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Donna: I mean, you can't expect me to just stand by and do nothing.

Michael: Look, I don't know what you're supposed to do, but I don't think letting Marley use the beach house was the right thing to do.

Donna: Well, they are obviously having problems.

Michael: Well, then they should work it out between them.

Donna: Well, I didn't say that Jake couldn't move out there with her.

Michael: I know. Marley came up with that herself. Look, Marley is running away from Jake, and you're helping her.

Donna: Wait a minute here. Do you think that I am trying to break up their marriage?

Michael: No, but I think there are better ways that you could've helped her.

Marley: Ok, now I definitely have to leave.

Donna: Marley, honey, I --

Marley: This is the first fight you two have had since you've been back from your honeymoon.

Michael: We're not fighting.

Marley: Yes, you are. And it's about me, isn't it?

Cass: When did it sell? I saw the market reports from Zurich, and they didn't indicate -- just before closing. Perfect. How much did it go for? Oh, wow. Bennett really wants this Cory stock badly. I don't care what they call themselves. It was Bennett publishing. No, I'm glad you woke me up. I just wish I didn't have to tell Mac Cory that a big chunk of his empire has just been sold out from under him. Yeah, me, too. Thanks. Bye.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: Hi. You're up early.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. I have a meeting with a new accountant today. I have got to figure out what I meant when I wrote all these checks.

Cass: I always make that stuff up as I go along.

Nicole: Yeah. Well, creative accounting isn't my best subject. Why are you looking at me that way?

Cass: I -- I don't know. I guess I'd just forgotten how good you look when you first wake up.

Nicole: Are you kidding? I didn't even put any lipstick on.

Cass: Believe me when I tell you it doesn't matter.

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: Mm-hmm?

Nicole: I don't have to see my accountant today. I could postpone the meeting, and we could, you know, talk.

Cass: I'm sorry, I can't.

Nicole: Fine. It doesn't matter.

Drew: Good morning, gorgeous. Ready to hit the books?

Nicole: Uh --

Cass: A new accountant? You know, you're right. It doesn't matter.

Drew: Somehow I get the feeling that guy doesn't like me.

Nicole: Oh, well, don't worry about Cass. I donít.

Drew: Good. That's just what I wanted to hear.

Rachel: Yes, Iím trying to reach the maternity ward. Well, can you give me some information? Yes, I have a daughter who's been in labor for 12 hours. I'm just trying to find out if she's in the delivery room. Yeah, her name is Amanda Fowler. Right. Thanks -- for nothing.

Mac: Find out anything?

Rachel: No, nothing. I mean, they wouldn't put me through to the maternity ward or -- or anything.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Hello? Oh. Hello, Cass. Yes, he's right here. It's Cass.

Mac: Hello, Cass.

Cass: Hi, Mac. Rachel didn't exactly sound overjoyed to hear my voice.

Mac: Oh, it's nothing personal. We're waiting to hear about Amanda. She went into labor last night.

Cass: Oh, I see. Oh, well, that's great. That's good news. I thought that the takeover stuff was finally getting to her.

Mac: It's getting to all of us.

Cass: Well, I'm afraid I have some news that isn't going to help any. Are you ready for this? Buckner and Klein Schmidt sold its Cory stock yesterday to Bennett.

Mac: Oh, no. I mean, I knew they were wavering, but I didn't think --

Cass: Mac, can I come over there? I'm at a pay phone right now.

Mac: Why are you at a pay phone?

Cass: Well, I was going to call you from the salon, but Drew Marsten showed up wanting to see Nicole.

Mac: Oh, he's romancing her with one hand and orchestrating the downfall of Cory Publishing with the other, eh?

Cass: I'm going to have to see if we can nab him before he gets a hold of either one.

Mac: Right. Well, I'll see you in a little bit, then. Thank you.

Rachel: Cass is coming over here?

Mac: He has to, darling.

Rachel: But Amanda, Mac.

Mac: Amanda will understand. I don't want her baby's birthday to be the day that I lose Cory Publishing.

[Amanda moans and pants]

Sam: I know, I know.

Amanda: It hurts!

Sam: Just breathe, ok?

Amanda: No!

Sam: Just a few seconds more. Breathe, all right?

Amanda: I can't!

Sam: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Look at me and breathe. Look at me and breathe. That's great. That's great, hon. You're doing great, you're doing great. It should be going away now. It should be going away. Ok. Ok, you're doing fine. You're doing just fine. Yeah. That's it, that's it. Breathe. You're doing fine. Ok. Look, this is taking too long, ok?

