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Jason: He's breathing.

Adam: Look, Lisa, get that window open as wide as you can, get some of the gas fumes out of here.

Vicky: Was he moving?

Jason: He's breathing. He's doing fine.

Lisa: I've got to break this window. Shouldn't we call the paramedics?

Jason: There's no time for that. I'm going down in there. Adam, tie this rope off on something, would you? You girls stay on it with him, ok? Get it tight. Vicky, would you back off? I'll get him out. Just do what I say.

Lisa: Got it? Ok.

Jason: Adam, get the light over here.

Adam: Vicky, stay on this rope in case it slips. Last thing we need is two people down there.

Vicky: Ok. Oh, no!

Jason: And keep it taut.

Vicky: Ok.

Jason: Hold the light up for me.

Lisa: Be careful, Jason.

Jason: Try to keep the beam ahead of me. All right, give me slack.

Lisa: Yeah.

Jason: All right.

Adam: All right? You got it?

Jason: Slack!

Vicky: Yeah!

Jason: All right.

Adam: Is that thing tight on your waist?

Jason: It's fine.

Adam: All right?

Cass: Keats, Shelley, and browning. No wonder this guy can never come up with an original line of his own. Ha -- $49.95. Cheesy reproductions. Good morning!

Drew: Winthrop.

Cass: Hi.

Drew: How would you like a set of keys for your very own?

Cass: Hey, Nicole never mentioned that you were droll in the morning.

Drew: You know, if you insist on breaking into my hotel suite, maybe I can lend some authenticity to the situation by calling hotel security.

Cass: Ooh.

Drew: On second thought, maybe I'll just throw your butt out myself.

Cass: Ooh! I didn't come here to prowl, Drew.

Drew: Hmm, must be about the Cory takeover. Aren't you getting a little bored with my business?

Cass: I came here to discuss Nicole.

Drew: Ah. Well, now, that's a much better topic. I can take a few minutes of this.

Cass: Would you please can the Charles Boyer routine here, pal? Save the charm for people that it works on, ok?

Drew: Like Nicole?

Cass: She is a sucker for old movies, as a matter of fact. And every now and then I have to give her a reality check, and this is one of those times.

Drew: Mm-hmm. Well, my feelings for Nicole are genuine, and I think she's intelligent enough to recognize that.

Cass: You couldn't care less about Nicole. All she is to you is another acquisition.

[Monitor flatlines]

Doctor: Jamie, Sam’s gone.

Jamie: No, no, it can't be.

Doctor: It was beyond our control. We tried everything possible. We just couldn't prevent cardiac arrest.

Jamie: No! Get that crash cart back over here. Do it! Another black cart, another epi! Come on, hurry! I'll do compressions. I am not going to let Sam die. One, two, three, four, five -- breathe! One, two, three, four –

Rachel: Oh, this waiting is maddening. Poor Amanda.

Mac: She just doesn't want to talk to anyone, darling.

Rachel: She needs us.

Mac: We're right here for her. She knows that.

Ada: Give her some space, honey. She's terrified.

Rachel: I don't know why any of this has happened.

Mac: What happened to Mitch?

Ada: I talked him into getting something to eat. He and Felicia went to the cafeteria.

Rachel: Mom, you've been here all night. Don't you want to go home and go to sleep?

Ada: I'm staying right here until that surgery is over.

Mac: Who would have thought it would take so long? I just wish I knew what was going on in there.

Amanda: Sam, I'm with you. Please, please be strong for both of us.

Rachel: Where's Matthew? Did he wander off? He seemed so upset.

Ada: Oh, I think he and the kids probably went back to the house to wait it out.

Mac: Well, just as well. Nothing they can do here. All up to the surgeons now.

Rachel: Poor Jamie. He's taking this so personally.

Mac: How could he not? Sam's part of our family now.

Mac: Hello, Mary.

Mary: Hi. Has there been any word? Oh, I'm so sorry. Well, we're all praying for him.

Mac: We appreciate that.

Mary: Well, let me know if there's anything I can do.

Mac: We will. How's your job going, dear?

Mary: Oh, I love it. I love working with the people. The paperwork makes me crazy. Which reminds me, I have a whole mountain of paperwork to get ready this morning for the child welfare authorities.

Rachel: About Mikey?

Mary: Yeah, I'm going over to check up on him right now.

Mac: He's lucky to have you to look out for him.

Mary: You have every reason to believe that Sam is going to pull through this. He's having terrific care. Well, I'll -- I'll check back with you later. Bye.

