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Another World Transcript Wednesday 4/21/04

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Bridget: Oh, is Mikey asleep?

Vicky: Finally.

Bridget: Well, you know, the place is a bit strange for him. I mean, he's been through a lot, dear.

Vicky: I know, Bridget. You know, he really seems to like this place. It seems more like home, you know, unlike my loft. So Michael and Donna are away -- oh, no!

Bridget: What is it, dear?

Vicky: The milk! He needs more milk and more fruit!

Bridget: Now, wait a minute. Now, wait a minute. I've already called the grocery store. Now, you just sit down and you relax.

Vicky: Thank you. Thanks. You know, Mikey really needs this nap today.

Bridget: You know, it gives me a bit of a turn to see you with him.

Vicky: I do all right with Mikey!

Bridget: Of course you do all right, dear. You do better than all right. It's just that -- well, I guess -- I guess I'm a bit surprised that you've got such a knack with children.

Vicky: No, not children. Just Mikey.

Bridget: Oh, yes, "just Mikey."

[Bridget laughs]

Vicky: Uh -- Bridget, I didn't hear the phone ring.

Bridget: It didn't ring.

Vicky: That's weird.. I -- I transferred my calls over here. I thought maybe Jamie would -- doesn't matter anyway.

Bridget: No, look, why don't you put your legs up a bit and have a stretch and rest a bit, eh?

Vicky: Oh, thanks. I'm all right.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Oh -- maybe that's the milk. Hey, did you remember to order the peaches?

Bridget: Well, yes, dear, but --

Mitch: Morning.

Felicia: Good morning.

Mitch: Been up long?

Felicia: For a while.

Mitch: Boy, there's a difference -- I get upset, sleep forever. You sit here in the dark all night.

Felicia: Are you upset?

Mitch: Well, I think we both are. I guess this idea of having kids -- it's -- it's thrown us for a loop.

Felicia: Listen, why don't I get you some coffee, all right?

Mitch: Well, wait, wait. What have you decided?

Felicia: I haven't decided anything.

Mitch: No?

Felicia: No. Well, I --

Mitch: Tell me.

Felicia: Well, I just -- I just realized that I need a little more time to decide what kind of life I want.

Mitch: That sounds like a decision to me.

Sam: Oh -- "minimum payment, $39.44." Great. Might as well be a grand.

Amanda: Hi!

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Know what I was thinking?

Sam: No, what?

Amanda: We should get one of those -- one of those things for the shower -- massage head or something? They aren't too much, are they?

Sam: We can check into it, sure.

Amanda: Good. I think you would benefit from it, get rid of some of these knots in your neck.

Sam: Well, that's why I have you.

Amanda: And you're stuck with me.

Sam: Yeah. That I don't mind.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: You kiss me and I hear bells.

Sam: You woke up in a good mood this morning, didn't you?

Amanda: Sure. Well, you're home, you're fine. Why wouldn't I be in a good mood? Hello.

Louie: Hi. You Amanda?

Amanda: That's right.

Sam: Hey, Louie, is that you?

Louie: Sit down, sit down. That's all right, you don't have to get up.

Sam: Come on, Louie, I'm not an invalid.

Louie: Look, I -- I saw the accident report. I know about your eyes.

Sam: Amanda, could you get us a cup of coffee after you get dressed?

Lisa: And since I couldn't make it to the party, I thought I'd drop this off at Bridget's.

Vicky: Well, thank you. I'm sure they'll love it.

Lisa: I hope so.

Vicky: Lisa? It's obvious your special little talents didn't work today.

Lisa: What?

Vicky: Well, you wouldn't have come by here if you would've known I was here.

Lisa: Vicky, you may not understand this, but I don't appreciate jokes about something that's very important to me.

Vicky: Oh -- sorry.

Lisa: Just laugh at me behind my back, ok?

Vicky: Lisa --

Lisa: What?

Vicky: I just --

Lisa: What are you going to say, Vicky? That you'd still like to be friends? Well, don't worry. We never were.

Vicky: No. I was going to say I guess things turned out for the best.

Lisa: Well, you would think that. You've been conniving it long enough.

Vicky: I don't think you ever loved Jamie. I don't think you ever even wanted him.

Lisa: Well, isn't it convenient for you that when you set out to stab someone in the back, it's for their own good?

