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Another World Transcript Tuesday 5/4/04

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Michael: Just put those bags down anywhere, Henry, ok?

Henry: Yes, Mr. Hudson.

Donna: Oh!

Michael: Well, Mrs. H?

Donna: Yes, Mr. H?

Michael: Welcome home.

Donna: Mmm, thank you.

Michael: Henry, this is for you.

Henry: Thanks, Mr. Hudson.

Michael: You're welcome.

Bridget: Oh, Miss -- Miss Donna and Mr. Michael!

Michael: Hey.

Donna: Oh, Bridget, hello!

Michael: Bridget, hey.

Bridget: Hi. We didn't expect you till tomorrow.

Michael: Well, just because the honeymoon's over doesn't mean the honeymoon's over, right?

Donna: Yeah, right. Besides -- besides, we missed the family, right?

Michael: We did.

Bridget: Oh, yes, the family. Mm-hmm.

Michael: Bridget --

Donna: Bridget, what is it?

Bridget: Well, we were going to call you, you see. But then you were away on your honeymoon and --

Michael: Bridget, what?

Donna: Bridget, what? What's wrong?

Bridget: Well, nothing. It's just that this family's got a wee big larger since you left.

Donna: What are you talking about?

Bridget: Oh, here. Come on there, lad. Here we go. You see, I think we better have a bit of a talk.

Jake: Hi.. How was your walk?

Marley: Fine. Jake, what are you doing here?

Jake: I know, I know, it's a shock to see me in an apron. But I figured, how long has it been since we've had spaghetti a la Jake?

Marley: Jake, we need --

Jake: Listen, you were gone so long, I had plenty of time to pick up some wine and some candles.

Marley: How did you get in?

Jake: I cast my macho image aside and all you can say is, "how did you get in"?

Marley: Well, I guess I'm just a little surprised to see you after yesterday.

Jake: Marley, we're married. Married people see each other mostly every day. Besides, I thought we should probably forget about yesterday. I think we should sit down, have some dinner, blow out the candles, and see what happens.

Marley: No.

Jake: You don't have to worry about Vicky coming back. She's moved back to Michael's place.

Marley: That is not the point. You're not going to like this, Jake, but we can't make love anymore, not the way things are.

Jamie: Now, look, Sam, just take it one day at a time. This could all change tomorrow.

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: Hi. Do you have a minute?

Jamie: Lisa, I -- I'm just too tired to fight.

Lisa: I don't want to fight.

Jamie: You don't?

Lisa: I heard about Sam, and I figure probably you're taking care of everyone else and no one's taking care of you.

Cass: You look great.

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: I don't think I've ever seen that outfit before.

Nicole: No, Sophie just finished it this afternoon.

Cass: Ah. I didn't know you were going out.

Nicole: Yeah. Drew called a little while ago. We're going to have an early dinner at Tops.

Cass: Oh, I'm so happy for you. That's just fabulous.

Nicole: Cass, don't start in on him.

Cass: Just because you're having tête-à-tête with a pompous bore who's trying to ruin Mac Cory, why should I say a word?

Nicole: No, it is not a tête-à-tête, it is dinner. And he is not a pompous bore. He is cordial and polite, and I refuse to discuss Drew or Mac anymore. I'm not going to get angry here, Cass. I refuse to engage in petty polemics.

Cass: Suit yourself.

Nicole: What are you going to do this evening?

Cass: Oh, nothing much. I thought I'd take a nice, hot luxuriant bath, shave, maybe read a little while, go to bed early in my room.

Nicole: That's nice.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Have fun.

Cass: Thank you. You, too.

Cass: Yeah, Miss Gallant, please. Mr. Winthrop. Come on, be there. Come on. Hi, it's me. Nicole is on her way over there for dinner with him. I tried, but she wouldn't listen. Felicia, it's time for desperate measures. You said you'd help me, so listen up, ok? All right.

Jamie: Lisa, you don't have to do this.

Lisa: How are Sam and Amanda?

Jamie: Well, they're not great. I keep telling them that this blindness may be only temporary, but when you're young, you --

Lisa: And you're an artist.

Jamie: Sam said he keeps seeing all these pictures in his mind and that's what's driving him crazy.

Lisa: Oh. I miss you talking to me like this.

Jamie: I miss it, too.

Lisa: You know, sometimes I think I'm going to hear your key in the door at night. I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have said that.

Jamie: That's ok.