Ronnie: It's her first baby.

Sam: Look, I know, but she's having these pains every three minutes for hours.

Ronnie: I know, but Amanda said she didn't want any drugs.

Sam: I know that, but she didn't know how bad it would be.

Ronnie: Look, Sam, she's already seven centimeters --

Sam: Don't tell me any more numbers. Just do something for her, ok?

Amanda: Oh, Sam, here we go!

Sam: Ok. Ok, breathe, honey. Breathe -- breathe for me, hon. Yeah, that's it. Breathe. You're doing great. Breathe. It'll only last a few seconds, I promise. I promise that. Just breathe, ok? You're doing great. You're doing just fine. You're doing fine. Yeah, that's it. That's it.

Ronnie: I didn't think you'd go too far.

Sam: I just needed a break. Look, I'm going back in.

Ronnie: No, no, no, I don't think you should.

Sam: What?

Ronnie: Look, Amandaís fine. Don't worry about Amanda. The nurse I left in charge knows more about Lamaze than Lamaze does.

Sam: Yeah, look, she needs me, ok?

Ronnie: No, no, she doesnít. She needs a coach who isn't worn to a frazzle. Look, I got an idea. Why don't you come with me? Sam, Amanda will be fine. Now, come on.

Donna: Marley, honey, don't do anything because of us.

Michael: Look, we weren't fighting. We were disagreeing loudly. It's possible to disagree and not fall apart. We agree to disagree.

Donna: Right.

Marley: Well, maybe you should teach me about that.

Michael: I'd be glad to. First I think you ought to tell me about moving into this beach house.

Marley: Is that what this is about?

Donna: Your father thinks that Iím interfering.

Marley: Maybe I should talk to my father alone.

Donna: Well, that would be fine by me.

Michael: Young lady, you are not going to talk me out of this.

Marley: I'm going to try.

Donna: I will be upstairs.

Marley: Michael, if I don't move into the beach house, I'm going to have to go someplace else where I can be alone.

Michael: Meaning away from Jake?

Marley: I need time to think without Jake confusing me all the time.

Michael: Right. I understand all about that kind of confusion.

Marley: You sound like you don't believe me.

Michael: Oh, I believe you. I divorced your mother to avoid that kind of confusion.

Marley: No, this isn't the same thing.

Michael: This is exactly -- exactly the same thing. I moved out, divorced your mother. I wasn't confused anymore. I was unhappy, I was lonely, but everything was neat and tidy.

Marley: Now you're making fun of me?

Michael: I'm not making fun of you. Marley -- I'm trying to tell you that I understand. Look, I know that you're hurt. I know that you're angry. And, young lady, I know that Jake loves you and you love him.

Marley: Yes, I do.

Michael: Ok. Then stay with him, work it out. Being apart only makes it easier to be apart.

Marley: So you're saying that there's a solution.

Michael: Well, you don't think there is?

Marley: I hope there is, but I'm just not sure.

Michael: Donna and I weren't sure, either, but we got together, and we sat down, and we talked it out, and we came up with some answers.

Marley: Yes, but Jake keeps pushing me. It's like he wants everything to be better and ignore the fact that anything ever happened.

Michael: You can't find it within yourself to forgive him?

Marley: I wish I could.

Michael: Now you do sound like me. I think you're a little bit more like me than I care to admit.

Marley: Maybe so. But you still don't know what happened.

Michael: I know that Jake hurt you.

Marley: Yes, and I don't know if I can go through that hurt again. I don't know if I trust him anymore.

Michael: But going away, Marley --

Marley: Is the only chance that Jake and I have.

Michael: Marley --

Marley: You know, some people think that Iím going to this beach house because I want to make Jake pay for what he's done or to make him feel like he's being punished.

Michael: But I don't think that.

Marley: I know, but you might think that you think Iím going, running away from Jake.

Michael: Maybe that --

Marley: I'm going because I need to sort things out. I need to see if I am strong enough to work things out with Jake.

Michael: Marley, I am sure that you are strong enough to do anything you want.

Marley: Yes, but I have to be sure. Otherwise, I can't do anything.

Michael: I can see that Iím not going to talk you out of this.

Marley: You're going to have to trust me on this one, Michael. I've got to do things my way this time.

Nicole: Oh, how can I be overdrawn when I have all these checks left? Oh. Funny, Nicole.

Drew: What seems to be the problem?

Nicole: I -- oh, I was trying to make myself laugh. I can't do it.

