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Another World Transcript Friday 4/16/04

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Vicky: Oh, looks like we finally got Mikey to sleep.

Marley: You are so good with him, so direct.

Vicky: Comes naturally, I guess.

Marley: I guess it does.

Vicky: Oh, well, let's drop the subject. We have a party to plan. Who's on the list?

Marley: Let's see. We've got Mac, Rachel, Mitch Blake, and Felicia Gallant.

Vicky: Oh, and don't forget Vince and Mary McKinnon.

Marley: You know, I think it is so wonderful that they got remarried. It's like Vince's dream come true, you know?

Vicky: Yeah, well, it's too bad you didn't bring Jake. Vince would have loved it. Dad, too.

Marley: Yeah. It's too bad. Well, let's see. Who else should we invite? Jamie Frame. He was Dad's best man.

Vicky: Yeah, well, he is definitely on the list. You know what? I've got a great idea. Why don't you ask him to come?

Marley: I hardly know him. You're his friend. You should be the one to talk to him.

Vicky: Yeah, well, there's a little snag with that.

Marley: What?

Vicky: Lisa.

Singer: Don't be afraid I can meet you halfway you can't always know where the road

Lisa: Adam, you didn't tell me this was just family.

Adam: I didn't know. Hey. I was hoping I'd find you here.

Lisa: Adam, hi.

Adam: In the flesh.

Lisa: How are you?

Adam: I'm -- actually, I was going to ask you that. I've been waiting for you to come back to work.

Lisa: I know.

Adam: Look, if you need to take a little more time, I understand. If you have things to work out or --

Lisa: No, you don't understand. Adam, I've been thinking about this job situation and you and I working together, and I've come to a decision.

Adam: What's that?

Lisa: I can't work with you anymore.

Nicole: Mmm, those flowers are beautiful.

Sophie: You know me. Out with the old, in with the new.

Nicole: Well, I sure wish fashion were that simple.

Sophie: These will bring you inspiration.

Nicole: Oh, I could use some.

Sophie: Qu'est-ce c'est?

Nicole: What is it?

Sophie: I do not know.

Nicole: Oh, no.

Sophie: Nicole?

Nicole: I think this is a bugging device. Someone's spying on us. Sophie, when did you last change the flowers?

Sophie: Two, three days ago.

Nicole: So this bug could have been there all that time.

Sophie: Who could place it there and why?

Marley: Now, what does Lisa have to do with you asking Jamie to the party?

Vicky: Oh, let's just say things are a little complicated.

Marley: You know, I saw at the wedding that they weren't talking much to each other. Are they still together?

Vicky: Oh, let's just say they're in a transition period.

Marley: Did you have anything to do with that change?

Vicky: Don't be dumb.

Marley: Vicky --

Vicky: Look, I asked you to ask Jamie to the party so I didn't have to get involved, ok?

[Phone rings]

Vicky: You'll excuse me. Hello?

Scott: Vicky, it's Scott.

Vicky: Hey, Scott, what's up?

Scott: Listen, I was going over those financial statements you brought over, and we have some things we have to discuss.

Vicky: Oh, great. I wanted to talk to you anyway.

Scott: Listen, I have a hearing in about an hour, so I'll be right over after that if that's ok.

Vicky: Sounds great. See you then.

Scott: Bye-bye.

Vicky: Bye. Now, about Jamie --

Marley: Vicky, I don't think it's a good idea.

Vicky: Why not?

Marley: You don't want me to ask Jamie because you don't want to be involved. You want me to ask Jamie because you want it to look like you're not involved.

Vicky: Ok, let's just drop it, all right, Marley? I mean, I'll ask Jamie, all right?

[Mikey babbles]

Vicky: That was a quick nap.

Marley: Um -- well, I'm going to go see Mom and Dad, ok? I'll see you later.

Vicky: Fine.

Marley: Vicky, please be careful.

Vicky: Relax. I learned how to get what I want the hard way. You should know that better than anyone.

Amanda: Oh, Vicky, I'm so glad you're here. I have to talk to you.

Marley: I'm Marley.

Amanda: Oh. I'm sorry.

Marley: No, no problem. Vicky's in the bedroom with Mikey, but she'll be out in a couple minutes.