Vicky: Well, there's no point in us talking, is there?

Lisa: No, maybe there is. I could tell you your future.

Vicky: I doubt that.

Lisa: And not because of any second sight, just plain old common sense. You see, I've been telling Jamie all about you.

Vicky: Oh, I'll bet you have.

Lisa: And obviously my words of warning didn't do any good.

Vicky: That's because they weren't true.

Lisa: No, it's because he didn't believe them. But we both know it wasn't your winning personality that won him over. It was the "little girl behind the hard exterior" act.

Vicky: I think it's time for you to get out of here!

Lisa: This is what's going to happen, Vicky. See, I've been telling Jamie all about you, and he's heard every word I've said. He just doesn't believe it.

Vicky: Of course he hasn't --

Lisa: He doesn't believe it yet. But girls like you, Vicky, you play the same hand over and over again, and pretty soon Jamie's going to catch on, and then you'll be alone again.

Vicky: Get out!

Lisa: Vicky, don't kid yourself that I've lost because we'll touch base in about six months and check the score again.

Bridget: Victoria? Dear, is everything all right?

Vicky: I'm fine, I'm fine, Bridget.

Felicia: Mitch, I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to upset you. It just -- it didn't come out right, that's all.

Mitch: Look, you don't have to apologize for the way that you feel.

Felicia: I certainly don't need more time to know how I feel about you. It's just -- it's just about --

Mitch: Getting married?

Felicia: No. No, of course not.

Mitch: Children?

Felicia: Well, we just never even talked about it until yesterday.

Mitch: No. No, we didn't. We assumed a lot.

Felicia: You assumed I wanted a child.

Mitch: Yes.

Felicia: Of course. I mean, why wouldn't you? I mean, I -- I look at children and -- and I gush. I -- I see a little girl and I -- well, I practically cry.

Mitch: The way that you write about them.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: The way that you write about them. I mean, you don't use children as plot points. You see them as -- as a live, fully developed human being.

Felicia: I -- I try. I never realized you noticed that..

Mitch: Look, I think you would be a great mother. I think you would be the best.

Felicia: "The best." Why? For heaven's sake, I'm -- I'm loud, I'm extravagant, I'm -- Mitch, I'm just like your own mother.

Mitch: No.

Felicia: Yes, I am!

Mitch: No, you see people as human beings. You actually consider them.

Felicia: Mitch, a baby? I mean -- I mean, I -- I see how you talk about your mother, and -- and Matthew when -- oh, this is so hard and -- well, you know, I mean, I feel like we're rushing into all of this.

Mitch: I didn't know that we were rushing into anything.

Felicia: We're getting married, aren't we?

Mitch: Yeah. Yeah, and you think that that automatically means that we're going to have children.

Felicia: You want a child, don't you?

Mitch: Not just another child. I want a child with you.

Felicia: I see.

Mitch: Why does that bother you so much?

Felicia: Because I know that's the reason that you want to get married, isn't it? You want to have another child, right?

Mitch: Is that what you think?

Felicia: Well, I -- I think it's a part of it, a big part of it. And -- and when I -- I don't have the slightest idea how I even feel about that.

Mitch: What is it? What is it? Yesterday we're sitting here, we're talking about having a wedding. Loretta barges in --

Felicia: No, no. No, wait a minute --

Mitch: No, wait, wait, wait.

Felicia: You cannot blame this on your Mom.

Mitch: Yesterday we were sitting here --

Felicia: This is not her fault.

Mitch: We were -- you know, things were fun. I mean, we were talking about having a wedding. Suddenly today it's now a lot of decisions and -- and heavy thought. What is it? What has changed all that? Is it the position of the planets or something?

Felicia: No, no, and you can't blame Loretta for some little spat that we're having. We have to work this out, Mitch. We have to figure out how we feel about this.

Mitch: Or what?

Felicia: I don't know. I -- I really don't know.

Louie: Sam, I feel really awful.

Sam: Look --

Louie: I could cut off my tongue.

Sam: Louie, it's ok. It's all right, man.

Louie: I thought she knew.

Sam: Well, look, it was an honest mistake, ok?

Louie: Look, Sam, anything you want -- anything at all --

Sam: Ok, thanks, Louie. Thanks, man.

Louie: You know, we're going to miss you down at the garage. Having an artist there kind of brought color to the place.

