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Another World Transcript Wednesday 4/28/04

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Adam: Say what? Yeah. Yeah, I remember the bust. Yeah, it was a good one. There shouldn't be any problems. All right, well, call and let me know. Yeah, me too. I felt feelings that I haven't felt for a very long time.

Lisa: You know, it's talk like that that gets us into trouble, ok?

Adam: No more talk.

Rachel: Adam? You busy?

Adam: Rachel. No, I'm just reviewing one of a hundred different cases. I don't know what it is with me -- I don't seem to be able to stay on top of my work anymore.

Rachel: Well, maybe I can come back.

Adam: No, no. No, it's all right. I could use an excuse to take a break. Come on in. Oh -- would you care for some coffee? Strong coffee?

Rachel: No, thank you.

Adam: What can I do for you, Rachel?

Rachel: Well, it's -- it's about Jamie.

Adam: Oh.

Rachel: And Lisa.

Adam: I don't think I'm the person that you need to speak to about this.

Rachel: Did you have anything to do with them breaking up?

Lisa: Come on, Jamie.

Jason: Hi.

Lisa: Hi, Jason. Jamie told me to let myself in. He said there was a key under the mat.

Jason: That's fine by me.

Lisa: We're supposed to meet here, but he's a little late.

Jason: Looks like it.

Lisa: Well, I'll just wait if you don't mind.

Jason: Well, if I see him at the hospital, I could tell him you're out here waiting.

Lisa: You sick?

Jason: No, I go before the board. I'm making a bid for frame construction on the new hospital wing.

Lisa: Oh. Good luck.

Jason: Thank you.

Lisa: Well, don't let me keep you. Go ahead.

Jason: Suit yourself.

Lisa: Don't do this to me, Jamie.

Amanda: Sam, Sam, please be ok. Help! Somebody help me!

Vicky: Now, sweetheart, you stay right there!

Amanda: Vicky!

Vicky: I have to help Amanda!

Amanda: Vicky, the door's open!

Vicky: Amanda, what happened?

Amanda: I don't know! He was ok and then he just passed -- he just fell!

Vicky: Ok, here we go. Ok. It's ok. Let's just --

Amanda: He's ok, isn't he? Isn't he?

Vicky: He's got a pulse but it's irregular.

Amanda: No. Sam!

Vicky: It's ok. I need an ambulance right away. This is an emergency! 39 Bainbridge Street, Southwest Corner. It's the loft building. The name is Fowler. The name of the patient is Sam Fowler. He's unconscious. He's being treated for a blood clot. Yes, I need you to get in touch with Dr. Jamie Frame. I don't care if he's off-duty! Just get in touch with him! Amanda, did he have a seizure?

Amanda: I don't know. His hands trembled for a while and then he fell.

Vicky: A possible seizure. My name is Victoria Hudson. Please hurry! Ok, they're going to send the ambulance right away. Ok, Sam, it's ok.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Vicky: This is in case he has another seizure. I've just got to loosen his collar.

Amanda: How do you know that?

Vicky: You hang around the hospital, you learn these things. It's ok, Sam. Just hang in there, baby. Just hang in there.

Amanda: I don't understand! He was fine! We were standing there, he was laughing!

Vicky: Amanda, just stay calm. You've just got to hold on, ok? Just hang in there.. Ok, Sam.

Mary: John.

John: Hi.

Mary: Aren't you a little early?

John: Oh, only an hour or so. I got tired of waiting around the boat being nervous. I thought I'd come down here and be nervous for a while.

Mary: Are you by yourself?

John: Yeah, Jason's not here yet.

Mary: Uh-huh.

John: Mary, can you really do this?

Mary: Do what?

John: Recommend that the contract be awarded to someone else?

Mary: John, I told you my reasons for feeling --

John: I know. I know what you told me. What it all boils down to is the fact that you don't like Jason and you don't want to work with him.

Mary: No, no, it's not that simple. Ple-- oh, are you Baker Construction?

Man: Yes, we are. Is this the room?