Amanda: Well, how long are you going to be in town?

Marley: I'm not definitely sure yet.

Amanda: Well, I hope we can get together.

Marley: That would be very nice. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go.

Amanda: Sure.

Marley: Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Vicky: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi. Hi, Mikey, how are you? Marley just let me in. I can't believe how much the two of you look alike.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, well, when I first moved to Bay City, everyone used to confuse us. And then I thought after so much time apart, that maybe we would start looking a little bit different.

Amanda: Hardly.

Vicky: So what's up?

Amanda: Oh, not much.

Vicky: What's the matter?

Amanda: Sam. He seems like a totally different person since he's come home from the hospital.

Vicky: Amanda, he just got through a coma. It's a really difficult thing to go through. I know. All he needs is some time to recover. Believe me, you just have to give it to him, ok?

Amanda: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Vicky: Of course I am. I'm always right. Hey, listen, could you watch Mikey for a little while? I have this errand, and I have to run it right now.

Amanda: Oh, sure. No problem.

Vicky: Oh, terrific.

Amanda: In fact, I'll be home all day, so why don't you just knock on my door whenever you want him back?

Vicky: Oh, that's great. Thank you.

Amanda: Let's go.

Vicky: Mikey -- Mikey -- I'll see you later. Bye. See you. Thank you.

Amanda: Sure.

Vicky: Ok, Marley.

Lisa: Can you understand my decision?

Adam: No, I can't. Not at all.

Lisa: When I'm at the office with you, I get distracted.

Adam: Meaning you have feelings for me.

Lisa: I love Jamie.

Adam: And me?

Lisa: I care for you very much, Adam. You've been terrific these past few months, and I owe you a lot.

Adam: No, you owe me nothing. I'm just glad I could be there for you.

Lisa: I know. But we are just friends.

Adam: A lot of people start out that way.

Lisa: It's the way we are going to stay.

Adam: Lisa, listen to me. You've known how I feel about you for a long time. Yes, at first, ok, maybe we pretended that those feelings weren't there --

Lisa: Adam, this is pointless.

Adam: No, it's not. Listen -- you've known how I feel about you for a long time, long before I ever kissed you. But you're only waiting, just now -- just now you're telling me --

Lisa: Adam, please --

Adam: That we can only be friends? So why didn't you say something before? Could it be because -- because you weren't really sure how you really feel?

Lisa: No. Now, I admit I was confused before I went away. There was a lot going on -- the premonitions and all of Vicky's interfering -- and you were very kind to me.

Adam: You're not sorry I was, are you?

Lisa: No. But all of the confusion was getting in the way of my real feelings, and going away changed that. Now I know what I want, and it's Jamie.

Adam: Look, you've been back a week. You've been -- you've been back an entire week. Why say something now?

Lisa: I had a few surprises when I arrived. But I am determined to do what I have to do.

Adam: What's that?

Lisa: I am not going to let Vicky take Jamie away from me.

Vicky: Perfect. I look so boring, just like Marley. Hmm. Marley -- sweet, nice. Marley -- sweet and nice, yes.

Jamie: Keep him on the same medication overnight and start him on the series a test in the morning, ok? Good.

Vicky: [As Marley] Jamie, hi.

Jamie: Marley? Hi.

Vicky: How are you?

Jamie: I'm fine. What brings you to the hospital?

Vicky: Well, actually, you do. Vicky and I are planning a party, and I was wondering if you would like to come.

Jamie: Did Vicky suggest that you come here to invite me?

Vicky: No, of course not. We just split up the list. Why, is there a problem?

Jamie: No, I just doubt if I can come.

Vicky: Why not?

Jamie: I have to work.

Vicky: That's too bad. Maybe after your shift?

Jamie: Maybe.

Vicky: Oh -- well, you know, I know my parents would appreciate it so much. They told me how supportive you were after Donna lost the baby.

Jamie: Well, I just wish there was more I could have done.

Vicky: Well, you've done so much for the Hudsons, Jamie. I mean, not only with the baby, but you saved my sister's life.

Jamie: Well, it was Vicky's will to live that pulled her through.

Vicky: Yeah. So, tell me, how is she doing?

Jamie: Well, physically, she's -- she's fully recovered.

Vicky: And everything else?