Sam: Tell you what -- I'm going to be back, man.

Louie: Yeah. Sure you are.

Sam: Yeah.

Louie: Take care, kid.

Sam: Yeah, thanks. Amanda -- uh, you can forget about the coffee. He's gone.

Amanda: Why don't you forget about the game. Tell me what he meant about your eyes right now.

Mac: Why did you decide to stay here last night, Matthew?

Matthew: Oh, well, I talked to Mitch last night on the phone, and he said everything was fine. But he sounded the way adults sound when everything isn't fine and they want you to think that everything is fine.

Mac: Oh, I don't think all adults always sound that way.

Matthew: I don't know. You check it out and you'll see I'm right.

Rachel: I wonder what the problem is with Mitch.

Matthew: I don't know. I just thought I should get out of there for a while.

Rachel: What about Kevin?

Matthew: Uh -- didn't I tell you? He got his own place.

Rachel: His own place?

Mac: Isn't he a little young for that?

Matthew: Dad, he's six months older than I am.

Mac: Ah, a reasoned senior citizen by now, eh?

Matthew: Besides, it's Mary's old apartment. I mean, what could happen to him there?

Rachel: Who's paying for it?

Matthew: Kevin. Mitch hired him as an assistant after school.

Mac: And do Kevin's parents know about all this?

Matthew: It's only Kevin's father, and he hardly ever talks to him.

Rachel: Perhaps we should call his father.

Matthew: Uh, so how's the takeover? How's that been going for you?

Mac: Well, we finally got a break.

Matthew: Yeah? When? When? When?

Mac: Yesterday. I can't talk about it yet, but you'll never believe --

Matthew: Oh, come on, come on, come on, you can tell me. I can keep a secret.

Rachel: Yes, we know how you can keep a secret..

Loretta: Rachel?


Rachel: Loretta, we're in here.

Loretta: Oh, Matthew, I didn't expect to see you here.

Matthew: Yeah, I stayed the night last night. How you doing?

Rachel: Loretta, what's wrong?

Loretta: I -- I have some terrible news. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back to Seattle.

Mac: Oh, that's too bad.

Loretta: I'd love to stay, but I just can't let Humphrey go through this alone.

Matthew: Humphrey? Wait, who's --

Loretta: If I'd just been there, it wouldn't have happened.

Matthew: Humphrey? Who's --

Loretta: I -- I told my neighbor -- if I told her once, I told her a hundred times, make sure he's got plenty of water.

Rachel: Your cat is ill?

Mac: Oh.

Loretta: I warned her about his kidneys, but would she listen? I want you to know, you guys have been just wonderful, but, well, this is an emergency.

Mac: Well, we wouldn't dream of detaining you, Loretta.

Loretta: I'm just going to say goodbye to both of the boys and then I'll catch the next flight out. Matthew, darling. Oh, goodbye.

Matthew: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Whatever we can do to help --

Loretta: Oh, well, thank you, Rachel. Maybe just a small prayer for Humphrey. Oh, and a car to the airport?

Rachel: Of course.

Mac: Yes.

Matthew: Humphrey.

Mac: I don't care what his name is! Bless him!

Rachel: Mac.

Felicia: Ahem. Oh, I poured you some coffee.

Mitch: I'm sorry, I've got to go. I'm running late.

Felicia: Ok.

Mitch: I want to understand what's happening.

Felicia: This has nothing to do with us.

Mitch: How can you say that?

Felicia: Mitch --

[doorbell rings]

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: Mitch -- Mitch?

Mitch: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Mitch. Am I interrupting something?

Felicia: No. No, not really.

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: Ok.

Lisa: What? What's wrong?

Felicia: No, nothing. Nothing, really. Come on in. Come on in. I'm ok. I'm ok. How about some coffee? Want some?

Lisa: No.

Felicia: What's the matter? How are things with Jamie?

Lisa: Things with Jamie are nonexistent.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Lisa: You remember the morning I came back from Europe --

Felicia: Of course.

Lisa: And you sent me over there to the farmhouse to surprise Jamie?

Felicia: Right.

Lisa: Well, I got a few surprises myself. Vicky was there.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Lisa: They had slept together.

Felicia: Are you sure about that?

Lisa: Yes, I'm sure!

Felicia: I don't believe it -- Jamie?

