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Another World Transcript Monday 5/10/04

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Amanda: Oh, I fell asleep again?

Sam: It's ok, it's ok. Amanda, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: Seeing if I lost my touch. Here. What do you think?

Amanda: That's me!

Sam: Good.

Amanda: Oh, Sam, this is terrific. We're together and you're here. You're drawing again. It's almost like as if all those terrible things never happened to us.

Sam: I mean, what do you think? Maybe I can put this over the baby's crib when it's finished.

Amanda: Really?

Sam: Yeah. That way he can see how beautiful his mother was when she was carrying him.

Amanda: Or her.

Sam: Or her.

Amanda: You're so sweet.

Sam: There is one thing that this doesn't capture, though.

Amanda: What? I think it's wonderful.

Sam: Sound effects.

Amanda: What sound effects?

Sam: I don't know. I don't know if the kid's going to be able to deal with the fact that his mother snores so loud.

Amanda: I do not snore!

Sam: It's ok. Pregnant women do that. I read it in a book.

Amanda: How would you like to go back to the hospital?

Sam: No, no, no, no -- don't, don't --

Amanda: No, uh-huh!

Sam: Not the sketch, not the sketch. I love you.

Amanda: You better.

Sam: Even though you do snore.

Amanda: Oh!

Sam: Easy, easy. I have a head injury. I love you.

John: This looks good, Ed. Looks great, as a matter of fact. As soon as we get a start date, we'll be in touch.

Ed: Thank you, Mr. Hudson. I mean that.

John: Two things you got to remember. One is don't thank me, work hard. And the second is, my name is john.

Ed: Yes, sir. John.

Jason: It'll be nice working with you, Ed.

John: So long.

Jason: Boy, I am beat. I didn't know that interviewing people was so hard.

John: It's a nice feeling, though, isn't it, giving these guys a break.

Jason: Yeah, it is. Anybody else on today's schedule?

John: Uh, let's see. Just one other guy -- Chris Macaleer -- but his appointment was two hours ago.

Jason: Probably decided not to make it. What do you say we knock off the rest of the day and go see a game?

John: Sounds like a plan.

Jason: Good. Let's do it.

Woman: Oh --

Jason: I think my prayers just got answered, John.

Woman: My car died. I had to walk all the way from the highway. Is this where Frame Construction is interviewing?

John: Yeah.

Woman: Oh, thank heaven. I'm Chris Macaleer.

[Jamie whistles]

Ada: Don't even think about it.

Jamie: You have really outdone yourself, grandma. This cake is beautiful.

Ada: Well, nothing's too good for Matthewís big day.

Jamie: I can't believe my little brother has actually graduated from high school.

Ada: And not a moment too soon.

Jamie: Seems like only yesterday that I graduated myself.

Ada: Yeah, that was the same year that you married Blaine.

Jamie: Grandma, please.

Ada: Ok, ok. Never look back. The present is the only thing that counts.

Jamie: That's right.

Ada: Matthew is graduating, and you have Lisa now. You do have Lisa now, don't you?

Rachel: Don't need anything formal --

Jamie: They're back.

Mac: With 17 courses and finger bowls?

Rachel: Well, how often does your youngest graduate from high school?

Mac: Ladies and gentlemen,


Rachel: Ta-da!


Man: Ms. Gallant?

Felicia: Yeah?

Man: Check it now.

Felicia: Ok, fine.

Mitch: Felicia, what happened?

Felicia: I don't know. I -- I -- I went to reach for the microphone, and -- and all of a sudden, sparks came out of it.

Mitch: These wires are frayed.

Felicia: Boy, this was a crazy accident, wasn't it?

Mitch: If it was that.

Felicia: What, that it was crazy?

Mitch: No, if it was an accident.

Felicia: What are you saying, that this wasn't an accident, that somebody was trying to hurt me?

Mitch: No, no, no, no --

Felicia: Then why did you say that?

Mitch: Because it scared me, that's why.

Felicia: But, Mitch, you said it.

Mitch: What I meant -- well, what I meant to say was that the maintenance is lousy. It always has been. Now, come on, let's sit down for a second.

Felicia: You know, after everything that we've been through lately, I really didn't need this. Thank you.

Mitch: Just sit down. Let me get you something to drink after I get through bawling out maintenance.

Mitch: Drew Marsten, please. Thank you.