Drew: Well, maybe I have something that'll cheer you up. Fellows?

Nicole: What -- Drew, what is this?

Drew: Yeah, it's breakfast. We have eggs benedict, fresh croissants, strawberries, espresso -- thank you, fellows. That'll be it.

Man: Thank you.

Nicole: Drew, this is a design house. It doesn't have room service.

Drew: Well, I remember you sad you loved that breakfast from that restaurant on Cotter Street.

Nicole: They did this?

Drew: They sure did.

Nicole: But they're all the way across town. They don't deliver. They don't even have takeout.

Drew: Well, I can be very persuasive.

Nicole: Well, apparently.

Drew: Besides, can you think of a better way to go over the books? Would you like a Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

Nicole: Uh -- coffee.

Drew: Espresso.

Nicole: Fine. Drew, we were supposed to work on my accounts.

Drew: Mm-hmm. You know what they say? All work and no play.

Nicole: This is what I don't understand --

Drew: What?

Nicole: Well, when we were on our picnic, you ended up working, and now we're supposed to be working.

Drew: And I propose a picnic. Hey, am I unpredictable or what?

Nicole: Really.

Drew: Ok. What's wrong?

Nicole: Well, it's just that on the picnic, it was your work that was important. And now it's my work that we're postponing.

Drew: Nicole, I'm the one that takes you seriously.

Nicole: And what is that supposed to mean? That Cass doesn't?

Drew: I didn't want to bring his name up. You know, I wanted to have a pleasant morning.

Nicole: Well, Drew, it's not supposed to be pleasant when you're going over the books.

Drew: You got a bee in your bonnet or something this morning? Look, relax. Enjoy breakfast. Maybe I can think of something to help you unwind.

Nicole: Drew.

Drew: You know, I -- I can't stop remembering how good it was.

Nicole: Oh, Drew, please.

Drew: How we can have it all back again.

Nicole: Oh, wait. I just remembered. I forgot I have a consultation with a client, and I -- I have to change.

Drew: Nicole, you know, I got my car outside.

Nicole: But, Drew, I can't -- I just can't --

Drew: Go for a ride in the car.

Drew: Soon, Nicole. Soon.

Ronnie: Sam?

Sam: Huh?

Ronnie: Here, drink this, baby.

Sam: What is it?

Ronnie: It's what you need. Now, drink it down.

Sam: Wait a second. This is booze.

Ronnie: Mm-hmm. Bonded bourbon. Come on, you only get that one shot.

Sam: I can't be drinking right now.

Ronnie: Look, it'll calm you down, and it'll get you back into that room with Amanda.

Sam: I'm a jerk. I got to be a jerk. How could I leave her when she needs me?

Ronnie: Oh, honey, please. Listen, you think that bottle's in my locker because I want it? I hate that stuff.

Sam: What?

Ronnie: Listen, let me tell you something. You know, some women in labor need painkillers, some don't. It's just that simple. Some men can see their wives in labor and it doesn't bother them, but some need a little sedative. It's ok. Look, you're not the first and you won't be the last. I guarantee it. Now, come on, drink that.

Sam: I hate this stuff.

Ronnie: I know. I hate it, too, but drink that up. Come on.

Ronnie: Ooh. I know. Feels like someone just shot you in your throat, huh?

Sam: Yeah.

Ronnie: It's ok. Listen, I don't want you to worry about having to take a break in there.

Sam: I just ran out.

Ronnie: I know you just ran out. It's ok. You'll go back in when you can. Now, listen, Amanda doesn't need superman right now. She needs you. Now, if you're having a hard time watching her in pain, it's ok. Everyone in that room understands.

Sam: Look, I got out of the room because I got scared, all right? And if she sees me scared, she'll figure something's wrong.

Ronnie: I know, I know, but, look, don't get scared. It's ok. I know it looks awful, and, yeah, she is in a lot of pain. But it'll end, ok? And when she has that baby in her arms, that's all that matters. So think about that. Can you do that for me? Yes?

Sam: I can.

Ronnie: Ok.

Sam: Thank you.

Ronnie: Look, I better get back in there.

Sam: Yeah.

Ronnie: Think about what I said.

Singer: When I look into your eyes I see everything I was meant to be if Iím a fool for love I don't care I don't care

Tracy: Ahem.

Matt: Ah -- Daryl Hannah, is that you?

Tracy: Very funny.

Matt: That voice! Ellen Grinch!

Tracy: Who's Ellen Grinch?

Matt: Oh, this girl I knew with a tremendous voice. Hi.