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Man: We ought to know. We've been to enough of these things.

Second man: Between you and me, we just about built this place.

John: Bet it didn't take them two hours to figure out what to wear to this thing.

Mary: Do you understand that there are a lot of very experienced contractors in competition with you?

John: Yeah, I know.

Mary: My decision is not going to be based on my own personal feelings.

John: Ok.

Mary: Are you going to make the presentation?

John: No, no, I'm no good at that stuff. I'm going to let Jason do all the talking. I'm just going to sit behind him and try to look competent and trustworthy.

Mary: Why do you put yourself down?

John: You're not going to award this contract to us, are you?

Mary: I have to go inside..

John: Sure. I'll just wait out here for Jason.

Mary: I really wish that -- I just want you to understand how I feel.

Rachel: I'm sorry. I didn't mean that to sound like an accusation.

Adam: Oh, that's ok. I know Jamie is your son. Ahem.

Rachel: You're a part of my family, too, Adam. It's just that Jamie is unhappy, and I want to know if he's brought this on himself or if somebody else had something to do with it.

Adam: You think he's unhappy because of Lisa?

Rachel: He's trying very hard to hide it.

Adam: Oh. And very successfully, I think.

Rachel: You think it's his fault?

Adam: Have you talked to Mac about me?

Rachel: That's not why I'm here.

Adam: Why are you here, Rachel?

Rachel: I seem to have brought up children who think that they have to go through problems all by themselves.

Adam: Doesn't sound so bad to me.

Rachel: Until they're hurting, and then they don't let anybody help them. I'm sorry, Adam. I guess I shouldn't have come.

Adam: If Lisa gave me an opening, I'd take it. But she hasn't.

Rachel: I see.

Adam: If Jamie's miserable, it's because he's letting Vicky make him miserable.

Rachel: That's the way Lisa feels.

Adam: Jamie is letting Vicky get between him and Lisa. And I'll tell you something else -- you're right.

Rachel: About what?

Adam: There's not a thing you can do about it.

Rachel: There was a time when Jamie used to come to Mac and me with his problems, but he's not talking to us about this. You and he used to be so close, but he can't talk to you and he can't talk to Lisa.

Adam: Jamie's a big boy. Jamie's doing what Jamie wants to do. Sorry, Rachel. I guess I didn't make you feel much better, did I?

Rachel: That's not why I came.

Adam: Look, if it's -- if it's any help, she still loves him. Lisa will wait until he comes around.

Rachel: I hope he does come around. Well, I'll let you get back to work. Thank you for being so honest. You're a good man, Adam.

Adam: Yeah. I'm a real good man, huh?

Vicky: Hang in there.

Amanda: Jamie.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: How long has he been like this?

Amanda: Uh --

Vicky: About 10 minutes. His -- his pulse is irregular and his breathing is shallow.

Jamie: This is not good.

Amanda: Jamie, do something!

Jamie: Amanda, pull yourself together. I'm going to need your help until the paramedics arrive. Damn it, he's arresting.

Vicky: Jamie, what is it?

Jamie: We have to do C.P.R.

Amanda: I can do that!

Jamie: Amanda --

Amanda: I can do that! He's my husband! I can take care of him!

Jamie: Ok. One, two, three.

Jamie: Come on, breathe. Come on.

Vicky: Come on, Sam, hang in there.

Jamie: Hurry up! He's arresting! I'm Dr. Frame. Get the defibrillator. We may need it.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Come on, Sam, fight! One and two and three --

Vicky: Come on, Sam.

Jamie: Four, five -- breathe! One, two, three, four, five -- breathe!

Paramedic: Ok, I'll take over here.

Vicky: Come on, Amanda.

Jamie: One, two --

Amanda: What are they doing?

Jamie: Three --

Vicky: It's ok.

Jamie: Four, five -- breathe! One, two, three, four, five -- breathe!

Vicky: Come on, Sam.

Jamie: One, two, three, four, five -- breathe. One, two --

Vicky: Come on, it's ok.

Jamie: Three --

Vicky: It's ok.

