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Another World Transcript Thursday 4/22/04

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Marley: Jake!

Jake: Yes, Jake. Wow. Aren't you going to ask your husband to stay?

Felicia: Hi. You're back.

Mitch: Hi.

Felicia: Would you like some? I thought maybe if I ate some junk food, it would be inspirational. It was for a while, until I sort of wrote myself into -- oh, dear.

Mitch: I said goodbye to Loretta. Happy?

Felicia: Well, no, not seeing you like this. Tell me what happened.

Mitch: Nothing. It's just -- she's just very complex.

Felicia: Well, honey, I know she seems complex, but, really, Loretta's only just a Mom. She just wants to love her sons and have them --

Mitch: I know, I know, I know -- and have them love her back. I know where you're going.

Felicia: I'm sure you gave this your best shot, but, you know, that doesn't mean you have to stop trying.

Mitch: I haven't stopped trying. It's just that some things are not going to change.

Felicia: Well, of course not. There's always something that has to be resolved. Why do you think that there's so many self-help books out there, huh?

Mitch: Oh, great. Well, then, the only thing I've got to do is go down to the store and get a self-help book --

Felicia: Mitch --

Mitch: And that'll make a difference. Is that it?

Felicia: Mitch -- Loretta has regrets. She does.

Mitch: Good intentions don't cut it. She wasn't there for me. She wasn't there for Sam. She wasn't there.

Felicia: But you should be able to understand that just a little bit. I mean, you missed most of Matthew's childhood, and look at you now. The two of you have a wonderful relationship.

Mitch: I didn't choose to miss Matthew's childhood.

Felicia: Well, in a way, you did. Is that why you're so anxious to have another child with me?

Singer: I know it's crazy but

Cheryl: Hi, Mom.

Mary: Hi, sweetie.

Singer: My heart and after all this time

Vince: Well, what can I get -- oh, hey.

Mary: Hi. How about a diet soda?

Vince: Sure, sure. What brings you out of the hospital into the light of day?

Mary: Well, I thought I deserved a break. Besides, I miss the bartender.

Singer: I still believe

Mary: Ok, what can I do?

Vince: About what?

Mary: Come on, Vince. You're still angry.

Vince: At Jason.

Mary: And at me.

Vince: Look at me. This is not angry.

Mary: You're not screaming and you're not jumping up and down, but you're not exactly affable.

Vince: No, I'm not affable.

Mary: So, what can I do? Vince, talk to me.

Vince: Look, Mary, I have a right to know when a guy makes a move on my wife, you know?

Mary: It wasn't your problem. It was my problem.

Vince: Wrong. If he's after you, it's my problem, too.

Mary: Don't you think that sounds just a touch chauvinistic?

Vince: I don't care how it sounds. That guy is a first-class jerk, and I don't want him anywhere around you, and I don't want him around me.

Mary: All right.

Vince: And I mean it.

Mary: I know you do.

Vince: And I'm not a chauvinist.

Mary: Ok.

Vince: And I am affable.

Mary: Ok.

Vince: And I do love you.

Mary: Ok.

Vince: And I don't want to lose you.

Mary: You won't. Oh, you can't, you dummy, because then I would lose.

Cheryl: Do you want a table or something?

Girl: No, thank you.

Cheryl: Well, you know what? You can take a seat by the counter if you like.

Girl: Thanks.

Vince: I have to go back to work.

Girl: Excuse me. Can you tell me if Kevin Julian is staying here?

Vince: You have the right place, yeah.

Girl: Can you please tell him that Tracy is here to see him, please?

Singer: Someday you and me

Cheryl: Hi. I'm Cheryl McKinnon. I heard you asking for Kevin. He's upstairs working on some photographs. Would you like me to get him?

Tracy: Oh, I'd really appreciate that. Thank you. Yes.

Cheryl: Are you from his school or --

Tracy: No, not really. I -- I work in a cafe where a lot of the kids hang out. I just thought I'd take a drive, you know, say hi.

Cheryl: Ok. I'll go get him. I'll be right back.

Singer: Someday you and me will find ourselves in love again

Vince: Great, great.

Mary: What?

Vince: Now he's bringing his girlfriends around.

Mary: You just don't like Kevin, do you?

