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Another World Transcript Wednesday 5/19/04

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Lisa: Jamie, you can't just stop the elevator.

Jamie: Looks like I just did.

Lisa: Jamie, this is a hotel full of people. The alarm is going to go off.

Jamie: All you have to do is tell me whether or not you love me, and you will save all those people down there a great deal of aggravation.

Lisa: Jamie, you know how responsible I am about my job.

Jamie: Yes, I do.

Lisa: Well, I came down here without telling anyone.

Jamie: Ok.

Lisa: I went to extraordinary measures to get a seat on the plane. My credit card is charged up to the limit, and you know how I feel about debt.

Jamie: I do, yes. I certainly do.

Lisa: The plane had mechanical difficulties, so I spent last night in the Cleveland airport, and still I followed you to this hotel and threw myself at you in the lobby.

Jamie: I wouldn't call it exactly throwing yourself.

Lisa: I would. So, do I still have to tell you whether I love you or not?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: Ok. I do.

Jamie: You do what?

Lisa: Love you.

Jamie: That's all I wanted to hear.

Lisa: Though I don't know why I should after everything you've done to me.

Jamie: Ok. All right. That does it. We're not going to move out of this elevator until we settle this whole thing!

Zack: A little late, aren't we?

Ronnie: Oh, please. What do you want?

Zack: Well, I was scheduled to take a deposition from a patient -- George Collins, room 334.

Ronnie: So?

Zack: Well, I wouldn't dream of trespassing on your domain without checking with you first.

Ronnie: You know, I bet your friends think you're the life of the party, huh? I mean, that's if you have any friends, that is.

Zack: Ha-ha.

Ronnie: Look, Annie, will you take this gentleman to Mr. Collins' room, please? Room 334.

Zack: Thank you.

Ronnie: And make sure he doesn't bother anybody else.

Zack: It's been a pleasure talking to you, too. Shall we?

Vicky: Hi, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Hi. I thought you were going to Palm Beach.

Vicky: Yeah, I had a change in plans. Is Dr. Frame working today? Has he checked in?

Ronnie: Well, let's see. Here's the duty roster. No. Dr. Silverman's still covering for him. You can talk to him if it's about a patient.

Vicky: Yeah, great. Great. Jake, what are you doing here?

Jake: Looking for you.

Amanda: I am so glad to be home.

Sam: You sure you should be coming home so soon?

Amanda: Oh, I feel fine. Look, she's asleep. She doesn't even know she's coming to her very own home for the first time.

Sam: Tell me something -- how come you had me park all the way down the street?

[Alexandra fusses]

Amanda: Shh. I just wanted to walk down our block to our building with our baby. You think that's dumb?

Sam: No. I think that's great. Finally, just the three of us.

Amanda: Oh, I know. Things were starting to get a little hectic there in the hospital, with everyone coming to see us.

Sam: Slightly.

Amanda: I mean, I liked all the attention and everything, but it's just going to be really nice to be alone.

Sam: Yeah. So, you ready?

Amanda: Yeah, sure.

Rachel: Welcome home!

Amanda: Mom? Grandma?

Sam: What are you guys doing here?

Ada: Somebody had to get this place organized. Welcome home, angel.

Rachel: Look at her. Isn't she darling?

Ada: I -- Iím just going to get cleaned up. Then I do -- I want that baby.

[Rachel laughs]

Ada: Hello, Alexandra. You were worth cleaning the bathroom for.

Rachel: Isn't she darling? Now, sweetie, you hop into bed, ok?

Amanda: I don't think I can find the bed, mom.

Ada: You know that baby boutique in the mall?

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Ada: Your mother went bananas in there.

Rachel: Well, she needs all of those things. And, besides, I almost got it organized.

Sam: Yeah, I see.

Rachel: Well, if you're going to insist on coming back from the hospital so early after having the baby, at least you don't have to do it alone.

Ada: Honey, I don't think she thinks she's alone.

Rachel: Anyway, I've got your nightgown right over here, and Helen made you a coq au vin. It's in the oven. And I've sterilized all the bottles.