Lisa: Yeah, and then when I finally got to talk to him, he was furious with me!

Felicia: Furious with you?

Lisa: Yeah, can you believe it? You know, I just go away for a few days, and she just moves right in for the kill.

Felicia: Vicky -- I would like to choke her. I --

Lisa: Yeah, well, I just saw her over at Michael and Donna's house, and I let her have it.

Felicia: Good for you. Baby, come on, tell me, how do you feel?

Lisa: I feel angry, I feel lonely, and I feel stupid.

Felicia: You are not stupid.

Lisa: Yes, I am stupid.

Felicia: No --

Lisa: Yes, I didn't confront the issue. I just left town, and that was stupid. And then I didn't tell Jamie what I was doing, and that was even stupider!

Felicia: I am so sorry. I feel like I'm a little bit responsible for all of this.

Lisa: No, no, no, you're not responsible. And I'm not giving up. You know, the one thing I have on Vicky is that she thinks I'm just this little frail flower, that I'm just going to sit back and do nothing.

Felicia: Now, listen to me. I don't want you to make this into some kind of game about winning. Jamie did this, and I know that can hurt.

Lisa: Yeah, it does.

Felicia: You know, Vicky may be a snake -- and she is -- but Jamie is a grownup, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Don't forget that.

Lisa: Yeah, I know he knew, but I left myself wide open for that attack, and I'm not going to let it happen again.

Felicia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait. What does that mean? You're going to give him a second chance?

Lisa: Yeah, well, I know I probably shouldn't. But I love him, Felicia. I just -- I love him.

Felicia: Oh, sweetheart. I know. I know what that's like. I know.

Marley: Vicky, what's the matter?

Vicky: Oh, um -- nothing, Marley. I'm just tired. Mikey was up, like, five times last night.

Marley: Oh, I'm sorry.

Vicky: And Lisa was here. You know, I'm going to order those doormen never to let that woman in this building again.

Marley: I thought Lisa was nice.

Vicky: You would.

Marley: Well, you're obviously in a terrible mood today.

Vicky: Well, look, Marley, you don't have to stick around, you know.

Marley: I know.

Vicky: You could always go back to your wonderful husband in California. Or maybe things aren't so wonderful anymore, huh? Maybe that's why you're not so eager to get back there.

Sam: The injury that I had -- it created a small blood clot that's putting pressure on my optic nerve.

Amanda: Sam, no!

Sam: Amanda, that's why I didn't want to tell you -- because you'd say something like, "Sam, no!"

Amanda: What am I supposed to say, "tough luck, buddy"?

Sam: Actually, that wouldn't be too bad.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because this is no big deal.

Amanda: Anything that has to do with your eyes is a big deal!

Sam: Amanda, listen to me, ok? I'm taking medication. It's helping dissolve the blood clot.

Amanda: You are?

Sam: Yes, I am. And once it's gone, I'm going to be back to normal.

Amanda: You've been having trouble with your vision?

Sam: Well, sometimes things get a little blurry --

Amanda: I can't believe you didn't tell me this!

Sam: Amanda, I didn't tell you this because I'm getting better. And with time, things are going to be back to normal, I swear. Look, all I've got to do is take the medication and not do anything strenuous, that's it.

Amanda: Strenuous? You're not going to lift a finger until your vision is 20/20.

Sam: Ok. Amanda, please, don't worry about me, all right?

Amanda: Are you worried?

Sam: Sometimes I'm a little scared, yeah, sure. But I look at you and I know that everything is going to be fine..

Amanda: I'm glad you told me this.

Sam: Yeah, so am I.

Amanda: I promise I won't mother you to death. I won't hover over you.

Sam: Thanks.

Amanda: But I'm going to ask you to promise me something.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: Don't ever keep anything like this from me again or I'll break your arm.

Sam: All right, all right, all right, all right.

Amanda: I mean it.

Sam: I love you.

Lisa: You worry about whatever's going on with Mitch.

Felicia: Oh, no. Nothing is going on --

Lisa: Don't let yours go the way mine did. Ok?

Felicia: Ok.

Lisa: I love you.

Felicia: Oh, I love you, too. Call me.

Lisa: I will. Bye-bye.

Felicia: Bye. Don't let it go. Don't let it go.