Vince: You read me like a book. What is a kid who's still in high school doing living on his own?

Mary: He's 18 years old. He has a job.

Vince: He hasn't even finished high school, and I don't like the way he looks at Cheryl.

Mary: Cheryl is beautiful. People are going to look at Cheryl.

Vince: I know, I know.

Kevin: Tracy. Oh, Tracy, I missed you so much.

Singer: If there's one spark of hope left in my grasp I'll hold you

Marley: I wasn't expecting you.

Jake: You weren't expecting me because you didn't invite me. Marley, you can't expect me not to come. We're married. We're supposed to be together.

Marley: I'm not staying here. I'm staying at Vicky's new place.

Jake: I know that. I called there first. I figured I might find you here. Marley, I miss you. Why can't you just admit that you miss me, too? I know you do. Honey, I'm taking you home. We cannot solve our problems 2,000 miles apart. I'm going to take you home. We can sit down and talk about this.

Marley: Talk? We have talked, Jake. Talking doesn't make anything better.

Jake: Oh, so running away does? Look at me. Maybe that's what you want. Maybe -- maybe you don't want to work this out.

Marley: That's not fair. You know I love you, Jake. That's what makes this all so difficult.

Jake: Marley --

Marley: Don't, Jake.

Jake: Ok, let's just go to a hotel, someplace where there's no other people, all right?

Marley: I don't want to be with you right now.

Jake: When?

Marley: I don't know. I asked for some time to myself. Can't you just respect that?

Jake: Marley, our problems are not simply just going to go away!

Marley: No! No, I guess they're not.

Bridget: Jake? Jake -- oh, Jake! Oh, Jake! You're home. Oh, my.

Mitch: I don't think this is the time or the place to get into it now.

Felicia: We have to get into it. Look, you feel like you're making up for something? Is that why you want another child?

Mitch: What are you saying? I thought we'd been through this --

Felicia: No, no, we really haven't. We -- I don't know why you want another child. We're planning to get married, and you know what? We both keep evading all the most important issues of a relationship, like being a parent or having children.

Mitch: Are we evading a wedding?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: Is that what we're doing?

Felicia: Of course not. I'm trying to communicate, that's all.

Mitch: What is all this evading and communicating? I mean, where does this come from, one of your books?

Felicia: That's not fair, and you know it.

Mitch: Sometimes I think that you feel that the whole world is just one big novel. You know, you can sit at your desk, and you write intentions and motivations and characters to suit your needs. Whatever. I'm not fiction.

Felicia: I know that. I'm not fiction, either. I'm sorry if my language sounds like a book. I'm a writer. That's all that I really am.

Mitch: Sometimes you're obsessed.

Felicia: Obsessed? Ok. Obsession -- let's talk about obsession for a minute. Isn't that where passion come from? And don't you have passion about your photography? I remember when Mac offered you that assignment to Nicaragua. Boy, you just bolted right out of here.

Mitch: That was a chance of a lifetime.

Felicia: Really? Well, my ideas and my characters, they're my chance of a lifetime.

Mitch: You know, words and pictures, they go together well in magazines, but it just doesn't quite work out the same way in life, does it?

Felicia: What are you talking about? We were talking about having children.

Mitch: I don't think -- we're doing a lot of talking, but there's no communication. You know, I think you'd be better off if maybe you just hooked up with one of the characters in your book instead of me.

Kevin: Tracy, Trace, are you ok?

Tracy: Kevin, we got to talk.

Kevin: Tracy, tell me why you're here. What's going on?

Tracy: Kevin, I can't talk here.

Kevin: Tracy, have you met the McKinnons?

Tracy: No, not yet.

Kevin: This is my landlord.

Vince: Vince McKinnon.

Kevin: And this is Mrs. McKinnon.

Mary: Mary, hello.

Tracy: Hello.

Kevin: You hungry? You want something to eat?

Tracy: No, thank you.

Kevin: That's my sister. She hardly eats anything.

Cheryl: She's your sister?

Mary: Oh, you should have told us you were Kevin's sister.

Kevin: I guess she was embarrassed or something.

Tracy: Kevin, how's Matt?

Adam: Hi, everybody.

All: Hi.

Kevin: He's a cop.