Lisa: Well, the reason I'm here -- I mean, the main reason I'm here -- is to tell you the other night when you didn't show up, when you were taking care of Sam -- I'm sorry. I thought you were with Vicky.

Jamie: Don't worry about it.

Lisa: I do worry about it. I just jumped to a conclusion without knowing the facts.

Jamie: I've given you a reason to jump to that conclusion. Lisa, what -- what happened between me and Vicky --

Lisa: Jamie, I don't want to talk about that right now.

Jamie: You know, I know -- I know how you feel about Vicky. But you didn't hesitate to help her find Mikey.

Lisa: Well, I hope that she'll take good care of him now.

Jamie: The child welfare people have given her a pretty hard time. She had a meeting with them yesterday and she has another meeting with them tonight.

Lisa: Well, can you blame them?

Jamie: Well, I guess not, but you should see her with that kid. I mean, it's -- we released him this morning, and you should've seen his face light up when she came to pick him up. It --

Lisa: It's all right, you can talk about her. I won't go crazy. Doesn't mean I have to like her. Well, listen, in this basket there is dinner for two. Sort of a picnic.

Jamie: Cold roast chicken?

Lisa: Well, that's your favorite, isn't it?

Jamie: Yeah..

Lisa: Do you have time to eat?

Jamie: You bet I do. Why don't we go to the -- the residents' lounge? There's no one there this time of day.

Lisa: Great. Ok.

Jamie: This way.

Michael: Well, never a dull moment in the Hudson household, huh?

Donna: No, no, there are certainly isn't.

Michael: Donna, are you ok about this? What's wrong?

Donna: Michael, I -- I just really wasn't prepared for him to be here. I mean, he is -- he's a big responsibility.

Michael: I know, but Vicky will take care of that. Come on. Now, where were we, huh?

Donna: No. Come on, he could come running in here again, you know, and see us.

Michael: Donna, a little affection is not going to warp him, you know. You really are bothered by this, aren't you?

Donna: Well, Michael, I mean, didn't this surprise you?

Michael: Well, to tell you the truth --

Donna: Wait a minute. Wait -- you knew about this?

Michael: Yeah. Victoria told me about it before we went on the honeymoon.

Donna: Why didn't you say anything to me?

Michael: Well, because Victoria told me it was just temporary. I thought this would've all been done with by the time we got back from our honeymoon, and I figured why bother you with something that's not going to be a problem.

Donna: Well, Michael, I -- I can handle this.

Michael: I know that you can handle it. I'll tell you what -- why don't we handle it?

Donna: Ok. All right, we'll handle it together. Hmm?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Ok. What's hot in active wear?

Felicia: Cass, you have to calm down.

Cass: Calm down? Didn't you hear what I said? Mars-- Marsden is taking her out to dinner tonight!

Felicia: Dinner! Oh, honey, I didn't realize!

Cass: But here at Tops.

Felicia: Oh, I hope they're not having appetizers.

Cass: You know, it's really nice that a situation that is deeply, profoundly distressing to me is nothing but fodder for your ever-so-dry wit.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: What?

Felicia: She is having dinner with a business associate, for heaven's sake.

Cass: He is slime!

Felicia: According to you.

Cass: He's hurt her before.

Felicia: Honey, you have hurt every woman you've ever gone out with.

Cass: Oh, that's beside the point. He's trying to take Cory Publishing away from Mac.

Felicia: Oh, death.

Cass: I thought you'd see it my way. I, for one, wouldn't mind him dying an agonizing death, although Nicole would just turn that around and she'd just think I was making an overstatement.

Felicia: She doesn't know that he's trying to take over Mac's company?

Cass: I tried telling her, but it doesn't seem to matter. You know, he's her first love. That's -- that's what's going on here. You know, she sees him through rose-colored glasses.

Felicia: Well, I guess what we have to do is somehow take off those glasses, huh?

Cass: Did I just hear you say "we"?

Felicia: Oui.

Cass: Huh?

Felicia: Yeah, I guess I did say "we," didn't I?

Cass: I thought you did.

Felicia: Yeah, I guess I did.

Cass and Felicia: Hmm.

Felicia: Know what?

Cass: What?

Felicia: When I was at the hospital today, I thought, "oh, boy, could I use talking to Wally right now."

Cass: Oh, this sure is his kind of game, isn't it?

Felicia: Yeah, he certainly wouldn't sit by idly and do nothing, would he?