Amanda: Bottles? Mom, Iím nursing.

Rachel: Yeah, I know, but you'll need the bottles eventually. We'll put them somewhere.

Sam: Where?

Ada: Rachel --

Rachel: What?

Ada: We underestimated this baby.

Rachel: How?

Ada: Well, you know how we thought she was going to be cranky like all the rest of the children in this family? Well, she's not. Look at her. She's perfect.

Sam: It's the Fowler genes.

Amanda: Undoubtedly.

Ada: You and I ought to get out of here, you know, until they really need us.

Rachel: Why should we do that?

Ada: Just a thought.

Rachel: But, I mean, the playpen hasn't come yet, and the rocking chair has to come. And, oh, the man from the diaper service, he's going to be here --

Amanda: Diaper service?

Rachel: And, besides, how can I -- how can I leave without saying hello to this darling little person here? Oh, you sweet little thing. You sweet little thing.

Jake: I want you to tell me where Marley is.

Vicky: Jake, you know I can't do that.

Jake: I don't want to ask Michael, and Donna won't tell me anything.

Vicky: Well, that's pretty unreasonable of her, isn't it, considering that you're fooling around behind her daughter's back. Come on, Jake. You really surprised me. I thought that being in love would have gotten you away from your attraction to trash.

Jake: Don't say that.

Vicky: Well, being the initial trash in your life, I think I have every right to.

Jake: Look, Vicky, I made a mistake. Haven't you ever made a mistake?

Vicky: Jake, you were around for most of mine.

Jake: Are you going to tell me where Marley is? All right, fine.

Vicky: Jake, haven't you figured it out yet?

Jake: Figured what out?

Vicky: When it comes to morality, you're just going to be playing catch-up ball with Marley. You see, she doesn't make mistakes like that. She just doesn't think about it. It doesn't occur to her.

Jake: I love her.

Vicky: So do I. But I have come to live with the fact that Iím just not as good as she is. Haven't you?

Jamie: I know you must think we're a little strange here, but there's something I have to settle with her, and I'll turn the elevator back on when we do, ok? Thank you very much. Now, what do you mean, after everything Iíve done to you?

Lisa: Does the name Vicky Hudson ring a bell?

Jamie: Oh, how did I know that you were going to say that?

Lisa: I trusted you, you know that? I thought you were the finest human being I'd ever known. And then Vicky started hitting on you like some grade-z Rita Hayworth, and you let her.

Jamie: Well, go on. Say it all!

Lisa: When I think of all the times that I had to watch her slobbering over you and then turning to me with that triumphant gleam in her eye, I could just spit.

Jamie: Well, I'm glad you didn't.

Lisa: And you, telling me how needy she was and how she'd been through such a rough time and how she needed a friend. Well, she looked real friendly that morning in the kitchen at the farmhouse, prancing around in your shirt. And then when I tried to talk to you about it, you yelled at me because I went on a trip and didn't write you any letters.

Jamie: I remember that.

Lisa: I was trying to be sensible. I was trying to think things over. If Iíd known Iíd be pushing you into bed with her, I would have canceled my trip. Oh, and speaking of trips, you want to know the most disgusting thing in all of this?

Jamie: I'm dying to know.

Lisa: I'm starting to act just like her. She wanted to come down here, and I canceled her reservation.

Jamie: You what?

Lisa: Does that sound like the Lisa Grady you know?

Jamie: No.

Lisa: So what do you think about all of this, Dr. Frame?

Jamie: I say I think it's great.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Of course I do! If you hadn't resorted to her level, then I wouldn't be here with you, having the time of my life.

Lisa: So you think I did the right thing.

Jamie: Well, I -- it's not something that I would strive for -- behaving like Vicky -- but Iím very glad you're here.

Lisa: Me, too.

Jamie: So, what? So what if one time, maybe -- one time, maybe -- you did something wrong? Up till now, you've done everything absolutely right. And you are right. You're right.

Jamie: What did you do that for?

Lisa: Isn't it obvious? You and I have a whole lot more to talk about.

Jamie: You're crazy, you know that? You're crazy.

