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Another World Transcript Wednesday 5/12/04

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Matt: Here we are, my friends, starting the first day of the rest of our lives!

Kevin: Hey, what time is it now? Right now we are not in English, and in an hour from now we won't be in physics.

Matt: Now, see, that's what it means to be high school graduates.

Kevin: Oh, I could stop right now. I mean, I've pretty much met all my goals in life.

Tracy: Oh, yes, yes, yes. So, there is the sun, and here I am. Oh. George Hamilton, look out. I am going to have a tan you will envy!

Matt: All right. A little traveling music.

Singer: Celebrate the love we got

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Singers: Stop

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Singer: Say you're coming home

Matt: You know, it's all these little simple pleasures that make life worth living. Ah!

[Tracy and Kevin laugh]

Marley: You went out.

Jake: Yes, Iíve been taking care of business.

Marley: Oh.

Jake: Our business.

Marley: So what's all this?

Jake: You know, you can get a palace in Bay City for what we're paying in Los Angeles right now?

Marley: I don't understand.

Jake: Neither do I, but I found the most beautiful two-bedroom that overlooks the bay for less money than we're paying in Los Angeles.

Marley: Jake, you're looking for an apartment?

Jake: For us, here.

Marley: But we're just visiting Bay City.

Jake: Marley, I think we should move back to Bay City permanently.

Julie Ann: The clerk kept me showing these tiny little adorable little dresses, and I kept saying, "I'll take them." I never realized it would be so much fun shopping for a baby.

Rachel: Well, Mac and I have been very restrained.

Julie Ann: Really?

Rachel: Yes. We've outfitted this child up until the first grade, and after that --

[Julie Ann chuckles]

Rachel: He's on his own.

Julie Ann: Well --

Rachel: You laugh.

Julie Ann: Yeah. I just think it's wonderful that Samís all right and --

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Julie Ann: You know, that we can just relax and enjoy this time now.

Lisa: Oh! Oh, I'm sorry!

[Rachel laughs]

Lisa: I didn't know you were there. I guess this is the place.

Rachel: Yes, it is. Oh, goodness! Am I this late?

Lisa: No, no. I'm very early, and I hope it's ok.

Rachel: No, it's fine. We could use the help.

Lisa: Great. Amanda doesn't suspect anything?

Rachel: Oh, she better not.

Julie Ann: I'm going to go get the cookies from out --

Rachel: All right.

Lisa: Ok. This is so cute. I love it.

Rachel: Oh, good! We wanted the baby to feel like it could move right in, you know? How are things with you?

Lisa: Great.

Rachel: Good.

Lisa: You don't have to go pick up Amanda or anything, do you?

Rachel: No. Mom is on her way to do that. As a matter of fact, she should be there now.

Amanda: I told you Iím not going!

Sam: Amanda, you have to go.

Amanda: I canít.

Sam: Come on, your mom knocked herself out getting the nursery ready. The least you could do is go see it.

Amanda: Sam, have you looked at this floor?

Sam: Yeah, I have.

Amanda: Well, maybe you think it's all right to bring a baby home to a floor like this, but I'm sorry, I don't.

Sam: Is there something about this floor I don't know?

Ada: She's nesting.

Sam: Excuse me, nesting?

Ada: Women who are about to deliver get this nesting urge. They cook, they clean, they knit.

Sam: Yeah, but we cleaned this place two days ago.

Ada: Logic isn't mopping this floor for her. Her hormones are.

Sam: Oh, that's why she kept me up until 3:00 this morning, reading from baby books.

Ada: And what about the shopping? She wants everything for this baby for three years, right in this apartment, right now.

Amanda: And an ear syringe. Penelope Leach says that they're great whenever they're congested -- clears their nose. Oh, grandma, can you look at the baby crib bumpers? I think they might be too thin.

Ada: You know, I was worried about that.

Sam: Yeah, look, Amanda -- Amanda, let me do that, ok?

Amanda: No!

Sam: Come on, you're going to get too tired. Go with your grandmother, and I'll do the mopping.

Amanda: Sam, would you please be reasonable?

Sam: I'm stumped.

Ada: You can't fight Mother Nature. Bye, guys.

Sam: Ada --

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: You got to get her out of here.

Amanda: And tell mother that Iím sorry I couldn't come over, but I just have too many things to do. She'll understand.

Ada: Oh, I'm sure she will. Take care.

Sam: Ada, come on, do something.

Ada: Oh, by the way -- do you know that little window in the nursery that looks out over the backyard?

Amanda: Yeah.

Ada: Well, there's a bird's nest there.

Amanda: A bird's nest?