Mac: Thank you, Mary.

Ada: Take care, Mary. There's Jamie.

Drew: You got a lot of gall, I'll give you that -- to stand there and presume you know how I feel for Nicole.

Cass: You wouldn't know a feeling if it smacked you in the face.

Drew: Oh, and you're an expert?

Cass: Well, I'm no Browning, Keats, or Shelley, but I do know Nicole, and she's one of the most passionate, emotional women I've ever met.

Drew: One of the most? One of the most? Cass Winthrop, the great womanizer --

Cass: You know I'm right. She represents nothing more to you than a conquest. A merger, so to speak.

Drew: I love her.

Cass: I love her.

Drew: "Love." You barely know her. Nicole and I have a history together.

Cass: Nicole and you are history. You're nothing but a blast from the past. I'm the one who's involved with her right now. In a very short period of time, we've developed a very deep relationship.

Drew: Deep? You're playmates.

Cass: Let me try to put it to you in terms that you might comprehend. And please, stop me if I use too many multisyllabic words.

Drew: What are you driving at?

Cass: I challenge you, Marsten, for Nicole’s affections.

Drew: You can't be serious.

Cass: Afraid of the competition?

Drew: It's not even a contest.

Cass: Look, I know she's torn between the two of us. Let's let her decide on her own.

Drew: If you insist.

Cass: Good. Remember, though, you've lost her already once, and history has a tricky way of repeating itself.

Drew: Oh. Well, may the best man win.

Cass: Why, thank you. I'm sure I will. Nicole.

Nicole: I am nobody's door prize. Got it?

Vicky: I feel so helpless. This is all my fault.

[Lisa coughs]

Vicky: What are you coughing for? There's enough air in here!

Adam: Be quiet, both of you.

Vicky: Five minutes --

Lisa: There's not much slack on this line.

Adam: Jason, have you reached Mikey yet?

Jason: Almost there.

Vicky: Well, then take the line! Take it! There's enough.

Adam: He may not be able to. Just wait.

Vicky: Oh, five minutes. How could this have happened in five minutes? I was just at Amanda’s.

Adam: Don't blame yourself.

Vicky: Yeah, well who else is there to blame?

Lisa: Vicky, just concentrate on this right now.

Vicky: Oh, please!

Jason: Oh!

Vicky: What is it?

Adam: Are you ok, Jason?

Jason: I don't know how much lower I can go. I'm afraid I'll crack this pipe open, and that's where the leak is.

Adam: Is Mikey still conscious?

Jason: Yeah.

Vicky: Please, baby -- please stay awake.

Jason: I'm coming, Mikey. I'm coming.

Jason: Slack!

Adam: Are you all right?

Jason: I'm fine. I know what I'm doing. Rescue operations was part of my job in the navy. If I can just get my foot behind this pipe without opening it up -- ok, I'm clear.

Vicky: Oh, thank you.

Adam: You got enough line?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm almost to him.

Vicky: I can't stand this.

Jason: Somebody go upstairs and get a blanket. He's going to need one.

Lisa: I'll go.

Vicky: They're by the bathroom, on the closet shelf. It's open. Hurry! What else can I do, Adam?

Adam: Just stay calm. Jason's got this whole thing under control, all right?

Vicky: Yeah. What is that?

Adam: It's the gas.

Vicky: No!

Jason: Mikey. Mike? Hey, Mikey. I'm coming. It's ok. It's ok. Oh. I'm coming, right there. Right there. Yeah. Ok. Just relax. Slack! Ok. Ok, reach up, buddy. Just reach up. A little further. Just a little further. Just a little further.

Nicole: I am not going to be a pawn in your macho, chest-beating competition.

Cass: Chest-beating? Is that what we were doing?

Nicole: Ugh. You know what I mean, Cass. I thought you had more respect for me. I thought you both did.

Drew: Nicole, I was trying not to be involved with this. You know I have no need to vie for your attention.

Cass: Oh, please. Here we go again. Are you really -- isn't it too early in the morning for -- what -- this kind of theatrics?

Nicole: You guys! Why do you two have to constantly antagonize each other? And me?

Drew: Well, you do bring out the competitor in us.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, please get over it. It's driving me crazy!

Cass: Come on, let's just go home and have some breakfast.

Nicole: No, I came to talk with Drew.

Drew: Well, I think that's a lovely idea. The only problem is I have an overseas business call I should have made five minutes ago if somebody hadn't let themselves into my room. But once I'm done, you have my undivided attention.