Cass: Uh-uh.

Felicia: No.

Cass: First thing he'd do is try to talk us out of some dumb plan.

Felicia: Yeah, and then figure out a way to make the plan really work. Right?

Cass: Oh, we need him.

Felicia: I know.

Cass: We need his sane point of view.

Felicia: No, no, he just looked saner than us.

Cass: Well, that's not hard.

Felicia: But, you know, in his own way, he really was a very, you know, creative kind of thinker.

Cass: You're right.

Felicia: You think? Yeah.

Cass: We need a secret crazy person.

Felicia: That's what we need.

Liz: Felicia?

Felicia: Yes? Oh, Liz.

Liz: Mac asked me to give this contract to you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Cass: You.

Liz: I beg your pardon?

Cass: She looks sane, Felicia, but she had old Drewski spinning the other day.

Felicia: Hmm.

Liz: What are you talking about?

Cass: Nicole is falling very hard for this guy Drew. They're coming here tonight for dinner. I can't convince her that -- that he's just a con man, and we don't know what to do about it.

Liz: Wait a second, just a second. I'll think of something.

Felicia: Liz?

Cass: Shh, shh, shh.

Liz: We'll nail that sucker to the wall.

Cass and Felicia: Go, Liz.

Donna: Let's see here. Oh. Ah -- oh, this is from the girls in the steno pool at your office. Look. Isn't that great?

Michael: And did you see the quilt they gave us?

Donna: Oh, I know, I know. Oh, Michael, we have so many thank-you notes to write. I mean, look at this.

Michael: "We"?

Donna: Yes, "we." This is an equal-opportunity household.

Michael: Come on, Donna.

Donna: You are going to help me with every one of these thank-you notes.

Michael: Ok. Can I use my computer to write them?

Donna: No!

Michael: Come on, please? Why not?

Donna: These have to be handwritten.

Michael: Well, they'll like a computer.

Bridget: Excuse me?

Michael: I can sign them --

Bridget: Excuse me?

Donna: What?

Michael: Bridget, hi.

Bridget: Oh. Oh, well, yes, I was wondering -- would you like something special for your supper tonight, especially since this is your first night home?

Donna: Oh, well --

Michael: No, thanks. Actually, we're going to go out to dinner.

Donna: We are? Really?

Michael: Yeah. I thought maybe we ought to take this time to talk before Vicky comes home.

Bridget: Oh, about Mikey?

Michael: Yeah, among other things.

Donna: Bridget --

Bridget: Yes?

Donna: Did Victoria move back in here so you could help her take care of him?

Bridget: Oh, yes, but -- but also, I mean, she wanted Miss Marley to have the apartment, especially as Jake has come back.

Michael: Marley, Jake? Jake's here, too?

Donna: Well, wait -- Marley is still here?

Bridget: Oh, yes. You see, we had quite a few surprises while you were gone.

Donna: I can't believe this! I mean, I thought she would've gone back to California by now.

Michael: Me, too. Donna, where you going?

Donna: Well, I'm going to call her right now.

Michael: Well, I tell you what -- why don't -- why don't -- I got to go over to the office and call Mac, talk to him. Why don't you sneak on over to Vicky's apartment and surprise Marley.

Donna: I think that sounds great. I mean, we didn't get to spend much time with her before you had to leave.

Michael: Right.

Donna: I really want to do that.

Michael: Ok, and I'll tell you what -- then I'll get done with all my stuff and cruise on by the apartment, pick you up, and we'll go to dinner from there. How about that?

Donna: Great. Great!

Michael: You going to go now?

Donna: Well, yes, I told you I'm anxious to see her. I'll be back. I'll see you later.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Bye.

Bridget: Goodbye, dear.

Michael: Ok.

Bridget: Mr. Michael --

Michael: Yes?

Bridget: Miss Donna -- she seems very upset about Mikey.

Michael: I know, Bridget, but that's why I was hoping a quiet dinner tonight, maybe we could just talk things out.

Bridget: Victoria loves that little boy. We all do.

Michael: I know, Bridget, and believe me, nothing is going to happen to that little boy. He's going to be ok.

Bridget: Yes, well, I'll leave you to your business, eh?

Michael: Business. Hi, this is Michael Hudson. I'd like you to get busy. I have something I want to have taken care of tonight.

Adam: So -- hey, what's M.J.'s new restaurant like?

Vince: Well, it's ok. Nice little place.