Jamie: Marley, what are you trying to get at?

Vicky: Nothing. I -- I just want to find out how my sister's doing. You know how she is. She doesn't open up very well about her life.

Jamie: Is that right?

Vicky: Well, with me, anyway.. But you get along with her well, right?

Jamie: Yeah, we're -- we're good friends.

Vicky: Oh, that's nice. So -- so, tell me, how is she doing?

Jamie: Well, she seems to be doing great. Why shouldn't she? Marley, are you sure that Vicky didn't put you up to this?

Vicky: Jamie, you know me better than that, don't you? I mean, I just want to know how she's doing. She's been a little down on herself lately.

Jamie: Well, she shouldn't be. I mean, after all, she's smart, and she's funny, and ---

Vicky: And --

Jamie: And beautiful.

Vicky: Oh.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Oh, well, I can't help but be a little bit embarrassed. I am her twin sister.

Jamie: That's right, which makes it a little bit weird for me to be talking to you about your sister.

Vicky: Oh, I'm so sorry. I -- I didn't think about that. I wanted to know how she was doing, and I guess I started to pry. But, anyway, are you going to be able to come to the party?

Jamie: Well, I may be late, but I'll try, ok?

Vicky: Oh, that would be wonderful, Jamie.

Jamie: Goodbye, Marley.

Vicky: Bye-bye.

[Footsteps approach]

Cass: Hey, there. Hi.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: Have you been outside yet?

Nicole: No.

Cass: You've got to get out there. It's such a beautiful day.

Nicole: Well, I have a bit of the outdoors in here. We have new flowers.

Cass: Oh, great.

Nicole: Yes, it is, because Sophie found this in the vase. You know, for a second I thought maybe Barbara van Arkdale planted it because she can sink pretty low, but now I'm thinking that it may have been someone else. What do you think, Cass?

Cass: Well --

Nicole: The truth! Now, did you plant this bug?

Cass: Yes, I did.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: I did it before you had dinner with prince charming.

Nicole: You were spying on Drew and me?

Cass: Not like that. I didn't think anything was going to happen, you know, that way.

Nicole: For some reason, I'm not convinced.

Cass: Nicole, come on. I trust you -- pretty much.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: It's that slime bucket that you romped around with when you were young and foolish that I don't trust.

Nicole: If you weren't spying on us, then why did you plant this bug, huh?

Cass: I needed some business information.

Nicole: Cass, I think you better explain everything.

Cass: All right. Ok. I think that Drew is involved in the Cory takeover attempt.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Now do you understand why I had to plant that bug?

Nicole: No, not really. He and I were having dinner together. He didn't talk to me about Cory stock.

Cass: Don't you care about the fact that Mac may be losing his company?

Nicole: Well, I wouldn't want to see Mac get hurt. You know that.

Cass: I hear a but there.

Nicole: But Drew's not doing anything illegal, Cass. He's a businessman, just like Mac is.

Cass: You really have tunnel vision when it comes to this guy, don't you? Don't you see, Mac has been fighting off anonymous attacks for weeks.

Nicole: Anonymous? Well, then how do you know that Drew's involved, huh?

Cass: I know. Ok, I suspect.

Nicole: Why? Because he happened to come into town at the same time? Or are you using this coincidence as a way of keeping me from doing business with Drew?

Cass: I have other proof, trust me.

Nicole: Show me.

Cass: All right. Read this and weep.

Kevin: Matthew, this really isn't your problem.

Matthew: Look, Kevin, I've been on this with you from the beginning, and I'm not getting out now, understand?

Kevin: Understand.

Matthew: Good. Did you talk to Tracy last night?

Kevin: Yeah.

Matthew: And how is she? How is she?

Kevin: Well, she's not crazy about living with my aunt Grace way out in the middle of nowhere, but she knows she's safe from Tad.

Matthew: Right.

Kevin: Thanks again for her plane ticket.

Matthew: Yeah, no problem, no problem.

Kevin: But now what are we going to do? I mean, I have to go home eventually.

Matthew: Why? You got approval to take your exams down here.

Kevin: I know, but your parents -- they think I'm visiting.

Matthew: Yeah.

Kevin: I can't stay forever.

Matthew: I know, I know. That's a problem, that's a problem.