Ada: A bird's nest, snuggled on the window sill right next to the window box. It's got three little tiny eggs in it. I think they're mourning doves.

Amanda: Mourning doves?

Ada: Yeah. Aren't they those little fat brown birds?

Amanda: Those are my favorite.

Ada: No kidding? Well, I'll let you know as soon as they hatch.

Amanda: Little birds.

Ada: Yeah. I hope Lucifer doesn't figure out how to get up there.

Amanda: Lucifer.

Ada: He's just sitting there at the bottom of that trellis, looking up and thinking and thinking --

Sam: Well, who's Lucifer?

Ada: And thinking --

Amanda: Lucifer is my brother's ugly old predatory cat that always -- never mind. He's not going to do it this time.

Sam: Wait a minute. Now you're going?

Amanda: Well, somebody has to do something!

Sam: Ok, well, why don't you change first, Amanda?

Amanda: Do you really think little birds are going to care about what Iím wearing?

Sam: She is going to be incredibly embarrassed.

Ada: Hey, Iím just supposed to get her there. Nobody told me anything about a dress code.

Amanda: Grandma, would you please hurry up?

Ada: See you.

Sam: So, we still haven't figured out a name for this kid, have we?

Amanda: I guess we've had other things on our mind, you know.

Sam: Oh, ok, we had the girlís names down. What were they? There was --

Amanda: Francesca --

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Julia, or Alexandra.

Sam: Wait a minute. What about my idea?

Amanda: I am not naming my daughter Tina Turner Fowler.

Sam: Come on, she sold a million records and she's got great legs.

Amanda: This is not a time for you to be talking about anybody else's great legs, or great anything.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Amanda: I know I look like a blimp.

Sam: You do not.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Whoever said that pregnant women are supposed to have this Madonna-like quality's got to be crazy.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: I have a moon face, my ankles are swollen -- at least I think they're swollen. I haven't seen them for, oh, about a week now.

Sam: Now, Amanda --

Amanda: What?

Sam: I think you're having another mood swing.

Amanda: Oh, I guess so.

Sam: I love it.

Amanda: How could you?

Sam: Because I'm finally here, experiencing it with you, you know?

Rachel: So the other night at Tops, it looked like you and Jamie were really getting along.

Lisa: Yeah, it almost seemed like old times.

Rachel: Well, what happened after I left? Did you guys have a fight or something?

Lisa: Oh, no. He took me home, and we talked a little, and then he kissed me good night and left. And I stayed up the whole night wondering what is going on.

Rachel: Honey, he cares for you. He really does.

Lisa: I think he's afraid of me.

Rachel: Lisa, you're hardly the scary type.

Lisa: You know what they say about the good girl and the bad girl?

Rachel: Yeah.

Lisa: The good girl's boring.

Rachel: I wouldn't know about that.

Lisa: Jamie and I are compatible. I get along with his family. We want the same things out of life.

Rachel: Well, what's wrong with that?

Lisa: I think Jamie looks at me and sees a joint checking account and someone who decorates for his sister's baby shower. Something safe and secure and permanent.

Rachel: And boring

Lisa: And then he looks at Vicky --

Rachel: Well, we know what he sees when he looks at Vicky.

Lisa: I used to blame her, but, you know, she doesn't ask anything of him. She doesn't tie him down.

Rachel: She doesn't ask him to act like a mature adult. I promised myself I wasn't going to take sides in this.

Lisa: I know, Rachel. You know, Jamie knows we're close. That's just part of it.

Rachel: Can I give you some advice?

Lisa: Sure.

Rachel: Forget about what Jamieís feeling. Stop thinking so much.

Lisa: I thought I was supposed to worry about his feelings.

Rachel: Not to the exclusion of what you need. Decide what you want, Lisa. If he's hurt you, if he's blown it with you, well, then, move on. But if you want him, go after him, fight for him.

Lisa: You said that before.

Rachel: I guess I mean it. Honey, you're not dull. You're beautiful and intelligent, and you're more than compatible with Jamie. Don't let Vicky walk in and walk out with your happiness.

Julie ann.: And look who I found at the front door.

Rachel: Oh --

Liz: I may be wrong, but is there a baby shower going on here?

Lisa: Hi.

Rachel: Yes, there certainly is.

Julie Ann.: Rachel, I'll be right back.

Rachel: Oh, ok.

Liz: Oh, Rachel, where did you find this crib? It's adorable! It's beautiful.

Rachel: Thank you.

Vicky: Lisa, just leaving?

Lisa: No. Why would I be leaving?

Marley: This is just like you, Jake. You make a decision and you don't even talk to me about it.