Felicia: Lucy, hi, honey. It's Felicia. Is Mr. Blake there? No. No, no, never mind -- no, it's not important. I'll call later. No, honey, no message. Thanks.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: What now? What now? Ahem. Loretta, hi.

Loretta: I don't care what Mitch says. You're my friend, and I'm not going to leave town without saying goodbye to you.

Felicia: Goodbye? Come in. Please, come in. Loretta, this doesn't have anything to do with what happened yesterday with Mitch, does it?

Loretta: I should've left right after Sam and Amanda's wedding, but I said to myself, "Loretta, stick around. Try and make it up to your boys." Fat chance.

Felicia: Please don't do this.


Loretta: Felicia, I am tired of walking into rooms and seeing people's faces fall. One thing about cats -- they're always glad to see you if you're the one with the can opener.

Felicia: Does Mitch know that you're leaving?

Loretta: Do you hear dancing in the streets?

Felicia: You can't leave until you talk to him and Sam.

Loretta: Well, I am going to see Sam before I go.

Felicia: See Mitch, Loretta, please.

Loretta: Why? So he can yell at me again?

Felicia: Yes, maybe, maybe.

Loretta: Well, why should I put up with it?

Felicia: Loretta, you have two children. You know, whether you know it or not, that's really a gift. I know it didn't turn out quite like you wanted it to. You wanted something more for yourself, but don't just -- don't just dismiss what you have.

Loretta: Well, I don't dismiss . I have been dismissed over and over again.

Felicia: Please -- please go and see Mitch before you leave.

Loretta: Felicia, you are a lovely woman, and I'd like to do what you ask, but I -- I can't see that my feelings are going to change.

Felicia: Loretta, please --

Loretta: Have a beautiful wedding. I don't think I'll make it back for this one.

Felicia: Loretta?

Felicia: Great. That's great, isn't it? Boy, I wonder what else is going to happen.

Felicia: You're back.

Mitch: I decided we -- we need to talk this out.

Felicia: Oh.

Mitch: I saw Loretta just getting on the elevator. She didn't have anything to say to me.

Felicia: Your mother is leaving Bay City. Happy?

Mitch: She's leaving?

Felicia: Yes, that's right. You know, she came by, she wanted to say goodbye to me. She didn't even want to see you.

Mitch: That's right.

Felicia: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You go after your mother, and then she decides to leave town, and you don't even care? Not even just a little bit?

Mitch: I'll just wait --

Felicia: Wait?

Mitch: Before I'm upset.

Felicia: Wait for what?

Mitch: Yeah, until I'm sure that she's left.

Felicia: Mitch, please!

Mitch: You know, goodbye scenes happen to be one of the highlights of her many performances. She didn't by any chance mention that -- let's see -- the cats still love her? Hey, you make a wonderful audience. I mean, I know you don't understand and you don't recognize that people will do and say things to use you just for the effect -- maybe to get your sympathy?

Felicia: You know what scares me about you? That you're so suspicious, even when you do have a reason.

Mitch: Well, it's not that I don't trust people. It just takes me a while longer to get there.

Felicia: Can't you please go and talk to her before she goes?

Mitch: Haven't you listened? Haven't we gone through this before?

Felicia: Yes, we have. Can't you just listen to me? Maybe you are right about her in every way. Maybe she does do everything for an effect. But did you ever think that maybe under that performance there is a lady who is hurting? Do you realize how much she really cares for you?

Mitch: Felicia, Felicia --

Felicia: Mitch, please. Would it hurt you so much to go and tell her how much you love her?

Amanda: We are going to miss you.

Loretta: Well, thank you for saying it, at least.

Amanda: Really -- it was really nice having you around to talk to.

Loretta: Right.

Amanda: Uh, Sam, don't you think that your mother and you might want to have some time alone?

Sam: Well, you said you had to do some packing, right, Mom?

Loretta: Well, I have a few minutes.

Amanda: Well, great. Then I'm going to go check down on the laundry, and you two just -- don't forget, there's coffee on the stove.

Sam: She's not doing any laundry, Mom.

Loretta: Is there something you wanted to tell me?

Sam: No, not really. I mean, we're fine.

Loretta: I mean, I'd stay if you needed me.

Sam: Mom, we're fine.

Loretta: Right. Why would anybody need me?

Sam: Mom --

Loretta: I'm sorry. That just slipped out. I --

Sam: Yeah. Uh, look, they've got this thing called the phone, you know? They got one in Seattle. You could call.