Lisa: Why, because I stopped the elevator? When you did it, it was fine and dandy, but now Iím crazy.

Jamie: I just -- I just told you that you did everything right, and you get mad and turn the elevator off?

Lisa: Exactly. I heard the hostility.

Jamie: Hostility?

Lisa: Don't be like that.

Jamie: Like what?

Lisa: Like that. You said you thought I was right, but you don't think that.

Jamie: I do. I do think you're right. You pegged me and Vicky from the very beginning.

Lisa: That's not what you think.

Jamie: I -- of course it is what I -- that's exactly what I think. She was coming on to me, just like you said, and I was too dumb to see it.

Lisa: No, it's not that.

Jamie: What, she wasn't coming -- she wasn't coming on to me?

Lisa: No, she was coming on to you, all right, but you weren't dumb.

Jamie: I wasn't?

Lisa: No. You were just too nice, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh.

Lisa: You were too sensitive. And if Iíd been able to accept all of that instead of nagging you all the time --

Jamie: You -- you weren't nagging.

Lisa: Oh, but I was! I found you two in the boathouse, and I just wouldn't let the subject drop.

Jamie: You had every reason to be upset.

Lisa: Yes, I did.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lisa: But maybe I should have handled it differently. Maybe I should have torn every hair out of her incredibly manipulative and unethical head.

Jamie: Yes. Well, that would have solved the problem. I can't -- I certainly wouldn't be attracted to a bald woman. I was a fool, and you know it.

Lisa: Yes, you were.

Jamie: And if I drove you into Adamís arms --

Lisa: I was never in his arms.

Jamie: No?

Lisa: Not the way you think.

Jamie: There's another way.

Lisa: Jamie, you had me very confused. Adam and I are simpatico.

Jamie: Oh, that's a nice word for it.

Lisa: You're not one to comment, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: Well, at least admit that he was coming on to you.

Lisa: There is a distinct difference between a warm, understanding conversation with a friend and getting it on with Miss Victoria Hudson.

Jamie: I thought that you understood!

Lisa: Yes, I do understand. I understand that I was right. And I don't want to be here anymore.

[Man coughs]

Lisa: Are you all right?

Jamie: Sir -- sir, are you ok? I'm a doctor. Can I help you?

Lisa: Jamie, do something.

Jamie: Uh -- sir -- uh Ė

Matt: Yeah, party phone. Yeah, this is Captain Cool. Who's on the line? Yeah, I know you can't tell me who's on the line. Yeah, yeah, hook me up. Thanks. Hi, this is Captain Cool. Yeah, what's happening? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah -- listen, is Riviera there? What do you mean she's not there? She said she'd be there at noon. No, I was just wondering if she was there. No, no. I just wasn't calling to talk to her. Yeah, what are you guys up to?

Riviera: So, don't appear too anxious. There's never any harm in keeping him waiting as long as you're sure he's interested. Well, I'm sure. Pretty sure. No, no, there's never any harm in keeping him waiting.

Jason: All right, turn around, back out that door, and get your butt back to work.

Chris: My union guarantees a break every two hours. Take it up with my steward.

Jason: That's all I need today is some guy who likes to go by the rule book.

Chris: I'm a gal who likes to go by the rule book. You want some coffee?

Jason: Oh, no. There's got to be some kind of feminist law that says you can't bring your boss coffee, right?

Chris: The only feminist law there is is for equality. I'm going to bring in some beefcake shots to balance out all this cheesecake. Milk, sugar?

Jason: No, it's macho for me. Straight, black.

Chris: Feminists can be very nice, and it's not required of them.

Jason: What does that mean -- we're not allowed to ask our employees to be polite and pleasant?

Chris: You ever work on an I-beam with O'Karsky? Probably the crabbiest guy on the face of the earth. Now, he doesn't get any grief because of his personality or lack of one.

Jason: Of course not. That's because he's a man. But our womenfolk, they have to be polite, gentle, nice, subservient.

Chris: I'd laugh if I knew you were joking. Thank you for last night. I had a great time.

Jason: You did?