Jake: I'm talking to you about it right now.

Marley: Yeah, armed with your real estate section and your apartment brochures.

Jake: "Armed"?

Marley: Jake, you can't just walk all over me and still expect me to do whatever you want me to do.

Jake: Marley, I know how you feel about L.A., So I just thought if we moved back here --

Marley: L.A. Is not the problem.

Jake: I know that. I know that. But if we changed atmosphere, if we started over, if I got a new job --

Marley: You see what I mean? It's what you thought, and it's what you decided.

Jake: Oh, I made a mistake. I made a big mistake, and you're not going to let me forget that. I keep trying to do the right thing. I keep trying to say the right thing. And you just look at me like Iím not even there.

Marley: There is not a simple solution to our problem. It's not just your job. It's not the place that we live in.

Jake: You know what I think? I think there's nothing I can do.

Marley: Maybe not.

Jake: Because that is the way you want it.

Marley: The way I want what?

Jake: We both know that you have the upper hand on me. And you have just decided that you're not going to let this thing work out.

Marley: That is not true.

Jake: Oh, I'm the bad guy. I made the big mistake. Marley, it's going to take both of us to work this thing out. And you won't lift a finger to help. Why not?

[Music plays]

Matt: I can't believe it.

Tracy: What?

Matt: 25 minutes into our summer vacation and Iím bored stiff.

Tracy: "Bored" is not the word.

Matt: Ugh, I'm itching, my eyes are running.

Kevin: Maybe we should go to a movie.

Matt: We've seen everything except that documentary on rural agriculture.

Kevin: It's better than just sitting around a pool rotting.

Matt: Hey, does it occur to anyone else that something is wrong, that we have everything here that we could possibly want, and we're not making the most of it?

Tracy: This is not everything I want, Matt.

Kevin: What more do you want?

Tracy: I want a job!

Matt: Yeah, jobs are all right.

Tracy: Yeah, but nobody wants to give me one.

Kevin: Well, I keep telling you, Tracy, it's kind of hard to come by summer work as a junior executive.

Tracy: Yeah, but there's got to be something between that and dishing up French fries.

Kevin: Well, no --

Matt: Yeah, if it pays good money.

[Tracy laughs]

Matt: See that? We have the same conversations over and over and over.

Tracy: Ugh.

Kevin: Well, let's face it, you guys, the three of us have been spending an awful lot of time together lately.

Matt: Yeah, well, it looks like we're going to spend a lot more time together.

Mary: Well, well, well, would you look at this? Is this the life or what?

Matt: Hi, Mrs. McKinnon.

Mary: Hi. You guys look a little bored, though.

Matt: We are bored. There's nothing to do, nothing to say. Is this all there is?

Mary: Oh, do I have something for you.

Matt: Mrs. McKinnon, did you just give me your phone number, here?

Mary: I just gave you the phone number of the party phone.

Kevin: The party phone?

Mary: Mm-hmm. It's a new teen line that's been started at the hospital. You get terminally bored, you can call in, talk to other kids.

Matt: You mean other geeks, don't you?

Mary: "Geeks"?

Matt: Kids that don't have anything better to do than talk to kids they've never even met.

Mary: Oh, but not knowing who you're talking to is part of the fun.

Matt: Oh, well, this is where you make up a code name, right?

Mary: Right.

Matt: Uh --

Kevin: Sounds pretty geeky to me.

Mary: Well, the code name is so that nobody really knows who you are so they can't decide at midnight to come over and trash your house or something.

Kevin: I don't know, I'd kind of like to talk to those guys that'd come over and trash your house.

Mary: Do we have a little tiny attitude problem here?

Matt: Mrs. McKinnon, I think it's a good idea for kids, you know, that don't have enough on the ball socially, to --

Mary: No, no, it's not just social. It's you can call in; you can talk about your problems. You can maybe help each other.

Kevin: Great. We can swap remedies for acne.

[Tracy chuckles]

Mary: That's it. I just ran out of all the compassion I have for three people who are on vacation, sitting around a pool.

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. McKinnon. I mean, I think it's really great that you're doing this phone thing. And there are probably some kids that might even like it, but --

Mary: You know what we really need? What we really need is people to volunteer to man the phones.

Matt: Uh -- well, it's just that -- how can I say this? We're a little too cool for that sort of -- yeah -- um --

Mary: I wonder if Amanda knows what's waiting for her in 17 or 18 years.

Matt: Have fun at the shower.

Mary: Maybe amnesia wasn't that bad.

[Tracy laughs]

Matt: Can you imagine? Whoever thought of an idea like this?

Kevin: Oh, can you imagine the geeks on that line?