Kevin: Maybe we should tell them the truth.

Matthew: I have already, remember? That's when my Mom wanted to bring in the National Guard to help. It's a good thing that I stalled her from calling Adam.

Kevin: No, I'm talking about the truth about Tad and his friends.

Matthew: No, no. Can't tell her about that.

Kevin: Why not? Maybe we should.

Matthew: Oh, sure. "Hey, Mom, remember that guy Tad? Well, he's not just some party animal who went loose on Tracy. No, him and his friends are criminals, you know? And could Kevin stay here with us a little while longer because -- and don't call the police -- because if you do, Tad will come after us." No, man, we can't do that.

Kevin: Look, Tad may come to Bay City anyway.. He knows you're here. Now, once he and his friends find out that I'm here, there's going to be trouble.

Matthew: I know. We're just going to have to take that chance.

Ada: What chance, Matthew?

Matthew: Grandma, what are you doing here?

Ada: I work here.

Matthew: I thought you quit.

Ada: I fill in for Cheryl once in a while.

Matthew: That's good. You like the change, then.

Ada: I like to work.

Matthew: Vince must love having you around here --

Ada: Matthew. What were you two just talking about?

Matthew: Nothing. Just stuff.

Ada: What stuff? Kevin said something about trouble.

Matthew: Girl trouble. He's having some girl trouble.

Ada: Matthew! Don't lie to me. I thought that trouble at your prep school was all cleared up.

Matthew: It is. It's all cleared up. It's clear.

Ada: Did you talk to your mother about it?

Matthew: Yes, I did talk to her.

Ada: Well, talk to her again.

[Phone rings]

Ada: I have work to do. And soon, Matthew, soon!

Matthew: Ok. Oh, oh, this is fantastic. My grandmother's here.

Kevin: She didn't know what we were talking about.

Ada: Mary's Place.

Matthew: No, but she knows we're up to something, and I hate lying to my grandmother.

Kevin: Maybe we should go. Let's go.

Matthew: Yeah, ok. Hey, look, Kevin, I just want to let you know that I haven't given up on this thing. Now, there's got to be some way of making you stay here, of letting you stay here, and not having to tell my parents how dangerous these guys really are.

Vicky: [Normal voice] Amanda, it's Vicky. I'll be over in just a couple minutes to pick up Mikey, ok? Ok. Great. Thanks again for taking care of him. All right. Bye-bye.

[Knock on door]

Lisa: Marley.

Vicky: [As Marley] Lisa.

Lisa: Hi. Is Vicky here?

Vicky: No.

Lisa: Do you know when she'll be back?

Vicky: Later.

Lisa: I'll wait.

Vicky: Ok. Why don't you come on in?

Lisa: Thank you.

Vicky: Sure. So, how are you, Lisa?

Lisa: I'm fine. Did Vicky happen to say where she was going?

Vicky: Yes, she went to take Mikey for a long walk in the park. She might not be back for a really long time.

Lisa: Mikey? Mikey? The boy that Sam found?

Vicky: Yes.

Lisa: What's she doing with him?

Vicky: Well, as I understand it, Mikey was going to be placed in a foster home until they found his parents, so Vicky took him in.

Lisa: Why?

Vicky: Because she didn't want him to be alone, I guess.

Lisa: Vicky's hardly experienced in childcare.

Vicky: I guess it comes naturally.

Lisa: Vicky?

Vicky: Yes. You know, Lisa, Vicky can be very loving and giving.

Lisa: Oh?

Vicky: I know that Vicky can be a little self-involved sometimes, but she's been really, really wonderful with that little boy.

Lisa: Really?

Vicky: Yes.

Lisa: Well, Marley, it's nice to see you again under happier circumstances.

Vicky: Yes, the last time we saw each other, Vicky had just been in an accident.

Lisa: We didn't know if she would make it. Remember what you said to me when we first met?

Vicky: You know, that was such a -- that was such a difficult time for my family and for me. The whole thing has just started to blur, you know.

Lisa: Of course.

Vicky: So --

Lisa: I do remember you were very appreciative of Jamie's efforts and mine.

Vicky: Yes. Well, you were always such a wonderful friend to Vicky.

Lisa: Thank you.