Tracy: Hi.

Matt: Have a seat. Have some iced tea.

Tracy: No, I just dropped by to tell you something.

Matt: What's that?

Tracy: Well, you are looking at somebody who is gainfully employed.

Matt: You got it.

Tracy: Yeah! No, you remember on the teen line, the kids said just ask around?

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Tracy: Well, I asked around Maryís place, they said they needed a waitress, and so -- a-ha, there you are.

Matt: Wait a minute. I thought you didn't want to be a waitress. You wanted a job that challenged you.

Tracy: Yeah, but when you're a klutz like I am, I mean, this could be a real challenge.

Matt: Uh-huh.

Tracy: Yeah, besides, rumor has it you are not supposed to drop or spill food on the patrons at Maryís place.

Matt: Oh, yeah, I remember that that's a really classy joint there. So you're going to be a waitress.

Tracy: Well, that's where my work experience is. Besides, you know, I realize Iím going to be working with the public, it's a growing industry, and Cheryl told me how much Iíd be making in tips.

Matt: Oh, so the challenge went out the door and the old bucks came rolling in, huh?

Tracy: That's right because I am a material girl

Matt: Do you get to wear those big shoes with the rubber ridges on the bottom?

Tracy: Matt, that's not nice. No, you are supposed to be a friend, and you're supposed to say, "that is great, Tracy."

Matt: That is great, Tracy.

Tracy: That is great. Good.

Matt: Ha.

Tracy: What? What's so funny?

Matt: You're going to be working for grandma.

Tracy: Only a couple of days a week.

Matt: It doesn't matter. You're going to be a totally different person. You're going to be the best waitress you can ever imagine because you don't have a choice.

Tracy: It does have its advantages.

Matt: Yeah? Like what?

Tracy: Well, now that I am financially independent --

Matt: Yeah.

Tracy: I could, you know, ask someone, you know, if -- if they'd like to go to the U2 concert with me next week, my treat?

Matt: Yeah? Who would you ask?

Tracy: You. Jerk! Do you want to go? My treat.

Matt: Yes. Yes, I want to go. It's going to be great.

Tracy: Yes, it will be fun.

Matt: It will be fun. We'll go out to dinner before. My treat.

Tracy: Ok.

Matt: Because Kevin -- he loves this rib place up on Route 36. I don't know why, but he does.

Tracy: Kevin?

Matt: Yeah, we'll ask him to go out with us.

Tracy: Great.

Matt: We'll double date. I mean -- oh, there's only one problem, though. If we double, then he needs a date, too, right?

Tracy: Well, guess he can't go this time, huh?

Matt: No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I got a girl for him. And if she looks half as good as she sounds, he's in for quite an evening, believe me.

Singer: I don't care I don't care la, la, la, la la, la, la, la

Mac: Here, darling.

Rachel: Oh, thank you.

Mac: Please try not to worry.

Rachel: I can't help it, Mac. It's just been going on too long.

Mac: I know. But when I see you worried, I get terrified.

Rachel: Well, Mom had the right idea. She just went off to work. She says babies are born every day.

Mac: It's odd, though. She doesn't usually work on Tuesday.

Rachel: She doesn't usually spill her tea or stall her car three times, either. She's a phony.

Mac: Wish you hadn't told me that. If Ada's nervous, I'm done for.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: Mac, she was right to go off to work, though. You should do the same thing.

Mac: I have to. Cass is on his way in right now.

Rachel: Well, you just concentrate on that. I mean, it doesn't help to worry about Amanda. It doesn't help Amanda at all.

Mac: What are you going to do while we meet?

Rachel: I'm going to pace up and down and call the hospital every five minutes.

Hilda: Any news?

Rachel: No.

Hilda: Oh, Mr. Winthrop's here.

Cass: Thank you.

Mac: Cass, thank you so much for coming over.

Cass: Oh, no trouble, Mac. Any word on Amanda?

Rachel: No, nothing. She's been there for 12 hours, and we haven't heard a word. And don't tell me not to be worried -- sorry.

Mac: Darling, as soon as I go over this material with Cass, we'll go back to the hospital.

Rachel: I know, Mac, but I think I should --

Mac: I know, but try not to worry. After all, Sam is right beside her.

[Amanda moans]

Ronnie: Come on, Amanda. Come on. Breathe, honey. Just remember your breathing.

Amanda: I canít.

Woman: Don't thrash around.

Amanda: Where's Sam? Why isn't he here?