[All laugh]

Sam: So Cheryl told you about my paintings, huh?

Scott: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah? How'd this come up? In a conversation?

Scott: No. Actually, she was looking around at my office walls, which are the landlord beige, and --

Sam: Yeah.

Scott: Hey, do you think you ought to be doing this? I mean, you just got out of the hospital.

Sam: If I don't do it, Amanda will.

Scott: What, is she some kind of cleaning nut or something?

Sam: No. She's nesting. Don't ask. Just tell me what Cheryl said.

Scott: Well, Cheryl said if I don't start sprucing up my office a little bit, it's going to look like I never win a case, and she remembered you, and we thought about it, thought it'd be a good idea.

Sam: So, you want to commission a painting. Is that it?

Scott: You bet. What do you think about it?

Sam: Well, I tell you what -- make you a deal. We'll do a swap.

Scott: Swap?

Sam: Yeah. I'll do a painting for you --

Scott: Uh-huh.

Sam: You finish the mopping.

[Scott laughs]

Sam: Ok, wait a second. Wait a second. Write me a will.

Rachel: Sam called about 10 minutes ago, so mom and Amanda must be on their way. They'll be here any minute. So, let's stay away from the door so that they won't see us when they come in.

Liz: Well, what about Vicky and Lisa? They're out there.

Rachel: Oh -- they're discussing something -- business things.

Liz: What business things?

Rachel: That's a lovely gift, Liz. Let's put it right here. Won't it look nice? Don't the presents look nice?

Lisa: So, if you think you're going to intimidate me into leaving, Vicky, you're wrong.

Vicky: Lisa, I couldn't care less what you do.

Maid: They're here. They just drove up. They're here! Ada just drove up. Hey, everybody.

Vicky: I haven't been able to get in touch with Jamie, and he instructed the servants to tell me where he was, and I guess he forgot. Could you just give him this note from me?

Lisa: Oh, that might not be such a good idea, Vicky. Notes can be very unreliable.

Amanda: I really think we should look for the cat first and do this later.

Liz: Here they are!

Rachel: Let's get ready, everybody.

Ada: You want to see the nest first. Trust me.

All: Surprise!

Amanda: Oh! This is -- you -- oh!

Ada: Surprise!

Rachel: Hi, sweetie!

Liz: Oh, it really was!

Marley: Jake, did it ever occur to you that maybe I just need some time alone to think about us?

Jake: Oh, what good is that going to do?

Marley: I've had a bad time. I would like some peace.

Jake: No, no, what you do is you want to run into the family castle and pull up the drawbridge and pretend like I never existed.

Marley: Well, sometimes I think that would be easier.

Jake: You know what got me about you? You know what made me fall in love with you? Your strength. I used to think that you were this frail little flower that would wilt away if somebody said boo. Then I realized that you didn't have to show people how strong you are, because you just knew it. That's how you could be so kind and loving. Are you afraid, Marley? Have I made you afraid?

Marley: No, no. Things have changed, Jake, and you're going to have to accept that.

Jake: I know. So tell me, what do we do?

Marley: I think I need some time alone.

Jake: Ok. I'll give you your space. I'll come back tonight.

Marley: No, Jake. I don't mean a couple of hours. I mean a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks.

Jake: You really are afraid.

Marley: No.

Jake: Then why do you keep running away?

Marley: You know why. I told you I needed some time to myself, ok?

Jake: You're just freezing me out so it's easier to end this, aren't you?

Marley: I don't know.

Jake: I'm not going to let you do that. I'm not going to make this easy.

Marley: Don't, ok?

Jake: Marley -- baby, don't go.

Marley: You see, that is why I am leaving, Jake, because you think that sex solves every problem, and it doesn't. Not anymore.

[Music plays]

singers: Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh baby love my baby love I need you oh, how I need you but all you do is treat me bad break my heart and make me sad tell me what did I do wrong to make you stay away so long? My baby love my baby love been missin' you oh, miss kissin' you

All: Oh!

Singers: And instead of breakin' up let's do some kissin' and makin' up don't throw our love away in my arms why don't you stay? Baby love


Ronnie: You make a great Diana Ross.

Cheryl: No, I'm pretty impressed. For the Lamaze teacher, you do great!

Ronnie: Oh --

Liz: Just somebody tell me why do those two singers, those other two, stay in the back all the time?

Amanda: Hey, Liz, I don't think you could do backup for anybody. Thank you, grandma, for bringing me. I'm really having a great time.

Ada: That's the idea, sweetheart.

Rachel: Well, is it time now for refreshments and presents?

Mary: Before we even know whether this baby's a boy or a girl?