Mitch: He's not? Ok. No, no -- no message, thank you. I'll just call back. Thank you, Sean.

Felicia: Thank you.

Mitch: How are you?

Felicia: I'm fine, I think. I didn't hear you screaming at anybody.

Mitch: He wasn't in.

Felicia: Really? That's funny, I saw him in his office when I came through the lobby a little while ago.

Mitch: I'll just try him later.

Felicia: You know, Mitch, we really should --

Mitch: Yeah, right. Uh, Sean?

Sean: Yes, Mr. Blake?

Mitch: Would you rope that off, call Mr. Fisher? Make sure that he comes up here and have him check the outlets and have him check that mic.

Sean: Ok, absolutely. Yes, sir.

Felicia: Thank you, Sean.

Sean: You're welcome.

Mitch: What do you say we maybe just get away from here for a while?

Felicia: What are you talking about?

Mitch: I'm talking about a vacation.

Felicia: Are you kidding?

Mitch: No, I'm not kidding.

Felicia: Honey, my life just flashed before my eyes. I'm -- Iím really not up to making any sort of travel plans at the moment.

Mitch: You don't have to make travel plans. I'll make the arrangements.

Felicia: I don't understand why you're so keen on this right now.

Mitch: Well, why not? It's a good time. I mean, Matthewís out of school, he straightened out. Sam is getting better. Now is the time.

Felicia: Ok. I'll think about it, all right?

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I hurt your feelings, didn't I?

Mitch: No, no, it's ok.

Felicia: Yes, I did. I know I did. What's wrong? Tell me.

Mitch: Nothing's wrong. I was just trying to be impulsive. I was trying to come up with something on the spur of the moment, and --

Felicia: Until I squelched it. Right?

Mitch: That's not what I was going to say.

Felicia: Well, that's what you should have said because that's exactly what I did. I love you for having this impulsive thought to take me away, but -- and I will. I will seriously consider going away on the trip. Ok?

Mitch: Ok.

Amanda: How do I look?

Sam: Beautiful. And very pregnant.

Amanda: Well, I guess that's how I should look since I'm going to the obstetrician.

Sam: Well, hey, Iíll -- I think I'm going to go with you, ok?

Amanda: No, you have to rest.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, going to a doctor is no big deal.

Amanda: Besides, somebody has to be here to let Ronnie in. What if I'm late?

Sam: Ok, you win.

Amanda: Come on, you know that Iím going to the doctor once a week. The baby isn't due for another month, so you still have plenty of chances to go with me.

Sam: What, another kick?

Amanda: No -- feels more like an elbow.

Sam: Where? Here, let me see. Wow, it really does.

Amanda: I don't think this baby's going to be an artist. I think it's going to be a stone mason.

Sam: What, Michelangelo Fowler?

Amanda: Michelangelo. Well, there won't be six of those in the first grade.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: So we still haven't figured out a name -- name for this kid, have we?

Amanda: Because we've had other things on our mind, you know?

Sam: Oh, ok. We had the girls' names. What were they? There was --

Amanda: Francesca --

Sam: Yeah --

Amanda: Julia, or Alexandra.

Sam: Wait a minute. What about my idea?

Amanda: I am not naming my daughter Tina Turner fowler.

Sam: Come on! She sold a million records and she's got great legs.

Amanda: This is not a time for you to be talking about anybody else's great legs or great anything.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Amanda: I know I look like a blimp.

Sam: You do not.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Whoever said that pregnant women are supposed to have this Madonna-like quality has got to be crazy.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: I have a moon face, my ankles are swollen -- at least I think they're swollen. I haven't seen them for, oh, about a week now.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: What?

Sam: I think you're having another mood swing.

Amanda: Well, I guess so.

Sam: I love it.

Amanda: How could you?

Sam: Because I'm finally here, experiencing it with you, you know?

Amanda: You're so sweet. I think I'm going to cry.

Sam: It's ok. Do what you feel like. I love you. Come here, come here.

Mac: To Winston Academy, which chose, in a moment of rare insight --

Rachel: And after a substantial bequest by the Cory Foundation.

Mac: You make your own toast.

Matthew: Come on, my arm is getting tired here.

Jamie: Shut up. Go on, Mac.

Mac: To Winston Academy, which chose, in a moment of rare insight, to honor public school credits and allow our son and his best friend to graduate cum diploma.