Jamie: Four, five --

Vicky: It's ok.

Jamie: Breathe. One --

Vicky: Come on, Sam.

[Monitor flat lines]

Jamie: Two, three, four, five --

Paramedic: Ok, v-fib.

Jamie: Breathe. Ok, stand back. Stand back.

Paramedic: All right, all clear.

Jamie: Charge it!

Paramedic: Clear.

Amanda: Sam!

Jamie: Ok, we have to do this!

Amanda: Did it work?

[Monitor beeps]

Paramedic: We've got a sinus rhythm.

Jamie: All right, let's move him!

Amanda: Is he ok?

Jamie: Start the I.V. in the ambulance and incubate him. Come on, let's go!

Vicky: Let's go, Sam.

Jamie: Right over here.

Vicky: Hang in there, buddy. Come on, Sam.

Jamie: Come on..

Paramedic: Ok. All right, let's go.

Vicky: Ok, Sam.

Paramedic: Got him?

Second paramedic: Got him, got him. One, two, three!

Vicky: Amanda, have you called your parents?

Amanda: No!

Vicky: Ok, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it, I'll take care of it. Hang on, Sam.

Paramedic: Ok, ready to move?

Jamie: Yeah, go ahead.

Paramedic: Let's move.

Jamie: Let's move it. Vicky, you've been great.. Thank you.

Vicky: I -- I need to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Cory. It's -- this is an emergency!

Jason: Still here?

Lisa: Still here.

Jason: Maybe he had some emergency come up at the hospital.

Lisa: Well, he's off-duty by now.

Jason: Well, why hasn't he shown up?

Lisa: Don't let me keep you from your board meeting.

Jason: Oh, no, I -- I got a few minutes. That's quite a nice dress.

Lisa: Thank you.

Jason: There's something different about you. Is it your hair or your makeup?

Lisa: Everybody needs a change now and then.

Jason: No, it's not that. It's the dress -- it's kind of like one Vicky would wear.

Lisa: I'll take it back in the morning.

Jason: Some people might say you were trying to dress like her now.

Lisa: Is there a point to all of this?

Jason: Yeah. It's touching.

Lisa: What?

Jason: That you get all made-up for Jamie, you come out here to wait for him alone. That's very courageous on your part.

Lisa: Obviously, you don't know me very well, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, somebody else might've given up. I think I underestimated you.

Lisa: Yes, you did, and so did Vicky. Why don't you remember that the next time you two start scheming?

Jason: Don't involve me in problems you've got with --

Lisa: Oh, you are involved!

Jason: Look, all I would like for my nephew is that -- a woman that appreciates him.

Lisa: Appreciates him or uses him?

Jason: If you dressed like that a couple months ago, you might not be out here waiting for him alone.

Lisa: Don't try to intimidate me.

Jason: Me?

Lisa: It won't work.

Jason: Lisa, I'm not trying to do anything, honestly.

Lisa: Jamie will be here, and it won't be because I use a lot of tricks. That's Vicky's style.

Jason: Hmm.

Lisa: He'll be here because I love him and he loves me, and you and Vicky can't do anything to change that.

Jason: Fine. Where is he?

Vicky: Mikey, I'm sorry I left you alone, sweetheart, but Sam got really sick. Mikey? Mikey? I did close that door, didn't I? Mikey?

[TV plays]

Vicky: If you're playing a game with me, I'm not laughing! No. Mikey? Mikey! Mikey, where are you? Mikey? Mikey! Mikey? Where are you? Mikey, come on! Honey, where are you? Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! No! Oh, don't panic! Don't panic! You've just got to think, Vicky! Just think! Oh, God! Come on. Mikey? Ok, you can't call the police, no. You can't call Bridget. Bridget will just get nervous. She's got to call -- oh, Dad, where are you? Oh. Ok -- oh, yes! Please, I'll do anything.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Please, God. Please don't let him be far away. Jason!

Jason: I was just talking about you.

Lisa: Is that Jamie?

Jason: No.