Amanda: How do we figure that out?

Mary: Oh, it's extremely scientific. Give me your wedding ring.

Amanda: If I can get it off.

Mary: While she's doing that, I need a piece of string or any piece of ribbon.

Ada: Right, ok.

Vicky: So, Lisa, what was that little wisecrack about the note?

Rachel: Here, here, here.

Lisa: Why don't we go out in the hall, Vicky?

Vicky: That's a fabulous idea.

Mary: Sit in the chair and sort of lean back a little bit.

Amanda: Ok.

Mary: Ok?

Liz: Ok.

Ada: Take it easy now.

Mary: We have to get a knot tied in this. Just second, hold on. All right, here it comes. It's coming through. Ok. Now, all right. If it goes back and forth --

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Mary: It's a girl. If it goes sideways, it's a boy.

Amanda: I thought it was the other way.

Mary: Or whatever.

Amanda: What do you think, Mom?

Rachel: What, honey?

Amanda: Girl or boy?

Rachel: I just want that baby to be as beautiful and intelligent as its parents.

Ada: But not as stubborn.

Lisa: Oh, if you're wondering where Jamie is, he's at a conference in Palm Beach. He won't be back for a few days.

Vicky: Oh, how'd you know?

Lisa: I was with him last night.

Vicky: Really?

Lisa: Yeah, I was at Tops, and he showed up. He asked me to dance, and we ended up spending the evening together.

Vicky: That's lovely.

Lisa: I feel sorry for you.

Vicky: Donít.

Lisa: I'm not afraid to fight for Jamie. You're the one who's afraid. You must think very little of yourself to use all these tricks to get what you want.

Vicky: Oh, I don't use tricks.

Lisa: Oh, but the funny thing is it works for you for a while.

Vicky: No, Jamieís with me because he wants me.

Lisa: What if you hadn't done what you did? What if you hadn't schemed and maneuvered? Where would Jamie be?

Vicky: Someplace awful.

Rachel: I think the jury's out on his.

Julie ann.: Ok, so everyone who thinks it's swinging back and forth, raise your hands. Oh, great. It's a tie.

Amanda: Well, I guess we're just going to have to wait.

Julie Ann: I know.

Rachel: Do we have to wait any longer for those presents? I'm going to die of curiosity.

Amanda: No. Bring on the loot.

Rachel: Bring on the loot.

Ada: Ok, bring on the loot.

Rachel: Ok.

Mary: Hey.

Lisa: Hi.

Mary: Where did you go?

Lisa: Oh, I just went out to get some air.

Mary: Aha. Are you ok?

Lisa: I'm fine.

Mary: Yeah?

Lisa: You must be pretty busy at the hospital these days.

Mary: Yep. Pretty busy.

Lisa: Do you have time in your schedule to see someone else?

Mary: Of course. Who did you want me to see?

Lisa: Me.

Matt: Well, you know, we could try it.

Tracy: Yeah. I mean, we don't have to say anything. We could just listen to the geeky things the other kids have to say.

Kevin: Yeah. I guess we could just listen to them.

Matt: We have to have a code name.

Kevin: Yeah.

Tracy: Ok. Well, how do you make up a code name?

Matt: I don't know. It should say something about how you think of yourself.

Tracy: Broke. My code name is definitely broke.

Matt: That's not a very up code name, Tracy.

Tracy: Well, what do you suggest?

Matt: Danae.

Tracy: What?

Matt: Danae. The princess who appeared to Zeus as a shower of gold. You know, standing in front of the pool like that, you look golden.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: You are out of your mind, Matt.

Matt: I know. I probably am.

Kevin: Well, then, it probably is too sophisticated for you.

Tracy: No, no, no, no, no. I am Danae.

[Tracy giggles]

Kevin: I think I'll be Captain Cool.

Tracy: Oh, I like that.

Matt: I'll -- I'll be Captain Cool.

Kevin: Forget it. Get your own.

Matt: Look, I'm your best friend, right?

Kevin: Right.

Matt: Yeah, and you're my best friend, right?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: I think I know where this is going.

Matt: So, if you're really my best friend, you'd have -- you know, you'd give me your --

Tracy: Excuse me, guys.

Kevin: Forget it.

Tracy: Deny -- yi, yi, yi, yi, yi -- speaks.

Matt: Danae.

Tracy: Danae. Excuse me. As princess of this so-called golden day, I declare that you both be anointed the shared name Captain Cool, and stated shared name you shall dwell in harmony for the rest of your days. Even though you are the two biggest geeks I've ever seen, ok?

Matt: Funny.

Kevin: Ok.

Matt: Oh.