All: Hear, hear.

Matthew: Don't you think this celebration merits some champagne for the toastees --

Tracy: Ooh.

Matthew: As well as the toasters?

Rachel: Not on your life.

Ada: And keep it that way.

Jamie: So how was the graduation, anyway?

Mac: Very nice.

Rachel: I cried.

Matthew, Tracy, and Kevin: Boring.

Ada: Oh, come on, you guys.

Matthew: I want to make another toast.

Rachel: What?

Matthew: To a long, beautiful, school less summer.

Kevin: I'll drink to that.

Tracy: Yes, me, too. Go for it.

Matthew: Grandmother, did you make that cake?

Ada: Who else?

Matthew: Come on, everybody. We'd better "ooh" and "ah" or we'll never hear the end of it.

Tracy: Ooh!

Kevin: Ooh!

Tracy: Ah!

Ada: Oh! That Winston Academy should have taught you some manners, wise guy.

Rachel: Look at Tracy. I think she has a thing for Matthew.

Mac: I think I have a thing for you.

Rachel: Not here with the children.

Mac: They'll understand. They're grown-up now.

Rachel: Oh, I can't believe Matthewís going to go off to college.

Mac: I saw you trying not to cry during the ceremony.

Rachel: Well, he looked so grown-up in his cap and gown -- not the funny little kid that I used to know.

Mac: He's a young man now -- and, despite some rough spots, a very fine young man. You should be proud of your son.

Rachel: I am. Thank you.

Mac: For what?

Rachel: Oh, for treating him the way you have. For raising him as though he were your own. For loving him.

Mac: He's a part of you. How could I not love him?

Ada: No fing-- ah! Don't touch it!

Kevin: You can have the blue flower.

John: Hmm.

Chris: Can I answer any questions for you?

John: No, I think this is self-explanatory. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Chris: That's it?

John: Well, we'll call you if we're going to use you.

Chris: Uh, do you have any questions?

Jason: You want to have dinner with me?

[John laughs]

Chris: Oh, great. Just great. Well, I have a question for you. Is this how you conducted all your interviews?

John: Uh, yeah.

Chris: Mm-hmm. Then why did you bother to have them? All you did was look at my application and go, "hmm." I could have just mailed it to you. Of course, then you wouldn't have gotten a look at me, and you wouldn't have the answer to the questions you're not allowed to ask.

John: Oh, look -- come on, it's been a long day.

Chris: I didn't have a chance for this job, did I?

Jason: I think we could, you know, really make some kind of --

John: Jason --

Jason: Special arrangement.

John: I hire the crew. You know that.

Jason: I know that, but we're going to have a lot of office work. There's paper and filing --

Chris: Oh, excuse me! Is that door the entrance to a time warp? I feel we just lost 10 or 15 years here.

John: Look -- look, lady, you came in here looking for a construction job with hardly any experience at all. We're talking about a very intense work schedule.

Chris: Are you going to be working?

John: Of course.

Chris: How can someone with a cane work construction?

John: Pardon?

Chris: Well, you're just going to bark orders, right? You're not going to do any real work?

John: Look, lady, the fact that I use a cane does not give you the right to decide what I can or cannot do.

Jason: John, I -- I got to score one for the girl's team here, ok?

Chris: You decided about me the second I showed up and you saw I was a woman.

John: Look, I believe in equal pay for equal work. I do not believe that you can perform equal work.

Chris: Just like that, you decide, and there's nothing I can do about it.

John: Look, this isn't prejudicial. It's just a mere fact of nature. You're not as strong as the men that Iíve hired.

Chris: And you're not going to use machinery on this job? Oh, you're just going to hoist the I-beams into place with your own bare hands?

John: I didn't say that.

Chris: Then what difference does it make if I'm not as strong as they are, if Iím strong enough?

Jason: When we start looking for debaters and politicians, I'm going to put you right at the top of my list.

Chris: I don't know why I bother. Sometimes I don't know why I even try.

John: No, wait, wait. Just wait.

Jason: You had a change of heart?

John: No, I don't have a change of heart. I just want to explain.

Chris: I don't think you can do that.

John: Look, this project -- the guys that I've hired -- they're Vietnam vets. We want to be able to give them a fresh start. So it's not that -- I mean, it's -- it's not because you're a woman.