Cheryl: Nice jacket you got there, kid.

Kevin: Excuse us for a second.

Vince: What can I get you, Adam?

Mary: I better go to work.

Kevin: Tell me, Tracy, why aren't you at Aunt Grace's?

Tracy: I ran out of the money that Matt gave me. It's not like she can afford me sponging off her.

Kevin: But it's risky for you to be coming here.

Tracy: I know, but I went back to Winston, and, believe me, it was a lot more dangerous there, Kevin.

Kevin: What happened? Tracy, tell me what's going on.

Tracy: I went back to work to apologize for leaving so quickly.

Kevin: Yeah?

Tracy: There was a note there for me from Tad. It was disgusting.

Kevin: Let me see it.

Tracy: I tore it up. Kevin -- Kevin, they are after me. They are after all of us. They said there is no place that I could run.

Kevin: They're just trying to scare you.

Tracy: Yeah, well, it's working.

Kevin: Look, you're here now. Matt and I are going to look out for you. Don't worry. Ok? What'd you tell pop?

Tracy: Nothing. He -- he still thinks I'm at Aunt Grace's.

Kevin: Ok, we'll call him.

Tracy: Kevin, what does he -- what does he think about your staying here?

Kevin: I don't think he really cares. Just as long as I'm working, he's fine.

Tracy: I'm really scared.

Kevin: Tracy, I promise you nothing is going to happen to you.

Tracy: I don't know, because I think that someone followed me here.

Cheryl: Tracy, how about a sandwich? Here you go. On the house.

Tracy: Thanks.

Cheryl: All right.

Kevin: Ok, you just hang out here, and I'm going to go call Matt.

Tracy: Be right back?

Kevin: Yeah.

Cheryl: Tracy, are you ok? You seem like you're a little upset about something.

Tracy: No, I'm fine. It's just been a rough day, you know. I'm fine, really.

Mac: Look, Joe, you know I wouldn't lie to you. Yes, some of the small stockholders are selling, but I know I can hold on if I just have people like you and Bailey sticking by me. Yes, I'm buying all I can, and so far -- no, that is absolutely not true. I am buying, not selling. Look, Joe, we've been through this before. I need you to buy stock before more of it is absorbed by Bennett Publishing and then hold fast. Yes. All right, think it over, but then call me when you make a decision. Yeah, I will. Goodbye. He sends you his regards, but I couldn't get him to commit to anything other than a polite "hello" to you.

Rachel: Well, I think this newsletter is going to be a real big -- make a real big difference.

Mac: The voice of optimism. I wish I had it. I'm reduced to making calls to some of my oldest stockholders.

Rachel: They're nervous, darling. Personal reassurance from you should make a great deal of difference.

Mac: Well, I wish, I wish, I wish.

Rachel: Mac, please, please take a break.

Mac: Rachel, there's work to do, and the time factor doesn't allow me to sit back and put my feet up on the desk.

Rachel: Five minutes for Mozart.

Mac: Tempting -- very tempting -- but not now, darling.

Rachel: Is it really so bad?

Mac: Never fear. Mackenzie Cory will rise to the challenge..

Rachel: Yeah, well, so will Rachel Cory.

Matthew: Hey, you guys. How are you doing?

Rachel: Oh, hi, sweetheart.

Mac: Oh, hi, Matthew.

Rachel: What are you doing here? We're in the middle of work.

Matthew: I missed you. Just because I'm staying at Mitch and Felicia's, I'm still going to be in you guys' hair..

Mac: Well, our hair welcomes you back.

Matthew: You still fighting the bad guys off?

Mac: Hmm.

Matthew: If there's anything I can do to help, you know -- stuff envelopes, anything -- just let me know.

Mac: Well, I really appreciate that, Matthew. Actually, yeah, you could save me a trip by making a delivery.

Rachel: Don't you want the messenger service to do that?

Mac: These are confidential notes, and I have had no reason to be trusting of anyone these days. I'd really appreciate it, Matthew.

Matthew: Hey, no sweat, no sweat. Let's see. Where are these going?

Mac: To Cass Winthrop at Nicole Love's salon.

Matthew: Great. No problem.

Mac: Mackenzie Cory.