[Kevin laughs]

Matt: You wise guy.

Matt: Yeah, is this the party phone? Party phone. Yeah, this is Danae and captain cool. Mm-hmm. Yes, we do have a speakerphone. Yes, sir. All right. Ok. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

[Matt whistles]

Matt: They're going to hook us up in 15 seconds. And we should just listen at first, because they're already talking. And then we'll introduce ourselves later.

Kevin: Ooh, I can hardly wait.

Matt: I mean, can you imagine the dumb stuff that they're going to be talking about?

Kevin: Hmm.

Woman: I just don't think you can talk about Nicaragua without considering our South American foreign policy for the last 15 years.

Matt: Yeah, real dumb.

Man: But if you look at Bush's position on aid to the contras, I think you'll find it's totally consistent with policy in South America.

Scott: You mind telling me why you're thinking about having a will done?

Sam: Look, I don't want to give you the wrong impression, ok? I don't need the will right now. I'm fine.

Scott: Good.

Sam: But there was a time when I was in the hospital that I didn't know whether or not I was going to be, so I figure it's time I start thinking about the future.

Scott: Because of the baby?

Sam: Yeah. I mean, come on, I got a family now.

Scott: Right.

Sam: So, will you do me a will?

Scott: Well, what kind of holdings do you have?

Sam: Holdings -- I don't know.

Scott: Cash, properties, securities, stocks, that kind of thing.

Sam: Cash, cash.

Scott: Yeah.

Sam: Right now, about 17 bucks. What, are you telling me I don't need a will?

Scott: No, no. I'm not saying that.

Sam: Ok, look, there's some sentimental stuff I want Amanda to have, ok? And for the baby, just in case, I want to set up a guardianship for the baby.

Scott: This baby has you thinking of your own mortality, doesn't it?

Sam: Well, yeah. That and what just happened to me, to us.

Scott: Right. Well, listen, I'll draw up any kind of will you want.

Sam: Ok, great.

Scott: But can I give you some advice?

Sam: Sure.

Scott: Sam, you and Amanda are just about ready to have a baby, right? You ought to be thinking about living, not about making wills.

Sam: All right, but look, I've got to be able to take care of them in case --

Scott: You're going to be able to take care of them. Experience them every day, live with them, and you'll be taking care of them. Dawn taught me that.

Sam: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Scott: Listen, you got a lot to look forward to, buddy. You really do.

Sam: Yeah, you're right.

Scott: Now, listen, where is Amanda anyways, huh?

Sam: Oh, she's at a secret baby shower. Ada had to literally drag her out of here.

Scott: Yeah?

Sam: I wish I could see her face.

Scott: Well, why don't you?

Sam: You kidding me? Come on, that's girls' stuff.

Scott: Oh, come on. You're kidding me.

Sam: All right, look, I'm a liberal kind of guy, but I do draw lines somewhere. I mean, they're going to be talking about labor pains and stretch marks and --

Scott: Sam, Sam, Sam --

Sam: What? Hmm?

[Sam laughs]

Scott: This is one of the biggest moments in your kid's life. And besides, a macho guy like you's not going to get scared off by a little stretch-mark talk, is he? Huh? Come on.

Sam: Yeah, I would like to see her face, yeah.

Scott: Well, then, go over there! I mean, look, we'll pick up something on the way over, and that way you'll have an excuse.

Sam: I don't need an excuse.

Scott: What do you mean?

Sam: You remember that $17 I told you about?

Scott: Uh-huh. Oh, no.

Sam: I had more earlier. What do you think? Is that excuse enough?

Scott: Ok, listen, you carry this thing and Iíll drive, all right?

Sam: Great. All right, let me change first.

Scott: Got it. Hurry up.

Sam: Yeah.

Scott: Oh, boy. Oh, man.

Amanda: Oh, Liz, it's beautiful!

Ada: Is it machine washable?

Liz: Oh, I know it isn't practical, dear, but I walked through the baby department and it just grabbed me.

Ada: Right by the pocketbook.

Rachel: This is really going to be quite a yuppie baby. I mean, it already has a sterling silver cup and spoon, bone china plate and cup, five stretchy outfits, and an exercise videotape.


Amanda: Sam's going to love that. I wish he could be there.

Cheryl: I don't know. Do you really think Sam would want to be here?

Liz: You know, will was a wonderful father, but he always said, when women got together, they invariably talked about their labor pains, you know. When I was Susan, they had to take --

Rachel: Well, that's it for you the presents.

Ada: Oh, no, no, not quite. I couldn't put mine on the table because I had all this practical stuff in it.

Amanda: Oh!