Chris: I see.

John: Good, as long as you understand.

Chris: You didn't even ask.

John: Ask what?

Chris: There weren't just men over there. But you saw I was a woman, and you didn't even ask me.

John: You served in 'nam?

Chris: No, I was here demonstrating, doing everything in my power to stop the war.

John: Well, then, like I said, there's very little we have to talk about.

Chris: On the contrary. I think we have just started to talk.

Felicia: You know, my mother always used to drink tea when she was upset.

Mitch: Oh, yeah?

Felicia: Mm-hmm. I keep telling myself I'm fine. But you know what? I'm not.

Mitch: That's why I think you should get your mind on something else.

Felicia: I could have been electrocuted. That's a happy thought. You're right, I should get my mind on something else.

Mitch: Like which is better, like a cruise to Alaska, or maybe -- who knows -- days and nights on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere?

Felicia: You are serious about this trip, aren't you?

Mitch: Of course I'm serious about it.

Felicia: Why?

Mitch: "Why"?

Felicia: I mean, not that I don't love it, but this really isn't like you.

Mitch: What do you mean, "why"? I mean, in your books -- when the hero is about to whisk the lady off, does he have to undergo some sort of cross-examination like this?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: So, then, what are we waiting for? Where do you want to go? The Caribbean? Alaska? How about Rome? Pittsburgh -- you like Pittsburgh?

Felicia: I don't know. When will we leave?

Mitch: We'll leave -- well, as soon as I can get reservations.

Felicia: What about Matthew?

Mitch: What about Matthew?

Felicia: Well, his graduation.

Mitch: Well, I mean, we're going to wait and we'll go after graduation.

Felicia: No, no, I mean his graduation present.

Mitch: I've already gotten him something.

Felicia: As I recall, you promised him a golf weekend, just the two of you.

Mitch: He will understand.

Felicia: Um, I don't know. I think I'm more capable of understanding a 17-year-old kid.

Mitch: We can play golf on another weekend. It's no big deal.

Felicia: Honey, it could be a big deal. He may think that --

Mitch: It's no big deal.

Felicia: Would you tell me what's wrong with you?

Mitch: Nothing is wrong with me. It's just that -- I mean, after what happened, that's -- that's -- it's scary. Besides --

Felicia: Yeah, that's scary.

Mitch: I mean, I can't think of a better way to spend two weeks of my life than spending them with you.

Felicia: Me, too.

Mitch: I mean, why don't I just leave a tape of my yelling at Matthew and he can play it anytime he wants, and he'll never know that Iím missing.

Felicia: Why don't we -- why don't we wait? We can think about it, all right?

Mitch: What is there to wait about? What is there to think about? I thought we'd had this idea, this plan that we were going to be spontaneous, we were going to do things.

Felicia: I know.

Mitch: If you don't want to decide where we're going to go, if you don't want to make reservations, then Iíll call a travel agent. It's very simple.

Felicia: It's -- it's just that this is --

Mitch: There's nothing to it.

Felicia: I've never seen this side of you before.

Mitch: How about Hawaii? You like Hawaii? You want to surf? We can go sailing. Yes, travel agency. Yes -- um -- Iíd like to make reservations for Hawaii. Two tickets. Yes.

Matt: You shouldn't have, you shouldn't have. Ah-ha-ha!

Mac: I thought you'd enjoy having something that will help you in college next year.

Matt: A calculator. Oh -- um -- this is -- this is nice. Thank you --

Mac: If you look closely, you'll see it can also handle trigonometric functions.

Jamie: Should be a big help with your calculus courses, Matthew.

Matt: Yeah, right there -- trig. Um -- yeah, this is great. Thanks.

Rachel: Well, I have a present for you, too.

Matt: Oh, you shouldn't have. I'm glad you did, but you shouldn't have.

Rachel: I wanted to give you something special. You could use it -- you know, put it in your room at school. It can also be used as an egg cup.

Matt: An egg -- um -- yes. Yeah, it could. I will think of you every time I use it, Mother.

Ada: And this is from Amanda and me --

Matt: Oh!

Ada: We worked on it together. We split it right down the middle. It was her first try at knitting.

Rachel: She's sorry she isn't here. You know, she had to be with Sam.

Matt: That -- that's all right. Um -- thank you.