Kevin: Mr. Cory. Yeah, this is Kevin Julian. Is Matt there?

Mac: Just a second. Matthew? Oh, Matthew -- Kevin.

Matthew: Thank you.

Rachel: Not too long, ok?

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, ok. Kev, Kev. Yeah, what's up?

Kevin: Listen, I can't talk on the phone right now. Just get down to Mary's Place right away, ok?

Matthew: What is going on?

Bridget: Oh, my. Oh, it's so good to have you home again. Oh, my dear laddie.

Jake: It's good to be home. You look beautiful.

Bridget: Oh, come on, now. Oh, my, I'm just so sorry you missed the wedding.

Jake: I'm sorry, too. But like you always told me, better late than never.

Bridget: Oh, aye. Oh, but it was so lovely. And, you know, Marley's coming here -- that was a such a wonderful surprise. And, oh, my -- if you'd seen the girls walking down the aisle together -- oh, they just looked so grand. Oh, it's so wonderful to see you, the two of you together. Oh, my, what a lovely couple.

Jake: At least there's two of us on the same wavelength.

Vicky: We're just going to get it, and we'll get --

Bridget: Victoria, look who's here!

Jake: Vicky.

Vicky: Jake. What a surprise.

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, Kevin, I will be over as soon as I can. I just have to run off on a quick errand first. It won't take long, all right? Yeah, stay cool. Bye-bye.

Rachel: Wait a minute, honey. What's the matter?

Matthew: It's just Kevin. He wants me to come over. He's probably cramming for exams or something. Look, I don't want you two to worry about me. You have more important things to worry about right now.

Mac: Matthew, nothing is more important to us than you are.

Matthew: Ok. Thanks. Look, any help I can give the family, just let me know, all right?

Rachel: Ok, well, promise me one thing.

Matthew: What?

Rachel: That you'll drive carefully. I don't want anything to happen to that gorgeous face of yours.

Matthew: Ok, ok, I promise, I promise. Bye-bye.

Mac: Bye.

Rachel: I wish he wasn't quite so secretive with us.

Mac: Yeah, well, you know, there's just been so much going on, we still haven't had time to have a proper family powwow with him.

Rachel: I know, but we should make time.

Mac: Darling, as soon as this takeover threat is beaten and behind us, I'm going to take you and the family on a long, long, much-deserved holiday, and you can pick the place.

Rachel: That would be wonderful.

Mac: We'll get our lives back in perspective, get back to normal again, all right? But now, back to work.

Vicky: Well, I'd give you a hug, but --

Bridget: Come on. I'll take him. Come on with me. Come on, Mikey. There we go. There we go. See what I've got for you in my pocket. There you go.

Vicky: Hi.

Jake: It's good to see you again.

Vicky: You, too. Wow, what a treat.

Marley: I was in the middle of doing something upstairs. I'll be right back.

Bridget: Victoria, if you don't mind, I think I'll take him out to the kitchen. I've made a nice, fresh batch of ginger snaps, and I've got to have his expert opinion.

Vicky: He'd love that, Bridget.

Bridget: Come along, then. You're the prince of ginger snaps. That's what you are.

Jake: Cute kid. I heard you were looking after him for a while.

Vicky: Well, longer than for a while, if I can arrange it.

Jake: Well, you can arrange just about anything now, can't you?

Vicky: Just about. So, Jake, tell me, what brings you back to Bay City, huh? It's obviously much more boring than sunny old California, huh?

Jake: Well, I thought I'd come back and visit Donna and Michael.

Vicky: Too bad they're on their honeymoon.

Jake: Uncle Vince and Mary getting back together.

Vicky: Come on, Jake.

Jake: I came to see Marley.

Vicky: You two ok?

Jake: You'd have to ask her.

Vicky: I have. She doesn't give me any answers.

[Felicia groans]

Felicia: I've lost my touch. That's it.

Felicia: You're not even helping me.

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Ok, coming. Hello?

Mitch: Hi, it's me.

Felicia: Oh -- oh, great. Now you want to talk. Now, listen to me, buster. You can't keep switching on and off like this.

Mitch: Please, I'm in the darkroom at "Brava." I need you.

Felicia: Mitch, what is it? Are you hurt?