Vicky: So, how's Jamie?

Lisa: He's great.

Vicky: Plans for the future?

Lisa: Lots.

Vicky: Good.

Lisa: Well, Marley, maybe I will leave after all. You know, you and I could sit here all day long and talk, and Vicky might never come through the door.

Vicky: I guess that's a possibility.

Lisa: Well, you just tell Vicky I'm looking forward to seeing her. We have a lot to talk about.

Vicky: Ok. All right.

Lisa: Goodbye, Marley.

Vicky: Goodbye, Lisa.

Nicole: A list of companies, including Cory Publishing. So?

Cass: What do you mean, so? Don't you see the names of the companies on this list?

Nicole: Yes.

Cass: Every one of them has been taken over in the past few months.

Nicole: By Drew.

Cass: I think so, yes.

Nicole: But you don't know for a fact.

Cass: No.

Nicole: So all this is speculation.

Cass: Why would he have had this in his possession?

Nicole: Well, maybe he made a list of recent takeovers for his own stock market purposes or just because he was interested.

Cass: Ok, so then why is Cory Publishing on this list?

Nicole: He heard it was in the process of being taken over, and he added it to the list. That's all. None of this means that Drew's the one behind the takeover.

Cass: Ok, ok. What about those names there and the amounts next to the names? What are they doing on the same paper?

Nicole: Oh, what about them?

Cass: Who are those people? What are the amounts for? Why are they on the same piece of paper with a list of companies?

Nicole: I don't know, but there could be a hundred possible explanations.

Cass: I'm going to prove to you that Drew is involved.

Nicole: Fine. And I'm going to prove to you that he isn't.

Cass: Fine. You're on, Nicole, but you got your work cut out for you. You're going to lose.

Ada: Where's Sam?

Amanda: He went for a walk.

Ada: By himself?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Ada: Doctor's orders?

Amanda: Well, I don't know. He didn't say.

Ada: He is getting better, isn't he?

Amanda: That's kind of hard to say, too. He's been awful moody lately.

Ada: Our Sam, moody?

Amanda: This is a little different. He's really quiet, almost seems like he's lost his self-confidence.

Ada: Oh, Sam is always confident.

Amanda: Vicky seems to think it's just part of his recovery stage or something.

Ada: What does Vicky know about it? Honey, listen. Sam nearly died. He's got a lot to think about. He'll bounce back, you'll see.

Amanda: I know. All this worrying I'm doing certainly isn't doing us any good. It's just the way I am. I can't help it. If I get something into my head, I just can't let it go.

Ada: Wonder where you get that from.

Amanda: Why? What is it that's on your mind that you just can't let go of?

Ada: Well, something is going on with Matthew and his friend Kevin.

Amanda: What?

Ada: Well, I went over to Mary's Place today to fill in for Cheryl, and I overheard the two of them talking. Kevin was talking about trouble, and Matthew said something about taking a chance.

Amanda: Did you ask what they were talking about?

Ada: Yes, and Matthew said they were talking about girls. But I think it had something to do with the trouble they were both in at that prep school.

Amanda: I thought that Matthew and Mom worked that whole thing out.

Ada: Well, he said he talked to her about it, but I don't think he talked to her about it.. I think he left out a whole part of the story.

Amanda: I see.

Ada: Honey, you and Matthew are very close. He'll talk to you. He trusts you.

Amanda: I see. You want me to see what I can find out.

Ada: I want you to help him before whatever this is blows right up in his face.

Adam: 2052, right? Thank you.

Jamie: Adam.

Adam: Cousin.

Jamie: You have a minute?

Adam: Yeah.

Jamie: We have to settle something right now.

Adam: What?

Jamie: Lisa. The two of you were together at Michael's wedding, right?

Adam: You were his best man. So what?

Jamie: Is that the only reason she came with you, Adam?

Adam: Does this conversation have a point?

Jamie: Yes, it does, Adam. I want to know what's going on between the two of you.

Adam: Why don't you ask Lisa?

Jamie: Adam, you leave her alone. You got that?

Adam: You don't own Lisa, and you sure as hell don't own me.

Jamie: Did you kiss her, Adam?

Adam: I said, why don't you talk to Lisa?

Jamie: Huh? Did you kiss her, Adam?