Vicky: Who's there with you?

Jason: Lisa, Lisa Grady.

Vicky: Oh, no.

Jason: What is it?

Vicky: It's -- it's Mikey. I went over to help Amanda and I came back and he's gone. I don't know where he is!

Jason: Were you there alone with him?

Vicky: I --

Lisa: That's Vicky, isn't it?

Vicky: I didn't mean to leave him alone! It's just that I went to help Amanda and then I came back and he was gone! He was watching TV. I only left him for a few minutes, though, Jason, and now he's gone. Please, you've got to help me.

Jason: I'm just walking out the door to a board meeting --

Vicky: Jason, this is an emergency! Please! Now, my dad's out of town! You've really got to help me with this! Now, I can't call the police because then Lisa will find out. She already wants to take Mikey away from me.

Jason: All right, ok. I'll --

Vicky: Thank you, but don't tell anybody. We've got to do this alone. We've got to find Mikey.

Jason: I'll -- I'll be right over and I won't say a word to anybody.

Vicky: Ok.

Lisa: She's with Jamie, isn't she? Is that what you're not supposed to tell me, Jason? Jason! He wouldn't do this to me. He wouldn't dare.

[Car starts]

Lisa: Ok, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. Maybe he did have an emergency. Hello. Is Dr. Jamie Frame still at the hospital? Oh, hi, Connie. Yeah, he was supposed to meet me, but he's very late and I was wondering -- oh. When did he leave? Right after Vicky Hudson called, right. No, there'll be no message. No, thanks. I don't need to see him now. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you very much. Bye. There's only one more and then you're up.

John: How long are these presentations taking?

Mary: About 20 minutes.

John: Well, Jason's not here yet.

Mary: Do you think there's a problem?

John: No, no. It's just that he should be here by now.

Mary: Are you really surprised?

John: By what?

Mary: That you're counting on him and he's not here?

John: Look, Jason will be here. This is way too important for him to mess it up.

Mary: You could do it.

John: No, no, no. No way.

Mary: Why not? You're going to be in charge of the work. You make the speech.

John: Mary, I am not the most diplomatic guy in the world under the best of circumstances. I -- I would offend everyone in that room in under three minutes. I'm not about to give you any more ammunition to turn us down. Just wait till Jason shows up. When he gives his presentation, you'll see why we make a good team and why we should be awarded that contract.

Mary: Then I hope he shows up for your sake.

John: He will.

Mary: Mr. Stevens? Right in here. I have to go in.

John: Come on, Jason! Where are you?

[Monitor beeps]


Jamie: Get him set up for a CAT scan, stat.

Nurse: Right away, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: And get him stabilized first. He's already arrested once.

Amanda: Sam -- I'm going with him!

Jamie: Not now, Amanda.

Nurse: Oh, you poor kid. Look, I know you've had it rough, but look, you've got to try to remain calm. You've got to think about your baby, too.

Amanda: I'm fine. Go help Sam.

Nurse: Look, I'll be here if you need me.

Amanda: Somebody please help him!

Vicky: Ok, so I'll call you if I hear anything from the hospital.

Jason: Vicky --

Vicky: Oh, Jason, I haven't heard anything and I've just been calling the neighbors.

Jason: You let them know that he's missing?

Vicky: No, I just told them about Sam. I thought that for sure they would tell me if Mike was wandering around here alone. How could I do this? I'm so stupid!

Jason: Was he left alone? What?

Vicky: No, I didn't mean to! It was just that Amanda was calling for help.

Jason: For what?

Vicky: Sam. He had a seizure and he can't breathe. He stopped breathing when Jamie was working on him.

Jason: That's where Jamie was.

Vicky: Yeah, I thought Mikey would stay here. I mean, he was watching TV. I thought he was half asleep.

Jason: Was the door left open?

Vicky: I didn't mean to leave the door open! I just --

Jason: Relax, just relax. Where have you looked?

Vicky: Nowhere. I've been waiting here to see if he would show up, and I've just been calling the neighbors.