Mitch: I can't explain. Just -- can you just come down here?

Felicia: Mitch?

[Dial tone]

Felicia: Mitch?

Adam: I don't know, Vince.. I got to tell you, I think married life really agrees with you. As a matter of fact, you and Mary both look terrific.

Vince: Yeah, well, we have had our moments, but we do love each other, and that does keep us happy.

Adam: Yeah, well, doesn't always work out that way, huh?

Vince: You know, you are a nice guy, and if that is a longing face I see, I know that M.J. would love to hear from you.

Adam: Vince, I really don't think --

Vince: You know what? You spend too much time thinking.

Adam: Maybe.

Vince: You still think about M.J., don't you?

Adam: Yeah. I still think about M.J.

Matthew: Tracy?

Tracy: Matt, hi.

Kevin: Pull up a chair.

Matthew: What are you doing here? I thought we agreed that it was safer for you to stay at your aunt's.

Kevin: Matt, I already told her that.

Tracy: Well, look, I ran out of money. Besides, I was worried about you guys.

Matthew: We're fine. Now, you go back to your aunt's.

Tracy: No, look, I want to stay here. We're in this together, right?

Matthew: This is all going to blow over in a couple days, I'm sure.

Kevin: Matt, they tried to harass her again up at Winston. Tad left a threatening note, and she thinks somebody may have followed her here.

Matthew: Trace, you were better off at your aunt's. I can get you some more money.

Tracy: No, Matt. You've given me too much as it is.

Matthew: I'm not in a hurry for you to pay me back, if that's what you're worried about.

Tracy: No, I know that, and I appreciate it, but -- guys, I think I'm going to go crazy if I keep running. I want to stay here. Please. Please say it's ok, huh?

Kevin: Of course it is.

Matthew: Yeah. Look, we're not going to let anything else happen to you, I promise.

Jake: I wish I could get through to her. I just don't know how these days.

Vicky: Well, I don't know what's going on between the two of you, but you're not going to get anywhere with Marley sitting here talking to me.

Jake: Right.

Bridget: So, you thought that, did you? You thought the other batch was better than this one was? Or is the one a better one, hmm?

Vicky: Oh, another generation falls in love with your ginger snaps. Come here, sweetie.

Bridget: Oh, my. Oh, my, you've done such a wonderful job with him, dear. He's such a happy little boy.

Vicky: Oh, I wish everyone thought so. You know, Lisa Grady is doing anything she can to take away custody.

Bridget: Why would she do a thing like that?

Vicky: Oh, purely personal reasons, Bridget. You know, I can fight my own battles. I just hate seeing Mikey get trapped in the middle of them.

Bridget: Well, I don't know, dear. Maybe you're just worrying a bit more than is needed.

Vicky: Oh, no, Bridget. I'm afraid not.

Bridget: Well, why don't I take him upstairs now for a little while? I'll give him his nap. He looks a bit sleepy.

Vicky: You want a nap, sweetie?

Bridget: Then you can spend more time with your sister and Jake. Come on, now.

Vicky: Oh, there you go.

Bridget: We'll go upstairs for a wee bit. Here we go.

Vicky: Goodbye. Love you, sweetie.

Bridget: Now, Jake, you're going to have to take the suitcases out of there. I mean, Marley, you know, she's staying in Victoria's loft.

Marley: I was on my way over there right now. I don't --

Jake: Don't worry about the stuff. I'll pick it up later. I'm going to swing by and see my uncle Vince.

Marley: I'll see you both later.

Felicia: Mitch? Mitch, where are you?

Mitch: I'm in here.

Felicia: What is it? What's the trouble?

Mitch: We are the trouble.

Vince: You want a refill on that coffee?

Adam: Yeah, let me have one. I got to work the night shift tonight.

Jake: Yo, Vinnie!

Vince: Hey! Hey, hey! Nephew, what are you doing here?

Jake: Oh, I was in the neighborhood, so I just figured I'd drop in.

Vince: Yeah, yeah. Look what the wind just dragged in.

Adam: I don't believe this. What brings you back here?

Jake: I thought I'd grab Marley and take a vacation.

Vince: Glad you did.

Cheryl: Pops, we're out of roast beef.

Vince: Oh.