Ronnie: Come on, Amanda, concentrate. Focus on something and concentrate.

Amanda: I canít. It hurts!

Ronnie: Come on, come on. Breathe, Amanda, breathe.

Sam: Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, look at me and breathe. We're going to do some breathing together, ok? Now breathe.

[Sam pants]

[Amanda pants]

Sam: That's great.

Ronnie: That's good, honey.

Sam: That's great, honey.

Ronnie: That's good.

Sam: Just a few seconds more, ok?

Ronnie: Good.

Sam: Ok, this contraction should be subsiding. Is it?

Amanda: No.

Sam: All right, all right. Now, just look at me and breathe.

Amanda: I'm not doing this.

Ronnie: You're doing --

Amanda: I want to go home! I don't want to do it anymore!

Sam: Amanda, calm down. Calm down. Look, she's going crazy.

Ronnie: I know. That happens when you hit transition, right, doctor?

Doctor: She's up to nine centimeters.

Sam: Transition, honey.

Amanda: Transition?

Ronnie: Yes.

Amanda: That's right before --

Ronnie: Yes. Get into your scrubs, Sam. We're going to have a baby any minute now.

[Amanda groans]

Amanda: Sam, hurry.

Ronnie: Yes.

Sam: Ok, I'll be right back.

Ronnie: Come on. Breathe. That a girl. That's good, that's good.

Matt: Yeah, this is very, very, very important.

Man: I'm sure it is, but the rules are very clear.

Matt: Look, I have to talk to this girl. I can't just wait on this line forever for her to call in.

Man: I'm sorry.

Matt: Oh. Can't you call me when she calls in?

Man: The teen line is completely anonymous. You were told that when you called the first time.

Matt: Yeah, I know, but this -- see, this would be different. I mean, you would be calling me.

Man: Then you wouldn't be anonymous, would you?

Matt: That's all right. I don't care to be anonymous. Everybody can know Iím --

[dial tone]

Matt: Matthew Cory. Oh, stupid rules. Can you believe that? I mean, what a bunch of junk. "Oh, the phone line's completely anonymous." It's not like I want to kidnap her or something. I just want to ask her out.

Tracy: You want to ask her out?

Matt: For Kevin. I want to ask her out for Kevin.

Tracy: You must really love Kevin.

Matt: You know, you're eating all my potato chips.

Tracy: No, I mean, you're working really hard to find him a date.

Matt: Yeah, well, she sounds like a nice girl, so I thought, you know, I'd hook him up.

Tracy: She must. I mean, to put you through all this, it's --

Matt: What do you mean? I'm fixing Kevin up. He wants to get fixed up, so Iím getting him a date.

Singer: With you dreams come

Michael: Well --

Marley: Well -- thanks for understanding me.

Michael: You take care, you hear?

Marley: Ok. Tell Donna Iíll call her when I get there tonight, ok?

Michael: Ok. While we're on the subject of phones, if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to use it, ok?

Marley: Ok.

Michael: Ok.

Marley: Bye-bye.

Michael: Bye.

Donna: She gone?

Michael: Yeah, she just left.

Donna: Actually, I heard.

Michael: You did? Why didn't you come in?

Donna: Because I thought you should work things out. Besides, I know she'll call me tonight.

Michael: That's what she said. You sure you weren't listening?

Donna: Michael, I didn't have to. I mean, I already know everything.

Michael: Oh, you do, huh?

Donna: Yes. I know that Jake has done something to hurt her very deeply and she needs time to think about it and to forgive him.

Michael: Donna, Iím not sure this is all Jakeís fault.

Donna: Well, now, listen, Marley and I had a very long talk, and I heard her side of things, and now Iím sure that it's Jakeís fault.

Michael: Well, look, I love Marley, and it may just be that I have to listen to Jakeís side.

[Phone rings]

Michael: One second. Hello. Hi, Cass, what's up?

Cass: I'm over at Mac Coryís. Zack Edwards is joining us. We just got some pretty big news on Bennettís latest move.

Michael: You want me to come over right now?

Cass: Well, Zack should be here in a few minutes.

Michael: Ok, I tell you what. I've got one thing to do, and then Iíll be right over, all right? Thanks. Bye.

Jake: Marley leave?

Donna: Yes, she did.

Jake: I see.

Michael: Donna, can Jake and I have a few minutes alone to talk, please?

Donna: Jake, look --

Jake: You don't have to say anything. I understand.

Michael: Thanks. Do you?

Jake: What?

Michael: Do you understand?