Chris: Sure, why not? Food was great. Loved the music. I didn't know there was a club like that in Bay City.

Jason: I'll have to take you again.

Chris: I'd love to.

Jason: This is the conversation I wanted to have last night when I took you home. Why do we have to have it this morning in a construction shack?

Chris: What do you mean?

Jason: I mean, right now, you're just talking to me. You're being nice. You're warm. You're almost human. That's a far cry from that ice cube I took home last night.

Chris: Well, you know why that was, don't you?

Jason: I haven't the faintest idea. Would you like to fill me in?

Chris: Sometimes chauvinist guys like you get confused. They mix up warmth and friendliness for that word you used before -- subservience. They try to take out in trade what they paid for dinner.

Jason: All those words are, what, to tell me that's why I didn't get a good night kiss?

Chris: It's like the coffee.

Jason: No, it's not like the coffee.

Chris: I don't like giving what's expected of me. For instance, I like to kiss when I feel like kissing, not because some guy paid for dinner.

Jason: Well, tell me, you ever just like to just kiss? Lips, you know?

Chris: Yeah. With a nice guy, with a crooked smile -- sometimes.

Jason: No, no. I don't believe the other. That - no, don't buy it.

Chris: I know. Look, I better get back to work.

Jason: So, you will go out with me again, huh? Is that the bottom line?

Chris: Sure, Jason. I don't need you to agree with everything I feel in order to like you.

[Whistle blows]

Jason: You're not going anywhere because they're going to blast. You're going to have to kill about 10 or 15 minutes.

Chris: Oh -- you're awful busy. I --

Jason: Yeah, I'm busy, but I got some time here for some employee relations, and you are just the person that I have to talk to about it.

Chris: I just got through telling you I don't like being pressured, and you pull out that old line about employee relations.

Jason: You think I'm making a pass at you?

Chris: I know what every guy thinks when they find they've got 15 minutes to kill.

Jason: You don't have a very nice opinion of my gender, do you?

Chris: Not your gender. You. Now, listen -- last night you were talking about your family. I like you. I thought to myself, "now, this is a decent guy."

Jason: I don't like being decent. I don't like people thinking of me being decent.

Chris: I thought you were nice.

Jason: I don't want to be nice. I like to be frightening. Well, maybe a little irresistible but frightening.

Chris: You know, Jason, you think you're joking, but I've got a feeling you believe this about yourself.

Jason: I'm going to tell you, any woman that goes out with me -- if they think that Iím frightening and irresistible but not decent, we'd both have a lot more fun. Promise.

Chris: I give up.

Jason: Well, hold on. We got this employee relations thing.

Chris: Don't get me angry, Jason. I'll joke around about this stuff for a while, but if you start coming on to me on the job site --

Jason: Hold on. You see this little form? We get certain funding because we happen to hire vets and ladies. You have to fill this out and you have to put down your salary and your responsibilities.

Chris: This was for real?

Jason: It's so they know that we're not hiring you as some kind of token.

Chris: I see.

Jason: All right, you make the same amount of money as anybody that's had your background, your experience, but there's also a place where you are entitled and requested to say, "Are they harassing me? Do they give me menial work?" Stuff like that.

Chris: You know you're not harassing me on this job.

Jason: Don't tell me. It's confidential. You fill it out and you got to send it to that address.

Chris: Right. I'm sorry.

Jason: Why? Because you thought I was coming on to you, making a pass?

Chris: Yeah.

Jason: I guarantee you I would do that if I would get somewhere, but you told me what I have to do. I have to take you to dinner, have to talk family. So next time I have a couple dozen photo albums I want to bring with me.

Chris: You are incorrigible.

Jason: That's a big word. I like that. You can say anything you want, but just -- I have an Aunt Essie who lives down in North Carolina. I -- hey --

Chris: Don't you care about my mind? Don't you care about what I think?

Jason: Oh, yeah. I just love to look at your brain.

Chris: I'm getting out of here.

Jason: Hey, it's dangerous. They haven't blasted yet. Hold it.

Chris: I have a feeling it's safer out there than it is in here. See you.