Jason: All right, he couldn't use the elevator, so --

Vicky: No, he can't even reach the buttons.

Jason: Stairwells, though. I will check the stairwells, then I'm going next door.

Vicky: Ok, I'll just call people.

Jason: Call the police.

Vicky: I can't.

Jason: If anybody else finds a 2-year-old, they're going to call the cops --

Vicky: I know, but, Jason, they're going to think I'm unfit and they're going to take him away from me! Lisa will make sure of that.

Matthew: Vicky?

Vicky: Matthew, hi.

Jason: Matt.

Matthew: Hi.

Vicky: You know Jason, right?

Matthew: Yeah, sure. This is a friend of mine, Tracy Julian.

Jason: Hi, how are you?

Tracy: Hi, how are you?

Matthew: We were just over at Sam and Amanda's. No one's there.

Vicky: Um -- Matthew, he got really sick.

Matthew: He did? When?

Tracy: But he was fine when we last saw him.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. It happened very suddenly, and they're on their way to the hospital.

Matthew: We'd better get down there. Do Mac and my mother know about this?

Vicky: Your mom knows about it, yeah.

Matthew: Ok, ok. Come on, let's go.

Jason: You really aren't going to tell anybody about it.

Vicky: I can't, Jason.

Jason: Look, a little kid like that, out there --

Vicky: Can we please just look for him?

Jason: Who are you thinking about, yourself or the kid?

Vicky: I'm thinking about him, Jason. I love him. Nobody else loves that baby as much as I do. Now, can we just look in the neighborhood or something? If we don't find him, I'll call the police.

Jason: You finish. You talk to everybody, all the neighbors. Try janitors' closets. I will go down stairwells and I am going next door.

Vicky: All right.

Jason: You got a flashlight?

Vicky: Yeah, over here. Here.

Jason: Thanks.

Vicky: Uh, Jason -- thank you. I know you're missing your meeting for this.

Jason: Forget the meeting. We don't find the kid now, I call the cops.

Vicky: Ok.

Adam: Well, this is hopeless.. This is -- this is hopeless. Lisa.

Lisa: You going home?

Adam: Yeah, I was, but --

Lisa: No, it's all right. Go ahead. I just wanted to use the computer.

Adam: You did?

Lisa: Yeah. That proposal of mine, the one the commissioner asked about?

Adam: The summer program?

Lisa: Right, right, right. I need some budget information.

Adam: It's in there.

Lisa: I know. You don't have to stay.

Adam: I know. I --

Lisa: It's due on Friday, and I just -- I need to get the figures.

Adam: Can I say something to you?

Lisa: What?

Adam: I don't think I've ever seen you look as beautiful as you look tonight.

Lisa: Oh, Adam.

Adam: Lisa? Lisa, I didn't mean it.

Lisa: No.

Adam: Lisa?

Rachel: Amanda, I came as soon as I got the message. What happened?

Amanda: It's Sam.

Rachel: What happened?

Amanda: I don't know.

Rachel: What's wrong?

Amanda: He was fine, and then he put his hands up and he started shaking and he fell. I was holding him, and then Vicky came. And then Jamie came, and Sam stopped -- his heart stopped. So --

Rachel: Wait a minute -- his heart stopped?

Amanda: Jamie told me what to do, so I did it. And then Jamie got his heart started again with some kind of electric things on his chest.

Rachel: What did Jamie tell you to do?

Amanda: C.P.R.

Rachel: Why?

Amanda: Well, it had to be me. I'm the one that takes care of Sam. I should be in there with him, but Jamie won't let me.

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What happened to Sam, does it have to do with the blood clot?

Amanda: I don't know. Jamie doesn't tell me anything. I didn't let him do anything strenuous. We didn't even go out to a Lamaze class.

Rachel: Honey, it's not your fault.

Amanda: I tried so hard to take care of him. If anything happens to him --

Rachel: Honey, honey, it's ok. You've been coping with too much for too long. Honey, you're pregnant.

Amanda: I'm ok.

Rachel: When was the last time you ate something?