Jake: I understand you and Donna aren't real thrilled with me right now.

Michael: Jake, Donna and I are concerned about Marley and you.

Jake: Right.

Michael: Look, I don't know what's going on between you two, but rarely is anything one person's fault.

Jake: Marley didn't do anything. It was me.

Michael: All right. Well, I don't want you to tell me what happened, but I just want to tell you one thing.

Jake: What?

Michael: Marley is going to sort this out. Don't react as if she's walking out on you.

Jake: I deserve it.

Michael: Give her some time.

Jake: Michael, I do love her.

Michael: I know you do. Look, I got to go. But just between you and I, I got one more thing I want to tell you. Marley's my daughter, and I love her. And if you play around with her and you aren't straight with her, I'll break both your arms.

Donna: Jake!

Jake: You heard that, didn't you?

Donna: Look, you and I -- we've always been very direct with each other.

Jake: Yes, we have.

Donna: Michael is a very patient and understanding person.

Jake: Yes, he is.

Donna: Well, I'm not. I know that you've done something to hurt Marley very deeply, and I want to know what it is.

[Amanda moans]

Sam: Come on, Amanda.

Ronnie: Come on, Amanda.

Sam: You're doing fine. You're doing great. Pant, pant, pant.

Doctor: The head is crowning.

Sam: You're almost there, Amanda. You're almost home.

Doctor: One more push.

Amanda: I'm tired.

Sam: I know you are. Just do it. Come on, do it. Just do it.

Ronnie: Come on, let me know when. Come on, Amanda. You can do it.

Sam: Do it, do it. Yeah.

Ronnie: Chin to the chest. Push, Amanda, push. Come on, you can do it. Yes.

Sam: Amanda, look in the mirror. Amanda, look in the mirror. Look in the mirror. Oh! Look in the mirror, Amanda. There. Look. Oh.

[Baby cries]

Amanda: You owe me 50 bucks, pal.

Sam: Oh, baby, I owe you more than that.

Amanda: I knew it was going to be a girl. I just knew it.

Sam: She is so beautiful.

Amanda: She's all right, isn't she? I mean, she's so early.

Doctor: She's small, but she's fine. Her apgar's a nine.

Ronnie: That means Harvard or Yale, you know.

Amanda: Then Iím putting this 50 bucks towards her tuition.

Ronnie: You think you want to see her?

Amanda: Oh, maybe some other day. Yes, I want to see her.

Ronnie: Look. There's your daddy. Yeah.

Ronnie: Sometimes I just love my job.

Sam: Yeah, hi.

Cass: So they now have sizable holdings, but unless they have unlimited funds, they can't keep buying at this price.

Michael: Look, the problem here is that they passed the point of no return. They have to have enough money to see this through to the end.

Mac: No matter what it does to my company or the people that work for us.

Zack: Well, they paid nearly double the market value of that stock, which means --

Michael: Which means what, Zack?

Zack: Well, it makes me think they do have unlimited funds, or they wouldn't have priced themselves this high so early.

Cass: He's right. I hate it, but he's right.

Mac: Well --

Michael: Mac, I have a suggestion to make.

Mac: Please.

Michael: I think you need to try another tack. I think you need to approach your stockholders face to face. Sit down with them, level with them. Tell them to circle the wagons.

Mac: It's the European subsidiaries that are the most vulnerable. I never thought I'd look on a trip to Europe as a dreadful necessity.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry about that.

Mac: But I'm not going anywhere until I see Amanda and her baby.

Zack: Well, Mac, Iíll start on the itinerary right away.

Mac: Thank you very much.

Michael: I have another suggestion. I don't think you should go alone. I think you should take along someone who is as well versed as you in all of this so they can take care of the board while you zero in on the chairman.

Mac: Well, that would mean one of you.

Cass: Then if you'll give me a minute, I think I know which one. Excuse me.

Mac: Do you think one person is enough?

[Phone rings]

Drew: Nicole love salon. May I help you? Hello?

Mac: Well?

Cass: Yes, Mac, I'll be glad to go. Just let me make the arrangements.

Mac: Thank you, Cass. It's the best news Iíve had in I don't know when.

Rachel: No, it isn't. There's even better news. Sam just called on the other line.

Mac: Amanda's all right?

Rachel: She's fine, and so is your new baby granddaughter.


Mac: Yay! Gentlemen, you know, this meeting is absolutely essential for the very insistence of Cory Publishing, and who cares! Let's go, Rachel.

Michael: Think he's happy?

Cass: I think he still needs to learn how to express his feelings.