Jason: Crooked smile.

Matt: Riviera, it's 12:35. Don't you have a watch?

Riviera: Yeah, this is Riviera. Put me on and --

Woman: I told you not to use the phone.

Ada: Well, we're just about squared away here, Rachel. Let's hit the road.

Rachel: Huh?

Ada: You and me. Come on, let's get out of here. You said you have work to do at "Brava" anyway.

Rachel: Oh, Cass and Liz can take care of everything there. Look at her lashes! Yes!

Ada: Rachel, come on. The new mommy and daddy are tired.

Rachel: Oh, well, you guys can take a nap. I'll stay here and watch the baby. Got my lipstick all over --

Ada: The baby doesn't need any more watching. Come on.

Amanda: It's all right.

Ada: I tried.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Ada: Rachel, come on. Let's go.

Sam: Ada, look, if you have to split, we understand. We'll be fine with Rachelís help.

Rachel: Oh, yes. I can stay here all day.

Ada: But --

Sam: Ada, thanks for doing the dishes, yeah. Also, if you want to come over later, have some coq a vin, that's fine, too.

Ada: Today of all days, you don't need a lot of company for supper.

Rachel: Look at how strong she is. Yes, she's right, you know, about that. When you're making this transition, you don't need visitors.

[Alexandra cries]

Ada: Oh, come on, you guys are exhausted. You should be alone with your baby!

Sam: I know. But after everything that Rachel has done, I figure it's ok for her to spend one afternoon with her granddaughter.

Ada: You're a nice boy -- man.

Sam: Thank you.

Ada: Listen, give me a call if you want me to come and get her out of here.

Sam: You got a deal.

Ada: Hey, miss -- you --

Amanda: Hmm?

Ada: Missis -- whatever your name is -- you get some sleep. You got a couple of very important appointments in the middle of the night.

Amanda: Ok, thanks, grandma. Bye.

Rachel: Bye, Mom. You know what? I think the baby made her nervous.

Amanda: Grandma?

Rachel: Yes. She seemed so anxious to get out of here.

Sam: Rachel, you haven't had anything to eat. Would you like to take a break?

Rachel: Oh, actually, I'd love some soup.

Sam: Soup. Got it.

Rachel: You know, I can eat and hold a baby at the same time. It's great. When you were this size, I used to hold you in my arms and make a whole meal.

Amanda: Really?

Rachel: Mm-hmm. Of course, I had to be firm with mom. She used to come in -- she did it with each one of you. She'd come in, and she'd start to take over, and I'd have to fight to hold my own baby.

[Amanda laughs]

Rachel: What? What's so funny? What? What's so funny? No, come on. What?

Amanda: Oh, nothing. It's just -- it's funny thinking of you and grandma fighting over a baby.

Rachel: Oh, well, you just have to be firm.

Sam: Really?

Rachel: Yes. You just have to say to her, "well, Mom, you know, it's my baby."

[Alexandra babbles] Rachel: Oh, yes. "It's my baby, and now we need to be alone, and -- we need to be alone to take care of our baby the way we want to take care of it." Right, precious? Yes. That's right.

Boy: So I said, I didn't think if I had a job and paid my own expenses and everything, they couldn't just treat me like I was a kid. I mean, my mother thinks that she can get me up on Saturday morning.

Riviera: Hi, everybody.

Matt: Riviera, is that you?

Riviera: Hey, how you doing, Uncle Cool? How's that little niece of yours?

Matt: Oh, she's doing fine. She's doing fine.

Riviera: Sorry I'm late.

Matt: We didn't even notice. We were talking about so much stuff, you know, on the phone.

Riviera: Oh, well, I was busy unpacking, and I just lost all track of time.

Madonna: Hey, Riviera, this is Madonna. You're still unpacking?

Riviera: I know, I know. I told my mother Iím just going to have to hire out another closet. I mean, I had this huge walk-in closet in New York, and it was stuffed to the gills.

Boy: You must be so bored after New York.

Riviera: No, I kind of like it here. I mean, I like the bay. It reminds me of San Francisco.

Matt: You were in San Francisco, too?