Ada: Kevin, yours is coming next week. We're almost finished.

Kevin: Great. Thanks.

Jamie: You know, I guess my gift will kind of pale in comparison to all this, but --

Matt: How could it?

Jamie: Here you go, bro.

Matt: Oh, thank you. Hey.

Rachel: Oh --

Matt: This is nice.

Mac: Oh, isn't that nice?

Matt: This is nice. Look, it's monogrammed.

Kevin: That's very nice.

Mac: You should put your keys on it right now.

Matt: What?

Mac: Here, see if they all fit.

Matt: I'm sure they'll all fit. It's -- wait a minute, this key --

Mac: Ada, I thought your cake was particularly moist this evening.

Ada: Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Matt: This -- this -- this key right here!

Jamie: Mom, did you hear about the new exhibit they're going to have at the museum next week?

Rachel: Yes, I did.

Matt: It looks like --

Mac: It's interesting.

Jamie: It is.

Matt: Like --

Ada: Are we going to it?

Rachel: Matthew, if you want to say something, just say it.

Matt: You're crazy! You're all -- move out of my way!

Kevin: Is there something I don't understand? What's going on?

Mac: Five --

All: Four, three, two, one --

Matthew: Yes!

Mac: He found it!

Tracy: Oh, I think he got another present.

Kevin: What?

Matt: Yes! Thank you, thank you! I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

Tracy: Matt, look at this!

Ada: Don't kiss the car, you'll smudge it!

Matt: I will never, ever do anything bad in my entire life. My entire life is devoted to your happiness. And I will drive with safety and with prudence.

Jamie: Prudence? Who's prudence?

Ada: Oh, stop that.

Rachel: You will stop leaving the milk carton on the counter?

Matt: One great car and you think you owe me, huh? Thanks.

Mac: Oh, Matthew, be happy.

Jamie: Must be nice to get a car for graduation. All I got was a suitcase.

Ada: With a round-trip ticket to Europe to go with it.

Jamie: Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot about that.

Matt: How about a little ride, guys?

Kevin: No, thanks. I'll take the bus.

Tracy: Oh, I don't think so.

Rachel: We'll meet you over at Tops because your father's waiting.

Matt: Right.

Rachel: Right.

Ada: All right, wait, wait, wait, wait. Got to record this for prosperity. Ok, now, Tracy, Kevin --

Matt: Oh, wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ada: On each side.

Matt: Ok, we're ready.

Ada: On each side.

Rachel: Look like the three musketeers.

Matt: One for all and all for one!

Ada: Hooray! Bingo!

Matt: You know what you can call that picture?

Ada: What?

Matt: Three young adults starting the best summer of their lives!

Tracy: Whoo!

Lisa: Well, have a good time.

Felicia: Don't be jealous.

Lisa: Oh, I'll try.

Cheryl: Oh, boy.

Lisa: You know, I saw Felicia this afternoon --

Cheryl: Oh, yeah?

Lisa: And she didn't say anything about Hawaii.

Cheryl: And she's leaving tonight.

Lisa: She said Mitch just thought of the idea a half an hour ago and just insisted.

Cheryl: Hmm.

Lisa: She's taking a computer so she can work.

Cheryl: Mitch just insisted, huh?

Lisa: Oh, well, she tried to talk him out of it.

Cheryl: Oh, yeah, of course she did.

Lisa: She's over there making a list of what she'll pack. And then she'll pack. And then she'll go off with her man to the most romantic spot on earth.

Cheryl: I can really see why she tried to talk him out of it.

Lisa: Oh, well, yeah, me, too. I mean, every time a man tries to take me to Hawaii, I just have to put my foot down.

Cheryl: I know. It really is happening all the time now. It's getting boring. I mean, Hawaii, Venice -- you know how it is.

Lisa: Oh, let me tell you.

Cheryl: It's really -- you know, it's amazing I was able to come out tonight. Every other day of the week -- you know, busy, busy, busy.

Lisa: It's the strangest thing. I just happened to be free tonight, too.

Cheryl: Am I just really ugly and too blind to see it?

Lisa: Look at that girl. What has she got that we don't?

Cheryl: She has a date.

Lisa: Yeah, but why? We're attractive.

Cheryl: Are we?

Lisa: Very attractive. And we have intelligence and wit and charm.