Ada: And it just took up too much room.

Amanda: Oh, grandma! Look at this!

Ada: There.

Rachel: Isn't it cute?

Amanda: Oh, look! Oh, this is wonderful! Look, a receiving blanket, little -- oh, little baby bibs! Look. T-shirts!

Ada: T-shirts and they're the ones with the snappers so you don't have to pull them over their heads. I hate that. Ooh, it hurts them.

Amanda: And an ear syringe. Oh!

Rachel: I guess that ear syringe really got to her.

Amanda: No. That's not it.

Rachel: What is it, sweetie?

Amanda: I think we're going to have to cut this shower a little bit short. My water just broke.

Rachel: Oops!

Ada: Oopsie!

Man: So if you're looking for a job, the want ads don't help very much.

Tracy: Yeah, but so what do you do?

Man: I started going to law offices. I want to be a lawyer. And just asking the receptionist if they needed anyone. I ended up talking to this one guy. It was, like, really intense.

Kevin: No way. You call those great special effects? "Temple of doom." Now, those are great special effects.

Matt: It's the truth!

Woman: Oh, right. Blond, blue-eyed, and you got a jeep for graduation?

Matt: Yeah.

Woman: You must be the biggest creep in the universe to have to lie like that.

Second woman: So my mother said that I could go to the concert if I got back by 10:00, and I told her it didn't even start until 10:30.

Man: So, I volunteered to work on this soup kitchen and started talking to these people, and they aren't bums!

Second man: And it's really scary. My little brother's 13, and tells me another kid asked him if he wanted to get high.

Woman: 13 times, and I'm going again tonight.

Matt: Wait -- you've seen "Dirty Dancing" 13 times?

Woman: Well, the music is great, and the plot, and --

Women: Patrick Swayze!

Woman: Oh, yeah.

Man: I'd really like to go away to college, but I know what out-of-state tuition would do to my folks.

Woman: So she decided to have the baby. I mean, she's my best friend, and I don't know what to say, and my mother doesn't want me to talk to her.

Tracy: Why? Does she think it's catching?

Man: So I went to his house, and his father offered us a drink. It was really neat.

Matt: "Neat"?

Man: Yeah, like we're ok, you know?

Tracy: I think it's really kind of scary.

Man: Well, it's not like he offered us drugs or something.

Matt: No, that's exactly what he was offering you.

Woman: Well, I got to be going. My little brother's getting home from school.

Man: Yeah, me, too. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Second man: Sounds good to me.

Woman: Good night, Captain Cool. Will we talk to you then?

Matt: You bet.

Kevin: Sure thing.

Tracy: And thanks for your advice about the job, huh?

Matt: Well -- yeah, I guess they weren't geeks after all.

[Tracy and Kevin chuckle]

Matt: Yeah, the summer seems to be picking up a little bit.

Scott: Dressed up a little bit, huh?

Sam: Yeah, well, I figure Iím carrying around a giraffe with tennis shoes; you got to get dressed up.

Scott: Don't you think we ought to maybe call them first, find out if --

Sam: No, it's just a shower. Won't make no difference.

Scott: Ok, well, let's go.

Sam: Yep.

Ronnie: Yes, well, her water just broke a few minutes ago, but she's not having any contractions yet.

Amanda: Wait, wait. Does a contraction feel like a big cramp right here?

Rachel: Yes.

Amanda: Then Iíve had one! Make that two.

Vicky: She's going to have the baby here?

Liz: No, she isn't, dear, no.

Julie Ann.: She's having contractions.

Ronnie: Ok, she's having contractions, too, now.

Rachel: But this baby isn't due for another month.

Amanda: I know that, but don't tell me. Tell it.

Rachel: Well, it's ok. You don't have anything to worry about. There's nothing to worry about.

Amanda: Mom, Iím not worried, really. I mean, I thought that I would be worried. I can't believe I'm not. Is that strange?

Rachel: No.

Amanda: I feel like Iím talking a lot. Am I talking a lot?

Ada: You're talking a lot.

Amanda: I'm just so excited. I can't believe I'm actually going to get to meet this baby.

Ronnie: Ok, she's about four weeks ahead of her due date. Right. Ok. Bye-bye. Look, the hospital is going to notify the doctor. I think we should probably get you over there.

Julie ann.: Ok.

Amanda: But what about Sam?

Rachel: Hey, we'll call Sam.

Vicky: No, I have a better idea. I'll go to the loft myself and tell him. Good luck.

Amanda: Is Vicky ok?

Ronnie: Amanda, can you walk?

Amanda: Sure, sure.

Ronnie: Ok.

Rachel: Come on.