Riviera: Well, not for very long. My mother was working on a movie that was shooting there, but I really liked it.

Boy: Your mom was in the movies? What are you doing here?

Riviera: Yeah, they're making a movie here. It's called "incredible boredom part eight."

Matt: Yeah, yeah, what are you doing here?

Riviera: Well, my mother wasn't exactly in the movie. She was more on the financial side.

Matt: She was a producer?

Riviera: Hey, you know I feel like I jumped in here and just took over. What were you guys talking about?

Matt: Nothing as interesting as this. So, your mom is really a producer, right?

Riviera: Well, I'm not really supposed to talk about what she does. After she got back from Copenhagen, she said what she was doing was really hush-hush.

Madonna: Can you imagine your mother doing something so important it was hush-hush?

Girl: I know. I can tell anyone that mine works in a fabric store.

Matt: So when you were in Copenhagen, how did you like the Tivoli?

Riviera: Oh -- oh, I loved it.

Matt: Yeah, I thought it was great, too.

Riviera: Yeah, we stayed there the whole time.

Matt: Stayed at the Tivoli?

Riviera: Well, yeah. What's -- what's wrong with that?

Matt: What's wrong -- it's an amusement park.

Riviera: Oh, really? I mean, tell me something I didn't know.

Matt: Yeah, but you just said that you stayed --

Riviera: I said we stayed there the whole time. I meant hung out. What is this, a pop quiz?

Matt: Oh, sorry. I must have misunderstood you.

Riviera: Yeah, I guess you did. So, Madonna --

Madonna: Yeah?

Riviera: Where do you go shopping around here? I mean, I looked at the mall, and there was nothing but polyester.

Madonna: Really?

Riviera: Really. I mean, the kids in Europe would not be caught dead wearing that stuff.

Matt: Did you try Bensonís?

Riviera: Well, I looked in the window, but, oh, I just couldn't be seen there.

Madonna: Yeah, the stuff is really tacky.

Riviera: I told my mom next time I need clothes, Iíll just have to pop back on up to New York. Hey, Captain Cool, you ever been to New York?

Matt: Sure, yeah.

Riviera: We should go together sometime. Ever been to Greenwich Village.

Matt: No, I went with my parents.

Riviera: Oh, I don't think they go to the places I'm talking about. I mean, the music is the best there.

Matt: You know, that would be really great.

Riviera: Yeah, you know, radical. Really, really radical.

Zack: I just wanted to say thank you.

Ronnie: What?

Zack: For getting me in to see Mr. Collins so quickly. I got that deposition.

Ronnie: Oh, good.

Zack: You know, I'm sorry I had to spring it on you at the last minute, especially when you came in late this morning.

Ronnie: That's ok. It's all right.

Zack: I tried to call you last night.

Ronnie: Where?

Zack: At home. I got your number out of the hospital directory.

Ronnie: You called me at home?

Zack: Yeah, I wanted to tell you about the deposition this morning, but your father said that you were out and you wouldn't be in until later.

Ronnie: Look, my private life is none of your business. I mean, none of my life is your business.

Zack: Is that why you clocked in late -- because you were out late?

Ronnie: Am I on the witness stand?

Zack: No, ma'am. Have a nice day.

Vicky: Hi, Zack.

Zack: Hey.

Vicky: You're still here.

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: Sick or something?

Jake: I listened to you. Now you listen to me. I need your help.

Vicky: With Marley?

Jake: Michael is trying to be fair, and Donna says she won't help me.

Vicky: And Marley doesn't want any part of you.

Jake: Right now.

Vicky: You've got to realize, Jake, you are just not a one-woman man, that's all.

Jake: Yes, I am! I didn't have anything going for me when I went to L.A. I started my video business from nothing -- nothing. I didn't want to take any of Marleyís money, and I didnít. Then business started going well, and this woman -- this woman was my first big client, and I started spending a lot of time with her because of the project.

Vicky: And things were more interesting in the trailer than they were at home, right?

Jake: It was stupid. It will never happen again.

Vicky: How do you know, Jake? How does Marley know?