Cheryl: Jake! Hi, how are you? Oh, it's good to see you.

Jake: Good to see you. You got pretty.

Vince: Prettier! I got to keep a baseball bat to knock them out, keep them away.

Cheryl: Stop it, pops. Are you going to be here for a while? I've got some customers, and I've got some specials in the kitchen.

Jake: I hope so.

Cheryl: Ok. Well, I'll talk to you later, ok?

Adam: So, Jake, how's California treating you?

Jake: I guess I'm calming down in my old age, trying to lead a simpler life. You can really get caught up in the lifestyle out there. Look, I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit more, but I've been kind of busy.

Vince: I understand.

Jake: I did get to see M.J.'s place, though. It's dynamite. A lot like this place.

Vince: Yeah, I like it. I saw it.

Jake: She's pushing herself real hard the last couple months. I hope it pays off for her.

Vince: It is a tough racket.

Jake: Seems that way. She hasn't had any time for a personal life.

Singer: Should've been love should've been you and me

Adam: Listen, I'm going to let you guys catch up. I got to go down to the station. I got the night shift tonight.

Vince: All right, take care of yourself.

Adam: Hope to see you soon.

Jake: You bet, Adam.

Adam: Stop by.

Jake: All right. Open mouth, insert foot.

Vince: No, no, no, no, no. It's ok. We were just talking about women, that's all.

Jake: One of my favorite subjects. Is he still hung up on her? M.J. hasn't forgotten about him. She's driving herself with work, trying to forget him.

Vince: Maybe there are some things that just weren't meant to be, you know? It's hard to talk, even sometimes to somebody you love.

Jake: Tell me about it.

Vince: You having trouble with Marley? Serious?

Jake: Nothing I can't handle.

Vince: Then handle it.

Jake: She's just so special, Vince. I mean, she's -- she's 10 times better than I'm ever going to be.

Vince: Yeah. I felt that way about Mary. Do you think they ever feel that way about us?

Jake: Not Marley. Not at the moment, anyway.

Vince: Well, then you have got to do something to make her realize what a terrific guy you are.

Jake: Yeah.

Felicia: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. There is no emergency here?

Mitch: No.

Felicia: No emergency. There! How dare you?

Mitch: Will you just calm down?

Felicia: I can't remember ever seeing anybody do anything more sleazy and more underhanded than this! Do you know how scared I was for you? Where are the lights in here? You know, I almost killed myself speeding over here! There! I hope I ruin every one of your lousy little pictures in here!

Mitch: Will you just settle down?

Felicia: I will not settle down. This was a dirty trick, trying to get me over here. You know that I really was very frightened for you. This is a lowlife thing for you to do.

Oh, please. What is that, the macho approach? Put your hand down, Mitch.

Mitch: Maybe I won't.

Felicia: Give me the keys. Oh --

Mitch: No.

Felicia: Brother. Isn't that clever? What do you think, I'm not going to go after that?

Mitch: You would, wouldn't you?

Felicia: Oh, don't flatter yourself. I'm mad at you. Don't you see that, that I am really mad at you this time?

Mitch: You're mad at me?

Felicia: Yes! What are you doing? You know, I am not amused by this at all. I'm really not. I want to go home right now.

Mitch: First, we've got something to settle.

Felicia: Oh, of course. Always on your terms, of course.

Mitch: And if you interrupt me or you turn on these lights while I am working, I will personally destroy every shoulder pad in your closet. And that's a promise.

Felicia: What is that, your attempt at trying to be one of the rogues in my books? Well, it's not working. I think you're obnoxious, and how dare you try and threaten me.

Mitch: Will you just try a little patience?

Felicia: Why?

Mitch: Why? That's a good question. Maybe because I love you. How about that?

Felicia: Is that supposed to be an apology?

Mitch: No, it's supposed to be a statement of fact, something we've lost sight of for the last couple days.

Felicia: If you love me, you certainly have a bizarre way of showing it.

Mitch: Do I really?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: Well, well, well, how about that?

Felicia: Who is that? She's pretty. That's me. So is that one.

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Why's my mouth looking like that?

Mitch: Because you're laughing hysterically.

Felicia: Oh. That's pretty awful. When did you take these?

Mitch: These are candid shots.