Amanda: I don't know.

Rachel: I'm going to get you something.

Amanda: No!

Rachel: Amanda, you got pregnant and you got married, and for some reason you think you have to shoulder all the responsibility here. Well, you don't have to do that. That's what a family is for. I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to get you something to eat, and then I'm going to find Jamie and find out what's going on with Sam, and we'll proceed from there.

Amanda: Don't go. I don't know if I can stand all this much more if you're not here.

Rachel: Oh, sweetie.

Amanda: Oh, what am I going to do?

Vicky: Mikey! Oh, where are you? Why can't I hear you? Oh, baby, you wouldn't have gone anywhere without your bunny.

Jason: Vicky?

Vicky: Oh, any luck?

Jason: No.

Vicky: Jason, he wouldn't have gone anywhere without his bunny. What if somebody came in here and took him?

Jason: We have to consider that possibility.

Vicky: No. He's so cute and he trusts everybody, and he could have seen somebody and somebody could have picked him up and just taken -- he wouldn't have gone anywhere without his bunny.

Jason: People think you're as tough as nails.

Vicky: I am.

Jason: Sure. There's no way he would have just disappeared. Somebody would have had to have seen him.

Vicky: I hope so.

Jason: There's one thing I didn't check. I'll be right back.

Vicky: Jason, about the police -- I was wrong. I'll call them. I'm going to do anything. I just want to find this baby.

Jason: Great, but stay here in case he walks back in the door. I'll be right back, I promise.

Vicky: Baby, baby, please come back. Please come back, Mikey. Please.

Mary: Thank you. He's still not here?

John: I can't believe it!

Mary: John, we've heard everybody else. If you don't go inside there right now --

John: I know, I know. We don't have a chance.

Mary: I think you should talk to them yourself.

John: You know, maybe you were right.

Mary: About what? About Jason?

John: What do I do? Do I go in there and tell the board members, "Look, guys, I think you ought to have the hospice built by a guy who's so completely unreliable he doesn't even bother to show up to ask for the job"?

Mary: You're here.

John: So what? They don't know me.

Mary: They don't know Jason, either. For goodness sakes, John, come on! Give it a shot.

John: All right, just give me a minute, ok?

Mary: All right, but I'm going in there and tell them you're out here and you're ready to speak.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mary: Ladies and gentlemen, John Hudson representing Frame Construction.

John: Hi.

Man: Frame Construction? Wasn't that Stephen Frame's company?

John: That's right.

Man: But he's dead. That company's defunct.

John: No, it's not. Stephen's brother, Jason and I plan to reform the company.

Woman: You plan to?

Man: Where's Jason Frame?

John: He's been detained.

Man: This must not be important, then.

Second man: What about Rachel Cory? I thought she owned the company.

John: Look, what is this, a board meeting or an inquisition?

Mary: John --

John: I told you they didn't want to hear from me.

Mary: John -- oh, he'll be back. Please, just -- you must hear him out. John!

John: What?

Mary: John, you can't just leave.

John: I can't leave? You're not going to give us the bid. Those people in there don't care what I have to say. Jason doesn't care enough to show up. Why should I care?

Mary: Because of what you said to me this morning. Because of those men, the veterans, who work for you. I think you should go back in there and tell those people what you told me this morning. I think it would knock their socks off.

John: And what about you, Mary? You make the final recommendation.

Mary: I will abide by whatever the board decides. I promise you that. Please, John, give yourself another chance. Please.

Adam: Can you talk now? Why don't you tell me what's going on. What's happening here?

Lisa: You said I look nice.

Adam: I promise I won't pay you any more compliments.

Lisa: It's not that, Adam. I don't look like this by accident. I did it on purpose.

Adam: Really?

Lisa: For Jamie.

Adam: Oh.

Lisa: This dress -- this dress isn't me.. I don't know what I was thinking.

Adam: If you ask me, I think you look pretty sensational. Sorry, no more compliments. I promised. What did Jamie say?

Lisa: Nothing.