Loretta: Right. You're right.

Sam: I promise I'll call you every week. And, hey, you can come out after the baby's born.

Loretta: Oh, try and keep me away. Oh, Sam, there is something I want to say to you.

Sam: Yeah?

Loretta: I really appreciate you and Amanda sharing your life with me.

Sam: She really likes you.

Loretta: Well, I love her and Felicia and my boys.

Sam: Come on, Mom. It's --

Loretta: But the thing about cats is they will always love you if you're the one who has the can opener.

Sam: Uh, Mom?

Loretta: Yes?

Sam: I --

Loretta: Is something wrong?

Sam: No, nothing. Look, I promise I'll call you on Sunday. Have a good trip, ok?

Loretta: Thank you, dear.

Sam: I love you.

Sam: Nothing is wrong!

Adam: Hello.

Lisa: Hi. You busy?

Adam: Ahem. Yeah, I got to finish "Ann Landers" so I can get on to the comics here.

Lisa: Slow crime day?

Adam: Got a divisional meeting in five minutes. Criminals get to do what they like today because we have a meeting.

Lisa: They always put you in such a foul mood.

Adam: A bunch of fat, old gentlemen get to sit around, haven't been on the street in 15 years. Listen to this -- talking about "officer perpetrator interfacing in armed confrontational situations." You know what they're trying to tell you? Don't get shot.

Lisa: Sounds like good advice.

Adam: You know where I heard some good advice today? Ann Landers. You know what she said? She said, "give people time to make up their own minds. Don't push them, no matter how much you want them to come back."

Lisa: Is that right?

Adam: Well, that's what Ann said, anyway.

Lisa: Mm-hmm. I want to come back.

Adam: All right! Ahem. What made you change your mind?

Lisa: My personal life should not let -- make me quit a job I like.

Adam: I couldn't agree more.

Lisa: I want my job back, Adam, and that's all. That's the only reason I'm here.

Adam: All right, I understand. It's -- it's strictly professional, hands-off. But I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't glad you came back.

Lisa: Well, I'm glad that somebody wants me back.

Adam: You want to talk about it? I've been reading plenty of "Ann Landers."

Lisa: No, actually, I'd like to start getting to the work. I thought I might help find Mikey's parents.

Adam: I was hoping you'd say that. This is a folder of all of our dead ends. I thought maybe you could go through some of these things, maybe you could find something we missed.

Lisa: Well, probably not, but I'll try.

Adam: You know, this investigation has gone a lot slower than I expected. I'm just glad that Mikey's not stuck in a hospital.

Lisa: Right.

Adam: Something wrong with that?

Lisa: I just thought you'd rather have someone a little more stable and intelligent looking after him.

Adam: Lisa, it's --

Lisa: Come on, Adam. Vicky Hudson looking after a baby? Who in their right mind would allow that?

Amanda: So I just thought that I would drop Loretta by so that she could pack. I got to go. Bye, Dad.

Mac: Oh, bye, darling.

Rachel: Darling, are you going to tell us what's wrong, really?

Amanda: It's that obvious, huh?

Rachel: Are you feeling all right?

Amanda: I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine. Sam didn't want to -- he didn't want to tell me this because he was afraid that I would get worried. And I know he's taking medication for it, so --

Rachel: Oh, I'm so glad he finally told you.

Amanda: You knew about this?

Mac: Rachel realized there was something wrong with Sam's vision.

Rachel: Mitch and I were --

Amanda: Wait, Mitch? Mitch knew about this, too?

Rachel: Yes.

Amanda: I feel like an idiot. I mean, I should've seen this.

Rachel: Honey, Sam worked very hard to keep it from you.

Amanda: And he shouldn't have done that. He had no right to do that.

Mac: Look, maybe he made the wrong decision. But he made it with love.. There had been an improvement. He didn't want you to worry needlessly.

Amanda: So he went through it by himself instead. I'm his wife. If he has a problem, it's my problem, too. I'd think he would know that.

Mac: Of course, dear.

Amanda: But that isn't just it, though. He's an artist. This has got to be killing him inside. It's not just his sight. This is everything that he is.

Mac: You're both so young to have had so much thrown at you so fast.

Amanda: At least I have you and Mom. Loretta is leaving today. Sam doesn't have anybody.