Jake: Because I love her.

Vicky: Jake, I'm going to tell you something that I tell a certain friend of mine all the time. You can say you love someone as much as you want, but it isn't true at all if you've got the hots for another woman.

Jake: That's stupid.

Vicky: Is it?

Jake: Tell me something -- does he buy that?

Vicky: I don't know. Still waiting to find out.

Jake: Well, I donít. I love Marley more than I love anybody else, and I am not going to give up until I find out where she is.

Jamie: Are you sure you're all right?

Lisa: I'm really sorry.

Jamie: Listen, we have no right to parade our personal problems in front of you.

Lisa: I shouldn't have pushed the button again. Oh, the button.

Jamie: You must be quite tired of us by now, I'm sure.

Man: No, no.

Lisa: We'll be back downstairs in a minute.

Lisa: I'm sorry.

Jamie: Oh, come on, it was my fault.

Lisa: No. I think it was mine.

Man: Hey, we've waited over 10 minutes for this elevator.

Second man: I'm sorry, it's an emergency.

Woman: Manny, are you all right?

Manny: Me, I'm fine.

Woman: Who are those people kissing?

Manny: Kids -- kids who have to learn a very important lesson.

Woman: Like us.

Manny: Yep. After you say "I love you," just stop talking.

[Manny and woman laugh]

Jamie: Hey, guess what.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: We're back on my floor.

Lisa: How did that happen?

Jamie: I don't know, but you know what?

Lisa: What?

Jamie: I think it's a sign. Come on.

Amanda: I wonder why she's been sleeping for so long.

Rachel: Hard to tell with a newborn. When she gets hungry, she'll wake up.

Amanda: Well, you must be tired. I'll take her.

Rachel: It's all right, honey. You guys rest. You're going to be up with her all night. We're just fine.

Sam: Darn.

Amanda: What? What is it?

Sam: Do you remember those sterile cotton balls you told me to pick up before the baby came home?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, I did.

Rachel: You' going to need those.

Sam: Yeah, well, I guess I better go get some.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute. Do you know which kind to get?

Sam: No, that's ok. I'll just ask somebody.

Rachel: Wait a minute. You got to get the right kind. I mean, the cheap ones, they just don't hold up.

Amanda: But I thought that you --

Rachel: Honey, it's all right. Here, you take the baby. If she wakes up, you feed her, ok? And then she'll be fed and we can give her her bath then, and she'll have a full tummy. You got it? Ok.

Amanda: Thanks, Mom.

Rachel: Oh, you're welcome. That's what I'm here for.

Sam: She sure is sleeping, isn't she?

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: We have a whole box of cotton balls. You bought them before we even went into labor.

Sam: Yeah, I know. But you know what else we have?

Amanda: What?

Sam: We have a half-hour with our beautiful daughter.

Amanda: You have a very smart daddy. Do you know that?

Sam: Your mom is sweet.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, she's the greatest. I wouldn't hurt her feelings for anything in the world.

Sam: Yeah, but this is nice, too.

Amanda: And very peaceful.

[Alexandra cries]

Sam: Oh, not for long.

Amanda: What's the matter, honey? You miss grandma? Ali, it's ok. Ali, hey!

Jake: So, tell me about this friend of yours.

Vicky: What?

Jake: This guy.

Vicky: What do you want to know?

Jake: You're after him, right?

Vicky: That's a quaint way to put it, Jake.

Jake: Oh, come on, Vicky. We know each other too well. The least we can do is be honest with each other.

Vicky: Did Marley tell you that my grandfather left me all his money in his will?

Jake: Wouldn't the gang back in Lassiter get a bang out of that -- Vicky, the heiress.

Vicky: Yeah, well, money doesn't buy class.

Jake: This guy does?

Vicky: This guy has so much class; he doesn't even know he's got it.

Jake: Well, he sounds very boring.

Vicky: No, he's a really nice guy. Easy to talk to, good. This guy's got so much class that he won't even throw a gum wrapper on the sidewalk. Makes you wonder what he sees in me, huh?

