finally got there, I got stuck in the elevator -- well, we sort of got stuck in the elevator.

Jamie: It's a long story.

Jason: How was the hotel?

Jamie: Fine.

Lisa: Oh, it was gorgeous. It was just gorgeous! Outside our window, you could see the beach and then on the other side, there was this golf course and there were palm trees everywhere.

Josie: Ooh, sounds like California.

Sharlene: It does sound like -- listen, why don't you all sit down? I'll fix us some supper. I mean, I'll bet you and your uncle don't get too much home cooking.

Lisa: I've tried to remedy that, but I'm not much of a cook.

Sharlene: Hey, Iíll give you a few lessons.

Lisa: Sure. That'd be great.

Vicky: Hey, listen, Iíve got to be going.

Sharlene: Oh, so soon, Vicky?

Lisa: Yeah, Vicky. You just got here.

Vicky: I have a lot to do. I just wanted to make sure the happy couple was home safely, you know?

Sharlene: You have considerate friends, Jamie.

Jamie: Yes. Thank you.

Vicky: It was very nice to meet you both. Bye-bye.

Sharlene: Yeah, I hope to see you again soon. Well, I've got some chicken in the freezer and Iíve got some bread crumbs and Iíll fry some up.

Lisa: Those feelings are still there, aren't they?

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