Adam: Yeah? You've seen it?

Vince: Yeah, yeah. It's a little fancy for me, you know. I mean, it's got cream of wheat soup and stuff like that.

[Adam laughs]

Vince: But she's doing a good business anyhow.

Adam: I'll bet she is. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and, well, you know she's a good cook.

Vince: Hey, maybe she inherited that from --

Adam: So, how does she like Minneapolis? Is that where she is, Minneapolis?

Vince: Uh -- how come you got all these questions, huh?

Adam: I don't know, I've just been -- I've just been thinking about M.J.

Vince: Hmm. Well, you don't have to worry about her. She's doing great.

Adam: You know if she's seeing anybody?

Vince: For that, you got to ask M.J., you know what I mean?

Adam: Vince, I don't have the right to ask M.J. much of anything.

Vince: That's true.

Adam: Look, I -- I don't know if she ever told you the reason why I couldn't marry her.

Vince: She did.

Adam: I figured. It was just hard to accept.

Vince: Ahem -- it's hard for me, too.

Adam: Yeah, but the point is -- the point is you did.

Vince: Yeah, well, she's my kid, you know?

Adam: I miss her, Vince. I miss her. You know, I thought I was falling in love with somebody else. And really, I was just missing what I had with M.J.

Vince: Why are you telling me all this?

Adam: I don't know.

Vince: You know, she has a telephone.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe I was just testing the waters with you first.

Vince: Well, sometimes you just have to dive right in, you know? Do you -- do you know the number?

Adam: Oh, yeah -- home phone, business phone. I've had it for quite a while.

Adam: Hello, M.J.? Hi, it's me. Adam. Yeah. Yeah, it's good to hear your voice, too. Look, you know, we haven't spoken in a long time. It's stupid, and it's my fault. So, how are you? Really? That sounds great.

Jamie: So there I am, I'm looking at my baby sister and I'm making her decide whether her husband should have surgery that could turn him into a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Lisa: It must've been terrible.

Jamie: The doctor in me is saying she has to do it. I mean, he can't give his own consent. She's the legal next of kin, she has to do it. But the big brother in me is looking at this pregnant kid and wondering, you know, what it's doing to her.

Lisa: Well, you helped save her husband's life.

Jamie: Yeah, and now he's blind.

Lisa: Jamie, you can't fix everything.

Jamie: I know.. I know.

Lisa: Well, I know Amanda and your whole family must feel a lot better that you're here.

Jamie: Yeah, I hope so.

Lisa: I know so. Why are you looking at me like that?

Jamie: Oh, I'm sorry. I -- I was just thinking about something.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: There they go, playing my song again. Dang it.

Lisa: What time is your shift over?

Jamie: 10:00.

Lisa: Well, you could come by and we could talk some more.

Jamie: Ok.

Lisa: Really?

Jamie: I've missed you. I better go. Thanks for dinner.

Lisa: Sure.

Adam: Oh, I found you. Good.

Lisa: Hi.

Adam: I called down to the station. They said you were here.

Lisa: I brought dinner over for Jamie and me.

Adam: How'd it go?

Lisa: Well, he's coming over later tonight.

Adam: That's great. I'm happy for you.

Lisa: Well, what'd you want to see me for?

Adam: I'm going to leave town for a couple of days, and I wanted you to hear it from me.

Lisa: Where are you going?

Adam: I'm going to go see M.J.

Lisa: Adam!

Adam: I talked to her tonight. I don't know, I just -- I just realized how much I missed her.

Lisa: I hope everything works out.

Adam: Thanks. I hope it works out for you, too. Friend?

Lisa: Yeah.

Marley: You are the one that ruined this marriage in the first place.

Jake: Right. I screwed up. I said that. I also said that I was sorry and that I hate myself and I would never do it again, but it doesn't seem to have done much good, does it?

Marley: What do you want me to say? You want me to say that it didn't happen, Jake.

Jake: No, I don't want you to say it didn't happen. I want you to say that it did happen and that things are not going to be like they were before, but that we loved each other so much that we can make it through it. Unless that's not true.

Jake: Marley, you're not working up to ask me for a divorce, are you?

[Knock on door]

Jake: Great. That's great.

Donna: Hi! Surprise!

Marley: Hi.

Donna: Oh, it's so good to see you. Jake, we just found out you were here. Well, I'm sorry you couldn't make the wedding.