Mac: Yow!

Michael: I think you're right. Shall we get to work?

Cass: By all means.

Michael: Yeah.

Mac: Matthew! Amanda had a baby girl. She's fine. The baby's fine. We're going to the hospital. Call you later!

Matt: Yo, ok, dad. I'll call you later. I'm an uncle!

Tracy: Ah, that's wonderful.

Matt: This is wonderful.

Tracy: You know what? This is really the way it should be. I mean, your sister and her husband have been through so much this year. I'm so happy for them.

Matt: A niece. I have a niece. I can't --

Tracy: Matt, we've got to buy the kid flowers. We got to bring them to the -- oops -- the hospital, and -- and we got -- they should be all pink. What --

Matt: Sure, sure.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Matt: I'm calling the party phone. This ought to be a great conversation starter.

Man: Party phone.

Matt: Yeah, this is Captain Cool. I just called in to tell everybody the good news -- that I am an uncle. My sister just had a little baby girl.

Riviera: That's wonderful, Captain Cool. Do you like babies?

Matt: Riviera, is that you?

Riviera: Sure is.

Matt: Well, I've been trying all day. It's good to hear from you.

Riviera: Well, here I am. You still haven't told me whether or not you like babies.

Matt: Well, this one's a girl, and I -- I like girls no matter what age they are, you know.

Tracy: I hope Riviera has sinus problems, pimples, and cellulite.

Matt: Shh. So, Riviera, do you call every time at this time?

Riviera: No, I just call when I don't have anything to do. In fact, I got to go.

Matt: Wait a minute. Wait.

Man: Hey, come on, huh? Give someone else a chance to talk here.

Matt: Hey, why don't you shut up?

Riviera: Congratulations, Uncle Cool. Bye, everybody.

Matt: Riviera!

Man: Forget it, she's gone, cool pal.

Matt: Tracy -- now where'd she go? I'll tell her about Kevin tomorrow.

Amanda: Look at her little feet.

Sam: I really wish they hadn't taken her away.

Amanda: I know. She is beautiful, isn't she?

Sam: Yeah, she looks like you. Now that is beautiful. So how do you feel?

Amanda: I'm tired, but I feel terrific.

Sam: You had a rough night.

Amanda: There were times when I didn't think Iíd be able to stand it.

Sam: Was it really that awful?

Amanda: It's hard to even remember now. I just know I wouldn't have been able to make it at all without you.

Sam: Hey.

Rachel: Hey.

Amanda: Hi.

Mac: Oh, congratulations, papa.

Sam: Thank you.

Rachel: We saw the baby.

Mac: Oh, she's the most beautiful baby ever born.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Daddy, you say that about all your grandchildren.

Mac: It's always true.

Rachel: Oh, she's so tiny, but she's perfect. And her little nose is so cute.

Mac: Did you call Ada?

Sam: Yeah, she had kind of a subdued reaction, you might say.

Amanda: Everyone at Maryís place is eating free today.

[Mac and Rachel laugh]

Rachel: You had a rough time, sweetie.

Amanda: Well, it was long, but Sam was there with me through the whole thing.

Mac: You saw the baby born?

Sam: Yeah, we both did.

Mac: Look, Sam --

Sam: It's something Iím never going to forget, I tell you that.

Mac: I know that you and I have had some difficult times in the past, but as far as I'm concerned, that's all over.

Sam: For me, too.

Mac: And having raised this wondrous daughter, I can tell you the three of you are going to have some incredible times.

Sam: The five of us are going to have some incredible times. See, you two are going to be just as important in our daughter's life as us.

Mac: Oh, thank you, Sam.

Ronnie: Ok, I have a young lady out here who's very anxious to see her parents.

Rachel: Oh, does that mean we have to go?

Ronnie: Yeah, I'm sorry, but just until she gets home from the hospital.

Rachel: Ok.

Mac: I wanted to tell you, darling, I may not be there when you bring the baby home.

Amanda: Why?

Mac: I have to go to Europe on business.

Amanda: The takeover?

Mac: It's not serious. You just enjoy that daughter as much as Iíve enjoyed my daughter. I'm so proud of you, darling.

Rachel: I'm going to call you later.

Amanda: Ok.

Rachel: And I'll come by to see you tomorrow. You know what?

Amanda: What?

Rachel: I think I'm going to like this grandparent bit.

Mac: Even though you're years too young for it.

Rachel: Thank you, darling.

Amanda: I love you, guys.

Mac: Bye-bye.