Cheryl: Yeah, and I always have my career to fall back on.

Lisa: So she doesn't have anything that we don't have. Not one thing.

Man: Excuse me, ladies, but I couldn't help notice that you were glancing over my way.

Lisa: Uh --

Man: Hey --

Lisa: We were --

Man: I understand. So while what's-her-face is wherever she is, why don't you two slip me your number and I'll get back to you, huh?

Cheryl: Give me the knife. I want the knife. Get me the knife, Lisa.

Man: So, have you two ever been hot-air ballooning?

Lisa: No! No, they don't let us do that in the home. But it would be fun, you know. You could let all the air out of the balloon and go whee all over the sky!

Man: I've got to get back. Uh -- nice meeting you.

Cheryl: I don't know why you didn't let me kill him while I had the chance.

Lisa: At least now we know what we have that she doesnít.

Cheryl: That's right. We have taste and we have judgment.

Lisa: Right. Too bad we have no standards. We'd have a man in a minute.

Cheryl: There just aren't many guys out there who are worth it.

Lisa: You're right. There's not one.

Ada: You didn't have to do this, you know.

Jamie: Yeah, I know.

Ada: You should be at Tops with your mother and Mac. I'm fine.

Jamie: Uh-huh. Gin.

Ada: You didn't have to do this, you know.

Jamie: Yes, well, I have the rest of the night off, grandma.

Ada: And the best way you could think to spend it was to play gin rummy with your grandma? You're on the third game.

Jamie: I'll shuffle for you.

Ada: Thank you. What's happened with you and Lisa?

Jamie: Nothing.

Ada: Nothing?

Jamie: Yeah, nothing. I thought maybe we -- ahem -- might have a chance, but it just didn't work out.

Ada: You two love each other.

Jamie: Yeah, I think we probably do.

Ada: Then there is a chance.

Jamie: It used to -- it used to be so easy to be together. Now we're just -- we're suspicious all the time. We -- we jump on each other's every misstep.

Ada: You jump on Lisa?

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

Ada: For all her missteps?

Jamie: Yeah.

Ada: Like what?

Jamie: You know, I -- I really don't want to go into it, you know?

Ada: I thought you were saving those.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Ada: Oh! Card laid is a card played. So, this terrible thing that Lisa did --

Jamie: No, no, no, no, no, it's not -- it's not terrible.

Ada: Oh, just bad enough for you two to break up about it, huh?

Jamie: No, no, it's not like that. No.

Ada: What is it like?

Jamie: Well, it's like when she went away. You know, she -- she didn't even write to me.

Ada: Oh, my goodness! Heavens to Betsy! Gee whiz!

Jamie: I know it sounds dumb, ok?

Ada: It sounds like it cancels out your little relationship with Vicky.

Jamie: How'd you know about that?

Ada: You're not paying attention.

Jamie: Oh. You know, grandma, this thing with Vicky -- it was -- it was just --

Ada: Just another misstep.

Jamie: You think I'm dead wrong, don't you?

Ada: It's none of my business. It doesn't matter if I think you're messing up.

Jamie: Here.

Ada: What is the name of this game?

Jamie: Gin.

Ada: Read 'em and weep.

Jamie: Oh. Oh, you killed me. I'm leaving.

Ada: I killed you. Where you going, chicken?

Jamie: Anywhere but here. I forgot how lethal you can be.

Ada: Uh-huh. I heard Cheryl tell Lisa that they were going to be at Tops tonight.

Jamie: You know everything, don't you, grandma?

Ada: I know you owe me $4.37.

Jamie: And a whole lot more, too. Thanks.

Ada: All you need is love boo-bee-be-de-doo

Sam: Amanda should be back in just a second.

Ronnie: Oh, it's ok. I have plenty of time. So how are you doing?

Sam: Well, good.

Ronnie: Yeah? Well, everyone at the hospital said to tell you that they miss you.

Sam: Great. Tell them --

Ronnie: That you don't miss them a bit.

Sam: Yeah, it's good to be home.

Ronnie: I should think so. So are you getting excited about the baby?

Sam: Yeah.

Ronnie: Uh-oh. What is it?

Sam: Ronnie, am I going to be a good coach for Amanda?

Ronnie: Sure you are. Why wouldn't you be?

Sam: I don't know, I just -- I don't know how Iíll handle her being in so much pain.