Amanda: All right.

Rachel: There you go. Come on.

Ada: Up, up.

Rachel: Are you all right?

Ada: Ok.

Amanda: Yeah.

Rachel: Ok.

Amanda: You guys ready for the next generation?

Ada: We're ready and waiting.

Amanda: Thank you for the presents. I'll call you when Iím a mother.

Rachel: Come on, come on, come on.

Amanda: What about daddy?

Rachel: We'll call him! We'll call him from the hospital.

Ada: Amanda, you can stop making lists now!

Jake: Well, I guess Iíll be seeing you.

Marley: I'll call you when I get back and tell you what Iíve decided.

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: Hi. Marley here?

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: Where are you going?

Jake: Out.

Vicky: Ok. Marley, what was that all about?

Marley: I told Jake that I needed some time alone.

Vicky: Oh, sorry.

Marley: No, no. You can stay.

Vicky: You sure?

Marley: Yes. You're going to have to find out sometime.

Vicky: Find out what?

Marley: I told Jake that I needed to go away.

Vicky: Away? Why?

Marley: I need to think things over.

Vicky: What things?

Marley: Divorce.

Vicky: Oh. So, where are you going? Back to L.A.?

Marley: No. Donna told me that I could use the beach house for a while.

Vicky: If I know Jake, he'll be out there in two minutes.

Marley: He doesn't know Iíll be there, and I don't want him to know, ok?

Vicky: Ok. You know, I bet if you tried you get Jake to beg a little harder.

Marley: What do you mean?

Vicky: Well, I know he's crazy about you. He loves you a lot.

Marley: You don't know what you're talking about, Vicky.

Vicky: Marley, I know it's not the easiest thing for me to say, but Jake loves you, and no matter what he did --

Marley: He slept with somebody else.

Vicky: Oh. I'm sorry. It's just that --

Marley: What were you going to say, that it doesn't mean anything? Because it does mean something, Vicky. It means something to me.

Vicky: Jake did something wrong, Marley, very wrong, but I'm sure he would do anything to make it up to you.

Marley: You know, Jake says that I don't forgive him, that I keep hanging this over his head.

Vicky: Well, it's hard to find somebody as good as you are.

Marley: Don't say that, Vicky.

Vicky: Jake and I aren't quite the perfect type, you know.

Marley: This doesn't have anything to do with right or wrong or --

Vicky: No? Jake did something wrong, Marley, very wrong. But you still can't forgive him, can you?

Marley: I'm scared.

Vicky: Scared?

Marley: Oh, Vicky, do you know how much I love him? When he walks out the door, my knees kind of get weak because I love him so much.

Vicky: Well, then, call after him.

Marley: I can't, because every night when I go to bed, I close my eyes and all I can imagine is somebody else's, some other woman's arms around him.

Vicky: Oh, Marley. Come here.

Marley: I can't get back with him because I don't know how I could handle it if this ever happened again.

Vicky: You're going to be ok. You're going to be ok.

Marley: I'm so scared Iíll just fall apart.

Matt: She's in labor right now?

Mary: Yes, she's on her way to the hospital.

Matt: Well, thank you for telling us. Should I go over there?

Mary: No, no. Your mom said she'd call when the baby's born.

Matt: I'm going to be an uncle!

Kevin: Yeah.

Matt: How's Amanda?

Mary: Well, it's not going to be a day at the beach, but she'll be fine. I got to go.

Matt: Oh, Mrs. McKinnon. We called that number.

Mary: The geek line?

Matt: Yeah. It was pretty fun, actually.

Mary: Yeah?

Matt: And if you need any volunteers --

Mary: All right. I will call on you.

Matt: Yeah, it was fun. Thanks a lot. I -- we were wrong.

Mary: Oh, there's nothing more charming than a man who can admit for himself and all of his friends that they were wrong.

Matt: That's true.

Mary: You'll probably be a great uncle.

Matt: Probably? Ooh, how's Sam? He must be excited.

Mary: I don't know. We've been trying to reach him. We can't.

Matt: They can't reach Sam? I wonder where he could be.

Sam: Surprise! There's nobody here.

Scott: Yeah, good observation there.

Sam: Whoa, wait a minute. They've been planning this for weeks. I mean, the only reason they wouldn't --

Scott: Yes?

Sam: Amanda?

[Amanda hyperventilates]

Ronnie: Good. 45 more seconds. Ok, you're almost there, come on.

Amanda: Where's Sam?

Ronnie: Come on now. Don't get upset. Just relax.

Amanda: He has to be here. Don't you understand? He has to be here.

Ronnie: No, Amanda, breathe. Come on. Good.

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