Adam: Yes.

Jamie: Adam -- are you all right, Adam?

Lisa: What's going on here? Jamie? Adam!

Adam: I'm all right. I'm fine.

Jamie: Let me take a look at that.

Adam: I said I'm fine. I need to go see one of your patients. Excuse me.

Jamie: Adam --

Adam: Police business. I have to leave.

Lisa: Are you going to be all right?

Adam: Yeah, I'm going to be fine. What are you staring at? It's all over. I lived, all right? Break it up! I'll talk to you later..

Lisa: Have you gone crazy?

Jamie: I'm not the only one here who's out of control.

Lisa: Don't try to put this on me.. You just hit your cousin!

Jamie: And you just -- go find Adam. He needs you.

Lisa: And you don't? What's happening here, Jamie? We've got to talk, and we've got to -- now. We have to sit down and talk.

Intercom: Paging Dr. Jamie Frame to Emergency. Dr. Frame to Emergency.

Jamie: I have to go.

Lisa: We'll talk later?

Jamie: What is there left to say?

Vicky: [Normal voice] oh --

Marley: I thought we would never get Mikey to sleep.

Vicky: Yeah. It's like he's afraid when he wakes up, everything's going to be changed or something.

Marley: Do you think that's because he doesn't have any parents right now?

Vicky: Could be. Or it could just be that he's only 2 years old -- or at least that's what the doctors say.

Marley: Have there been any leads about where he's from?

Vicky: Nope.

Marley: You certainly have been wonderful with him.

Vicky: I knew you'd feel that way. What about you?

Marley: What about me?

Vicky: When are you going to have your own little Marley or Jake running around, huh?

Marley: I don't know.

Vicky: Marley, I thought you wanted to have a family.

Marley: I do.

Vicky: Jake doesn't?

Marley: Of course he does. Hey, do you think Mom and Dad have found out about our surprise? I kind of got that feeling when I was over there today.

Vicky: Why do you always do that?

Marley: Do what?

Vicky: Change the subject when I talk about Jake.

Marley: Don't be silly.

Vicky: Look, I know Jake used to be a sore spot between us, to say the least.

Marley: No, I thought we were finished all the discussions about Jake.

Vicky: I did, too. Look, when I ask you about Jake, I'm just trying to see how the two of you are. I'm not trying to come between you or split you up, ok?

Marley: You don't think about Jake anymore?

Vicky: I know you must find that hard to believe.

Marley: After what happened, can you blame me?

Vicky: No. Listen, Marley, there was a time in my life when I thought Jake was all I had to live for. I mean, he was my life. But right now, my own life is really coming together. It's great. It's excellent! So, I don't care about Jake. Not anymore.

Marley: I believe you.

Vicky: Good. Excuse me.

Lisa: Adam --

Adam: Lisa, hi.

Lisa: I'm really sorry. Are you all right?

Adam: A little sore.

Lisa: I didn't come in until after he hit you. What happened?

Adam: We had a little argument.

Lisa: About me?

Adam: Yeah, about you.

Lisa: What did you say to him?

Adam: Oh. Actually, Jamie did all the talking. Look, I really think you ought to talk to Jamie directly about this. I'm sure he'd be happy to explain it all to you.

Lisa: I'll do that. Your poor face.

Adam: It's ok.

Lisa: I hope so. You're a good friend, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, well, I've been hit harder. Thanks for the kindness.

Adam: So, you getting the place all set up, huh?

Vicky: All right, Adam, why are you really here?

Adam: Mikey.

Vicky: Oh, right. You stop by my apartment, which isn't your favorite hangout, just to ask me some totally unnecessary question about Mikey? Give me some credit, Adam.

Adam: You're right. You're absolutely right.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Adam: It's just that I have so much to say to you, it's sort of hard to know where to begin.

Vicky: Your face -- what happened?

Adam: My face. Yeah. A little argument with Jamie about Lisa.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie hit you over Lisa?

Adam: Thanks to that story that you've been telling.

Vicky: What story?

Adam: What story? The story about me kissing Lisa. That story.

Vicky: Oh.

Adam: Vicky, do you ever care about the hurt that you cause other people?