Amanda: I really thought they'd stay a lot longer. You don't think something's wrong, do you?

Sam: No, I don't --

[baby cries]

Amanda: Sweetheart.

Ronnie: Oh, yes.

Amanda: Hi, sweetheart. Hi. What's the matter, huh?

[Baby cries]

Sam: Oh, no, there's nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong in the whole world. Hi, how you doing? You're cute. You got cute little ears.

[Baby cries]

Amanda: Shh.

Sam: Shh, it's ok.

Bianca: Well, that's --

Nicole: Drew?

Drew: Consultation over?

Nicole: Uh -- yeah.

Drew: That's funny. I didn't see anybody come in.

Nicole: Oh, well, that was because it was on the phone, and -- oh, no. No. I'm lying. There wasn't any consultation.

Drew: You spent all this time getting dressed?

Nicole: And trying to think of what to say to you and hoping you just wouldn't be here when I came back.

Drew: Oh.

Nicole: I know that you want to start up our relationship again.

Drew: And you don't?

Nicole: I canít. Not now.

Drew: Why?

Nicole: It's just not the right time, that's all. I mean, I like you very much, but -- and Iím thankful for everything you've done to help me.

Drew: It's ok. You don't owe me anything for that.

Nicole: Well, thank you.

Drew: Hey, Iím not going to give up on you.

Nicole: Even if I'm not sure if there ever will be a right time for us?

Drew: Is this because of Cass Winthrop?

Nicole: Yes. He's in my life, whether I like it or not. He's in my heart, too.

Drew: Well, I'm not going to give up on you. No, sirree, I'm not going to give up. I'll -- I'll send somebody over for the breakfast things.

Nicole: Ok.

Drew: I'm sorry you missed it.


Nicole: Drew?

Jake: Look, Donna, I know I'm not exactly your favorite person.

Donna: Jake, I learned to like you, and I never stood in your way where Marley was concerned.

Jake: And you're thinking about changing that now, right?

Donna: Look, I'm not a perfect person, and I don't expect perfection from others.

Jake: Then why do you want to know what happened with Marley and me? I mean, what difference does that make now?

Donna: Because I know Marley very well. She is -- she's just like her father. She loves very deeply and trusts implicitly. But if that trust is broken, she does not forgive easily.

Jake: That's true.

Donna: Believe me, I know that all too well.

Jake: Then help me, Donna. Tell her to come back to me.

Donna: You know, there's something that I learned with Michael, and I think you should learn this with Marley, too. You can't tell them what to do.

Jake: She'll do it if you ask her. If you tell her to come back to me, she will.

Donna: I'm not going to do it. Look, I don't know what happened between you two, but if you want my daughter, you're going to have to win her back all by yourself.

Jake: I thought you said you liked me.

Donna: Jake, I do like you. But, you see, I love my daughter. Remember that.

Jake: Right.

Mac: Did you see her when she smiled at me? I'm sure that child knows who I am.

Rachel: Oh, I'm sure she does.

Mac: How long do you think Amanda will be in the hospital?

Rachel: Oh, for a couple of days.

Mac: Oh, I just wish I could be here when she comes back. I can't wait to get my hands on that baby.

Rachel: Oh, darling, do you really have to go tonight?

Mac: I really do, Rachel.

Rachel: I was so proud of you today for what you said to Sam.

Mac: Well, he's a good man. I hope he knows I meant what I said.

Rachel: And you're a good man, too, Mackenzie Cory.

Mac: How's about a kiss for a good man? How's about one for a real baddie? Oh, I'm going to miss you so much, granny.

Rachel: I could kill you for that!

Mac: I'll take my chances!

[Baby coos]

Ronnie: I'm going to leave you two alone. When I come back, I want that baby to have a name.

Amanda: Ooh, you got it.

Ronnie: Work on it.

Amanda: So, what do you think? Francesca? Julia?

Sam: No. Alexandra. Yeah.

Amanda: Alexandra was my grandmother's name -- my father's mother.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Amanda: It's a beautiful name.

Sam: Sure is.

Amanda: I don't know why we didn't think of it sooner. It's going to make my father so happy.

Sam: Well, when your dad said what he did to me, I realized we're a family, so let's give her a family name, shall we? All right, kid. Your name is Alexandra --

[Baby coos]

Sam: Yeah -- Cory Fowler. This is your mom. This beautiful lady here is your mom. And I'm your dad. That's me over here. Yeah. We're a family. Your granddad was right. We have a date for the best times of our lives starting right now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh.

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