Rachel: Darling, he has us. We'll get through this together, believe me.

Lisa: I've seen Vicky in a variety of situations, and she's never seemed the maternal type.

Adam: Look, I know what you're saying. But, you know, Mikey likes Vicky.

Mary: And she has the means to take care of him.

Adam: And whether you like it or not, Vicky does know what it's like to be alone. She does know what it's like not to know who her parents are.

Lisa: I'd just feel better if Donna and Michael were around. I mean, I stopped by the suite and I found her alone there --

Adam: She's not alone.

Lisa: Living with Mikey.

Adam: I mean, Bridget's there.

Lisa: I'm sorry, but Bridget raised Vicky, and look how she turned out.

Mary: Excuse me. Did you mean that Vicky and the baby are living in Michael's suite?

Lisa: I guess so. They looked pretty moved-in to me.

Adam: Something wrong with that?

Mary: There's something wrong with the fact that she didn't call the office and tell anybody when she moved.

Adam: Well, I mean, it is a luxury hotel suite. There is a housekeeper there. It's not like the kid's suffering for anything.

Mary: No, she is not supposed to do anything like this without letting someone know. That's part of the rules of the agreement. If I don't call her on it now, she's liable to decide one day, oh, well, she'll take him out of the country on a vacation.

Adam: What do you want to do?

Mary: I want to use your phone. I want to call her and have her come over here and talk to us now, ok?

[Door opens and closes]

Bridget: Marley? Excuse me. But do you know where Mikey's wee rabbit is? Victoria says it's around here someplace, but I don't --

Marley: I saw it, Bridget. It's right over there.

Bridget: Oh, my goodness. You know, he won't go anywhere without his wee rabbit.

Marley: Bridget, do you have a minute?

Bridget: Oh, well, Victoria -- she's getting Mikey ready to take him out, and I was filling the bag with the nappies.

Marley: I just have one question to ask you.

Bridget: Well, yes, of course, dear.

Marley: Why is it that Vicky hates Lisa Grady so much?

Bridget: Oh, my dear, she doesn't hate her.

Marley: Bridget, remember that look that Vicky gets whenever she despises somebody?

Bridget: Yes.

Marley: Well, I mentioned Lisa's name this afternoon, and that look just came over her face. Bridget, what is it?

Bridget: Well, you see, it's just that -- well, Victoria -- she hasn't had a young man -- I mean, not since --

Marley: Since Jake.

Bridget: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be --

Marley: No, no, no, that's ok. I -- I know Vicky thinks that I stole Jake away from her.

Bridget: But you see, Jake -- he was her first love.

Marley: I know. But Jake and I fell in love, Bridget. And Vicky did everything she could to try to break us up. It just didn't work.

Bridget: Yes, I know.

Marley: Jake and I loved each other. There was nothing Vicky could do about that.

Bridget: What is it, my dear?

Marley: I was just thinking about that face. Vicky -- Vicky made it every time I used to walk into a room with her.

Bridget: She doesn't have that look on her face now.

Marley: I know. I know. Now she has Lisa to hate. She's after Jamie, isn't she, Bridget?

Bridget: I -- I'd better go now.

Marley: It's ok. I already knew.

Marley: Lisa, I hope you know how to fight.

Rachel: I wish something good would happen for those two kids.

Mac: Something good has happened.

Rachel: What?

Mac: Sam was an arrogant, insolent, know-it-all when we first him. Now look at his concern for Amanda and the child. Look at his warmth and love for them, the respect he has for her. He's a better person because of loving Amanda.

Rachel: Yes, that's true.

Mac: And Amanda was always strong and loving, but look how she's matured. That's because she loves Sam.

Rachel: I just hope nothing spoils it for either of them.

[Doorbell rings]

Mac: Where's Loretta?

Rachel: Upstairs packing.

Mac: I can't believe she's really leaving.

Rachel: Are you sure you didn't slip something to that cat of hers?

Mac: Rachel, how can you even think such a thing?

Hilda: Excuse me. Mr. Blake is here.

Mac: Oh.

Rachel: Oh, send him in, Hilda.

Mac: Hello, Mitch.

Mitch: I hope I'm not interrupting?

Mac: No.

Mitch: I want to see Loretta.

Rachel: Oh, she's upstairs. I'll go get her for you.