Vicky: Who's really causing the hurt now, Adam? Me or you and Lisa? I mean, you did kiss her, didn't you? That's what I heard you telling Mac, right?

Adam: Oh, so you did overhear the conversation.

Vicky: Oh, well, I happened to hear the details about your romantic conquest.

Adam: There was no conquest.

Vicky: Right.

Adam: But leave it to you, of course, to think of the worst of everything. Look, believe it or not -- believe it or not, there are people in this world who respect other people's feelings.

Vicky: Yeah, well, what are your feelings, Adam? I'm a little confused. You know, it's no secret that you want Lisa.

Adam: Look, what I want is none of your business.

Vicky: Really? Well, you seem so concerned about what I want, don't you?

Adam: Because it hurts Lisa..

Vicky: Oh, Adam, Lisa's not as delicate as you may think.

Adam: No, she's not, is she?

Vicky: No. So why are you so concerned that she and Jamie have such a happy ending?

Adam: Because she wants it and because I care about Lisa.

Vicky: Oh, always the gentleman.

Adam: Because if you really cared about Jamie, you would see that by chasing him, you're going to end up hurting him.

Vicky: That is where you're wrong.

Adam: Oh, am I?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Adam: You want to know what I really think?

Vicky: No.

Adam: I don't think you're really interested in Jamie at all. I think you're interested in a challenge. I think you are so full of yourself, little girl, that there is no room inside of there for anybody else.

Vicky: Get out.

Adam: And I'll tell you something else. It's going to take a lot more than that kind of love of yours to hang on to somebody like Jamie Frame. It's going to take something like common human decency. Human decency. And when he finds out that you don't have a shred of that in there, this little game that you're playing with him, it's over. It's finished.

Nicole: Hi. You were right, Cass. It is a beautiful day.

Cass: I'm glad you're back.

Nicole: What's up?

Cass: Drew's list. I left it here, and now I can't find it.

Nicole: I know. I took it.

Cass: Why?

Nicole: Well, to help me prove I'm right about Drew.

Cass: You didn't give it to Drew, did you?

Nicole: Of course not. I'm not even going to mention it to him.

Cass: Good. Well, give it back to me, all right?

Nicole: It's mine now.

Cass: Nicole, it's -- no, it's my list.

Nicole: No, Cass, it's Drew's list. And from the looks of it, the way that paper was creased and folded up, you must have gone over that list 50 times. I'm surprised you don't have it memorized by now.

Cass: Well, actually, I do.

Nicole: Well, good. Then you won't mind my having access to the same information to help me prove Drew's innocence.

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: You're going to lose, Cass.

Cass: It's not a game, Nicole.

Nicole: I know.

Cass: But I kind of like the way you look when you get determined.

Nicole: Ooh, you don't look so bad yourself.

Marley: So, I think we have finished the list of people that we're going to invite.

Vicky: Great. And you don't have to worry about Jamie. I took your advice and asked him myself.

Marley: Yeah -- Vicky, about Jamie -- I know you don't like to talk to me about your personal life -- please hear me out. From the little bit that you've told me, I -- I know that there's something going on between the two of you. And when I was in the other room, I couldn't help but hear Adam yelling about Jamie and Lisa.

Vicky: Yeah, well, Adam gets a little emotional sometimes, ok?

Marley: Please tell me what's going on.

Vicky: I like Jamie.

Marley: And Lisa?

Vicky: She's a little attached right now, but she'll get over it.

Marley: What did you do?

Vicky: You blame me for everything, too, don't you?

Marley: No, I don't. I want to hear your side of the story. Now, were you involved with their fighting?

Vicky: Well, I did a few things to make Jamie notice me, but none of those would have worked if Lisa and Jamie weren't already having their own problems.

Marley: What problems?

Vicky: Lisa's a little territorial and very possessive, and that just puts a lot of pressure on Jamie.

Marley: So Lisa was jealous?

Vicky: Among other things. Lisa's just a little strange sometimes. You know, she has all those premonition things. She just gets too bizarre.

Marley: Don't you remember our connection? I mean, we used to be able to tell things about each other that nobody could ever explain.

Vicky: Yes, but that's a little different. Lisa's like a ride in Disneyland, and Jamie wants to get off.

Marley: Vicky, don't hurt them.