Felicia: This one is very -- so, you want to tell me what this is all about?

Mitch: Yeah, these are photographs of the Felicia Gallant I know -- that wonderful, loving, kind and sweet and unpredictable, thoughtful, caring, passionate -- I don't know, that's a few of the million words I'm sure you could come with, you know, you being the writer and all.

Mitch: It's like these are my words, see?

Felicia: You big jerk.

Mitch: Maybe I was wrong. I mean, it just might be that words and pictures do complement each other.

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Mitch: Mm-hmm.


[Felicia giggles]

Felicia: Stop that.

Singer: You say

Tracy: Guys, that's a great room. I can't even tell you how much better I feel now that I'm with you -- with both of you.

Cheryl: Hi, Trace. Did you have enough room up there for all your stuff?

Tracy: Oh, yeah. I didn't bring a whole lot.

Cheryl: Well, if you need anything, you need to borrow anything, just talk to me, ok?

Tracy: Great, thanks. I will. No wonder you guys would rather stay here. Everybody's so nice.

Matthew: See, everything is going to work out just the way I said it would. Come here for a minute.

Cheryl: She's really sweet.

Kevin: Yeah, she is. We look out for each other.

Cheryl: Yeah, that's kind of like how it is when your brother's around. You know, when she first walked in here this afternoon, I didn't know who she was. I thought maybe she was your girlfriend or something. I did.

Kevin: No. Afraid not.

Cheryl: Hi, Mom.

Mary: Hi. Oh, don't let me interrupt.

Cheryl: No, it's ok, it's ok. Tracy's going to be staying with Kevin for a while.

Tracy: If that's ok with you, Mrs. McKinnon.

Mary: Sure, it's ok with me.

Tracy: Thanks.

Mary: You know the house rules. You'll pass them along.

Kevin: Will do.

Mary: Where's your daddy?

Cheryl: He went to the market. We needed more roast beef.

Mary: Aha.

Kevin: How about I take you for a guided tour of Bay City?

Tracy: You know your way around yet?

Kevin: Well, kind of. I know all the important spots.

Tracy: Well, sure, let's go.

Kevin: Ok.

Mary: Have fun.

Kevin: Bye-bye.

Tracy: Bye.

Cheryl: See you.

Tracy: Take care.

Kevin: Hey, Matt, you coming?

Matthew: No, I have to go over and check on my Mom. She was pretty worried about some things this afternoon. I figure if I have dinner with them, she'll figure that everything's cool with me and she can concentrate on her own problems.

Kevin: Ok. Well, we'll call you.

Tracy: See you later, huh?

Matthew: See you later. Listen, Tracy's probably just upset about what's been going on, but just be careful all the same, all right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Matthew: Yeah.

Mary: Nice for you to have all these kids hanging around here. You and Kevin seem to get along.

Cheryl: Mom, don't you think he's a little young for me? He's still in high school.

Mary: Well, only for a few more weeks. But he seems very mature somehow, like someone who's been given a great deal of responsibility.

Cheryl: Yeah, I guess.

Mary: You like him?

Cheryl: He's ok. What is that?

Mary: I didn't say anything.

Cheryl: What is that look for?

Mary: I'm sorry. I sometimes forget and accidentally act like a mother..

Cheryl: You two are both at my neck.

Mary: I'll try harder.

Cheryl: Mom --

Mary: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you referring to me?

Cheryl: What's wrong with me?

Mary: What?

Cheryl: Just forget it, forget it.

Mary: No, don't do that. Don't do that. What are you talking about?

Cheryl: Me. Little Cheryl McKinnon.

Mary: Where did this come from?

Cheryl: I'm just -- I'm so tired of being me, Mom. You know, I know that I'm a nice person and I'm a good person and I'm a little intelligent. The whole world looks at me, and all they see is that sweet kid Cheryl. She's so sweet, she's so nice.

Mary: That's not so.

Cheryl: It is so, Mom.

Mary: How do you want them to see you?

Cheryl: I want them to see me as someone who's interesting, someone who's surprising, who's really special.

Mary: You are all those things.

Cheryl: I am not.

Mary: You are. It's true.

Cheryl: It's not, Mom. And it should be, and I just -- I have to find some way to make it happen.