Jake: Yeah, me, too.

Marley: We weren't expecting you so soon.

Donna: Can't help it. We missed everybody.

Marley: Well, why don't you tell us about your honeymoon. I want to hear everything.

Donna: Oh, well, I will do that, but I want to hear all about you. I want to hear all your news, hmm?

Waiter: Would you care for something from the bar?

Drew: Yes, I'd like to see the sommelier, please.

Waiter: Very good, sir.

Cass: Did you see that? "I'd like to see the sommelier, please." If I ever did anything like that, I'd get a 20-minute diatribe on feminist ideology. "Why do you always answer for me? Who do you think you are?"

Felicia: Honey, honey --

Cass: "I have a mind of my --" what?

Felicia: Honey, please. Shut up.

Cass: Well, I really hate this guy.

Felicia: I know. I can tell.

Nicole: And I was trying to get a sense of color in the bodice, but I couldn't figure out what I was doing.

Drew: Waiter?

Waiter: Monsieur?

Drew: Excuse me. I thought I asked to see a sommelier.

Waiter: Well, he's at another table, sir. He'll be right over.

Drew: Thank you.

Waiter: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Well, and the thing about the fabric that I was working with is I couldn't get it to move with --

Drew: You know, it's the same everywhere.

Nicole: What?

Drew: Outside New York City, you just can't get good service.

Waiter: Ms. Gallant, we can't make Louie wait any longer.

Felicia: All right, Emile. I understand, yes. Louie? Come on, honey.

Emile: To keep the customer waiting for no reason --

Felicia: Yes, it's all right, Emile. It's all right. This is so hard on him.

Cass: I understand, but it's working.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: I mean, she hates it when people carp at waiters.

Felicia: Well, he's such a horse's --

Cass: Ah --

Felicia: We'll show Nicole his true colors, don't worry.

Drew: Yes, a bottle of 1963, please.

Louie: If monsieur is interested in the 1963, may I suggest --

Drew: Excuse me. I think I've already made my selection.

Louie: Very good, sir.

Nicole: Louie, what were you going to suggest?

Louie: I have a very special reserve, a 1963.

Nicole: Well, let's try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Drew: Nicole, I don't think a Bay City waiter knows more than I do about French wines.

Nicole: Nous voudrions obtenir la specialite du jour.

Louie: Tres bien, Mademoiselle. C'est un plaisir vous voir encore.

Nicole: Merci.

Cass: The plan's working. He's acting like an absolute jerk.

Felicia: Well, the best is yet to come.

Nicole: He came from Providence about three years ago. My father insisted on a classically trained sommelier.

Drew: Well, I guess I've been put in my place.

Nicole: Oh, no, Drew. Don't think of it like that.

Emile: Some complimentary hors d'oeuvres.

Drew: Oh, thank you.

Nicole: Thank you.

Emile: Oh, sorry, sir! Oh --

Drew: Oh, so clumsy! Where did you train, some fast-food restaurant?

Emile: I'm sorry. I --

Drew: Oh --

Emile: Monsieur --

Drew: I'm sorry, excuse me. It's no problem, no problem. That's all right. Thank you, thank you.

Nicole: It's ok.

Drew: Look at this mess.

Cass: Yeah?

Felicia: Yeah?

Emile: This is getting to be easy. What a jerk.

Cass: A complete jerk, and now Nicole can see it for herself. What's wrong with her?

Felicia: Now, hold on. Hold on just a minute. You know, the big guns are about to come out. Watch this. Four, three, two, one -- watch.

Liz: A slivovitz, please.

Cass: Once Nicole hears old Drew baby fall all over the countess --

Cass: And admit what he's doing to Mac --

She'll know what a sleaze he really is.

Cass: Go get him, countess.

Felicia: Yeah.

[Elevator doors open]

Felicia: Hurry.

Cass: What?

Felicia: If Julie Ann spots Liz, she could blow the whole thing.

Cass and Felicia: Wally, are you here?

Felicia: Julie Ann!

Julie Ann: Hi, Felicia.

Felicia: How wonderful to see you!

Julie Ann: Freddy, this is Felicia.

Felicia: Freddy, hello. Well, have a wonderful dinner out on the terrace.

Julie Ann: But we're just here for drinks.

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no, nonsense. It's on the house.

Freddy: But I have allergies.

Felicia: Oh, it's all right. I'll bring you dinner and some tissue, honey. Come on, you'll love it out here.