Adam: He didn't notice?

Lisa: He didn't show up.

Adam: What?

Lisa: I called him and I asked him to meet me, and he told me to go to Jason's and he'd meet me there.

Adam: And he didn't come?

Lisa: Nope. And on top of it all, I had to spend time with Jason, which is always a treat.

Adam: Why didn't he show up?

Lisa: His service said he got a call from Vicky.

Adam: Oh.

Lisa: She had an emergency.

Adam: She probably broke a fingernail or something.

Lisa: He doesn't care. He just doesn't care.

Adam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lisa: I'm so stupid!

Adam: Why?

Lisa: Buying all these clothes and spending so much time in trying to get his attention and his approval.

Adam: If it makes you feel any better, Rachel was here today. She doesn't understand why he's acting this way either.

Lisa: Well, I guess there's just something about Jamie Frame we'll never understand, any of us.

Adam: Well, that's just not good enough. I mean, this guy's a grownup.. He's got to understand that he just can't treat people like this. Especially you.

Lisa: Thank you.

Adam: Look, you know, I promised Rachel today that I was going to stay out of this, and I know you and I have been through this before --

Lisa: Oh, please, Adam, please don't do this.

Adam: Please, I got something I want to say. I just want to say this. If he keeps treating you like this -- well, if he keeps treating you like this, then, well, he's just a jerk. I mean, that's all there is to it. He's just a jerk.

Lisa: You're right. He's a jerk.

Adam: That's right.

Lisa: And I'm nice.

Adam: That's right, you are nice.

Lisa: And you're nice, too.

Adam: That's right, I'm nice, too.

Lisa: So, how about us two nice people go out and have some fun?

Adam: What about your playground program here?

Lisa: You know that's not why I came here.

Adam: Let's go.

Lisa: Great. Well, at least the dress wasn't a total waste.

Adam: You can say that again.

Matthew: Mom -- Mom, Vicky said something's wrong with Sam.

Rachel: Jamie's in with him..

Matthew: What's wrong with him?

Rachel: We don't know until we talk with Jamie.

Matthew: Well, it's not serious, or anything --

Rachel: From what Amanda says, it could be very serious. I'm sorry, I don't know who you are. I'm Rachel Cory.

Tracy: Hi, I'm Tracy.

Matthew: Tracy is Kevin's sister. Hey, how you doing? Now, is there anything I can do for you, sis?

Amanda: I don't know. I wish that I did. He was fine, you know? And then all of a sudden somebody sends rocks through -- somebody threw rocks through our window, or something, and that's when this whole thing started.

Rachel: What do you mean, rocks? Why they send rocks through --

Amanda: I don't know. I don't know. Matthew, you were up on the roof. Did you see anything or hear anything?

Matthew: No, no. We had our radios on. Rocks? Wait -- someone threw rocks?

Amanda: Yeah.

Matthew: You're not hurt or anything, were you?

Amanda: No, no, I'm not hurt, but that's when -- Jamie.

Rachel: How is he?

Jamie: Amanda, I need your consent for surgery.

Amanda: Surgery?

Rachel: Wait a minute. Tell us what's wrong with him.

Jamie: I don't know, but I don't have time for a lot of explanation.

Amanda: What's wrong?

Jamie: The blood clot in Sam's brain has dislodged.

Amanda: I don't understand.

Jamie: He's had a hemorrhage in his brain. That's what caused the seizure. And without surgery --

Amanda: He could die.

Jamie: This is the consent form.

Amanda: Does he know?

Jamie: He hasn't regained consciousness. This is where you sign, Amanda.

Rachel: Jamie, what are the risks of surgery?

Jamie: Mom, I am not trying to railroad her.

Amanda: It's all right. I want to know.

Jamie: It's very, very risky. He might never regain consciousness.

Rachel: Jamie, how is she supposed to make a decision like that?

Jamie: Mom, she has to! I'm sorry, but the choice is up to you, Amanda.

Amanda: Is -- is he going to die?

Jamie: Without surgery, he will. I'm sorry.