Singer: Underneath the same big sky

Rachel: It was good of you to let Matthew take those papers over to Cass. He needs to feel we trust him.

Mac: I do trust him, and I want him to feel part of the family. Everybody pitches in when there's a crisis.

Rachel: I was pleased he offered.

Mac: Here's that list of shareholders that we still haven't called yet because of their back purchases. Who do you want to start with?

Rachel: Can't we do that in the morning, darling?

Mac: Sweetheart, if you take a look at these figures, I don't think you'd want to put it off.

Rachel: Is this the available funds?

Mac: I'm afraid so.

Rachel: But, Mac, these figures are so low. Are we sure these are accurate?

Mac: They're dangerously accurate. I've double-checked them several times. I'm stretching all of my resources as far as they'll go, and I still think it's not enough.

Rachel: Do we stand to lose more?

Mac: You mean the house and your jewels? No, darling, you'll never have to give up the family treasures, I promise.

Rachel: I don't put much stock in all of that anymore, Mac.

Mac: That's an ironic way to put it.

Rachel: I'm talking about the Cory Holdings. That's been your life work, Mac. I don't want you to lose those. I'm not worried about the money. I'm worried about you.

Matthew: Hey, are you guys still in here working?

Rachel: Yep, we sure are.

Mac: Hello, Matthew.

Matthew: Oh, Cass said thanks for the papers and he'll get to work on them right away.

Mac: Oh, and thank you very much for doing it. And speaking of work --

Matthew: Hey, why don't you guys take a dinner break? It's warm outside. We can barbecue. I can do us up some hot dogs a la Matthew.

Mac: That really sounds delicious, but now is not the time for me to stop.

Matthew: Oh.

Rachel: What about Kevin? Any problem there?

Matthew: No, nothing major. We worked it out. Look, I don't want you two worrying about me at all.

Rachel: We're parents. It's in the job description. You sure there's nothing to worry about?

Matthew: No. It's Tracy. Kevin's sister came down to visit. We just hung out.

Mac: Seems like the whole gang from Winston is following you down here.

Matthew: Yeah. Listen, I'm going to go over to Mitch and Felicia's for dinner because you two have enough to worry about with all this takeover business going on here.

Mac: I'm afraid you're right.

Jake: Hi.

Vicky: Hi. Did you have fun?

Jake: Yeah. Uncle Vince looks super. Vic, what's the matter?

Vicky: This is the matter.

Jake: What is this?

Vicky: A notification that seems more like an ultimatum.

Jake: One of your favorite things. Just kidding. Who's it from?

Vicky: The Child Welfare Board. Listen -- "be advised that you'll be subject to periodic investigations and reviews."

Jake: That seems pretty standard for a government agency, especially when it's considering custody.

Vicky: Jake, they're going to be checking up on me, making sure that they will catch any little slip-up.

Jake: So don't slip up.

Vicky: Easier said than done, especially with Lisa Grady watching me, trying to sabotage every move I make.

Jake: Lisa Grady?

Vicky: Felicia's niece. Psychic. Man, I wish that girl would just go join the Ringling brothers or something and get off my back. As a matter of fact, I bet she is behind all this.

Felicia: Those were some pretty wonderful photographs.

Mitch: I had a pretty wonderful subject.

Felicia: Some of them were kind of silly, though.

Mitch: But silly happens to be one of your most endearing qualities.

Felicia: Oh. You know, when you're good, you're very good.

Mitch: Don't you feel bad that you threw that terrible fit and you got angry? Aren't you glad that I called you down here now?

Felicia: You were still very sneaky.

Mitch: It happens to be one of my most endearing qualities.

Felicia: You'll have to remind me to make a list of all those other qualities of yours.

Mitch: I don't think any more lists are necessary. I think you've got enough to -- one book to work on is enough.

Felicia: How about -- how about we unlock that door now and go somewhere for a little inspiration?

Mitch: Why are you in such a hurry to leave?

Felicia: Well, I don't know. I just sort of thought --

Mitch: Well, I guess if we're going to get out, then you're going to have to get the keys.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: What, you don't -- you don't think that I can? You'll have to watch me.

[Keys jingle]

Felicia: Oh, look what I found.

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