Liz: [Foreign accent] So, I have think much about your offer, the offer you made Cory stock.

Drew: You know, countess, I have one rule never to talk about business during dinner. The walls seem to have ears.

Liz: I still confused. Why you want my stock so worthless, so you say?

Drew: Oh, no, no, I never said that.

Nicole: Countess, don't you think you could discuss this later?

Drew: Yes, but please, join us.

Nicole: No, Drew, I'm sure the countess has other plans. You have other plans, don't you?

Liz: Lucky man. Beautiful woman want to be alone with you.

Drew: Nonsense, Nicole. We'd love to have you join us for dinner, countess. Wouldn't we, sweetie?

Nicole: "Sweetie"?

Drew: The only thing is, we do not talk about business. I don't want to bore my beautiful date.

Nicole: You know, Drew, I feel like I am finally really getting to know you.

Liz: Good.

Nicole: And, of course, I am simply floored at the wild coincidence of bumping into her highness with the vaudeville accent.

Drew: Nicole --

Nicole: Drew, dance with me.

Drew: Yeah, of -- of course. Would you excuse us?

Liz: But of course. What need excuse?

Felicia: Um -- ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, guess what -- a little surprise. Hold on to those burritos. For the first time at Tops, we are about to have fiesta Mexicali. Hit it, boys!

[Mexican music plays]

Felicia: Cha-cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha-cha cha-cha whoo! Yes!

Liz: Mariachi! The music of my youth!

Drew: But I -- I can't dance to this.

Nicole: Oh, come on.

Liz: You encourage that. Dance!

Drew: Oh, yeah.

Liz: Jai! Jai! Jai!

Man: Dance with me.

Nicole: Oh, no.

Liz: Jai!

Man: Come on, I insist.

Liz: Jai! Jai! Jai! Jai! Jai!

Marley: Well, the honeymoon sounds just wonderful.

Donna: Oh, it was. It really was. But enough about all that. I want to hear your news. Did you get that house that you were so excited about?

Marley: Um -- no, actually. We went to look at it and --

Jake: It -- it didn't quite measure up.

Donna: Oh. Well, that's all right. I mean, you're young. You'll be able to find just the perfect dream house. Don't rush into anything. You don't need to do that.

[Knocking on door]

Donna: Oh. Oh, that's probably Michael. He said that he was going to come by after he checked in at the office.

Marley: Oh.

Jake: Yeah, the more, the merrier. Ahem.

Michael: Since when do you blow into town and not stop by and say hello, huh?

Jake: Well, you weren't here to tell.

Michael: I wasn't, that's true. How are you? Good to see you.

Jake: Congratulations again.

Michael: Thank you very much. And you -- hi, baby. Oh, it's so nice to see you. I'm glad you stayed in town, both of you.

Marley: Oh, me, too. Um -- Donna was just telling us about your honeymoon. It sounds just wonderful.

Michael: It was just terrific. Of course, what made my honeymoon especially special was the fact that it was your beautiful mother who was there with me.

Marley: Aw.

Michael: So isn't married life great, huh?

Marley: Oh, right.

Jake: Ahem.

Michael: Uh -- how are you doing? I mean, how's -- how's work?

Jake: Oh, it's -- it's fine.

Michael: Yeah? Good. Are you going to have to rush back to L.A.?

Jake: Well, I probably --

Michael: I tell you, the reason I'm asking is this is really a special occasion that we get to spend a little time together, you know.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: And I was thinking that maybe for, I don't know, whatever time you had left here, you might like to stay with us in our suite.

Donna: Michael, that's a great idea! Oh -- it really is. We have plenty of room. And besides, I'm sure Victoria would like to get back here with Mikey. Oh, come on, please? Come stay with us.

Jake: I don't know. We --

Donna: Well, no -- that's -- that's all right. I mean, Michael and I understand. I mean, that is a lot of togetherness --

Marley: Of course we'll stay with you! It would be so much fun!

Michael: Really?

Marley: Yes.

Michael: That's great. I'll tell you what, I'll have a car come over tomorrow, and you can put your stuff in there and come on over to the house, all right?

Marley: Ok.

Michael: That good? Ok, look, I have a date with my bride.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: 8:30, and we got to go now or we ain't going to make it.

Donna: All right. Oh, honey, I missed you so much. I'm so glad you're here.

Michael: Good to see you.

Jake: Yeah.

Donna: All right.