Nicole: That's fine. That'll give me a moment alone with Cass.

Cass: Oh, well, you will also have my undivided attention.

Drew: I'll make it fast.

Nicole: Thank you Drew. Ugh.

Cass: Nicole, it is beyond my comprehension how a woman of your talent could even tolerate this guy.

Nicole: Drew is a gentleman, Cass, and he's really a wonderful person. You would find that out if you would just give him a chance.

Cass: No, thanks. You've given him enough chances for the both of us.

Nicole: Ugh. Cass, don't pout.

Cass: "Don't be angry! Don't fight over me! Don't pout!" What do you expect me to do? I'm in love with you!

Nicole: And I'm in love with you! That's what I came to tell Drew.

Cass: Oh. It is?

Nicole: Yes. Now, I don't want to lose his friendship, but he's got to back off when it comes to rekindling our romance.

Cass: Yeah, he does. That's really why you came over here, to tell him that?

Nicole: Yes, and I'm going to if you will just get lost for a while and keep your nose out of it, ok?

Cass: Ok. Consider me lost. After I kiss you.

Cass: Here I thought I was -- whatever.

Nicole: What?

Cass: This was easy.

Nicole: Well, explaining to Drew won't be so easy.

Cass: But you can do it. I know you can do it. And just think what'll be waiting for you when you get back to the salon.

Nicole: I do love you, Cass.

Cass: I do love you, too. Hurry home.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: Bye now, Drewski!

Nicole: Cass.

Amanda: No.

Jamie: Amanda, the surgery is completed.

Rachel: Sweetie, no --

Mac: Amanda --

Rachel: I'm going with her.

Jamie: No, Mom, she needs to be alone.

Rachel: She needs us!

Jamie: Stay here. I'll take care of her.

Rachel: I feel so helpless.

Ada: Honey, Jamie knows what he's doing. He's used to dealing with patients' families, too, you know?

Rachel: Dr. Abbott, Jamie just said that the surgery is over with. How's Sam?

Mac: He's all right? He made it through the operation?

Dr. Abbott: After we stopped the bleeding, Sam went into cardiac arrest.

Rachel: Oh, no!

Dr. Abbott: But we managed to revive him. He'll pull through, thanks to Jamie.

Mac: Was there residual damage?

Dr. Abbott: Sam's still unconscious. It's impossible to make any further prognosis at this point. We've taken him to the intensive care unit of the recovery room, and we can only wait.

Mac: What do you expect?

Rachel: More waiting?

Dr. Abbott: Well, I wish I could give you more of an answer, Mr. Cory, but -- well, it doesn't look good.

Rachel: Sam's eyesight? There is something more, isn't there?

Mac: Please tell us.

Dr. Abbott: Well, there is the possibility that the operation, compounded with the seizure and cardiac trauma -- well, it could leave Sam brain-dead.

Tracy: Right now he is in an operating room. The doctors don't even know if he's going to live, and if he does live, he may be left blind! Amanda's pregnant. What -- what is she supposed to do if she has to raise a baby on her own, huh? But I guess you never thought about that. You never realized how many people you could hurt.

Tad: It's not my fault, Tracy. You, your brother, and Matt Cory are the ones to blame. Don't try to hang it on me!

Tracy: That is not true! The only thing we did wrong was try to protect ourselves from you and your so-called friends.

Tad: That's a lot of bull. I can't believe that you were dumb enough to come up here like this. I thought all you could do is run around after your big brother, Kevin. Does he know you're here, Tracy?

Tracy: No. No, he doesn’t. He has enough to worry about back in Bay City with matt and his family.

Tad: Oh, that's so sweet of him.

Tracy: Stop. Look, this has gone too far. So you better back off, tad, before someone else gets hurt.

Tad: Yeah. And guess who that someone's going to be. I'm here with Peggy brown

Tracy: You don't scare me anymore, tad.

Tad: Not even a little? You're a tease, Tracy. You led me on.

Tracy: That is not true. I don't know what happened to make you think that.

Tad: Oh. You were only being nice, right? Just like all the other poor girls at the red lion. You know, you and your brother make me sick. You tried to kill me. Did you get that, you little slut?

Tracy: That's not true!

Tad: You tried to kill me!

Tracy: That is not true! When you fell, that was an accident! Matt went and called the doctor! He saved you!

Tad: That's a lie. That's not how it was, right guys?

Tracy: Please stop it! You're such a jerk; I should have known you would have been like this! You have to stop treating people like this, tad, please!