Ronnie: Look, you're going to be just as good for her when she goes into labor as she was for you when you were in the hospital.

Sam: She was terrific.

Ronnie: Yeah.

Sam: You know, she never let me -- let me know how scared she was. She kept me thinking optimistically, you know?

Ronnie: You know what? You just described the perfect coach.

Sam: Really?

Ronnie: Yeah, really.

Sam: Hi. How'd it go?

Ronnie: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Amanda, what did the doctor say?

Amanda: Well -- um -- he said that Iím one centimeter dilated and 10% effaced.

Ronnie: You are?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what does that mean? What does it mean?


Amanda: That means that this is really going to happen.

[Ronnie laughs]

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: What, baby?

Amanda: Don't say that word.

Sam: You got it. Ok.

Amanda: It's just suddenly, I -- I -- I'm so scared.

Sam: Oh, about what? The pain?

Amanda: No. No, I hadn't even thought of that.

Sam: Well, don't think of that, ok?

Ronnie: Well, it's a little late for that.

Amanda: No, really, what I was thinking of is just that --

Sam: Just what?

Amanda: That I won't be in control.

Ronnie: Oh, that.

Sam: What?

Ronnie: She won't be in control.

Sam: I know, but I don't --

Ronnie: Of the process, the birthing process.

Sam: Wait, I don't understand.

Ronnie: Obviously. You're a man.

Amanda: You see, Sam, for so many months I've been -- I've been nurturing and feeding this baby without even thinking about it.

Sam: Ok. But you've been doing stuff. I mean, you had to watch what you ate and you had to exercise --

Amanda: Yeah -- no, that's not what I mean. Um -- ok, it's -- this baby is part of me now, you know, like an arm or a leg.

Ronnie: Soon, as soon as it's ready, it's going to force its way into the world, come in screaming, and make itself its own person.

Sam: Well, yeah, so?

Ronnie: It's amazing that God was smart enough to choose women to have babies.

Amanda: I want my mommy.

[Ronnie laughs]

Jason: Well, I'm going to out to the barn, see what's in the barn. You-all know where Iíll be if you need me for anything.

John: Mm-hmm.

Jason: For anything.

Chris: Oh, john.

John: Look --

Chris: No, you look. Are you the kind of person who likes to work in an office or sling hash in a restaurant?

John: No.

Chris: Well, neither am I. I'm a woman with no college degree, and there's not much else open for me.

John: Look, this is not because you're a woman.

Chris: Oh, thank you.

John: No, listen. These guys -- the team that we're putting together -- we all know something about one another.

Chris: Because you're all vets?

John: That's right.

Chris: And I shouldn't be on that team because Iíd be a disruptive influence?

John: Anyone that participated in those demonstrations in the 1960s and said the things that were said about the guys who were forced to serve over there -- no. No, I just don't think it would work.

Chris: I know you didn't want to be there.

John: You're darn right I didn't want to be there, but I was!

Chris: Well, so was my brother, only his tour ended up a one-way ticket.

John: Killed in action?

Chris: M.I.A. didnít even get his name on the damn monument. I shouldn't have said that, about him being missing.

John: Why not?

Chris: It's not fair to use someone as fine as he is to get sympathy from -- from someone like you! Thanks for nothing.

Jason: How'd it go?

Chris: Just show me the way out of here.

Jason: I'll give you a ride to your car, at least.

Chris: No, thanks.

Jason: Well, how about a drink? You look like you could use one.

Chris: The only thing I want from you is a job. Now, you convince that jerk in there to hire me, and Iíll buy you a drink.

Jason: Lady, you're on.

Mitch: In a convertible?

Matt: Yeah, a jeep. Come on, I mean, after the stunts I pulled in the last few months, I was expecting maybe a necktie!

Mitch: Well, Mac loves you. You know that, don't you?

Matt: Yeah, I know.

Mitch: Good.

Matt: I know. Hey, we can take the jeep up for the old golf weekend.

Mitch: Speaking of the golf weekend, I think we might have to postpone that a couple of weeks.

Matt: Aw. Why?

Mitch: Because of Felicia.

Matt: What, she doesn't want us to go?

Mitch: No, no, actually, it's not because of Felicia. It's because of me. I mean, I've been thinking, a couple of things have come up, and I just thought it might be best if we get away. I mean, you understand, don't you?