Michael: Ok, let's go. You know, I have a feeling we interrupted your dinner. I smell spaghetti sauce in the air.

Marley: That's Jake's.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Jake's, huh? I think you need a little oregano.

Donna: Michael, what are you talking about? You don't even know how to scramble eggs.

Michael: Yeah, you're talking? You need a map to find the kitchen here.

Donna: That is not nice. Now, we will see you all later. Have a nice --

Michael: I can boil an egg. I can.

Donna: Yeah, right, I know.

Marley: Come on, you're going to be late.

Jake: We're staying in your parents' suite together?

Marley: Jake, they looked so happy.

Jake: Well, I guess we can fix that.

Marley: I don't want them to know about us. Not yet.

Jake: I am supposed to move into your parents' suite and pretend like everything's fine.

Marley: I know it's a lot to ask of you.

Jake: We were talking about a divorce when Michael knocked on the door!

Marley: I know. But I would like to do this for them. They've been through so much with my grandfather. Jake, they just lost their baby. Can we just pretend for just a little while, just for the two of them?

Jake: We have been going through the motions now for weeks anyway. I guess doing it for an audience won't make much of a difference.

[Music plays]

[Doorbell rings]

Lisa: Hi. What's wrong? What happened?

Jamie: Don't you think it's a little crude to bring me a little picnic and talk about old times while you're waiting for Adam?

Lisa: What?

Jamie: You must be a whiz at scheduling to get rid of him in time for me to show up.

Lisa: I didn't know I was going to see Adam.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Lisa: You're being ridiculous. He just came to find me to say goodbye.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: He's going out of town to see M.J.

Jamie: You must be really torn up. That was quite a touching little scene that I saw.

Lisa: It was a friendly kiss.

Jamie: Pretty friendly.

Lisa: Why didn't you talk to us, Jamie, instead of slinking around?

Jamie: Oh, I didn't want to interrupt the tender moment.

Lisa: Oh, really? Well, maybe I know how you felt. Maybe it's the way I felt when I found out you and Vicky had been sleeping together.

[Cass whistles]

Cass: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Let's see. Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Oh, Cass.

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: I'm sorry to barge in like this.

Cass: Oh, no problem.

Nicole: But I need an aspirin desperately.

Cass: Oh, poor baby. You have a headache?

Nicole: Named Drew Marsten.

Cass: Oh. The evening didn't go well, huh?

Nicole: Go well?

Ugh. Uh-uh, not quite. To begin with, it became very clear just how important business is to him.

Cass: Oh, that's terrible.

Nicole: Hmm. And his opinion of women?

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Well, underneath all that charm beats the heart of a real chauvinist.

Cass: Oh, that realization must have been particularly painful for you.

Nicole: And he was rude to Emile and Louie.

Cass: Unbelievable!

Nicole: Yeah. And --

Cass: What?

Nicole: Oh, no, no. This will sound just way too silly.

Cass: No, no, no, tell -- tell me everything.

Nicole: Well, I don't know why, but Felicia had this Mexican band.

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: And -- well, when it started up, it was kind of silly, you know. But Drew -- he just acted like an old poop, you know, and he refused to dance and join in the fun.

Cass: Oh, he is an old poop.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. And I thought about you.

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah. I mean, you would've been the first one on the dance floor, leading the conga line.

Cass: Oh, a conga line -- that's my favorite.

Nicole: Yeah, you're so much fun. You know, you're so open to new experiences.

Cass: Well, you know, we only go around once. We got to grab all the gusto we can.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Liz was there.

Cass: Liz?

Nicole: Mm-hmm, and of course Drew thought that she was the countess.

Cass: How amusing.

Nicole: And she started talking about her stocks and everything.

Cass: And, what, Drew was too interested? You finally saw how he really operates, huh?

Nicole: Well, it all reminded me of something.

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah -- what's the word I'm looking for?

Cass: Hostile takeover. Hostile takeover.

Nicole: It's entrapment, buddy!

Cass: What?

Nicole: And you think that I was too dumb to see the fine hand of Cass Winthrop behind the whole thing?

Cass: I don't know what you're talking about.

Nicole: The second that Emile dropped the rumaki into his lap, I started looking for you.

Cass: Well, somebody has to -- somebody has to save you from yourself.

Nicole: And you know what else?

Cass: What?

Nicole: You are a rotten mariachi player!