Jake: I don't know about the gum wrapper, but I can hazard a guess at what he sees in you.

Vicky: It's more than sex, Jake. I love this guy.

Jake: Does he love you?

Vicky: He will. See, I give him something in his life that he's never had. I make his life exciting.

Jake: You can definitely do that. You think that's enough?

Vicky: I've changed, Jake.

Jake: That's what I keep telling Marley. Do you remember when we were back in Lassiter; all we wanted to do was get out.

Vicky: But now I want someone to love me. Someone good.

Jake: I know what you mean. Maybe a love like that just isn't in the cards for people like us.

Vicky: No, it is for me. See, Iím finished playing the games, Jake. I can make this guy love me. I can.

Female singer: Tonight I celebrate my love for you it seems the natural thing to do

Male singer: Tonight no one's gonna find us we'll leave the world behind us

Singers: When I make love to you

Female singer: Tonight I celebrate my love for you and hope that deep inside you feel it, too

Male singer: Tonight our spirits will be climbing to a sky lit up with diamonds

Singers: When I make love to you tonight tonight I celebrate my love for you and the midnight sun is gonna come shining through

Male singer: Tonight there'll be no distance between us

Female singer: What I want most to do is to get close to you tonight

Sam: Now, don't drop her, ok?

Amanda: I'm not going to drop her, Sam. I have her wrapped in a towel.

Sam: All right, now we got to remember to do that bellybutton thing.

Amanda: Oh, that's right. Cotton swab and alcohol.

Sam: Got it.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sam: Now, don't hurt her, ok?

Amanda: Would I do anything to hurt our little girl? Not for as long as she lives. There. Well, I would say that we just completed our first bath.

Sam: Yeah, because we have such a good little girl to do it with. Yeah!

Amanda: You want to do the first diaper?

Sam: Sure, no problem.

Amanda: Oh, great.

Sam: I hope you're ready for this, kiddo.

Amanda: Yeah. Here. Hey. Yeah.

Sam: Um --

Amanda: I think -- hmm?

Sam: Which is front, that side or that side?

Amanda: I'll show you.

Sam: I don't know.

Amanda: It goes like that.

Sam: That side.

Amanda: I think we make a perfect team.

Sam: Yeah, sure. Near perfect, anyway.

Amanda: I'll do it.

Sam: I don't know.

Amanda: We'll get the hang of it. Don't worry. That is as long as mom gives us a chance to.

Sam: Yeah. Hi.

Amanda: Come here.

Sam: Come here, boo-boo girl.

Jamie: Sure am glad they didn't rent my room.

Lisa: I don't know. It could have been interesting.

Jamie: Mm-hmm. This is interesting. I really have missed you.

Lisa: Now he tells me.

Jamie: You know, whatever it was that made you come down here to find me, I sure am glad you did.

Lisa: Feels like we're a million miles away.

Jamie: Yeah. Yes, in a lot of ways. Lisa --

Lisa: Jamie -- I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Jamie: No, you go first. Go ahead.

Lisa: I was just going to say, being here with you now is wonderful, but I don't think we should assume too much.

Jamie: Yeah, I don't want to make any of the same mistakes again.

Lisa: Neither do I.

Jamie: So we'll take it one day at a time.

Lisa: Right.

Jamie: But if I may express a personal preference --

Lisa: You may.

Jamie: I would like every one of those days to be like this one.

Lisa: I love you.

Jamie: I love you.

Matt: Yes, well, there aren't that many places with swimming pools in Bay City.

Riviera: Oh, I don't know.

Boy: Well, we have one. Doesn't everybody?

Riviera: Oh, sure. Ours is right next to the tennis court.

Boy: Behind the private gym.

Riviera: Well, my mother wouldn't live in a place without a swimming pool. She called this real estate guy she knows in L.A., And she said, "Now, Barry, I know I'm going to be living in the sticks for a while, but I don't want some dingy old log cabin. It has to have a swimming pool and at least eight bedrooms."

Matt: She really said that?

Riviera: You'd have to know my mother. Nothing but the best.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Matt: Riviera, are you still there? Riviera, are you ok?

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