Matt: Sure I do, dad. There's going to be plenty of weekends for golf --

Mitch: It's not that I don't want to be with you. It's not that I don't want to spend time with you.

Matt: Dad, I understand. It's ok, really.

Mitch: You're growing up.

Matt: Yes, yes, yes, us graduates are a mature bunch, dad.

Mitch: Speaking of graduates, I've got something for you. It's a present. It's not a convertible, but I want you to have it.

Matt: Thanks. A pocket watch. It's great.

Mitch: Oh, yeah, here on the back --

Matt: Who's W.E.B.?

Mitch: Well, that's Wallace Edward Blake. That was your granddad.

Matt: He gave you this?

Mitch: Well, when he died, he left it to me.

Matt: You sure you want me to have this?

Mitch: Yeah. I mean, I want you to know that --

Matt: Dad, I know this stuff isn't easy for you. You don't have to say anything.

Mitch: I'm proud of you.

Matt: I'm a lucky kid. I'm lucky to have a dad like you. I do know that.

Mitch: Yeah. All right, well, now that we've taken care of all this serious business, what do you say we go back in here and see about this party, hmm?

Matt: Yeah, I think that's appropriate. Where are you going with Felicia?

Mitch: Hawaii.

Matt: Hawaii? You'd rather go to Hawaii with Felicia than hit the links with me? You're nuts.

Mitch: No, but she wants to surf.

Matt: Oh.

Lisa: So sometimes I feel like Iíd do anything to get him back, and then sometimes I just get so angry I don't care what happens.

Cheryl: How do you feel now?

Lisa: I don't know.

Cheryl: Well, you know, Lisa, I think you might want to figure it out. Jamie just stepped off the elevator.

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Jamie: It's nice to see you.

Lisa: Your family's over there.

Jamie: I know.

Cheryl: I got to get back my date. Talk to you later, ok?

Lisa: What date?

Cheryl: I'll talk to you later. See you. Bye.

Lisa: I think she was being nice.

Jamie: I do appreciate that.

Lisa: Well, I don't want to horn in on family.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: What?

Jamie: I didn't come to see my family.

Sam: Amanda, are you all right?

Amanda: Of course I'm not all right! I'm completely humiliated!

Sam: Come on, it's ok. It doesn't matter. It doesn't --

Amanda: It doesn't matter? What do you know?

Sam: Look, Amanda, your feet are a little swollen, that's all.

Amanda: A little? These are the fattest shoes that I have. I took them off before class, and I can't even get them back on my feet.

Sam: Don't cry. It's ok. Don't cry.

Amanda: Oh, you know what they say -- "barefoot and pregnant."

Sam: Amanda, this is a mood swing. It'll pass, trust me.

Amanda: Don't be condescending.

Sam: I'm sorry --

Amanda: And don't patronize me. Fat, ugly feet! My fingers look like sausages.

Sam: I think they're beautiful.

Amanda: Oh, you're just saying that because you think that you have to.

Sam: No, it's true.

Amanda: You know what I do now? I don't even walk. I waddle.

Sam: Look, honey, come on.

Amanda: Don't even bother. Nothing that you can say to me is going to make me feel any better. I know what I look like. I feel fat, ugly, and stupid, and nothing that you can do is going to change that.

Sam: Come here, come here.

Lisa: After everything that's happened, I just don't want to talk anymore.

Jamie: I know.

Lisa: It's the way I feel.

Jamie: Do you have $5 I can borrow?

Lisa: What?

Jamie: I need financing for a last-ditch attempt.

[Classical music plays]

Jamie: Ok. Ahem --

[classical music stops]

Jamie: Three, two --

[dance music plays]

Jamie: Ah, perfect. Want to dance?

Singer: Do you want to dance and hold my hand? Tell me you're my lover man? Oh, baby do you want to dance?

Singers: Dance dance

Singer: We could dance under the moonlight hug and kiss all through the night oh, baby

Singers: Oh, baby

Singer: Tell me do you want to dance with me, baby? Do you

Singers: Do you

Singer: Do you do you

Singers: Do you

Singer: Do you want to dance? Do you

Singers: Do you

Singer: Do you

Singers: Do you

Singer: Do you want to dance? Do you

Singers: Do you

Singer: Do you do you do you want to dance with me, baby? Ah that's right ah

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