Tad: Like what? Like garbage? You are garbage. Only this time your bodyguards aren't around to protect you.

Tracy: Stop it!

Tad: And there's no clip. I'm not going to stop it. This time it's just my friends and you and me.

Matthew: Let her go, tad!

Kevin: You heard him! Let her go!

Tad: Yeah, I heard you. Who wants her anyway? I'd rather get my hands on the two of you.

Jamie: Amanda --

Amanda: Go away.

Jamie: Come on, honey. It's going to be ok.

Amanda: No, it's not. Everybody keeps saying that, but it's not. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Jamie: Honey, it's out of our hands now. We have to wait and see what will happen when he wakes up.

Amanda: I don't --

Jamie: Amanda, it's amazing that Sam has survived this much. Don't give up on him.

Amanda: I can't wait anymore! I can't trust anymore!

Jamie: You have to for Sam.

Amanda: It wasn't supposed to be this hard. Jamie, can't you do anything? Please, I've never asked you for anything like this before. Please, for me?

Jamie: I wish I could. I've tried my best. You know that. There's just nothing more we can do.

Amanda: There has to be! Sam's too tired! He can't keep fighting like this.

Jamie: He'll keep fighting as long as he has to. He has you for inspiration.

Amanda: I just want -- I want this all to be over. I want everything to be the way it was.

Jamie: Hang on. He'll wake up soon. Just hang on.

Jason: Get her away from the edge, Adam! I need more of that flashlight beam down here.

Adam: Keep your face covered, Jason.

Jason: I only got two hands.

Adam: Stay on the line.

Vicky: Yeah. Oh! Help!

Mary: Oh, my --

Vicky: Mary, what are you doing here?

Mary: I went over to your father's to find you, and then when you weren't there, I came here and I ran into Lisa. How did this happen?

Adam: We'll talk about it later. Put the blanket down there.

Lisa: I called the gas company. They're shutting off the line.

Adam: Good.

Jason: All right, keep the light steady.

Mary: Is that Jason?

Adam: Yeah, he's almost to Mikey.

Jason: All right, hold that light steady. Steady on the light. All right, slack! I'm coming, Mikey. Not quite so. Tighten up a little. Hi, honey. Can you reach up, sweetheart? Just reach up. That a boy. That a boy. I got him. Can you reach up further to get my arm? Let me have the other hand. That a boy. That a boy. Come on. Watch your head. You ok? Anything hurt, honey? Anything hurt? Ok, grab hold of my neck. Put your arms around my neck. I got him!

Adam: All right!

Vicky: What if the line breaks? How far down are they?

Lisa: Just be quiet!

Jason: Get ready to pull!

Adam: Take it easy, take it easy.

Lisa: Get ready to pull, Vicky.

Vicky: Why is it taking so long? Would you pull?

Mary: No, you have to go easy. Steady.

Adam: Easy! Come on, I can see him.

Vicky: Come on, baby!

Adam: I can see him. He's coming. Come on.

Jason: Tighter. Give me more rope. Come on, pull! Ok, now I'm going to -- I'm going to hand him up. Adam?

Vicky: Here he is!

Adam: Get him.

Vicky: Mikey! Come here, baby!

Adam: You got him.

Vicky: Oh, baby, come here. Oh -- oh, baby.

Jason: Hey, I'm still down here, too.

Adam: We haven't forgotten you. Come on, pull him up.

Vicky: Oh, baby.

Adam: Give me a hand.

Vicky: Oh, baby. Yes.

Adam: Congratulations. You saved his life.

Lisa: That was wonderful, Jason.

Jason: It was a piece of cake. I had a good support team. Hey.

Vicky: Oh!

Jason: Good boy.

Nicole: "Drew, I'm in love with Cass, so what we had can only be a terrific memory." It was terrific. No, he bailed out on me. "Drew, you've grown in a different direction than I have. Now, how can I trust that that won't happen again?" Oh, that makes me sound insecure. "Drew, I think that you and I -- I think that we should --"

Drew: You think what?

Nicole: Uh, I think that -- that we've put off this conversation long enough.

Drew: So do I. So tell me -- do you think you could or would be ready to marry a guy like me?

Nicole: No. I'm not ready. Not at all.

Drew: Well, that's fair. I guess I've -- I've kind of pressured you. I shouldn't have done that. I should be more patient.

Nicole: Well, hey, you always know the perfect thing to say. How do you do that?

Drew: I say what I feel.

Nicole: Well, I have to say some things.

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