Mitch: Is everything with Matthew ok?

Mac: Just fine.

Mitch: Good.

Mac: He tells me you hired Kevin as an assistant.

Mitch: Well, we needed some help and there was money in the budget.

Mac: Yes, of course. It just seems that clinched the boy's decision to stay here instead of going back with his family.

Mitch: Well, from what I understand, that was a decision that he'd already made.

Mac: I just question the wisdom of his decision.

Loretta: Mitch, you were looking for me?

Mac: If you'll excuse me, I'll find Rachel.

Mitch: Felicia told me that you were going back to Seattle.

Loretta: That's right.

Mitch: Well, I didn't want you to go without -- well, what I said yesterday -- I was out of line.

Loretta: Did Felicia make you come over here and say that?

Mitch: Well, she thinks a lot of you.

Loretta: I want you to be happy with her. I -- I want you to have all the happiness you never had with me.

Mitch: Mom --

Loretta: Do you remember my mother at all?

Mitch: No, no.

Loretta: Of course not. She died when you were still just a baby. I -- she worked so hard. I always thought that's what killed her. Now I know it was me.

Mitch: Why do you say that?

Loretta: Well, she had such dreams for me, such plans. I was going to be everything that she wasn't.

Mitch: And then I was born.

Loretta: Well, I wanted to make her happy, and I always felt like such a failure, and I took it out on you.

Mitch: Mom, I really don't think this is the time or the place --

Loretta: I blamed you for all my failures. It was so much easier than blaming myself. You know, I -- oh, I was just thinking upstairs. I don't blame you for being so angry with me.

Mitch: You did the best you could.

Loretta: You boys -- you're all I have. I know that now. I was hoping we could start over.

Mitch: You're talking about something that takes a lot of time.

Loretta: I know, I know. I was just upstairs in Matthew's room. I was looking at some pictures on his wall that you took. You have such talent as a photographer. Did I ever tell you that?

Mitch: Do you need a ride to the airport or anything like that?

Loretta: No, no, no. Rachel is making the arrangements, thank you.

Mitch: Ok.

Loretta: I'm awfully glad you stopped over. I -- I do love you. It's all right. I understand.

Mary: Well, they should be here any minute.

Lisa: Then I'd better go. Vicky will be furious if she sees me.

Adam: Look, maybe you should take Mikey outside so he won't hear any of this.

Lisa: Hmm.

Mary: Yeah, that's probably a better idea than --

Vicky: I want to know what is going on here. What is she doing here?

Adam: Lisa, why don't you take Mikey out in the hall.

Vicky: Are you kidding?

Mary: I think it's a good idea.

Adam: Besides, Lisa might get an impression.

Vicky: Is this what you call police work?

Mary: Hi, baby. I haven't seen you in a long time. How you doing, huh, cutie-face? Do you remember this pretty lady? Do you remember when you met her?

Lisa: I'm Lisa.

Mary: Yeah.

Lisa: Hey, you know what? I know where there's some juice.

Vicky: Yeah, I do, too. Right here in this bag, and there's a diaper in there, if you know how to change one.

Lisa: Ok. All right, we'll be right back in a minute.

Mary: Bye-bye. Well, I understand that you and Mikey are living in your Dad's suite now?

Vicky: Um, yeah, that's right.

Mary: You didn't tell anyone.

Vicky: I'm sorry, Mary. It's just a few blocks away and --

Mary: You didn't tell anyone.

Vicky: I forgot.

Mary: Vicky, I -- I really didn't want to give my consent or approval to you having temporary custody of Mikey. I did it because I thought, well, really, it was better for him than going to strangers.

Vicky: And now you're mad because I moved into my father's suite just for a little while?

Mary: I know you don't like rules. But you simply must abide by all of the rules that have to do with this child, or I'm going to have to see to it that he's taken away from you.

Vicky: You did this, didn't you? You and Lisa did this.

Adam: No, no.

Vicky: She came over to my father's suite today. She saw me there, and now she came running, tattling to you?

Adam: Vicky, you don't understand. That's not what happened.

Mary: The bottom line, Vicky, is you didn't tell anyone when you moved!

Vicky: Mikey is with me now. And I don't care what I have to do, I am going to keep it that way.

Marley: Don't worry, Bridget, I've got it. Jake!

Jake: Surprise.

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