Rachel: I thought you said the medication was going to deal with that clot.

Jamie: This happened before it had time to work. Amanda --

Amanda: You said even with the surgery, he may never be the same again.

Jamie: Amanda, I have called in an excellent surgeon, but there's that risk. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you that.

Amanda: I don't know.

Jamie: Amanda, it's his only chance.

Amanda: Well, no matter what I do, you're telling me he could die, right? Isn't that what you're telling me? He could die!

Mary: He'll be right in.

John: You're right about Frame Construction. We are flying by the seat of our pants right now. In fact, we -- we don't even know if we have right to use the name Frame Construction. But there are a few things that I can tell you for sure. You've all seen the bid. You know that it's fair. And you have my word the work will be done on time and within the limits of that estimate.

Woman: Why should we take your word?

John: Lady, I can't think of one good reason. Except that 95% of my crew are guys that served in Vietnam like I did.. These guys have been given a lot of promises by people over the years, very well-intentioned people. But they know that they can only depend on each other. We've always had to take care of each other. And that's ok, we've gotten used to it. Hell, we've come to expect it. But you see, there's one basic need that hasn't been met for these guys. And it's not a need that's indigenous to the Vietnam veterans; it's inherent in all human beings. And that is to have some pride -- some pride in something, anything. It's true; a lot of these guys have been given fresh starts. But very, very few of them have ever had the opportunity to finish anything in their lives. So, you see, building a hospice will mean a lot more than just a paycheck to these guys. It will mean that finally they will have something tangible to look at and say, "this means I'm home. This means I matter!" So I'm asking you for a chance to do this job, but not just for you or for Bay City. I'm asking for a chance to do it for ourselves. You see, we build a hospital for Bay City, or a hospice, and we rebuild pride for ourselves. Real simple..

Mary: You did ok for a guy who's not a diplomat.

John: Yeah, well, let's see what they think.

Mary: Well, there's going to be some discussion about everyone, but I meant what I said to you. As far as you're concerned, I will go along with whatever they decide.

John: Thanks.

Mary: I have to say something about Jason. He sure knew what he was doing when he picked his partner.

John: Thanks, Mary.

Vicky: Where are you? Where are you? Please, God --

Jason: Vicky --

Vicky: Have you found anything?

Jason: I looked where I said. I didn't see anything.

Vicky: Oh, where could he be, Jason?

Jason: Look, we can't handle this ourselves anymore.

Vicky: All right, call the police.

Jason: I had another idea.

Vicky: What?

Jason: You're not going to like it.

Vicky: I don't care! Anything, Jason!

Jason: Lisa. She's a psychic. She's found kids before, and you said that she had already met Mikey, right?

Vicky: Oh, yeah. She's met him, all right. This is great. The one person who can help me find my baby wants to take him away?

Jason: I think we call her, we call her right now.

Vicky: Go! Call her! Please, Lisa, be home. Help me find my baby..

Lisa: Well, to tell you the truth, Felicia picked it out. I wasn't too sure about it.

Adam: Well, you can't fault her taste, that's for sure.

Lisa: You like it?

Adam: Are you kidding? I love this dress.

Lisa: What?

Adam: I just want to get something straight here. You went out shopping today.

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Adam: You had a meeting with Jamie that wasn't a meeting.

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Adam: You've had a pretty rough day. Are you sure that you want to go out tonight?

Lisa: Adam, I want to go dancing.

Adam: You're the boss. Just give me a minute. I'm going to change. Make yourself at home.

Lisa: Ok.

Adam: Turn some music on.

Singer: Don't be afraid I can meet you halfway

Adam: Hey, you, party animal -- believe it or not, I got neighbors around here.

Lisa: Come here and dance with me.

Adam: What, here?

Lisa: Come here. Yes.

Adam: Here? You really do want to go dancing tonight, don't you?

Lisa: Yes, I do.

Adam: Ooh.

Singer: Wherever we imagine why should we wait? Later on may be too late 'cause where can we run when you see there's half a chance that we might really become

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