Vicky: Marley, please.

Marley: Or yourself.

Vicky: How do you think I would do that?

Marley: Well, when you care about someone, you just care about them so much. And if things don't work out with you and Jamie, I'm just afraid that it'd take you a very long time to get over him.

Lisa: So you're leaving for good?

Jamie: Yes.

Lisa: So much for talking.

Jamie: I'm tired of talking, Lisa. I'm tired of a lot of things.

Lisa: Such as?

Jamie: Our double standard. For months you practically insisted that I wouldn't say faithful to you, and then I find out you kissed Adam even before you left town.

Lisa: That's why you hit him.

Jamie: And why I'm packing.

Lisa: It was one kiss, Jamie. One tiny moment..

Jamie: No! It was months of me getting the third degree --

Lisa: Oh, don't you dare throw Vicky back in my face!

Jamie: What I'm trying to say is that you didn't trust me with Vicky because of your premonitions, and then you kiss Adam!

Lisa: They came true.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: My premonitions. They came true. I know you slept with Vicky.

Matthew: Ok, I need your advice, but you can't tell anyone about this -- not Sam, not anyone, all right?

Amanda: You got it.

Matthew: Well, it's Tad. He's real bad news. Him and his friends, they're dangerous.

Amanda: What do you mean, dangerous?

Matthew: Well, I know if Mom or Mitch call the police, Tad and company are going to come visit us. His whole family, they're all nuts. I mean, they could torch the house.

Amanda: Matthew --

Matthew: Or worse.

Amanda: Well, that's just great. That's great. Because you know the very first thing that Mom would do if she found out about this is call the police.

Matthew: I know, and she already tried. I had to stop her. I mean, she just doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation.

Amanda: I'm not sure if I can believe it.

Matthew: Look, you understand now why Kevin has to stay here where it's safe.

Amanda: It's really that bad?

Matthew: Yes.

Amanda: There is something we might be able to do.

Scott: Actually, Donna was the one that made me realize that this hospice is a great idea for Bay City.

Vicky: Well, good, because I want to donate some more of my funds, maybe we get involved in the decision-making.

Scott: Vicky, that sounds great, but I don't think that's going to be possible.

Vicky: Why not?

Scott: Dad suffered some huge losses in the stock market in October.

Vicky: So?

Scott: So he sold the hospital to cover his losses.

Vicky: He sold it?

Scott: Yes, to a medical conglomerate. I didn't even know anything about it until you brought those papers in to me.

Vicky: I don't own the hospital anymore?

Scott: No, you don't. Vicky, Vicky, look -- all the rest of your assets are in great shape, though.

Vicky: Great. Well, why wasn't this made public?

Scott: They're a low profile company, and they're very slow to make personnel changes.

Vicky: So nobody knows about this yet?

Scott: I didn't even think the administrator at the hospital knows about it.

Vicky: Oh, Scott, do me a favor. Let's keep this to ourselves, just for right now.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Lisa: Sorry you did it or sorry you got caught?

Jamie: I didn't want to hurt you.

Lisa: Oh, but you did. So don't talk to me about one kiss and don't talk to me about my visions being my imagination because they came true.

Jamie: You made them come true. Did you ever think of how I ended up in bed with Vicky? Lisa, you harassed me for weeks. And then you go to Adam for comfort and affection, and then you leave town with no explanation! You don't write to me, you don't call me! And then I find out you're kissing Adam.

Lisa: So you jumped right into bed with Vicky. I see. This is my fault.

Jamie: No. No. No. I was wrong to sleep with Vicky.

Lisa: You talk about double standards. Why don't you just listen to yourself, Jamie.

Jamie: I am. I think for the first time in weeks, I'm making sense.

Lisa: That's what you call this? You're running away from us, Jamie.

Jamie: I don't have much choice. Guess I better look around again. I don't want to miss anything.

Lisa: You can't stand to be here, can you?

Jamie: There's a lot here.

Lisa: Yeah, there always was. Well, here. Take this.

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: You bought it. It's yours.

Jamie: No, listen, I meant for you to have --

Jamie: Is it broken?

Lisa: No, it's fine.

Jamie: I have to go. I'm sorry about everything.

Lisa: Jamie --

[Music box plays]

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