Cass: Hey, I put my maracas on the line for you, and this is the thanks I get? Well, I guess my eyes are open now!

Nicole: Hey, hey, hey --

Cass: What?

Nicole: Not so fast! I know all your moves. And when you're dead wrong, you get self-righteous and hurt, and you try to leave the room.

Cass: Well, if that's what you think --

Nicole: No, Cass, you are going to stand right here and you are going to listen while I tell you everything that's wrong with you.

Cass: We did that last week.

Nicole: No, Cass. No, no, no, no. Last week I held back.

Cass: That was holding back?

Nicole: Yeah. This time you have gone too far.

Jamie: This was just a big mistake.

Lisa: Jamie --

Jamie: There is nothing between Vicky and me.

Lisa: There's nothing between Adam and me.

Jamie: Vicky and Adam, Adam and Vicky -- they're not the real issue anymore! It's about you and me!

Lisa: Oh.

Jamie: I have never loved anybody but you. You just couldn't see that. And now it's not enough.

Lisa: I guess not.

Jamie: I'm sorry about all of this. I'm just sorry.

Lisa: I'm sorry, too.

Jamie: Bye.

Lisa: Jamie.

Michael: Be brave, be brave, be brave.

Donna: All right, all right, I'm being brave.

Michael: I guarantee you're in for a really good time now.

Donna: Oh, ok. What?

Michael: Ok, ok --

Donna: What is it?

Michael: I'll show you. You ready?

Donna: Yes, yes!

Michael: There. Did I get enough of these things?

Donna: Oh, tulips. Oh, I love tulips!

Michael: I know you love tulips.

Donna: Michael, there are so many of them! Look.

Michael: I know. You know Holland?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Holland used to be the tulip capital of the world.

Donna: Oh, right, right. Well, you know, this really was wonderful, but why did you do this?

Michael: I did this because I love you. And because I know that tomorrow -- well, we're going to be kind of busy dealing with Victoria and Mikey.

Donna: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Michael: And after that, we're going to have Jake and Marley to deal with. They're going to be here.

Donna: Oh, but that'll be fun.

Michael: I know, that'll be fun, but -- I don't know -- with all that to do, it just might get a little confusing.

Donna: True.

Michael: And if there is any confusion, I just wanted you not to be confused for a moment about the fact that I love you and that you are my little flower.

Donna: Wow. I love you, too.

Michael: Good.

Donna: And --

Michael: Huh?

Donna: I do love my tulips. I mean, I can't believe all these colors. Look at them.

Michael: This is nothing. You ought to see how many colors I got in the bedroom.

Donna: Really?

Michael: Tulips, that is. Yeah.

Donna: Uh-huh. Well, what are we waiting for? Hmm?

Michael: Beats me. Come right this way, dear.

Donna: Oh! Yes!

Michael: I'm going to show you tulips like you never saw.

Jake: I'll see you tomorrow.

Nicole: And you make my decisions for me, and you just automatically try to take over all the time!

Cass: And Drew didn't? I heard him. He ordered the wine without even asking you!

Nicole: Oh, so what? So he ordered the wine. You did everything in your power to sabotage a date with someone who happens to be very special to me!

Cass: Are you blind and deaf? He's slime! He's pond scum! He's trying to steal Mac's company from him!

Nicole: Oh, yeah, according to you!

Cass: And he's a bigot. And the worst thing of all, he's dull.

Nicole: Oh, just because he doesn't wear stupid shirts and a fake mustache doesn't make him dull!

Cass: Nicole, he's not good enough for you.

Nicole: And you are?

Cass: You think I like dressing up like Desi Arnaz? Do you think I enjoy exposing my maracas in front of the whole world like that and being humiliated?

Nicole: Yeah, Cass, I do. Because you do things like that all the time. Cass, you had no right. You had no right at all to do what you did tonight.

Cass: All right. Maybe I made a mistake.

Maybe. But I did it for you.

Nicole: Cass, I'm sorry, but after tonight, it's very clear that you're never going to change.

Cass: He'll never make you happy.

Nicole: Well, that's not for you to decide.

Cass: He'll send you white roses, he'll hold your chair for you, he'll quote Yeats. But you know what he'll never do?

Nicole: Stop it, Cass.

Cass: He will never, ever make you laugh. And that's a tragedy, because you are so beautiful when you laugh.

Nicole: Cass -- no, I'm sorry. It's just -- you -- you don't understand.

[Nicole laughs]

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